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Mew Advertisements.
Nui*ery agent* wanted.
Catarrh Cure—Dr. Dodge.
Limp black mechanic wanted.
St lir builder, etc. —John Richey.
Ko»d reports for September term.
SheriffVSales for September term.
Appraisements for September term.
New Leather and Findings Store—C. Roes
sing. ' _
The yellow fever is spreading in
the South.
—For bargains in Dry Goods of all
kinds go to L. STEIN & SON'S.
—Track laying on the new part of
the P. A W. R. R. was commenced
here Monday.
—lt is stated that the new Alleghe
ny county Court House will cost $2,-
Waring's Fertilizers and Peruvian
Guano—for sale by J. NIGGLE St 880
—Scarcely a day passes but a new
of cattle disease is reported from
—Por bargains in Dry Goods of all
kinds go to L. ST AN & SON'S.
Miss Ada and Clara Boschee of
Avon<ial<?» a suburb of Cincinnati, 0.,
are visiting at Mr. Louis Stein's.
—"New and large stock of Trimmings
Laces and Embroideries to suit to
While Dress Goods at
—The wholesale grocers have been
notified of an advance in the price of
maicbes from 25 cents to $1.50 per
Collars, Collars, Ties, Fishns.
latest styles of Neckwear of all kinds
in large stock, at
—Reports from various sections in
dicate that the recent heavy rains in
the West hare resulted in incalculable
damage to the crops.
—Zephyr Shawls from 75 cents np
at L. STIIN & SON'S.
—All tbe rooms in the Brady Build
ing, on Diamond, are now occupied ex
cept two, hich will be rented to the
first proper applicants.
—Preaching at the Baptist Church
next Sabbath, morning and evening.
Communion at tbe morning service.
All the members are earnestly request
ed to be present.
—Cheviott Shirtings from cents
a yard up at
—What is the difference between a
"yallery-greenery" vegetable, that can
now be had at our grocery stores, end
a certain young conple of this town ?
One cant-a-loupe and the other can.
—Bargains in Russia Crash, Towels,
Table Linens and Napkins, at
—There is said to be but one vacant
store room in Bntler now for rent. All
tbe houses in Springdale, that have
been without tenants for the past two
years, are said now to be occupied.
—A lot of second-handed Watches
cheap for cash at E. Grieb's
—Camp meetings down in Georgia
promise to be interesting this year.
Already reports come from one con
cerning a riot in which five persons
were killed and several wounded.
—•For bargains in Dry Goods of all
kindß go to L STEIN & SON'S.
—Several sales of real et'r'e took
place last week and several more are
expected this week. Tbe Manny farm
sale, $16,000, was concluded on Mon
day. The Bald Ridge to the Phillips
Bros., will be closed to-day, Wednes
—Kentucky Jeans and Cottonades
from 10 cents a yard up, at
—Seven persons were killed and
eleven wounded near Oil City on the
4th iust., by a train of coal cars, which
became unmanageable while descend
ing a grade and rushed down the track
with such velocity as to be thrown
from the same, with the aboye result.
—Send or leave your order for a
Sewing Machine, of any make, at
Grieb's Jewelry store. may3l-tf
—Our farmers whose barns are just
now fairly bulging out with the fruits
of the bountiful harvest, will perhaps
thank us for suggesting that now will
be the time to place a little extra insur
ance, by way of dividing the risk of loss,
in case of fire.
—Waring's Fertilizers and Peruvian
Ouano—for sale by J. NIGGLE & Bao.
—A child living in Washington
county while playing with the head of
a dead chicken a few days since was
attacked by a game cock. The attack
was so violent that the rooster's spurs
were imbeded in the child's skull, and
in pulling the fowl away they pulled
from their sockets.
—Just received another large stock
of White Drees Goods at
—Mr. John T. Martin, formerly o
Buffalo twp , this county, but now of
Moniteau county, Missouri, writes to a
fiend here that the crops are good
taere and fruits of all kinds plenty.
They have bad ripe apples and peaches
since Ist of July. Mr. M. has a good
farm and is doing well.
—Lace Curtains from cents a
yard up at L. STEIN & SON'S.
—The old Butler plank road, says
the I'ittsburgh Commercial-Gazette'of
11th iast., is reported in a dangerous
condition for nocturnal travelers. The
city is grading it aboye the Water
Works and piles of sand and stone are
loft around without any lamps to warn
citizer.B of their presence.
—Sewing Machine attachments and
repairs of all kinds, at Grieb's Jewelry
store. mav3l-tf.
—Other crops may be more profita
ble than corn, but corn is cash to the
farmer, and may be relied upon every
year if properly managed. It can usu
ally lie grown at a less cost than it can
be bought (especially when due allow
ance is made for the feeding value of
the stover), and when you have it you
can change it into milk, butter or beef,
mutton or wool, eggs or chickens, pork
or turkey, just as you please, and in
either of these changes it will contrib
ute to the future, as it goes to the
manure heap upon which you will de
pend for the next year's crop
—Best assortment of Dress Qoods,
and lowest prices, at
| —Typhoid fever is very prevalent at
present in and abt;ut Zelienople There
are at present eight or nine cases in
• the town.
Parasols, Parasols, Parasols, full
! line, at L. STEIN & SON'S.
; —We publish this week the jury
lists for the September terms, regular
and special. Lists have also been
drawn for the October special terms.
Fanß, Fans, Fans, a large assort
ment, at very low prices, at
The boys from this county attend
ing the military encampment at Camp
Reynolds returned home safely on Sat
urday last, much pleased with their
camp experience. -
—The Gerniania Orchestra and
Cornet Band will give their second
concert, at the Court House, on Wed
nesday evening, Sept. 20, (2d d.iy of
the Fair in the evening.)
—The fall term in Waynesburg
College will open on Monday, October
2d. Both sexes admitted. Excellent
facilities. Expenses very moderate.
For new circulars and full informa
tion, address Prof. A. B. Miller,
Waynesburg, Pa.
—We direct attention to the adver
tisement of Mr. C. Roessing, who has
opened a leather, findings and harness
store in a room of the Reiber block on
Jefferson street. He will carry a lull
stock of everything generally found in
such a store and will do all kinds of re
pairing. Give him a call.
—The Sheidcmantle well is in For
ward township, near the line between
Forward and Penn townships, and
only about two miles east of Buhl's
Mill, where, some twelve years ago,
one of tbe first wells for oil was drilled
in this county. The depth drilled v/d.s
about 1,200 feet and then it was given
up as a "dry hole" or "duster." The
Sheidemantle well is some 1,700 feet in
depth ; all which show that the early
wells in this county were not sunk
deep enough.
A Tillage to bo Sold.
From the New York Tribune.]
The village of Feltville, a short
distance from Summit, N. J., is adver
tised to be sold under foreclosure of
mortgage on next Wednesday, a decree
of the sale having been obtained from
Chancellor Runyon. The foreclosure
proceedings were brought at tbe suit of
James D. Fish receiver of the Globe
Mutual Life Insurance Company of
New York. Feltville is known in the
surrounding country as "The De
serted Tillage." It is uninhabited ex-
I cept by occasional tramps, whose
presence there makes tbe visits of the
curious somewhat hazardous. It is
situated in a romantic valley between
Summit and Fanwood. Over thirty
years ago David Felt, a New York
stationer, bought a tract of GOO acres
there and started two large paper
mills. He erected twenty-four cot
tages, a church for union services, a
school-house and a country store.
He also built for himself a handsome
house. The village flourished for a
number of years. Finally Mr. Felt
sold the whole place to Mr. Town
send, the sasaparilla manufacturer.
The latter in time became financially
embarrassed, and borrowed SOO,OOO
from the Globe Mutual Life, giving a
mortgage on the entire property
Being unable to meet the interest on
the mortgage, the company foreclosed
it and took the property. The opera
tions in tbe mills ceased, and the
working people moved away to seek
employment in other towns, until the
piace became silent and deserted- The
property has rapidly diminished in
value, the houses and mills and
machinery are going to pieces. When
the Globe Mutual Life failed some years
ago it was worth many thousand
dollars more than at present. The
sale of the property will l>e held at the
Court House in Elizabeth.
Another Kiver Horror.
ST Louis, MO., Aug. B.—The
steamer Gold Dust exploded her boiler
yesterday afternoon, just after leaving
Hickman, Ky. Forty-seven persons
were scalded and seventeen are miss
ing. The boat was landed in the eddy
just above the town, and through the
exertions of citizens all the cabin
passengers, officers, and part of the
crew and the deck passengers were
taken ashore aud removed to the
hotels and private residences. Twen
ty-four of the injured were lying iu
Holcomb's drug-store at onti time,
where they received every attention
The steamer city of Alton is reported
to have arrived at Cairo last night
with the dead and wounded, and will
go through to St. Louis direct. The
names of the missing are not known,
as the books were lost and the num
ber may swell twenty or tbirtv more.
The Gold Dust was built in 1873,
by Capt. E. W. Gould, at a cost of
$59,000. She was purchased a year
later by the Anchor line, and was
valued at the time of the disaster at
$35,000. The company carries no in
surance. She is therefore a total loss.
CAIKO, 111., Aug. B.—The steamer
City of Alton has arrived with the
wounded from the steamer Gold Dust.
Up to the time of leaving Ilickinan
thirteen had died.
Court ,\<>t«»H.
Mrs. A. M. DufTord has brought suit
vs. Jacob H. DufTord for divorce.
Charleß Jones has brought suit for
divorce from Elizabeth Jones.
Adam Jtitzert has brought suit vs.
Joseph Sbultz for trespass.
The Borough of Millerstown bus ap
pealed from the decision of the Justice
in the case of B. Frederick against it.
W. W. McDermott has brought suit
vs. Robert McCall and claims a bal
ance of $433.75.
An Effort at Train Wrecking,
Tuesday week last, a log, which
some dastardly person had placed there
for the purposo of wrecking a train,
was discovered by the engineer of a
freight train lying across the track of
the Heaver Valley railroad, near Warn
f>um, Lawrence county. It was too
ate to avoid the obstruction, and after
whistling "down breaks" the engineer
and fireman jumped olf. The train
ran into the log, wrecking the engine
and some of the cars, but fortunately
injuring no one.
The Butler County Agricultural As
sociation will bold their sth Annual
Fair on their grounds, at Butler, Pa.,
commencing Tuesday, September l'J
and continuing until September 21.
For Premium List with rules and regu
lations, address,
W. P. KOEHHING, Sec'y.,
Aug. 2, Gt. Butler, Pa.
Wife Citiasett: fp«.»
Business and Excitement on the Increase
Since our last issue the excitement
and interest in the Bald Ridge develop
ments have b*>en on the increase. Our
town is now in a lively state and it
[ looks as even letter than any former
business times were about to visit us.
The Sheidemantle well is still flow
ing a; the rate of from five to six
hundred barrels per day and is visited
daily by many citizens and strangers.
The tools are still in the well and, like
a number of other wells on top of the
sand, are awaiting pipe facilities for
taking care of the oil. Mr. Smick has
another well near the Sheidemantle,
on his (Weber farm) which is about
Simcox & Myers have wells on the
Dodds, Gruver and Kaltenbach farms,
near the sand and for which pipe ar
rangements are being looked after.
The Uuion Oil Co.'s well, in which
Mr. John Satterfield is interested, on
the William M. Brown farm, about two
miles south of Sheidemantle, is ex
pected in soon with good results.
The Phillips' Bros, new well on
Dixon farm, is on top of sand and
awaiting pipe line connection.
The Bald Bidge Company, in addi
tion to their first two wells, and not
connected with any of the above, have
the following wells drilling: two on
the Short's farm, one in the sand and
the.other under headway ; one on Weber
farm ; one on Mahood farm ; one on
Reiber, Peirsol and Hoffman farm, and
one we believe on Heckart farm. Of
these, some of them are on or nearing
the sand with all prospects favorable
and with arrangements being made for
pipe conveyance. The property of the
Bald Ridge consists in about nine hun
dred acres, leases, all at the one eight
royalty. It is very valuable, and we
understand a sale of the property is
about completed with the Phillips
Bros, for the whole property ; and for
the sum of SIOO,OOO.
The bridge at the mouth of Thorn
Creek, on the most direct road to Ren
frew Mills and Sheidemantle well, has
been declared unsafe for passage over.
Any going there will find the Browns
dale road, passing William R. Patter
son place and over Thorn Creek, and
taking first road to the right, along the
Manny farm, about as near and as
good a road they can travel there.
I C ane oT .HTH. EH Donaldson.
There are many reports, stories per
haps, concerning tbe death of this
young woman who was found bang
ing by the neck and dead, 6n the 3rd
of this month, near Hilliards mill, this
county. One of the most remarkable
reports is that ber life was insured.
This, we understand, is an actual fact.
Taken in consideration with the facts
that she was the daughter of very
poor parents, was herself poor, and
ber alleged husband and all the circle
of friends in which she and he lived
and moved, being also in quite limited
worldly circumstances, the fact of ber
life being insured is a very significant
one to say tbe least. Tbe case will
come before tbe Grand Jury at coming
Sept. term and wo presume will be duly
The following account we take from
the Mercer Rc/yublican of 10th inst:
The citizens of Jlilliard, Butler coun
ty, on the S. & A. road, were agitated
during the latter part of last week over
what was supposed to be a suicide.
Thursday afternoon some little girls
out picking blackberries near that
place, discovered the lifeless body of
Mrs. Eli Donaldson, the wife of a
miner of that place. She was only
twenty-one years of age. Her body
was found hanging from a rail resting
on two young trees. An iuquest was
held, at which it was developed that
the unfortunate woman had last been
seen at one o'clock on the previous
afternoon, though her long absence
did not seem to cause any uneaisiness.
She had been married ooly about six
weeks, a fact which her husband did
not want published. So much uajstery
was attached to the case that her hus
band was arrested early Friday morn
ing on suspicion that he knew more
than he had told about his wife's sud
den death. When found she was very
black in the face, her tongue protrud
ing from her mouth, and the noose of
the rope very loose, indicating that she
had died of strangulation. Her shoes
stood at the base of the tree, her corset
lying near by. Her dress was adjust
ed, however, showing that the deed
was done deliberately. In order to
get her head into the noose it was
necessary for her to climb one of the
fees, walk out on the rail to where
the rope was attached, and there ad
just it to her neck. There arc neigh
bors, again, who say that they saw
the woman as late as 5 o'clock oil the
previous evening, while the husband's
testimony was that she disappeared at
1 o'clock.
The goneral impression in that
neighborhood is that some person as
sisted in the hanging. The rail was
adjusted in the limbs of the two trees
at a distance of about ten feet from the
ground. The rope was a bed cord,
twisted three double, and securely
knotted in a manner that indicated a
practiced hand. At the throat there
was an ordinary slip knot which tight
ened when a weight is suspended.
The drop was four or five feet.
Geo. W. Shaffer, Agent office
with K. Marshall Esq., Brady Block,
Butler Pa. mayl7-tf
Farmer* Look Ilcrc,
The undersigned is now taking or
ders for fruit trees for fall planting
He represents one of the most reliable
nurseries in Rochester, N. Y. Please
send your orders in immediately,
Farmer* I Look to Your Inter-
The best is always the cheapest.
Buy the Fanner's Favorite Grain
Drill. The only drill that has double
distribution, double reversible steel
points and solid steel axle. It has
force feed grass seeder, either behind
or in front, is adapted to plant any
variety of seed from the finest to the
coarsest, from flax seed to corn and
pumpkin seed. On hand all the time
,and sold by VVm. Crookshanks, Sar-
Butler county, Pa. jl.pj
"Plain Facts for Old and Young"
( by J. 11. Kellogg, M. D., Published
by I. F. Segner, Burlington, lowa.
W. J. Work, general airent for Penn
, sylvania and Uhio. Good canvassers
j can secure an agency by calling ou
| Mr. Work at the Wick House, Butler,
"Plain Facts" is having a large
sale and is higly recommended whore
introduced as the following testimoni
als indicate :
The author has gone quite thoroughly o
the j>eculiar facts treated, anil has handled
them with singular tr.ct and delicacy, yet with j
power. The entire volume may be read with j
safety. Scarcely a line in it that has not i s i
mission of instruction aad healing. We shall
be glad to know that it will reach
its hundreth edition before the next century
comes in. The publishers have done remarka
bly good work with it, in all respects.
It contains a great deal of information
which should be made general instead of being
forbidden or kept in the background, and we
can commend it to parents for their own
guidance and instruction as well as for the
teaching of their children.
"Plain Facts" is a book that every mother
and father should possess, full as it is of sound
and wholesome advice and information that
cannot be had in any other form. The author
stands high in his profession.
The book has been prepared and published
in the interest of virtue, and is well calculated
to promote this end. Although dealing with
delicate subjects, its style is pure, and its
teachings are strictly moral.
I have carefully examined "Plain Facts'
and heartily commend it to all, as dealing
faithfully with very delicate subjects. May
the time come when ministers, parents and
teachers as well as physicians, will warn
against foolish and hurtful lusts which destroy
the soul as well as the body. "Plain Facts"
ought to be introduced into every family.
"Plain Facts'' appears to me to be a work of
great value, presenting an exceedingly im
portant subject in a forcible manner and from a
high moral standpoint.
GREENVILLE, PA., March 24, 1882.
I can recommend "Plain Facts" to thought
ful parents.
I believe that "Plain Facts," by Dr. Kellogg,
would be a useful book jn the hands of judi
cious pareats.
Such a work as this needs to be pondered
over by every parent.
KITTANNING, PA., July 28, 1882.
I have carefully examined "Plain Facts"
and do conscientiously recommend it as in
my judgement worthy of a place in every
family. It is the most thorough work of the
kind I have seen.
—Ladies' Linen Dusters, all sizes,
qualities and prices, at
Hemorrhoid*. fr'lHMiire, Ulcer
anil FlHiule Cured.
Dr. S. 11. Matheson can accomplish
a cure of Tiles, or your money will be
refunded. With his scientific remedies,
astonishing those who have been suf
fering for years He can give refer
ences of males and females at Pontiac,
Michigan, and adjoining places. Fe
males who had been for years invalids
have been restored permanently to
health and comfort. Willard House,
Butler, Pa. See circulars.
FaruicTM Look to Yourlnterenl.
By using Bradley's Sea Fowl Peru
vian Guano and also Bradley's Alka
line Dissolved Bone, you will increase
your crops from 75 to 100 per cent. It
can be had at all times at Sarver's Sta
tion, aud also at the Leonard Wise, in
Butler. Send in your orders early.
Agent for Butler Co.
Sarver's Station, Butler Branch R. R.
june2l 2m.
BY virtue of sundry writs of Scl. Fa., Fi. Fa.,
AL. Fi. Fa., AL. Lev. Fa., Levin Fzciaa and Ven
ditioni Exponas, issued ontof the Couit of Com
mon Pieas of Butler county, and to me directed,
there will be exposed to public sale, at the
Court Bouse, in the borough of Butler, on
Monday, the 4th day of September,
A. D., 1882, at one o'clock, p, m., the following
described properly, to-wit:
K 1), No 19 and 4(1, Sept T, 1882. It P Scott.
A T Black, att'ys.
AII the right, title, interest and claim of P.
F. Porterfield of, in aud to nintv acres of land,
more or less, situate in Allegheny township,
Butler county, Pa , bounded'as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at a jiost at the north-west corner,
thence by lands of Sloan, etal, north 89 degrees,
east 159 tierches to a white oak ; thence by
lands o«" Dr A W Crawford, south 1 degree
east 75 perches to a stone, thence degrees
east 18 perches to a post; thence by lands of
Elias Osinan, part or same tract of land, south
88J degrees west DiU 4-10 perches to a post;
thence oy lands of Dr A W Crawford, north 1
degree west 90 8-10 perches to a uost, the
place of beginning; about 45j acres cleared, a
two story frame house, frame barn and orchard
thereon. Seized and taken in execution as the
nrouerty of I* F Porterfield at the suit of Joseph
Weller, et al.
ED, No 69, Sept T, 1882. L Z Mitchell, att'y
All the right, title, interest and claim of Jane
Bentel, owner or reputed owner ami contractor,
of, ill aud to a certain piece or parcel of land
containing one-quarter of an acre, more or less,
situate iu the borough of Zelienople, Butler
county. Pa, bounded north by K laud,
east by Main street, S' uth by lands of E Ben
tel's estate and lands of E V Randolph, and on
the west by other lands of Jane Bentel being
lot No 217, together with a certain building
being none ana a one aud a halt story brick
dwelling house thereon. Seizor and taken in
execution as the property of Jane Bentel owuer
or reputed owner and contractor at the suit of
B F Covert.
ED No 77, Sept T, 1882. WII Luak, att'y.
All the title, interest t*n<l claim of 'A.
T. Wise, of in, and to .')(> by ]BO feet of land,
more or less, situated iu the village of Evuns
burg, Jack son twp. Butler county, Pa., bound
ed a* follow*, to wit: On the north by Widow
Cooper, east by an alley, south by Widow Gra
ham, west by Jefferson street: ft two story frame
dwelling house, frame stable and fruit tree*
thereon. Seized and taken in execution ax the
property of '/. T. Wise, at the suit of 8. N.
E 1), No ttS :ind 74, Sept. T, 188:4. .T H. Lyon
W. A. Forquer ally's.
All the iltjhl, title. Interest and claim of
James Murrin, of, 111 and to seventy acres of
laud, mora or less, rllunte In Venango twp,
lluller county, I'a , bounded as follow*, to wit :
un 'l|e north by Samuel ai.d D i*ld Kelly's
Uolrs, oast by Samuel Stalker, sou'.h by Julian
Simpson, west by Joseph and John Murrin,
about lltty acres cleared, underlaid with coal,
a two hioi v frame and log hou <e, frame stable,
coal house aud orchard thereon. Seized aud
taken In csecutlou as the property of James
Murrin, at the suit of Eli Vandcrlin, for use et
ED,No 8, Sept T, 1882. J C Vanderlin, atfy.
All the light, title, intorest and claim of Abram
Kelley of, in aud to twelve acres of land, more
or lens, situate in Urady twp, Jiutler county. Pa.
i bounded at follows, to-wit; On the north by J.
M Thompsou, east by J Newtou Thompaou.
south by J S*w>C'ix Thorn iw 11. west by Bntler
and Merger r ad: all cleire-1 a id fenced, a story
aud a naif boarJ or'jilaul; nutll stable,
bprirg bouse at d 01 char J thereon. Seized and
j taken in extci.t on as tbe property of Abram
Kelly at the suit of T II Ljon, for use.
ED, No 73, Sept T. 1882 K Marshall, atfy.
All tbe right, title, interest and claim of Ange
line Dobson and Soiomin Dotson. her husband,
of in ami to ton aeie* of land, more or lews, sit
uate in Adams twp . littler county. Pa., bound
e!us f. llotv<>, to-wit: I'u tbe north by H Bal
hurot. e.t-1 by Jas Kinca.J. et al, south by Tlios
Del ;-oii. «e.«t by Thos Dobeiu; all cleared and
( fo: ccd. io: hou.-u. log stable aud orchard there
on. !S«-:zed and ial.cn in execution as the prop
erty of Dobsou and Soloman Dobson
at the suit or S J Marj'.is'l, KxV of Ham'l Mar
jJ-.all, de;'d- '
E D So 43, 3 pt. T, If>B2 Lev McQuiston
All the title, interest and claim ol j
Nancy J JfcUauslin, of, in and to seventeen
acre.-; of 1 md, more or Ita', s in Conno
qu ne-.-ini: twp , Untier county, l*a , bounded
as fellows, to wit: On the noith by Fiudley
Eakin and Mrs McOuiness, ea-t by Andrew
Over, south by Andrew Oyer, west by Archie
St'.wart, about fire acres cleared, a one story
lraine house, log stable and orchard therecn.
Siezed and taken in execution as the properly
ol Nancy J MiC'uuslin, at the suit of O N
Bryson for use.
E I). No 79. Sept T. 1882. Newton Black, atfy
All the right, tittle, interest and claim of WitJ
Logue of, in and to 150 acres of land, more or
less, situate in Cherry twp . Butler county, Pa.,
bounded as follows, "to-wit : On the north by
John Oallaway's heirs, et al. east by James
Kenahan. et al, sooth bv Caleb Russell, B Hock
enberry et al, west by Richard Hamilton, form -
erlv part of same tract mostly cleared,-log house,
log barn, plauk house and orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of
Wm I.ogue at the suit of John Hall <fc Son.
ED, No 45, Sept T, 1882. A T Black, att'v.
All the right, title, interest aud claim of J W
Higgins of. in aud to one-half aero of land, more
or less, situate in Washington twp., Butler Co.,
Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit: On tbe north
by P 1' Hilliard, east by railroad, south by pub
lic road, west by P P Hilliard; it being a triangu
lar piece of ground, a ouo-atory frame or plank
building thereon. Seized and taken iu execu
tion as tbe property of J W Higgins at the suit
of P P Hilliard.
ED.No 81 Sept T, 1882. W H Lusk, att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Wm
Bell of, in and to thirty-two acres of land, more
or less, situate in Washington twp., Butler Co..
Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit: On the north
by Isaac Thompson heirs, east by Alex Bell,
south by 8 A Campbell, west bv Leonard Stew
art, all cleared, a one-story log and board house
and frame stable and orchard thereon. Seized
and taken in execution as the property of Wm
Bell at the suit of John T Cochran.
ED, No 9, Sept T, 1882. J G D Findley,
All the right, title, interest and claim of John
and James Pratt of, in and to all that certain
?iece of land, situate in Buffalo township, But
er county, Pa. bounded and described as fol
lows : On the south by lands of Robert M
Harbison, east by lands of Chan Osburn and on
the west and north, west by little Buffalo creek,
being of an irregular and rather triangular
shape; containing eighty acres, more or less,
no improvements. Seized and taken in exe
cution ns the property Jonn and James Pratt
at the suitof John Johnston, for use.
E D, No 10 Sept, T, 1882. S F Bowser, att'y.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
Michael Downey, of. in and to fifty acres of
lai.d, more or Use, situate lu Clearfield twp.,
Butler county Pa , bounded ns follows, to wii:
On the uorili by Johu Denny, east by Wm
DnugLcrty and T Morrow, South by Widow
Downey, west by Patrick Denny, mostly
cleared, log house, log barn ond some fruit
trees thereon. Seized and taken into execu
tion as the property of Michael Downey, at the
suit Daniel McMillan.
ED, No 70, Sept. T. 1882. W. A. Forquer,
• All the right, title, interest and claim of JWm
Brandon, of, in and to fifty acres of land, more,
or less, situated in Venango twp. Butler county,
Pa., and bounded as follows, to wit: On the
north by Widow Fleming, east by John Ray,
south by Michael Conway, west by Robert Van
derlin; about 40 acres cleared, log house, log
barn, orchard and coal hank thereon. Seized
and taken in execution as the property of Win.
Brandon at the suit of Hoffman & Jackson.
E I), No 66, Sept. T. 1882. E I), No 65, Sept.
T. 1882. ED, No 5!), Sept. T. 1882.
Williams & Mitchell, att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
George M. Fulkinan, of, in and to six acres
and 71 perches of land, more or less, situated
in Slipj>eryrook twp., Butler county, Pa.,
bounded as follows, to wit: begining at a post
at the coal bank thereon, runniug by the lands
ofG. W. Coulter's heirs and Joseph Bestlsr,
west 26 6-10 perches to a post, thence by lands
of Hays' and Cowen south 32 perches to a post,
thence by lands of John Elder 33 2-10 perches
to a poet, thence by same land north 27 perches
to a post, thence west 50 perches to a post,
thence north 5 perches to the place of begin
ing. All e'eared and fenced,also th" right ofway
to a certain road leading from the Butler and
Mercer turnpike road to coal bank on said
peice of land, said road to l>e kept open for
public travel. Seized and taken in execution
as the property of George M. Fulkman. at the
suit of R. H. Gold, J. E. Christy and Epbram
ED No 38, Bept., T, 188' J. Jos. V.iuderlin
All the tight, title, interest and claim ol
J W McCandlcss, of, lu and to one half acre
of land, more or leas, situate in the village of
Karmington Venango twp., Butler county.
Pa., bounded as follows, to wit : On
the north by Klias (Taylor, e:t3t by an
alley, south by public road, west by Geo. Dix
aon, a story and half frame house, large frame
blacksmith shop, outbuildings and fruit trews
thereon. Seized ami taken iu execution a*
the property of J W McCandless, at the iuit of
John Blair.
An Intelligent and honest man who thor
oughly understands the manufacture of Black
from natural Gas. Address with particulars aa
t > former expeiience, references. Ac. Capitalists,
angle,2m P. O. Box, 672 NEW YORK.
. Tha aURKST CURB for •
DosssUums bsok or disordered nrlns tadi- *
® c*te that you avtotfmf THIN DO KOT '
C ILEBITAT*; us* Kidney-Wort at onoa, (drug- E
® risu reoommand it) and It will spesdiljr over- k
n ooms the disease and restore healthy action, s
• I nrllae For complaints peculiar »
g LaUICDi to your se*. such ae pain J
and wwkniaii, Kidney-Wort Is unsurpassed. »
2 se It will set promptly and safely. •
Either Bei. Incontinenoe, retention of urine, c
" brlc 1 ; dust or ropy depoeite, and dull dra<slns c
O paine, all speedily yield to Ite curative power. H
* U- BOLD BT ALL DItUOOIBTB. Prloe 11. *
lieuieuiber TIIIH.
If you are sick Hop Bitters will
surely uid Nature in making you well
wh«»n all else fails.
If you arc costive or dyspeptic, or
are suffering from any other of tbe
numerous diseases of tho stomach or
bowels, it is your own fault if you re
main ill. for Hop Bitters are a sover
eign remedy in all such complaints.
It you are wasting away with any
form of Kidney disease, stop tempting
Death this moment, and turn for a cure
to Hop Bitters,
If you are »ick with that terrible
sickness Nervoasness, you will find a
"Balm in Uilcad" iu the use of Hop
If you are a frequenter, or a resident
of a miasmatic district, barricade your
system against the scourge of all coun
tries—malarial, epidemic, bilious, and
intermittent fevera by the use of Hop
If you have pimply, or sal
low skin, bad breath, pains and aches,
and feel miserable generally, Hop Bit
ters will give you fair skin, rich blood,
and sweetest breath, health aud com
In short they cure all Diseases of
stomach, Bowels, Blood, Liver, Nerves,
Kidneys, Bright's Disease. SSOO will
be paid for a case they will not cure or
That poor, l»edridden, invalid wife,
sister, mother, or daughter, can lie
made the picture of health, by a few
bottles of Hop Bitters, costing but a
trille. Will you let them suffer?
# \ 198 LIBERTY ST. ■
t ia, 1882.
• | OF §
| |
$ Gents' Furnishing Goods J
§ In this Department I offer a Ne»v Siojk, nt IMMENSE BARGAINS. i'I.EASE EX- j*
££ AMINE them an»l you will save money.
rIVrn —
Frogg, Esq., at your service, advertising
igent for the best Jewelry Louse in this
that a full line of WATCHES, CLOCKS, EgMB&^B
WA RE,is now being offered at astonishing- k
JEWELRY, fit., I
Note What an old and Reliable House can do Regarding Prices.
Round Nickel Clocks at $ 1 00 A Good Striking Clock, walnut case S 00 Nickel Watch at 300
" " " with alarms 160 " " " " " 8 day i 6o Nickel Watch, Stem Winder................. 4 00
.VGood Striking Clock 200 2 Ox. Silver Case, with Amer'n movement 10 01 " " " closed in the back 4 50
Ladies Gold Watches at sl2 75
All kinds of Sewing Machine Needles at 35 cents per dozen, and No. 1 Sperm Cilat 10 cents per bottle. ffFf
The only place in Butler where you can find a full and complete stock of KNIVES, FORKS, SPOONS, Ac
1847.—Rogers Bros.—A I.—none genuine unless stamped ("1847. —Rogers Bros.—A 1.") I also carry a full line of
Eye Glasses and Spectacles, suitable for all eyes and mounted in the most elegant and substantial manner, and am of
fering very superior goods at the most reasonable rates. Repairing of Watches and Clocks receives our verv strict at
tention, and is done promptly and warranted. E. UKIKB, Main Street, Butler, Pa.
And SHver-Plated Ware,
at the lowest cash prices at D. L. CLF.E
LANDS, one square South of Court House.
J&"Wutches, (/'locks, Jewelry and Spec_
tacles carefully repaired to order and satisfac.
tion guaranteed.
Webb's Eclectric Medicine.
Is a positive and effectual remedy for all Ner
vous Diseases HI every stage of life young or old,
male or female. Such as Tmpotencv, Prostration,
loss nf Strength, loss of Vitality, Defective Memo
ry, Impaired Hraln Power, and diseases from
which an unnatural waste of life springs, all of
which cannot fail to undermine the whole svslein.
Kvcrv organ is weakened, every power prostrated,
and many forms of disease are generated which,
if not checked, pave the way to an early death. It
reiuvlnates age and rcinvlgorntes youth.
Kadi package contains MUftlclcnt for two weeks
treatment. Write for pamphlet, which will be
sent free, with full particulars.
Hold by all Druggists at .'W cents a puckape.or
twelve packages for »5.00. Will be sent free by
mail on receipt of acldressluK
A cure BtifTnio, N. Y.
Hold bv I>. H. Wuller. Butler. Pa. Jau3 :ty
"-The flenulne Dyftpepnla
Cure and E.iver and Kid
ney Regulator."
Twenty-five years trial of an article is a
strong assurance of its efficiency. AIM*»SX*
lias been used with the most satisfactory results
for twenty odd voars. and ban gained a woudsr
fill reputation for the rare Curative Powers it
This Ueiuedy ia a purely Vegetable Compound
and was years ago prepared by Prof. Du Lac.
of Geneva, Switzerland, and used by him and
other prominent physicians in their private
nractico with ORKAT fluccmsa.
Thousands have l>eeu cured of Dy*i*iwia,
Liver and Kidney Diseases, Impoverished or
Diseased Blood, weoknesa of the Hack, and
General Debility of the Stomach. Price 30 and
75 cents i*>r bottle. For s*lo by all Druggists.
Woodbury, N. J.
BUTTOCK A CUENBMAW, 528 Arch Street.
Philadelphia, Pa.
WOODWARD, FAX"*. A CO., Kansas City.
Wo"l>lU'ltv. Dec. fi, lssf.
D K AH Sin : I have used your AHOMANNA, and
found it to be very beneficial. II Is an excellent
W 11,1.1 AM M 11.1.1(1 AN,
Supl, of Public Instruction of Gloucester Co, N. J.
I'Al'Lsnoit". N. J . July 10. last.
IIKAit Si k : I have used your AKOJIANNA In
in \ futility for van. with treat success for debility
of the .Stomach, such as biliousness, ('ootlteuesa.
yjick Headache, etc., and found It au excellent
remedy. .
JOHN DKNSTK.N. l-armer.
Near l'aulsboro, N. J.
A TKt'K m.NKirssloN.
I suffered for yean with Indigestion, and lately
had a feeling as of some hard substance In my
stomach- I could not eat. sleep or worn. I was
under the can- of a regular physician for three
months without relief. I then employed two
iihyslciitlis 111 Philadelphia. To the one I iiiil.l
IIS for advice and medicine . to the other I paid at
different tunes the amount of (fw» without any
bcnctU whatever.
Some friend recommended AKOMAXXA I
tried It. and after taking two hollies. I was (treat
ly re'icved.the pain In my stomach ceased, my
npiH'tlte and sleep came back and I could work
This was ii year aito l*st tvtoher. Since lhat time
I am takliiK every week a tablespoonful of the
AIOMA.NNA. f am hardy and healthy and as
strong as ever Mv wife and dauifhter. who
were suffer)mt with Dys|>epsla, used the same
medicine, and were entirely cured.
I have made this statement for the benefit <»f
many sufferers. I am living on Mr Wm. Knlitht's
farm near Woodbury, where I can lie found at
i any time. _ _ _
PKTKK C. Woott.
Woodbury, I>ec. t. issi. jane?,ty „
tCC» week 111 your own town Terms and U
900 u utflt free. Address II IIAI.I rn A Co.
Port land. Maine. marAM
Advertise in tbo CITIZEN.
Foo Choo's Balsam of Shark's Oil
Positively IlrttiireM the Hearing, auj it the unJy
Absolute Cure far Dea/nett Knoten.
This Oil is abstracted from peculiar specie of
small WHITE SHAKK, catiicbt In the Yellow sea,
known as Carcbarodou Koudek th. Every Chi
nese fisherman knows It. Iu virtues aa a re
storative of hearing were diacovered by a Budd
hist Priest about the year 1410. Its cures were
so numerous and tnsny so seemingly mlracu
lous, tbat the remedy was officially proclaimed
over the entire Empire Its u*e became so uni
versal that for over MOO ) ears no deafneaa has
exlslted nmoug the Chinese people. Sent,
charges prepaid, to any address at #I.OO per
Hear What The Deaf Say!
It has performed a miracle in my case.
1 have no uuearlhly noUes In my head and
hear much better.
I have l>een greatly benefited.
My deafness bel(s-cl a great deal - think
another bottle will cure me.
"Its virtues are unquestionable and its cura
tive character absolute, as the writer can |»cr
sonally testify, both Iron) experience and obser
vation. Write at once to Haylock A Jeuucy,
'I Dcy Street, New York, enclosing #I.OO and
you will receive by return a remedy that will
enable you to hear like anyliody else, and whose
curative effects will be permanent. You will
never regret so."—EDITOR or MEKCAK*
fSftTTo avoid loss in the Mails, please send
money by Registered letter.
Only Imported by HAYLOCK fc JENNEY,
(Late HATLOCK A Co.)
SOI.K AOENTS roi AMIHIC.V. 7 Dey St., N. Y.
" Notice is hereby given, that the following
road reports have been confirmed ni it by the
Court and will be presented on the first Wed
nesday of Hept. term, being the tith day of the
month, A. D., ISS'2. If no exceptions are filed
they will lie confirmed absolutely :
No. 1, March term, petition of eitiiens
of Franklin townsphip to vacate road leading
from State road at or near Jesse Duller*, through
the A. White farm now owned by J. Wolford.
No. 'I, March term, 1882; Petition of citizens
of Concord township for road beginning at a
point on the Oakland and North Washington
road at or near Modoc, to a point at or near
John D. Kamerer's farm ou the road leading
from Butler to North Washington.
No. 3, March term, I*M , .J; Petition of citizens
of lirady township for vacation of part of a road
lying between Prospect and West l.iberty.
No. 4, March term, IMS'.'; Petition of citizens
of Centre township to vacate, change and sup
ply a part of road leading from a point on the
Butler and Mercer turnpike near the lands of
Daniel Shanor to a point on the Greece City
and Butler road near tiie Shod House.
No. 5, March term, I HS2; Petition of citizens
of Venango township for a road to lead from
the village of Farmington to a point on the
Mnple Furnace road.
No. 7, March term, IKHIi; Petition of citizens
of Cherry and Clay townships for ar»ad to lead
from, at or near Coalville in Cherry township
to a point at or near John McCandless, in Clay
No. N, March term, 1*82; Petition of citizens
of Jackson township for a road to lead from the
ra>t end of Allen's bridge over Conn<s|uciiesH
iug creek to a point on the public road leading
Irotn Zelienople to Beaver.
No.!*, March terui, ISM'.'; Petition of citizens
of Butler township to vacate, change and su|•
ply a |>artof road known as Thorn I 'reek road
No. 4, Dec. term, IXH1; Petition of citizens of
Marion township for a public road to lead front
the crossing of the S. A V. R. It. on farm of W.
G. Smith to a |M>int on the Krankliu and Butler
No. H, Sept. term, l»*l; Petition of citizens sf
Fairview and iNinegsl township* for road to
lead from Barnhart's heirs and McCoemac
farms to C. Warner and L. Frederick'* farm*
Bi ri.Ktt Cm jirv. STAT* <>► PK>V », SS
Certified from the Record thi* 7th <tay nf
August, I**2.
W. B. Ix>DIW, C lerk U- S.
Ang. IU, isfll. St.
The following appraisements of personal
property set apart for the lienefit of wxiows of
deceaseds have lieen filed in the ofllce of the
clerk of the Orphans' Court of Butler Co., via
Widow of David Kelly, dee'd H5
" Philip Melon, dee'd H») no
" " Adain Albert, ilee'd. ... '•'*> i«•
" l.ewis Anderson, dee'd '■»*> 110
" It. B. Alexander, dee'd .USI «t>
" Wm. Cash'hdlar, dee M........ .H*> IA
" John Redic, dee'd tttt 5A
" Friend Buxton, daa'd .. 25.1 00
The alstve will lie presented on Wednesday,
Sept Ith, ls/I'i, for confirmation and no excep
tions being filed they will he ronfirmnd abso
lutely by the Court. W. B DODHK,
Clerk O. C.
Register's Notice.
Tlie Register licreliv give* notkt ihtl the fof
lowing account* of Executor*. Admuuetratora
and Guardian* have lx>en filed in hi* office >e _
coriing to law and will be prwmiwl to Court
for confirmation anil allowance on \Vt«himdar,
the fitli day of September, A. D., Zwrj, at"j
o'clock, r. ii.. of itaitl day:
I. The final aeeountof William Mtoope and
Stephen Ktoope, Eiccutoia of Ptulip Stoop*,
late of Cooosrd twp , d*e\l.
3. Firet and final account of Joeeph Hart
mau, Adminietratcr of Wm. J. CarapU-il late of
Milluretown boro , ilec'd.
3. The final account of A- W Ellaul-tixer.
Administrator cf Mary A. Hahn, late of Pair -
view twp.. deed.
4. Final account of Kaziili J. McCandleaa.
one of the Executor* of I>r Joeiali McCutilcw,
late of Center twp. dee d.
5. Fin%l account of J. X. Latghner. Execo
tor of Henry Pillow. Dec'd.. late of Butler boro.
8. Final and dietribntion account of Daniel
Hlianor, «nnriTing Executor of Jacob Shanor,
late of Center twp., dec'd.
7. The eocon.l and final account of Simon
Fllent>er,*. r and William Ellen I-r.'W. Executufa
of Join. Ellen berger. late of Pairnew »wt...
H. The final account of Prederiuk By era. Ex
ecutor of Benjamin Sloan, late of Venango twp.
9. Tin final account of Mr* S. A. M.ikiwen.
Admiuietrator of Jaraee Mcthiwen, late at
Franklin twp., dee d.
10. Final account of Darul K Prazier
Guardian of Catharine Heyle a minor child of
Martha Heylo. dec'd.
11. Final account of Gaocge Baa in. Guardian
•f the route of Ed Haine. a minor child of Anna
Haine, late of Jackaun twp.. dec'd.
l'J. Pinal acconnt of A. M Hut.-hieon C.iiar -
dian of Annie Walker, formerly Annie Hutch
ieon (now of full aire) daughter of Wm. Hutch
won, late of Oakland twp., Butler Co.. Pa.,
I*. The final account of John Xyera and
Henry Pillow,"(itia'dian* of Jamee Itoeebangh,
non of Jacob Koeebaugb, dec'd.
14. The final account of Hareev Oeborn. Ad
miiiietrator of Dr. H. C. McCleilaad, late of
Midnleeex twp . ae truetee for the eala of real
15. The final account of Anetin 8. Howarth.
Ad unmet r a tor of John Howarth. .ate of Win
field twp- dec'd.
16. rhe final account of Conrad Myam. Ad
miiiietrator of Sam tie! Myer*, late of Laiuavsr
twp , dec'd.
17 Firet and partial account of Mr*. Ada
line Wallace and Jamee Wallace, Admuuetratora
of the eetate of Vraneia Wallace ik'i C. T. A.
18. Second partial account of the mtmt* a#
Dr. Joetali M.-Candleee, late of Centre twp.' bf
N. P. M.-Candleee, one of the Executors of tl.a
laet will of Kaitl dec d.
19. Tlie final aud dietn button acconnt of J.
W. Kirker, Admmietrator of William Kirker.
late of CouiM»|ueneueeing twp ,<iec'd.
JO. The final account of Wiu. Humphr~r.
Eaq. AduiimeCrator of Jacob Pat tenon, late of
Muddyrreek twp . dec'd.
21. Ibe eupp'ementel account of Elmar Mil
liiMHi, Admiuietrator of Coluaitxie Miiheoti. ata
of Muddyrreek twp-, deed.
33. The firet and final acconnt of Jamaa
Tlu>aipeon, Guardian of tba penou and aetata
of John W. Logun of Cherry twp , Butler Co..
33. Pinal account of Martha Mathew*. t inur
dian of Elizabeth Mathews, now over age.)
24. The second and final account of Hugfc
Mnmn awl Wm. Mumn. Eiecut.we of Jatm
Murnn. lata of Venango twp.. <lac'<|.
25. Account of Henry tinner. MminMratu*
of Mary tinner, late of Clinton twp . dec't
3S. Dietnbottoa account of Benedict Km*,
Executor of the laet will ami teetament of Wen
del Ott, dec'd., late of the bar. of Barter
27. The lint and final arrount .if Robert C.
Wilemi. Almuuetralar of Mary Joi.ee. lata of
Butler Ob., >lec'd
3S. Final aaenunt of .Samuel Manhail %• ml
by hie Executor. 8 J Maraftail ae Executor of
Wm (loehing late of Crauharv twp Ik 4
39. Pinal account of Jofeo 1.. PorUran Vka'r.
of Eli/atM»th Hoemiberry, late .1 Venango twp
30 Final am ount of John L C-uHwaa Kaaa
tilor of Huean Parker, late .if Men-er twp..
31 Pint ami final account »f John Park and
ane Buxton executor* of Pr a wlßaitoo Me <tt
Muldleeex twp.. <l*c'<t.
R.W CHKI.<riE. Keyteter
The 6«th year ltep« lit A I ht.. ital
new buiklinffe and aMny aapeiTeaa ra. t'afe
inete and Library *• I>ial the beet. • 'rn'li ma
and l a hee. Penr (nllege rti—eee. P—> *ra
tory echool. Military D«*artmen> Eipanaaa
leee tli an any other College at e>taal *r*la.
D<m't fail to to send to (lea. W H*>k>na. Se.
for catalogue. Ao« 9m.
Union Woolen >llll,
H m.MIKTOI. Prap'r.
VI innf ii-turrr of lu<lii«, Ptaa»«tjt, T «am,
Ac. AI»o <-n*u>Bi work done to or4er, aaefe aa
rardlag Koll*. ntekiag Btaakeu, Ptaaaele, Kato-
Ung and Weaving Taraa, Ac , at eery Um
prv.ee Wool worhad aa Um aharsa, It
•I'rf- mt? 1»
fn •'■*» »* hiaac %uw»h»« w>etk
" ••Wfri frve A*lrrw kt'u,,
Purtlaad. Matae.