Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1850-1859, November 13, 1850, Image 4

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    tiJit cmi )mnor.
In the wrong Pocket !
A can lid ne for Governor in O.'.in, du
ring speech "I rin P,ace on ,he ll"
serve, prooee led to descant oa ,he P,l,ra
a-suce of tl.e ne. the - f v-'"1'1 a"h
eo.fine clo.hes.a.id .he hke-declnrin him-ni-lf
10 be one , f tl.e p'ain yeomanry that
he never inliU'd i anything of that sort
a,io!JM!vPr"b-i!i'icy"!hit he ever
carried, was plenty oo J eiiotijih lor hin.
end to illm'tate lh-. f ict, the Judgf put his
hand into his pocket, and drew forth, not
silver '-buU'i etV hut a magnificent
gull rtprtltf. Til", tdnute "f the cr wd
can be better inioined than d!erihid.
while the w.-u'd-be Governor m i le a pre
cijiiate retr'n'. The f.ict is the silver
wa'ch s crii-d f.-r t'ectioneerin;! pu:
rr.ii c, nl d in il.c exciteirrnl f sjm-h nt.
Vinjt, w hen he rnt n daw it forth he put
Iv hand in the wrong j.ockft. 1'if.sUirg
C I rr-cicle.
LrAitsrD Blcsdch. When Dr. Ad
am Littleton roniri!in hi Linn dic
tionary, asited by ta arnnn'tensi--, hedie
tti'ed he w"r I cinrirri. The scribe tip
prina that ti e vnri.nn tctHM "I 'be word
ill Entail wi..u!d bri;:n. as usn', iili the
inn-it titem! or p, ftiM "To concur I suj
pose, sir.' The Doctor ini neJi.f. ty rv.
clawed peetisVy. 'Cm-cir! c-n dog V
and nc.-orditiMy.tbe ananiien-is.supposina
the latter word to be dictutid, imnvdiati ly
wro'e t iming as the Iran-boi n of concur
ro. It a even prinv d ihus in the frM
edition of IC73.thni.gh th s In .heroin l.ltin
der a contend iu the sub-e.iieut ed
A Mistake. A fin ny niiitnis" cenrred
in Cni n county. Ark . hI the !a!e i-ecimi.
The Democrat had a candid tte I" r the Si?
ra:e named Huey. and in t-wn of Camden,
in the si ee county, there was a very pop
ular Whuoflhe same name. Many per
sons under the impression ih it they weie
cis'ii. ih. ir vo'es f.-r the Ja-ter, nc'tial y
vo-ed lor the former, thus" eleet n. hitn.
Union is a Whij county, and Mr. 1 1 tie
was lh. only Dem.ieral e'.eeted. There.
somelhins in a nam" once in a while.
A Swam of Tees worth Hiv-ins.
C piticn, n pravrrful. B lolii.' !e, H mild,
D ! wa ol.m. B '"' cl"1'1.
It rtu.li.'U. tlvn?'iltul, I'vine. U k'"J-
V tn,r ou rruUe maM.r ?u!wtvi"i.t to m:nJ.
It cjuii mi-. B nr'iii.M. I. ini-tml, tu,
U cr-uiin"! ! "II- " it'On'ate with few !
It lfm i :a'! in ar?mi.' i't. eatir.p. n i limiting.
II rnrr'iil i t n-nv. el '"' f'"1 ln tliit.kn.g J
11 ih.iifi:!. B In'. IS li.'i-iful. U tion,
U ici 'lit. 1" ,'. ! ', ' lo 1 1 lern.
It C"ir3?u li I; iil ' l. it jn-t.
It "'"trc- vil tjj rW, tin itu ti Just i
II rt it. i, ci'i i;iii.-li-i'. t'te "
It ocliie. JmiU'.l, n l I'ailliful iI.m'.Ii ;
B h.iiii!-:. B hulv. tranparei.t, rnJaie.
C emeu- nd If rhri-i-like. "J J on II U ftcurr.
On ti e day d mi n llie, I n : " 'he in
habitants of Paris wrre without d 's. ; ro
ided wi-h t. lescopcs and pic-es of sinnked
j-las, no Eiili?hrr.an was ct n diiiinj:
furiously in a fiacre a!ns one of the piin
cijal s'rre's. Where d 'e, niy lord wish
to o to ? ' said the driver. To see ibe
ce!ipse,"'cx-ta-i:ied I he Ivilshnan. thrust,
ini his bend out of the c.mfU wiodow;
e.n!v Vnc np r.'itr to it as prss'.ble, fr
I am sli- it siuh r d.-'
The (o:u iimnn who dree Jnn L'l'd
Uom tbe-V.Ti.lxa: to the Hi vere ll-u-e
DosK n. il.us riJa u'.i d the inline :iimira
lion whi. h his '-feliow c'M'-Z' n'' ers ex
h.tiitin i Mour.tin? the Weps of tl.e hotel,
h-i crii-J ' li re's the ban! tint lifed
Jenn Lm 1 on! of I'ee coach. Cf ntleii en,
w.u c;;n nt-y of o-i have tl.e pi it dorp ol
iisina it f r h've dolJ.irs clii'J:cn h.ili
Xo l i t: V suv one ol lh:; "srntll
:a " t'i3i:!i! r diy hi In) ni time to
re i,l.
J! ttrl comp'ration he bad spent
3 7 out of the 311 woikin days in the
yrnr, i i innin.. Iiinlnj at the s-'o'e, tav-
rns, M'eiidii!! cales where be inlet. ded '0
l uv noth'tt.-, & r. Tl. i 's the way it is
tti 'iiiil Sin h ixi ej t iiiiseis, who are too
'fct'nuy to li ad."
Depending on C.iru.-iist.in.N's. Said Di
rm'i to S.iiah", as they were taking a b.t
ini pro ii.Mii !e, .in St. whit your 'pin
in Vimi' d ; married lit' ? lin't it do most
liappic,! !'' We:i, I' 1 :e 1 vti, dit me
p n.is al i ped 1 r how i: y tT.j y Jem-elves-''
De not deceived by app aian.-'t Lord
Pyron said : I never judj;e from mm
rers, fir I onci; ha I my pocket picked
bv thi citi esl ei-ntlcipati I ever ni't tthb;
and rne of ihr: in b.'rst men I ve.- ii
wus AS Ta.-lia.
An vl t r in tl.isS-a'e t!:tea ens to break
op house-leejiii: ami ;o to boarding w i.h
liis dvliiv-j m tit snh riber. hating despair
ed of pet'ini bis d.n; i:i any o her way.
W'a say, pi i abe id.
Tilt- C JV thai a killed at Troy on the
Fourh, hv the en; l -sion of il;u u:u:n, is
j;ett:iii l.e-!i r. The ecror.or at en him,"
till he was j;!ad to come I
The DeniiKM S of Iowa have elected n
Ilonn !t Coiire?, by "0!l m j 'rity. This
is a ;iiiiMiih worth caekl'ng over.
There is an l'.d.i.r in AhiLnii who hr.s
two wives O t o scaoip ! i'j.tors tip this
way can h inn v " "
" Vou wiit se my face no more,' as iIip
girl sod when akc ctvtrcd Iiet cheeks with
1UIE foli'iwinc oniehow at one dwnaail
lot ud excellence of this great meJicioe:
YaBK. July 28,1847
"J Kiild & Co: The Vermifuge Ml u on ide
some time ago by your aeeut, w aoIJ. It goe
veiy ri:iy, and given great tifewn. A we
re entin-ly cm of the article, anil bate frequent
rIU fur it, ii'.etut ttui u mm immeiliatrly
oxciitilib. Trail. Match 18, 1847
Dr'M'L me Dear Sir : The Vermifuge you
lift nl aie last fall ha long aince been sold.anil
I coulil bate eolJ a great ileal more if I bail bail
it. S ure my rituin from the E-i, I have been
called uon nearly every day to write to you,
n questing an immediate supply. I have alieady
tcieil vour Vermifuge in my own family and find
. ..
it to te tne test I nave ever usro
E t MUKIitJ.M. I
"Men Cut!, Sleulien Co. Sept 7. 1847 !
Tbif mat ceitify that we have sold DrM'l Mv't
Aineiican Worm SieciGc. Of 1'atenl Vrfaiifuge.
i lie 4iit tear, and it has given unbounded salis
laciiun. It is no imposition on the community,
I ut is what its authors recommend it to be a
ui ivriFal specific for those afflined with worms.
-H. HLUIIE8 & CO."
AGENTS--C W SraarFLE, Lewisburg; J
II Cm I J II l:a.r Milion: I (Jeiharl. Se-
liiisgriitc; J W Kriling, Sunbury ; Mrs M'Cay,
.XaaUuiu'ti rlJiRI , M K. oner. J mooie, uanvuie
at jLctvisburg.
1IRITI.AR f.r ihe Academical Year coin-
y uirucing Oct. 17, 1850.
Primary Department.
Eviri-isrd in SiM-llinc, Heading, Drfiniiion
Enlioh Gr .mmar, Ariihmeiir, (iengraiihy. His
toiy L S.A , I'enmansbip and (.'omiiositiun.
Trc'tsh Department cf the Acadcmr-
The fame sludies as in the Primary lfipartm'i
con ii.nr.l in the use of larger text hooks; and to
ilu e aie added General History .Algibia, lrfgeli
di, ai.dtE!i iiin.ts of Suivrying
Classical Department of the Academy.
Tma Jiiiiur Academic clusn.
1. CDKlili liramm.-ir. Latin tjrammar, Arithmetic (twe
division, i Uiiraphy.
IT The nm.. Miiilii tin In I. TtTm. and Pcnmani.htn.
III. Knlih Grammrj. Ow, AhlUmtic romili-tl J.j
lrt d. vision. !p"k Uranimar, Uwturjf nu
muufbip. Uoott-kei'Uiug.
Senior AcaJ'Uiic c!a-$.
T. C.T5r. Grw k n.'advr, Alg. t.r (Hi mull.)
If. .in nl, do do
HI. d.i d. do eomptrU n-bv
ru! HXory, lnylifh Lao?aage and ComiwitionJ
Freliman dun
I. Ep?li.h T-anUiis and Cumitorition, Algebra, Livy
A n..bost!.
IT. r'unr l,i ftmctrc. IJvy. AnaLai.
III. l'isn-. d slid .-j biriiai Ui-unntrjr comiiMnl, Li
vv, AujiMfi
$iphnn.nrt chirs.
T. Horace, O-lvm-y. Plunc and Spherical TTipiHmcrjr
II. do ilo .tlcniiratiiinurw.init..Navi:Uoi...
111. do rtuii.'.ct.d. S-ieiS Oratiisis uf lk-maslhraw.
r.hctor.c, AanIilU-ul ticoiut-trj.
Junior tlatf.
I. P-moftlifn on th Cmirn. tVero de Ontclis,' Mc
hiinir. llvdritatirs. and llvdranlics.
II. Di'm- sfi-ein-s on llw I'ronn. Ciwrn df officii c fn-
t .1. I'wnniatini, Annutins fclcclncily, ?iirni
t.m, nn-J OnlM-n.
111. Cm! Iragnty, Tiicitu., Astronomy.
Senior clt.
I. Ijos'-: 'tnrl Ih.o!oKT, Intellprlnal Ptitlosojhy.
IT. Un,k. 1'oiitiral l.'noiuy, tlorsl fhil.moiliy.
III. llutl. r Aiwliv'f. (''inflitution of U. Clumistry
L-turvs, lt uiral Kcvicwe.
N'.v class in ihe l!i gutar Course has less than
three di!v lecitaiioiis. Every Saturday forenoon i.
ilevntcd esciusivtrty t. Vocal Music, Ueclamation.
sn l rri.i'ni? ..crl ami oriEinal Compositions.
The s udenls aie reiiuirnl lo attend, resulaily.
some ri-liiji ins meiting. Minors are etpected to
a iend rucli mceiinss ss are recommended to them
v thi'ir eaients or guardians. There are in the
! !i roug!i no less than sit places of puMic woiship,
! of as iiiiny di;!Wi nt Christian denominations.
Text nookti.
EnrtUh LniQHiur vttd h.ltruti .. The Bitplc, rortir'n
Pli. lor.cal li. iiil r.' tVorecsterir or Wehsu-r's Uictionary.
JtuliUaa i:riiih Cn mmar. I';irk r i'rojm ssivc K.vni-f-
:n tiie!ib l'oni;ii.iliull, I'slker's Aids, Blair's Lectures
(Lii.v tiiv j.a.t.' ii-i
LSui i.:;.,rtf nnllk.nVOrsniinar. Bullioii p Reader,
s U xiion. ltuliion'sl'a'sar. tfibDiiUand Ziimpt's
Virl. Liiiroin's Liiy. Antlion'p Horace, Tharhi-rs Cicero
dc- iiT:ri.s. Tvi. rV T.u-ilus' licrmanla et Ajrricolp.
r.r.-r: I. uijw;,. Itiillion plirammar. Hnllii.n's Frail r.
T.i.td'-'.l Jfe Sibil's l-ioii. owi-n's X'-'noplion's Analsisip.
ow. n s l!nT::i.r'!. i.li--s.-y,cbr.ini.lins IK-uiiUielicp, Fisk
ri Maiuiul.
i'.?'. ti.,tiv- v.r.xh r' Aritlimi-li for And mrs. Eti-m-
entary Ali I nt. r .unli.n. Lri ndre. Surv.'j injr nd Savl-
gin. tn..l t:. .-.Ill' .-im trv-.OImctil s atuml rnuvsoi ny
i-t- rvvtyiH..!.; Ohn. tid's Astronomy.
XumbiT of Students.
The uumher uf students during ihe past year
in ihe .vrini!. Pci artimiits. was IVi. 'hi
t'ollecuie cb"es alieady oigauizcJ lor ibe ensu
iug jtar. arc ll'e fudowing :
S. n:or rlo . - . H
Juni..r ciafp . - 14
. ptn.rnore rlsss - 1
Ir.shman class - - It. ...51
tfrmn N" W. tlVI A. M, frot of MuhcmaUa.
I ami V:.l,irl I'li.t. if -l.il
t;;-iii:r: I:, ni.lss A. Vrot of (.reek Lanu.ii
t find l.'l ntor... ....
;o::i i tv. a l'Kt:s(', a.m, in loi nann un-aia
po 1 I.tt;-rtur..
IH. t.0 N. I.O'iMtS, A. M, Prinripal of Hie AcaA-my.
A!.ri;l.t TAVIilt. A. Tutor in the Knli.-h Lan-gaa?.-
: c.t filomlii.n.
U:iiIiiag!,I.i!si'ar: and Apparatus.
The Aca !em;c e!ifice now occupied by (he
mrtntvis of the I "ni versitv, has been eree rd. at
I an e-vivnpc of $.')9. and it is adapted to arrnmmodafa
1 l.. ptu-lcats. Ani tlii-rrdificeis nearly couiiil'tMl. and is
j exi'-i tid In I..1 n-aiiy for occupancy at the conuw uceutcnt
i oi ilu next T-ira i 1. 17. ls.'m.
I 1 h L.t'rair i-nr.tainp a nuintjcr of select Tolumcs, and
1 is cnKtanty mereasinflr.
Cbi iiiii-.Ll A;.f:iratup lias nccn procuni siimcn-ni vw
noi.lv i!o: :muii;w d.mniid. nit Apparatus Ir Ihe
UiiULruT..va of Merhs-mcn! I'lnlosoptiy. i now ii-mpMc.
Tuitlitn and Hoard.
Tuidon in the Collegiate Department $30,
Academic ,23, Tiiinary $12 per year.
Board, iin luilin j lodging, washing, fuel, and
light, can be bad in the village and lU vicinity at
tariKu prices, fr.iin f 1.59 to J2.50 per week.
Arnui Yemenis art' in progress to furnish Boarit. cxrlu
pit; of lil.-ii'T. wn-Iiinc. fuel and light, to fueh as may
desire it, al ft t Ir week.
SfMloii! and Vacations.
Twro Sessions in Ihe year the former com
mences on the 3rd Thuisday in Octiher. and
continue 2G weeks; the latter eminence on
Thursday. 15t!i May, and continues 14 celts.
Spring Vacation. 4 weeks; Autumnal. 8.
JJy order ami in behalf of ihe D iar.l :
GEOKtiE F. MIM.ER. Sec'y.
Lewi-burg, Union Co. Pa. Sept. 1, 18.'i0
il 13 A FACT,
fE sef-rv.ilcnt, and worthy ol f very i
J consideration, that no Miller can make
am id, clean fl wr without he has eood clean
wheat. I suppose you wish lo know the
re nedy. 1 tc'l nil it is to uel one ot
H izshtisti'' ll'htut A'f'i iirtm, or Smut
M lehmes. H" lying an old, practical anrl
exierienced Millwright lias invented, fl
"i and iut iii successful operation Ihe best
Wheat S.rniirrr now in use. Any person
nrdi rin a midline and afterwards fmd no
that ii does not prove lo operate as rppre
sti'ii'eJ. there hhill be no sale. as these ma
chices are to In- warranted good. Further
reco'niiien 'a'ions are thosisht unnecessary.
i He is now having a supply made at I-wis
I i i... t... r:,.j,i... x. t i. ii i
unr, uv i'wn. w tw is luin, vroers
for midlines, or Idlers of inquiry, will be
promptly attended to. Machines will be
sciit and put lo all order. Add res
T-pwishurg, 1'okfl " IV 3S0
Price Reduced!
Esufje Bottles Only One Dollar.
TUe Proprietor sf the Grrat Aawtiraa Keatrdr " Tarnns's
Vbbtsblb LtTBOMTBirric MixTrBK," indaosd br Uw
arjeat okcitatiaas ef Bia A cents, tbrauhsot tha Uailad
Stales aad Canada, las now
Beduced Oa Prica
of ks popalar and well knows snide ; aad from this dat.
heacanirUi, ho will pat bp bat one sixo onlr, -bis qaart
bsttlos: the mafl priea will be
Tha pablie war reiS Bssansl that tbe character of the Me.fi.
cine, its streBsUi. and cunuivo properties wtLL bkmsin
uscHiKaSD, and the saow case will be bestowed la pie.
pafitig it at Benlron.
As u nwsiieiae, andec iu srdaeed price, will b parchssed
br thaw who base not biiberto arade themrlves acquainied
wnh its vina., the pnnoielor would bef to intiaute tblt hts
article is not to be rlasied with tlaa east arnoantof " Essaedies
of the day ;" it elaiaw for ntt( a gmttr kttlml prnxr, is
mil dVseasso, taaa anp srair aeparaMB mmt atan tkt
n-orU: and has sattaines UseU" far right yean br its Mprnoi
BMdical viftsjes. and. aalU this icdaetioa, milianansit dbukle
the price of any other article in this line.
Notu t raBTii TiiiiT, tliis article acu wilh xreat heal
ing power and certainty, npon tha
Blood, Liver, Kidneys, Longs,
and all other orsans, npon the proper action of which ufr and
health depend.
Tins inediciisi hat a jastly his h ispaie as a stnwdy for
Dropsy and Omvel,
and all diseases of that natara. It stay bo ietil apoa when
th inteUitent phyMelan baa abandoned lite pauent, and fin
these ifeneaanx dHaaaes, ancesicciallr llaopsr, the propri
etor woo Id earnestly and honestly recommend it. At itr
preteat prica h is easily obtained by all, and th trial will pros
th article to be th "
Cheapest Ibdiane ia tha World!
Kf Please ask lor pamphlets the arents rive them away
they contain over siaasi pares of receipt! , (in addition to fnl
BMslical nutter) valuable for hoawhoM ponieses, and which
will save Many doUats per rear to practical hoanekeepers.
Tissnr psceiiiu nie introdnoed lo niai the book of area
value, awde t'rom its character as an adiensitif meilium fo
the aaediciae, the testimony in faror of wliieh, in the form ol
letters Ana all pans of the conntrr, any be relied apoa.
i"Vaafhn's Vegetable Litlnwtripuc Mittare" th
Unrat Anwricaa Remedr, now fur in quart bottle! at
eaeh, small bottles at 50 eta each. No small bottles will bt
wined after the prevent stock is dHposed of.
Principal Office, Buffalo. . V., afl Main Street
O. C. VAl'fiH.
8otd WhoWIe and Retafl by OLCOTT Mi h ESSO.V k
m.. 197 Maitbni I.anf. New York dir.
S. B. All hsleis (eireptinf froat aeata aad ilea't with
s-honi he transacts basines.) am be pest paid, or no attention
will be f ivea to them.
(KTl. THORNTON. lw;bur,. is
Gi neral Agent for I men county- j.ii.IvAblo
Aget.1, Mi:t n; 1. Gkbhaut, SSthusgiote
I 5:343
op me
J ILL commence on MONDAY the S8ih ol
(ic-roBta. In ibis liistiiu'iun, all tbe
Uiancbrs of a thorough Academic course will be
The eonimutiica ion of knowledge simply, is
not tbe sole design ot Education and should not
be m.ide to ; it bigbe-t aim is to sirengtben and
bring out into action, the intellectual and moral
power of tbe student. Throw around him all
tha iacililiea necessary to hi piOi;re-, anil af
f.nd him all proper aid, but do not fl itter biro
with the thought that be must rely upon another
and not upon hi own tffur'S for success. Inde
pendent If-rc liam e is one of the lost lessons
that should be learned in a school room. This
kind of early mental training prepare one for
vigorous and manly exeitimi in after lite, and
thus i,ivs him a marked advantage over the ig
noraiit and uneducated. The niuu eirorts of a
Teacher should, lb. rehire, he diiected to the for
mation of sound halite of study, for when this
end is reached. Ihe progress of tbe pupil becomes
at once cenain and rapid.
Composition and Declamation, as formerly,
will receive due attention particularly the for
mer, and the Primary Department shall have our
special care. Tbe subsenher feels flatlerrd wilh
ihe growing jro-iiiy of the Institution, and
shall labor lo meiit it continuanre, by increased
Ti iTlow Per Session of 20 weeks, for the
Common English $6 ; Higher English, $8 ;
aril fur tbe Languages, f 10.
Oct. 9, 1850. Principal.
IOU past favors, the subscriber returns
his "rnteful thanks, and hereby makes
known that he carries on the business of
Tannlug and Currjinp,
at the Old Stand. Determined not to be
outdone in the manufacture or finish of his
work, ha is bound to have the best work
men and materials, and to treat those who
have so liberally patronized (as well as
those also who shall he pleased to patronize
him) wilh that attention which he hopes to
insure bim a full share of public patronage.
All kinds of Produce taken in exchange.
Hides and Dark not refused, for which the
highest market price will be paid in cash
or in exchange for leather.
March 2o. A D. 1853
The Gretct Discovery of the Ayr !
rs s- "r .
' "V J-vi. jn.
IS convtnily rfTminjf cure of the utmost
i m pi irt aiice. Thf most creJulous are cn-
vivctn; tbe most faithle cDijHIIti In lflite
in the power and virtue of this great remedy.
It In nttlvcTwrnlly aJmittitl U be Ihe mrv-t wwrlerftil
rnmUiutkm kufn to ttte world fur thn iinmniitttf tvlivf
of atil p;un. It nt'tfrr fail while th-iv n miny
nuttirii'iit lift t nttor a naturml ami IvNitthy ar-tinn In
Hit trat'iHarv vomt li' of the body, and t'lnttliz tht rirctUa-t"-n
of fte itl'tnd. By XU mtait, a contndlin? power in
jrainHl mrr the mwt milrinuint fiinuii of dicar. whirh
(TH ntt hi olilaincd fruio any tlnr rt m dy. Sarh in the
power of tlw rontinstion. that it ptnctnite to every
portion of Ui hiioaii frHta ; rvrry buiin and diusbtI,
Tfin. nerve and lijnwufnt in 4archrd out and in 01 e cn
ar:l.lf parifirationawd twaHointlu -lire. Hence it oopctf
aK rejvtii? with inttmat aarxb rnal d.evascf.
Nnmernu in.wt.intw air on r.r-nl, wh'r? thw rrmoly
ha r-rrd health tn patlrnt so near the pruvr that the
ni' Kvwt-rful inkm.il rcini-die failed to protluco any
effect. 8ucb hu flrein ntJy Ijvcn Itn eao ia
Infammaiion of the Bowe'a.
N'n pat.snt nts'd die with Uiu dtonm where the Maziwtic
Ointm.-rut ran he ohtaitied. That danirrooii epidmie.
known a the PUTUIJ KRTfcii'ELA.S n always be
euixtl by this remedy. For
thf Ointment !c the mnrt fntnphti- nmedr ever preparefl.
In 90 cat out nf 1u0, It will afford mh'rt rrUf to tlie
worrt ca-1 of Nervous Headache in 30 tainntea. for
Nervoti Diavaaa. tliia remrdy ia nf immnae vaine.
AtTectTOfiff -f the hpine, Kh-unntint, Iameneas, tTlee
rntid Sore Tlirnat, Bronchititt, Pleai-in-. Oroap, Chilla,
ruder Morhw. Afftv tn l e r Brpant, Ihirna,
rVaJd Head, trkrofnl.-v Salt Tthcara. Kryip"laa. Inflamed
Fjra, revf-r Sorea, ie will be inatediately rulitred by
tlic cec of this trtnedy.
80U by Thorn f nn 4r Baiter, Lt wiebarg.
m E F B-TTTtarfitn, Tif Agt
E -V-TjwfT--nr5B&2t2
More IKews Cor tbe Sick!
Suffitu M tojitl rrrjr aJumn oftMU pnptr. cn hrprudmcrd
utting Jrtk Ve vxmrftd vtrtmM
Dr.Swajue's celebrated Family Medicines.
celebrated Compound Syrup of
Wild Cherry,
That I would, not give
on bottle of - lr. twajoe's
Couiund Syrupof WildCherrjr"
hall ihiai n of any other prepap
utfins. I have tried all tbe popular ones,
but this stands uurivallcd li the cure of Use
f,.lloinK diseases, via. IsIsmM, Onight, t!
0,sjmir4.., fpilUhg W, lllyUatm Hit
llwrt, WKaVimsl Omok, IMinf) or Uung
tjltum ia ie Akruut, linmclittit, Attltma, ur
llVusms oA .V.TSOB .Vysf.ss.or bn
pair conslitution from any eaose,
and to prevent persons frum
tailtugiutna qiw,uii.ii.-
Uliiin; una '." -'I'! .
and alien too much Calomel or tiuiniue has born used,
. :n ...il HfTv-tw on the
till Bieutciua am j . i . . .
rynem sua repair c j - - -
ai...h.m Hunsicker. S mile from Bhippack-
tille. Pa., contracted a severe cold, which set
tled upon his Lungs, attended wilh violent
coughing great Uinicuity 01 orcaintu,,
lormed iii his lungs, and made it ay through
the side, aud discharged large quantlUe of pus
rxUtnally. Thi mournful stale of ih.ngs eon-
linued for a long time, unui msKing
sjsray tie's Compound Sjrup of Wild lbirry.
which perfoimed a perfect cure.
. t : ....!. ml Al
Have you Ihe Asinm, s.ie. vvmy.., -
Uronchiii I If so give this medicines liuL It
sclJ.'iii tails lo cure.
De tiry careful to enquire for DR.
WILD CHERRY, as some unprinciph d indi
- i... i k .......... I. n iho name ol Wild Chill V.
IIUU'IIS ll.v. iw. - -- - -
ibniking to borrow a reputation from ibul aliea
dy estahlisbed. Kememuer, tne geuumo
n squaie bottles, covered with a beautiful wiap
per. (steel engravmg.) wilh tbe portiait of DK.
SVVY.E thereon, ul-o his signature : all oth
ers are positively fclicioua and counterfeit."
tiTi nc'4 Celebrated Venulfuise.
i. sale and tfliclual leinedy for Worms, Di-
pepsm. Cholera .viurtius, eitniy 01 "l"".
Children, or Adult, and the most use
ful family Medicine ever o lb. red
to tile public"
Extract of a Lelhr to Dr. Swaync.
Dated. Andersonlown. Indiana.
A mr.n purchased a boiile of your Veimifuge
the other day for his child, and by its use dis
charged sixty tb ee of the Urges! worm he had
eser seen. It is some hat difficult lo git the
people t.y it, as thiy havj been sj oflen guiltd
l.y nauseous and worthies worm medicine.
Yours being so very pleasant to t'ue taste, at the
same time elf.ctual, I shall be able U dispose of
a Urge quauliiy. Kespeitfully, jours.
TotvsKo T. Suabp, P. M.
Dr. Sttayne's Virutiluge is now put up in square
bottle, (having recently been changed,) covered
with a beautilul steel ei graving wrapper, with
the portiait uf Dr. Swayne ihereon. Dear iiis
in mind, nd be not deceived.
SVe that tha name is spelt correctly
A mild and effective purgative, gteat purifier
of the blood, they correct all the functions of the
Liver,and as an alterative in Dropsical affections,
.1 .... -i...i.l Ciililinena of the head.
I lie V am ii'J -- - -
dimness of sight depression of spirits, headache.
Stc, ate cured l.y tnese iiumi.iiiB ..
medicine can have a better effect fur monthly ir
regularities, which occasionally happen to wo
men. Ibey are perfectly safe, sud will in conjunc
tion with Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of
Wild Cbery, take all pain from every pan of
the system.
The above valuable medicines are prepared on
ly by Da. SWAYXE. N. W. corner of Eighth
and Race streets, Philadelphia.
Agentt for Vninn count), fa.:
W.Kesslcr K.WiU.n.X. Berlin ll.Meiirh.MillcTsl.urtf
.. . III I ltf,i-n. IVolri'Vil
tti-.'. StM-clit. lU-nvertnn n
11. J. lloycr. tvntreville
I.. 4 Taylor. Miflliiit.iirtt
ll.-ivis k sieltnuri.. m-liiisicrove
Vouniiman k Walter, llry Vails):
I...I... Sf..ll..e Vull Iln.l
.P.miin..'lonecri. n.-j
U lit li S'll..r llartletnn
lloyer Jiuunuers, Freeliurj
rninmirii. ihtiimis
and by Storekeepers generally ty-BO
ISsml llaupt, Jr. -
rpilE subscriber avails himself ol the col
t umns of Ihe Chronicle in publishinjr to
the citizens of liewisbiira and vicinity that
he has opened a HOARDING HOUSE in that
large and comfortably arranged house, formerly
kepi as a Temperance Hotel by James Kelly, two
doois east of the Franklin House. Market street.
He is prepared to say that his Table shall have
the best the Markets can afford, and tho Lodging
of Bonidera shall be as comfortable as ran be
desired. I S. STERNER.
N. B. A team and carriage
will be kept ta convey passengers to and from the
- . . u .a iuriv
Tackrl Uoats. i.ewisourg, niaicu is, in.n.
rpiIE subscribers ofler the public, al their
J new Brick Foundry, the following new
and vnluable Stoves :
Iron Witch Air-Tight Cooking Stoves, wilh
Brick Oven.
Lady Washington Parlor Stove.
Cast Iron Air-l ight Pallor Slove.for Wood
Coal Burner for Parlors 1 size, 12 inch c I
" Louis Air-Tight Cast Iron Parlor Stove 2
Shield Air-Tight Parlor Stove for Wood 2
Egg Siova the very best in ose for Stores,
Offices, Barrooms, and Shops.
The celebrated Genesee Air Tight Cook Stove.
The Complete Cook 2 sizes.
Also, all kinds of Wood and Coal Stoves
PloU"hs Castiii;s. &c. &C.
Owisburrr, Dee. 12, 1849.
Drandreth's Tills are sold at 25
cts per box (wilh full direction-)
BY J. HAYES St CO., Lewishurj. and
by o.nly one Agent in everv town in
the Union. Each Agent has a Certificate
of Aaencv. Examine the box o' pills nlwn vs
nd compare it wilh the fac simile labels on Ihe
Certificate of Aeency. As there is a counterfeit
of ihe new label nut. this is of much importance,
a there is a decided difference between Ihe
appearance of tha true labels and those of the
counterfeit. The counterfeit is done on stone ;
the genuine are dune on steel. Tbe appearance
of ihe printing on the counterfeit is rageeJ and
hlurrv ; the genuine label ia Ibe very pink of
neatness, both in ptinling, paper, and general
Be very careful and goto the Agent.when you
want Brantlreth's Pill : then you are sore of ibe
eenuine article. When yon purchase otherwise,
inquire nf the seller whether he knows the pills
he offer you are the genuine Brandieth's? Ev
ery maw knows whether the auicls be offers ia
true or false. Beware of cheats I
NOTES Promissory, Judgment, and
J jint Notes (blanks) nl ibis office
JUICE agreaf Dytpeptia Carer f
Prepared from Rennet, or tbe fourth stomach of
Ibe Oi, after directions by Baron Liasie, the
great physiological chemist, by J S.HotaaTos,
M.D., No. 11 S. 8th St Philadelphia. Pa-
A TRULY wonderful remedy for Indigetion,
Dyipeptia, Jaundice, liter ComplatiU,
Voiutipation aud Debility, curing after Nature s
own process, by Nature's own agent, the Gastric
Juice. (Jj-Half leaspoonful of this fluid infused
in water, can digest or dissolve Five Pounds of
roast beef in about two hours, out of ihe stomach.
Digestion is chiefly performed in the stom
ach by the aid of a fluid which Inely exudes from
the inner eoat of that orgin, when in a state of
beul h, called the gastric juice. Thi fluid the
o-iruf Wren ofilie food the purifying, preser
ving and stimulating agent of the stomach and
intestine. Without it there can be no digestion,
no conversion of food into blood, no nutriiion
but raiber a foul, torpid, painful ami uenarwc ive
condition of the whole digestive apparatus.
I'epsln i the chief element ur great digest
ing principle of the gastric juice. It i found io
great abundance in the solid part ol ihe human
stomach alter death, and sometime causes the
stomach to digest or eat itself up. It is sIm found
in the stomach of animals, as the ox, calf, Ac. It
is the material used by farmers in making cheese
si) kd Rennet, the effect of which ha long
been ihe special wonder of the dairy. Curdling
of milk i the first process of digestion. A call
stomach can curdle nearly one ibou-and times its
own weight of milk. Baron Liebig states, "one
part of Pepsin dio!vid in sixty thousand parts
of water, dige I meal auJ other food." Diseased
stomachs produce no good Gastiic Juice, Rennet
oi Pep.-in. To how that thi want may be per
fectly supplied, we quote the suhjoinej
Baron L1K1IIU, in his cel. Iirotcl work on Animal -nc-mi.try,
sys: -An art.nciiU dicstiv Sui.1, anlSus to
tli. iiiistric Juice.uiny Is- readily prepared Iron; the nfuci.tl
ni. uibraiie of Uw stotuach ot the calf, in winch yanous
articles of food, as meat and seas, will be soOennl and
digested in the saluc manner as in tlie human stomach.
li. lukl-lltl in hi. funwina tniatise on Foist and llwt,
published br fowlers k Wells, New fork, page J 36. states
the same p-rcut lart, and describe the method of prepara
tion. Tliere are frw hishee authorities than Dr. I crena.
Dr. COM UK, in hi ealnnhle writings oa the Phy siotiry
... . .: . i .1... m. .i.mlnTit jai of the due
qitatitity of the Ij as trie Juice is a prominent and Bll-pre-
lail.nr cause of llys-psia," and Be slaw s mav
...... i.. .i r. ... ..r i,b.ilrne ia ls,ndon.whow.ia severely
alMUtiJ with this complaint. Boding everything else to
tut, h:id recourse to Uie Gastric Juice, obtained from tlie
. l ,.; :M.l. wlu-l n.mn'. l I v auceeedi-t.
llr.OIIAIlA.H,autborifUjeliiniouwurson Vegcetablr
Piet, pars: It is a remarllaliie l'l in piiysi'ieu.'.
.i... . ..'.....l .ni..t. miuvisLj in aster, impart to
it... t-ni.i ilu.nmivH nf duunlvinir vurious iirticlesof ft.'
and id . nVcttnn a kind of artificial digestion of them iu no
sisii d.llen nt trom Uie natural uigesuie proe.-".
Ur. ftlMOX sj grunt work, the Cli.-uiii.tr of Man, (Isa
o. i m.:i...i tun ..n n-'l 1 nv.: .-The discorery
w.aiiiwtiu. i iu.wi-..-- fr ' e 111.
of IVpsiu loruis a new era in the cl.ciui. nl b.story i ne
f -t ou. Kriau r.n nt expttrinn-nts, we know Ulat 6d is
iliMiilTiilas rapidly in an artinrial di.--ot.vi tluid. pn-naml
from IViwin. as it is in tlie esttirul liastrie Juice itself.
I'rof. lit.MiLlls X. of tlie Jefferson 1'ullege. 1'hila.l- in
his Kri-at work on llumau I'hysiolo-jy.il; ; VoU-s niore thau
lift v pain-p to an examination of this rui.ji. Hts eaperl
ii. ll.. ..i,,.i.t. on the Gastric Juice, outatuiil
from the livintr human stomach and trim animals, are
known. - In all cases." he says, "digestion oeeurr. il as
perfectly in the artiSeial as iu the natural diUous.
As a DYSPEPSIA C't'RER, Dr HoOghlon'a
r,reiisrati.,n of Peusin has produced the most mar-
veluu iffecls. It is impossible to give detail of
cases in the limit of this advertisement nut au
Ihenticatid certificates have been given of more
than TWO HUNDRED rspid. wonderful, and
uetmanent cures. It is a great INxavnca A'VTI
pote, and particularly useful for tendency to
bilious disorder, liver complaint, fever and ague,
the evil effects of quinine, mercury, &c, also for
excess in eating or diinking
Theie is no form of OLD STOMACH COM
PLAINTS which il does not reach and also give
inslint relief ! and repealed for a short lime, pu
rilv of Blood and viooa or aonr follow at once.
Il is parliculaily excellent in cases of nausea, vo
miting, cianips. soreness ot ine pilot tnestomacn,
distress after eating, low, cold state of the blood,
heaviness, lowness of spirits, despondency, emaci
ation, weakness, tendencv to insanity, &c.
Price. ON E DOLLAR per bottle. One bottle
often effects a lasting cure.
PEPSIN III POWDr HS sent by Mall, free of Postage.
rr convenience of sen. linir to all parts of the country,
the Digestive Matter of th "epsin.is put Bp in the form of
Senders, with direeuous to ne aispoivci ny me .urui iu
wat-r or syrup. These? powders contain Just tlie same
matter as the bottles, but twici- the qusntity f.w the same
priee. and are sent by mail. Free of I'netaKc, lor l. sent
iost-paid) to Dr. J. S. HoiutliUiu, No. 11 North fclgbtB el,
I'hiladelphia. his pucksges for
Ever Kittle.and Dackago bears tbe wiillrn sig
nature of J S.HOUGHTON.M.D , Sole Proprie
tor. Sold by agents in every town in tne union
and bv most respectable dealers in medicine.
To be bad of Dr. THORN I ON, LewUburg ;
J H Casio, Milton; Thompson, MifHinbnrg;
Will St Eilert..Haitleton; W m Rosbong. rjiew
Berlin ; G I C rouse, Selinsgrove ; Mrs M'Cay,
Mifflmburg, Union county, I'mn'a
Tl ESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of
I Vi Union county, and the public in general,
that he has leased the above stand, for many
tears occupied by bis Father, and ia now pre
pared to accommodate friend and the traveling
community in a manner acceptable to an.
The HOUSE is large aud roomy, well arran
ged in all its departments, and every care will be
taken to render bis guests comfortable and happy.
His TABLE will always be furnished with the
choicest delicacies of the season, and the best tbe
market can afford. The BAR will at all limes
be attended by careful persons, and none but the
very best of liquois will be kept. His STABLES
are ample and convenient, aud the OSTLER
punctual and attentive.
In short, he pledges himself lo endeavor to
give general satisfaction lo all, and hopes by
sirict attention to business to merit and receive
a liberal share of patronage. ''
Mitilinburg, June 20. I860
WOULD inform the public, that they
have opened a shop on Fourth street
lower story of S. W. WykolPs old stand.
opposite Hunter rardoe a shop, where they
keep on hand or make to order
Fancy and Common Chairs,
Hostnn Rocking Chairs also
Riirraus, Tables, Bedsteads,
of various kinds.
I Settees, &c. ckr.
All work in our line wnrranted to be well
made, and on the most reasonable terms.
House and Sign PAINTING
attended to by the subscribers on ibe shor
test notice and in the best style.
Country Produce and Lumber taken in
payment and Cash not refused, but rather
The subscribers intend lo be strict in the
fulfilment of all their promises as regards
work nnd so doing, hope to receive a
liberal share ol public patronage.
Lewisburf;, Nov. 1840
Farmers' Produce Wanted.
OUR Agricultural Friendf will greatly oblige
by supplying the Printer, immeiliately, with
Wheal, Corn, Buckwheat, Potatoes. Ciiler.Wood,
Apples, &c. A this has been a plentiful season,
tbe Printers ind Edi'or hope to share of it.
TS now carried on as usual, at the upper
X end of Market street, where every des
criptioo of CASTINGS 's kePl cn
hand or made to order such aa
Tbe Complete, or
Complete Improved
Cooking Stoves
for either Coal or
Wood and all
oilier kinds ol
loPMUGIIK of differ
ent kinds Cora Ploughs, Bull Ploughs,
and the
Self-Sharpening Flongh,
a new article, and which can not be leaf
in Pcnnslvania. Call and see and jt-dgel
for yourselves.
UlilCISl dc M'rAUDliN
Lsswisburg. Sept. 2i, 1940
fPHE undersigned continues tl.e LI I E'
X UY BUSLVESS at the Old Stand.
skT a rat. rt it t . 1
on iNonn intra st., near -tiurKu, aim
respectfully solicits tbe pntronage of Lis
friends and the public tenerally.
Lewisburg, May 'Z2, 1650
Books Books!
rpHE subscriber offers br sale at the
X Lewisburt Post-OlKce, an Mur;nit in
ol the most useful
Paper, School Books, Stationery
of all kinds also lhe best Cigirs,Tt'bccf,
Lewisburg, M iy 7, 1850
IRESH TEAS. Ano her lot o"
. supeiior Blink nnd Green Teu-j ..
just reed from thefanlnn Tea I'mn
pany, and for sale nt New York iciui
prices by J. 1JAYF.S & CO.
Lewisburg, April 16. Agei.ts.
Important joticc!
fPHE public are hereby infor.rtd thai I
J am the txclusive pieprii tt r of il
Cooking Stove knonn as 'White's I'.tti'iii"
or 'The Whi'e Stove, by virtue i f va-ln
letters patent granted to me by the pn'p
authorities at Washington ; and I herein
caution all persons nut to niwriu'aciore
sell the same without nu horitt from me a
I shall promptly sc. k l u-il rcdn-s I. 1
every infringement of my njjht utub r sue
letters patent. The public are also cau
tioned that all stoves mtnufactured by n
or my grantees or n"pnt. sre m;irke.
James Vhite. Patented June 10, 1844,
wilh the additional mark ' Ke-issue, Au
6, 1890," on the slide plate.
Milton, Sept. U,'1850 3m
Cciutsburg JTounDni
r'PHE subscribers, ihnnkful for ptist pat
X ronage, would inlorm the public tha'
they continue to manufnctuie all ktmlx rf
Mill Gearing, cast Water Vlittl
ol the most npproted pattern,
Threshing Machines.
One and Two Horse
PLOUGHS. He invite
particular attention lo a new-
article Wiard's Patent Gun Plough.
for seeding in Grain. Farmeis by thi
Plough ran seed as much grain in one da)
as in three days with common ploughs.
and Fitting ihe same. HOLLOW Wan.
Kettles and Pots of various izes Smooth
ing Irons and Stands cast Tea Kettles to
suit cooking stoves, fla.
the most approved patterns now in use, for
wood or coal Fancj rT PVfTT'i L 1
Parlor, Wood and Coal U
Air-Tight Stoves Rice's Si If-reguluiin
Air-Tight Pa i lor XVoud Sioves, (a new
article,) &C.
Threshing Machines and other arlicler
ol Machinery repaired in the bent manner
and on the shortest notiee. Ca.stin war
ranted to be ol the best mn'erinl, and at
prices that can noi fnl to plcae.
Lewisburg, March 25, 1818
THE andcrsignrJ conlinura (o furnUh to orJer
on Ihe rooM reaminable tern.s. rianns. Tiom
the Manufactory of Cosbad Mat kr. Philail'a.
whose instruments are loo aril known to need
any panegyric, haeing uniformly received the
eommrnilations of the most emiiienl profrs-ors
and composers of Music, anil the awatJ of ihe
premiums in New York, Philadelphia and H .stun
Kor qualities of tone, touch, and keeping in tone
uii tu cuiitreii mien, rnev eaii ti.ii h. ....... .i i.
either American or European pianos. j
instructions given on Ihe Piano as heieiofore.
p- M u- 1 . e ,
Keierrnce may be made lo anv of those parents
or guardians who have pupil committed lo hia
charge He m.y be seen at bis residence .1 Mi.
Metiger's, first street, Lewisburg, where leims
and panicolara will be made knun.
Tbe most popular and favorite Airs anil Music
of different kinds received as it is issued from Ibe
different musical establishments in the fine
Mt "TTar Q '"rcJ "ficestConsia
Jiill JVO Wcs.tkc.. on hand at
the Chronicle rihce, or rrtntcd lo order.
BlOaa. I
sfyw-., Br.
"An ounce of Prevention worth,
a jiouitd of Cure," io
that atrful diitatc,
cousuriPTioii ;
DU. FITCH'S Lectures on the frcter..
linn and Cure of Con$tirrption.
This popular work for sale in Lewisbur,!
by S. F. Lthdul' J. Unughtuc and at
this office. Price. 75 cents.
Lt Fvkrtsoov Kaan nil l. vksieu.r. Tier It i
etirssnaoil " tt" m-lti: l-wn called S f
Towrss-ii iar-apirtfa. I is s.iverev.1 as tl e Oltll.I.
.j.i ci-l l- -,ui jll to.t. Tills T .wiiieul isriti,;
and ue.cr was: but . i-.riuer: a work-i on railma.l-.ta,
aaK aisl the like vet he ' tit title oi l ..vor i. r
mnan nl f-iinlnit'dclu for what tie as It-'ays -:.
hjs iiiieiideiltwliie-li.v.i .iiU, and prar ue I i.m a
years"" X-o uV'ra.h .. lie uei r praeiiecl mclTci,,, ,
day ill hi lll " ''. es-Snt imsiepn-arn-al. a
itvfks hid t" llieeo-iririerati I vrncny of the man. I Sin
most stoCelvl. a lel oei m.tle liio- staleir-u!. t h.-i
aeil or ol toe. ttdni i:l irtu leiro to t,e !i.oe anJ tiu 3
ful 111 atl 'heir tlesleejs ai.d l.iie.coir e i:h their t.ll I
mrll 1 He ap'(ld to oile Rnet Cajio to a-siw hon iBi
ufseiuriie' bti i -is'iite. s-amot the Ui-p inn., tie ii,ie -make
a an iis-waav-ttt 10 cmlsiik 111 tlie t.usioesa. T-ei .
men bavo htcn issmitmai a.-l In- ," l " ' P"'
form-, in oritur P impiie-. tlie ptit.lie arh the bein-i t.-. t
the Old D-ctor's S itwiuriiia was nut the eriiiiine. " i '
tZXZZrit:.!. ma.! f. -'i the IM lrt r Unt.nnl .'- ,.
TlusS. V. T.iwneii't svs 1 liave s... I Itie a- -o 1. ,
naine ..rl7 a wick I will rive tun, .-! ri Ue wit , .
dttce one mtste solitary pro o! tin.. Ill- a aieit.i n: !
Thompson Siilt.nan o. are u.i Inns !
falsch'ssls. .imply mi l' o .W'i'c 'i-e pu ic nr. I s
tlie truth .I..W.I cssnl to hiv wsi. Jfnyalinf t .
rastsil This is o caution tlie pm. it l plucks f .ioo it
tMd lr. JA H Town-" '- Sirai'SOt:a. lisinti 00 j
Old liclor't lili-ness. tin fa'to-y C'al of a
sienaiurearross tiiel o it t.t .".rttiP.
011 1)r. Jacob TowPaScn:,
THE r-Rt'llNAl. lli OVKt:Eil OF TilK
Genuine Townsoud Sarstpirilla.
1 l .i Or T li ' I li-' -e ' ' '1 ' c 'C " ' '-s
i.n.. lieen IM1- 11' -t ' '" ! !! ,i I.Ht.H
! StltS.tPAtttLL t." H-inJ .af.lie wi i-t i
limn nm muter u.c. Iiy 'i..-h mem- it !.j- -.- . I. - ; u
ot nialket. a-i ' -I' " ei r i m-i .
t had pr-vc-l it w.ir ti. ami ktt--wn u. v uuc. I'. .1
I tlierais -I man., intnls-.f. th-' ' 1-' ""'
been heile.1 ..I -.. e diseases, aisl avJ lwi:i .
... r-: ..J
. m .... ..I it. won w! nl
UKAMVfJ I'f.V !'.!.
Til' CRAMl.tMM NK'tl !.!.! lll'ltl P.'.t tT . A
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the Skin. S-al.l Ileal, Mt Mhemw. Kiv-ipe a". It'll
Saelllti;. Kever S.res. .iti.l .t'l ulcers: i oi-i tn'erna' ar-t ft
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ITATION ol lit- .ler.ir pr-tiri-t..n ' !
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wont.to.-sr the niiMl tii.tai.l lesrmhlanca to S. P. T.-v
armPs nrtir'r .'
We wi-h ii iinilertoo.!, heeati-e it is tlie it'.- 'av 18 A
that S. P T-iwicen l'i ante:, ami ni,! lr. J :e.,:. r ' -'i '
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iniM'fnivi' fci. "'!,: nt 'h etri"ii' ''-"'tr " '
atlul LOW ll at 1A H
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into wounded hnTii.oitv. to kin-lte h.-e in the .!l'.i,ar,
bosom, to restore health, aisl litiaioi. ami vt-or V'l.a
1 cni-hc! an.! tiroV-n. an I In leo.t.-h n'lirriil'v 'i "i
jai-ihi tiuvvslvh ku i-i:it r ...i riu Mi h-f
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w.il,.n .1. Mul. ... tl. b.. ..--.!..- .U' all WtlO I
that they mv learn and know l iovtnl svnerleiics,
TranaceBHlaal Pewrr Ileus
Aor.fvrs for me above Medicine C "
Schnflle, Lewmhtirtr ; John H Ratr, M
ton ; Forsyth & Priestly. ior?hunib"'Sti4
rVVE Bur;r.s.y and Sett of Harnesa,
One Two Horse Wagon,
line 1 ruck wiod
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For mI by
H P Sitl'M