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•N. Pennsylvania, and Me best Adverti
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The New Hampshire Patriot and Ga
zette of the 20th inst., brines us pleasant
news of the result of the recent elections
there. „ Harriman has a majority of 3 030,
against Smyth'emajority of 4,657 last year
—showing a net Democratic gain of 1,627.
The Democratic vote numbers 3 2 648,
which is 2,167 larger than the vote last
year. The aggregate vote of the State is
68,376: The Democrats make a gain of
about 16 members of the House, one
Councillor; and the county officers in Graf
ton and Merrimack, excepting, perhaps,
the Treasurer in the latter. Among the
agreeable incidents of the campaign is the
result in the old Federal town of Bosom
en, which, for the - first time in mote than
sixty years, cast a majority of votes for a
Democratic candidate for Governor I
The LewistoWn (Icifflin -County) Demo
end. says : "Thi - DeMocrats of .Lewistown
covered themselves all over with glory
last Friday. A sound, genuine, Demo
cratic Burgess was elected, by forty major
ity, as were also all the father candidates
on the Democratic -ticket. in both wards,
save and excepting only the edge• in the
East ward, who was barely beaten one
vote. This is the Seat time in upwards of
fifteen yearn that Lewistown has bad a
Democratic Bargees, and the first time in
twenty years that the Democracy mede a
clean sweep !" •
The Democracy of Carlisle overthrew
• the ltadical dictatorship and took the cor.
porate author ity i in their own banda. The
Volunteer says : •
"Weselected the Burgess by 183 insjori
ty the Assistant Burgess, the - Assessor
and Assistant Assessors. six out of nine
members lat . the Town Counci), an& Bor.
ough .Anditer. We elected a Justice of
the Peace 'and one Councilman in 'the
West ward, which uniformly given a large
Republican majority. At • the municipal
election last'spring the RepubliCans elect
- ed their- Burgess and a majority of the
Council. This is a triumph of which we
may well feel proud."
The Democrats of Franklin County
made a gallant fight at the recent spring
ejections. The whole number of town
ships in the county is twenty-two. Re
turns from nineteen are now before us.
Out of these,-the Democrats carry ten, the
Radicals. eight, and one 'is a tie. The
Democratic gain in the townships beard
from, over the vote of 18G6, when the Re
publicans carried the county by 293 ma
jority, is 327.
The recent town elections in New Jer
sey show material Democratic gains,
Burlington county, which, in 1865, gave
the Republicans 2,468 , majority, and, in
_1866, 708 majority, is now Democratic
- the Democrats having gained four free
holders, and secured o majority of two in
the board. In Salem county, which in
1865-6 was Republican by 262 and 264 the
Democrats now hold a majority in the
board of freeholders. The result in the
city of Camden is thus related by the
Democratic paper of the place :
"The election in this city on Tuesday
list passed off in a very quiet manner.
The day being very inclement, and a com
paratively light poll being out, both par
ties suffering in an equal manner from
such cause. Charles Fox (Rem) was elect
ed Mayor of the city, by 71 majority ;
Democratic gain of 133 votes since last
fall." . •
IN;rna U. S. Senate, on the22nd inst.,
Mr. Wilson, of lifessatbusette, offered a
series of preambles and resolution in re-
gard to the imprisonment of Jefferson
Davis, which poseesseil the more interest
as coming from one of the leading Radi
cals of that body. After reciting the mode
of Davis' arrest, the charges on which he
is held, his claims of innocence., and per
sistent endeavors to .secure . a trial; they
close as follows :
Resolved, That the longer confinement
of the said Jefferson Davis, without a trial
or the assignment of a specific time for a
trial, is not in accordance with the de
mands of justice, the spirit of the laws,
and the requirement of the Constitution ;
and that in common justice, sound public
• policy and the national honor unite in re
commending that the said Jefferson Davis
be brought to a speedy and public trial,
or.that be be released from confinement
on bail or on his own recognizance.
No vote has yet been taken on Mr.
Wilson's resolution, but our information
pm Washington warrants" the belief that
if is not smothered l ict — commit tee, for party
purposes, the Senate will adopt it, though
the measure is not likely to meet with as
favorable treatment in the House. "The
public sentiment of the country has under
go)tte a change in Davis' case, and two-
thirdp of those who were loudest for hang•
ink, a year ago, would now be willing to
see him released in the manner - proposed
by Mr. Wilson.
, The way in svhich politics are run in
New England is shown in the - following
dispatch from Bridgeport,. Conn., to the
N. Y. Herald
"A careful canvass of the Fourth Con
gressional district shows as it now stands
the iron man Barnum will be elected over
the showman Barnum by _one thousand
majority at least. A body of monied men,
who are radical Republicans, have got
control of several mines where a great
number cf laborers are employed. Those
monied men are going to notify said la
borers, through agents, on election day,
if they do not vote the Republican ticket
they will be discharged. Wealthy Demo
crats having got wind of the arrangement
have put in and bought two or three other
mines, which they will work with such
laborers as vote the Democratic ticket,
and are discharged therefor from other
The Kew York Gazette says that a new
weekly publication of the feminine gen
der ia,to be undertaken in that . city. It
will be owned and menage I in every de
partment, mechanical se well as edttorial,
exclusively by the ladies. Two female
Phonographic reporters Irom London have
been imported to do the city affairs. The
editorial staff is to consist of Mrs. Ann S.
Stephens, Mrs. Calhoun, Mrs. Croly,
-(-Jennie June) Mrs..Parton and Mrs. Ter
hune. Miss Olive Logan will be dramatic
critic, and Miss Anna Dickenson will do
the scolding. It will be gossipy no doubt.
TniNNew York Tribune has it:flood
word to say on behalf of the destitute
people of the Smith: " The starving," it
well stiy, "have no politics; and the
merciful Should have none. The best re
construction we can think of here is the
supply of bread to the starving." • 7
Tax PreSident on Saturday vetoed the
Supplementary Reconstruction bill ; but
Congress immediately repassed it without
debate—the Rouse by 114 yeas to 23 nays;
the Senate by 40 yeas to 7 nays--and it is
,Acer the law of the land. •
. 'One of the most interesting debates that
aas xet taken place in Congress occurred
on the 21st inst., upon the bill extending
relief to the suffering people of the South.
The measure was fatored by the Demo
crats and C mservative 112 publicans, and
warmly opposed by the 'extreme Rad
icals, like Stevens, Butler and Ashley.
During its consideration Judge Bingham,
of Ohio, one of theVivocates. of the bill,
and the ablest Republican_ in the Honse
(always excepting our own incomparable
Scofield), becoming indignant at the spite
ful mode in which Butler displayed his
hostility to the measure, took oceasion to
give him's piece tif his- mind: in the fol.
lowing plain manner:_`
"It does not become the gentlenian who
recorded his vote' fifty times (Eldridge
suggested times) for the arch
traitor of rebellion, for the Presidency of
the United States, to undertake to cast an
imputation either on my integrity or my
honor. I repel with scorn and contempt
any utterance of that kind by any man.
whether he be the hero of Fort Fisher
taken, or thehero of Fort Fisher not tak'
en. [Rears of laughter.] I also at-nd
Ihere, sir, in the name of the American pee
ole to repel with scorn any attempt to
tevy charities by confiscation in violation
of the Constitution of my country. This,
sir, is the proposition which the gentle-
man (Mr. Butler.) dares to utter in the
American Congress in the sacred name of
'charity." (Applause and laughter.]
Any man with ordinary instincts would
have been too much humiliated* this
truthful statement to bye shown himself
in public for a month afterwards, but
shame is a characteristic unknown to
Butler. A.O soon as Bingham badconelud:
ed be rose to reply, and delivered him
self of the following : -
"I did the beat I could ; other men of
more ability could do more, and no man
is ready to give higher pttiudit for their
valor, their discretion and their conduct,
than myself. Because I could not do
more. I would feel exceedingly chagrined
if, during the war, the gentleman from
Ohio, (Mr. Bingham,) (Ad as much. I
should be glad to recognize that much
done, but the only victim of the gentle-_
man's prowess that I know of was an in
nocent woman hanged upon the scaffold.
His only victim was one Mrs. Surratt. I
can stratain the memory ar Purt Flatter If
he and his associates can sustain him in
the blcod of a woman tried by military
commission and condemned without suf
ficient evidence, in my iudsment."
Although these-remarks do not teem to
have been received with the same favor as
judge Bingham's, they are none the less
pointed and true. Bingham was the law.
yer who acted on the part of the Govern
ment in the trial of Mrs Surratt, and it is
a matter of geniral notoriety that hie ef
forts were the cause of her execution.
Since then, facts have come to light,
Which convincingly prove the woman's
innocence, - and place all connected with
her death in a most unenviable . petition;
"When rogues fall out," says the adage,
"honest men get their dues." The coun
try can congratulate itself upon the fact
that Bingham and Butler 'have had a
quarrel; for through it, we have !tenured-
Radical admissions to facts that have
heretofore been asserted only by Demo
crats, and vociferously denied by the, par-
ty in power.
On Tueta.Y. Butler renewed the con-.
teat, in a violent attack upon Bingham's
conduct during the Surratt trial, in the
course of which be alleged that important
portion's of Booth's diary, which would
have thrown much additional lint on the
history of the assassination plot,. badbeen
torn out and destroyed or hidden. .Noth
ing daunted, Bingham retorted, in. if poi.
Bible, a still more caustic manner, than be
fore, reiterating the story of 13sitler's in
efficiency as a eoldier, and unpleasantly
reminding him of his connection with bot
tles and spoone. We do not often en-
courage personal controversies, but - as
this one bids fair to give the jai lic
much information on subjects that have
heretofore been the cause of wide dispute,
it is to be hoped that, it will continue U1:1
til each party has made' a full exposure of .
the important facts in his possession that
yet lie buried from the knowledge, of the
Tax Masts roa Orrice.—The war for
place in Washington is represented as
not- having been_, equalled in - sixteen
years. The Washington hotels, the mite
room of the White House and the lobbies
of the Senate chamber are literally crowd
, ed with office-seekers and delegations, and
with local influence urging . appointments.
Senators are almost worn out ; they are
bunted down at the Capitol, and at their
lodgings. The rejection of a single nomi
nation by the Smite, of course, opens the
door fora dozAn applies:l ts. As en instance,
the fact may be cited that delegates are
present from one town iii Michigan, urg
ing 5 different candidates for post-master.
The , demoralization existing arming -the
Radicsls in their efforts to secure the offi
ces is laughable. They approach the
Democratic — Memberst and Senators and
propose a division of the spoils, in order to
prevent a complete dead-lock between the
Executive-and Senate. Simon Cameron is
charted with supporting Demociats for
offices in Republican Districts which are
represented in the House by bis personal
The New York Express explains very
I satisfactorily why 'shorans have nothing
to do, and why employers are daily dis
charging their workmen, as follows :
First—the Southern States are not ad•[
mitted in the Union on an equality—and
second, the country is in a state of alum,
owing to -tbe revolutionary - measures of
the dominant psrty.. The Southern Sates,
if-they wan represented in C mogree.9,
would be - to day - what they always were,
our best customers; but it csnoot ba ex
pected that capitalists will invest money
in States whose future may be such as will
characterize that of any land governed by
narrow-minded and unscrupulous rulers.
No laboring man need to be told that no
nation can prosper when one branch of
the government is constantly and uncon
stitutionally attempting to destroy the
other departments. There will be finan
cial uncertainty, and consequently lack`
Of sited) , employment for labor, until the
Union is restored. •
The World thinks 'the times are out of
joint and. men are Sick and mad. We
fear the majority of the people cf the
North will nbt come to their senses.until
some convulsion occurs which will bring
the suffertngs they have inflicted upon
others home to their own doors. The
mutterings of the greatest fiinancial storm
- this generation ever witnessed are in the
air, and when the tempest breaks God
help us all." T
WADDILL, of Chester county, Chair
man of the Committee on Ways awl Means
in the loweriTouse, has repoited a bill
increasing the pay of members of the
Legislature to $1,500 per annum. They
are also to have, besides this large ad
vance, mileage and stationary ad fibinea.
Of mane it will pass. ,
A humorous cerropondent of the Cham
b.rsburg Repository gives what purports
to have been an interview between himself
and Horace Greeley, at the Lochiel House,
Harrisburg. - On their entrance into Hr.
Greeley's room, says the correspondent,
"Ildisce immediately flung his 'broad
briinmed slouch into one corner,' kicked
his hoots off into another, thrust his white
coat down beside a chair, and continued
to disrobe himself until he had but pants,
shirt and spectacles left, when he tum
bled into bed and stretched himssif for a
talk. Upon the bureau was his lecture
in manuscript, written in unintelligible
hieroglyphics, and on his table was an un
finished editorial for the Tribune, suy
posed, to be written in English, butt could
not swear to the fact."' Soon after a Sen
ator appeared, sod, with "a benignant
smile," proffered, on behalf of the:Legis
lature, an invitation to the "philosopher".
to visit the Capitol. thank you," said
Horace, I can't go. I have been rather
promiscuous in my associations of late, I
am free to confess, but I still have some
regard for my reputation!" and as if td
clinch the :gesxlark and cleats the debate,-
he swung back to the far side of the bed
and commenced reading the the Tribune.
This unceremonious reception caused the
Senator to vanish instantly. when. Horace
kicked around to the front side of the
-tted again, and with anxious emotion
struggling with every expression of his fat
alabaster face, he said, excitedly—' Do I
look like a blackguard—that they should
ask me into the very halls of the Penn
sylvania legislature?" As the story comes
from a "loyal" source, of course its trust
worthiness is not to be doubted.
Pennsylvania, an exchange remarks, is
,progressiog rapidly along the road of fa
naticism. A few more strides and she
will stand alongside of Massachusetts, its
equal, in every respect, so far as Cuffee is
concerned. But a few- weeks since, the
Legislature rustle it a criminal oflenee for
railroad companies, or their employees, to
attempt to keep negroes out of the cars
set apart for ladies,, or to request the
"coming man" to take a seat even at one
•end of the car.. Now the jury bill is be.
fore the'lEfouse—a bill to provide for the
election of two jury . commis-ioners, one
from each party, who, with the sheriff of
each county, are to select the jurors. A
proviso to the bill requiring these tom
naissioners to take the jurors from the
White portion of our population, was voted
dowri - by a strict party vote ; - every aboli-
tion ist voting against it, and in favor of
making negro jurors.
Gov. Geary seems desirous cf patterning
after President JohnFoo in the matter of
vetoes. He has already written a couple of
dozen, which have mostly been sustained;
but the Legislature is getting tired of the
business, and it is not likely that he will
have as much Sincesilo the future. last
week he sent in a veto of the bill allowing
the Penna. R. R. Co.-to• increase its capi
tal; and the Senate at once passed it over
tbeiveto by a Iwo-thirds vote. We should
not be at ill surprised non to find the
Governor as unpopular among his party
leaders:as Mr. Johnson. _ •
THE following dispatch, which we nue to
the N. Y. Tribune; is the first answer of
the South 'lii t- the Military Reconstruction
bill. It will be seen that the negroes are
pursuing the precise course predicted by
Democrats—that is, voting with and for
their old masters :
Nowhere, N. C.. Starch 21.—The elec
tion held here to-day resulted in a unian•
iutoue vote for Major J Ain° Hughes. South
ern candidate for State Senator. The ne
grow; voted.
He Preatheth a Sermon. and Exhorteth
- Wonderfully.
The Divine. Law.! Autharitatively Expounded
After the famous effort of February 20th,
it was supposed that Senator Lowry had
about exhausted himself in the oratorical
line ; but those who imagined such to 'be the
case, it is evident, were not fully acquainted
with the wonderful vigor and -veritably of
mind_p,ossessei by our Erie Statesman. Os
the 10th inst. - , he appeared in a new role—no
lees a one, in brief, than that of an expounder
of the Oospels—in which he disarmed the
Divine truths in so effective. orthodox and rat
,thoritative a manner as to . lesve no room for
doubt that he is the legitimate successor of
St- Paul. The occasion of this remarkable
effort was the introduction ofa bill allowing
the,qualified electors of Philadelphia to vote
upon the question whether the street
. cars
sholild be allowed to run on the Sabbath or
not ; and if any person. after reading it, can
doubt the sacriligione character of the pro
posed act, be must be too far gone in moral'
obliquity to leave a presumption that even
GahrieVe intercession can save him. It is
with pain we have discovered that our apace
will not allow us to copy the whole of this
pious exhortation but, in order that the peo
ple of Erie County may not be wholly deprived
of the benefit of its valuable teachings, we
Rive below some choice ulnas which fur
nish an index to the general character of the
production. Like all true disciples, Mr. Low
ry could not begin hie sermon witbo-t s text,
and-the one chosen was siogulaily apt to the
oecasioo:"Remember the Sabbath day to
keep it floly.;"—an - adjuration which, all who
know the Senator will verify, that be faith
fully carries out in his own Rata, as well as a'l .
others of the commands given to Moses -
Refers to his last Speech, and Proposes to Speak
fora vast t'ariety of rnifiiliduats.
Mr. Speaker, in all the contests in by-gone
years, upon the Sabbath question, I have tak
en no part other than to vote no.' The sub
ject I - thought was of that character that
would fetch down upon me the ridicule ot the
press on the chorea of the lake. All that feel
ing' have laid aside. I drew my sword and
threw sway my scabbard one month ago to
morrow, sad I now propose to speak, without
fear, for Man, for God. for Adam, fur Moses.
for Cromwell, for Penn, for Pennsylvania. and
for a minority of Christian citizens of Phila
delphia, who have no immediate representa
tive on this question who will speak for them.
Abominations of Me Church Shown up.
The church-going people of Philadelphia
are jostty excited upon this question, Like
all einners, they have brought death to their
own doors in consequence of not enforcing
their own divine and local laws. By the la
eel lave of Pennsylvania the black man II
given the equal right of locomotion on equal
terms with the white man. Philadelphia
churches, as s whdle, saw iumsellers and ne
gra-haters put their divine law and our local
at shameful defiance, and they were not onlj
silent but satisfied.
Poor Colored Mothers obliged to Borrow While
The bill which I reported six years ago to
give poor colored mothers the right to
ride in the ears without first being under the
necessity of borrowing a white baby, having
previously passed the &mate, thank God, fi
nally passed the other branch of the Legisla
ture last night at high twelve. The hitting of
mates lost night in the Rouse of Repressive
tires. during their struggle to keep the negro
wader,-was horrible ; and the light from the
ivory upon the part of those who will not
have their highway to immortality broken up,
was alight to the feet of John Brown's soul
all it goes marching on.
Propose: to Ride a Race on tAi Back of a
Legg ed Soldier.
Philadelphia Christine trill stead is the
pillory of time, requiring the black soldier to
walk to Heaven on one leg, while they ride
thitherward in - care and carriages. Yet
the one-lesged soldier wilt raash there, first,
and I would rather take my chance by a pas
sage on his back than in the beam of an -
church that outlaws humanity for the prejudice
of color.
Fearful That. of . 4 Earnest PublA &fen."
Snob Christians are a stumbling Moult to
plunge snob men as I am into bell, and are as
"rounding brass and a tinkling cymbal "
Earnest public men have gone through heil
upon earth in consequence of the conduct of
the unreconstructed Christiana of Philadel
phia on the great morel questi"na from whose
obligations they slasnlr.
Parsed Through Dry-Shod and Speak. • far
lint I hare passed through dry-shod and on
harmed, and stand up in , the - Senate to-day
speaking for the cause of Jesus.
The Devil', Sledge Hamner and Chirel Defied
I will vote against this bill, beeauu It Is a
side blow at religion, a sidn-blow at the min
isters of religion. a side-blow at the observ
ance of religion, and a direei blow with the
devil's sledge haminer on the devil's chisel, to
cut out the letters written by the anger of
God on the keystone of the 'Ten Command
ments.' - -
Doesn't want to be a Coward and a Dog
I would be a coward and a dot did I place
a sin individually upon the shoulders of an
unthinking, unwashed, ungodly mm in Phil
adelphia that, I dare not assume myself.
The thisanetifie4 ... lVretches that Ask - for the
bill Described
Are those who ask for this bill, as • rule,
not scoffers? Are they not legislative lobby
ists? Are they not Infidels ? Are they- not
the young men who desire to turn he Sab
bath into • day of feasting, mincing and rev
elry? Are they not the red nosed sellers
—the keepers of the very purl e of Hoe ?
Are they not those who love ill ir beer better
than their Bible, keepers of f horses and
feat women ?
A Fearful Train ej, Evils tha: follow the
Adoption of die Bill.
This bill will require you to ()utile yone
police force on the Sabbath ; it will throng
your Mayor's court an Monday morning; it
will fill your slrai.honts with starving chil
dren through the - week; it will dermal. your
8 , 01:lath schools and increase your prisons ;
it will open the- rota to vice and fill the high-
way with its votaries. •
A Kindly Interest in the Ofarys and Martha:.
Shag we protect the Marrs and Martha. of
Philad.lphia, or shall the stone have been
rol ed from the sem:Ochre in vain
Pitiable Effects on - the Fathers and Mothers.
Shruld it become a law, the Sabbath break.
ere. for whose benefit this bill is albite(' to
be. will ride in the same care, look in 'bewails
glass, drink from the same mug with liquor
dealers, with murderers, with criminals, with
the paupers of sin, with negro-km.4M and
shoulder-hitters, with harlots and hor:o
thieves, with lottery - gambler awl legislative
borers. and inatead of a. ear- to' Heaven be a
higbwarto bell. Tide bill will, if it becomes
a law, fill the father's heart with sorrow and
the mother's eyes with teen.
A Pertinent Qaestion--Disoiples with Besets
on their Knees
Is the wisdom of those who ask us to strike
down the institutinn of the Sabbath greater
than the *wisdom of Ood, pf Moses, of Solo
mon, of Penn—greeter than the wisdom of
experience, the wisdom of the Christian
world? Are Senators who advocate this bill
wiser and bitter thee three haudred disciples
of Jesus-Christ and John Wesley, now pre
sent, and whose hearts are upon their knees
before God that our souls may arise to the
importance of this great question ?
The lraeg-Bolt of Heaven': Chariot,
Strike down the fourth - Commandment,'and
you break the king-bolt of Heaven's chariot,
and undermine the moral and physical well be
lag of man.
The Poor M'an's Place.
The piece for the poor man, after his sic
days of labor. is not in the street cars, lead
ing to the ball alley and the dance honse.•snd
freighted with the votaries of sin ; first on foot.
a ti n e d .o i n n es th l e n P a la bt e v. a ti f .r h" ttl e c n br i l e s a t d ian ing lia b b ie b l a i th
to the Sabbath school and to his ettwoh, guid
ed by the instable and precept of his Savior,
visiting is mercy the house of the widow and
the fatherless, and comforting the slob child's
Awful Irtekedress of Riding in Street Cori oi
..The than who leaves the bosom of his fami
ly on the day of rest and takes the streetcars,
for his pleasure and recreation, is an unnat
ural and unfeeling stranger to his household
—While be who habitually takes his wife, his
eons ands--his daughters with him in ears on
that day,is an enemy to society for polluting
the purity of hie own association. Be de
bauches his own wife. The whole family who
practice these Sabbath e xc u rsions, w ith th e i r
parents. is not only with them on the way to
the beer house, but the poor house, the work
house, the house of ill fame. a divided house;(
a house of shame, a house orhorror, to no
house of their own, and will soon reach the
garret of the devil's kitchen, and in the end
take up their final abode in the house of
beam= and Clergymen with Slip-Shod Con
The Senators from Philadelphia may poitit
to this deacon and that clergyman, with a
elipahod conscience or a badly located church,
and tell us that they are in favor of,this bill.
Away with such dissembler., who, on such a
Plea, support a measure that compels the
Christian people of that city to surrender their
Sabbath for the benefit of brothel-keepers.
A Naughty Act—About Opining, Boson.
Human legislation has opened the bosom of
faith and obedience, and fixes the penalty for
the violation of the law of the Ssbbath, which
is the keystone rook of the deoslogne ; and
taco like myself, who have aitaohedthem
selves to no church, are as deeply interested
in the observance of the divine command
ments as those who break the 'bread of the
sacrament.. • - •
TA* States m en of the Country Reduced Co ci very
Narrow Limit
alone is the safe statesman and wise man,
wh., in all 'things, most fully recognises lb.
truth, the, power, the grace and the cotenants
of God.
A Seat in — ihs VI) of State. with Fate, Dash,
and - Eyes Diluted towards Different O
Saab a legislator, under all ercumstancee,
will set himself in the ship of State, with his
back turned towards Voltaire, his fate to
Cromwell, and his eve fixed on the Star -of
Bethlehem. The Sabbath has outlived the
axe, and shall a corporation, in swaddling
clothes, make us deny the Divinity of our
manhood and slay a master as old as Adam,
and that, too, under the hypocrisy that' the
good of the Republican party requires it
Religion in a Helpless Minority in a Radical
Of the religious community of Philadelphia,
only twelve thousand, It is true. come here
and bold up their hands in supolleation, and
three-hundred ministers of the gospel are
here also holding np theirs. They are in a
helpless minority.
The Clergy • Peniterit.
They are penitent fortheirunchrietian con
dna to a rice which they hare been more un
just to than tuts any other Christian people.
These char% men of all the cburche■ are
about to be robbed of their Sabbath by men
disloyal to manhood-and rebels to God.
Sao thektryl yi Shall be Bleastui.
Seastors, let us help_them.:_ The. House of
Representatives. In emmequeneilti Abe shordt
lag slam of Philadelphia towards their
brothers, bee tuned its back upon them.
Sere them, save them, Bettaters, sad their chil
dren, sad the limbs of the ilabbatb-school.
whom Christ loved so well, will rise up aid
bless you.
Nottoithatouting itt Evil Doingt in ?AV.:idol
pita, the RepuMaps Party yt one of "Great
Moral Meat"
The foundations - of the Republican party
stand noon the eternal truths of God; its mor
al ohsraiter is its blood ; its Christian pritt?
elpies ate its spinal column. —Repeal the .
fourth Commandment, and you break its
bulk and strike paralysis through every
27. Ilecruen-Fortakas _ • Democraty—Speakt
by Authority,
God can have no attributes with the poiiti•
sal party who oppose us. Democracy to-day
is a bundle of hates ; hates towards justice
and violent halal towards the hero of the
workmanship of • Creator's hand. Therein
no life sustaining principle in hate.
A Burning Hell upon Lest
The human heart of man, who carries in his
bosom perpetual hate, carries shout with him
a bittulug hell upon lags. The hates of
true man should be sanctified by a - night'a
sleep, and if a soon dors asp will set sod•
it! bate, Ifs possessor is in danger. A pirty
who. as nothing bat hate to stand upon, has
is wester corner-stone than slavery. Hale
end the beast will perish together: Hale has
an unhappy life, an -untimely death wren
forty hell. Love and - justice has everlasting
life: The party that builds upon them sad
the lair of Moses, 'and who puts all else be
hind them, will bury the party of hate With its
face downward In an early grave.
Admires the Devil in a /Spare Fig At.
When the devil makes s square, open fight,
s stand-wo fight. I rather admire him. ills
contests heretofore in this chamber on this
subject have been of a bold character, and "so
long u it Ins a fairly fought contest, whilst I
due not vote for him. I did no! , abuse him.
The Old Mischief Maker in the Senate.
The old fellow L back again aeon us In
new clothe'', his face covered with the veil of
deception. Had the devil asked us respect
lolly for one day in seven for his own, and
that not the Lord's day, I would have taken
his petition into respectful consideration.
Mephistopheles says be has become pions;
but, old hypocrite. I will tear your , veil from
your face and your disguise from your body.
Has Saved •his Face, Cat Air Hair, and wants a
The devil has cut his hair and shaved his
face, and comes into the Senate chamber and
says that he is a christian of grestrespecta
bility, and coolly proposes to enter_ into this
partnership with the Lord for purely elegant ,
and benevolent purposes—the - whole profits of
which is to go into the packets of a corpora- , '
Lion, with the Senator from Philadelphia for
its treasurer—end promisee to- carry passen-; heaved end to bell at the rite oration'
cents each ; and,Lfurther, be promises that
the negro may ride with 'them in the semi
cars at the same price.
A Friend of Ms Negro and Lover of #As Lord.
As a friend of the negro, had I no love for
the Lora, I would protest against such abom
ination. * I will not speak for
the Lord on this local branch,of the cue, but
lease that for—the Senator from Lawrence
[Mr. &towns]. _lt is as peculiarly in his line
as the negro is io mine. You cannot base a
free country with oat the vote of the negro,
and tho-e who, stand in the way of his ad
vancement will be ground to powder
Returns to the Deed
But to return, the demi says to Elevators
that he wears the sate boots, looks well in
the same glass. rides to church in the same
car with the Load and - the negro. and that be
is so touch of a Democrat that be does not de
sire the partnership if not baptized by the
votes of the people. Most respectfully wantd
I remind the devil that the baptizing by the
votes of the people in Philadelphia may beep
well enough for hitzi, but bad for humanity.
Regettioas on Voting.,
This thing of voting, as well as' this thing
of speaking, is food for reflecting minds—sod
ibis bill to require morality and the command
mints to be voted up or voted down in
delphia Is as novel as it is dangerous. In
China one man-votes for one hundred million's.
In Russia , ove man takes the ballot in his hand
and Yates for all the people. In Paris one
man fates thejiallot hoz in his hand and
shakes his lima et Europe and vote, and
France shbuts "long live Napoleon." In Eng
land the wealthy taxpayers and the landed
nobility speak softly to Queen Victeris, and
she votes for' England, Ireland, Scotland,
eauada and ,the Wands of the sea, and all
shout "Gbd sive the Queen," except poor,_
down trodden Ireland.
A Dig at Tom. Scott and the Petma, R. R. Co.
In a smell, badly ventilated room In 'Mi
nces avenue, in- PhilVelphis, itita a little
man In black, who votes by the light of the Moon. by telegraph, for Pennsylvania.
He never misses a vote, and never votes in a
minority. and is always able to give an un
answerable argument for his , vote, and is
alike liberal to both political parties, not only
before but after elections. °Satoh
In the exterior of this State reside two man.
comparative strangers on our scil; the one too
youthful and both too cowardly to eater ihe
war. but through whose mouths ten th'on
sand loyal men and half a thousand wounded
soldiers are mie-etrokee for s these man dd all
the speaking, yet they never told the truthifor
the truth'i sake. and wiji, on this very queV
Lion, in all probability, deny the Lord to slao
der man.
'Whiskey is King.
If a barrel of whiskey and the Ten Com
mandments were running to-day for the} of
fice of reconstruction in Philadelphia, whiskey
would be elected' by more than two to one:
Will no' help Harness Them
foe one will not help harness up the pord
between shafts with the devil In the lead be
fore the streetcars in Philadelphia.
Pleads for the Sabbath, and Striker a Side s Wipe
- - .
at Shoddy and Beast Butler
The argument that the Sabbath is peculiar
and binding only to the Jews is unworthy of
Senators. Respectable men ought nowhere to
be' so illogical as to say that sin, absolutely
forbidden in any one of the Ten Command
ments, is not sinful. "Thou shell not kill"—
le this binding only on the Jews I" "Thou
shalt not commit adultery"—does this apply
only to the oircumeieed ? "Thou shalt; not
steal"—does this commandment forbid Only
the Isaacs and Jacobs and Abrahams from
committing larceny? Or is it a divine Coin
raandraent, in full force, alike binding to
those who deal railroads and those who steal
rage, to those who steal. Millions, and those
who steal spoons' ?
The 511mclerous Radical Home Editori Again.
"Thou shalt not bear (else witness against
thy neighbor." I represent one hundred then
sand souls. I have bat two constituents who
believe this divine injunction to be a dead
commandment. Ninety and nine thousand
nine hundred and ninety-eight believe this
commandment devoutly.
Commences an Eloq uent Peroration.
Senators you. cannot gee rid of yoitr !own
moral responsibility by bin ling over in chains
the good slime t of a great city to the bid el
ements of violence. and crime. - Let as` not
shift our own religious responsibility to the
shoulders of unbelief.
A - Meeting Beyond :hit Tomb—Where not ,Def
tatters. Related. -
If we believe we shall meet beyond the
tomb, do not let those whci have fallen, through
their crime, shout in our ears, "you did It."
It we, are atheists, then ItA men' and horses
live out their natural lives, and be buried in
the same gravel._Call this horror of nation
of Sabbath breakers superstition If you please
—if It Is superstition, then superstition Is di
vinity. Thei , ower of God Is stronicer than
the limbs of men,. yet His divine wisdom
taught the world, throtigh Adeui, that they,
together, would cease free worldly employ.
meat bad rest upon the Sabbath day.
The War not Brought on by the Acts of the Se
cessionists. but by ' Disregard of the - Gun
.4Vengeanoe itvoine, I will repay, with the
Lord." After an experienceof sixty eeitur
ies—after a bloody experience of five years of
civil war, brought noon ourselves because we
dixregarded the comMandenents of Gred, l due
we pass this bill before the blood of our 42hil
dren ceases smoking on the rocks of Gettys
burg ? Again I'ray. were I e deist. and .be-
Hewed man to have,tbe soul only of the'brute,
then I would also Oppose, the passage of this
A Physiological Proposition.
llama maohliery, whether born of woman
or manufactured by man, must have regular
hours and well-defined days of rest ; other
wise. half the value that Is in them 'Utterer
be gotont of them. Drive eves, or ears, or
brains, or horses, or engiatta continually
ahead, and you make them die lite death of
the suicide before they have lived out half
their days.
Rid State of Affair: for Hones cad
Let us enter this infidel wedge of inhuman
ity into the horse and dri rem of Sabbath Car
labor, and the devil and 'humanity would join
hands in-boly_hoeror swam compelling the
poor home andlis driver to.welk barefooted
upon paving stones upon the Sabbath day.
He Must be shod, and the road and the care
must be kept in repair on the Sabbath.;
214 is Bill the
' -
You give Paine and his Age of Reason
dresser text to preach the equality of man
and of horses, - of car drivers and of wheelbar
row drivers ; and ' , Common Sense," and the
rights - of men, will be plausibly plead- and
cannot be resisted. Pass this bill. and Christi
anity in Pennsylvania has '.passed the Rubi
con. The marrow in the bones of this mon
ster is infidelity. Its woof and twist is revola.
lion sod the belly of its unhealthy body is
Ailed with revolutionary gunpowder.
limas of this Strange, &aqui -Story
Congervatism always wag a coward: it al
ways-1m io the interest of capita Conserv
atismlst one time was a relipectable old gen
tleman. To me capital, be bassists five ban
dred thousand men. Thank God he ti dead!
Putrefaction and savaratbn have taken plum.
He has been in his grave more years than Laz
arus was days. and the whip of his tub-mas
ter will arm simian him to glosy epic
iladicalmen, radical maestros, radically right
are the only pounds on which men can stand.
True rad/call= will revolutionise the world,
free Ireland; uve mankind, units all the char
cher, with the Ten Commandmeite for their
centre, for the kingdom of coheelenee is at
land, and the kingdom of cowardly conserv
atism is one of the kingdoms of the put.
Rose's Garnanna's nutsauto Bross.
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utation wherever it was introduced. The re•
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&ate atteetion, and should be cheated. If allowed to
°annum Irritation of the Lamp, • parlament Th oat
plasm% or Consumption. la altos the remit.
having a ditto! tottatoee to tit litty give toutood4ito
rind. Yet
wad Throat • rawest. ?melee tee wed with always
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ter that other Wields.
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Pao To Braman:T.—A !arp 4 pp. Circular, mina
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No ittaii tidy or ■sottemaa should feit to mad their
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Ilmmoon—laessay Gm yang sten se the mime of Sal
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Ilmesteris ammo? Boots sad Improved Uri
Tsai cuss maraud d. lasts disordsie to all %sir
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eas volatile.
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ail read ro d ED caring Consumption. Fan dime-
No go orabutronr orb, as that ear one ran take t hero
irtthoss amino Dr. Saussus., bat when It is cou.
vet:Oen& It la tot toles him. He prat aisles trey
but for a tbereash camellias:Jen with hi. Reee:rometer -
lab tee is tam denim •
riteiNe doer% Wilma puithasfuli, that the two
ammo of the Doeter—crae when to the hut gale
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My firta• - ef an order of the Orphan's Court. of Erie
county, the ondertigned.adroinistrator of the estate of
Henry Martin, de✓!, will sell the following described
Real Estate of said decedent, on datorday. April 6th,
1116 ; at 2 n'el'itit, D. to, at Re. 319 French street, Este,
ra, to wit:
•ll that pleas or parcel of land situate io the town
ship of nnuunit la said county, woods! f01i0.,.:
Coalmen tug at the Northeast corner of said pl• es,
thence South 2 4 1 deg Rest by land of John Johnson df
ty-dre and a-halt rods; thence South di deg. West by
land of John haus, one hundred and alty-four !Oda to
a atone or poet; thence along centre of the ••La. Roar
North Miley. West dfty-Ave and a-half rods; thence
North 64 deg. last by land of Llezaod.r Pink and Mrs.
Metal:mom one berthed and arty tray rode to the proem
of beginning. contalcd..g any three acres andalzky
•even rods of lend, more or 1r.4. Being part of tract
No 364.
Also. all that part of traet 1 , t0.381 to sald tow+, ellip of
Summit, um:ail:ling one we of lan bounded North by
• rood,Sootheut by land of John Johnson and o out
by land of Matthews.
Also. Lot No. 18 in Oat-Lot 889 in the city of Erie
u subdivided by Vineeut k Nimrod; said lot b log for
ty-one feet en* in then in width, (Mott se Soath aide
of Huron street. and one hundred and twenty-Ave feet
long to Bothnia A lley.
Terms of Sala.—One-tbird In hand,,the balance in two
equal instalments with anniul interest, to be secured by
Judgment bond and mortgage on the preadua 4
JONAS HUNwlsotr.
mrl44w. AM', of Henry Partin, deed.
The so' scribers having teen appt.inted 'at a wilting
of the corporates of the Erie City Passeager Railway
Company. hold on the I tth Isl. • Committee to open
bookstand salve sabscriptions to the stook of rid Car
potation, would hereby eve notice !het sr Id books will
be .penal on Tuesday. the 91k day of April proximo, at
the owes of the Dross' Reel Estate Assn R. W. cor
ms of %tate sad SDP. Streets, in the .city of Eric and
will remain open from 10 °Vont a. m. to If p. sty for the
spasm of ass goys. unless within that time thtre shall
be sobserlbsd the whole soaks of shares anthotiset
by the mad isomporstlon of the *Cotswold trio t Ity
Passages Railway Comsat. so to wombats, with tho
provisions of the Act of the 19111 of Fekaaary, A. D.
lip, entitled nAn A ctllttgala'ing Ral's Dad Comtees."
sowAßn J. ('O+ ELL.
Erie, Pa...loth Marsh,
Elm 811 I—The modal stock of such Company shall be
divided tato shuts of fifty dollars nab, and seal' bs
eslled $n and paid atsuch times and plates, and io path
Dropartioos and mitalmenkh not. bswover.
get dolarz pm stare in soy period of thirty days. as the
Directors shall minim, of wb ek public notice shall be
given for at lied two weeks next pnwedlng the time or
time appointed for that porpoae in the manner abort
N. B. Copies of the AM ot Inenrearatien of the Erie
City hammer Railway Cawley may be obtained gra.
WWl:Lily by application to
8. W. tomer State and nth Ste.
Tor emseliro History Complete.
EstrumUnary C pportually I Unparalleled Sumas
Thia history eontalas sealants of about one hundred
battles not generally f. , sad to the eviler wears on the
Rebellion. even to these most widely cirmileted. Now
that Greeley'. Nistory Is completed. Its popularity is
treater than fair team and sells with a tepidity which
macs. it the nzost valuable work far Cowmen ever
published. Address
0. D. CASE k CO., Pub Ham%
Dartford. Conn
No. S 3 East Tooth St,
Of all tindsof
Done In the bast etyle, at the shortest Data?, id •t
reasonable prices.
ar AU goods will be prised and reasiabid Wort
delivery Mr Ton az.
Fxisciroits• NOTICE.
Threw', Setters testameatuy to the estate et J. V.
Boyer. deed, ban bees mated be the matocribere: tali
persons ladebtal to the aid estate ere rwisested to
make lamellae payment, aad those heriog dams or
demands sedan the agate of the wad deadest will
mete known theism without deer •
Debts doe to the estate will be lenity collected It set
settled la Mist) data. SOTS%
@.I BREvn.LiER.
REAL issrArie FOB SALIN. •
tobltt 1..
Bonet and lot on 6th sr.. Wines *WI, and Cheat
net The how* is sew, with good cellar well, diners
and other dateable ronintoditiee,—griee . $3,939; term
House sod lot co But Oat st , botcreso Hoilaad sod
Oorasso. 4$ by 110 Sot to as 'HAT. This haus Ist% ex
cant ectoditloo,,...priet 0050. Term, cot 4talt doom
and tames to ow mounts. - -._
Boum sad routandag 10 acres. la Mil Creek. 111
What trom Zrie. on the Lake Shore Road. La trzeillent
kosattl—prtes OAS. Ten" obe-halt down, Wanes
to salt the purchaser.
Roan and lot on Eat tat et,tatwass Holland and Gar
man. A vary condonable dwelling boaa,—pries WV.
Term vary any.
Ham and lot cot State rt. • her doo's Derth at lb.
Root, SS by 11M1 hot. • Tory good place—Woo
PAO% Ursa to mitt Um Dunham.
We also has s brge amber of good-banding lewd
sst.'s° ots Ihrulag lasds to this osighterhood Oar We.
&al IMO, heists.
on Stale Street. Eds. A.
$OOO one aad seeond.bas I T 0,,,
lirtAlassod Collars. :woo 0
.11 ,11'.
ss.oo. agl door %ono Goteromeat ~
co COW• 11, all etome.oew god worn. 5.0 , 1) BIZZ . h . "
Miry gowns. alro.. /ere stnek or
Wl2lO, baggy aad 81,40)0168os Heroes. r0n. b .... , 1
Mao; gologlotreeo. to‘d 11.. n, *to, it, w t .: 1;
ilarsers-11111e wore—alt oak t.eoed
ferobtr, elseasd and 0t,..e. as 00 p„,r barn or
etodlog Bridle. Lea do o Ce wagon find:;..'e
Collars $1 to U. f Stn bet , lined artq.„,
$2 50 sod 0030 reins $145 to 81 21 1 ", , .
11oes $1 halters se-to .12 ps, 015e.ti e.. ..-
11111. will plated bit bold e 11 2 ,; good as our tr 7:
brldl• $l4: ratios. -addlro for 0. , *
MO* to It ass swan. beer* neon. $3 to
neon • net $$ to SS; 13 rs. does $2 t. $l2. lir •
pltal Uwe. new arid good se cm, Is ,
-tra •—s2o to $lO r Meer( A tot 1 t..t
Ili to al 10.000 bags. from 1 u ego . le.
harbilit. elk 2,6 boa. $10; $ boa. $ll per dos ; ,
$760.58 50, nd $9 FO
Smell order. sent by ggpresr. C
No. 837 sad POP Nori h Fr6ot 9 i
No. s Lark Ku*. Now York, tad ko 44 p.",
Wublngion, C.
Pries list wont on appllcatioa.
4174 F
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'r 1
• • - ~,Ii
tgAECr AerflqG cutcrruß. RAN utuAra q :
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„ - Zjle
080. 81F.LDEV. Prestd,st. _ •
V. J. IP J;lDDlLL.Sulwriat't 1 st
JOBS /3 3 .111.18P,Swarytaty and Trtin,
Men Steam twice. Me dou
eq ble u the
ir o r e: 4 „,
Beets of
Paths who wish to talus* their v..,
changing their bother. eart don by asibt the
Engine, which works the Exhort. St..n
double the power from the same boils'',
the Inel. • we
Nos. 23 and 24 West Park, (hearty. 4
G. R 0 - C E 'lt-
couxrßy PRODUCK.
FLOUR, PORK, T 1.311.
a 4 e 4
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, till
7. ! .,... el
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, 1. L
'-; 111
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Ora otter great Indlernients- to plirtn• ..ibi, f : , .. , 1111te i
In theft winter supply. i'so to dealer' paretasati.
ear load. -f, , , • 081
ar Gina etas WI and • • rasran tee to /inns
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jalyl9l.B-tf Sat•mtel I: -,,,tliefe,
T‘s am Qadtits of Pans. aut Ai
*ruts to: the Climelutd Rife tulng aniir
ri p A h o l m A nd trash .stoek alway 4 kep
•htah •it Ibe .old-at the loirfet -
we plods* ouroolutt not to be undersold, ood .p.,
to giro of a ealL
Tb. Wettest pries laid for enaat.7
etllll rA6
Coal Yard, comer c fTtralfth and Peach
rho Asap tortataat/y or hard Lelogb ro:tl3
(Fars aer) lamp and prapared. Sbatookit.
sad Nat rime; EMl:mint:tit • for grits and 11:1014
For Bladmaith Pnrpsrin.
Oat Coal is an iscelired by rill, is kept n dr! k
door. end
Dx U G
ant adisi Local and Traveline Agent..
Female, of all am, aro vanttd to solicit tradt , tr ,
City, Town., Plage. /hamlet. Wotlubcnj and to
throughout the entire world, for the most te' o ‘' l ".
.hies ewer known. COO ter teat. profit and AP:`
tinuartss Olit!litp. Smart cotn and wocals uals
from $5 to $ 5 2" 'lsl. - and -no net of leo /41
Capital toga •f term $2O to gto-thy Toni
invested the treater the ;molt SO woner S V -5
advance-we first te. ad the 'Melo and revolve ps ,
ward. If yeas actually wish to make tuout7
and easily, writ* for foil particulars, and sarea
215 Broadway.
Newspapert'eopt tag will he hberally with.
V AND 310TAI.'110,
'FORCED to grow upon lb* 'ernnothat fen , t;
three to fins wanks. by using Dr. SETIGN F. 9 RD.
RATEUR CIPILIAIRE, the most wooderts; dr
In modern acienek acting upon the Beard
most miraculous manner. It hue been need
01 Putt sod L with the moat Betterlss
Names of all purchase= will be registered. sr/ k
natisfaction IP not gins in ovary instance. th
will hi eltwerfutly refunded. • Price by — lisi ( 0, "
pod-Aid. St. Dispiptire Circulars sad tntunt,
malted free Address lIERGfiIitgaYTTS COP'
No. 'SS Hirer street, Troy, If. Y., tole menu t'
United Matta. • ,
Prodtroed by Umtata of Prot Le BRIT'S! 11.1: 4 '•
WIZVIEUX. Om soylloation warraabei to earilf
straight and stubborn hair of either RI tato .1"'
bL s or Imam napalm eurll. ,Hu been Heil'
fashionable' cj Path and -tendon with the "Pi
the moults. Doss so injury to th. hair. hies
smiled and octeipaid. $l. G 5.4.40,. t trots , .
t 0... Address BERGER, GRUNTS dr CO, rbbr' •
7,91. River street, Troy. N. Y. Sole agents for ttnr ,
Mates. Mgt'
grie,• Pena%
Ohl lib* woo beautiful And f•fr,
With starry @pc, and radtobt bur.
NV boos outing touodtibt set. totviottr
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For Gorillas , the bar of oitbor •or low le'
Glower Hisirlits or Heavy, Haul,' cult
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tetfooted. and is the moat immolate Milne 01 11 ',
sew t Bawl to the Amertata ;redid. Th.
tit M goat to soy addles., aged and pest-lla.
kddreee all codas to
W. L. CLARK & Cholf
Ho. 3 West Fayette St , drugs
Gtaral-ly. -
& w.
- • lianntasturtri an t ll Mao Was Deslenoi
No.e rodent St., Att , ggbety CUT. A'
'MU Door from Suspension Briar,
Of 120 sone, about 100 acne clew" d. the I,ly
rod timbered lead, aith p ia el . ,
gong otebard of 110 rafted apple bra it .
other fr uit tries. Situated. fait faro Roatb et I's
fieidoada, oa the Ridge Road. and about fost,,
Itreita Belik , P l l.. We itillereek Tuottabip. 3°-
particulars eager, of
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lElO'OOl DISHILITY, Seminal son!:
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Adbiss with p, stum
i1dr66.17. aorardwo.
Mutufbetund by the
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TOBACCO. 58(14.1t1,
S-T P.'
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