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Delegate Meetings and County
Tho Democratic Whig voters of Union
county will assemble in their respective
election districts on Satucday, the 3d day
of August next, and elect two Delegates,
lor each respective District, to attend
Countj Convention, which will be held at
New Berlin, on Monday, the 5th day of
August next for the purpose of nominating
Candidates for the following editors, viz :
I Congressman, 1 Assemblyman, Pro-
thonotary, Prosecuting Attorney, County
Surveyor, Commissioner, &c.
By order of (he Whir Standing Com'ee.
New Berlin, June 27, 1850.
Delegate Meeting.
The Democratic citizens of Union coun
ty, will meet at their respective places of
liolding elections, on Saturday the 10th
tlay of August, at 2 o'clock. P.M., to elect
two delegates, for each district, to meet in
County (.onveutioo, on Monday the 12th
of August. For the purpose of nomina
ting candidates for Congress and Assembly.
(KrA general a'tend.inee is requested.
By order of (he Standing Committee.
June 27, 1853. ' J. M. BAUM, Ch'n.
SUPERIOR Sugar CureJ HAMS, just
tj received at the store of the subscriber
one door East of Kline's hotel
Lewisburg, July 3d, 1850.
f PHAT 1 have bought nt Constable Sale,
1 as the property of John Wehtz, the
following articles, viz. - mantel clocks, I wood
stove, 2 coal stover, 1 spring wagon, 1 shoal, 1
horse, 1 settee, 12 chairs, 26 yards carpeting. 2
setts of buggey harness, and 7 bedsteads. And
that I have left the suue with said John Wertz,
timing my pleasuie.
Kelly Tp, July 8, IS50 pd
Notice, to the Tax-Payers of
Union County.
VT a meeting of the Board of Commissioners
of I'nion Co., I'a., it was resolved that all
tat pavers paring to the Collectors of iheir respec
tive Districts, their quota of State TAX for the
jiresent year on or before the 231 day of July (so
s to enable the .State to meet the August interest)
thail have an niTr.ntvT ol 5 per rent, stlowou
them on the amount so paid, of which the Col
lectors of the several districts of I'nion county will
please take notice, and inake their payments to
the County Treasurer on the above mentioned
lay. when ibe Treasurer ami Commissioners will
inert at their office in Near Berlin
JllStrH WlSTKB, 1
Jxt LiRinx. ' Comm'rs.
Joh Wilt. J
Oflice, New Uerlia, July H, IS.jU
Or. fcf;jl-
A Mi: AD UP ALL OlHKlls!
The Envy of all Pi!l Manufacturers,
EECAl'SE they are safer, lielter, and more
efficacious than any others.
500,000 lloxes
have been sold annually for the last five years.
V . .., M. ...... L'
ran always lake them with equal safi ty, without
fear. If Pill be necessary
for purging and cleansing the Stomach and How.
rls, and purifying the Blood and fluids of ll.e 1m
ly, take no others for no other pills produce
those combined effects, or cuiiuin &arsaparilla in
Eat, Drink and Live as vsuah
and purtue your usual occupation whilst taking
them, without feat of taking cold, during all
kinds of weather.
One Thousand Dollars
are wagered that more genuine certificates (from
physicians, clergymen. Members ol Congress, and
respectable citizens) can tie produced of their
efficacy than of any others, and
will le forfeited in every instance where One
Bos will not do more good than Two Boxes of
any others.
Fort? Pills in a Box ! !
and solJ at Tuvntt-t'ire Cents a Bus, with
directions and much wholesome advice aecompa
aiving each box.
Thry hare no titrtr or nttlJrtistrvt fm.lt.
Frrt from itmtt or pmtrdir of hhj . im,
Ihi mnl grip fae .VwaocA "r lU tf It.
Ifmiuot mo nrimrtr, rnmitimff. or 11 frrlinQt,
Jml adaptrt fo mifft dttrvft cmotm to mauliml.
No one having once taken them will be willing
afterwards to lake any others, because they al
wava do good, and if they do not, then no others
Dr. M. B. Leidr, The Proprietor and Manufacturer,
s a regular Druggist, Chemist, and Physician, of
fifteen years' experience io Philadelphia ; (irad
uate of the University of Pennsylvania; Mem
ber of different Medical Insi itutions of Philadel
phia, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Aic, and
associate and corresponding member of several
Medical Institutions of London and Paris, cYc.
OcTBiet mi Imposition. Beware of all
fpilla called by names nearly similar, got up to be
old on the reputation of Ur. Leiily'sSarsaparill.
tJlood Pills; the first Sarsaparilla pills ever in
troduced and the only pills containing Sarsaparil
la. Take no others and you will not be decei ved.
"Others by similar names, or nearly similar, are a
gross fraud. Beware, then, of Imposition ! !
I " Principal Depot, Dr. Leidly'a dispensary.
No. 114 North FOURTH ST, Philadelphia
and sold wholesale and retail be
C. W. STIIAFFLK. Lpwtshunr: J. M. Renter. O. W. Krrr
It. Sf Berlin ; J. M. Taylor, J. A J.Stitsr-r, MitHinburir;
Iiavta A Srbnure. PWinsgrnvr s Ywininnan A Walter, Ilry
Valley; ."pottn A Myers, Kelly X Kuadi; L. O. Kohrer,
M'Kees L Fall; Thomas liotrer. hamokin Dam; Kobert
Nilh, MidJlcliri;; II. A. Smith, Uenvcrtown : Henry
Smith, Aiiam.Wjr; I. S. Uoyer. Frwburjr : Wilt A Kilert,
Hartletaa; KlerkoiT A Itousrh. Centrvville; 11. J. hhenP
It, Milton; W. P. I. I'ainter, Munry; Ur. J. M. JudO,
Willamiort; and by lniiits and Storekeepers thru'
out Ibe L'nited states. ly&H
ilifflinburg. Union county, Penn'a.
SSS&IrjiyaS GjSSI3
RESPECTFULLY informs the citizena of
Caian county, and the public in general,
that he has leased the above stand, for many
years oocapiea by his Father, and is now pre
pared to ecommeilate friends end the traveling
.comnMwity in a Banner acceptable to all.
The SUf SB ia Urge and roomy, well arran
ged in all its depart Aents. and every care will be
itflkeota reader ass guesu comfortable and happy.
.KmTAP'-E wU atwayabe furn'uhed with the
'choicest detieaoiee of the season, and the best the
market afd. The BAR will at all timet
be attended by careful persona, and none but the
eryUt of hqene will be kepU His STABLES
ere tmy'.a and convenient, and the OSTLEK3
puastual and attentive.
In start, i pledges himself to endeavor to
eise Rr:crl atisfaction to all, and hopes by
uict attcrrnos to business to merit and receive
a liberal Share f patronape.
Mdllinrmrfc June 2t, 1850
TT 'XTTi Q for Jastice8,Consta.
DijAiN JVU bles,&t;.,on head at
tba fOfltcle ofHco, or printed to order.
To the Voters of Union Countj.
IELLO .V-CITIZENS : I will be a can
. didate for the office of Prolhonvtary
of this county at the ensuing election, (if
nominated by the Whig Convention,) and
respectfully solicit your support.
East Buflaloc. July 3, 1850 tnpd
IV Post ()i1io, June 30, 1850.
II Bay Jacob L
t Creamer A W 2, Craft John P Kscj.
Cronrath Danl, Campbell Keuben
P Fotrey I 1), Krchn I-aac Dd
(i Ueiger Susanna'i
II llarrUon S I. t-q
K Kalhenoan Kredk, Kemb Keuben, Kaup
E, Lee J S Esq, Levan David Esq, Lehman
John M.
M M'Clung S Esq, Millor George, Melzer
I Pontius Mary, Potts Joseph, Peters Juth
L Khi. Peters A J.
R Runyau Belhuel, Ruhl Cbailes, Kuhl
John, Reed John Van Esq.
g Schneider Ernst, Sterret John A, Snobs
Jas L, chiller Wa-li, Slarks Win, Kheller S C.
T Topper Saml
V Volentine Mr A
W Welliver Jtary
IT Voder Cicorgc I. 38
Persons inquirin for tlic ahove letler
will please say they are advertised, other
wise they mav not pet them.
A. KKXNliDY, P. M.
Mure Xins for llie 8ick!
Sujficbkl to fill rrrrj ft-Vlffff ij thin KijKr. ran l prvductil
fttinii J'irL't Oh Kyindixf'U tiftiir of
Pr.Swayne's telulirated Family Medieiues.
Dr. S V A V . E'S
celebrated Compound iSyrup of
Wild Cherry
Thr.t I fiwM nut rive
one Iwttle wt ir. !w:iyiie's
Cumi.iuud tfyruLMjt' Wild! 'lKTry"
fur half a iloz.-n 4l':,ny oilier prc-par-atieni.
1 hare triil all the popular unea,
tiut tiiin etaikl unrivalled ior the cure ol the
fllowin! ilii.iM'il. viz. lnjluema. Onujhiy OJit.
t'nsnmi. Sjiiltiftf if Jthutl, Ittlintiitiim nj' tlit
Jlmri, WhiriHwj tbiiyli, Ticllitig or ttirimj -tatitiH
in Utr 'i'hnml. lirmojtilt Atitihta or
llitil.lir.vt f t'tr Xcrniu .Jftrm, tir ilu
pairel constitution from atiy eause,
and to prevent persiiis from
falling into a fc-riwr.tliistim
(lit-itie hari notitceoiial.
ami when too much Calomel or Cjiiitiine has heeu used,
this m.-lieiue will prevent it evil erTcct ou tile
system and repair the tiliary function?.
Abraham Hunsickcr, " miles from iShippack
ville, I'a., contracted a severe cold, which set
tled upon his Lungs, attended vtiili violent
coughing great dillicully of breathing, an abscess
formed in his lungs, and made its stay through
the tijr, and dichar;ed large quantities of pus
externally. This mournful state of th ngs con
tinued for a long lime, until making use of Dr.
Sayncs Compound iSyrup of Wild Cherry,
whicli jierfornu'd a perfect cure.
Have you the Asthma, Liver Complaint, or
Bronchitis ! If so give this medicine a trial. It
si-ldcim tails to cure.
Be verv careful to enquire for DR
WILD CHERRY, as some unprincipled incli--ilm.i
h.c siolcii the name of Wild Cherry,
thinking to borrow a reputation from that alrea
dy established. Remember, the geuuinc is ; a
in square bottles, covered nith a beautiful wra.i
per, (steel engraving.) with the porliait of Dli.
sWaV.VE thereon, also his signature : all oth
ers are positively irticivua and couiiterftit."
swayne't Oclcbratcd Vcrniil'uisc.
- sate and effectual remedy for Worms, bis-pe;-la,
t holers Morbus, nitkly or Di-peptic
ChilJren, or Adults, and the most use
ful Family Medicine ever olTcred
to the public"
Extract nf a Letter to Dr. Swayne.
Djted. Andersontowu, Indiana.
A man purchased a bottle of your Vermifuge
the other day for his child, and by its use dis
charged sixty thiee of (be largest worms he had
ever seen. It is somen hat difficult to get the
people tiy it, as they hava been so often gulled
by nauseous and worthless worm medicines.
Yours being so very pleasant to the taste, at the
same time elfeclual, 1 shall be able to dispose of
a large quantity. Respectfully, yours.
Towssr.xn T. tMiiKr, P. M.
Dr. fvfavne's Vermifuge is now put up in square
bottles, (having recently been changed.) covered
with a beautiful steel engraving wrapper, with
the portrait of Dr. Swayne thereon. Bear this
in mind, and be not deceived.
See that the name is spelt correctly
A mild and effective purgative, great purifier
of the blood, they correct all the functions of the
l.ivcr,and as an alterative in Dropsical attections.
they are very valuable. Giddiness of the head,
dimness of sight depression of spirits, headache,
ic, are cured l y' these purifying rills. jo
medicine can have a better effect fur monthly ir
regularities, which occasionally happen to wo
men, they are perfectly safe, and willin conjunc
tion with Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of
Wild Clierv, take all pain from every part of
the system.
The above valuable medicines are prepared on
ly by Da. SWAYNE, N. W. comer of Eighth
and Race streets, Philadelphia.
Agents fur Viuun county. Pa.:
C. W. ScHArn.1! aud Thorstos A llvafJt, Iswutt'Kra;
O.W.Kiwler K.WilN.n.VuVrliniH.Menrh, Millerebiirir
MrMe Hlieeht, Bearertown
I. J. River, (Vnlreville
L. A Taylor, ll.fliinliurjr
lmilh.Mi!!MT"!l Valley
Wilt A Kilert, Ilartleum
Havifi A Selmure, iscliio'irrove
Voungmnn A Waiter. Ilry Valley
iteulicn Keller, nary Inland
lloyer A Summer. Fn-eburj?
aml lfaupt,Jr.
and by Storekeepers generally Iy390
C. E.
IS now receiving
stock of
a large and a choice
Dry CiOOl latest styles Dress Goods
'Silks, Silk I.afps, Parasolettes,
Lawno, Prints, &c. &c.
a good variety.
Our stock was purchased on reasonable
terms, and is oflered to old Iriends and new
at th cheapest living rates. The trading
public are invited In call at the old Cheap
Store, south side of Market St. bptween 3d
ajiil 4th Sts. C. E. BOWES.
Lewisburg, June 26, 1850.
LOT of Fine Woul for wile bj
June 4
Large Sales Low Prices !
nwl filling I'p again brimnil
wilh a stock oforl.s LARGI"!l.L5ETTEU
tin J CHEAPER linn ever
TE have just received and are now opening
i f a large auu splendid assortment of
Spring and
embracing everything adapted to the varied want
and tastes of the community, and at prices thai
ran not fail to etve universal satisfaction.
The LADIES are assured that we have a better
assortment of Ui'CSM CaOOdtt lhau has ever
bceu presented ill this market. We have every
quality and description of
Ccnlt'tiiicii's and JJuya'' Dress Goodi,
Casimercs, Vesting, Summer Stuff, Fancy
I Cravats. Ac. A splendid lot of HATS, CAPd
and I!).. ETS, of the latest styles Ribbons,
Flowers, Silks, Calicoes, Lawns, Uinghams, &c.
liar J ware Queens ware Glassware,
of all kinds also a Urge stock of
Master, &a!t,aiid Fish,
at very low prices for CASH or COUNTRY
PRO DICE of all kinds at Maikcl prices.
J. & J. "WALLS.
Leivisl ure, April '23, 18.";()
at lewisbui'sr.
C1IRCULAR for the Academical Year com-
meucing Oct. 11, IS 19.
Primary Department.
Exercised in Spellim;. Heading, Definition,
English Grim mar. Arithmetic. taeagruHhy, His
tory L'.iS.A., lVuman?hip and Composition.
English Department of the Academy.
The fame studies as in the Primary Drpartm't
continued in the use of larger text books ; and to
ihe6 are added (leueral History, Alircbia, Li'ceu-
dre. and Eli-ruents of Purveying.
Classical Department of the Academy.
Ti mi Junirtr Academic cIush.
. KnglMi (inunmw, Latin Umnuaar, Arithmt tic(two
UiviiuiiiO vii)ahy.
. Th fame Uniii'n n in I. Ti-rni. an-l onmanhip.
. Kimli.ih vsniiiimar. Ca-Mir. Antlnn-iir computed ty
ltt. liTiiuti. liret-k (ramuuir. Ilitury L .A 1'cu-
Baikh.p. Itook-Kurpitip.
Senior Actrtfemtc ctm.
. Ca-nar, iinvk Iti-a'I r, Aljrcbra (Ll-.-imut.)
. .V.nriJ, i l
dii .! lo fnnilt-tfsj. ifne-
rU Iliftorj, Ku;lUh L.ii:uai' autl CuiujNksiiivii.
Frohman cities.
EnjrlMt Lanua1 ami ( out;oMtion, Algebra, Lirv.
IT. 1'larif tifs'iiiftn'. Uvv. Anal'3sii.
III. IMaUf. if..jid and ibiTi-l t.metry conij'U-U-'!. Li
vy, AuuWirt.
iSophnihOre class.
I. Iluraw, iiJ'y. i'Unr ni ihfriral Trit"'noin'try.
II. tin clu Miiifurativtn.Survfyitifr.Niivipatintu
III. !) itiniplt-tl. S ln t Orations of IKuhiH-Ucs,
Historic, Analyticul J-ni'lry.
Junior class,
I. Ih-mi" iTn'inK on tht frown. Cirrro Offl'ii, Me-rhni'-jT
llydrffetntk?. and llydraulirs.
IL l-niiwtht m-.t on tht I'rmrn. l.'io-m ! tifFi-ifa com-li-tfsj,
I'tu-iitiiatk-!, Ai-uuptiw, KUctridty, Mant
tiftn nnj utitir.
irv?k Tras"lyf Titun, AftntKJiy.
Senior cm.
ffnr Ar;1 mi'-nl Yar uumnrin(; Ort. in, Ih.r.)
Nntnral TUtuli.y, Iiits-lltrlual rhiIuoi.tiy'.
(irifk. rnlitiuit Kiiwrny. Monti l'hilo?iii1iv.
liutli-r i Aualf'y- nuiution of t . S., CuV-miiftry,
lsi'turf. tlt'tural UrviewH.
No clas in the Regular Course has less than
three tluily recitation?. Kvery Saiurday forenoon is
tlcvtUd exclusively t Vocal Music, Reclamation,
ami reaJtim seUxt and original CoiniHitions.
The eTudrnts are require J to a'ttml, regulaity,
fome reliiio(is meeting. Minors arc expected to
attend furh meetings are recommended to thern
by their parents or guardians. There are in the
borough no 1l-f than nil places of public worship,
of as many different Christian denominations.
Text Hook.
Etujlifh ftHfmi(y und Ultwalnm. The It i hit. Porter's
RJi--ti.ru al Lcit.liT. VnrTrtfr' r . I wtor'n i'i(-titnury.
llullw'ti'K Kiiir!ili (ir; ltmiar. Parker'.' Prfin-f!ive Kxer:i
wti in Knli-ii '"JiiisiL:nii, I'nrk r t Aiiiijlair'.; Lfcturv
1'iiiverfity trillion.!
Ltttiu i''ry.-. !Iu!litnVirmnmnr. lnlUnn i.vmlr,
!-vor tt'e l xit on, Itullk'ti'u (-e?ar. S hiinm and Zmtip(n
Virgil. LinT.ln'n Livy. Antli'iii ' lloiac!'. Tiiat hi-r s; (.'ivro
d tHTwiis, T Wr'e Taritn' tirnnauia et Acrii-ola.
f.'rrrb Lnit'funf)?. Hul I ion's H ramin.ir, ultnii IlendtT,
l.iddi'M k Smtfn Lexicon. hTen i'nihrn AiirKi"!.
Owt n's llMtiier'n iMyse'ey, Lluimi'lin tt Ut'iuwlbeiif, f'iekV
Classical Manual.
M ithrtmttuf. lrvviis" Arithmetic for A-ad.-iuirs. Kletn
enfjirv Alifeiira. Rstunl'm. Ier"-ii'lre. Surrcvin-r anil
ir:ttioii.Analtienllieonietr-.MliU!it4!d"iNtuRil l'liiloiojttiy
litcnotyjrvU.i oiml-a A.-inrn:niy.
IVumbcr of Sturtcnts.
The number of students during the past year
in (he various Departments, was lol. J be
number thai have entered the classes in the Ke
gular Course fur the current year (exclusive of
those in the English and Primary departments,)
ts as follows :
CvUJeuE. Junior cla. 8
St'l!'more rlvi - 14
Fr:!-hnun daps lu
AcADEJir. Senior cla.s - - -.1
Junior riafrt - -
PTKPIIEX W. TAVLUK. A. M- rruf. of Mathvnutka
and Natural Pltilonsinhv.
;K.OK.fc K. ItLla-S A. U Prof, of Grut-k Lanuae
and Literature.
t.ll((;i-: W. ANDERSON. A.MI'rof.of Latin lAnnJ.i?e
and l.iiemture.
ItfAAO N. LOOM1P, A. M Priiiripal of ttm Aradimy.
ALFKKl TAYUtK. A. M., Tutor in tbe Kn-ii-li Lan
puagu and Elocution.
Buildings, Library and Apparatus.
Tbe Academic edifice now occupied by the
members of the I. diversity, has been erected, at
an expense of $S.0O0. nnl it is adapted to arrom modal?
lirO rtudnti. Another eiifire ha5 heea rrnumneed. which
is to In finished within the cttnrsc of Ute prewnt Actwleinic
year, aud to am tain rtudy rocni and ilorinitoriex for the
aLT-ommotlation of o students Iberolleirinte dpartm't.
Tbe Library rontnins a nunilivrof select volumes, and
ia constant ir tmTeaionir.
Chemirl Apparatus lias tecn ordered nfficlv'nt to
supply tho iionieftiate d-mand. The Apparatus for the
illustration of Mecbanical Philosophy, u now complete.
Tuition and Board.
Tuition in the Collegiate Department $30,
Academic f 20, Primary 12 per year.
Board, including lodging, washing, furl, and
light, can be had in the village and its vicinity at
various pricea, from $1,50 to $2,50 per week.
Sessions! and Vacations.
Two Sessions in the year the former com
mences on the 2nd Thursday in October, and
continues 27 weeks; the latter commences on
the 16th .May, and continues 15 weeks.
Sprint; Vacation, 4 weeks ; Autumnal, 6.
By order and in behalf of the Board :
Lewisburg, Union Co. Pa. April IS, 1850
CL'J Dr. John Locke,
MAY be found at hi Oflice and residence
first door east of Kline's If itel the two
week following the Cist Monday of each month,
where be ia prepared to execute all operaiion in
hi line of buatnetis in a manner creditable to
himaelf and aatiafactory to those who may favor
him with their patronage.
Dr. L. apend Ihe third week of each month
in Milton. ' '
(fj'Aroroatie Tooth Panto, put up in beautiful
porcelain boxes, an excellent article for keeping
the teeth clean and breath sweet, for aale at 25
cts per box, by
Lewisburg, Pa., May, IS50
OXK of 10 horse power, with one flue
duller can b; seen in operation. One
of 5 horse power, with iwo cylinder boilers.
Doth matte of ihe liest material?, and war
ranted perfect. Enquire of
Machinist, Columbia, Pa.
(a Orailuatc uf the Vuiveraity ot Peniuylvaliia,)
IMiysirian & .Surgeon.
C7Oflict', npposise J Deckaku's Hotel :
Union county, Pa.
June 12, 1S50. 3mpd
"piIE subscriber having leased the Rock'
I dale Stiic-Mill formerly known as
llourihtv's in Suyar Valley, Clinton
county, I'a., uud buulit all the stork and
fixtures belonging to llie same, now oilers
for sale
100,000 ft of Lumber
at said Mill. Orders will be received for
any kind of Lumber, by the undersigned
at Lewisburg, or by his Agent, S.C.Siiel
lek, at said Mill, in Susar Valley.
M. V. SiiELLEu.
Lewiiburg, Jivue 5, 1850 6w
Fashionable Tailor,
In llie new Brick building on
Market street, one door above
C. E. Howes' more.
done lo order.
Lewisburg, May 29, 1830.
To lllatkmiili.
ITUMIXOUS COAf., from the West
Brunch and from IlolliJaysburg, for
sale nt the Shop of the subscriber, near the
lid) scales on Third Si.
Levtishurg, M;ty 7, 1850
I'rci.Ii Arrival of Fruit &.c.
JUST rereiveJ by Tbomricon'a Express, from
Orange, lfaisins, Filbert',
lemons, Fis-, KnR- AValnuta,
CncoaNutsi, Alinoml. Cream Nuts,
Prunes, Hekan Nuta, lirountl Pcan,
and a variety of CAM) IKS, all of which will be
eolj low at the Store of
i.ewisl'urg, Juno 12
JiimI Kecritrd,
A CHOICE lot of Black Watered Silk, and
lirecn Kriiiged Turc Satin. Parasols, alo
an additional tufy of Linen Lusties, all at
untisuallv low piices. for site by
May 29 . J. HAYES & CO.
VBEAUTIFIT. assortment of Seailet Cloth
emliDssed Table Covers, f r pale hv
May S9 . J. HAYES & CO.
onr)n,jB3- f nirJ cutcj bacon
V7 J J
for aale by
May 2 'J
VN extensive
aortment Baltimore STONE
for tale by
.May 29
J. HA l ES & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Drugs, Medicines, Chemical. Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Window Glass,
Sash too!,niassware,Putiy,
Dye-studs. Brushes of
every variety,
Perfumery, Confectionery,
Fruits, Fancy Goods, &c, &c.
One TioraloTo the gnat Mnmmotli Store or J. It J.W,ua,
Markkt St. LEwisnnttJ.
All Drugs and Medicines warranted Fresh end
rillin subscribers return their sincero thanks to
J those who have so liberally patronized them
dming Ihe past year; and we would invite you,
one and all, Io oil and examine our stock and
pricea before purchasing elsewhere, as we feel
cotifiJent lhat we sell as cheap, if not 25 per ct.
cheaper, than others of tbe trade. Try us, and
see for yourselves.
N. B. MeJiral advice will be given free of
charge by Ur. Tborulon, at the Store ol Thorn
ton & Baker.
E.nmiHv! LIMPS!
LAMPS ! Just received and for Wholesale or
lietail, Pine Oil and Burning Fluid Lamps
of the latest slyle. Any erson or persons wish
ing it, can have these i.amps on trial, and if they
do not give satisfaction, they may be returned.
Churches and Stores or Shops supplied on the
most liberal terms with Ihe above Lamps, and Oil
,j Dr. 1'hnrnton & Baker,
Agents fur Ihe Manufacturers.
V FRESH supply of Old Doctor and S. P.
Townsend SARSAPARILL received
and for Whole-ale or Retail by
Dr. Thornton &. Baker, Agents.
Jl'S'l received and tor sale, Pine Oil and
Burning Fluid, warranted pure and of the
first quality, by Dr. Thornton & Baker.
Till I'E Lead, and Linseed Oil, for sale by
Dr. 1 hornton & Baker.
TATE of Philadelphia, is now located on
1 Market street, Lewisburg, opposite Mr. J.
Schreyer's store, where he attends to operation
on the teem al reaction oi nis tormer price.
Teeth and roots of teeth removed witb Ihe aid of
improved Instruments, and in an easy manner.
Filling teeth ami setting on pivots or plates atten
ded to according to tbe latest improvements in the
profession. Ulcerated, spungy, and inflamed gums
cured. Thankful for past lavots, he solicits a
continuance of public patronage. No impure
materials used for fillings in eth. ly2MS
''SmairPronts and quick Sales."
T7"OULD respectfully inform his olJ frirnrfa
y f and the trailing community in general,
that be has received a LARUE and (iENEKAf,
Spring and Summer
wants and uses embracing
&.C ic. These Goods we offer unusually low
for Cash Country Produce of all kind and
to prompt and punctual paymasters as usual.
(Call ani Sec!
I.cwibburg, Mjy 7, 18U.
" TR. MERRY would respeelfully inform
1H the public, that he has taken rooms
in M'Fuddin's brick building, nearly oppo
site Shelter's Store, where he is prepared
to take
Daguerreotype Likenesses
in the latest and most approved style. Mr.
Merry pledges himself to make his work
vtml to that of the liost City artisls.
He h;is all the latest improveuient!,some
of which he has added to the art,nnd amnni
these is a Wheel Hull, of peculiar construc
tion, by which he is enabled to obtain a
higher polish, and thereby give a more
brilliant and life-like tone to his pictures.
Mr. Merry, by long practice and close
attention to the art, is enabled to show the
VAHit.OATKD eye, be it light or dark, with
all the beauty aud brilliancy of life itself;
and it is in this most tsirntiul point, that
more nrtiils fail than in any oiher.
Lidies and Gentlemen are invited to call
and examine specimens.
Children arc taken in from three to five
And reRir.mbcr,a9rmitl pictures ore taken
in cloudy as in clear weather.tho' (or small
children a clear day is recommended.
Lewisburg, June 3, 1850.
Wltolesate ,J- Ucttiil
rilHE subscriber, thankful for past liberal pat- ;
ronape, would inform his friends and public
generally that he has just ree'd and i constantly ;
receiving truth supplies of pure j
Medicines, Drugs, Chemicals, '
Extracts, Herbs, Roots, Minerals, Tine-j
lures. Oils, Essence, Spirits, Gums, j
Plasters, j
and o:her cooils in bis line of business, which he
oll.ira with the full assurance of their being gen
uine, and cheaper than can be bought elsewhere.
I'hvsirians and others in the Hade are parlicularly
invited lo call and examine for themselves. Also
constantly on hand a large slock of
Window Glass White Lead,
Chrome and other Paints.Dru?
gists' and Physicians' Glassware.
Cnpa!,J ipan and Spirit VarnUhes.Flax
seed, Sperm.Whale, Lard, Fish.-Eiherial,
Fosgiue, Camphene.'and Pine Oils, Dye
woods ground ai:d chipped, Castile, B ir, Kosin
and other Soaps. Gold. Silver and Metal Leifs,
ltosin, Pitch. Tar, Tobacco, Si-gars, Combs,
Brushes Walking and Pi-hing Canes,
Jewelry, Kizors, Knives, Fruits,
Confectionery, Ac. ckc. &e.
May. 1830.
Druggist and ChemUt.
Made plain to See
1"V getting one of the Spectacles or Spy Glas
3 ses at the Drug, Fancy Goods, Notion and
Variety Empoiium, where can be had any quan
tity of Silver, German. Blued and common Steel
Spectacles, Goggles, Spy Glasses. Mathematical
Instruments, Pocket Compass, Magnets, Tape
Measures, Spectacle Cases, Camera Lucidas,
Magic Lanterns, &c. Ac. at
Easy to Cut or Shave
ARE lho.se Pocket, Dirk and Penknives, and
Ihe Wostenheiin and Roger Razors sell
ing so cheap al ibe Lewisburg Drug aud Variety
Storeof C. W. KCHAFFI.E.
Lamps, just received
MORE LIGHT, at reduced prices ! A large
assortment of LAMPS Solar, Supper,
Tea, Hanging, Side, and Hand for burning of
Pine, Fosgean, Lard, Etherial, and Sperm Oils,
for Parlors, Churches, Stores, Shops, Ac. al
Drug, Notion and Variety Emporium
SUBSCRIBERS to the "University nt
Lewisburg" ore respectfully requested
to pay their Second Instalment, now due,
to the Treasurer. And those who have not
paid the 1st Instal't are respectfully notified
that all such delinquents will be charged
Interest on their Instalments from the time
they become due.
Lewisburg, Feb. 25, 1850.
Itlack Walnut Wanted.
A QUANTITY of Black Walnut, either in
logs or sawed to order also, Walnut
Crotches the whole to be delivered on the Pa.
Canal, at or near Lewisburg. For further par
ticulars, enquire of
April S3 II. C. HICKOK, Lewisburg
To Justice of the Peace.
B INNS' JUSTICE, new edition, can be had
at Lyndall's Bookstore, iu this place.
Lewisburg, April 10, 1850.
RIED APPLES for sale at
Uober & UJitios.
TIMIE Slate Treasurer havinir notified me
X lhat hereafter ho will not receive the
Notes of Banks out of the Sia'e vnder the
denomination of FIVE Dollars, the Co!-'
lectors, Retailers of Marchandize,and Liccn-
sed Tavern keeper.. re hereby notified thar
fu-" ""l VfV '""Jr
in payment of luxes, Licenses, ft
Treasurer of Union county."
New Derlin, June 6, 1S30.
THRESH TEAS. Ano" her lot of.
superior Black and Green Tea .
just reed from the Canton Tea t .'om ',215
pany, and for sale at New York retail
prices by J. HAYES & CO.
l.ewiabure, April 1C. Agents.
a test Arrival !
rll 41'ES & CO. take pleasure in announ
. cing to the public lhat we are now receiving
from Ihe city one of the largest, cheapest and best
selected stock of Good ever ollered to the public.
No labor has been spareJ to render their stock
complete, and to obtain articles of good quality, so
that it can he relied upon thnt whatever they ahall
offer for sale will be just what it is represented.
They have an excellent assortment uf
.Dry goods,
X" I
comprising nearly every article usually enumera
ted under this he id, among which are Uroa l
cloths. Plain and Fancy Cassimeres, atiuetu.
Tweeds, Cahmarettee, Drapettes, Codiingtons,
Plaid Linens, Tickings, Drillings, Bagging, Cot
ton and Hemp Carpet Chain.
Plain and Fancy Goods,
selected wilh particular rcfeience to the taste and
convenience of the Ladii-s such as C hangeable,
Plaid, Grenadine, anil Foul ird Silks, Figd and
Plain Lamartine Delaines, ('rape finished, Figd
and Plain Linen Lustres, Boreze Deslaines, prin
ted French Lawns, Silk Illusions, Pink, Bull",
Blue, and Crimson Tarletons, Plain and Figd
Blue and Pink (do.ted) Swiss, Linen, Cambric,
and Lawn lldkfn, Gloves and Husieiy.X
Bonnets, Fans, Parasols, Parasolettes, lsoJ
Fine Moleskin, Leghorn, China Pearl and Palm
Le if HATS, at lo.ver prices than ever oirred to
this rommunily.
a choice tthctwn.
Glass, Queens, Stone, and
Crockery ware.
To those who wish to procure anything iu this
line either for utility or ornamenl.tbeir assortment
particularly recommends itself.
I lard ware cutlery,
Gras and Corn Scythes, Axes. Shovels, Spades,
Straw Knives. M inure and Hav Forks (of supe
rior quality.) Door lriu)mings,Glass,Pbtty,Nails,
Iron, Steel, Ac
Floor and Stair Carpets, Oil Cloth, Window
Shades, Ladies' Satchels, Traveling and Work
Baskets, also Market, Clothes and Corn Baskets,
Cedancare, Hakes, 4"C- 4"C
In conclusion, they would say that their goods J
1 C U. .. I. ...I . ....I -ill hm I
lia,e I'eeu uuugiit a wiy iu" pi,L,
disposed of on the most reasonable terms for Cash
or counliy Produce and lo satisfy the public (aa
to piiccs) jusl call at the Cheap Store of
Lewisburg. May 2, lM5l
OR SALE a aupeiior Washing Mixture,
which removes all dirt and stains of various
kinds in a few minutes, without injuring the
texture of the cloth. Persons wishing lo avail
themselves of this valuable mixture, with full
directions for its use, had better call at ibe new
Drug and Chemical Store kept bv
Dn THORNTON & BAKER, Lewisburg
Latest News from California !
4 LL the world and the rest of mankind''
J are respectfully informed that we hate
opened an unusually choice assortment of
comprising a splendid variety LADIES' DRESS
GOODS of the newest styles Calicoes, Detains,
Ginghams, Baragrs, Silks, Parasols, and Fancy
GooJs, and for Gentlemen's wear a large stock of
Ctotlis, Cassimers,
Summer Stuir,Vestinus,Suinrner IIats,&..
Salt, Fish, Nails,
Quccnsvarc,Ila,tare,Groccric?,!0pring 0UmmCC
II of which we offer for sale at our proverbially
low prices, for CASH or PRODUCE.
Lewisburg, April 22, 1850
frezm i
Hot all voa Tonrt? m-n whose fine rraiws areexraivHna:,
Ami who m--J to purport j"U. a if moUrttnniliioj
VI hen y, n th ink how in lime past si or r. .tmlers have l.it vow.
Ju?t coiue to &TV LvPAU. s lor Loots that will fit joa.
I you want som ww Tio .ks O, sn rheap aiwl so prettv?
Some prav anil nrjie ear. ami snm iu.r an,l -,tin." witti
Fur a dollar or two. .tkvk will pive yon a In aiuw
That will be all your life-time a iouuuua 4 uk-asurv.
Ami If yon rhanee to he hi want
Of t'mt ir Vest or TrowserUitns.
Jn-t eo ti Lv!DAU.'s, fr you can't
lluy half as cheap of other 'coun.
Amt nrw I.txtiaiX wouM say jot wonl to the Laju-a,
Fur wi-U 4t,ns he know Imw iniMTtant thir aid is
He ha Shoes of all kinds Whiirr-r-r-r-r-M
Consam it. Boss ! this 'ere Poetry Machine's
broke ! Ilowsomever, the substance of all we had
in Ihe hopper i this lhat
F. LYXDALL has the best nd the
cheapest lot of BOOKS nJ
STATIONERY. nd the largesl
and the be?t assortment of HOOTS
and SllOilS, and
Ladies' Gaiters and Slippers,
that were ever seen in Lewisburg or any
other great seaport. May 7. 1851).
not refused at tho OiTia? of
the Lewisburg Khronicle.
r IfsxTa . . . 'A- - '
1 1 ii n r
T? T T? ClT-T r riOTQt
J.1 ,l!iOJjL J JxJUij V
n iUTO., CEODES Si. 91.1 nSH'
jjXviXfrformei a Cop.,rrnr,hip io the
J Mercantile busioe., and enlarged the
Storerormi lately occupied ttf S.b. Barton
opposite Kline's Hotel are cow opening
well selected and extensive stock ol Mer
chandize, consisting of .
0ru (Soobs, GElf-
Carpenters' Tools, Qurensware,
Furniture Mounting, Glassware,
Window GLASS a general assoruneut,'
Coal, pinsttt,
Bar, Rod, and Hoop Iron, Nails,
and Spikes,
Tinware, Sheet Iron and 51 elal
Pjns, and a more general assortment than
is usunlly tound in country slofes which'
they pledge themsttves to sell at very7
low prices.
Persons at a distance will find it to their
advantage to buy (or Cash or e wi'.T
take in Exchange for Goods, Wheat, 15 ye,
Corn, Oats, Huck wheat, Timothy and Clo
ver Seeds, Butter, Eggs.TtiHow.Huid Soap,
lieeswax, Feathers, and all kinds of lrtr
or country produce." .
The patronage of the public is respect
fully solicited, and every assurance given
lhat nothing shall be wanting to render
entire satisfaction.
Lewisburg, April 1, 1S50.
Respeelfully announces to his friends and'
the public generally, that he has removed
his residence to the house of his father,'
formerly occupied by Win. Porter,) a few
doors north ol hlines flotei." tmce.Ooi.
M'Faddin's new brick building, net door
above C. K. Bowes' Store.'
Lewisburg, Apftl 1, 1850
TAILOU, respectfully informs his patrons'
and the public lhat his Shop is now at his'
house the new brick opposite Mr. James
P. Koss', on Third St., where he will be
happy to wait on all w ho may honor hirii'
wi'h their patronage.
Lewisburg, April 2, 1SS0
Lewisburs, Union Cennty, Penn'a.
Practices in Union and adjoining eoontie also'
attends the courts of Perry eoonty.
OFFICE on Second St., lately occupied
by JU IS. trnrist, Esq.
TPHE undersijjnpd continues ihefZJ'T-'
J II V BL SLYESS at the Old tand,;
ou Nonh Third St., near Market, and'
respectfully solicits the patronage ot hijv
friends and the public cenrrnHy.
IwisburT;, May 22, I5f
riHE subscriber avails himself ol llie col-
J x umns of the Chronicle in publishing lo
the citizen? of Lewisburg and virinily that
! he has opened a BOARDING HOUSE in thai
large and comfortably arranged house, formerlv
kept as Temperance Hotel by James Kelly, two
doors east of" the Franklin House, Market street.
He is prepared to say that hi Table ahall have
the best the Markets can afford, and the Lodging
of Boarders shall be as comfortable a can be
desired. I. S. STERNER, r
N. B. A team and carriage
will be kept to convey pissengers lo and from tba
Packet Boats. Lewisburg, March 13, lHnl)
UST received, and now openins nf
second door east of K inc's lloti I, a new
Splendid Assortment of Goods.
suituuie i.ir tins ana ll.e approuciung sea
son, consisting of
n nriK aT'aCKina?iis li i'iiTllf.'.
- ...
auiauivrs avsrvasj uuvus
every slle and variety iiew atlo
jojjuil'l filirsces. Lawns. Armuie Ilelames, (!in-
A preat variety of stvles I hints, tali
cocs, Sec. - ' '
A beautiful assortment Idie.' Parnsri's,
Morocco and Kid SHOES uud G.1ITERS
lor Ladies and Children.
Also a choice seleetioa of
&c.9k:.,all of which are ofTi-retl rem iricaMn'
low for Cash Country I'rotlucp, by llW
LewiImrj:, Aprf 3', 1S5
Fur the Ladie.
Coot is tba brves
Th:tt I make ax rase
"HTH one of those nire and cheap FANM
tbal can be bad al Ihe l-ewi-burf Itruiu
Fancy Goods,' Notion and Vaiiety Emporium
where Ihe largest, 6uest, and best assortmeiil f
Fealher, Fancy and Paper Fane are kepu AU
latest rmitemw of BurTalit, Shell, Horn, Side.Baek
and other COMBS besides a great variety of
other nice things. Call am! see at -
;. w. 8CHArn.E's.