Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1850-1859, November 27, 1850, Image 4

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    tiJit curt ijumor.
A Fable.
Old Hodge one niRht at Cr!o bar
Had got, in classic parlance,""."'.
When u he homeward inaJe his "
He heard the "Voices of ihe Night-
Aa with a quite, nneerlain alep,
l"nto a mill-frond's brink be came.
Where old King Bull-Frog !lefl hw roarl",.
He thooghl he heard one call bia name
Old Hwrge ! old Hodge !" he (topped and gaxed,
Till goblins termed to fill the dark.
And Hodge, though brave, was rather scared ;
- What a Uial!"he aaid."that's lhatt tr hark !"
Old Hodge got drunk !
Old Hodge gol drunk !
Drunk, druufc, drunk !"
"You lie. by gosh!- said H"Is. "oa !"
A deep voice answered. "Nsvrriiiore
And Hodge thought Nick himeelf nest,
Amone the liu.he on the abore ;
So thinking it wa. best to run.
He started like a rail road car.
But bnrrid shane. now throng bia path,
A lid voice ahouled near and fir
"(II. I Hodge got drunk!
Old Hodge t l drunk !
Ilrunk, d unk, druuk '."
Our hero reached home half dead w ith fright,
And ne'er since has he got '-tight !"
A young itim-rant preacher, in the con
stunt habit of ditcliiiminp, a great deal nboul
J he creation, and especially about the
first getting up of man, whenever he wish
ed to display his native eloquence to good
advantage, was one day hold ng forih to a
mixed congregation in a coun'ry school
house. ISecoining warm and t-utliusiaslic
as lie proceeded, it was not Ion:; before he
renchrd hit Invoriie theme, and started oil"
in something like the foiiowing sivle:
"And when the world wns rreattd, and
the beasis of ihe field, and fowls of the air,
and pronounced very gnu I, God said, Let
us maUc liiBn, And lie formed man ofier
his own likeness, and declared him the
nobles! of all the work of hn hands. And
re; made womaa also.ntid fashionable her in
the image of man, with variation
"Thank the Lnd for the variation"
fcho'j'.ed an old sinner, who sat over in the
Amen corner of ths room, at this interest
ing junciure of the discourse.
Tha effect was pefcctly ludicrous and
irresistible. The preacher dropped the
a-ubject where he was interrupted, and was
never heard to allude to it during a eubc
iuvnt m;nis!ry of fifty years.
Political Aneo dotes.
Soon after Tyler's defection, rt Whig in
the town of Massachusetts, was de
nouneing "the Captain" as a raseal. "6 ji
you voted fof him didn't you ?' said a
Democrat. "Not 1 '." said the Whig.
"Hji you voted fur old TipT' "To be sure
I did." "Then you voted" for Tyler, of
course." "Not by no means,' said the
Whig "I suspected1 he was a riiscal, and
Bcratched Lit name off the t'uktt .'" Bot
ton Post.
This reminds us ''f an anecdote we have
heard of two men in the upp'r end of this
county. The one was folding up a ticket
for the other, and arier h-inJi:ig him ('anal
Commissioner, Aulitnr General, an.l Sur
veyor (leneral, he remarket, "Sow, here's
a ticket for Amendment I guess you'll
vote for him, loo !" "VVhat he runs for,''
asked the other. "Why. he's a candidate
fur dt (in-iti'ution, and he's a very clever
old fellow. I voted (or him ' "Well,"
rejoined tin O'her, ! guess I voie for him
too," and tho built or Mr. Amendiiicnt
was deposited in the box. Easton .7-ut.
The Tender-Hearted Dean !
A Philadelphia correspondent of a New
York pijier, sjieaks fjiiite encouragingly
of the pr 'gres of the Female Medical Siu-d--ii's
in ilmt city, saying, " The lein lie
clan at the new Medical College for the
fiir sex, are progressing ra,iiJly in their
Eiudies, and a'ready use the knife in the
ilistecnug room with a nerve and facility
that astonishes even the professors. They
ilivn in"o the mysteries of the human frame,
and Isy hire the nerves und muscles ol an
ii roi ot le. with the name ease that they
would dmw a turkey or truss n puilel for
the operation of cooking. The I'rof'ssiirs
declare that such rapid progress was never
w;:uisfj in a class of males." Great
co'iatry, thU !
Whit a fig we had the other miming!
It was perfectly bewildering, llaveloped
in the li.r, we were striding along, early
in the morning, scarcely seeing where we
were going to put our feet, w hen an angel
ft ia!ed right up ngninst tr: one of the bon
niest, prettiest f.iees that the sun shiiies on,
was in happy proximity wiili our own!
We bowed profoundly ; said "oh ! ah !''
and were about to apoloii-z-j at length,
when shr interrupted us with "Old boss !
just 'rv t h it on ngiin efyo'i want yer face
rj i!cd ; thai nil !" We cut the fog in a
rjpid rectangular as we lodged round the
corner of M irket Nrj'iarc Lycoming Ga
The present is the most favorable season,
not only for reading, hut for procuring
pnbscriptioiis for Newspapers and to all
who think the "Chronicle" deserving of
aopport, wo offer this inducement uutil the
1st of January: f.re-v.nl tnlacrUxr
ic'so uHfs-un: an'he.r, Anil lun tw. t'hro
nire'ir him' a.ul tlw. wtr tth&rilrr fur
7Vo DJlirt, (1 e.ieh.);r one y.ttr only:
the Oih to be iMi' in Aeremv. Yfy cts
premium fr ootuining a new FuWriher,?
erthj cf the effort.
Tm Inventor aud Mechanic.
Best nechanlcal Paper in tne World !
A New Tot am of tine
19 commenoM aliout the 20th of SrpV mb ymr, and it
the U:t iMipcr twr Mvcbuuict and Jmeulom puUtfbtid
In tb world.
rh volume mnUdns 416 of must t1uMv Kul
inc tualUT. wt i illuntmu-d with oter
of ftirw lttvcntH'UK.
Tlie Srknttfic Aiwrlrftn U ft 1TekW Journal of
Art, bcirnre auid M-clauir. haviitft lur iU olijort the aU
Taucrux nt uf Ui JnlivUof MtWiaitlca, Maiiufacturvra
aud lnvontora. tarb number b illutctralcd with from fixe
to tun Origiual Ktriwini uf Nt-w Met-banical lurrnlkma,
nearly all of the brt iuTt-ntioiu which are patcnUd at
WMhinun Wing UluxtraUil in the ScM-ntifir American.
It alao couiaic a Wrkly List of 1'atciit Clainiit ; notices
of the urogrejw of all Mechanical and Srirntinr ImproT
mcnUi iractical directions on the construction, manage
ment aw iuv of all kinds of Machinery, Tool. Ac. Ac.
This work is adapted Ut binding, and the subKcriber poi
i'sses. at tho end of the yVar. a larpe ulume of 41A p.ipcs
UluHrtated with upwards of 600 mechanical cnirraviu&
TKUMs: riutc!e nubscripUoas, f'l a year in aJance;l
fttr eix luniithd. Those who wih to sularrtbe havvont
to ucKHe the atuouut in a letter.
a vkesknt!
To any one who will send u Three Suberriber,WM wi!l
presil a opv of the PaU-nt Laws of the ( uited Stat,
toetiier with" all information relative to Patent Office Itu
v:ues, including ftiU directioM fc.r takiutr out TateuU,
method uf uiakinie the tfrM-ciucations, Clainij, lrainirs,
M(deli.tu in.M-liini; and transferring l'at-nt Kihts&c
. B Subscriber will bear in miud thatweciuploj no
Agent to travel on our account. MI NN A I'O.,
1'uMiohers of the Scientific American, 12S r'ulloli htrvct,
Nw Vuik. All Letters must be Vval 1'aid.
ft oopie for months, ft I 10 copies fur '2 muth, $M
a - u - $,' " i- $
Southern aii-1 Western money taken at par tr pubscrip
tius. 1 t fflce Stamps taken at their full value.
Administrators' Notice.
ATUKIlliAS, Letters of Administration
on the estate of SAMUEL WOLFH,
late of the Horo' of Lt;wisburg, Union Co.,
ileceased.have been pranted to the subscri
ber, resident in said Borough, bv the Re
gister of said county, theieli.re nil persons
indebteil to sai i estate are requested to
make immediate payment, and those hav
ing claims attains! the same, nre reotiired
to present them, duly authenticated, for
setllement, without delav.
IN ofier.
(il'HSCUIHKUS to the "University nl
tj Lcwisbur" are respectfully icquested
to pay their Second Instalment, now duo,
to the Treasurer. And those who have not
paid the Is: iustaPt are respectfully notified
that all such d' lin jticnts will be charged
Interest on their Instalments from the time
they become due.
SAM"!. T. WALKER, Trksi.
Lewishurg, Feb. 25, 1850.
'I'KUEOV DEXTI9T, ia now located
Foti'th atieet, Lewilurg, near the
Franklin House, where he nttends to operations
on the teeth at a red i:tion of hi4rmer prices.
Teeth and roots of teeth removed with the aid of
improved Instrument!, and in an easy manner.
Filling teeth and setting on pivots or platea alien,
ded to according to the lateat improvement in the
profeneion Ulcerated, rpunpy.and inflamed gums
cured. I hunklol for pant lavoia. Me aolirita a
continuance of public patronage
materials used f.r filling in teeth.
ro impure
The Ivivy of rtll Till Manufacturers,
Bl'.CU sE ihey are safer, heller, and more
etlit'acious lliai, any othera.
r.OO.OOO Itoxcn
have leen sold annually for the last five yeara.
Yolxo aiu Olii, Mali asd i'iiil.
can aUaja take them with equal aafety, vtilhout
fear. Jf Pills be necessary
for purging and clean.iue, the Stomach and Mam
eU, and I'mllyttn; the lllood and fluid of tl.e bo
dy, take no others fir no oilier pills produce
hose comtiiiied rtTecia, or contain Sareaparilia in
if, Drink and Live a usual,
and pursue vour utial occupation tKhilitt taking
lliem, wiihout fcal of taking cold, dwiuf ail
kinds of weather.
One Thousand Dollars
are na-'ered that more genuine certificates (from
livMt'iaii. rlertymrn, Memliera ol Conareaa. and
reH-t-tilil- riiiiciir can lie produced ot their
cllicacv tnan ol any other, and
will be foifeiied in every instance where One
II. ii will not do more good than Teo Uoies of
any oilier.
F.irtv Tills in n Ho ! !
and aold at 7t'- n'y-A'iVc ("ena a Itnr, with
directions and much wholeso:nc advice accompa
ny ine arh
Thry f'nrr rt- t-itt' or Htplrararit smrll
r'-ii twr it yrwler nf t'tty lind.
It; nt tr.y-t muic t lt'U--l$.
t'-iii'r V" si'It'i". eotNftn.. tr h-ni frrtingt,
Tiir.y -m: t;en at mi. times,
Au-t nd.ij'A t; t'.if tUiratts n.jnmm lt lam'.in'I.
.No one liaMii- cure taken mem tain ie wining i rwo Sl.,,ioI1, jn ,,e ,ear the former com
aftrrwards t il.k any others, liecause lliey eN mccf!l OII ,be 3rj Thursday in October, and
ways do good, and if they do nut. then no othera j ,. B wei.,, ; ,he- latter commences on
ai'I- Thursday, 15tll May, and continues I t weeks.
Dr. N. B L-Hv. The Froi.rIi tcr ana Marjniacturer, ,
is a rezular Druccist, Chemist, and Fhvi-ician, of
fifteen years experience in i'hiladelphia ; t.raU-
' u.iteof the I niveraity ol l"ennylvaiiia ; Aiem
i l-erof ililT.-rent Medical Institutions ol I'hila.'el
; hia. New Yoik, Uoston, Iiallimore, &c and I
:i.-;ociate and corie-tpondina; memlrer of several J
j Media! Institutions of London and Paris, Ar.
j OrTRac-.r. sn iMrosiTio. Hrware of all
I pills called by names nearly similar, got up to be
-old mi ihe reputation of Dr. I.eiily'Sart!parill
I liloo.l Pilla; the first Sarriaparilla pill ever in-
j trodtired and the only pill containing arsapiril-
i la. Take no others aud you will not be deceived.
j (libera hy r-iinilr names, or nearly similar, are a
. .i f
groaa Iiallu. Lienare, men, ui irnpusiuuu . ;
CiTrinripal Depot. Dr. Leidlv's dispensary.
No. HI North FOURTH ST., Philadelphia
and sold wholesale and retail be
0 W.SrilAFKI.E. Lewiore (J- H- raInw. Milton
J.M n- nf.r.(i W Rosier. V.Urrlin W. P. I. I'ainler. Mitnev
1avli.r u. an.l Sliir.-r'j.Mifflinl.nn; lljr Hnith, Adamhiir
Voiinjrman 4 Waln-r. IlrrValky l. S. lioyer. Kreebiinjr
SrMtti k Mret. K-!It 'lnn.la i Mop. Sp-htB.-aert 't
liai Sr-hnnr. SlinrTrtr j ItnbtSmith, MidJH-S're
I. a. Rohrer M'Kee. U rall Wilt Kilert.Hartletno
Th..m.i l!o.er, ShaaaoUii Vim Ik Konpli.Centn-Till.
Dr. J. M. Ju4, tWiUiams)Mrt; and hj Itt-uginet and Stor.
kcfirr UirouiMtul lb- I uiLro state.. 1327
ale at this office.
printed nnd for
I. A RUE lot of Stone Pickling and Preserve
JR just receiv) and for .ale by
THE following orderaabow a once demand
(of and osccUonco of this great medicine :
"Yobk, July S8, 1847
"J Kidd & Co: The Vermifuge lett ua on sale
aome lime ago bj your agent, i aold. It goea
aery rapidly, and gitea great aatiafaction. Aa we
are entirely out of the article, aud have frequent
rail for it, pleaae send ua some immediately
''8onsuTii.Lt, TVnn. March 18, 1947
"Dr M'L:ine Urar Sir : The Vermifuge you
left with me last fall baa long since been sold.enJ
I could have aold a great deal more if I had had
t. Since my return from the Eat, I hate been
called upon nearly every day to write to you,
requesting an immediate apply- I have alieady
tried your Vermifuge in my own family and find
it to be the beat I have ever used
"Men Cheek, Steuben Co. Sent 7, 1847
"This mayceilify that we have sold DrM'I.ane's
American Worm !Siecific, or Patent Vermifuge,
the past year, and it has given unbounded aalis
faction. It is no impotitiun on the community,
but is what ila authota recommend it to be a
utiivertal specific for those afflicted with worms.
AGENTS C W SrMirvLE.Lrwuburg; J
II I'atlow and J II Itantr, Milion ; I Gcrhart. Se
linagrove; J W Kriliug. Sunbury ; Mra M'Cay,
Northumberland , M C Giier.J Moote, Danville
at Lcwisburgr.
IRCl'LAR for the Academical Year com
mencing Oct. 17, 18SU.
Primary Department.
Etercised in Spelling, Reading, Definition
English Gr-immar, Arithmetic, Geography, His
tory U.S.A., IVnmaiiehip and Coiapomliou.
English Department of the Academy.
The fame studies as in the Primary Uipartm'i
continued in the tue of larger text books ; aud to
iheee are added General History, Altboi, Legen-
dre, andElemenu of Surveying
Classical Department of the Academy.
Term J.iniitr Arudtmic flats.
1. Knliti 'irruuiiiiir. Latin tirainniar, Arilhxuctic ttwo
1 l.c alu stihlirj a. in I. T'-rra. anil IVumaiuLip.
Liijti!li lirammar. ;ir. Aritliint'tir tt-uil'li-ttfil ty
lttlirti-ifit. i;rcvk Lrainmur, nmry l'.A., Fen
suuii.liip. IkU'L-ki-cpiut;.
Senior Arudettiie cities.
Vir, Greek l: aJcr, AJl-ra I'.U uwnU.)
.Kuvi-I, du dn
tlv tin lo rcnijilrul, Ornc-
ral Hitt'irr, Enfttii-h Lanxuapc and i'ouicwilion.
1'ret.lnnttn c.s.
Knglikb Lalifcuarru ajtUCi-iui-otiUun, Algebra, Uvy,
l'laiic (ieftmetry, IJtt, AunltL.i.
J'laue, sitilai r'l'Uirical (vtuulr5 aeaiplcted, Li
vt, AunLatf.
Sophon.orf thus.
Horace, 0lry, Plane ntl Slierira) Trlonom'try.
do do Men--uratin,Surtriii.NaTit;atiuii.
do ecmi-ttrd. Srltvt oration, uf K'nioBtheues,
Klittorie, Analytical tlromrtrT.
Junittr tltuts.
Iiemonthcn.-a on the Crown, rirero tie OfnclUiMe
rhanir, llydnittic. and llylraulica.
llemnelliru.-s ou the Crown. Cicerr- tie offleiia eom-
lett:d, I'nvuniaUra, ActimtUrs. Eltctricitv, alane-
tiani. ami optim.
tirek Tragedy, Taeiluf, Aitroaouir.
Senior cits.
Logic. Natural Thifjli-r-. Inte llectual Philnaophy.
tjn-ek, ltlitical BiennoBiT, Moral Hhiltienphy.
Iluller'f Analtnrr, Coni-titutioBi ot V. Chemlatry.
lectures, Ucorral Keiiewa.
Ho clasa in the Krgular Coarse has less than
three daily recitations. Every Saturday forenoon it-
devoted eicluiavcly In oca I Music, Declamation,
and read i its elrrt and original Compositions
J Th siudenu ar r?iiunti tn ailml, rcgulatly.
i ome rrliifiaus niltng. Minora are enpected lo
j aiirnd urfi meeting a are re&nimrnded to ihem
; hy their parent or euardiana. There are in the
borough no less than six places of public worship,
of many different Christian denominations.
Text nooks.
E-ylith Lawywtge and i.lutim. Thr Bihlf, rortrr'ai
HhfiorivtU ItcadtT, VomnttTi or Mbsb-r' liictionry,
lltillicn'it Kiiclh nmmttKir. ParkcrV lo!ri':-, Ki.rci
nv in Kngli.! CoiupoitKa, I'arkrr'a Ahii, lllur's Lecture
i t lii.i'iKiiy Mitiou.
Lttn Jjantiuatp, rtullinii'tirninmar. Rulli'H RfaJfr.
ITi natt lfiirtn, liulliou't'ii-nr, Sriirott amt umpt
Virgil. Linft'ln'i Livy, Aotbo& Horace, Thwbrr'a Cit-rro
Jr Oliirain. Tyler's la. itus' ticrmania rt Arrirls.
tirrel Lnutuapf . ltnllkn'vjrmininar. Iiulliin'fl I.adr,
Li1J4-ll t sorti e Iscxirvn. 0rn'rt Apti'i,hV' Anabai,
Owen's HcmrrV iMyvwy. Cliamplins l'iiwttlieacii, FiskV
CUnniraJ Manual.
V.tthemntte. IiaTWn ArUlimctir fr Arat. mlrt, Klem
enUrv Al-I.ra. Itounlnn. Lfp'suliw, SurT.-jint nn-l Navi
faiin.Aualytiiil(jHWii7.tMiiit-i's Natural I'LiluAojjb;
.U'rvrtyj,rsi.)iJlinst'i' Antrououy.
Xuiuber or StudcnH.
Thc number of students during the past year
in the various Departments, was IV-t. 'J'he
Colleg'ute elates already organized tor the ensu
ing yvar, arc the following : ,
ScoH-r etaM - -
Junior tlas 14
!oilioinore rlaaa - . lo
FraMliuiau rlaa - IV. . . J
PTKPIIKN W. TAVUJlt, A. M Prof, of Mathematics
ant Natural IhiliH.pliy.
(.K'tU.K R. lil.ISS, A.M., Prof, of Greek Language
ami Literature.
t.HHu.K w. ANPEIiStiN. .1.,Prcf of IjitinLanfTuage
nnt LiliTnture.
ISA At" X. LsKiMIS. A. M, PrinHi al of the Aadrmy.
ALKKKh TAYIHL A.M., Tutor in Uie Kojrhsh Lan-
RUK'e HUll KlorUtiOD.
Ilnlldiiig!,llbrary and Apparatus.
The Academic eJifice now occupied by the
members of the t'niversitv, bin been erected, at
an exi-iiiM of eS00. and it i. ala)t(tl to areommodat
I iii tii lt lit-. Aii"tl:ere tier is m arly enipletii, and is
rxjH-rteil to be re;ul for oreu paticy at the o.inmfiirentrnt
,f tin- ii' it Tt-rm tM. IT. lfwit.
The I.ibmry onitiun a uuiutter of wles'l volumes, and
is r.iiist;int!y inerrain.
t'iK'uiical A)arntuit ha Kt'n prrure.I itufliru-nt to
tif tatv the itiiMiitHnte tlemnnd. The Appiiratun fr.r tlie
illiMtratton ol MVchauinU I'tiiloMdiy, in uuw complete.
Tii If Ion and Hoard.
Tuiiion in the Collegiate Department $30.
Amdeintc $-Z0, Primary $12 per year.
Hoard, including lodging, washing, fuci, and
light, can be had in the village and its vicinity at
various prict's, fr.m ?l.50 to j?2.S0 er week.
Arranffementu are in pnvrei to fiirnh Itoanl, exelu-iti-
of loihrinir. wa?liinfr. fuel and li,;ht, to men as may
tlsnre it. at 1 jht 'k.
SsIoiim and Vacallons.
Sjiring acation. -I weeks ; Autumnal, 8,
Uy order and in liehtlf of the Hoard :
(EOKUE F. MII.I.EK, Sec'y,
I.ewndturg, Union Co. Pa. Sept. 1, 1850
ONE self-evident, and worthy of every
consideration, that no Miller can make
good clean flour without lie has good clean
wheat. 1 suppose you wish to know the
remedy. I tell vnu it (s to get one ol
lertrcxier''s Jf'fieat Sennrert, or Smut
Machines. Hi; being an old, practical and
experienced Millwright has invented, got
up and put in successful operation the best
Wheat Scourer now in use. Any person
ordering a machine nnd afterwards finding
that it does not prove to operate as repre
sented, there shall be no sale, as thfse ma
chines are to be warranted good. Further
recommendations are thought unnecessary.
He is now having supply made at Lewis
burg, by Messrs. Geddes & Marsh. Orders
for rmchines, or letters of inquiry, will be
promptly attended to. Machines will be
sent and put to all order. Address
Lew'sburg, Union t'c Pa. ItO
Price Reduced! j
Large Bottles Only One Dollar.
Tbe Proprielor of the Great American Remedy VaroRHa
Vkaktablb LlTHonTEimc MiXTtJEB. induced be the
nirent oUcitaoorM of b Afents, ibrotijchoal tbo Vmted
Btavaa and Canada, baa now
Badnced th Price
of bit tonalar and well kaowa article ; and from thie daw,
hmoefortii, bo will not p bot ooo warn oalr.a aaart
bottlos: too retail pneo will bo
Tho pablic mar mt amorod that the charootor of the Modi
cine, in etreofih, and carauvo Bflopertim WILL anMalM
L-rlCatAKOKD. Olid lb OaJBO CM WlU DO bwtOWOd in pfO
paring it at beretofoiv.
Aa thu aicdicinc. ander hi redaced price, will bo psrcbamd
br thorn who have not hitherto made tbefmelvea acqoamtod
with ita virtuei, the proprietor would bee to intimate that hw
article is not to be clawed with the vat amount of Remedies
of tbe dar ;' it claimi for itwlf grtaUr kemitug pTter, in
mil disease, than mmp orAer pTcparacitrn now kefem the
cortd ; and has sustained itelf for eijht rears br iu sapmot
medical Tirtnea. and, antil this tedoction, commanded doable
tlie pnee of anr othor article in this line.
Notice PaanrrLaRLY. this article acts with tTwtwa)
inc power and certaiutr apon tho
Blood. liver, Kidntrya, Langa.
and all other orcans, upon tbe proper action of which lit and
health depend.
Tbw medicine has a justly high repata as a ivmodr tor
Dropsy and Gravel.
and all diseases of that natore. It mar he relied upon when
the tutrtlirent physician has abaorloned his patient, and for
these dutreMinff tHfaseii. more especially Paorer. the propri
etor would eamesllr nod bonesUr recommend it. At its
present price it h easily obtained br all. and tbe trial will pros
the article to bo tbe
Cheapest Medicine in the World !
17" Tlraie ak lor pamplileU the agents give them awar
ther contain over siiteen pages of receipts, (to addition to ful
medical matter) valuable for household purposes, and which
will save many dollars per year to practical honsekeepem.
These receipts are introduced to make tlie book of grea
value. airie from its character as an ad vert song medium fo
the medicine, tlie testimony in taror of which, in tbe form ol
Utter from all parts of tlie country, mar be relied upon.
ty Vaushn's Vegetable Lithontriptie Mixture th
Great American Remedy, now for ' in quirt bottle at i
each, small bottles at SO cts each. S'o small bottles will be
itsusd after the present stock is disposed of.
Principal Olrice. Buffalo, N. Y.. tXfJ Main Street
Suld Wholeirale and Retail br OLCOTT McKKSSON ft
CO.. Maiden Lane, New York City.
N. B. All knurs (etcepting from agents and dealers with
srhom he transacts business) must bo post paid, or no attention
will be given to them.
(rl)R. niOKNTOX, l,rwis!mrp, is
General Agent for l.'nion county J H.Caslow.
Agent, Milton; I. (Iinni", K-linsgrove
1TTILI. commence on MONDAY tbe 28lh ol
Octubsr. In this Inaliluiion, all the
Blanches of a thorough Academic course will he
The commutiics'ion of ItnonleJge .imply, is
not the sole deaign of Education aud .boulu not
be m.ide ao ; its highe-t aim i to strengthen and
bring out into action, the intellectual and mcral
power, of the student. Throw around him all
the facilities necessary to his progrens, and af
ford him all prone r aid, but do not flatter him
with the thought that he must rely upon another
and not uuon bis own efforts for success. Inde
pendent aelf-reliance is one of the first lessons
that ahould I learned in a school room. This
kind of early menial (raining prepares one for
vigorous and manly eieitmn in after life, and
thus gives him a marked advantage over the ig
norant and uneducated. The main effort, of
Teacher should, therefore, be directed to the for
mation of anund haliita of study, for when this
end is reached, the progreas of Ihe pupil becomes
at once certain and rapid.
Composition and Declamation, as formerly
will receive due attention particularly tbe for
mer, and the Primary Department .ball have our
aprcial care. The subscriber frela flattered with
the crowing proaperily of the Institution, and
shall labor lo merit ila continuance, by increased
TfiTiow Per Session of 20 weeks, for the
Common Knglith $G ; Higher Englith, $8 ;
and for the Languages, f 10.
Oct. 9, 1S50. Principal.
Tanni. lgaiidCiirryiii
IOIt past favors, the subscriber returns
his grateful thanks, find hwc-by makes
known thbt he carries on the business of
Tanning and Currying,
at the Old Stand. Determined not to be
outdone in the manufacture or finish of his
work, he is bound (o have the best work'
men and materia's, and to treat those who
have so liberally patronized (as well as
those also who shall be pleased to patronize
him) with that attention which he hopes to
insure him a lull share of public patronage.
All kinds of Produce taken in exchange,
(lidos and Rark not refused, for which the
highest market price will be paid in cash
or in exchange for leather.
March 25, A.D. 1850
The Greatest Discovert rtf the Aye!
IS constantly clTfcting cure of ihe utmost
impartaure. The most crejuliu are ru
viyt Eii; the most fnithltits cim.elleJ to believe
in the power nnd irfae of this preat remnly.
It i nni verbally a'tnvttt to N- i lis most Vfmtlrrful
roiiif'iunli'-n kiMiti tu tlie vrnrltl fT th" immctliatr rHif
of (li'ans- ami i;iin. It nrT f:V.s while tlierc renin in?
imfflrifiit 1 if-- Vj rc.--iy.ro nnturl ami hcaHIiv action to
the rapillarv of Hit Iv-ly. and tftaliw the. circttla-
tinn of ft blfnt llv thi. in'-anp, a rontmllin power ia
jr.iinc'i orr the mfift ra iitiriiant form f-f dis-'a!f. which
can not no fbta:nil fmni any other remedy. Such the
powrr uf the rotnhinatin. that it h netrates to every
l.rtim of the human frame: '"ery lmiio and mu-tele.
vein. n-'lTe and ti?amant -arelird out ami made m-u-ftil'lf
f.f pnrifiration ami hralinrr intliifnrc. Hence it cope
a. n adily with intrrtutl aa exts'rnal dt-faeK.
Xumi'Mus inctanct s an nn rerunl. where this rrmely
haa re$.red ht-atth to pati nto tu near the crave that the
m-tt powerful internal remHtio9 failed to produce aiiy
etTect. Such haa frequently been the ew iu
Inflammation of the Bowels.
Vo patient need die with this di-ease where the Mametie
(rint men t ran he oMained. That dangerous epidemie.
known aa the Pt'Tliin YMX ? II' EL A.S, can alwaa be
eurrd by this remedy. For
thiMHntment is the most complete remedr ever prepared.
In 99 eass out of 100. it wi(l afford entire r$Hirf to the
worst cases or Nervous Headache tn .K minutes. For
Nermus Dtaoasea. this remedr is of immense value.
Affections of th Spine. Rheumatism. Lameneas, Tlee
rated Sore Throat, Rronehitls. Pleurisy. Cmup, Cbtlls,
Cholera Morbus. Arjne in the Fare or Breast. Burn,
Seald Head, tjeroful. Salt Rheom. Rrvsipelas. Inflamed
Ryea. Fevr Sores, Ar will be immediately relieved by
the use of this remedy.
"old by Thtyrntrm 4- Balser, Ltwishurff.
m32S E f Bvrrrtwtif TrtTg Aft
: jrgj
aM 1
axothbk aciexnrifr wosderi
JUICE ertat Dyspepsia Curer S
Prepared from Rennet, or the fourth elomach of
tbe Us, alter directions oy oaron ikbi,
great phyeio!ogical chemist, by X S.Hoobiito,
M.D., No. 1 1 N. 8tb St Philadelphia, Pa.
A TRULY wonderful remedy for laatgenwH,
Al. Dyspepsia. Jaundice, Liver Cornplaint,
Uonstipatum and Demur u, curing aner iin.io
. .. . . iL. flutr
own process. I'V mature a own agcut, u.
Juice. fXj'llali a leaspoonful of Ibis fluid infused
in waler, can digest or dissolve Five Pounds of
roart beef in about two houra, out of the stomach.
Digestion ia chiefly performed in tne atom
arh by Ihe aid of a fluid which freely eludes from
the inner coat of that organ, when in a elate of
health, called Ihe gastric juice. This fluid is ihe
great solvent uf the fml the purifying, preaer-
ving aud ktimulating agent oi ms -
intestine. W about it mere can ne no nunmi,
no conversion of food into blood, no nutrition
but rather a foul, torpid, painful and destructive
condition of tbe whole diguatite apparatus.
ePNln ia the chief clement or great digest'
ing principle of the gastric juice. It t found in
great abundance in tbe solid parU ol the human
stomach niter death, and sometime causes the
stomach to digest or eat itself up. It is alao found
in tbe stomach of animals, as the ox, calf, ke. It
ia the material uaed by farmera in making cheeae
styltd Rennet, the clfect of which has long
been Ihe special wonder of the dairy. Curdling
of milk is tbe first process of dmeition. A call's
stomach can curdle nearly one thousand limes its
own weight of milk. Baron Liehig states, "one
art of Pensin dir-sotved in sixty thousand parts
of water, digests meat end other food." Dieed
stomachs produce no good Gastric Juice, Kennel
or Pepsin. To ehow that this want may bo per
fectly aupplied, we quote the subjoined
Baron I.IK11H1. in liin n l. bralel workm Animal Cnc
mutrv. av: -An arl.in.-ial ili-alive Dual. analaon. to
Un-l.a5t.rir Juice, uia i n-adily in-pred from th.- mu uB
iiieml.rane of the nornvh of the calf, in whKli varioua
artli-lu of foal. meat and ins, will i"fled f n
.lip-trd in tin- Ktnr manner as in the human .nanach.
Ilr. IIKKKIKA. in his funioua Uvatie on rl and lwt.
puMi-l-d l.y Koaiera 4 W rit. New York. j aRi- 35. tate
the riami- pr-at fart, and dt-drnl-ea the nH-tiiol of m-rarac
iion. Ttn-re are few higher aulhoritic thau Ilr. Hi-rt-na.
I'r. (VM1IK, in hii valuaMe wriliniis on the rhr.ioHcy
of IiirDti'in. -lervr thai "a diminution of the due
ijnanlU- of Ihe llaslric Juire Li a promiuc-ut an-l all-pro-ailin
rauw i'f livs-pt-i-in.'' and he ttaU-5 tliat -a diin
euih l i rof-sT of Ul .ilirtne in L-oiu-u, ton a wverely
nniivtrd ith Una ooui laiut. fin.lmj: cvrrythiuK 1 to
lad. hart r.o.orse to tin- lianrie Juior. ohtain d irom th
.t-.marh t.flmnjc animals, which eoiui.trtelT urceelHl.
lr.liKAiiAI.:iuthorof thr- famous wi.rkjon Vr.-lal'.e
liirt.savs: - It ut a rrmaraatde f;u-t in pli simio.17. i"'
the sti.marh, of am:is. man-raleal in waler. imparl to
the Moid tii.-pni'rtv ef dinulrinii varii.u- artirb-. "f f sl.
and uf rff.Ttiut' a kind of arterial dip-slion ..f lltrin in no
si' dilTrrrnt trum Ihe natural dicrntive i.rr-s..''
Ilr. SIMON'S prrat work. th t'h mistrr of Man. ru-a
lllanrhanl. fbiiad. !. I'p M1.J. ay: The diseovery
of tvpiu furuis a m-w era in Ihe ehriiiiral history of ln
in stum, t'rmn r.-o-nt .-xp. rimrnts, ' knew tliat food is
diasulted a rapidly in an art tirial di-- t v. fluid. ptvpanu
from IV.ain.ns it is iu the ualural tiastrie Juiee iteelf-
I'rof. IUJMiLIS"N. f tlir Ji-fT-rtoii tolleer. linlad.. in
his great work on II ti nan l'b? .i!o-:y.ilevote more than
hfn pam-s to sti examination of this nioj -et. His eiprn
ntentaaith Hr. IVnnmout. on th- lla-tnr Juh-e. obtained
from the livin; human stomarli an-1 fmm animals, are
known. "In all ra-s.'" he .a . "disi-stion oreurrvd aa
perf.-ctlj- in the artir.rial aa in the natural dig-stlona "
Asa DVM'EPSIA CI'RER, Dr Housliton's
nrenaration of Peu-in lias uroilucetl the ino.1 mar
velous tflecta. It is inipo.silile. to gie details of
cases in the limits of this advertisement but au
thenticated certificates have licen given uf more
than TWO IILMiRED rauiJ. wonderful, and
permanent cures. It is a creat Nsaruf. Asts-
ttoTE, and particularly useful for tendency lo
bilious disorder, liver complaint. lever anu ague,
Ihe evil effects of quinine, mercury, &c, also fur
excess in eatmg or drinking
There is no form of OLD STOM ACH COM
PLAINTS which it does not reach and alao give
instant relief ! and repeated for a short time, pu
ritv of Dlood and vioob or sons follow at once.
It ia particularly excellent in cases of nausea, vo
miting, cramps, soreness ol ihe pa ol the atomacn
diatresa after eating, low, cold atale of the blood,
heaviness, lownere of spirits, despondency, emaci
ation. wcakneasL tendency to insanity, &c
Price. ONE DOLLAR per bottle. One bottle
often effecta a lasting cure.
PEPSIN IN POWDERS sent by Mall, free of Poatag.
For eonsenh-nre of sendin-r to all parts of the eountry,
tha IHeestive Matter of the i Vpsin.ii put up in the form of
Powders, with dirertauis to be di.'olv-fl l. tne patient in
water or svrop. Thes- poadrrs contain just tho same
matter aa the bottles, hut twire the uatttity Sr tbe same
price, and are fe-nt by mall, r rue ot rostagc, lor f i, scot
i potd-paSI i to In-. J. S. Iloufhton. No. 11 orU layhth St.
Philade lphia. Sia parkaea for i.
Every bottle.and psckage beara the wrilten .tg
nalure of J.S.HOL'OH I t iN.M.D., Sole Proprie
tor. Sold l.y agent in every town in the L'uiou
and by most respectable dealer, in medicine.
To le had of Dr. TH RN TON, I-ewieburg ;
J H Caslov. Milton; Thompwn, Mifflinburg;
Wilt &. Eilert, Hailleton; Wm Koshong. New
Berlin; U I Crouse, 8elin.grove ; Mrs M'Cay,
Northumberland Ij333
Mifflinburg, Union county, '.
TESPEUTri'LLY informs the citiiens of
, Union county, and the public in general,
that he has leased" the above stand, for many
yeara occupied by his Father, and is now pro
pared to accommodate friends and the traveling
communiiy in a manner acceptable to all.
The HOl'SE is 1irc and roomy, well arran
ged in all its departments, and every care will be
taken to render his guests comfortable and happy.
His TABLE will always be furnished with the
choicest delicacies of the season, ami the best the
market can afford. The DAK will at all times
be attended by careful persons, anil none but the
very best of liuuois will be kept. His S'l'AUI.ES
are ample and convenient, and the OSTLEItS
punctual and attentive.
In short, he pledges himself to endeavor to
cive ceneral satisfaction to all, and hopes bv
strict attention to business to merit and receive
a liberal share of patronage.
M.luinburg, June 20, 1850
WOULD inform the public, that they
have openfd a shop on Fourth street
lower story of S. V. W ykofPs old aland,
opposite Hunter 1 aruoe s shop, where they
ktfep on hnnd or make to order
Fancy and Common Chairs,
lioston Rocking Chairs also
Bureaus, Tallies, Heds'.eaJs,
ai?m of various klnils,
Se'tees, fcr. &c.
All work in our line warranted to be well
made, and on the most reasonable terms.
House and Si!?n PAINTING
attended to by the subscribers on the shor
test notice and hi the best style.
Country l'roducc and Lumber taken in
payment and Cash not refused, but rather
The subscribers intend to be strict in the
fulfilment all their promises as regards
work nn-l so doing, hope to receive a
liberal share of public patronage.
lann . w YKtir r.
Lewislmre. tVotr. 1849
Fanners' Produce Wanted.
OUR Agricultural Friends will greatly oblige
by supplying the Printer, immediately, with
Wheat, Corn, Buckwheat, Potatoes Cider. Wood,
Apples. &e. A this has been plentiful srasoo,
tbe PiiiHtu tad Edi'or hops to rhars of iu
IS now carried on a usual, at the upper
end of M.irket street, where eery des
cription or CASTINGS kePl 00
hand or made to order such as
The Complete, or
Complete Improved
Cooking Stoves
Tor either Coal or
Wood aud all
other kinds oi
also PLOUGHS of differ-
cnt kinds Corn Ploughs, Bull Ploughs,
and the
Self-Sharpening Plough,
a new article, and which can not be beat
in Pennsylvania. Call and see and judge
Tor yourselves.
lwishurg. Sept. 22, 1949
HE undersigned continues the LIVE-
Iti' BVSLYESS at the Old Stand,
on iNorth llurd Ph., near Market, ana
respectfully solicits the patronage ol his
friends and the public generally.
Lewisburg, May 22, 1850
Oooks Cooks !
MIE subscriber oiT'-rs lor sale at the
L"vialuri I'ost-t llTice, an assortment
ot the most useful
i I'iinpr Slihool IsOok"? StnllOnGrV
1 ill-l, VIIUUI ianiiilt.lj
.r.M l.- J l- .1... I .... iv Tt
in u 1 1 hiini.-, uisu in; lh at l Lra. I uujllu.
I Lewisbiirn;, Miy 7, 1850
1RESH TK AS Another lot of
superior Hinck and Green TeaJT;
just reed Irom the teuton lea l orn v,,"i
pany, nnd for sule nt New York retail
prices by J. HAYES & CO.
Lewiaburg, April 16. Agents.
Important Notice!
'PHE public are hereby infor.ned that I
X " ihe exclusive proprietor of the
Cooking Stove known as 'White's Patent'
or The White Stove, by irtue of valid
letters patent granted to me by the proper
authorities at Washington ; and I hereby
caution all persons not to manufacture or
sell the same without authority from me.as
1 shall promptly seek leiial redress for
every infringement of my rights under said
letters patent. The public are also cau
tioned that all stoves manufactured by ire
or my crantees or accn's, are marked
James White. Patented June 10, 1844,"
with the additiunal mark "Ke-issue, Aug.
6, 1850," on the slide plate.
Milton, Sept. 1 11850 3m
Ccunslmrg JimDni
rPHE subscribers, thankful lor past pat
X ronage, would inform the public that
ihey continue to manufacture all kinds of
Mill Gearing, cast Water Wheels
ol the most approved pattern.
Threshing Machines.
One and Two Horse
1'L.ULUUS. We invite
particular attention to a new
article Wiard's Patent Gang I'lought,
for seeding in Grain. Farmers by this
Plough ran seed as much grain in one day
as in three days with common ploughs.
and Filling ihe same. HOLLOW Ware,
Kettles and Pots of various sizes Smooth
ing Irons and Stands cast Tea Kettles to
suit cooking stoves, &cc.
eooftfna stoiKju,
the most approved patterns now in use, for
wood or coal Fancy CirPATT"PCl
Parlor, Wood and Coal)X(J Jj
Air-Tight Stoves Race's Self.rcgulaling
Air-Tight Parlor Wood Stoves, (a new
article,; &c.
Threshing Machines and other articles
of Machinery repaired in the best manner
and on the shortest notice. Castings war
ranted lo be of the best material, and at
prices that can not fail to please.
Lewisburg, March 25, 1848
f I v II E undersigned continues to furnish to order
I on the moM reasonable terms. Pianos, from
the Manufactory of Cosaao Meter, Philad'a,
whose instruments are too well known to need
any panegyric, having uniformly received the
commendations of the moat eminent nrofesora
and composers of Music, and the award of the
premiums in AewYork.Pbiladeluhia and Il.,si..n
For qualities of tone, touch, and keeping in tune
up to conceit pitcn. tney can not be surpassed by
either American or European pianos.
Instructions given on the Piano aa heietofore.
Relerence may be made to any of those parents
or guardians who have pupils committed tn his
rharge. He may be seen at his residence at Mrs
.Metzger a. first street, Lewiaburg, where terms
and particular, will be made known.
The most popular and favorite Airs anj Music
of different kinds received aa it ia isaued from the
different musical establishment, in the Citir
TIT A AT1T Q froJ n'.Consta
JjJLiilll JVO bles,&c,on hand at
ihe Chronicle office, or printed to order.
sPi if MP
"An ounce of Prerention worth
a pound of Cure," in
that awful dittmte,
DR. FITCH'S Lectures on lite Presta
tion and Cure or Contumption.
This popular work Tor sale in Lewiaburg
by S. P. Lyndall J. Houghton and i
this office. Price, 5 cents.
TltlCKi OF tJl ACKS.
LT Evav.uev R.ad van i erui -TW w
lanaparilla for sal. tn th. dirTrrer.1 wwrw callad S r.
Towniiend'a Saowpanlla. k if a.l.MliaMl a. Ih. OKIGV
NAL. KENl'ISF. and all tnat. Tarn Tnaaer.f i.a Jociw
nut never waa ; but waa liwnierty a worltei nn rwlroada,...
Bala, oa the like yet he a-aamea ih title of Uocuie Sie in.
nurpoa. of famMtf crwtit tvr what h la WA. II. Wm h.
ka. .tunded two mc-Ural achonta. aial nraetie.1 fee (rtan
year.' I" Nww IbatraUlla. h. ner prarKd mediein .
dav in Bia tile I Purk nil, vkW matifBiraaia
took, bad U Iheeaaracerand ..racltr of lh man. I wia.
nMMit wneerely, H. nad ne.er made tltoae watetnent. M Ana
atlf or ol me. When will BKn anil to he B-mari and ua-k
rul in alt their dealing, and niTerttrtir. with ilieir I.
men ! II. applwd u on. Soil C..;p l w aim ta mai
olaelarinf toe iMatur. ffauac Ih. lai.-e awn. b. w nfc ;
auk, aa an incuwi l to embark in iShu.iin-i Tsm
mm aav. been nmtuuf and li'je'lmf me m ail powU
form, in onlet u impiaa. the public with the DeiMf U. -t
ueGId Onelor'a Jtaraainlla iraa M Ui. ftnuinr. or,r,.m
Sarsaparitta. tuitl lean. U Ci IhcW Oryfimnl lUt.
me. TlnaS. P. Townsenil aay. I ha' th. uaa ol .
tarn, foe V a week. U f aim - h witl f..
duce one ainf le Mlitarr proof of thi. 10. waMnnia of
Thompson, Skilluua Co.. ar aoihinf but a lm a!
faiathooda, aimpiv made lo deceive tn. pwb:c and kwp
th. truth down in" retard lo hi. scurntf ftrmtnlinf . "
Mvnri. Tin. i. to caution the public to parbUas. aone tua
5ld Ih-. J At OB TownaenJ's Saraapanila. ba.inf oo a
Old Doctor1, likeness, lit family C'aol Arms, an ba,
aumatareaero the treat of Arms.
Vmopul (J4lce, l'U .Voarmn.Terr. .V T d'r
Old Dr. Jacob Townsemi
the ORtrnvw. DisrovF.nr.s of tiik
Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
Oij ilr Tosnscn ! . nuw ah nit To year, ot ae. and h..
tin been known a. the A VTHn an.l 1'ISV'i Vr.HKK
ef he C K .V f I.V B DRir.lSAL "TOWSSBSb
i limintamaiiufariure.hy whirl, mrnns it has been kept o,
o . and Ihe sales cirrumsenbt.l to thu oi, w!
h.td i.mved Its worth, and known lt value. Il had rtacosS
HAICSArAntiLA. n-lnj poor, ne was
' . -- .t..M .
the ear. of tnariv. iwv.rtlie.ess, aa iih person, wna utm
bren ri-alerl ul sore diseaaea, and wtJ Uvu le-h, (arte
a'aiu:ril it. won trrtul
I TtiwGHANKANii i:NK4ti.i.rirm:psTHMi.
1 inaniilaetureOi'nOie tanresl .rale, a-nt is -alird I-.r -..ir -i ?fv
" I out tha Icniih anl lifaJth tl the laad. s-r-ecia.lj aua
I found ineai-aDie ol -Leem-rall'm or deterK'ia ln.
fnlit. ynuu; S P Tawnwie:' It imiroes w,-.h let.
' and neser'chari-es bill lorthe be':.r: because It ts p-tparW
I ontfienilie principl' by aa-iertr;e wiis. Ttie b:tfts
knowleita-e ol 1 hep..i.ir. atl the U:.st disce.enf. ol th.
an, have ail rs-Ti tirimelit into raquisinon in v niaauiai.
tur-ol the Old lr'. SarMpanlla. Th. S,rsa-arll:a row,
11 i. well known to inedirai ruen. een'ain. ran) rasdiciriai
proiene.. and some pwtunas whKh are iner w ossIms.
and oihe.-s. whirh it re atned in prsnartK H tor as. pra
dure rr-neafoiion and arid, which IS in'unous totew
lem. S.uw oi ih iroruee of Saraaparil a are so
that they ennrei eva(Hria aatl are ! ::. th. preranv.
il th. are not .rr.rred bv a scieHif yrorrs. krwwaso
ly lo'ihH eitertcreed in its manufacture. MoreoT.a,
thc. rertic ptmripl'. whica Sy off tu sapor, .r as au a
halsu.il. un ler heat. ar. the rry emtiiU mnium ysf
stmi at the nK. which tve to ll all iu a: ue
An. Krwn can tioil .r s:e w the rot u'l . eel a Jar
Colored iBiuid. wfoch a mi-r. from Ui eoloiiof otaaar la
th. ro Uian irom anv 'lun .Ik ; they can lh.u wr.ia Ihw
insipid or sapft li-iunl. "" .wir, imSaases an J
Rut such is not ihe article ki.own a. ill.
This is so prepared thai all Ih. inert propaftMW tt tka
tenapartlla Mot arc lis remove., .scrythias capata.
becomuu: acid or larrnentalioo " eatracad and njKiaw ;
then eveiy pane:, ol me,nral strtu. ia wcursd in a pura
and eoneen 'rain) wrrn: and thus II as KnH.raa irrapala.
f loams an. ot lis salualile and haalin nropenaea. eav
Darad in this was. It I. nia-ts the most powenulacutl la laa
Cre mt IwawaweraJato DtaaiM.
Hen-. Ih. rea whs w hear eoraiuewttalwas oa jesfT
mo. ia rs favor tv nam, woinsn, and cr-il-lsaa. v. s aaa a
tcoiV"Vivr.. d KHKVMATisM scnor.
171 A I'U.KS rOSTlYF.SF.SS. all CI r.la
iuIaJI affrction anunc from
h xmamt a marvI!ou efficacy ia all rvmpiainla
ins from Indrli 1rvm Act fitly of tht St not. fro
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ITATION ol his inTrtir prepjratum '
Ilearen forbid thar we thau(d deal in an article which
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that S. I T'wn-rn.la article and old lr. Jacob Townetni
Sarsaparilla sire harmftide apart, antl infinitely df"
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I As S. P T'wneinl no doctor, and never waa. la no
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disease than any ohr coinin-n. imsciewiiie. unproie-ioaal
man. what wuaTant'r can the public have that tHr-v ar re
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hut what else atmiiid le expeffed Irom one who know
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common decent met. How much mre important ia It
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alo an evtenxive knowledge of the vanotdiaewhit
aifec. the human system, and how lo adapt ramadies w
these disease '
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into wounded hnmanuv. to kindle hop in th dcsnsinrvf
bosom, to restore heafth, ami bloom, and i?or into t!
crushed and broken, and to banth inftrmitv tha ! P PR.
portuiutv and mean to brinf hi
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within th reach, and to th k nowle.kr oi alt who need
thai they mav learn and know, bv jnyiul expertenco, n
Tra-CBlaBit Pww tm Hcsvl
Accnts for the above Mfdicine C
Schaffle, Lewisburg ; John II Kaser. M i
(on ; Forsyth & Prieslly Norihumbiurd
ANE Buggey and Sen of IlamaM,
One Two Horse Wagon,
uoe i rack wagon.
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