Lewisburg chronicle, and the West Branch farmer. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1849-1849, September 19, 1849, Image 3

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11 y 1 . 1 I ..' . 'I JWII am.S.LHI.1 I tll, ! .Ul'J-Jin.l.'l W-l1 -i WU.
1TE have this div boiohl t Private
c !t- nf A mi b fit KsnvJI yds
.1 carpet, 2 tables, I settee, 1 bureau and
bookcase, 1 2 chairs, I eight-day clock, 1
a, .A s'ovc, I lo.ikiiiii-g'ass, nnd 1 hog, nnJ
t!,.it we: have loaned tin same during our
. iM-iiirc to tin? S lid Kennedy, of which
ih- public may lake notice
J &. J. WALLS.
Iicwisburg, Sept. 19, 1SI9
MORE testimony in fivir of Dr.
M-L um 'o Liver Vi'.U. I wiid Iip j
.asv to til! a volume with ccttifientes ! I
the "cxcf!U-ii-e ol this medicine. Where-'
. i i i . l i.. I
ever it v nio a trai a ujs iimji. i
popular. Vt'e hive in cur possession hun
liieds of orders like ihe following :
-Varylitira, Y., Ibclti, I -J7-
" Messrs. Kdd &. Co. Your travelling
aL"iit k'f' with im a short lime smee, n
quantity of M'Lane's Liver Pills. The
w hole lot sold very rapidly, and give the
highest satisfied in. Iitdii'd it is consid
end 'he b'sl mi d cine of the kind over of
fered fur sale. I'lense scud me another
supp'y as soon as pnssipte.
ACKNTS-.-C W SrBri.K. Lcwi-burg : H
.1 sheafer, Milan ; I (Serhart. S,.ini;rivc; J V
rrilini, Sunbtiry ; Mr M'Cay, Northumberland;
.M C (Jii.T. M oie &. Carska.l on, Danville.
Superior Conking Stovos.
Thesnb-i liU'rs have on hand ibeAHni
xir-Tiplit CiKikinn Stove, arranged li.r
Wood ort'oal. These Stoves are superior
to am tiling of the kind ever oil' red in the
. eiiiTV, and will be sold at rasonabe
priees." S & I. WOLFE.
1.I.-U i-W", Sepl lO J-Ji)
'JiiO Sicks rrrouiul Alttm Salt,
50 do line do
iOO l)l!s. Salina do
For sule, wholesale or retail, hv
Sept 10 S iV J Wulle
'l'he sueress o( Dr. Tiak's M ij;rjelie
i 'itrw-n' in ptirito' Sore rvi-s, is piovrib
i I Those who are n acipiain'ed with
, s (!, i I find on ai b luttllea panij biet,
i lit .lining hill direeiioea.
A' nts in L-w islair.'l'bornion Haker
i lTIic Pro-
l&-f'!fl'STl r-"r of
ILJXA-JZI$.. A-Lr.l j, t j
n. ne DuiiiKiil warrants a euie of I In, j
r. mi
if ib.
' lesome ct.ni!,l lint, in everv instance. I
rivtiotis- arc sirictlv followed. I
For sale hv Thornton V P.
let ,lew isb g
Fnt nil r af i?ti
L I IT' TED in Kelly township, Union
t )
nintv. Pa., 4. miles Irom Lewtaii'ir
ie s. a! of the new University-) Ihe larui
235 acres,
of wllicll I HO acres are cleared, ':
mi ) m a oood state of cultivation. lar!C
piopornon is Limestone land. As respects I
v i;. r ..lid meadow, the larui has rare ad- J
vmtae-, there Unij on it several never '
i.iiloio sprinos. and a stream running thr
its- .-ent. r aflordiuo facilities by which stock :
-m lc watered in every field. Ill Hood
seas his, 40 to 50 tons can lie cut from the
meadow land. The House Bud
Birn tire frame, the .
1 ,
, aiid.-w;
i-re is
latter near.y new.
well finished : I
. a Tenant House, nd all the
"ill h lild.ns appertaining lo a farm also
an tichard with a var ety of or d Fruit.
The aliove Farm is offered in whole or
i.i i. jut to eoit fiiiich.-iM-rs. nnd a noruon ol
Me- ,.nrch..se money mav remain sccuad !
t. lb" iiremis-es
wm. ii. s-n.-nv. i
RoliEK I' 1IAV1. I
of the es'ate of Uat.vil Sn.sr.v, dee'd.
Ke!y, I'nion Co , S-pt. 2. 1S4!)
Jubic 5a!c.
MM IE uiiilersioned. Executor of the last
L will and testameiit of PTKR Surc il,
l ite of East P.ufl iloe township. Union Co.,
d cr-ased, w il! oflVr for sale, at public out
cry, on the premises, on
1 'riilay, the I9!h day of October next,
toe follow ing valuable Rtal Estate, to it :
All that certain tract of Land,
situate in the township and county afore
said, idjoining lands of Abraham Wolte,
-li -ot) Mertz, Adam Winnan, and others,
coutainilio about
TO Acres.
:!l char land, whereof about Ephteen
ncres are excellent Meadow land, and all
in a good state oi cultivation.
The Improvements thereon erec-
niiP led are a la rue
Stone Dwelling House,
a Sione Spring House, a Tenant House, a
L nil dm, a well with a Pump at the door.
Hud a good Spring of Water about twenty
live perches Irom the house, which could
easily bj brought to :be house in a flowing
An Apple Orchard igSffi
wi h excellent Fruit Trees, and
other Fruit.
Said property is situa'ed ab tut three
miles Irom lew isbur', on I hi road leading
from l.ewisburg to New Berlin, and about
to nii'es from Turlleville and the West
lb nnch of the Susquehanna river.
Also a Lot of Timber Land,
a'inost adioinint! the former, rontainui!
u.iwardjof Til 'JJX7 Y A CR ES, hereon
is erected
a Tenant IIouso.
brail Seven acres nre clear, nnd
ihe remainder well Timbered.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A . M..
of sa:d day, when due attendance will be
given, and terms of sale made known by
JOHN SCHICK. Executor.
East P.ulTaloe Tp., Aug. 23, IS 19.
N. R. Persons wishing to see the above
mentioned properly, will be accommodated
bv calling on Jacob Meilz, who resides
adjoining said property, and will tak plea
sure iu showing the same.
j Fur Nervous Diseases, Dr. Trnsk's
i M lonetie Ointment is of immense value,
'and in 9'J rases out of 100 :t will allrd
j entire relief to the worst cases ol Nervous
1 Head lehe in Hi) minu'es.
j For sale, wholesale and retail, by I)r
1 Tho'iiton iV Biker, Leiiis'nurg sold also
j by J. II R iser, Milton, and hv one ng( lit
, in every village in the Slate. Price 2 and
; 3S cts per boli'e.
......... V. , - .
i New Berlin
J T Lrmon, Wrn P'Trs
i t'nion : J llov Jr. Geo Klinrr,J M Wal er
I'enns : (ieorge Row, Joseph Stharl, W'm
J M iv, San.uel (J Fisher.
Perrj : Samuel Shad'e
Washington : Daniel (Jcrmtin. J -re. Re
pass. WmSchoch, (jeore C Mover
('hapioan: ("asper Arnold, Geogc Htr-
rold, Jr , Klias Sholl
West I'eaver : SainStumpfT, Daiiic-I Wng-
le r. sen'r, Solomon Rnmij;, Jr.
West B ill'iloe : Mareus 'l ea, Sam'i Pell-
man, S S I'arln r
Hartley : John Secliler, J.is Glover, "Win
M III nliurg : .1 .n Gotsohall
Unliable : Jiihn S;menton, Win Vanvalz' b,
Ma-hail Fiohthorn
Lewishnr : fjevi P Christ, James Kelly
White Deer : I'anl tloodlauder, Jas Mar-
sbsi il, Andrew Youn
Kelly : Samuel Spoils, Jr.
Kl:-1! W'tLK.
Robt f'humV.a ts Udi.l llerr
Pit. i 1'i.lmytT v Jno llartmiin & Chit Y.'lly
Wm J il, us. in vs Wm ?iy
1. Mam v J I.ufhr & A l!i!!niryer and T T
I. U t'l.iisi v Jac ks .n M l'a 1 Jin
d Kuiiiu. I (ttitl'le
do .lime S Mah
r.-x A:-"" ii f .r AGircn (";retMlATltclt' ain" ipr
Ilinrv l.ai.t v (ins-n. II. 'ward il nl
l,mn init .if J..IiiiM.ii f .r A Cm va Vils..n &c !
Mirl A IVtera vs M A Si .rk
W U.li l!ji-.k vs fJrcni with n airrlo S ,V '
.liMin Surer v r'unil Berlit.. : A Olifi.ni!
;.-n ciui ih v i;i.h Din?
Kiei:ari n-e i f Kliev vs H W Snvitcr
I. r Kel-er vs Sirf.ue) Iteher
! bililc ilfisn.s.tll vs J -Hf M'Keivey
''( 'n.1 e!l vs li.-nj ;wiry
K .b,.ff s faml ilaupt
fpiglemyer'. IVrs itmerV Ei'r.
Whi. A M. rvine.ln I of H.Mirk vs Uarij; sA'I'ami.
' nmrhie oaug.a vx v.an..
J.matbnn Zellera v S I. (jerk
ll-nry Urail-h.-r vs Henry Yoztlieimrr Jr
V in M Kennedy & wifu v Jno Hen & J.is '.vrk
j Eliza Mevtra va Jacob It.. y.r
!.nM. - J'.f. va ,U
! i: Kudv. c iard. of Pavi.l iTcvcrs v do
.onti arab Meveis da
same Ifi'iiryMeyiT' dn
nb"n Is for Caiitn ' ue Wanselr vg (Jondrum
it It. iiner use of S Fiatik vs (jeo A Jain
I Cloilr It.xrenrir.. vs V' II TI. itllitisi.n
Vus-ei f..r Mu-ser v Maikl-,Bnec and ;am.
J..c Rentier vs Uanl Kenlur
Wuiibhk for (iralum- use M cV A v Mrkle &c
i'-mh ..f P t'.r Uolt Hayes ts H S B..yer it l
J & E F.e v J.ic.ol Diusaimu
K-.M I) i'umnii..gs v (iw Iltown
An:l VCIer.atin Je Leisei and John R-mk
t'luii-tiniia Runif. lt v cinvnittee of ie Uorj ai
John Niydet vs Moc Fisher
I'hmp A irgrr Josej.U eturl.a
s Haui t Jr A. A J W riil. nsaul va Jared Irvin
I Itos K '.l v Jacob Lewi
Jac lien der Etr Jim Keneler vs Dnnl Rrnfilcr
Saml ll-ed is m vs i W Culdwell with'not. to K
J ttin H VV elier v 'A m Cocluan
1,'ut.l lot li'taham and I toist v JarcJ Irvin
7sini ii ilouiin.-l vs Th-is Veaiick
J .Im M !!eiifrr ve Saml Loni;
,V,"r rj",n-n v w F W.-n.ler urv. r,n
I! ii.! ami frii!un Jvrctt ts E E Ha.luntii tl al
' J- hn Kijel v Jnrcb llod.T
s.-..l.n. .... 1... Is'. ,.l.r ar.,1 Fliss XhvIiUtI
( .... . j...... .....
I JiiotolLcrt cfc (Jo vs Wm J May Reuben hb.su
j V ali nline H v lb'nry fpayd el al
j .'!irit Harman v Hnml 'chreckenijas.t
I Jacib Kl've vs tvedde ric Marsh
J E!i K I'rice va '.Vm Tata
Magnetic Ointment!!
V hut young man wants to wear a wig ?
We all know the value of a good head of
hair. A young man with a bald head, is a
sort of walking caricature of his species.
Hence the many various attempts to reme
dy or conceal the deficiency. Hundreds
of the young men of this country, after try'
in-; the thousand and one chemical prepa
rations and nostrums for restoring the hair,
are driven the necessity of wearing a wig!
a practice as little conducive to cleanliness,
as it is dangerous to health ! Now, we hap
pen to know from praclieal exaerienee.lhat
Trask's Magnetic Ointment will restore the
hair on a bald head, when all other reme
dies have failed.
Sold in I,ewisbur!r,wliolesale and retail,
by Thornton & Baker. Price 2 nnd 50
cents per bottle.
Fever and Ague.
"ITTI1AT is the mode of treatment best
V adanled to the cure of Fever and
medical men as a disease of itself. Strict
ly speaking it is not a d sease. bat a symp
tom of disease. It is the result of a de-
t l ' 1
tanoement ol the HW. Here lies ine
i. I
riifTieultv. and here is the disease,
11 ,M '
therefore the liver to which the remedy j
should 1 directed. Here the cause exists, ,
nd it is the cause which is to be removed,
or a permanent cure will not be effected
Kv addressing remedies to the symptoms,
we leave the cause untouched, ready to
produces return of the chills and fever, on
the first over exertion of mind or body.
The success of Dr. Osgood's India Chola
ooo;ue iin fi!c'ing permanent cures of such
alleclioiis is explained by its well know dc
obstruent effect upon the biliary Pigans.-
Imitations are abroad! De particular
to enquire for "Dr. Osgood's INDIAN
For sale by the sole agent, . Schrtyer,
A j urncym:in Watchmaker
"1""AM'ED in Eewisburg. by
A. I. H vrFIEl.D.
The Albany omi-iji is'he llr tn-
dreth Pills wed oi (by '!" r -i li-li-nee
the publie. That the pnnet; !e en v bich
they cure d'sease is ll:e s n:e n t':a! ol
I a roy of Puri nnd S.vi detnnx nf 'lerrna
ny. That all the virc'y of disease pro
reed from, or are tienr'y iibi' d torii-order
of the ptnrmieh and bo"'l-, nnd 'Hnt hv
tiNifiji thris" r"fnr.iiie n l.i h rest ire i
I III Ul 11 iij " .MiUO l.v- O'-HC..
ill vanish. The Brandieili nie.!i-irc-
profess to enrrv out' ll.i, iir.pnrt-i p'iu
etple. vv e have henrri them strongly re -
The irriiinr pill for. sale In J
aim, it H.r l.nuisliOr'
'lTlE partnership ejcis'itij in the Foundry
I business between 15. ('hr:t nnd I .
S. IJoer, is dissolved this day by mutual
consent. All persons know. n lbeinsi:!te
indi bttd to the firm of (.'lust 15 wnr, in
no'es or book account, are leqnesied io
make pavment in L. I Chr:si on or bio'r''
I'm) 1st (lav of Oet. next, as ll:p books and
no'es are with me other .use thej will be
left with a proper olliei r for collection.
Tuc New Foundry
IS tm iv curried on e u-ual, at the upper
end of M-'rket 'r'"t. where every des
crip'ion of C A S T I N G S i '"'I'1
hand or made lo order Midi as
The Ciimplf'te, or
Complete Improved
Cooking Stoves,
for either Coal
Wood nn J
other kinds of
lso PjHIJiEiS of
nl kinds Com I'lou 'hs, K'ill
and ihe
Self-Eiarpenicg Plough,
a new article, and hu-h can not hi !-eat
in Pennsylvania. Call and see nnd i'.doi.
for yourselves. L. 77 CHRIST.
Lewisburg. Ana;. 14. l4'd
, 1 -?:A
fJHE sub-criUrs have asioci.iu d under
J the tirin of
for the purpose of carrying on a
Wholesale Grocery nnd General
Commission and Forwarding
business. I,ih-i.l advance; will be inn Ii
on all kinds of V Miiitry Preflu -e. Place
of business, new War house on the Wiiari
immediately below the I5;idge,
J iN VTH N V. nl.KE.
Lewishur?, Pa. Ano. 7, 181P
Sale of Real Estate.
y "ILI. be exposed to public S'i!e en the
premises, on
Saturday, Olh of Ov t next,
all that messuage and tract of hind situated
in While D t township, I'nion coun'v,
now occupied hv J din ! ichnmn, nduiiiui'i; i
binds of Wiiliam Specse, John llu iouel, j
and others, cont lininjj about I4J- :-r'! ;
bc'ween 15 and 20 of which ate c .-ared .
B-m ami iu a good st ile u! fzy
tj. r". T ..n'lo .1 1 ...
l-"i-vC ii iiva
iiriwr which
mi l on f,;'t '
hois': and r
er build'ngs. Th
balance of the !xac! i'
well tinkered.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock
when terms vv ill be made known by
KouEiir ii wi:s,
II WHS, A Eer'o'i of!
H V VKS. L VVin.I laves !
M It i: II! IN, j d.c'J- j
Lewisburg, Aug 15, 189
New Coi:artncrsl)ip !
HAVING entered into a partnership,
ihe subscribers would iniorm their old
patrons and (he public in general, that we
may lie found at l (Iinter's old stand on Fir-t
street npar the Academy, whore we rairy i n the
above business in all its v.nii ties.
Fancy and Common Chairs, Rtm,
Rocking Chairs Setups, vaiious kiln's
Bureaus, Tables, Iledsicads, &.c. on hand
or made to order.
ready made or
furnished -on
short n dice.
We have a'so a suitable HEARSE id rea
diness Tor Funerals.
We have a Turning ,.tihi propelled by
horse power.wl.ieh enables us to turn wood
of any size, and up to 21 fed in len-ih.
ill also be attended to by tbrf subscriber on the
short. -st notice and i.i die best style.
(j-All w.irk in uur line wnrranled to lie well
made, and on llc most reasonable tcran.
would also announce that w have proper ,
Macliiiier for remnoinj Hud.tinjs of "y
e IV... . II . I...K. if nwMHIirV.
Country TiriHluce and Lumber
panie,.n.l Cih tad Gold Uu.t not
IIOIII llll. ... li.cii"...- - J-
taken in payment-
refused. - ' ,
Thankful for past favors, we respectfully a-k
a conlinu nice of Ihe auie.
I.ewi fiurtr. Way 1. 181-6mSfi5
LL persons indebted lo the bile firm
of Wolff & LnwHhe, will pic
make navmenl to either of the subscribers
on or belore the first of Ocl. next, alter
hich time no further indulgence win ue
June 30,1849
Sam'l W olfk,
I. G. Lausiik.
I'rtncj CiwiS Xotlons, &.c.
XUS T rcroM a liie anil fplutu'iil aartuer.t
ft ol r.incy liooJs turn a
r;ei I IJ.nl Ci.ilJ P. nciU
Thimlile '
' i'li,. IVn
" Chiim Hiher JVncil
Hml i-cklicca King"r liui,;
YiMting CarJ
Kaz as and
VVaikinj Canca
iblir I'.li
'unlwr "
B'l.Tilii C'oniii
H-or Uru.ite
Mnri I'uiiona
Wnier i.'ol r
I iwr Ci-pa
Snull lioea
i) l i Is HII. I
linil l.eida
C-i.l Catcs
i'olt Uiollti-S
I'.iek. t Hooka
Arrotdi na
I'arlur Imps
JSci-aor j
tSuti Oiassv-a
Spy " I
1 :ckt?l Mirrora
" U.iu.pjudca ;
Pc.Cu.i..y i
lrl,!4 j
ttlcel Twrti
U'o,. Tar
Fanry I'ipea
I'ell KlII.CJ
t-ilk anilThreaJ
u. . ..
tiuani cliam
I w "uh v "
j f'lu -trr Pius
I l!jimro
j Tii(jelh.'r v 'l h a arcat variety of article not
mriittoneil in the atxive list tor ale at 1. e new
i Dri.ff. Faiirv and Variciy utore of
1 May 9 ; VV SCH AFFI.F.
! Itints, Oils, f7fss.
j "I TMT ice d-Whits Ven: U. J Spnn:
t f f Riowii, I hiorne, (iieen and Veil w. I'ru-:
lilue, t.'.inniur, ei iiiil.on Flas. t J J't-'h and
, !Se .a t),l, Srts Tur'n-i.uiw-tiUas fioai 7i! lo I
' 'o 20v': Far. K ..in and Pheh, !iiih ran he
I had rheiprrihan ever at i; w snimit'ii Drug i
j anJ (JliPm.cJ u niiiiU'ii, Lewisliurg.
I)'P SttlfTs!
,. ,.- , i , i ,
! Fu-nie ami M,d l-r tor ale l.y ihe l,;,.. Main. '
i Indian. I.Uiuiu lilue. Kmrt l."!ood. Cociiine.il. i
i lock liye. ts.iliitniii I in, .. wis &i. ma ernils ,,r
c-iloiii-s Cuecl V'arn. r.r:lul!y iu( uji, with di-icfti.-ns
I'.a iisii e to Ik leul .kv al ihe new
Lrug nnd I. hcnneal Faioriiua of
tuil Q'olcli Eetcrns!"
r i li'ers for sale a FRESH
'J -ME
1 STOJK of
Spring and t
fas!) ion a I lt!
Ingram, T.v ill.-d V
tilltntlier CTntllln2,
l.ots- Trim I s: I 1 1- o( Scli.fJe fhiiuihrrlin.l would ns
K' "'"N i 1 u il u. ,,, .- lril and Ihe nahlic
niliim. Mrussels.WlIton ,
'ndid co!!. ei(.i ot Tbcol'i'iical, '
Also a
imti! w hich are
Ivolon's Ancient History, 2 vols 8vo
Josephus' History ol the Jews, 1 vo! Wvo
Alison's History o! Europe during the
French llcvolution. 4 v !s
Frosi's Pic'oii.l II story o:' the U.
Sears M's'orn al Library
liif.ii maiioii liir the People
Stevens' Ccn'ral America
S otii-h Gael
Hunter's Sacred P.ioraphy
Wirt's Life of PitrifK Henry
S .u'hey's Lile of i-s.-y, 'vols
Washington and Ins Generals
II inke's History of the Popes
VVnnders o the I inverse
Ror.k of Kiiowleijr)
JJ irn' Pnvsiolecy, i! vols. 500 nj's
'1 be Poeti"itl Wuiks ol S. o't, M mrf, '
liiiriis, lj
tlrav. C
iMi'ton. Thomson. Yonn, j
iw per,
li'-altie. Pope, Co eridge, I
Holers, Montonrr.erv, Campbell, Pollok, ,
H -iwiit, l:s Piernn, Tupper
Sleiksiieare's vVoiks. lron' VV nrn
Olindorl's new method of learning to!
lead, write nnd speak German !
. . . . ... -
We bster s new ar li'ct'narv.l - ouaito :
Cobb's M ni.i'ure Lexicon
f'utversal liiooraphical Dctionary
Lui'tricre's Classical
Faigbsh vV Gerntnn
Ltddi T. &. Scott's Creek -Eug'isli L- xicon
Novum Testam. Oiaecum and "
l'veteit'rt "
X nophon's Anabasis. Folsom's Livy
Authoii'i ("it'-iir. Aiithon's Virgil
Pu. lion's Euiisii.Iitiu.Greek CJram'urs
P.ulHoii's La'in and Creek Readers
Davit's' Livendre
J .hnson's 'I'uruer's (!henii-try
Davirs, Pike's, Rose's, ani Tracy's
A rrhmeiics
iM ic.anlej ' History of Eng'and
" ntid Aiison's Miscellanies
A M m M oh? of M ney
Sl-sdison's Ex posit ions f th awful nnd
terrify in ceremonies of the Odd Fellows
Letter nr.d Foo'seap Paper Envelops, a
;ireat variety Note Paper Draw ing and
Musi - Paper Ross Excelsior Ink Hiis
tol and Perforated Hoard VV indow Pajier,
new sty le, vVc.
Whoever wi-hes B oks CHEAP
FO R. CASH should ea'l on or ad
(ir' ss
I'wisl uro. P. May 16, 1-49
13 U
FAY always tie found t
I. -1
ill at his Simp, next
rliair to Ihe lost Oil)
ready to CUT and MAKE
UP Clothing of every va-"4
j riety ocenrdtng to
Spring and Summer asoions.
Lewisburg, May 1, IP4!
IT. VERY BODY are hereby warned not
ll to trust or harlior my son, aged about
12 years, named J-.ihn William Aleran
dtr Johnston, who left me in January last
for no other cau.e than that I used him too
well. I will pay none of his debts, and
claim all of his waces.
(sometimes styled "Colonf l.")
Union township, Aug. 13, 1849. .
I !
1 V A I
3 :
ft - s i
at the
TOW ree.eivino at ihe L-.-wisburu
More, a frprmg aim Summer Jissoit-
meiit of
Dress Goods A'a.nanJa'?, Ur--z.j,
Prints n Inrro lIoT,rt,, from lo
15 cents per yard.
Lan ns Ginghams and Embroidered
French Goods.
While Mulls, and a variety of White
Dress Good.
I tar red and Striped Mjslins Shawls
S lk nnd L'lien I Idkls.
Bleached nnd unblhd M'isliiis M diican
and Osnaburg Iij.'in' Tiekiii); ete.
A larv? and rxcelli nt ussortmi nl as tun be
loiind ibis side of riuluoebihia.
Tens Black, Puwrhnn, I eperial. and
V.iUil( llvson (r the very l'st.
. c? 1
Hardware v.tjeensvare Salt-
Fish, &C. as u-ual.
Which are nfTvred on the rery It trr l Irrmn
for Cash or Produce Grateful for past
l' ""';''. subscriber llop. s merit its
May 7
itias Sa 1."- .a t r Jt
' . ml. ' l
T T AVIXfi tak -r. the new D us Estotdi-hment
,hi I l,... ,,.!,. ishe. I mi slock and will keen
r.nlanily on hand a large, fr.vh and well seVc-
I'd stock nf pure DruRs, M.iieine Ac. which I
I ctiWr at VVbol.-ale nnd Kcail. .My ai.srt l-emic
i nlirelv liev and purebnsed fur ca-li al Ij rjls
in the Fhiiad a mirket, I am en-'tAd lo sell at
loiver pric llna ever otr. red in this region
Drugs, Medicines. Chemicals,
Dye Stuffs, Patent Med , Glass,
,' Perfumery ,0.1s, Paints, Liquors,
: Fancy Notions, Varit ty Goods,
j Fruits, an 1 Confectionery ,
nith a large rnrii ly of other urlii I. s in-unlly k'' t
i in Dnifr etali'i-hiiienl. Thankful for pas! lib
! era! paroni?Z' I nope lo merit its ronliouaiicp
j 1'crson wishiojr to procure pure and f:esi
Medicine-, are parlieulailv inviiid lo iiiu a
! call lelore puicna-ine elsewhere a-- all I'ruirs
i are ce.retully in-"pect. d l etore eiTi red furs i'e m l
jail M dicinea niaiiuf.inurrd by new It 'e w.ir
i taul. d cnii.l H ivie? a piartic il kiiotvlnc of
i ihe Im-inep fiom upwaid of ten viara' i xperi
I cur.., I 11 .iter my sell that I am a coaialent judie
j of tlio ...one.
All orjers entrUfled lo me will I promptly
i ntieiiili d to, and my friend may relv upon gel-
llllg eierjii,ie f ihe verv bcsl iiinli y,
C. W. SCH VFFI.U. UiugvjUl.
Lenislurs. May 7. Il
Cheaper titan Ever.
riHIE salns-rilK-r have ihe pleasure to announce
e . .1. : i.i i .i. ....i.i:A ;.. ..
I " i"" "
ral ihat llicy h ive 0S"iied a lare and spieudi.l
aorln.ent ol TOBACCO &C. "H"1
stand on M.ukel trevi foruicily occupird ly f'anil
Animon a a Tailor shop.
Their entiie slock Las been selected with great
care, and cou-ists of
Ojrsir Frapramia. i.a Norma. Piimaveta,
Piincipiie. Werner' Rigalia, Castillo, (jieneml
J aylor, lialf Spanish, and Common.
'at 'U(!!Fl Ttaeo Sldh'rr' Black
Fai, Congress, Oiouoko. branch Slug, Vug. and
Fine Cut.
SRiohla? Tobacco Cut and Dry,
fseiillerlaite. flrc
n:jrt Rappe and Scotch.
riniU' Uoxea, German Pipes, and a fancy arti
eh1 ol Cigar eases all of which are offered ai
the lowest rate All kinds nf Produce taken in
rxrhmge. Call, see, and judge for ynuielve
Indole conJt mi.iiig the article.
HFNttY HilllvV
I.ewist.urg, April 81, 1819
uat. 1022 -TlX
rilHAXKFI'L for lilieral patroosee heretofore
I teceived. respectfully in otms his o d fnends
and the public generally that he h . r moved hi
Tailor M.ep
to tlie Basement of his Brick dwelling on Market
irecl. nejl door above C. Penny' M.'dleiy (late
ihe office of H C Hickok, Eq) where he hoieo
suit all w ho may give hint their custom, as
be does all wmk in his line in the best and
newest style and on short notice He his
the Fashions rceu'arly, employs none but
good hands, and is determined So kis-p up
with the limes and merit a good share o!
pa'ronaoe. CUTTJXG done to order.
Charges reasonable, and Produce taken iu
exchange for werk
lewisburg, June, 14D lv270.7
illndaw SASII.
A lot of 8x10 Window Sash, from the
cheap Manufactory of Sprout & Burrows,
on hand, and ail sizes got to order on
short notice.
May , 1?4: I G Lawsho
has removed his
I 7 Medical Oilii?e to ihe Drill! store of
Thornton Si Baker, next to Walls Store,
1.U0UR for sale by
I1 ApiS
I G Lawshe.
1) YE Bran and Ship SiulF for sale by
I t Ap 25 I G Lawshe.
h. l just 'eceived and for sale by
The subscriber res fj, i
jr T of Lt Aisburaud vutimtv
that mev ne comeiM-' ii
the above businei., at .!. j
I laUi'a old !iop on Second '
f t. one spiii re sou h ol M irktl.wherf they ,
are prep ired lo Iron Ikejli't or V.'H-ifeoiw, i
and n ake nil artie'e, to tin if bu-n. ss ii. I
;'he mos.1 wo.kman'ike manner, Ht prieet-
i which they hope will induce lhos wishing
j inythinu d ine in their line to call Hi.d j
! juii.'c themaelves Isr'bre oih t lttewl.exe
I l " ' ' a n n ,l.A k..r'..f nn'ii-i. I
I ivppairiejj none ni tov
an I on reasonaute U mu ais" noeu
which is a very impoiinn: mat
ti r to those ih
lint have va'uahV
riort.es., arnJ stiouia Deen'rusiea i a
..i... . Il-.lill
lllliy IO H- l US 1 1 MKIsu nni.i.
We flatter ourselves that wi are able t
compi le w i'h any person in the country in ;
Sh.'iii llor-es : we ask only a trial, and
M the work show lor itself.
AM work warranted. Iron nnd all kinds 1
1 of eoiiiitrv Produce taken in exebnnje. j
I We hope hv strict n lenti n to business, '
and a d'-termina'ion lo suit all, both in j
work and price, to receive a liberal fchare
I (if pub'ic patronage.
1 1 ATE ct FFURAY.
lytvisburs. May 22. IS 19
Si AB1V -UWIJI Ol p, Utlj.li .l U"IO
J.IL , pu iMpnia Ji)l uiniJj All l 1 !
-ct.jiid i! o aq o joj.1 ou ep i 1141 y pu 'iii
-nu..a pu n.d u.iuiq-ippi im b p.isijjjiid
oui.iip..j; pus l)tua a siuejia uovij. n i(
ptia !B--i'l''q.i1 1 'a. ipl !M1 "! umi
jjmo jjiid ).i l p'Hitiw ja i-.q q.qw
'svejiaiu ajtiuinpfl P ii' 'pvim.l 'l"'A V
aqi iu aaai.d paiajsu ijajjcdui ujojj 'iulpjiu
.h i 'sjuutpjv. pu 2tnfi piiiJiniiun a n l o
M.iojw JiJUHJ. (13II.N::i'I I3H
lLi sui-n t'uUiuu.j -4 J-! oiaqi
poi.uojji-d ij,m.i'P o tq vqw .-'H' uuoi.il
ppi'ow Jdnnj A' uo.ujoqj. !( S -J
T.I81 'LT. M-'Ju TJnq-i "J
iiUiUJ0i j n Aq 'rjiq.) pi mj
.UJlgJip )U UOAlo slJMpU IB-'tp-I'k" H M
-nioii.lijji-J . ueij
isv'i),! dn uti:nd oi pa-d j iw iioiiu iii"
juijiiip 0J.Hiw.sa ?uis:q.ijnd
i:J U Ui.nil SAlo ol p-iaU JI'iuiiJl!il
oJt: 's.jnioif .ajvj ajn.nijd oi Suiqiw s:iosj.i,j
o Aohti-nioi ,- oi pauiuurf!-p J: Vaii
tinuiM p tajojs eiii( ui idrfi) A; tis'i
s.i.i.iu pi i juu.y osM S'.7AV.'Vit.
,5 "7J I-", Jo J'WtUJJi'(i-B UirfU J,"l K pUli
lilJUMUM 'AM llOIJ .Kf.I o.
'saupip.ijv; p:Di'ita i
'ssi j9Si:oiiiiJHf)'sJinis..(i
'spo 'sjtintj 'sjui.ip.iv 't.riij(
II- I.IJ JO IU l"U;J pOi.'MJJs
II-1W pill! oSji! h I U"l HO .l'll!JUoJ d.rf
iiw ".M4i iniji jMii.il ',l piia ?jnqs..y-j
JO SU T. JIO oqi IIIJOJUI K tli3KisiJ ppiow
SJqil MtlS l 'IIJ.iAjv Jjy TI"
jo dJo.fj -.n.:( iini irai iijfno! f)lAVl i
iU3IVa V NOJ.NUOH1 "ua
to 'jj vntft jiy ';;?
pnu J;rtjJoy ij jO p3ufli no mutJ
i!Co.in iTjx' s.iopjoid
TfllE underignrd continues to furnish lo order
I on the most reasonable terms, i'eiiio. (roin i
tiie manufactory of Conrad. Meyer. Pliil.id..hnse
instruments are too well known to need any p.n
egyiic, having uniformly liHti-id ihe commend
atoms of the most eminent professors and compo
ser of Music, and ihe aatd of ihe pruniuai in
New Vork.Phild.it lphia and Bo-1.in. I'oi ipialuies
of leuc, touch, and keeping in lone up lo conceit
pilch, I bey can not he surpa-sej by either Amer
ican or European Piano.
instruction piven on ihe Piano as he-efo'ore.
Refer, nee may he madJ to any. ot tho-e parent
or guardian who have pupils s'mn.iltetl lo hi
charge. He may be seen at hi r. stden. e al Mrs
Maize's, Market aireei, Kewi-burir. where tenus
ami psrocuisrs will be made known.
The most popular and lavoriie A rs anJ Music
of dirtf-ent kind rec.ived a it i iu.J Irom ihe
diiTerent musical esiabh-hment in Ihe Cities.
Miv '5 Cll VKI.1 K.:.i.sl II
FINE fresh Green and Black Ttas.from
42 cents a pound and onwards, impor
ted by the Caiilon vV Pi kin Tea C ni:nny
of New York, packed in pounds halves and
quarters, perfectly an light, just received
and lor sale by JAME H AVIX
Mav ft Sole Azent f.r I.ewM.urjr
Harrison's Colua!ian Inks,
"I I.AOK. Japan, Copt ini. M irkirp. Biu. ln
IJ) d. lible. Scarlet, Ked, Carmine, i'liese Ink I
An more fr.ely from the pen.and give a stronger
and more durable color t an any oilier. For sale
in any quantity ty
Lewisburg. I'nion Co. l'a.
1 101 GII vV Ready Sh:r!tng at 3 cts pr i
IV yard (vinghams at 10 els and
Prints at 4 to 121 els pr yard. C'iill and
see at C. K. Bowes.
ANTED two tons of RGS, in
eichange lor Merchandize.
Ap 25 I I Lawshe.
m,. ,.1. t, for Justice and Conslnble, on
till 11 hallJ to, ,ae at ihia ollire. or
printed according to order.
1 AT AILS and IRON for sale bv
l Ap2l Jtber & Iddings.
(J ALT and FISH on hnnrt hv
O Ap24 P.eber vVi Idd nt's.
SPRING STEEL, on hand at
Ap 24 Weber &, hiding.
j AT 0TES Promissory, Judgment, and
j i Joint Note (blank) at thisoffiee.
r -v a si
I"E5r3 JLtQ PHI'
lif i
, i Ts jtl'N ..
l,s, 4- H.MJrz-j J f-sift, j.:1?
Ml if if
Call and Src!
'"I'flE uhsrrih'l wrxill htmrwinc tr th"
1 ci'iz fin of Ivwisburif and !.? summit.
i'.ilU country, ilia', he ha just received ne.f
is now np' iiino in the A1 termini ormt'fi,'
1,1,0,1 Ihj Wm. W'ihi'iK ( 'pposne kl.nt'o ho-
IloiuJsonie ijcncrai As-.'rlmcn1 of
selected Irom tlie beM stix ks in Ihe Philii
di Ijdiia market, w h.ch be c.Ut rs on such
terms as will le most accommodating to
the parties.
Fiom his lona acquaintance anrl exprri
rnue iu a City business, be can assure the
public thai he has many advantages, in the:
selection of Merchandize, nut jji nera'l
known to country mrrrhnnis.
Produce and country trade taken in ex
clmiue.and cash at all times never rejected.
Ijewiburj. June I,
sew vi trxE or thk
To Inrenttm, A'c ioinV, and Artiztrns.
"I'HE Publishers of ihe Scientific American, in
reluming their lhaiik lo the community for
ihe litieral support and eiicouragement wbich has
been eiti n led to them during the past four years,
would respectfully give nolle that ihe 1st num
ber of Volume 5, will be insued on the 22J of
September, affnr.ling a lavorable oppoitunity f. r
all lo sabcrite,who may wi,h to avail themselves
if ihe valuable iiiforn.aiion al vsy found in it
column. The new volume will be commenrid
wiih new type, printed on extra Roe paper, man
ufactured expre-l Cor tin publication, and em
bi lli-hed with a chaste and elegant border. It
will be puMi.-lied ai b. ret, .fore in quarto frm,
Ihos affoiding al ihe end ul the yeai a heaDUlul
Isiok of over luu p.ge, containing between 5
and ''0 original engraviii? of new inventioi .
described by I. ttera of reference, beside a great
a noun' cf re suing luuttci valuable to etry.mait
in the country.
An increased amount of rare and expense w ill
be betto'.ved upon this volume, to render it more
fuUy w1 at it ha ben termed, 4The best Mr
cbaritcul Paper in the World." It column at
usual will be fiiled with Ibe most reliable and
comet information in regard to the progress of
Scientific and Mechanical improvements. Chem
iry. Architecture, Uolaey. Manufacture. Kail
!;... I intelligence, and the weekly lost of Pat
en:, prepared expressly for this Journal at the
Patent Oifice in Washington.
As an evjjence of the estimation in whii'h this
publication is held by ihe Scieudlic and Mechan
ical put ion of the community, it i only Dece-sa.-Y
o state, ibat its circulation has increased
wiiliin t!ie Ij-1 Ihree ycai to upwardaof 10 null
copies, aire ly exc. edius the united circulation
ol all the Mechanical and Scieniitte poblication
in thi couiil.y, and the largest of any single
one iu the world.
TtRMs : Two dollars a year in advance, or
if de'r. .1 one dollar iu advance, and the remain
tier in si 4 months,
ToCh-bs: 5 copie, tJ;S ; 10 copies, $15;
SO copies. :3.
All U-ltei must be post paid and directed to
Mt'NN & CO.
Publisher of the Scientific American, N. York.
N. B. Patent secured and mechanical draw
ings eiecuieJ ou the most reasonable terms at
Ihe Scientific American office.
Important Information t
IOR the d flicull respiration and debility
a'.teiidmo diseases of the Lungs, or
Throat and Breast. Thomson a Compound
Sifttip if Tut and Mood y apt ha has
been lound an invaluable remedy. Resides
its power as an Expectorant to relieve the
lungs from the accumulated matter which
results from the relaxed stale of the .ystem
in hot weather, it also acts as a bes'ing
Win to the ulcented part? and a strength-
ener to the sys'em.
So sanitary is the action of the Syrup
in tins respect, that many of our most
respectable Physicians employ it in their
practice, and we have dtily evidence cf
cures etrecte.I in pulmonary diseasts
where s'vill has utterly faile.
Prepaied only by Angney St. Dickson, N
E corner F;f:h and Spruce Sis. Philad.
Sold by C. If . Srh'iflf, Lewisburg.
r'IIE StM.wrn Sessio.-x of this Institution
L will cnmineuce ou Monday, the 30'.h
ol April next.
Instruction will be given in all the branches
which are usually lausht in similar Institutions.
Sniel a tetilii.il will he paid to the Piimary l)e
par'nien', un.l eiercise til Composition and Dec
lamation will be regularly requ ted. Competent
aid w ll l e secured, if necessary, in the Classical
it. pMil.ncnt.
TEKVS. For langnse. ten dollars ; for the
higher English. eihl dollars; and tor the common
Engl'Sb. branches, six dollar per esion ol live
J. RANDOLPH, Principal.
M uch 23, 181'J
Lumber! Lumber!!
flMIE subscriber continues lo keeps ttx,d
stock of lumber, consisting of 200.000
bel of sawed lujnb-r as follows: Vlul?
ji..u buards 1 inch, p'ank inch and 2
inc.h,we.i!ier boards, j ist Si scantling, po
lar boards, p'ank, and scantling, cherry
plank, and boards, sawed eeilino bih,pine
ami hembs'k rail--, sl.inebng lath, and pa
lins;. Also lap and joint shinnies, square
timber, nails, salt, and Coal. All of which
be will sell at fair price.
L'wist org. July 1!, 119.
OJJlce lit moved.
t.ctrtsburgi Fa.
FFICE. on Second St., lately occupied
bv L. B- Christ, Esq.
Artril i. lV
HAS rtnioved his Watch and Jewelry
establishment to h s house, opposite
Hayes Store.
SALT Fine Sack, Ground Alum, audi
Salina, on hand and for an to by
Ap 25 1 G Lawsue.