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ar - ifspiiAtteatptito' Coins& a Rate l7pon
int'4l Ludy/ 1-11 e terms a Kw',/, will
?lire tte et to Ufa her Heart out
Oa Frilay evening last, as Mise Nora
Viler, illsa‘h ter of Captain Jos. Filler, was
patio/ from the lower part of town to her
ham ), a row bun tired yard* distant, jot as
she stepped from the northern end of the
"wire bride o," o ass met by a negro man
who walked past her, but immediately turn
ed about, and sal zed her, attempted to gag
her, an I dins* hor to the ground. It was
then lust dusk b ut a cloud had arisen in the
it an i a Villa lit storm was approaching,
whioh rim lured the evening rather dark.
Still there was sufficient light for Miss Filler
to . rezogniso her assailant, and she called
.bou mania, begging hint to desist. lie
TCliliod that ho would begging
her hear out," i
sha resisted. and "would shoot her if she
told on him," drawing a knife as he isid
then; words. Though friglatmed almost to
deals, the poor girl struggled heroically . nil
succeeded in keeping her fiendish assailent
at bay until lie heard the 'Approach of roues
etudents going to town, which drovt? hitu
away before he had accomplished his pur
pose. Half dead with fright and terribly
bruised, the young lady went lowan) har
home, 'shrieking and crying, and 'mired the
night ins state of distraction. Parties who
-visited her the next day, lammed us that
-her lace was much eut, and that the marks
of the acmes efforts to gag her are left on
'her throat and cheeks. Miss Filler. on
Saturdg evening - , wade information Were
Esq. licodeiuus, charging John Brown, a
negro lately a hostler in the stable of Mr.
John Little, as the perpetraitor of the erica.
There .was unaccomaithle delay in making
the Ml:inflation and the affair was kept so
quiet that but lbw persons knew of it until
Saturday evening. When it became
know, howeve, there was a universal express
sine of horror and indignation, and every
effort was at once made to arrest ths crino
nal. A reward of ma hundred dollars was
raised by the citizens, and squads started
out in every dirretion to find Brown. At
this writing has not Iseeis arrest id. I f
is a short, thick-set. Froop.shoulbre , l fellow
with a goatee, and ix about twenty-Ova
old. I Inc of los hands was cut in the strug
.gle with Mks Filler. —llet/fisill
We publish this and another similar eve
occurring in auetlier state. The are since
of the moral results of the working of the
so called party of "great moral deeds."
Ever mince the army of the South was dis
banded, the negroes of the South have been
puffed with the knowledge of their freedom.
Their ignorance leads them to believe that
freedom means a privilege to do anything
and everything, and under the goverment
of' the Freedmen's Bureau system thoyhave
been permitted to carry out any fiendish
designs they may have in view. Cases of
this character have frequently arisen in the
Southern states, and Imo bum treat- I by
the boy's/ people as a just retribution upon
the females of the South on account of the
rebellious spirit existing among them. The
negroes are made to believe they are equal
to, if not butter than the whites, and their
insolence leads them to the perpetration of
fiendish conduct.
The Freedmaa's Bureau officers, and the
Nailer). 'Despotism commanders, sustain the
•conduct of the blacks, and punish by order
, of military courts any whites who may at
tempt to restrain the negro population.
These arc the pleasures of Republican rule.
They are now being felt in our own State,
heretofore noted for the small number of
crimes committed within its limits. Should
Radice) administration be allowed a few
years longer, we may expect the continua
tion in nuutbeys of these grevious otl'enee•:,
or we may have the extermittativu of blacks
by a war of races.
fly - Under the provisions of the internal
revenue law, all goods, wares and mot chan
•disc or articles manufactured or produced,
(except What may be produced in a Sltlllll
way lea: than :? IMO A year by a siligle indi
vidual or lirtu) is subject to taxation. In
the case of small tuanufaeturers, whose pro.
ducts arc less titan e 3,000 a year, only the
CIcCaA above taxed. But it is not
the small manufacturers who supply the
great market of the country, and in all other
eases, except those I have just mentioned,
the whole annual product is Sabi , ..tet to taxa.
tion—even such as the manufacturers con
sumes himself. For instance, bap, peel' as
all limners use for their grain, are subject
in the manefiteturera hands, to tt taxation of
five per cent., bonnets for the belies, tax of
two per cent. on their; candler or any ma
terial, are subject to a tax of five per cent.;
clothes, of any material, (except flax or jape)
aro taxed five per cent. on their value ;
clothing from two to five. per cent.; boots
sad sheen, hats and cepa, two per cent.;
sewing machines, in which the ladies are in
terested, five per cent.; fi4c, preserved in
cans or kegs, five per cent.; furniture five
per cent.; iron from fie to f 3 per ton, and
coal oil, the kind sold fur illuminating pur
poses, twenty cents per gallon. These are
mere specimens selected fro.o a lung list of
articles in common every day use subject to
taxation. Now, who pays these taxes, the
manufacturer who producom the artlelep, or
you who boy and consume them? Can the
man who makes cloth, for instance, afford
to pay five dollars tax on every lettelred
dollars' worth be produces and sell it to
you for the same as he did before. Qf course
he cannot, and does not. He adds it to the
price of his cloth, and you pay it when you
go to buy a coat or a pair of pants. The
whole system of tax on ma n nfacturere, which
has been sometimes vaunted by ;gnome or
dishonest men as a tax ou capital or capital
ists, is a tax on labor and oz the whole
mass of the people.
lind the following little itetn iu an exchange :
Jay Cooke made over twelve million dol
lars profits out of Government seenritios
during the war. He pays no taxes on this
amount, but draws as interest in gold, each,
year, right latoulnd arid Arty lhousond dol
lars. Quite a little contribution from the
taxpayers of Americas.
'We do not know whether this statement
is !strictly accurate, or not. Very probably
it is an exaggeration. Still, it is worth
thinking about. Radicalism exempta Jay
Cooke'a bond fortune of two:ve millions
from taxation, insists that it shall not be
taxed, and stigmatizes as "repudiators"
those who want to tax it—eveu while it
wrings an annual two or three per cent. tat
out of John Jones' little house and lot, and.
Sara Smith's household furniture. Do
John Jones anti Saw Rosati) think this is
altodpc •
The Intelligence of the Kew►
itClltrent4 of the South.
Tho following letter from a registrar in
South Carolina, received on the 20th inst.,
shows what eon of cattle have been vested
with power to rule the South, if not the
couutry : "Just after receiving your letter I
was appointed, it the request of Geosull
Sickles, one of the registrars of this State,
and I have been basy ever since, waking
eitizens of our new found brethren ; cany
k t. them, in fact uearly all of them, Lad no
Mee what 'regkering' meant, awl, as a
natural consequence, the most ludicrous
scones transpired. Quite a number brought
along bags and lulikets 'to put it in,' and in
nearly every Jarmo there was a great
rush for fear that we would not have regis•
t rat ion 'enouugh logo round.' Sonic thought
it was something to eat ; ethers thought
it was something to wear, and quitea Illlttl-
Ler thought it was the distribution of eon
&ea te.d. land under a new mune. They were
told that t hey Ivere to ic,,ing befiwe the board
of registrars `to reeoive their elective fran
chise ;' hence all the mittukes above men
tioned. All were sworn, and several, on
being asked what was done when they were
registered, said that `De geniblin widde big
whisker make me swan to deport (support)
de /11W.4 ob United Souf Celina.' "
Negroes hi Schools.
We learn that negro children are now :O
mitted into the public schools of Middle
town, nod enjoy equal privileges with will:A
wilds. This will soon be the case every
:vb.:re it' the nero loviag Radicals are not,
checked in their fanatical career. il'ogroes
will he thrust into the pnhlie schools, into
the jury boxes. into the halls of legislation,
and upon the benches of our colds. na is
now t .,oi cam. in -011Ie of the Southern 3tate3.
If the people want such a state of affairs
here, tbey can nemitipli , ll it by refine to ir.t
t'o., it•Oiell revolutionists in in:incr.—
/W/4'JF and Union.
The above article is published in the
Iletriut tinion and copied by the Law
miler Inktligeneer and Several other papers
op if there were something unusual in the
anneuncerm nt that "negro children era now
ndusitio I into the public sehools of Middle
town, and enjoy equal privileges with the
white pupils."
Why gentlemen we h ire enjoycl the bene
fit of this "great moral idea" for two or
three year past. In part we believe the
junior citizens of African descent have in
one or too C:lso3 tit i ken caminand of the
stdaol,,:bers mil all, an I run tha ma
v, :
ne n short time, until convinz.4l that
free !oat did not empty the right is govern
h, wheel mistress. But there the she imale
negroe was di :satisfied, and we imagine its
her wrath she muttered "I don't care wheth
er school keeps or not," my children may
go home with the big girls whether white
or black.
Alas, poor Torlrk 2
The Selma (Alabama) Thnes publishes a
card signed by three niggers, who offer
them Aces al candidates for the State con
vention to beheld under the military net.—
The darks invite Charles A. Colby and W.
11. P. Randall, white men, to become can
didates with them on the People's ticket,
and, like two of the most aproved dirt eat
ers, these white men announce their con
sent. This is negro dictation in A practieal
drupe, and we trust that white men who
are assisting to promote it may get enough
of it.
Disappointed Dopes.
A l e tter to the State Avon writ from the
I United States Legation at the Hague con.
veys the heartrending intelligence that there
is no liralf estate of #711,0‘0,00) ia Holland
awaiting the arrival of American heirs. This
dreadful blow is struck very heavily by the
American Minister, Mr. Ewing, who says:
I "In answer to many letters on the sultieet
I have wade inquiry, and found no found*.
tion fur the ruttier. SJllle of the writers
I state that their ancestor coml., a largo 04.
i tate in a ccrrain portal' Baden, winch was
eaufb , mted during a religious persecution.
and that the government was prepared to re
fund. The Minister of Baden mfortus me
that to pich p?r , ceution of eottlscation ev
er oeettrrod. and that the rvartls show that,
I at the tuna and Own apt-willed one Hans
(irati was in tnseession of a fisrm us tenant,
law had no estate in fee. As I am touched
that in many parts of the cv.uttrr roomy is
laid out by, the family, amt as I find
it impossible to continue to notice their 'tu
morous lettere, I be to suggest that such
publication bo authorized by the Depart
went a.: will answer their inquiries and save
them further expenditure.'
The Leeds and Hull cases are Mill in
doubt ,• perhaps they will turn out like the
Gruff Property.
DEAD.-Mr. It G. Horton, ono of the
editors and proprietors of the New York
Day Boole, died at Dobb's ferry, near that
city, of congestion of the lungs, on the 2wl.
ma death was sudden and unexpected.—
Many of our readers are familiar with the
writings of Mr. Horton. lie was an ear
nest Democrat, and in his writings and thro'
the ce!unins of the Day Book, and perhaps
ahead of nil his competitors in fighting the
battles of Democracy. In ralition to his
editorial labors, Mr. Horton was the author
of several publications—a "Life of James
Buchanan," a "history of the Tammany
Society," and a "Youths History of the
Great Civil War," which has had such a
large circulation. He was also au active
zealous member of the State Rights Society,
a committee of which accompanied his re
' mains to Fishkill, where he was interred.
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Address, Alfred 1 Sewell, Publisher,
A Tale of Awful Outrage.
Brutality Uunaralleled— A Negro raeietet
a Lovely liptu7 Whits Wrl—Artrrw•trili
he teqrsissr Ns:pee OW Apt' the rent—hs
vial elk a porilm4 of
o. of most chocking and horrible
events ever known to history, occurred last
Lek in Maryland, by which the daugther
of one of the moot prominent and wealthy
citizens of Cutriberland county, has bent
redinvil to a condition a thousand times
worse than death. Mr. Charles Dean, a
resident of Brlttliti Mills, on the Baltinto
and Ohio Railroad, a gentleman of edam.
lion, and possessor of the large mill and
other property in the village, had an only
daughter, named Bessie, a young lady not
quite seventeen, posliewd of refinement and
of every tirtue and aecotuplishment which
nature couhl give or money procure. She
had a of exqui , ite symmetry andwritee.
and a rare voice which cultivation had train
ed to produce tbo most perfect harmony;
she was indeed a charming singer and belle
of the country.
For same months past there has been
prowling around Bratly's Mills, a most eget ,
ish looking mulatto, supposed to have been
formerly the slave of a brother of Mr. Deane,
living in I ;corgis.
This monster has lived hi a filthy hut at
the foot of Bnuly's mountain, with an old
woman who seemed to be mistress, mother
anti housekeeper, all in one. No one knew
his name, but by the wags of the town ha
was designated as Dan Scrunch.
On Momhty the 21 of September, Miss
Bessie being at home, having left school at
Baltimore, where she was attending, on ac
count of the serious illnes9 of h'r mother,
went, unaccompanied to spend the after
noon with a neighbor, some distance away,
and returning in the earl• evening round
the mountain, n sudden thunder shower
came on, and meeting I),►n, was induced by
hint to seek shelter in the hut.
Alas ! poor child, no sooner had the door
boon shut, than the fiendish demon seized
upon her, and despite her piercing screams
and struggles and in the presence of the old
witch woman, he committed upon the chaste
virgin the foulest outrage of which the
Truman mind can conceive or man is tsmable.
lie then dragged her insensible form out of
the hut. The cool air revived her and again
her lips uttered a shrill cry, when this savage
beast, in human shape, standing upon her
pro Aruit form, with the ins:ine idea of put.
(big it out of her power to tell of tlsr crime,
crashed open her mouth with the heel of
his boot, and with his 'demi claws, he tore
the poor girl's tongue front her throat. A
small boy driving some cows in the vicinity,
hearing the steams, gave the alarm, but be
fore help arrived, the fiend had fled. The
excruciating torture of' the delicate sufferer
and the frantic anguish of her parents, no
imagination can conceive. She is said to be
in a dying condition—mortification having
set in, and her invalud mother cannot lung
survive the shock. Dan Scrunch is still at
large. The old woman was taken into
custody the next morning and stated that
the brute remitted once during the night,
when ho actually cooked and ate a portion of
the taupe and again fled. The we are
being scoured in uvecy direction and he can•
riot long escape.
atir "Jae, why did the Republicans
elect Andy Johnson Pico President
"Weil boss, Andy used to get excited some
times when he was Military Governor of
Tennessee. Ile held en office which he
know VW unconstitutional, but he consider
ed Military Governors a military necessity
when the rebels had a large army in the
field. The robs also held offices which were
unconstitutional, and the robs and Andy
used to twit each other of the facts, on the
sante principle that "pot sometimes calls
kettle black ;" so Andy made a speech
when he was a little inooherent and when he
was spea!,ing of the robs calling his office
unconstitutional, he said "show me a Mall
prating about the Constitution and I will
show you a rebel... Andy was exercising
military power to preserve the Constitution,
and the rubs wore using the same power to
destroy it, and he was speaking sarcastically
of the rcbs who complained of him far us
ing unconstitutional means to prevent them
from destroying the Constitution. When
the rebellion ceased the military necessity
erased. The Constitution was preserved,
and when Andy became President, he took
an oath to sustain it, which oath he has
kept as well as he could, being sur
rounded with thieves, liars, political preach
ers, harlots and law breakers, who had mis
taken his sarcastic Speech for his real senti
ment, and who actually believed when they
elected him, that he, like themselves, was
also an enemy to the Constitution, a traitor
and a usurper. Tho Radicals loved Andy
until they found out that he loved the Con
stitution ; but they have hated him ever
lit l',/ ra.k yr A. En OF Ct it NTERFEITERI3.
—Doctor M. V. thirteen, Nat Kenny, and
a Miss Ca:olitie Heron, were arrested in
Philadelphia on the 27th ult., on a charge
o!' manufacturing coutrerfoit batik notes.—
The officer also siezed twenty two thousand
fire hundred dollars of finished notes, and a
hundred thousand dollars of unfinished
notes. They also captured the plates for
printing notes on the Fourth National Bank
of New York City, and fifty cent fractional
currency, together with the presses, ink*,
&a Since the arrest of Dr. thump, it
has ascertained that ho hail a co n tract to
supply notes on the First Netball' Bank of
our city, to be executed next week. German
is supposed to bo the man who first issued
counterfeit fractional currency notes. The
parties had a hearing before the United
States Commissioner and were fully commit
ted. It is said that the Doctor has issued
more than ten million dollars in his time.—
Ile is a capital workman.
tar The postal law of' Congress forbids
the opening of a newspaper by a person not
addressed or authorized under a penalty of'
$2O fine; stealing the same is puninhablc by
imprisonment ; inclosing letters for memor
andum therein, or writing thereon, $5 fine ;
publishers or their agents, for sending paper
or periodicals unpaid to other than regular
aubaoribara, fins,
, •
vtomointvo peulocrat.
'WIlf. H. JACOIII4, 111110 r.
Wednesday. Oa. 9, MT.
S. M. trataanytt. 6 Ca.. 3? Park Row New Vett
at a duly aullmriand to aolir.ll and retalva imarerlp•
&on. and aolvvrll.lna for the thitierat I Stir, pub.
!Robed at likoomauur I, Columbia county. ro.,
No election to the hosier our recollection
passed off more quiet and orderly than did
the eleetion at this place on Tuesday lag.—
The vote was larger than at any previous
election. Tho whole ground VMS canvassed
and nearly every voter brought to the polls.
The result was 1110 at cheering for the Dem
ocratic) party. The Republican party lost
heavily in this Town.
At the last general eketion the opposition
tarried this Township by a majority of
SHP ENTY-0 NE! And yesterday the I/m
-oored° and Conseevntive party carried the
Township by a majority for 4eontie SttAns
woon ()I' SIXTEEN I a gain of EIt;IITY
SU EN votes. The whole poll last fall was
535; and yesterday 544, an increase of
NtNr. This is the first time the Democracy
have been triumphant in Bloom Township
for many yearn. They bore their success
with less than the ordinary amount of
shouting and hat-throwing. The Brass
Band was brought out into the Streets and
played a few very excellent and appropriate
pieces. A large bonfire was built in Main
Street, in front of the Reim/Awn office, of
barrels, boxes, &c. &e., which was kept up
for several hours, making a most beautiful
illnn►i iii ion. l'he Radicals, with some few
exceptions, wore terribly long faces; the
large, bright fire affording all an excellent
opporteuity of seeing the elongated counte
names as they appeared outside of their
houses, stores and shops. At about ten
o'clock there was not a Radical to be seen ;
when upon inquiry as to the scarceness of
these individuals, some wntr, remarked that
they lied "gone id their holes and drew the
hole in after them." The words "copper
head," 'traitor," "sympathiser," were not
PO readily applied to Democrats as in pro
vious elections. There seemed to be.too
many Democrats ; the epithets not Wing
suffieient to go round.
The Radicals being so completely routed,
they were as tame as doves. A glorious vic
tory has been achieved. The Democrats are
jubilant. Radicalism put down ; and fair
indications are that the State is redeemed.
As far as heard from, the gains are on the
side of the Democracy. In Philadelphia
the election returns are most - encouraging.
The Detnoeracy have gained largely in most
of the wards that have been repelled. In
Allegheny city and County Williams has
not made. the run was anticipated by his
fa` The Bloomsburg Literary Institute
Builditurs and feme Leine now fully von •
pilled to the honor of Prof. 11. Carver, the
principal of the institute and the officers
and managers, and the school in complete
opt ration. it only remains tbr the subseribers
to meet. the demands of lalsw, and those
furnishing materials, to put the whole school
in the very best working condition of any
other like InAitution in the country.
We can say without any pretention to
flattery to the principal or any of his teach
ers, that we never have seen anything in the
way of school regulations carried nut to such
perfeetioa and with so much satisfaction to
scholars and all concerned. The great aim
king to educate the students in every re
spot, not only to learn them to rea.l, write
and do a sum on the blackboard'', hut to
educate the mind to study, to think, to ma•
son and revolve these things in their minds
nil to I:niploy their time ; yci their whole
yet not to over-tax them so al to
break down and disomrage them, yet all the
titno to stimulate and encourage, that the
minds of the young or rising generation may
be' profound thinkers as well ns readers,
writers. or arith maidens, and not he left to
idle their thoughts as well as their hands.
tar The results as far as ascertained show
a surprising gain fur the Democratic Party.
The yoke of Connecticut last spring has
been echoed hack by not unly our' far west
ern sister of California but by the Puritanic
States of the North East. If Pennsylvania
has done but half her duty the election of
Judge Sharswood is an undoubted fact
The returns from Philadelphia have not
aruat been corroborated hut from the ac
counts we hare already received decide a
Democratic gain, if not a majority as con
fidently. expected,
WI - A letter which 1)r. John did not not
write to himself:
Tuesday Evening, Oct. 8, 1867.
TowANDI, Pa.
Biontusburg gives Sharmrnotl only In
Inajority. Many thanks fur your speech
here in the Court House.
P. P. Our oluments cll this election
"ii septter." The y
are iiiis a hlten: It is only
stitimer;" the "settler" will coma next
P. J.
Ittr Some of the bi)ys, at a rather Into
hour, pulled down and portly demolished
the barber polo in front of the shop of S. C.
Collins (eolored man ). 'Ai+ was wrong, and
should not have been allimed. Part of the
pole was stnek up in front of the Republican
office. Don't do the like again, boys.
lThe Now York Store did well on
Tuy%lay night., furnishing dry-goods boxes
for the bonfire in jubilation over the ekv
tion reiunis.
R®' A certain down town merchant
"blowed" and "pawed" about considerably,
at the bonfire, on Tuesday evening last, to
the great amusement of the boys and disgust
to his friends,
Nnw COALZANII, Sept. 18.
A Nr.ono Junutt ON run BENcn.—A
entered Jndge presided this morning thr the
first time on tho bench of the Met Theriot
Recorder's Oontt in this dy.
110 , 131 TRICMVIIANT.
The White Hogs In Blue
Hove Men About,
11200 OIL RATH.:
Large Galas In Every Quarter.
As Pennsylvania goes so goes
the Union in 1808.
Bloom Township has given a Penmeratie
majurity of 16—a gain of eighty-seven over
last Fall's election.
In Fishingoreek Town4hip the Democratic
Tivket. liss I 73 unjorily.
Orange lirrH given Sharswood a majority
of n large gain for the Ponveravy over
lust Fall's eleetion.
The majority for the Democratic Ticket
in t;rcenweed is 34, a large gain for the
Democratic party.
Benton has given the Democratic Ticket
123 majority; a gain.
Scott had done well. The mnjoriry for
Shardwood is I. A divided gain.
ler A PK' !NT$! EN T. —We learn that Dan
iel Mullenry, of Fishingereek, has received
the appointment of Aiisihtant Revenue AF
%N ow, riceJ. 8. Wools and J. H. Ikeler.
Mr. Mellenry has received his COW In 1,0 ion.
TIRo appointment is 11 pod one and w e ll do.
"To he, or not to 6r—that's the quetit ion."
Whether to suffer with mental nuguish,
FeveriA lips, erseLing pains, tlysi,eptic
And rrweeles‘ 11.1 ,e l fr er i nt ,.;
Or whether, with madden di h.
Seize a bottle uY BI,S I'ATIoN BITTERS,
0,4 Gunther awear,i, be myself' a man
Gunther said my eyes were
My visage haggard, my breath tremendous
My dyrosition troublesome—in fact,
He gently hinted C wasTast becoming.
guile n nuisance.
tour bottles now beneath my vest have (ha
My Pml Ims relish, my appetite is keen,
.-tep tavrie, my mhel
Nom pomele, avoirdupois, is wild to my
artido—superior to Cologne and at half iho
prix. 2 w.
Wheat per bushel, $2 00
Ilye, " I to
14 I (s
linekwheat " So
tho 4, o, 70
Fla ssevtl,
1 /W(1 apples "
potatoes, "
Flour per barrel,
Mims per d0zen,.....
Tallow per ......
thous, "
Shoultiorx, " . . ..... 15
Hay per ton, 12 00
On Tbur,,tlay :id inst. in Bloomsburg, by
the Rev, D. J. Wallrr, Ream) Wyrkheiser
of lleinitA to Bettie E. ilauglner or Mr.
Savour( Artm.trong„ of West, iiem:ovit •
September 191)1, by Rev. J. A. Price,
311.. K. C, Ent and Mrs. Lucretia House
knecht of Bloomsburg.
Ou the 6th inst., by the Rev. William J.
Flyer, Mr. Josiah Darlinger, to Miss Har
riet Hower, both of Locust Township, Col
umbia County, Pa.
At the Rectory, on the 2Sth ult., by Rev.
H. N. Lightner, 31r. Jacob J. Snyder,
and Miss Mary Rudy, all of Danville, Pa.
In Bloomsburg, on the Bth inst., at the
residence of James Thomas, by the Rev..l.
A. Price Mr. James McDonald, and
Emma J . Porker, of Culumbht
County, lin.
in Locust township on the Vtitls a.Sep
tenaber. George Mow. aged 73 years 11
mouths and In days.
In Philadelphia, on the 28th ult., Sant);
G., Wife of George W. Meuffer, Esq., and
daughter of the lute II us. Andrew Beau.
In Main, on the 13th ult., Mary wife of
Stately John, Esq., aged about 51 years.
In Port Noble, Bloom Township, on the
sth inst., OKontig PALMER, of fever, aged
about 33 3 ears.
In Hemlock Township, on the 6th inst.,
Jacob Shoongiker, ugod—yore.
The luorevtl4 1111ThMatillteltt 14 OA tact tutinstrlption to
the lll.•ronshusa totetery lostindo nue due on the
eret of tresonor krubstritrre will pitnro pay their
respective ithltitillt4, and üblipo all partial.
In 0, IRIPEiti, President.
somEpuutio N KW. Mrs. Julia A. and MIOO NON
M. I relay will quill no the r‘ininf or Min moil
‘Veit *twig, Illoonimbuit, 011 the ninth day of On
A Laurel' indicenorien'e rannewei44 cyan IPATTIRM
AID 01111114 'TORN.
With Do entirely ne w aPrilitineht of the bold.
'Meer end ann.a isoninnelile (mole. wills enter., and
DOW, lo match, end at reapnreale rate'. 10/.7 nolor
theepselvee Ina Olt/ Mn 41101.140141144111 Ow public im
every perticulnr.
ay- Don male( mid replant Chwilbl done la
the 11th'.
New as tug toll, Vidt and and examine our meek
aid tok!,l r•wr petunia. ()ambe r st,
,fit IVA MgAP MY
Olsemabirg; 7117 111 W.
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111 A It 14 I It; D
1.4 4 •
fly vi - . 4 ettyetal *rite of Law( illiVe Ins and
.',4,pOW. I-sped eat t ( thi!,1:001 0( Com.
: P *lf dtteetahl, will
"** in: ilk to at 411. 0011 rt itatilte , to
bps 1 t - Oil P . l'unifAir. *fr. ifllb 1 9 ' 4 .
lIIC O . 11144 AI . sly_ tolluiO4; MO eat#o, via:
PI (01 a Monneltne 1104 rod or tall Outwit:
Su, ad ' iluelbibip lb th. t'uonty obi Sotto otruru•
rail bu 0 OS *too: b ed le l# , ll4(W* : Drittntheit
it Ss whit* nib corner 0( land nr Pteslettes, Dot(
and Vuutud Cramer, ttyistsee north tif4 See (Sestet*
welt. 04 .3 F t+IIPI la a poet ; thence by 18;;;I 0(
Prodariek Ova fioulb twenty two *MI a halt fiestet*
Weet,74 perehee Su a pool ; SUM* WHO* toe
and ant. (010110 drarees went 100 petehoe to a pool;
thoacenifilth t*sly.ieven cad one 1001(th degree , * wort.
790 riche* 11.. a plot ; 'mute by lend td Motif , .
Oat, a thdate *oath forty -even and car*ltair Bearers
uu.t. 100.4 pert hoe to a poets 'hunt* by hind of John
Owtehor north ronottoty , neven destestoottet, I* pettir•
ea te n prat s tbetwohy land of Eatitaa Cram,/ north
1 00 ,hirreoo, fns teen yotelber to i; pool' ; ;hem*
tuoth Arty stoop lOW fOlib futittls *eve.. tag, 3i
perrhow to a chestnut nabs thence north twenty ton
slot ono (omit ittontoos Pitt lIPP 4 IFO*II to tbo P ' 114 "
be beisbnina, etiantitting nee hatt4tod and tw oily
poem wipe *IA 44 , * ***droll soil Piave., vireh,a (It
ION; tho earn- ptetntwot of *Men Andrew riffs ,
MAY, tilegi ilWtool.l 4114 which *lto, otrantouhaes in
partrim* was 0014 by order of Oryb,oll4' t hurt to
; 40%00, 0 1 140 tits hilt 1141 , 14Mtdr 4 t 0 f. ttpust Wul(St Is
us+.(lo.ate . 4
et tr,sk , •n wafture the atte.thll4 y lit of
the tiorrh** , molol.)
1 , *.ii,, ,, 1.. mkt.* in 1.110(1/40,1 ant be hrt **ld is the
pruyeity of bliettgel 'Sum suet Wye Sturm tr.
All that rWriill 1101 14110 g 104014.4 one 14 or F11. , e4.
hf irooo,l in 01 001000 t lly. I onyniptain
roloool Ilia 1:0001, NMI 1. /.111111 rxr perl4 of IMS NO. 3
and 4, 1i1.0 . 0 i in Ibn NlOl 4,01,1 MOOlOOO Illy and 10 a
el my and a half 10/1 Wing. being shool 01210..11 1114 In
Mall by twenty 134,, $.4! in 4,10 14. (liar 01,041. a 101 me
so for wow 111=o liatisioh...l for 4440 0011.1 14.)
140.41 In 191..culluu affil 10 bit muld as the
propels, 14 INlvr Ilowor.
A certain Ito of ' , Meld 01 1 011 0 0 in the noffloth or
eeettro lot. Coltstobta county betog twenty flee Yeet
hoot I hli two buttoted fart tovit us. a bob to e'ar'ed 4
Wet ettay (nowt bootee wiU the eppotteitouree
11t.w.#104 an the eaatit I* tot or Not, Stet'uttot. on the
west ay Laced Mellor no the tooth by tot of /Room
harry tout mato roes by th.. Weis of the Ix oat
ttiotektoin Void and Iron Vern;Nifty.
e 4 used, tak..o two go 1.• {MOH rod to be cold as the
prtrp.rtyaf Money dletwwly,
ttAtIC F/4210.2. ahead'
O 1-. bee S, tet27.
TO FA it n E 14
MANVrAervit fati OP
4.4 - 17.7 5.:30
At thr PrIWO Is irt hand. wo 4,0;4' to the runreles
nor roper Phosphsio, whirr*. as * rename, lor
Wheel. Corti. 4, 0 r. Potato , r. Ste . vino. he 'moil
led, too* warrant It as a pettliallent impprnr. r or ill
limos or soil. (not esrepi hip any) It d,..•s not art as
rhoostoid for use CrOp only. but is lasting
its %VA 'on be lowliest by Co. (amen
orCbesterand itrlpiiiiing tomtit.% or this Ittsle • oho)
the adjacent rowdies 01 pelewirre irn4
P.I/0 bare 11004 oar 104011161rIOre for the lest r years,
For Wheat, 3141 Am per lyre, OriVatil or sown
Per Cora, MO to to lac per tern, dropped in pm
at time or pi:taring.
Par flute, IA lac per acre. sewn braaJrast.
for Portage, 4UU ltet. per acre, rcettered in the
For (74nin. Ind Inn ptr sari, sol A inp
Thoi pintitity on OM!. Lands wIl I prininer an in ,
era.»e 011 crop In 1 { 1 4 olatftt.
4 itt". tt U mai: rte knnn tliutlina result Will be
2 4 .,11j in O na or troo run rr two 'hon.
auto inAnnia at MU New Idoitorfartory. LAO filo'
'Atorko4 Street ; afartr 11011.1 , Vy .nipped 10 all (tonna
on r. & r„ f. & 8.. rl, iF, atu4 kt %. ii. Itiqpis.
J. K. EVIA. Ak.tht LiobmNbuti, 111,11.1 ft. Co.
Apra, Mimile.
J. 1.1 Tonumnrov,
31. 1ta117.-3m.
lr v‘1 1)‘ 1 1 ?.&' 1 ! :, RY AND co F EC-
Lai st.t ...waLwllasoarma is , mart
Aft K CT.
J,f. FOX. Prom kw of tithi ratabliiihmont, weinlot
to , lataia. how ,aa Kt.l 1649 a taat.aaars. that
It haa , varythiag tip at hia nrw litan4
shh. htth to furnish than with narAIo,VAKE:4.
AND •'nSWBi i prvErt KR a • ',oral atare.
I" Ile loin :s'4lo .11,1figOtIO , ”10 00r :h. ar
,‘ ft h N It, Era. mutt. b , rove A Cohl , tlittn ,
,re 1. , 0t a thr.f
THE EXl`ll.l Nlll7, BITUDIN( 4I . -
. r ran 1 , 4 artacarne,latoW
at al tim*.,
;, alt roraaa. A
wha hare area fernt
ulth , Al-, r tket, and l'hrter. hy the whet , .
itt hithe'et 11,1frel. NM tall Naas 1Y161.1,1
nt hi« Snlit,in in
kihives* Block, Main Street,
, tvhn has he.•n nuthntite 1 ht the , nwtotiqqned to sett
*l, MUM!. Ile veil eon Mahtty hare* *ripply nn hasid,
whine win he vdd at the toffee( mirk* , l rate,.
Mr, F bull in ronu..etiun with his Pnkrry and Con
e, taw ty , titled up rowois rur tbs uole nt
to on whw may (him, him with thoir engtwm (le
10 Wow prepared to 1141110 le* Cream is large qoat.ll
tins filr porno*. yothlie or *wend gathw rings. /0 Iho
ewe, nery he. Everything pertaining I. hit lint f t
Imottrooo lrifi receiver:lreful awl rtifigonr oirerrooii,
r,- tb jr thimhol t . hi• ',wm en! Not part fa
♦ot.. snd mint tocdttil 'ohms a ton t moque* of Ito
sans*. J. F. FUX.
April 3, 18117,
finrol moraine. Sprite. 'which way with Twit
tniadi. n( wuni r
my way ry..rati. sit : 1 hart. gat ratio far my
old wamau t« +pH:
Well Spilt.% if it a fair question. where did yea
get rattlttig tfolie go CHM 1
I), at %MO Fitctery.
Wh,re to that t
Near nw 'we v alp, IWI poll It payout pet 'sults/
doe* ihere. Naoee eards for It rte. per to. it you
take and Win, yaw wood. ha• ra Wit hie nma•
claw, and got aaw rar,l. on. f) aid 04 it no 1 , 0 , 4
rll.* Are matte there, a* he is teadtar his mach ins
htnt.e•lt this senol.H. lta says, for an Areilimimotta.
tam far ihaae.wls tiro at a diatanee if I lyky leave
their ward at either nt the effet" la Or 4 oporio le, the
' , aloe witl he atten ied tn. Moo. their Meth far f;NI•
hog reforms and dressing,
Corer IN pifo, *tore June th , l3, Vence has been
rteady at the hurstiese. with one maw. p u ke. No
apt and downs to his privet. Mots sod poor sit
ferret! alike.
*dory near Orinseinlle, in Mt. Pleseent Town
'dip, C. tumbia County.
°mum YANG.
To Rohm Ordow for a New !Notated
Then Inctini,4ss , l ClAittiOt. tote re.tot, ..r the meet
Wood *Way, research. Ptld owe:411;040m of sleet
sixty flue of 5 . 1111111. it and
v.l srholars mow hying. Clerayinen of all &noon
mobi l e apprise it snit rotors II A. the bent work of
its kind in she !Minify Nothings., and nee whirl'
snieht to be in the hands of ivory UMW reefer to tint
to Herniating Me Work, Agent* wilt tend a Ors*
not nod 1111th able employment. The noeroroos oh.
jerilow. which AV. olua'ly encounters,' in selling
orilitmry storks will not exist Wills
OW, on the eitrostimo aunt and friendly
old will attend the .10914,11114/Littit his labors agree
able, useful. and lortotivo,
Ladies, /Moot E wiyymen, School l'enen•ro,
rumor*, Siltation', and till Mini , * nto pose.**
energy. are **nod in assist in l'anwn*Anig orery
Tt,wil said County in She country, to whoa' the most
liberal is dorm:oils will he offered.
tr For parts.. Ws, apply to, in address
1%4 nittativita,
722 Sumo eirevt, Fhiladolpltu, Penn.
The nadersigned respectfully Worms the anneal
or Itio,,IIIIIOWITI and Columbia tounty,that they k eep
ell the ditrerent 1111111116ftr0 401' ante coal and selected
lump coal for swishing pfirl/o#o*. oil 'heir wharf, ad.
Joining Mafelvv, Neel &Ores Furtive ; with a good
pair WNW grates on the w Wargo weigh eoei,hey and
strew Likewise a !WM) and wagon. to deliver coot
to those who drone it. As we purchase a large
swoon* of coal. we Intend to keep a superior onsee.
uerl sell at the very lowest paces. Please raft and
Glilfiltatt for yourselves berme
W. purchaing elsi 4 where.
A Vta:riTan AIAnON.
to'offtinnott wilt Ink... in enchant!" for Cold
I fl ofol l o.o.trioo, the following mooed ottrolo.:—
Whoot, nyo.Corn, Ont.. Potatoo., t.nrd, Pion. Shoal
41rv.ond *inn moat, itutiot, hilj Hoy., Ate, at tho
hinhont rash priers. la his Orneely Stop , . adjoining
UPI, coal yard. 4. W. tigNosasturr.
Illooninburg. April 28.
1.0. HOWER,
• 111711MT011 DIIINTIST.
mrprecirrut.ix orievp his profess.
OMRleant sorrows lo the Indio* and gentle
•en of lii nnooloirigand vicinity. its is
propsrild to attend to all Ms oaring e
sydniSions in the line of his praftsiona.sadis provided
lII , 'In I . .e lowa improvs.l POLO:141A MATH; whirl
w II 1.,' In wirtsil ou snithplatisa.sil vet and tubber bika
to lookw. II ill Ids militia , tenth
Mi mud 01004 lamb teeth manoThetured sri 40
of sitiliign stop lisOla.catitamilly MI properly atiesidmi in.
Itirelotineo ild An a few doles, slots lb. Court
IlOrea, immittetilmh
Inoll l oolberio nes 0 INS
ila licts.-1 , he ititeteebely *tutted leaving Pe n d
AN ilkyyntlettue hp hale titter to melee yeheetip .
1101111 fIIN/ 01
sluts,sluts,e. 4 Apilyin J. J, ferew.e. President, i n
1 4
his o 4,s l“" "Imo , at his stint. et KIWI'',
il'ClTtint. St ISinetot, lit 1.1 Ott, ,d thy etyylo r y i t ,
ureyf i9f 1110 100000001,100# te KV )6 ft, *set lay.'
Elan AY.
Came In thrirreastara tit the undet iffyned in rantre
togrartirip. sow«
ths aro at
' dayitausture, a LIMIT !M D KULL, ru;,.
onsed to be *bunt id ataatho chi Tao
--' turner is requested to emu.. i.rwart
pp, party, pay chars, a, an I take': t. lin away, -Ahoy/ um
11* will es twist accenting %4 taw
63,6611 A HAUL:NOUN.
Centre, October It. Oat r •
!"AO tlot OM* efilmmoilreariber on tho stris /of
aeMN OA Inst. * ion" 8 Y tionse Mr.*
, :::::„.. ...c : . ,, , , , , , i;, ..,. : : :::::::::, , ,, ,
and about lb hopprotet.
tottmt ttf the tort*, Old *tin rot it OW. Th,,,
bores wait Ittent*try °woad by ifrplio: Kfmr,
at AN ill 4 Ahf.l4.
Tow. .11111, Lysergic, Co., lept. to, 1v,1..-3w pt.
._ .
001, ! WOOLI 1 WOOL! 1 !
t * (JIVE EX ft Avant) iron wnnt,
rst 4010rolimed won pay O. highrok mark - t “tot
in "du0:060.10,k aiihar ttr hen own 111 , 111 ,, iQk ors,
%Vint. (tent' tt tiltatooport. m
ity, ' g un
your Wang to Mt flaunt Eloasaut NW., at Mu? • 414.
V MO, vs . J, E EAattP,
Faitt. 4. )$&7,
The am EDWARD A. Wll.Siolf win erne (tree
of charge) to all who deeire it. the weird. the with
the gieeethitie for making 41110 being the minpla
remedy by mhith be wee curet! of a lobe *tattoo
and Ihet erred dieee►e rfttligilhll4,oll. illy toy oe
jert ill to benefit the elided end he !tepee gem,
ruirerCt wilt try thie prinieroptieri. me it *tit rem
them notitiog, and moy prove a Mooney. Nesse
&Melee. ker. NOWA nlt A .Wti ni
. ICS South Second *tea. Witham*burg. Nivt
Infnnnnlhin guaranteed to proem.* a latarialit
growth at ham upon a teobt head ea beat throe Nei,
oleo a rteaise 1.1 the removal of Emilia«, I teha ll ,
I:Thut tone. ate .on 111. akin Mewing me . • ..,0 eon
clear, and beautiful. , an hn ntnained ~ •tvga
by addresatug Thin r, 411 PMA4 Ca'-het,
tett Roadway, New loth
Len his born. in Umtata
o rnthir,
the mantas t at m
tty tart,
TIMJIINNtbt AN e lad asp,' Nteara. Ita4
na w hen Ii Iptt a whit., wool hat, ah ek etaq, darn
pinta and a gray teat ensteiderobty warn ht tha
da..e. and le,rebado4 111. le, 1 4111 dark hod and
dark y, at ith rather rem *bin, /1114 le al ot oat
Nord. Any Int dionadk nr h.e a ;washout* vet.t ha
thohkftl., f 0111141,411 by Ms anebot• &author at duct•
Earn IN. MANtaAltrT SSA IIAthI.
Uri 6. r2, MI.
A I ' IIII.IIRS' NyricE.
0? AMIWRIA Fllllllll L4TIS nt rllrcler@SD tirt
COLO' SI 4 4.. 49.'411 PGC 11444
hoodPrPiAto , elt. An,lit:or appniato4 by the ny•
phiine Court of tun~et~'yrinitnen.ll. !• , nI4IC , in
trthaton or oho bailflCS in the filth+, of inh,,nn
11101:" nthninttlrlint of acilWl+l iate of s , •n•
wond manAlir 4«getwimrt in and nniont 11,,r!.
ire rrediloota of the detegkst, in tit. order rodettielo4
tor Lfi W 8111 'lOl at hit flea In Aboottmoorco 114
linirnl4l , NO w,,nty flint oh, of !c0 r ...,,f,..r A. h.
trib7. nt In o'cinclo A, M. fa the t Of ettf , Onf
en time dutiet of hie nT.,torytraL when run ii twrio
all pnetie• ina.rnated r.,,utire4 in prep" it 111 ii
rlaiiittol. or b.f debarred (inns coral n" in Int Is n s,r of
the (hood. Id, R. 1K14.01.
Per 1 ti. 14E7. FE
Pit that et”!'. Oa un4,ll , Len.f.s; ,, sone
n!' Ifrudoot *1%.14 - rothip, ttd 11111 1 11111 tilloe l y 611111 1 11 11
date (-vpl, PAU any VI pen Of A": nyl* liret•
p“.* log on 0111 181$1ily„ •110/314 If* 4141110 110 daft .
101 , 1 he rlralt yr th eta .rdois In 1,110.
j It walla,
liaste It Psra6 Vt*:.fism App , emos s
IWO !14rlitt+10. Pyivroter Puree,
R. kW. C Richert, f Jieen!, ;Mead.
Pith II lien h. %%n, Ntr.t.vdaat
Ili mock, P. pt. Ift, feet —.4r,
U. a. siOUNtn, Proprieler
Tfiti• tlt A nett' "tone, 131 , 17 e1t . .1411.f.5r the totraltat
t.t , ttoot , ltag o.lti. 1.00/0 If. 111.101040
Ati,l f I, a Into ttt to : oo tart t, , ttrt vattoot• a
what to 4,1$ ci• ti , " • Ito bittAott 01/,'lt.ettr " it
ut,414 f. sawn, aln tot peaorat Dl te
for twat* L. h otaoo hotna we, .ha.l
Vir!tPte [he tttc nt the torAihrso
Ea, prow/flirt fr.,{ ottnat.trat 0.011 , to i t rpar
to pre lOW' , "rt big gaeats, ,i 4 , 40
,o;trti 1 , 4 Nir pot ipoc or tato palrlts potoostso.
fitanalioarg. Mao 13, 107.
r.TEn.T R Nrzor.
Iit:IIICAL T'Ati:TE 501P3,
AMR Van , tfett,4o,4 from pure nneerinta .n 4
hi. 0, mookiiter d ths at la,tar4 of extelleney. rqr 11*
by hit 'how., e'en be bed at eaten/testa l'sinent
hem Light Street, tap', and an regal*? Met
snotoithout the Comity.
They !ohittihtly on hand rhenNeal Yrs**
t bemired (Hive. P,.le and Miner limp.,
enders solicited. Meal. 11. 11417.—1nt
. .
[THE UPPER 1101.441.)
Orangeville, Columbia Co.,
Tha noasertber nrapectrally fahoma hio
friend. and the public. lust he his liken the •
abase well bnnwn Vl*
11 1 .14 1 11 OF EIaTitIIT‘INHE'VT.
And wilt ha plen a / 4 1w twelve the ;..!orn af all
wit favor tom with a awl. 110 aln keep
n tut welt '10444 with the bent or 4 Omar,.
Very 'MO will be made to tinder entire
lino. JUNN &'Y DLit
INARrAiiiis March .10
QtA itwa.bli*lwil FVK Nilo nufnetwir.
Nr 1 ,716 ti el riteeT, &wive:o.l44ll.lllEL ,
Ilave nuts 1111 Otfire for 107 own imptwoninn
110ronfAwtnre . one of Ito law Sent 104 Met halo
teletttoos nt
for I,n•tte* . en* Ch &iron's West in tee City. Al
* fine a•anrtotrnt ott thitt'a Yur Moires and "ion*
I not naUled to oievotsnf my gond* lively tete
Id a« i tire*. and I n. old thereto,* *alien n •••' it
11W At iptv at Colon's* egoirlty ah,f vicinetv
it‘1444113601 the Name, Number and . vet!
NO. 718 ham St., altairto 7th. *oath tlide Pat
it 7" I WAVII NO 'Part NIL Mt CONitarmat IWO
otat a At nits IN PUMA onna.
tt,tottet 1. ItNi7 —4th.
Sign Painteriand riper Unger,'
Paring had a Mop etnerfente in the armee be
!leaf' they would elserwetinliy ram their amerce
the mimeo* or IlloomeLora and ormrp,do,rjel en
try, They areprepared rod r kmda of lleer
Sign Painting ,l'apermitt,aminy, Profit
and at work belonging to the Painting mleinert
L.' 7" OrdPre lett at weir *hop ie the Carr 11 '
Alley. or at the Ettll4l4 , 114401, L N. Wl*
Druz Mom. and Papier** Hardware
will be promptly *Wearied I.e.
Ilfromstmul, AnikOtt T. 1.67.
, Jt! ST published. is s 08.04
leg/. P. tope, PtrP,o 6 tents. A h ewe.
•eKeiii" natur'.le;„tmeatlord reliteal
tleu..n. I tVi oarless er Permeate
lodured by Felt-A..41e ; involentary
petenry, Nervett* debility tee.
thertiage 'mitten). ; Vnii.elet•
Pll9 ; Neutpi and Physical leieveiteitY.
Robert .1, culvermell, M, D., author at itei
The world room no 1 author, la 11110 admire
hire clearly pm •11 from his nwh ettpottoM
the **fel conermiences of abill,thuse may iv
ually removed withoet Mediate.. and vi,the
/ems suremal roeratioes, bonitos * tr. ~tit
rinds, at "Id ” ` 41, 14 P"intit4 - nut a node of
uric, certain and edemas!, by which emery e
on nimter a hat his evitlition mcp
himself cheeply, privately end railleetty,
tore will arm , a boon t , thommarts and that
Meat under seat to any addrese, is a plain en
on receipt of atzt rents, or tampoetaan sl
Moo Or, eolvervielei ittermite Guide,prite PS •
Aiiikese, CH Am. J, C . 14Ltairt 4
167 flowery. w York, P. O. box 43
'Vb. 1 11417,—1 y Peas ie Co