M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, April 30, 1864, Image 1

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    VOL. 5.
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vunms.:;., etr.r.t• o..vrunDior NOltNniv,
' J. B. OtlAtt, •
pllp'lll'ollT, 111 4 KEAN COUNTY., PA'..
F.Pjetz, ..IQuAtin
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authoi f•1'••..1.1tyr. , ;" ks. ; TOWN
.•. nn I numerous other t. , :zellettt , voiters hare beep
tzt , ner'.il Ty C. asI,P3AV.SAIng the . reatest. merit and
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coG.sikr9n , iva• saft,rors'Avdl.r , cPjve a valualde•
the Cure . of.. co'nstir:l)l
arld.'ol l'broat. and liana
cireaof sanding 'their
Alec. E. A .
• .
Cp., New York,
ittterm;arrifige;- ot. Relations
. . „
• ~The . Ohio' hits passed a . ' very
,prope'r and , sehsible forbidding ,the. lit
ternuirriagie,• Of
, COl/5163 in • that State:.
shohld.• he e" gone further. in the 'applicatiinf
. un: .and . .interdicted •rirmr 7 .
ringe in..every case, where. there is 'blood ee-,
lationship, remo te it :army
this will e podoubt, • foliate In:tin - ie. A, cer
daia,class . of - ieligioni'sfs: r ipade'M great .uriroar
at fete . ..Years ince . ' in
..regard 'to . marrying ileceased.w . ife'S,sistersa 'question. which 'in
volves sort* consideratioM, it is
.trUe,',:in vie*
'of • our rode( well 'being, Init. without any
'connection whatever with the. faviis'n of rioter('
or 'the;
. ordinanee .of the 'Creator. Iltlitt.inter
truirriage - tviilt himse Of.. the 821110
eVer remote it inarbe, is`u violation' of. n'atu'
rill late, and should be Prohibited by legisla-•.
-tive'enachmehts . ... - Interitniust • : of brother's and
siSteis, pro eficsed,. : by• Gan; Icings, and
otlne.r . Prientals;: Was such-'a 'menstrons':
rage an nalure,, that the offspring, if any,
was: - incapable. 'of reprOduction,• and
.that 'generation perished 'outright:. The
te't marriage .- of . filet cousins aPproximate's to
this', b'ut, 'of . course;'' have'•'a !imrteel
'and In the same ratio; 'there is defective Ors'
lmwever. ; remn'te ,t he relationship •
Applied• masses,. communities,'. nations,
:hose le ast' intertnixed.'*ith . other entrrintini.-.•
. are 'inv.!: .
stinpi'd, - 'feeble .aud - tin
piogressive, as 'those .thost .exkensively, amaj.
gni with other hicinches•or varieties of the.
"are - energetic
. .and. progressive_. The.
fiiiiirdets•of 'Were onntla'w,n, ,vagabonds,
. troth ;file --. various .towns • and
tilt-i's tut :the Italian and their (ie . .- -
secimnlaitts,,the ra,
,nmaiLe jinn in.isters. of tfid *Mid. The hall
linnhei men, a.i.d halt pitates oi.t he •flaltiti were
:the: iv - term-SI of- 'Nortnimily;.• and
rue :.Not man corMiterms of Sit
am! descetsla'rits.mf.'roving vagiihosids,
h many, 'lite most. poiven arislorracy• ktinsv
in: history. :But the. descendants "Of Roman
-assumed superiority user the
tp l ered: firovinees,
..anti 'their... Inland, -en
fen 'by . turn:marriage' With 'Romans, they
tnine,inine s.t effete and contemptible, 'that the
••barinitians.,", as:they. (qui fed them, contrieleil
I t. Ettpirr, and pireelled.it. not among , them-1
selves. It. is a. wondolul thing2to witness;
hint neve: th,:less' pet:Poly_ trite, that the ooly,l
chiss , lo EtiroPel absahitely inferior are the
kings am! nohles - *lon go'vern!•' It -is thought
to. Inn'
. t he greatest horror and to sup-
ioi ity toter!. bael: 'their pindigree farthest,
'us bile, in truth,. other things -heing equal,
they:are' 'of the.. ' InfOod who call do
;his inlet .1 : 10 'Plejetyr The '.royalties" tot
the Old Are all. help*. lhe genet 'ate
t'age -of their
„"stifniecl,: , .Sot.ne, 01, Ikea% yastiy :
ar, , rf idioey -or iMpotency . :.are ininariAble
attendants on these- "'royal!' and truly eon-.
nhnpitlie Crea.fures. 'lntermltritagO 'qf cous
ins, thinigh fess repulsive, is"'
With . r results to• 'the:mating .of
different 'species--;that.l4., thattfoffspling, like
- Our theletto, • has, only a Ii inked Nirmreitsr . .nt
The princely ...oirspring of royal: houses,
who,. for .several generatior,s,• have eiol,nletl .
the late's... nt eUristinguit47,.,.••.have, 0f , ,, course;
Aie:sant e • argimization .ss• the- parents; brit it
s defective, . effete,. the gen
eral phenomena,.. resembles the intilatm
the first genrra'tiop, whin, ,radic'ally. different
PAr.enfs in organiz•ition; has an .
iMpet feet struchstre aS . .weldaS feeble vita6ty:
,N'atore has so plainly pronounced aguinSt
. . .
••irrnpaifial freedom",
, r l.6lll ' negroes, that the
lona le can 'no. more, give birth. to-a •cit'dil
the d i fferent; tare. than she • cotild •••to. an' OP
pi-ant, 'end the mulatto,, off pring, perhaps, iu . .
eases; : shortens' the life Of the, mother. , —
lii•tcrinarninge, . theretore, of blood relations,
.11o.,vever- • reitiote, and Mating -with' mulatto:es .
and rriongrels, however cldSely the latter ap-.
'prorixinati.; to' our-race, should.be s•ternly :pro
legislative • emietinent, for both are
atitiorin,il,•viciciiis..and it-4%116,1as A 0 'the wel,-
ial of Society, and in conflict' ay Rh • the. ordt
fiances Alinighty. • . • :
"Cho :..more :c , ..stended 'and multiplied
sexual unions . : wit h (titre rent and • retnote
branches br.Yarieties. or,our. race,. the, More
heal thy; ...energetic and progressive • thelieo
ple,•ainit .we; with the best blo•oil of. F.:a . rope- , --
fot trill the. best—•••poured •intri oaf
vellis;:.Slould .d)ecOme •as we. are doubtless'
-I.l6tinecl to become,":tlie' tiOblest and grandest
,people. the ''world ever'-saw. But, -on the
contrary,, if the •hideous -and impious. lunacy
of.the day. really :prevail ; • if. the f4ebels" .
should be , crushed,' fi ghting- dioNdalfon
oftheySoulh exteemieated,aitil four millions
of the , most. inferior' of all. the. races.distorted
into a • enenmon, .condition. with' twenty-five'
inillions . ot: our-lace: with the - conSerpient .
rn•ming.rif..hlottit as well rii•r ,, ,freetloin," then
we : , shall not only, commit national
but degenerate
. I)O•rdes, of the meanest,
foulest . Old motet • de'graiied• mongrels' . tiffs
• • . •
-wor'd.has ever,..seen, sitil -finally:'become a
ectriquest to the White, men: of . r.prop,e.
will . , not 'happe . n; this glu-Sions;. -young
utd geiteious American
,people will.: soon
discover : . the frightful gulf. towards" which
they are now. drifting', and vvhen • rhq
the the fhtiolition.ot „ slaver" is arnalgatria 7
tiou Of thedilood of ,tinvir children . with .the
DellS , loo3' at it sooty Ali ican,.. may God havn
'in err!, 011•11 - viise who • have. deluded .and out
raged them; for they,, will have
. none.—..Nete,
York Dgy
...Never• had Alt-, Thrited. :States so diernal
a prnsis:ct. ns at this time.' It a s
ihte• . years' stgo When, the Reptiblivans pin! ,
suvr. Into power; it refused nll -ovettures, tot'
seithng . the• difficulty' 'with the South. It
wils W orse.'s he next year, and it hai con.
tilined'tis grow Worse ever Nriw with,
• the . currency . :to,ona ..hantired : and
ss , venly; wtth thv • eodu ranee Of. the count! y
tiled tn sts'uttnnst tension to Seernit: our ars
. inies;, wit h . a eomplete..!,vant dciuLtsdenee in
the ability of.the . ntlrninistration; with a 101
knw.sledee that the :present. campaign, if tin:
tece.ssfid, is pr4innuent defeat tojis, the pros-.
pct enottlli.. with Nl.r. Lincoln
betiding all'his eaeries to the. consummation
'nfhie 'great objeet,.a reelection; -Me. Chase
to .tlefeat hits!, - and elect himself; Mr.. Sew
ard sendeavoting - eeeuse:. under...some one
another four years . of lefter. writing, , 'end , the
nyjoSity in Congrese-ttdmply doing they
. .
~. ..
_., , , .• •,.,
. ..
. . .
• ..
'CO.III' ... '...-',...•.... .
... .
.....: , .
~ ..
V: SMETIWORT I :,z-VICEAN •:c9U,NTyi'P.A; - ,5ATU .. 41. - .YAY . ,::,APR!1;30,:. 1.8q4.
I . . .
are.. And .. by Wendell and,teorke .
Thompson; ari . d.otner,disunfonists ? Taxes, .we
know, must vontinue,be enormous and,. it
,ihe^ . .ciirrency can be saved aGonce, it. Must
he by increasing them cdur fold: Every hive .
is blasted but one, and 'that one, .is . the
cess .of our armies :to a degree„and - -' , extent
that, will in the cOtnint4:Settion Subdue •klid
IS, there, in yea lity,l:n) . !ieti, hope
this promise? We: think there.ia. not', • •
We see' from European'' papers that_ there
the. chances are consideretirtohe against-,our
auccess..• few months will determineswheth
ei we, mnst,.-actes'.:the . .. - lavish l .expendittiree we
have made; itbanden - the attempt. td• subjugate
'Sou! b. it ie . -reported t hat Gen. *Seot t, has.
said onrhardest fighting' is yet to
.We areinfortn - ed . that the rebels believe, the) ,
'can meet sticcessfelly.tand even . talk •
vading .our :territory. 2 Takin4.things
sideration,.-.there is, indeed-a •pod.prospect•
befure enaY as, well look: the matter
fair in the face and know Where and haW. we
. .
In addition to.what'we have said,• we, must
not-overlook - the - condition 'of .111exican affairs.
The.hren have staked solMoclrupokholding.
tho ['country,
..thar they will„not...jtield. it; with
.a, stiukkle. unanomious (the
house -of. RepreSmitaDves, proclaims to them
our, purpoie to atlbere-in he Monroe Doctrine;
and the chanties . are gieatly to s ilo:m...oT their
jointing with the rebels to' vveaktM our . power.
The etiais is•r,oiv upon • us, which, is to de-fel - -
mine the fate of this sear, if not.'the country.
The Sam:Mile hopes of :the people, have been
turned t o feu ilni- forebodings. .. - The'good limes
exPected have. not nor. do they see any.
..prospect of their i tfg, , • , •
e rovelling - • in •the 'ffelusiOn. that
dam eclatvil paper curreriey . is prosperity, riilT-
Eliale to he :ileceived.•but each day - reyeales.
- mere:plainly their deltision, - .and. they too. Will
finallyu .tnourn.. over:the • loin .tlatly
have caused.. esme commotions end
- civil. strifes; :Treptbliation,"'aMl 'llestrucm.foiM
poverty. and ohs:trace;
. anil Want,.. from thv.
. burthens of tr; 01,4' loss of property;
,the loss
ot labor; the seat-0t . % Pt teests .. (ftoni "11;e : di
ininished labor caused liy it;) railroads with-
Om. buslness; cities without customers; shipsi
without rarefies; boMls,Atiff ,- , , liankttotes, ttov . '
etoment..- Cottilieates valtfelt•ss, O'r compara
tively sin :.millionares: reduced •to poverty;
simotitinifis witli owl - 14ra to circulate but their.
worthless seiveS'. Speenlattits , - cia. a - . barren
rock inovititi4 each othar; and tarnishing; hi . .
'borers seeking employmeht .no'one etin pay
After this prescnt - (it_of • debauchery, and
inroxicution,.whkh .has ',sunk the Nation into
a :rioting, wild, extrave,gtint 'fever. there. trill
come the butnblittg,•and fainting which'ulway,s
follow • ....uch • - exci;sses-and that. we fret :is,
close upon, (13. =such; now, ii•thi pro4pect. ". •
aVoney is in abundant trot Our, : citizens are
and reerestate especially' in demand.. We've
had nmerons injuiries . the title to "unL .
seated lands' in PennsAvapia; Ircquired by
tax sales made in . conforrnitr with the laws 'of
the ComrnoriWealth•. We have', therefore, bad
:Prepared 'the ... foildwing • summary of points
deeide'd by A the Supreme which define'
.very clort:ly this nature and Value of•sucb titles:
'there the•proceeilings have brien regular,'. •.
, When •uns.eatedland; the Subje . et•
of-tri.iation, :is sold for taxes, the: title of the
re•b‘sner,"w . liatever it may .be„. passes %to the
Purchaser. Whether, it.be assessed in his' runnel
in the'nitire'bf 'the *warrantee,- or of a stranger.,
ani.l.lwli.,cher., the pesred is whose name . it .is
assessed has or has utit: any title. Straeli•.vs..
Shoernake:r, IWatts fi Sergeant.;
A sale ct tinsedted laud fur taxes, vest.S•the
.this, when rea,ttiat ly made; iir,the iieridee, .tO
the exclusion. Qt all
,clainnants to the land 01
a prior d.rte. Caitl•vs.Bprini, .39G,.
Whirrs e piece of land is taxed, and sold for
:non-payment of tax, it-is i mmaterial. who. Was
owner. Collins Vs..Barclay,•7, Bair, 67;
A Sale 'bY • the corprnissioners.,is a , .'salis by
nivners„: and th.e.,parehaSer...is not bound' to
show anything be e t his deed.. Huston vs. Fos ,
ter, I . Watts, 4:77,..r . eaffirrned in Kirkpatrick
vs. id at hibt; 4'W: and S., 234. .•
. Where unseated land:is. sold at Treasure's
sale, and hci : Ught . by . the e om.miisionera„ an
absolute.and unqualified title aequirecf.aft et
five years,. Kilpat rick vs; ?it atltinit.•,.l: W. and
. ~
. .
Td act of 1815 applies, as' ;well well to' little ,to
the ; Commissioners as Individuals., afte'rJ,five
years Have expired,. thereftire without
riondlurcommissinners hold absaitityly,.and it
is not - necessary fOr"' them ,to proVe that' the di
rections.bithe law has been compliedWith;,-.
'Peteds Ileasly; 10' Warts,
20 . 8.
Ii lurid is'aSsessed, ..thOugh. ireegularly,
sale, is good; if IS atiessell.by the. .assessor. of a
different" township, , the poichaierds. protected.
Hablcr vs. Keiser, 2 P: and W..; .42 6 .
No action cantle dtroaght for the recoYery
Of lend sold by the' Treasurer for 'taxes .after
five'.Years . .from .the delivery of the deed,'
whether the - proceedings were.regalar or irre
gular and whether the. parchaict had entered•
or no . t: Pat:ish vs: Stevens, 3 S. dad Ir., 2138,
.modified by ;:illecle is; . ;.‘leEtroy, Barris, "al
. •
sale of unseated ,lands for. taxes
.Will . pass
the t ftle; though .as - Sessed in' a wrong' name' or
by a wrong number, if .otherwise, designated
so as to be caPaide of identification; and .the'
designation wilt if..it afford the
means of Identification' and.. do 'not positively_
Mislead the owner. Woodside vs. Wilion",'S
Replevin cannot he maintained by the. form:
er owner a,g.linst the purchaser for'. timbr cut
between the time of sale:and that of rwitletrip,..
Lion: . Cro . tpelien vs. Brink; 5 Casey, 522.' •
The. -record of the acknotidedgement• of
Tienettrer's deed for, unseated land kept in ':the
Cott; t Pleas;..Witell' I he Oe'd f kf l it
is is' evidence of •tho 'existence of the
deed. li.; , inhoth.'vi. '4erbe . Ran Improvement,
' A TreastWe's.sale for taxes of..a part of a•
tract of land, and a 'conveyance of, that .part t
'designating the iiti,intitY, - but riot the . loeatity,
is ktoort, - . .and 'rill - unrestricted choice of locality
to,thePUtchaSar, is -a,. • necessary Incidefir.:ol,
tide' Cnxe vs., Glandes, .Watt5',..533,- .
ble Ses..9th:-Seetion - .ol ; tha act. of 'lath 'of
Narch 3 . ll3ls;•Purdonls 008. .•
Talc Tliles'{o linsealed:L4nds
The Illse • in Gold
• -Themerest•-novite tinanc'e •tentleisfands
that; the : . iptrinsic• .valire• of a gold dollar is
the .siirtie alway•S ; and, everywhere: The pre.
ninth it: bears indicates . ICI 'relative valltc, , ,
as comPa red. with- other
,money. „The
wallops in gold, therefore;, are %‘`atelied *nib'
great. interest, ;not:
,finandiers' and.
• specula torai . who have . ' an:
eat in the, price it bears, •bidt.• alsO
pie everkwhere,';whn regard. it. ea a kind, of
therinonfeter by•which
: the ,jtidgment of ;prac
tical anti :'sagiieious , Men in regard to those
issues affee't 'the...prfee', of gold - is hew-.
esty re'ficated.tell' as that every
thing . . pertaining.. to the'' ini . litaiy and' finan
cial'conditiodof.:the-ciiuntry is encouraging;
but When' they:, buy '_'gold at •$1 .'Sbi we know,
they.: intend • te . .deceive..us... If they .beliefied
fhat.the [Mute Wes as .boti‘eftil as they, would
ha've'ns believe it: td be, -that the. lJnion , was
to be, restered,• that our national debt wile,
to . be' paid, and the vast volume' of goOrn:,
nrent vurrency..to be.. redeemed, they.. Would
hoard their • greenbaeks, instead 'or paying
oat two-for - onegeld. The. 'financial sob--
..umns of the city:.papers give the fie : to, most I
that appears..Under' the- editiorial heads..
. . ,
The rise in - gold' .alirming,• it -is not
speetilation,iint:enaviction.•,Se,cretary Chase
.itas res.orteil to'all' passible' eirpeilients:to . keep.
it down and it is - said he is . now greatly as. .1
toii isl4d• at its 'persistent rise.. •tia - need • not,
has heiM a 'Poor student-of political
economy if he could pot t lace 'oat this..r.criult
fnorrilhe be'has•pursued. - He ilea been
fighting against .tlpStiny all . :he tkme.. While
he hos been diluting the CUrretrey eine.l
the other 'he. has Vainly e:rsayed. ,
to_preserVe atiginel body -arid substance.—
He has tfie.credit'of adriot'strittegy,. which Ats.'
postponed the . cristS; .burnothing is more eer--.1
Min that it most Camera list. And it seems
to be near., People have fast': faith - and altriost
lost hope.- They believe that" the ailministra
-1101) has undertaken what' it cannot do,' and
they'-fear that the Only gond..to -.be hoped for
froth 'lin war is foreverlost by' the imbecility
wickedness of its Mattagernent. Whenever this
ileCpondelicy bee - times, utter despair, as it
seems before-long', the !nen who. havi.-
so sbamettilly misapplied the 'resources -of the
ci,iturry, a's well as who have willfully,
aleceived Us aS to the situation and prospects
of puldic:.affairs,.will - neeitto. .0f1: tire rocks
and-the mountains to cover, t hero - fr`orri the int
digniation of a cheafed and ruined- people;
'A Printer Sailor, •.'
For a -number
,yearn a wall-known,and
popular '. lake-:'oaptein• Wei :in"the..haliit'.of
! , sticking in the, Herald ollh-e during - the
rifer, and ovea _in the surrirner, • When . ; in
port, he would oftemdrop iirand 'i!set 'up" an
MlPorterit marine Ilem;just to keep his, hand
in..` In 6.5'S he had-command' one of the of 'i. • ssels tha fleft: this Por(direeffur the Hrif•
ish leles. After a long 'and stormy:- 'passage,
he found imuself.pee'eVening•in: the Harbor :of
il t s.tnqt m . a , te .a break
tor a printing mime, n
one.that was handiest, and he foam]
hirnself, Was the: marine , pa'per"gf .the City.. He
Made 'his way to the . ~c omposing* roomy', of
course, as . . he With] hard done in his own coitn•
'try, and told :the man-in 'altarge that• lie had.
an important and interesting "marine item.":
his . oisinformeil that ii was 'too late,' the.
111Q11 had. all gone home;4trid that could not
be "setup." The captain; told- him must
be, 'as it:was -highly importantpanrl that if the.
foremait'WOuld show hirr*a aiye.
him 'Would' do' it himself. The
foreman Was ineredulou, and.thodght 'him 'a , .
little 44 sbaky" in. the upper 'regions; hat con
culdeti:tii lurrimor hiS whim, arid so. 'gave hind
the requiredma . terials, atd,lookeJ on ,his' per
fent af.tonislitnent 'to e.e 1:1
. fi Am to rrici sailor.
- "pitch in" :011ie type' boxes: in a• teW'
tites. Captain.".Tolm". preEented..to the astonish—
ed.Corkoidati correct a nil..peFleCt, ari
.itcrn . that was'of . value' to he paper: When
done, the .161:ern;lii asked him bow:
he learned lg. set typo: He. coolly replied:—
Oh, that is nhtliidgl . F,varybudy knows •linw
to . set. t ype in: A t rland Herald,
Something good
Mr. Long, a member of Congress, from Ohio,
Made a 'speech in the House of . Representatiyes
the other. day.: .I.lc!tek the .posiiion•.that the
slat e . rif public Opinien, 'Nor; h. and South- veS. ,
such that a reuniety*was' ireltossible;..that we !
must .either: suldngate, and exterminate 'the
Sotithnitor people • or' acknowledge their "in= 1
dgpend.ence; acid tintt•fie . preferred the. fanner.,
tit; the :•latter.:• Opon this. the . l
Speaker, mtioducett resolutions of, expulsion !
ogainst . the saip LOng. What' is geed respect-
Mg' this act of Mr. Celfax,. is, Hits, some of-the.
Republican Newspapers. Of the city of Neis.
'Yerk•oonilenin,: . in."very severe.•ierms, Mr.
Colfax's - resolutions.. The Times advocatet
the right of Mr.. Leas; to expresS.the :Opinions.
he eh}, and censures the Reptlidicaris' for' at
tempting to *prohibit freedom of speech.. So
it'seerns that the temper of tho.Aholitirin press
is modern'ing, ..that somelor tht , Mhairo learned
something' - and -this shows that beirocratic.
principles 'are , gaining gr0tr0d....12..a11y
lookopon this as something, Very good.. '
Suppose it is its Mr. Long says, ..that the'
alternative is what' he asserts;' is it -not a fact
-that' shoUld .bc',known? . We think 'there. is
much to shoW. his posit s ions .. .c,orrect.,.tr
two consideratiOns present' them Selves, to
,people of the' North First,, IS it right. to
annihilate the Whole..peOple a the South? Sec-
Ond, IS it in our power to do it? We. nnhestia
tingly answer these questions in the negative:,
Our' fidaaces are tiowin a.:ilesperate.'conditiont:
"our taxes very onorous; our resources, for men
materially:Crippled . . • ,
Weeds of mourning are worn by almOst
ery family fort - tp . ilhin. 'Otipplei. abound., .It
'is a fearfulthing to Icok.,npon•• the' deSolation
and misery. the w a r has Wendy .catised;..ll is.
gloomy V.iewin contemplatc that for gene-.
rations:, the f±tiopl..l mnst groan - under the' ta xes
it imposes; and .withaut - enihirsing fully Mr.
• tong's'statements and poSitions we .nee'
to sustain thetn.• • That" he did:but "his dUty in
'stating , his Convictions ploint• to adinif of
,a question;
Before the war commenced it latai the 'duty
of every one to examine its probable cos!, and
the result, end to decide''upon the , Wisdom 'or .
folly Of : entering into'it. ' There haS' been . no .
time, nor can there..be-While - it cantinuel;" tha t
. .
the cam e ' obliged ione do'not rest 'upon us
If we look upon, hat ht„eo yeirslioVe giinCd
to us," in.. 1110 Way ,cif subjugation we - . find : it to
he but little. - We haVe;-.it. is trite ; ran over
some territory.'. We have caused Ahem: much
sulTaiing..'..We have teken'fifenly .priSuners;- , '
.We.,have destroyed much :property:: Wel . h#Vo
ifisumed..to . pitablirth'sovernineida'Ate..soine.Of
the'Sste'ded thls;..
'we WfthdraW.our armies, .each' Of. thesel.S . con.,-:"
'quests will revert toThemi'and'lMW, - embitter. , ..
i.d.against us, can we expect lhey
,will salmi
onyy.vrith*.lciss We say we don't knoW
that. Long ia wtong,
.At any- rite; it ib
Our 'duty 1(1(4.1111(1er well.tbe
Supposing this , ' - campaign 10. -;surd with 'mit
motel ially 'changing thesiturit ion of. affairs in
a, military point,of view., Drawn bnitles, sail'
the rebels' still Witic. organtzed'itortiee, ;what'
theiti Eithr;r. a:ptoPosition for pewee; Cr inere
sohliers, More bountiee; more , tarree,..•lO . any.
light We esontine the, subject - \co. - see-a pr0:1 , 7
prietiFin.agitatiog-the question Of peace.' . ••
Why then thisnutrageotts• attack >upon Mr.
Lone?. probably. it Is: ihtended ; to, stifle ill
fteedotn'of speech and. of th,n press; and In the
Way it . is.rebak«;d by respectable RePtibliCan.
journals.is'a most Cheering sign:Of the times; is.
something good,. We: have . , had. 'occasion he,.
tore to spcsk ofiheaction of. a portion :of that
party upon ibe . taxing of.Vnifed States 'bonds,
and•that We'i.e.e it itated .that;the extrerr4ls..
cill.thiS treason.: Anything is' treason , . that.•
does not comport with. the 'Janet/motions. of the .
'intriguers, :who are ruining. The yra juke are
getting.. 'to be ':very ntimerons..
. The ery•of tiensr;n has lost. its Power:
or three year's ago it:was.a - :rnagreal utteraneii,
and pat in jeopardy aft againat:-whern it 'war
forearmed.. 'For the in ildeat
. epression ‘or.
Opinion ilifTering. train' the . he'ritell and . frenzied
majority, the..best of patriot! Were, vilified !
motrhe 1, •,ttarlacetVrtnri ,ahused.. ;silently :or
approvingly'the .11epublican press assented to,
or urged . on
. the • malignants:•• who
oecirpied. the places . Of Christ ra'n •iteachera, 'ap
plauded the'wii:keiluesti,, ••shotild 'have . -bee p . .
their nees to .co ndemn. Their' pulpits'
were used. 'ns• stands' .(or'baranguee,
and tri stir tip strife.•',ln the: latrine Christ
and Liberty.-they practically'. outraged both,
and Woe.to theindependent• nod honest citizen
who , refriSed a..coheirrience in therfaaerilege.•
They, too; tt:i.the'isibolition press have
abated, soniewhatO'f, their. malignity. 'all
Thia . .there . is. a "piiiitive good.. 'Perhaps now
:ir.reviytil of religien mar: bring thesa:. furious
politiCians to a, knowledge of christranity—ii
rerfiVel'olth‘rneeratie principlec.. convert the.
morals of.the - pres . s.:—.Tio;74 & Bradford -pint:.
General' Sherman, during his 'stay .at
-ridian; ca ptured' a rebel inn ii•hag, in which was
.a ntir frorn.Rev; J. L, Pattigiew, chaplain
the Thirty 7 'first , Georgia regiment, to his'hhdh;
er and sister.: 114 . n.Pettigrew was• behiMl,
with. the wounded soldiers after the be t•
'itiltlithie experience at the North.... lie says:
1 • learned while . North that. .we hiwe' ho
friends there;liany at so few .that-ih . ey
can he of no. benefit' to. u 5.. ., Thera are' -two
-great parties there,, vii.:. the...Peinocrats and
RepUblieutts., These: both - are la .kivor
*prosecuting the war, and will be satisheil'AVitt.
nothitia digit of mtir. e'omplete
Indeed, our entire sehingatimi they. aro' both
yresolved 'en.' 'The:only . ttifFi.ence bet.Weett
the:in:is to the policy orsonductingthe war.
;The . lletrinerats °apace bitterly A he:Lincoln's
emancipation policy, end will neFerunite with
him white lie puraites it,. They want: the, war,
waxed. toiresrore .the talon. ''They Want it'
waged On•what 'theYterin: eon:siltation:ll Prin.
ciples, and I.analittnly,ormilaion that' the pe.m•
the nneSt. form id:ihleenetnies We Kaye
If they w e re to get in power 'North;.; 'it would
only lieu,renewal of the moron() all. Its . pest
liltiody 'scenes and horrors'. The best thing
ine us will lie the continuation:-Of the 'ltepuli
lican udinir.ist t:ation.
...There is almod?dea . l in the., above 'that is
true.. lithe Oentocrats, , were' to lissome the
reiponSibil ties - of the, goeernmen't t ' they• . enuld
net, even think of closing the tea upon .any
other - hasiis than the ' .
of the-Union. NO doubt 6601 ol pie - southern-,
ers'•as secretly. desire ,a restoration Ca,. the
Union or who Oespair ol a southern confederacyare mixinus the( the:Democrat-le .party should
succeed in. the•next li•siilential..elec.i ton;
. ao
thtrt terms might. be . ..aciordeci - .there v,•bielt
would make n Union.possilile; hut all southern.:
ers tkhri are in earnest - . in
.ilestroying the. es
tablishment, of a nem en eTedeiai:y must, front
'the rietu're. ofithitig . s.,h6pe for .retention of the
Repu'bl'ican party in }rower..' • 2 , .• .• •
t . .,ste an atom
when you are not hunttry; it is
suicidal. ~
Never hire servants to go in' pairi r as sisters,
cousins, or anything else . ; .•
. Never speak bl,yitr faiher as 41he oia
Never . reply to•the . epithets of a 4iunkard,
fool or
Neiter .speak Contempt uouSly.pf womankind,'
Never abuse one who was' once yoar bosOtn
friend, however.bitter now.
Never sinjle at the' expense; of your. religion
Or your: .Bible: • . •
Never stand at the corner of 4:street. • .
Neveriusult poverty. .. • •
Never 'eat between meals. •
.. .
TOLTelliNc -- .The ' killowing incident 'we,s.re
lateil by a Coate . deiate prisoner, lo.an..attenil=
anti.who by nnarif acta
. of -kindness had won
his corifidenee:.; ,', . ...-.
.- .
was'searxhing for spoils • .amoig • the ;dead
and dying, upon a desetted battle-field, When - . 1
diicovereS a sm.illgrhl locket upon'. the person
nl a dying boy, apparently' about • years of
age. As I :entleay.cired to loose it frdni , his
grasp, he opened'his•langUid eyes; and implored
me' b y. all that ,was goOd anstpure, by; the;rnem
city of my oWn•inhtherolol to - rob hitwoilis
~teeepicture'.. "Ohr : said he, "it wok her last
,1 proinised her,!la - 'uon• She kissed my
eti.ele.st parting) . that I uhanlttiilianiya'wear •it
near my heart,' in life or 44th." : •.:riiirt
throwing his' whole soul into. thiTlen„:
he ex
elainiedt%' 4 , 01 Torch not my eisters-p'etu're."
.As the. lost Words faltered upbn his fongue,•his
- ''vhice'huihed fn'ileath. 'Eli • the dim • light of
the stars, .1 hastily' scraped shallow
'and buried him with his sister's
. picture lying
• upon - ‘...
ry ,
- . r --,
'Who - Dive Declaim! , and 'F.avoreEDlstailDer
4. We liold .t that the sereis'ionisis
had n. Peaceful dissolatioh:of the' : Union hind
theY reallY:deiireifit, and had the peohlii-of
their States,. 'alter ..a :free'.tind: fait : iliecrissieni''.
decided . s eparate. form;the. Uniona.'So tiffs:;
told I he& :at: the . .tniP,; so
„genie: of
Jog journals :told
'good Ihith priiiiideut , ".'
Morgani.and . nearly. all. of 'optily :favored
convention of the. States,: whtch-Ortd.„Whicini
, t Y",'.na• the .diennionists know,) ‘iljotild :
had power:_decree a: peeeeful.,tliescp;.-
ttl teh et_the Union. "-Near York roikerne:'• t ,
Thar's' the'elevelnand Plaint Deaf,r,
ar- 77 the held, undiagnised • dee'lafistitin,.,..Of.
race Greeley - that:not only himselff 'but 'Presi:;
dent. - Linceln, and "hearty 'ell" the , Repuhr -
Ileum, :Were in favor: of a peaceful .dissOlution- •
ot the taion. `Moreover, Greele.; avers 'that
'they eo told the secesilonisti: • 'l'h =, it is :to •
be observed, is no declaratinn Made sonte.time -
ago; but . is published 'ln Meinley's Issue .01,
'l',:ibit;te. I.lr re is.nor.a "leiaPi , sheet
country' which will have thcbardiboinlto
that Gieeley has now Made free : contessiciti..of. ; ...
guilty comiiticiti with Sotitherti
and charged Lincoln with beingparrirepro,erirn'-
W When ilii.iCinembered that the. Sollth:.
ern lenders in tobeflion are charged' with her:.
• ing.bcen 'plotting the great revolt for years,
should be*.graven .in -cheracters of fire open
the rrl'ennOiy . ar the American people, that with'
full eagnizaheeof the designs orDa ritheey;
Toritubs PD.,. the leading •Itripliblieii thro b .
'their inotrlii•pieceo; assured them that - . they .
Might ; peacefully dissolve,. '.The strong: fac
demonstrated , by this confessinn ds• the lir..
publit•rin party. really; coveted the disruption of
our elOrioue - -- Union; aidentiy. thirsted ;for .'
ill viiion. of the :;:nution, . rather . than-there .
..be any fuhher
. participation of the.
'Smith in the yublic .councila. We have, now ..
the very .key to - the anti tilavery . .exciterttenti,
which ..*as t kimented by radical journals :and
stump 'sneak . ers... , l•lt spiting from no genUins'.
ha t red' .pf slavery,. and Ito genuine ph 46131. top
fur the - negro, buovs,s a more 'engine used. to
hrinObent a.separatiett: This was the
ohject of: the statistics so 'often papered by '•
Wendell Phillips to show, that both .IsZorth and
South wouldbe bettered by dissolving political
connection.. This' was the object of Mr.
coin's celebrated. argument in favor of the
right of : evert:a .sgraetit of a State. to .revelii--
!ionize. This . was the object. of the, bitter in-.
vectives in Congress against I lio•Sontli;. wind
ing, up with the taunt that "the South could not
be tricked Out of the. Union.". For Ibis Object..
Such tnell'ne.Thompson Were imported to widen,.
the breach, and such leg;stetidif,:as.the " per , •
somil liberty chionic,, and the. ,
foolish enthusiast .10i:in:Brown urged, on to his
mail raid in Virginia. It. , play" be asked!. whet •
11'1.4..1)104n about a: cbefigP. in 16 sentiments
of these Mee? We reply that there is. no real •
changes., The terrible recoil : after the firing
on surnteri: scared the Abolitionist!, and .the
.hope now of utterly. subjugating. and' crushing...
nut the .SoOthera..peciple l placing :negiO SOI- .
• " and sharing. with • these black
troops fiit !Co e k idt " rhe al.r i P til l9 rnel 6 ti r a ‘ i.ftaf.t•Snoiouytmhtinnt: 'en
all the 'Oiriccej
Cilkeilt to the war, make,• them.. ton' the pre
sent prate of Union, but nt:heart' they are . es
honest and . absolute tratters as ..they ever.
According to q newlq.hPory.or themOn3 end
• Fo . ritii" publishert ett the •othe'r 'side. of the. At•
lautie,cettein cornhinitions of triangle
nnil t qua re. prodocen .perfect type•.of lernale
beauty: - . This•niay. - he called reducing .1o.veli ! :
1111 . fa; I'o mithernaticul• deranstr4tion. W.
imee,ttlwtiys considered woman a wonderfill
problein,. yet .nerer euspected..that this. was the .
true..solution, •But p.rhem the theory to 017.-
iyrnbolical.. ..A hoop is a, circle; the :Eugenie.
'eock4"6at ,O
.trione,le, the . .fashionablo
plaid ciouka era all sqtairee'.
~. • ,
Possibly the new theorists intend le to he on.,
tlerstood thattheee three, with a good looking
g m . ..t t i ll aud e d,” . constitute the team. ideol,Of
feminine: (4seination. If ..so,v .t.lon?t agree.
with them:. ~'lshe "Theory!' goes On to. say, .
however, th,it t.tho yegulaton the geometrical'
figut es must be,irt accord:with certain harmonic',
Proportions. existing in:lnusic;.".frorn which wa'
infer that a lady.rlathematteally. beautiful ap=
pears to. most advantage' when:dancing to'llits
sound'cifo pioroOr a fiddle., %•—• • , ...•
Our own notion of a t r uly -futio/ds: wo man=
end . tione other isieallybeautiful—isnot tnathe-:
matical, though it play, onmpetheed ..barmony.
and melody, eipecially. of..fhe Tltere
air (tends the words of another) , aWomen of
sweet, maidenly...nature, glowing Up in, thi ,
practice of kindness, oftender hotisehold Alutiets.
of simple : godly amis. and of, genfal, , pleasant.
' '
at 111vt, they met . thenniervia to man, •••
.I.lklt - porrect mOic, nnto noble ivordig " .
"Pyion Mints hrtore
his swe . at • sistertioo. , lln . half.a-487zen
Arouigt 1,1113110,
The notieleon chnroutiotlinarkedliy her alone;
. The Ilyht of lore, the purity of gram • . •
• ' The iousia brentbiog Irvin, her flee, . . •
The heart whose ooftness toil-no - War the •
• Ana uh ! that ej,f wooln fierlf a Soul." •
'One rari7lr'sees this style rdlnily, in, the street
in tr Pork-piS Vat wok) a. biond•colered - leather,
or. at the opera;tinvils . lettered with' . jewelry,••'.
She dims not divide her walimg I.ours'into three .
,equal parts- 7 iVivAting one to - gossip, :one
'shopping, - and, one to She: reads,
thinks never Eeolds ; end when' She
love. po ppy is, n• :w ' . Shell u
for his bride, an n'trse :ike • tMiet..'bet,to '
tWerste'hOr. No peripatetietailies Show
no sell•exhibitioniet with bandolinett - rniastache
and redolent of patch:oily; should:come between"
rhe.wind and hdr ';"
411 e 'men „sagely' re-'
rnartted-- , i there is a,gend,''tfeal.of human: rintOris
in' tnan:",." It 'Orbits
. out
One of the s urchm's in the,selhool4hlp..Maartrilis;'',:.
6,04 tvas visited' by kilj,d l a ;l :Y! . ": -T h b l i to 6: :
fOlow was suffering aentely, -. 04 . „ 5 the.3 visitor:l;
tistcpti him . if she eehld'dO.anythrni
the pat ietit,iti ead tojrnelir. ti
you h,ave,a Story!" asked tlitiladY;' ,, ti.D4o'in"..•
awe red the boy ‘,4
about I...a . barusi?
next, day the.rit.it' wit!'rerir!itabi and again;th
bny.asked the ladYt.O.reail., r!Shall,freadtrotiV,
the Bible?" “Oil;:r 14 ;' . ! was the
reply; I'm bet ter .tirAityirearl tai a'law
. ,