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    • merit l'Astrber.
oilW. itrat:ZMWAG4
s i ng le coolest, paid 511
n not paid until theend of 3 ix
Flt •' roplex Sent to ono addrOlts , 10 Oil
To, copics, • 39 00
• Ali ell...Hatton accounts must be settled an
naly. No paper will be sent ta any person
responlity is not.lfnonnriless the
Pr i& to paid In advance. -
roe following aro our advertising rates, which
hc ..ttletly adhered to. In reekonitui the
of advertisements, an inch is considered
Anything lam than an Inch Is rated
a full gotlitt..:
No..nr_lttNertlong 1 tui.l2sq. FiC(.ll"4/. IC C.
s.- 1.4)1 175 2.2?, 54
' 1. 4.01 7.01. 12.00
'. l * :LW/ 4.114, 5.07 WD most
poor 2.* 3.75 4.
a 5ll On 10..10 11R 0 a W l
Tws LT. 5.7 : KfililfMo,2s.ll
o WW a 012911
k .M.3 U2 1.0311. 0 rAiV
..... 12.00 5 1 . 0 a MAO Si,oo MOO 90.0 n
Flet•Won • • and AdmintstAdministrator *' MAß. - Ps ,51
A‘jilitnite and Estray Notices 52 each:
Notices, set in Leaded Nomparlel. and
~71:ertol before ltatrlngea and rk'atha. 2i per
t , f ,,n1.1b t !onto reaular pe r Local Notlom
be the part 1e5,13 cts line of Eight
'lll lll.
ant., tor first Inxerttoo.l2rentapor Itne for see
il amt ten Pent! for each Rl:M.:Portent Inger
"Dm% }marls' NottOps 25 cents per line; Mar
eeuts fklths 2.1 cents each. ;Over
iteprted Peery other week, two-thirds
ot to.. Persons handing In tulvertisements
state the petits! they continued pith.
o therwise. they wilt he until
4 „frred DM, at the flepense of the adverttsers.
JOB Pnisrrsn.
of the heat jabbing MTh,. In the
end lre prepared to do any Itlnd of
hrge or moan orders, at as mountable
•rn , lsa ag good at} - le w: any establixlitnent
, ,•,,tititry.
linintinieatlonet altnitld lye addretated to
Editor and PAlprietor.
business flotices
of the Perm, Farrar iinll
li-EORGE II . (TTLEfts
%11,1” Mrrird. F.rit• (*minty'. P.A.
and WI .r huodiltum It tended to with
„11,11111,.. nll , l 41111.11,11.
~ ..tie.•r Nfltry At twilovt: and
Law. ()Mee PatraDst Rte.*. tiPar ort h Wext
~rner of thi. Pultllt• s:tinny , : Eric., Tht.
TIOTE!., '
Waterforti, P. 110)ert Prnprletor.
oand earetnl nttorit Inn
..t"Pn t“ thr entrirart of eitPottia. nu le: ea.
1 , 0+,1 ,, T , In Pine, Wlxttrw.xxl.. ettorrv. &Mt,
w m„ iit :ol d Oak T. her. Loth nod Stitn..ttnt.
4tate •trevt. North of R. R. ItWollot Erie,
. , '11;2-tr.
l'hystrian% and Surgeon& nine,. 17Y1 Pwu'h
eorner of Sixth. fit 11,... open
•ka,l nicht. Pr. Wl)llldin'a all
rtli• hOweelt Ninth and Tent 11,4 roots.
wo. I ff: CitrITNISON.
t f , ,rile% :it TAW, and Juattee of the Peaee.
n.l Clain' -Agent, entWev,lllllPer and
,•„11,4•14,r, )ITh In nintlernecht's
•rnf Fifth awl State street., Erie. Pa.
_ _
M. COLE tt .50N,
DIA 111n41 , NnivlithnIc Tinnk Mantic:let nrent,
6,-v.ton4. Nat tonal Mink.
I OR. 0. L. r.i.r.rarT, -
14,,tt.t. on* xivs Rtatm, No. raa. %Imp %trwet,
Eri.., ni.Yy fa-tr.
. .
i' l / 4 . KING
M Brewer anti Drnler In - Ilow.llitrlfm.
Malt, TALts.r,. Ace. Prnprlotor of Ate awl
I Ilroworlpg awl Malt , Warehnußest. Erie,
n t . t o titll , o In Ttnin.nzwigg'm 81,. k, north
, t ,itt it.. tilt. Park,
11. Y. PICKERING, D. I). S.,
FrPrerh Ntrewt,-sprond store
...rrots. Moelt, the eorner of the Iteed
Itnn.•. • °dig.
• 11 , o4TitS , 401q, WILLTAMK a: CO., •
4.....0rs to (leorge .1. *Rion, Colon'l.4oll
tioroliant.. And Wholesale Drillers In COlll,
.tern N.Y.& and Pedal o's Line or titenro.
l'A•t• Ihtblle I)ock, Erie, Pa. Ja PRi
Am.t lon and Cbmtnnonon t'erelninta, nun Rent
o ite Attenta, ITt2 State street (corner Nlntlio
'ri.• • Advanee% inn& on ron.lgnnient r.
country \retinue% altotale,l to In any part of
up 11;7-1y
Tailor nn. ('lnthes Cleaner. Union illoek
niswe Dr. Dennett's ()Mee. Clothes mule, clean
amul•repalred on short notice. Terms ns rea
sonnble .14 :4 ny. mr22.
n,•••••.rt .11,x31A.V.
spEscF:rt k RIFF:Rmwv:,
Attornev. at Law, Franklin, Isr. ()Mee In
K.•rr'g latll,llnz, Llbertv qtrr,t. Pithole CRY.
pa.,--orfiro,lrer. Kemp'a Pent:, 1101111.1011 tatrei.
volleettomi promptly mule in till parts of the
nII reLtlong. Jal2.
M.ll.ur•Ault• dealers in hard an.t Arlft. eonl.
1‘, 4 . IN% unt, .1bm0.,,N1 tR ,tur tto,k poll - N.llv t.)
i• 111:Inte41 firm, We ni , el4.xurity rt.t ire (nun
lllPtrade, reetantnNuting our iturt4.s.sorstas
Pininuntly worthy of the ernitigtener. and patron
nze of our old friends and the nulttle.
Sf'OTT, & O.
Pn.dilonahle Tallor,Pifth stresd, between State
and Peach, Erie, Pa. Custom Work, Repairing
and rutting attended to pminritly.
cr.nn , r of Prem.!) and Seventh pctreld , .. Erie,
itiennvr Johromm proprietors, Good tion“..,
and r•arrla.z...l alwnym nn hand nt moderate
and dealer In Stntlon.•ry Wall Pa
l.•r, Ntrtuatlev. NPSVPlpaperg. &e. Country de1a
.4441.1 Starr under Ilene/Wet 11044. front
the Parl:. Jal'Gr-tf.
rilAriN & il.kititgrr
I'h~.lrhmc and Sot-getup% 0111(4. No, 10 N&,l
()Mee ooPo dCR• niul ill2tlt. I'M Starr Pit's
re , t , letsee, No. 331 We.. , t ith Ft. InFIGT7-I.y.
F.rto Pa., George Tabor,
aeenfartiralatl(inst 111111
cal f.
(1F(. t•, BENNETT', M. TX,
Ylayilvinn and vurzr,ou. f)fflee. East Park Rt.,
1 over llncerstlek'.. flour Ntore,—bonrcht nt the re“-
' ideflet. Ilf Kek0„.2.1 door mouth of the M.
( *howl). on wa.wdr•,e' street. Oftlee hours
1 trwn II a. tn. until 9p. in. rnylo'66-tf.
If. V. (1..1M4 r In kiiebi of Family Grocerieli and
ro sl,lllO Wore, wlioleitnle deal
in (iv:in, TIli).11,11, t
Lit huh ••freet, Eric, pa. Ji4ilZ-tf.
F.. 1. Fit.'t Sint, 111.. 11.. •
, 'pond • Phvgielan and Surgeon. t)ffiev
';'• he•odem , Peaeh St. , pp the Park
Lour,. from ato /2A. m to:, P.
......11.1 . tio .2 rs
, '.ll Engineer ~n,l Mu rvevor. Ite.lllenft , env
, :ixth street and 1•:n+1 Avenne, East Erie,
furalslied for girls of all Ale.erip.
private short not lee. Claim-
Nurses, Housekeepers, Semns.tresses,
tv , it.r., sad Ifeehanies of nil kinds. Also, HO.
mint; Houses and Private Families Ku p
t).:.41 with servants of all kinds at short pollee.
eit f. , 1 , 4nt to oat' iit thi4 °Mee No. 12.12 state
Erie, Fa.. F. CROSS.
• .
, mettberger, at the new thick. Store.
Vill.ere, has ott band V. Large tutsortirient
Provisions - Wood and Willow
-s Wake, Liquors, rie;rars, &.c., to which he
',N.'s:fully colts the attention of the public,
'•" , •te I that he can btri , i as good bargains as
any part or Erie county.
mat iona ry and Portable*Steam
1 : 0 11.1•3D;, »17. TANK! 4 . •
• .
. intent Pat. ut Enginc,
I , :rect Actin g rircultir Saw 31111,4,111 m i -ell
l'lretihir Katy 111-11.,
;EOBCIF. SELDF:N, Pre...Man t
F. LIDDELL, sun't,
.1 4 111 N H. BLISS, F4‘ , 3 - and. Trt.a.,
TLS• Bradley Unglue,
Manufactured by the
twice. llax double the power of any
other Engine of equal size.
P[irtis who wish to increase their power
he hoot changing their holler, can (lotto by using
ilrautkY Engine, which works the Lxhatutt
4 `tmcn, and gives double the poorer from the
mole boiler, thus saving half the fuel..
l ' ( )A l A.cecit 1•01 - 1,t_ecor
Manufacturer of
1 NAVY, SPUN ROLLS, Bs, 108,
And all the other brands of
No. CT PENN grarmr,
'''''''''''''''''''"`"'"-' s "`" ,,,, c4Wazt - .. , ..x;240..5..1 , i - utaw«..arvotr.. ,, rolmmamourar•awantsaniglailO n a l eg o ? wol7.os,--- `' '".."'' --"'"‘"'"•::' '..- -- -'' ' - - - - . .
• s , 'it '',
• L''i ,• , i...' 1 r " .1 '
...f.y. ' ,
..... „ ; , ,, r. ,, srp; :,.i l „
~. . 4 1
..,,, ct! 1 , 1 4 1; ~ ,, ,,:i„ I i, „ i-
.4, 4 ,., 11 ., ; ~.0 4 , . 4,ru, Id,
, ki 1 .; r , ...11,. .( 1, •
~,r . . 1 ., ~,it , ~,.... .';:.:::• . '- . 1 : 1 4 `• , r; r :, , --.. ". : -;;;1 -1 1d .' 1 " ft ,"Li ; ...
, , - ''''
• : . ,1. `2,'''' --;' ,"'- -- , ,: : ,ff; r: i s f i, ffl,;„ . ; 0 % 4 . , - , :i ... :: '1 , , , 1 - , , r - . -.4: - ;•l 4 +q . :;*.: - 2;=.:2c - - - 1 ' . " ;A :.- L I . i t. 7.; , :11 4 :1 1 . 1 - ; ‘ ) - ,1,
4 : 3 ; ~ : d . 11 : , : : : . 1 1
1 - ,11.1 ` , :;
,i i ., : i
~:i ; ,
!,..„...„ „, ~..„..,..,..,„,.....:,,,,,,: „„•,.„,..4.„,
~. .r,..,,„q . fr ; , w , ei'l;-,i 0 .1,- 4 1-nif.ft • 11 , " ' 4.11. *%.
It 1 :'•."- : -.:, 0 - ;:T .i.,,::. ",-.: .1. t 7( 1 .i,' ;,... "..4, r cltil 'l4; ..-/-, ,eflyr " , a: r:l7. _ _
''-f si: .11 . ',,, c.l" - ;,,, 1 . ' . ~..1
. 1 . . f - , •
---=4-- : :*/ i , ;.,
i ~--, , ...- :r*.ri,; - 4. '...",1 5, i(c ,: :, • t.- , -)11,11 - rlrt.:.
• •rrtii 1 -Mtn 11. 10 ILI ~,: I it. i ",, , .1. ,:- I`!ii .t., ^ . ' 7O L'' "6. '''') 1 i ' i . ' •• ,''. ;! • a,7 .41-, ,f, ,, ,,' :,.,
V- I ld flies W,...- ,• ' .X T I. -7• I . T ' , 1..: ,- -1 •', '•' '. ' „1: 21 . 2! :'.llj .,:' :1 .. ,
i , , : •Erf '
' ! 4. ' , ; .. t • t. , ~ s,. . 1 ,yr - ~,,, - -
01,0 "P 4 l) ' li . • , 11: .«.' .I.'o "11 111 .114'3% ,, Y, nf'l , ''''C' , "ft" '''•'' 1 ' 4. " . !;/ 1 ‘! ' 6' ' ' ,! , -•'' - R- ' .. - - " 1
- 7 - `•"...:1. l'i ) ,',.:.1 . 1 ., , !r..:.:..• i' , • , r :•'` , ' ''•' , l S . ' • ''' '- ' " ' ~.. ," . •z . •, -!
• ~ ,
• r
VOL. 3S.
erottritS, Urob zr,, ,fruit, &t;
Confectionery , ,Depot t
R 5.00
No. fl South Park Place, Erie. Pn.
r 11OitASZ: I. Wliifi:
Has purchased the Mock and lease of the above
stand and in keep the most complete
stock of goods n this line ever offered In Erie.
The public can hereafter rely upon finding a
full assortment of
Groceries, Home and Foreign Fruits,
Give me a enll and SOO what I can do tar you
N!la. 23 & 24 West Park. (Emit ty'itElock,)
C 1 R. () S
WOO , lOll Nnd Willow' Ware,Tolutero, Scrams",
6:e. The beet qualltim oj
A choice and frema Klock always kept on band,
Which will beJuilit at the lowent figures.
We pledge ourselves not to be undersold, and
Invite all to glee us (veldt.
Oat - The higlicsd price paid for country pro
duce. molVat-tf.
Grocerle*Retalled at WUlexale Prices!
til e well known WholewalP Gropen4 of 513Fremth
street, have opeapil
wraa-E.. STREET,
Three dodo' north from Eighth, where they will
keep on Wind n large supply of
Being ilnableit, tot Johheni, to buy our fisxxlis at
much tower figures than retail dealers. we pro
paw to give our customers the benefit of such
advantage, and invite the attention of all those
who wish to save money In buying groceries, to
our large and well selected stock.
Goods delivered, free of charge, to any part of
the city. "" myl6-tf.
New Groeery Store.
Have 17,4 ra74,W h e' t an d
(Next to :tfreonkey et Sliannon'A,l
Where they will keep on hand a complete
xfock of everything In their line of trade, include
-rhe Lowc•at Murket Price.
The public wry. Invited to call and examine our
stock. We pledge ourselves not Lobe undersold
by unylxxly; opr-Stn.
• Al1?olcaale and Retail
iMeeessorlto F. Lt. M. Seillaudeeker, is now re
ceiving a splendid assortment of
',bpiOrli Willow, Wooden and twine Warn
Froibt, Nuts, &c. A large stock of -
Call and see UN, at the
Grocery Itendquarteru,
Amerlean !Stock, State St., Erte, Pa.
lasio 67-tf.
earner of Bth and !,fate fits.,
Is selling gootL so mnat cheaper than others?
For the reason that he TLIESTO NO ONE, con
sequently has no had debts. To convince peo
ple that he tneans what he says, he offers a
Reward of One Hundred Dolljtre
To any man who can get goods at his store on
credit, no difference whether he be rich or
poor. -
10 Pounds Busar for One DolLar-10 Bass
Chenslos Soap for Clos Dollar
Antl otheeg9otle l
In like proportion. •
St - Read the bulletiu board In front of the
QUO CEng,.
•• And Dealers In
And, In fact, a general variety usually kept In
a Grocery Store, and an low as any other house
In the city.
Paid for Country Produce of all kinds. Thank
ful for past favors, we still solicit a share of
public patronage.
710 'Eeitute e...4troots
ault-Sra. - Ilbtween Bth and 9th.
We would respectfully call the attentlasof
TO 01,12 .
Situated on the Canal, .
We are now In fall operation—have Ulna. on
hand, and are prepared to furnish n front the
gnu an the *honest nottee.
Wholesale !% Retnil
ln.l denim% in
Agentm - lor the Cleveland
'Mach will be sold to
AU of which will be spid at ..
Near Accd's Dock.
TJrn etrobil
W It 707.11 . . 1 / 4 T, r:
) I )l39Xhi • WISIA TI P I I P'
f.±±• - e -- - "ft • •)7 . 1.471 4 it'
Southard . & McCord,
Our stuck Is the, inrueutever brought to the city,
mruilgtOur of
' cAIiRemEREA-,
A complete toutortment of Dress 011(44, every
kind of ntt trio In the Notion Line, awl, In short,
n gvnerni nunrtment of everything needed by
Country dentent."
14 - FIW 1.!
(taunt*. Dealers ate invited togive us a gall.
We do a strictly whales ale trade, and propose
it such prices us will inake it to the ad
vantage of merchants In this section to deal In
Erie, instead of mentthug ran for their womb..
H. M. 1501.7THAH.D. ." J. XVollik
Carpet & Dry Goods noose
A complete stuck of Sheeting'', Prints, 'Linens,
Cloths, thickings. Flannels, Irish and French
Poplins, Alpacas. Delahres,dte. Also,
WITT• 1•11 GOODY. ricossimuir.
ealrand get pritallt before pureluusing.
uperta-ly. Nu. MG, Marble Fnmt, nate Rt
Sl2 KIL" -1?..T1 , 1 -r.
Dry Goods! Dry Goods!
The largest anal best stock of
Cloths, Cloakings, Del./11nm Alpacas, ,Leons,
Stobairs, Silks, Mock and Colossi_
Ciuditnere, Silk, !Insulin and Paisley
_White Goods, hosiery,
Notions, de., Re.
Goods marked down to meet the market. No
trouble to show goods. Call and examine.
mrtr67-Iy. ROMENZWE.IO
,f'urniture.6: Zinbettaking.
J. 11. Itznixr. J. .NECE. Jo/ A. Sttmerrr.
I. U. lUBLET &
" Manufacturers and deafen; In
Furniture of Every DOscription!
Parlor, Plain"; Room and Red Room Sags, Wilco,
tickoo and Hotel neva, and every
article In the line.
Mir located ital - Flatll - liffeet
anu tne natal; and our Ware Rooms at idg State
street. In the latter place we keep a larger sup
ply of furniture than calf be found anywhere
else In F.rie, all our Own manufacture, gotten up
with particular care for custom trade, made of
the ia•st material and after the most appnaved
style and manner. Particular attention is di
meted to our
Of which we can make a better article than
can be purehased at any of the attractive ware
houses in the East, and which we guarantee to
he First Class in every particular. Full sets
gotten up in Walnut, Rose Wood or any other
desirable material, covered with the best goods
manufactured for the purpose. Ournssortmcnt
of Furniture in this line is two complete that
every customer can be suited at first examina
We have commenced the business of Under
taking with the best equipment ever introduced
in Erie and with two excellent hearses, one of
which is as fine as any in the State, are enabled
to attend to funeral orders with thiliattnast fa
cility and satisfaction. Our stock of Collins and
Burial Cases, Trimmings, &c., is full in every
pirticular, and we are sathnm that we can till
every order promptly and satisfactorily, in the
city or county.
iny2f67-tf. .1. H. HIBLET k (X).
a Iry. A. IC
Vilioleaale and Retail
Dealer in Furniture !
llgclna purchn*ed the.cntlre stock of Furst'.
Lure of Meseni. Moore & ftlblet, I respectfully
M4l; my old rush:amen' and the public generally
to give me a call at the old stand,
Before purchasing elsewhere. I have a large
assortment of
Parlor, Chamber- and Bed Room Sets!
And In fact everything' In the line of Furniture.
I tun prepared to manufacture to order any atylP
that may he called tor. Remember,- No; 7LI
State street, east bide. between Seventh and
Eighth at meta. *.
a p2.767-t f. JOHN W.
.I[TAVING sold our entire stock of Furniture
to J, W. Ayres, we hereby thank the cum
niunity (or their liberal patronage to us, hoping
they will extend the same to him We will de
vote our time hereafter to the
With the consent of .1. W. AyeeN we atill hold
our °dice in the tame old Lam..., 715 State Ntreet,
where will be found In all time,. ready to nittMd
to the wauta of the community in our line of
Heady "Made Coining
Trimmed to order. Metallic and Iron Burial
Cases, of all styles and adzes, on hand; nbto.
Shroud and Coffin Trimmings. Undertakers
will find it to their advantage to buy then, of
us, a we cannot be undentold west of Itiew York.
apc25137-Iy. MOORS. & RIBLET.
• •
Corner of Twelfth and Peach streets, j rle Pa„
Who keep constantly on hand Lehigh and Pitts
ton (Putnam) lump and prepared, Shamokin,
Egg, Stoyeand Nut sizes; I.lltumlnons, forstrate
and steam, and
mos.qncinci, PITNBUTtfhI AND 'BEAVER,
For Blacksmith Purposes.
Our Coal is all received by rail, Is Itepton dry,
plank floor, and
We offer great Inducements to parties wishing
to lay In, their winter supply. also to dealers
purchasing by the car load.
air (live us a call and we guarantee to give
, July Ina-tf. SALTSMAN & CO.
F . 0.14
O(WE of the most plettatint residences and de=
. airable locattonn for a village house, in now
offered for male in the beautiful
The lot contains about one acre of land, has
nay choice grafted fruit trees,with choice shrub
bery on It a good well of water, a large and well
arminged house with new cistern and cellar and
a good barn and oat house. Theprop_ertyts sit
uated on Main street, and adjoining the Acade
my Park—is but live minutes' walk beta the
post office and all the churches. Goal schools—
and no more E i l i r place to reside and enjoy
all the advan of them, exists on the lake
Shore. The vil is located about two miles
from the lake shore, and spc.luilf mile:tom the
=limed station of the 1.1.3 E. and P. dc It. Rail
roads. Terms easy. Parties desiring des i re t w o
exchange, property thki cite. 1/' they to
exchange, will find It of advantage to call ors&
dress, for further Information
mOD•en. S. TODD PEkLEY, Erie. Pa.
”IltflwA,Re "
71 "ryfri tt .I.W 'VA 2, i -7-7 te. i , . -
At* tabbettistaitaiWw.!
1 ,
i .f . - I'4 ll. I '
.0! tat A' ~ ili., IV
. .1P4111` , 1 4 0 if' z....pitrx>" * -- , 11v444 - , A, MI I srr
r ,n 74.2 la %Fir / , -iip fir :--evri , Als-itzidetro. 1 ut 1
• ,r(---. 1 11,1:7$, 1 --,.- i ,s: -1 ` . ...,.. 7 :onir•M`4,,t,lll
ue.orumm - or RINAILISAIOR
' No, 507 E‘rinittla t4t.•
Artnounoe that theyjuxve Jug re-opened their
And Invite the attention of all wanting Rerd.
Their Meek le the Larva ever =6f in
North-Western Ferituyvanla!
Comae!ming a general amortment of all tha arti
cles In their line.
NAIIIII , IRn will and shed they want.
111:111:.DFRA will and what they want.
TILACIIMIMIa will Tina what they want."
WAGON 31AKEtta will and what they want.
CARPENTER...I will and what they want.
MASON/4 will find what they want. .
PAINTERA will find what they want. - -
GLAZIF.RB will SW what they want. •
lACHIINIKII4 will and what they want.
LUMBERIIIIM will And what they want.
COAT. DEALERH will and what they want.
In short every kind of hardware used by any
cll►ss In the community, will always hit bond
on hand and said at the most lemonade prices.
Fairbank's Standard Scales!
Hay, Onal,. Platform, Whet.llama. Grocers',
Deuggbitav, Dutcher.', Paul lafilea
•nd Counter.
Croton Gbass 'Works !
All sizes of Mass constantly on hand aflowest
_ chash picot.
The public are Invited to call and examine for
then:melees. Remember the place.
Wayne Block; opposite the Reed Rouse.
Erie Commercial College,
fLIS State at., between 7th and Sth sta.,
Is the most complete Institution In the lakd, de
signed to impart to young Men and Boys a
In alfthe departments of active bualiteas We, a
thorough knowledge of all the branches apper
taining to a business education.
.Book Keeping,. Pentnananip, Aiithmetic,
Commercial Law, Business Practice, Finance,
Commission and Banking.
Of our method of inatruction le Unhesitatingly
conceded by alt Who have examined i our mode
of inatructlon.
Time to complete a muse from eight to nine
weeks. We have thoroughly reviewed our
course and Instead orsl2 to IS weeks can warrant
perfect success
theight or nine weelu.„ saving
about one half time as before.
Tguxs.—For a Life Hcholarardp. payable in
adeance, good throughout the chain. tale. For
a complete course In Double Entry Book Keep
ing, U - 1.00.
A first class boarding house is connected with
the College. where students tlnd all the comforts
of home at. very low prlees.
W For circular, containing full informathin
and specimens of penmanshlKwidress (enclos
ing six cents in stamps),
OMB & HOEG, Principals.
Erie & Pittsburgh Railroad.
" I :niC r ni r grrn D t t in r j"Y as lB /1
112ertt. M., Pittsburgh Fittress, stops at all sta
tions, anti arrives atA. & W.R. It. Trans
fer at-2:10 p. m, at New Castle at a-I5 p. m.,
' and at Pittsburgh at 6:45 p. tn. -
sclo P. M., Accommodation, arrives at sbaron
at 12 no.
:coo A. M., Accommodation from Jamestown,
arrives at A. dta. W. It. R. Transfer at &40
a. nt., at New Camille at 7:1:6 a. in., and !Pitts
burgh at mop. tn.
6.130 A. M., Erie ExpreM, leaves New Castle at
A. &R. W. IL IL Truster at 10a1
a. tn., making close conflation with trains
for Mural. and Niagara FalLs,and twrivettat
Erie at 101 p.
WO P. M. Accommodation, leaves NM, Castle
at 6:10 p. tn., A. & 3. W. R. R. Transfer ALCM
p. in., and arrive, at Jamestown at 210
p. m.
Accommedation leaves Sharon at 4:00 p. m.,
arrives at Erie at p. rn.•
Pittsburgh Exp'reas aouth connects at Jams.
town at 210 p. in. with .1„ & P. Expreas, arriving
at Franklin at 11...50 p. in., and Oil City at 4:10 p.
m. Connects at Trapafer at 210 p, m., with A.
S G. mr. Mall west, for Warrem Ravens and
Cleveland. • ;
Erie Enema north est:meets at A. & G. jiii%
Transfer at hal a. tn., with Mall east for Heed.
elite and Jamestown, and Al Jamestown with
y, - & F. Express for Franklin, arriving at Frank
lin at 2....511p. in., and 011 City at 4:10 p.
Trains connect, at Rochester with trains for
Wheeling and all points In West Yirginla. and
at Pittsburgh Connections for oMadelphia,
Harrisburg, Baltimore and Washington, via
Pennsylvania Central' Railroad.
Erie Express north connects at Girard with
Cleveland & Erie trains westward for Cleveland,
Chicago and all points to the West; at Rile with
Philadelphia & Erie Railroad for Corry, Warren,
I rvineton, Tidlonte de and.with BuOlo& Erie
Railroad for BMW*, ihniirdrk. N Falls
'and New York City. • . J. J. LA.Witedt' uk;
weividuOr m asingainrram,
ninium IS TO GIVE NOTICE that on the itth day,
I of August. A. D.. Be, a Warrant in Bank
ruptcy was issued amniost the. estate of liorand
T. Sterrett. of the city of Erie, in the county of
Erie; and State of Pennsylvania. who has twen
adjudged • bankrupt, on his own petition:lllM
the payment of May debts and delivery of any
prdperty, him' are forbidden by lair; that a
meeting of the creditors of the said bankrupt,
to prove their debts and to choose one or.more
Assignees of his estate, - will be held at a Court
of Bankruptcy. to be holden at the office of H.
Brutterdeld, Clerk of the Courts, before R. E.
Wolisdruff. Esq Regliter on the 11th day of
September,_n• DOM:. at .4 o'clock, P. Y.
_ll. A. Marshal.
Per G.P. Drys , Dept. U. Marshal. -
The place to _
nu get andoke article cif Totem.
- Sffagars Is at
always on batul aAroodwamtmeat of the
above arta:tee at evert e, wholesale and re
tail. Also, Pipes, es, Boast nail illatokiss'
Articles or every desesiptioa. Mew favor nee
with a call. Loa% target the place. l Pasch
street. rtraif-ly.
52 . 23 . g 1
ware to the name.
Ao tails YOU
A General .Assortment of ,
T IT 17.
South of the Union Depot.
.la-t tagfiltr. ,
011iMatiutava. , Irinrespaskilow
f ,- p - 17 7. 1rilYn . f ;
*lAA l4 Y hhi le r iVireal l a r grli*
• s itokt .V0T.3.40 P.
are abed entettitta one 011ie Mod imPor
, tent tluit luta ever occurred lu 'the .Btate. It
virtu:air deckles the Prods:km*l nalltest'ot
next vear,ftw Pennsylvania/ow. so goes
nut, Tinfoil!' The Indloatinati on every
point to a . mere eneottragin,g prospect for
the emcees of Democratic principles than
we have lied in tr number .of yeses Thad
' deux Stevens', the great Radical' leader,'says
Pennsylvania' to likely to go against the
Wiest* *Mr fall, and be is, the last man who
would utter such a prediction 'Mins the
signs of the thee* were en unmistakeably
'clear .arr to allow of-no other. conclusion, -
We eon Win the *tom if we use the right,
ell exertion, and if Democrats are one-half
as earnest . % the cause Is they (nitres& they
will not 'allow. despondency and inaction
aught to preterit the supremacy of our prin-
Determined to do our share in' the work,
we hive concluded to Amish , the Observei
at the fbikiwing low late : •
One copy, - three months - - • $ll5O
-Five copies, " - • - 2.50
Ten copies, • " " - • rt.oo
Twentveopies, " - 0.00
These prites barely cover the expense to '
us, and we are only Induced to offer them in
the hOpe that by the wider eirculatimt which.
thirpaper.ntay sets*, we .shall be enabled
still thither to promote the cause which lies
tieniar to' the hearts of all true Democrats.
Ailoserares ean'eanamenee any lime predate.. In
The election, and may 'rely .upon having the
pape o r ateptly discontinued at the expira
tion pmiod for which' they have paid.
At these moderate figures it ought not to
be a difficult task to secure a subscritition of
two thousand extra copies for the Observer
between now and the day .of election. We
hope our friends In every part of the dis
trict will see the importance of obtaining the
widest possible circulation for the paper, and
go to work at once to - help on the move-,
merit. The emergencies of the crisis de
wand the individual effort of every man and
woman who feels an interest in Democratic
principles. See that year neighbors are
supplied with sound doctrines, and let tltcm
Obtain an underitan - ding - of the issues in
volved in the contest. If there is a luke
warm Democrat - near-you, who does. not
now receive his county paper, induce him
to subscribe for it three months at least. It
will revive his mill In the cause, and may
make of hint an earnestand effeethre worker.
Furnish yotir Republican neighbor with a
copy, and let him see what the measures of
his party leaders have• done and are doing
to damage his interests. ' There are hosts of
Republicans who stand hesitating as to their
duty, and who only need to become thorough
ly acquainted' with Democratic principles
and armaments, to become hearty adher
ents of our cause. - •
Who will be Abe first to send us a club of
ten or twenty campaigners? We intend do
ing our 11211 duty itithe campaign, and look
to our friends to perform theirs. - -
• Spuiit potiCtss: •.(
A Card to Ike Ladles.—
In Correcting Irregularities, Removing Ob-1
etruetiorur of the Monthly Turns, from whatev-,
er cause, and always successful as iipreventreq
lice. '
In removing obstruction and nateaning nature
to its proper channel, quieting the nerves an
bringing ,hark the " vosreolor of health " to the
cheek of the most delicate.
Fall and azpllclt•dlrecttona accompany each
Price Si per hos, six boxes II field hg nne
druggist tui every town, village. city and hamlet
throughout the world. Sold to Erie by S. R.
CARVF:R A CO,' druggist% sale agents for the
city. • .
L4les by sending them to through the Net
°glee, can hays the pills sent (eonfidentlally)hy
mall to any part or the country . . tree of postage.
D. HOWE, Pole Proprietor,
New York.
To Corlsomptlows.—The adverflter. having
been watered to health in a few weeks by every
simple remedy, after hasinitu rat foraewttal
years with a severe lung affection, and that
dread disetweSlonsumption—la anxious to make
known tett. fellow imfferera the means of care,
To all who desire:it, be will send a copy of tfie
prescription need (free of charge) with .the di-
Met ions for preparing and using the =Me t which
they will 'find a Rust erne for Consumption,
Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds and all
Throat and Lung Affections. The only object of
the advertise.s in sending the prescription. Is to
benefit the afilleted, and spread informatkes
which he conceives to be valuable, and he hope'
'every andbret will try this remedy, as It will
cost them nothing, and may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the pniscriptiolt razz, by return
wail, will please address
wintam,,burg, filings Oa.,
New York.
Photos's .” Illireastagg C•resa.99
Ihialames "Aisles Bloom
Pimlea's . 4 Nlglat illoonaing Cerems.”
"Nigh' iiitolunbuig Garires.Pr
P46bs+{ Uls*ming Ceres..“
A . iamoo esgai. tl. &awe. and Ptiormat Perri:um.
41.11 104 from lb. we fled beautiful glamor Mar
wtt:eh It takm 11. ummt.
%bumNetnr•d mly by
PIL&LOX ac apii.-New
Ilelsaboldts Fluid Estes/re Bitehtt:—ls a
certain cure for diseases of the Bladder, Kldne"
Gravel,Dropsy,,Organle Weakness, Female Com
plaints, General Debility and all &scram of the
Griner,' organs, whether existing in male or
female, from whatever cause originating, and
no matter of how long standing.
Diseases of these organs require the use of a
diuretic. If no treatment is submitted to OM
sumption or Insanity may mine. Our Flesh
and Blood are supported from these sources, and
the health' and happiness, and that of posterity,
depends np!on prompt use of a. reliable remedy.
Heimbold's Extract Buchu,establlshedupwards
of Id years, prepared by
IL T..IIELMBOLD, Druggist,
.501 Broadway, `ew York, and 101 Booth 10th
Street, Philadelphia.
Elmore at Vent gentleman who suffer
ed for years from Nervous Debility, Premature
Decay and all the effects of 'youthful indtsere
tion,•will, for the sake of suffering humanity,
send tree to all who need it, the recipe and di
rections for making thesimple remedyhy wkieh
ho was cured. Eintarrers wishing to meth) , the
adverttsers esperieneacan dosolbyaddreeßing,
in perfect confidence, JOJECti
Cedar EL New York.
Difarriage lead Celibacy sad the Ilaypi.
miss at True Illaiyhood.—An essay for young
?nen on the crime of Solitude, and the Physical
Errors, Abuses and disease* wideli create.
Impediments to MARRIAGE, with sure means
of relief. Sent In sealed letter .envelopes, free
of charge. Address, fh. J. MULLIN ROUGH
TON, Howard Association, Phliadelphia, Pa.
Wirtraiwilsekis and Improved
Iloss Womb cares secret and denude disorders,
In all their stages, at little expenie, little or no
change In diet, on inconvenience and no expo.
sore. It is pleasant , In taste and odor, Immedi
ate in action and free from all hilarious proper
ties. mrllll7-13r.
Tate mourners unpleasant and' minds Bern
elites tot unpleasant and dangerous diseases.
Use Italmbold'a Extract-Menu and Improved
Bose Wadi. , : inelte7-4y.
The Okay et Man illtreagliw—Tbarefore
the NalToloan4Debilltated shoal Immediate
ly ago Extrad Bud= nalret-ly.
Sikattartall Caraatttuttions reatoro by Helm
boldli Extract nacho. mrlf67-Iy.
.-,::IAIJOtrST; - ,g2, .1867;: - -;" ,"':•:,,,'.-. -'
- : - atiltllaY,P, • • 1 . •
010 it winteied rose:bad! -' •., , • •
r.'' Iftt she ware Itin hei hair, ' • -
i - - When the. In gkirkara beauty, . •
• • Win lite that rotOnd - gait i - ,
. Unt, an the now'rcita wither , - • .' •
,"-• In dewy mottiNglllll3, • ' ' ' 0 •
, •Willh all their tat round' It . aa - , ~ ,
So the falr • - dletlA,"' -- '-: 4
-,... Wkere the turretzeda . 1 4001 n . ' -
Satffilh Int fragrant teardrops
..„ . .
In sorrow o'er Iler tomb. - ,
Only an.old time ballad
But the ggshp,used to sing ; • •
,Though perhaps, to others,
TO me *sacred thing.
.• •
Ab, that grave, in it the musk ,;
. Of my 6eatt lies buried deep •
- Since that satiny summer morning -
• When they bid her there to sleep.
Oh, the long, 'icing years I've waited,
Oh, the yeais *ballet may come,
Ere I loin the sweekrolced singer
lour Father's happy home! .
In the days of the good colony of Virgin
ia, the distinctions .between rich and poor
were based upon laws which, like these agile
Medea and Persians, _altered not. One of the
most devout folloWers of this code was a
weelthy"planter, living In what is known as
the Northern Neck. He was in all respects
a flank, open hearted. manly gentleman: bat
his estimate of his fellow men was bounded
upon the principles that governed the selec
tion of his horses—blocaL l liirealth, too, was
•by no means an unimportant teature silth
idm. He had our human weakness, and,
like all of us, was influenced more than be
even . believed--by-Tetrads,. shillings and
This Mr. 0-- had quite a large fatally,
and among them was a daughter whose beau
ty was • the standing toast of the country.
She was Justeighteen, and budding into love
ly womanhood.. Not only was she beautiffil
in person, but her amiable disposition and
many dcwmplishmenta made her more than
ordinarily attractive, and half the gentlemen
of the Northern Neck were already sighing
for her love.
There was in the country at this time
young man who was already rising high in
the esteein of his neighbors. lie came of
good family, but was,. as yet, a poor young
surveyor, who had taught himself his pro
fession, and who had spent much of his time
in traversing. unknown rotes* with 'nothing
but his comma for his guide, and his chain
for his connialkion, locating lands and settling
disputed titles. lie was a model of manly
beauty, and excelled in the varied feats of
strength in which the olden time Americams
took such pride. Lie wascaim and reserved,
and there was about him a dignified sweet.
ness of demeanor that accorded well with
his frank independence of character. lie was
a great favorite with all who knew him, and
there waswo gathering to which he was not
Mr. G— seemed especially to like the
young man, and it was not long before he in
sisted that the latter should abandon all eel.;
emony in his visits to him, and come and - go
when he pleased. The invitation was heart
ily given, and its promptly accepted. - The
young man liked the plantec and he found
of thd beautiful Mary G— a very
strong attraction. The result was that he was
frequently at the planter's residence: so fre
quently, indeed, that Mrs. G— felt called
upon to ask her husband if he did not think
it wrong to permit him to enjoy such unre
served intercourse with their daughter. The
'& 4 ". ..vtir lanahedat the idea. _and said he
hoped his daughter knew her position too
well to allow anything like love fora poor sur
veyor to blind her to her duty to' her family.
Nevertheless Mary (3 was not so My
impressed with this conviction of duty as was
her father. She found more to admire in the
poor surveyor than in all her wealthy and
aristocratic suitors; and, almost before she
knew it, her heart passed out of her keeping
and was given to him. She loved him with
nil the honesty and devotion of her pure
heart ; and she would have thought it happi
ness to.go out with him into the back woods
and share his fatigues and troubles, no mat
ter how much sorrow they might -bring -to
OnlY‘a tbw old letters, '
Yellow and dint with years!
But oft this faded writing
Flath been baptized in taus;
For she whose dear hand wrote them,
Lies 'neath the ehruchyanf sod
And up in the starry heavens ' •
Her spirit ilves-with God.- -
Oh that those gates would open, •
And she with outstretched hand,
Mould lead meta the glories • _ •
Of that far off better land.
Nor did she love in vain. The young man,
whose knowledge of the world• was after
wards so great, bad not then learned to con
sider as binding the distinctions which socie
ty drew between his position and that of the
lady. He knew that in all that makes a man,
he was the equal of any, one. He believed
that, except in wealth. lie stood upon a per
fect equality with Mary G—, and he loved
her honestly 'and manfully, and no sooner
had be satisfied himself Amon the stale of his
own" eelings than he.coufessed his devotion,
simply and truthfully, and received from the
lady's lips the assurance that she loved him
very dearly.
Scorning to occupy a doubtful position, or
to cause the lady to conceal aught from her
parents, the young man frankly and manful
ly asked Mr. G— for his daughter's hand.
Very ang,ry grew the planter as be listened
to the audacious proposal. Re stormed and
swore furiously, and 'denounced the young
man as an ungrateful and insolent upstart.
" My daughter has always been accustomed
to riding in her own carriage," he said. "lVho
are you, sir ?"
" A gentleman, sir," replied the young man
quietly ; and he left the house. -
The lovers were parted. The-Lady married
soon after a wealthy planter, and the young
man went out again into the world to battle
with his heart and conquer his'unhappy pas
shin. lie subdued it; but although he after
wards married a woman whom he loved
honestly -and truthfully, mod was, orthy of
his love, ho was never wholly dead to his .
first love.
Time passed on, and the young man began
to reap the reward of his labors. He had
never been to the hotise of Mr. Et— since
'his cruel repulse by the planter; but the lat
ter could not forget him, as his • name soon
became familiar in every Virginia household.
Higher and higher he rose every year, until
he gained a position from which he could
look down upon the proud planter. Wealth
cane to him, too. When the great struggle
for independence dawned, he was in las
prime, a happy husband, and one of the most
distinguished men in America. The strug
gle went on, and soon the "poor surveyor"
held the highest and proudest position in the
When the American army
_passed in tri
umph through the streets of Williamsburg, the
ancient capital of Virginia, after the surren
der of Cornwallis, the officer riding at the
bead of the column chanced to glance up at
one of the neiThborinT balconies which was
crowded with ladies. Recognizing one of
them he raised his bat end lowed-profound
ly. There wain commotion In the balcony,
and some one called tbr water, saying Mrs.
Lee had fainted. ' Turning to a young
man who rode 'near him • the officer said
. Henry, I fear your mother has- fainted.
You had better leave the' column and go to
The speaker Was George l'iraehington, once
the "poor surveyor," but then commander
in-chief of the armies of the United Stales.
The young man was ColOnel Henry Lee, the
commander of the famous " Light Cavalry
Legion ;" the lady was his mother, and form
erly Miss G—, the belle of the 4 ' Northern
TALE ABOUT • IT.--AII old, barrister was
giving advice to his son, who was just en
tering upon the practice of his father's pro•
fmsion : "My son," said the counselor, "if
you have a case, where the law is plainly on
your side, but justice seems to 'he clearly
against you, urge upon the jary the vast im
portance, of sustaining the law. If, on the
other hand,yon are in doubt about the law,but
your clients-case is ibunded on jturtice,insist
on the necessity of doing justice, though the
heavens fall" "But,' asked the son, "how
shall I. manage a case where law and justice
are dead against me t" "In that case," re- ,
plied the old man,-"talk round it." .
AT a fancy dress . ball in Paris a young
lady was seen in a very low-bodied . dress,
While floating and waving an abundance of
green gauze. She was
.politely asked by a
gentleman what she personated, ."The sea.
monsieur." "At low tide, then, madam r'
The young lady blushed and the gentleman
. A Fair Hit.
' of the New York itssenZly, ,
hexing observed the effects of the Excise law
of that State upon tho taste.for strong drink,
and being convinced by long study and deep
research that as many persons In jure Ahem
selves by over-eating as by over-aiinlang,
and introduced hr.thcr legisia-:
Apost r , towegniii.thoZ..
lug graphic
itodures synomb °film 'most =
of the NU, which will pa portent
y. pent:
salami may personally interest some of our
Whereas, Excessive' eating is as dangerous,
demoralizing and disgusting as excessive
drinking,as sad it is now the excellent lash.
nn to cleVate and purify personal habits by
State lairs, in. Imitation of that admirable
statute which provides that NeW Yorker* can
only drink between fixed hours and on cer
fain days and at the highest prices.
It is hereby enacted, that no man or wo
man shall eat more than is good for him or
her; that he or she shall take only three
meals a day, and none after six o'clock in
the evening until seven o'clock of the next
morning ; that meat can only be used fmtr
.times a, week ; . that deserts are. not to be al-
Imited to consist of more than one article ;
that the foolish and wicked habit prevailing
Among-the wealthy of having many courses
Is stricair prohibited; that vegetables and
.fruits shall only be eaten in their season,and
that no condiments or sauces shall be allow
ed' to excite an unnatural appetite.
To more clearly elucidate- he meaning and
Intention of this: statute, it is declared theta'
plain dinner shall consist of a single plate of
thin broth, a simple joint of rnent,and a trifle of
sweets—custard being strongly recommend
ed as the most dig,estable ; that a set or for
mal dinner shall not exceed five courses, in
cluding flab, but not counting- raw oysters,
which are recognized as aids to digestion ;
bat that, in giving entertainments of respect
to city and government otlichits,
to the Senate and members of the Assembly,
these rules shall not apply, but there shrill be
no limit either to the amount of food or'
-drink as has heretofore always been the law
and custom.
It is further enacted, that the people must
eat cold dinners on Sundays; and must be
satisfied with what they can pick up on
washing days and house cleaning times ;
thit they. must avoid certain kinds of food ;
that gravy is only to be helped once at a
meal ; that pork cannot be eaten more than
once a week ; that mince Dies are only al
lowed one day in every month, and plum
puddingt are - forbidden altogether. Any
man or woman offending against any of these
enactments shall be fined and imprisoned
in the discretion of the tout. •
No eats h ouses shall be open alter six
o'clock-at f; and if any person shall be
come a lab h abitual gourmand—shall dull his
faculties by overloading his stomach, shall
encourage tits of indigestion, to the destruc
tion of his temper—his family may take out
a writ de endo inquinindo. and upon Jude
ment.being rendered, may take poisession
of all his Properly, and lock him up -in prise
on, where he shall be kept on the-thinnest
diet for the rest of his natural life. The
hcanteopathic faculty may make furtherreg
nlations to carry this enactment' into Wed,
which regulations, when made and published,
shall have • the same effect as laws, and be
obeyed and respected accordingly.
That if any person !shall be guilty of ex- ,
cessive eating, so as to be overcome and stu
pified with a stron g . desire to sleep, any
member of the community may forthwith
take him to the nearest apothecary and have
administered •to him an emetic strong
enough for the emergency, without being
liable to suit or persecution therefor; and
_the guilty party may also be fined by any
police magistrate In the sum of ten - dollars
for each and every offence, or,irrease of non
payment of the fine, may be condemned to
the city prison for ten days ; and that, on
every subsequent conviction, the fine or im
prisonment may be ddubled
Pnomnrrony LAw is Bosros.—An "Ala
bamian," in a Mobile paper, who has been
in soston, thus hits off the prohibitory law :
:Boston seems to be growing worse every
day in intolerance. They won't allow a dr
-ens to have a horizontal 'bar,' or a band of
.'tumblers.' Trance mediums' are forbidden
to practice because they call in the aid of
spirits. 'Opticians' are watched, because it is
said that people get their glassithere. The
London 'Punch' and Wilkes' Spirie are for
bidden to be sold by the periodical dealers.
Apothecaries are forbidden to sell 'liquorice.'
People are not allowed to eat sour apples,
and are liable to be arrested for being in high
spirits, Children who complain of stomach
ache are locked np for fear, it might be sham
paign. Men are arrested on suspicion ofbeigg
distillers. who are caught 'rectifying nits
takes.' Hotels have had to take 'rum ome
lets' and 'wine sauce' off their bill of fare.
All bookstores selling histories coat:Anil:igen
account of the 'Battle of Brandywine' are
closed at once. Dead people cannot' be
buried on a 'bier.' Vessels are not allowed
to come into the harbor, because they have
to pass a bar in doing so ; and sea-captains
are not Allowed to make any 'port in a
Storm—if they do they must tell 'where they
got it. Enterprising men dare not show any
public spirit ; and even- poor washerwomen
can only dry two sheets at a time, as any
one is liable to arrest who has 'three sheets
in the wind.' "
Tar. Swz.utEn Renoenn.—On a certain
occasion, .General Washington invited a
number of fellow officers to dine with him.
While at the table, one of them uttered an
oath. The General dropped his knife and
fork in a moment and in his deep tone, and
characteristic dignity and deliberation said
—"I thought that rte all supposed ourselves gen
tlemen." Re then resumed his knife and fork,
and went on as before. The remark struck
the officer like an electric shock, and, as was
intended, did execution, as his remarks in
.such cases were apt to do. No person
swore at the table after that ; and after din-
ner the officer referred to remarked to his
companion, that irthe (lateral had struck
him over the head-with his sword' he could
have borne it, but the home thrust which he
gave him was too much. It was too much
for a gentleman. And it is Wiped that it
will be too much for any one who.pretends
to be a gentleman.
. Tug Gnus TO TEM YOUNG MEN.—The lit
erary department of the luka (Miss.) Mirror
is edited by four young ladies. Their last
number contains the following paragriph,
which exhorts the young man to "depend on
lainp,em" "Most young men consider it a
misfortune to be born poor, or not to have
capital enough to establish themselves at
their.start in life in a good and comfortable
business. This is a mistaken notion. So far
from 'poverty being a misfortune to them, if
we may judge from what we daily behold, it
is aldessing ; the chances are more - than ten
to one against him who starts with a fortune.
Most rich men's sons die in poverty, while
many poor men's sons come to wealth and
honor. It is a blessing instead of a curse, to
have to work out their own fortune."
ONCE in church a youngster who carried
the collecting plate, before starting to col
lect; put his hand in his pocket as usual and
laid a cent, as ho supposed, on. the plate,
and then passed it around among the con
gregation, which numbered many Niung
and pretty girls. The girls, as they loored at
the plate, seemed astonished and amused,
and the young man, taking a glance at the
plate, found that instead of a cent he laid put
a conversation lozenge on it with the words,
"Will you marry me r . in red leticrs, staring
everybody in the face. None of the ladies,
however, closed with the odor. •
" AYELLA, for thee—yes, at tliy command,
I'd tear this eternal firmament into a thousand
fragments—l'd gather the stars one by -one
as they . tumbled from the re g ions of etherial
space and put them in my trowsers' pockets;
1 d pluck the sun—that oriental g od of day
that traverses the blue arch of Heaven in
such majestic splendor—l'd tear him from
the sky and quench its bright effulgence in
the fountain of my eternal love for timer'
Amelia—" Don't, Henry,' it would be so very
FOILIMELLY, when negroes voted in New
Jersey, a candidate sent an old nmrro preach
.er two barrels of nice potatoes. Next meet
ing day he o,Khorted his hearers on the duty
of voting, sad the difference between Whigs
and Democitta. He told the story of the re
ceipt of, the potatoes, and added : " MyjFed
ren, smile tell putt to vote for de Whigs,
some telt you to vote for de Democrats, but
I tell you to, vote where you get de taters !"
A YOUNG lady po iag more vanity than
personal charms, re ked, in a jesting tone,
bet with lip earnest glance that` traveled
on her good loots." A rejected lover being
present, remarked that"he could now account
for, the young lady never having been far
from home."
" NO 11
Jennie sighed, end Robin squeezed her
Pretty U U I tieinilitins Lind
Then, • --. -* *„.
I .I°M,
"Loose me I" hat he clasped her tighterr
Ativt i Ltori 0441004dna rip t
en r t face grew mdch.btl , ghter,
And shalt , am Wm
They then clung each other fondly,
Claim together as two bleb!, - •
And they. Ema each other A:odb%
And—l left them In that Bs I
A nessastable'Ar!letelry Nark Twain.
The mmiquiMea have blinded me beyond
. I ha veal suffered ._moth its during the
'postale ditys,isinoe kFudign!Aeal from New
M".. =Wilma= ti's, siblitinn
for me. They serenade me in troupes, tend
present their bills with - the promptness of
a tax collec tor, and make. you pay on- the
I couldn't locate all the spots they have
visited on mo—l am in a state of eruption all
, •
I am constantly. committing assault and
battery on myself In the desperate hope of
smashing the little wretches.
The • amount ofpuniahmost. , . I have dealt
out to myself would have been sallicimt to
have secured me the championship of the
light weights in the prize ring.
Bat you don't gain any credit with such
antagonists: they always manage to get first
bloW, then.leave you alone to come up to the;
Do yon know any remedy for Tansqui
I have tiled '
The musquitoea don't mind It. - • .
They say if yon close pp the windows and
doors of your bedroom and . then burn sul
phur, it will kill every mosquito in theapart
ment—also, any other man. •
If youitto yourself from head to foot with
kerosene oil, they say mosquitoes won't bite
I haven't tried this—my landlady objected
on account of the bed clothes.
The man who discovers an In=We pro
tection from mosquitoes. deserves to be
decorated with the ribbon of the Legion of
Everybody would bless hitu l as everybody
is afflicted just now by musmutoes. - •
O'Tard Is the only man I know who is
not. He says the mosquitoes don't trouble
This can be accounted for.
Mosquitoes are sanguinary, but tempeiato
They will dsink_blood, but they don't touch
Which Half?
Here is an English story of the times, a
bank incident, which must not be lost: In
the_midst of the lattiezeitement, and at the
moment when everybody thought all the
banks were going to the d together,;ones
rushed into the bank of wh ich he was t< Stock
holder, and thrusting a certificate into the
clerk's face he said in baste : " Here, p lease
transfer half of that to James P. Smith." The
Berk looked at it and asked: "Which half,
Mr: Jones?" "I don't care which half," re:
plied Jones, puzzled at the inquiry. "Yon
had better go to the courts; . l can't make
the transfer without legal decision. If you
really wish to trawler your other half tour.
Smith we cannot do it here." Jones was con
founded. He-knew the banks were all in a.
muddle, but this was too deep for him. He
took his certificate from the bands of the ,
smiling clerk, and on looking at it, to ! it wa4
his marriage certificate! Being a printed
form on flue paper, and put away among Lis
:private papers, it was the first thing Mr. Jone 4
laid hands on when he went to the secretary
for bank stock script. He went home, ki44ed
his wife, glad to find she hadn't been trans
ferred to Mr. Smith, and taking the right pa
pers this time hastened down town in time to
get it all straight.
EDUCATION is a Companion which no mis
fortune can depress, no clime destroy, no en
emy alienate, no despotism enslave. At home
a friend, abroad an Introduction, in solitude
a solace, in society an ornament. It chastens
vice, it guides virtue, it give grace and gov
ernment to genius. Without it what is man!
A splendid, slave; vacillating - between the
dignity of ' an intelligence _derived from
God, and the degradation of brutal passions.
Patti-rims .—ln a sermon delivered last
Sunday, Rev. henry Ward Beecher is said to
have remarked that mord_public men -of em
inence have started from tbelmineermit type
setting than probably. from any other oimupa
tion. We know not how true this is, but it
is pretty certain that there are few public
men that have not been made eminent by the
type-setters—a . class which, if not always
great in themselves, are often the eause Of
greatness in others.
New HAssestrats bachelor, atlei several
unsuccessful attempts to enter the Benedic-
tine ranks, finally persuaded an old .inaid to
marry him, the consideration being a fifteen
dollar watch. The ceremony over, he urged
an-immediate return home. "home r ex
claimed the bride, who had been married ip
her father's house, " home! this is my home,
and you had better go to your'''. I agreed to
marry you for the watch, but I wouldn't live
with you for the town clock r
A GENTLE m "Nt was always Complainin: to' .
his father-in-I w of his wife's temper. 'At
last papa-in-law, becoming very tired of
these endleis grumblings, an•l boing a bit of
a wag, replied my lear fellow, if I
hear of her tormenting-you again, I shalldis;
inherit her." The husband n !v,•r again corn- -
TnE Boston Post says 3 lady passed
through that city the other day for the moon.
Mains, with sixteen trunks, four poodles, three
maid servants, an Irishman and a husband.
A Warri. Rartrinacax.—The True Amer
ican, published at Newark, Ohio, has refused
to go the negro suffrage plank.
Tim man who never tolls uu editor how
he could better his pSper, has gone out West
to marry a woman who never into a
looking-glass. -
Tux Radical stump orators. say the papers
in North Carolina, are making a good thing
by peddling cheap jewelry• to their audiences
atter the meeting is over. -
A. MOIIILE paper is somewh me ,ere upon
Raymond when it speaks of as "that
soft spoken and mild-mannered ils.lical sav
age." • .
A 31ississirri paper thinks General Ord
was omitted from the vote of thanks because
he waa the only commander who had failed
to get up a riot.
A lifratruts correspondent of time Cincin
nati Enquirer says - that Brjownluw used to
say that "negroes
_were tailless monkeys."
Re is a fair sample of the Radiils who Claim
to be the exclusive friends of the negro.
A coop many people have been puzzled
of late to know what "the Interests - of God
and humanity" art The military bills have
explained. They are the :election of Radi
cals to office by "nigger" votes.—Clritago
O1 -Tuesday last the Republican General
Committee - of New York, -nominated Gen.
Grant for President.- They are the-Conser
vative_ wing. The same day the Mongrel
State Convention of New Jersey, voted down
the same nomination.
Wu. IL Sew&un commenced kiwi - political
life as an Anti-mason. He denotowed that
"secret society as being dangerous to the lib
erties of the country. His last :IA- %%IS to
make a pilgrimage to Boston, in company
with the President, to dedicate them --Ma
sonic Temple lately erected in. that city.
Thus he implicitly admits the error of his
Tim Radical method of "ReconAructing"
the South is a pretty expensive affair, g2,-
175,090 have sire tdy been appropriated by
Congress to carry out the - despotic law of
Congress, and much more will be required.
This is in addition to keeping a large stand
ing 'army in the South. Rio on the taxes,'
Rads I You have made the people slaves,
and they have no right to complain.
Ir is stated of the late Charles Deni-on;
of Pennsylvania, that just before the adjourn;
ment of the late Congress he called on the
President in relation to home - appointments
for his district. Mr. Denison was a Demo
crat and the Senate had rejected his friends
as fast as they had been sent in. "It's no
use sending m any more names," said he ;
'"if you sent in the names of the twelve apos
tles they wouldn't confirm but one of them."
It is not difficult to vein the one ho meant.
IN New York city,
_during the last six
mouths, there was s off in tho inter
nal revenue collections of nearly 47,000,000.
There is a proportionate falling off every
where. The only thing in which there is
not a ailing off is the expenditures of the
government. We are pt ymg 122,000,000 of
useless interest per annum. We are pursu
ing a useless Indian war_ that will cost us
more than 11200:000,000 per annum. When,
a nation constantly • increases its e
and its receipts become as coastal
ened, the final result is not a matter of
doubt. 1.