M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, June 25, 1864, Image 1

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    VOL 5.
No. I,l.arge Family Wringer,
No. It MeLlinni, ":. "
No; 2,,Metlinin • cc.
No. 24 :cc , ,cc !‘.
.3 k Small' cc . cc'
No. 8, Largellofel cc'
No. ; 18, Medium Laundry le run steam (20,00
NO. 22, L:tire;e ~ ' oriand 2J;60
Islas. 24 int, 3 .h . ave . _no . Coggs. All others
. -
are , vrarranted.. -
• !No 2 Is tbe.sfze generally. '4:lse& in.nrivaie
familied: :.1
•• •
".9range the. American. A griculruris
Bays of Ilia' , •
child can readily wring out a tobtull of
clothes feW. Minutes. It Is in reality a
STRENGTH SAYER! The saving of garnients
will'alone pay a large. percentage on: its: cost.
'We think the machine Muck more then PAYS
FOR:ITSELF EVERY.YEAR . in the.saving of
garments!. There are sei , erarkinds, nearly a
like in , genera! constrection,"but-We consider 'it
.important that the wringer he fitted with Cogs,
otherwise a Miss of garments may.clog the roll
ers, and the rollers upon • the crept( shaft • slip
and tea r.tho Clothes, or the rubber break loose
(roil the shaft.'.'Our own . is. one of the ti 'rat,
make, and is as good as new after nearly FOUR
Every Wringer with Cog. Wheels is Warranted
• •
• • .in every Particular. •
. .
A.good CANVASSER wanted in every town.
, 07" On ' Receipt. of '' the 'price . fnorn places
%%here no'one is selling, we will s cnd. the %Wring
er PREE.OF ar,F:NSE• • . • , . , .
. .
.. . .
For parficulara.aiid circulars address
• It C. BROWNING; 347 Broadway N. Y
1:17 - ,SHAKF ND BURN! . . Shake and. Burn! !
• -; Shake sand 'Burn !! •
This is the life Of agony endured by the suf
ferer fiom Fever and:Agile. • He wanders' lire
an uncertain shadow, nevPr, knowing what nao-.
sment he - may' lie :prostrated, and therefore dis
inclined to give any serious attention to busi
•ness.' . This is 'the condition Of thousands .in
.town and country. It is no e)rageration to say
that Fever and 'Ague kills .-more people.than
,any.ti , veity other diseases in America. For
cure arid speedy cure of this terrible -affliction;
we, take great pleasure in recommending' HQS-:
already.achieved a :wide requtationfor . : rapid
and pewerful streets io 'renovating the sYstem"
prostrated by - this disease. *, •
For sale by Firuggists•and dealers generally;
everyvvhere. • •nBt4..
are.now offered an opporunity by. which'. they
eari obtain a ' • '
0 C It • WATCHES Alt E.
.ilifora Payment` is Required.
A first class'Hutitirig•Time ,Piece , of ver
atcrial;oyet which is electre-tlne nlated k.
most durably wrought, making the,-imitti'-
:$ I )11 so'faultleis that ircannot be detected from
11,, solid material bf , the '.most experienced
acids' not affect it. London Made
tirrnovan Duks.sr.: in - RUBY'
A grl'loN, has sweep serianits,.and is not to bee.s
-4! :110d in general: apperanc , e.', Tursr.s,.nnetnim-,
it it one of the nricrAit'ricr.Es Pver otTerpii tor tra
'it .I•l'and speculators. ExaiNciitis, FinECRANTS,
..2111 reasO N s TRAVII:LING; wilt find them suprrior
tc,another.';:'alteration Of climate will not.. at—
.11...t -their . accuracy'.. Price, •p o cki..d.in good
sh ,ne.and good running i:irder, 0n1Y.51.5, or case.
41:1.6 for,s2oo. : .
i..helectro-tine plated 'IS k. gold, similar , to.
Situ Istrnoveo.Duer.sx, and superior adjusted
inovements with riStop," to be used in timing
tutees, etc.; has Foun. INDEXES for Ig.ushington
wu l'Greenwichtime, eweep . second, and ihe
itrprovements. • All in 'all, itabeatitiffe.
mud faultiest appearance, and ita superior move.
at 'sit into.consideratiOn, we regard it as.deci
de the cheapest article of, the kind . _ in the
rrairket... Price, in good running.order,l33, or
cans of 6 for $2OO. •
' I ' , We ilk "no pay in advance, but wilt for:-
ward either of them to responsible parties, to
intipart of the loyal States, with bill payable
I...expressotan when the , Kornis are delivered,
4.vvinethe buyer the,priiilege of examination,
il.if not salisfaCtory the watch can be return ! .
one " expense. .' '
Elie express companies refuse making collee
n ns'onsiddieraand Othor
,parties in the dieloy !
01 States,'conseqtiently all such' orders must be:
a. muripanied
: by the cash
m to.insuee, attention.—
t snake a deduction of ;two . dollars on - either
tch-When the payment is forwarded' in lad
Limey may be dent, by eXpreaa:at.aur-ax
'mos. QA,FFERTY & CO., •
and 95 Broad ,St., opposite Sunk,
- Providence R I
Artitan:,county iDemotrat
8 50
TENMSt *2 00 in Adrint;e
• • • AOOs -of Adveitising • • •
t hunn Mio " " . Q 35 00
3, ' 4 A. " 2O 06
• .•... . . .. 00
4 ; 'six months ' • • 20 00
12 00
-lu.. square of 12 lines or-loss, 3 . insertions,:. .... 'l' 50
F. h subsequent
iness earils,litth•paper. .... ..... ' 5 00'
• Pule or figure. york.irill .be• double. the 'above. rates.
Tuelre lines.flyerier type, or eight lines noirparell, Is
rated a square. '
. .
.1 . 23:1:h05e terms 1911: . be striCtijr adhered , to.;~j
pit9iilio - .0...: - J;Diefootp
• 'DR. W. Y. ICCOY,
• • S' T rietiiii•ori, Pa.
L: W.
. . . .
.Dr.lerin Stoves, Tin Ware; ;waned Ware, ',Sic., went,
and of the' Public 'Square, Limethporti Pa. .Custom
:,.work done to oeger'ou the ehorteet notice, and-1n the
• meat substantial mealier. ;
. .
Dealer in Dry Goode, Grocgrieni Crockery. -Hardy nre
. Boutin; Shoen,lllats, Caps, Glass,' Nails,. OM dce..
'East nide brae Public Square', Emetbport, Pe;
. .
..; ~ :' . • 1111.• L; li.-W181728, :. • .• ' .
Phyr elan and Surgeon;Somthpori,. T'a., nlll attend to al
. 111 '•esstuncl calls with promptness. . OftPte two door
•a. . of tbe Democrat Office. '.'• ' . ' -••
. . .
. . .
smettiport, It'Kum C 0 .., V.': W. P. • GooDulti PrOprie
ter—Appogite the court MUM', , A new r iarge, cum
nuutioita &tor well furnishedhOutut. . • '
~ . , . - -..
,E.' . .1-3sArT — ‘.ll ; ' - ::.
PORTAGE, ?ffeßean Co., Pa
• THE SUBS:.2.IIIF.R flatters himself. from
long $ xperien.-4, that he cannot be excelied,•in
:he business. . .• • ' •
Part!rular atterition'veilt be paid to CUSTOM
J en:. For the of those living
at st.distance wishing to have tanning on shares
irringemeuts have been made wit h,,L. EL Dol
it7,-at .Pori Allegany, who will take the
;livery °Vibe Hydes and the Leather will
turned to his*Storeovhen tanned.
. The largest•price will be paid fOr Hydes,
sr. in cash, LEATHER, BOOTS; SHOES', or
HARN,ESS,Ieft at Dolley's or 'my •tennery:
• Entire,satisfartiongived:
-• . Connected with my tunnery haye Bootic
Shoe factory, and Harness Shop.
kortage, Pa., Nov. 3, 1862. v.iiiByl.
TE SU 3SCRIBEIt annouUces . to the Public
that he has purchased the stock of the.sa—
loon formerly , kept by W: H. Bak West side
Public ... sgitare;:l . ... ,r .
where he is prepared to refresh. the ihner man
with, all the delieaces usually 'kepi it. u ,first
class RESTAURANT: • .
• . FRUITS, CHEESE, &C., &C. •
FRESH ,OYSTERS . served, to order, either
taw or cpoked. '
. .
• Tlios! who
.favor me with' . theit. iiitronage
eha II h+•ye, nu cause to complain,. either go to
pricei o:
. .
Snet sport, Sept 201,.1563. ' •
"Tho oldest and beet of the Itreeklies.'?
. The Peoprictors tit the Sntu -day Et . enbig Post—Srhich
paper iu •ts: y-th it 1 Yin r!',would simply Stv:
,nuance in their . Prospectus toi 1861, 'that they. design
irmintraining tot als'ir tirevkly the high character it has
ready arqui red. its • " ' '':• • ••
Virs Class :Literai-yper!
• They have..rcason to belle to that the stories of MRS.
author of East 14 me." &c. MISS SHARRON;
author of ffienois Victor &c.; MARION lIARLAND,
author of ; LASS W IRSINI A A. TURN.
SRN J; and noinerons•other.excelleut writers hive • been
gene . r.illr,regliriledati possessing the 'greatest merit and
the most absorbing, interest; and they design 'procuring
for Tlte'Poit in the future as in the past; %holiest stbrids,
Sketches, and - other L iteiery Novelties which they can
possibly obtain.. They .iptand ceninieuclng the first
paper in January,
_. • • • • • . . . .
cf .Er,it,Lpiutys
from advance saws, ezpresAly forwarded, to us front
' ' .
.. . ...
' This story will b., tailed ' - ..: - ...' : . • • ,
. . .
"DswA.Er• GRAY","
and Will be abant the length.. of I, Vernerfs Pride" and
"Dist Lynne."' -- :••• , - • .'
•.• . .
'ln addition to the- Storie, written expressly for The
Post. its Editor also strives to laybofore Ste readers,.the
best StOriee frotn the English Pet indi!te . n> and giVes in ad=
dition to the Tales and Sketches, mow or less.Agrient.
Loral Matter, with a Riddle, Receipt, news, and Market
Departments, every week.
. . .
"We will give -to any person Seeding' thirty subscriptions
to The Post and Slaty Dollars,•eim of WAteler,'¢ 'Wit- .
son's Celebrated Sewing • Mabhines, suelCas they soli
for Forty-five Dollars. The machines will be selected
new at.the manufactory in New 'York, boxed: and for
warded free of cost, OW( thc . e.reeption of freight.
litprocuring the subseribein for this' Premiunt we pre
fer that the thirty Subscriber(' should be procurred at the
re.(ular terinhof Two Dollen] • fer each, bet: where this
cannot bo. done; they may be procurred tou r club rates ;
and the balance of theDixty•Dollars fore( dod to ue in.
cash by the. perion desiring tits machine . paper-IVitt
.be.sent• to differs - at Post 0140 if desiied, Every per -
eon eolleatiog namca'should send them •'with the money
as tasiws.obtained so that the subscribers may begin at
once to receive Siels papers; and not become dissittlslied
with the delay. When the whole number of names (thir
'ty.)•and the whole amount of money (Sixty dollars;) M re
ceived; the machine will be duly forwarded .•.. •
'PERMS : . ,
copy,.oido yanr,. ... . • 2.00
2 oordee, ono year, ; ' ...... . .... ,SS 00
4 canine, one year , • • ' ' 600
8 eiiples, and one to getter-up of 12.00
20 copies, and one to getter.up of c1ub,.....,....2E100
• Ono copy of Tao - Pest and one. of The La .
kYica 5.00
• •
. .
tsn'TFTur i .o.w . r;...'ArKFAN . OvNIT,.:PA . .,. - A.Tultx•AtfoN.lF'' , l s;,,-!!.504....,'
. 41 .14 y Plan'? for tiding id Eioliinda:
‹Correspondence , N.r. '
. • • , . WASIIIN6TON, Jane:7:
. .
It is a matter or great speCulation Just how;
.among • Democratic lout:nets and those . Of 'Abe
.Miscegen sehool of panties, whet has been the
canie and .what the . special ••&loot , General
Grant's terribly,saagritiiry. .adyance •toward
Richmond , the . so colter! :Overland ,
While . precisely , the:san4 poSition. be now oc 7
'copies could have, been:reached withent:a -bat
tle, end.therelore . Wit hoitt the:seemingly' use
less's:edifice of .. .human life Which has . - rnat keit
his progress thus far, The reasonable argu
ment of
. one party ; withatit designating : a rea
son' for the route, proyes'great loss and "no
:commensurate gain; and a statement of this
side, that'tte present loeality of "the Lieutrri;
ant General•and the establishment of a base•bf.
supplies forhis twiny at the White House. is a
eomplete'viudieation of Alceleßari's. campaign
against *ferny plem"„Of the Pre'Sident, is met by
the'other aide With a characteristically reck
less. assertion the otierland march,.is the; ,, Only
practical way" to the . rehel'capilaf, and 'that
the damage inflicted on Lee's. army during
Grant's forward movement is ample cempen-•
sation for any depletinn of the Union forees.
..The question•as to Which"of the .two roads
•leading•from the Mirth to Itlehmond poseisies
, -uperior advantage's for moving an army thith
er, his never been, a trOtablasome orie among
intelligent tnilitarrmen; but powerless to.con. ,
trot an authority 'above:them, they , '.have yiel—
ded their opinionsand awaited the justifications
Of titre.. •
these are not- furnished 'hy . .the
charadrer 'Of recent events,:it.• is .confulentlY
believed; in reliable. quarters, that they will
yet certainly appear before an accomplishment
of the great objects of the present struggle.
It is not now our.parpose, however, to' discuss
this long rlisputed, point; and it is far from our
•wish• to detract from the grand' achievements
of Lieutenant General Grant in. Virginia; ' But
a chance has.pat in our possession facta'which
, enableus to' state definitely why the particular,
course he ha's pursued—formidable as it . hai
beenmade by years of skillful' preparation
against of p.pr armies—was under
taken instead of one•that Would neve landed
his eager boats; fresh,' fearless and uritlecim].
ted, just.where they rest to day,. worn ; weary
and wasted..
A g entleman, friendly to n'
the administratio,
i.10ya.,'3 etc., who has just had•ari intereiett ,
with Mr. Lincoln, for the purpose of .cOngrat.
ulating him on the recent successes of put in
vincible army, gives the following account of
his conversation with ourdignifled chief mag-
"'We are getting on hully," said the • Presi
dent. , <<l have been dOu . btftil until now, • but
now we need expect good Pews 'only. , *1 was.
letermined" •to take liichntond My- own -way or
lose it altogOker, and - Grarit was the' first feller
I have found
,who said decidedly he would dO it
my, way.' • . Other . ;generals have 'said . :"they
would try," m - i , Would; dc; their beat," or
might be possible, - under certain - circumstances
to succeed;" but Grant -yielded at- once' and
Said r git e'm,e,mten 1 will go . to Richmond
by the.onerland.ropfte," and I believe he means
It does not . appear-frcim - this that -General
Grant selected the "direction' of. his la'tp,mo.v.e•
menu, but it - wilt be seen that Abraham Lin-,
coin .had "determined" Richinond should • not
be taken -via,the Penit.sula, even if-to luse•the
advantages of that 'Mate were to..abandon, en
,all hope, - of capturing' the. rebel 'strong
hold. r lie:sayv. lit two' yeari ego td gut short
the. victorious .:career of a'-skillful end acCom
plished generai r who; rilreadytheidol of
,a 'con,.
iitierin ,, ' , , -arMyi_led by hit. hand to' the
gateS'of. tile-rebel caPi , al, was fast :becoming,.
as Nvell Me idol of a grateful ;nation.
.. . .
' !twee. itecessary then to give. that • heart
broken, discourai.ed ,ertriy, thatobtraged '• and
diiappointed people, some reason. ter a course
' so extraordinary. ••A wiliti..;ding of indiePetisf.
ble'reinforcementsoo insure defeat ! furnished
the plea of incompetency -in the - commanding
•general, and that.gerierat's final withdrawal to'
HarrisonN:lantling . was ' used to make some
strangely . credulous
: Teeple believe "that tha
campaign was ebandoned hem/Se-the' chosen
ratite Was impracticable, and the country's
favorite chief a failure. This is , histoty. - .Nro
one; however blinded by Partizan zeal,. bovrev
er 'unwilling to aceore justice toMcClellan,cart
deny thatbe •Was thundering. under the' walls
of Richniond.in .th'e su:nmer of . 062; thathe
needed „and called: for . :ininforeeMents; ' that
while he, waited 'with ennfiderce for promised
aid, the enemy : collected an opposing force so .
laigely 'outnumbering his• own, that:retreat be-
Came ineVitable;:that . the Seven'days' battles
followed. For this 'reverse,• thia'cruel swreck
ing of so many.litilliant
.hrines, a . jealons!Prei•i'
'dent, and his Minister 0f War, Was,alone
: re-.
sponsible.-...They Made itaPpear otherwise for.
a time; I.atteason and sense prevailed at last,
and then•the 'reproach; from honest 'men and
true, which fell upon Mr.'Lincoln's head (fm',
thui endangering the 'very e:zistence' of. what
little remained .to us. of the Union) was truly:
terrible. • To 'Pritify his 'desperate and inde
fensible proceeding,' he has since labored din
-gently:lettered to move his own met hod—thro'
wilderness, 'over rivers - and Ogninst.o , setios of
elaborate 'lortications—"the only way. for
ward,"arid now modestly announces the pres
eat advaneedposition of the Army.of the Po. - -
tomac as a•triumph of his . plen., '. .
- • flow now?' -• ThesPotomac arniy,.tilter more
than a'mouth of alMost . incessant fi ghting and
theloati• of fifty.. thousand :men, is to 'day in
*nearly the same; it* not the identical,..occepied
by.it two years :ago : under. McClellan.• . The
question occursin View of this.fact: lathe au
thor of itrny Plan'''satisfied with the:occupa
tion of.this forbidden gruundotince it has been
reached through the slaughter he, required and
demanded, instead . of-by e blur:Rheas march?
Or-must the'general wholtaS dared to follow in
the footsteps of the : hated , McClellan be*Sac
diked us. was• that chleftein ' 'wit Se 'poptilarit y
was his only. fault? "
.• •. • • -;.' ~.
. . The cliances.are that he 'will e• • spared; for
the desperate : time has coine: - .i en disaster to
our arms, through interference from the.rigov
'ernment,'" insuresthe downfillcd the' tottering
.thtone of Liecolit.! But time will quickly 'and
more fully answer -. these inquiries. . Let di
meanwhile thank Pod•for anything, that keeps
inoble army •free fromthe 'palsying hand of
' It is'sufficienf,for the:m9ahent that Mr.. Lin
cola..trap informed us, through his friend, why
. .
it' ie thin the soil of Irkttinia,, for fifty finks,
has been , seekett anew with the rich blood% of
Ameritan freemen , . •ktis!critypiam." •
. . .
of . . .. ..
Lieutenant Endear:T f New Hampshire
was dismissed from the ormy, Wittoidi trial, in
disgrace, for dist; ihut ing DemOc,ratioticiket.s.at
his. State election, The official order of •Presi...
derit . l...mcom , f.avciWed that as the: cause of .bts
,McLuarr, of Gen:. -13burisrpn's . , sluff
yriffs seat and: - exited to
Fori :Vanceeyer, be b e pacific. coast; a viivreo - ...
ly because he did. nOtjete at the . . November•
• •
NextNovi:m . 6er the people will
. be salted on
to Vpte 'Whet her . A IlltA11401: Linocmty :can: Om!
eel officers 'neil Soldieii.of the' ar;my.ta.. Vote
and tiivote for' .tie !rink' on
pain of ditigraceful: dismissafv and, 'to. jnforce
hil.tithitrary•and . despot ic 'edicts,. Ite•suppresSes
newspapers - which oppose•his policy, the ..
'World tin& jou rlie‘l .of Conto:rt ri•,• SllppePB9:
e9,:thepiT6r r . lO other cause than . hecauSe they
denpupeellis policy and labor•to: prevent his.
re-election.' The.treasonable utterances 0
abolition..:neWspaperi •-have . ..neVer mien ..heen
punished by: suppressien; or in any Other Way,
This is the.avowedl policy
.of Aitantinst
cots, then, to punish by military. power; op-
Tosition to hie.election as a: crimp. .- The Baltt
met e.Cenvention. frnlorsad this poliey'- by in
dorsing all .t hese out rageonS acts as"consiii ll
ie,then,'..t he avowed creed' of
President Lix . cor:N.alid . of.
.the: Republican. par;
ty that .to 'oppose its policy- and his re-election
4 public - erinn.i.punishsble lawlessly mind
bitrarily; by military power...H . N. Y.
The Return of Vallandigham
. The sudden return,of VAandighutri from bk . : .
inVOluntar . y exile has'evideutlyilo)ren'the
ticiantnt Washingfotily 'surpriec.-It'isannourt
ceiWoh ihelrbeholf, thatthey,do not propri.e to
carry,.iheir'sentenee of hanishinettt or threat of
imprisonment" info further ,effect
Seidom;says the 'A labriny :itre-tes, .has. t!nyt
thing' in history occurred . more infamous than
the midnight capturci. miltary 'sentence and
I •
deportation ofthis-eitizen. ft,is with astonish
mentthat we refer back td the..trial;aful read
upon what slight 'pretext he Wes accused, upon
what feeble evidence convicted, by ' what,pie
iers!tmis of law the judgment - was - maintained,
and under what nsmpationof authority. he Was
linaliY.'sentenceil! •
'He. had said : ii; a speech nt tt • public meeting,
in his own State, thet.thia . wac.waS sitwicked,
cruel --c
and unnecesSarY,"ce war' for the put , .
-- of ernshirig outlitietty 'end erecting a
. dr:s;
potisin"gta; war for the-freedom of the.black
and- the enslavement of the : whites"—he said.
etwas' resolved to do.what, •he .could to - Ide 7
feat'the.rittennit.new heing:made:to build, 'up a
Motinic'hy upon the ruins of our Veen:Govern.
Vague language like. this, - has ''
surpasife'd'in 'grditlty•bY
thelnertibera bi the .Cabinet against , eachblher,
and - hiprOniinentibinthliean Pul'ticiai,a against,
the - Administration',
,was , the :sole; ground ` . of
, The ‘Viatifc,mindett Ihirnside, who had tint
militaii:;efty; disguised; to lisfeo to . and '
- . repert
the irweeh, eent'a squad of"soldiers' to 'arrest
the 'obnoitoni . citiien. , 'See that the arrestis .
made as
,quiett as liossitilef,ehdetivoi to:arrive
here 'befoie fraytight fp;morrow . moriti . ot;",%yere
the le it iiiet i'ons: to Rateneoce Of 'which •Vallaod-.
igheMVvai aCi?.4 . l,at midnight to hia:.hed. •
The 'mbek 'trial 'end io n . ' senten ce
" ; Ito- .
in 'Fort . Warren,' % ; hieh.'lv.as 'chang
ed to liaiiislititci4 4 the folhitving order oc'the
President: `.
' • .
U. S. y Telegraph, . Mnly 19, 1863,
Ci het
; y telegraph' from Washiogton, 9 7 404.. m.,
03 ,1 ' • • .
To 111ajdr. General Burnehle,, ,Comnicisid44i;
peparititent'of Ohio: ' •
President directs thet,.witholif
a y., .yon send C. L. Vallniiriehatriunder'secure
guard, to the:hendquarters' . nr.qen.' Roseeinns,
to be, knit .liy,.liiin'beyondottr.military lines, esl . i'd
in ease of his riturn.W . ithin our 4116 lie be at• .
re.eted niiil.4:eri'in:closemliOrift for Lice terra 'speci
fied in his sentenee. • • . • , ' •
By order of the Pi esident. .• •
,•• • • Et). M.•CANnir,
.Brigadier General and A. A, G.
.Plefiße neknowledge receipt„ of this, and
time when received, requ e s t .
• • •, • . 13rig:Gerf. CANrr.'
. . .
' ,There e - was a 'grosser:act:of folly than
this of President•L'incoltr; - It Was dictated by
the lovy est feelings of partisan. hatred.
wanton and lawlesi.....ldproVoked everywhere .
remonstranee.nruttndignation. The'Detnnerats ,
of Ohio nominated him - for: Governor;. - and give
to him 18.5,104 votes, Men who hml* believed,
Mr. Lincidn honest and patriotic, ceased Co. to
'regaid and taking the measure of his pet
tiness-by.this act, despaired of the .safratlon of
the country entittitedto st.ch'a - pigmy! Much of
the bitterness,with vOtieh men now regard the
character of.the President,:' end with Which
they. Will pass,. it .with 'bitter exeerations to
future generations, grows out of this case.
. .
It.was the'only battle in which?the Corriman
der-in Chief lethm person—and it' Was against
a . fellow•citizn and a member ni.his own Gov
ernment. It was hie only victory. over Law
and Justice and Truth: Tens of thousands had
been'sacrifieed by him, but this was his only
prisoner, and , he.pruposed.td make ;be Rebels
his jailors! • .
Will he complete this his only success by .ear
tying into effect his.threat,to imprison his vic
tim iihniild. he return? .Yee;, he can ,
political. capital out of i and.if. he has' the cou
rage.. :Wo.await 4.he result'ot hii reflections.-
, .
'We are -verrglad..that Col: Arguelle, ran
away to . this 'country, arid.glad that he. was . kern:
seized and SErnt liack to Cuha; . thengh we.cutt
not W --
,fied lato justify latter operation.
NLlOrork.Trilooe of ifrothyrida3; • • •••••'
There is revealed the genuine spirit and logic.
6f the .Rcpablican party., Commie* *song,
adinit tharit.ii in violation of law, •thep .- ex . ult
over it. It is a modem party. - It „is Jaily in
rebellion. It gdes•beyouil Davis .antl.his
federates in . revointionaryttemper and. legialti-
Oen; Yet
,ilemands with- unpuralled
,cflrentery a
reneiVal - of its lease of powq.'.. . .
• • • •:r
wv - - .. •
tA.; - • ‘ ... # l ..W . :•OtrjAPt
- • • - ' t:
• •
•7•;„ .
. . .
, • ~.• • .•• tP:I44:-r,
• .
The Republican P.
:Thus oiganization;,-rith . : many', elements 'of
'perisonal elevernees,.tiodes'Uvil to-the - heat, in
teeists,Of trite Treedoin and' humani ty .' ! It
founded in aectional diaturbancen, Its ; ailment
is Prejudice and pasisiOn, its efforts calculated to:
array State , against Statc,:'section againsrscc4*
don, man against ro an, brrithe'r apinit brother
to destroy' allSmicable relations and light ' up .
the fires'of sect ional . discord:und'strife,
in : battles 'Of blood . :ThOugh. its managers':
threw 'Overboard its great founder, Gov. Seward
because he hns, too plainly declared lie'
hoping%thereby to . conceal - . its ilen,gerolfs
tendencies, its trite them les are belched by ths
Surriners Emu the Cheevera l end and ere. retitle
ed 'tract i'ce. by 'their. .101 in• Browns*. (Great
cheers) If Aistutba end.'embittersthe .sonial
relations—it severs the' holy.
,tire or
: rti.ligions
brotheihooil--it breaks 'the bo-ur of common
political taith.---it- blots out the :great mea)•
ries•ot the ft-volittion—it deStroys
elat ost unit t inteickiingris of free trade
it - degrades us RS , nation ' before the enviOns.
.Monarchs of the: earth;,nnil deprive's Ili, of the", ,
inhirent, pose ter . vindicate our :vights.•
sows btonisast the terrible seeds of 'domeatie
strifeand:passion,lbat the people May reap . : in
due season it h o arsest of nshes and , desolation.
Can it' be believediliat the above Were' the,
opinions of Daniel S, Dickinson the‘cribboned
ox'' 'of Abolitinnism at the present day, and
the nigh . whom, rilengsida of, Dix, Stanton and
Butlerithey:delig,tit in holdink our: gear
th'e exact model en patriot. and Democrat?
Difficult Ril the task may be, it is none:the less .
true. • We find them . in a speech :delivered ..r
Di7kitianni in . ' cooper institute.• New., York
city,:duting the campatgn Of 1.800:.
DIfFRA:4CIIIISINOW.II!TK,'MErt.—"We have.:sl".
ways.predictott that.t he next step of the Abell
lion party 'wOuld'he deprive poor white then ,
°rioting.: The other day' in, the Senate the
proposition; was actually Made.. Senator
of yernriont, Proposed tlin't s the right of suf
frage in the District of
,Cl)lntribia should he
given to all lvllites tin&A/orks who 'possessed, a
freehold o1$250;. and denied to sitotherril Many
of the Abolition Serito.rs were , afraid to. meet
the issue it this bunt, just 'at the present' time.•
Mr. Cowan, ....Penesylvaitia, • pretested that
:new and dfstracting,....questiens .shouid. not 'be'
brought forward new: The evident intention is
to postpone this matter, entil Lincoln is 're-erect
ed, ithe Can . be; when look out 'for the illifrari
dhlitement nr,porir 'whitn . ..nteti.. In 'no other'
.Way can they hope to•perman,ently..binil,..tiport
the Shoulders oflabor the burden • of •their' •gi
itantic public debt. • In
,no . cit her Way can . whiie .
men be, reduced to Mutt - condition of • serfdom
'that :Already. exists In.rionne of military de
'partmenti now presided over by pht
, .
. .
' AttacEGßNATiox.-:—The N. Y. Tidipendent,
leatt,iOg .. It publican' paper, of a recant date .
.We have reachett . a point in our affairs
,when we are Willing b3'grea, the black" man
as a soldier. We:mustanyauee to that ininevi.
tabie goal when.we'shall meet - hirri.a.
ear, 'a:generell, eruler--vvheti we shall be . • un
inititlfuroleoler us '
we are n'ow ed langnegoi!'
- Lincolivand his Cabinet. •-•
`The fonowing portraits of .Lincoln and 4is
Cilb'netvie take froth the. New York IVer/d of
. .
A.sa-man, Iris: instincts are ens r, hse uca
quo narsow, his manners a cross between boor
end.buthion. As a staecintitn; he is 'incapable,
veeiliating,'n.time-server, without either, Wise .
comprehensioh of the presentor sagacious, for- .
cast Of the. future. .As ria utlWirf ;-:,
selects the. nattiest instruments for the most
.ftinctions, and ;after the clearest
detnenstratians of their incapacity. be has not.
decision of character to replace them by. men
of energy and ability. His Secretary of State
is shallow and . pretentions; his.,Secretary of
War; wrong-headed and.impethons; his. Secr
etory ef the Navy, a 'noodle; his' 'Secretory of
the'lnterior,, a nobody; his Attorney-General,
it granny; and, his Secritary 'of the .Treasury .
has mere brains than all tbe rest of •them* .to;
gether; he has' so little of the just pride 'Of a
statesman that he, has beld.oti - to a plaee'in' an
,whose imbecility be despises,
end many of whose most 'prominent acts. he
openly, COIII I CMII9 I • •Secides the feebleneas and
incapacity whieh,. in 'il•sereat. crisis; are ;as
ca'amitous as crimes, My. I..incoln is obnoxious
to public censtire 'treachery to the' most
cherit hed.Prtniciples of liberty... Wcleve
.had .
at the - lieaticir the poverninent the -feebleness
o( 'mediocrity' without its corririe.nsating mdil
elation: . Jacapatle of Carrying 'the hearts of
the people' with him by a :steady cotriprolted
siti,R, aed - forecasting policy, 51,r.•.Liticoin has
attemptpl to restrain the yokes 61 Censure by
the tvror.of .his.baStiles... For these reasons
he' is a 'candidate intrinsically' weak, maintain
ing his positiod only .by, hits enormous patron-
THE Mein reason that the Abolition papers
give.why Lincoln should-be re4lected. is that
the South rebelled because. they did net like
him, and now theY'should be. made to live un
der. his rule. Ta mnst.men'whe study the mat
ter closely this'.would appear to be . the Very
reason why Lincoln. Volt/4 .not be 're•eleeteil.
If,; as the Abolitionists thernseivisitlmlt, he is
the mast afTensive mei) in the North to the
Southern people 4 is it not. plain that-they will
fight, more bittrly against him. than. against
any. other' person, and that 'his ..te-eleetion
would be the means of indefinitely piolonging
the war? • -
lirhi n. Mr.:s„rtwianiiretattnounced that there
was ti ithigher laW" than' the Constitution,
there was a good ,de4 of ; dispute as to what he
meant:: • Sinee.he.and his ' party 'have beed . in
poWer; howeYeri it has been 'put in•practiee,'
anil . theConntry no rcari under:stand what - the
“ttigher really is. :It is not Gon'sllavi z
forit violates the , nriost obvious dictates of Jas.
man's law; which Id contemptously .
ignioredvit , is the jaw.of Messrs Ltimoui,...Sew 7 .
'inn and Sriwron's•lates„ciiprices, and follie.•
This is the. "higher laW" io •whieh:we
debted for the Violation of the right of asylum,
for arbitrary arrests, and for attacks 'iron the
liberty of the miss; It is fOr , the r people te-say:
Whether they want to contitittelt.: for. !mother
four. years: , • s• • • ••••••
.. • .
Arrival of Kr. Vallondigkoia
Crtnotntieri."Jupe:,lGth`'lBti4'. ',
yallandighirn :made hie..appearance:st , Af. : :„
Democratic distric i•Coneention'heid,lo : :•llllo . !„
io-dap,:vith'ePParentcsurprise te'thiaje r itS,,
er portion of the assembly.' oindt - ' was - F:iteiVett
yvith great entt ashram:
, •
, 111,spolre. briel4 . ..frotri I writted,4ectioleat.siu:,
flarratinghje arrest end defeeding%.bis.,setio,Ms,,, : .
lie traid,t/re riesertion 'Of: the . President Iltat4
)he'rins rirreated . berMise hair litheiettWittisiriiia2,
elleit to prover)t tho ra'sing.nr„irciimi ss aiul4n-,
comaged desertioncend: had 'diadleYed. fail.b,
t ell to, coonsel , , obeafetice, to lawfal, audio:l4"i—
-was absolutely' • • •
liesappealed for sproottir,everkspeech 10, h 6d
ant to the•record orthe • militery"com•;•
miisirian•by the trial and SeritiMce,cif *hid, r 4 be: ....
no banished: . Tve sok . .ffunco - ratit . :firmy
,charge was words :of the .. public::
pulley nf tile s adinioistratinti t saddresied tii•rmen
maetings oijny.felloW citizens., s.: U do,
trot mesit•any longer to be . , th e Ordtman
paity to bq to arbitrary
ff Abraham Lincolnseelcs my life ':let him so',
`declare', but be shall not again;' restrain nesof.•
my persqnal liberty except , uposn.• doe promise,
of law. Fttr.more than yetir,na,pahlic
hai been arrested or . 'newspaper suppressed:,.'
within the - State for on expreseion,Ol Public bpi- -
Mon, while hundreds in public assernbliee end'
through, the press, with.lang,uage and. siiolerice : s.
.in which , r never . indulge ;. have Criticized!stint.,
condemned the ats soil policy'of the admiiiis
tratimi, denounced the war end maintained_ even .
the propriety of recognising the Southero;•Cen-s
federacy. Ile.rienounced miler 38, under which
lie was arrested, and said it wee against the
Constitution and lowa . , 'Without' validity...and ,
that proceedings under it were nu,llsnd
The time'has Arrived when it becomes me !RN'S .
citizen of Ohio and the United States, to,dem 7 s
and . and by my own'art, vindicate the rights, ••:..
liberties and privileges Which I never fisrleited . ,„'.
but of which, for so wino Months I have been
depriveil t % 'lle reiterated his right to critieise.
the acts of the ;administration,. and; cautioned..
1419 political (Kende from any violence molds •
account, tout advised none to shirk.. from arty
responsibility, however urgent, if forced. ape!),
He wan'eseorted to the ilhOni s by an enthuslas.
tie crowd, and'arritied at . hia..hornnin•DePain
to•nig .
Convention elected Min a' delegate : -to Chi-
• A Snrc tr STA T 41511 -• in
the course oi: an.artiele urging, the, peopte to.
come upend subscribemoney lo Carty, on the:
“As Grant - I%rd Sherman. are. fighting, mew
thing must Soon give way., The war is clos
ing; the public debt' is lees than tyils • thousand.
millions; the taxes are being now largely en—
hanced; and, even it toe should fail' tn"bitat the
fads . , We shall at all ,events ply
dive your country a lift by bidding for some
portion of the new.loen?”'
"•Something must soon give way." We
should think it was
~ about.
,time. After four,
years of exhausting war, in which' over ' iwo
millions of Men have been' called . out . and a
debt saddled upon us Of. four thousand millions •
of dollars it is . time that "something give •
way." it will alio he eheerfol,news to cap,—
italists who have generously lent their money
••to'save the Union,'! that .4if, we should: fall'
to beat the rebels, we shall at 'all' °Vents pay
Our doLt." A country paper before us, whose .
editor mustaiail from the ..Vmerald-, Isle, 'says_
“wereannot . .pay ourilebt except by repudia . •. .'
!Mo.'? How will Mr. 6ieeiy and his .espita l ,
lists like thet way of payintdebts? Is that,
the mode he refers tor , -
Hit. Him A.gain.
R.,Dean, of the
Unfelt, is drafted. No doubt can be•entertained
of his.cogise; he q.testion, shut up
his office and go , Imarehing.olorig.".. Noon.
who has read the entail will.fail to, believe that
he Will bee shinitig . examPle of patriotism and.
coorage; and scorn to'commute'or get a.sishati
tute.--7.74martown Journly,, (14p.) • • , ••
If we-had been blowing
.about the, glOilous
cause; the necessity of sustaining Abe
&c., accusing every one who did,not say erne!)
•to all the abolition twaddle that' hoe' been Pro:,
mulgated for the:past three - years; fig. being ,
traitors, cepperheads,.&c.,• as much .you
havi,we Should be
to do:anything but
go. .As lute, we shall 00 Whim we are obliged
to, and_not until.. We bellieve - in : preaching'.
what we prnei ice, and practice whit wepreach.
Does the elleniinatO editor of 'the . .Journal do
ab MUCI/?••—Donhirk trizion;(Deht,) • • ••• ;••
How Wt.!' a prepheli:y•iire the folle*gil mem
'orahle worthi whiCh Gene:Tel
dressedie the;Pietiidetit kom
- .
ilere, directly in front 'of' .
.airny, , is the,. •
heart of the rebellion; it is here that, _our • 2.-
reserves should be collected to strike. the blow
will detet mine, theffate of the aarion . ,: -
All .points of secondary, inportance elseathere
should be ttbantioned, nntl'every available' man
brotight here; a decided vietetry here, :and the
military strength 'of the rebeliirin: is craahed.
It matters not, what p.m's l reverses': we',may -
meet. - .vvith elsewhere, here is the ':true true :defelle
of Washington.. . -•- . • •
Yet, in the Mee of this' explicit order, the:
. .1
Post of last evening blaMes. 9eneral'. ;
for-nOt operating by way of the Jameii'siattr,-
and the radicals profess to wonder *at : the
tire ofthe campaign. , r, • : - - ~;
But.no. 9eneral McCam,L.f.ai'u oitaiee •
unheeded, his unziy, oraired away flom •neir
and , ,...,General• SealteraliorC
placed: in suPrerneCommand,'.- We bavii- - •,lsiseitl
fighting wastefully and hlocidily-all.:arcionalkei •h
edges of the '.rebel' •territory • MA'
,Gnarrr'e s advent,.and•he
General MoCtEct,AN'a plan toigiva:::u:,
p.. 44161.....%
portani•paints antl.concentrate.OPorilliil'heirt:'•
of the rebellion. General; GRAir•As ;fighting ,
over General Mccr:ar,idiresliaktlifOlif, mid fel
,tha , programoria.marifedcmiC•..l4,6imiia •
I have:rest'gnitk r iny
to Yegiiit
'Mink of tt hot tArtitte
privitegoe as 'A nieticin Tfieret,is 1,4
world of nricatiin4 in whft - fi4irit 7.
... ,.7,1 ` .'7 , ,', '..Vi,..:-.`;
:1N0 4 ':277:; 7 Y,'..
::;;'•:'':?",-- .?...tiii."';