Lewisburg chronicle, and the West Branch farmer. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1849-1849, October 17, 1849, Image 4

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i aaa. mm a. i. caafaiti.
the M amMailM
JtiaV the mm which aaorwiwg fa i
mm'Ot are lifer, thsasr lulty MflWlfka,
to Utmw tbe day-gnd'e gtave!
8av the Sands, buaw'tbet bright
W km ikai aan'a lest gfariss !
thai ant, lik aUmera, aratteved
0"M Mi f vjeoa eajnalchre !
A on da foe, that bat titted
la lb wilt'a all fluriaaa I gbt,
LaniaiabM, aa a .fcrw hearted.
Fade away in death and wight.
Rvmpatbrlic eloada of heevea
Uortl weep writ holy daw,
While the first bright alar of even
Beam al-ura auusj ibe blue.
Like a child that doth iiihoH
Afl ill reoia' radiant bloom.
Watching. with aaddaiied apitit.
U'rr thtr luatd and hallowed tuaib.
Lav ia dead. ud we air dying
Every hour but apeed our duran
Kvery brraih we D are drawing
Bring u neater lo the tomh.
1 ai ibia thought rejoice our .pilits.
Drooping o'er blr'a weary way
tmj day remote a hatdeit
V arc dying evety day.
thing daily ! dying daily !
Thrar are word nt lulty cheer !
Falling, like a tale of ransom.
On a autlering captive's car.
hrt aa thm. in holy living
freed fh path our Xavior troJ
Wbco our pilgrimage la ended.
Calmly fall " asleep in oJ."
Mf. Mnrg.lltM L Dllllev, IfCom-
i. ..... i , .
pllShlf Wile Of lite etlltur Ol llie Utional
. .. . ... .. B
I.ra. proposes to ( tihlnli in Wa'limotnn
a juvenile monthly pner lo be railed
1'ite Friend of Youth,'' t lifty o-nN pet
year. By the manner in winch he con
eluctrd "The Youlli'a M mldly V.ailer"
in Cincinnati, Mrs. ti. nave evidenw of pe
culiar Uleut for works of this kind.
4 Rati cene.
TraV tl'II ine. Ill V kr, lw' CUSK
' '
f thoae tears ?
Oh eu'-h a di.-grace !
W hat ahat in it, my oVar T Do not
keep me in auspr-n-e.
Why, I opened 'me of jour letter. tip
poraiiig it adJres.-ed to mystlf. Certainly
ii lonked more like Mr, than Mr
la that all 1 Y1tat grent harm in the
iars opening the hunband's U tters?
No harm in the thing iiM.ll". Bui the
voniente eueh a diagrace!
What! bis any one dared to write me
a Utter unfit to be read by my wife!
O no it is ciiuclied in ehnate and
gentlemanly language. But the contents.
ibr- content. !
fjlere the wife buried her fare in her
naudkercbiaf, and commenced sobbing
aioiffi) white the husband eagerly caught
Mptht IrPVf bVi4- eontfiteirred reading the
ewtie that rW been the flteafle of nearlv
plVahiOf his wife heart. araw r7
from lAt rriafeT for almotf two t.-rs'
kubttrtpiun ! !
A Uwyerand rJoetor werediacuasiug the
niiqi.lt y f thrir respective prnfesaions.
l each cited authority to prove his the
saoat ancient.
lliire, slid the disciple of Lymrgus,
roinracured alnmst wtlh the wnrlo'a era.
Vmm sWw his brother Abt-I. and that wa a
iritmmtl earn in eomnvm law !"
1 Trtae,"' reinined Ksrulapius, " IkiI my
prfesrn is coeval with creaiia itself.
Hd mother Kve was made out of a rib
taken from Adam's body, aud thai was a
turgical operatiun.v
The lawyer dropped hi green bag.
The following Receipta are stud to be
infallible and we are willing to admit the
Tacts without making the eiperiments :
To" ,nle pie Play biiod man's bulf in
a pniitipo-ofli'-e.
'Iu iirtve mu!ic at dinner Tell your
Jc iV ti not a hamlsoint: ua (he lady
.ho live arrows the way.
To save butter Make it salt tliat no
lie ran ent it.
To hae a gooil pnper Py tlif jr.......
A Law (Juesti n. " The e'.Ve that
was lelt' itaid an lrihm n lo liisi lyer.
'waa a pig and a bushel of potatoes, which
were lo be diviJed between tb heirs, inv
aa!f nu.l brother. The Executor shut the
pig up ita-the p Mntocs. andduringthe night
he eat tliem ait' up, and' now c w naif to
ItMow how we are to divide the preHrt.,
, The Hartford Courant pit- a- 2vd
,mrv of' wider in the western part of Nrw
York, wno was Koited'awd. hia politics re.
Well." said lie, I ain't Jtotlr- I
iiijj I used to be a LnVr'? inart till the
FrW S.'il oar'y rDn! "P ,,M n ' .i,,m'd
that nw J U l,ow 'nM' " our' a'" '
. Malrinxmial Squabble. The O o!y Sun
aca-t, within the last three mniitria.; in Bhil
. i.i u:- have luavra IA4l iiul;tn(ls
aa I
hald to Ull for " beating.
wives for Hsue'ls'ini their liege ioms
Uliis is a sad 4aHuie.of m-tirimoiiiar bliss!
CVtnaerjiJOnses of a 'Searcity of .Female.
Veter-rfor b fir is- cai ried on
toaasrh an eawrrt in San Pranciacn, h.t a t
lrty ed Irvecnniatis elopja-d lo have a
d irt.ee. aroonrl an old eaat off bonnet.
Loau tnke no jileasure in you wrr.ett
wean get In t ne of vour unnyylth way,"
4,tls rat tne i,aV'
SUBSCRIBERS lo the "University at
Lewisburg who have not paid their
Firat Instalment, (Hue last January,) are
respectfully requested lo par the Mine
iibout further notice, to
HAM'I. T. WALKER. Tasas.
By oroV of the Board of Trustees,
taewisburg. -pt. 1. 1849.
dftalB gUwrk, rakTMM tatf-SK, Mklf , V. f .
LIFE aid DKUTII are ia the BLOOD.
Clrumtr. Purify, ml Rrputatf the Circulation, and
Ike wkole htulj will amy krallk. Tkr moot wonderful
uf all rtmcJ.e to pnutucv inch a rrtvlt. i$
Yaw. thtt tlfaircJ n-euilt and fli.-a.-r will he produced hy
the c 4 a smaller tpntntitit of thi Prams thka en bo
tfcrtl br the ut- i a like quauiutr of uijr utli:r rwtirdy
la the world. (S-e vur Pamphlets lor lirool.)
Th I'tniriKa i trkolisj prrjian-d from VeretaUt?. and
cum the iprf. no if ?.... fr, Mid lotig tttaidto di ?!"
Ol the IiIuimL vatLtHit tmiiiv, jmrging, ntkrmng. or dfinh-
Ming II rifinwi. ttirmglktMM, mvtgnrttst lliiikf Dew,
aWrv MwMt, and gtvet vif rsayor and acw it to tfa whole
; Ihaa anj o'her rrttwly in the worhi, braut
of n win a rm'er amount of eura than fmr Mttrf
i rrr imrttmmrui. or any utlter nrimlT. lo mtttr how
tbeir IkIfii dmit ha. Ton imrrral tmtrtum lor ron-
! atitiwr to determine, in. hm mch wrre curaftv rntel mnd m
j m, fvubr ptn. tk mik f
u,M; jMuma had ouni. within u ui yew.
100,000 Penom uf Impart Blood Distain,
aad 23,000 Cats were fonxidtrrd Inrorable!
a aoai athtf patcotnctlU inp mn arr in the habit of
Ine. If w fbtHilJ any ao. who wihiIJ beiiTe u ? Thia
nnorenr. we lo far. at"l .Tantl rva.y to inv liy rrnpettuktt
wiraraaa. that HaaNT's MKlurtK, hav ll.Tti i-urea of
Mire dtvam oa InuiK human tH-imc. tlir mi4 Tear. Ihaa
any other reaartly in KifbiwT dil iluring Urn Fame time.
Haw aaawlt will at lallar'a Morth CURE
Twealy larKe. deep I tem were carai hy uaiug oay raaaaa
aonlea uf Himni'M Vuttfirr.
The folluwinc ia the mo wimtlerful and aaroniahine care
that waa ever ellvrlrd on a human being, by any awe'tcuw.
XZorrid Scroftala Cored.
Mb. J. B. Ha-iki. of JP'm', OmeiAm fb, iV. T., rrrti
IWaaih. Ulrii latlt: fht laa had haMaffl aatf.lcl With fatlf
j x tottr y-nr. mnI lit- Ih T-rfMii.rimd to hi b.ti. with
TWKf.Tr largt. dcrp.dxrchmrmihg I lckma th-l hi. nrk
WM ew'H riMinu irotia t-nr in irir s nu:r wn rnu-n
thnMch hia H ind pi, so that he breathed through the
hole -hia ear waa nearly rfeatnerrd the uae ol hia arm
waa whullv deatruv,! and an llccr under tbe ann. as
large aa a man's bnd. had nr!t eaten tl.rouzli iniu hia and Siati-tirs. to render the same worthy of pa
iwTwt of St.. and Ii-la.ors
aa tin nrauy-r koun whi a he eoinmeneed Itaaivr'a I or Ilia American puMic eenerally ; who will
Iffoian lYnirriKO KarajicT HiIki bottlks ! tli. j fjt)( j tlem ,,e; Tur.ai HT or PotlTIcat
Ptrairrim txTaarr kMled and ewrerf skvk.vtkk?! fit tha ; . r .
iweinT thJei TbVbTd wl.. n be oou.o,. need aw.- it. and 1viowi.ei.oe, and a mass of information.
that a ea-aaulraanireeltei tod a raarrcrct-aa. For lull I
particular ol thia, aud many ulht r siau'ST cam, see our
Thia Waaderfal mmm Aalaaiihiai ITBK
doea not stand nlnae aa a aasaasinil of the grttt ijk-aoy
ot Uaa!.Ts rrnmi, lor wa could fire alimiet unlim.
ia-d aviitenev el aue-r ruf-a, well au.auU il thia wcra
donbftMl Inls tare la at-rtiai d lo by
Fourteen Kespectable Witnesses.
Bv Doer. Tho WiLLiaa..oneof the moat reap.-ctaMa
I phyaieiana uf Nisn,; !iy MeMra. IIia.ri.i. Sl I.KoVAftn,
wnoleaaia ana racui tru miv j sir wiw, in
urieliaT and keepY id liw West Kiixk lioTKL and by
litem Ikgr vUmimit.
Brant's Indian PuriSer
fare, mil impure diaaaaes of the hloial viz.: SrM Itra l,
gmk Maraaa. fiaeaaas'iaai. ErupttA, Pimplet aa rae kmc
PiU. Biitm, Vlccn. Cottrrmr: Mrrcmrimt liitmsct. Linr
CrmpUimt. faiaa i tkr. bmck, Siom, aud Limit, Kk uf
aUssata, lat aanai ear, etc.
THa atabauai ( aln all the laamw ainl awtvta
Virlaaa at tin abuaeuuned praimaw KarsaiT. and al.o
pa asaiaa aaveral other avrfkatiuoa. aarw '.!, and aera
iilt adanwd i i an COL'tillS and CON.-I. Nl'l ION-1. It
aaaia and was Wear ta fas Laaea, and etaewhere tafrraaj
V. aa raasuy and aa aaady as the fWijna Cxlracl heala
eaaas aatarnaoy.
Trsacsanos cures oi ins aa.n . ,
fallynnere Us a'nva miraruloua enVa. y vail diaoaaea ol i
the LtaOS, TIOtOAT. and RBEAST. j
a iirkl ill altWIa.
.1 111 VV Utll.lil c.-m a ni a
Wa f ive taa tullowint eerlineale aa a tact uf cure, which
foea to prove the power to, aave life, even when the person
ssaaae to be ia tha very lat ataea uf existence, when Brmmt't
faAaa fa aaaaa.y Halaaa ia a.lminii tvj :
Wa Jvethe fol'owinr ee-tfieMTe a, a faet of eura, which
faea lu uruvey the puwar li aave hie. even wlieu the ueraua
aal laa lo be ia thi, very last sta4 ot ev.ialenee. when
Si Bar's aaVsa eaiawiNurr HmJmm ta adminiatered Tiila
caaa duea aa aland ajuiv as could name MA XT coaaa
as sisi iilaas and astaaiaiaa anil kmndrfmm ol' AaasaM
awass. and lamasaaa uf caa, j called CONSLMI' I ION
THIS CL'KK was crTi-etcd on the wire f Mr. Ziat
IrvaaaaM of the town uf Ball). Smrmtor-m, Cm. At. Y.
Mrs. Dykemaa waa primouueed ttvig, and Mr. liykemaa
went tu tha alura uf Mr. John Wait to jmrrkamr clotk far
n ssvaaal aus) mtkrr aaraaf mairrimi; exueetine his wile
would aouu die. Hhe waa in th. ImH Mmre ol tjie diaeaaa
-waa vaaea mppremmri aud autrrm4d aad to relieve ner
reaaf dittnwm, and niake a ayia pilitm more mom. Mr.
liykemaa waa peraHsd'-d to rtve tier sume uf " BKANld
IKIHAN PUI.MoNAItV U tLs!AXl." lie toidl the Jta.aaa,
Bunte with Uae ahruu 1. aial ave a portion to bis wile it
relieved her slie cuDtiute-d lo take it until she rcroT, red
vi KID USaLrH, and ahe hit i(iaeii Kcli or acary our
Sac rmmJlia lor p,rt;. uTara.
Mr. IlVKKXAK awnre to toe alM,re facts before TlluS. G.
ToVHO, ttaq, if Umlliiau V, 'JSth April, lets. .
Tnoa. ii. ot'.NO, Ka,., Justice, eerutiea that ho has 1
known Mr. Hyki iiij,u fu oiy yetirii an 1 umt ne ia one ol
Uieir nwat wo'rUiu and n nprriattle citizen ; and Mr. Jiihm
Wait. tUe m-n-baut pok-n uf ah. ve. asn ecrttjwm to the
trmal eharaeter ot Mr. Iivkemmit. and that be waa nc
ouaint.l w,lli mil liM.'ica having beard tuein oitco apok
Ul uf by lmlirmmu
Brant's Pulmonary Balsam
rurva COXSrHPTloX. Court: CnlJe. .tpilritur of Plood.
hldruf as aae Luute: l .wa ia tar HnmM and .Vida, .VurAl
Arcara, .Weuns Oraafaiala. Pmlpknttou of IA Umert,
Ckoimrm Infmntum. 1 ysra'ery. Summer Compmiutt, and ALL
kkUALL M HAKMZSSKS, wuknul any Jelling whatever
The followinff-named ltoctnmuutl Pkuricimnt have biijh
y rerumm,n.ied IIKAN I'd MI JUCINta :
lr. N. IH KUAIIll. Slumlord, 'onn.
lr. J. K. SMI TH. W.lertown. N. V.
Ir. KOslfMAN. in-.1 Henry afreet, Brooklyn, H. T.
Ilr. T. M. lll'NT, Anlairn, S. V.
Ir. iK( KKANCIS. Mtildletown, Conn.
Ilr.litu A. NlX.KIIS. Ualh, N. V.
l-r H. VVHnr. Knslnnia. M. V.
ilr. C. B. (iAI.KN I INK, Kyrun. N. T.
Ir. J.O rillll'HAN. rayievUle. N. V.
Ilr. 1. CKINNKIt. Henry alreet. Ilruuklyn, N. T.
Dr. O. SlllrSIA.Y C'urtland, N. V.
iov;ire of counterfeits !
1 here is no B-aut's medicine genuine, hut
uch Iwllle aa are put up in a aquare p ick age
r ahane. and on one square of Ihe package is a
label u which ia represented a young Squaw.
and under where she stands is a .ami oi iiauu,
which reads as follows, vis.
- H hereby prumitt.nr mint r'rr.irtd. In pay
In Ike hrnrrr keretif 0 t'rsT, on demand, at
mr Medicine Parlory in the City nf linml.lin.
S V. Outidol nn'mklyn. 7th April. ISIS."
(which nole ia MgiiiJ with pen and red inf.)
None genuine but such as have the note on
the label eined aa atve.
1 1 L . T X, T.wic
lr oirr iiv a iniiiii,,, - " i, r. ,w
hurl ; Udwd Wilson. New Berlin ; S J Cronae.
linscrove; ti dt F C Mover. Freebu'c: H N
Backhause. Middlehurs : Wilt & Eilerl, Hartle
ton: An'es St Mench. Mifflinburg
All letters and orders must he addressed to
Wallace A Co. lOfi. Ilrnadwav, New Voik
scTOItand Sweet 0.l.ljiiiditn.im.P..r-
J euorir.lvrvlfrey'a Cordial.I'.psoin Suit.
Raleralus. Cre.m Tartar. Ktan h, Opedelpoc. Hal
aam of l.i e. Sal Srala, Balsam de Maltha. Worm
Tea.tTemphor.Giiicer. inuamon.Clovee. Pepper.
X'uimeaja. Maeneaia, Mttslard. O iom, Morphe,
juiuitie, Sn,la Powdera. Ac. for sale al
. ... w.tjciialUe a Drug tvl heir.isalr.mporium
IjKWISBUKG chronicle and west
Xj-BooA Agent and Cotjartcuri will flout
to obttrtt.Ji
11 VERY ciliten of ibe United Hiate abonld
j poaeeaa a copy of theae works. Tbej are
the Book of Our Country.
ITTfi A r'llhf''1 Chronicle of the
I 41J" WAK of American Indepen
dence. In one large volume, rjvo. Illustrated
ilh 8eenty Engraving, in handsome Gill
Binding. Price 2.
The Presidents of the United States,
Their Memoir and Adminiatratiom :
To which ie edJed an account of the Inaugura
tion of each Preaident, and a hiatory of the
principal political e.enta of hia administration,
anil of the tranaaciione of Congress at each sec
ion during the period.
Illustrated with elegant portraits of the Presi
dents, engraved on steel. Thi is a bandaime
royal 8o, in beautiful pictorial binding. $3.50.
compriainc the l.ies, Addreaae and Message
of the Picsidenle of the l.'nited Slatea,
Prom Wahinaton to Taylor a Inauguration ad
dress. March. 1819,
With a history of thrir A'lmini-trationa, and
of ench Sesainn of tonrcs aUo various hist
orical, tUtitical, and other important politic
documents, and a co,iidele ludri. or anilvtical
tul le of content to the whole work. Kilned hy
Kowiat WiLUftan, K.q. Illuritrsted with por
trait of our IS Presidents, rngruved on a tec I,
from the moat approved authorities, and in thr
! best style of the art ; printed on fine paper, and
liand-oineiy uounu in eoii'ieioain: aiiv. ji am
also lie emlielliMhed with Views of the Capitol.
President's House, and the Seals of the several
'tate and the Toiled Stia'es. In four lare 6vo
volume. Price $'.0. Thi ia the citizen and
I.itirary edition.
r7The IJeference Kdilion of the same
work, in 3 volumes large Pro, nithunt portiait.
Price $7.50. Thia edition is for reference, and
i intended for Statesmen, Legislators, Members
of city Corporations, Lawyers, and Individuals
holding puldic Ulfices.
The Uoiultllrortlio. I'nKrrl Sf:ifr,
and its Political Institutions,
Reviewed and Examined. Hy Ai.kh Us
Tin (it tviLL, Miniher of the Ins'inne ot
F'rance, and the Chamlicr of IVputies. ic.
In one larce octavo volume of nearly One
Thousand paeca. Piice
The 12 Stirs of our Republic,
Our N-ilion'i. G ft to her mini! Citizens :
Conlainiiig ihe lives of our Presidents, the
"isnera of the Declaration, Articles of tonfnl
eialion. I lie Conatilulion, with an historical
akelrh of the American Lnion. Illustrated with
elegant eortraita, engraved on i.iecl. ami illumi
natei! nictiir-'S of the Sinner, the apitol. am!
Presiilenl's Hou,e at 'a-!nimton, niinkcr-Hill,
Ac. Ac. Eleg intly hound, '"ill edge. Price
(tj iVo eipense has been spared in the prepa
ta'jon of tliee volumes of locunieiils, Hilorv.
MnT op books
puhlished hy K. Walker, 1 14 Pulton street.
Dr. Itowliim's History of Romanism to the
prevent time. 50 Enslaving, price $3.0(1
The (iuide to Xiiunlrdee.
The wmiilera of the AVoilil.
Mr. Kltia Family Monitor.
VI rs. Ellis' (iuide lo Social happiness,
Brother and Sister,
t'heever's Lectures on Pilgrim's Prog ess,
Chu-tian Msrtyndogy,
t'hiiai's Mesaenqcrs,
Fate of Infidelity ; or. Truth Triumphant,
OJd Ft-Po'v's OfTering for 181 a. elegantly
Odd Fellow's Offering for 1849, do
Odd Fellow's Offi iim for IH50, do
The t)dd Fellow Illustrated end neatly
Faith. Hope, and f'haritv "llmtrated. I
v.. I. 2 mo. (iill Muslin.
Friendship. Love, and Troth Illustrated.
1 vol. 12 mo, C lit.
Tales from the Arabian Night'a Entertain-
2 50
i jl)
1 50
2 50
K ohinhood and his Merry Forester.
Wrtri nf Wild Flowers,
People Mirror for I848. t o.
! Po tMiHdrrr.Book 1i;enl$tind Colportcuri
Who may tie" ire lo canvas districts for the
above important National Worka. will be pleased
lo addreaa a line to Ihe publisher, stating the
portion of country he wishee to occupy, and by
return nf Mail he will receive a List of Prices,
with Terms to A cents, which allow them a
verv liberal commission.
EUWal(l) WALKER, Publi.her, 114 Ful
ton alreet. New Voik
Consumption disarmed of its Terrors !
HASTINGS' Compound Syrup of Xtip
ilia a positive cure forCoiisuinpliun,
I decline,- Asthma, and ull diseases of the
chest and lungs a single buttle will prove
its t-fRracya
1 he proprietor nnt only recommends his
Xaptii.v Svnci', but warr nits it to cure!
lie warrants it lo net upon the chy Ie, and
inirifv it : he warrants it to remove all im-
lieitimeiits w hich retard the fn e circulation
of the Mood ; he warrants il lo open the
internal and externnl pores of the body and
eject all the obnoxious particles which have.
accumulated in the system ; he warrants it
as a never-liiilinir remedy in hectic lever,
night sweats, dyspepsia, liver complaint,
pain in the chest, and asthma ; and he war
rants it lo arrest the formation of tubercles
in the lungs, and lo heal those already
lormed, so that persons in consumption
may take it with the most positive confi
dence of a cure, for its great seal of action
is the lungs, which it penetrates in all di
rections, purifying them of everything
obnoxious in its progress, and which, il
applied according to directions, it can not
fiii. to leave in a perfectly healthy condi
tion Agent at Lewishurc
Get the Best !
VI.L yonng persons should have a Standard
Dictitmary al their etliowa. And while
ou arc about it, Ret the lie-t : that Dictionary is
oh Whbsteb', the gieat work, unabridged.
If you are loo poor, aave the amount from off your
back, to pul it into your head. Phmtnlinrjmtr.
Dr.Webtt-i's great woik ia the best Dictionary
of ihe English language. Ijmdon Morn.CUron.
Coniaiuiim three limes Ibe amount nf mailer of
any other English Dictionary compiled in this
country, or sny abridgment nf this work.
Publithed by A O Merriaia.Springfield,Ma.
and for sale al the ( heap Bookstore of
Msy :0 S F LVNDAI.L, Lewisbnrg
BEST Spanish and Hall Sm.i ish, also
American CIGARS and all kinds
of Chewing TOP.VCm. for sale hv
I KM NY fc r UKKA Y.
I.ewishure. fW 4. 1848
FOR sale by
Lewisburg, June, 1949
SEARS' New Pictorial Wortwi::1849.
Great Chance for Book Agents
To clkab raua $S00 t $1000 a Vsab !
Bookt of Universal Utility.
Ql GARS' New and Popular Pictorial
O Works the most splendidly illustra
ted volumes for Families ever issued on the
American Continent, containing more than
Four Thousand Engraving, designed and
xeculed by the most eminent Artists of
England and America.
The extraordinary popularity of these
volumes in every section of the Union,
renders an agency desirable in each one
of our principal towns and villages.
Juat Published,
Sears' new and popular Pictorial
Description of the United States,
containing an account of the Topography,
Settlement, History, ((evolutionary and
; other interesting Events,Slatistics,Progress
i in Agriculture, Manufactures, and Popula
lion, &c. nf each State in ihe Union, lllus.
tinted with Two Hundred Engravings of
the principal cities, places, buildings, sce
nery, curiosities, Seals of the States, &. ;
complete in tint; ociavu vuiunie: ui juu pa
ges, elegantly bound in gilt, pictorial mus
tin retail price, $2.50.
The Pictorial Family Annual,
400 pages octavo, and Illustrated with 2 la j
t.ii2ravinjs ilesioned as a valuable and
cheap prejent for parents and teachers IO'
place in the hands of youni; people. In!
attractive bindings. f IMIE subscriber would inform the Gen-
'lite HISTORY OF rALESTIXE, L tlemen of Lsswisburg and vieiniiy that
from the) Patriarchal Ae to llie present! he has now re-opened a new and elegant
lime. I5v J hn Kilto, Editor ol the Eon- j shop, next door to the Post Office, where
dun Pictorial Bible, AiC. AUo. I he will rarrv on tiie l.ttsiness of CUTTING
NEW EDITIONS AM) MA ICING garments as usuul. Work
. f Scars' Pictorial Ilistorv of the B'Ut ''V1"'" warranted to fit. Produce
Pictoml Su.id.iv lUik-tbscripiioo o, : r'td ,n P' at '!,r,li' ' P";
(Weal Britain and Ireland-Bible Bioora ! , ., . , i,a.-M,bI
.,hlS. e..e- .....1 St.- n. ... Ol.llillet.il. I 1 h"r'' AI,r'1 ' 1 '
i, re c .1 li l.. la:.,
r.iiropr i no .rin in ion tor iih: r nqi.- i ic
torial FumiiV Library Pulorial lli.atory
ol ihe rtinericnn Ri ii!iilioii pii i niirely
new volume on the Wonders ol the World
itlictorfal jnmin 3t5ftilt.!
Eieh Volume is Illustrated with several !
huiidn d Engravings, uud the BIBLE with ;
( lot: I housand.
r". AHEXTS WANTED in every Towu and
I'niiiity throughout the I'lroo. to sell " Start
ietv and tiipulir I'irluriul Mwiafs," uiueia:ill
...L ...... 1 l.i 1, llie beat ainl et.eif.esl evei 1
. i i. i. . . . ... .k. ..i.i.i.
I I"-". " I
Any active Agent may dear fSliO or $11)110 a
ve .r. A cash cartul uf d5 or 50 will l uec-
ssary. Full pariicuUi of the pi i.ciplo and
pr. Ct. nf the ag- ncy will be gt.cn uo application
either pris-nally or by Idler.
Address iiiiaiiably Host pod)
KoliEKT sEARtS, Pi suisH.n.
- I2H. Nassau Si. New Voik.
No letter will be lukcu from llie i.flice
unless post pai'. 6''r''
English and German Physician.
TTHO has k-en reoularly educated in
V ihe iruiwcrahv of Mart land, and an
ILmrienrv I Iniliinie. of Gasllelon Colleyeol
......... H. j - - - - j
Veruioiii, and a Member ol the Medica' ,
and Philosophical Society of the State ol j
Mary land, offers his professional services
n all the biauches ol tbe Healing Art to
the citizens ol Lewishurg and its vicinity.
I lu has been engaged in the practice of
medicine, in Luzerne county in this State,
for nearly thirteen years from whence
he brings letters of recommendation from
the first men in that and Columbia county.
as regards his standing in the profession of
medicine, and his genera! character, viz :
Hon John N (.'onyughamiKcv MatmaJuke I earce
Ziba Rcnnett
i;tiarlea nalD'us
" J H Voung
Dra A 11 Wilson
Thus W Miner
" S II Warner
" A Vohe
M Sleek
" Andrew Beaumont
' S F Headley
Hb Wright
II W Nichol.-oii. Esq
Jesse 11 owman, E-'q
(Jhaa U llowman, E-q
Kev 'I lioinas UwwiUiU
N B. Dr.T. may be found at his office
at the Drug store on ihe east side of Mar
ket St. next to Walls' store, or at his resi
dence 1st door below Kline's hotel.
Lewishuig. Jn. .V. 1S49
. . - i i
f 1 ClIAr T' Lit. OH n-eeiveu n .-mittc hit-
i. sorttnent from 7i. houssel and J.
Hunt. Perfumers, w hose preparations are
Ox Marrow
ll.iy Water
Cologne Water
Pearl Powder
Fancy Soaps
Hair Dye
Shaving Soaps
tic. die.
Curling rluid
Also a general variety of JewoJry and
Faucv Articles.Speclacles.renciis, vvaueis,
Toothbrushes, Hairbrushes, cVc. Sue.
leswjshurg, May 18. 1848
tralualjlt J3ooU0.
V FRESH supply received at the Lewis
burg Cheap Bookstore :
Fiske's Manual ol Classical literature
Da vies Analytical Geometry
Blair's Rhetoric. (University edition)
Cumstock's Mineralogy
'I he Complete Farmer, I vol. 62J cts
The New American Gardener, 1 vol, 01
The Book that will Suit You, or a Word
for Everybody
I can furnish ihe above works, with a
great variety of others, at rery low prices.
Mav 30 r lil imai.i'
Harrison's Columbian Ink.
N Quart, Pint, and smaller sized bottles,
Black, Blue, Red and Indelible. 1 his
celebrated Ink lor sale by
Qrv CORDS of BARK wanted, for
which the highest market price
will be paid
Dollars snd Cent, slse lorm of Nja,
Bills. Receipt. Petition. Inteteat Table, taules
of Wage, Board, die. Price 18 j c la for sale
al thia office.
never refused hi the office
of ihe Letvisbu rgKh rooicle.
branch farmer
A Word to tho Affllctod.
5,000 persons in Philadelphia atone
have witnessed with astonishment the won-
derlul efficacy ol
Thomson's Compound Syrup of
Tar and Wood INaptha
in caring Consumption, Asthma, Bronch
itis, obstinate Coughs, Pains in the Side
or Breast, Liver Complaint, itc Ate.
This preparation ia entirely a vegetable
remedy, and may be administered with
perfect safety to the feeble aduli or child.
Its power as an Expectorant is admirably
adapted to relieve the oppression in pul
monary disease, and while it assists nature
in throwing off the vitiated matter which
collects to the injury of ihe system, it acts
as a general tonic or strengthened
The testimony of Physicians and others
to the value of this great remedy, has been
of the most satisfactory kind, and has
given il a character and standard as a
that has placed it beyond competition lor
the various diseases lor which- it is em'
Prepared only al the N. E. corner Filth
and Spruce streets, Philadelphia.
Sold by C. If. Schaffle, Sole Agent for
fjewishurg and vicinity.
i " '
. riw"" , .11 , T
eieelleni compound is for sale by lh.
, proprietor's AgmU J Siiifttiir, l.tu-isbur ;
. May & 'lo e. Selin-urove ; M Witliinat n. Nor-
ihuinl-r"nil ; J II Kaser, .ililton ; t. I at r t iper
Daguerreotype lioom,
. ynij suIimtiIht would iuform the citi'ns
f Lowishurg and virmiiy, thni he has
mken and fined up a room in the new brick
j building on the south side of Market street,
between Third and Fourih, where he is
j prepared totake Ibigtierreo. vpe Likenesses
single or in croups, tn good sty e. .i.ir.io.e
I and on n-nsonnble terin
Call mid see.
March. ls4'J
Myers' Liquid Cure!
IS a positive mid never-fiiiling Remedy
for PILES, whether Internal, Ex
ternal, Blind or Itleeding Scrofula, While
Swellings, Ulcers, ulcerated Sore Tlinrnt.
Canker Sore Month, Rheumatism, Cutan
eeiis Diseases, Men ui iul Affections .Jr.
also for Scalds, Hums. Cuts, Sprains, Brui
ses. V. &c.
We teal justified in proel-iiming the Fact to
the World, that of all medicines ever bru't befoie
the public, nnne have ever been more beneficial
to afflicted humanity than -Vycr' Liquid Curt.
'e know thi i sying a gieat deal, but if we
were to write volumes we could not say too much
in praise of thi
UKAiTH-eisroiiiar., iirr rntiiaaono ar.wrDT.
Hundred, nay thouaanda bles ihe happy bout
when first ibey were made acquainted with iia
trauscendant virtue ; and our present puiose is
lo inform other thousands, how and w here ihey
may obtain thai telief w hich they perbapa have
long sought for in vain.
The auperior excellence of this preparation
over all other medicines, for the speedy and per
manent cure of PILES, is well known to all who
have tested it. It baa been proved in thousands
ol instances, snd haa savs raiLtn to cure the
moot obstinate case; and we are confident it will
never fail if ud a proper length of lime accord
ing to directions. Aa a proof of our entire confi
dence in its clficacy. we assure all purchase thai
if. af er a proper trial, it prove ineffectual. Ibe
Money paid for it will be returned.
The Liquid Cure is an effectual remedy for
Ringworms. Biles, Pimples, Barber' Itch. Frosted
Limbs. Chilblains. Sail Kheum, Musquilo Biles,
stings of poisonous Ineccu and Cutaneous disease ,
of every description.
Il ia both aafe and effectual for KarxaiATis
giving immediate and permanent relief.
Its effect as s real Pain Killer, sre magical.
hTtax ravjiLT is th nil
should provide themselves with thia Invaluable
Preparation, the cneapnisja ol wnica ptacea ii
within the reach ot all.
Full Direction accompany each Bottle
Pamphlet, containing copie of certificate
from those who have testeu me utqutu ., may
lie had gratis of or authorized agent
Mvere' Liiruid Cure is prepared only hy
JEROME A CO. 81 Spruce St. New York
A genu : C W Srhaflle, Lewisburg ; J II Raser,
Miltou Iveowajs
TIHE subscriUr has on hand and is
now receiving from Pittston and Sha
mokin, Best Foundry,
Lump, Broken,
JVut, and Pea
COAIj which will be disposed of on
rcasouahle terms.
June, '49. I.G.LAWSHE.
Townscnd's extract of Sarsap'a.
V LARCE and fresh aopply nf thi celebrated
Medicine, just received frora Ihe principal
Depot io New Yoik, and for sale at lbs new
Drug nd Chemical store of
Dr Thornton. Bnktr
SCHOOL-TICKETS printed and for
sale at this office.
aV mssTa W.
raiwriWursi nTffK.rfTriTTJaii.'.iJi ;c
Ths Cheapest aad noet splendid Asseaitanrat of
tn Philadelphia.
a few duort abort Elezentk, ntrtk not,
- a -S
HAS iuat received by late arnvsi. warn in
moat celebrated manufacturer of Europe, a
suagUUICCDl SOU jUUiCIOUSiy aeiaanau naaw. u-sM.
which he will sell cheaper than any olber estab
lishment in ths Tniled Slate. Among lbs
aaaonroenl amy be found .
Uold Leveis, 18 a fine, full jeweled 30
Silver levers, full jeweled '
O.kl I'Epine. 18 a esse, jeweled
Silver I'Epine. jeweled 1 0
do Quartier W atcbes a. w .
do 'l ea Spoona equal to coin pe. sell 4.50
de Deeaetl do do do I0 V0
do Table do do do 15,00
Tintetber w it b a sulendid assort ment of chaste snd
rich Jewelry, dee. Gold Chain of various style
from tbe best manufacturer.
Ple.oae preserve this atlvertiaement. snd call si
No. 413. Maiket street above Eleventh, north aide.
(Xj I have (sold and Silver Lever still cheaper
than the above prices. A liberal discount to ihe
piorncY :
Carefully ftrpaired.at the horlet A'oict-
'PHE subscriber desires to inform the
I citizens of Iwisburg and the ptihlic
in general that he carries on the Watch-
Making Business in Ihe shop lormerlv oe
copied by C.J.IIouel,where he is prepared
to execute all kinds of work in his line ol
business with promptness and on the most
reasonable terms, and by strict attention
to his business cxpecls a liberal share ol
patronage. He has constantly on hand an
assortment id
W A lt II KS Patent L-ver, Knylish.
and French.
JEWELRY Gold Watch chans and
Guards, Pencils Pens. Ilreastpins, Earrings,
Finder r in L's, Silver Sjiectucles, L wkets.
S.rx.is, Thiiuliles, c.
U hii-h he is ileierrnined to sell low.
f'wislmro, Nov. 13, l'47
Fever an ft iffitc
rl A T great national ol-i lavi.nte ai d slerliuv
reined. Eiou rats V ii as' Sr.. in i
aid. unappi.iatl.ed in its wondi'ilnl Mii'if. an
alle y in ibe rure of Ini wtetcbed complaint !
If you would i acaj-e the ateei ical (poistinoua
omit, ifeiia, lake u .i j bo lie from any one thai i.
noi gu.irdrd by the written eiqnidnrc of ihe u ig
mil iii.eniin and rr piiet .r Juu R.KowAu,ni.
a paper l.iU'l ci. a i"g ll:e ui..uth aiit c.ik.
I hi leniedv baa never been bolmered up In
alse and .le.'.illu! ptiff , but haa won its way loth.
i'oiiti:irine and um.erb.i nd .pli. u nl the li.iisi'lt
Ms uf lever anil A'oe districts, at it fcuul
... nui at rrs alos i, to which all the arm-
lid etery peiaoli wlm have uevd il will t atifv.
ProprietoiN t Ulice, 1 13, Arch St. Pliilnd'u
AotsTs : (' JicV IIIh. Tliorn oii Si Baker
K M Bowes. Leu-itburt: : A Krensller, William
(Jrowae. Srliusgruvi ; bar.lei & Api,sweet Hope;
ti Backhoua. Philip Hilb.-b. M Kre'a J I all
fl'IIK subscribers, thank lul for pant patro-
1 nnge,wnulu tiilorm the public that Ihey
l oiilinue to manulaciure all kinds of
Cast Water lieels W""'"s
7 liresh ing Ma ct in es.
One and Two Horse
111 1
We invite pariirular att.'ntion lo a new
article Wiartl's Patfnl G.I.NC Piorcns, lor
Jfftlln; in braiD. farmers bv this plough
can need in us much grain, in ne day, a
in Ihrce days with common ploughs.
C&gthiaft and rttrnfnrr.
and Fitting the name. HOLLOW VYAB.B.
Kettles aud Pols of various sizes Smooth
ing Irons tind Stand cast Tea Kettles to
suit conking stoves.
the most approved patterns now in use, lot
wood or coal.
Fancy.Parlor, Wood. Coal Stoves.
Race's Srir-regulating Air-tight
farfur V ood Moves, (a lit w article.)
Threshing Machines anj other articles
of machinery repaired in the best manner
and on the shortest notice. Castings war
ranted to be of the best material, aud at
prices that can not fail to plen.se.
Lewisburg, March 25, 1848 ly'sHlO
Lanffrnlirim's dagi'erreotype
story, I'hiladiljihia
The Hon. Ht.tr Clai visiting this Estab
lishment forth purpose ol having a Uaguerrentvpe
taken.npiesHeJ Haltering opinions on thia favorite
place of tbe beauty and fashion of Philadelphia,
and vast nuinliers of strangers resort lo il lo procure
a really good Daguerrrotj pe. Tbe proprietor will
make every eiertion In eilrnd the long established
fame of thi well known establishment. Family
roupe. grnupe of children and ..ingle portrait
of all sizes are etecuted equally well r3l t ly
ONE Busgev and Sett of Harness,
One Two Horse Wr,on.
One Truck Wareo,,.
For sale by II p Sheller
Juae 1 BE0ER nJUIMiw-
"An ounce of Prevention worth
a pound of Cure," in
that awful diteaee,
DR. FITCH'S Lectures on the Preven
tion and Cure of Consumption.
This popular work for sale in Lewisborg
by 8. F. Lyndall J. Hooghtoo snd at
this office. Price. 75 cents.
t bt EvaavaoBV Rab vaia I aaaeu.r.-T.- u ,
braaDarilla tot sal in ths difTersnt lowna called .
TTnaeoJ'a Saraaparilla. h W ad.eruard a. tlw ORHM.
C, GCNUINK. and all tnat. TbavTownaend lanawKuar
ZZt never waa ; baiwaa laanwrry a workerun railmada.;
n-l.- anil tha Ilka Jl aa aasumes lha luk M Dotio, tar ilia
Zmlom ol Canons cradlt far whal n. iaimt ?-.
Cjlnded two madicnl achoui. and prariKad lor tllew.
a . ... S M he nave, OraCtKcd madtfn -
Stttol his life Soeh wilful. "kt4 mitraprvarnial.,.
. Kttntha rharaeiar and veracity afiatani. I aiwi
Zm aUK.raly, na bad naver made those auiamra'.a nl luav
LroTm. V nan w.ll aae. laara u. be b-aar. uuu m..
v., . n , utr flealin-a aad miereraiira. ajtih tleir lei'ow
. II. appliad to one Ril Cl. u, a
.raetarmg hi. aaiamr., ''T "
make, as an incoteroent lo embark ra .!.
aaaca knn in maa
suuia ta, wnaia
buana-av. THava
hav. been leaultln awl lllarlllu nie in ail Buwa:,
form., in order a ainpreaa nar e" -
SVoid la-elor a Siraapanll aa wx Iba e'aueaa.
to1ir,T made le.m .he 'Jul IKclor a .. V.
tme -hosCp. Town-eial aaya I nav. aolJ -he ue al a, ,
ntnui for 7 a weak I UI hlia If I.
SucaiHWunsle -dear. pesM o. t.us. Hi. -.. w
Tnoenpsun. Skillmau Co.. sr. no.hme bw a -m M
ieTheutal.npl' - 'Ie"'" "
?f . -VC , V- ...nln hwaeariaur. . raw alias- 'aa.
imnd. Tuea !. wi. tie- pal-K lo ,...rrk l... s
Ol" lr J M OB Towun.IV Saraaie-Oll aavl'. " "
nul llWlor'. Ilkewt b ..mi; Uout of Acme, uvi La,
"'"??:zV.Z;,rtet.s V rvs.
Old Dr. Jaco!) Townsend,
Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
fkl.l Ilr T.,aoTseitd is now about M ve-rs ol .ii. aivt hi,
W been ki-.-T.- tie- I V III'. II and ll ' " V lift Ell
' oi l ie .. . ' I r. ..r.r-i. - s.. -
Stfl.Vtf,tff...a." lien: sa.r. he waa can .lea u
I lU,ll lis m ..r un . by whirh in-nns .1 b:. Hrn f p M
I ol nnrkel. and He- -aies ri.euin-enlie. 'u .h.r ..M. nlu
bad l.r.ive.1 If "nh. and .li"n Its v..l,. Il ha.! rrarW
IlH.al.iaul iohii.i e-ve..b ea-. a. ib e ,r-...e. a W hal
I J ,7 ,q Ji-ri-r". ail t sured Iro.n dti:h. une
!.!Uiu.rd r.s wo:i t rial
iii:.i.i.(; power.
TtilsORAMI AMH t.Ut AI.I.KIl'l:l.PR ITU a
j msiiuMClilieti -Nl 'he Urs. si -l.aisl I- rsil-.: lor :nr i
j u.ll '.lie leii.j:h ami l.rea.llli nl ill. la:sl. r.s-r..::, a, u -a
1 found luCisi'. e ol ib-erier-i'iou -r dr:eri.ra:e-s.
; I nils'- oinv , p '".,wnsen.; -. it ioi.rors wr.b a,
and ne,er rb:,ns.' bie e.r il.r m-nrr : b. rau-a i: i. o,et ar.T
i on -i".'ie iimw i'.. e s ri.-.fi( man. Tli, 11:4:-
b.u.a'l.,!..,. ,.i I'bsno t. . . i.-i 'as ta.s-l disroesnca o. n-i
) an. have'aii br.-i. Loonbi mi', r-iui-io-oi in 'hs ni.i.:irir
I lure in nr . nfi in .k-.. , -.. . . - .
It IS well klso.li T" io. dl U ..wo. rsnii,. niau) nimuji.
.reiarne.. and ,. I'l' ia-n-s aha . ar lorn i. .,
aiai .-lier-. wnKh ti i-:ji.s"I n. cn;s,iirT u or ii-e. ;.( .
.dure frrnulu'ium and ari'T. wharb Is lieon'.ils w .U a- "
'lem." Sane tlie 'p.(erile. .,i SMraal'Srira are so
that ihev en'irel era".ntr and are hrf u. ine pra;aira:: a.
II Ibey are tva prrserra! to a er.rMnr yturtM. kiaiaa, si
Iv lo' thae aa.mo.e.:'l in .is maiio'ae. ora. M-cao-si.
Ina volatile vttuetfMdt. artiirh It. aal In vsi.t. or aa v.
haWiraa. n.U-r neal. are ine verv easranoi rnaalie.il r-r
eiiea ol Ihr rise, wtnrli tfive To It all n. valoa
Any farrsaa. ran I- or Meat the ran nil lis, fat a lira,
eoton-d liunl'l. nlneh is nana f.m list a.do.i" inauar ia
ha root than irom auvlhme c'.m : lliev caa ihrn attain .l"
m.M'iH .m- valid lionid. -uvnrn weh o'ir molaw.. -l
thri.call K r.AKS..HM.I. KTKlT-Sarr"
Tut snrli i r. tla- ani. ; km-arn aa 'na
Tbia ia so weMre.l tha' all tlw lian proparrisa a aW
Saraaenlla nan are first removed. everythuaT tanab s.f
becuinur' acid in- lermeuralnsa el eatrnr'cd aad rsiaciad ;
thrncvan' pariele M uiedicil virtue r serurad in I pa-a
and e.awe'uirala.1 lorm: aial thus r. rendavod lacapais
ol he.irit any ol It. tuahle and healu.f peoamiea Pr
liared in llna wa. . " is nude iha most p.iarerlul afra. K Wa
Car mt laiiaianaMe IMacaasa.
Ilen-e lha raa-si wbv hear comnienuatl -oa l avarv
M.le m na U or by men, a omen, and children. W s fiat
dime wavier. Hi 'the cure ol .
(.l.MrMPTI". OYXPKP!.. sad l-lrClt.
'.ip. tv7.and Kfii:cMTr.r
t.Cs !:rl pti'js, pihplks. blotche.
aial all it rtesa. ari-in? Ir-on
It M'-r. mirvcllaiis rfTirat-w in n romplwns
mue rrom htliftn.o irnn irtdiiy V IV Siixmtt h. 1 m
aietHiiial eirrnlaiirtn. .Isrirrmitwti-. ! th-id lirt,maf
MlMUthtti fH Ihe hr.ru ro"1 Si?
Iwia-hri. urrr tlx My . It hw H m Cd wl
Vumghs: aurai knmHt4a-i r-v rtritrUraTiMi wi "" P
tjMrlitKHi. rrlMini! wricmrrt ot the unfm. ihrnM Mil 7
o lvsr ptirt. -
Mutt in rihine firtHi-nci nr matuf-wx.y mm mm
ckuuirr in ill kiii-J wi mMtts1
h work mtMrtTw in Kmot Athu .1 "Ti
fWietar oftkt Wumh. fBhtstrm -nd. SsyprtSMtd, Os Pmsy
.fnr. 'Ir.-gwa. ifv -l th niwtf ul toJ- j
ml M elWtiMl m rnrlrvtr all th- unm ' Ktdn?
B IciWHtf ubruf jouv ooJ vr,Ui.. lh
rrMm, h .tive-i unc anJ trn.stn to tha wl.( w-7.
ti.usci.tr-all Ummoi
IlirTM Dle wlV-r' mt,
av SfHvmi irriustsnm. Swa'gia. St nW -Ww
t ClaratlU W Mmi.1. ruriw. H b W health' W
trr lis M.wi-h.an.1 l!lesM- M
.l-o ..nw,r-ml null rrat '"T-TlSl
nii th. tali .iu- it- ""f;
mwMi;l? prravftiniriori : r -is afrtrturM anl twbiMM.s
maall oltmrut-iion. and lisa -h ci.ura n(tM
t-wfrrn. I- w lhl itofii
Tht Mrdkcinr ymm prr-emltaaatatljr
Bui ran an .m iwr inin- b- M u S r T.r.itr
mliranir!t?T tsi Tiwinr mn' lirjiti.1 i n u h
brrauar or nne i;Rt.M F T. th-u iha ana hINCITsV
BI.K ol DPTKR l R ATI N, ami
whils frV o4hr FHKS ttmtrinr. frt mmting. and W
thf horttmot rnt.iiriiit? it irva Irdttniv-xisi : il f
ITUI1 CJ.plas.llliC.au.! lUltlaturiUaf Mh-r -.nt-rw M tl-t t.''-
aorrihltr riMntniiil Ins iNttiUtM u thm v m irp
jmi mctd into a myfrm tilt tstfy eiiMvM4 tritk ttriA '
cawtra ! r p-ia aftri f l wmm a'l kii-vw tnt vimt
loo., sours in otir itnnjrIi-, wha m,-arhl ir pn-tirrt"--lfaiiiriir.
Ksviiiburn, palpttaik ol tbe hrmtu Iiwit rmn
Pliiut, ditrrUtta. ilvvutrry. afriir. ,n.l 4.rTiip!tni fr'-
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What urmtiivr- atl the hunt- lih-h brinii uti Erupt i"'!"'1'
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A ok NTs for the above Medicine I- '
Schallle, Lewisburg ; John H Kaser.
Ion ; Forsyth & Priestly, IVorihuaib'land
GENTLKMKX'S Fancy Goods,
ings. Cloths, Cassimeree, and Sum-
iner t.tnjds in general, a:
C. E. Bowes Cheap Swrt.