The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, February 23, 1865, Image 1

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Tljo Sisig of the Sword.
Weary, and wounded and worn,
Wounded, and ready to die,
A soldier they left all alone and forlorn,
On the field of battle to Ile.
The dead and the dying alone -
Could their presence and pity afford;
Whilst, with a end and terrible tone,
Ile sang the song of the sword.
Fight—fight—fight !
Though a thousand fathers din !
Fight—tight—fight ! ,
Though thousands of children cry!
Fight—fight—fight !
Whilst muthers and
. wi4013 lament ;
And fight —fighl.- 7 fight !
Whilst millions or money are spent.
Fight—tight —tight !
Should { the cause be foul or fair,,
Though 01 that's gained Is an empty name,
And spas too great to bear: •
An empty name and a paltry fame,
Anil thousands lying dead ;
Whilst every glorious victory
Must raise the price of bread.
War—war—war: • 'I
Fire, and famine, and sword;
Desolate fields, and desolate towns,
And thousands 'scattered abroad,
With never a home and never a shed:
Whilst kingdoms perish and fall,
And hundreds of thousands are lying dead,
And all—for nothing at all.
hiusket, and powder, and ball;
Ab ! what do we tight : SO for?,
Ah! why hate we battles at all!
'Tla justice must be done, they say,
The nation's honor to keep;
Alas that justice is so dear,
And human life so cheap.
War—war—war !
, Misery, murder and' crime,
Are nil the blessings I've seen in thee
From' my youth to the present time.
Misery, murder, and 'crime—
Crime, misery, murder and wo ;
Ah ! would I had known in my younger days
A tenth of what now know !
Ah! had I known in my happier days,
In my hours of boyish glee,
A tenth of the horrors and crimes of war—
A tithe of its m:sery
I had now ileen joining a happy band -
Of wife and children deer,
And I had died in my native lend,
Instead of dying here.
And raany a lOng, long day of wo.
And sleepless. nights untold,
And drenching rain, and drifting •now,
And liminess. famine and cold; -
And worn out and aching heart,
And grief too great to tell,
And bleeding wound, and piercing smart,
Had I escaped full well.
Weary, and wounded and worn,
Wounded and ready to die,
A soldier they left, all alone and forlorn,
On the field of battle_ to lie.
The dead and the dying alone
Could their presence sad pity afford,
Whilst thus, with a sad and terrible tone.
(0, would that these truths wire more
perfectly known l)
He sang the "song of the sword.'
A sunbeam stole t 'trough' the dark green
shadows of a trailing honey suckle,through
the full Hoiving folds of a loose whitecur
, tain.which shaded It cottage window, and
touched the face of a woman sitting with
in with a pale amber gleam. It was a
child-like face with its pure,pale complex
ion,•nd its oyes as blue as an ivy flower,
holding the amulet lik:e_n name shining
within them ; chestnut brown hair rip:
pled across slow broad forehead. and was
caught-abruptly and 'shaken out: of curl
into a knot behind the oar. It was a
mouth sentineled by dimples from too
near an approach—a soft crimson mouth,
upon which the man ' she loved might
meet the soul that loved him. She was
sitting beside a sewing machine, with •
finished little garment just drawn from
beneath the needle, leaning back with a
look or rest and satisfaction at its nom
pletion in her eyes.
It was afternoon—almost six--as the
hand of a little French clock pointed out
the boor, and she had 'a great deal to tell
him. What little wife has not? Grace
was asleep—Orace,lter little seven months
old baby—asleep;
. anil her little silver
belled rattle, her tooth ring and her sea
shells were all scattered about the carpet.
Her hair brush and one tiny slipper lay
just under the foltleof heir mother's edicts
dress—wood colored field with- a white
vine meandering across it. Marian stood
up and shook nut the little rose-colored
dreasjustlinished, folded it carefully and
laid it away; then up went. the easy calico
sleeves to the white polished elbow, and
the little woman -counted herself ready
for her kitchen--the one room lying be
yond this. She was the wife of a mechan
o—one of the happy poor men who ”earn
their bread by .the sweat of their brow,"
yet live the .life of the' soul on a level
above that of the body. i And this woman
was like many another woman throughout
• the length and breadth of the country.
She had been in refinement and compare
ease, and her heart was as sensitive
4 mimosa plant. Her mind was not
common, nor yet at that other extreme,
that of being intellectual. It was an
*ten . mind—a finely balanced one—a
"mind whose width and depth was wide
end deep eniiugh to take in the true issue
of the truest life. tiers vras a happy home
--humble, neat and simple, but. elegant
in Its simplicity, It was tussle sweet by
love, and _that tree, easy independence
sebich;, is experienced by thole
.within a.oertaits limit, awl feel content
sot to go out lf it, knowing enough is
'enough, and.mon> is sapesiluous addition.
L:vanly lone shadow lay across this little
ime resche t down
_ward, . seeming reidy to deluge it with
darkness, 15..5t....1.1-srian Elmer locked the
&UM up and turned the key, and
thinigly it was still there.she tried to think
it could, not pick the lock.
John Elmer - elms. in presently and sat
dawn by the shaded window.. The soft
stunner 'breeze stole gently lo — ChroUgh
-'re'' !sony-stick le without, en'l the
white curtain swayed languidly up and
41or tr, back and forth. The temple curl
Of-,Jolttee`black hair which Marian was
lifted caressingly from his
LI lit 1
full forehead,
wont: to touch it. — fie was a tall, slender
fallow, yet finely built, with a falr broad
breast and slender sinewy'arms that look
ed as if made for protecting just such a
thing as Marian all through the days of
her life. His hands did not look much
as if they had worn kid gloves, but they
were just such hands as a weary woman
would cling to for assistanCe and uphold
ing when trouble was near ,or a hope
failed her. Ile sat 'veri . . - oilit; with the
soft' scented sir blowing him, and
looked about the sitting room. It was
very pleasant—Mirlaiys pretty little:4i
flea were scattered heia and therepie
tuns of her drawing, hung in modest
frames mades of clones and shells against
the wall. There was the oval mirror iri
its dirk* Polished frame that 14'oiten
reflected_ her - face—there was "her low
rocking Chair she sat in every - evening
and rocked their baby to sleep-her work
basket with airend pledging handing by
the side. Then he looked at the rattle
and took it up and shook it. It sounded
like a funeral bell. 'The slipper he
touched as rrverently"as %chilli puts its
hand out to touch the white face of its
dead mother. Marian came in smiling,
with a pink flub on her cheek ; she had
been making tea.
"Why, John ! You here ? . You came
in'so silently I never heard you. Tea is
ready for you."
She came close up to him as if to draw
him with her. He: took her band and
drew her to his knee ; be looked long
and gently into her iry blue eyes, and
then he asked her :
" DO you love rue, Marisa ?"
Playfully drawing his face against hers.
She kissed him for an answer.
She drew him closer and shuddered as
she embraced him.
"If there were no skeleton
John Elmer sighed and put her from
his knee, and rose up and followed her
into the kitchen. !Co silver graced theif
table, but the plain queensvrare dishes
were spotlessly clean—the table linen like
anew. A freshly gathered bognet stood
by John's plate,compossai of honeysuckles
and late rose& and a few leave* from
Marian's only house plant—a rose geran
ium. The fare was simple but savory.
Marian poured John's tea, and ,watched
him drink it feverishly, but be would not
"What it the mattar,dear,sre you-siert"
asked she.
4.0n1y said he, with a weary
look. -
After the table was cleared and the
once more in order, Marian went
in end set down on her husband's knee,
sad looked tenderly , up - in his face, say
"! know you work too hard, dear. You
-mutt be careful of yourself. Some of
these times you will take nick and' die,
sod then what will become of poor lit tie
orace and me ? Oh ! John, it would kill
me to lose . you !" and a tear fell willfully
down against her cheek.
Her huibanti did • not answer, but be
felt truly that NMl's a tarsdor Newer need
ed tender and loving culture, or it would
be blighted. He . looked out of the win
dow—the landscape looked dreary ;
'• I am sure yolt do not feel well ; what
can I do for you ?"
John Eimer forced her anxious face
down, upon her batons, that he might not
see how sweet it was, then said :
"Marian, wife, I have unpleauint news
for you ; can you liaten to me now ? It
will affect tie materially."
Hid speech blinded her perception ;
she asked :
"Have your wage. been risdueed I I
know old Mr. Hugh is very stingy. Per
haps +moan gat along through, if we are
very saving, if the winter is not to .be
hard. I could get along almost anyhow
with you and the baby."
The strong man bowed his bead over
hers and groaned. The trial of their lirla
was upon them. Flow should he tell her
the awful truth. _
" Marian," be faltered, "Marian, I am
drafted !"
She started, showed him a white, terri-
tied floe, and then she Wai4 very still. It
wee over. tie bad told her, and that pa
tient, passionate, earnest hurt had been
sentenced to• its .torture. She lay in, hie
arms very still, moaning as one moans
when hope has been overcome by life.
Thiiwas the skeleton she had tried to
bide, and now how naked, how distinct,
how terrible—bow ghastly it stood up be
tare her What a woman's heart suffer;
—what it breaks with, was wining to this
child woman.
Bsby Grace wskened u • p' and stretched
out her arms and smiled. Marian afoot)
slowly and went - arrd .raiseJ her head to
her besot s. She bed givenup ogar as to
deathoutd'she Jelt witi:4ll - iliat was
left to bet. Vie it had fallen
on her betrt. - . - .
John Elmer otiulil have bought hi.' life
at a paltry ; hot he had not the aunt
which unigatiuy it: Tlitvie hundred dot
lave 14 a pitiful auin, but for want of it
Nbuiais'it heart was beginning
what she amid. - It was bid
little ;' 11141 whie!t'
killing het. 8e ouui.t tnika - n0 ptovirioai
fur wife and - ehilit —th earapalciribE lis ihia*
power., Ms
care 91 Him_ who fed the ravens. The
morningcazae whin ..ii)**eukk, war_ to
leave 'hie
and oh I so dreary. th st
.for th e lest Liaie. .11, 7 eported,fiNou
• 7 -oh, what,. 1a Partin so..wretotiTi,„so
sorrowful, It was Just a soul torn,
front thp body.. g,.et 1 0(40.
wkw , / 1001 4 4:13 g:ife ail : ; an & IbM
atillness,Sicheo9l 4l49 tel comes . 119 90497
countablyover-upOn Grace.
Harsaatc&ed hiauelf , toispt-he (Wad :not.
hook - bsoitj Marisa took (Wiser shibX•
ck N iesisduit. her bosolit,Am close that it
(apt trio andiaraid sad apt
'` L.q
.~-.~ ..
• r
A tich stockholder remarked late at
dinner that day, having paid six bun
dred,for his two sons, "That Copperhead
Inser went today—oould not raise the
'spondulicks.' Good enough for him—be
might have volunteered long ago."
Sunh sympathy had Marian.
Weeks end months passed on. It was
dreary With Marian ; oh, so lonely. She
had nothing but Grace now. She heard
from John but seldom. it was very sel
dom he sent her money, for the wages of
a drafted man are not wonderful; and it
wultird to make the two ends meet. The
winter was scisme on, and every thing wan
goitig up. Her house rent bad fallen due,
and she was in need of wood. Strange
what changes were wrought in so short a
time. From modest ease Marian was com
to want-it Might be t suffering aid
starvation--she could not tell. She left
her baby and went out to unt work. She
had her sewing machine, and she could
sew. She had not counted the difficulties.
Her hbaband was a drafted man—a "but
ternut":—they had nothing for her to do.
They gave their work 'to the families of
Lincoln - volunteers. Marian looked in 1
their- faces, and wondered what they
meant. Was her husband's belief a re
preach ? Was it a disgrace to be drafted ?
if so, it fell upon him. Sbe was proud—
this little woman., But when ,she went
back, and found Grace crying fer her, and
the room cold, her pride began to give
way r to despair. One day she received a
letter. She read it tearlessly, but it was
the wedge that, driven sharply in, divided
the already broken leant. It was from-a
companion of John's. telling how belied
been unable to stand the rough usages of
war; how he had fallen ill, and after liv
ing a long time in the hospital, had died.
He should have written her before, but
hail been separate I from Jobn on de
tached service during his sickness. Then
it spoke of his gallantry, his close observ
ance of his assumed duties, etc. But what
mattered all this to Marian? He INIII3
dead—he was gone—she could never,
never see his face again. She would never
be held iu his arias—never feel the pres
sure of his kiss. He was dead, and Grace
was fatherless. But Marion's grief was
silent. She rose up and took her burden,
and thought she would live for the sake
of the little one. But it was hard work to
live., She got some little work ?tido, but
she could only rent one room now, and'
barely keep them in food. Sometimes
they had no fire for an'entire day. Even
Marian's health suffered, and the child
took l severe cold, that ended in the
croup, and terminated its little life. Ma
rian 'thought , she bad suffered her 'hill'
measure of loss ; but when this last and
only treasure was taken away, the last tie
that bound her to this life was broken.
What was the country-to her 1 In all ita
Length and breadth, she bad none to love
her—no spot in- its boundariea she could.
call her own-. What-was it to her that the
country should be saved ? She was dying
of grief and starvation. . '.
Work became spares and herd to, get.
Someone was always before her. One by
...e au......i.i all tier little articles of value
=disposed of all those little things which
had made her room so pleasant when she
and John and baby were all se happy to
gether. Then, when there was nothing
left,--she sank down to it slow, nervous
fever. After it was generally known that
Mrs. ',Elmer was destitute and sick, a few
neighbor; began to drop in to try and do
something for the unhappy Woman ; but
tardy conscience had failed tei remind'
them of their duty until it was too late to
aid her. She died—this broken-hearted'
wife of the conscript, with John's name
and that of the baby on her lips. She said;
she was going to meet them in a country
"'Where all was peace. And yet what mat
ters it ? ' I are just such heart-achee
'and heart-breaks all-over the land. It is
not one woman alone who goes down to
the grave broken hearted—not merely
one orphan that suffers hunger and cold.
One among many is Marian Elmer—only
. ,
Scartroarton.—The intrinsic difficulties
in the wny of subjugating the Southern
people appear .in our very successes.—
Sherman has spent nearly a year, at an
enormous sacrifice of men and mousy, in
marching through Georgia. He Huila
hiinself at hitt in the possession of but a
single town. All the rest of the State is
as free an it will ever be if the indepen
dence of the Confederacy is established.
We have carried on the war four years,
yet, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Missis:
sippi,• Louisiana, 'Faxes, Arkansas and
North Carolina are almost entirely inde
pendent of the Washington Government.
Sherman may tutrch hit army through
South Carolina—be may even take and
bold Charleston; but. how utterly impos-.
Bible it will be to interfere materially with
the operation of the local laws in the
smallest conceivable fraction of the_iin
tnecte territory whicti mutt be occupied
before thi; work of subjugation will have
been tisgun.
A young lady was addressed by a young
man, who though agreeable to her, wail
disliked by her father. Of Course lie could
not consent to the union, and she
determined to elope. The night wait
fixed, the hour came, he placed the ladder
tothe window, and in - s few Wonted . idtir
*al in his arms They mounted &double'
horse and were soon some distaste. Wei'
the - house. After awhile the lady - broke
the silence by saying : " Well;'ydri 'hen
what a proof I haveigiveifyou of my affec
tion ; I hope' yon will make me s goad
hushaed " Ile was a Surly fallow, 'Ott
euffly answered, "Perhaps - I may aid
*lmps not." She made no
after i qilence of some minutes she WI:
claimed : "Oh whit shall Ido? I liivelert
my money behind me in my ozsiai.u-' 7
"Then," said be, *lon must go back tiad
fetch it." They were-anon spin it Al 4
Wass, the !adder again placed, thii tidy
'retamintad, whi t !" ibe : tosrr Erni ted.below
Thit' r she delaYAO to come. and so he %en:
tAy caned. "At : i you, coal — log 1" when, she
looked out of tile window and said. Per
baps I.may, and perhaps not," and then
shut down the window and left him to
return upon his datable horse alane. Was
not that a happy thought on the lady's
part 1 :
(& lady. who Inglis herself "Mattle,!! Qom
inualcates the following to . the Louisville
Jountat. We bowled we were somethieg of's
lover of Bluing, but "Mettle's" appreciation
of the luxury throes us completely in the
studs: Witei s adveuture - the ono
described must hays been
Yea Kissed 31..
Yoe timed mot My boil' dvoope& low oo
you beast.
With a Galin ofplAtewi infinite rest, •
While the holy *Ward
speak. 7 . .4' • - •
flaatt'd up like a flame from my heart to my
cheek: _
Your arms were around 'ata—Oh ! your -arms
• were so bold. .
Heart beat tagstastlieart. in their passionate
hold !
Your glaziora'seental drawing my soul through
my eyes,
As the sus &smogs Riad teem the • esrtb to
tlan sk4ll ;
And lour, lipi ilair to mine till I prayed is
my bliss
They should saver depart from that pusionate
• kiss.
You Ulmd ma! and my heart and my breath,
and my will. ,
Is deUrous joy tors moment stood still !
Life Awl for as ties so temptation no charms.
No lots of pleasure outside of your arms.
And were I Ail instant an Angel—possessed
Of th, glory 'and passe that belong to the
I, mould cam My white robes us repiaingly
Lad dash from my forehead • its humeri!,
To nestle ones snore in that Haven of Rest,
With your. lips upon 'plias and my head on
your bruit.
You kissed as i My soul la a bUsi most
Reeled aad "swooned like one drunken sand
initiated with wine
And I thought 'mars dalicious to die Chu*—
. it death .
Wonld sons •whils my mouth was yet moist
• with jour breath 7 -
delicious to die It my heart could grow
- P cold - -
While your arias wrapt gni round in• that pas.
slonats fold
Mut chess are the qiestleas I ask day sad
- aight,l
Ilan my lits taste but oast* sock 'static de
light 7 '
Would yo ik T lf your breast was ity shaper,
as thin,
And it you mere here— Would you kiss me
ayain ? HATTIE.
ea.VEZDARVIS Laos. Guns Asnoer.—The
Loudoecorrespondeet of the Kew York
Daily News says that two formidable iron
clads "are afloat. on the open sea under
the Confederateflag." These ammeters of
the deep , repvesented,aa ; being the
most powerful of the kind ; armed , with
the Iteesiest , end met Affective ordnance;
.and invulnerable to antproieelliee used
in. wive.. • They oeitid. -with Ampex' ity,
Ateounr- into Now York barber and reduce
floe city to *rhea. or exatt a ransom that
would Ell the Confederate treasury with
greenbacks. This correspondent also
rtitea that there exists a secret alliance
between France and the Southern Coe.
Warmly. and that the: Emperor's open
not ,be long delayed.
Taitoaur losa.The pzew Orissue
correspoodeat' of the.. New York Nessi
says; ‘,Btrangit as it mar 'seem it nev
ertiteisss Arue, that the idea of the South
ern g(qtes becoming Abe Colonies of Eng
land:or riauctt is not confined to the eqi.
tore at Rinhotrond, There . are hundreds,
yea thotisands; here who would prefer
becoudng English or French, subjects, as
ooloulits,, to going back under_ Yankee,
nal; "'Elit.they are only Filling to accept
this poiition as a last resort, in case the
40, inhere . people prove unequil .te the
tasksof .establishing their independence.
'flier well know that such a resort would
forever. abolish alavery,".. .
EXTelollolllifillY.= A bounty
juniper recently escaped froth Gollop's Is
ifter baring 'nine
counablitinfasbitted .his irons._ It was
subsequently Aisoniered that a young
W0132/113, Who bid Wien permitted to come
and see him, had a key in her mouth tit
ling the lock of his fetters. On parting .
she kissed him. tad during the operation,
triuisfefred' The key fhim her mouth to
his, thus facilititirig his 'eseape. • The'girt
and the inin *tin tusde'the key.for her
were arrested.
ACoteaio L4WVICR:—) . (I9.,Roek. a aol
ored wen 4nd a lawyer of_Roetoa, has
been admitted to the bar of the Supreme
Court on mot t iop of . 4 4enator.Smnaer. Thia
is the *Mt C 01,
,where p,oegro haa.over
beep ad to ,Vaqi•Pe. l o Omit QoOrt.
Soon Ojai li;ing• admttteil , to.tlto has, he
had to 6o t.) the 'Provost Minkel toot a
pawl° leave military or
,ani.pegm. from leaving
town Cite:kat
Uwe • vas me Oesieves.—We , have es-
Irani tint &nailing peviose is Weil for' the
Oainaviia 411 theitteigeeetiVelealitiee. They
are anthariseth tr ealleet idle rev anbsertp
thole( 4hve able olßoe,
u4u..lptTot,lt+eisemsm 'Pieties, who:know
thew/ppm/ Webted- to Vow oiler *III wooll
0441:-Airldr ,aulass lupin leo. :vs times
1110Nk4111110114411 payment:. e . ;
, , Ames, Sto;ke.,
- r e ; y. r • Mitohltison.
cvtibinso/ er• cr&lieweelm. , P
Waterford, 7. - Cerie•
1 at
covq, linos-.Attu.
"If•M • 1. p. 4 rOor.
- • Caps. O.V.
Jlztsilrz 0 1 Ttelk4 fi9IWKW. 11 , -Mass
le°l l T '" - -Y l COVEttrioK a M 1 1 ,1 " *et 11
ii iiiimitrhkrienuotr, sowitpapas Ind Imps it
pritiod-paitei,lNUrbei oiNislittSt
APIS Nsini ' Vim Mali 7Print
Mg% RlVErgnitt 4 0Pro 44/I#o4, tor 4 ,1 4
mwplrtitti wags
. 44
Op* Ye* nue y.W. , (ldltivitl 'Ale!,
bodgboap Ittpirlies tes6indiolnutsik Iterps.
unti o f . g s
at 111 47 141494101%,
r'4l-4... 04-1111 t 641 4Os
idtbig okay'ii &Illy tin iris umbiiiyla
Utak plume-taghtdocionWeiieffibbi
2 1 1• 11 40 11 0,. ONE at 44mk. be-pgitl tar it
st Otis ARM . tt.
312211T.....011 and atter,;ll6ntlay, Oct. 33at, 1864,
. . • fisWiting-stothike fitallw.will,nlose
as follows: ,
Cissaland 4.lhigago, 0 CA }- a.
1. m. * 7.;1u. ty.
Buffalo, ' • . t • .1,1-p. m. 4.7710 'pb oi
t' • , ' r
Net York 6r. , Washing- '. • : • ......
ton, 1. 15 p, m t 55n p. In,
Cincinnati, ; - • 7iUl p to
Eastern Way, supplying all otitceS
+ N,..- a _
between Erie and Buffalo,
Western Way, rupplying nii.offirrs
bPI wears hilt end elcrelen 1, e 00 p
Pittsburg & Erie, Ft Pittsburg R R., ts,:ar •.-
Edinboro tali Way s p.
Phila.lelpisie 4 lier,rsetairg. f m,QO to
Phtlasielpbse and Er►e Reilwey, i ~yl4•►Al
Wettaburg. Tbure
• days and Enturtl rye,
.- : ;.;,;:fki 4 s oh.
Office tourelrian •:, 7.40 a. re. to 500 p . ilk
SuoJey, othe.e, &open ,troui 7.40 to' %I 30 a -03.:
•- : ..• , • JOS; &l. iiTERE 1"f
R, Y. M. •
Erie; 013.144. Ibll4, if. ... .
Tull Luaus. uukl owl ngeablo
weather tells terribly uu Ilu.sP who aro wank
and diseased lungs. Many tire s tiering at
ibis tuue with stieettous et Ate hots's, aid
hags. - kftrunshilis IR bretTIIIIK a ry Com
mon *fillet There who tire -ttret4tsposed
to Colds, Coughs, artuuebois, Sc., should
avoid the 'tight air There are wavy prepa—
rations recurumetided
.tor these diereses, but
tbere is uuti a doubt. 'Mt that Dr- Strieklature ,
Mellitluuue i'eugh Haiwu is the bust remedy,
Ws /111411 t ktILIII&I at to enact cures Itt the t worat
cases of Cutghir, V 616. Brunekills, Asthma,
and priutarr easertof Coiisuiuptiuu.
ate., taut be proaore.l by the tVidowe, Crp&mat
awl next of Ain-tit_thota who have died -jailor
service of tlic United :Patel , ski), by soltliera
and Seamen who are disabled by wonnde re
ceived °lt diVesse contracted. upotLepplication
to O. r. @irrstu, .Literisedlitary anti
Naval_ Claim Agent. Otter in the Common
.Council Rodin, Wright's 'Block, corner 'state
and Fifth its , (under the iDispatch office.)
Erie. Ps 7 'y
We Dam just piinted a new form of pit
lease to Isaiah we call the, attention - of an
who are dealing in oil lands. 'lt was prepared
by one of the ableit members of our bar, ma.
hai been prOneunced by leveret oil men the
simplest and best form they have seen. Copies:
can be proahrod of ti. U. Francis, at Corry,
'N. T. Hume at Colon, and W. 0. White, at
Waterford. •
We call Special attention to the superior
styles of Wedding and yiaiti,ng Cards printed ,
at title office. , Having procured several litirf
fonts of type egpeoltilly for this kind 'of work;,
wears enable to print cards in a style equal
to thous ohtained in any of the larger cities.,
It is nothing less than foolishness for person,'
to go ebroad and pay 'extravagant prices for
engraved cards when they can get just as hand: .
Bolas ones at home for less than one.third the,
cost. tf.
BLeft[e =We keep conetantly on hand 41, *
large - selection of Legal Blanks, of appruveNl,
forms, such se Deeds, Mortgages,..Tudgment
sad CouunCn Notes, Summons, Subpoenas 'sct
may , ethers,mot, In such general use. Those ;
la need of these artloles, will find it , to their s
adevyatame,te give our office s call. tf
010; Al/CIIITCS SAm, the English Eros:
tour, in summing up his American expert
eneie, [ pays this 'striking tribute to the .
women of the Unitod Statm :
In al! sariousnese anti sincerity, f ren -
der to the young ladies o!' America the
tribute oti btoug the most aet.omplishati„
talkers in the world. Their reatti ‘ nese of
lietion, their facile tiow of ideas. their
quickness of apprehension. ere really and
trtily astounding."
Tea gteat importance ol• the port or
Wilmington to the Confederates may be
judged of from the statement 'of 3. Rich.
mood journal, that from October ISt4,
to the end of the year, the following arti
cles, with others, we're imported into Wil
mington i 5,63.1,000 pounds of meat. 1.:;07-
OW pounds of lead; 7,%33,000 pounds of•
saltpetre; 69,000 and 544,000 pairs of.
Oboes. - •
The popular vote in the loyal States in 14d0
fer President was. Lincoln 1,901,616, Douglas
sod Brecitinridge's vote combined was 2.024,-
1140, lesvinglincoln in a popnlar minority of
of 169,421. In 18&!, the poptiler vote in State
a/44)110ne wax. Democratic Republi.
c►n vote I,s33,939—Republican majority 47;- .
35.3. In 18e13 the Democratic vote was 1,315;:.
8110, Republican, 1,4tr,5,000, 'wit bout counting
the soldiers' vote.
The Boston Pat says : 1 Among all the
new banks gone into operation wo do not
perceive the name Of N. P.
We would rednifetttilly call the attention .1 the
to our ficillttesi for doing Job Prieting 01 every sleserip-•
lion. Raving rapid Preasen and the latest nty los utryi.o.
we are prepared to do anything in:the jobbing line, In e
InaIIDOT 414140 to any other establishment, and en tennis
LS muronable as the Outlet° or Cleveland ornces. Wo
lave aided neatly two thousand dollars worth of tnatn
rial to the office since it has hero io our pors..toque, with
the object or making It What we thought tim comment.
ty needed. flow well we have RIICCeI• led we leave Ilia
specimens of our Jobbing, which easy
,be area in evert
part of North Western Pennsylvania, to testily. Those
It) want tasty' work arm Invited to give no a call. We
ems do any Undo( Printing that cau he d.ire elsewhere,
—ouch for Instance an
All Muds used by Coal Operators,
All Mods used by ('oil Slippers „ . •
All kinds tiled by Coil Sellers,
All rind/ aged by Ilerthants and Storekadirra,
All kinds. used by Retailers and ti. oenz 8, '
(lath awed billannfacturere,
All kladriteed by Idsdlcuis Lea late,
All kinds 111.1..! by Auctioneers,
•II kinds eitedbpitailrea.: Aseut.,
All kinds used by "auks,
AU kinds used by iesutium.
All kip& used l.y Stuck tlannsuiesi, generally,
All thidit vied by Bnikeris, ,
All kind, wed by Cow. and For. H., •
Allll'oll - used by Rtyreas Men,
/allied, used by Priors...neat Men, '
All Winds used by I.ll,ency Sodot t ,,,
All kinds need by habllc l/dlres a,
All brads nip! by Peteote-e,
:All kinds used by Yro.lor.q. ni \ow 4111,1ri.
Alt kinds aged by Morel/ants oi at /4.3.4,
Alf kinds us-1 by A r.hiteots,
All blasts used by Dew armless Rolialdwitimeote,
All kinds used by Artie,. yeuerallr , . _
All kinds used by Exhibitors,
All blade used by lianagero of Social desdobl.a,
Alt Medi used by Political Mauer r 4,
all Mods used by Travelling ,
nand by, or seller...if real estste,
Ail kirtde used by the sellers at Pa social Prop sit
All blob rimed by Ito nterA
bi sib4t %All 11 ids 11•3 "by ail Clasen
Urdefs bpslailoben moat by leeponslblePartlee,prrjompt
ly attended to, Agents for :thaws, Concerts, Ac., whoe.
resnhosit. thy we are n•f a yuduted with, mnst pay fu
adTIIIOCII. In cues where peekagee'Are sent ont of lily .
city by evresimmi tbewersmAPTY whom:: they are laspJ! :
ed.ttave not I regulu accouut at the office, tea bill ~ter
eollectloa malt invariably be forwarded with them._
(NM% I. TIM "ffiiiiraviut avian arils,. STaTietriiver;
Ortouta tas.Pu,}..prique.
.iLflll44.3ll:l7loW—Two LLAILI AND Vest 011011 w
DOMINI If pall la adetace 1411/11 DOLLAR." U A9t
p. 1.1 uttllALle •tpiration rt the:y ear. 13 abealtero
.orted by - fault!' eillt ba eimniel rivet CICIW/11
pi*" la Daditiols.
LDITIPMFLEALOTI I -4.1&.• I.f Ten /Awe" •Neryl,
two I e.terti..• ; :here laser.
doer )1,15: - oat li[Otta a.o . 84, 1 +1 : rnnntitA
film eepaucess,sof > a Zranau .3A bA 4u it «i ftiAr+i
"hi* ""ctirmi!'" t• •"i f!'"orIli!`g" Mos
rut be alitly aableckaphir4 o b r y_pleM.
:markt, T.lrat the -IA of Vie T:ahr.thera. A 14,11-
Want 12,40 g • rre..aaree ltrotimerilt. o o; /Arca'
• Notinct Piet orate I,t;..V.arriaire . .NotlcalirwAA.T.A
ilea 914141 pite.l , , • .bqc.cry }4 . ,,tlces. • re..threelcnej,
- -IS eittelitt vitt. per Itwe. L 4.1
OAS INIPIONWIdtbe rer l uretet ttia vat ,
pet !toe h a4reettee !watt reel k etiattnueij,et .
the tbes.rr r .? advettletog, imatllor.:*.tel.
"diti , etto4; MADAN Feettid r ts
• :.:liireptitouo tat Ile Ithiattfon.
PA. ,Itattf hove . fle of th• towl"t .1"
00146 is thi hate , e t iej ere null to 4o on/ port!'
r itte.7l. Native to 6i: D i 41114Vitili
to may establhhinent embed, it thee oltaii;"r
wi,111191114N 4111011itcCHM•
• "• r • • •'
Pettiivnis, Iti ' untieS. ' kirtiori of 'Pay,
(111 Lease•
Wedding and Visiting Cards.
'ULM EYs' 314a1CAII1M-41,- okawbbe,4lll4ol.
Einir to tploetitly lustoni light &lad alto up dcw•
lurin siadtetiii. %Out...o'loin; Cm. Oa Teioofit of le
ir4ll. F9Olll. LP% .
1134 Bromplwax, N. Tert‘ it
. .
east*. 444reis
d ikf p, in
(4eB "Zweow