Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1850-1859, May 15, 1850, Image 4

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lUit aib l)umor
Dr. Coddle' Unrivaled "Sass."
We met our o'i friend Cnpt. Cuddle, M.
D., proprietor of the "Medicaied Appli
Sass," oft ihe aireet to-dey, with a big
atch chain and seal hangiu'down in front
of hia lilt's roiund belly, and his checks
ahi?ng like a new curried horse. The Sass
li rapidly rilling hitf pocket wiih rock,
besides doing good to his it-iler men, e
peciatly thot with febrile nftl-ciions. He
poke with much feeling of those who tra
esttcd bi depRrtmfnt of medicine, palm
ing Upon a gulled and tnken'in commu
nity a fictitious article. These will be
project) ltd 13 the ii'most limits and jump
Nig-ofT place of the law, and three such
caes are now hr cSarrcery. We notice
that tiie imitators are in tde market in
full bias!. The other day we read ot
" Compound Medicated SquafJam."
Gentlemen, don't carry the medicated
business too far. One such valuable
remedy as the 3aas may da well enough,
hut too muoh druguiu is' injurus to the
coat of the stomich. Bunkum Flagstaff.
Teaching by Analogies.
ft- female teacher of a schou!- that stood
in the banks of a quiet Eiliish stream,
once wished In communicate to her pupils
an idea ol laith". While she was trjing to
"xplair the m?;.hing ol the word, a' small
covered boat glided in sight along the
stream. Seizing uon the incident, lor
an illustration, she exclaimed :
If I were to teil you there is a I-g '
mutton in that boat, you would believe me,
woul.ln't ou, even without seeing ii
yourselves t"
" Yes, ma'am,'' replied the srho'ars.
Well, that is faith' setd the school
mistress: The next day, in orier to test their
recollection of the lesson, she inquired,
What is faith !"
V leg of mutton in a boat !" was the
answer, houtid from all parts of the
achnol room.
We ha 3 a good anecdote to-'hiy. A
pf nMeman who has been driving hordes for
iwen'y years or more from the West to the
r.stern market, lately came into town with
n fine drove ol horses. He drove h:s nni
tnals to the ;ive.-y arable' here, and counting
them up, missed one ol the number. He
counted again, found he was Ihe loser, an
rode hastily duw n to the liat, Lu' no itilel
'rgerrce could Le obtaimd there of the los
hbre. 1 le tc&e back to the slaves. ofTc-ied
a reward for the missing bras, and almost
gate uj. w'oVspair of recovering .t But hi
aoon dismouted the horse he was riding
counted again ;md In! the number w as
correct, lie declares that he will never
inok for a loM "critter" again until he takes
a ''circumspective vine ' of the oi.e under
his sadd'e. lVheelig V.) Argun.
A showman was U'ely exhibiting a live
bear iii one of Ihe villjes of N :w ilamp
.liire. at 12 1 cents children half price.
A young siecimen of the Graniie Stale
walked up, and was making his way in
without saying by your leave, or anything
else. The nwtrV tick hold of him Hint
asked," "U here are your cents i Tim
iiiflc fellow looked up in his face and
iudigi.amly reiliid, "1 don't want to buy
oui bear, 1 only want lo see hiin." "You
tuay go in," said ihe amused showman.
Miss Mary li. Willis, of Concord, lately
ndvert'sed for a Is-n'iand. In ihe adver
tisement, it was tlated that the lady was in
"a peculiar condition,'' rendering carlj
proposals very desirable. Subsequently it
wa suggested that the printer had made a
mistake inserting peculiar for pecuniary.
Th error was -corrected, proposals were
sent in, and we see now that Mary is mar
ried. So much for the success of the peo
ple who advertise. -
The Mmesota Pioneer says that a prea
cher would make a profitable trry- up- the
Mississippi river with a supply of blank
marriage licenses. There being no person
l.oilh o( Si. Paul who is auiboriZ'-d by law
to tie the nuptial knot, many couples are
said to be in an awful sttte of suspense,
more properly imagined than described.
A very tall man apiieartd in the streets
of Boston, a few dais since, end an'old la
dy, who admired his gigantic stature, ad
dressed him: "Mister, were you large
when you were small " "Yes, marm ; I
was considered big when I was little.''
" Ji-.' said a Joppa dame to her hope
ji son, who followed the piscatory pro- j
fession, do dear, fix up a little ; jou j
look very fclovenly. O, whit an nwful
thing it would be, if you should gt
drowned looting so'"
An Irishman took the cars at Boston l' r ,
Worcesler. Ou jumping from the car?, he
reri.akeu tint il he had known he could i
Imve mad-' ihe jourm y in so sh.-rt a lime,
lie wouid have gne ir a toot.
lo -u see anything ridiculous about j
this wig 7" sad a joung gentlemen to;
Cur ran. Nulling," said Curran, but J
the head in ii."
The eduor of tre "Star ol - the Norih'' j
hd his wch stolen recently. We tho'i
edi.or diiln't hive watehes.
Ti take out Grease Spots. We hve
iier koon more reitn;n reip than .
ft- 'Kr-m Mi ""i- v.
rpHE partnership between the subscribers
I in the Livery business, was this day
dissolved by mutual consent. Ail persons
indebted to the firm, will settle with C. 1"
Hess ; creditors will also look to him for
payment. JOH1S M. HESS,
Lewisburg, April 6, 1850
rAfZr!m 'ne undersigned will
fTf "JE continue the LIVERY
S.Vi.W BUSLYESS at the O.d
Stand, and rrspectlully solicits the patron
age ol his friends and the public generally.
April C, 185H fiw
BRANT'S eri7Sss
. A """"war balsam
Bcyptsa Block. Poraaa wmtt, BrouMf tt. 1 .
jruairii ruuinrt
LIFE and UUUW an in lite BLOOB.
Clriintr. Purify, ani Rrtmtatt the Circulation, and
tie rW- Otmlf i ttl ti.tr health. The moU wonderful
iff alt remeti-e to product tuck a mult, u
Ye, the dircd result and efficacy will be produced bj
tf vf a mnilrr rrani.y ot I Hi Vvu-ttiKw than can be
ctlertrd by Ute ue ol a like quHmity of any other remedy
in th world. (See our PamMrtg 1W proof.)
Thi IvatriCB ia a-AaZjr prepared irom VtrttmlJet, and
eurt- th moral, most obstinate, and long atanding diueaaea
ot th blood, without pmkittf, pmrping, mektmf, or debtH'
tattng. It rlranri. Mtttngthms, wiformtea, piakea new,
kriy Hood, and giwa aca viur and am hft to the wfaoln
than any oher renHsiy in the world, bocause
of it wilt prtrct a greater amount of cure than oar fefara
worth rf Mm taponilm. or any other remedy, no mattrr how
Up tiifir tiottiefl may be. The tmaortaal ftMttrm lor eoa.
auiner to dt-termiDe. K kmc murk mtrrt cmrmttre effect wit
aor worth of tu Pwnjirr produce, tkam a dollar worth of
tkmt Marsrrptinil or other remedy. We mutht here aay, that
Brmnt't II. din s bad cured, within the hut year.
Persons of Impure Blood Disftun,
and 2MO0 Caws were eonsiderfd Incnrable!
aa some other patent medicine men are in the habit of aay
tr If wr tfaould aty eo. who would believe urn ? Thi
bowrrer, we do aay. and atand rdy to prove by reipectooio
wttnessrB, that HaaNT's Medicinim have eflected curea of
more ditewe on bring human being, the paat year, thaa
any other remedy in existence did during the aame time.
How atnch will a Dollar wart CUR C P
Twenty large, deep Vlrert were cared by uaicg mlf twalat
bort !er of Btant'M ISinV-
l'h fnllowioc in the most wonderful and aatoniahinr cere
that waa ever effected on a human being, by any medteimt.
Horrid Scroftala Cured.
Ha. 3 B. llASiriy. of Rome, OneuU Co, X T.. certifie,
December 20th, It 46. that he had been afflicted with Scno
fi Li lour yeari, and the Inst year confined to hia bed, with
twkktv- large, deep, dindiarging tLrica that hia neck
waa exten armnid troni ear to ear a hole waa eateo
through hia IVind pipe, ao that he breathed through the
nolehia ear waa nearly deatroyed the uae of hia arm
was wholly destroyed nd an tlcer under the arm, aa
large as a mtn i hnd. had nearly eaten through into hia
Luni'M tliHthehad uaed all kinds of raaSAPAaiLLA and
ether mtdicine, to no benefit, and that he waa aac expected
to tire twxnty four Anurs when he commenced KaAirr'a
Puaimxo Kxtbact healed and cured sevkxtickm of the
twenty Lion he had when he ccmoienrt-d using it, and
that a Jew bottlet mire et1eted a pebfkct CUMC. For full
particiilara of tiiia, and many ohiT turn tier curt, see our
Thie Wamdlrrrail aadl Aaioaiahiaa; CI BK
does not stand alone a a monument of the great fficmty
at Brant's PuaifiRn, for we could give almost unhm.
it d evidence ol oUi r cur. -a, well aucated, it this were
doubted. This cure is certified to by
Fourteen Respectable Witnesses.
liy Doer. Tmos. William, oneof the most respectable
phym -inn of Kom by Messrs. Kisseli. 6l I.kunaro,
wholeaalt? and reti! druit. liy Mr. tS. It. BanWN, pro
prietor and keeper of tilt West Itoaf E UuTEL and by
olevt other tritnenra.
Brant's Indian Purifier
cures mil impure diseases of the blood, viz.: &nld N?mlt
Salt Rheum, ftkemmmUfm, Eruption, Pimptrs on the Face
PtUs, Bile, I'lccrs, ,'ttrtic-tit, MrrcmruU JUtiiue, Liter
Complaint, Mi'is m the. Bark, Stde, and Lmb$, !luk of
Blavd to the Head, vtr etc
Tlii H!-ain po-t-ss ol! the t'eomtimg and pvriftfing
VtrtueM Ol tl arViTi -nauwd i'VrtrtlHQ tKTBACT, and alao
uuik 4 w-tI other lm-dieationA prttcnfmrt9 and pfcm
hary adajrted to cure COUJMri Hud CON.SLMI'TIONS. II
ktilt and rnrt Liters fa the Isnmr; and elsewhere tntemaU
fy. a re'id ly and as tsally as the Purtfying Extract heals
and ruies externally.
TiiorsANDS of can' of the wr kopelen ronsumption
fully jfve its KlmW minu-ulou eflk-acy in mil diseases of
The I.l'NS, TUUUAi", and BKKA.' i.
We gie the following certificate as a fact of cure, which
gie to prove the power to pave lite, even when the person
setia to be in theory U- rtayeno:' existence When Brwmt't
fn.fo Pmnarf Bahmm u adnuuitered:
We i.ive the fol'ow'n j ce't.fiefite as a fact of cure, which
o'S to prove tiie power to save hie. even when the person
aeenta to tie in the very laxt stages of existence, when
Brant Indian Pulmonary Balsam is administered -This
cast: doea stit stand alone we ctuld name hant cuasa
aa marrrhm and attatindtnf nd hundred of hnpeitm
ca. and thimMnd of case ca k-d CUNSLMI' I ION.
Til Id CL'KE was effected on the wile of Mr. Ziia
D.kkma ol the town of UmlUtott, Saratoga Co., fi. Y.
Mrs. Iyk -mnn was pronounced dying, and Mr. Dykemaa
w.tit to the store of Mr. Johm Wait to pnrckam cloth lor
a sarond. and other bnriai material, expecting his wife
Would kn die. Fhe was in the last Inge of the disease
-whs much oppressed and aittreaoed and to reJieve her
ercr dnr-r. and muke a dying pitUtw more en. Mr.
llvkt mHn wi pTii;uh-d to give Iter some of BKANl'd
IhlHAN I TI MoNXHt KM. SAM." H.- txk the Balomm
bom.- witli the shroud, and gtre a portion to hia wife it
relieved hT she cniitiu'd to take it until she recovered
cimid h r a i. Tit, and she ha ccntimued well for ntmrly fowr
Yrt Me Pamphlet tor particular.
Nr. tfVKRXAN swort-1 the aVtve facts before Tho. G.
Voi-tt, K-q.. f BalUton Spa, -JiHii April, leMet.
'J mos. i. Vot'iva, Ksq., J notice, certifies that he has
known Mr. Djkt man niMiiy yean and that he is one of
tli. ir mft ar.fr thy and rntjterJabU citizen; and Mr. Joint
Wait, tiie m r hunt pak,-n ( iihve, alto certijie to tiie
foud ciiiirttrter if Mr Jtykeman, and that he waa ac
iluMitth d witfi all the fact, having heard tiwm often apok
tn ot by ly'tman
Brant's Pulmonary Balsam
rur. s COysi 'MPTIOX Cough. Cold, Spitting of Blood,
Ki.ed.ng at the l.mtt. Vain in the Bream and Side, A'At
Streatu, Xurrou C-rm;famt. Palpitation of th Heart,
L'I'Oitra lufantum. 'cry. Summer C mplatnt. and ALL
t LSI ALE h AKLS.t:s, without any Jailing whatever
diii Tims i!) riivsiin.vs kecomuexd.
Th fulluw inc n.tind Itnerort ntui Pkutieuwm high
,y r.Tcii!nrn ir IIKAN I'rl MKIHt'lNES :
Dr. N. Ill I;IAII. M.iiil..r.l, Conn.
Ur. J. N. SMI 1 11. A -t.Mt.,n, N. V.
Jr. KOSSMA N, 1J-' ll. jjry .Ir.-ct, Brooklyn, N.T.
Ir. T M. HI NT. AulMira, N V.
Dr. iK(. I-IIAN" IS Hi.l.ll. t..WB. CoU.
Iir .Ki. A. KLMiKK.-i. Bath, N. V.
Dr. S V HI TK. Ir.-ili.ni. N. V.
Dr. ;. B. (JAUA I'INK. HyroD, N. T.
Dr. J O lllr.MAN. Kyi lt.-Tillr. N. V.
Dr. J. SKINSKK. Hnry nmt Krooklya. N. T.
Ur. U. sUlI'VAN. CorlinnJ. N. V.
Beware of counterfeits !
Thi're U n U'ant' mflicine, genuine, l.ul
urb lollle a. rc put up in a squarr pack'EC
r aliajie. ami on oi.e fuare of the juck.ge i
lM on whi.-li is rryreor nted a young Squaw,
mJ umlrr hrrr the starJs is a Sle of Haml,
wlitrli rcaj a, ftll.s, viz.
U't hereby prtimir-r . for value received, to pot
'it the hearer hereof I'ext, on demand, at
mtr Medicine l-'acturt ii Ihe City if Brooklyn,
.V 1". Ilnftd at Briujklin.Hh April. 181H'
(Iticb note is signed with pen and rid ink)
.V y. WALl.AV.Ef, cor
V mr genuine but such a have the note on
ifl' label rtigned afl alo.e.
For sale bv Thornton & Bilker, Lis
'Urn I Kdwii Wilxtn, Nr Berlin; 8 J Cinu-e.
Selinsgrore ; O & F 7 Mover, Freeburg ; H N
Backhauee. .MiJ.lleburg ; Wilt & Eilert, Hartle
ton ; An'ea Ac Menrh, Mifllinhurg
AH letter and nr.lera muat he aj.lregerl to
Wallace A' .'o I0 . Broadway, New Vrtrk
jytuit mn ,
.'1 be subscriber offers lor sale a large
assortment of choice Fruit Trees such as
Apple trees, 7 to 10 feet hiih, 40 varieties,
ull tvarrafiud genuine i'each trees, 20
varieties; Tartarian Cherry, Nectarine,
Prune and Tear trees, together with some
0 or 8 varieties of Grape Vines of the best
nntive arid esolic varieties. Ornameulal
Trees, such as ihe Paulotiia, Linden, Sic.
The above trees can be seen by the 1st ol
Anril. on the premises ol the subscriber,
one square above Christ it M'Fuddin's
N. D. Persons wishing to procure a
quantity of the Fruit trees, are requested Jo
make immediate application to tnesunscri
ber, in order to procure ihe varieties and
size wanted. II. It. NULL.
Lewisburg, March 4, 1850.
ft of ire.
SUBSCRIBERS to the "University nt
Lewisburg" are respectfully requested
lo pay their Second Instalment, now due,
to the Treasurer. And ihose who have not
aid the Is: InstaPt are respectfully notified
'hut all such delinquents will be charged
Interest on their Instalments from ihe time
hey become due.
Lewisburg, Feb. 25, 1850.
Lewkuur?, Union Conaty.-Penrt'-a:
fractices in ITnion and adjoining counties alao
attends the courts of Perry county.
OFFICE on Second St., lately occupied
by L. B. Christ, Esq.
Bramlreth's Pills are sold at 25
cts per boi (itli full directions
HY J. HAYES & CO., Lewisburg, and
Im hm v one A cent in evrrv town in
'he Union. Each Agent has a Certificate
if Agency- Examine the box o pills nl ws vs
rnmnair it witli the fae-iumile laM on the
I'erliri le of Agency. A there is a c.iunteifeit
il the . w label out. this i or macn imporiance,
i til. j is a deciJed dilt-renee lielween the
.pe ore of the true labels and those of the
..unt i f.-H. The counterfeit ia done on alone ;
he I e mine are di.ne on -ted. The appearance
t il printing ou the counterfeit U ragged and
lur ; the genuine label ia the eery pink of
lejlnnw. both in piiuling, paper, and general
Ue ery careful and goto the Agenl.when you
ant Uiandretb's PilU : then you are sure of the
;enuine eMir!e. When you purchase otherie,
"nquire of Ihe seller whether he knows the nills
le oflera you are ihe genuine Brandielh'a' K
ry ui.m knows whether the aiticle he offers is
rue or falae. Beware of cheats !
subscribers offer the public, sr their
new Brick Foundry, the following new
ind valuable Stoves :
Iron Witch Air-Tight Cooking Stoves; with
i Brick l)en.
I.ady Washington Parlor Stove."
Cast Iron ir-Tight Parlor Stoe,for Wood
i aizes.
t.'oal Burner for Parlor 1 site, 12 inch cyl
inder. Louis Air-Tight Cast Iron Parlor 8toe 2
(Shield Air-Tight Parlor Stove for Wood 2
Egg Stove the very best in use for Stores,
Offices, Barrooms, and Shops.
The celrbraied (ienesee Air-Tight Cook Stove.
The C'Jiuulcte Cook 2 sizes.
Also, nil kinds of Wood and Coal Stoves
Plmiohs Cast'inss. &c. &c.
Lewisburg, Dec. 12, 1810.
XMlttnblt JSoofcff.
FRESH supply received at the Lewis
k..rr iMiiMin Itiifikstore :
Fiske's M inual of Classical Liternlure
I) ivies Analytical ueometry
Blair's Rheiortc. (University edition)
Comstock'j Mineralogy
The Complete Fanner, I vol. 62j cts
The New American Gardener, 1 vol, f 1
The Book that will Suit You, or a Word
or Everybody
I can furnish the above works, with a
reat variety of others, at eery low prices.
' My 3t) JF 1.YMIAM,
mnilow SASH.
A lot of 6x10 Window Sash, from the
:lienp Manufactory of Sprout & Burrows,
m hand, and all sizes got to order on
short noiice.
May, 1949 I G Lawshe
I NEV BUGGEY for sale, cheap. For
t furiber particular, enquire at this
noW. Lewisburg. Nov. 7, 1849
J 3. S. IJ
f.-f- S 18 1-8 5 9
. ? vi y
e 2 " r s a.,
a. f as t , i.
i a f5 S "
5 a trft 3
f s- 2,1 r.S 5
2, I 2 1? o
-i - - - mmm 2.
TOTES Promissory, Judgment, and
I inr .re (!lanka) at thisohVe.
Dr. Swayne't Celebrated Family Medicines.
More Proofs of ihe Efficacy of
coxfocsd siare or
Wild Cherry,
The Original and Genuine Preparation !
Coughs, Colds, Asthma. Broncliitie, Liver Com
plaint. spitting Uloud.dilhcully ol Breathing,
pain in the Side and Breast, palpitation
of Ibe Heart, lufluenza.Croup.bro
ken Couatitution.sore Throat,
Kervous Debility .and all
diseases of Throat,
Breast, and
the most effec
tual and speedy cure
known for any of the
above diseases ia
Dr. Swayne's compound Syrup
of Wild Cternj.
Reliable Testimony.
John Milion Earle, editor of the Worcester j
Suv. Mass.. was attacked with severe mflwii
tion of the lungs accompanied with distressing
cough : after using various other remedies with
little or no benefit, by the use of one bottle ol Dr
Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, be
was restored lo perfect health.
Wm. Montelius, a respectable merchant of St
Clair, Schu)lkill county, writes, Jan 30, 1849:
"Enclosed I send you certificate of Wm. Beau
mont, a citizen of our town. His case of Cons
umption is well known here,and of long standing;
be attributes his cure entirely to your Compound
Syrup of Wild Cheiry."
Be not deceived by the many spurious and
worthless preparations of Wild Cherry, ushered
into notice by ignorant pretenders, but see that
the signature of Dr.Swayne ia upon each bottle,
which ia the only guarantee against imposition.
Remember f the genuine preparation of Wild
Cherry is prepared only by Dr Switsf., N W
corner of Eighth and Race streets, Philad'a
Swayne's celebrated Vermifuge,
A Safe and Effectual Remedy for Woime, Dya
pepsia. Cholera Morbus, sickly or dyspeptic
Children or Adults.and the most useful Family
Medicine ever offered to the public."
This remedy is one that hss proved successful
for a long time, and is universally acknowledued
bv all h have tried it to be far superior (being
ao very pleasant to the taste, at the same time
effectual) to any other medicine ever employed iu
diseases lor which it is recommended. It not
only destroys worms, but it invigorates the whole
system. It is harmless in ils effects,and the health
of the patient is always improved by its Use, even
when no woims are discovered.
Beware of Mistakes. Remember Dr S'
Vermifuge is now put up in siuare bottles (hav
ing recently been changed) covered by a beautiful
wrapper, steel engraving, wiih the portrait of Dr
Svtayne thereon engraved. Bear this in mind,
and be not deceived.
The virtues of these pills can be appreciated
only by those who have used them. They are
adapted to assist nature in carrying off morbid
matter, obstructions, impurity of Ihe blood. &c.
They are a gentle and effective purgative, correct
all the functions of the liver, and as an alterative
in dropsical affections they are very valuable and
.liould be in everv family. Tbey have an outside
coating of puie White Sugar.wherehy everything
disagreeable lo taste or smell is entirely removed
without in the least affecting the excellent quali
ties of the medicine. Remember ' they are now
put up in boxes turned out of the solid wood.
covered with a red Intel tearing the signature ol
Drtiwsyne: none other is genuine.
The above valuable Medicines are pre
pared only by Dr. SWAYXE. N W corner ol
Eighth and Race streets, Philadelphia.
Jl'gfUs far Union Ci ttnty. Pa.
C W Schaflle, and Thornton & Bak'er.Lewisburg
J SeeboIJ and v o,:JB Mench, Milh-rsburg
Ed Wilson, L.&Tylor,MilIIinliurR
Mos &necht. Beavertown, Wilt & Eilert, Hartleton
D J Buyer, Centerville
Sml Haupt do
D.& Scbnure.Selinsgr've
U Siniib.MoMer'a Valley
IteubKeller.Navy Island
Youngman & Walter
Dry Vallev
B Jr. Summers.Freeburg
and ny Storekeepers generally ly2U0
P U 11 E F It E S II COD
JLiver dPii.
rPHIS new and valuable Medicine, now
X used by ihe medical profession with
such astonishing efficacy in the cure ol
Pulmonary Consumption. Scrofula. Chronic
Kheumalism, Gout, general Debility,
Complaint of the Kidney,
ic. Ac, is prepared from the liver of the
l.OD FISH for medicinal use, expressl)
for our sales.
Extract from the London Medical Journal.
C.J. B. Williams, M.D..FR.S., Professor of
Medicine in University College, London, consul
ting physi.ian to Ihe Hospital lor Cousump'ion,
Ac , says ; - I have prescribed the Oil in above
four hundred cases of tubeiculous disease of the
Lungs, in different slages,wbich have been under
my care the last two years and a half. In the
Urge number of cases. 206 out of 234. ita use was
followed by marked, unequivocal improvement,
varying in degree in different cases, from a tem
porary retardation of the progress of the disease
nd a mitigation of distressing symptoms, up to
a more or Icaa complete restoration to apparent
The effect of the Cod Liver Oil in most of
these cases waa very remarkable. Even in a few
days the cough was mitigated, the expee oration
diminished ill quantity and opacity, the night
sweata ce.ised. the pulse became slower, and of
better volume, and the appetite, flesh and stiength
were gradually improved.
" In conclusion I repeet that the pure fresh Oil
from the Liver of the Cod is more beneficial in
the treatment of Pulmonary Consumption than
any agent, medicinrl, dietetic or regimenal, that
has yet been employed."
As we hnve made arrangements !o pro
cure the Cod Liver Oil fresh from head
quiriers, it can now be had chemically
pure, by the single bottle or in boxes of
one doz'-n earlt.
Its wonderful efficacy has induced num
erous spwious imitaliot'S. As ils success
depends enlirely on its purity, loo much
care can not be used in procuring it genu
ine. Every bottle having on it our written
signature, ir.ay be depended on as genuine.
Pamphlets containing an analysis of the j
Oil, w ith notices of it from the Medical j
Journals, will be sent to those who address
us free of postnee.
Wholesale Druggists and Chemists,
Iy28 100 North Third St. Philadelphia
DR. J. N. KEELER dt BRO. most res
pectfully solicit atlenllon to their fresh
stock ol English, French. German, and
American Drugs, Medicines, Puinis, Che
micals. Oils, Uyesluffs, Glassware, Perfu
mery, j'atent Medicioes, Varnishes, &c.
Heving opened a new store. No 894, Market at,
with a f-'ll supply ot fresh Diuga and Medicines,
we respcctf'jfly-solicit country dealers to exam
ine our alock belr.r pgrcbe-ing elsewhere, prom
ising one and all who may feel disposed to ex
tend to us their natronage, to sell them genuine
Drugs and Medicinea. on as liberal terms aa any
other house in the Cily.and to falihWIly execu'e
all ordera entrusted to us promptly mn j with de
spatch. ' .
One of the proprietors being a regular physi
cian, auords ample guanines B..-..
quality ol all articles sold at their establishment.
Weesoeciallv invite druggists and country
merchants, who may wish lo become agents for
Dr. Heeler's Celebrated Family Medicine,
(standard and popular remedies,) to forward their
Soliciting the patronage of dealers, we respect
j N . KEELER & BRO., Wholesale Druggists,
fully remain,
No. 294, Market St., Philad.
THANKFUL for liberal patronage heretofore
leceived, respectfully informs hia old friends
and the public generally that he haa removed his
Tailor Shop
to the Basement of his Brick dwelling on Market
street, next door above C. Peony's saddlery (late
the office of H C Hickok, Esq) where he hopes to
suit all who may give him their custom, as
he does all work in his line in ihe best and
newest style and on short notice. He hiF
the Fashions regularly, employs none but
good hands, and is determined to keep u
with the times and merit a good share t.
patronage. CUTTING done to order.
Charges reasonable, and Produce taken in
exchange for work
Lewisburg. June, 1949 ly270,7
Myers' Liquid Cure !
IS a positive and never-failing Remedy
for PI LES whether Internal, Ex
ternal, Blind or Bleeding Scrofula.While
Swellings, Ulcers, ulcerated Sore Throat,
Canker Sore Mouth, Rheumatism, Cutan
eous Diseases, Mercurial Affections, tyc.
also for Scalds, Burns, Cuts, Sprains, Brui
ses. Vc. Vc.
We feel justified in proclaiming the Fact to
the World, that of all nielicinea ever oro i oeiore
th nuhlir. none have ever teen more beneficial
to afflicted humanity than Myer' Liquid Cure.
We know this is saying a great deal, but if we
were to write volumes we could not say too much
in praise of ibis
HEALTH-Hi.sToai jtc.iirt-raoLosoiso arm tor
Hundreds, nav thousands blesa the happy hour
when first they were made acquainted wiih ita
transcendant virtues; and our present purpose ia
to inform other thousands, how and where thoy
may obtain that relief which they perhapa have
lung sought for in vain.
The suiieiior excellence of this preparation
over all other medicines, for the speedy and per
manent cure of PILES, is well known to all wbo
have- tested it. It has been proved iu thousands
f m.i,nr.. mid haaSEVcR VAiLiu to cure the
most obtinuU cases, and we are confident it will
never fail if u'd a proer length of lime accord
in to directions. Asa proof of our entire eonfr
dence in its efficacy, we assure all purchasers that
if. afier a proper trial, it prove ineffectual, Ihe
Money paid for it will be returned.
The Liquid Cure is an effectual remedy for
Ringworms. Biles, Pimples, Bjrbers Ilch, Frosted
Limbs. Chilblains. Salt Kheum. Musquito Bites,
stings of poisonous Insects and Cutaneous diseases
of every description.
It is b.ith sife aud effectual for Rnrox atism,
giving immediate and permanent relief.
Ils effects as a real Pain Killer, are magical
should provide themselves with this Invaluable
Preparation, the eheapnesa of which places it
within the resell of all.
Full Dirertians accompany each Boltle
Pamuhlets. containing copies of certificates
from those who have tested the Liquid Wtire, may
be had gratis of our authorized agents
Muers' Linuid Cure ia prepared only by
JEROME & CO. 21 Spruce St. New York
Agents: C W Schafflc, Lewiburg i J II Rascr,
Milton lveowiT.r.1
WOULD inform the public, that they
have opened a shop on Fourth street
lower story of S. W. WykofPs old stand,
opposite Hunter Pardee's shop, where they
keep on nana or ninnc w
Fancy and Common Chairs,
Boston Rocking Chairs also
Bureaus, Tables, Bedsteads,
of various kinds,
Settees, 6tc. &c.
All work in our line warranted to be well
made, and on the most reasonable terms.
House and Sign PAINTING
attended to by the subscribers on tbe shor
test notice and in the best style.
Country Produce and Lumber taken in
payment and Cash not refused, but rather
The subscribers intend to be strict in the
fulfilment of all their promises as regards
work and so doing, hope to receive a
liberal share ol puTdic patronage.
Lewisburg. Nov. 1849
compound syrup of Sarsaparilla.
JUST ree'd from the old Dr. a large and
fresh supply of his celebrated medicine
from the principal Depot in New York.
Persons wishing to procure Sarsaparilla
can have either the old or young Dr's, gen
uine and fresh, by calling oa the Agent,
Lewisbmg, June 26 C V SCHAFFLC
Dr. Rose's Medicines.
The subscriber having been appointed
sole agent for Dr. Rose's Medicines, for
Union county, offers them to the public
with great confidence as lo their rfli.-acy
and certainty of effecting cures in nil cases
for which they nre designed. A single test
only is required to establish the fact.
Sept 27 S S BARTON
Old Dr. Jacob Townsend's
O sand's Sarsaparilla for sale bv
l'r. 1'hornton & Baker.
Annuity and Trust Company.
Office, 74, It'alnvt Street, Philadelphia.
CriTL, sjiaoO.OOO Charter Perpetual.
IHE Company are now prepared to transact
business upon Ibe moat liberal and advanta
geous terms. Tbey are authorized by their charter
(sec. 3) " to make all and every insurance apper
taining to life ruka of whatever kind or nature, and
to receive and eiecule trusts, make endowments,
and to e-rant and purchase annuities." The Com
pany aell annuities and endowments, end act as
truateea lor minora ana neirs.
Table of Premium requirtd for the Assurance
Age. Prem.
16 $150
Age. Prem. Age. l'r em.
31 $2 09 46 $3 36
32 2 IS 47 3 49
33 2 20 48 3 62
34 S 27 49 3 77
35 S 33 50 3 94
36 2 40 51 4 13
37 2 47 52 4 32
S3 S 54 53 4 51
39 2 63 54 4 71
40 2 70 55 4 91
41 2 81 56 5 12
42 92 57 5 33
43 3 01 58 .5 54
44 3 12 59 5 78
45 3 23 60 6 03
1 S3
1 56
1 59
1 60
1 63
1 66
1 69
1 72
1 76
1 85
1 89
1 94
1 99
2 04
The premiums are less than any other company
and tbe policies afford greater advantages. Mar
ried women and female children can insure tbe
lives of either a husband or parent free from ibe
claims ol creditors. Tables of half yearly and
quarterly premiums, half credit rates of premium,
short terms, joint lives, sorvivorahips, endow
ments and forme of application are to be had at
the Office or of the Agent.
Kates for insuring $100 on a single Life.
Age. Fori year. For 7 years- For Life.
20 0 8t 91 160
30 0 99 1 30 2 04
40 1 29 t 64 2 70
50 1 86 3 07 3 94
59 3 48 3 97 6 03
E i ample : A person aged 30 years neat birth
day byjieying the Company 99 eta would aecure
to hia family or heirs f 100 should he die in one
year, or for 9 90 he secures to them $1000, or for
13 00 annually for seven years he secures to them
11000 should he die inseven years, or for 20 40
paid yearly during life he secure $ 1 000 to be paid
when be dies tbe insurer securing his own bonus
by the difference in amount of premium from those
charged by other offices. For 49 50 the heirs would
receive $5000 should he die in one year.
PETER CL'LLEN, President.
F. W. RAWLE, Sec'y and Treas.
For further particulars apply to
Agent for Union and adjoining counties.
Consulting Physiciao Wjt . II Arc-, M. V.
Lewisburg, Union Co. Pa. July 21, 1849
rrHE subscribers, thankful for past patro
J nage,would inforni the public that thej
continue to manufacture all kinds of
Threshing Machines.
One and Two Horse
We invite particular attention to a new
article Wiard'i Fatuit GANG PLOCCUS, lor
ttttJing in Grain. Farmers by this plough
can seed in as much grain, in one day, n
in three days wiih common ploughs.
and Fining the same. HOLLOW WAKE
Kettles and Pots of various sizes Smooth
ing Irons and Stands cast Tea Kettles lo
suit cooking stoves.
the most approved patterns now in use, for
wood or cnai.
Fane v.Parlor, Vood,Coal Stoves,
Rate's Self-rearulallng Alr-llghf
Farlor Wood Stoves, (a new article.)
Threshing Machines and other articles
of machinery repaired in the best manner
and on the shortest notice. Castings war
ranted to be of the best material, and at
prices that can not fail to please.
Lewisburg, March 25, 1848 ly209
Pianos! Pianos.
rilHB nnderstgnrsl eontinaes to tarnish to order
1 on tbe most reasonable terras. Pianos, frotr
the manufactory of Conrad Meyer, Philsd.,whose
instrumeots are too well known to need any pan
egyric, basing uniformly received tbe commend
ationa of Ihe most eminent professors and compo
sers oi .wosic, and the award ot Ibe premiums in
New York. Philadelphia and Boston. For qoalities
of tone, touch, and keeping in tone up to concert
pilch, tbey can not be surpassed by either Amer
ican or European Pianos.
Instructions given on tbe Piano, aa heretofore.
Reference may be made to any of those parents
or guardians who have pupils committed to his
charge. He may be seen at his residence at Mrs
Maize a. Market atreet, LewUburg, where terma
and particulars will be made known.
rbe most popular and favorite Airs and Music
of different kinds received aa it ia issued from the
different musical establishments in the Cities.
The New Foundry
IS now carried on as usual, at the upper
end of Market street, where everv des
cription of CASTINGS ia kept on
nana or maae to order such as
The Complete, or
Complete Improved
Cooking Stoves,
for either Coal or
Wood and all
other kinds of
also PI, I ITTi I IS of differ
ent kinds Corn Ploughs, Bull Ploughs,
and the'
Self-Sharpening Plonth,
a new article, and which caff not be bent
in Pennsylvania. Call and see and judge
for yourselves.
Lewisburg, Sept. 22, 1849
OK sale by
"An ounce of Pretention worth
a pound of Cure," in
that auul disease.".
DR. F1TCIPS Lectures on the Preven
tion and Cure of Consumption.
This popular work for sale in Lewi&butg
by S. F. Ljndall J. Houghton and
Price, i o cents.
Lbt Evaarsuuv Ksis m's i.iUfmr.-IW n a
JrMnlla for ! In Ihe dilferera l-,wij rH- S K
wisn.!'s Hr-nlla. h .Herts 'I - ' KH;.
NAI ESm.Nt?.aiMlalUnaU This TuWisKn.) Ji.j
nd usver was : bill Krmer'. worker on railmiL.
M, ,ni the like be usames the Ulle ol !. lor it
Durpoae of eauiins tredil lor whit he is . He - U
L, .ueixIrJ iwo me.licil erlioO. and practiced lor miwi
ier' '" Sow lhtruihi. he never .rwiice.i asntirir.es
da in his life I Such ci'tl. trtek-t lUKSjrM-i.ias
look!. t'l u le .harar eraoo rerimy ol loe nun. wi.p
BMiet !i.rrel?, be ha.1 i-rr made th-e sutmirKi f .,
self or of nie. When will men lejm t.- Ik hone aud t r. a
I fill in s!l Iheir dwlinrs rel m'epr.oiin lth Iheir f m
I Bien He applied lo one Rue! : .ip. :o . aim in ir .t
I nlart unite his minure, utaiin: the lam earn 1st w.mi. .
' make, as aa inuucentei.t to em!trll u. .he tiueinesa. m 1 t
men have beeH li.euiuiie " i:or.i, r- j-
forma, m order to luipre the p io'k wi n the better 4
Ihe 1X4 tl.el.s i Saraapanlls the e'ar. "'C'i
SartnparWa. tna.te l.-.n ihe ' rw'i rhtcuvii 1 - -i
TijuS P Tiwifeid 'iv I l"r' f"1,1 '" "' '
name 7 wees. I ill bnu .! ll ns ii. I
j.-nMainl, M.!itarv nro.it ol this, lite statement.
Th,n.nn Kfcillmi.il l Co.. are lekhins hot s lw
htaehoode, -imply nui.le to .lereive the pati.K. and t "P
ihe iruta down m reear 1 1 his sauriw;, f"entHt
pen. Thi i. lo ratr...ti tt- P'tuiic I.. p.irci-e non-
f.l IK JArOII Town-et. T SrMml.. nanus .
Old Doelor'a Itkene... h Ceol J Arm, an.
irnatureacrw. wes- ''
fcAsiv -
Old Dr. Jacob Townsend,
Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
ma lr. TownaritJ w t.ow nbnm TO ye-r. ot a?-. :tn
few tern knu tUr A t'THOK an.! IHSi'. KKKH
SillSAPAIULL.i. B-iui isoor.br was r.sini :
limit it inauuficiure. bv whirh tucatai it tru .....
ul iiiarkrf. aT I h umie- circmiiHrn- lo th't-f ..! nr
had i.ro-ed h woritu!! knuwu w iilu. n i l rrtvi
tii cars of manr. uevrnha.eM. a lh-e ''
been Jtrlti ii .laWiVw. u i irun lra-!i. ih
JaiiisfJ IU Win rtti!
Thw r.RANDAM- NkUt Al.l.;:i' PKl PATlAl !'"N t
mai,ulDttition ihe istrcesi --I',tii 1 1" raiie! i--r l -l:
out ttta ieiigih rni b---:.;J:!i ol tUc ini.l. r -.-' it t- i. ia
founsl mrat'siUir l df i:t!nstiitt or Hrrriori.ni.
tnllke you. S. P. TMn-fu.:'.!. jt iruinr- a
nd nr r rna..jiv but C-r ihe b-"r : 'htik h i ptr.rjin-.-f
Oti trirnti&c pr.nrij-'e by a nriKniifie mw. Tue ltii-s
klMWiile i! hf i til-t ;.";. I lUs- i4t .:i-r-tvnr, --t
n, hvr all Intra !jnvthi i.no rrqni-i'in'i in 'hr nvtrnt'sc
lur oi ihe OI.H r' Si.ttHp-iuI.J. Thr m'tiJtri . r..
it im wll kiowu to ui(!tii4'sti mr cAiiiinf many inlii
pmnrrirn. ami wiiiir pr"-rrtir" whirh ar mmt! r iir'r .
and t(herr. wKirh iJ r-ianr.i wt fie i.'er. ir H h-t r
6cef Armenia. t ami ar,d, wurn i- n.(jri- 'i- :u !-
irm. Ntne o -Uk yrtu . Sji(".rti a ire -n
thjt chfv ciim-iy rv-if.'-r-tt- :m ! a a- ::. tiie j.rr-(-.t,.i i.m,
tl irwy are in icerr-c i by a siciestnir prurex. kn.-wt. m.
I Ui thitre inri-. f"l in nia: ir'jr'ur M-i- - T.
the-e Truatilt prinri, t. wdirh M tff in ra(r. r a ai -j.-ha'a:i.T,
un-ivr ti par, art Utm vt r e nluu mtdiCui ; --p-etfi'si
of tiie r-t. wiiirh rie m 11 ali ;; v jute
Any it rti cm b. .1 r twew ih r-u 11H tr Ur
eulitrrA .'ja: t. which i in.tr fmm ihe estUrit s naMcf l
ihe ft nm lhaf. lnni aithmi ; tit can ih-M rraii. Utu
D-liid "r r.tt't'1 tlipitd. wr"aTrn wrii "tr nia. txi
then call H " SAI1SA PAKII.I V FXTRACT r SVR1 P ':
B it sw.h n.-t Mie a in-' krui ".'i s." ih
Tina is f jiti..-.I iluil a'l l" "Mi Hni(riis ol
Suvai'rilla r"tc ar frl vrn.rr.1. -vrivihiu rafiabrfl
boimii' af '.I r I- iiMiiiatii is extraciati aiul rejcciffll ;
then ever pn "I nie-lfa! uuti' I -rurM in a ai
ami enfiermme.1 I nn : atttl :lnt- rl ia iTUiSirMi wcalM)
ol ai.v ul li alu.tl' anil hea'ute pn'WW. P
parol im ii.ivrr. i !- ils-r"-rlal J"ti' iu ins
nre nt IlisawrraMr Dle.
tier- ihe ir.iH. hv r l.f-r c .mp1-i. lall.m i "vr
m-te in in l.ior h n cn. women, aisl chiLlreii.
dmue wori.Vr- I!J 'te cure ' nrm. . , iin
i -umpl i is r. a .-i km: i it i ri.su
I I I i'll.KX. v-7V:. V.vv. ,il ((TIlS.
ors VKl-fTl'ISS. flMfLKS, HLOTCl.U-S,
a.iJa.1 aner.i.'iif, .iriu ir.-m
It pnxe9it marvelous etii-cy m all omplaiuts art
ni2 irom Irutigest'tun. frut Aridity f the Sfjmtrh. from
utirtpial cimilauoit, dtrtermina.lsrti ot biMl l me hrai,
palpiiatlun ol ih hran. e:. leet and twinK ctd chili ai. i
hue fl-lirs tirT the body. It has tft it esjua . Vui,U in.!
VOHgn ; anl promo e4f eis!Coratitn and genii- rn:r
e)!!ailoii. relying stricture f the luiw, llinoi and rry
her part
Hui in pothin is it eTft'Wnc m re manifestly sren and
acknowleii d thn in all kttvl-i and te ot
It work woii.!tb in caiw t rl'tor Atbu nt Whit.
Falltnjt of the Wimh tjtructetl, SupprrJ9 oi Farn'ui
Menar. "irreguiarttn M 111 meit-triMl rridn. mid I'tc ike;
ami ia etlectual m f tirme all the I.-tih o Kidny Itosea.
By remuviiix obmruemw. and ieeuliiiu( the iieri
iryMetn. rt rive ioti siiwl sHrepiU to tiie whole b!y, anu
thua dirt's all H'rrrw ol
Kervona Diarae4 nfl Orb tilt jr.
and thua pTevenmur r-!.ee' a creat trariri l tnherntai
atltra. aa lptnal inrttatum, Kruruiui, St. Vitua'
Sioooning. Kptlentte Ftl. ConrH.:tvnt :
It cieaipie the blmid. exrttca the lif f healthy acti-av
tauea the atnnwrh, am! siei eni dieti.n. reii- t
b-'welaof ltrjur: dMistli j.vi''n.ai;a:sliirtitmiiia:ii't'. i
nhea thetskin, etjiiatze- ihe rirruUtitNi ol th- Uood.
4cui gentle warmth e.i.-ni ail orr the ttvry.aiwl ita
naenathle ferp: ration ; relaxes Kfnrtiire and tijrVn..'e
meaall olmirurrion!, aid invigorates tiie entire nemw
system. I ivt this then
TM Itif aieine ynn prefniinaii nrrfli
nu(faQ .-iny.i inee tnii.s ne unl oi r l -.na
mtotior anirl'e t Thw nun's lipoid no n. he
hrranaertf ...w r.CT. th it the onm wlM'AFt
.':F.!i SPOILS,
while iSe mher 1FS: fmrinr. fry minting, and Kvrcmx
the bottle cnntmiitf it iniu trau!ciiut ; me s'tr, af.
liquid expliMUnc. and d.imafiti other -o.V ' Nrr-: v 'h'T
aorrihle romMiuiid b i.iiiir io the vtin T IV hoi
put arid intom ytem already dirtted trilharitl Whai
cause Dytpeima but arid I fc We i:m all know ll !'n
fond satire in our siiHPaihi. what nnwlnt-i ti pro-hK-1
flatiilen. heanbiint. pHlpiiaiivn ol th heart. Iiv-r "kT
plaint. (iiaiTtwa. dyeiitf rv. ro!!e. and CirrniNn t tr
DlotJil ? What is S-rtttia hut tn n.-td !iutnr in IVvh 1
What pnltice all the htm whirh bms on K"iipntii.t
the Skin. Srald H Salt Rheum. l.r-n--..i.-. Whi'e
ISwel I itii. Fevrr Sorw. aini all n''eraitii mtrrna! and e
ternal I It i nothtns uu ier heaven bui au afid nbstancr.
which aonr, and ihiw ul ail tl.? t!ui)a o itie hiW.m'r
or iro. W tiat cauwA Rhiiniatiin but a Kur atl and
fluid which Jii5MU.sU'! M-ilt lH-mHf.!i the -ti;ts and n-r-where.
irriM'in? ai.d inrlanihi tne u-'-rve n-tus uptn
which It arts So of itervotM ha.t". ( imptirit .1 '.!e
hUkod, of iWransed cuculrtuon, m -J r.fitiv a!i the jt!mn'
which utt1ht hiruan h-uure.
Now in it iitt brnii.e u mate and seH, aud ivf.niir y
tPfre to ue thi
s p toasi:xi.
and T t h wot:! fain hvr t ttr.tt-r)Mtt.l that Old !r J
d T'iwieiir ii-nmnt (-.rinm SnrsvpartL.t. is l.M
ITATlON of !iia in'triir pr:nration ' 1
Heaven kTtld that we nlwiiid liel isl nil arrir'-' w!ik
WtHild bear t.e Biw-t distant ieai-ir.bluiire to S P Twn
rnl arti- 'e '
We wi-ti it unOi'rtoil, hecriTi'r it miIi nh&tlutr tth.
thai S P Tow:wnd a arttrle au I dd lr. J.irot) T .wn-fii
Sana pan Ma are hearrn wide ainrrt and ft.': 'yii''
or; ihat Iht y nre unlike in rvenr iaiiiVular. havin ri
one atnle tit in; m ctniiwHL
As S. P. Tiwii!rnd in doctor. 'iv neer nrr. '
ahemitW, no pharm.iceuiirt ki.ow- m mTe rteii-.'i" '
diwaac than any other coimnssn. ww leMtf.r.o'i'T.'t-' '
man, what guurarwe c;n th pul' c hie ih.-y .!
eeteinsT enuinrciet.i.iic nv!i. ine. eor.taiuu r a i h r
lues of ihe article tw-d in p:'p.iriis it. il whth me
capable ot ehamfr which muht render ttirtn the A'ilN
Ol liaea'e UMiradol h-tti; T
But wr-at e!. nhou'd he efteietl frtm onr wh' kn
nothinx cump.ii at ivri ot nietltcin or Uuiae : i nnui'
a perwn iM Hute esperif.it'e to c hiJs and ie nevrfi
common deeet.t ueii. ! ni'tch mr nm-on tii' i
thai lh- iTim wh tiaiu: ariiin i-i!ieins tle-i?:i ij ' ,r
huu:.! kin'w well ibe me.ltcai st.er:irti ol piii'.J,
imnner of atvitrtiitf and coi.r'eiiti.itins their i 1,1
also aii exietki krowleIir oi ihe van -u d.'fa
allee, th? huT.an b mem. and h-.w to lapt lenie.!'-1 u
lhee tlisH'jfs 1
It ta lo arren Irau.ia uo.n uu:.tr.un:iie. to tni
into wounded humanuT. to kindle hope in the Jepi f
bonrtm, to reetore health, and blwsi.. aiifl ifr i:
crushed and hriken. and to bnn-i ini-rn tTr at l 0
JA OBTOWNSKNP hsu St t ;t;il T aaJ t Ol M'!KP
portumiv ant) nieaiDi i Unti Ins . .
Urantt I nWrrs.nl t onreutratfd flemawr
within ihe reach, and tw ihe kniwleit?e ol all who a n
Uial the may leara ami kmw b V'.''i; 'ai-vrK-K-e,
TranaeeMrtaiat fnwtr tta liaai
Aofnts for tbe above Mrdirine
Schaflle, LewftSOrg ; John II Baser, Mil
ton ; Forsyrii & Prirsily, Nonhun.b'laK
ONK Busgey nnd Self of Harness,
One Two Horse Wagon,
One Truck WAffov.
r &w v t
mzL, a.x te
For sale f-v; ' - U P Sttller "