The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, January 14, 1860, Image 4

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Maurice Lester was near the starboard
gangway when the ship struck, having
started aftto look to the helm. The shock
threw him upon his back, and he tried to
get up ; but ere he could remain his feet
the Hood of mad waters MITI' surging over
the bark, and he was thrown—he knew
not where., lle only knew that the tlood
tame—that it caught him in its giant grasp
- that it hurled him mei the gale hurls s
feather—that his howl was hurt—that his
lady was tossed and bruised—and thee
the lamp of his consciousness went out.—
W hen he came to himself it was dayliglit.
anel t he rays of the sun were beaming alsw e
Ism At first he did not attemia ut m0t...,
toy further than simply to assure himself
that lie was really alive and sensible ; het
-ought to recall the events eat the, past,
%Inch lie did, very clearly, up to the time
%%hen his ship struck upon the rocks,- he
nod go no farther. After this he rais e il
slam his elbow, and tried to gaze litm. Ile found himself upon a bed
it sand, bctkseen tv‘o immense rovk, Ile
Inert iK4•II lan,leei their that deep nook,
.tint the tide hail gone out snit kit, him. --
In a little while he mew to his feet, :111,1
nitinagwi to crawl up. hi, the aid of a strati
.feet spat, °Vet a tow 1.31 L 1111(' of
After .eying 311 that wa., to 1k ` 01 , S4srV(St I
I r ,, to tII Eit. 6e tnuve • .l 011
%%here his IlionOit, he s headd ti nt (
iteaA•ll. for lie felt hunt itn,ll.lek,
Ind he ti) find
•11,1.. Alter t.nlutr flier -110
k.. tearmil eta_ , " until Ln
I..tloni! ;di (01 11, .1111 i 111.• 111 . ,11 1 , 1111,04 I
.111.1 laeerated, he finallv reavhi4l an of.. n
-1. a...• annnuf lI l'Oek w here man!,
~1 the %%leek hod been l o d g ed. li t ,' ttL, ie
lie hatiiil the I s f 44 4 ot thy, r ot he. men.-
110 ha.4tened to the ft pnt where they lay—
two of them being eltispod in oac h of ht r'a
vnt hot to• rmod fp, ;I g o, of
\vo -li.• lwart. I.est , •r rt.,-441
4. 11 , pre-wntly he ItPlind 114. More de:l , l
4 , 11 e , ,, and ono ot them Nva., David I;rittin.
hi- vinyl !nat.. Ile kneeled dolA it I.v the
„It ,ide, and r the head ; but it
cold and brele , •• and tlio 4,1111
t;etitl) ho Lod It baek upon Ow
-Anil. aria then M0%941
. 4qt
111.. re ltiell .lko!
Ill:tt 110 been lit
:11 I 'v e
!- -wait—what i-4 tin-? It move--it
Ivo. III...!
Captain lA.ster horrie4l forward, a. fast
3.- hi. feeble rtrength would :nil
1.,1.111 , 1 tY401111 . 11 1)111L! OW Side 1.1 . ;{ heap ~
-par. (toe r.f them wet., .lead • but the
other gazed up into hi- commando
iiiid p.tretelled tortli hi• bawls a- tlealeli
he would ark 1,,r mercy. His tuune
lilt k Muncie, and he bad 1,.•.'n one of the
I,e,t -,cumin on I.Eird the-111p.
'• Poor Pick I" raid Lti-ter, koriThroz
los side titt.l liftitw his beipl. ••.‘re you
1,:olly hurt V'
-Th e y'v e .line it tor a-: " the sailor
an.wered in a weakening, too e.
killed Toni. Aint he dead r
It was Ow lAA). of Acid Toro V.rieket
that lay clo.e l,y, and when the 3143111
had MIMIC 111111•4•11 sure that there n no
particle of lite in it, he reported the -ame
to Dick.
he added, -miliat do nu 11W311
Who has done you harm ?"
•*llaven't you Key n 'ein "' tlt man a‘ske,
-truggling for breath.
"Seen whom ? What do you mean r"
mantled Lester, eagerly.
Dick started up on his elbow, and gazed
around ; but he seemed to find nothing for
which lie was looking, and lie sank back
again. Had he not made this ethyl lie
might have spoken further, but the act of
rising hail exhausted him, and the lass(
grain of strength was leaving him.
-What do you mean?" cried Lewder,
he saw that the poor fellow was sinking.-
- Ii as any body harmed your"
Pick managed to raise his hand to his
bead—to a point above the left ear—an,l,
as-he did so, be whispered— '
-Lok out—they mike,' for the capt'n.--
That's where they struck !" Ile tins(---rri
-beak further, but his vol9 2 faihrni.
What eutthl this mean? Miturieo Lester
started to his feet and gazed around 11'ho
hail killed lit, Men ?
The - eaptain was disturbed in his modi
tatmn hy the ....nut , l of voice, not fitr off,
and upon turning he beheld four men
venting up from the water. Ile who came
iu aklvance warr a tall. niu , :cular man ; with
a gaunt, heavy frame ; somewhere nhotit
fifty or fitly-five year, of age : a n d habited
in a garb of blue cloth, out into a Irock, or
diirt, which %M.+ Pt eel' red at the t v al ,t I,y
broad pistol-belt.
Maurice Lester was startle,l when he be
hel.l the stalwart !miler and his three nif
fianly eompaniims; :Lod, consi.lering all
the circumstances, it is no wonder he was
, tartled. llowevi•r, he hail not much op
port.unny fiir reflection, fin-, by the timi, he
fuel f a irly made out the part}, they were
upon him.
"Hallo," the leader cried, as he saw our
hero, "here we have another." Anil, as
he clime up, he added : "Anil I guests we've
found a live one, too--one that knows
~ ,nnething.--Say —who are ye ?"
This. la,t sentence was a d i tr e As44l t o M ao .
a tee, who quickly answered :
••My name Lester. And now, to be
f•tir. what is your name ?"
F aded you've heart it before.
Men call me Ityan Wolfgang."
"Winstooo,'. repeateit Lester. with a
"Yes. That is my name."
Then Woi.rnANo was not a myth after all.
That mysterious wrecker, whose name was
a source of terror to honest sailors, was a
being of flesh and blood, like other Mill
Maurice gazed upon him with wonder;
mid, as he gazed, he felt that he looked
upon a fiend incarnate. lie had often
heard of the pirate-wrecker, and so dark
and mystic hail been the tales which the
North-Sea sailors hail told, that he had
been inclined to believe that the whole
theme was a fabrication. Now, however,
he had no more doubt, for the man before
him looked as dark and bloody as were
any of the pictures he had heard drawn of
him upon the forecastle.
Hut our hero was not allowed much time
tor reflection. Wolfgary , plied lion with
questions, to all of which Lester gave
•traightforward answers ; well knowing
that evasion would serve no practical pur
pose, and hoping by his frankness to pro
pitiate the,mervilesti fiend in whose mire
.traineil power he knew himself to he.
When the wrecker chief had elicited all
the information he could, and learned with
what a rich cargo the vessel was freighted,
and that she ;40,009 in specie on boaril,
he smiled grimly, and remarked to one of
his confederates that she would perhaps be
a richer prize even than the Wlnie Fork
hiel been a few years before. The mention
of the name of the ill-fated ship in which
Carrie Thornton - and her father had been
lost, gave Maurice Lester such a shock that
he nearly fell to the earth. lie grew dead
ly pale, and his frame quivered convul
"What's the matter?" said Wolfgang.
"You don't seem to have much strength
kW— Bring him along, boys, where we
can dieter
The sinister glance which accompanied
this last remark, and the peculiar empha
sis laid upon the word "doefor," struck a
chill to our horo'ii heart. But ho could no
give his own safety much thought, while
he was partly forced and partly carried
along after Wolfgang, who strode rapidly
on for nearly hid fan hour. He could think
only of the Whitt Fawn that had been
wrecked...on that coast, and of his beloved
Carrie who had, perhaps, in company with
those same men, trod the same path he was
now treading. What had been her fate?
lied she been murdered by these wretches,
w reservet I tr some more deplorable doom?
Thaw thouylitb tilled him with unutterable
Wolfgang had n o w drawn spar the w
ter's edge: and soon coming txrtho mouth
of 1►,44111Ve he filtered it, tellovlett by tito
three ruffians who hie! charge of our hero
The bottom- of the cave slopeil ufrrard from
itx entrunco for some distant anti then
became almost level, The ttive (for
such Maurice Lester now felt *wit to hi.)
frequently hit his feet againit what he
thought, with a chill of horror, aere burnail
bones strewn around the cavern, but he
could nut clearly make them out in the
dim light. no abut me iced that the hot
inin of the (live was very wet, as 1110110) it
foul recently leen covered with water. 'flu ,
wrecker chieftain stopped, at last, near
what seemed the eel of the cal 0, anti 111 'k
ing a sign tAI his-follower. they elavi.od
manacles on the wrist- and aelle, of
Maurice hefere he hail time to note their
"Now, Captain Lester," said Wollimug,
"y”u must remaiu in this pinee for a, short
Reason. errs rerALly :40.
Nay not a . Word It you Otompt
Oil. spot, you will he slam utotm•nt
you 'et foot ouh.itie the rave,"
Thus speaking the chieftain /tll.l hi , 14.1-
lowers silehtly but rapidly VI ithdrew, lea% -
ing Maurice nearly stupitted a ith :e.tor 1.1 ) .
went. As th©y p/LL/4r41 tnnit the /rktuth ref
the eAve, their feet were wet l.y the ri-iii
WAVet.. The ha* inrei Crolll , l I Ili.
After a short ditto,. Lhu ealitive
him %%id' Anni•y, h a t aveit-tinne.l
Lu tho dun light, and lieeatnesatedieil (Lit lie had ani,poited t,i thi•
were really sneli. There were 111,k115
)1 thew. And nuu•ing among
rat., m.ekitur. fur prey, "f
he cavern, kmoute
ol 314 , 1 t hiN ))1 . :111, and In Irt•
11-.011% 1•11.1 11 , 111101 :tpviratur.•.
hiCh :I 1.11111 light Arligelt . 4l4, aL,III i1)1 , • .1111.1f
111.1 , 11W:1in it. 11.1 Ih ll uglil 11, 111,0 1 111
11 or 1I 1 e1:1A.0.20n :11111
1 11 tinning. frmu tii.c coutempi
apariure., t,,veard , tile. f
•nvo, CAl.Utin 111 r.-CIA 141, 111111 11 1111
1131 1111 . Viall'r %%11S creititus up alt.-1,1.11w
SVII:Lt it it rind th.•
! kW. him Ile vould account 1,0 th.•
.irseneq• (hurt , 14 • ili"t-.4.• Inumui Imuu•
‘vi•re the -ail itlemoi tal , or "tio,
wim ii3l
Cast' 1. 1 ,b 1•I( lel If
SIIM I) kit . trrely the water- , erept
Tile vermin fled twrote 111111 to the el.
trrt -pot trill sli wit billatwii tlhisl i•1lnlll
1111!, the 1111(1111111:f %vat. r It
rvacitcd hl- fret'
At Iho ond ~r tlt, ein3., within 3 s,•‘, 1, 1 .1
I• the w•til, and tint tortw:1111 the :11.1 ,tuts.
,•tore soikelit of, ICk.kal.lrgi•plecee.trbK
” tit o tour leet high. that tnight, have hill, it
.rotri 1 . 4. 0114 241:Limy, 111:44.11, •1
wieldy 14., li 111“111:1eiv, Wt)II 14'111111 -
.1 rti•lr -41111.'1_4X...1 11. M Ii -11(4.......1t41 111.'111111.
ng to the tip of it, Unit •-•ti140,1
ivithin a few melte. hi" the r“44 4.t tli,•
cavern. But he wa.. tint :illowe• I t tipv
thi. retreat ILl‘me. A, the ‘snter
circle round it' Ins', tit,• rnt. :t1.4) -ought
refuge on it in great number., ati , l alit
did Dfaurico try 1411111NIOdel. 1 / 1 1•11) With lII' .
manaeled feet
(a.s it s4stnteil to the inptive) the
vkati.r (-aloe rippling over the toil lit the
rock. lie felt its moisture 'lvo] bi- feet.
Anil ACM it rixse— slowly Ltit relent •-ly it
rtinw awl is tt n 0.,. the
rat , chinked lilt his litolis lion -:tletr. It
%:4s ill vain that lie I•ru.lied ih e i n "ii iviih
l'ettProl kinds. They irt , tairitl,
pd. They clambered up hi, lock to hr
o‘er the lack or lu. neck -
the crown of his head; their clammy hod
tes to his ter)
Anil still higher the waters ro-c. .11141
morn thickly the foul vermin chi-tem - 4 I
upon the tlevoteli captive', ,hoohier , and
head, nei their only pl:tees of safety. I )riv
en frantic at last by the horror , of
mitten, he aaa about to plunge into the
surging lute and seek a watery grave, v. hest
his attention IV 11.• arrested by the tread/ of
rapid footsteps near• the al.eraturu ahoy..
his he:l4l. and tho sound of a har,h 111:t , 4:11-
voico, almost instantTy followed by a
noise as of a struggle, and a piercing shriek
hich thrilled Maurice LestA T to t h e ye.:
soul. Ile could not he mist.tikett
t'%ttnieirrtice, 'Again be be' it, I'M now
in tone of entreaty, I, it eras her voice.
si t , was-Jaad- -. 1" .:•11.e lived an.l %%:.s. near
rimy- tiering alt his slreni , tli I .Inapt
•1 arrie ! ' '‘IiRIC."
A tivad ...henee Itrfiken 0111) I.)
fearlul InUrtnllN ni 1114. rkiil4.4%‘:t
urs, aria spl:vit of the rat , as they lull t tni
he Ivrete)“.4l <itl t nv- be:if } 311 , 1 ./1“1/141er,,
indy to return .totits, in their fierce truer
glo. for a iwrvh of s:ift•ty from the :IA 11 Mk'
ing t %% iirt,/ tioti newly tt.tehe.loto
hero' , ,lionlat•rf...
Th, all of this story that 1i 111 ht.
1.1/MiAlvd 10 oor coittnity , . We give this
a+ :t "ample. The continuation of it from
there it leave.; oil here eat t be found only
in the New York 1,04,ger, the gtearf.unily
paper, to which the tito-t l eel,ulai writet•4
in the country contribute, which 1%4 14b1
ale at all the , tores throughout the city
and country, where s‘heie papeir• 11 , -old.
Remember and a.k for the Nutt lot k
I,o,l . tter of .1 nanntr) 1 I. I\ll.l in It V 011 V. ill hilt/
the continuntion .1 the stiiry It,.tn %dirt. ,
it ii..:lVos oft' here. 11 . you cannot •4.1 rt
copy at. tuiy inure the publitilwr will
mail you a copy if you will ewnd bin) live
ectiLs in a letter.
lANlgisr is mnilcsi it)
year, 1 r two copies for S 2. Itirt••••••
your letteni to Itoltert puldi•ltr,
Ann street, New York. It i , the hand
sonu•st and hest family palter in Ow coun
try, elegantly illimrated, and charactelized
ity a high moral tone. Its prest•nt ciren-
Lition is over four litindre,l thott , tant co l ,
itt-4, which is the lost evidence vtt•c•iti goo
of its merits.
Front Baltimore and Deleware Illy, received
Daily, at A 1111.10
Meat Market, and Vegetable Store.
J WELSH, Ag't.
I' S. Orders from the country promptly
Kt tended (0 Erie. Dee. 10, 741—'27 it
11813PinC)X.EliMa .I•743PTX <Dan.
'PHIS ii 4 to inform friends that (luring
th. whaler, I V 111 endeavor to In in thy office here,
the first ten dais of rarh month. 100 n..., hoot, ...confine
to the den:mkt& of heathens 1 )1014. • 'ill aWI to make
tiu t ragestrintit m .a...panon 01 enel. IN 1110. ran do
through the Post °Moe. W 11 tiill.l.,
}Cries Dee. 10, DAS ---31.21. livntist
- _
AIM NOUNCKII) NT, and otter*, ro amorhe
Column. Not 21.
ZI NC.— it EN and
IIIAL riticAx, su, Whig* ar.l l'ortvalsOn.
2111 CAKTICK k
1 1 5 0(X) LBS., WII ITE E.% I ).- -
the tolAosing baud". 1.4‘11.1.,n. Nwn
Athultie, Cryrtal Tingan, Seing
210 CAKTkR & BRO.
5 0
R~ jH~R~N
Incorporated is 1839-- Charier Per?riutill
Yroirerty larmeed Ageism& Lem by Mire tar an)
Term soot ezeremliag he Team
Pohelm Maned upon the 4opoeit of limenimn Noteei,
upon thepayment of theism's' dine ! Ran in Lowy •i th
out the llity ofn I menhun Note. Lamm" pal./ with
out litigation. Ciao enitonly has ewer boon brought ago-
Wort this Company. TlMOompoury ia eahoele fmt from
Mg, mud is a Ws Mae haiiitatilm.
Jaw C. MaishalL, O. IL Tibboda, W. I. Ithalortwelit
N. /twiny J. Eismaerly, .In*:. atom It.
e. F. Kilda . Thai. blowhard. J limooa.
Gangs A. ;Blot. R. Babbitt. W B. Hays,
J. N. Jaidias. i
JAL C. KARINIALL, Ywit. Jill ir t4tirixt mit, Roe
Rao. A. !SLUM',
Mlles, la Velars 6aaa(.ot k tieCpa,rrw tat nlik,
Cheapehhe Iris,
Krt., Apeil 26, 121511 •
n -- A N )
Hoe. Pork, Rake, Shovel , Auger, 1.82 w
sad Plane ttandlea, at 61 J SF 1.14: N'S
ClflAltS.—A lot of vor floe 4.111-4, for
lerte, May 21, 1 fgh 511
L '" ATrI) AT
IWPT.II,(I, ('..ruer Seneca S Maiu Streets
N. 1". (111 . , ••4' Institute," Astor Place
Plll 1.114:1.1111A, Purser 71h fi Chestnut
ALBA 1", N., IP+ Itrumlway.
CLEVELAND, ('or. Seneeo At flnperior Streets
DETROIT, No 711 R oods.wrd Avenue
('lf I('AG(l, cor ('lark an. 'Washington Streets
Student. enterioK Any nun of lb. r Collegeu, lq the
pa v awn tof /14 arOffillle yntithoi to the prlt Orgy.a of the
onto,. eoroutittntr ft of lbw most thotouxtt.
tttam• I VI.. rogni,lele anti Rughwuu Schools. in Ow
%ASO. For estalogimit amil'irenturu. roll al the l'olletm
itootoot, abo‘r
t.: Celt:merry, Rook tor, Mimes,-hams, A gri
cull u e, M. o,mm al -14 true., 1 mourferrAzt law, l'ulitteml, I ..-T- tLr ro, Art atol Slat:At:cal luformation. -
1. 0 14 ~ .11.41 moo hi, If 1 ' 0f.14 . 1 It.tittitr, N. Y. T.irtur
IA tilt Ow ornol reelorhoo to CIO. Th.. work
:If ,4nrJ t•• Na.llta•l 111.01/41, of Uri
110 holt:pi 404,...,11, 14 4 in. a
Ulllll, ".5, 15414 11,
Tl 9
' TO .Sti `. 7 BE I
Wl‘ I.• th e I„\ IN; E. , .
-roch and VTIK`r %RIF:TV
T. EA rr1411:1
Rubbers and Findings,
EN4.t 1.1,m11:111 null het. :ind sill IN
14. , A.•1 111:111 I)l quality of
vk, , I ~1 \
Wholesale Department
I• • i‘,.y. ISO .• 1 , . !writs/II
1.0 TI r vs;• ri n %NT , Al,u i \l E. RV/Z:4
• tr.Tl • ply, 11,, r, Mr
' 11,1. 1.• 1,41• Irk, 1..1 1,,• 1I
1,111 , 1 a, • T.. 11... who it
To have Boots or Shoes
Made to Measure !
ra .X JIM Sf t
yl , itiß . \ll4i •%IA hl.• ouloe.l fit Mins, awl
.1. "411 ri plitat iiiii of mxklitg Use t,..t HOOTS
tied '4114.1 , 4 1..,1,1a1rtg10r..1 ut th. P1,t1.411 of nronlry
l•w atlml , l••t.ll6 all CY1.1•14, to bl 01 no .n‘o
no - TL.• ts wit of Lad, Ft and flolarrn hno not Iron
n.•locieJ no our I tt. loan 1m0..., It Ltot tttoy rdl to
0t0...n00d 1 , , callin t : oo.t t •nwuun_ th.• gthir•lpt
re - : 1, t.i• , (Li VI ,t prler.4
I•i I rsuk
ihrt. 1, two*
IT Is n fail that, At FOMY ITI . II 1111101Eber tb.
1,,n,,tt1t Funll, by.. a 1111.11/4.• th.turtakee of the
loin 11..11. . 1.11111 110. SDI of A girst
th, , • tttttttt 011 neater, they may la‘able no
restetate the no to n, cu re in ristantut health.—
t.. aisriaii.ll.ll lists driiirisi blurs t, the true returae
to ',to PU.a eertantly that w Ing It will prentuvw a hatural
stair or tiling% at Ihr tritst liatATtl or utal strraittli toil
Ills I . of thin purpenow, tor. (loot tier liBA lutro.tuerAt k.
thin t ountry S hen row, his *taut., it hick in not
A litra undo,lie,lot rhe that Ilan lava tried for yearn,
gts tog weds. 11.". to all akb hare used it. The littler.
..perAte po‘t r f (nil) on II. • IiOWTIS an./ Id.. r, re
otor log them ti a h. atilt) anti action, and thus,
by the wimple I.rueenn of at reno lo fling nature, etinhle the
nt,nt to Irrunpl. 0, et .11...3.0.•
cur,. r 1 NallFea„
1.0101 nay an
.irg trot" A nu atoll litartiion 1•I :'l.oata. ti or 'traria,
irturiiir 1.)1.111‘Vly, Voir - , l huh n Mrit.tivi, kr ,
thror hair no 4.01\1
Pliarrlo. a, Ipootr ••1 - Hit • trot rtily •••••Oncj..,f
•o u. w omplll. r., no.l 1•Illielp.111) Lt M.. champ. of
met, .11 r. 14, .11 1 y k
10 If, pruparft 11, •f .i..r aK.• .I nv!.. ,
prvsalt 41, u, all if. • 1.11,11•011.10, Ilium 1•11) 4411
• r and (110 CAW.. 1,1 1404•1•41 1 . 111. y alwoky.. I. oltrillott.l In
SINO 14. old. of If, .11,zt ••1',41111., 4.Alt I. • un .1
nut rant I.) tioto ;11 , l,l1 , .1 " 14:iC;" :1141AI if m ITEKS,
. A •1••••v1(•••••• 011 the lu.ll W. Fur Unto Jirwarr evrr)
inl bat , •• i l •40111.• kind; tfwn
A 6, A , an 11l •••1•• 100.11 to t itif All imam...
14, to. a larveotentt" . 4I .liiirewe and
r• hi•t a f1u,,14. rot; .141
all tl,fa• to Iw 14uuJ to in..., healthy prttillt• than
t6r te 1g.., %h..1,* 1f... pr.T.101••11 • uut.imtr 4 l, in
P.,1 PI •,I.• wttl• 1.3 , 1.12•1.• I
kro, t ,reo! prvvirsti..f. w the . Maly of
m/ tore.
f• s.. le A f,vv 11.1 proFol.wg
11 • it• r, grlls you tb, IF.AI) of uyw, 1 . .. d to'
114( e.s. 1 . 5 Stool fluor,
low 1.19 •I.,I1) 31.4 it.. la.n 5. I. •.5., rw Is .1115 1. from
I. ) llm o» of 10,1151 I NFU) HIT•
1 F. 1.4 •I l b. s Cau be
t rat 1.4, .5. lb.
550..”.10,1 An fl.. to a 1.., create iusumli
n. r ,,n, Ft.., Ann n-fole, any Chang.*
of .1.54 ofw4 "1/011•4 ntlin4 , l 14.011111,14 'Mt promote
o uo,l 'do, 1 , 1.0.1 iiiii i ooffilliaillt. Is re
boo •11 11. •1,0,11) 441,6 k• ill, tie, rt , thiCtlOU Of
4 0111• no •I I. 'foam of
h-or Irr -ldrirro-rd I rwr. , nin Ir« ritifttilig from
I 1..1 . i 1nt.... 1.00. ti,.,. (titter , '
4, uu ~ti .1.1, i• and ‘l<... and
1.1.1) tw LI 10 t.. le• all rrrtal..l. Au.l to s
, t Kiel 1 I.Z4Pe In lb«
•h.l. 03 ',Mlle. .11.41.111 mem.. Irt (1.. rawly for
111 ra. 4el .1elotill), ,101, LefOrM .I.olllg,Fheylil nxk the.r
111. ......,11.1111.• it N Ills time lit tu« nt
.111 n e t 1t,.,,. 444 it% nit % - amen 11 web.l.nrom..
IA I TioN tt • 1,10.1.i1l the l.ul,ltr 3.l4wn•t uelnit and
t.l the omit, IlottAtlieliti, rounlr rtrlta , but mac for Ilos-
T , TT M.'s lanMz., and we that
L twt tie ha. I 1..• .. Ur J 11..ilettres Stomach
Hill. re" 1A..%Wi1k., mid marni.l on
the it • Dr, Ito , roil., n 4.1 olw.vne that our
vit,trapi. A.l;l,atkit.. ti... lab. I
i'r•por. , l ../../ ipos TETTKR 4
at4 , l m 441 1..1 all drug
-9,15, !jr-r, r 4104 44.111 IS 9 , llorialy
I ?orb d l.a, C.I 'Weld, 'Soulh dOttriell ~qd Gt'r-
For Ball. Ir ( A IsTF. R k Mt() , I' lIA 1.1., F:rie; EL.('
kl V, I Irsol . 11. SI I KR)/ A 1.01 k : 4 41N, We,ll..hurg: II
ki J rano. 1. '69 -1)5.
Peach St , above the Depot, Erie Pa.
la As jii-t fnini N York. non
uow rrroliing bor ylock of VAI.I. nod WINTER
("orals C•ottotarti lig od
tweet Sol.. .•,1 strav
It n .‘" 1.: TS,
FEATIlKitit, kr, ke
CAPS and IIEADDREIittL4 of the Likud iltylea
Bonnet Frames. Ruches, Chenille*, Velvet Ribbon*, Cul
lom, lacoa„ Hoop Skirto. Zephyr Hoods, Knitting Yarn.
together with !foolery of Superior Quality, all of which
will be. 01,1 dump lor C ',tidy pay.
Er Particular attention paid to Illeaahlug and Preis
Tlonneto rolore.l any desirable color,
ri r Milliner* from the eountry_PO)tplit,l al Wholes a le.
,mall to•reentage Above NOW Yort prier*
Kyle, Oct. U., P , hi ) Mitt.. S. I.i
C I .' °"1.:14j(1
T relue will IMAti. Dunk h I. at iii.out the follovingboun
via •
Eastward Bonad —Depart.
New York ICrprrr., .. , .".... ....3 06 A 4
)1 Ight F.. press . 460 o. 4
A. tatton... . . ~ .. .. .. ...... 031 A. a
Stork 1,11.1,04 10 46 a. lg.
Hog .... 4 Ott r. a
Faxt len•lght 11 00 P. It.
I% 1 . ) , Freight ... . .. . 0 00 a. 11.
The Nhdlt Ft preaA, tth.rt lerp46 Hot and Pant
rtrittld 'Trail. now prey', day I . litets by tb. Ae
enannodation Train for Statlono Rawl of Bloglawniptoo,
will remain otot night al I Ingliazuptou or lehairay and
proceed the ne.t tn..rming.
etIAS. MINOT, Gruel Suet.
NAT'L MARSH, Reg-ph Pr.
rhipklrk. Nor. 11. 11at.11.--41 tf.
on hand and rnr pale by
' I NV 9, ISM. AOllll II ANON.
Manutarldri.+ in a new and tbrivinir plate when,
baudinara k gnat s.n adyntlinament of Ms litintnon Ina
Solt lesnent_ Nara
IV '4 'EN.I ES.- A good plipply of - momt
ILT Irl wit.* i:rnewry han ;nal he; 6.0. i at
Kn., June 11, IN - 1 Chospgdel.
GR9,V ER 4,...04,1,E,R'S
NEw:,'l' Y Ll4—Prices from $5 to $125
I 9; lqiuA DW Ay,
Three Wsefones sew from two spools., as pureliare.l
r storn, rel l uiring no ro w irolinu of Ulundi hey
I 1.. m, Frll , Gather, out! :clitalt in • superior style, If nod,
eneli seam bt their nwo operation, without rr.r.iormp
to the hand newille. PP in required by Miter InPrbilwp
Tlio, will do bettor and rbrapor son nag than in PormitiO,
call, PI .ho work.' fir our oral ea hair, and un•
1.4, rat Marione, in the wnwhrt for f
r. Mi I wt.. 4.1110 of I lirh tlulb.llril7, durla.lllll,
mmir.0.1...r.t 1.1 a.laidnlmioi 1.. all 'ant Lr« 1.1 .
i 1.4-fltl or filo• w itrk w 1113 toffl.l
11v-day, boul opq.cuil ndiumlubent
of th.• uoyur•l. d 11121.1.11.411 y aI 11.. it
113. - 11.11. P., 11M li.,oYKR k RAltnklOU
1.04 lotkie Ittrt to for 11411 . 1 k.., low
T EST l Mi)ti 1 A Ls.
`9lnrillg laid ow 01 Grover R•. Baker' lawn. In my
lama) for an Ally a )oar and a Isall, I talc plrvun• In
•u•ling it AA nary way witablF. Inr the talrimake for
alio, I, i 1 oa Wnmenonl - F annli Sea u.¢•' Ah. ./ashaa
I,artii, ref. a) Re, Ile Karat, f dad, ,/ A )
No. 13
"I e..h14 •• III) Pell Igli led ilith )011r Sew on,: %I - Leh te,
I. loin I.een w uey 14.1.1) filr many mwnthe. It In.
..In u.- i.•..° h July, req ui ring hi, 11401141111CIst, 1111.1
is I .511 y adapt. 4 le ei r) variety or
1,14.1 elntogiur, 1.1 thread! Mrs Istahet
..sirtrklfted, srale of lien Pr Jirreld.wd, 1.4111,
( . 4er.rinsn Ade ocaJe.
" tr)init Pw•rt•ral klilTetrut gOO.l I pre
!, r r.. 1 your., nit wr. ounn of aft mind tin. 1.,
• t ram with wind. Il U. 11.0 th.
All.l J01,3(.1103 , 411 log e.jr111 . 10,, I 1.. I
e..111104.1i ti xwak in this, wanner, sunl 4. rnott.lentl)
r.c4.llllnrilal it ft, ...wry vsriety of family roving /4/r.
F. H. Spoinicr, N.J. Lie 1441ar aj Itroaelym Mar
"1 have 11104.4 a 0 KO' *u & 11.111($1 S/•1111n
Iwo rara, and hat a foood a adopta.l to al I.ouo Into
111 W. imf. from I 'asnbrte to It roadelotli. I taro. hat
u tic,,, Out without 111.• 0 111111 g 10111 . 1 of a ntiltlL Tla
Illarlkolor 104 easily kept 111 order, and easily uaell .Her
A N kI atypic, rep .7 Na.' lit a II kapplr, Arlo I irk
"Your •41111tir 111 1 / 4 111 , 1.` le. NV, 111 u•. n. 1111 I 311111)
the. 14.111 y.•bru, 11J.1.111/14 13411,4 1,11{1,,1t nu• 1.. g ou
11...0r 11,04 tusonialpt to ILA perfect
tutor I,a. tug rittalitSuu In the urrrortuuue, (.I f u r o o, nod
how.. 1..14 1141111111 g Hulot bourntan, Aar lurk.
'kar Pmrwral montlat we-bare nom! Croter & Itaker'•
:tea lug Maeda ne, and bare INIPMY L. the• concluiton that
s. ry holy a ho dentera tier sea Ink lwanedrini/y and eportiv
dour, woulAl 1* moot fortunate it' Ire olyeefLt 111{( one ~ f theme
reltahle and indefatigable 'woo toreelle-anmen,' whoa.
combated qualities of hefty, strenek, and nomphrt/w, air
ter, alitablo — J. " W. Morris, [atwitter of boa. Geo P.
Abrrgs, 13.1.. of Ike Boat Journal.
Ettract of a letter /nom Toot+. IL I.a.airrr, Feet , an
American getalcuum, Dow rmettlent 10 sy.lney, New Sy.t.ll
Y. ales, dated January 12, 1e44 ;
"I had a tent mad. to Melbourne, in 1141, lte a loch
there a cre nvf.i. 1.)11M0 thollnatvl .arch of emweng done
ILII one e l Crorrr k Raker'. Machinrr , and a natrlr wags
44 that ban nutatood all the double MUM mewed by pallor.
with a needle and twine."
44r tinnier eon Id hr tmlled up I runt but murky
w.,1.1.1 ',mg lhr adreut & Itaker ma a re* be
1.1,...t0t miracle of art than as. et et Vulcan'. 1.11111110
lit. would 111 6 11/MIIM 'night .list-utak mit ro. 1.. I I
.f wise unrturnhered " Pr.) .N.rla
"I tato pletuture in tutyliw, flint the Oro% et , k Halter
SPlring Machines have atom than suata3netl in, expeeta
Ilan Altar t.rylatt and returning other", I list« th ree
then. to ..1.4411141.011 in toy didenent plaera, and. after „kit,
,eara* trial, lint. , In , fault to had " 11. fla.atiana,a.
Nelnaer of Swot k (Rein's
"I think It by far the Lest patent It; ure Mt; lINI LIT%
ran he mulanted Gum the 11111 . 14 4Mtulair to the heal t.rt
costumers. It Setiriestrouster, tester, nn•l mews tyrant Ity
than ;me ran imagine. If mut; enuld unt I. repLareti,
uanonty ersuht %at hay it "- Mrs. J /troves, Ausirsll*
•'lt Ix apootly, rrry twat, and clearable in its work
mady audrratood and kopt in repair. f earneatly reran
torLrol this Machine to all ouy acquaintanens and other.
—Ws M. 4. rawroot, Alomploo 7tto.
Wr dad Ulla. Machine to Work to our aatodardlon,
with ptrawnrw nwrannawntl it to lb* 1.411.11 , . 144 toellet
ti rover k Ilakwr to to the. tont Sew nor Mani"... 111 roe
--Dowry Braker; Allman.; Ikaa.
off aped excluelvely for family iiurpinar., with ordinary
rare, I wlll wager they will last one 'three neose yearn and
tea; and never set nut ..refl.." Je4a Yrrkme, dchlird/r,
iIATP kw! your Machine (Olt kwverml ...el n m
perfectly litorird that LLr work it 0.., or lbr held and
wort beftutiful that rvrr WWI Mat. "- Ableg. 4111105. X,
Aashemile, 71,11.
"I am my kaeltino npon Notts, drennmaling, nral kn.
Imen all tett Intl, and the. a ork ig ntlittimble far Letter tha n
the beat bond atta mg, Or any other trt.selone I hate met'
reen.”- Lary If, illtompost, Aanart//e, 'oar
"1 Mad O t e wort thr gtroutm...l, 2114 4./.04 11.11 U iIUI 1
19 hand or 111,141111 Y. and rr -
the 14.1,1 fr Raker Machine rta uf the gmtabat
In our mex, - Mrs. Taylor, ,Nararrite, 'haw
"I bare one of itrover & link. rtt Seawq Marlttnes in *tar
to my faintly, an.l find it inralttnlde I ran r..l,lt.lentty
11,1.11.1111.11.1 It to. all ',extant, In want 4.1 n nanebtoe " 14
howsppoo., Traa
"I take plemtit re in rerilf,t tn t : to I/lentil/It of I Itror
er at Raker Sea knit Ithaeltinta. I hate woe.] Ono eu Ri.g./.1
",") d'''' .1 work for /11.11/ the, 411.1 lill4l it touch
gtroop r and Itri ter in rum.) r. gi.e,rt than ,".1l door by
band It Irlierler„Nsalir.llt,
••I would begin. klling to .111.1...1.4. in, I; r..%.•1 A; Baker
Stitch Itte ri.r a itiflr 4111.410 I. cocci I clot replace it again R t
pbronh•" - Mr* dl G Srurri, Aair , arritr. Iran,
tor two illarhietes, pnrrloteed I r dnu , I. the work
11.1 twenty young ladies Ike with emoting reeounneod
the (I mover k Baker ~ ‘eine Ilarlaine to Ie• the heel in
tow " 2V. Shaman 4 (le Alearlus,
“Th. Grove; k Baker Sea lug Machine work. MIMI rattly
I think the 'darts snd•w"rl far euperior t.t that nt . any
Nsehinn I ever maw (111 line Mork, I think the
Wartime would be hard to heat" It Ilar.e, Aleworits,
"I find the Machine molly managed. very durable, and
take pleasure in neemmengliso; it to all who wish wave
nienee, reonowny, and pleasure."-- Mrs. le. Taos, Men
pies, 'Dan.
'The ilmeer lk itakerflewing Machines hare riven Ruch
satisfaction that we recommend them teal! who
• rah a rood and sulatantial idachine. It P•orat.ii
wart with mUch rare and ap.e.4. and more fiord V than any
other maelone I Imre 1.1 . 11 " Mrs ft It Mairliell, Alm
hos, 71.wa.
"I un hippy to Ire my tentininny in firiir nf firnicir k
italker'ii Sewing. Machin°, awl id tin. perfect tuilintnettun. it
itiveil in MTI•I7 Repert. It Pet PI neatly, awl 111 by no MOWN
comptlextril,an9l prefer it t.. all i.therti I have Niro. - -
Airs. Myna, Irtftl4 Rev A Al Bryan, 'Few.
311nriin Mr mural pleasun. to so), that the Machina
works well and I do not hesitate to mcouilnenti it as
ra. rowing all the advantages you claim for it. Mr wan
in very much pleasetl .ill. It, amt wt. tat.. Venniii, In err
tit) ins this eirerd " .01 / tyspku,
‘lt gives me pleasure to land the tirovyr 4. itakertttna auFf
Maclaine giving fin flinch ontinfartiiiii I hate it fu con
stant asp, and find it all that could Inn .lesarr4l. It in Lb.
mint simple and durable noullin. in in., 111.) I heartily
recommend ft."— F. M. Wilde, Nonplus, Tram.
"Haring seett,ecantine.t, mei voted li t any other kinds of
Sewing Machines, I reel her to say that the Grover & Ra
ker Machines are far supermr to all others in nine
k'iastons Seat, Arositrifir, Tomo.
.leonaoler Sewing liaehitie invaluable, &nil would
oot take nye Unica Ito rust, if I cnnl.l not seuppl~ rte plan..
With it 1 run do all my fondly 111 . 1 ring in about one"h.u rtL
the time I eouhl with my hand.,. " -M .srnif, itosholfte,
.1. J LINTS, Agent. Erie
March 12, 1111,11,-1y.40.
Groceries ! Groceries ! !
N... 2. Wrt../At', Block, Rrt, l'a
fIAVI 31'ST 111:PEIN'El) from 114e+
Astern Citl Lb. LA FDA aiutl most RI
GROCk.lll.l__:‘ , '
RT.r ' , might to this =AA, nisi& •e offer to pelt .
Al.n ; on howl conplantly,
171712-calcoaseaco az:Lc' lEa.c.t."ll
200 Bbls. PICKED Winter Apples.
Aloft a largo osmortmoot of Minolta andlleow Ropo, BM
Conbk, Tv loses Tarrant Rom Oakum sad i'lleheW !wined*
a.t.t 11...W1
Water 7.13E0 constantly on hand
urcougar, norehusto sitpplip4 with WI wort
uwast. Qin wwd Pm us briers purehsaing
whet*.lieirliAN, KeNDIO CO
Elio, not, No. TO, 1w69-212, Wright's Blo ck.
White bieui..lry and In oil, American sod 'French
%lea, Kim mei palled .11riped ON, Venetian Red,
Freoeb I mitre, (throw and French Green, and in short
every Mist is the liar of emillll44, for sale at the Mier*
rptainlag , the origami nAVer, is soura
(Ansi.* tangly wriey on ogle at
EA% thlll.-1 RAWSON'S.
Extra Charge $5 for Hemmers..
EIZEI,-(% 11)F1:411-1.A RI)--N A 1 I.S-
AXI,ES---4iLAS-Wi m 11), AN I)
Also.oo band
lass. Fall Trade ! 1859.
TII E EXIIENAI V o l ; M 1.4
D MTATif )
European Manufactured
CILSIC 111773321,8
C C) IST EVI7 MEE Ei I , t. S
R/i 11 AN!) EA RE, la►rge Varietie.
Bleached and Brown Sheeting', and
cl..t;Lwtgr.3lErrxivciris !
At No. 5, Exo - httngo Row, Erie Pit.
Sept.. 17.-15 WM. 11E1.1.,
Cheap and Fashionable.
ror oftq4te4z.l
rtr....t.a. trio, 4.-.1 •
r..lloAliol It on howl, ../
WM : I/eke to order.
A 1.1
110113 A 3111 MEN'S
• 41(1 be. ,t
that einoot fail to pati•ly 411
Boy's Coats for 60 cts. upwards.
IVI MA IN`o•III :It entp.i,l e rni.l,. 1 ,,• 11 ...,
in procuring tlio latoSt faxiiiont, awl prttlorto ,
w. 111,10 • Plltre of pabhr vatmottar.
Ile WWI abut for mar, a. a4rut, It Largo stutortment of
It EA Y MAUIL('LOTHIM.. hehulwurr of a vt,..
Irlikeh will hr roll gromtl, holot. t It, t...;•••
out the rourorn l'ornoto. in wntit of L'lothiog 00l
1..011 hair . another 01.11 an opporlUltif) te. hue J,r~p
rr" Al H. IS 3*M andM t ary ll.r Wue rc,a.b• 1r,,.r• 1•r
"II refikKonahle lr•rmn, and r 0.14..11.111 • It rill t.. 1
J out. 3.
"01.1) F 1 )1 . N1 1 1:\ A II E.k I ,"
SAKI[ d. 30114.4t141 Kr. pr. co'
4-4 It Wila.l.,alt• P... 1111!, I Ihr too.t
hint approle.l pativr.p, ark.lth. a11...Wm
YRrnierf , and bilkers to St o ,.‘ „
.1 f.t)No,
torwtto, tril h Cult, Coro PLtnt«n vni otiletyrf.,
110,14.11.4nr., to 101. 11 1.. 1.. I.r,ope rlr N I:••.
1)4.111 tOrrt, 41.1.11411" Y - k. ', t 40114 St 34• %ad
Flevrnth Ent.
AKI) 191.9 k JIM V:, /V
11. j:
oty t hut rt. it 1,, hi. 11.
iti.totne, >tit. 1, .;•... lo 10 I
1.,,Ut rat 1. 11,m1 I 1n... •
1,r,••• yn.i •I I •,L..1.-.1 .•1
1 0 .1.r,c,"
It lud,. .4 enhig,vt u.n.llt 1,0 In
tsrli 3n ..otalsintiiinrist.. 4 , 1 a the. bra 11.4 u.n, Inot.d
Thoirr.gar• Tante*, .1e..1e...... Tr k
ades, neterred r H nore
Malan. 1 erennern Masi :elands, bee* :gender,
i'rearge, (wilage epoiroura
ardreher, ( vlbo, hr ,
only :4•w
t to ..ton t
I/ 1 'M-0
Ct. pu IA u•
Ilsftufsei um, It* lomoolf, I..v...ther *tilt ft lam. ftk4. , k
Mtn an •r
ie, I nhouh
an eternal
.1,1"4.r hu•
(If vrs.l.• ls. PlOil ruah.o..a.
The F., 1 . F - IF' F I IT' ,
allich Tele a Ttelea. 14krg.• kora, t 11141. 4 .11
Kaa) Chairk, I Iii•ItI•ol.• .1 I hairn.,
Top Crlllry and 1 01.1 I Nl•kr94, N hat hmsath
third Of., contain. mal.rial , and a 133 30 . ,
of •nrknrro, nornpelt-til
lin. Ilr 111.1.4 *le •iidrh...ri.rl ery
1t... 'outdo.. Oirly Ion" -, nit i• • nu iI. in
% itt•il I. • all •1001 0 1/0111.V 1.1110 10, A? I
not to to. OpsierMati Ity ony ilinoint in I lot t by ne her... All twain of l nod,. r 4 iiirtolua• hair ain «
clomp* for In roil •a. . J It HI RIFT,
N ft - wt..% • I 11•”•••••,
tug mll tr• I.qt pflt, •
G► r , , 1:1:,‘ l• \ 1-:•4.
1:11111.6ri1di150.,1.....Akki, Gt.,. IR, Fin. 1.1 . 1 .4. 1. It I
..gMpli• ill 116", .6r o.ilt. 0,0 Foe: , 6 16eni. at It,
Marell 12 _ T If Al
J 11AN•ii..4 1 , 1 1 . 1,111 I in.
• lot ll I •i 11.•' • , 111.•• !iv err.
1$ 1.1. /.1.1 "
11..... lIIN I . I't It 'f..
Jun. I 1%:,14 1 1.1.:1•4 I.l{l Lh vggl, g 11F1^-II)r.
S, ,\ Nlg MI) 1,
II,: ll,ler p 13)•• -•rup
g0...1 lirtt..l.• kr 1..1(.1 Awl ,•., hl,, it,. 1.,1 I •
%re- 11••11• n ••g - 11 lilt. • lup • \• n I•r i• to, 'del 11,.
the %. ri 1.• I r. I - I IL, I , I••• s • •NI
June II I II 1 .. .,1\ 111:111 Kin 1,1
('lll.l F 1.111% F.ill I). NI A It P,
e te I 14,4der .41
4444 I' mII. A I• 1.1% to I. I% 1.1.1- 4 1•1 4
I'm., J 44444. -I, I. '4 •i
r II \ r 111,1,1
MANI rtett 1111 %I; lIITIII 1.11111 , 1 N
Flour, Corn Meal, Mill Feed,
At tol l• r l ii . N 41.•” r I. th
r•Or”. rapt .tda i.( nti. 1, whirr,•
r..t041,11113 on lotm! F 1...1 , 1 kir.. 4 ..4 un ..101 II icruhl
m¢, 1, 14,t1 •11.1 11,11 Its ,tl.l :•lor.rlrl, Corn
0w1.,, 00. , nll. f will 11...
ratro, '47,04 (.pr xr..l In. •..1 In, of I hArire
eit) 11 it 11 %A KR:4Tb
Fn., A 1,11 "Ul, IVA 47
li I•: inni..r-i:41n. , 1 oft; 1 , for I.
H.olAi•le ternlx, n /MAI' I 111 %,111,11.1.• faint.
t10•111141.p of t ermeore. F:rle c 1. ~.41113te yleolt IL
sad eL half tellein flout the, ,I , tete. %t au
burg. ia..l farm curututaultou if re. a ,gI4HI rifol
141.601111 • 1... 1. ,
in it tfu
atale 4.1 takturuuv* u 1 luan a ~•usu. • r4r,l
tg.f. 110 r .01111 a P111.1.1.1k11111l L. in
Intuit • and all I.! tlt II I .
•Inelttar part elOllllm of II Mr Lat., W
of lLr 0.11444 raw( al WAIrl 'I, I. Ile. I'u. Vs
furl.. N IN:19- Iw If l'u F:S;u4IVIur.TII
'fib DIE.\I}VII.I.II E r.
(N 411101'lts
Eonly i row! Line
runn Ra
iug ri.rthectiow with Nint,l4
rOpriOtOr i. 11l pry to ann. - one.% that he halt
&teat arrito_ratonta I•T It Fitch oar...otters for 4'1%1001./0
W011410111 . k. - MY1141{1)1 4 , Ailed 1•01111 n Foul I. .1441 Nat
Krt.. carry ntornint it on.lay elLeej.tett, at a h,t. All
0113 lh. rat, of the
ANI) EttlF: R ‘11.11()A I).
Crinneeting at Watealnrd with *tag,. far the ahnve_pnint
inintelliately on the arm al at the learn at Water
ford, arriving at IC ael‘ille het... en I and 2 "'dark
making tl the moat plaavant, yin k. .t and teat mute t.
the placer , namaAl.
Kett; a Yeah file at a n'elnek 4 . ennsierting a
Waterford, a tth all early train an - F rte
ror 3140151 y t , . rritprople llt
I lote, r.
of Jwt. A 11, 4 1, kagle Kaleriord, sml .11n.
NKR, h"Pri , Ststol.• 7IIk qi rtw an.
Yrrnelo 11,14e,illet. I, 1 , +:01 IT
BEps just received from the Compan )
mutt or .apply. than,. Beds obtained tint prendo
at 00.8410. from 10,0 6 314.1 upwardm, by 0
Agent. nosh
L. I. 13A_LDW.IN,
..Yu. 8, ie,rd Mdcfr.
AAVIN(i Tr 4 . kock, I rtni
now prepare.] d. famish the hdlowing srlirlrn
equally as low as they can obtainad at any Pm kiar eetsb
Isabtonnt In this owction :
EDI(IN ES, (' I I Eld )4' A
w N DoW I.
The Deno and lloilef nee are warranted to he freeh, pun
and Renaine. I have now on band and neoeirloc a rer~
superior stoek of
Fine Havana and Principe Cigars,
nrifsuxe.txx, 17,03.
Or.lens pmmptly flllod and 011 Wtartion /1111/1111i1MO In
14/11111 10110:41 . . nr Itk.1111018F:11. TILE
FLACK 'Pier 0 Heed Iteuee, Kole. fit.
Nor. h.
500 wiNi.)w 1,A:48 --0„111-
priest*: so konortgnont ov..r. any simi, varioav
brands, Frenttb, toKII.II and Atnerirau, for 'gale 141*. br
xa Airrut a Bab
iit Tl II FR
Pure Wines and Brandies
- Ft Ahi It -4ic li-lial 'f H 14 e,
Wills pus nKeived from Mllatli4pbta • 'try limp
Stott of
PITA PILE DK V 4.lollllltri,
Which tbry will .101 at the Loarrat Itatm. for CASH,
C.oerstry Pv•valuee (credit tzcpled) of Ette County er
Cite Bonds at Ib per out above Om 1.10. -0 ca.'. rat..
They have Mae &gam' stork MI 'barb awl nb.wr, Nbirta,
Drawers, Clotbma,am., ha., for MP on am• mew tm-at.
dreertime as eirsep'si Lb.. rhea/prat for Ciab
trim. Wert) ,, Mee
13 11)ti K s,
Mimes, paper, Stationery,
WA.LIr PAPER, &c.,
Er r.•. 1. et, _ll, IMU
ILI • 1!t Tlux nAy (WS:NINO • Pislomll4l
n0w.../l.t“ tit a rich Cdl• Vowels, Iloilo Cork and
Mao., ran. 14.41011.1, and • gr.-at variety of
,s 1.1•• (..r ll•lidays. Kloltwil lisoltel.NTrs
lit. , 11% r I Fork A, Spemosna, WOW-a, Nap/LIU
nutsiol p•ltyrttot.) and lots of orb Jr•rlr), Nat-
Ole., and I luso 41.....11. tall And WV
F.rto, I or MA,
I M. .1 1T Si, I _
. All %IN.
I'OI I. I/ P. 1411 to n, frooolo anal the public' In
w,ettertl I bat I hay.. onitorowc+.l the
Tailoring nod itrndy Mnde Clasping lietalaran,
in all its tail in, brandies, in the Shirt• lately •.eruyt.d
I. ti nil 11/0 l'u hi le :hi is 1 / 1 "Olnl • P Hotel
and t i, . Iter•l Iluuwr, s Iw•rr I will roileaiiiir it/ but. st
sit times a Hiding.. Ir, tn. of
%Ptril KRICK, ANu V IiOnTI Nt
• ill make up to ardor upon short notice, and
warrant t,. vire usto4rtion Or DO 11111.. r..rr.•m. to rust
id any ni my lina can depend upon fairly drain
I KM delOnltlnnli not ID Make Up any Roode lint
ill give raUalaetluu. lan n.aktoe a towel as
- _
I. w ;ill.. of flume tonne and *•111131.. 1 to 1, .a row
i.nowtittO or anon., n tnonio-.1
1.,,.,.us pan Karon. 1., srr invitr+l t.. tall mina
Lo hon./a And Ininrit, as I ant drirrnotn.l to ant
1.10-up tots Kph
$7 PTlNti.lone Oa alaort notion and warrnntra
fir, tat y, 14.ta ji•IIN M .11:"Titi.:
riNil E 111',1..‘11 I:I': bit"! l'Al.
A\l ottl'ANY 11111.A101..1.1111A
ot K E to , w tlolnK busman* on tits Mutual plan,
lio• 111 suro.l a pattn station au the nrowfita ol th. Comps
ny, •It to•ot 1$11.111t) ontl poqiiillai pant
1,41,.e; wain 1 4.{6.611. 111•11rMi 141 the to n ed
fis,ontblo I...ees n •.II Le lit. rail) peon,rtly
in.•relaulda.,Lutl•lingn and other property
ha a I,mite,l term permanently
J,..pla II `'..l, Jame* (' 11*.n.1. ..,'
Illeaphilli• l'anitlingr. John(' Ita, kin,
Robe r t 'Starts., Jahn (.41r.lty'
Hugh enic ,artouri I.lo,wArda,
ll..rir, I.w r. tie, hakt t , l ':- , tace),
Utilrirt. 6•11.1, I t Pavio.
William 11.i.1•,1‘, limn Hay,
lor :4 TT zu.. ,- I.r. H.. 11 /11.14..
14.1,11 Trikr, Jr , " SywDre.r M , 1171.111..
~,,,,. Ser,ll, , John J. Nterritti,
r •Iwzot OxrlsuJyri Jilt I: 1'..,,,,,....
I I. J.J”tmtor', 11 Jones. rtrow.k«,
% t..lniongl Alouiler,
F lile(AKl , r. SKW •I Srey
A prlittali4.o e.. 1, MAIL 10 •
Aiatl J hp' 1. 1 ICI:, A cptit,
Cll' ' KEN \ A\ I)
N.. i I it+ ;.
-kJ...1.., 1,-.
R ow It;- 1\ IP Vi\\lTi
II ts.• It.• 1.:1rv...1 vn.l I. .4.lret .1
II 1I: 1 I 1 1 . ,1'11 NI I \I.:- •
I'l. ‘TI*O
In i •'%..r)
reliluniher 1114. 111.1 Srind
1 rrl. le. Pm
E , A r} st }I I
V I I• 4; \l\ I t , 11: \lll, t
iu "It r I teg •\•l.h t.t
April .1. 1•YI I F. KNA . s.kl•
C k1:11 . \ I Ah`l \ rl
11 up r. r.lOl, 1.14 1 . 1/ 1 .1,11.. n. 1.1 t—sior 61..4 It
4, 1 4 t,1.,• .1... I Z..
.. 11.0. le 1./ . 1• 1 11 , 1 1
!..r MI nt
A pril9, t %OH. t,
ei I:IN I) •-•I'4)NE:- !
N.ll[ 111 Tut, It. r.a 14‘1,1 • to,l 4., tl-1 - -100
It.t.:ro L ; lor mak I,r mi., ~1 J 1 -rI UI \
Gi I: \ I ,I{ 11 1,1:11 \\ \ I:
r) ot, lb. tr litootrott. I.lll.tolisioo
t„,,, fn. from Iremto •-,,m.• lott, t 0, 0
paPt ...v. , ads, rti.. w, nt Hammonton lands,
zoollwr rolotoo Ito of
A l , tirg.•nt r..1114-t of 111.• viti/on
!0w..., I lokt. I. rt...
t il., N't Ow ',mil... ..I1
A titl Plana open an to KR ETT".... 111.04 •It
si-,1 tl. f's*.t l r l'rtr rt. I •Intl. I. Itm.p
10 unit .01 taattilto t z ..1 l. I ERA
110 I's , I tit,.l ..tily rvfet In a, , r► i Inn. . 1111,,,e1y 11.•11
, nt, in 111
From ..ear 14 , ••••lare 0. II PA/ Ilc r /AO I.
.I,•ltlsti•.. All op f1i1,1.. 1,10011% pr1t.,111.41 •1116
• aartnt.-.1
The Latest and Best Improvements
1% I,ENTIsTI;I".
ttubiyrr and tiutla Perctin ttottentl of t told
atitt btivvr.
To .bn low-Mettle lhttro. that *01..1. nt 1a
•t phi ro prroolo... 11.0. 131,11111) oder. a certain re
1111. 1.. th.• Ittil.her l'lxtes w ill tit, 1... r Clout* it 1.1 th.•
herd mate!. l et .41. r.. 1, herauxt It will not wear Ilse
nnt•rnl te•th 1 'to prritre..i to No./4,m t !Ma II wool for
ill who w oh 111 u.• not nm►.• Hoe tlitotleP, that 11 the
ltnl.b•r (mile to tho all that 1.1%11 1.. 11q0.4114/011 Or 11
...Iwo Mir() tr•.l, 1 •111 It • ,th 11..1.1 or I•rher and
chart• onit the Jtilerenn• te.
rtlNTlNViwi's (;I'M Wt%);K
Which Pm. eat•thlt•ln era tn dentnitr - (1.110•111
Ilic 16.. law Xll4l 60•11111,1LIII, /110. tlainitole anal 'l...arra/at:o4e
in list , d , •ulal art., to which hr emits np. etal at t,-ot,•,n It
pnftente iols , kulatrs 4tl Pr nil other 0ttwit.i...11...11111 4 ! In.
r•luwwa h, the aceocuulatt., ih.•
mouth a perfectly natural OXVIVIPI.OII, tat the hr.•ath n tr.l
n rat Itn.l nleasa.Jt ra ut, a title IN I tkast.,rinit 6. the trel ,e h
of the and 0-n.1,1 t
17. 1,,:. 1.11115 , .41 lit sitint
pEINI INS WISH Nt . 1 .1 1 111 NI;
3 Ili mer. tt,log I .lllllrs, A Nra
uh ri t• Ln 0155.1...0 Kiang N clitunt,
wad will a iinin:ntfu I lit of t
n 7uitilrwirtit, smith, (...isis,” 61116.
F 1 Ilt .1 'l' 1 Slf , II h:.\l Acll
Thr,mt, 04..1 4 ace, Cramps, 111,4,
hprsom, uts and "ltrwiliii.,t4.l6il laau,lh Still
J ll itt lit, tiviillr.l itur, l'iiirithatibw, whirls
it will curt. In h ou. uvr to Clkilblatua • Corno,
Stir,- or Trotter 1b..-tho.." or Furscht,„ LAM*
I lack. Seal.lN
It is also enusil) enirarrous in the cute or diseases in
Horses, or other s /musts, such as Itinsbone Slyer fa, Chars,
Forooleml /feet, Lamensuor, oontrsetlngof the bluseles,
Sprakuu, W. 0.1 teteheS Crealed tleels, (1415tunii,
l'oll Brit, ho,
Although Ittts Ia a new s.rttele, SO. (M . the Cimt, tuns
brought twinge the public, jot !thy brio severely tested
In a great nuselbser of esses. and found sll that is elshried
for 11., as ft/elite:atm noels the lossession of the rimpelse
tor, fully •Ilee.
riot ri bottle and try It and If It Is ant slt It IS MOM'
reiluno it and your money will be mfasidell
t: CHOsWy sole maisefuefmrdrfa.l l Nuluielarol lo Win
reet, Buffalo and sold by Ll, 11,111.11 W UM.; -
Waterford rrleNltt Cents pot Bottle.
July !...t 15161.1.-- I.
S 4 I . Se AI. ! !
prepared to furnish Seal** or any kiwi or
ooze at much lewiltrireert than ever before Rohl In thin city.
Aug. Z. J. C. $1 , 13.14:N.
IEIIA M lA' /NT( 1N FA {UK El{ —A news
devoted to Literature And Agrieulturn, &hut
rttfag lortb full neenonta of the new erettietuent of Ham
wanton. in New Joni.), eon In' anteserilimi for at only 2b
cents per annum. Ihn6.
Inchon. protrige stump. for the amount. ,A4.lrwita to .141-
itor of the /runner, Hain ton P. U , At/antic New
Jerry. Time* whaling cheap tarot, of the (*St C0. , 4410,
I, on.. of the hertlthinat and moot drltghllUt eliutatem in
the Union. and where rroint f hover rot dor übt frota,
the tereft4o PCOU rfn of the north, WY, rrtanement of
Haornuiatna tatnin dad.
a ci AS II paid fear Rhea . Corn :and
lista at the ICH. city 11.11. Farmers gate me a
AT -
D. P. kigmli2P4, Proprietor.
\A I
1 \
A 111:
Ill' 4: NI l f7'
SA. ID - ID 3 . - E. R. 'V ,
.sI I,IIHEIr, I , I) $
i s IAYS the St. Louts, (Mo.) betar,, )y ,
kJ Below we puldiali a letter to Dr. Wood, of lib.
0........dem0r i Is Malta, which speaks /chivalric( ) 4 1 y.
superior laterite of hie hair tonic th,b
b am its dpeet, when emolow frees a reliabl e ~,,,..
itertlficatee are suarooleme of truth, the Dr me.le
.or madese pinery from the wee
Damn, Jan Xi, ya m
' , Talmo, U. J Wood
GestrUtiri • Haring my attention calted a ler
educe to the highly hestelietal Weals of your beer
tire, I was todumid to make applicati o n of it
hairy which bad Memo malt. pay, prohaidy ~
white ; my whiskers were of the mama character
three menthe doe*. I prumued a bottle "(your
ratty., turd used It- I doors found It am mutin g •b. :
had wished I need it about twice a imei I ho.
procured another bottie of whir& I ha.. o „,„,
1:1413 DWI certify to Lb. world that the gray or irl u t," y.
boa totally dimppeared, both on my Lead met
my hair lame resumed its natanai color, sop
eat and glom; than It has been before for
sag e l y
Asia. lam now suety years old . my g,,,.,1g,,,.,1 ‘t
ap of fifty-two, has lased it with NW. edict
Tbe above notice I deem due to you for von, ty„
discovery I an, assured that whoever slit
ft, per d 14.1.100 A, will not haWit sesame i C,of,tft,h,
statements Imu a citizen of this city wit a
for the last Mimeo years, and am known erly •ar.
one here and adjoining lovas. Any use
of the aleuve with my IMMO attached, 6 at y
mm I wish to mean,. the beauties of nalur e
well se myself lam truly, yours,
BA/713MM JIIIL I st ,.
Professor Wood—Beat SO it/maw 6.1 tt..-
to loose. the Leta portiou of my hat r, trout ii,. rfl.fl. ,
the yrilour furrr to Neu Ortesult, to 1..4. I sto
to make tits' of your kutiorattou, 'tot h.otot tt t.
loser as the very li k ing nvetl.4l.. Yy hat. tal ow. tt.ot
glossy, Sad Du s urd.. Mb Al pram ray
to giving to UNI. ablated Math trvattutr
untit,ornio, 3 3o4, Rev J K Bmig to a initiiittpf 10 na
u lgg gamnipng and pastor of tbto t otitttalo t I topro ,
Brooliaold., !llama lln 111 a K.. 01.4181111 rl.l t
and **normally brlotortl Nit I , Yip
Brookfield, Jsn 17 , nap
Protommor Wood— hoar nu flartuq mule .31 o 4
Ilan Brid.orativr, ft gli , ea an.• id.asurs• to ..y , tt t ,
fret has lava ..seellent Its trlntorttsit tnlhwulu , i 311t,3,33
13.3 itehltog, attt. to 131 , 13 3
Levu trouble 4 from 3393 t Itikikttod . and lad slw
my hair, *Lick. n b kweomong gray, to K. onittit•l 00303 3
haTt3 latbrai no °thous ottltrleo with SA) thing 1011, tho
pitliStiroo or profit ,outs
The Reek/ratPro it rut up In B.ttle. :', r,y y,
large, medium sad small • the eretil Inddo a Nur, sr.
entails tor uLtilo Jolla lot, I)/, ntr.lton/
least twenty 1.. r rob( u„,. ll,ab
rwtads for too doriare 4b. ,t,• ti • larr. I, ~,, I• s t,u.•
40 per cau l worn 40 p1,94,0,,,b I:: s t. ".•
i r. •I:
V.,t11, , T1L the grr►t 's keted.oetneel
au0414 Market Ytt ,
Aud an/1/1 by all gond In ~,,nre tret
6 6 BANii-I'l . " 1:111"N1
When nth. said "I:roeerlee: i le• le r Its
Where did I gu witbout delay,
And bring a load home oh a dray •
When Tea a wautml, (reel. sod rare
A ad Sugar to select watt rare,
You'r always sure to Mel them whe, A •
Who has lots of ehmees Hotter re..l
Awl other kinds of wholesome !mei.
•ele. a.. others uotterstoott
Who greets you with * swilLo 1.11i••11,
And shows you all that'tt to be pees.,
ii.t up so Matey, 011 a• sod dears
Who keeps the tertgetwat "Hasa Cr Pis
The beat that's mule to-swath the •lt r,
For who 11 a.. matt) loot: arid nigh
Wlm'w at h. 1.0011 heat/ early and late,
To wait on all - big, ortuttl awl great,
At the street comer 'hr sth and State
Marekt 1;1849 —PI,
At the old Stand
M I' I; 1' II Y ,
1 1 1 .
Betweeen Brown's Hotel & Reed How
41.4 lIAhU
IZI,E r , :•4 l lCl'lit ENT 'Hi
Hlll,lllO MI OS, STUN' ES, A. c
AI. a Isom a ea . 1.41 r.,7 l r m ic . le t
w ra r. artu A T ow nt
. f,r i e n . r .i.i.r.,
• iir• awn( ea Cu arc) 11.11.11 I' , .r lcl he
. Lar
A , , 14,,1ia l'ablc I artla•r• alc, I,
IN,1•, a 1..., T, a ar,,l Ta1.1... , i..,,,,t.,
1164. Com. I. 1 . . , r , c I a , 1.1 ‘11•1.1 , YI, ,
11•.., Ai... II 11 , V.• . .... , 1 ,,,,, ' • t ~, •
I'l k I
11••34 1.1 T. aTra) pi, in i••,, 151 I•I•S I
1.7ktit..1 14,11, .
11014411 g •, Flkt Ir to • • I. 11, • I.
11..41., N At.1.1..,r.1., ,•)••••, h , -.0.4-* 11
A. _ Y. • t 1 ot•- 111, i •
tiwl lletlislll.4 fly. • Mk,. • i •
Pni,11.1.• 6.1 nll tieveriol, I • 1.,•' ~ • ,
I ulnnie "• , 1• ,, • I .. • VI ,
t anal so.' I 21411.., N %la l I • ••I• r , 1.1
ut all 1
111.11, %% rr,• t•.l 11. •1
111•1. , I„ „
11,4 111.116 halls, 1- r
I I 1.1. t
1:4 )
• tr.. ~ t 1 I • t..:•
st t.
111 41.11 In
••••• i•tt the .ttott Wwl t t • 1... w t.
• •• 1111• • ' •• •
Ill•tit••••••It kW! •• • •••/ •''•• k• • •.••• t t•i•• •• ft rt•tt'.
I fill I VI ,4%h ~01 1.114 %till 4100,
.41,1 I, Or
TIII 1 1 I, %IA) It'll 1111.1•11'%1
r I", .•I 11.0„.
•it•l •.. I. 1 • N.... 111 at. I '
A M. , & than 11.. !'s
la, ,
111)...T .4 I i+NTI 1 , 13 I
A,. ~true... o 1 1t... ue. .•I ..• 1..1, ' •
•I• I. ..... Ataort 11114 • .• •
14 ',St. / • ••• • A. i I. tar 0,.,.. I. • •
tln, 1.. tr... u•••of
“tt will. rti•vi tem , .
01 Nil: NI T It F. 1' 111T11 1 1.112 NOTII
."“Na1..4 11..i11r 11. k. 4. tai
01. '0.110..1 Ifffp—rt net I
h.cp •fdf,—t.
a ,f .111111. let 11, t‘l.• •
\ i.•
11.•trti1......1 .1., IL,.
11. ii.•• • •
!I.e. •• • 11 IP, }lt/.
I. 141.1111'Di F.'" , 1111 Th ( l ICI.
. 1 / 4 , • •
Il..•Al •'.
4.1 •1.. , tr. •. ...A111111•I N% ••••
If 11111.13, sl. *ll
t 1 .1.. 1.• 1-i 11.5111 (Ivoelt 1..
~.11111, .1 I lc n. 1.1. (../..t.tutso.etad •.‘
143 11 .1, .111.• tttl
Ili.. D0i..., he ltdAlli.rot adAst 1. tb..
‘r.l. t.Att• rt 4 A.,‘•• and ntirr~. l
t. e ‘ll.l
illt.%Nr Ell.
, R •••• lN hare .1. t "tell their att. 010
t.. t ;...-01.a. • 11.../.l' 111111:W10 I, sod the r•
La w r u.•utll 1/../II //1///.1.1,1 t•. r. r t.• tlr
Cr, %tor. t• lull, Lesttited nut trnstrfolly a. an
•••alin lit )111.11111111/1 ialiers .1411) WI,
trot,. 311 'Arta ..I the er•ttntfs, for Or. • • 1 , . • '-
id 8...n4111/Ill", w bile their exertion.. i ts .. h..... •
w 111. III« l 1.4,11111.1 reittuttagelt, yet It, n w hat t.
nt‘i. In 11/4011111.1g Ilan h. 1•1111••••.111.. ././
/1.1111.1111/I, t I r/./tt tto 1..... t unyne
that ..t the r....5t dattveret.tatat aler‘t..
VIII • rotor/rt./wined the lemett.thly ut (In 1. 11.
f• u.., al, and Ilk11•111/1”.• Ins %mid, found 0. ••
tilar 1,11.1 fi/ruts .I.lapease stut...l
• ny• It - metal L. orer of the lollow .11.fe•.••• • /• '"
tattlert, or the ill egret,' of Li lit.l.llltul /r/ a' Imo,/ "
tore, lir. A litts A .Stt?: 1/210 sttorawaig ii et, e•,..
the aelevtton of their remedies, a sate, etteettvo ts..!
to•tts court... onu tang all 0.1111.0M/1. II .41/ 1////...• •
le/.v an etio°cal rush.A• II a• II I.• .
tortl ore 111 /I 111 . 11,11111 11. ph. Nll. ,1,1 1 ./ r"'"
I 10,4 1 , •11,•,,tit a..., 111 Ilke• 1.•11.1. / I I.n. At.
lu 01011, the Irttolahle pt..' . I their r. tre•3l..• t• 11..
toe of a 101111 11/%11. )•1/1/1,11 1., th. all.. ttla
rel.( wild prevent - •• silt:. t... 11• Ilnt In in 1•••
It.. ...reel foe of 11(.., w AI,. It. a b.. y
surround ON fall %b., .I.'l ...r. ri... .
the.' •/%1.•••111/111410/1/
l'ol NTH 1 'NI t 1.111%.
Pareotto In ally iart of •,,,1.1 111.1) sne/.1/./.
treate.t forwardm e r a e/orll .11 ta,l i.t thOir, ••• •
a rrattttmwe fur Me..ttemea,
AdJ fro Ur 41141$ R `••N, r. n,. r Or, ~•
Mtr.... I, thulTalo, N
Feb 2V, 16.14 11:•14
7 4 ,', 1x.,,,,... r tor , l•
,;',.7416 ..., Iftto,. 1.. J. I.
r , Itte./.. 1 la IP •• • .• .
.. ' ? lir ' '', tlrt• .4..0 b• •' "
1 .
ReFar . 'V' ...), I•up* I.r 11, '.. '
'...... - .„
../..‘ NI Atngl.r, At I ~- i
1:0,..1- At. •1. , . '
. t. ... , Ir 1,..A, tilt . . ^ ,
10 ellAs..n •,tI , t
- 7' KNI l• 4 N -• V , , •t•
e. Mon FaAl.l..nAl , ^ J u -
In New York. I hare. a lard. Mock 0( lt tif!A,•. h.... , •
4,01 C. 'bold at Ulna/MAI 14.11 prtc.r.A ...ylll4
Vrto. Oct IS, 1%69 - 1"4
Valuable Land for Sale.
sale a tract 1.1 lanai koomtta as aloe -it o .a. , a• tr..
me four Mitt. east of Waterf.4ol, nu th.
plank roo.loniaol containing Manua 1,1a.1 ar.,. 1
• " 111 t1mb , m 1 .4.u. 1 luttulra.Ny aninioto-o, •
too larinang purionoros- It a. aim. 010.14 4 ,t1 h, I . '
'• Itailroad. It •dl boo .01.1 in a , n t "
in 'rant* to omit purebupers
July 10 1869.- fill
Col Partnershi- New Firm.
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