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    Town, County, zind'Vzciety.
':— . Get registered.
—Thousands of base deceivers are hung
every night.,--ea the backs of chairs.
—The Luzerne Union cohtains five col
urns of sheriff sales. Hard ti mes •
—The house of Ed. Conklin, South Bridge
water, took fire ca Sunday after i noon, but was
extinguished without much damage being
7 -r----Remember that the Tilden and Hen-,
dricas Reform club .meets at their room over .
M. A. Lyon's drug Store this (Wednesday)
-----As the managers of the Harford Fair
tailed to furnish us a copy of their premium
list in time for this isiue, it Will be held over
till our next. j•
—The Honesdale 'Citizen says, two of the
most enterprising tanners in, that county have
failed, owing to the_ great depression in their
line of business.
----Judge Elwell has recently decided, in
Columbia county, that repairs to school build-,
ings cannot be properly paid out of the special \
tax for building purposes:
The South Bridge itter neighborhood
will picnic at George Decker's grove, on Satur ,
day ,of next week. The Brewster neighborhood
'are cordially invited to join ,theme
-Philip Hahn, the Avenue butcher, has
finished up a neat room : in Lathrop's plan
ing mill for his sausage, Mill, and now rune it
by, steam. Mr. H. is bound to be up with the
----A picniC will be 111 d on'the 7th of Sept.
on the fair grounds, in Montrose, for the bene
efit of the 'Roman Catholic Building Associa
tion. Good music in attendance. All are Cor
dially invited. .
—Rev, 'G. H. 'Kirkland, ;lo4er' rector of
this parish gave his old con i rregation a happy
surprise last week by makin them a short Ta
it He officiated in the de kof 'St. Paul's, on
Sunday morning sad evens
- :—Mr. J. Groves says ithat he his alien
that layed four eggs in a day, that is two doub
le yolked ones In twenty-four hours., Re,
showed us two monster eggs hat this hen pro
duced, atd sihat is more won erful she contin
ues to do the same thing every day.
.. 1
.----A special telegram from Harrisburg to
the Philadelphia • .Eilening Bulletin 'Says :
"James S. Courtright, ex-Treasurer of Luzerne
County, who was convicted recently of embez
ling about $20,000 of the State funds while in
oftim, has refunded the money."
• \
We are glad there is one, who is
tionably a citizen of Susquehanna county wbo
wonid not get down and I roll over when the
"Texan Ranger" commanded him so to do.
We belieie that James It. Carmalt, Esq., can
go before the voters of Stisquehanna county to
day and take the'majoriti against G. A. Grow.
—The Wyalusing District Camp Meeting,
at Dimock, commenced cin Wednesday last,
• and will close on Friday morning of this week.
The attendance has been large each day so tar,
and on Sunday ten thousand people or more
visited the grounds. Each charge is well rep
reiented, and much interest is manifested in
the religious services._ With but one or two
exceptions perfect order has prevailed.
—The Crystal Lake Himse ii one of the
finest houses for a . summer resort in iepart
of the country, and is kept in fi rst-el . ' style
and the beautiful lake and groic make it mu .
more inviting. Parties going on a picniC or a
ride will find it a splendid place, and the
charges are very reasoUable. .11!.r Phinney,the
proprietor, is a very e+3mmodating and pleas
ant landlord, and is always ready to wait on
kis guests.
—A Tilden and Hendricks Reform Club s
was organized at Auburn Center on Thursday`
Sight last with the following officers : Presi
dent, Elijah Crane ;Vice-Presidents, Abe
White and Patrick Cavanagh ; • Secretary,
Thomas bheriden ; TreOurer, William A. Lin
abery. A very interesting address was deliver
ed by E. O'Neill, esq., of Ilionttose, and much
enthusiasm was manifest, .:The club will
hold its regular meetings every Saturday eve
=—The Republicans of Bradford county
lave nominated the following tic)ree, :
Congress—Col. E. Overton, Jr., of Towanda.
,State Senator—W. T. Dives of Towanda.
,Berresentatives—B. Reed 3iser of Nysoz,
James Foster of North Towanda, John N . . Gil
let of Soitth Creek. •
Congressional Conferees—N. C. Elsbree, J.
it. Smith, Nelson Gilbert, John H. Grant, Vol
JurY - Commlialoner—'r. A. ,Lee.
—The „ grading ,of the. MontrOse Railway
track theplank ros.d,its orig
inal terminus, yesterday and the track, will
soon be hi readiness so that Passengers and
freight will be landed ~t 4,„ .that point Instead of
at the fOot , 4 ,llank 41111?' We rejoice to be
able to annoOce - fact . l and I've will raise
With hands in :iComtnetOatinn of the company
for this action. it Will be great ikdvantage to
our people in these ha,rd times in several par
ticulars. lt,will save, Vs 833 per cent. on cart
age of coal and more than that in other ex.
—There are those, who assert that Mr.
Grow said in his defamatory speech against the
editor of this paper that he would read the ar
ticles if he hid the paper. .We heard no such
thing or he would have beer' s,cdimumodated.—
Sat if he did say ao; it Oa, not' relieve him'
from responsibility in the 'natter. It washis
business to have had theni if he (lid not-intend
to misrepresent,. -Zr.. wt be
charged Hon. 0;8. motley with falseh ,that
be had Mr. B's letter in evidence d it and he
then pettdogged out of, it by saying he would
read it Whe bad it, tiritV beigg ‘Oalled to tiro:
duce It lie said it 14 been lout. bush dodgei
are too t hin " 4?nt,PePPl!.The D 1
. * 9F
. *4):ie;Oabi
lime hefting'. $441 L-:.;
arc among the most
er in nature or art and it always
1 the refinement of any one who
cultivate them. Mrs. H. F.
'ne•'collection sit them. Among
I • a, 'verbena bed. She also has
vine tooted in a small jar, that
. m 12 by 18 feet with a very
tiful wreath.
ornament's el
speaks well for
takes pains
Turrell has a r
114 specialties'
a Southern Ivy
encircles a. ro
heavy and heal
On Fri.
'over L ibety. to
Mr. J. A. 1611113.
bad just erect
had it roofed a l
shed attached.
isbed the barn
Wreck and mai
Nas done in t 1
heat d.
ay last a severe storm passed
!Ishii), in this county, by which
r was seriously damacred. He
d a barn 30 by 100 feet and
d enclosed, and about 30 feet of
The aq•rm completely ‘demol
and shed making of it a perfect
•of rubbish. No other damage
at locality as far as we have,
Nilson of our
week. The Ju
of our citizen:
is one thing
1038 i - ow 1e w
tion this fall fib
rally for Till
he is prepar: l
that is in hini
He says he v.
reform princ
Tilden and fib ,
l '
ilson, brother of Mr. Mason
borough, visited MontrOse fait
I ge
,will be remembered by many.
itB it former resident here. There
ertain; that no
. one need be at a
1 II vote on the Presidential ques
-4 r he deelareS hiniself unequivo
ten ,`,Hendricks and Reform, and
:d to give evidence of the faith
Iwith great argumentative force.
'Led-tor the Lamented Lincoln. on
pies and -now he 'shall vote for
• ndricks for the same reason. He
or argument with us.
had no room
ght f Blooming Cereus belonging
Bullard has been celebrating our
ar iramost appropriate manner.
.n beautiful blossoms set forth
le t o: the night, and opened their
tO the gaze of the adrnring
—The N
M Mrs - A. N.
centennial ye
Last week
their fragrank
snowy, petal-
crowd,' which ,thronged to view them. On
Monday night we were 'favored with two open
blossoms ; •t o more on Tuesday, and yet
another coupe on Wednesday night. Thurs
day ::night t e climax was reached by four
opening in u ison; throe of which greW- from
one, leaf. it s Bullard was kind enough to
open her, ho eto all who cared to examine
this wonderf I plant, and all who have not
seen it have lost a. rare and beautiful sight,
"A tinhg of eauty is a joy forever" and cer
‘tainly,,all w o had the pleasure of seeing this
beauty, will ry the joy in their hearts forever.
,---South'Main Street is ahead on improve
ments this year. In addition to those - we spoke
al a few weeks Since, we notice S. H. Morse
and Wm Smlth have been beauti fy ing and im
proVing about their dwellings. D. Brewster
and 0. P. Beebe have built a fine stone walk
in front off i ltheir store building, besides the
great impro l ementa they have made upOn the
buildipg H. F. Turrell has, also
laid a first
lass stone walk in . front of his
:, 'procuring the' stone from Mr.
ry. One of the finest improve-
store buildin
Sprout's qu
ade by our street commissioner,
meats rit
ster, is being made on Plank
What makes it of most impor-
Mr. D. Bre
Reid street.
tance is the wospect of its permanence. The
road is bein! filled with pounded stone and is
to be cove - I with - earth, and when done will
be sijmethm (hirable. Such improvements, at
this time, sr far more practiCal than ma ing
nheckeri on, the Public Square. With priv e
ai. -walks out otthe public funds. ' •
WHO is iritE LIAR ?—I am and have always
ar : I
een aw 1 Republican and as anxious for
the best in rests and success of that party as
any other_ ' an,thut when such an uncertain
man as G. : Grow is by . his own well learned
tricks and 'florts made a candidate, I cannot
give him 'a • ote.
His den , nciation of Mr. Hawley as "a com
mon malic ous - and willful liar," in a place
where the 1 tter' was at an entire disadvantage
and Grow - ell knew could not properly reply
shows him to be a cowardly'poli
ot fit for the suffrages of peaceable
en. But it turns out tbat Hawley
or resent i
tician and
truth when he said Grow wee coo
the Tease radroa&
stated no n
fleeted wit s
ley needs no defence among his
i • here he is known as a kind heart
e, truthful and respected man, and
lassured that the outrageous abuse
e row Makes him many. friends.
Mi. Ha
cid,. peaces
he may be
of him by,
MONTROSE AND : 13aniazwATER.—in pursuance
to the noti published in the DEMOCRAT to all
who were interested in the election of 'ilden
and Hendricks and an honest ref orm,a meeting
was held in the club room over Lyon's drug
store, last aturday evening. Aug. 26th.
The men ing was called to order by E. B.
Hawley, airman of County Committee, who
stated the
i bject of the meeting. The election
of permanent officers` was immediately begun.
The' followng gentlemen were elected. Presi
dent, Abel 'urr,ell ; Vice-Presidents, C. J. Cur
'tit; and l
M. . Dessauer ; Secretary, E. o' 3 Neill ;
Treasurer, pi, ri:, Llttle. - .* ,
A plan Of organization -was adopted and all
those present inunediately enrolled theniselves
as memb er. , ' •
,Among the questions discussed during the
'evening was with regard to the necessity and
expediency, of keeping the club room open ev
ery evening (Sunday excepted) during the , cam
paign and leeping a supply of political news
papers and other campaign. documents so that
all might Lave a place where they could sit
and read the political news of the day. A fi
nance committee was appointed to solicit,sub
scriptions, o detray . the necessary expenses of
the club.
.; A motion was carried that the club
hold their regular meetings on Saturday..eve
ning of each week. A. committee of Bye were
appointed J r report an executive committee of
ten ad to eport on this (Wednesday) evening
to'whicht me the club idjourned. 'Let all vo- .
ters who desire ,a change of administration 'at
tend be meeting this evening and enroll them- _
selves; zike4tienv of the Tilden and Hendricks
ReforM Olub ot Montrose, and Bridgeirater:-..
The time for work is at hand
.and. thereJa
enouglifOr air to do.'
THE DEMOCRAT ' . AWITST: - - - '39, 1876
---No liquor of any kind is allowed to be
sold within three miles of an encampment or
reunion of soldiers of this State, except by
censed dealers at their usual places of business.
• Wednesday afternoon last some per
sob or persons unknown, entered the residence
of Mr. W. J. Falkenbury, the family being lib
seht, and took therefrom a large quantity ot
things among which were-six pairs' 'of kid
glOves, a valuable gold ring, two silver cups,'
silver goblet, spoons, a pair ot boots, etc. The
thieves were undoubtedly well 'acquainted with
the situation of affairs, knowing that the fami
lyl were away from home,Mrs. Falkennury hav
ing been for some time past with her invalid
mOther at Lanesboro. Entrance was effected
frOm the rear of the dwelling by prying off a
shutter and raising a window. Tuesday eve
nmg last at abOut half putt eleven an unsuc•
cessful attempt was made to enter the residence
of Mr. M. Lannan on Jackson street, but the
I •
prowlera made too much noise in raising
dOw and were overheard by a member of the
family.. Upon being , discovered they hastily
fled and no clue of them has been obtained.—
Misq'a Journal.
—From the Scrar ton Republkan, we learn
that "shortly after nine o'clock ,on Saturday
night a gang of about twenty ruffians made an
attack on the house of H. B. Dalton, of Mead
ow Brook, and battered in the doors and win
dowS, besides threatening violence to Mrs, Dal
ton, who happened to be alone at the time, her
-husband having gone to town on some busi
ness. - Mrs. Dalton was terrified almost out 'of
her wits by the savage demeanor' of the crowd,
who, instead of being _restrained by her pres
ence, added to their work of destruction that
of blasphemy and nbscenity. Before they suc
ceeded in laying violent hands upon her, how
ever she took refuge in the house of a neighbor,
Mr. Jones, where she remained- - until the des
p3radoes departed. It would seem that this is
the same gang who, it few nights ago broke in
to and robbEd the house of Mr.-John Davis, at
Greenwood. They have terrorized the entire
neighborhood, and the respectable and unpro
tected are in constant dread of them from,
nightfall until morning. The, sanctity of home
is no barrier to their villainy, and plunder and
pillage form their highest aim. It is about
time they were made to feel the strong arm of
the; law, and that they were taught how to re
spect the rights of peaceful citizens. A vigi
lance committee is, we. understand, being or
ganized to give them a warm reception one of
these nights. It would be better, however, to
let the law deal with them, and weed them out
of" ,
CoßitucTloN.—Judge Pearson has decided
that Wednesday, Sept. Otb, is the last day on
which registration can lie lawfully made.
Persons not :registered, and entitled thereto,
Should give this matter immediate attention.
Chairthan Democratic State •Committee
Harrisburg, Aug. 25, 1876.
last, as Mr. J. H. Cook was preparing to return
from a social gathering at Mr. F. D. Lyons', be
met with a very painful , and serious accident.
As he was cotaingkput; he missed his footing
and fell the whole length of the stain, bruising
him very badly, but fortunately breaking no
bones. He is said to be doing as well as the
nature of his injuries will permiL—Swiquehan
tia Journal.
Bala Bamozwxrzn—lt has been some
time since we noticed any items from this vi
cinity, so I thought a few lines - would be ac
ceptable We are having it very dry here as
well as elsewhere, some farmers having to
draw water from the brooks, and others drive
their stock away to drink. The 'tall crops
are very light, especially buckwheat and pots
toes.... We had a light frost a week ago that
injured the buckwheat some, but the dip_
weather is doing the most damage thus7f,ar.
...Mr. Thatcher, who bought the Mesh an
property about a -year ago, and moved from
Scranton here, returned last week to remain
during the tall , and winter. He will probably
come back to his little place in the spring if he
does not dispose .of it previous to that time.
He wishes to sell out, has made many improve
ments, which addsl much to the appearance
of the looks of the place.... Mr. Kent, of
Brooklyn, bought at sheriff's sale the Wallace
Hewitt property (opposite the Passmore gate
house.) Ic had been rented by East Bridgewa
ter Grange, for nearly a year; but now by the
kindness of Mr,- E. -R. Ketchem they have
rooms free. The Grange meets Saturday . Sept. ,
2nd, and a .full attendance is desired as dele
gates are to be elected to the Pomona Grange.
—.Mr. Wm Reynolds has repaired the brick :
kiln on the Pasemore farm and any desiring
brick will do well to give him a call Some
of our young men are expecting to visit the
:Centennial, soon,
East, Bridgewater, Pa., Aug. 28.
CARBONDALE Norks,—There was_ a Tilden
and Hendricks Club organized iu the Third
:Ward ;- they made their- first appearance this
evening. k They haVe a good flag and banner ;
;the latter being about ten teet i long and three
'feet wide, and printed in large letters are the
words, Tilden and Hendricks. The banner is
Made of muslin with a red and blue border.—
'On the top of the banner. is a lithograph of
Tilden and Hendricks decorated with flags.
The Carbondale base ball club haire disbanded
for the season and three of their best players
are employed by the “Irvings,” of Ronesdale,
for the rest of the season.. Burrows is the only
lonesdaler, in that I club now anti "sarcastic
outsiders presume to call them the 'Carbondale
kvings' " is ton bad that they disbanded so
Isoolk but in , these hard times it, is. hard for a
City like this to support a club like that one.—
' They are negotiating with 'nineteen first class
;clubs ; the games !to be played, on' Tripp's
IDriving Park at . ikranton. Awing the clubs
are the 'Mutants; Chicapfs, Crickets.-014elseas,
and others, - ChurCii the Public
!Ikon to Smite . ottitel; in `Wfirstaiiiicondi
ion,,Ond:l Luzern&
County Convention did not favor the Carbon
dale politicians very much. ; At the Convention
held in this city on Saturda l 7, John Miller was
defeated. 'He wanted the nomination for Rep-'
resentative. Mr. Stanton of Dunmore was
victorious The Wilkes-Barreicorrespondent
of the new Demdcratic paper, the Luzerne
Leader, published at Pittston says , that the
County Convention at that place consisted of
delegates that it Auld be hard to find their
equils. He says that they even sold themselves,
on promises. This riaper like the Le&ter of
this city is a paper that doei not support every
rascal who hag the audacity
,to run fir office
and who thoroughly disgrace the Democratic
Carbondale; Aug. 17, 1876..
proceedings. The _annual Teachers' Institute
of Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania, convend
ed in the Graded School' building of Montrose,
on Monday, Aug. 28th, at I:3o'p. m. Teachers
present. 121, as follows :
S S Wright, -
H S Meeker,
Pat Trodden,
Nathan N Martin,
Nettie Stanford, .
Deborah Potter, -
Clara Doolittle,
Ella Griffin,
M 0 Webster,
Alice M Hodgson, '
Anna Keegan, •
Ella Russell,
Louisa Marsh,
Emma M Bushnell,
Julia Miller,
W B Shaughnessy,
Eliza Brewster,
E A Smith;
Mary Gri ffi th',
Eliza FutsCh,
Y F Carrig. •
Libbie Morris,
L Griffis,
Sarah M Tilden,
W NV-Malice!,
E K Richardson,
Lillian Carlisle, .
Frankie Horton,
F D Brawster,.
Emma Allen;
J Etta Scott; '
•Ella Burns,
Ida. Everett, ,
Emma A Raynor,
D J Ring,.
Henry Phelan, .
G L Mackey,
Minnie French,
Katie Coleman, -
J H Raynor,
Lucy S Perkins,
E L Sterling,
Wilmot Davis, -
C P Prescott,
'Mary Martin, '
Jennie Dean,
James G Gillen,
John Reynolds,
E D Bertholf, • ,
Katie Moore, :
Georgian& Eldred,
Lizzie Clark, '
Alnaina Robertson,
Clara Hayward,
W B Tiffany,
Emma Lord,
.Lizzie O'Donnell,
Maggie Raymond,
Jennie Case.
Opened with - prayer by , Superintendent Ti
den. He also addressed the Institute on the I
importance of teachers.attending these gather-,
Ingo. Prof A. N. Raub of Lock Haven was
then introduced and after a few preliminary
remarks gave an address on School Ornamenta
tion. By ornamenting school rooms with mot
toes, pictures, boquets, and festoons of ever
greens, the teacher. renders the room attrac
tive to children, thereby creating more interest
in study and attaining a better degree of order
than can otherwise be secured. ,
Mr. H. C. Clinton next addressed the teach
era on Systematizing work in the school room.
That teacher succeeds best who proceeds in his
work the most systematically. He then illus
trated in a humorous manner the sculptor's
rule of physiognomy, a new departure in insti
tute matters yet of much profit. .
Superintendent* : Tilden then addressed the
teachers on neatness in the school room after
which the institute adjourned till 7:30 p. in.
The evenink session of County Institute was
called to order by Superintendent Tilden at
7:30. Prot. Raub was introduced and address
ed thelnstitute on "Talk." The speaker gave
illustrations of how the English Language is
continually changing, new words being added,
while at the same time old words are dropped
' from the language.
He gave illustrations or examples of provin
cial terms and contractions of words, showed
the exaggerations of attributes by yperbole,
and introduced in hit talk slang , p;
rases and,
super,uous words, thereby rendering the effect'
on his hearers more forcible.
The speaker next dwelt upOn the changes in,
the meaning of words, the, meaning of proper'
names, and the changes in words , by affixes. ,
These remarks' on "Talk" were entertaining
as well as instructive, and our teacheri , can
hardly fail to make practical use of the ideas
in and out of the school room.
Prof. E. K. Richardson, of Great Bend; fol
lowed in a talk on the word building: i
The Prof practices _ what - he'•preachet acid
gaye the teachers his system which has proved
so successfnl in bitschool during the past year
. The Institute then adjourned till 9 a. in., on
Tuesday.. : . • -
ELT—Bissm,---At the M. E. Parsonage in
'Brooklyn, Pa., Ang. 18th,: by J. R. Weston,
John R. Ely, of Brooklyn, Pa., and Helan'Bis
sells of Ditnock, Pa.
PACK , ER-TItWiBB IJILY-At the ILE. Palm._
age ' hi Brooklyn, Aug,
.22nd, by H.
Weston, W. H. Packer arkl - Frantiala .C'rewiti;
bitty, all of BroOk 1 31 1 1 )11 4*4
'-x7l4Aurrimmas . .:.-
Batb; Luterne I catintyMgA.,
,412 g. 18, of couvulsicus i , _Cdors , irs.; Infant dimgh,
ter at Orvi ll e D. sn4 Ida A. Hollister, eked 8,
C Handrick,
M H Meeker,
E 0 Smith,
Lora Marsh,
.Mattie E Barnes,
Annie, Meeker,
Stella Barlew,
Mary . E Bennett,
Nannie M Finn,
Sarah J, Cinley,
Lucy Brown, •
Edna 114. Garfield,
Allie M Guernsey,
Mary Prink,
' Anna 141 Hand.
Alice Mehan,
PM Ely,
Ella J Baker, •
JuAia Smith, •
Lucy Codden,
Katie Dennison,
Sarah A Tune% .;
Hattie Brewster, •
D T Brewster,
Lo4ie Gill,
Emma Walker,
S Addie Harding, r
Ida Hamlin,
Susie Horton.
Anna C Searle,
Mary F Lewis, -
Myra A Felton,
Frank Wilson,
Julia Raynor,
Alma Foster,
Elisha McKinney,
G L Gere,
Mina Mackey,
Hattie Dewey,
Alice rell,
iFrank P Tingley,
Ida Gamble,
N R Davis,
Susan Davis,
0 C Whitney,
Libbie Spencer,
Carrie Wellman,
- Hannah Martin,
B E James,
Joseph Johnson,
E Jessie Bolles,
Anna Pepper,
Id L McMillan,
Mary Degnatic,
Frank Raymond,
Lena Zorn,
Lizzie Bronson,
Katie O'Donnell,
W F Waterman,
Fannie Fraser,
months and 16 days.' The funeral was held at
Bnioklyn, Sunday, Aug. 20. •
TrEasTER—At Franklin Forks. Aug. 18, Mrs
Samantha -Webster. in the sixty-sixth year of
her age. "As the Father bath life in himself,
so bath Be liven to the Boa to have life in
B?isigns--In Jackson, June 24th, of scarlet
fever, Walter P., only child of Timothy F. and
Avaline D. Barnes, aged 3 years 9 months and
1 day.
• STRPRENS—In Brooklyn, Aug. 15, Edgar,
son of Aaron and Adeline Stephens, aged three
Of aircoaatroise.
LUS FUND, $6,000.
To their new and - commodious Bank Building ea
Transacts the business of•
View York, First Nationalßank; Phtladeiphia.
• delphla Nattdital Bank, "
WM. TURRELL. Passminr,
Montrose, March 25, 1876.
Plot* 33utter!
CteeZ 6rpress .
Are delivering butter via Montrose R. B. and L. V.
• from Montrose to New York
Two Hours Ahead of Any Other Route.
Arrives-ittNew York by this route at 8:29 o'clock
A B. By -any other route - from this place, lies in
Scranton two hours, reaching New York 10:80 a. in.
Arrives in Newark at 8 o'clock A. M.. per Central
Express. By any other route lies in Scranton two
hours, reaching Newark at or about 11 o'clock a. m.
Arrives in Philadelphia at 6:45 o'clock A. X , per
Central Express. •
Thus it will be seen we are Two flours, and mat,
ahead, avoiding the heat of the day, which is intense in
the cities. ,
,Butter received up to 5 o'clock p: m., will leave the
station at 5:45 o'clock p. m.. reaching destination as
above. If ,received later, can be stored in a cool cellar
until next day.
. A convenienfplace to,unload at the
A. cool cellar to store butter in until shipped. Carted
only three-fourths of a mile to the railroad. Empty
pails returned free .kept inside of office until called
for, the Fame care given them its any otter matter—and
as low a rate as any route.
orPatronize year homers ad, in which all are largo.
ly interpateil. . ,
.3. R. RAYNSFORD, Agent.
4ontioise July 5, 1876tf.
. BERRIES, '&O., &c., ,
all at bottom prices, by
Montrose, Aug. 16. 1876.
Rumor has it that having been elected County Treas
urer for the ensuing three years. I am to discontinue my
Insurance busbies. Said RUMOR is UNTRUE, and
without foundaticm, and while thanking you for kind
ness, and appreciation of good Insurance in the put, I
ask a continuance of your patronage. promising that all
business entrusted to me shall be promptly attended to.
My Companies are all sound and reliable. as all can tes
tify who have met with losses during the past ten years
at my Agency. Read the List I
North British and Mercantile, Capital, • $10,000,000
Queens of London. II , 2,000500
Old Franklin, Philadelphia. Assets, 8,500,000
Old Continental, N. Y.. '` nearly 8,000,000
Old Pticenix of Dartford, 44 •
• 2.000.006
Old Hanover. N. Y., .. .. 1.600.000
Old Fanners. York, .4 ell 1.000,030
I also,represent the new York Mutual Life Ins run
of over 30 years standing. and assets over $30.000,0 00 .
Also, the Mitionic Mutual Benefit Association of Penn
IST'Oet an Aecidental Policy covering all accidents,
in the Hartford Accident Ins. Co:.. Policies writur
from one day to one year. Only 28 cents fors SS,OX
Policy. Please call or send word, when you take a trip
Very respectfUlly.
Montrose, Pa., Jan.l9 1878.--tt
The firm of E. Bacon Co. having been diesonva, I
will continue the,
Confectionery Business,
At the old stand. lam prepared to furnish
all kinds of
Atwholevel° •nd Retail Prices.
Montrose, May Bd, 1811.
The eed.reigli t d will make
Undminithrit a SpeCialiq
,theLe bustneso,
'AU eeeding,tbeir services will be promptly Attended
tq. Satisfactiou guaranteed.
' • • • _ • P. 4 , .MATTIIEwt.
.Ireliodeviiir: reit. April I, 1815. 14-I1
*WWII ofditt lar4sids thaw, . Two tabki with 04
elle° ..,,_. 1 1 041 1 16 ,_ AdA; (4 . OO . ig• 1 . WAR NER '
Aug . aa, 1175 „
.t • Xostroschlo
Public Avenue.
And Others.
Such as
Conanntly on band.