Bloomsburg democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1867-1869, December 25, 1867, Image 1

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Oils E. IN* liN Ir. Ll, le t , I 011"Itio ,,, $: - !... ebt.Offhil County, Pa ; Manic of one o f d the robbers Iteli, !111
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DR. W. H. BR ADLE Y, - ,,,,, ...t. in Pap, woutini Much fittipttn• I I t. n , ' ' ;
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B LOOMS li I.: RG, PA.
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M. M. TRAL 611.
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Attorney :it Lan'.
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Counselor and ltlorner al Law s
a BLOOM 31:MPG, Pa.
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I. l lrbe undotottnett rives atair ,, to pqbii,
taut he is a practleai
, ared to do; short kwil,„ tzp, this
oiathtt• tviaa*. oio .i•
10 the bIINIIII.#. ri inarkiod•-• rrrt e >e o,e
as amtailig done in %%I l to
letnirg June. t.!,
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1 :,, ;11" .111 to tAtort. , Y,..„
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}`, th..t
very ttto,
he...-1 4 hot r..Rint,
• kerp 1U tum
'IV ;rutr o f to °Limn; in to
r,llll oinlpieti• ;
tiKn m foul,
trwo t,f ctr.n in pm' wind ;
Tkon t‘11: vc• ilAge
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kVi yolt'll 6.1;010,1 i cf ,loe,
'.. )1, l',t not roam,
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Lay,: :1 1.;-;..0.- : I •11
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it: ft!! I. 1.•1\•• t:ws
1 , 02. i.,:••1 oarry
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hkel, vII ht wc to up a
r this kin],
tit St tot th, country until
it ha. the used
front to month.; of di, - p'ar.
to ht-tith, but the
health el wir t iiorlti will e ir, w; .l l . o „ l' avora l4
w, other AY, i , lll of the • •itut ry. The
W 11.1.1 ANI Lr.t:L4t,r,
z.uperiority our it owing
to any Ih.ttor rinality of grain, takutl
tfrgr. our SS Mere khntiv tom' to to it
Al.l 11` , ”, gat {lllilBll know navy ts,ll,4oid ri
h r ;toe pra,,i Led with every 601
ity I`..r thot.,to 1d chotaltiz as I hulling the
amt the a, tie 1•X1 Millar, are
Ymphvt,d , e r •i,,l it. tip , re wait i,, that la
t, tea of lion, that is as ;v as
the color ni laittlolast ur Lines plater, we
have an article, alutte-t ac W:tite and lively,
a , the ito-t wheat ritddintertak
Dohs lo at lic.ur, is n o t, 'in the neirkek as
the veoy host, au,l eoututands a !Ocher price
that, atty other., huonsvPr good the
flout cut; Ceititireeexporionce nut
nary , 1:111 to it,plooe the cake., in vertiattion,
1' ire necessary in a good Book
whcat ctie, thyy nhouhi he, l: ht sweet
hr..'for the 111'4, rood thmr,
good yua l, and I roj tsly mixed are e“eli-
Cad, to hero them :.elect, they should be oit
ten rept wed, am t 4 I ,t s. a right tempera
ton., it it almost imp" •iblo to have them
ttit,oly brown, ttultrt mixed with buttermilk,
and then hake them on a good thick griddle
properly heated, and, with good butter and
a little good honey or !Trap, you base a
dish good enough to sit before a king, and
with tuch hefore a portion with a good ttp•
petite, as old Dr. Jackson once said, it is no
wonder if be should eat to much.
ancv Cages
- ,7"' - ';: r ja the 4
peeved by Ito a
:s 1.u:.11)3
i~ ickcn~,
Iltir 1 lie w ay 'Ley nelph hogs in Kansas
Li us Follows: They first tie the bog to one
end of a rail on a fence with rooks tied on
the cod, awl than Ettetsi the rock
weig h
nit 9 1 1r 0 L , A •-•!,;”!:
t v.i!! ;in 1 Onoll Of sin ;
\Vt., t Ark 41,1 vil.l,
)Inn:" 3 : 1 , , y • :a ;
a !'r,•.; a! r—einq
,Hr 1 • r
~3.• l •‘y, ;
.:1 ^ '..e ••
..k3 tF Tr N3ii
it i
1. IL' A s‘vnol.
in • Ist trot mins.
at 1.
skirt; n'tll , WlW
in" t
- el t
A Virgibiz, banker, who was the chair ,
man of a noted ltdidd Club, was once tray..
cling through gentooky, having with him
bank hills of the value of twenty-lire thom•
sand dollars. When he carne to a lonely
whore robberies and untrdeN were
said to ha frvpient, be was soon 104, through
taking a wrung road. The darknet's uf night
(mine over hire, anti how to escape
from the throatemei danger he knew Hot.
In his alarm, he suddenly espies, in the dis..
tanee, a dint light, and urging his horse on
ward, he at length came to a wretched
looking cabin. Ito knocked 811 4 thu d oor
was opened by a woman, who said that her
husband was out hunting, but would shortly
return, and she was sure ho would cheerfully
give Mm !Leiter Mr the night. The gentlee
mon put up his horse and entered the cabin,
but with ibt hogs that can be bettor imagin
ed than describwl. Ilere he was, with a
lot o sum of money, and perhaps in th e
house of one of the robbers whose name
was a terror to the etrantry.
In a short time, the man of the hense re.
turned. Ile had on a deer, kin shitt, a
bear. .kin cap, seemed much fatigued, and
in no t snood. All this boded the
inthiti us ,noel. Ile felt r), his pistols ht
p and placed them so as to be
ready t'or imtant use. The loan asked the
.• ram:, to rgtite to be I, meat he deolite,l
ay'ao; that he would Zit by the fire all night.
The ttimt traced, but the more he tweed, the
tsi°re the int; lel war alarmed. Ile f , lt tt , *
rep I thatwas Ilk I ' night upon em•tit,
but he A., termined to .-- his life as do , iy
Ili, infidel principles gave him
raze eotaft,rt, liis fear grow into petit
oeiy. 'What masto be done ?
At length tine telot—ebonan rose, aryl
aelt:a.- to the weeden shell trek down an
old Ito • ..41
• :ringer ; it y"0.1 Wutt't h , - . 1
wis:; I ? .it it is Tart ot.tnaie alwage tc) real a
4 of the; berkr, 1
What a rha.l,i.e did the,avord. produce '
Alarto was at open remove) frnto the •• , kel,-
tie . s wind, Though an avowed infidel, he
fro] ne w yonf:kkao., in thu [l n 1.
)1.• It that a roan who kept an old
1;,h!.. 1,1.• Lne, ant read it, and
his I.n. • • id in wta no router or tour
nol tit the sinr o in , a,yer iaf
O, I roan, I,*; di , lllk, LA all Li ,
r.A• yo,l v• dour,. in d, t 'l*
;Lit as eahuiy a he did under his father's
roof, Fr o m that night he cause) to recite
the gond oh Bible. IN Lecumu a sincere
Chri Sian, an I often related the stogy td• his
jollll,q, t,r I , l'^Ne the faiiy of in.
th. ih;.: have tr , : nte:
w at& I s al out the no ages ootuntit•
t: l i, white hut the;,"
r. En.4ish tattaa4int', ttnt the tat , .,:
- .ln • , •I tindit, 4 in Ti. h:e
iet re ; e. to the wortt , :ty of the whito nut.
~ ...!,01Innt 114%i3‘t. , oharge•
• ;4. i: tin the V. or, wh. r. Aq.
• ' hy o
• l 012 :I. • 1
• ; •
c i„! c a .• ti)her
-1,11,1 ath the fluor wh, re
wa , When the coin way
d it wit.) not to he round, but the at,
tacks ‘.l . tit., nuts wore inr.ont-stible. aucl thtt
story got anroai that th t• th wore ca.
pal& of dovouring metal. Sonic year: after
NhUtl the lao 1c will repaire , ,
the hol,. !um was found Peet deep
iti Ow e.. 1111 iu the an
One+ . atta4C+l a Briti..ll Whip of
tin) lin.), the All)i•311. I.l.ligcd to
jil t it i n t o ort in c , ..,equenee, and had to
be hos) n
Tilos° ertaptu• ••• ar,• much a)) fin d
by they o r the into) ior of hit. as
troll as hy Aniea. In 1.11.113,
for,' the it,;..traC o f the alit:, two holc)s
a r c b i r c l in the we-t each other,
on the letside is placed, which
has been raVo..))l with arre.mtie herbs; on
he wind side, a lire is made, the smoke of
which drives the insects into the
These captured vi,..tiins are then securely
taz.teued iu, dried over th e tiro, wel A r o mpt
into flour, and mink into a pastry which is
,oct tJ pcor pople, but which, if 11 , 1.1 ZiUme
) , an tly, 1 , N duc,......) dysentery. At the time of
the tui:zratiott of the ants in Africa, myriads
ut them 11)11 into the water, when the natives
saint of Litn antfltro with ealahashe., then
grill then: - in iron cauldrons over a lar2.e fire,
stirring th-in ns COG!! is e.t.irred. The na
tive:, eat them by handfuls, without ar,,otn
peniment or ether prepnration, and vonsid.n.
11(14 varyTl,Py are sail to re
,e 1111.1)) it) taste, sugared cream, or :-.weet
almond paste. The Hottentots cat them
v , us eddy wh) n boiled, and grow plump
turdf , :t upon tl. f.ll. They also consume
th • prti.:o th• Mlikh they call rice,
on account of it- to,tatilitiwo to that grain.
They conk t hes") in a :mall quantity of water.
A large ne,t, will sometimes yield a bushel
or the pupas•
6.47- A juror having applied to the judge
to he t xett•ed from serving on account of
deafness, the judge 601, "Could you hear
my charge to the jury, sir ?" "Yea, I
heard your honor's charge," said the juror,
"but I couldn't make any sense out of it,"
Ho Iva.; excused.
SRL A dancer once said to Soctittev,
"You cannot stand on one Ili so long as I
can," "True," said tho ribilknolibor. "but
a goon cane.'
Creat I;r4therhigit of the Ger-
The trans in A nierirst are preparing
for a vast International Festival, in which
the Rifle Clubs, the singing Societies and
nil the vast array of otehestral unions or
the' Oil World and the New, are to be re.
united in the city of New Yoak in one
mammoth exhibition of skill and emulation,
such es the world has never before Witness
ed. The details of this tutitutilieent festi
val, which have already , been decided upon,
enable one to form some conception of the
entertainment which ii, in preparation for
the American !while. The project, eampre
hensive and splendid as it is , originated
about three years ago, at en immense mot
in of Sharpshooters ham ahno-b, every
European country held in one of the famous
free towns in Germany. To thit nearly ev
my Schuh:, n corps in the rolled ,:tates
scot a 400: arson ; hi`:ln* the natal ritle
snatches had with sntistionion to the
contestants 50n...; btattV(4l tits
tiling the orennit itions of the ratite:l:nel
to visit A tuerioa. The idea, however, could '
hardly take a preetical form at that time. I
owing to the still on.o.ttl 1,0„
lie f.trair. and ti, , I , oatoo moos of
eausol by Late trondles ; but
red States hard r— nme 1 that as ad or ex
teroal tronqUiliity, la:lior
trouble) it arm; wieldy cnity.), our Teutonic
friends on each the lire)
have bestir , 1 tbethiolvo.) to bring the
to a brit hot Fire. it must its can
diTy mittel that tit; Berman element of
ty in the United Stat .s is , '!id if the
va1u..1,1,) and ordcrdoviee: by
any c;eantry on tl.e free oaf the
dinarily intelli.o 01, to a 1:.;,.?T
ine a ted and well inferno h. a - ta , d, 1
forms and preetleht* of If , ; yet I
Del theani inimical to yrr:re.....
meat, they form 4 doss of citiz—rt what. ,
the descendants of older Cm.; near nth:
reo do: with ewe:nage): h. , +
And nit alone is this re: p , ir pte , -
to. , among us to he newer • 1,: in r.
;ea the benefits of A tutri. an csitiz. whi.
they had communicated in r , torn ...rutin I
ideas connected with their minor mar tit of
to for *io n pk ' , hts:tees, the jut lit
Mous cultiration of art, and a retimorent in
all the -.mall but important tasmoluie of
sof+ ty, nhi , h A merienns hav e not been
slow to a s :oe dote. Their exam!-hi in this
ho, b , i ~f vole» as an antidote to
) , :e and Owe. * •
character win n h , .:ought to have !
its ra 'Hu iu :O•w Emeand ; beet which in ‘ 1
reality eetas it,h,.)etat in the r 5.!.) ton
roe ; B +l,l hit „ 1 .12 •,
the keen French ohserv.r t i n ioarli of out
old an ..)-torr that — the:,
iadiy," To this Tat.tiail. frame o. the Aruer
lean vent, the I ;omelet Exhibit a happy
contrast, which has l• , .:• .a t as a cur-
They h.: nrytm this wothi aa
: hunt artf.r
rx , ; and the
hilarity with the dull watur. , ::f iile, corm
a 4 A ,...; 11)14'0 - Or
'A ILL 1 Ili 4. Ti. t
;L.!: :t ;;
riawa: am
.:11 happy in t': , 1r t.
:n ...46:hiv in our Ey:A.
At, C".lth ts.:!ailaren.
ltiw 7f tiolor.l af,, , ••Ary to o t •mmro at i )
Jut metro 4.:0 1 It o dm,
mitomrtt;•itig. ythra they do tv t li,
80, thorolor,l tttortt earrild to tivori
approbation or gull conduct than your ‘lis
approbatior, ht• Nothing ean more di,-
courage a child than a spirit Or itiv“qtlit
fault fm , 1:0;., .41 t 1 rat of its 1...0nt. And
hardly anytiOnz crap cXrtt a Ware
iialcove Urkti the the disposition both of
parent a;: I child. Thor , - are two ;Jaen
unitive, human actiote,— hope
and fear. Beth of these are at times
but tv:H 15' od I n pr t o
have her chill I II it treed to F. , .a1 seeded
by a desire of rather titan f y hear of
oll'etnling? If a mot her never exprosse , her
gratification when her children do well, and
i- always censuring them when she sees any
;tildes, thy are discouraged and un
happy. They feel that it is r.4.1c , s to try to
phase. There disposition lieeome li iihr
el and soured by this e, p re t t i n:! , et i
at last, finding that whet h. : they we:l
ill they are equally found i'auit
relinquish all efforts to please. and become
headless of reproaches.
But let a mother approve of her child's
conduct %thence-rt. she can. Let her reward
him for his erorts to please by smilees and
affection. In this way she will cherish in
her child's heart teuw of the and
mtctst ileirable feelings iif our mturo. She
will cultivate in him an amhtli: disposition
and a dr...Trail spirit. Your child has been
through thi.e day very pleasant awl obedi
ent, .Inst 'before putting him to sleep for
the night. you take his hand and say, - My
son you have brie very good to-day. It
makes me very happy to see y ou
and obedient. God loves Mao bop: who are
dutiful to their parents, and Tie promises to
wake them happy." Thisapprolattion from
his mother is to him a great reward- And
when, with a more affectionate tone, you
say, "Good-night, my dear son," he leaves
the room with his little heart full of feeling.
And when be closes his eyes for sleep be is
happy, and always tries to do his duty."
tray Birds am the poor man's music;
Hovers the poor man's poetry : end the rich
man Is no hotter ow
M 0 C Arr.
NT 4 1 ' 4 l ir""'
41 AD JS 1)A. I. D EC .De4t `..), 1867.
Courteous nenly to an Infidel.
An American traveler being unexpected
f b.:detained at the mole of quarantine in Oleg
so, was very civilly offered "half of his ap
artments and a sofa to lie on," by a young
Etielidnan, acted as translator to the
mole. After they had Pulped 94 intimate
aopmintatice, and bad ono evening retired
to rest, the traveler asked his friend how
he could endure the blasphemy which
wars t‘o constantly heard. The young Eng.
lidunan replied, that "a.; a genthamon, dew:
things were flbsagrecable to him, but a, to
their being intrinsically wrong, it was a mat-
ter of no concern to him, 133 he denied the
truth of all revelation, and believed Jesus
Chtist to ba an impo4 fr."
The traveler, without supposing that the
ronaßt would he heeded except by courtesy
replied, "Either Christ was an impostor or
bo was not. It h., was an impostor, we
have the inconceivable phenouaenn of a
Ul practicing virtue, self denird, char
ity, l'ofi% elms of injuries throttjh hie
nhebc life, in spite of scoarging, coutwudy,
and ec.n crucifixion. Is it philosophical to
Sapp 'o that a bad man wool I take s !emelt
p dm , to make men good? Bat if he was .
ar-t an impo. for, then he has toll the truth,
most belie e him."
it that I never aw that tc
rore?" 18.4 , , the f,uly reply of the Yung
ut ti.: a:4 t.:nent
3,14 the
o+2 Cr. r
th- t r '
hint ~ : ,
pra,y;:it: I i • (.)
t , :t - Ito •
A .1...rv . :Icr< itant.
Lti:11 , •!•• . ,
V :1'
Yiz 6) , ,•• •
1:4 . :3!:: Pt . dv- •,1
ObC; • ,• it t putei ion, net
wan own het
tusra a1..0 en tho thiea.; of +oh,: :"
A Inerehant in New York, dada; tit late
war wade a contract with a met•hania t
Ong fl} hiin \Nit!e a number of tin cacti. Not
ieng after thiA the at*tin rose co novh
that the contractor watt money by
nen,pletina the ware at the price d nr.
on, Nowa:ter, he &IA •hut
yin do-liver'mg the caw. At halt the 6.-4.
the pay L3rr i t h e
"4tinlep:tantlytal Bre /.o:ms
tith: job."
rc:,1:••••: :!•• I
it ; c,•: '
— lli)tv : :ticr:" a 1,•;1
"(), n;:.• • ; I ;*.•:
"I in,:q '
.• y-‘1; di ••••• • ;I: •.. :•• ••• • •
mach a Limdrod t " tl , i• kalif,
••Wen 4r,"
— 3 7, 11 I'V't 11SP thif. it WMIII AZa he
right. I shall ahi tho air ...Int to coo till,
au,i, asp t h e pi... - 0 .. ..aai...r1at may
still I. , lvaiwu you ;h.. liar ch.
roll'. - tixt, \lli:Ai, no V. • :
' ".
T 1
LI, 1
11, I • • T . .
; ,
vtll;ol( ill 11,1. ott,:
1 .1 Nva ;to • oryin••.!
110 trr. n +.1:1
AN tt ts Poom- It i , ..tat,,1tb.0
a le"'°). man wt site duwu
of be ; t's t a, e , s ;
att 1 an itab
and cats it, will f;el
tint file per cent. , teak
water. that eighteen per I .
give him an aiderniaMetiebillic, , and that.
tech? i l'r i ~,,totigattt to ‘,',1111 Lira,
WO make him fee! ttAllrort;.l4o on a cold
day. ttf the tle , h-formieg hyr(dicr,t
coaling to Dr. Playlidly.l , -rY one, on an
avvraK..! , requires ninety4w, 1.,!:0ds
ally to keels up a proper 1-!,lily eou .r.!ion,
If it is not oliminel from !teakg, th t it
must be seenrod from t hli, g
Cheese a great ILA f.i wet p. r
and, taken with beer, speedily eon al
trace.. 4 oti-ight*.y Two ttt!'t , of
tleAldurnters per diem will Leep a man
Miro it he is not forced to labor, but hard
larer requites six, or the body will run
...hort of starch and rtt.zar, and go (whin I
health and teeth. In 100 parts of
%%heat there are lit pounds rtf flesh, hat
their is nearly douhle the amount in the
same quantity of oatmeal.
limn - CLAY Posro.—When Henry
Clay was a young an ! brilliant member of
the Le g h.latore of Kentin ky, one of the
old Buckskin.. .! heard him quote tke Cons*
mon Law of England as dill...ire in the
emu then under discussion. The old fellow
was ast,mblosl, and, jumping up, began;
"Mr Speaker, I want to knew ; sir, if
elmt that gentleman said is true? Are we
all living under thu old English law?"
The Speaker informed the anxious inqui
rer that the Common Law was recognized as
a part of the law of the, laud,
"Well, sir," resumed the Buckskin,
"when I remember that our forefathers,
and some of' es, tit, bled and died to be flee
from English law, I don't want to be under
any of it any longer. And I make a
motion that it be repealed right away."
The motion was seconded. The Ken
tucky blood was up. The Backbiting fired
off speech after speech, and Mr. Clay had
as much as he could do to explain the mat
ter, Iltid SEWO,OIO Legislature of Kentucky
from repcalitig the Common taw of Eng
'ont nor, tunv tlng. n u to
rrir hio,.;, Ion". d.y iw riimo,
Fofil me t o ~.leap on thy hr , :tt,
AA the night ft,!#°. up the dun.
ror my heart i heavy with caul
Aral my Met are weary with play
ifide, me Irani lenztl:#ncl years
Pal me From weeping away.
Tlone flower:, , n‘ Me:4-4A and ..rxtet,
Fro othered from fir and from r.lar ,
1 lav them all down at thy felt—
'hay are sweet with many a tear.
Bet, rinthor, now , zio7 rno to rest, (mg
'ite back th 9 time child, tired with play.
Fola ino to sleep on thy broast—
All the day bong rtdolY straying.
Fick Gleason, E.
;"rank Leslie in ivin:r a pre trait of that
en"crpri:dm.; and 01(1St ,td: t' raillikti•
Gleason, , rf fry.. -, in 4,3 /1-
, In.tratcl Yewspan,: t .., tl,l
of that gentleman:
) "ft it now ablaut a quart;
st le n Mr. (it.en...or), th:
6ill al a lie
v3:t the otikinetor, in a of that
• pr,htieet; :or; ;•oner.l'.:y -At:
polVation: • in 0,1,
next : a n.als"y
ary parr, :It Le ....(mmermi. 07 :71-
ree ear, o„:••,:, Li- h
ty-three e title (t "l'he
A Our Um. n " 1":1111,113 the ttrit real
a .1 T.:).t t'At
•• -I treed in
the t. Notkiim the kin I
iC, • el: LI in ;New
, nr.nll.: er,
._•••• ' ;.
•:rv. I
a:: ' •
'it' ; I "; , "
C13. • 1 i . I,i) eito
„, '
_I 31r.
t a trr•'. -,..,rvien of ,
• c: o: nateo.o far what he 1
n • IL- is art in this country.
' • I a haieknact fortune, Mr
cm: spring of BA, seitel for the
a I 'Min on a pli-nzurn tower through'
c.Ol I Li- e•tablishinent and rtp:.r... I
; tit, M. 31 "fan the
of v ro:e • —l,
howev... ncver In
Mr. 'gr.un - 1 him- 1
not to plp;:alt any paper for Oftcert yeln...
4 ‘. 1 %rt'l "lentil::
finding that the pa osfa lanilloftl l
dt of Mr. II Citon w.tre r mntet: 7;V11 '2. i
n,. f: l ,,,tvt - t ha I built th.a: up, h -
T•; - t Batton tJ L ivo up all
tali a,- '
) '• !ye, it, !, 2,,t .t to
r th,t ! ) • , )
31r, !L., . P i in Mr.
iiiea.• :dnin,) nc , :d a r‘aprx whioh he ca,'.•
the ' ;.. tlttd. Ale;
• :' be chill rI to t't!e.
of -W.,- mion "lliie
pit;.rr I has r ..I.llshell very suvi-,/ally.
(' - ' , :cl"
A •':: "t !caatar Sumner,
A •.• o the New "t".r.l.r
r. in ,he
•• • It coTaln a r f. - .'a tta
. 1,. .• -{ , -n Frit, thar.::),..7 th%t
two tah::. were u I in tvi
tit ••• -.)ty th“ tl .O.
n.•• 1 It, •
• 1. 1 . 1 r.
ton• S. h 4 ! • r
4.11;; -• •,:enee to War,hington it ,
; S.:ana:Pr is the oaly
?e.l ,r 1‘;io has lately invested i n a
te- h. re. the `a, 1.4 a 11'1,10 to
Li• . 1 • tip: c 4, r a': t,led to by the cl..
rt- o• B at only admitted the pnr.
el: 1 th other part of the th..orip.
that ) Gated Lim, at he 1141 nver on
hurd,;.n , 1 with cash. This shinier n:.c;., the
Scaate. I,•kttever, i ie v w
ttf the t that tit( it. V.v.)
4, 11' tbe ttoaty rou
to tiro h 1 ,1 : ). ;tn.l r
atitio i-s 'at: t.
S an'n YU'r r
Y•n.k pity to practi,"e
i! • in Enroi,o, fonn.l tho 1:1! , "UcV.
retrele, , ,rl. then a eelete•ated T01 ., -
rabst s a ~ ries of !nem , tea nun,.
urns in his iitmily chnr , h. 11 ,, att:e..led
front 1 !! it, rtlymy. ,, ternt tih•tnth ,, l
...vieos by at.,meting tlrt, attemi t'
ti ,a 4 limes* are , m,t of 1: t{; 4 < „ '
0. • min trio Ant A", , sxmit r llatoilton, ntel
, $ l ,l int 1 1 cen telmi fer Ire cs'n. Mr. Bor
elen,lre-0h....1 to relmhe him (.o' i -only. The
next S; i.l ttth. when he (lime in
alms( ! testy np the the t Icer , ;,mmo
paused in his e t i. - ,,urse, anzl p,6 1 6 ,, , , to
Barr, said in the thlnt. mmnter :
- I`l,n hoary-In ;vied 01(1 ,i'ttner, api •Tr
against gon ;;t the day of ja 1-t tent The
prowl, ,IPfiorit ot 1 man, qtllllitT as ercet us
ever, with that rerfert
never deserted him, and fixing his fine grey
eyes nn the neem :ott of the pulpit, replied :
"Mr. Ilureharl, I have observed through a
long co u rse of professional experience. that
the very meanest clam of criminalx are those
who turn State's cridruce!”
Ahr "My dear Nellie," said a pion; min.
"1 have long wished for this opportunity,
but I hardly dare trust myself to speak the
deep emotions of my heart ; I.ut 1 declare
to you my doer Nellie, that l love you most
tenderly, and that your smiles would Abed—
would shed—" "Never mind the unctd
shed," raid Nellie. " ;:q nn with Yrmr Pret
ty talk
Tito Story of u Turtle.
S o me time since we pullittleot an aueount
cf` &Toil Carolina t oral, whim only vir
seem, i t) I that he lived seven
taidir, or drinking. But
!het tart!: i ; rivet toho ompoulA with
'me that I Irel than a , a.eurnon cornfield ne-
J, is t , a t -.i.t:.,t? 1 #chito man
In the ah.t of 186,1 my servant
;'.t from rf. , al Rockaway a small turtle
0 , 1 shell, about the size of my
1 hand minta.; the fie,z er ,,, then we h an d.
led it it would draw in it 4 head and legs
land Ant :'•,'f ua ss ti;:lit ei a boa ; hut it
F orm bee tm , fsto;li-r with shore.
tiea 1 Isa i i 'zit, ana would head
1 1 1 1 1 r
Aot, id • 441 wit lout apparent _ear.
! It wa, put in the yard hae't of the house
1 and wai'd crawl a',eat amongst the Arab
! her). and ;Lr t• I, aa,i when a rainy day came
would .a- , c out and promenade the walks
with a ; na . .11 apparent satisfaction as a
mod rn lle tr.hnenados Broadway when
to; a new hat -composed of two
teat li.r, three tura VI, and one ribbon.
When the weather remained dry for a
tt-v h era ‘.re I to taho :Ink into the
kit put hull into the sink, give him a
anj to pick up strA crumbs
4.4 he liked the svai very fond of fresh felt
o"41,) then put h.tu down on the floor; he
would crawl to the top of the step, shut up
hi- ;IA and tunable down, and over and over
over and ever irat<a the yard, and we
avt.ohl eci nn ta,re of him fo r Ana, day s
hut in a :;hart time Ruud hits at the lower
P'ep, with his h.tal an l front tout stretched
up. waiting far one nt to take him in
and give him his bath, Thin went on al
cammer. When the weather began to get
1 we found him working himself down
i:rto the dirt, WO put hint into a closet
that open:l into the hall between the kiteh-
Ca an I C. 3 11.144 room, covered him with
old and ho staid there until
the hollowing spring. When the weather
b cane warm he came crawling out, was al
linlto go fate the yard, and the same
:ad coz,monlee were gone through
with a. in the previous year. When cold
weatho: came again we put him into his old
nraer in the clove t, and ho slept away the
winter ; and on the return of warm weather
ho waked up, came out, and went to his old
h.tut , 7, av bdcre. In November 1864, the
s-wvant d 11;71.1 41_ the Itr And. _about-
tout hint in and buried
tow, the h fill, awl ,tunothing the
dirt r.. N )111 . r. ward thought about.
, ••••. -owl du nut
1%1 , he was dead, and
incre some time in
One day we iimnd him at
tii. , • !r.t to the kitch.m, with a load
'.:l c I) 2... 1 back almost a. 3 hard as
?td and feet up on the step
to ~. ..t'tan ;on notrAing we
: h A whore he had lain for the
!:-t ••! m I — he had worked himself
up z.#r.i,?l,t to the tap, We took him in
washed lairn, let him swim until he showed
signs of wizting to come out. We put him
on the fla rt, he would go out as
it:raaarly, hut no, he turned the other way,
Not - diet° the halt, where his elooet was,
crawled -lew'r ahnig through into the di n i ng
room, s• the bat, t board, then back in.
to the 1. ,ll ; and %OKI he came to the door
of where he had formerly winter.
1 , 1 WON other eiiis,ets there; he stop
r ‘ • •1. tln taro (hoot: he, went
•,tti;ed over tweral o* -truetions that
'tis in hi: roty down iat
his d i corner ; tee, eintered him no,or and
lft hiio. OFI gain; tout th ••• . tea
(1:s allo . mudi we found, alai!
po &rod rk repress.
Hampstuire Corainz'.
Thero to be but Fttie. elttubt that
th• Petnotn-tt, will trry New litunNhite
it the tio.:tian which takes place in
tr. 4• Alt the e'tewientt reet.nt•
itt the principal cities an .l tow:
t:: tt State ha=•a lc o.thc Date watic,
In P0t.t.12: •oth first, then in
an,h.t,w Manchester the
.. • Tiadi
?,.t%t• oon mt.•;',.routtni• They cattiest
• I: : :tottr by ierg•re. tuajoritieg.
I. tli t thitt the coning State
t•!. ti ot nil ra •1 1 . t in an old LtAinned Dem.
viren,h *to the f State.
t t;t© is tto :ttre that he gases on a
I .: ta re of perfection when he sees a welt
op woman. A fine term, a heavy
4 4 .4 hair, a tramparent complexion--al
are ." , Inr4l' , ll now.a days that they are no
l a mstk!ralrtrwaatcd with he same inteu
emi t etllotl , / li or admiratmu that
t!tey formorly excited. Nut that they have
ceased to be admired—O. no ' But simply
because any woman may have them. What
with (113111 t N, eye liquid, false hair, corsets,
palpitator.., liho eatvett, hustles, plumpers,
&0., how tan a man tell when to admire ?
How e be distinguish between a skeleton,
a!al a• r :mice n.taml I.rotty. fore is a
„tr. at rilt to run. lt. beats lotteries or faro.
a Win W141 0 : 4 . to marry—•he finds a
pretty rl, but can't Tithe. biomes. Why?
There is no way in the world to dud whether
t , is artifietd or natural.
p 3. To-morrow may hover ootoo to ilia
We can not find it io any ttf our title deeds.
The Ting V.llO w 14 vttriu Meeks of real
011t0,11,1111 se,v, does not
own I 5:,1,1,) wilve to.oe , trow! It hi a
ious peesibility not yet born. It is
under the peal of Ini , lnight—behind the
veil of el; .• ht.tit ttj hi tho Bokvite Ifo f titia
ditor Of t)f ;Vrlo York
NO. 43.