The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, December 26, 1863, Image 1

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The follotyimegastieere whaa lows tutu alleutad as our
orate la tha whroluMweardrb. lrlpooruSudgiot
to 00 d i n 0101211 or Job Wort, or to remit moan to
ns, eon do it through their hands :
copt.A. Papery
cwwhaid . it rozi s.
11 risky
V. s c truits At Urn,
S L. Potter,
ciip t. V. %%Rani
1 Y. Ploy,
1. Smith"— • - ......
Lyman Robinson, t
A. 1006 !.
/oho Notitthi, ..
iuley Potter
j a ,lo CArman, .... "- -
ET. W. ikrrisb,
D. W. Hutchinson,
AluOl Stone,
Nelson Seudp,.
P. Stranahas„
Ju a. null's. 5
p. R. Borrow's. Columbus.
litaTottY4 Warns.
J. I.
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J. G. Burilagtotwo,
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Irr. A. H
ju. CroCell, - Lamella.
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I W. Kojer.
1).• H. D 00141400......
Ilavard, .....
A A Ilarninond,
Chip in,
tt,;tr,rt Jackson,
N E.\\ GOODS !
1 1 / •
IHAVE opened the room N.. 2 French
Street, lo Reed Ream block, to close oat the
balance of
Of my own distillation in lisso and '6lwhieh I will cav
eats* ponies the grain itsel; and shall keep stoek
other Liquors, (including the "Old geosoralten Cigars,
ko. ke.
P. S.—l bare an A. l Pipe Boa Lumber Wagon, nearly
new, for sale JOHN W. SHANNON.
MRS. '• S. H. HALL
4' `•
' v 6 .814( • 41;ZA
Which will he sold
cir Particular attestiou PIO to bleaching, coloring
and preening.
Peach St, oth door above the Depot, Erie, Pa
THAT the variety of new style Bed
ssr, C a f s s t , J i ea h ns u eLsap d C o o t w h % t & tesrnn; Cmh.
serpentine and skinks:lst, handsomely veneered Barsaus,
Etiension. Dining, Breakfast, Coaster- and other Plikillks
Whatnots. Quaker Stands. Gasps' and Damask
Sole Beds, Hair and Sea dram Illattraimm, ilkaUsis Las =
and Bolsters with Giber nousehold flualtura. /M., ail
massufautared from well seammed c lumbar and healthy
materials, by en:maenad irorkessitand mot by apprentice
Tads. For style, quality and low prime 1 will defy gren
tro.price dealers to undersell ma— leathern bnustif and
sold. Cane seat, Parlor. Bedroom. liockiair
Harm and other Cimino!! Eastern and Weetntn MUM'
lostare, are klekory„dolled sag= wakiag them as
•liese IMAM att ta!t at itesee th ers made
end an only i I, andno means durable. Wood
Wind*, Rocking, Sawing a n
Muss, are chain of bard
stool rotate climbed through the mat and glued, war
rsaisd to stied. j3aadsamW, state; sod can't be Ma
to tor strong% grim sad finish: /beteg Bads. I tune
sold onr - 1106 - sloldlitsve the highest r tmitimonials with a
list of pins of all goods tent on application. Peeking
sad skipping ftse.
liter Oreyells aspartame and contending with an
yrineipeled two price &sum, I set determined to till
OM OEIIO all, give worth tot your pay, and So pasties
to ill who trade with me.
Lumber, Loth, Some a, pro Mock, Crudoon4 X.D.d
More Pay, Proclaim , RB I 'MOO 1111 fitir market valuad
for pay. Remember the place, melt corner of atia Anal
o a State, Erie, Pa. • Ci• 11r. ELLSZY
arn-tt. Itorefeet'r &ad Commies Salmiroom.
Sara-Tact Oran' al tha Park Ic Preach Mut,
Aoald riapacitally call tha attention ort/ 4 • A s
to hla lame Stock or
GROCERIES . ;AND' 71413TD310N5"
Which ho la desirous to sell ate
vow LoWinn , POssAtilAtir
COFFERS,. " 4 1
F• •
I. not raw.. id in the el% enjefts priopired to
W •
CI who winaktpi * wan.
Na alanicie — nejonstailly'on hand a innecior 7nei
too tfie w Walsh, t**lB, to whit& hi dfiLts . at mil
of thopshile:
saw. siumn NA •
& Peterson, zi•ver,%
--• It say of On • . I a i •
it i llii
übto of the acti?NtAX, %k . e ' _
-141101. I - 04dAtt - I
sr* LlAtosa, ica_tn& shilluessi.. ,
Wahl , I , ..: ••• - ' :.'s•rk
ijo i pi rth max* .
~.... t I
~..• ;‘,.
The Impartial WI iia • - 1 Id
Self Abase any beeftigtulkotio . -- ikt "41
endkims or th e den
...A..11110010•011)11. .
.. '
walnuts, a
vim, tit here clearlydiWeareit, rh• reeve
aadjaitik th ilesSeeld, ' ja Ws.
.brobil - oft, 11_11y.p , Alert ow tlir
coiblimi.% hisseet Waal P° 011 1"
We cad, thereby. avoiding all the advertised seatessoll'et
the day. Ib
Ida. la *due will prove • b••• 04 er"illbk
aed thou./ -,..t ..
Seat wider se.s‘is a plals unreal% lo My soldent
thereceipt arida orb, or two 14 01 4* statiry_bi , !
ansdag. Ds MAL .C. MAI
febl4l3-17 UT Botery. N ew York , '
ti ~- ,rnin (en Me /Mt
: • 1 . •-• •--4 a a aix",...: I r ;.2 . .
18ft SPRING. . - 1862 .
. mitocise.d,W9o4l , ' , ;
orrussiera aoods at Naar rock ttiai;l:
Putieg4 *totles pot 4 to Ilkseldsig sad
Atraara. !la. I (NOW MitajpkAlallarl m il = "l
• ,
Notice to 011 Refiners. •
I an rapaeolll•MUlrai.irr.OlL9RUOL
CAUsTIO 1/ODA. sod cum at Ik. banal
aiW V •
US prior. Ir. cal won Vitroljaz •
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kuotttetorrom, tbeskossologpuss to the • • too Or
daises •rro • •
1 •04.1. liwu ttatitd, CSUCH k MVO.
airway Brum, ,The
r laaaatattares at UN istaßlabasasl kaa-oll
taiga! a 'dila rapatatioN, Ordlara ea/WM est
Suet ca maws °math. braliellisalltyr bave i
datirand at who boor. Tapia Cut. 4410111611
Iraward: ,
--.11111 Creek.
...thubor Creel
tat Greene.
. Watt...bang
Springrld X Wds
P prince old
Plat ,a.
Cirarr. ,
...Fairview. ' •
...Cherry 11111.
Physiological Vie* of llrairiage.
250 PAGES AND 130 oily
away-invu OUTS. Rat bra af aostage to all
part of the Unica. Os the Infirleitha !lima lad
RisiltritYs dleei , oßt the wont tones s( DOM maw of
all 1 04 causing debility. Mjteios Of
spirit*. papillate* of the Mat, saishisillallt i tlarra.
biehiage. defective aterac s ,
x iadlepudied tad lade,
with conhastma of th laterset lloardtr
Reboot KM. a Dahl. 8 t hada-Teen Martha
'Lade, Be.,ke. It Is • trailers I adviaartieDienearried sad
thole coaleaplattEr w r i iace, whin - oallmtala secret
doubts of their ph eiseditieds% an eau.
ecious of the and
privileges t orffeh every human Vit ill jtr i i.
YOUNG WIN who are trhitled INSVINIO gener
ally, sued by a bad habit in youth.thCallhate of which
ane diat eses. plus, forgetfalaews, aosellinsie s thighs,
is the easa.mosh =ahem of the task sad lower
extreallies, leireLloas at tramery, with
am erseiMm en _ho enuesl TTh i T h the itittleore'WDW Phtitla
Werbeasabelleco grattew_partraf the last year. devoted
our Urns to wh ar
illiag the aropeaa llospitain. availing
ourselves of thslaowledr sad researches of the moat
shined physicians sad purports in temps sad as the
Clositiswat. Those who plass theenealves leader oar ear*
will new have the falLlmweelit of the loamy Kew sad
Efficacious Ressediss which we ar* enabled to tetrads**
Into our practice , sad thkpabile may rad mural alias
Nam sea. assiduity. SICCESCIr sad satiation beteg paid
their cease, which has efe succaudhl4_ dhdlagaishad
hirstolore. Lea Physic/eh la oar rsauLitit department
of prohislosal practice, for the past treaty-Ire years.
Faxsou Fas.u.a Plum—Ladle@ whit aisle for arediedas,
Use elleacy which has bass tested la tbousaads of wee,
wad never is to elect speed/ entree withoat any bad
malts, will ass woe bat Dr. Dithaey'e Vernal. Patio&
cal Pills. The only cremation to he observed
is, that ladies should not take then If ley barn reason
labelling, they its lace/lair eitswiliale [the particulars
of wbiettwill be found on the wrapper aseompuying
each hoe,] though always so ash ail healthy, ao gentle
yet so active ere they.
Pries Pt per box. They ma be leaned to any part of
the United States.
Crave cif
1 f
...91itwarVi, Pa
laiodar, '
Warren Co , Pa.
TO THIS LADIIN--Who used • comtiloatiof medical ad•
visor with regard to any of thaw Woman aomplalota
to which thole delicate timpaMtotio• amodasthout liable,
aro partimilarly larltsd to Molattt gm •
Tie "Iturcrio•OAtwoo Potrtiorria"—tor swarriad
Who whorl health will not admit, or who have so da
sh* to Immo their hall*, mu bo obtained as above.
It is perfaetly ode, and has bees' aztemilvely wed daring,
the bud sight years. Price Mooed to $10:
Treatise as the ammo/ Prwwwkwa Dormg wham
wanting. AN yobliotai, at let* adowiar s t , ha *Wiliam
'owes* aid revelator asset bawds. bobli ado sad
fiotte a llf attfatid high ; pamitep dui ties
tiro am* . iratimme, art diairp4ag Mei* trit•
pia .0.010•04 a. amt.
wig g
ig aid ly me riamtpt 41 two )m att Shaw
rr Attend/moo daily. room S to the sooralag till 9 at
-Itr i =attluadays'frola 2 SIDI p. m.
with Tall dinfeticma mat to gay part of the
Dotted Matta or Canal* by patlanta coommaidaatiog
their symptoms b,vlatter. Boatmen correapoadooco
trieihr roaddastial.
Ur Di. Wm 0111 a la @till located aa astahlbilow4
12,der the name of DB. L a-DBO No. 21 Malden Low,
-Albany, N. Y. ang2l4ll
Tie Universal Clothes Wringer
No.l, Large Family WrMger,..... • ..$1! 00
No. 2, Medium Family Wringer, 7 00
N 0.2%,, Bedlam ?molly Wriaisr, 600
No.3„dmall Family Wriarir,...... 6 60
No. I, Large Hotel Wringer • 1100
No. 16, lied's= Laundry,s to nut Otani/ 16 00
No. 22, Large " 1 or hoed, $ . 30 00
Noe. 236 and 3 have no Cop. Allotbore are warrant &
N 0.2 is the tin generally used to private famdlies
ol the
Orange Jadd of the ..4meriesit Agrieultaralist," says
Universal Clothes Wringer:
"A child can readily wring out • tab tall of clothes In
N. minutes. It Is In realty • CLOTH= SAVER I •
et grannenta wiii alms psy• lawyer orataireim Hemet.
We think the leasidae numb more then :AYR FOR
rre ELT EVERY YEAR In the saving ot ganneeta I There
az* several kind; nearly alike to general constractie
but we consider It impirtaat that the Minder be fitted
with bop, otherwise • sow or presents urge clog the
rollers, end the rollers upon the enisk-shatt slip sad tear
the clothes, or the rubber break loose trees the shalt.
Oar own la one of the Met mak; and II le as 000 D AS
NEW atter seartryOUß YEARS' CONSTANT lISE."
z Pee r wingtax Wiry coo rrazits is WAR
Niininger sea be dyable Meisel Cog Wheels
flu Jut utartod from
A flood CANVASS= wasted is every towel
0* receipt elks pride from plasm white as owe
is selling, we will send the wringer FIZZ or urns&
For parßeatars u 4 airoalati„ address
• Le. BROWNIxa,
arpSl3. $l7 Broadway, N. Y.
These Mulle n maks the lock.stitch alike oe both
side, and use tem than loathe thrum! and silk that the
single or double thread loop- stitch Mac inse de ; will
Hem, Fill, Gather. Cord, thuid, hied. a e.. and ars better
adapted than thy other Sewing Machine in !me, to the
inquant changes and gnat variety of sewing required in
• bun*, foithey will sew ions oth to twenty thickness
es et klansitikm without stopping, and making every stitch
perfect, or Groin the doss* .genes to the beevied beater
cloth, or *vita 13i• stoutest harass+ leather, witbopt
chariging the feed, needle or tendon, or milking aay ad •
Jute: Wet of Ithithlue whatever ft
They are 'Lapis In construction and easily understood;
aad if any part is broken by saddest, it is readily re
These ire 11501:11.1•111 7.1011, Rad W far US ' deter= ins
the choice of any intelligent buyer.
Plarrea - Call 1111# orasod for Circular.
N. B —Local ,fireets srantod lb spatiaa oat yet sees
pied. Address. •
- FINKLE it AMIN, 311. - MIN g „
asel3-Iy. No. 638 BIIO.I4IWAY, BIT YORK,
Wad mr i tha Parkletrat te Bassi.
• .
ch4gea te past fssera,l " rioestiatti l ,
tense the dibble of DM smd. Wed Selak,
sad rental the Gallete
m prdir sammiad
Chambers, vises bets le Mars%
P , If 0T 0 0 4),' A - I P H ,
; •.t
"+oar aura Divianix , To 4
L re; S. I Z 'E
te . '- e '
.4 •
iS e r t emlar attestbm ftiHrmk•eard. Clea.
HNI17011,1) nis tw arsumgm:
innernmem. Prost.
I • rftlinnuturolicoxkiali
D e aII!INIUMICVT. a we.
• .•iikoRAITD 047. od 4 i .
c. 0. Bowl . Prig!. - 4 St a blfiktm e t'' -
14817110 NE in tie''' ' 4 , k(aidaaft?"
' Jaashts..".'uitu
c ....
b ~.
‘ 4 1 7 ... - ' 47 / .1 , : ri) . : f "
. . I/ -r. .'
i 011 . 1 ,' :--
~... -• se / / / '/ / . ,i ,
..., . .
. ';',o, ~
.i.44. , nom.lidioit imaxiitiss. ,• - H .'. 1 '
• -k.
• :44i tas lbs == , =. P 4. '4'
l '
(• N )
-irn If I otoafikiyan . l . 4.o 4 i D., !I vri t .
Willi* rimmosnisl_ _ iscro. ,
slearisstisiiiremi /kr Ifiteartorrormliterakbook
akkHlkiek --- - -
,4„,.„ sr 1 , itti l li
is aster sod re.
: r
•, ir. sin,
„,....r ,
"- • - f ^' aS a - rail - ' ' 'I . NM^
..atts 4l --,
skr the most likankiter sal e _
tfalltAB iplll4ol tot aberit rilliblil lisass • • win*,
orsiormor Sy griviskira at K. . I, • .OP .. 1
.. l itioi. 46euirr,daiirse4ai , 'ilarksoi4lk :
i - Yr* the lakmakwerriror 44 rip •.•• ,- . • •i.ii list all _
sonqukUsesksirsa Rapid , , • , : ,
et ass WI libkwimitlie mei PO. as!
r e lo4ll l ll°l " ' J 11111416144,
• Mittraid ir thoHlokilikei Oaks 81. 1 4 41 4 m
' i .................. __
.---- -..
'' - tro''. Li - , 004 4 1.41 • •
00AL I I . SWIM wilUoirall i ttl a
Vv .es ' .t . r.r. , -S stir pid Or-t il ire i'i agglif
ess i Mai et VoiNigNiffroSsosog
*1111.1 " 111 ,11si Not
OLD° _ ____. al; ; „,,, i . , 1 4 1
••. ,-- •• -
• - , COAL AUX
:.---• ince .--- . - 4 i r o k t
, .
• 1
. • ; t•
The bylnr Wile.
Lay the rein *polo . toy Woozy let ass *el toe owed; vie*
Tore itisoge chill o'er me pules, tad I know that it to
deioth ;
I would gate upon the bemire, ,cutely given, Wm I
go ;
Feel her roll, diwplst ilogemerander Wet my chest of
. -111110 W,
I am pawing throagb the waters.; bat the bleated s►ore
.41 41
Kneel beat& me 6.154110, de sree, let me km away the
tears ;
WriesUe with thy grief, my hnstuni, attire from midnight
day '
limy prove ao angers bieeetmg a hen it rauLthse away.
Lay tha gem upon my bosom, 'II. ant long she an be
there ;
Feel how la my bawl ahe nettles— tit the pearl flay* to
wear ;
If in OW yaws lanai thee, Ala soother in m► chair—
Month her voles be tweeter music, and her We than
than raise more lair ;
Ireeherab esti the• tither, ter in :re beaut.fial than 1610,
Love my dnt•bern I 06, toy hubs:ad! tnru not Irani the
hereemettmei of her mother.- you raj Cali bsr by
Bidet, her from the trio le of sorrow—lf sheerir, oh. po
tly blame
Lead heraosestimes where Tm sleepiny, I will assurer It
alea sal V ;
dad my Meath will stir her rluzleds, when my Toles In
bleeds' ;
Lad but awn blue ayes will briablea, sad she'll wooder
whets:wit cams--
to bar lurart when years pars o'er by, she will Aad bat
mother's lase.
It le aid that every mortal walks betweeo two soots
hem ;
Orm records the Ills, but tasty lt; V beton the midalarlat
&tar • '
Lan repeatoth; Ilnneenaled theta, he eels It for the
sties, •
And the right lama anget waepeth, bowitii tow with
. yelled .)es.
I mill b her tight hand &aga r Man g up the good for
Striving that the midnight eratohes lind no minima ne
forgiven ;
You will not forget me, husband, rhea I'm eleeplag
'oath the sod, . .
Lora the jewels God has given us, as I km* the*, nest to
—Pirated Planar.
He Telli All About Ghee's:
The &idea Post gives the following sketeh
of the lecture of Mr. Browne, - (Artemns Ward,)
on 'ghosts,' recently delivered in that city :
The lecture commenced by expressing his
regret that he had been lately troubled with
bronchitis, and found it difficult to speak, but
he congratulated himself that he was not la
the Army of the Rappahannock, for people
rtite amputated there for the slightest. causes.
Ile kaew of one young man who was suffering
from the measles, and the surgeon of his regi
ment, 'homes formerly a respectable house
carpenter, amputated him. ' Giving his views
on some old saws and sayings. he expressed
contempt for that which tells us to 'rise with
the lark.' 'I have,' be said, 'no objections to
the lark, but I prefer to rise with gold,; which
MOeat the lark rising. Another -saying is,
'Death is like steep,' and so are stones like
rooky. `but I prefer being rocked to sleep to
being stoned, to death. Eloquence is very
much like ginger -bread, we only want a hunk
of Kat a time. Oratory is not my forts. Still
Dave the gifeof eloquence. I have not got
it bad, but I have got it some. and in a few
Instances I have prodi r eed remarkable eff e cts
with it. bt Michigan, at the closi of one of
my bursts of eloquence, a young lady said
she would have fainted right airay in the hall,
only she did not look well is a swoon--none
of the family did ; besides, fainting was not
fashionable there at that time. I cannot write
such a lecture as Mr. Everett and with all due
difference to him, I don't believe Mr. Everett
can write such sileclUre as I can. I have a
pest lortfor nornhiss....aed, like everything
that is new, exeapt. .neuraigia. There are
Many Old 'dilate that: aret' /. .nortiV:eiliglpg to,
however,' 61d friends, old hOnieti, old books
and old Bourbon (in cases of sickness,) sad
esptfelatty the Meei-atilijeets bad
occurred to me as appropriate for in; lectures,
before I determined to talk about the ghosts.
One subject that suggested itself was .Brig-.
haul Young,' but I don't kiwi mach about
Mr.' Young, except that he lives in Utah, and
is somewhat married. Astronomy, also 'oe.-
tweed tome as a subjeet for it lecture, until I
read in one of Emerson's Rooks something(
about hitching your wagon tn a star. There(
is ne necessity , tor Jtiteiting ' your wagon tot
anything, utiles, r a horse is attached to it-1
and if a horse is siseerviiidtached to a wagon;
*Would not run away under any cirousH
stemma. -.Candidly speaking, I was- not, ciem.'
potent to deliver a lecture on Astronomy.'' • I
I had hem, nontWd you of the marl
and thingai:ningl; s,lot,folkitet Y4 lPlM
the - in*lntereilitai O(iiiilchTtnitiithe‘Bouth
ern Owes, I suppose einulstto '
!Ihysitsai tulturg',lS now. .tk popish's., subject,
bolyewheins' than Illtithip lectures od
qt, suit leetnri
that 1111116144' and
he lifts ItetS.4)f{l / . 4 :0 1 e4 . ,F te° •: . '
iloctsiredla a Wottsselty its( wintr,nad
41.iltss'if tirelvd rani hullos. whose ,pait,'
rtrrtWillbsg,'Would„jttep forward, I wou l lii
IstlatOtine at a UM.°teem!' In thirtat y -
P1". 111, b, it4on hskto learn theft
ee4,,ord I &banditti,*
,ddidaitt' 4 ' 414 1 4 1 4 11219 AkeriZ 1
oh '01044*40' tiTV'PranW4ndinqr
'ttroddr,peldadWigutOL:talnyetie, ,blit its 44
.04i, 1 - % '' *: : 1 1. 1 4,..1 1 4 I . iinl,'l# l 7, I*,
'tlStIS AP . . `l . i TA:plow thinks. ..of aing,r .
m , 4 ,. :,:.' . .fil:4oo*.liebia inii4ir bib*
—4 .4oool4t*MT** l o l : 'hi* 10.
~irr a ia l lOr. ?re,aaii liaeial #lllO :
bsEa l ' l*gststsk i iraiiirl'iSt„ . ' c liiiki Weil
, 11 ! 1* .k# 1 ! 411 Mi l i t .4 11414 . • .th'*o - : ill S.
deithires*lstitttre. lieittbAltotid among t
ii4O4ealBlir-liffit'SWubjeet of a war 0 ":
Engluelitiegis not tremble but
'Oollessifsialltiilhithkllotfell ilifl(diai 11116
'4l/i414 iniiiisial hint* each' lime With - 164dt
ktilej. t.* /4 0 ,:e1 16 0 504.- .66 4, k i i) .
1 4 ,3 1 ,4 1 0 04 . , tall ' "' an ' ' *er.ikr , •"Ar;l 4-
_ se isseilfis good subject. I dois Wails gitlig,
V il lit4 l4s l l l r At nan ' bil "
04 himilt4.l4fitr.ft=wi. irip t i l tro*
weakimet.44,ll•l*lll?c4l- ' i 4 iiiiiollf;k 4 .
give' - ISit'il'enli - ttiCU l :%f i . WOVIA gin* *it , 1
4 1 404:0 i 4 1 ,10 r, thy, 4.riliti*lo.. Tit
ill.Sps l 4. l oo4.*Wtr'aliarlirilf =Om Oat
_ ,_,,,!..,,
061610mslissrsed w a 4otts be said farewell iola
rialjtavo, ilit's h la part.' t ~1 4 ,4# 1 0:
itiAll *14;44 t! vas' ioe 444.4J.iit_
! i me o lprii
Tb tirbilfries are,
liiikeisol i * I 4 0 , 1 ; 1 1 4- !MIC llic
budgie% BiliPtiviol atAie giliii«4
r": 146 ,0 1, 71 0 7*** *60,01 Pr 0 hi 464
, ,
r~Rfl PA, SATURI)Ay M9R24 . ING p .DECE MBE R 26';''issj
I I , •
Ind all their habits '
are 'goal. perhaps you
think I change my btO lei' much, arid: 'that
ought to Move forward 'on' the ghosts at once,
but have been repu!led and am demoralised.
The irreatmerit of thin lecture is that It con
tains so many things hatdo not have jetty
thine to de with it. There is one good thing
abotit speaking of so many things at ,once. I
don't detain you long on ally, of theta ; as the
man mid of the yellow fever,. there is one
thing abont it, tit, don't detain you long.' Am •
talon is an interestiag topic.. but 'unpleasant'
to some beceutte Clar was killed for his am
inj the market-place.. lie was kilipd
by/lentils. There may have been some /amtse
for iirutue, but where was the police while the
riot Was going on? Confidence Is a desirable
;. ,
poseession bat vanity and pride are disagree
able. Bolts people feels pride in their own
abaimment, but it's ad implement Article in a
basement Or a drawing room. All taten'should
Imiecoalidenee, buttot to be confidence men.
Poeitively; upon my honer, 'Poetry' never oc
curred to me as•a snidest fora lecture.
It is a pity that some newspaper poets had
noC,tsten born bins, for, then their lays would
bail* some rains per provided they,bad.
lived near the market.' I think, however, of
and entirely new subject ir lecture—
'Slavery It reqnlies an able mind, which I
happen to have - ill mg at the present
time ; but would yeti: listed to me for four
hairs on the topic? I will cow call, your at
tention to the subject of 'Absurd' people.'
dual takti the liberty of' platting it the class
of (.beard people the at hoes Illinois, who,
when theTrinee of Wales rode down Itroad-
Wei, said; world rather be that , man than
President of a temperance society,' also, a
wealthy 'old maid who built a
. magnificent
hoisseound would not live 'in it bawluse there'
was 61°10 window in, it; also the conscript who
claimed to be exempt because he had such an
appetite; also, the landlord in the interior of
Vermont, who would not have any glais put
in his windows, because he 'said the sash 'would
keep out 1 the coarsest of the cold; and the
'Mho, wheeon returning home, found hie wife
and children and • relatives' murdered by the
Indians, Walked up and dowii in a tragic man
ner before the smoulder* ruins of hie devas
tated abc4e, and said— , My wife and children
aid relatives -all gone ! This , is really, too
The last subject of which I
thought was the war. When I was 0 - Ip
prentioei to the printing :busienss in iNew
Aampshire, having had e, dontroVeny
with my, employer, I ran away. I had no
Money, and could not' beg, so I balled at' a
farm holies and asked ilthey had any 'clacks
t 4 mend.. They' said yea, and wished-I would
ilk it. I took the clock to pieties; sie niy :fin
n„Lr, and then looklugnat the • table,. where
ley the countless wheels; I Ittuite•thst I neier
could poi the clock together again., Se I told
Lite folks . that I was dila''', and , would go out
ind get some fresh air, and I fled across the'
meadows like the bright : 7 *i initiate, or any'
thing else that pee quick: Those politicians
who went to work ttl'tiikti titri Union clock
to pieces to ikelietiettiver Meant' to
Put it together again. They have stolen their
Oinner, but . they'wilt 'not restore the clock. I
haven't, told you much about the ghosts and it
is so We now that there is no time. But I
Shall speak in San Francisco in about fotir
Weeks from this time, and xll who hold'lichetg
to the lecture will be Admitted free. Mr.
iiirownes address is an eminently cheraeter
,one. and should bo heard to he rally ap
In 1800 some Southern States-alleged that
jtheir sister free States, hating a numerical
ImajoritY, had determined to govern them upon
a WOO, pat . tittrtind not Agreed to be gov
erned upon—.slavery, and therefore secoded
from the Union. The evidence of this deter!
mistation they found iti the election' of Mr.'
The free States were at that time
(Ridded into two classes of thinkers, ' one of
which held that numerical majority had a
right ta •gevers on any .subject. They were
the:Republicans. . The other Maas held that
the sublime' of government were few and well
,diOned; and that. slivery was not one of them.
They were the Democracy. But white - the
-Desocisey agreed 'with the South upon the
objeata l ef tbe' gantrid government, they de- .
pied thlit the election of Mr. Lincoln was'evi
,4.l3o4l.t litl,lSttrkK or determinatioti of the
feel antes to usurp • power not given to than'
by the bargain, from which' only any rights
'over smite States scorned to other States.—`
Mtey Altered front the „liepublietrut is' to. the
Autithrp• the
. Southeriilittatee Se to the
Tke-etrie broke out. It was ostensibly sad
!eotila ;be honestly: for no,othei purpose then
ia 04441 obidienco tO' s the 6uit'itutiou ; in
'90 1 . 1 . 1 V 11.101 1 / 4 to compel adhesion- OA contract.
Asmucteitsfcoadstot.was the most, sisup)c, plain
Sad 1640%1 , thing is the boMd. olit..etes 3nst.'•
'aiour>e of% stsififr's officer" to
"'Noup;lFU:siieilirc officer.
Witi* , .wakiallfr , itt,,forsa4; „ ott entering hie
prelaisca, sofusesesul •bisnki4kag the cove.
lekloititnt (Ike spoon., dansundog the wooien,
‘iniekiiiilit , te'pletri, -- fying - 44'bernit; would
the idr,o4o , tie #ll tikeli !Oink likely
40 4 %**44 1 4 " 1
i lorsOly:flot i t sod yet'thattslost reeisely
,4to *firptiktitilthich this Ontinistrstlott has
ite 1410141011 1,44, to
Demoarsis nap' fate Wen.% killing the
.4?;r 0 ) , .14 4 Yets mt.& .tiottbertt symit,
ittrui" "Attie' iota 104 in pneitetie the
op*** '447 flt ‘ ll ol l ors ,a peeessionittt."
Pliarkstrees iiatrookinttleeplowsllllll fi dig
;a g o ba s er 4.11611 arei*Copperhesd "
irtf t Fittae Presidgett3 , let timer vr,
* j ut tb i k ee o t ?'s Ne r t . h
t' 4 I 4 IW.,IY.DP. 'Ka* tra 4 F 2 "lit
isesOlistiot , to be 'for thedlonstitittion—se
OW Milo sea still lielieste ; and I! it
ftir ettn i stifttleoa it woold
44.‘111 (
4" . 14 i id e l ft l ig S t e'. ibiL
0/141101Stritimlit. 0 114 14 e* 40 jile Southern
taliaggfefongia "roof •stlileit•Was wanting to,
i thertithi Tbori scioirikais &hurray la '
ilip t ssi the einn'ilitsttarm
As*Ablii °6 11 0 4 ' l4 r' AIL
:8114111m1001;ba lnks 4 ;4 ll .l4 9 , ll lll"intst l "
moo o f fiat eleaLt .the De-
Iribt Ilettot.l That ptilot
hostOtAilioti to i 1 heart's
jA i betholtstert ll ollote piharteter
ikisltt9l9l4'.*a*POlMits,wsnlatnt; longer
lfikt loollho 441111OltotiOIS oftito Placed States,
ihrttlify o 'WOW iii litirtlt,ta ire a Cog. .
01446. , to* eel/ to free sieves
whit 14* eAtidoe spiai 4,ttlous• woo
vii i I: 1 / 4 I t .tvott
I' *,''' •
. . . ,
_:_ i , ~.. (.1,1 1 : a; A : . I ':'• .
i ,
'.-- - .... - .. frff: 77 :;-,%• ;-
1. . .-.) _ 't 'I .'•
- .
.. ; 1
.... . , . .
. ,
. .
The IlMildism Wu hay.
1 ' 4 , 1 "iv::11... ..:::i; I Ctl _ 4 il::+1.
forfightpkg aolt,lo i -opmpel 91* a ! toptHea bs
South Ciroiies of leessolptietta lueltitoos The
Dertioarioy adhere to 'tie Snit and only proper
object, the restOritioo of 'ha
j .
'A Smack an !School;
A District School not far away,
. 'llll Berkshire hills, one winter', day,
Was hamming with its wontwl noise •
three-scare mingled &le anj boys- 7 -, . -
Some few upon their task hard,
D'ut more on furtive athichlet bent ;
And while theinaster's downward look
Waa fastened Oa s etgrboolo— j •
•• Rose loud and clear s rousing smack I , •
Aa't was a battery of bliss 1 ,
Let off in one tremendous kin!' • '
.1111utre that r the startled muter ales; •
thir," a HUI, hap copilot, - • •
",lath William W With, it you ;death,—
I saw him kith Thut banns Peathe r•—•
With frown' to maks a stator, thrill, .
The muter thundered atorg.wiur,
Like wretch d'ertaken Oa his tuck,
'With stoles chattlee on We hick,
Will hue his brad in Mr end shame,
And to the metal promo, carve.. •.•
A great, greeo, bashful simpleton, ,
The blot of all tun,
- With smile suppressed suthirehlipralled,
The threatener falterad*4'm aseeked
That you, my biggest. mil, should a•
De guilty of an act sci rad, I v
Before the whole set school to boot - '
What *ell pubis put you to•tr
yea she haesel4 sir, gobbed the lad,
..1 didn't 61011111 to he so had ;
But when Saunas shook bei earls,
And whimpered I wia *aid of girls,
J v I couldn't stand it. 1 1 14 , 2a1l
Bu t t op and Lined her on the spot,
I know—boo hoo—l ought to not,, '
nut somehow from hoz toot—boo boo,'
I thought eh, kind 'blot cute t"
Letter Ire= Myer JaeX lbovetkag.
WAIIIIINTOX, Dec. 10,1863.
Sus: Whet:i l l - writ you last, the 'Masai*
warn't finished. Wet, With a time as we had
in finishin that! doeyment yon' never did see.
The Kernel and I set up all nibs long three or
fore niter, but it was nigh about ospossibnl
tti get it to‘ snit- him. Re would get itlined,
an then' Seward would cum in an sly it Was
too hold. Then Chase he'd cum an 'say it s
warn': bold enuf ; and 'finallYl tailed him to'
make it as Old Deacon ttrimen did his oven.
lie wanted to know haw that was. Wid,,/ I
tailed him it was this w e y ; The Deacon built
In'oven facia to the North, wen one of his
L i
unborn cunt along and 4e4 that would n ver ,
do, as the North wind would blow rite i the ,
mouth of the oven. So the old man turned
it around, an put the face 'to , the South.,
Pretty soon another :tabor num *king, en ties
he„."Desocin, it winnower do to have that oven
face the South,, for there ain't say stied so
blustering as the South had." So . the Des
,con turned it around to the West. Pretty ,
aeon a malt cum'along, and ses he, "Deacon,
don't. you ; know that. the worst showery' in
burrycaues we have slways• cum from the
West? it will never do to lace your oven
that way." So the Deacon determined -to
change it 'Around to the East. lie hadn't
more than gat it dun, !Afore another, tutbur
!bum along, and ses be, t 4 Why, Deson Grimes,
I:in perfectly astonishedl to see you Milian an
1 oven an facia it to the East. There ain't `any'
wind so searchin an penetratin as the East
wind, writ will blow your fire all out of the
oven." "Wel," see the old Deacon, perfectly
discuriged, "I'll suit you all. I'll build my
1 , oven on a pivot, an weu you cum along you
' kin turn .it around jest as 'you want it."
"Now," see I. "Kernel; that's the" way 10-fix
! your llessige." ties he, '..That is a feet ;'fhb
only trubbil is to - fix on a pivit' on whieb it
kin turn." "Wall," see I, "that is the easiest
I thing in the world.' Take the nigger for tbe
pivot, an it will suit eVery man in your party.
The, only difference.between 'em is, that some
don't liim to loot him square in the fees.
' That sort kin turn your Meesige arimnd 'a
little, an thee' they will see the nigger siiie
ways ;•and ' thoie that can't stand that, :kin
I turn it clear around, an then they will see
the nigger in the .baelt, but it nigger
all the time!" The Kernel sal it wsii•a espi.
tel Wee, anti liViaient, to carry it out. It wnt
noised around that the Kernel was comin nut
: with some big thing in his Meesige . an.every.
' Congressmaii; wen he got to Washington, , rtut
rite to the White House io ' give 'the' Kernel .
advice. They' nigh about run him 'to &tit;
"Wall:" ses I, "Kernel, make believe' YOu've+
' licli." "Shoo'" eery he, - "that won't do et,tilt
of good. I've `died it often, and they hors '
me was khan ever."' "Wit," - sits ti "tell
'em you've' got the ses.rlet 'fever. In. Mit will
' sears 'mu` sway." The Kertiellsaid , tl was tai'
flat-rate idot,:na so It was sanonneed itt• all i
the piper's ihst the Preitident hid' that , scarlet)
fever; . but it' didn't [do mnel rind. Xintni
staid away; but the eraniyet=was tremenjen
"Now." see T, "Kernel, thistin.:teoTtimil; Ante '
it is Ailment time for Ciongreas to - ,MOOt, attfitti!
Messige dun yet. Jest let the reporters.p.e
pounce thif7You've got the
.smati poi, 4 ,
there won't be a 'mother's' son of 'ern num:
Wi ihiV,-gutiehot __iifllc, • ____,iu.;yheti . YOti : 1 k itAi
your Messige, - put lit'ibittpateni plviaf,'4 .. '
grease think, tip' - geherallY; 2 so -they'V , rtin,
hnotheryeiti wlthatit iteetilwg."-' Th'ei- Kerns{
1 sod there was. ne 'diet way thin -te Jo 'it!'
Wen it golliut that the Kneel thail•the intall'
I poi,: yell ` haver isieJ "clan taint. Allis White
fl tinse wis'a i gli: iboalt detterteiiptin it: sestina,
likes &Massy up.,hilldsiite: .. The torrid tkd
Sett- tile dawn tor:hie . hisosige, :se..weched NEC
' a beery?: lie aril het r epoldiAlierc ANN* &kit'
thing in: ahem -arieril*P. (Ow**. A. 1 . 112 ,t4r_1i!
were laid. —Atati- so - he did. Wen he gc t itit i
fib hevealit6l•Bolretti ned-rti it 10,11 ilkl , 1 1
He said. Wing. deciiel. • Then, he,-cent. top
Lehasei as he pod -itetes nitrite. t,'lllopr,""•lfeli
I I,: "Kerne. sent SO PlTlLT:DlP!ikf.e.rall as,
see how ; hen: like , •W:',.•4 l .o ll 4 l .Fifit. l 4 64' '. l kflt
•Ksmitti , l4ed fil., o ,*:.4iiitatt!!*4riri li ti ... L. ri' yr. i1 , ;'!1.4 elkwic', 4 l P ie w it e
I Disemyersts; remind. hie of a
, st'ext pbo i ntlbasi4
Mt" ii?-,°'At- Y i ol l- ,t 4 -, .J°l4_, `
erne ;-Illicks i t if'
I youngAlog`wicti ris e, erg, erg Bm tot . ... ,iilio:
one he tali him alkng a it,h , itiii:: . l is thhi.
very fi st Ste th - g.i liiiiiii 4 4 4deetilfbirotO ,
away hertut - psipla- sad iiiiiiitla 'ltkiliss4;igt
JOsl eeelli:neeerlreli Ile dog -i4 bier's in 1 12 4!
Wet.'. Now,.au iiisoft - lowa* Vizerxliinsur .
-tigatc;„:lberfrowinthiflbrins , i? ,'
Issued my. insinciPso4 ?roOlguitkiii , b"4' ..
Uld JR, an ,by ill &Ow: . 1 ":.° 0 Ofirt PO! Pift I Plkik
they:have .ISe:wet lillatMe4',W:Plit,Pill : 4
NW , ,' 'i n( i li , l# ( !ral.2t , V./ Villiol'
hetlo, en, - ,MOM I #o.o7tr l M l 4o#l, l/ 4 1
War Dimity crater cOf 07.0'.11,41.7:„.,i,,., - " 4 [;` '
I ; 41
' ; * 8 1! - 1C erT4CT If li l l Yr Y4 , e !: . T ither 1 ', 14,
Vl ' t 49 ilial i D 4l .._
__ l• frt i P . .,l- ' . - •th, 4 . , ; - !!'!fN e rti
yea beestisn'they. kenegeoleu was Won.
Atkin the Voiontilcut litli:yla' iko ,7thi
.!!a I `
title three year old child mu .away
Irian lane' ind mine\ over to • neighbor's
o'eloCi in ' the evening;
'llei"iiother ha 10 14 to the welrfot: a
I ,lttittter, surprised at seeing
her out al, ao low+ so' boor, we asked t i er:
"Are you'imit afraid tonome so far from home
'koidibt?" "Oh, no, sir," replied the eontid•
lig little Mini, OM got on mother's' hood " 4
1 1 , d, '
• •I to•
&flil!' ploosigersoa see that you won't Love the
[Niel batik any hot, they will say you de
oel4d,"ecus, and you may tiuJ '.w the most
Actilettliwkme mistomers you've yet : had to deal
wins,'- Tiniki moat to sustain the : government,
lent qbw wercith : ey see that you wouldn't sustain
it,: ti4y may t`r - on you wue than the Cop.
peritiiads knee," and see I, 'Kernel, you jiet
get tbe 'Dimmycrate \ uoited, an I I shudn't
wonder if they stud be \ after thiar - and when
lei all yens Miss Nancy V..bolishiniAs look
oat, for there won't be as tai ch left of ens as
theta Wu of RIR Peeler's" d,, after isle pen•
lbw. ilia." Set the Kernel. see h ."how much
wits' 'pair "Wal, see 1, —Bill always NA
&et* 'warn% nothing lett but the Coar be
bed round hie , neck, and the tip eerTil 4 his
4111 .c:Abollt an inch long." "Wel," see \ the
Kernel, "Pee got to go ailed, no matter wk.
donl like it. or who gits licked in the At,.
l'ox; In the Abolisitin bole, and you can't
;- '
*twit now'eny more than 'you kin put Lake
Stiperier iq a : quart battle.': B,:e I, "Go
obsti, Kernel; I tillers like to see a mau bold
as i l : strong on his own principles. There's
uothin like pluck. -Let everybody know jilt
whatyou mean, and then if they support you
it Le i their own fault " ' "Wel," see he, "ain't
I plain enuf this time ?" "Yes," ses I, "Rer
tiel,iall but the amnesty, part—that's kinder
pettyfoggy." "Wal," see he, " Majer, men
that coke' see a hole - through a ladder ought
to bi. humbugged." See l. "Mebby that's so,
but; we :shall all know inote about who is
hunibugged and who Isn't, after the war is
ovek:"• t : •
Bat! novae did see ptiopls so tickled over
the .Messige as the Reputlikins till are. They
twill is jest the thing , that it is going to
wipe out 'slavery, and pritirent the "Union as
it Was" ever being restored; and then it is
dun so cutely, that a goof bunny people won't
seithrough it. That amnesty dodge throws
deit in their eyes, eisd l kinder sounds gene•
!Call like. ' ~
There's great tits amain off among the
hybOlishinista about who to be run for next
rsMdent, and lihink ITU has some new.: for
/ you afore long. - EnyhOw, I shall keep my
eyes opea as 'lshii.. VGlArn, till 'loth,
Rog . to• -fog Out.
''lts following good !airy is told of &deacon
in the city of B—, Northern Ohio :
demon was the owner and ()reviser of
a large pork packing establishment. His.duty
was to stand at the scalding trough, watch in
Mad; to time the length of
,the,scald- 7 crying,
"hog in," when the hog was to be thrown into
the trough, and "hog but," when the watch
told three minutes. One week the press of
business compelled the packers to unusually
*Mr, labei. mud Saturday night found .the
deacon wholly exhausted. Indeed, he•was al-
Most,• if not quite, sick the next morning when
church time came ; but he was a leading mem
ber,, and it was his duty to attend the usual
4bblith service if he ciudd. Re went.. The
o4caslon was one- of nitusual solemnity, as a
slgs/A was in progress. The minister preach
ed a sermon well calculated to affect. His
Peroration was a climai of great beauty. As
" Ming the action of one intensely listening,
he recited to the breat h less auditory : •
.111/05 in! " came &obi the deacon's pew in
stentorian voice. The astonished audience
ifatuediately turned their attention from the
preacher, but he went on, however, apparently
' "31-"ter spirit,: come sway," i
"Boy out! " shouted the deacon—'Pally
fasti ! "
' This was iod much (Or the preacher and the
iutdlenee. The litter smiled, some snickered
audibly, white a number of boys broke for the
Oar; to split their sides laughing outside
'Within fall hearing. The preacher was dis.
concerted entirely—sat down-rose again—
itrononnced a brief benediction and dismissel
the anything else but eolemn.tninded hearers.
, MONO aid AlMlamina.
It Is a historical feet that adolitionism and
infidelity 'are closely cianeetttd. The minister
'who becomes a familia on the nigger question,
plinsches abolitionism; Instead of Christ aad
RIM crucified. The , original abolitionists
charged that God was pro.slivery and that the
Bible was.the same.," They called for an •anti
slaiery God and atf anti-slavery Bible. These
facts are not nor cannot be denied. Then come
down to the death of John Brown, a cold
blooded innrderer; a thief and a villain, and
yeh find infidels comparing him to Christ—
the soti of doll--on the cross. Is this not Suf
i Ilefent to prive,tlie 'infidelity of the abolition
'party? If not:what will be the proof ,If you
see it man stealing shone, "era you not con
iineed thel'lia is * thief ? If John Brown was
inoWn to hive killt Mee because of their.
bolding slaves, was he not i murderer ? If he
Itdi•o113; Was he not * villain? If he was all
ilieee,esd we know -het was, is not the nuke
-who wilittompare *hint to'Citrist en !ufi!let and
asaciipdeel 'she? The Taint' cal abolitionist
• • •
Al - Mao times out of ton 1
falfielS elnim thisf dc themselves; eta they
Annie of inhst they speak. .
‘: . 'Tlieft; ls tiii lay, itb4lltion4m- and • infidelity
conieetedi The abolitionims teach
h~teel mast the Olive
_owner. They do not
nakow,f but. like .Joia. Brown, would murder
!niewin gut daflt beeipso !bone men do not en.
sentiment.:--Freeport (la.)
Mani express surprise,
44:4 most extravagant
and gay women of Frsece manage- to spend sct
much toottey.., Hers in an item than opens
5•n4 'Nea l : . The "ea ramsuques attracted
thrhigs :last winter to . as. Mademoiselle in
&viiTges„lti Piime sal Carnelian." 'ln
'the" , tisieie* the . ban." her attire cost one
• •
and eigh t thousand dollars—yes,
,t 4 dOtif fkonsand dollar: ; a
,Ong* illamondYri tine Of the carnelian of her
1641.• dres s wi i trertli twenty thousand dollars.
it t; W solid silver. ilar
ii;;; an of
wash-hes sad evtry article on her wash.
solid. gold. 'What, fortitne can
14ppty, these intents eapr ces .
= •
—Loud Bisisiiisai'
ieerod 4 & slut its pub !
rebels saw boil as primers so las
Mao Wan correopopihislii:Crikke.Nsw York
up how mordsthe plinks eft . pkg•
form have, cost - our ectestry'pips foot.
The; Constitution ant • eh* Urma I ;
place them • together. If WO/ 4084; they
must stand together; if they talk Olio met
fall together.—Dexid Wager. A
Caisdisn youth of ,tiersge 'static
end a cash income of $4 pev,srmith, has
vied ac &noel of the stateetragwef twelve.
eaneda i; getting precocious. '
—ln Richmond good Whiskey selli;s46,ooo
ft barrel, rebel motley. As lolerior article
can be had for $2,00U. A glen. of insedy
commands fire dollars ;
—Republican orators said, beferivibit ele e
tit)°, in this and other trmaties, Milt Cur
tin and there will be uo Draft l" , What de
those they &waived think uow ,
-- The Washington hotels are "gots( to
•eliarge four dollars per tkay Skis . ; winter.
Happy are the men who don't Yawata .spand
the Winter in the city of Maipailleeuktilistiusrm
and uneqUalled "sperms.
. —The Russian Gemini idouravielf bus lo
aned an order making it i crime ii Poland to
spwalt the POlish language, sad author pro
hibaing the Poles, who have lost Woking is
the wa\N \ from wearing mourning for them.
-Au °ld bachelor geologist mu eaukboast
ing that er e ro ok was as familisi : l9 bin as
the alphabet. lady who was:pos.oly de
clared that she kitew of a reek orThich be
was ignorant, ,"NaMe it,", said lim : ciclopse
in a rage. " is the eradis,',!, replied
the lady.
"I wish I had your ," said a lady'
one day to a gentleman, ihtllad solved for
her a knotty point. "Aid I taMix Iliad your
heart," was the reply. "Well, i csaid she,
"since your haad'and my heart agree, I
don't see why they should not go late part.
ass. Score ON TM WANwr-qhke , 3411 F York,
Herald states that General i3OOtto
. 111001“.
conversation on the development, of the war,
remarked that. the lighting hid, inly cost•
minced, and. that the real hard fightlag was
yet to take place. Re also isdded 'Au the
administration had fooled away aiarli every
golden opportunity, and tine, Instead of end
ing the rebellion, as they could have done
long since, have extended It to the &staid
It is a curious circumstance that the
statue of Liberty which tas just loin an.
veiled on the top of, the Capitol atitashing
ton represents a colored woman ! For fear of
discoloration; the excuse is, an acid has bests
employed which stains the autifses of the
figure and thus makes the valor weather.
proof. A crazy Abolition soertispontlent of
the N. Y. Tribtou expressos himself delighted
with the statue, and, to cap the climax. claims
that a negro alave did most of as work
upon it:
—Paper stook and materials haws gone op
over thirty per oerit. in-valets sines the hi of
August. A number of mei. mills will as
only half time through the winter, and others
will discontinue entirely.. It is said that largo
importations of paper liateibeen ordartd from
abroad to supply the demand for Anti paper.
that manufactured in thlitconntry
at a profit •on the present_ price. of ',took.—
N. Y. Times. .
—At i Quaker wedding ju Winona re
eently, says the Providence leara4, the guests
seated themselves according to the elisions of
the Friends in general, and waited in sileaes
for the service to Comment's. For oam hoar
and a half not a word was spciken and seam
a movement made. At the expiration of that
time the spirit moved thebartles to' action,
and the groom and bride took mesh other by
the hand and offered and received the mar
riage vows. That cannot be called a "hasty
A humorous chap gives the following account
of the manner in which he was toed ten dol
lars by a polioe magistrate . in Oh'ago for
_kicking 'up a row at n public hall : 14 The neat
morning the Judge of the Polio, road seat
for me. I went down, and he received me
cordially. Said he had hoard of the loader.
ful things I had- 'accomplished u Bryan's
Hall, and was proud of . I weiteproods
ing young meg : and all that. Then be offered
a toast : "Guilty or not guilty ?" I responded
in a brief but eloquent , speech, jetting forth
the importance of the oceaslon that had
brought us together.. After the usual ave.
monies, I loaned the oitY ten dollars."
-4n the great battle of Gettysburg the
color sergeant of ,the' 16th Versinet .or-
tally wounded. At ones a 4osila men rushed
up to seize the colors and Dear them, forward.
The poor woundedaergeant'intsped ,the staff
with both his slashed hands : his gas was
already dimmed with death ; he could not we
who it was that tried to wrest his aims, from
him. "Are you friends or estexiiitit . 49 tried
out. "Weals friends," was the ?gal; "give
ns the colors." "Then, friends," said he, "I
am mortally Wounded; let me hcii4 r up the
flag till I die"—and so saying, 'midi' beak
dead. Surely, a nobler-soldier thee this poor
fellow never lived. " '•
—A Chicantauga correepoodeat ortie Melt
mood Ditpatek attempt, poitiieiglitaeOt of the
fact that the rebels *ere 'bigy il iitiikbe4 is
the late battle.. He *sic'
The Cootederatet hive - eitetditred to-day
,the most igoominieue dared - a war
—a defest,for which there iI t I iiiiltiemou tie
or palliation. For 'the list din CliiHng our
struggle for national indepeniiinbi'itii defeat
is chargeable to the troope- t dedisfiliffee, and
not to the blunders or iicespetilia, of their
leaders. It is difßoalt to ratlike bow's digest
so complete' could halo twinned im'ground
so favorable, netiritketiaifieig the mat dis
pull,* the forces of the two *lone Voiles.
The ground was more in- oar doer Um* it
was at Fredericksburg. whets:Gene* Loss.
street is said to have estistateattitia Lees
army was aqui! to 300,000 Rea, .. 1 4f.nd yet ire
pitied the battle of Frederieksburi. sett lost
that of Missionary Ridgs.'
• .
hlis• Cobbe. is an .affluks : creeithe Ha
mar of Various Nation,"; i 4 aus.
bar of the Victoria Maslow, 444f/follow
ing !gory of au Irish detioititilt etAsAtiraela priest, in Irelant•havingiTMW a ear.
Ism on miracles, was asks"! by Alas of his
Congregation, walkitig hotneTnr#4,,pxplahs
a little more lucidly • , what a sitooliausaat."
, •Is it a miracle you _Wail to, eashintiand p#2
said the priest. "Walk on. thee, far4sat
sad I think how_ Loan esidaiW
The man walked 0n..-eadttalgriat same at.
• ler him sod gave :kilt i. kid;
""Ugh 1" roared the samitirivhithyAlhl yes de
that?" "Did you teslll4t!l Won,
"To be sure I did." repiiissithe Imais3
then, it would - hive bees a gicwh,loll4ow bad
net, returned the t k
;14,a off