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    The 6ric ir. ceittglObotrucr.
ENIE. PA., AUGUST 2, 1866
RtkrNce, Feleral Hill, will describe
r. o.F
cr dise correctly. jyl2 3m
A f,Te ,coke out about half past one,o'cl-ck
e'elre s
Jir n i It small building dttached
Mpior Scott's warehouse, on the dock, and
; I rcnded to the laticr,which was entirely
The warehouse was occupied in
rt a; an office by Josiah Kellogg, and "the
2,llirler was used by Major Scott for storing
and salt, large quantities of which
tre nufned with the building. The high
4:ni sent th's sparks in on easterly direction,
t fire to the rigging of the schooner
ecris, of Canada, entirely stripping the
of sails — Sand spars. The - coal on the
scent docks also nought 'nee, and Ifni, not
itt , ; ,i s bei until large quantities had been
There was no insurance on any
th e property, and the loss is quite 'heavy.
c)voassit ts Conesneses.—The Demo-
Wsrren and Clearfield court
,„. t hrough . their • respective newspaper
have expressed a preference for . Men.
sqtember 31, as the day for tya meet
of the Congressional Ccmfercnce: The
D e mocratic vote of the difttrict is 11,686,
these three countirre:poll 8,028, or
thvi two thirds. It being a standard
.. 11 .x: of Democratic policy that the majority
wo therefore propose that the date
siren he agreed upon as the one for the
:ttt'er of the ennforenco at Ridgway, and
:he (eke of giving the matter official effect,
the chairmen of the several county corn.
. urritelo looting an announcement to
tnt rlrrort,
Strike and Fight.
tabarcre employed in tho coal trade at
a. c , ; ; litre on a strike last week for high
with the exception of those in the
clr!oi cf Lamb S Co. As usual on such
: , 3 ;16n5 a pretty free indulgence in liquor
Jive, which had the ordinary effect of
ilrg the men quarrelsomia On Saturday
.me of the party were induced to undertake
Funfolding of a canal boat, and while a
-rk 3 fellow named Giles, came upon the
!Jul'. partially intoxicated, and Palacio an
7prcrakel attack upon a man named Davis,
.lo Monred Li a canal host lying near
e 'oat. Davie turned upon him, and was
! 'nrg him a erund flogging, when his cries
sled the coalhaavers in the vicinity; who
rsie n rush for i Davis. In less than five
❑cutes more than a hundred had collected,
- :cher with perhaps half that number of
•ioal heat men, and a free fight coni-cenced.
s:tnes, sticks, and brick bat's were indis
tr;aticately used, and the struggle waxed and \ furious. A coalhenve>i named Tim.
.'aliony attacked Davis with y a club, snd
qV . retaliated by striking hiha with an axe
the heal. laying hill eenselests and almost
1-legs. The police arrived at this juncture
•:3 the fight ceased. Eight ~or ten ef the
!ers were taken after a strvere ttrugele,
y,:ht before Justice Bennett, and fined $lO
I.h and costa. Tr.) or three of the ring ,
tier., among hom were Tom Miihony and
man named Lonergan, were ye-arrested
:1 Mond, over at the next term of cour'A."
Mahony, the injured man, at hat no
;•lats was in a critical condition, and will
recever. The strike ended en Monday
7 the men going to work at the old prices,
botiness at the dock, which was tempora
stigpended during thii difficulty, has been
'ccd with the customary vigor. .
Tse CILAWFORD Co. Muss.—The action of
Republican Congressionil conferees at
rsa tin, in tejecting the Pettis delegates and
':sting those of Finney, has woke up, as'
!expected - it would, an intense state of in.:
• :mticezeraong the-friends of the former.—
. s Crawford'Journal, Judge Pettis' special
• ItFraper friend at Meadville, angrily pro
:nevi it "a violation of every principle of
4UBe,” and declares that it "really absokres
!Republicans of Crawford county from all
!'':i.tions to abide by the choice of the con
rses." The Titusville Club, a paper lately
sued antagonistic to the Herald, which
rmly sustains Finney. chimes in with the
-:real, calling the_ action of the conferees
e "most' high handed swindle ever permit
; in politics in an enlightened community,"
1 siding ,other similarly compliment - try
cressions of a Pickwickian sort, too "nu ,
crone to enumerate." But the I ournal is
:1 content with merely calling names. It
• - ,ldly asserts—
." The Journal will under no circumstances
;port Mr. Finney. Ilia vnlgcr and unpro
oke•l assault upon this parer and its editors,
it OP Court Rouse on the 36th of last month,
.sve destroyed all party obligations between
:s, and we-shall Ist:qt.:as earnestly for his
Yeat as we might have done for
.t success. His particular friends, and the
. .tor of the Republican, frequently declared
!ere the meeting of return judges, their.
sotion tolippose Judge Pettis in the event
his nomination, and we acknowledge no
'izstions of a party nature whiek compel us
do violence to our honest convictions
as those opposed. tit us claim exemption
:rata requirements.l
Whatever may be thokty.,h'siof the Journal's
:r” in s policy sense it certainly exl.P.its
of courage which we cannot fail to
ire—eopecinlly ac therarticle is one of an
timely rare kind among the Radical papers
I 'eviers of this politically benighted por
ct That its position is
'''.','r ,"annot be doubted by any noprejudiced
'tile l
Ter. We have watched the con
.: l a Crawford with close intereet, and
'put wing far the political intetcsts of
l'r (,f t 1.6 parties, have been firmly
''el from the :start with the conviction
v its , . Pettis's friends had 'the right
''upon their side, according to thee,
I: . 'l'el party . rules. That they- should
' , 4 stt'nit td have themselves deliberately
'v.lis one of the things which could not
=nerd of men with 'mind; of their own,
.: else of rinnetts nomination, they
:frond justified by all the facts in the,
' Z'a refusing to assist in the election of a
rho has proved himself unfit for either
1: Sorer or private respect, .
'Te h)pe our Americin born citizens will
, :feil to make appropriate preparations for
:• i . :rsat German Festival to be held - on.the
a "-I=t and 221 inst. It is expected that
:-. v:1; be one of the grandest demonetra
zt of the kind ever held in the country, and'
:Lt:ple , sr ;aid be remise in their duty if
:ty failed to devote a die degree of 'attention
:al immense number of strangers Who will
- .a attend• nee. In additicin to .otir local
-o•,e', the Festival will be a itendecDkir the
`:le ' ta il and Sangerbund, of Buffalo; the
t su;tzia, of Dunkirk-; the Frohsinn, of
- , 11.711; the Nlrennef - Chor, of Cleveland;
1 4 , rteLte, of Titusville; and the Corry
mean Singing Society, together with ti large
41 er f delegates and a few miller -.clubs 1
'z•s renter distance, comprising in all
','; Er hundred singers. In addition' to
a‘e *mends of people from the surround
; 'Rae are expected to be present. Our
'star' fellow cilizene are making extensive
'qsreti , ;ns for the event, and therth,uld
" e the hearty co operation of all others.—
' tat so treat the etrangera that they will
` l lrti to their homes and' iiive a good report
!Eris hospitality and enteci.piise.
Titusville Herald fools up the losses in
0 :1 regions firer in 1865-'66, at nearly
' f4:1 . 61 " ) , neatly all of which might have
tvsided by proper precaution.
Bnarttfes Sapts.—Sheriff Brown advertises
an unusually large number of sales at the
Court House, on Monday, _August Gth. We
give tho list as4ollows : • .
Farm of Ira F. Gleason, in Wayne, at suit
of Sally Wiard, use of .A. Dole.
Farm of Wm.• B. Rhoades, in Wayne, at
suit of N. W. Russell.
Hotel of 0. Allen, in Corry, at suit of C. S.
Eimons, use of Hugh Mullen and S. H. Hills.
Two fsrnis of A. W. Walls, in Girard and
Elk Creek, at suit of Batt'es Webster, use
of John S. rieith.
' Farm of George H. Robertson, in Venangot
at suit of Jas. Dewitt. use of L. L. williams.
Farm of A. A • Clemens, in Wa-hington, at
suits of George Gillaspie and Jas. Lewis.
Tract of John L: Young and Young & Bro.,
in Corry.
Tract in Wayne, contracted for by ROT. J.
W. Wilson. at snit of John Richards.
Lot and- house of C. E. Blidlam, in Erie
city, at snit of Reese, Graff & Dull.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Wm. A. Galbraith, Administrator of John
Galbraith, deceased, John Slabach, and the
School Directors of Millereek township, ter
retenante of, in and to a certain piece
or parcel of land situate in Milloreek town
ship, at suit of James M. Sterrett's adminis
Farm of Dexter Alford, in Venango, at suit
of H. McLean.
Farms of John Robinson, in Elk Creek, at
suits Of Richard Tindall (use of Woe. T. and
John Robinson) and Titus Robinson.
Tract No. 81, in Franklin, at suit of John
House and lot of L. Taylor, in Erie, i at suit
of T. 9, Howarth & Co.
Horfse and lot of Israel Mershon, in Corry,
at suit of Davie, Leach &Co.
' Tract of John Galbraith's heirs and John
Sch Mach, terreteztants, in Milloreek.
Lot' 1,931, Erie- city, at snit of Common
wealth.. ez rel. D. B. McCreary. Debonisnon
Wm. Kincaid, dec'd, -'-
Refinery of Wm. C. Steadurp, in Union, at
suit of Ezra Cooper.
If tho money is not paid immediately after
the property is struck off, it will be put up
again and re-sold, and the original purchaser
hell reaprnsihlo for any less..
Tan Ctrs:curs or I'ortTUNE.—A. few months
ago C. V. Culver was at the head of one of
the most successful' banking houses in New
York, Culver, Penn & Co., end was establish
ing bunks, building railroads, founding
towns, and endoWing cilnal:chet and colleges
in the oil regions of Penneylvjnia. He was
elected to Congress from the Twentieth Penn
sylvania District, though 1:416 offered the Co 4
vention that nominated him $20,000 for party
purp +see if they would leave him to hie busi
ness. But just then he was prosperous, ris
ing, and popular, and it is in the genius of
American politics to elevate such men to pub
lie cffices. A few weeks ago the dullness
of the oil trade and the extent of his- busi•
nese ventures and speculations, tecessitated
the suspention of Mr. Culver's firm. Suite
without number have been - brought against
him, and tired of trying to restore hie busi
ness to soundness with a dozen lawsuits
fronting him Ili every step, he has taken ref
uga in jail. He is* the victim of excessive
speculation, the inordinate haste for the
achievement of '
;wealth which has sadly char
icterized the pa st
i few years of our history.
He was imprudedt and bold even to reekless•
nese in his investments and speculations, and
hence hik downfall. Gen. Burnside offered
him a"loan of $02,000 / on the day of his fail
ure, enough to supply his present-needs, but
he refused it, lest it should prove insufficient
preient his failure The same spirit of
outfield six menthe earlier would have been
worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to
himself and those convected with him. Let
the fate of Culver be a warning to that large
class in ovary community who bate all :their
ideas of comfort and merit, upon money.
The man who revels in Wealth a-A luxury to•
iday may be at the toot of the ladde i r to
Accinksr Issertascs.—The advantages of
accident insurance are daily being proved.—
The Venango Spectates, in alluding to the
subject, cites the folloiOng cases in that vi.
cinity :
David.D. Grant was infrared and was hart a
few weeks ago, while loading an engine on the
Allegheny river. He received twenty-five dol—
hi3 a week as long as he was disabled. Cyrus
Clark, of New Castle, was hurt at the Coro
mencement of Allegheny Celine, and receives
his fifty dollars per week. Thomas Lineber
ger, near Waterloo, this county, was injured
while driving his te.m on his farm, and ro
ceives his ten dollars per week compensation.
Thcfre of cur readers who may desire any
inforMation on the subject of accident insu
rance we refer to Warner & Gerrish, corner of
the Park and French street, (under the Reed
House) who are agents for a number of the
beet Life, Fire and Accident Insurance Com
panies in the country.
' Puma. Co:vs:mos.-46e gentlemen from
Erie and adjoining counties who intend at
iending the National Conventipn at Philadel
phia, on the 14th of August, are requested to
leave notice at the Observer office - on or before
Monday, August ell. The proposition•has
heentmade that all go in a body on Monday
morning, August 13th, and it would add
gristly to the pleasure of the trip should such
be the case. Efforts are being made to secure
excursion tickets, and if they are suocettsful,
due notice will be given through our col
• Sunman Totra.—We'specially direct the at
tention of those who may be thinking of - in
duising in excursion tripe during the pr sent
month, to the advertisement on this subject
upon our first page. - The route-proposed is
one of the most attractive in the country, and
the advantage of .procuring tickets for the
wholsjourney at the point of departure
too obvious to need commPnt.
Isorast Douroa.—Dr. G. Copway, eo justly
celebrated for his - skill as an Indian Wetor,
and 89 the devoted friend of the lamented S.
A. Dsuitlas, is now sojourning at, Brown's
Hotel. We see his specialties embrace some
of the 'ollowing : Fits, piles, rheumatism,
dropsy, neuralgia an I scrofula He is truly
an Ihdian. Go and consult with him. *
DocumaNrs.—Wo hare a large number of
political documents on hand, for freo circula
tion, which will ba given to any who call for
them. Stop when you are in the citY,.and
procure a lot for circulation among your Re
publican neighbors.
Letter from Corry.
Conn.:, July 22d, '6G.
Ma. EDITOR: —A rather bold theft and the
arrest of the thief took place near here on
Thursday night last. You will recollect that
a Mrs. Rolteway's_house, at Lowiriile. was
broken into some time the latter part of last
April or first of May, and Mre. Holloway and
her daughter, who were asleep, were stupified
with chloroform by eome rascals from Colum
bus, Warren county, named Henry Hall, Irvin
Kennedy and others. • Only the two were ar•
rested, and they were taken to jail at Erie.—
Kennedy was soon bailed out, but Hall re
mained there until )
few days ago, when he
was bailed out and calculated not to appear
for trial. Well, this young Hall had been
back to Columbus and Corry only a few days,
when ho went to Fred Zeilo, a German butcher
in Corry, and wanted to sell him smite fat
Fattle and deliver them in the night. Fred
nnderstood that they must be stolen, of course,
and entered into an agreement to take some
of till cattle, on a certain night week before
latif ; and as soon as Hall went away, Fred
went to Justice Gnignon and told him the
whole transaction, and also informed police
man Drury. At the appointed night, Fred,
Gnignen, the police and others were on band
to receive the young man and hie stolen prop -
ierty, but they did not appear. la a day or
two Hall saw Fred again. and a new • agree-
Meet weal:neat for another night. That turned
'but as before, though Hall woe there, but they
did not make connection. These it went on
until last Thursday night. when they met at
the slaughter house, and Hall had brought a
splendid three year old steer from Lucius
Spencer, who resides in Warren county, net
more than half a mile from the slaughter
Louse. Policeman, Drury vas ma hand, and
arrested the young map. In getting him into
the buggy Hall got away from him and ran.
The policeman told him to stop or he would
shoot him. Ile did not stop, so the policeman
fired two or three shots after him, none, how
ever, taking effect. Ho ran into a mareb, and
they after him, where they caught him and
took him to Corry. He was there put in the
lockup until the following morning, when he
was taken to Columbus and tried. before Geo.
Cady, Esq., and then committed to the Warren
jail. You will see I have Made a long story
of it. but I declare I could not make it ahor. er.
Local Paragraphs.
Da. KAYN3I2, Federal Hill, South Erie, Pa.,
is an experienced Surgeon. jyl2.3m
A Methodist Camp Meeting is to be held
one and - a-half milei k north of Union, in
IdeFarland's wood's, commencing on Wednes
day, the 29th of August.
It is the work of a true man to be ever inh
doing his passion, and laying aside his preju
dice.. The cask is a hard one, we admit, but
it pays jn the end.
Bate ball continues all the rage among the
young men of this vicinity. Clubs have been
started at Girard, Corry and Warren, and
others are talked of at Weigieville, Swantown
and Wesleyville.
And — what Erie county asks for in Septum •
ber next this D - istrict will readily gratit.—.Ga
zet le.
Judging by the result of past Reputlfean
conferences, it will grant just the reverse.
The Crawford Journal says the Democrats
of that district feel confident of their ability
to mike a hard fight on Congress, end, the
Journal adds. "it must be confessed they have
much to encourage them."
The Young Men's Christian Association
proposes to renew its effort to establish
public library. The committee expect to se
cure a library of two thousand volumes for use
next winter. Success to their efforts.
The Morning Review is the name of a new
daily paper just established et Cony. Its
politics are Radical, and it goes in strongly
on Fenianism —a combination which will pni
zle many to harmonize.
The Cony Democrat hoist., the- name of
Captain Hutchinson, of Girard, as the candi-•
date of our party for Congress, subject to the
decision of the dietiict conference. There are
few better hearted' men or sounder Democrats
than the Captain.
Dan Rice, since be became a candidate for
Congress, has cast aside his clown rig, and
appears in the ring dressed in his Sunday go
to meetin' rig. A. first class politician was
spoiled when Dan went in to the show busi
A Corry correspondent of the Titusville
Tiered - writes that operations on the Cross
Cut Railroad 'have commenced—that the
money is ready to build it—and the work will
be completed as soon u circumstances will
The Tidionte oil section promises to be for
some time the main point of attraction to spec
ulators in that line. New ' , strikes" are con
stantly reported, and though there are no
very , large wells, all have produced in remu
nerating quantities.
The tickets to the Pic-Nio for the benefit of
the poor are to be sold at twenty-five cents,
insteid of two dollars, as incorrectly an
nounced in last week's paper. The charge ie
so reasonable that every man, woman and
child in the city should buy one.
The fall term of the Edinboro Normal
School will open on the 28th inst., and close
Noveniber 20th. This institution during the
spring and summer has continued to maintain
its well earned popular*, and had an cnor'
mangy large number of scholars in attend
The Ccimmon Council on Monday maim;
passed a resolution that the City Solicitor be
requested to draft an ordinance ander which
Omens fined for -b-each of city ordinances
can_ be required to work oat unpaid figs upon
the streets. What a happy time they would
have enforcing such an ordinance!
The steam tug Home, Carain Burke. bee
been thoroughly refitted, and is now claimed
to be one of the beet vessels of the kind upon
the Lake. A grand union excursion of all the
newspaper proprietors,. editors and printers
in the city Is to take place on her, by invite
tion?f the Captain, this Thursday evening.
The Erie Academy will be re-opened the
first week in September, under the superin
tendence of Rev. J. Henry Black, who acted
as principal in 1847-'5O. Mr. B. takes charge
for a term of years, thus obviating the dia . -
culty which has, heretofore been created by
frequent changes of principals.
A most delightful social . gathering took
place on Wednesday evening in the hill of
the Liedortafel, 'the occasion being the
unfurling of their elegant new .flag. Elpeiches
were made by a number of persons, the
Liedertafel gave some of their beet music,
eatables, etc., were trovidechn abundance,
and altogether it was an occasion long to be
remembered with pleasure.
Clearfield county has appointed Ex Gov.
Bigler,.Hon; Wm. A. Wallace Land Han, Jns.
T. Lonard delegates to the Democratic Coq
gressional Conference at Ridgway, with pow
er to select their own substitutes. This is a
strong trio, and we should like to sea the
other counties of the district display equal
care in appointing their delegates. ,
The Merchants Union Express - Company
have decided to - establish an office in Erie, and
eccured a location opposite the Reed House,
on French street. Our popular and enterpri•
sing young friend, C. B. Harris, (called
Charley by 'the . "boys") has been chosen as
agent—a: . selection that shore sound judg
Mr. Dawson, of the Albany Journal, hes
seat his resignation to Washington, because
he cannot su ,port the policy' of the Adminis
tration. We have heard no rumor that this
example has been imitated by any Federal
Official in Erie county, although every one
condemns the President's measures.
Joe. Eichenlaub has associated J. A. Eich•
enlaub with him in the boot and shoe trade,
and the firm wilt hereafter be known as 3.
Eichenlaub & Co. They are the moat eaten•
sire dealers in their line in the city, and the
industry and enterprise they have shown has
been attended by a richly earned success.
The Johnson Republicans held a meeting
on Saturday evening, and 'elected E. C. Wil
son, Eeq , delegate to the Philadelphia con•
vention. We are informed that a number of
our most Influential Republican citizens par
ticipated in the proceedings. No office holder,
we believe, was present—showing distinctly
that all of them sympathise with the Radicals,
or at least are too timid to take open issue
with them.
The following naval officers, formerly con
nected with tho Michigan, and familiarly
known to most of our °Risme, have been
promoted to the full grade of Commanders:
James W. Shirk, James E. Jouctt, IL B. Low-,
ry, Francis A. Roe. Commander Shirk is sj
eon of our respected townsman, David Shirk,
Esq. ; Commander Lowry is a son-in-law of
Milton Courtright,•Esq. ; Commander Jouett
resided in Erie for a long period; and Com.
Roe is the late chief officer of the Michigan.
If street railroads will not pay in Buffalo
they would be a poor investment here.—Ga.
Whether they would pay or not, responsible
gentlemen etand ready to build them, as soon
se several of the •Qizette'e polities' friends
stand out of the way, and allow them to ob.
Lain a eharter . for the purpose. If theie par
ties are satisfied to invest, .outsiders should
not complain.
In 1864 G. W. DeCamp was a candidate f r
state Senate, when he wee ingloriously whip
ped by M. B. Lowry. In 1865 be aspired t
the Assembly ; his.iivaulting ambition" bavia
fallen a peg. This year he takes an upward
leap, and ventures hie chances for Congress,
with about as much chance for success as a
frog would have to attempt to jump over the
Rocky Mountains at one hop. As George is
inevitably to be a candidate for something
every year, it lan be seen by this' eliding
scale about where his aSpirattons will place
him. 'Next year he will,; in all probability, be
out for Assembly again ;, in 1868, he will try
for Congress; in 1859, anotbev nibble at the
Assembly bait ; then at Congress, and so on.
About the year 1880, he will be likely to con
clude that "all flesh is (grass," retire from
seeking for political honors, and secure con
solation in studying the blessings of adver
All othermeaus having failed, the Erie Ob
server is induced to join in the attempt to
force the Gazette to advocate individual inter
este and inaugurate s Crawford county erauete
in the Republican ranks'here. We will en
deavor to withstand even this pressure, mad
most respectfully decline to accept the Ob
server as authority for what we should or
should not do. Will both the Observer and
other parties please to mind their own bust
nen? Try it, for variety's sake..--Gasette.
If the Gazette does not , desire to Win , the
reputation of being a common scold, it must
learn to be better natured in its treatmet{t of
those who differ with it. , We simply expless
ed our opinion on the general subject of pub•
Netting communications, nod had not the re
motest idea' of interfering with our neighbor's
transactions. The OtMelte_should take les
sons in minding its own business, before giv
ing advice to others. We do not know -a
journal anywhere which more frequently
"sticks its nose" into affairs that do not be
long to it, or betrays more sensitiveness when
its own '-toes are tread Upon," than the Ga
zette under its present management..
The Supreme Court, at its recent session in
Harrisburg, decided-in the case of Hinters
Moho, of Lehigh county, that a woman who
makes too free use of-'her tongue clan be in
dieted as a common scold: Judge Woodward,
in delivering the opinion of the Court, said:
"As to the unreasonableness of holding
women liable to punishment for a too free use
of their tongues, it is enough to say that the
common law, which is the ex tress wisdom of
ages, adjudged that it is Cot unreasonable.—
And the Legislature have not chinged the
common law in this regard, but on the contra.
ry declared, so recently, as 1860, that this
offense shall be punished as heretofore."
How about grumbling :men t Is there no
law to meet their case? Ilf there is, we can
find a dozen at least in this neighborhood who
require the DitlekAttorlley's attentions.
1 •
The people of tisl ,, , and the legal portion
of them especially, will be gratified to, learn
of the passage by both hinses of Congress of
the bill-establishing a U. S. District Court in.
Erie. The aot t which was drawn •up by Col.
Grant, provides that. the! Court over which
Judge McCandless, of Pittsburgh, presides,
shall hold statedsessions bere. The proceed.
logs, we pre`Sume, will be;, held 3n, the Court
House, - and as s the 'same officers act, with few
exceptions, there w r iklm no additional ezPense
to the Government. The Action - of Co gross
will prove of great convenience to;a1 who
have business to transact in the United States
Con ta.
A number of the engineers on the &moult;
Pithole Railroad were air sled at Reno oii
Wednesday last, at the instance of Mr. L. li.
Culver, upon a charge of conspiracy. A large'
amount of back pay is 4ue - these men, and
upon demanding it of Mr.:C. he was notified
that they had denidedlnot to do ony more wcrk
until they were paid. Upon this warrants
were at once obtained for their arrest; and
they w're taken• to Franklin for examination.
We think the above about as cool a 'pro
ceeding as wo have ever heard of. Think of
it—keeping a number of Om men out of their
pay, and thee, when they Undertake measures
to obtain it, placing them under arrest for
Here is a recipe which will be worth s year's
eubecription to any family; I;roviding it works
aceo• ding to:promise. We cut it out of an
"It may not generally to known that an
excellent article of vinegar may be made by
taking the hat) stalks of rhubarb, and chop—
ping them as one would for pies or sauce;
then pour scalding water over the whole,.and
let it stand on the stove until well cooked,
then strain off into a suitable vessel, add one
gill of molasses to each quart of the juice.;
set it in a sunny place ; stir occasionally,;and
in a few weeks one may have a stout article
of vinegar.'"
The Gazette makes a violent assault upon
the delegates to the Deinocratio Soldiers'
Coniention. The brave Inois who compose
the delegation can well affOrd to be sneered
at by such papers as the ,Eile Gazette. To
have had its praise would have bien the
greatest insult that could hare been offered to
their s atriotism ;. to have Obtained Its enmity
is the highest tribute ttiat could be 'paid to
them. There are some calainities lou grievous
to be bosh.; and the severest of them is to
secure in say way, shape or manner the nom
mendafion of the notoriously disloyal old
-,Another important link in the railroad o n
nitlons or Erie has just .been completed.—
Tide - Warren & Franklin Railroad, opened to
Oil City on Thursday, will give ue a new route
to the•oil regions, and add' materially to our
trade : With that !motion. Persons having busi•
nese at Pithole, and other localities therea
bents, can leave Erie' by the Phila. & Erie
trains it the teorning, take the Warren &
Franklin Tdad, and return the next day...
FormerlyAfcliok- nearly a week to complete
the came trip.
The Gazette "Oannot conceire , -" , how any
member of theßldical party here!! can sap—
port. Sanfield , fOi re-nomination, and not
"prove false" "to the home interests which
have a ctitim upon hie idheiene . e and sup•
port." "Atials) Ern!cta ptirty"—it asserts—
"must aid will sufferjif the claims end rights
of this section-of the iDistrl:t are "observed
to personal ,aggrandizement." We put these
statements ea sword for comparison with its
language afterthe nomination.
Mies Subinit Wet, daughter of John L.
Way, Esq., of Greene) toimehip, died very
suddenly on the mortting of the 27th inst.—
She was engaged teaching' school In the dig
Snot where her fathet resides, and after
breakfast that morning she:remarked that ahe
did not feel well, and would lie. down till
school time. At nine o'clock, when her
mother went to her room, she found her dead,
on the floor. Heart diseasp was supposed to
be the cease of her death.+-Dispafeh
The Corry Telegraph ditties that it is
Dowry's organ," and the editor asserts that
"with Mr. Lowry . or Mr. Scofield" he has had
"no dealing, bargains or business transac t
dons; riot even to the value of a dollar."—
We are glad to learn that fiat is the case, for
the course of that paner lately was calculated
to gtre rise to -the impreesion that things
stood differently,
From a careful investigation into the cros•
pacts of the various candidates to this county,
we are led to believe that the Republican
convention will make the „following nomina
tions: Congress, G W Scofield; Associate Law
Judge, 8 E Woodruff; Assembly, D B Mc-
Creary, 0 °award; .essociate Judges,
John Greer; Vini: Cross; District Attorney,
Charles M Lynch; Frothonitaty, 0 W Cotton;
Register arid Recorder„ Capt Harvey; -Tt ens
urer, Mr. Keller, of Union.
The Warren county Democratic convention
met last week, end decided to postpone' the
making of nomination! until the 3d of Sept.
The same of the Springfield is; Roads Poet
Offias has bees'aseled to . ' East Pints/04M
The Republican conferees of the Cleari old
Congressional district, at last reports were
tlll In session at Franklin. - kaving had some
thing less than a thousand ballots, without
making a nomination. The selection appears
to lie between Mr. Finney, of Crawford, and
Mr. McAdams, of Mercer, (a so-called
" fighting possum," who commanded, regi
ment in the war) each of whom "his been
able to Master six of the twelve votes and no
more. We ,are brained to think that after a
dna wrangling spell, both these ,individuals
will be cast aside, and a new man hit upon,
as in the ease' of quiver, IA 1864. Our Re.
publican • brethren in that district seem
doomed to continual trouble In making their
congressional nominations. The Convention
of 11152 sat seven days, and that of 1858 five
or six days, before Meeting a candidate,
while the one that nominated Culver, con
slimed a•weck in its deliberations. '
The committee of arrangements for the
great German Festival have adopted the fol
lowing resolution. We urge that its aunts
tionsbe generally sdopted,:
Resolved, That. the business men and
citizens generally aro requested to decorate
their buildings and residence; with flags,
ezergreens and other appropriate materials,
on the 20th, 21st and 22d of August, in order
that the_Sengerfest to be held here upon those
days may be observed in the earns manner
and with equal credit as other cities. _
We cannot help but be reminded, 'after
evading the list of Laical candidates in this
'county, of the youngster who wrote from the
West to his father "down in New England" :
"Dad come ant here. You will get along
bully ; mighty email men get to office."
The pressure of legal tulvertiaing crowds
out much valuable matter for this week's
No excuse needed, neighbor. The adver-
Laments are the most Viluable and intareet
ng portion of the paper.k
In East Springfield, by the Rev. John Proe•
ear, Mr. AI. W. Moore to Mrs. A. L. Wolver
On the' ICth inst., by Rev. Watson Clark,
Mr. James Crosby. of Geneva, Ohio, and .lien
Sarah M. Ingersoll, of Girard.
At the Girard House July 21st, by Henri
Ball, Esq., Mr. Ira Rodgers and Mrs. Mar
gotta Lobe, both of Albion, Erie no., Pa: -
In Moorheadvilte, on the 15th inst.; by
Rev. G. W. Cleveland,, bir. Orrin Terry, of
Waterford, Pa., and Mrs. Thirds E 7 Luce, of
On the 19th inst; in Freeport, Armstrong
Co. Pa:, by Rev. J. K. - Melhorn, Mr. F. H.
Frantz, of Union—Mills, Erie Co.. Pa., and
Miss Susanna Iseman,•af the former Paco.
In Albion, on the 18th inst., by Mir. W.A.
Clark, Mr: Alva N. Sturdivant and Mims A.
Matilda /Nunez, all of Albion, Erie Co., Pa
At the residence, of the bride's father. July
21tb, by Rev. 8. H. Morse, Mr. Tobias B.
Fiokinger. of Kingsville. Ohio, to Mils Allot
A. Day, of Springfield, Pa. •
In Edinboro, July 29th, at Igo bride's res•
idence, by Rev. Mr: Graeae,. Mr. W. A.
Smith. of Erie, to Mrs. Jane Minnick; of Ed
inboro, Pa.
On the morning of the 30... h. at the resi—
dence of 0. Noble. Eeq Mre.'Kezieh Reed.
aged 88 years and 12 days.
In Greene township; July 13th, Joanna
Evans, wife of John Evans, aged 37 years
and 6 months.
The Phrenological Journal for August coup
lain Portraits of Benj. Franklin, Lewis Case,
C. F. Brydges, Brune'', Mrs. Parkhurst, etc.,
with articles on Responsibility ; Sowing and
Reaping; The Servant Question; Getting
Married Writing, the Philosophy of Pho
nography ; Hew to Live ; Air end Sunlight ;
Summer, and its Lessons; Over Eating;
Head :and &ay ; Man-Monk . tys ; Insanity,
and Religions Excitements; iPhyliognomy,
Time, Tune, Veneration, DonqeChins. Large
Ears, etc. 20 cents, 'or $2 a year. FOWL'S
& Waits, N. R. •
Godey for Attest comes duly to hand. The
Toilet of Death is a fin i (s i steel plate, and the
Swings finewoodout. 'The Fashion Plate con
tains six figures of the latest and most reliable
Fashions. Rispah's Idols -is continued, and
the usual variety of Novelties, Fashions,
Hints, Receipts, &o. $3,00 per year. Ad.
dress L. A. Godey, Philadelphia, Pa.
Peterson for August has been received.
Going to the Party is quite natural. The
Fashion Plate is good. Cape May in Full
toilet and Cape May in Bathing toilet - is a
fine duplicate picture This is. the cheapest
Ladies' Magazine published ; only $2.50 per
year. Address C J. Paterson. 306 Chestnut
at., Philadelphia.
Harper's Monthly for August is filled with
its usual choice miscellany. The anklets
illustrated are More Curious Homes," " Mr.
Moir's three Months with Italian Brigands,"
" Heroic Deeds of Heroic Men," and Nation
al Cemeteries. The Editor's Drew* is just
as racy and readable as ever.
The table of contents 'of the - Atlantic
Monthly for August comprises the following :
How My New Acquaintances Spin ; What Did
She See. W ilh ? The Miner: Physical Histqry
of the Valley of the Amason; A• Maniac's
Confession ; The Great Doctor ; My Feria ;
Pllll5lll from Hawthorne ' • The Chimney
Corner; Gri ffi th Gaunt ; Lon don Forty Years
ago; A Year in Montana; Iteviewa. A. What
Did,She See With?" is a weird and pazzling
story; having for its staple!of interest the
phenomena of "clairvoyatiogi r
The Old Guard, published in New York
city, by Vaq Eerie, HortanA Co., is the only
Detnocratic Magazine in America. , Each
number contains two or three articles of rare
interest, and no ono possessing a vqlame of
this publication would part with it for five
times its cost. The fact that it and. Harper
are the onlrmonthlies we. preserve and have
bound, is evidence enough of the esteem in
which we regard it. .
The -Campaign
We remind our friends 'that the"period for
making en active effort to carryike Guberna
torial contest this fall has arrived. no way
can so mach be done towards the promotion
of Union principles as by• the dissemination of
soiled Democratic 'papers. The Campaign
Observer, published at the low rate of ens
DOLLAktor six months, or Fiery purrs for three
months, should be in the bands of every Jam
ily in the 14 3rth-West. WA desire, if 'possible,
that it shall secure a circulation of two thou.
sand copies,. and call upon all Democrats to
assist us in attaining that object. Who will
be the first to send us a club of five, ten or
twenty Each of our present subscribers lies
a neighbor who, by simply speaking to him,
could be induced Id subecylbo, and witb a lit-
Ile effort our lie can be doubled In every
Post Office district. Go to work, friends,
without delay, and lot it not be said that we
lost one candidste for GoVernor by the want
of activity in those who claim to be leis sup
porters. r 81-tf
tar Clark & Brother, Wholesale and Re
tail Dealers in Confectionery, Gysters, Canned
Fruit, fitntioaery, Yankee liptions, 'Bakers'
Goode, Toys. Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes, &c..
West Side of Peach Ftreet, 1 Square South
of the Union Depot, Erie, Pa Also. Dealers
in all kinds of Country nroduce. Particular
attention paid to filling countrj orders.
( )
• Ptcruitts.—Persons wiebing to procure por
traits of themselves or members of their fam—
iliac, should call at the traleery
in Rcrsensweig's black. I His specimens of
work convince us that ha is an artist who has
few superiors. The throng. of visitors to his
rooms are au indication that his merits are
daily becoming•better known and appreciated
by the public. *
air D. W. Hutchinson, United Slates Claim
Agent, Girard, Penna. Pensione, Back Pay,
Bounty, and all other claims against the Gov.
element attended to with promptness. Charges
reasonable. Applications by mail attended to
the same as it made in peraol. (jalB Gm.)
Tun Etiaara Faoir JAL—This jar was
awarded the' highest premiums et the New
York State Fair, knerlcan 4 Institute and
Maryland Institute. For sale by Himrocr
Dempsey, 6015 French St. .tel4.if
. ,
, Always have on hand a good wortniant of .
I.IS-12 -WaPE:II4.
T' C. K40L1.,
' l ll Sant= Dairnsa, State Streit,
as az - 0264
New Advertisements.
Netted proposal@ will be received by the underafred
Committee until Monday. Any. 6th. 11164 at 3 o'clock,
P. M., for the grading and parley—with the Nicholson
or Vertical Stone Pavement—the striate surronnoloy
the Parks, In the city of DI.. Sperilettaoss ran be
seen at the Select Connell ROOM."
J. Y. itunN.
Committee on Streets.
The nod...relined yin sell at Pahlle. Bda, at the
Court Rouse on Satan:lay, August 4114 1946, at
o'clock, T. Li, the following eueribed Reel Ertate, to.
wit : Fifty three eerie and sixty-sense reds of land in
Saiomlt township, bounded rut by lands of John
Johnson' sonth by land of John Haut west by the
Law Road, and north by land of Al•eauter Filth and
Mrs. Motthews. Also, west half of Is-Lot N., - 2,760,
being co the stitch lids of Third street. wear-Iwo
rapt alz inches ust of Chestnut abut. Also. iota No's
19, 10 and 91.„ of Vincent & Rintrodts anbdtylsion of
Out Lot No. OS..
Tatuoi—One-tbhd in band; babanee In two equal an
nits/ instalments with interest, seamed by judgment
bond and mortgage on the pirSlllllll.
aug2-1t Administrator of teary Martin.
letter testamentary on the estate of Ella Victoria
Clark, diced. Lee of If attsburg, Erie county, Ps., hay
log been granted to the andereiened, notice is hereby
glen to an 'indebted to the said estate to mate Im
mediate, payment, and that. having claims against the
same VIII present. them, duly anthenticateei.fnr sett's..
went:__ 4 Ecrou NoLEAN,.
WattAtparg. Aug. Rd, 'O5-,-49101
OF •
Principal Warerooma, No. 663 • Wuhlogtoo street,
Boatoo, Ram , and No. 23 Wart Park Row,
Rite, Pena's. ,
Peeing Mszhlrtei, Photirraph A hums. Gold row,
Lockets. Silnr Plated Tea Pala Fra tied En.
graving', AFttnn.,Btaeclintast
Plea, Ne,k Chains, Dry •
Without regard to value. Not to be paid for out" Ica
know *hat lon ate to reoehre.
All to 6.3 sold for $l.OO each.
LO Beautiful Melodeons $lO3 to $250
110 sewing toschhoes . -
40 to 109
:03 gent's gold hunting case watchsa., 50 to 100
150 silver plated tea setts , ' 45 to 135
200 ladles' gold and enamelled case • atches 33 to 63
450 Gents' bourne case silver watches - 25 to 15
2000 Chatelaine chains li ward rhatna 4to 25
20001 Lars 5,4 rborrottne btooches....s... 3to 10
15(0) Gold plated oval band bracelets 3to 9
1500 Chased Gold brace1et5............
C. ~ . sto 10
3000 California diamond breast pins ..275 to 10
3000 gents' gold California bread pins 3to 18
NaCqUinlature lockets. 250 to . 8
E 001) Plato gold rings 3to It)
4004 Gold toothpicks crosses, &0.. 250 to 6 60
FM dot table and pocket rotary sto 70
ISM Ladles' port monnslet 250 to I
5111 Fancy boxes - 2 to a
HE :Wier plated batter dldlea r . 6to 15
100 .llver plated lee ;dithers—' 15 to - YS
2E014115er plated fruit, eard and ' eake baaete 10 to
WI belle.. 0.1
600 C.lI
....... o'lo
3910 Gold Thimble; pendia, &c. 350 to 8
IWO Ches^d gdd ring 5..—.....,..., sto 10
4500 Stone set sod Pfgnet rings 2 76 to 7 50
10A0 Gold pens. silver estenslon holders ' --
and nautili 3 to 9 50
4COOPhotogrsph &looms ot.o to 4 §ci.
5000 tid• er plated goblets and dunking cop.- sto zie
8000 Silver plaited colors ' 5 to 20
4000 Gold pima and silver extension hollers sto 10
6000 Betts lad se jewelry, jet 80 gold 5 to 17
4000 California diarnocid rings a to 10
3 0 00 Mehl, 'frwred ergravinta 5 to 15
1:1030 Photographs is oral triunes 4 to 10
• sro the silver plated tab'e and tea spoons.. sto 12
600 dos silver plated table forks . 5 to 12
5050 Prow: linen table cloths ....... 319 5
• ..
400. Slimmer skawle
160 Woolen thaw's.... .......... .....,.. 4to 10
60 dr x liana doylesa , .60 to 4
WO dcz ladles' and gents' otton ho‘o ( x , '
pia) - 260 to 6
700 Woolen table tovors • 260 to 6
600 Pieces carsimere (3 yds each) ; . 3to 6
400 ladies shepplog b•gr. ..... ".. ....1. Ste 6
100 Sets ivory banded kw eves sod f0rk5......, 6to 10
Together with • great veriet4 or other artialeo, all of
whieh *re
The proprLetors of this establishment offer this lot of
goods for one dollar each, although unredeemed goods
aro vaulty mold at auction at the expiration of six
months. They are constantly making &drone aon mer
chandise of all kinds, oath to rosaufseturers sod died
ers,and all gobde not redeemed in doe limo will include
the ums in the protent male.
Advertisements of stock are irepmed, naming each
article add its cable, and are placed in sealed envelopes
and ,we I mixed One of toes' macelopts emntatning an
adartleement. together with a cho to collectlo • of pep•
Warsongs and realm's, will be sold at oar warerooms,
or sent by mil to any addreas for Twantc fire cants or
des for one dollar.
On raeelpt °COI, ad erVemnant yOu will are wbat you
'ars going to bare nd tirn it la your 'option to pay
the dollarand ta ke tlie vitals or not. Parehatere may
thus obtain • Old or silver w atM, direr plated tea eat,
or any article on our llat
TOR WE DOll .A. 7. ,
yr Ho money received but Nat'onal taut money,
and all those wLo r rder from the country mast he par
ticular in giving their post office ddress, the oame of
the town and county in which they live, and by what
express they will have heavy gOO.ll sent.
Company's wardroom tot the North was;
11. P. COPP & CO , Ifinsgers
g 2,000 "5t...1 - ,111. - tty„ael44:::riee!)l
The presidents cashiers and treasurers of g honks
dorsathe dronlar. Pent foe* with samples Address
the Am/irkingSteed! Tool Works,pnoittfeld, Ver
mont.jr 2m
A PIC-N/0 -
Will be given at the Celan
ON THE 15t11 DAY OF LYDDA? rigxr.
Under the direction of the St. Vinsent de Paul Society. !
P10T11110.711, 11131[3, LIQUORS, BECIAIVI., TOBACCO,
GIRARD, May 14th. TS a.
• .
Coal Yard, comer cf Twelfth and Pearb S'reets, Erie I -, I. Wormer's% Rau—Dear gir : —We. your fr ends
Pa., who beep ronatantly on band Lettish and Pittston . wad tieighb , re, having confident* is .oar ability and in
(Far se , lump and prepared, Shamokin, E•g S.DT., i tegrity, realre you to become a candidate for the office
and Not eta`'; Bitumluou • for grata and steam. and ~tiki Additional Law Judie. An early and favorable reply
. [ 1 11 earnestly solicited.
Eriktus Slater. Benny lieConnoll, Theodore Rymsn,
BLOSSBURG, PITI,BBBRG AND BEAVER, I 11 .atu' )4clith • Ge° P Pra. c "r , Bal l . C 1 ' 4 ' l4l '
' R d Batt'ee.James 0 Calle, Chas I. Part, lf lintel/to
, we; 1' C Wheeler, R1:1,720 Smith. Johnston Rea, John
HGaliiiord. James Web.ter .7 U Rockwell. til Benham,
C F Rockwell e Joshua Brans, T st Godfrey. R B Dem,
eey. T. n /one% John Hay. .Tr. . Ler! Loveridgs, 1 Quill
en dry , ford. J li Loveridge, I H Niehola, A Martin, J N Silver
thorn, A G Ely, C 4 Pbeilw•
Foi Blacksmith Purkswers
Our Coal is-all received by WI, is kept en dry plank
Door. sad
Ws offer groat inducements to parties wlsblo g to lay
In their winter supply, also to dealers push .olog by the
air load.'
Er' Glee ass call and ae gizmo tee to glee tatl.fac
jeI7I7CC-tr • Stratill v & CO.
0,111.AY.,--Careeo to the preemie,' of Wm. L in
09 Samoa". township, on the turnpike, ikti miles from
Rae, the 6th fut., • medium aimed brown horse, about.
9 years old, , with star on tombola], both hind foot write,
rlogbone on left bind footaind shod all aroacd The
owner sill Virg BO come forward, pox. property std take
the away.
fllnmixq.Jaly 19,1E16-0
TN I MMOLOTI ON NOTICE. Tbe partcerrhip
../ herete_fore existing between Haney Morgan and
George Fewest!, doing bmfn•n ender the Inn can» of
Morgan & Fawcett, has Ode UT been dicsobred Tr
Rm., Juno 26, 11163 pd '
The How. Sign and Ornamental Painting business
will be ennSnued by the underelgied at the old stand
on Site St., between 1 ttri and the de•ot.
,112.11.3 t HARVEY HORGAN.
Obtains Houses and Store* for there mantis[. and rent
nom. Botrla and Direlllora. IrDb or uithouttl,et
all W far nituads rs, for those airing up botundleoplng. Loy
' Thou a tilting to tell by private contract, and "Manes
MOM, Co any useful property intended ;o• isorerPrred
sale by suction. Thole baying or Polito can hear to
their advantage try soviets( to M. the
nolaTatt., Er% Pa.
Turn asu Itszatara or Pumas,
tit:dews and
0n..; Willistea Man, Edsk Pansea..
Printsfram 8 to 12.4-(4, per yard
Goad Bleached .11"uslip, 1-pd. wide, at 1R CIS
Beard Brown, 1 yard wide, l'aefery 20' Cl 3
Oar Cicada are all clew, have bees 'sleeted with groat
ears, and will be sold at vary mall advattee.
- 423 STATZ . 81RSET, E2IY, PA
Our stock la the hugest ever brought to the city,
conalsttog of
A Complete dexortment of Drees Goode.
Every kind of artlee In the Notion Moe,
And, to abort, a general assortment of everytbdcg
- needed by Counter Dealers. _
Country Dealers are invited to give na a eall. We dl a
'Midis wholesale trade,•and propose selling at 'nth
itires as will make It to the advantage Of merchants
in this motion t 3 deal ia SON inatesd et sanding
Dag for their good..
11. 8. SOCTIZARLS W. A. CiLLWIrORD, J. If. MaCom:.
. mg2t•tf
• A. WOBSO & CO.,
Crockery, Willow Ware, Fruits, _Nuts, (N.,
West olde r between Bth'and 9:11 Ste., ERIE, Pl
Cash paid far Country Produee.4
- -.....
G Mau, May 14th,
therrtexatt : —Four toter of she 14'h ine, requesting
mo to become a mindlda's for the oflls. of Additional
Law Judge of the sloth Judie»! Distriet o Is »mitred.
with men, thanks for the soxpressioo of confidence ft
contain* Such ne expression from my immediste neigh
bere—tinelneys men lib, are »Om .tely acquainted with
my profeesional so' social ate adieu—is very gretir log
to me. Rion d the Union. Convention of Ere+ »mar
add their emotion to your wi.h so kindly expressed it
will Ws me pant pleasure to be • candidate for that
honorable and reiponeible position.
With h gbyesp et, I am yours, Ac ,
8. F. Woonaerv.
To Floury MoConnoll, trastna Motor as dothero—catiz-ne
of Glreed borough. tusnl
T 1.71 K 1 , 011 BALE.
We would respectful', call the attention of
CST we are now In fan pporattne—lnv tlr a nn
band. and ars prepared to formula it from the Kilo, on
thi. shortest aatica.
for the hersent door enetomere, and only ask a 'it
them, to 'Misty any one at to their anyarlor eomfott over
those toads ,to the old way.
Thot Plumer Boot need* co breaking it iv to easy
tram the start sa one worn for sr taistlme. Our
Wall rosin onr own eswaciat attention.
LEATHER, LASTS 4103 ruvrnivos
Oalliruirou NEW AND NOVEL for agents, Tomn bed. on hand to
CI atilt;
Pedlese, Conotre Stone Druggist,. and all rotator e . thanks to oar Moods and macaw= tot
as honorable and atonable eastern. Pm for P 6 etc; put patrol:Mae, hotel by Jost and honorable destine to
.h o u i d.. tp " r a m csaysi men r i ghornee se t o $l2 merit a rot:Militants of the lawneasnd cordially invite all
may 41 to Balland 'esamtste oar stock Wore parobastror wasp.
rar tglMik DOE% Kamen. Water Ste E. Y. whim' No. as MAUS , Metes Pek. martntlf. ,
Toe which the Rrirbest moist price vill Iv paid. Fo
ol:dee okreiler at Spooner, ty't their Lime Ei!n, en the
eseel, Deer Reed's Vott.
Erie, P a. Jane 21,t,1Sd6•tf
NO. 6 REED emu
NO. 6 MD noun
NO 814 STA?' eTIUT,
To oar '
Mtn teed on the Canal,
sear beers Ikea
(Rot • Mbkg Propanelnjr
Petrility rraultiog from say cairn whatever, Prootratw o
of the ayrt•ro, mood by revers bsrdoblpo, onmourre„
fevers or diosuea of ramp life. Soldirr!, attire.; mot.
or female, adults or youth, NM dud in tht•Blttom•yure
TOW.. not dayeudeut on bad /Pinar, for their almost wt.
rseulous effect.
And diseases resulting from disorders of the Liver end
Digestive organs, ere'caredbY '
This Hitters has mere cures, gives be
saltsfaction, has more testimony, hIS more r w
ids le
people to Touch for It them spy other article i t h e se
hot W. defy soy use to costradiet this arm log. sod
wils pay 81,0 0 to ins one who will produces certificete
published by U 3 that Is not weittlina.
Will Mae every cue of ehronle or servorm debility enc
diseases of the kidneys: °Nerve the following symptoms
malting from disorders of the digestive organs :
enostipation, Toward Ms, Falloeis of Fined to the
Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nantes, Heartburn, pls
g0,t1,4-Food, Folntae or Weight In the Stomach, Soul
eafictettone, Slating or Fluttering It the Pit of the
Stomach, Swlmmmg of the Heidi Earned and difficult ,
Brearlang, Vintt•rhon id the Heart. _Choe Ititt or Stifineat.
log Aenrietions when in a lying poetare, Ifileno•se of Vle
ion. Dots or Webs before the z•lght, Fever ant Doll Fain
In the Head, Deeelancy of Per•plratlon Yellowness M
the +kin and Eyes, Pala to the Sine, Chest, L•inb.%
Sodthm Flushes of Has', Darning in the Firth. Eon.
slant Inniglning‘ of EMI and great Depresalost of d F.lfits;
it. sang., Hod thl‘alttere le not alehoalle contain.
uoirunt or whikkey, and cannot make drunkelds, but is
the best tante In (be world.
iron Rev. W. D. Selerle:l, Tutor of Twelfth Raptlst
Gentlemen- I hare recently teen laboring ander the
d.storolog effects of indigestion, aecorpsnled by a pica
tration of the I:terrain eyetem. Numerous remedies were
recommended t e friends. sad some of them tested, to:-
without teller 'Your Ilooland a Careen Bitters •ere
recommended by persons who had :tied them. and whose
favorable Meo tom of these Bitten Loduc.d me td try
Vem I must confess that I had an arerstoo to t strot
Medicines from the "thousand and one" quack "Bitter,"
whoa* ot,ly atm seems to be to palm off sweetened aLd
drugged liquor upon fhe commlnity in • sly way, and
the teadtney of which. I EMU, Is to make many a urn
firmed drunkard Upon learning that • ours was really
a reedicilud preparation I teak it with happy effect Its
action, not only upon the stomach, but upon the aervaua
system. eras prompt and gratifllag. I feel that I bele
den t ed g reet end permanent benefit from the use of q
few bottles. Very reerettully sours,
W. D. nifIGillIED, N 0.254 Thaekamaxoh 1/4t.
Prom the Rev. S. D Pendell, Arel.tant Editor CU&Min
I have derived derided benefit from the rum of Honffand%
German Bitters,,aod I feel it my privilege to recommend
them 41.. • moat valuable topic to all woo are maftering
from general debility or from diseases sr - Ming from the
dentogernent of the liver.
From Rev. P. Merrige. Palter of tlliPaslayunir. 0.4p0t
Church, Philad&
From 0,4 M ll2
.9 resPeetable recommendations sleep le
Dr. Hoatl►nd'e German Bitten, I .as ind need to glee tb:to
■ trial. After using sereral bottles, I found them tabs a
good remedy for dsoility, soda most ezealleut toots for
the stomach. D 311iFtRIGS.
From Bev. Wm. Smith. formerly Pitstor of the Vine=
town and 11111vitie (N. I) Baptist Churches.
Hating hard in my family a number of bottles 01 yon.
Goofland'e German Bitten, I hare to say I regard them
al so excellent medicine, specially adsEted to remove
the diesaaes they are recommended or. They strengthen
and in.g irate the system when debilitated, and are nee
tel In disorders of the liven loss of appetite, fra. I art
also recarrmended them to seratal of my friends. whe
hays tried them, and foondShem gusty beneficial in the
restwation of health. Yodre truly,
Wll. SHITH, 96• Hatelinsou.St., Phtindei
See that the signature of C. M. JACKSON" la on the
wrapper of each bottle.
Fhou'd Jo - sr nearest druggist not have the article do
DO , Do Put or a s ens of the intoxicating preparations.
that may be offered in its place, but send to as and we
will forward. securely parked, by express.
or. Principal MMus and Manufactory, No. 631 Arch
Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
puteessors to C. If. Jackson ft C 0.,) Prohrletote
For tale by dmggista and dealers In every town in MN%
United States. dscrlib 1).
E. W. REED dr. CO.,
Who'sral• and rat II Nolen in
Germinal Lehigh Immo for foundries, and prepared for
House use,
411MATII oa 1141/1).
YARDS—COrIer ilert 111111 i Itrele; *IA COTTAT myrtle
and Ritner streets, 2 squares west of the Union Depot,
ror-tt ' ERIE, P.A.
['T Q B B B' 1i L ' eS
F et-titles the at item sealett the evil effects of unwh•l•
Will ewe D
r espepe a.
will cure V. eakzele.
Mill cure General Debility
Will cure Heartburn.
ill enr.Headaehe.
0 ill care Liver Complaint.
' Will excite and create a health} appetite
Will Invigorate the organs of digestion and moder►te
ly Increase the temperature of the body and the tome o•
circulation, acting in fact as a gene•al corroborant of thr
system, containing no poisonous drugs, and is
A• fair trial is earnestly solicited.
GEO. C. BUSHEL a CO.. Propneiera
Central Depot, Mn, lean Express Buil H ding n 61 HUD
For sale by all Druggists, Grooms, die.
YIN IE HOADLEY, Erie. Wholesale agents.
and for sale by Hall & Warfel, Carter Carver and W it.
king re Booth. •
V HIV FIRM.-I'. Venetian hating associated with
IA him Mr. Adam Br•beuder, who is well below= as a
good mechanic. respecluliy returns thetas for the pest
revers of the pubbe, a d solicits a continuance or the
same for the new am. the bus nee. wilt her after to
conducted under the tile or Harlem. S. Brabender, at
the new stand on• treventh !treat, tete ger. State and
Peach. Scale Haying, Gunsmlthing, Bell flanging. &c.
/Serrating done with newness and dispatch. hatitriac
tiou guaranteed. Gra, ua► in7-31:13
E LIO T, (4001/WIN & Co.,
' :
Cam - BANKE39 ! -151111
On Peach Street, near • the Depot !
Thia loner, baying pereet4d thrit angam• DU, are
now prat ared to dr. a General Banking, Ezatuutert and
Vol It etion Barletta.
Government Boo& ,rd Interest Notes of all tines
sod del:loath:Atkin boarbt sad gold. m331.-tf
p P.. P. r.
Its peculiarity and wherein It creels all ctt'ere Is that
afteryour an outlay, too have ooly to spend 'I EN
CENTS whenarer • new brxita Is required. slut, this
triPang expense ran D 3 avoided try plantings few hills
of corn in the garden.
Any perion COO fill ono In ten nitrates. You ere your
own broom rnak.r.
Teisnshlp ri silts for sale In Este eounty.
Pend fur circular, or call on the subscriber, hear
Chem - RIO. Erie Co., Pa., and Le* samples.
m521.11u4, J. G. BAIRD.
state Attest. Nearly Opposite the Poet Office. .
R. Coughlin, Boot and Stine Dealer,
mcpacttally Informs the Public that he
~ 111/1 removed bis stand to the Store Room
on State street, nary oppnalte the Part
Mace, where ho invites all his old hinds and enatomsra
to give ,its a call. ' Particular attention - given to
Having careful workmen, and superintending all his
bo.inesa bininelf,heitelleves he eau give as good setae,
lion and sell at IN low prt- as any other person in the
efts_ Good Vita Warantri. amerbitf
J. 11 1 C1raLAVV, Jll.
AT asnucsn PRIrVt. Flaring a lupe stock ohm.
oirmroanntacr um on hand. with a complete assortment
of city made mote, me esn s.ll ehesper,at • holm', or
retell than aoy other establiehment In this ally.
Raring had l o ,rp .Sp.. •41 to the Fanelli of c asto-
mere, we 'Lail tske special pains In nrepart sit
milt them. We have the subunit right in thia all% ••n
make the
will cars
Cbareb,, Philads.
Chronicle, PUMA.
some water.