Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, August 23, 1882, Image 3

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Hew A*¥ertlae«seßU.
Butler B. <k L. Association meeting.
Martin'* Pump.
J. Porter £ Bon's— Farniture.
Curry Institute.
Trial List for September Term.
A petrified bear has been unearth
ed in Westmoreland county.
Yennor predicted a snow storm
for this month, bnt Veunor don't always hit
At $1.50 home-made Bed Comforts
Squirrel shooting will be in sea-
Hon on an«l after September I.
—Bargains in White Quilts at
A Pittsburgh pie factory turns out
over three thousand pie* every day.
—The Perfection Bnstle can only be
had at L- STKIN A SON'S.
—Potter county is credited with
having model schools and school teacher*.
A lot of second-handed Watches
cheap for cash at E. Grieb's
—Squirrels and rabbits are reported
as being plenty this season.
—WariDg's Fertilisers and Peruvian
Guano—for sale by J. NIGOLK k Bao
—The little folks are beginning to
count the days until school takes up.
New Dark Prints, in choicest
styles, at L. STKIN & Son's.
The potatoes in some of the gar
dens in M*n hare ouuiinenced to rot.
jfew styles In CoHars, Ties and
Fisbus, at I* STMN A SON'S.
—The startling information is made
public that saner kraut will be plenty next
Kalaomioers'. Muslin for lining
houses, Tery cheap, at
Mr. Owen Bfady the owner of the
Brfdy building la this town has it advertised
for sale.
—Send or leave your order for a
Sewing Machine, of any make, at,
Grieb's Jewelry store. may3J-tf
—All the crops that bate been har
vested in this county are reportedsoed, with
the exception of oats, in some localities.
WariDg's Fertilizers and Peruvian
Gaano—for sale by J. NIGGLB k Bao
—The 14th Pennsylvania Cavalry
will bold their annual reunion at Kittanning
on Tuesdny, the 10th of September next.
—Bargains in Muslins, Sheeting,
Ticking, Blankets, Flannels and Tarns,
of the counties of this State have no Baptist
churches. These are Snyder, Lebanon, Juniata,
Perry, Cumberland. Adams, Franklin, Fulton,
Bedford, Forest, Elk and Cameron.
Sewing Machine attachments and
repairs of all kinds, at Grieb's Jewelry
store. mav3l4f.
—According to tbe old saying that
a heavy harvest is the harbinger of a severe
winter, onr people may a* well make arrange
ments for laying in a good supply of coal and
wood now, while it is eheap.
—A large stock of Hoop Skirts,
Bustles, Ac., at very low prices, at
—Our merchants are paying 20c a
pound for buttter, 15c a dozen for egg*, 400
a bushel for potatoes, 75e a bushel for onions,
50c a buvhel forty mips, 5c a head for cabbage,
12c a dozen for corn, $1 per bushel for apples,
50c n hundred tor pickles and 6c a quart for
—At $5 Fine all wool Country
Blankets at
—Up in Michigan ther go in for tbe
old flag and an appropriation. When Con-
J;ressman R. O. Horr reached home on the ad
oornment of Congress, half of East Saginaw
pave him a reception in honor of his vote for
tbe river and harbor bill.
—A foil line of Ladies' Cloths and
Sacking Flannels, in all tbe newest
Bhades, at L STKIN k SON'S.
Some of onr exchangee caution
the public to look out for the fellow who is
tramping over tbe oeuntry selling a powder,
which he alleges was made by Edison for the
purpose of increasing the illnminatinr power
of coal oil to that of electric light He asks
three dollars per box for it. It is a fraud of
the first water.
—A full stock of Canvas, Zephyrs,
Macrame Cord and all materials for
fancy work, at
—lf there are any soldiers in this
section who have received circulars that for
$lO public land to the amount of 100 acres
can be procured without the formalities re
quired by law just let them burn them. Tbe
whole thing is a fraud, and the Land Com
missioner at Washington has declared it to be
only a scheme to cheat tbe veterans.
—Extra values in Cashmeres and
Dress Goods at
—The County Commissioners have
all the tax books for 1882 in the hands of the
collectors. They have sent out the registry
lists and in about two weeks will have finished
with the Assessors books, and all this without
having paid out a cent or the county's money
for transcribing. They are a very industrious
board of Commissioners.
—Heber Donaldson, of Oil City, has
been cited to sppear before the session of the
Presbyterian Church at Emlenton on the 28th
Inst., to show why he should not be fired oat of
tbe synagogue for dancing. The case somes
back to the Emlenton judicatory from the
General Assembly. Heber's case bids fair to
become the most celebrated among xatanic sal
tations recorded sinee Herod's step-daughter
danced the bead off John tbe Baptist. But
two refuges seem now to be left—an alibi, or
sufcide.—Franklin (ra.,) Prtu.
—Says the Freeport Journal of last
wesk, "On last Baturdav evening as Floyd Pain
ter was hauling a load of oats, near Leas a re
ville, Butler oounty. he fell from tbe wagon,
striking tba back of bis bead on the bab of tbe
wagon and serverinf tbe occipital artery. Dr.
Blaine, who lives three miles away, was has
tily sent for and arrived in half an hoar after
the departure of the m—ingsr but fortunately
the friends had suoeeeded in stopping tbe flow
of blood. The Doctor dressed tne wounds and
at last accounts the patient was doing well.
—An indication of the immensity ot
the oil production and trade may be fonnd in
tbe report of business which tbe different pipe
companies are pqaired by law to make on or
before the loth of each month. The last re
ports show thow that during July a total of
3,217,K65;barre1s ware taken from the wells, a
daily average of uearly 104,000 barrels. The
lines during the Same time shipped away
2.403,3H3 barrels, a daily average of 79,403
barrels. This shows that during tbe month
there was an aecnmulatlon of 817,482 barrels,
or 26,370 barrels dailv, The stock now held in
custodv of the pipe l(nes is 30,273,847, of which
22,037,273 is represented by outstanding cer
tificates of tbe United Pipe line.
—The track of the new railroad has
been laid from tbe crossing of the West Peua
to a point between Mr*. Muntn's place and
Walter's mill. The work progresses very
slowly on.account of the rails having to be
carried across the West Penn road from the
car* of tbe P. & W. R. K. to hand oar* on the
new part of the road, on which they are car
ried to tb« place they are needed. If the
crowing was made so that the cars of the P.
& W. could run over the new road, the work
would progress much faster. The Penn'a., Co
are still obstructing the laying of tbe crossing,
The new oonslitutlon of this Btate provide*
that any railroad can cross another on grade,
but ws have beard it said that the Penn'a,
R. R. On., have never accepted tbe new eon
The glass works are rapidly ap
proaching completion.
There was a tremendous crowd at
camp meeting last Sunday.
-.Harry Donaghy is down with the
typhoid fever.
An illicit distillery located in the
wild«t>f dreene county, this State, was captur
ed a few days ago.
Ex-Sheriff Thompson and the
widov of George W. Kneiss Eij., are reported
to be married.
Four wells in the Bald Ridge oil
field are down u> theeaud, bat are waiting for
increased pipe lioe 4®aeilittes beiore tapping it
—Mr. David Shirley is visiting his
old friend* in Butler. He is now interested in
a glass works on the South Side, Pittsburgh.
One of our wicked exchanges re
marks: "This in the K*son when the house fly
passes himelf off for .-v hreklebcrry."
A New Bedford, Lawrence county,
farmer bander the strange hallucination that
he is always surrounded by evil spirits.
—Mr. Helwig GriDe, of Prospect hag
a set of good oil well tools in his barn which he
will sell cheap. For particulars inquire at this
A Beaver conntv man claims to
have seen a snake that was as thick as a saw
log, and took two hours and fourteen minutes
to pass a given point.
—The strike of the Amalgamated
Association of iron workers, is expected to
come to an ewf shon. HSOir.e of the strikers are
■aid to be in a destitute condition.
Politics were never so quiet as at
this moment in our country, but it is the lull
that precedes the storm. It seems to be a sort
of fit* Cor wl. race tfcis year, befrthe fur will
fly bftfoi* many toooas.
—ffkirty-eifrhtyearfHs afcood oldage
for ajfcythe to attain, yet a fanner in the east
em jar* of this State ha* been using the eaiae
one fin 6» 1844, and re].arts ft to U still as good
as nwr "Wtm
George Foster, aged 14 years,
was on the ill-fated Beiota, hot saved himself
by swimming to shore. Last week he was
swimming in the river at Kast Liverpool and
was accidentally drowned.
Mr. William Limberg, son of Rev.
C- A. Limberg, and Miss Tillie E. Thomas, of
Cferion county, were married last Wednesday.
Will is a fine yonng man and we wish him
much happiness.
Camp meeting is in progress. A
special train in its interest was run on the P.
4 W. E. B. f last Sunday and another will be
ran next Sunday. See notioes in another
—Although there are three bakeries
in this town, our grocers import immense quan
tities of bread and cakes from Pittsburgh. The
express brings more beer and bread to this
town than any other two articles.
By notice published in another
pbee, it will be seen that our enterprising
shoe merchant, Mr. B. C. Huselton has taken
unto himself a wife. Ben. has the good wishes
of his many friends here.
A circular baa been prepared by
the Bi-centennial Association, and will be for
warded to the Governors of the different States
inviting troops to visit Philadelphia and take
part In the military display on October 27th
the bi-centennial anniversary of the landing of
William Penn.
—The Uniontown Geniua says:
'"hiat nearly all the wool grown this year in
Fayette connty has been sold, and but little
now remains in first hands. The price obtain*
ed by moat of the farmers was thirty-five oeuts
per pound, though some sold at lower figures."
—The State fish farm at Corry is
fulfilling its mission with great success, and
with the neoe*ary appropriations for its main
tenance there b a prospdfct that in a few years
the brooks and rivers of the Commonwealth
will be alive with game fish
—Several men who couid not pay
their fines and cost* have lately been commit
ted to jail for 48 hours for being drunk and dis
orderly. These men cost the county twe dol
lars each for boarding and tnrnkey. and the
borough two dolbn each for and con
•tables' fees.
—A swarm of bees entered Clerk
Dedd's house the other evening and took pos
session. They afterwards located themselves
between the plastering and weather-boarding ol
the kitchen. Dodds is hesitating as to whether
he should get out a writ of ejectment or arouse
—lj. C. Covert,- formerly of this
connty, bat now of BlQOinfield, lowa, is teach
ing school atts36 per month and this summer
raised twenty-eight acres of com, from Which
he expects to realize $400" He is doing well.
Ai a general thing however, the corn crop in
the western States is expectel to be light this
—The people of Greenvjlle, Mercer
county, will witness a curious race to-day—one
between a man an 1\ horse, the man will ride
a bicycle and the horse, a well known pacer,
will be driven in a common racing sulky. The
race will begin at two o'clock this afternoon
and the one—man or horse—who covers fifty
miles first will win one thousand dollars.
—The letting of the contract for
building the connecting link between the West
Penn and the Shenango and Allegheny rail
roads had been prematurely announced so often
that people will be loth to believe anything about
It till work on the road is actually begun. The
contract however, has been let to a Mr. Keed of
Krie, who hai bills potted in thb town asking
for bids from eab-oontractors.
—John Weber of Penn township, is
in luck. He lately leased forty acres of his
farm in Forward township, to Andrew Hcheide
mantle for one eighth royalty and s.'(oo bonus
per acre. Forty acres at S3OO per acre amounts
to $12,000, and this with $5,000 bonus that John
had received for the balance of his farm makes
$17,000 in cash that he lias received, and he has
the farm yet and a one eiglitb royalty.
—A Swede who has been working
on the railroad here intended starting for
some other point and came to town last Satur
day evening with all his worldly possessions
in a box. This he left at the door of a saloon
while he went in to get a drap, but when he
came back his box was gone. Three men had
taken it and carried it to a field west of
town were they broke it open, took what they
wanted from it and then hid it in a hay stack,
where it was found. One of the thieves was
recognized and will be arrested as soou as
—Mr. Frank Eyth, of Centreville,
sent to this place last week the head of a large
pike ilsh which he recently caught in the Slip
peryrock. In sixe it is nearly that of the head
of an ordinary calf, and has rows of sharp
teeth, some ol them being more than half an
inch in length. The manner of capturing the
pike is said to require great skill and knowl
edge of their habits. The bait ir<anothe*. fish,
on the principle that "big fish eat little ones."
This small fish is so put uimn the concealed
book that the pike takes it liead foremost, and
has hook and all away down before the mistake
is discovered. The angler then has to give it
nlay and worry it until he can gradually draw
!t to the shore. To jerk it up, ax our boys can
do with Connoquenessing Ash, would likely
Kove to be the breaking of his line and the
M <of the pike. The one here alluded to
weighed nine pounds. We would rather Mr.
Eytn had sent soine of the body of this fish
to his friends here.
Court Notes.
The will of Sarah Hindman of
Washington twp., wan probated last
Thursday, W. P. Jamison, Kxecutor.
Nicholas Sailer has biought suit vs.
Isaac llepler and others for trespass.
Mary A. and Jane Wilson have
brought suit vs. Alfred Pearce and
A commission was appointed last
week by the Court to inquire into the
lunacy of Mary Luce of Karns City.
i Hemorrhoid!), FlMtHre, Ulcer
1 anil Fiolule Cured.
| Dr. S. H. Matheson can accomplish
i a cure of Piles l or yonr money will be
9 refunded. With his scientific remedies,
j astonishing those who have been suf
. fering for years He can give refer
-1 enoM of males and females at Pontine,
; Michigan, and adjoining places. Fe
s males wfco had been for years invalid?
have been restored permanently tc
I','.health and comfort. Willard House,
| Butler, Pa. See circulars.
9ntl«(i 0Ui»»n: intlet, flu.. 23, 1882.
Camp Meeting *t Butler.
The Pittsburgh & Western Railroad
will run a special train on Sunday,
Aug. 27th. Leaving Parker at 8
o'elock a. m.; Martinsbnrg, 8:25 a. m.;
Petrolia, 8:35 a. ra.; Karns City, 8:40
a. m. ; Millerstown, 9 a. m.; arriving
at Butler 9:30 a. m. Returning, leaves
Butler at 7p. m. Rate one way for
ruund trip.
Information Wanted.
Eddie the 16 year old 9on of Samuel
Seaburn, of this place, was enticed
awav from home about nine weeks ago j
by a one-armed tramp His parents
are verv anxious about him, and any
information concerning the boy's
whereabouts will be thankfully receiv
ed. Eddie is a boy 1<» years old, tall
fur bis age; of slender frame; has dark
hair, light grey eyes, his hair parted
on the right sV'u, and may be readily
identified by a scar on his forehead
partly hidden by the manner in which
he wears his hair. Exchanges please
copy.— Sharon Herald.
Base Rail.
The Butler Base Ball Club went to
Freeport last Thursday and played a
game with the Freeport Club, with the
follow ing result:
■■ FBEEroHff. OBq Mj BVTLKB. O R CjM
J. McMhlmd. 4 • • W. Heineinan 2 o o
T. Maley 4 0 0 0 E. Mackey— '.'2 10
A. M'Cleland 2 10 2G. Mechling. 40 2 o
J. Gardner 222 ol* Grieb 2 13 0
\V. Loiik 2 10 0 P. Mitchell.... l 1 t 0
J. Miller. .. 2 100 H. Imsen :i o, 0 1
C. M eMail an 4 o o o I. Zimmerman 3 l i o
A. Peter*.... 3 0 12 H. Helueman 3 0. 0 0
B. Hewitt* 4 00 O jT. Pap« 3 tti 1 0
Tiital 27 5 3 51 Ttotal 2-t . 9 1
1234 i 6 i « »
freei.ort o o 0 i o 3 0 l f—«
Butler 2 1 i 1 0 0 0 1 '
The return game will be played here
next Friday, 25th inst.
Butler County Soldiers.
All Butler couoty soldiers who have
not already done so, should send at
once to the compilers of our County
History the facts concerning their
military career. The statement may
be briefly made—written upon a postal
What is wanted in the full name,
date of enlistment, and discharge,
company and regiment.
The friends and relatives of deceased
soldiers or those who have removed
from thecounty should seDd memoranda
concerning them. Address,
Butler, Pa.
School Laws and Examinations.
Frequent inquiry is made, by direc
tors and others, for copies of the school
law. Twenty thousand copies are
printed every third year and enough
sent to each county Superintendent to
supply each school board, with about
four copies. The last publication was
made in 1879 and the books have all
been distributed. Only twenty-two
copies were sent to me. These lasted
but a short time. A card from the De
partment, dated Aug. tth, says: "The
State printer is at work now on the
school laws. I doubt whether will re
ceive in quantities to send out until
Special public examinations will be
held at Butler, the last Saturday of each
month for four months. All who ex
pect to teach and have not been ex
amined will please attend one of these
examinations. JAB. H. MI HTLAND.
An Interesting Wedding.
The Pittsburgh Ihxpatch of last
Friday says: "A very pleasant little
company of friends assembled yester
day afternoon at the residence of Mr.
George Shaw, on Main street near
Penn avenue. The occasion which
invoked their presence was of an hyme
neal character and necessarily inter
esting in a high degree. Miss Aggie,
second daughter of the late James
Shaw of McKeesport, and B. C.
Huselton, a well known merchant of
Butler, were the high contracting
parties. At 5 o'clock when the little
circle of some thirty relatives had
gathered in the parlor, the bride and
groom elect appeared, preceded by Mr.
Duncan of Butler, and Miss Shaw,
sister of the bride. Rev. Mr. Johns
ton, of McKeesport, then performed
the rite in the briefest possible form,
after which the the usual order of con
gratulations came in.
Afterward there was a charming
supper to dispose of, and shortly fol
lowing that the happy couple departed
by the Pennsylvania railroad for a
tour of the Fast extending to the
White mountains. Atan early hour the
company dissolved, voting unanimous
ly in favor of wedded bliss. The bride
was the recipient of many handsome
Rapid Dcrllne of (he War
ren Co., Oil Prouucllon.
A dispatch from Warren Pa., dated
the 18tb nay# : "The situation in the
Cherry Grove district is slowly chang
ing. The new wells do not
start off so large nor hold up as
steadily as did the wells a few
weeks ago. The old ones are shot
frequently, aud torpedoes are put
in the new wells within a few dayß
alter being completed. There is a
steady decrease in the average of the
wells, but the number completed each
day is becoming greater, so that the
aggregate of the production is increas
Among the towns thore is a great
change. . The bustle and excitement •
has vanished, and the streets are no *
longer crowded as they were a few '
weeks ago. To-day four dry holes
were reported—one on 683, owned by
McGrew Brothers & Hunter; one on
660, and two on 610. These are all
on the edge of ,the field. Seven new
wells were completed—three on lot
657, one on lot 636, two on lot 619
and one on 646. These are all aver
age producers for this field, ranging
from one hundred to eight hundred
barrels. The tubing has lieen pulled
out of tbe Cloper tract well in Poreßt
county, and It is evidently the inten
tion of the owners to drill it deeper.
A field man who visited it to-day says
he thinks the owners are disap
pointed at its showing.
The Butler County Agricultural As
aociation will hold their sth Annual
I Fair on their grounds, at Butler, I*a.,
commencing Tuesday, September I'J
and continuing until September 21.
For Premium List with rules aud regu
lations, address,
W. P. ROEHSINU, Sec'y.,
Aug. 2, flt. Butler, Pa.
Farmer** Look Here,
The undersigned is now taking or
der* for fruit trees for fall planting
i He represents .one of the most reliable
> nurseries in Rochester, N. Y. Please
, send your orders in immediately,
Another Faith Cure.
THE New York Tribune gives an
! account of a remarkable scene witness
|ed at the Faith Cure Camp Meeting
j at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, on
j August 3. More than 600 invalids
| presented themselves to be cured of
j their diseases by prayer. One by one
they were taken before Dr. Cbaples
Cullis, the manager of the meeting.
Dipping a finger of his right hand in
oil, Dr. Cullis laid his hand upon the
head of each, uttering a fervent prayer.
Some departed from the meeting de
claring themselves cured of their dis
eases. From 2:30 till fi o'clock the
procession filed along. All ages were
represented, some tottering on crutches,
some in invalid chairs, the dwarfed the
crippled and the blind.
Youthfnl l>epravlty.
Some time since a United Presby
terian preacher living in Ilurrisville, in
Harrison county, Ohio, named Love,
was robbed of $5,000. Being unable
to find any clue to the perpetrators of
the robbery he called in the aid of de
tectives, who astonished the reverend
gentleman by producing his two sons,
aged respectfully 12 and 14 years, as
the convicts. The youthful robbers,
on being cornered, confessed their crime
and said that they had gone to Bel
laire and purchased a bottle of chloro
form, which, on the night of the rob
bery, they had scattered over the car
pet in the old gentleman's sleeping
room; that when this bad taken effect
they quietly robbed him of the money
intending to go West. The little ras
cals had all the money when arrested
and expressed no regret over anything
except the failure of their plans.
The pipe line connections from the
Bald Ridge district are being rapidly
completed. Every day on our streets
may be seen teams taking lumber,
engines, tools and every kind of
oil machinery to the new field.
Houses at Millerstown, Rams City and
other fields, now out of use, are being
torn down, or sawed into parts, and
hauled through this place to Bald
Ridge. In several cases we have
noticed the roofa of such houses loaded
upon wagons for that point. Several
new wells are expected in this week,
or soon, and if all are as good as ex
pected the boom in business here will
be greatly on the increase.
Simcox & Myers have sold a half
interest in their lease from the Bald
Kidge Company to Richard Jennings
& Co. for $75,000. This is only for
the land upon which the Simcox &
Myers well is located.
The well being drilled by Phillips
Bros., on the Judge McJuukin farm, a
mile or so east of town, is now down
about 500 feet.
The negotiation for the sale of the
oil property of the Bald Ridge Co., of
this place, we understand has fallen
through for the present. The company
now rak a larger sum for their prop
Examination in the Public
An examination of candidates for the
Ninth and Tenth Grades will be held
by the Principal and assistant in the
public school building, commencing
Friday morning, September Ist and
continuing, if necessary, during the
next day. For the Ninth Grade the
field will be as follows:
Grammar—Simple analysis and par
Geography—North America, United
States in detail, South America and
History of United States—From
1492 to 1763.
Arithmetic Greatest common di
visor. fractions, denominate numbers,
and applications.
For tbe Tenth Grade, B class, as
Grammar Etymological and syn
tactical parsing aud anulysis.
Geography--Same as above with
Asia, Africa, and Oceanica.
History—United States from 1763
to 1882.
Arithmetic Percentage, including
profit and loss, discount, bonds, equa
tion of payments, etc.
Standing of pupils in some of the
other branches will be determined from
their papers, and remaining branches
will not be considered. None of the
examinations will lie oral, pupils will
bring writing material with them.
Those pupils who were in room No. 8
or 9 last term will be expected to at
tend this examination as well as new
comers who desire to enter either of
the above grades. It is essential that
all candidates should appear at this ex
amination, otherwise much valuable
time will be lost, and their individual
entrance examinations much more diffi
New, quick, complete cure 4 days, i
urinary affections, smarting, frequent
or difficult urination, kidney disease. j
sl. at druggists Prepaid by express,
$1.25, 6 for $5. E. S. Wells, Jersey
City, N. J.
Farmer* Look to Your IntercHt.
By using Bradley's Sea Fowl Peru
vian Guano and also Bradley's Alka
line Dissolved Bone, you will increase
your crops from 75 to 100 per cent. It
can be had at all times at Sarver's Sta
tion, and also at the Leonard Wise, in
Butler. Send in your orders early.
Agent for Butler Co.
Sarver's Station, Butler Branch R. 11.
juuo2l 2m.
Camp MeelliiKMt llutlcr.
The Pittsburgh A Western Railroad
will run a special train on Sunday,
Aug. 21th. Leaving Parker at 8
o'clock a. m.; Martinsburg, 8:25 a. m.;
Petrolia, 8:35 a. m. ; Karns City, 8:10
a. m. ; Millerstown, 9 a. ni. ; arriving
at Butler 9:30 a. rn. . Returning, leaves
Butler at 7p. m. Rate one way for
round trip.
—Two young men, Jno : Henderson
and Sam'l Jackson, were arrested at
Kafct Brady, Armstrong Co., last Wed
nesday, for uttering counterfeit
coin, and were taken to Pittsburgh
for a hearing before U. S. Commission
er McCandless. Hall a do/en parties
were victimized. One of the men,
Jackson, is a resident of Brady's Bend,
and brother of Win. Jackson, who was
convicted as one of the Connor robbers.
Lydia E. Pinkham'u Vegetable Com
■ pound has rapidly made its way to
f favor among druggest, who have ob
; served its effects on the health of their
5 customers. Send to Mrs. Lydia E.
Piukliam, 233 Western Avenue, Lynn,
Mass., for pamphlets.
( Hiup Meeting at Ituder.
The Pittsburgh & Weste-n Railroad
will run a special train on Sunday,
Aug. 27th. Leaving Parker at 8
| o'clock A. M. ; Martinsburg, 8:25 A. M.;
Petrolia, 8:35 A. M. ; Karns City, 8:40
A. M ; M'llerstown, 9 A. M ; arriving
at Butler 9:30 A. M. Returning leaves
Butler at 7P. M. Rate one way for
round trip.
| for all diseases of the Kidneys and I
It has specific action aa this most important
I organ, en&bliuff it to throw off torpidity and \
' inaction, stimulating the healthy secretion of _ |
' the Bil*, and by keeping the bowt.l* in freo '
( condition, effecting its regular discharge. '
i If you are suffering from
! Iwl <ll Oil CI ■ malaria, have the chills, |
are bilious, dyspeptic, or constipated. Kidney- .
Wort will surely relieve and quickly cure. ' |
in the Spring to cleanse the System, e very '
one should take a thorough course of it.
Foo Ohoo's Balsam of Shark's Oil
Positwely Restores the Iletiriiu/, and is the only
Absolute Cure for Ueajness Knotrn.
This Oil is abstracted from peculiar specif: of
small WHITE SHIRK, cauirht in the Yellow sea,
known as Carcharodon Koudeletb. Every Chi
nese tishenuan knows it. Its virtues as a re
storative of hearing were discovered by a Budd
hist Priest about the year 1410. Its cures were
so numerous and many so seemingly miracu
lous, that the remedy was officially proclaimed
over the entire Empire. Its use became so uni
versal that for over 300 years uo deafness has
exl&lted among the Chinese people. Sent,
charges prepaid, to any address at SI.CO per
Hear What The Deaf Say!
It has performed a miracle in my case.
1 have no unearthly noises in my bead and
hear much better.
I have beeu greatly benefited.
My deafness helped a great deal —think
another bottle will crre me.
"Its virtues are unquestionable and its cura
tive charade r absolute, as the writer can per
sonally testify, boib from exj>erlenee and obeer
vation. Write at once to Haylock & Jenuey,
7 Dey Street, New York, enclosing SI.OO and
you will receive by return a remedy that will
enable yon to bear like anybody else, aud whose
curative effects will be permanent. Yon will
never regret doing go."— EDITOR or MERCAN
To avoid loss in the Malls, please send
money by Kegistered letter.
Only Imported by HAYLOCK & JENNEY,
(Late HAYLOCK & Co.)
BY virtue of sundry wiits of Sci. Fa., Fi. Fa.,
Al. Fi. Fa., Al. Lev. Fa., Leviri Facias and Ven
ditioni Exponas, issued out of the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Butler connty, and to me directed,
there will be exposed to public sale, at the
Court House, in the borough of Butler, on
Monday, the 4th day of September,
A. D., 1882, at one o'clock, p, m., the following
described property, to-wit:
£D,No 19 and 46, Sept T, 1882. R P Bcott>
A T Black, att'ys.
AII the right, title, interest and claim of P.
F. Porterfield of, in and to ninty acres of land,
more or less, situate in Allegheny township,
Butler county, Pa., follows, to-wit:
Beginning at a post at the north-west corner,
thence by lands of Sloan, et al, north 81* degrees,
east 159 perches to a white oak ; thence by
lands oi°i)r A W Crawford, south 1 degree
east 75 perches to a stone, thence 33J degrees
east 18 perches to a post; thence by lands of
Elias Osman, part of same tract of laud, south
88J degrees west 169 4-10 perches to a i>ost;
thence oy lauds of I)r A W Crawford, north 1
degree west 90 8-10 perches to a post, the
place of beginning; about 45; acres cleared, a
two story frame house, fi-ame barn and orchard
thereon. Seized and taken in execution as the
property of P F Porterfield at the suit of Joseph
Weller, et al,
E I), No 69, Sept T, 1882. L / Mitchell, att'y
All the right, title, interest and claim of Jane
Bentel, owner or reputed owner aud contractor,
of, in and to a certain piece or parcel of land
containing one-quarter of an acre, more or less,
situate in the borough of Zelienople, Butler
county, Pa, bounded north by U Lewis' land,
east by Main street, sruth by lands of K Ben
tel's estate aud lands of K V Randolph, and on
the west by other lands of Jane Bentel being
lot No 217, together with a certain building
being a one ana a one and a halt story brick
dwclliug house thereon. Seized aud taken in
execution as the property of Jane Bentel owner
or reputed owner and contractor at the suit of
B F Covert.
E1) No 77, Sept T, ISB2. Wlf Lusk, att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of /.
T. Wise, of in, and to 30 by 180 feet of land,
more or less, situutcd iu the village of Kvaus
burg, Jackson twp. Hutler county, Pa., bouud
ed as follows, to wit: On the north by Widow
Cooper, east by an alley, south by Widow Gra
ham, weal by Jefferson street; a two story frame
dwelling- house, frame stable aud fruit trees
thereon. Seized and taken in execution as the
property of 7.. T. Wise, at the suit of S. N.
E D, No 68 and 74, Sept. T, 1882. .TIL Lyon
W. A. Foiquer ally's. #
All the light, title, interest and claim of
Jamut Murrin, of, iu and to seventy acres of
lnnd,moru or less, situate in Venango twp,
Uuiler county, Pa., bounded as follows, to wit :
on the north by Samuel and David Kelly's
heirs, east by Samuel Stalker, sou.h by Julian
Simpson, wi st by Joseph und John Murrin,
about fifty acres cleared, underlaid with coal,
a two stoi v Irame and log house, frame stable,
coul bouse and orchard thereon. Seized and
taken In cxccutlou as the property of James
Mmrin, al the suit of Eli Vanderllu, lot use, et
E I), No 8, Sept T, 1882. J C Vanderlin, att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Abram
Kolley of, in and to twelve acred of land, more ,
or less, situate in Brady iwp, Butler county. I'a.
bounded as follows, to-wit; Oil the north by J.
M Thompson, east by J Newton Thompson,
south by J Newton Thompson, west by Butler
and Morcer road; all cleared and fenced, a story
and a half board or plank house, email stable,
bprii g liouee and orchard thereon. Seized and
taken iu execution an the property of Anrarn
Kelly at the tiuit of T H Ljon, for use.
E I>, No 78, Bept T, lbß2- K MarHliall, att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Ange
line Dobson and Boloman Dobson, her husband,
of, in and to ten acre* of laud, more or lew* Hit -
uate iu Adams twv., Butler county. Pa., bonnd
ed an follow*, to-wit: Ou the uortli by H Bal
tiurst. eaHt by Jaw Kincald, et al, south by TIIOH
Dobson, went by Tnos Dobson; all cleared and
fenced, log house, log Htable and orchard there
ou. Seized and taken in execution an the pro|>-
erty of Axigeline Dobson and Boloman Dobson
at the suit of 8 J Marshall, Ex'r of Bam'l Mar
shall, dec'd.
E D No 43, Bept. T, I*B2 Lev McQulslon
All the right, title, Interest and cliilm ol
Nancy J McCauslin, of, In and to seventeen
acres ot land, more or less, s iluute In Conno
<iueue*rlng twp., butler county, Pa., bounded
as follows, to wit: On the north by Findley
Euklu and Mrs McOuincss, eust by Andrew
Oyer, south by Andrew Oyer, west by Archie
Btcwurt, atiout five acres cleared, u one story
truuie house, log stable mid orchard thereon.
Siczed and taken In execution as the property
ot Nuncy J McCauslin, at the suit of O N
Brysoti lor use.
ED, No 79. Bept T, 1882. Newton Black, att'y
All the right, little, interest and claim of Win
Logue of, in and to 150 acre* of laud, more or
less, situate in Cherry twp . Butler county, fa.,
bounded as follows, to-wit: On the north by
John Oallaway's heirs, et al, east by James
Kenahan. ot al, south by Caleb Russell, 1J Hock
enberry, ot al, west bv Richard Hamilton, form
erly part of same tract mostly elearod;log house,
log" barn, plank house anil orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of
Wui l.ogue at the suit of John Hall A Son.
ED. No 45, Bept T, 1882. A T Black att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of J W
Higgins of. in and to one-half acre of lauu more
or less, situate in Washington twp., Butler Co.,
I'a., bounded as follows, to-wit: On the north
by I' I' HiliUrd, east by railroad, south by pub
lic toad, west by I' I' Billiard; it being a triangu
lar piece of ground, a one-story frame or plank
building thereon. Seized and taken iu execu
tion as the property of J W Higgins at the suit
of P 1' Hilliard.
ED.No 81 Bept T, 1882. W H Lusk, att'y.
All tho right, title, interest and claim of Wm
Hell of, in and to thirty-two acres of land, more
or less, situate in Washington twp., Builer Co..
Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit: On tho north
by Isaac Thompson heirs, east by Al«*x Hell,
south by B A Campbell, west by Leonard Htew
art, all cleared, a one-story log and board house
and frame stable and orpbar'l U\yrton. Seized
and Wien In execution as the jnopeity of \Nm
Bell at the suit of John T Cochran.
|] Gents' Furnishing Goods
AMINE them an<i you will save mono v.
%<■ .<*- 's& i J**"** 4 "A 4£ "*
r,«Ta r >
P I am a rambling wreck of nudity, B
■ Frogg, K«q. P »t your service, advertising ',
■ agent for the best Jewelry house in this]
B-ection. I winh to inform the puMic «
Stbat a full line of WATI'IIKS, CLOCKS, 1 t
I \VA RE,is now being offered at astonishing- . /'BrS
Note What an old and Reliable House can do Regarding Prices.
Round Nickel Clocks at $ 1 00 A Striking Clock, waluut caae. 3 »*> Niekel Watrh at !M
" " " with alarms 1 50 " " " " " S day a «."> Nickel Watch, Staia W imUv 4 t»
A.Good Striking Clock 2 00 2 Ox. Silver Caae, with Atner'o uiorrmriit 10 0«i " •» Ikakaak 430
Ladle* Gold Watches at #l2 75
fcgr~ All kinds of Sewing Machine Needles at 35 cent* per dozen, and No. 1 Spvnu I il at 10 crct* per botti*
The only place in Butler where you can find a full and complete stock of KNIVES, FORKS, SPOONS, Ae
1847.—Rogers Bros.—A I.—none genuine unless stamped ("1847. — Rogers Bros.—A I. n ) I aluo'trry a full lioe of
Eye Glasses and Spectacles, suitable for all eyes and mounted in the most elegant and substantial manner, and am o£
fering very superior goods at the most reasonable rates. Repairing of Watches and (Tlock* rvcmiwn our rtrj lUvt at
tention, and is done promptly and warranted. E. (JRIKH, Main Street, Butlrr, Pa.
JVo.l Term. Yr. ]'/<tintiji'» Attorney. Ptmimtif*. /-' ftmimmft An*rw*f.
AD, 47 Marchlßßl McDonald A (ioucher Adam Metzer W C Mobley.et al K P Scott
" 78 " " L Z Mitchell James DorMn AI. Sltrailer, F.x'r ('ai..i>hell A Hrvtxh>a
FI D, 2 Sept 188 2J M Greer Susan Moore, hy her next friend Jamr* E Moure I. Z Mitchell
CP, 199 June 1872 Black A Thompson MM Allen lloliert Allen Mitchell
" 804 " 1876W L Graham .Theodore Thompson Pearl McCandlesa Ka-tiuau A Caa>pt«ll
" Uti.'l Sept. 1879 Robinson 4 (loucher Jane Boreland, et al John Young, et al Mri iwilrw, r< aJ
A I), 98 Dec. 1879 Picrsol A Kastmau W S Boyd, for use JII Miller lltiv, Sullivan Be®.
" 126 Sept. 1880 M. Klack. Jonathan Snyder H L Barne* I. /Mitchell
" 1(> Man hlBBl McQuistion Joseph F Lytle pjltahurgh A Western RR Co Sent!
" 44 June " Hrandon. Hannah Harvey J«rar« Harvey Itowner A l.wr
'• 17 Sept. " (ioucher A Ixiwry John It Holler H R«>«nigk Mitchell ami llnvwr
" 25 " Brandon Butler Water Company, for UK Borough of Butler Kjuiinai i Walkrr
" 38 " " Reed A Br-din ('has C Stewart Samuel C Thompnon Williams A Mitchell
" :iK " " Williams A Goucher Wm Iluseltoo, et a! Henry Weinnan Hcoti
" 2,'lJuuc 1882 Forquer Joseph llockenbeny J p Hockenherry Mr<Jui«ti<»u
" 51 Sept. 18S1 L Z Mitchell E R Brown, et al K N Hare, et al Walker
•' t; Dec. " Newton Black .lume* Dougan, Ex'r Wm O Smith AT. Black.
" 15! •' " Thompson A Scott. II C Turk Jno lirosaman Vlitrbell
" ID 1 " " Bramlou Grove A Bair Geo H Graham Mc-Candlena
" 2u " " Campbell Bentel, et al Mellon, et al J M lireee
" 53 " ■" L Z Mitchell John K Oilehixt Robert McDowell Kleeger A Hriftain
" (>■> " " Jlt Bretlin A lex (iarroway Poor district, Winfield W D Bran-lon
" 4<i March 1882 Fleeter K Christy, Adm'r John Smith Thompson A Soa A Re»«f
" titi '* " L Z Mitchell inl Dougherty Kl ias Mori land Mcfjutatioa A Yaixlerlia
" ;t June " Brandon NVA Pa Minim; Company H IHudinger Metjaiatfaa
l'rollioiiotary's Oflice, August, 21 IHB2. M. N. tiRKKR, Pruthoootaiy.
K I), No 9, Sept T, 1882. J G D Findley,
All the light, title, interest ami claim of John
and James Pratt of. in ami to all that certain
niece of html, situate in Buffalo township, But
ler county, l*a. bounded and described a-s fol
lows : On the south by lands of Robert M
Harbison, east by lands of Chan Ot-burn amlo-i
the west and north, west by little I jffaiocreek.
being of an irregular and rather triangular
shape ; containing eighty acres, more or less,
no improvements. Seized and taken in exe
cution as the property Jonu and James Pratt
at t he suit of John Johnston, for use.
E I), No 10 Sept., T, 18K2. 8 F Bowser, att'y.
A 1! the riitlit, title, interest anil claim ol
Michael Downey, of. In and to fifty acres ol
land, inoie or less, situate In Clearfield trp.,
Butler county l'a , bounded as lollowc, to wit:
Ou the north by John Denny, east l>v Win
Dauifliorty and T Morrow, South l>y Widow
Downey, west by Patrick Denny, mostly
cleared, lots bouse, log Imrn and some Iruit
trees Ibcreou. Seized and taken into execu
tion as tbe property ol Michael Downey, at the
suit Daniel McMillan.
ED, No 70, Sept. T. 18X2. W. A. For. t uer,
All the right, title, interest and claim of Wm
Brandon, of, in and to fitly nrr«s of land, tnore.
or less, situated in Venango twp. Butler county,
l'a., and bounded as follows, to wit: On the
north by Widow Fleming, east by John Kay,
south by Michael Conway, west by Robert Van
derlin; about 40 acres cleared, log house, log
barn, orchard and ooel bank thereon. Seized
and taken in execution as the projiertv of Wm.
Brandon at the suit of Hoffman Jt Jackson.
E D No <>«, Sept. T. 1882. E D, No 65, Sept.
T. 1882. ED, No 59, Scut. T. 1882.
Williams <Sc Mitchell, att'y.
All the right, title, intercut ami claim of
George M. Fulkman, of, in and'to six acres
and 71 perches of land, more or lean, situated
in Sliptieryrook twp., Hutler county, I'a.,
bounded an follows, to wit: beginlng at a |M*t
at the coal bank thereon, running hy the lands
of <i. W. Coulter's heirs and Joseph Hestler,
west 20 C-10 perches to a post, thence hy lands
of Mays' ami CoWen south 82 perches to a i>ost.
thence hy lands of John Elder 33 2-10 perches
to a post, thence hy same land north 27 perches
to a post, thence west 50 pc ches to a post,
thence north 8 perches to tl e place of liegin
ing. All cleared and fenced,also llu-right of way
to a certain road leading from the Hutler and
Mercer turnpike road to eoal hank on said
peice of land, said road to l»e kept open for
public travel. Seized ami taken in execution
as the property of George M. Fulkman. at the
suit of R. 11. Gold, J. E. Christy and Ephram
E I) No Us, Sept., T, IK-SJ. Jos. Vanderlin
All the riuht, title, Interest and clalin ol
J W McCsndless, of, in and to one half acre
ol land, more or lem, situate In Hie village of
Karuiingtou Venango twp., Hutler eoutity,
I'a., hounded as follows, to wit • On
the north hy Ellas [Taylor, east by an
alky, south hy public rood, west by Geo. Dlx
son, a story an J half frame bouse, large frame
tlacksiuith shop, outbuildings and fruit trews
thereon. Seized and taken iu execution a*
the property of J \V McCauJlue#, at the mil ol
John Ulair.
THItMH OK SAI.K. The following must tie
strletly compiled with when property is strlckMi
down :
l. When the plaintiff or oilier lieu creditors be
come I lie purchaser, the costs on the writs must
tie paid, ami a list of tlie liens, liictiidini; morlstace
searches on the propeity sojit, toKether with such
lien -redltor's receipt* tor the amount of the pro
ceeds of the sale of Mitch purl ion thereof us lie may
claim, must be furnished the Sheriff.
■l. All hills must lie puld 111 full.
3. All sales mil settled immediately will lie con
tinued until I o'clock. I'. M oT next day, at which
time nil pro|H-rl\ not settled for will attain lie put
up and sold at the ex |M IISC and risk of the person
to »liom (list sold.
*Sc>' I'urdoli'n l>ltfcxt. 'itll Kditlon, pane IK., and
Smith's Konns, page ;pq.
THOM AS IH>\.\li||V,
Sheriff of Ituller County.
Sheriff's office. Hutler. I'a., May IMb, 1
All Kinds of Boilers & Sheet Iron Work Made to Order,
Oil Sti'la, Tanks, lloP'ug Mill Stacks, etc Repairing ('one promptly. Ooirespondent*
No. 12 South Diamond, Allegheny City, Pa.
We have ill kinds of Furniture, Carpets, Stoves, Store Fixtarea, Household Goods, Bar
ber Chairs, 4.0. , for sale at low prices.
We buy for each at low |niocs from the manufacture!*, and parties who are tearing the city
therefore can sell at correspondingly low price*. Parties in need of goods in oar line will Had it to
their intercut to call and see our etock and learn oar pr.oes eug. 39.5u.
Always ready and reliable in ewe of J
fire, qui -k and easy to operate for i
washing buggiea, Ac. It ia lUe only i
double acting f.oal proof foroe punip |
lhat can be icpiired without lemoving i
mnip from platform. It ia cheap,
durable, efficient and suitable for we H 1
of any depth. No faroier or house- |
holder should be vlthont a puuip of >
this kind.
17 Seventh Avenue, Pittsburgh. Pa.
»4~3eud for Catalogue and Price Lost.
Ptua Ave., and tlnh *t.. Pit »bar*k,
Entrance U l , Sixth St., opposite Ht.Clair Hotel.
1 I rcparatory Depaitment.
3—Normal Department.
4- - Students can enter at any lime. I
5 The coureo of etudy is oomprehenaive and |
thorough up to the latest atandaril of advanced
Pmor W. W. McOLF.M.AND. Penman.
HARMON D. WILLI \MS, Nusiuess Manager.
JAMES O. WI'.LIAMS, Principal. ang'23.lm.
The following appraisements of permnal
property set apart for the benefit ot' widow, of
deceased* have heeu tiled in the office of the
clerk of the Orphans' Court of Under t'o., via :
\v:d >w of David Kelly, dee'd £2SM H5
" I'hilip Melon, dee'd I*l
" Ailaui Alliert, dee'd 300 00
• " Lewis Anderson, dee'd 300 •*>
" R. It. Alexander, dee'd 3i*l
" VS'm. Cankdollir, «'ec'i .'**» i*»
• •« John Itedic, dee'd ll'J S6
" Friend lluxton, dee'd 2ST> IK)
The als>ve will l»' on Wednesday,
Sept >'th, IW, lor eonltrm»li«Hi ami no excep
■ tinns l>ein;» died they will I* ii*lrnwl abso
lutely l»v the Court. W. It. IMiDIMH,
Clerk O. C.
V WKICK, tl-' :» du) at home e;ihll) made
9/<C(',„||) lin 1111 free Address FHI> A t'o.
Augusta. Maine. mar-aur
Webb's Eclectric Medicine.
I* a positive and effectual remedy for ail Xer
i von* Diwium in »»m *t.»ge of llf«? — yming or oM.
I male or female. Such 1111 nipnteoc v. I'not rat lon,
lons of Siremrth. loss of Vitality. IVfeetlve
rj, Impaired Kraln Power, and <1 itaara from
which an unnat'iral waste of life springs. all
which ran not fiul to undermine the whole system.
| Kvery organ is •rakrnnl, every power prminlrd,
mill man* forms i>f disease are generated whx h.
! If not checked, pave the way to an --arlY death It
reluvlnates Hge and relnvlgnratcs *<Hith.
Karh package contains sufficient for two weeks
treatment. Write for paniphlrt. which will bm
sent free, with full particular*.
Sold by itll Druggists at 36 cent* a package, or
twelve packages for SA.INi Will he sent flee by
mall on rc«-eipt of money, hv addressing
WKKH'M WI.KiTRIf Mri'irit* CO..
A eun» gti'tran teed. Buffalo X. V.
Sold bv l». H. Wuller. Bntler. Pa. JaoJ
ygTAdverluie in the CITIUI
Coaninghaai St., East of Mai*.
f JAMEfI HUL.L.EHM. Prop'r
HAVING rmuf«l my Livery Stock from Mil
lemtown to Butler and k**ated in the old
[ K K.1.1.V STAND. »n (uniungham (MM. I
. snlict a .hare of your patronage. I ban good
reliable horses and good rut" which I will let at
| re.xoii.Me prices. (live me a call ma3l.*Sly
Hie Semi Annual meeting of the St lckboldera
—of the
will meet in I lie Opera Ho ise on
Saturday Evening, Sept 2,1882.
J * oAMPmctx. secy
Advertise in tfce Cmiuf.