Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, June 22, 1898, Image 2

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WjXlngjt w.-.,atT.llMli iW WllWlW I ll'IW. JU3CTIW . - - - 1
ikT yi :ir t J.:
'!"!-!tii-. liflvi-iii.iiig and local
aotices 4 eta u line.
Deductions will 1 made to tliuwe de
siring to advertise ly tlie year, half or
Urter year.
A ef'Ent v:it r cn tLe enljVct f
tLe i:av;-s of Euri e, n. England
Ijhs 40 war hl.'ryg Unit Intro the c.M
fashion.! ivuziin ,o:nliii;? cannon in
The Ui.itici Statts Sweaters, wiio
wit'a their moulbs an! a flourish of
foe baud U;;-.;ir,l tl.e Spanish out
of Cnh-j iu 10 da;, f, !:av? crtpt iut;
heir Li'l.
The nn.t-t o the Crcig) wheat
bel-vg'njj t L ii- r -7ns margin; d
by tLe banLj st SO cents So tbe
biiuks got fat of t'a-r d-:al belter than
8 ):v.fc ether pa pl-j.
The r-ftsL-.ru q.eetiu!'. v. ill engage
tlia attention cf Aoihiijtin atjte.-incu,
frt.iu tLis out. Crf the U.ittJ Slates
lure rt'.iuir'-i! s it j vast pes' siots
cn the oilier pi-Ju of lLo gLb-j.
A flying iq:;?.'.Ir;2 to Spain, "iii
tl.'c stick-," :ii tbe old w;mr.u Faid,
oi: sucli t-jik. II ivo ft little Bsinity
in tl;o war jil "Siy, afttr Cuba
Las been ccrqa- rt-d," then ecrd c
Hyig iq i-idroa to Sj-uil).
Tii Spanish govtrcnieiit set up a
Btcret suvico dt-patmciit la Caaadi,
from wl.icht , tiirt-et the isov -rcent
of Bp;o8 in the LWd st.fM aDj for
interest. The .-.tt-.ntion oi the
JSritish government was uirvc! to
tli:r iov?cici:!s nud t'.e Spattiarus
were invited to leave.
Only :i tow short weeks v.io, it
:is iwiiR'siKfOi Jiiinuiiinv aiul !
siapk. s.,v.r.i...ei.t, thai war w.s ineui io come up lo iiieir worK, oi
ZSrnritimes changes the general features
ihe h.:in,Uity pa,; of it f.,r the'0f great movements. The failure of
Americans is found m the sickness ; -J . , . , . ,
in be, voh.nteer annies, in the a COal CaiTyi'llg SlllD 10 DC 111 tUe
tXZuM place at the right time, was the
eve.ytLithata.nanowns. The'cayse 0f Spanish fleet Cutting
i.iuiiamt.v (pari of it iias "ot so' , . . ., , 1 , r , . y-.
thin that some other sbW!n must i caugi 1 l in xne narDor or oantiago ue
ny"' The Cervera fleet, we are
f,i;-i;,,;;lt,!,;,vt"sthe -inow: told came to this side of the
wiser, as a- nation we have ,-ononor-! Atlantic to bombard Savanah,
u:,;";:r v; I Georgia, Charleston, South Carolina,
what we have taken win not j Norfolk, Virginia. But the ship that
le i or a moment tolerated bv thc; a "! j1 ri A -it 1
naiion. was to supply tne fleet with coal
ce.;,ii!:S3La,paa act "fr i was too slow, and Cervera ran into
SrSviI; and waited there for the
r!:-"t!"!vt: ,:;J-::lfr'!coal ship. He waited ! waited !
c:;i:r;,rK;i;ttopeii.i ; there, the coal ship was captured by
i" Schley and
v:rV:;I "fS "x:vSamPson found the Spanish fleet in
f'Vf":,;r; "Jeutoa"; Santiago harbor, and penned it in at
forryTforcrc'rithat place, and that has caused the
r?;ZZ tr;oh;:ilanding of American troops at Quan
M1V.?.:!?',tta,o:, jtanimo and Santiago. The Ameri
.'pS'f ' if pr '. can fleet would not have gone to
vbt8 i Santiago and the American armv
hpywar. Thunder General Shatter would not
ny excasi ;:ui tun la i.a has f,r i . . . , - .
.a wi, is tl.at Sptdu ws
a i,.,,
)iieii.-i.-, neiij'ibor.
:( ..... l
SeJr'in !
viLm bis ttmc,t e.f;larbor. IN o w if the Spanish second
of by law pauiaiw i, nr.d: fleet starts on the mission of bom-i
J.(JoaYdng American coast cities it
&yr .trrlmust needs come to grief some-!
r. iit?v BosBs.
Taev.tr bmn winch is now be -
; osieied will be sold to sub-!
n at par durim; the ,Kriod
... i. .
.-.i i I I in l"U, n Mini enus
isps. The method. .f snbscrip j
.JZ. " KxrnmwZ -
ami at m,.st of the banks
.:ii i-:pn-is olVn-es, and on these
ii:.-. is clearly indicated all that LvJclbl.
i.- 1'iN-es.sary for the subscrilKT to t A j j 1 ,i . ,
)..,... The subscriber may him-1 And again there is the old monr
"thX'itor Jason just too eager for a fight
?;i nre iveriii' the ar value jwith the Spaniards for humanity
tuc .inioiuii of !)onds for which: i ji r i
. ii: to siibscrilw
. ce may be iu whatever form !
-i ihe subscriber's conven- j
nee--in cuireiK-y, bank draft,!
;!vh. ii'ist-oluce money or
r.rem're.-eiVed, en-Ihe
, ...... . .... ,, ,u,,
." I'Uscription will be entered
ni v.lil immediately begin draw-!
- i merest. When" the bonds are
. ,i ci ii :i clif. L" will .,,n.ini7
ii delivery covering the interest
' per cent from the day the &ub-
,ni"ii is entered to the 1st of
. . nsi. ihe dateof thelKmds, and I
. , vl;:,.i date the bonds will!
; v their own interest. -
Naval warfare.
On' the night-of
new element
naval warfare. It
The ship Vesuvius the first to use
dynamite, bombarded a fort at San
tiago De Cuba. At 9 night time,
she sailed within 600 yards of the
fort and let off a shot from each of
her 3 forward dynamite tubes. The
dynamite does not roar like a can
non ; it growls ; there is no recoil on
the ship like that which follows a
gun powder shot. The dynamite
shots was the prelude to an other
bombardment of the forts by the
fleet. A despatch from Gibraltar,
Spain, last Friday stopped the fur
ther shipment of troops from
Florida to Cuba. The despatch was
that a fleet of 16 war ships with a
new irresistible explosive, had left
Spain to strike the American cities
along the coast beginning at Boston.
Th rit rvf Rnctrm hnc cirnnor hnr-
1 1 lv- vyl
jbor defense and in
fortit 1 cations has
Lehigh type that
A slight failure
" : l J .
now oe concentrating there it the
Spanish fleet had
i where along the line. The monitor
;Miantonomoh is on the look out for
such Spanish characters as the
1 O -in a
SeCOlld bDaillSh f eet.
A 3 .1
Ai iu Li iei e is
( would be rejoiced to take a tilt
at the Spaniards along the American
re-jcii iu ii ie peace or
General Shaffers army of ic,ooo
Americans are being landed near
SailtiaO De Cuba.
If SP8": del not b.-ly our f ro
i21"" ifl tiie revolution of i776,
!.Spi!.o fcCUfcy tht-oilj .111 whi.di
Cur revolutio; a'.v n:.ce&toru bauked
to help ;htm threnrh tLe btrug'e
wiib Giea' Britain. JL'i en vvt cnnid
cot bnve though', vf ordering them
B"L 1 .'T "WU?B' ,rri0? ta'u
2? Cul" 15 :i " -r
un ,wc w' r:'V J 't?
row 1 Ley rre k and w slreng
the 13th of Junei
was employed in
was dynamite.
addition to such
monitors of the
can ram as well as
in some depart-
j 4 1 1 r
kept out of the
il. a a
xne monitor Aiax
Ti: ir coiu was good tho world over
aid tic American cox; t insula! con
gress issued pnptr made redeemable
in Spanish coin. We have a note
of continental currency that read.-,
"Siv n Dlbsrs. This bill enlnlts
the bearer to receive seven Spanish
miiied dollars or Ihe value thereof
iu gold or silver, according to a
res'.-.hitiuB of Cuuerep pass-.'d. Phila
de.'.d i-, 2Ty 9, 1776.
Court convened at 10 o'clock a. iu ,
on Tr.tisday, June I4tb, with "Jud.8
Lvci:r4 yw-'irtzetid Sterrett upon tue
A!l a';c-oun'.s of txecutor?, aduiio
ieirators, guardians atd iibeintta
advertised for this term were con
firmed except the account in the ta
tate of A. S.nith late of Wulker
towcbbip, deceased, wLich was ex
cepted to.
Jacob Howard, cow imprisoned
in the Cjunty jiil fur having failed
to comply with the sentence of toe
Court afitr' being found guiily of
fornication and buatardy, petitioned
the Court to be discharged txa an ic-
3 Ivent. July 30 was fixed as a day
I,r bearing.
A rule wis granted on Martha W.
Junkin At tte instanco cf her hus
band, B. F. Jnnkiu, to show cms a
why the order for her maintenance
should not be rucked, returnable
first Mondiy of July.
In the i slate of J. W. JJilhkeD,
deceased, older to Bell teal estate
grantid. .
In the esiate cf E. A. Smith, ce
ceastd, ordr to sell real esiate made-
In the estaie of Surah Harry, do
1 1 a.-f d, order to K6I1 real estate made
In tiio fbtale of Geo. B. 'VY'iib'atn
son, deeeasbd, Mtthias Stump and
Gt'org ricjebtr were Mf.pointed to
arpiaue real est'.to under ijfSOO to
the widow.
A. S. liBffenebcrger, guardian of
the minor cbiljrsn of Jennie Shear
er, was granted leave to join with
other heirs of Robert W. B.trtoD,
deceased, in sale of real estate to J.
M. Burton.
.Lieut rs ci Aaministration were
ordered and granted in the estate of
George Waldsmitn, who from long
absetce is to supposed to be d68d.
In the mutters of tte partition of
t ha t state of Elizabeth Fu'krodo, de-
ceseid, tbe real estate was awarded
to Addison Fulkrode at his bid
Upon rtiurn of the rule in parti
tin in estalo of W. Harrison Mc
A'isttr tho Leirs were called and Ed.
wild M K:-!ly elected to take riir
parta No6. 1 and 2 ot the renl ettate
at f 1350 iud $1075 tha- being their
rcsptclivi valuations and Emily Mc
A'lEler elected to take No. 3 at
$333.33 end John E. Jamison chcttd
to tfcke No. G at S19GS.33.
15, F. B-.ncbfic'd Wb3 appointed
audi. or to determine v. to me the
pcrties in interest hnd tho title to
the real esiate pot-sessbd bv fsaid do
ctdtnt tie-, BJ;d tie aliowmtnt of
tLe purports accepted i.t the vrdu
ati;ii i.f lbe inquest pcs'prctd ut:til
the auditor s reiicrt :s h!td.
Dwiiii 1 Auker, gnardir-u cf minor
chiMitu of W. V). Suki-cff, da tas-.d,
va: al!wv.eJ to si ll r.--r.l s!irf i.f Lis
w::rds to Hetry W. S'ressburi r and
to join with yur-r.n Snlouff. widow, in
txernticg dotd for tte iauio.
Is'alr.ifibzJion pnjers were griiut
ed to Ju'ins Jscjby.
O:b r l.o KfrJi rial oitate was g ant
ed in t. e es a'e ef Dsnid Stroup,
d -cef-Scd.
Audit . rs were oppointcd in the
estate cf Sarah T. Jundson and
ll-nry Dam.
An Auditor was appointed in the
ttirsigned ettaleeif Michael Siiellty.
Exc.'pti.-.ns lo Auditors reports in
cst.ito of Eiizd;eth Lcon.trd, de.
ceased, diemifsed.
A. J. Sau.-ttian wr.s npp.int6d
tuaidii'n of minor cbi.dren of Ella
B. It-mpfen, dtctai-ed.
Exceptions to report of reviewers
a Tueearora &cd Lack township's
read argued and he!d for consider-uti-n.
Ccuit tdjourted until July 30tb,
AViikkkas, Death has once more
beH?n in our midst and stricken
from the roll of young men (Jeorge
T. He-neb, having be-eu called away
n the prime ot manhood in the
midst of a successful career, there-
lore be it
IJesolved, That as members of
the freedom Sunday fcx-hool we
mourn the irreparable loss of a
member of marked ability, whose
quiet, gentle intlueuce will be
missed in our circle, anil we ac
knowledge the wisdom of our
Heavenly Father, but feel, that
his sun has gone down while it is
yet day.
Resolved, That in this decree
we each hear the command, "lie
ye also ready for in such an hour
as ve know not the sou of mi'.u Com
eth." Kesolved, That v.e sincerely
sympathize with the bemived
family lor him who is not dead but
gone before, meanwhile commend
ing them to bow in humble sub
mission to the will of God, exclaim
ing "Even so Father as it sei'meth
good in thy sight," and when di
vided friends are reunited the
Lord shall le their everlasting
light, and the day of their mourn
ing shall be ended.
liesolved, that these resolutions
be printed iu tbe county papers
ami a copy be sent to the family
of the deceased.
Li DA McAfkk,
V.i. A. Goodman", -Coin.
A nxi e Wiskii a err. )
Fia5tHn8 kkad THIS.
In order to reliably determine the
relative value of our several Lrands of
fertilizers, uou the wheat crop of
Juiiiat! county, we have decided to
oher FllhJI I L -MS amounting to $100
ior me ncsi inree acres ot wheat grown
by the use of OUR FERTILIZERS.
"W e want to know what is best bv
actual field trials. Agents may talk,
The I'remiums to be divided into
three classes as follows :
I-'lKST i'ltKMICM. .... 850.00
SlX'OM Pkxmh-m .... 85.00
Til Mil) Pukmii m .... 15.00
The test to lie made on three acres.
Using our ilrands of FERTILIZERS.
The money will lie deposited w ith the
Juniata County Agricultural iSoe-iety,
who will name the Judges am! award
the PR EM 1 CMS September 1899. All
peison.s wishing to enter the contest
will register with the Secretary of the
Agricultural Society.
Jamks N. Gkoxixokk,
T. S. MoORKHKAI), & Co.,
3 mo. Itort Royal, June 7tb.
THE ONLY True P.lood Purifier
prominently in the public cyo to
day is I Iood's Sarsapari 1 la. Therefore
get Hood's and ONLY HOOD'S.
The stars and stripes, lorg may
it wave, has been eaccbtsfaliy plant
ed cn Cubau toil at Quautonaino-
The landing was effected under pro
tection of a ruki.jg fire from Ameri-
Ciii ships of war. That was on the
10. h of May. The Spaniards at
tempted to drive the American sol-
ditrsoff, and that brought on the
firot land fight, in wiiich tour Atnc g
cats we killed in the interest, ot
humanity and the peace and perma
nent government for Cnba. The
Spanish fought tliere as bush ackers,
Indian s'syle, from behind bus! e$,
trees, stumps, logs, and othf robject?.
Water in that region is scarce and
poor in quality, the troops on the is
land were supplied with water from
the ship. About 7 miles from whei e
tbe first fight took place the Sprnish
had a camp, at a farm where there
is a well of good water. Ou the
fourteenth our troops wcra reinforc
ed to t! e extent of between cne and
two hundred marines, and a few in
surgents, and then started to rout
the Spaniards and capture tie settle
ment that contained ths well. They
warded so stealthily through the
bushes that the Spaniards did net
sea mem nil t!ie Americans wrra
wiihiu 200y8rds, then they began lo
nre. Ifce United States marines niish-
ed on firing as they went, driving the
Spaniards from the farm buildings
and the plantation. The firing lasted
about a half hour when the Spanish
soldiers ran.'- The battle field was
so sear tbe sea that shel'a were
thrown among the Spaniards from
American warships. The buildings
on tbe farm were destroyed and the
well was filled with stones. Twenfy.
two American soldiers got sick on
the march. Two Cubans with the
American were killed, and two
Americans were wounded. Eighteen
Spanish prisoners were captured,
an.l 10,000 rounds of ammunition,
and 100 Mauser rifles. One hun
dred Spanish soldiers were killed
and two hundred wounded.
Holes From Fayette-
Mr. E. P. Karstrttle-r who went to
Gollen Cdv, Colcr.ido, abont one
year ago, for the benefit of his health,
while on his way homf, accompanied
with his brother Fred, from Golden
Uil v. ?ot ns fr na Kiinfun vthrni h
nsas wnen lie
1 was then
' n ,
at Wcoiamus
died on tbo trair,
brought (o bis he m'!
on June JO. Interment took ilce on
Salurdayat tho U B. Cemetery at ! P- Tyrone 9 02 p. m; Altoona 9 3-5
East. SilT.iTi n (ft-A OO r-nnrs 5t mnnf
and G davs The diseape which
. . - ' ' '
ttujru uid itcaui ntio mi:3uiut:uL'. ;
tie was engaged in th mercantile
business at Green Park. Pi rrv
county, from 1892 to 1S93, he was a
nre yourg mac as lbe wrncr vss
we!l arquair.ted with him. Tho be-
rcaved family have the syropathj- of
tho entire enmmunifv. "
Any of the boys in reed of Rand j
can get a box at tho Widow Grove;
farm. j
A certain young man of WateiloO
spends Saturday and Sunday in ,
town with one of the McA'isterville j
charming young ladies but ho do-js '
not take her to church, I wonder
why T
On Monday evening, June 13, W.
H. Moor a turned his horse cut in
t'ie field acd on Tuesday, morning
he sent his hired man cnt after the
horsfi and when found he discovered
Ihe hoiaM wbs cleael.
EEDifED Bates to Mt. Gketxa
via Pennsylvania Bail-road.
Frr Ihe Pennsvlvania Ciututanoan, i a- ",- -Marysvilie 1 1 07 a. 111. Harris
to be held at Mt.' Gretc.i. PL. Jufv 1 ,,lLrK 1 r. a- I!.V I'bihidclptda ;: m p. m.
( . 1 1000 a n ' " i Mum Line F.xprevs loaves Pitlburg
to August 4. 1898, th Pexnsy,v tma at w ;l. IH AI)Uall -!o a. m. Tvixme
Railrcnd Coiopanv will sell tickets to
the centra! public on Juno 20 to
August 4, good to return uu-'il
August 10, inclusive, from 6lations
on its line in Pennsylvania, anel from
Washington, D. C Baltimore, Md ,
and Cacandaigun, N. Y., and princi
pal intermediate stations, to Mt.
Gretna and return, at reduced rates.
2 w.
MeWii.r.iAMs. On the 14th
hist., at Port Royal, at the home
of her father, Miss Fannie Mc Wil
liams, of consumption, aged 22
years, 2 months and 2S days.
MIFFLINTOWN. jink :2, 1898
:e! eat
1" r.i in Mr
I t
.. $2 to 2 60
, K
........ 7
, tl.40
..85c to 90o-
l'51oero. il .
Eg?H ,
Lsd.. ....... . ....
Timothy seed.... ....
F seed ,
Ground . In . Salt. ...
Americans a-1.... ..
Philadelphia Makkets,
June 20, 1SP8.
Wheat 8(?c. ; oatsSoc; corn 37c;
hay $7.00 to 12.50 a ton ; tangled
wheat and oats straw at 5.50 a
ton; butter Hi to 22c ; eggs 12c;
beef cattle 4 to 5c ; old potatoes
45 to (50c ; 1 ew potatoes 1 to $.3-
75 a barrel veal calves 4 to c;
sheep 3 to 5 ; lambs 3 to 5c ; thin
e-ows 8 to 15 ; milch cows 25 to
40 ; hogs 5 to fic; live chickens 10c,
spring chickens 2 and 4 pound 18
to 21c a pound.
rocone.s'.--" cv-c for
ITjc VHicp. and 5!6od
Wonderf ul are the cures by Hood's
Sarsaparilla and yet it is only because
as the one true blood purifier, it makes
pure, rich, healthy, life-giving blood.
Hood's Pills for the liver and
1 bowels, act easily, yet promptly. 25c
Otricc-On Katn itreat, ta place of resi
dence of Lonis S. Atkinson, Jhflt, ww
Bridge street. f Oct 20,1892
OCollectlngandOonTeyanclaR prorap'
ly attended to.
"ColIect:on8 and all legal busi
ness promptly attenped to.
have formed a nartnerehip for the practice
of Medicine aod their collateral brancbe.
Office at old stand, comer of Third and Or
ange :reet, Mittiintown, Pa. One or botb
ot them will be round at iiieir office at all
times, ouiess other-rise profession!!; en
gRed. April! st, 1895.
( -aJuute of the Philadelphia Dental
Co:, ce. Office at old established
Bridze Street, opposite
House, Jlfifflintown, Fa.
iTJF Crown and Bridgo work;
Pain!o8 &x traction.
Ail work guaranteed.
Schedule in Effect May 30, 1898.
Way Passenger, leaves Philadelphia
at 4 SO a. m; Harrisburg 8 00 a. m;
Duncannon 8 35 a. m; New Port 9 05
a. m; MUlerxtown 9 15 a. m; Dunrord
O 1 o m- Thnmivuititnu'n Q fl ft TY1
Van liyke 9 33 a. m; Tuscarora 9 36 a.
ni; .lexioo : w a. m; fori noyai a.
'm; Milllin 9 50 a. ni; Denholm 9 55 a.
!m: Iiewistown 10 13 a. m; McVeytown
10SS a. in; Newton Hamilton 11 00 a.
ni; Mount Union 11 00 a. m; Hunting
don 11 "'2 p. in; Tyrone 12 20 p. m; Al
toona 1 00 p. ni; Pittsburg 5 50 p. m.
Mail leaves Philadelphia at 7 00 a. m;
Harrisiiurg at 11 4S a. m; Milllin 1 11
p. m; Iewistown 1 30 p. m; Hunting
don 2 2!) p. m; Tyrone 3 12 p. m; Al
toona 3 45 p. m; Pittsburg 8 30 p. ni.
Ailoona Accommoilation leaves Har-
riulturtr fit A I Hi n r I i ttinii imn A -t
; p. m; Newort 6 02 p. m; Millerstown
( 11 p. m; Thompsontown (! 21 p. m;
1 u.ouia w ji. m, .mcako u j. m,
' 1,)rt ,o.vaI " V- m: MiUbi ' 4-1 p. m;
( Deiiholm (5 49 p. ni; Ijevvistown 7 07 p.
; ,. .McVeytown 7 80 p. ni: Newton
I uscarora t .vj p. m ; .Mexico b p. m
Hamilton 7 50 v. in: Huntiiisrelon 8 20
i i.w.!i;.. T.'-,.r,c ioo..u ri.:i...ivi..i,!..
it 11 2t p. ni'irarrislmrg at 3 fK) a. m.
Marvsvills 3 1 1 a. ni. I!mcaniion 3 2")
a- in.
i 4 25 a.
Newiwrt 3 52 a ni. Port Royal
m. Milllin 4.80 a. in. Lewistown
4 52 am. Newton Hamilton 5 33 a. m.
J lunimti'ion n v- a. m. i eicrsnurg t jy
, . 'r-r..io r. n .i t Alt........ -r jii ..
ni. nttshurg 12 To a. ni.
Oyster Express leaves Philadel)bia
i at 4 35 p, m. Harrislmrg at 10 20 p. m.
NewiH)it ii ((, p. m. Minim 11 40 p. m.
ijewistown 11 os ). m.; iiimtmgdon 12
55 a. in. Tyrone 1 32 a. m. Altoona 2 00
a. in. Pittsburg 5 80 a. in.
Fast Line leaves Philadelphia at 12
25 p. ni. HarrisiHirg 3 50 p. m. Dimcati
non 4 15 p. in. Newport 4 35 p. m. Mif
flin 5 07 n. m. Lewistown 5 27 p. m.
Mount Union 6 03 p. m. Huntingdon
6. 27 p. in. Tyrone 7 04 p. ni. Altoona
7 40 p. m. Pittsburg 11 30 p. ru.
Altoona Accommodation leaves Al
toona at 4 40 a. m. Tyrone 5 04 a. m.
Petersburg 5 25 a. ni. Huntingdon 5 37
a. m. Nekton Hamilton ii 01 a. in. Mc
Veytown 6 17 a. ni. lewistown (i "S a.
m."Mitllin 60S a. 111. Tort Royal 7 02 a.
111. Tliompsoiiiown 7 17 a. in. Millers
town 7 2'i a. m. Newrt 7 35 a. m.
Duncannon 8 00 a. 111. 1! arris! uirg 8 30
a. ni.
Sea Shore leaves Pittsburg at 3 30 a.
m. AltiHina 7 15 n. 111. Tyrone 7 4S a. 111.
Hur.tingelon 8 30 11. in. Me-Veytown 9 15
a. 111. Lewistown 9 35 a. m. Slilllin 955
a. ill. Port Uoyal 9 50a. ni. Thompson,
town 10 14 a. m. Millerlown 10 22 a.
m. Newport 1 1 .si' a. m. 1 Hun annon 10
10.; p. m. Huntingdon i';v.i p. m.
Lewistown 1 83 p. m. Milllin 1 50 p ni.
Harrislmrg 3 10 p. 111. Baltimore 0 00 p.
111. Washington 7 15 p. ni. Philadelphia
6 23 p. m.
Mail leaves Altixma at 2 05 p. m. Ty
rone 2 35 p. 111. Huntingdon 8 17 p 111.
Newton Hamilton 8 47 p. ni. VeVey
town 4 20 p. ni. lewistown 4 33 p. m.
Milllin 4 55 p. m. Port Royal 5 00 p. m.
Mexico 5 20 p. in-Thomjisontowii 5 18
p ni. Millerstown 5 28 p. m. Newport
5 39 p ni. Duncannon 6 08 p. 111. Har
risliurg 45 p m.
Vail Express leaves Pittsburg at 1 00
p. m. Altoona 6 10 p. ni Tyrone 6 25
p. m. Huntingdon 7 23 iii. HeVey
town 8 (!; 111. Lewistown 8 26 p. iii.
Miulhi 8 47 p. m. Port Royal 8 52 p. m.
Vlilerstown 9 16 p. m. Newjiort -9 26 p.
m Duueaimmi 9 50 p.m. Harrislmrg
10 20 p m.
Philadelphia Express leaves Pitts
burg at 4 80 j). 111. Alt.Hina 9 05 p. m
Tyrone 9 38 p 111. Huntingdon 10 12 p.
111. Mount Union 10 82 p 111. Lewis
town 11 16 p. m. -ViiSin n 87 p. ni Har
risburg 1 00 a. m Philadelphia 4 30.
At Lewistown Junction. For Sun
bury 7 30 a. m. anel 3 05 p. 111. week
days. For .Vilroy 6 15, 10 20 a. ni. and 3 00
p. 111 week-days.
At Tyrone. Feir Clearfield and Cur
wensville 8 20 a. m. 3 20 and 7 20 p. m.
For P.cllefonta ami Iock Haven 8 10
a. m. 12 80 and 7 15 p m week-days.
Mir lurtlier information apply to
ticket .Agents, or 'lhomas E Watt,
Passenger Agent, Western Division,
I erncr l itlh Avenue and Smithtield
Mreet. i'lttslmrg.
General Xan'g'r. General Pass'r. Agt
TVOTICE is hereby given that the
- v ( hi jf Burgess mid Town Ceumcil
of the Rorouarh of i!fiintown have, l.y
ordinance duly enacted on l!av 20th
1H9S, admitted and annexed as 'part of
the Borough of Himintown in thee-ounty
of Juniata and state of Ptimsvh ania
the lots and tracts of land comi-osinc
Schweyer's Addition, adja.-ent to said
Rorouuh and they have tiled a plan or
plot of the said extension this date in
the office of the Quarter Sessions of
Juniata County. J. HowakiiNkely
Secretary Town Council Roroufrh 'of
(Estate of Edward F. Karstetter, late
of I'ayette township, deceased )
Notice is hereby given that letters of
Administration ujion the estate of Kd
ward F. Karstetter, late of Favette
township, deceased, having been grant
ed to the undersipned. All iiersons in
debted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment, and those
having claims against the same to pre
sent them duly authenticated forsettle
JmleS- Ad----tor.
Subscnle- for the Jukiata Shtkel
And destroyed tbe Spanish fleet. Wo bave captured the remain,
ing Spring'Stock of Clothing, consisting of
-.Men's, Boys' and Children's Suits,
From one of the largest ana weu-Kuowu vimu.ug
iirht, Greenewalt & Co.. 1013 Market street Philadelphia, for 45
nents on the dollar. A clothing sale such as has never been known
SSL History of Juniata County. LIVE RIGHT, GREENEWALT & Co,
m tne History Manufactures of Clothing, 1013 Market Street,
Philadelphia, Pa , May 10, 1898.
Mr. Ferd Meyers, Dear Sir : We find tbo backward season this
Spring has prevented us in closing cnt car large new Spring Stock
aod we find ourselves loaded with an immenso stock of new Cloth
ing The only remedy we have to dispos9 of it is to sacrifice prices.
Knowin" that vou are a large cash buyer no doubt you will take
the opportunity offered to you and buy the lemainder of our stock
nt 45 cents on the dollar. Shall we submit samples. Please answei
by return mail. Yours Resp'r, LIVERIGHT GREENEWALT & Co,
Office op FERD MEYERS,
Dealer in Clothing and Furniture. Mifflmtowr, Pa., May 12, 1898.
Liveright, Greenewalt & Co., Genls: Yours of the 10th inst., re
ceived and contents noted. We are always open for Bargains. Please
send samples at once. If Btyles and quality are satisfactory we will
buv the remainder of your stock. Yours respectfully,
We have scooped in the remainder of the entire Spring Stock
of Liveright, Greenewalt & Co. We put the knife to tax and
chopped down price to one half what they were formally. Now
is your opportunity to buy new and reliable clothing a& long as
they are here.
We put on sale 560 Men's all wool suits, regnlar price $9 50,
rpecial sale price $4.25.
271 Men's all wool fancy worfeda suits in sacks ard cutaways,
all sizes. These suits are worth $12 50, special sal p ice $6 23.
265 Men's cassimcre suits, the greatest bargain, they are bunch
ed from different lots, all sizes. Six different patterns to select
from. They range ia value from $7 to $9 Special sale price $4 31
767 Children's suits, all styles and sizes. Cheviots, Cassimeres,
Serges, regular prices $2 50, up to $3 00. Special sale price $1 68.
972 Boys' suits. Cheviote, Cashmeres and Fancy plaids.
Thi3 lino was gathered with special reference to young men's
needs. Regular price $5 50 up to $S.OO Special sale price
$3.25 up to $1 62.
The season for Furniture 13 about to a close and we find we
must have more room for onr larg- fall stock which will arrive in
dne time. Therefore we are compelled to close out the remain
der of our spring stock. AH our former prices are marked down
20 per cant. Now is your opportunity to buy furniture at a sac
rifics. Don't miss this chanc".
115 and 117 Bridge Street. ! Y8
Tuscarora Valley Railroad.
Ixo.l No.3
A. M. P. sr.
Blairs Mills Lv. 7 40 2 CO
Waterloo 7 45,2 05
Leonard's Grove 7 50 !2 10
RotFrin 7 57j2 17
Perulaek 8 03 2 23
East. Watcrford 8 15 2 35
Heckman 8 25 2 45
Hcnev Grove 8 30 2 50
Fort Bigham 8 37 2 57
Worbie 8 45 3 05
Pleasant View. 8 49 3 09
Seven Pines 8 55 3 15
Spruce Hill 8 58 3 18
Graham's 9 05 3 25
Stewart.... 9 07 3 27
Freedom 9 10 3 30
Turbett 9 13 3 33
Old Port 9 18 3 38
Port Royal Ar. 9 25 3 45
Trains Nos. 1 and 2 connect at Port Royal
with Way Passenger and Seashore Express
on P. R. R., and Nos. 3 and 4 with Mail east
Port Royal
Old Port
Spruce Hill
Seven Pimrs
Pleasant View
Fort Bigham
Honey Grove
East Waterford."..!
Boss Farm
Leonard's Grove...
Blair 's Mills.. . ..Ar
185 53
2516 00
30 6 05
40 6 15
52 6 27
586 33
05!6 40
10;6 45
15 6 50
ililTr 2 connect Blur's
Mills w h Concord, Doyleburg Dry Run
Nossville, Neelyton, Shade Oap Shade
Valley and Qo.hom Station StageLines.
?r6- fjii.'i,;.? ean alw tli
i. .7 """ iree or churcr
-CoprcsdnLL0riWU,onndSy'n u "
wONIG MED. CO.. Chicago, IV.
to! J by Dmssfats at SI per Bottle. 6Ca V
- -oSira.i.7a. O Bottle. Lor SO.
a W tfaa One Tree CLOODPnrtaT
The following schedule went Into effect
Nov. 16, 1896, and the trains will be ran tg
n. m
4 30
4 86
4 39
4 45
4 46
4 61
4 64
4 56
4 59
a. m
9 00
9 P6
9 f9
9 11
9 14
9 15
9 19
9 22
Leave Arrive a. tr
Duncannon 7 54
Kme's Mill - 7 49
Sulphur Spring 7 46
"Corman Sid in 7 4 1
V- m
2 29
2 20
3 18
2 IS
2 18
2 09
2 65
2 0?
2 00
1 41
1 35
1 28
1 25
1 20
Monteuello Park 7 41
Weaver 7 40
Roddy 7 88
Hoffman 7 33
-Royer 7 81
'Mahannir 7 ou
9 24
9 2T
6 10 10 43 Kloomfield 7 23
5 16 9 49 "Tregfcler 7 09
5 21 9 54 "Nellson 7 04
6 24 9 67 'Dam's 7 01
6 27 10 05 Elliotsbanr 6 68
5 32 1017 Bcrebeisl's 651
6 84 10 17 'Groen Pwte 6 48
6 87 10 80 -Montour June 6 88
6 02 10 85 LandUbur 6 28
p. m a. m Arrive Levs m
Trim loaves BloomHoid at 6.53 a. m.
-.nil arrivus at Lamiinbun? at 6.23 a. m'
Train leaves Landislmrg at 6.08 p. m., and'
arrives at Bloomfleld al 6.40 p. m.
All stations marked () are K ig stations,
at wblct trains will como to a full stop on
signal. r
Chas. H. Smut,
S. H. Bsc,
lev Railroad
of passenger trains, in effoet on Monday.
May 18tb, 1896. '
warl. 2T
6 05
6 08
6 12
6 15
6 25
6 22
6 81
6 39
6 61
6 54
7 05
7 11
7 15
8 30
8 27
8 23i
8 20!
Newnert ..........
Buffalo Bridge"!!!
Juniata. Furnace ...
Watr Ping
BlooiutloM Junct'ni
Valley Koa l
Elliot tsbnrg. ,
Green Park
Loysrillo ...I!!"'
Fort Robeaon ....'
Cisna's Rnn
Andersonburc ...
Mount Pleasant . . ,
New Gerniant'n ...
10 38:
10 42!
10 45
10 62'
11 01
11 09;
11 09
11 21
11 24
11 85!
11 41!
8 16
8 11
8 08
8 00
7 45
? 10
i 34'
7 26'
7 10
7 03 1
6 68,
11 45
7 21 ,
11 61
7 27
7 35
7 41
7 45
11 57
12 06
12 11
12 15
kF,,GKIJfG, President and Manager
Miller, General Agent.
I ? . .. .
Variable Friction Feed
Jax Csnier Crank P-i.ia
fcpid, accurate, atmnrr nii s'mnio -iri. i
8i!ia or whwls. tStmng
ondRftfe. No Fnrqiihur
Hoilrr hn rrrr rx
ldl. Also RtunciHrtl
agricultural implrrunia
generally. ILay Prerir
a apcialty. Sent for
. b. rABQUHAB CO., Ltd., York, Pa.
tt-3 i 'fi
.iCWKsS.r 'X - si Sir.
A wcnaarfui Improvement, !nri.v;r-. '
e i-lnrlt. Bclc monvo ': ; ir-. , : . .. :'.t
u:&-': lK'5WOI.C, Sis .: Vr.il:, !'.
i. i
1 15
2 50
r k
4 00
8 67
8 63
8 60
8 41
3 88
8 32
3 IS
8 10
8 04
2 66
2 49
2 46
2 40
2 88
2 24
2 20
te heard by thk
a-w- . Hut 1191 tin