The Wyoming Democrat. (Tunkhannock [Pa.]) 1849-1854, March 25, 1851, Image 4

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.00i11 . .ek bf .):Iffirket and fra"ii4l4fdtedi
b:,:rre l yan
• •--- retillk ) ' •
ru HIS large and . commodious house
111 (lately occupied' br-Capt. J. P.:
Dennis,) has been thoroughly repiired
and put in the best of, order throughout;
rendering it one of the most convenient
public Housed in Northerti,PennsylvatiL
ia. There has also been erected on the
pretniies extensive new stables , and sheds.
The bar is furnished with the most choice
liquors, and the table with all the varic 4 .
ties of the season. The proprietor hopes
by furnishing his house with everythitis
necessary to promote ease and comfort;
to reude - r the 44 Eagle" a home for strati
gers. and travellers and to receive a full
share of their patronage.
Irr Horses and carriages at al
and low terms.
To BUY where you can get L'h
Goods for the Least .hone,
This can be done at the
• : People's Store,
OTIH E Subscriber respectfUlty . anti
to the Public in general tnat
opened a-new stele on Turnpike et
few _doors, below' Bogart 's tore. u t
has just received from Philadelphia.
and 3 w..ll selected- assortment- of
Dry Gootis,Groceries,Hardware,Queen's .
, Ware, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Li- •
quors, Dye Stuffs, .
4.c., Sc.,
which he Will sell at very reduced prices,
for ready pay.
-Ail Kinds of Country Pmduce and Bom
ber ken in combriorro for Go-Av.
- • - SARGENT KELLY, 20.
- Tunkhannock, Nov. 'l9, 1850.
OF ~ ,
Great Indacenieats
.185 -
TnEpublishers of Swain's magazine
'announce that they have compli ted
such arrangements for The fottncoming
volume as shall make it decidedly superior
to all former-issues
The E fitorial Depattirnent will e ,ntinue
*ender the control of •
PROF. JOHN S. HART, of Phila., •
MRS. C. M. KIRKLAND, of N. N.,
who. hestaea 'the coustani rontramlio ns
from their own pens, wit continue to,se
corelor it that finrivalled array of writets
which has given this Magazine such sitin;
riority over all itsq eomppti , ers.
'The prolirietora are now reavino an .-
reirittetnent which. wt•eo c•dripleted. trill
secure for ittPir work a series nt artielei or
stihieets, and of a style and cherieterer.
lively different from the u , nal tun
prodaction'L Thee wiiirecommend toe r
selves to the readtog poiliio for tt ) pi, b r d.
Ilare'v Qtvle. as well as fur propripti e'
the eithject chosen.
ia nn (19).4rttnent of the Ylegazint
wilt. there be such InafLed improverneza
as in
The Embellislazents for 1851.
In (hi.; r es p e .. l hr prow irt .v• p..sN.F.P
pecu!iar mivAntat.ter. Mr John Narhito
Metzotidto Etigraver, tieing one of the inc.
privtot-, etvrit'thv Eittsi ftuihr of hie ow•
1011, evert; inon , h io M 12azio. ,' . h. -
sides vapertn - ending and directing the r•ti
embellishnienht. To 'early into effe.4
more ful4 their views on this point.'.lne
proprietors have doting. the last spasm'
sent Mr. ~roue' Sarmio. son of the tr.i
mer;and himself distitimo,,h, , ,{ as nn
on a special toisAon t E trope, to neu.e
for the Magazine some of the choicest sr
tintiedl Went in London arid on the cat
.; I'he Pictorial ProhelliAmente now,pre•
paring rotSartath'eNlanazine are of a char•
slier at (wee strikingly heauttful and non
el. In addittos to the rich and careilntly
f!n ta v - Mezzobnio steel (Brew n 1 M
John Sat./ail;, there •till he en intere.4ing
beriee'nf subieete illpstretincr the
Life of Man 'and of the Year,
combined in the woe pictures. The Mag.
wile - will also be enriched by a number of
Illustrated Print., which will add greatly ,
to the splendor of the work.
In Line and Stipple engraving the
Qin talent has been secured. Po a4sur;-
the 'patrons of the Mairazitte of the perfect.
lion that may be expected in this departl•
ltrienr; we need only stale that the celobriL
lad E.Triver, FIN DEN, has engaged -to
exibute it number of superb ennravinibt oir
steel; expressly for this work, in a style of
unsurpassed beauty.
Begities the flregoind eplendid aeries
of illustrations. we have prepared for the
year 1850 a series of illustrated articles to
,eca 8
Muer-in the Life and Teuehiri ,, 's of our
"T s
togravings arc not mere fanciful
pterini - taken from any quarter and eAlled
tarter • tpitiral name:, hut am pr.llp4red
with elt• t historicil fidelity from a ce.reful
Attfdy 1 thq recent explanations of Pates.
title, as well as the more ancient tradtii,ms
int:regartito Me, Holy Land. The pp o r a .
a itigs are to bei accompanied with approp
prhite explanations and ennintenm by t h e
4t,f!v - John Todd. U. D., and , trlional Oil) :•!.
4 rative Poems - b y c l ergymen and othera cl
different religious 6nontinatione. ': ,
Single euhneriptionab, 41 0
itfv f i 10 00
Ten'T.Op:es. 20,00; and
en extra copy to. the person Feuding
Addrea4 - i ,
• .c - Lor
• H
A. G , edi itarktlii . 4 , 4 isi l iciy,)i..l ! -(l)iotftn
ak;.of44ll•l l ,fatille , '; f0r . :406 214 . 44tP8p,
lan bR batusbr at anyestabliihment inth
:,ountry, -by. _ e. Z.
Dec 11,-1849,
plri i tite' 'II • tatittritE
'4 positivelk neve jcultng Remedy for
' - - .. t-. PI ; 4 . 4 9 , •
Whether Internal, .External, Blind. of
Bleedino— croful ; 'White Swellings,
ITliset's and . I.7lcerat d Sore Throat, Can
• .
ker ,
Scre Mouth, tlamatisin, Cutane
ous Diseases, • \ .
afercurial- . eitions, 4-e.
klsr• for scal.te, hunt crit•., s i tralt 9,bruirt.
e.,&.. V% e leel jit tified in proelatromg
the filet to the wt that of all ineditinte,
ever brought before the nubile, NI t to F.
have ever been mar becifirial to alittit.e
humanity 'than • 4 yer ' . Liquid Cure."
Vk e know that this a saying Winncools
great dri ; ,
i )
hut if we wt re to to voles, we coo.
not say ion much in raise of 11. t• !main -
restoring, Ille-preseriving Remedy. Hu. -
dreds, nay thmisen s, bless the hiepo
hour when first they were a.:qu.tint..
-II with its tratiscenent virtue.; and our
otesent purpose is IS inform ether thou
sand, h-vr and W ere they atay obtain
rr,m . retitAl. which :11E4 perhaps eve lake
sought Itir in vatn. 1
I he sup.rior escei
lion over all oultor mi
dy and perm-nenr cn:
known to ell silo ha
heen proved in rboti-ai
has NlsVt:tl tAll I
and we are confidenl
FAIL if used a pros
cording to directitros
entire confidence in ii
all pu - chasers that I
tkpto)te ineflectual, LI
wits be returned. L
The " Liquid Cure
edy for Kingworms, I
bees Itch. Frosted .
salt Rheum. Mu/
poisonous insects, &
digea•es of (-very dealt
it is both sale nntl ;l
, , • RHEU
giving immediate an
No preparation n 4
rrsira surpass tit- elm
Cure fur wards. borne
. F, swelling., &c.
118 efr.ets as a
Real Pain Sill
'-'very Minh) itt l toe
hemseivrs with ihi
non, the ; cheapness
WI. hi the reach at al
Full direct' •ns arcr
Pntophleis, rowan
cater (vim itopte who{
quit; Cult," may oe
atithnriz d agents.
"" Myers' I.icrttl 'rim" is prepared nisi
-I IE •0 : & l's'..
21 spruce-sr. Nl..w York.
For Sale at the- F ast Offiee in I unit
nmnork, by C. K. 1..% 1141V-IP, general
A 4..1 for Wyoming 117nlinti.
1 times
ha has
rept. 24
ere ha
a full
MA mittoTH
Tankhanaoek, Wyoming Co., Pa.
sways &BIATER,
[J wick
AYE just returno from the city wi
the a nest
l am gtork of
e brni.2l4 into this! seetto ni coontry
of which will he siltl at the very low•
est prices for eneh or prod Moe.
Their articles are Iwril made end ttir
work t.-warrmted.
A I kinds of ciothitig made to order on
.aiorr rvoicr•
• The puhi , c are invt dto call and • T .",.
• their aas.Olown-.Vet; 1850.
reat and Choice Bargains,
N Boots and Shoes, of Men's, Boys,
I Woman's, Childre 's and Etabie's wear
t all kaids euu t' I.
.1L 0,
PPie-nOid Int of Metre Rubber; are now
in b' h-id, hich for stylic, durßhalit‘
!airr ., can't be beat.', all and examine
it the 1
James Fr E gerald,
Next door& Winch - ter's Law,in
• Stark's brick b pck, up stairs;
Itlv.NeE:U f rine hi% Iripndp•
am' the public generally, that he Is
Prepared to do work of all desi•riptions in
ttie lute in -the most approtted at.d 'west
-Vie and fashion. 141 e lono
in the is a .st ffi • Pot eu•trraelee
the public that Al IL w.-eg done at hi'
shorwill be done Iti the best man• en. A
2artni , -rite cut and made by him ate war=
rented to fit,
Unlike his compel
what ht, CAN do. and
do. He a sks a share
for himself end Falun
4 - 17 Orders for - wo l
ed apt promptly at ,
''llf7P in order.
N rich and eiegantae aeli as pioin and
ni eve , y - variety and kind, are now ['clog
'received al thp
Tele_gralih . Store ! !
Etnnu.ein g ii-od4 a large stock of We 1
Setrarti g O P 4 i •
('onFisting of a NO rialrlit of I, flirt
etiess I;ond0 fiPnts wen in full. Lunt ,
*rid square :114svls--tllnft+ and Vlrtoiiner.
i'lltornia :Hats: Pova and Met to i:ors
GioveriPi, tiardwa , r, t'rewiter‘, r"otz and
shoes, in whio I 'tiould.lootte
of area begains to e. I I and exa•nitin
To Bottiity Land- Claimants.
TH.E unde,rsigned, general ; agent for
.1 ohlaining BountriAnds, and
justment of all other claims connected
with Pensions, is, prepared with all the
necessary forms and will give partic,ular ,
attention to all cases that may be entrust
ed to -his care, and• will, if necessary,
and- the !business will pay the expense
and trouble, go to Washington and give
his personal attention tithe Subject.
'Thunkkanwock, Dee. 9,1960.
lence of 'hi, Herr; .
d.eltiri , for ,lie tirp.e
-6e oi r j.
ace tPstoii it It b
of inrrao , 3eB, and
D In c rrtlr
it NI. VEII 411,1
er len t! th of time a,-
A 9 a proof of MP
, alter a prc , pei.: , ia',
tflulley paid far I
J . ' is an effectual rein
, Pimples, li t-
I Liont)s. Chithlainf,
itt) fiate9, Stings
and for cutaneous
kffec.u4! for
pelm.n-nt relief
V hetn'e the puhtir
tlened of the
outs, %nettle, brut,—
are Tied.
laud anon d proved
• invalun9e Prepare.•
of which Wares
l i mpany each bedtln
enpies ot fief tib
-11. VP IPSIPd c Li
ad 4, gratis" - 01 Ott
Telegraph Store
tors, he only boasts
I'ot %hot he- Cell NOT
01 pitri•naap as much
aer fur " the public
k thankfully reedy.
em d to. Cultivp
10i1 1.0 c; .K'!`
Contains no Mercury or other Mineral.
VlOtst the • I:e n ning rao,„v
1 here 1.4 never, 'perhaps. a medirini
,t , rought before! di- (white, 1114 ttp in
.t 'thus. won- 6.ltelt a reputailigi ae
. 1- Mi-A t. 1.1 8 .1 K hiS 1.1 - 1 1 it; LI (VG
evers .llPrd.".ll that !ins made trial
sp.aks warmly in its prAlail • 0 •
~its be. n cured by it of the rrio-t miinfo
Rheumatism ; another ot the ;dies; a Miro
a tronhipt.onie pain in the elite; a tourti.
ut a sty. Mil in the linihs, etc. It It doer
not cite immediate relief in every rase. It
can never do u.jury. betrig applied o u r.
wavily. As another evidence of the woe.
dertul healing power possessed by this
3aivv, we subjoin the,tollowing ner i itinare,
fr ima respectable citizen of littsidencreelt
township, in this county.
Itrideocreek, Berke nil .Marrh3o.
0, leo ••••••1 11
desire to toform
volt that I vias entirely cured o" a severe
pain to the hack. hv .the use of
.11ealingiSalve, which I pu:chasit
riot+ you.' I suffered vi oh it ahimt iweiii3
v. are, and at night was wi.ble to sleep
furl. g that time I vied various remedies.
wtiwh were prescribed to me by pop-1-
, inns. and, other persons, wiihou r reeeivirip
any Tulip!, and at last made trial of 'hi,
-alve:with a result tavorable hevond ex
iieetation. lam nosy entirely free iron!
the pain. and enjoy at roghi a swe e i ant
peaeeful slglip. I have also used the Salv.
-time, for other complaiiitv. with simile.
•appy result-. Your tri,nd.
For Tumors, Ulcers, and all kinds ni
.re-, it has no equal.
13 Llt Ns—lt is one of the heat thi ga in
.he world for Bur is. (See dtreetiuns In
PILE .—'Thousands are yearly. cur
s got: Ointment. It NEVER falls In gimp
-rile( tor thr
round the box are directinee fn
, •ing Ale *tee Otnnernt to Seroful-,
Er%sipelae. 'hilhlain, Scald Hear-
WP E% VS, Sere I hum.' Nrrauus Alfe4
I . 1 , 8 , pmee, Hean ,- -Ache. Deal - mike, E
, Burns. (Inre-, Sore Law:, p imp l e ,
; I:tvelle.l fir Br" Len
"it—% h , Ague in the ;'a=te, etc.
If Mother. null Nur-es lines., its valu.,
fiVafie o Sore Hressi t th e%
weuld always Apply 0. II! such Cittg). I;
and aceoleing. to the. direr.
loss vow d each box, it gives relief in e
opiv JPW hours.
"rtes Ointments is gond for any part 01
he holy or Limbs when inflamed. In
rap. g gtmulti he applied often
cirrioc—No Ointment will be geuine
I wee. the name ()flames MeMister is
wilt t. n q p.-n itn rape I ho
Price Twenty-five cents a Bar.
For kw guy A2ria% w HII ii.f princl
- town- in ine
8,4 pr nt rioto. ,of the ab..vir utedtel,
Prictelpal•rffi-e No. 28 North 3d st. 'Phil.
Agents Wyomirg Co.
Dr. A'l-1 Bolles, Turk pain - ruck.
I'. D. Spring. Lacey ville,
D. T. Sterling. Si..rfingvilici,
LPvIR `.l 7 ,hipple,' . lllehnopetty.,
March 5.1'50.
. 14e .h'rrivul of - .
Spring and Summer Gooda,
A t . th• of I &C• valet+
the y will h- F.ll • at lowe. pines thin
aete,ever knn•a a In sell at in th; , f`
parts bet ., re. hat this is "froth and m•
car r p v.rfieo by •-a , 1 1, .e dl the
Corner, of Bridge and Tioga streets,
hicli siahtis ihr hrdd nl tht lie', then , •-
taming the knosi General Stack eve , rflered
111 this ID It et—, romp , ism,/ black. bine, and
brown, Fri act and American
ERE 0211. 1) a LOT 111% !
Fine Dress, Goode for the Ladies,
Lawns, liagac , s,f iguri-o,Chan
gpablu, French,
Frpnch Cashniirea, Silk
Fringed Thibet i Shawls, 4:loves, satip, silk
rid worsted
great variety lou DiIF, I.pgh3rn, and Palm
i.raf A
for teen and bur, ; boot' and f
I. Foods of !A.! wao loon and Nall',
ware ) Groeerica, Cud' sh an.
I.ckerel, bast. 10,000 4 , her articles en
trrely •oo exien ive t.. itemize, all of which
will be sold frill Ca,h of exchanged for am
Lind of cow tironne.e at unheard of Ina
priepp, tia d 4'l to`wer•fh• 1 4 , 04 E
nn ,ri
um store. H STARK Sr. CO.
F. SU B 1 BLit ,
11(0fInti his fritnds and the pot); og -• •
to g,euerall). t at he has lake , • fl a
he stand. lately kept by fi
riere, and completed his arrangement, fw
he aerawnionation ofcustomers. Ite flat
ters himself
thau all who fav•l him
heir peroroge. will and his house a QUIET
H Mg Where el welt fornioMed tattle eorturro
elous amotwents and netiPrlowny. Hear
.nd eomfortahle, will finder their sojourn
tleasant and agreratite• Ilia stables are in
he hest order. and supply of hay. PM, &c
• bundant
A continuance of favors from old custom
rs, and dve4 I train new oues, is respect
of) solicited
Tunt.honnock..lan 22.
. N. Y. & Paris Fashions
TUSI` received by R.J. WELCH, who
J is prepared to do work in the most ,
fashionable, style and workmanlike mart
ner.l He solicits a share of public pat
ronage. Sept. '24, 1850.
NVHEAT Rye, corn, 'Buckwheat,
Oao,' Beams, °atone; putter, Bees
wax-, Tallow,' Rags,: Bp,s, To*
Cloth, Furs, Beet-hides, Calf-skins, ta
ken in exchange for Goods, at the high
est prices, at the North Branch.
: . .
trirto'N • EtTata - ".-
than by the nand. of rtiIEDILNAPP. has tortexa
.stii a prang man of the eame ef S. P. Townsea.i
nd'isses•his Jaime to 'Put nit eil'Snrsepaillia, 'which
hay can Dr, Townsend's dancapatilla. denominating it
ENUINE, Origlinl. etc. This Tchvniend Is . no doctor
nth never watt but was rorinerly a worker tut salt
bads, canals. mild. the like. Yet he assumes the title
lir Dr. for the porpoqi of gaining credit for what ere in
in.: He is also seilding eateardi(hended, '' Tricks In
itliwickit." in which he says. I hive 'sold the use ii,
tilt name for $7 n week. I will give lk P. Tovin , en
saw If lie will pmdece one "itishii. wilitacv proof
this. This is to amnion I he' public not to lie•decev.,
end purclisse none but the 61.:NUINE. Ammo; J 4 I.
OLD Di.J.icnh Towtesesid's itsrsaporilk, %ovine .0 i.
the Old tir'ilikeness, nu Candy coat'of arms , end lii•
Signature across the coat of non,. • •
principal Ojee, Yr. ,lielsaats-14 , Neap: Perk Citg_
J ae Original
Old Dr. Townsend Is Allow about 20 ye-:s i.f azn.
end has long been known its the AUTHOR stad DIA
'SEND AAR2APARI W.A." Being poor. he was com
pelled to limit Its tunnufscture, by which meaos It
has been kept out of market. and the sales circum
scribed to those only who bed prorted its worth. and
known Its value. it had'renclied the ears of mint
nevertheless, as those persons who Mot been healed
of sire dise.ael, and saved from death, proclaimed
Its excellence And wonderful
Knowing, many years ago,' That he had by hi.,
skill, science and experlenceolevised an article which
would be of incalculable advantage to mankind
When the means would be furnished to bring It jut.
onlvental notice, whert its inestiumple virtues:pimp'
be known end impreCiated. This time his come, the
queens are suppiied. this
ttrnnd rind nos:quailed Preparation
ts manufactured on the hugest se.aie, and Is called
for this:llllu the length and breadth of the land. es
pecially it la found Incapable or degoneuttion or
Unlike ye_ ng B. P. Townsend's, it impmves with
age, and nevi changes, but for the better ; her:rinse it
Is prepared oneciortificprintip/es by a scuarlifte man.
The hilliest knowledge of Chemistry_ and The latest
dlscovenes of the art, have all been .brought Into
requisition in the manufacture of the Old lire Bar
sapuilla. The Sarsaparilla t i nt it Is well known to
medical men contains many medicinal properties, and
going properties which are Inert or useless and others,
which If retsined In preparing It for use, produce
fermentation and and, which Is injurious to the
system. Some 'nf the properties of Sarsaparilla -are
sa volatile, that they entirely evaporate and are lost
In the preparation, if they are nal preserved rry!a set
entific process, known only to those experienced in
as manufacture. Moreover, these volatile principles.
Isiah fly off in Vapor, or as an exhalation, under
-eat. are the very essential medical properties of the
oot which give to It all Ra value.
Any person can boll or stew the me tell-they p
a dark colored liquid, which is more from the cola
ring matter In the root than from any thing else;
they can then. strain this Insipid or vapid liquid,
sweeten with- sour molasses, and then call it" SAIL
not the article known as the
This Is soprepared, that all the inert properties of
the Sampan!' Ma ate first removed; every thing
capable of becoming acid, or of fermentation, is el
tittered and rejected ; then every particle of medical
virtue Is secured in a pure and concentrated form;
and thus it Is rendered. incapoble•of losing any of
Its valuable and beating 'properties. Prepared is this
way, it Is made the must powerful agent In tne
Cure of innumerable diseases.
Hence the reason why we hear commendations on
every side in its favor by men, women and children.
We find it doing wonders in the cute of„CONSUMP
TIONS. PIMPLES, BLOTCHES.and all aftectiens
arising from
It possesses a marvellous efficacy In all complaints
arising limn Indigestion. from Acidity of the Stomach,
from unequal circulation, determination of blood to
the head. palpitation of the heart cold feet and haulm,
cold chills and hot flashes over the body. It has not Its
wind in COLDS and COUGHS; and promotes easy
expeetnmtloq and gentle perspiration. relating air*
tures of the lungs, throat, and every other pan.
Bat & nothing is Its excellence inure manifestly
seen and acknowledged than In all kinds and stages of
It works wonders in cases of Kirov Albus or
Whites. Falling of the Womb, Obstructed Suppressed
or Peale Neuss, Irsegularity of the menstrual pe
riods, and the like; and Ices effectual in curing all
the forms of Kidney Diseases.
By removing obr , tructions, and regulating the gene
ral system, it gives tone and strength to the whole
body. and thus cures all forms of
Nervous diseases and debility,
and thus prevents or relieves a great variety of lithe/
maladies, as Spinal irritation. -Verve/ea. St. View's
Dance. Swooning. Epileptic Eds, tbnonlsiOns. du.
it cleanses the blood. excites the liver to healthy
action, tones the stomach. and gives good digestion
relieves ,the unwell; of torpor and constipation, al
lays inflanimnfion, purifies the skin, equalises the
circulation of the blood, enduring gentle 'warmth
equally all over the body, and the insensible perspira
tion ; relaxes all strictures end tightness, removes all
obstractions, end invigorates the entire nervous sys
tem. Is not this then the
41. yo n pre-eminently need t
But enn any these thins be snld of 8. P. Town
send's inferior article 7 This young man's liquid is not
to be
bermuie of one GRAND FACT; that one la INCAPA
while the other krt.,; eaartape,yeernenting. and blow
in; the battle* containing it lota fragments; the sour,
acid liquid &spindles and &magi, g ether goods !-•
hdr , t not this horrible compound be pelionnus to the
system (Pleat! pat acid into a system already dis.
eased with acid! %Vhat envies-Dyspepsia but acid
Do we not .all know that when fend sours In our
stomachs, what mischief it produces I flu Vence,
heartburn. palpitation of the heart liver complaint,
aiarrhena, dy.entery. colic.. and corruption of the bland?
What if Scrofula but an acid humor in the bady 1
What produces all the h .. s which bring en Erup
tions Of the skin, Scald Head', Salt Rheum, Ery
Opener. White Swellings, Fever Sores. and all nicer
,tinny internal nod external 1 It Is nothing under
b en v en , but an acid •-utitutnce, whirl sours, and
thus all the fluids of the body.,more or less.
W rawer Rheumatism but a tour, or acid fluid
wh 'alienates Itself between the joints end else
whe,e, Irritating and inflaming the delicate tissues
upon which it acts 1 So of retinas diseases, of Im
purity of the blond, of deranged circulations, and near
If all the elle which afflict human nature.
Nnw Is It not horrinte w make - and sell, and in.
Oldety worse l Use-this . . ';"'" ' . ,
nud yet he would fain have it understood that Old Dr.
i ncn b Tow ns p ne rs Sarsaparilla,
Is sat I II ITATit tti 'ef his inferior preparation !!'
Seaton forbid Oral .we *twain deal In an article
winch would hear the most distant resemblance to
& I' Townsend's 'orriele/ and which should bring
down upon the Old 114 such it conuntain.load of tom
plaints and criminati tans from Agents who have sold.
Hod. p
N urchasers who have used S. P. Townse ß d'i
We wish it tinders!, old. because It Is the absolute
/nut, that rt. P. Townsend's article end Old Dr. Jecot
'Poe usend's'Parsapiirillis tire heaven wide apart and in
finitely dissimilar; that they are entitle In every par
decent having not oneaithtithing fa tenni:ten.
Au 8 P. Townsend Is me doctor, and never was.
Is on chemist, nn phartna.s.entist.—kniiwe no more of
medicine or disease than ar..y' tither common, elution •
tilic. unprofessional Inns, wi nt fiserantee can the pub
lie have that they are rece.lving a genuine scientifil
contnining all the virtues or the articles
used in preparing -IL and which are Inca (table 1h
changes which Intent render them the IGLNI . I3
Disease instead of health.
But what elite shnitld be htpaited (elm 'One whit
knows within* ciimparativel) of medicine a &serum!
It requires a person of coma cep science p ettoi and
serve up even n common depent weal. Mar much
more important Is it that the,persoi ii who manufactu re
mediates, designed for •
%Feick atuinaeha and, epleebas%
should know well lhe rttedteal . properties - et plants,
the he4t mannerlitgOnitintrnarig mil.SCCUring their
betiling virtues, Men nn extensive Ittlnviledge nt the
ssiseeles•which talent the hum an system amt:
bow tchtutillt tentedbn.. its t hele.diontetes
It ip In arrest - o , mb' upon the uhrorta mate., tei.pour
balm Into wounded bionanity,"to kindle.' hem In' the
despairing bosom, to restore health and bl nom; and vi •
gor into the crushed r.nd broken, and go- banish In
dimity that 01.1) tilt, JAColl TQWNISEND ,Iln
tioUGIEF and F , t JND the opPorktnity and Mewl to
Grand Universal Coneentraited
• , Remedy,— - -
Within the reach., and to the knowledge of ail '•
Fqr-salr, Abe, post °pa, in Vunlr -
bannock, lakraaor, General
Agent for Wyoming Bounty.
ittle's 00. be.
1. tureen •tus port enO l i nmorn, in Hun
2sry, ate doing a tremendous business.--
l'iiele is nothing, that cAn compete With
Tht re •is tiolftaliials Or titiriti bank -
• lia t cAre %top them ; and they. 're constant;
v smpplving the •übsbriberS with a wag
,ificent assortment of
Cheap ) New, and Seaga*le Goode.
~emery Oariety that can be found in a coun
v Stpre :
Kentucky Jeans, Flannels,
111 kinds o' Don.esties. Frem3+l
vierinnes. Dunn CrE, Germania, Cloths ty
.11 cokes. and gala Plaid. Gimps and vel.
eta, Bats,. Cabs, Boots. Shoes,
Iron, Steel, Nails er,d rail Itch !
Toffees, Teas'. Stigma. Molasses, Dr
stuffs. rod Fish, Buskers, Are. Etr., all of
whi r h will he nerd al very low prices for
Cash or any kind of Barter.
Oct. 30,1 4 449. . •
_ Established 50 Years age, by ,
I) k s •
.N W. Corner of Third and Union Sts.,
between. Spruce and Pine streets,
_ _ _
Fl FT 1 CMGS of eilensive and
uninterrupted practice spent in this
city have rendered Dr. K. the roast expert
succeasfu practitioner far 'add near, n
he treatment of all diseases of a private
nature. Persons afflicted with•ulcers on
Ihe body. throat or legs, pains in the head
~r bones, mercureal rheumatism, stric
tures. gravel, disease arising from youth
ful excesses ~r impurities of the blood,
tb.Teby the constitution has become en
feebled. are all treated with success.
He who pleLes himself under the care
ut Dr. K., limy religiously confide in ht..
'honor as a gentleman, and confidently
is upon hi. 4 ski it as a phy.tieian.
Take Paiticular Itoface,
yc,un g web whol - have 'opined them
selva. by Et certain practice indulged in—
habit frequently learned trim et it C 0,,.
portions or atschool-.-the effects of which
are pithily felt, even when asleep, and
.lestioy both Wind and body, phould apply
irtnedia.ely. Weakness and constitu.
iona I debility, loss of muscular energy,
physical lassitude and general rrostra-'
irrilatillity and all nervous affections,
inn igestion 3 stuguisliness of the liver ; and
every disease in any way connected with
the disorder of the procieative functions
and full Vlan.• ,
, --- :7: - fj TOUTII a ilinfOOD.
vigorous Life,. -•' oR A
2_2._.-.-- ----: Premature Death.
liINILLLIN , -on Self Preservation.
This hook just published. la tidied with
useful ieformalion, on the infirmities ano
diseases of to generative oust's. It ad-
Aresses Itself alike to Youth, Manhood' and
Old Age, and should he read by all.
The valuable advice., and impressive
warning it g ,ives Orevent years ot
misery and save annually thousends 01
Parents by reading it will learn how to
prevent the destruction of their children.
A remittance of 25 rentF, enclo.sed in a
letter addres4ed too UrAvinuelin, N. W.
oorner of l'hird and Union streete,between
Serene and Pine, Philadelphia"' will en•
;tire a book; under envelope, pet retui nof
ru a tt.
Nt.rsons at a distance may address Dr.
K. by letter, (port paid,) and be cured at
Packages of Medicines, Directions, etc.,
fora ertird by sPoding a remittance, and
put up -ecore from Dall'Oge or ,Curinsity..;
Bookellers. News Agents: Pedlitrp,
Cativaa t ierK, and all others supplied tivi+t‘
the shove cork et very low rates. 4431
Professor A. C.,Barry's
L 7014 restoring, preserving, and beautify;
ins the hair, eradteatirg scurf and
dandruff, and outing diseases of•the
mu•mies, . stings, - cuts.bruises,
sprains, &c &41
The foll..veing testimonials, selected_
from titindrhis . of others of slimier import;
will serve to rhow the value of the prepa 7
ratio,', and the estimation in i,ehich
hid liy:ttiose who have giver it a trial.
Copy of a Letter from, William Dams
Corner of Hicks and ..dtlardic streets,
Brooklyn. • . • •
in,. niirooklyn. April 19th. 1849
Professor Berry—Sir— I should be de
icient in gratitude to you. and in feeling.
for °their; mtib may be Similarly afflicted.
if 1 neglected to inform you that your Mi.
eopherceis has entirely • removed from my"
face a painful and disgusting eruplion.eon
smiting of large red pimples, with Which.
1 fiad'heen annoyed many years. A'
regular applioation of tile fluid according
to the directions, for a little 'better than
three ‘,L eelis, completely relieved me of the
nuisance, and the skin or my face ri"er
as fret froni - diheolOiiiiion as in MY boy
hood.'' nor's tfuly,
bold jif ,
'stag hoillert'..price , 2s eta. at the
princf{ial.'fce.l37 Ilroadwav, 'SIPA? Y.or!:.
For Hale by ,iho principal iiirrchants and
droggistil,.-:lhrnuehout the United States
h. " • ' -
STARK, Tunichannocli.
Caution'. •
W . HFLR,E A . Wise Cimilotte s has
V V' left ,roi, bed' and' board Without soy :
lust eauie or prov'deat Mil, this is theterspre
to potily t alk, personsnot . to r lttist.ber wt.
my 'K91)011E019 I *prosy 66 debts of
Contractlo. - brr E: PH I.: N . ALLEN. •
Miy,ll4 Hop ; -
CRADLEg; Rakes and Scythee for sale
elm% by W. STARK & CO.
ONLY 25 cErrrs.
raiwilifA.t etiii ' If, Attkuss
~.. ill 'BlAltru:rAotoity . ' , " ''''' !
• Ttie tinbairiber iiotild '
. ,
. ; , 7 , .reaPectfull* notify' oa t ,
; 1
.lif•o;,', Publ i te % et he hao-cont.
" .I,` , menced - •• -
I, ; ' f7 ' The Saker &mai'
t4j) business. to the horoligh ,r.
# _ ofTunit annock. lit R, '
- ''' • ' litarkiii rick BloCkiett 1
- . ~, , -
~ .aridtre 0 reels two deer,
abovs H. Stark ii t.lev's tore., ,Ire here he
itondalo keep on band a' d Manufactu re ".
t o rini. r,
Boddie, Bridles. Rata , - :. r,iedie i ye,.
' Skee t Hallers t ra tam,
an d every artide connecte eteut c . t hi a i m,.
nese., ay strict at , ention o bs s i besc and
promptness 1 0 fuiftl li DR al 1 -elittattementtr.
he hOpes to' meet with a libetul tlll4 0 ,
public pattonege. •
Ali kinds of produce tat,
for work—Crib not refuiOt
0#211 . ..1
TtinkhAnnon, Oct. 30,
Doctor :Tel:wadi' fo '2s:Contr..
By in a ne of the pock.-
•et ES.O bIiPIUS. or
Evely i
. one :ins owe
Physituan 1 Tweilty-:
fourth' edition, With
upw'erds of a bundnid
miss ti" disealies at ev.
ery shape and ,form,
and la:formations of
the ge erative system,
by N. . Yount, M.D.
'arrived, thit "Omni
_..4 _..:ret - sdiliease.'. need - no.
more to become the victim of quackery ' s'.
by the prescription contained in this book
soy one may cure' himself 'without hitt.-
drance to business. or th knowledge of
the mime intimate „friend .and.witb one.
tenth the usual expense. In addition to
the general - routine of litivitte dlacusev; 11
fully explains the cause ollmanhOod's ear
ly decline, with observatiOns - On marriagti
—besides wavy other derangements which'•
it would not be proper to enumerate is
the public prints. . .
Any itereon eentlingrrwelity.Five cents
enclosed in a letter,. W i lli t t
eceive one copy
of this book, by m oil 1 , or Ifiye - copiest ill
he se - nt tor one .dollar.! itdress. Dlr. W.
- Y OEING.ts o. 1518Piftl E atreet,PHlL.
"A DE; LPIDA.• Poet imi . , .
41 .,
Dr. Young can be Consulted on any of
the diseases described jin his different pub.
ii„,i ona . at his 0 61. t eL 152 Sprece,ittteet,
every day between 9 find o'clock, (ban
d kip: IF IC ed.) .
M. 21 IPSO.
The People's iend.
lin,Deitroya an 4 • gahng Extrad.
—An extract tram the shrub, ogled
IA itch
.Hezel. tied puiPly from hat. with
, he exception of a litilo kilo of to pre
serve it.
It will cure . all lucal, pain and
Lion, old spree, ftesh wounds an
Piles, and tilt dimes sof the
A chronic . iisture, toothache. an.
female complaints. &c.. ike.
It in purely what it professes t
People's Friend P' krovldence
leiguralong the rugged
,paths of
things that contribute pre tip t
tort and happiness "
of l ev ry bo •
weir great value, and / ell- rat
called ' friends of the People.'
One word here to g u ard i again
don. Amen men by the name of Sp
manufactured and offeredrfor pa
'los ariiele'called the b• Cdryll E.
Ihdt would be extract of the hat
the genuine is as white and purJ,
while the spurious article is col
enables the public to dint nnuis
None genuine, but tilos MT
Pair. DeAtrOyer. For sale by
G *ark, Tur.khannlk
.I'S Garwood,-Nichols n
I, .1 Racsell, - ' s'
E R Grow & aros.;'3ol
.1 0 Gulick, Ransom
Wm. Meliune, Falls
W E Swetland, "
E & I; OsterhOld, La
Wyoming co. Mutimi Insurance Com.,
I Nt-olt PO R Al EI: by iAct ofiPeen.Ler'
11. ieldlure, approved April Ie . 1113(1., is
now ready to r. ceive applications for In , .
-urAnce. on the Mutual principr, on moat
k in4e of property exposed, to des ruelion by
fire: All who inst4e in thiaL Company
will share equally, ow
theprl on, to the
i s ,
Amount insured, in the profits rid loafer, i
and each will have a vote in t e election
of officers and 'a voice in the kettle:l of
its operations. 1 ,
The ((Mowing are' i r the Directors and Of.
ficors for the ensuin rim r '
DIRE, TOlill. ,
John Bunnell, Blley Via enian,Ja
bez Jenkins, Sher an D." - P l elpe, -Ste
ph& Cipwell, A.
C . Peckh ;ry
Rolm's, Andrew ' rdinier, sa S. Da
na,R. R. Little, hos., Ostettout i
Z s
frd Hine, John F ette
ovriumuse , .
S. D:Phelpi,r e resident.l
Milton Dina, cretary.
R. ,R. Little, Vice Presient.
' . John ,Bunnell, Treasure I .
S. H. Taylor, General Agent.
tint more han=ll , fat aken in one risk,
and no Steam or other extra•hnirdous
property inaured. , Amount qt' Advance
Premium paid, on $l,OOO, en e live•years
insurance, lor . • sate ,tAttn property, 13.00,
—Aunt une-forth the amount charged by
mock - companies. Other-property is pros
portion to risk.
Applications kir insurance or for Agee•
cies to be addressed to R. H. Little,Obsir•
man - Executive Committee, or to
51113014 DANA, See.
Tunkbannoek. June 4:1850.1
Bedsteads ! Bedsteads!!
!.arks hisortmirit supertir quality
Bedstesdi just rionved sod for isle
at very low iiiicep,st the Telegrliph Store.
thsr r July 16, IPSO.
LSCHOOL BQOKS, and:a vieetyot
Books' and',Sbit;opetyl • =tool
ruing 'Of the mairrehle pufaieetiori
day., Y.Ytbeter i e quarto. and octavo in
lianlq,:fOttdloy'e Vic OAS, 804,s vane,
too - rueettod.'. common and
focal schoo l .:Onoks.; - For Boots of any
kinp r ys, r eldol eaee al.
X ,t SO @UtoreK oSr.
ea hrexeliett.
.849, ,
.owele of
ban seat
' ife many¢;
y ; hence
1 .y - they d•
t imposi
le a spoq
el-aut : 7
AP W ater. ,
ed nes