M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, March 29, 1860, Image 1

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~..,.;.:,...,,...........:.,....:..,...,...,..... :::.,..,....,.,..„....„.,.....,...:....,,,..„.„....,...„.....,,..,..,...„.....,-,......„.„,,.....„..,..-..,„......•.,,..,,..:„•::.,.,...,...„.....„......„..,...:.1_,.„..,.......„,„.„., 1 ,::: : :,..,,.,..7,,.„,,;..,„.„, ; „,,„:"„„,..
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~ ~. '',,:!'....• ... ~. ;,', 3 . .*. 4`3;
_ . .
. . _
: • ' ny J. B, .OVIATT; •
TERMS: L'. -, $l5O in Adyanco
• . • • • .• .
•• • Rates.....of Advettising.
.3 Column one ' .....
j. 4 , • six months •
." •
' it t it
'One ,square of 1211 nes or' less, 3 insertions,
Each' subsequent .... ..
llustheklis Oardil,.wi paper...... .. .... ..t.. 500
Rule or ngure work will he nouble 'the ahoy° rates:
Twelve linos Brev.iei.f.yo, or eight lines nonpareil, is
These Ternis will IM strictly. antlered to. rti
/305111e55 . ....10.itat0rv..
. • . . .. .
. ,
. "• . A: D . : 'HAMIAN,•. •-, ".' .
• ,
SU ryeyor, ' Drallsnv.n Critiveyancvr. - .11,1 ' Real • Estate ,
.` Agent. ' Sloetttport; ll'Ke an county, _Pa, •-.: • • . •
Whologale an.l.ltotair DealCr'in Fornify rocoriec,
PlcOr, Salt, Feed, : llorits and P.hoec, hc.y &c. ;Store
• the Actor house Plock 'Emethport Pa;
• . .
. . .
Daaler.itilir'3 , Cilialg, Groorieg, Pork, Flour. 51ilt; : rish
Ready..litide Clothing, Booty and ithoea:
. limetlipart,.
. • ,•• • • ' ' • ,
Practical Mechanic, :Millwright,.
Port Allegheny, Mlicau county, Pa. :•• . 1:
• • • . .
.tiAtiLio Agellt; Glide, Williamsvillo, - Ellt Co., Peun'a
" •
. .
/1011. t tllolll:l,B:StrllthUr9,,
W. S. Brownnll,
lfort. A. 'l.
• „ " ' CAHVER HOUSE,' • • . •
JUIT H. HULL PropriOtor. corner of Water inlllickory
r:tre - obi, IVorren, tleneral Stage Oflio.
. .
general Dealer; in Pry 'tiornl4,Nlronerlos. Crinikery,
Iteots and Shoes, Hats avid
Zie,; ominsite the Conrt Iluuae, Sine • •
. . ..
ktroting the Pnblin* Sqqare. Olean. N. Y. .TAMF:.4'3I..
• Ititt.t.nit. Proprietor. The Elnbeslionipis entirely new
ntnt built Of brick. and: in ferni4lo , kll modern style,.
• 'Cho proprietor flatters ltin,telf thrrlin liceetnutinin-,
,'. t th i n Ara riot snrpnsne•l by ntly hotel .ill Western ': , ;.w
' York. CarAngen run.to awl trout the', New York 'nod
_Erie Itaij Road: • :
. . . .
ATTORXRY' AT LAW; Stnethport, M'Enaii Cnirity. PA:,
iiniut for 111.eAsrs. Iceitin; &, CO'. Lands
.. Alteivls
*especially' to tip Collection of Claims; Examinatioii of
- Land Titles: '
. Vayaintit..6l Taxes,:iind all liusimnis vela
:- iing til lien! llitnte. ()Plan in Itainlin Block. :. - . •
• . .
th . .
D...V. Wiiiitiiii, Proprier,--::iiiliiiintt, 'Warre county
;.. Pa. Ilis Table will' be: A u pplied 'with .the ,liplit the
'enitiltry" nitinits, ittiil he spiry ito pains hi acetiui../ , ttliig
hie gufstsi i, . . ,
... .
... . . , . . .
• .. . . .
. .
Attorney and. Counsellor at Law, Smethport. AllNean
• County, Pa, Business 'entrusted to his care for.the
..: counties of 111 , Kean. Pottor and Elk will, be promptly
Attended to 011ie° in the Court Muse; seeend Boer.
. ,
. . .
thvaician Ana Surgeon, slnethport, P 4, will attend to
• .till profts.iional calla with indtrlptneas. -0111ce in Sart
.. avoll Block, aecdrot floor,
. .
S. ttrltEß ez 00,,
. .
WhopNiale. arialteittl Denleis. in Staple and Fancy Dry
Goods' Carpeting;, nearly . Made. Clothing. and - General
' Furnishing Gdotln.pciotc .in.lSho'es, - .Wali ' tonViVindow
Paper, Looking Chances Ate. At Oldan, N. Y. • . •
' - • ---
. . .
Smetlipart; Wliertil 00.,Pa. D.. 11. IlEisi:.l7;.Proprie
tor-9pppsite the' Court Hausa,. A new., large, coin
. raodieug amlwell.fureislietlltoose, . . . . • ,
JOitli:C.. BACKUS,
.••.. . .• •
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Smethport, M' Kean Co
Pa . . `Wiltattend to al,lbusinesain lila lirofeasion in the
• comities of ''Kean, Potter and Elk': Witte over (r, K.
" •
Sartwell & 'pi:others' Stern.- , ..-• " • ' ' .
. ,
Corner or Second mild Liberty streets, Warren, Pa.'. R.
•A. 'Deanna, Proprietor. Travelers ,will flint good ac-,
commodatiOns and reasonable obarge:i.• •
. .
'Dealer in Stole's; Tin Ware, J4ippaned Ware, & - c„ test
able 'or the, Public SquAre, 'Smetliport,' Pa: OustoM
work thine to' order.onAlte. shortest notice, and in. the
most substantial. manner.
. .. . ,
Dealer. in Dry .oeods, Groaeries, Crockery—flaraware,'
. • Boots, Shoes, lints; Cans. Glass, Nails', Oils,'Sie.., &C.
;'East "silo of .the Public 'Squere,.S.lnothnort, Pa. ' .
A. J. 'OTTO,.
Dealer in Provisions and.FamilyGroceriesizoitarally; at
Farmers Valley, V. , Kean'..00,,..Pa... Grain , ' Lumber,
' , SVintrles t 'Scc.; telcbtl in. exchangefor 'Good ' s." Patent
Medicines for
ti' ati43%xcti...,
~ • LARABEE'S . HOTEL, , • ,
it. -14111ZE. ProprintorAllegherly ; Bridge, id , Kean
" Co.; Pa.' This hone° in altuated about nice milon from
' .smothport on the road to Olean, and *CI be found a
..•cOnvenientntoOping-place " . . • • . -
Siiippen, Wlteitir Clo., Pa, 'N. L;I3YKE, Proprietor
A•commhdious and 'well=furnislied lwuso. Strange•?
and taavelarc will fitid good accommodations. ,
. . .
. . .
lly , T. GOODWIN. TWO lIOTIRO iersituateil absent' live tell e,
fromßinethport on the road to'bleap... 'P l ensure parlitt'
. ' and °theta een be aouomtnotlate,i op the shortest untiee•
. . . .
itATIIAN MINIM, Proprietor. This house is sltnated hal:
:way betiveen Bmbthport and. Olean. If you slant a good
anner.this Is the place ,to atop:.., ' • , • .
Pio010(31 , 0 tho Grist:Mill. it 'Alochanickiburg,Dfc
. • KeatiVototy Pa.• Mon 1;. and Foed;conattintl
hand unit for:sale,in largo and smigl, quantities.
, . .
0; 'OSTRANDER, .Proprietor, .21CICean
Pa Good' accommodations can bo bad .there' at,al
kinort Preprletor,. nt.Terl: Allegany,, Me
- Kean Ciehnty, ,
!thin Intol ikeitnated 'at the pile,
Lion of the Stnelliport and Allegany River loada, nine
nillea (met ot , Sinethpert. , ".. • •
.;:..,.. 111PKEA . N po., - •Pa. •
WM. .HASKELL •:' : Proprietor
The t;roliriotor • having reeei4tly purchased and `thor
oughly refitted tlie:Astor Ito • use, flatters himself: that ho
den tarnish as good aceonitaodatiens as any 'iota In West
eta Penneylvanla: ,
• ' WAN TEP • ••'
JoOLD ON.ST MON , eichange for work,"at
JU the ~. -" ; • FURNACE;
Tlikbost 503 Teahi tuvinI s ip63i t ,
i; ' 01
.01ilfdloily through the mast
That roll their Army waves betiveen,
The gorgeous sunset land alibears T ,
. Arrayed ju'hues of fadeless green.
And from that far. or sonny clime,: '
Old half,furgottlu senge arise, •:'
And'atehling o , er the . laves °Clime
• Thusweetly:lingming Music -
- Xs some bright island of the sea,
.Forever bipoining--:over fair;
Though add, dark billows:round it be,
7tcrnalsunshine hOver.%there...
.Thus.tder'the'sllent :soy of "yOnrs,'
Our eager longing looksiro, croft,
Whe . ro robed in fadeless
The . sunlit Eden of tbollast: . ••
. $35 00
t2O 00
• 12 00
. 20 00
. i 00
. .
Th . ere memory Weaves her garlaud x green
Beside the lone, hope-haunted shdre
And indshig !mid the A realiau scene;
- ..TadnehlloWeri that bloom fur holm more
.0h! hollowed (Aimed bleit land of
. rairadise of eaidy.dreams !..• •
Still through thy vela my'fauey rove,-
Still bask beneath thy evening buanas:,
. .
And t141.e they dwellH.bone:ellerished
With snow white brownand w . itivini hair
nee - thein now-I hear tunas '
.9f 'sWeetfiese sigh along the dif..
Trarini how their silvery
In citdenenwillt the wind's .low nigh.; •
N . it Sweeter is the wind-b'urp's string"
That Waken.adene tta melody, • I • •
see, they bare
As li4tlio.inintgs
"Tl:nt clime in . all its beauty stands '.
Against:lb o.ferehead of the sky: .
ivientlicil brows—nith Itiugli and song,'•
teuder loofa—Laude claspint .
They morn slung, that lore-linked thinner
'Within the haunted suuset.land. . .- .•
... IV.tcren;.
Sinetlinort, Pn
Hui4m. VIA:a. l'a
a jail' Co: see a
young. Intin ‘vho hail once heed a.sa.bhath school
Thelceeper 'took djrgi.bunch of 'toy's. and:
led its throtih the .
ing one door anolhet, ,untit at length ho
opened the door ..the . rodm, where sat. the
'youngman ws had . c . ornet6iee: The walISAf
the room WorcOl emirse.s!ono; 4 thilLioi of thick.
plank, and before: the windows wc;re.sdrong list)
Without, all Was beautiful c.the,gte.eil
the sweet (lowers; and : singing birds
.. were as'
lovely as ever butthisypiftig mats could ..en
joy noise of could he, go
'Out, for he Was condemned to death! Fes, he'
had and.noiv he liiinsclf must die.
'Think .it, Only twenty .years old; And •Yet,a
Sat'lliwii beside him. and ••taliced
said he; as the 'teat's rolled down his
cheeks, "I did. not :mean 'in 'do it, butt was
drunk ;' then I gat anery, 'anii before . .l .. .kneir
what I . Wasihout-rkilled .him I
91 1 ;•ifi - had minded what sabbath seliciot
teacher snid, if had • minded' thy mother . , • I
never. should,haYe.eo . the should never
hai.e been here !"• , • •
lt would have Made your.heart • sore as' it did
Mine; to See:aad tall: with him •Oace'he Was' .
a happy,'pla)ful child like you; new he is a
poor. condemned young.mau. die did . not mind.
his motherolid not govern'his ternpar;
he grew olde'r •he went . with 'bad..boys, who
taught him bad habits ;,and. he.beearn'e vbrse
and Woise; until, as . he- 'said;" ;when drimk; he
killed a man ; and now; after a . femi:v&eekChe
must suller the . dreadful lienalty..:Asl left
hird.he •• • : •
"Will you porpriy . for me ?". mid lie added,
«Oh! tell boys:: M.Feryw,here to. mind their
mOthers, and keepaway.from bad companions."
. , .
• GauArisr.una.lf you "find a min' disposed to
coin pldin. c!roe'coldtf9se of, the world, •be sure
tiehas•never hrought anything into, the
to warm it, but is 'a personal lump of ice set in
the midst of it...lf Pm:tied '4. mad who: corn:
plains that the world .is, all : base'and hollow, I
tap hitn' and,be probably sound :base: and
holloty. And s,o, in the other Way; n kindman
will probably find kintiness all "about him,, The
Mercifal man; aa•ri ger i e . T al will obtain
mercy. Ilewho has alWays • had a kind
'cusp•forotherp,, who has.looked at the
lest side 'of the case ; ho who, has, rendered hie
pirtion and' his' help whenever. liecoulth who
has never brought his fellow=man. into • any
Strait by' reason of not helping him—will :And.
that the mercy which he .. has bestowed •flowS'
back upon him in a full and spontaneous spring;
He will make a rnerciful. world oy the, mercy
he himself shoWs. . . .
. .
The Chicago
.7!int . es.y a: that q• largo whole
sale house iri,Chicago lately eentan .agent :let°
Missouri te.look into the circumstance' of one
of their debtors in that State. The agent Went,
and shortly reported that the.debter had noth
ing of value expept,a:conple of: negrO children..
His employers .Were Republicansevery min
in, their house was Republican= yet they wrote
back tOleiy . on the,negro...children, and hold
,them forlbedebt. This.vtiai•donei but with
out effect, for.the distressed 'debtor could 'no t
raise the..fun& :-This Republican' firm, ;then
wrote to have the'children sold to pay . a debt h
It , was*dete; and these worse . sPeci
inensof litimanitir - than all '
the Legrees: that
could be coined by the vivid imagination ..;of
the Abolition MrS, Stevie, received their , dues,'
There.ie high,a e thorify
,for odd thatches "'in
, this the Goddess' of teauty,
was inartied to alunle bleekseetth, • •
"If I had Minded my Itlother."
The following fro* tlyt Chicago , Toaruo.e is
ivoithy ofbch4; placed' beside the winter
sketches of•Jaeoli .Abhoti• and 'Nathaniel P.
.That 916 red
.b . ox • that
never was full, far'd '
own'in'the straWijwitiPped
in robes,, or on one or.tile 'other of .the four '
seats it eontained, there,Was . cralwayi raom for
one more:' _'.' Whitt.a;grouPing of bright . yohng,
faces there used to be in it t 'Feces', in hoodi;,
anyi , in blankets—hearts that hay's loved
since-heeits that have :broken' ; .hearts that
fiave mouldered. "A•nd'away we wentl;orer :the
hill' and•through the:vele • under. the.
and; under • thecloud. 7 ‘then., the'. stars wete
looleingdownwhen the still kindled'the-ivorl tl
into_ a, griest whitejewel....... But those days have
gone.foreVer:away,.end thd s'weet old noel
Of bells, - big; in the 'middle'. Of • the • string, and
g:rowitr,i, small by degrees, power
Over the. pekes.... ' . •.•• ,
In the ol . dsleiglt hrideshaVe gone: away be
for,. now.-those were, married to. manhood
those that . were: married unto death.,
Ships . ha:Ve: gone' over the '.waters. with less cif
hok.andhalipines,s, than• that rude craft has.
horhe Oiier the hilloWS of .winter-L-SWdn-like
shapesnow glance alcing:the narrow
give us.for • its .Swebtrriernories,..of yesterday„
the old red.slelgh.: '
Then, the days, we' wereioasters, and
down the, big hill; by the .maple. wood, 'through
the little . ..-ilitebeS farinto the 'valley 'we came
'ivrthmetry shun t,:each:the solitary Palititirus
of his HoW' n'flocli. of
swullott•a"we 'ditshing : down the' lesteiritY.,- ,
a'rnong'a grOup of 'sleds, Side by side with a
rival 'sh?Otin hylike.an rio ty, steering in gal- .
lastly:ahead. like a jock6.,.and on our• way: up
with a sled iii to;y, ere the other
reached..themile} • • .
And then 'it was Whenn-the • wind ; had. swept'
.awar - the;Snow fr4inpond and stream,. and the
ice was gharki, that we - pot. on the;irockers".
'and-dartcd hither and . thither, and"eut sixes
;and- eights. and .cerves. without timilher, and
drew the 'girls that we loved, and whirletUtheM
like leaves over the highwaY of •dlrystal. ....• •
And the.schoolS • wheie'Wd..sPeltf.eaels other
doWn,•and the schools . .whe re • we sang . . Wind. ,
ham ~dnd*. l ear,lan! l the schools ,vllere eve cy
phered antiwrote,'and
all 'goner, te,ieher aod 'taught; like the .melting
snow under the rainbOws.4 April. ,
And when, sometirnes after the, great snow,
the winds carne out bf the no . rth . tor a ,(tulle;'
what Wreathings 'and carvings of.thecold, - .ala
'l:taster, there were. What ceiinthlati adornings
suimeunted.the'ftnipe.. posts ; 'what mouldings
werefashione:r;by the • Way; ; what fairylike
Cave's in' the .drifts.; what Sowers of rare, finish
and pendants of pearlsbn-the•trees.•
. .
I-I.n4e you quite forgotten the loot-p nuts w'e
nsed'ie find'in the.damP.snoW S'onie
•. • •
of t herd as.it lose letter; the mysterious paths
down, to the brook, or by the old halfoiv,, t'ee
that we useilftri wonder over and set ."figure
lours" by, if perchance we. might Catch the.:
Makers thereor?. , H,ave; 'forgotten
holy, sorry were 'for: the •sno,w l 'bir,ds that
litittered.ardong - the flakesi..and seemed
and host in the 'storm?
~ • ,
; And theresin 'the of, that • 'winter
'Christmas was'set, that made the thanksgiving
last all through the night:Of the'year, and What
„wonder. the . stars and the fires; burned. more
. brightly therefOr
~Christmas With -.its gifti
and its .. ebeer; , carol'and phtr
ar:; it' s ever-,
green branch and its bright yarning drearna.-- :
Christmas when.theie. were Printslopen'thp
chimney tons if: we were only' there. to see
them, where Santa •ClauS set• footras
clock"Struck.twely . e. •
when ..iteck
ings. were suspended by heartli.and by pillow
all over the land . ; stoeltings, silken'and white';
stockings; homely •and bled, and even the little
red.soek : with a hole ple'sed for,
ever be b - ethlehein's 'star. ' :
Pnpeitha" Omer, Rur.es:—The follosving,have
been almost unanimcusly• ritlopted . by . th .
~c raft," and : are .expecied to be obsetrved •
1. Enter'softly-,
' • 2. Sit AfeAyn quietly.
3.. Subscribe fel.the paper,'
1. Don't itehch . the'pokei:' .
5, Say nothing interesting.••
Engage inmo controversy..,
'• 7. Don't smOke.-
- S. Keep six feet from tahle
0. iton't talk to the printer's.
10. Hands oW the papers, •
11.EYei oil
. the manuscript.,
12. Keep eyes of the matter.
Gentlemen 'observing ' these rules-'when en.
. .
feting a printing office, will greatly oblige the,
printers', and need' not fearthe .levil: - -. -- ' .
' :T. belittles', who:soinetinie ' blesi , ns-*With
their:presetle . elor . a.few.-inin ace, - are not - ex..
pectid te keep the ritles- - :Ver strictly,. and . hi.'
deed,•it %ill be agreeable to us to have. them
break the fifth and ninth' rules as. Often as con
venient: -''-,....'..' , :-'.....',..';':;.--. ...., ... .... -..•, .
2.. Boys ; unless •neconspanied hy , .teir. . fathers,
arUpartlcutarty yequeitell to- keep their hands
in their pockets. -. :--
• .Young men' live • tempeiately—gn . to chtir . ch
- . .-nttOnti to your.alltirs-Llave '4l - the pretty
girls—marry ono of.thcin--live like a akin,
diki•ilio . it Christian. - .
"The following is an e*Atractfrorn a diseOurse
Preached by the 'Rev.,. Yon Dyke, of .
Brooklyn, INT: r..on the last Thanksgiving ,
..“The.relation:,hetWeen . inqster.and servant .
invOlitei'es'-'yon,':wcil.,'know, the:most: difficult,
and delicate 7 questiOas pertaining tollie
fare of human
. society.. In 'oueown country
the!Opiejliitts,htive not 'Only been disceiSed in.
the 'abitraef;'hut-so.interwevon with party -in
tereati'• and". - passions that itis rare , to gee a
'man; Who can' s it. down: calmly and Withbut
prejudice 'to consider them. It his* not been
my custom and it cortai4knot n0w . 11 , 13 , 1M% .
pie,:te bring these questiOns in their politich
asPets, into the sacred desk. The..time•hhe
come, When in my jedgment, it behoVes. all
good men,*AndespeciallY ministers enhe
pel,•rot to he identified With the hitter;
tentions of no . ) , party,. but' to stanirreadY‘ with
oil to pour upon the waves, instead of . angry
breath to laSh them: into fur y . Arid in the
presence of this Christian assembly, it seetris
to me that the very' boat oil 'for this'parpose
the ealirtanirtiuthorafive utterance of the word
Of. God. IThe fifth comMandrnent *as - it is'. ex-
PoiMded, net only in the I.evitieril
the•Mtaniple;aud.rocordell * testimony'of.Chrisf
and his ApOstles, has a direct bearing upon the
relation:: of niaster. and -iierVent.. Following
the apoStalic r exemple, if I' were called upon. to
reiulatethat*relatidn, would have•nothindtn
•say . about abstractions, rMapPetil toile
ation of liiitePendence, the Constitution ' of the .
United Statit; the enactments of • Congress, 'or
.eclesiaetical• aSsemblies.7'-'
These. are . not text-hooks. 'On a- 'Southern;
plantation, I Wwild*tadhere, inst . asl Strive to
do amid the*wlnde of doctrine in this 'great city
I.O•the law and leitimopy.of.'tpr inspired com-.
Would 1 .- cattail(' expriutud , the*
Bible;, saying'first te 'Masters; ciGiVe into yoUr
servants 'that*Which is; just and equal, know
ing haven Master
Your Iledvenly, master will' hold .ypu•to.strici
account: If . yOu claim. for the . relatien you
*sustain to* your servants the protection of the
divine laiv, youmustriccept also the conditions
and restrictions Which • that .law. iinposes
if your authority °yrr them is patria
sd also are yew . .. obligations towards. them.
You are answerable not only for their bodily
comfort, but fort s
heii..piritual welfare and
.• •
'vation', even - as a f ather is, answerable Air .his
childrdn. -• lt* is a soleinn respeiisibilitY . which
rests' open so* and if you do not the utmost
of your power,' seek tol•prerinite*. the purity,
knowledge •and eternal life of thOie tiS•Wherri
you stand in this-parental : relation, fearful
heinitr guilt. . We: de not require you. Tease
being Masters: The hible doei.hot. : . And tie
hcMestly . believe ;that. in 'most cases the best
interests of th . oSe. - Pader . yotir control l' ' 'pultl not
be proinoted•byl•h freedom whose: perils 'and*
whose privileges:they *hre:nOt an yet. 'prepared
to sustain. "But we do beseech : you, in Christ's
name, :not only"to , be 'reconciled to hirn.your
selvesbut to giVe those •for whorn -you are re-:
sponsible a knovledge and aliving:lllitstration,
of truth asit is in,Sesus. •• •• .
• ”This,;brethrsii,• is . dOetrhie which .in'
days past Wai•prs:ached,by such, men as fleyies . ,•
•and Baxtei; and Rice, and Alexander, and is
now taught-by hundr . ediOf Godly Ministers all
:over'ourouthern • States-i,the . doctrine. whiCh
has yielderl;'and is Iyielding, preeious fruits : in
the .Salvation ; ofmuktitudei of both masters
and serants j ,aud raising' up . KAfrica agreat.
cloud witnesses;Ai'ho shall lift up their 'voice,
not only amid' the. ivbite-rObed thiMid in 'belly:.
en,.. but :amid the thick : dark:doss. •of. idolatrous
tikes '.uPon their inailie:shores-4the doctrine
Which but (or. 'the' •prejudices.and passions that
htive been, ronsedlntO fury by leachiii - g, 01 .
difreient.sorti.Would:..even now be 'winning its
OUietand'hkssed way.,intO.: the iiearts of many
by whom, .according to the ApOstle'S•prophicy,'
(I.• Tip. vi.• I.), the name and doctrines of .God,
are blasphemed.,
. .
. is instruction Which the Biblegives
to . 'servants. less ahundent and .I do
not find in either - Testament any hitter curses
and. accusations against : masters', any trumpet
:calls to rebellion, and'. arson, and murder, -any
justification of fraud or Violence, as a. means of"
escape froin'servitncl;- but I. do find such plain
and sober Words as — these—and while thoy
-stand here
... in their obvious and unperverahle
•meaning,'l never can yield'to the pciptilar
or that contradicts or ignores than, inless at
the same' time I am prepared to becoirie . en in
lidel to the gospel—l do.: find such seber. welds .
-as .oese:—"Servants, he'Oliedient to them..thar
ere-your 'masters according to- th! , . flesh;
fear and t'rembling,in siugleaess of your hiiarts
us unto Christ,•' Ot with . eye-serVice as .meti
-1-416a-sers; but as, the ..serVent . of - Christ, doing.
the will the heart; knowing-that
whhtsoever good thing any Mati doeth; ;the
'same shall he resolved of. the tord,'Whe;aier he ;
be bond:or.free'.. .• •.
• ‘ , Believe rne, the gavel plan is.beit. 3f he
stead of 'arraYing'claSs against 'claSS, 'and sec,.
thin nal* instead .of Speculating
about,the abitract •iightsand . political . desti
nies, the ministe,rs of Christ only .adhered
to their - commissioli and taught _ the relitiive.d4;.
tics Of . ..master and servant as they, are laid
down in the , Testament—if the intellec
tual and imeltiniary triasurei.that have; . been
noise thiin ‘iastcd.in agitation. amt. s.t.rjfu.l.fad
. .
been • conSeersted:to
: the iptentl:4 the gospel:
AuSt..ai pool preached it to bothhond arid freed,
. . • • . • .
Abe- word of cod applied byr:hie Spirit, would
have .. ,wroughtkit the -practi.cal
: solution. of tn e.
4 : Servitiidenot , inlheffiere
contention'that'rio . W convnlies -.the la)id,:nor in
•the divistaa and fraternal strife' thittidower : so
potStitionslyin :: the . future, but kn the unity of
phriSt; . Where ther e ' is` neither bond nor
I,li:tier& the master treats . : the servant as nson,-
and-the serv4tit .. honorS the nneSterai . a father.
Tin unbeliever 'Vrlio doeti.. net i recninlie -the'
gospel es the Power
. of: Ginl; and thetieree.par
tizen•Who,'earinet endure thuslow:: - methods of
infinite wisilkeysneer and iail.bifterlyat- .this:
siriiPle.plen 'and • denounce* those Who-ktre,
Gotl'i strength, edhere : • I. : , .
•• rahe
,'Apostle seems to:: bat/U-antichided
their bitter: opposition, when' be wrote tohiii
son Timothy these
,memorable words "Let as
many:servants as• ; .are• ender. the yoke count
their own masters Worthy. of all honor;thatthe .
'name of God and his tioetritie he. not...blas
'phetriedi end , they that haVe .believing-piasters,
let-there not•despiso• because-they:
bratiren,•ii'ut .'rerher-do-them Servfect: because
they ere faithful and beloved pa rtakers
These things. teach and 'eghort.
any : marteach .olherwiSe,andY•consent nOt' .
the•wheltiserne .: Words of
,the Lord .!anus :and
the doctrine which is according godlineirs—‘:
• from sucti.withdraw thySelf..(l. Tim, vi: l.:-5.)
.Ifow,tife-like isthe portrait which the:spostle
pieceedi.te iffaw of those *who do reach.. other-;
• Any . one cenrecognizelt. And !How.
1 emphatic the instruction he gives to the Chrii,
tinri• minister! . *; Let -Timothy take .beekto it:
:Frorri:Such withdraw thyielf.t , •.• .. •
N . THE TREA.tiOil 51A1011.
the'dune Meeting of.the New York Histoiicai
.SOciety,:llfr, Geo. 11. Moore radii. an May on
the "Treason of
.Ciii les Lee; Maim. General,
second in commend in Hid American Army' of
the Hevolution,''.and eseak has been pub
lished by Mr. Charles Scrilinek. The- Courier'
and Enquirdr anys..: presents for iho, first
time to the world s the'positioe proofs pf.L'ee's
treason; a facsimile of .llm erigiikat 'document
in Lee's own handwriting, communicating to
Lord:HOwo the plan - olthe:treason, foe-.
simile of Led's letter to Gen. Gatee,iii whiCh
'he denounce; with
.bitterness and :ptofanity
that great and pcidd :leabi•Whumt during 'the
whple we'r he, chose to consider his rival—Gan
'oral Washingion.....Apart ficim•it4 value as an
authentic and . original . acConni of an •itioportint
episode in the American Revolution', E)hovys
in strong and instrupfivecoOast . tites pictures
of the infamous traitor amiifte; true 'patriotL
the' fiery .spirit of an• evil Ond
•calrn . one of kigh'and holy .perpose—Charlei
Lee,. who ,would . have - betrayed :the country
wbick would not miniSfM:to - hia.unh'ol'y
tion, and George Washington, whowoUld have
died for , that country ritlier than it sbould,not
have heen saved. .for ,freedom :alone. • These•
pictures are good ones 'to study at the :present
. •
EA ttLY limprmaN . cy:s.--There can be no-e're'at
er blessing than toboliorn . inthe light 'end nir,
of .a...ch eerful . ,.; loving hotim. • . It . ' not - only en- .
f i l rei; 'happy ::ellildhocid-if there be health
. a'goed constitution-na. it almoit makes
sure. tt . • virtuous and happy 'manhood, . Lind. a
fresh . young heart-in old age: Fthink it every
parent?s duty to try. to maim' their'claddion's
childhood full_ of love and of childbood!s.proner
joYousnesS ; inditiv . er see children • destitute
of thern.through• the poverty, faulty. tempers,
.or wrong nations. cit their parents,..'without.:a .
heartache. Not that all 'the' -appliances which,
wealth Can buy ore neegssary'to. itte...free and
.happy unfolding drchililhood in body, mind.or
heartquite otherwise,'.God .be thankedi• but
.dbildren 'nest at,•least have loye.inside the
house; and fresh air and; good pfay':and. some
.gued-companionshin outside—otheivvise. young
life runs thegreateSt daeger:tn the World .01"
tvithering 'Or ' growing .fahted,, - or' sour and
wrong, orat.bost perma .s turely old % and . turned
idward itself. . • • • •- •
• A riT:EqIAN AT RFiAtilNll.-711in 'artesian
well at. Reading,, Pa., AV,ltieli has' been , some.
tinie . in progress,: for the largo.brewery;
reached the depth pi 1,70,0 feet, being tire-third'
in depth-in the'Llnired States:, • —• '
One at Colutnhati,phio, is 2,340 felt, and One
at St, ,Lonis '2;2B2feet; This one 'at Reading
is all-its•depth' through solid rock thn..bOre.i4
four inehes,and thArill is driven by -a- steam.
engine, and requires bhi•thiecr,neen'at a .tirne;
who.alternate-with three others, • sq as t 0 keep
the work in constan . t eperationiand then some,
times not making more than four inches:a : day.%
*The shaft of ttie 'auger is made of -vveadeti.
rods, Screwed .togetber,.and hoisted, lowered err
tented by..the:sfeain pover.' . .The- 'present es-
pens& is stated at ahotit...sl . s a day: .
•.• The.Commissioqqrs of Indian atTaits: Slat PS
in aleitor that: alrritist every Indian rese
inlCansas has ciihet beei),s,qt kid or trespasited
upon.by the whites, in utter disregard .4(
•whi'cli•is. imperative; and must. -be. enforcee.:— .
While he.would:Ck,ceedingly . Jeg,ret
between - citizens and the •UnitedStites troops;
and hope s that siich a calamity .will, tie 'avoid.,
ed..; but as at present'ativioetl, unless, they obey
the• notice, the strong arni.pf the „Gbvertimont
will be employetrtO enforce . it, however forini-.
dable*,tbey may be in number/. . •
• All ,f1.101r11;111 'y46 had iumpatl.i9to the - water
,to save a man from drowning.,on recPi‘iing 4
.sixpenCe.frorn thd person. as a roward hi s
aerOicos,looked:at tho aixpetv.le, and then, at .
him, and at'last,..e;:claitned, Weil, I'm Oiir
pabi for the job." •..• • , .
. ~ .
....4VO know 401110. 01!.'0 . , .Wl/0; when . tVI 03'0 .
lii;rpreXANl I 0 argument . ; get. out •iiiA us: pooi•
debtor. ~ et out of jail—they IslA;oar out. - ....
THE EARN 6ATl4llooißth,",„,t-,;1;.
In 'accordance 'with " the "tinifittil', eustiOlik
soma engineers of
..t he •eptiniciPa(itt;'retiiintl)r.;,,
visited the catacombs,
siderable distance beneath Parle,Oelhe
bank of the river.. The Object ?jilt" Vrate- ",
to :ascertuid. that the arches
WhiCh support thd reef fierfeegfeo4,-'
The . engineers werr!accompanied'bi:sirmer
ilemen end ladies; and it is ;Indy on •the,tideX4" •
Sion et . .thee?, annuarinspectiona
combs can be,.Visllati at alt, .The•-;entritheelk .
in the. courtyard, of whit Wii ';tOilnerl y
cotroi-office, orthe.Barriern, d'Enfer. - , It id
,closed by a thick door, and' the tatacombeitrd •
reached. by 1014 murrivi itairatise,.;desCendini
about 70 , feet.. A rne,i at.the dbor,•Counte the
persons who ; enter, and ‘giVeti•eaCh — a ligheed • .".
enndle, wbich It is required &instantly" to Carry:"
At the bottom of the •statr.ease frioa 104 'har.:••
row gallery, the sidest that ofwhich , ire
supported by . masOnik, This gallery (n..wfiielf
only.two persons canwalk abreusti:kide:
spations yeah beneath theßlaine de: otitlkoh;
ris, and in which:Vault ereerdlected ihi bones . :
formerly removed from [the, old alitieterlet , :
Paris., Sear the entrance to .the ya,ul(ii;•lll#
friscription - ,.../Vidasuircz pas jiraimii deti
Sc,' About.tWenty minutes areseccepied. •.:
re : ltching this'epori and it la geneiilltlemarl"
keil that the visitors, influenCed ihe strange. 4,
ness of the sit uatinn and-bithe ,peculiar inlet •
which preVails ' :soon become serious - Ana : .•
In the vault , thebodes are piled tip like wdod lli
a timberifird-entl, galleries pre'„formed,• in.
thew for visitors to pass along. 'The bone* . are
arranged, in a
.th . gOlar order to ,the height of six
fent, the larger banes" being otitaide,,,iihd ,
skulls' being plac'edph the ;tip,' HOreandthere- •
are inscriptions indicating from:wlidt cemeter
ies the bones Werebrought, and scraps of ,
verse from•different poets. Thrti is, one enor- •
mous heap of bones has•tifif yet , been
.classified.; , 'lt is calculated that no fewer tbatt
3,096,000 persons must have ben interred. in •
th th
e . cemeteries fro. which thebones, were . fe 2 .
moved, tn•the VaUlt are some, oubterianean •
springs, which hove . been collected in a , basin,
called the Feentaine, de la Simaritan . q.•• In this
fountain sonit,gold fish were placedin 181.1.1 • "
they lived for a long 'fime but-rfid not " breed:
In the other parts Of the catacombs the galler2
ins are ,very numerous, and one of them 14
nearly ewe miles long. • .b• s
• The Hartford. Tares, of•Tuestlay evening' •
tells of an interesting ceuple. which. left that
city on Monday, - for New York. It says•,the
parties - lived in Bridgport,.-where . Mrs.---: •
some thiee years became a wido'w , had.:
two. or three children,:note nearly grovili 01.= •
Some property it is epid, reverted to • her on•thi
death of her hitsband, and,she had a lso the ben •
slit of $5,000 attired on het lintiagd's wk. -4
Some months ago she Was•fritnid,46. iiititnatd
.with, a certain' H o ot tiegrO . ot ridiePort
it was soon known that this negro .was getting
passeSsion of her Money : arid ProPitrtYi • Final
ly the, n,egro, found it . - prudent to lea ye,
vwent to New York; Wherd.helipeeed'a feitati- •
'rant. F,re 'inany weeks, lkfii..-L---= 2 zrianifeifed
what was believed to -be an intention to, follow
• and one day last - Week, being all prepared .
the ttarted to the reilread depot, Jai was pre-:
vented by her friends.' Ai' this Mrs told: •
them she was alrOdy married to Fraileill, the
negro---adding.thtit the ceremony. 'Was - legally 11,ii
perforeied in New York last call l (Jponlearg-, •
ingthis, the , lady'a friends; knowing that`•ata
clatm`ed to have received, a ipirit .crithodirdea7
lion -from' her husband . ikthe sPitit
tinning the vile arrangement, at once resolved
to prevent itbresiablithing,the faci.thet she. ".•
Was ‘,4nsane ;":and...she was btought .
city leSt'Week„ . to he placed under Dr.'Bittliios
careitt the - Retrett.. NO: suffiCient .
being shown'the Doctor for her detention, they.
had to take her -- back, Last`eveningiholeveri •
she was•hreught baCk here,. with. - the ,•certifi- ,
cotes of three 13ridgepert - physidians that • she •
was insane., This morning the neg,ro, iter hut, .
band, appeared, at the: Retreat to. her,
and Dr. Butler dedided that he could not,detaid
her atThe.Ratreat.for want of 'authorifi, ilnd
the tiegro sailed.eff with' her in :1404h. •
insanity appears to be extrerrfeli,
She is quite handeome, if not b.eautiful,.
berhusband is. of blacknesi..•
A ResoLirrios aurt:TED.--A. Chicago •eoriaosv'.
pondon t or tlia - creigy - tnin,•ra.:
lutes the . following' fact I—.. ._,;
Belem cicie,. let' me' : taste a s tf"incitielit .
which occnrred (Wring' thei4ssioW :pf the , Into .
.syrio4 in . Chicm.m.' •
..A.n conven
tion of the . Dr. Oheeverstripe will . iitting •at
Chictigo'at the 'same time: A, gentlemtin of
thq - city; with whom one of od'r OroftissOisvias
slightly IMMtatntedotetestekhim:ohe morning,
i , Doetor: were' yntrin the. convention last':
evening?"':4 o ..\lo sir, tdo not , ' helcingto that
stripe.,; fliers great titirmiSe: Was. mattifestr;d .
the gontlirnan ,:i•but had I been . there 486011
have offered.t;ne additional. resolution," ' '. «A
indeed, what ?"
resumed the Doctor, g‘thra . when we get to the
kingdoin of heaven, w.e . wili not sit down with,
Abraham, Isaac and Ja'coti,. rot - they, were-all,
slaveboldera!" This , war estang . h.--'the geottez,
man passed eu.•eonchidiug, dontAless;✓ that lie'
had 'mistaken his tiiari. • .
Resolutions have been intratltyaed. -
P er i n sylv.nin Legislature - 1;; ; , '-
pitrchape of runt,portion of
the itPan.lla le.". it empowers, 01 . 4 cCIY . IrqCor . :
to appnitit..theee ea t uuntssint ! ers, - tbnneet,:a . •
liar number to be annoinited.:on, beltalr of tri neanciatttstteh sassiolt. • Tlie .
vania corniolssioners c tatnati ` . 2
and e,ontlition's,;, if any are agreed .:-1 , c1ii,k0 1 4 . !
next' syssioils of:tha
'States. -.-13;
„ .
A' Vyashiogfoiri eoitespntttlent • •• •
:hlips.rtf, ••
a SOcakr. 114:Tti iafther';l,l4,lolool4t,
He is t,ittorly ietidiatie • 9ft ttiliOinillitV4,6lt,,.=:,,;,
aiul ddefi *no f
agreeabl ;
ahalk•o'rt4r_a.,%:l;llii .
• tie . e ,
at ~,, Yi
• The ' 014'frie;hoi: 04. flqq I.Y9.+lng:quiolg
is'Av hut
tine, clotllingofejltlitCkWthit.
mail who evmes '':.
i4;-;'; , .,