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THURSDAY. NOV. 2, 1865.
raosemavvr ow me v.* s. a. a.
The Philadelphia Zeller learns that the
earnings of the Phibniolphia - ot Erie rail
road for the month of September " are
nearly $250,000, and a remarkable feature
of it is its almost exolusively loos! charac
ter. Thirty to forty thousand dollars per
month is expected from the new passen
ger line recently put on, and with the
completion of the docks at Erie, during
the owning winter. • large trade in an
thracite coal to the lake ports is expected.
In addition to this, arrangements are in
progress to largely increase the oil ton
nage, and accommodations are steadily
making for a through trade, on which
the company has mainly relied for the
support of the road, and which it has not
thus.fax been prepared to accommodate—
the late , war troubles having interposed
obstacles to fuller equipment. The esti
mate of the late President of the road on
leaving that oftioe, about a year ago, was
that the receipts of the road in . three
years from that time would be three'bon
dred thonssind dollars per month. It is
already nearly that stn, in one year,
without a tbretigit freight trade, with
on'v a limited ambunt of the oil business,
surno anthracite coal tonnage: Its rev
enues, so far, are almost entirely from
local sources. Whit tasY be expected
whee to these shall be added all the other
sources of revenue oontemplatod when
the ' enterprlie of connecting the lakes
with tide-water was first started? The Ap
prehensions entertained by some of the
heaiy owners ,in the Pennsylvania rail
road, that the company had connected
with an unprofitable speculation in leas
ing the Erie road, are fast fading out in
the face of the practical working of the
road, and especially in the development
of its immense local trafflo. Instead of a
drain to the Pennsylvania railroad com
pany, it promises to be a great source of
profit, and to largely increase the impor-'
Lance of Philadelphia is a commercial cen
tre and shipping point."
The Ledger might add that with•more
enterprise on the part . of the' managers,
and a greater spirit of aceomm odation, so
as to make the road a favorite with the
people of the counties which it traverses,
instead of being, as now, universally odi
ous, it would do a still more profitable
business. In. the hands of the new Gene
ral Manager, we are in hopes tint a dif
ferent system will soon prevail, but we
should be false to our duty as a jilnrnalist,
and to the sentiments of the people of
Erie county, if we did not say that the
course of its °tillers heretofore has been
a grievous disappointment to the best
friends of-the railroad,
PRICKS fN IBSY ►llO 11S115.
In 1860 you could go to s store and buy
a bill of goods, and the storekeeper would
make out your account about as follows :.
1 nieoe of muslin. 32 yds, at, 12}o_. .$4 00
6 tits coffee.. at 12}n . .. 75
24 yards calico, at 100 2 40
1 lb. pepper, at 100 10
10 tbs. sugar, at 8 eta 80
5 yards Canton Flannel, at 15c :5
1 bilk handkerchief 44se .. 1 00
Total , $9 80
In 1865 yo•u make another purchase,
and buy the some quantities and quali
ties of goods at the same store, and the
storekeeper makes ont another bill as fol
1 nieoe of muslin, 32 yds., at, 600.. 319 21
6 !to. entree at 500 . . 300
24 yards &Lilco. at 350 . ....... 840
1 lb. pepper, et ...... 75
10 lbs. sugar, at 200 2 00
5 yards Canton flannel, at 750 3 75
1 •ilk 'handkerchief.... 3 00
Total $4O 10
Deduct bill of 1860 ._.- 980
Difference S3O 30
In 1860, ten days work of a laboring
man at $1 per day would foot the bill ; in
1865 it will require twenty days work, at $2
per day, (which very few laboring men
get.) to pay for,the suns bill of goods. 'ln
1860' the farmer' would come to town and
pay his bill of goods with two barrels of
flour; in 1865, notwithstanding the high
pros flour commands, it will take four
barrels to pay the same bill.
-.The above presents a plain statement
of facts which are brought home to every
householder in the community. and es
pecially every laboring man who has to
provide for himself and his family by his
daily toil and industry, and this state of
thingar will continue just so long as the
governmental policy of the last few years
is continued. I! the masses want a
change, they will have to depose the Re
publican party from' power, and give the
reins of government to the party of econo
my, patrietism, justice and fidelitythe
good old Democratic organisation.
A. Dummies. on seeing one of the poi
ten announcing the coming of the pano
rama of " Paradise Lost," aed reading
this line, " A Rebellion in Heaven," sud
denly exclaimed " A rebellion in Heav
en! Nein Gott ! dat luta not long now.
Ockel Abe ish tare."
The above, , which we find going the
rounds of our Republican exchanges,' is
horribly heterodox. All the churches
teach that theatres are very wicked plaices,
and how any person who lost his life in
one of them could succeed in reeching
the delightful locality referred to, is- a
mystery we cannot comprehend. Will not
some of our orthodox preachers explain?
Several of them have awned their confid
ing congregations that our " martyred
President" safely reposes in Abraham's
bosom, sad as their-Information unques
tionebly coulee from an authentic source,.
we trust they will tavor the public with
fuller particulars.
Tea election of Ws4e Hampton, form
erly a general In the rebel artily. to be
Governor of South Carolina, is 'singular
but not surprising insiifestation of South
ern feeling. Yr. Orr. former speaker of
the U.S. House of Repiesentetites; was
the opposing candidate, • and ifs election
was urged by Union men on the ground
of his reluchtit adheskin to the iebellien
end his lakewarnanerf during the
Weds Hampton wantinte . illeasliOU Win
love and fought to the end. P . :orlon! te
the election - , he declined, to talrtof' I( ?
On, but the people voted Lai ids Ntaidi
leer ot hisibionsadosa., - - ; 1
ra ,•. f
Nitußo Pllltritail AND PINGIND • ILDIZ.
- The New York Wor:/,1 affiNns thst: the
statement that we are lergely indebted to
the negroes for our succeee lek.the wer., is
a downright' falsehood. 14ener negroes
hive been in the servioe,drawte da by
Sigh bounties and large "Ogee, and When
led by white men, have iiisollne instemess
displayed respectable- animal courage.,
But they have never decided the fate of a'
single battle. Besides this, they. here been
basely.calpable, and by - their conduct. es
a people, hare furnished the must conclu
sive demonstration. that they are an infe
rior race. If they had risen in a body, as
Wendell Phillikeipected and predicted
that they would, td any time aftetothe war
had diawn a Faro portion of the white
men of the South ` lato-the field, the war ,
would have at once stopped.. But the
negroes not only generally- refused to
strike for their own liberty, when we were
fighting for it under
_the' emancipation
proclamation of - Linooln, and when by •
blow they might have secured it, Ind ter
minated the contest...but the great major
ity of them !steered constantly to supply
,the rebel army with food. What little
power the - negro had over the contest,
was in the. main thrown is , favor of , the
South. Efforts were male, e. the sugges
tion of just such persons as Wendell Phil
lips, to secure a 'general rising of the
slaves, and several expeditions penetrated
portions of the South for that purpoes.—
JuSt after one of these expeditions, had
bee& put in notion, the Tribune' had an
exulting article in. which it confidently
predicted what terrible and decisive things
the aroused negroes would do. . This,
and all similar expeditions failed ; and al
though Sumner and other abolitionists re
peatedly boasted„during the early part of
the war. that intelligence of our wishes
and purposes spread rapidly among the .
negroes in every direction. coming thee'
them from New Orleans to Washington in
- eight days, yet the most persistent efflirts
could not induce them'to rise against their
masters, or even quit working for the re
bellion in the absence of their mesters."
To ibe sure, wherever our large armies
penetrated the South ,the negroes ran at. ,
ter them just as they and the boys in the
street run after an ordinary military 'pa
rade. We repeat that the statement that
we are largely indebted to the negro for
our military woo's* is utterly untrue, and
a'gross libel on our white soldiers. A. few
blacks, prompted by large bounties and
persistent appeals from Massachusetts'
coward; like Wendell Phillips, who - . sent
their agents with money in hind in. the
wake of our armies, enlisted and fought
on our side. Bat for one of these there
were ten who built fortifications, threw up
defenses and raised supplies for the rebel
armies.• And they did it voluntarily, for
their masters had no power to coerce
them. La •to the high qualities which
Phillips ascribes to them, not oets of them I
has been found fit to fill an impertant Post
in.the army. Even the abolitionists them
selves - dired . not trust . oee of them to lead
a regiment ; and rather than rue such *
hazard they seat them out under such
men as Shaw and Higgins,. Boston gentle.
men, 'Unitarian preacheri and idaiisachts
setts philanthropists. f
• As to the threat that if the• negroes do
not have the right of suffrage conceded
to them, they will rise and wade through
a see of blood to obtain it s let no one be
alarmed. If the negro could find no mo
tive to stimulate him to rise during the ,
last four years, and secure the title to hts
own body and soul, he will hardly be and
denly fired, by political ambition, toaseert
his claim to the ballot. -ff,-under cover of
this thread, it is meant to convey the ides,
that the Northern radicals will excite .a
civil war at the South' for the purpose of
securing the right of the blacks to vote---
very well. Let them try it. There ire a,
class of men in this , cauetry who have
long cheated the halter of its due, and
they can do no greater service than to go
fully into the business of hatching a new
rebellion in this country. Only let them
enter upon the schema at once. and not
content themselves-with . nientting on the
"platform,' and venting idle' threats.
The crippled condition of the•national
finances demands the practice of. rigid
economy in all departmepts of the gov
ernment. No more money should be ex
pended then is absolutely necessary, and
the objects of expenditure should be close
ly inspected by those intrusted with the
disbursement of the public mrtneys. This
is no time for raids upon the National
Treasury. The pressure upon it is heavy
and the taxes which•fali upon the people
are of a character to impress:all men with
the necessity of economy and the need of
retrenchment and reform.
This being the case, the country will
tetra with astonishment that Chief Justice
Chase and a roll of friends have been
indulging In extensive excursions at the
expense of the public. On a recent oc
ossion bills; contracted by Mr. Chase . and
his friends in an excursion on the North.
ern lakes,amonnting to over two thousand
dollars, were presented for payment to
Charles D. Norton. Collector of the Port
of Buffalo. Mr. Norton referred to . his
instructions' for ..information as to the
course he should pursue sal finding noth
ing in reference to paying bills for gov
ernment officials on a pleasure jaunt, -he
declined to allow the account, and tele
graphed to Washington tor his instrno
tions. He was Promptly instructed t,opay
the bills and. return them. as vouchers to
the , Treasury Department: and thus a
precedent was set which may lead • to the
most unheard of abuses in the expendi
lure of the publicTnnds.
There are times and occasions when it
is both just and proper that the govern
ment should pay the bilk of Its agents.—
The Chief Jostles when in the discharge
of the, duties of his office should have his
expenhes paid. This is.* mitthrregubited
by law. ', But it does not, cover summer
janntg oar the lakes, in compiny with
large and costly company . of politiolit;
teehei'of both sexes. There is no warrant
in "law or custom- for such ptvii4gsllty, and
the people will not sanction it when 's*,
gueinted with the whole feats of tbm cue,
The tendency of the age is towards laxity
is titidischirge of ofitn4l duties: This is
obsesvabistegually in municipal, State and
Ustionsistraire. Hence she unnecimery
tuiciardstfoti 'Of debt. end flirftil
inassin iiibaSstaq 04111401 ! : ikeiA l 6
Oatfir isaubbeisiimat
'3zt vss f: 1 ; lsr;ittoi
ea • we DOW Of Sane View i 1110 this
bills contracted by Chief Justice Chase,
and ordered to be paid by the Treasury
Department at Washington.
Eratinealnoolionti i
.4 now tiars than
ever a inctentiti,,atoj it ' oust ipoob i ' a if de.
pv1811310148 If our Governotent.• Nino,
limed be exempt from the - operations of
.algeneril and lisexcirablc . ruls with refer
ence to the ezpenditure of - pit& Money.
'What the law gives Winch olSoer should
be awarded him, blt - Oothing farther. No
expenses for pleasure excursions, or sum
:merjaints, should all - owe:Cal in the
one or Chief Jastioe Chase. Snob a pro
ceeding has no Werrent l in justice or right,
and its edoption at this time, when the
nation is struggling under an enormous
debt; is a wanton addition to the burdeis
entailed upon the reviving trade and busi
ness of the coaster.—Bile.
American politics , hats never famialicd
any thing which is comparable ter a mo
ment with the infamy and vileness of the
Republican mimagers in cincooting and
earrying on, for party sucome, their war of
detraction and calumny spinal some of
the bravest• and purest, citizens of the
country. The Republicans, in pursuit of
mere party victory, throw truth. honor
and demenoy to the wind , . If any person.
,citizen or soldier. , dares to seem to resist,
but for an instant, tha-gmrpooes of tail
party, they cry out: Crucify' him 1 crucify
Mail It was' so with General Sherizzn.
Stanton did not hesitate to stigmatize him
as a traitor and betrayer of the land he
had saved. in co-operation with Slocum.
Bair, Logs; end the brave soldiers of his
devoted army. Mr. Geo. Btocroft caught
up theory, and in his eulogy en Mr. Lin
coln eohood it ss far as his inflited words
could heir so wretched a slander. Thus
it is with Slocum I Icutigsted by Stan-
Ann, through the C'zieego Reptiblioalt,
bounded oce by Thurlow Weed, in the in
terest of Seward, reinforcdd by the 'llibees
to gratify the radical!, the Recut:lips:l
managers are resolved to blot forever the
spotless name and fame of a noble goner•
al, in order that a booil election may \ he
carrlnd against the Democracy.
Our attention has been called to en er
ror la the article upon ' . Oar Public Men."
printed is last week's Ossaavaa. The
statement is there made that his remains
were interred in a oemetery on School St.,
ew York city, where they remain, with
no monunient
,to mark the place where
- they lie. It is correct that the body was
deposited in. the place represented, but
clot correct that it is still there. In
eceordance with nrequest embodied in a
resolntiou of the VirginiaLsglilature, the
'remains of' Mr. Id )a roe, were removed
frout.their original phyla of burial and
taken to Richmond, arriving 'there on the
4th of July. 1853; escortet by the New
,York Lia• Regiment, National Guard.:---
They were re-interred, with appropriate
ceremonies, in the Smthesetern portion
of' Efollywoetil Cemetery, • an sin eminence
tionsmsading a beautiful View of the river'
s*d adjacent country. 41, nest aisusoleuns
has since-been erected over the grave of
the dittinguiished son of Virginia, whose
setae and memory the whole nation hon.
There are's; number of issues now before
the people of the United States ; but the
three most important - and -leading goes•
time which mast-soon be decided one way
Or the other, are briefly and intelligently
eittraiiid up by a Cotemporary as follows :
1. Shall we give to the negro nos the
right to vote, and thereby acknowledge
ita.rigiti to demand a social and political
equality with the white race?
'2:B'oail see tolerate anti defend a die
oritaitiation in favor of the capitalist in
levying taxes to pay the national debt ?
3., Shall we enoonrage an opposition by
Congress to the return of the Southern
States into the Union, on the terms em
braced in President Johnson'aplan of re
union-or re-eontdruotioit
The Republican party everywhere takes
the afllrtnitive on these .questions. The
Democratic. party tikes the negative. In
other words, the Republican says yes to all
these propositioni—the 'Democratic. party
gays no.
Let the peopte'ehoose between them:
Mattawan, Pa., Oct. 31, 1865.
Governor Curtin left town today to
participate, on Wednesday nett, in the
ceremonies of laying the corner-stone of
the, monument to the memory of the sol
dier* of western Pennsylvania who fell
during the war. The monument is to be
erected at Girard, Erie a►nnty, Pa. Gov.
Carlin will deliver an address on the moo
sion, and the balance of the week be will
devote to the political canvass in Western
New York, making speeches at Elmira
and other' points.-2slegnara to the Daily
Papers. •
To put the . matter in plainer language,
the Governor, after delivering the address
at the dedic!Aion of the monument erec
ted through the generosity of a Demo
erat; will go to New York, and assail the
bemocratio party as a mess of traitors,
sympathizers, &c. Consistency is one of
the virtues which do not give His Excel
lency way particular trouble.
Political Pozsgraphs.
A gamma of stories sae afloat about at
tempts to assassinate Omit and Sherman,
by nmninig railway cars•off the track.
This is too bad on the railroads. Their;
assassinations are not entitled to Itejar
Bamrsrt.ow would make • pretty mess
of TelltileSSOB.. 'He would disfranchise all
. the small rebels, bang all the loaders, and
banish. the !legless. This would leave
about four *missed inen.te*do all As
voting and hold all the offices. Browniew
would be sure of re-eleotioa for the next
te e few.
' Watts the - Repot'Nen radicals are pee
sing the - claim of steivois to vote in a
white man's country. they are careful to
keep out of sight the WA that in asyli,
Liberia, and every. other negro govern.
meld; White men- are not permitted
vote or hold *Moe of May kind—We don't
blame the deckles, only "whit is same for
the goose," Ic.
Tees Oincinostf Vona, ( Republican )
says : "We see that some of Our ootempo
mies are inclined to be very joyful, over
thereon% bat we reciord it to the shame
et the State of Ohio, that, et s period Zit*
the present, alosjority of over'sizty
:iiidd. Anold *f . ottwoa SO doisdle dowi
Eo 441. 1. :*141‘bOvitoitil..Pf liroagY thou,
send ." • .
it •t •
L , * •*'
•.. _ -
. •-.... -,,-,..:. ? , ...a..e...1. -, ...„....aap„....-10. 1. il em eas4 .- 74ir ... 1hr 444 . 4
U H. Juno' Swetear of EIES &Mel
court of Vermont, has recently pro- bee° fitt e d °P by tea Peeena - PeoPeitdoe, 'obi
nounoed ahoOnstitatiaital that sektion Of Anthony, is a "" and
the sot of It areli3. it autitathhig & substantial menet,
The rooms are oenvealently erupted •and
eomfortablyifferaished, auditor& as clean an a
suepension of the habeas corps Intl regu• ' -
careful holusekeeper. eau maks 'them. • . Onr
lilting arbientry arrests, erhieli..:piescribei _
tried John hadys hie to keeps hotel:—.-M.
that an order. or autleels . ellen fettle the
, D. 'Osbert, has: nasally added a epleadid
President shall shield one 9t Ma 1 9 b9ra " dentate earelege and let of eery One house to
P ress
Gem Pildohilthpb tellm °II s t d his stoat. Hs is going /sit loos to proem
which that order 441 cover or 'direct. a covered sleigh for the nee of perti;s In the
We don't-usinity.givemuch !eight to the , winter.
_Mr.' o.'s livery-is %tieing a dicer , -
plea of uttoonetitationility, but , if any - witty h'ghreptitation,---"-Bisttop Simpson has
thisl tabs laliOanalOtitiobol. we fhoul4 sent a letter , t 3 Mr. dattghey, President of
think this section mast bit.--Difnts. ' the Young Moues Chrlatlas Asioolation, Alit
. 4110
log that it will by impartible, .on a vomit of
olanforese on aid pressing eirottmotnneee," for
him to fulfill his engagement to lecture fore
this avellog.---.The late Episoopol Conven
tion decided to divide the diocese of Penney!
vfnla into two dioceses' with a Bishop at the
heal of each. • i'he Allegheny mountains will
be the dividing-line, that part of the SW*
lying on this side to be the -*esters district,
and the portion on the other side to constitute
the Blasters district. A primary .43onveltion,
to elect the new Biebop, will bo,hehl at PittF.
bu rg kan the iuk,Hr. Alfred L Tyler has
assumed the dutienf th 1 a seen' Su, 'riot oil
lacy of the Foiled:aphis railroad. in plane of
Mn Jos. D. Potts, resigned. Mr. T., we are
informed, is a man 2f Astsollfs espsrienoe,
enterPrieing in hie ibis sal elerrstls i a oar•
rylag them out Wi trout ho will lose no
time in mot in; the mu'' :assist issrave-
sesta on the ea ad. 7 —.lr. R. H. Frisbee is
shout erecting on XUs strait, U 'boo, $ mat
sileent four story building, the Inwer put of
which is-to be oosUpied• al store'. cuss, &3.,
and the upper part. at s the ears '42 I concert
room. Mr. P. G. Straaahan is stun shout to
build two large stores on the same street, and
Mr. B. Riley wilt erect several baildingu on
High Street..., A large number of other build
Inge are being pat up, and' the Bulletin says .
the demand forlmesei is en great that fifty
more than than Sri At present in the town.
lucid be 0000pied.---The recent election for
Assembly m m in the Elk sod Clearfield district,.
verified the 'anoi . stit priverb I •' The Hedy
bird Geishas the most worms.".--.-Thayer &
Noyes' aims, when last: heard from, was
traveling abreast' the States of -Sante* and
cilia tote,. It hal exhibited in LouiseilLs
and Nestrate, an 1 will probobly remain-lo
that:loll% dutdeg the seam, lastest of win
tering is (lined. as ail al. —The former
papnhir otter of Hood Tempters le being re •
wised.. Measures have ben taken fur the es -
tablishmest - of a Lodge in Greenville, Mercer
county. Some :of the happiest .- thouthis of
mar yoatkfal days are 'esnneerted with that
erg0,....g Thras arrests," says the Mead
ville Raysetine, 1 . were mein on Friday even
ing, In Titusville, for passing counterfeit bills
on the N. W. 13 ink of Pannsylvamis." The
man who', snail counterfeit the bills of a
broken down bank mart be either very impa
'dont or ignorant.---We will take it as a spe •
dal favor if time of ' our friends in each
township will send us early information of all
the occurrences of local interest which hap
pen in their respective vicinities.—A eor
re:pi:beant of the Union Mills Bulletin states
that Jacob Shepard, living in that neighbor
hood, is over 93 years of age, and claims that
hi is the oldest inhabitant thereabouts. We
doubt if Alters is a person• of m ore advsnoed
age tiring is say par: of Vie amity. --- C 01.
Johnson sal his wits, two of •the of lest old.
sees Is Crawford county, died in Vanes 4.,
recently, la the Immo hour Sid utterly the
sameosiante. . They crossed the valley of
death as they had traveled the journey of
lihahsad in hoed.—The Union Mill Bulletin
says Mr. II L' Church, of that place, "took
a cabbage from his garden, the . other day,
which weighed nineteen tied one half ponods,
after bring triemol resit for cooking, and
measured foarleat one hallo In eiroumferenee. °
Theliahbage qUestiou 'meth interesting.—
From present inilostioes the book country
farmers wilt take the prise.—The Democrat
ic Meeting at Buffalo, on Saturday evening.
kr demribed to us as a very large and enthn
duds ono. Mayor Fargo presided, and
needles were made by Gas. Stooono, Hon.'
John Van Buren and dim. Mint; miry Blair.
--The Return Judges hell onothor meet
ing in the Court Efialss,ort Frillyast,ta count
he soldiers' iota. Zit Ors' wa r received,
for whioh the oonity hid to Pay t 3 judges 'an
1 ) ,
average of $3 lien. or a ea n amanoliag in
the aggregate to little lest then sloo.
"Evan's Gift Enterprise," S, sort of lottery
concern, will exhibit in Farrar gall for five
nights, commencing on Fridij evening, the
84 Last.----loather VlOVriall troupe will
open in Punt Hill on this evening of the
12th host, with the "Ticket of Leave Man."
The eomptny is sill to omelet of twenty
performers, of whoa Ills; Lena Prentice, e
young lady who ham ea cur, oa simlrere hare'
will lts one —Tim "Fat 0311,rib *tor " and
his Panorama mat with par suosest in this
city.' Three eshiliitioni ware given: ', f ad on
seek 005111101 the weather was so Unplesent
ai to keep the people from turning out. To
use the lecturer's own expression, .. the house
wee large, bat ont wall filled ". Tye pt 'Ming*
are rather better than the oversee while the
lecture is interiparse I -with so Nash of the
sotnlitl, that the entertaitrtarat is rendered
d ou bly attractive..--Tie ups aa t dawns of
oil specttletors are wall iluatrue I by the in,
stuns of a gentleman - residing in this pity .
Last year he was offered fur an oil interest he
passassed, 'first $400,000, then $600,000 and
finally $900,000, or a million in oil stock then
selling at per or over. He chess the stook
and purchased more, so as to obtain a son
'rolling interest in the Company. The stock
has sines .d :Predated vastly, and the same
speculation which lest fall he thought worth
ever a Winn would net 'be sold now for one.
- fifth that sum.—Business men in need of
Cards, Dlll Heidi, Litter Houle, or oilier
printing, will And it •to their advantage to
gin as a call. Haring new type, superior
presets and workmen who cannot be excelled.
we letter 'andel!, that no allot in the State
nail torn out better work thee the 0 nesavaa.
.—it the court recently held in Ash tabula
county, so lets Chas twenty five divorce oases
were up for legal /statement. The people - OP
that way go It strong on ' , great morel ideas''
—matrimonially se wall ai politioelly.-----A ‘
correspondeat of the Titusville Herald, ;wh
inged the Pilled* peel olßee, says : .. Very
few will feel ready to credit the statement that
five and a quarter thousan i will not cover the
number - of letters handled in this offtie in one
day." The "Writer States the truth. Very
few will.--a--Salow commenced falling at Cor
ry oa Saturday light, and on Sunday men.
' lug the earth was covered with a snit of white,
which aeon disappeared, however. A very
- slight fill of snow toot place - in Mit city at
the Men time.—The first number of the i
_Vihanti' Chronicle has for a motto- 1 Prove 1
Oil things ; hold on ,o that which is good."
—..ik corps of eagineers,• on Monday, com
menced enntlying a railroad rents from Erie
to Milltown, on the Atlantic & Great *astern
read. The intentioe, we believe, is to build
a broad gems connection with the latter.—.-
Cept..T. It, Austin reached home on &tar
-day, is shaip of the remain of Major Undo
liarnonsse minister -was recently ar
rested by military authority out West.
General Grant being informed of the fact.
directed that he be released from military
arrest. He says: "It is time that mili—
tary arrests and military commis
'lone were at an end. We are now at
peace, and if any citizen commits any po
litical offanoe, he shoiald be taken before
the civil Courts, and there be tried for his
crime." .
"Otar these are my *lends who sap
pert my restoration policy," said. Presi
dent Johnson. "How loose my head
feel lw said a Turkish provincial official,
on the receipt of certain intelligence from
Constantinople. Postmasters, Assessors,
CAlentors, have you heard from "C3D
Tag Yawata:is &stied, s iehenient Re.
publican journal, awaits the statement,
"this is a white man's government." as
the utterance of a "leading bigot." The
said-"leading bigot." we need hardly say.
is President Johnson.
Tizi Democrats of 'California gained
largely at the late election, .end are in
high hopes of wheeling the Mats into the
Democratic column before fang.
&inset * 4 SpeteA of .T , t6 Van Blom,
made at dilkaty. New York, Cktober 5.
It is a very curious fact that during - the
butt sistty-fire years only three ' Federalist
Presidents have been elected—Generals
Hirtlson and Taylor. and Yr. 'Lincoln.
Each one of these.died in the presidential
ofEce, and' the Via President who Inc
eeeded to the office iia each ease wu
Democrat. 8s that, during the , whole of
these sizty-fire years, Democratic princi
ples. have been in the ascendency. I
wonder that some of these clerical Repub
licans who loot for the finger of God in
everything, do not see what a providential
dispension it is 1 No Democratic Presi
dent has shierdied in rase. and no
Federalist President ever lived out his
term in it, 'bowleg the w tehtut care
of Provide:Ace over thi United States
From the gest gun of the revo'ution to
the last seine of the rebellion. no WRY
has this been more providentially end
conspicuously presented than In the way
the people have been saved from the
curse of Federal dodiination. •
Ilea* of Local Interest.
The New York Tribeu is of the opinion.
that "s eosreely-olad, travel-stained. barefoot
Teens could get no hosting in our fashionable
syr.,agegues, though his livers , d ‘ iseourse were
Sermon on the Monist." We rase the Tri
bune kits the truth I; that 'eaten** more soon
?skip than it is is the eastern of doing.
Jolene% County bests Erie thus far la big
eshbages. The Brookville Arminian • says
"B. Nieholsos, - Beq., left st our odes on
Tuesday last, s cabbage bead raised on his
Tot in Brookville, which. weighs 24 lbs.. and
masenre! 44 inches around pm thickest part,
this after the head was trimmed." Oar Erie
oonnty farmers "moat do better." Those
having relatives buried in the Booth, whom
they wish to have brought 'home, should re
member that sit tnplieitiont for transports
dos to end from Virginia, for the removal of
the dead bodies of Penneylvaala soldiers for
burial within this Stile, should be addreesed
to CoLiCharies P. Gregg, Chief o f
, Trsnspor
title., florist:erg, Pa. —A private lePer
to the editor, from Viotoria. Tents, dated
Oat. 4th, - says Capt. Zeiglir's Independent
Battery, of this city. wee eapeoted to leave
that p'aos, for home, in a few days; having
been mastered oul of the service. The friends
of the company will be rejoiced to learn this
p i e , e s r l a i i m gatiec W . C: Gardner has
opened, in one of tits Liege new T 311211 in the
Reed Rouse, ti carpet, house tarnishing, do
'mastic dry goods and notion store noon no
intensive sash. The estahlishesent is under
the supervision of Mr. W. S. Griswold, a gen
ileum who has long ssperieuee. and is favor.
ably knew' to moet.of our citizens. The
sitters of the Cameron Citizen went up to
Conneaut last week. and each of them carried
o wife along but to Emporium. The print.,
tag business mast be good out 'that way, to
afford such laznries. The editor of the
Warren Ledgerjooosely remarks': " A printer
in Ohio says they don't brag on the size of
their babies out there, but they are • most
snoommott sure crop. They may be a sure
crop to printers Is Ohio, but it this State
they aril liki all other mundane things —un
cartels." They surely are in the neighbor
hood of the Ledger office. We are gratified to
perceive that - oar clever brother bears his dim
appointments with commendable philosophy.
oftem quoted sad beautiful Oen
tense: "None know thee but to love thee ;
none name thee but to praise." was written
by the poet Balleelt.—.ln Cleveland, last
week, a countryman, who probably does .not
read the papers, was "done" nicely out of
$l,OOO. A gentlenianly looking mall mat him
on Superior street an wanted to borrow
$l,OOO, offering hits a wrrthless draft on Jay
Cooke ik Co. for that amlunt. Be nye that
the palliasse appeared to be " • resl'olever
fellow." Tie Dunkirk Journal is now
issued daily. Its gas is 19:27 inches, with
firs columns to a page. A partook mauls to
pat deny papers appears to have seised hold
of the publishers in thli part of the country.
Assignees of the Merchant.' Bask
at Westfield, jive notice that they will pay
dividend - of 20 per Gent. to the depositors of
said "red bulk" fifty cent
postal currency is entirely refaced by our
business men. ea:mount of the large number
of counterfeits now 'ln eirePlatioa. Wk 7
ilsOuld be the. iediserialtately dlsearded te
more than we' can Imagine. The '4:all:dart:Ate
seem about se abundant on the other stiles
'el that 'which refneetl. We sentare the
predletios that, as In the ease of the Erie
count,* noisy, it will soon go Its welt as ever.
Arta:nos Ward,". it ii ispeited. has -
ratlaatlY had $200,000 (gold, not greenbeekij
left Ws by a Nob old ; uncle in London. W.
don't laswwhether Me is one of his jokes,
er ' a joke eetully ?lived on him ; if
the litter, it Is certainly a good one. We
don't think is ever made a bettae.---.Ties
morning express train upon the 011 Crook rail
road. in Tusidsy of last week, ran or•en
eltild; - a• it poised through Spartansburg,
killing It theatre was
epiited,alCsery -ea Saturday night, ander the
wmaapiessi of Bober Hendon. It is designed
as toperipasiint lastitatlois In the'plass, - anti
Is Mitts iteitriesegaiti raj Ise eitore,---:
trfrelo. - Vbeij; *414 tterevitettesed"
handsome eogin,•procured by the liberllitr of
deceased (Miner's friends isoir o , ty, and
op Monday forwardelio his (unity, st New
Albssy, Ind Erie Cily p!reeory,
printed by a fists itr N t , h iq
its appearance, and is nnytblog but e eqiit
factory work. Not ose third part of our oiti.•
ssos sr, isoladesi ittlt, sttelimay of , he Rams
givsNre so boogied that their meet intimate
aetinalntances will fail to recogize them. 'She
pries of the book is out of all prap4rtion t.l its
size and oontents, and cannot be regarded as
anything else but an imposition on the pub.
Ho. A reli‘ble directory of the city hits nev
er been published, end will not be until. some
of oar home publishers take the matter in
hand. To ileoure.soourney ins book of thli
kind maim, fir* a thorough acquaintance
with the peopie, and woad. re•poneitiility on
the port of the persons who prepare it.
GIR/AD.—Our limited time .. and space
forbid us this week from publishing
an extended report of the interest
ing ceremonies attending the' dedication
of Col. an Rice'e'llonument to the mem
ory of our fallen Erie county soldiers, at
Girard, on Wednesday. The attendance
of people was unp . recedentedly largel, sur
passing, in our estimation, the enoriuous
political. mass meetings in our city duffing!
the Presidential etunpairn of last 'year.
Gen. A. B. lifcCalmont, of Venengo ,
presided: and on assuming the dutie! of
the Chair, delivered a mostrappmptiale
and effective opening speech. Tfe liras
followed by Gov. Curtin and Ez Gov.
Todd, of Ohio, each of whom devoted
more attention in their remarks to politics
than to the subject which bad assembled
the people together..a feature of the occa-
Ilion which we %reglad to know met with
the unqualified disapproval of nearly all
who - were -present, irrespective of party
.Col._Rice, being called out,
made his
, with apparent re
luctance, and spoke in a vein of earnest
pathos,' genuine eloquence, and appro
priateness; which touched the hearts
of his sndienoe, and it. was unanimously
agreed that neither of the Governors could
be compared withhim air a ready, And ef
fective public speaker.
Aside from the manifest impropriety of
the political allusions mentioned, the gen
eral proceedings of the day were conduct;
ed in a remarkably enccessful manner, and
gave satisfaction to everybody. The peo
people of Girard were bountiful in their
"hospitality. The day is one that will long
remain memorable in the annals of this
portion of the State.
We shall prebent a full and graphic re
port of the proceedings in our neat issue.
110WELL-11ETIAP:FEY—Ou Tbarsdsy even
ing. the 26th init., at the residence of Wm.
F. Price. Esq.. by Bev. E. A. Johnson. Mr.
C. Rowell, Jr..rnd Miss Belle Bloolt,daugh
ter of the Iste Mr. H. P. Mehaffey.
PINEY-FOWLER-kt the Dan Itiee House,
on the 21st inst., by Henry 110, Esq.. Mr.
George Finney and Xis, Amanda Fowler,
both of Chardon,
BTACY--LOVEJOY—In Conneaut, on the
24th inst., by Rev. J. llobitupn, Mr. An
thony Stacy, Editor Cameron Citizen. Em•
porium, Cameron Co., Ps rand Mine Elsie
Larejoy, of Conneaut, Ohio.
YOUNG—PALMER —Tn Amboy, on the 7?4tb
inst.. by R. J. Robinson. Mr George
L Young, Editor Cameron Citizen, Empo
rium.Cameron county, Ps., and Emma L.
Palmer, of Amboy.
Bllsll-,—ln this olty,ow the Ist inst., of typhoid
fever;hirs:llarriet L. Bush, wife of D. W.
Buell, end daughter of G. A. and Caroline
Bennett, aged 25 years and 8 months.
MoDONALD-4n this city, on the 20th ult.,
Mrs. Lydia McDonald, aged 21 years, 4
months.and 9 dam .
BUftlC—ln this city, on the 27th ult., of ty
phoigl fever, Siam F., eon of ft. P. and
J. Burk, aged 28 years and 7 months.
E \TON —Oa the 221 inst., of dvesntery.
Charley, vin of Johnston and Elise Aon
Estou, of F.sirriew, Pr., agel 10 years end
9 months.
ADAMS—At the r,esidenee of her eon, A. A.
AdAms, on Peach street. on the 29 , h inert.
of billions fever, Mrs. Lucy D. Adams, sped
69 years.
New Advertisements.'
Several very eboi-e brasiers, sites on Sta.. Street. be
betwems Seventh sod 6 1,1 th Outs, tut side are of
fer.d for ea'• on- very reasonable tanzu.`lt applied for
soon. Eogotre,po
o‘ Ott. 41 ii WI. A. GAL I BRArtil, Ageut.
The sertalntyLwith which kied.i of Iteh .and erup
tive dialing neeerally c a n be eared by using Caller's
Cztract of Bandalion ead Batersweet end Yellow Mot.
aunt I. , lres no ineuire for seratchlow. either in private
or nubile. The ixabit I. dlagn , tlog and oar a. Drell
stopped. Th•sit3, reparations eau be bad of all respect
able dragsiate. i
. nO2-gym.
StliA4 VOW.
Cease to the imetriees of the subretther. to Harbor
1:1•elk to., on the Hcffs , o road; a tolls It•loir the Halt
War Floti,e, In the lett.- pert of •Laptetobit. a straw cow.
Phyla of a red-oolot, with • line back. The. mnier t•
reque•ted to coma forwtrd. prove tu'opattl ; par chutes
sod rate bar away; otherwise &lA, will Otaposed of
aawoldiag to law. W. W. DAVISON.
Hutt ,r Creek, Nov. 2,1165 3w•
f.Qttl yetComplaint or with -Eby deem • aria
lag from Itopneity of the blood, such u Itch, Bolls, Car
bu..clei, Pia:plea.' the •aca or naelc. Erysipelas, Salt
ithooto. fkretuts, Rheumatism, Pain in the Fide or to
the bock. etc, should not fag to se Csrees Extract
of Dead* lon sod ilitterewvet There It nothing. equal
11 It to such costa mad it cannot be use.l without ha; act
Int bedellt. Prime one dollar per bottle. sold by drag.
gists everywhere. nor2 , Bm.
1 1 .4.1 , 4C1 NU AND DEPtIiti'MUNT.
lir Delano reepsottally glees untiee to hte patron era
Mamas to g , le. that he -.llk carom/mei his t4OlOOl. hi the
s'rote accomplish no as lir
AT . P. 1111007
on Friday onot , g, Nor. 10th.
Ho tro of tostrorLon for Ladles, Mimes and Madam
from 2 to 4.q o'clock g. m
Henn of motrootlon for Gentlemen from 7 to 10 o'clock
g. m.
Tuition for Ladle*, Mhos and Maiden, ski*. For
Grottonno, (mmotnet.) 2619 e.
•ill be ready for delivery abort
be l lowing at the Southeast part of the Coma/.
♦ largo and well aelsets4l stook of
01,111 ; to the pectlli
Lit.on3 which they sustain, that
t.c.ri, sod the otimxit they
many sufferings and tftt
reedona trona Limit coutrlinicaLp
to Wei: happiness and welLit.t.4l
py who are AL Not only so ,
nous Waal* complaints clit i wog et
on withotielnvolving the genvrin m
,idusi. pig ere long producing p t r
and primitun decline. Noels it
a physician for the relief Id thac
and only upon the most n; t ,
wolnaa 11113 artifice her grates;
this. The ses will then hank
hands idinple epecitk.s
dons in relieving and caring Id a ,
those troublesome coroplaanta
Hundreds stiffer on in silence
e th ers apply vitaly to druggata
either merely tantalize them tritb
Or apply remedies wytell me: e m. ;
not wish to twit anything that.,
to the &Muted. but I am otligm
it may be produced from ex,..,
powers of life, by lablenus er ßi
soma air and food, prstrum mew
tea Vid coffee, and tregneht ehllOtoe,,
tenet canoed by direct irrooth,n, a. 4
coils mei:rib:rens of the vagina Ludt
_ _
When reviewing the causes of t
complaituts, it Ls moat painful w e„
teudant evils consequent upon
pie justice to the snhjeet to el,al,, Ent
many additional caUgta wh!,
ilfe, health, and happtues% of 0,: e4
or society, and which, cup , :y...ebtl 7
" ""
leas directly. the weLtire «Lt,.
ni. The mania that ex..te G r
and maretage, CALI4Ci the 3.57,
for corporeal develop:n.•ni t
04 In the reatranita of <lrk
a school, sod especially u, tt
meat of the ball-rmu. Tt, at, ir
clothed, and Um mind nuttaiy
perverting in tnitliaght rerd th
Datum for sleep and rest, the s - c,..7 c ,;
half accomphshed.
In consequence of this early
tem, unnecessary effort La requ.: t i
votary to retain her tUtustvol
day, thus aggravating thr• Llll wz,
meat is over, another lu pr. ~
morbidly sensitive to nupn
atant restraint of faallionsh , ..•
hipline the exercise indo , peu , ',..; , .)
and retention of organic h,....,!th
exposure to night air ; the s •
perature ; the Cottaplete Promtrai.
Otalagive dancing Intuit, of taLrefislV,iza4.
gitimate effect. At last. au eari,}
cUmax of misery, and the c:11
oct titter!, regartlens of theat, polio .Ln:i,
atonstaances of herd L. ate fiat:irk. be—tai,
willing eubfect trtdtia -at T..,
truthful picture of tie le.e , Jf t'l 7.;
()air young ueteeth
Long before iL ari.ti toexerel..e. the f
ibe nf•rAt It.. or,. sr, 4, t'.e require an edn.:
their preuhar hen 01,1 .
Is clan , •d'the r lt '
t 3, 111 eolntieni
female brtuts and laps, ,- tideptly under
of men tal et t l,,tt t ,a and at to
riod of tife ; and, its we stall salr,, , ou
emotions, whey ex , e•okr
to habits winolt say th. N. 7 1 1.10 01 e 1..: %I
nature has APll•cornpleted thew ,I, r. kit,l
For Female W..akne.s and t 6 1,1.ty, 1.4 '
Leracorrhsa„ 'Too Profuse, ElLearz- 4 ,
Conclnited p e n.!s, ftr Prolapi , :s T.
or Prolapints rten.lrc nEkr tLe
known : Helmbobl's Co/vow:4 Lrc
Direction:3 fur We, dirt, and al,-
Feinafes In every period ut
ram rue old age, aflt And it a rein:l7i
In the discharge of its firactions
litzength ie the glory of mach
hood. •
b more strengthening than an< of c,
of Dirk or Iron. infinitely sslvr, irS
Laving received the endorsc.i,ez•
STATES, Is now offered to afl;,_•ri
certain cur, for the fqllowoo; La,
lams, from whatever Auto orig:utr4
General Debility,
Mental and Physical 141,h-sale:,
Determination (1 ELN
Restlessness and lilleeplesone,s at N4S
Absence. of Slow:Liar illiciency,
Loss of Appetite,
- DYsPePlak
Emaciation, •
Lots Spirits,
Disorganization or PAS!
tho Organs of 0,11.-
Palpitation of the
And, in fact, ill the concomitu.:
• Debilitated state of the
To insure thgenutneTcut t
- AVAY S '
if ( it-
The onebinatlon of ingredients, a
result e f tong and extensive I runes
their orratiun and cannot du barn
cate; certain to - correctlne ail lr
Mena t astir 1111. teMOT.II.I. all Olin: ,
cold or other•lse. headache, pain Is:
at the heart, whites, ail DaTuuj
fa thrne, pato in the hitch and
which ary►e from Interrupt, a .:*.ta
flays - been cued over a gar:wets neat.
offered aa the only a ,fe.c.ecoc of rene►i'f
eostraat►nn. Ent I 3 •J.. c 3 .,
fa ens mullion el tic frisk system is, s
comsat be Wee acifimit r Cartag a rt
301 . T. The unazt,ovrisertdte u P 1
pia rush, AffsCAR/11.401 . :. , sch
•ndenee 01 the noellc.i « to rest , ' ti
to , o rmal conditt ,, n, that 'Ter the I , t
of csoit-e cannot tesist t. THEY CA`
[usu.+ that way.
Dr. Cheeseman's
bore befo s standard remedy for • yet
are the mold efiee a 1. ae ever kunigt
peenti rto F r.:11. a T Pivees 'I
Ipthicirg with eerninty periothral
are known to bouxande, e.ho na a ct
kut period•, th•ougboa the eenrtr•.
tine of some rf the moat eminent •
rxpli it dtrettions,stati-g whel
with rath bnt —the l'alct $1 PIM BC
ton 'aining 54) oGO
I'lUrsentby matt, Tresoptle, a.d
Minn he tvnt:tting the prep
Si Cedar : 4 1.. S
Resld in 'Frit by Carter & Carver,
& Warfel, rnd Wm.NLt. Sold iaC
b Rnwland.
Leather, Hides,
, No. a Parry Block, State St.'
Constuntly on Irv:d I
Auto, a ior
♦ll of which they elt ,
baton OR enomi
Witt restore tbl Hurts'
tearics Led Pitornen le ft t tn t; Start Rhn
oer cutlet th
the betd dean, cool and he
be used free'; coal"'
leg icuurioz•,
°VIE D r'"
M i ta reoommeaded and aged by
ty. Sold At th- Orn¢ .4 tor.i.
No. LIZ 13.031/IY,'"
I aminne all {.fool. the *Sol
that to clalmad fur It:
(NMI ta. 9
E M• COLE, •
• Bong Eurosit. not
Soooad elm of Elodornothri