Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1850-1859, May 01, 1850, Image 4

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lUit anb ijumov.
Yankee Doodle.
A Uie number of ihe Knickerbocker con
tains smi.c nmusing adventure of Yankee
booaie. The following is a pretty fair il
lustration of tlie adventurous and nandc-r-
ing cbaracler of ihe hardy sons l Now
England. Speaking of the wonderful ubi
uiiy of A trueTaukei-, the w riter tays
it is Wrfls1: iha'n a Cliine3 puizle to
put your finger on a bit of territory, dispi
ted or-ar.GisputeJ, where tnc lankee ujo-
dle is'nol. If yoii go to Lite's End, he is
there; to Mount Ararat, he i there
Chimborazo, Himalaya, the tnicuntain of
-,he Moon, or the Pyramid of Che p, he is
there; anywhere, in fine.-where an ark, a
rJofes i cahel.a sr.ake can arrive, by thei
several faculties ; bartering, scratching his
name on trees, ttoms and African slaves
lie knows the whole map of the ancient
ticminteJs-oi Trestor John, and every nook
find torhef of Moiimbique, and he is hand
avnd glove wTt'i riTS tfie savagrs in the world
He has been to Ichaboe until he has craped
it perfectly clean ; and if your Kn'ir-h tra
der has discovered a new bank of G nan
fend is getting ready to fire a tun tr two
hti tah5 possession of it in the name of her
Majesty, imagine his concernment, to dn
cover a doiea of these fellows seventy feet
deep in a Guauo cavern, 6Coo,- wg it cut
their Ot'r-rs, and a Binjrir schooner
iiuuhcingup and down in a !i tk ccve like
a duck aT.crtg bu'ruhes. Now if yen
walk on the sca-slore at BiifJaras, you
will find that you are not the first tlre.
perhaps to your great sorrow, ns Capt. Jix
swore violently, when, in walking through
i ha streets of Rundown, at the very limits
af the dorniiiiona of Prince PompaJelb, in
Mrica, he heard a flt3rp whistler gomp
tTjnrrif :r.a tune of ' Vaukie Doid'c,'
with an easy exHcutmn r.d unroncerti,
w hich threw him at once into a coist fo-
rr. And just so it was with the poor
out who discovered Bimpaz, nnd was just
iiucorkinn a bottle of madrira in coiiinifm
oraf.on of ili3 event, w hen hossw a Vim
kee on a hiti-side administering thu co'd
water pledge to the native?."
Uncle Dan, as he is luni!iar!y railed, is
a good old man, '03 Sim?-" as the tiny is
Ibrti; but there is a little sotntil.in lack
ing in the upper story ol his ' rnort.-l cor
porosity." This deficiency in h;s u, per
landings n caused him censidernblft troub
le, inasmuch as it drew him in'cv a gn a:
many curious scrapes, one of sthkh is ton
good to be lost. U'hrn the war of 1612
broke out he was one rf the fi.-M to Lorrnw
4 gun, join a company f initiiio, ana
march to PiattsLurfth. Soon ol:rr his ar
rival tharc, the company to which he be
longed was sent OLt to reconnoitre the Uri
I'tb, wha were md to be advancing to
ward Plattsburgli. TLey were oLIcd u
march through a !on piece of woe j, and
on emerging therefrom, came directly in
front of the whole British amy. marching
forward in order of brtti'.e. In on infant
the company broko and flcj io d'smny
Not so with our worthy Uncle Duu. II"
w'Ss not to be scared at trifles. Lkt; ti e
illustrious and immortal D n Qnxote, h'
tood ready to give the enemy Inttle ; rais
ing his musket, as the British approached,
lie fired upon them, r.d then charged home
with lha bayonet. The British returned
the fire, and Uncle Dan received a severe
wound in his thigh. In an iusUnt ha was
anrrounded, and a British officer, seizing
his gun, commanded him to g;vc up hi
arms asd surrender. Uncle ijn hcsiiut
d. The order was given in a more per
emptory tone, ' Give up your arms or d:c."
Code Dan saw that it would be dangerous
to parley ; the lutes were against him ; but
Orphans' Court Sale.
BY virtue n an order of the Orphans'
Court of Union county .will be exposed
to putitc sale, on the premises, on Wrtfne
day the 8th day of May next, all that mes
suage, farm and tract of land situated in
White Doer 'Pp.. Union Co., adjoining
landj of Henry Noll, John Heberling and
others, containing about 140 acres. Dearly
nil cleared, on which are erected a good
Farm House nnd Barn and other necessary
buildings. Also all that tract of WOOD
LAND situated in tho some Tp, adjoining
Inn Is of Daniel ltanrk. Dr. S.)-.Oeck,antl others,
containing hb.Mit 150 acres. Sale to commence at
J 10 o'clock, A. M., when terms wilt be published.
April 17, 1654. AJm'r John BennM dee'd
ft Hi iu"
El ebb Rmiimmr
c&j ebb sea e:i Eismyy
' i'" 1 aaia I jriTr
Jfvuit nun
'1 he subscriber offers lor sale a large
assortment of choice fruit 'frees such as
Apple trees, 7 to 10 feet high, 40 varieties,
all warranted genuine Peach trees, 20
varieties; Tartarian Cherry, Necturine,
Prune and Pear trees, together with some
6 or 8 varieties of Grape Vines of the best
native and exotic varieties. Ornamental
Trees, such as the Puulonia, Linden, &.c.
The above trees can be seen by the 1st ol
April, on the premiaes of the subscriber,
one squarejabove Christ tj MTaddin'e
N. B. Persons wifhing to procure a
quantity of the Fruit trees, are requested to
make immediate application to the subscri
ber, in order to procure the varieties and
size wanted. II. R. NOLL.
Lewisburg, March 4, 1850.
Dr. Sieayne" Celebrated Family Medi
? 5
rusiry! puamri
LIF2 and IIElLTil arc in the BLOOD.
Cnimr. Purify, and Erivlatr the CiicvlrtUm.mni
lkt lu.'e .;. i ?rc hralth. The moil xondcrfml
4 "U rmr.l.ei tr prmlvn a retrtll, it
Tru, the dckin A rcmU anl efSrcy wiU be prndurrd hj
hj m of m i..'rf f urnrip of thi W'mfikb than ran b
HTrcM iJ tir ilie ta-r & t quan ity of any other rvmedj
in n wurld. (?ve our PimphUts fur proof.)
This PrauriKu ie tcimlly prrjwird from VezttuUet, and
cun tfcc pM. me.-t tisit-imte, ud long ftandtii,' diraiiek
o tLe W.i-n. withoiU puitnf, Furfiinz. mtktmme. or debtH
$elig. It - ? n, rent lkt s, imvigoralts, tnakes new,
bltzd, acd fiva nim vfor and tw lift to the whola
it rant's rrrtrnKii . four times cheaps
tLas any olv-r rti-f1v hi he world, Imtus
of it will pfle a a?Trier amooat of rflre than fmr iottvrf
worth of tmtmj artUa, or any itfcer rentrdy. no matttT how
Im'g ttoir bttt mi? be. Th tmrnortmrnt nritiM tor ratn.
mmtT to d.-ivrtmar. ic, h muck more nr&ixre efext ml
dUarg worth rt thu Pinjur produce, than m Cellar's worth of
Ikmt $ar$npnilm or ether rtnfn. niitfht here My, thai
Br out' $ MtJicxmeM bad currk. within the last year.
IQd OdO rersoui af Impure Blood Diseases.
lad ?d,f3f) Cases were eonsidfrtd lurorable!
h omc other pfttnt-fBicdictne iwn are In the faahit of my
uif. if wm fhoold mi, who would bel:re us Tbia
howtfTt-r. w; do ay. and sthnd n-ftilT to prove )y resprctabio
wiVM'i, tbtit HnANT'a Medicine huve eflectrd cure of
mure d:-QaM;n rm living human bein;, thr past venr. thani
any othur remedy in pxrHcnc did during the same time.
How lunch will a Dollar's worth CURE t
Twmfv ferrr, dtnp I leers were cured by uainc ,' tmeim
honie ai lUenV Pmitrr.
TU tlltmnic tA tlie moat wonderfiil and aatoniahii:a7 can
ftat waa rer cilortej on a huuuui bcii:g, by mny wudicimtk
Horrid Scroffala Ctued.
Ma. J. B. Iliffiif. of lf.iv. Ontida Co.. N. Y. certifla.
Deomtwr H)t l.W. flint bo had been atflicd with rtcao-
nLA tur yara, nnd the lust yar routined to hi bed. with
TWIN TV lartfiL drrn drhnraimr liircail tliat hi nix-k
waa tHtrn nrmto.i trom ear to ear a hole was en ten 1
throuirh hit Wind vine. fi thnt he brctlMd tlirnuirb tiiat t
hole hfr was ner:y Octroyed the use ol faia arm ,T A II THORNTON
w wiiuj.v ticwroTrii nnn an incer unaer me arm. aa
litres m a iu'in'a huJ. h.d nearly eatco tiirouirh into hi
I.utiis Vi'M ht had u- d all kind of SAasAPAaiLLA and
oiktr tmtdtrtnrs, to no bewfii, and that he waa not expected
to ire twenty-four k'ur wb. n he commenced Rhakt's
Ikcian fmin'ixo 1.tact tht ninb buttles of thn
PuaiFTTwa Cxtkact healed hnd cured skvr.vticrm of th
twuty t'lc r h imd wtnn he ccuimt tio d uiog it, and
tliAt a far bottht murr ertvrted a tnai ect ruac. For full
particiilHra of thia anJ tnitny otb'.r $irUar cures, aca oax
Thin Wonderful nod Aaloaiahinn; CCRR i
doa not atiind nlone m a tinnumrnt of the preat .
of BnATs i'uaiFW.a, for we could aJn.,it uuinn
ibd etdcnre ol oUi-T ctir'i. well attt-abiJ u uAm -
oniati-d. ThU cur h ccrtieV! to ly
Fourteen RpspcttaUo Witnesses.
By I0CT. TWOS. WlI.I.UW nnetttth mmt nnft.KU
plijbiriifn ;if Rom- '.y M.-jfM. Rrrcrx A I.ro.varO,
iiof;sfllr ard retail d-.i it J.t Mr. i. It. Itaitwv. nr.
rlf-tr and ke, kt o: tli Wjwsr Hum a iloriL ini try
ttettn oiler vaneosm.
Brant's Indian Purifier
nra;; ir!n-e ?:-. r of th" h-nnl. Tir : Srild RemA,
Ptif. B1U0. ileer; Cottto net. M-rcuruil Dimea.-ra l.tw
Cempbuiit, Pmi it t AJe, and Limbs, Am 4 cf
Biood co the Head, cu-, ic.
pn ' . rrrrl ot.r m-(i a!,uin. iKfi(u7.ft.y aiin ptnt
ntrn, ..iBi.ir.l to mre (TitdHS fiii ;i)NSl Ml"'l'InN.i II
irt and rrf rT tl favfrt. Wl! rtwhure tntiwnl
it. 99 rer..!i'.F u raM a liie I'm-itiine Ottiet bcels
tail n.rvit rwlm ..m
falhr iraTrt ill Tmi mirar?o :- i ft.rtli T in mii ducaes f
OUIiSCRtBERS to the " Univrrsily nt
0 Lewisburg" are respectfully rc-npsted
to pay their Second Instalment, now due,
Io ihe Treasurer. And those whu have not
1 aid the Is: Jntl't are respectfully notified
that all such Jolin'ients will he charged
ln'ercst on their Instalments from the turn;
they become due.
SAM I. T. WAMCnn.TasAi.
Lewishurn, Feb. 25, 1650.
2. K
3 r!
J 2 .
. 3
k r C 5
m -
- 2 - a r3
o. to -
4 1
r; . "
I.ewisl'arjr, rcios foanty, renn'a.
1"'jciU" in I'nion nj adjoining counties al-o
atten.la the cour't of Perry county.
OFFICE on Second St., ta'ely occupied
by L. 15. Christ, Esq.
Brandretlfs Pills are sold nt -J5
CU p.'t I'oi (with fall tlirrction-)
Irk a true hero, raising his voire in
tfrnn' expostulation, he exclHimtd : " Well,
ell, I s'posc I must give it up ; but if you
take it you tuke it at your own rUkit'i
a borrow td ui
Th British c.Ticer burst ii.tr. a roar of
laughter ; the conclusion was im vi:uUe,
and afier disarming him, iid prosuncing
him mm compos, the Crhons left him to
find his way back to the American camp, I
whert he arrived soon aficr en.1 rc!::tc.i tii3
Wonderful battle with tho Urlt :;h.
"Dad, who is this Ssn Francisco that is
getting alf the gold out there in K;ilifurn
he must be the richest fellow in all them
W giro lfa rT!ow!nT frtif ? a, fat of rum, which
ft to pruvr Ihe pownr tn rar, Ufa. rrca wbn tiie praua
rem to be ic Iht wery UMt ctf of eitMe when Urtmtt
a.ftfn FtliH-mnry Bhm u ani:iii3jpn d :
We art titr fuVoir n? e-t'l!-ite at a fact of care, wltleb
go. Ui pruve Uif jM.wrr t.ytnrv lit,.. eTt-o when tim wria
trnt v be ia the t.tv lan attires ot exiatenre, whea
bratu't IndiMu rulmrmtry lltltam it admhiiatered Teiie
eaae ixn a nut stand aiom- we rmU name MAKT cvaca
aa mtrveiout and atitundin and kundrrdt of kitpcUm
ca-. and tAtmtudtof futi t e:i:-d CONSL'MI' I IOS.
Tilts' rL'HK mam c-BW-ted on Uie wit of Mr. Z:la
trKa of the tare cf KtlUttn. Sartiuft Co., N. T.
Mr... lyk-uim w-as pronounced dtinr, and Mr. liykeman
w.-at u the store f Mr. John Wait to pnn-Juite cloth for
ft aru4 and ttker burimt miuerioU, eKpcctinf faia wife
would soon d: She wm in last ttmrr of the disease
-wr.i niiri tprtrwMi ard filtirr-ttd and tc relieve lier
tnmt dit!rct, and mrtke ft dytht- pillow mare tatn. Mr.
L'yk. man war p ran .d.-d to her some id -RKAN'l'S
I.NKIAN i-ULMONAUV lULfAM." He took the Aalsam
Li.tn" with th hi oud. and enr n portion to liis wife it
r. h-Titd h.T she rontmu.l to tlc.f it until i-he ri-rorered
GfV.st HRAl.Ttr, and eue bus nttlinved tctU or turn If Jam
ftrirs -ate I'atppftUt lor p-rfirtvar.
Kr linrcux twr.r. t j Uie e rcts befure Taos, 9.
T..Uo. ris of MUltn Spa, ffuh April, If it.
Tuos. G. inCNO. rz-t Jutlicr, ct rUi.cs that he haft
known Mr. Drkrnt.ji ibu.it y -hri. and that he ia one of
l'e-ir.s troru'tu and nixr&Jle ritnent; and Mr. JoHX
Wait, the merchant spok.-n ol alk.Te. also ecrtijirt to the
fooi ej)HriM-ter of Mr. llvkeman, and that be was AO
bu-u.-it d w-t'n all theac. but2 beard them alien anok.
a i ly Vfcman
Brant's Pulmonary Balsam
aor.- CyysrrrTro. Covnk. Cnlda, Syiuinr of Kttt.
I Ltuint ml thr Lf rt. faia in Ihe 1'rfoM soil Siir, Auras.
Sreaitf Xmrrout 0fnint?. Palpitation of lkt littrt,
Ulioltrm Infantum, Itnfry. fummtr Complaintt. nnd ALL
I JilX ALU tTEAKZESSLS, rollout ant JaUimf rkmlatr
I Tile liil.iWlnT.n.ni.l l...... I Il 1 k-I .k.
dijincs." "W'riil, Ji.hnnv, I rather think ! recomm. n.ii iiuaxw MKKicistsj:
Y J. HAYES Ac CO., Iewisl.ur;;, and
by o.M v one Ajenl tn every town in
the Union.' Each Aiei,t has a Certificate
of Agency.' Exnminc the iiox o' pills always
arid rnmpare it with the facsimile labels on ihe
f'ertifh te nf 4eeneff. Aa there is a riltlliterli-it
ot tho f;w latacl out, this in nf much importance,
a the-1 U decided difference between the
ii ptsr: nee of the true UMs unci those of the
coain feit. The counterfeit is dune on atone ;
the te mine are done on steel. The appearance
of ttf i.rintins on the counterfeit is laurel fin J
tilurre ; t!ie genuine label is the ery pink of
neatness, both in printing, paper, and general
He eiy erful and goto the Aent.when you
want UiandretU'ii Pill : then you are rure of tli?
genuine article. When you purchase otherwise,
inquire of the aeller whether he know the fills
he oflere you are ihe genuine Iirandieth's! Ev
ery in.in know r. Iirther the aiticle he oiTerj is
true or faUe. Dew are of cheats !
More Proofs of the Efiicacy of
coMeoi.XD STRir or
.Wild Cherry,
Hie Original and Genuine Preparation !
Coughs, Colilj, Atttiina. Bronchitis, Liver Com
plaint. spitting lilotid,ililiiculty of Breathing,
pain in the Side ami Breast, palpitation .
of Ihe Heart, Inuuenza.Croup, bro
ken Constitulion.sore Throat,
Nervous Uclnlity.and all
diseases ot Throat,
Breast, and
the most eucc
tual and speedy cure
known for any of the
above diseases is
Dr. S wayne's compound Syrup
oj h ua Kjnerry.
Reliable Testimony
John Milton 'Carte, editor of the Worcester
Spy, Mass., was attacked with a severe iiiflaioa
lion of the lungs accompanied with a distressing
cough : after using various other remedies with
little or no benefit, by the use of one bottle ot l)r
Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, he
was restored to perfect health.
Wm. Mjntvlius, a respectable merchant of St
Clair, Schuylkill county, writes Jan 30, 1849:
"Enclosed I send you a certificate of Wm. Beau
mont, a citizen of our town. His case of Cons
umption is well known here, and of long standing;
he altril.utfs bis cure entirely to your Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry.
Be not deceived by the many spurious and
worthless preparations of Wild Cbs-rry, ushered
into notice by ignorant pretenders, but see that
the signature of lr. Swayue is upon each bottle,
Which is the only guarantee against imposition.
liemtiuber ! the genuine preparation of Wild
Cherry is prepared only by UrSwiut, N W
corner of Kihih and Kuce streets, 1'hilad'a
Swayne's celebrated Vermifuge,
"A Safe and Ell'ectual Remedy for Worms, Dys
pepsia, I holers Morbus, sickly or dyspeptic
Children or Aduin.ana me most useiui r ami:y
Medicine ever uttered to ihe public."
This reirei'v ia one that has proved successful
for long lime, and is universally acknowledged
bv all b hive liied it to be far mptriur (being
so very piea-anl t.i the taste, at the Fame time
effectual) to any other medicine ever empioyed in
dieaae lor which it is recommended. It not
only destroys worms, but it itnignrites the whole
yslem. I: i hsrmle.-s ill its etiucts.anJ the heulih
of t!:e pitient is always improved by its u-e, ever,
when no woms are discovered.
(ryBcicare f Mistake. Itenieiub&r I)r S's
VermiftiS: is now put up in i'jw.re butlhs (hav
ing recently b. en changed Covered bv a beautiful
wrapper, steel enravie with he poilrnit of lr
Sway ne thereon engraved. Bear ltr in mind,
ltd be no: '.'ecuvej.
iuj. sv ftV.Nr. s si ;ak (.dated sar.-a-p.rti
.. a m extract or TA K Pi LI.S
The virnies of these pills cbii be Appreciated
only by those who have used them. They are
adnpted to assist nature in carrying off morbid
mailer, obstructions, impurity of the blood. &.C.
They are a (leiille and effective pu'gative, correct
all tiie functions of the liver, ami as an alterative
ill drcpsic il affections tfcey are very valuable and
should be in every family. They have an outside
coating of pute White Sugar.whereby everything
disagreeable to taste or smell is entirely removed
without in tbe least affecting the excellent quaii
tics of the medicine. Remember ' they are now
put up in t'0e turned out of the solid wood.
covered wi.h a tea laoel neiring me signature 01
DrSwaync: uoue other is genuine.
The nhnvo valuable Medicines are pre
pared only bv Dr. SWAYNE, - W corner ot
Eighth and Race streets, Philadelphia.
.tirttits for Union Ci inify. Pa.
C W iSch ifil.-, and Thornton & Haker,I.e isbnrg
J Scebold and ,: I U Mench, Millersburg
R. J. N. KEELER & DUO. most res-
peclfully solicit attention to their fresh
stock ol English, French, German, and
.American Drugs. Medicines, 1 amis. Che
micals, Oils, Dyeslufls, Glassware, i'erfu
mery, Tutent Medicines, Varnishes, &c.
Having opened a new store, No 2'J4, Market st,
with a fell supply of fresh Diugs and Medicines,
we respectfully solicit country dealers to exam
ine oar stock before purcha-ing elsewhere, prom
ising one and all who may fed disposed to ex
tend to us their patronage, to sell them genuine
Drugs and Medicines, on as liberal terms as any
other bouse in the City, and to faithfully execu'e
all orders entrusted to us promptly and with de
spatch. One of the proprietors being a regular physi
cian, afford ample guarantee of the genuine
quality of all articles sold at their establishment.
We especially invite druggists and country
merchants, who may wish to become agents for
Dr. Kerler's Celebrated Family Mtditines,
(standsr l and popular remedies,) to forward their
Soliciting the patronage of dealers, we respecS
fully reninin.
J.N. KEELER & OKI,, w nolesaia urugisis,
Iy284 No. 294, Market St., I'lulud.
Aiiuuily and Trust Company.
Office, 74, It'ulnut Street, Philadelphia.
f Capital, $350,000 Charter Perpetual.
TITHE Company are now prepared to transact
I business upon the most liberal and advanta
geous terms. They are authorized by their charter
(sec. 3) " to make all and every insurance apper
taining to life rik of whatever kind or nature, and
to receive and execute trusts, make endowments,
and Io grant and purchase annuities." The Com
pany sell annuities and endowments, and act as
trustees for minors and heirs.
TubU of Premium ietjuind fir the Assurance
of -jiiOO for the u lwle term vf Life.
"An ounce of Prevention worth
a pound of Cure," in
that awful dittos t,".
DR. FITCH'S Lrecfures on the Preten
tion and Cure of Consumption.
Thi popular work for sale in Lew isrjrg
S. F. Ljnrla!' J. Ilouohtut &nrj t
this r.(7ice.
Prire. 75 cents.
w mi
THANKFUL for liberal patronage heretofore
received, resneci fully intorms his o!d fiiends
and the public generally that he has removed his
jailor Mi op
to the Dasement of his Drick dwelling on Market
street, next door above C. Penny's saddlery (late
the office of 11 C HicHok, where he hopes to
suit nil who may givt: him their ciis'.iim, as
he tines ail work in his line in the best and
newest btjle ari J on short nuticc. He h if
the Fashions reputnily, employs none but
good hands, arid is determined to keep u
with tho times nnd merit a ood share t.
pairunae. CUTTING done t order.
Chnrges reasonable, and Produce talitn in
pxchanRc. for work
L-rtislmro, Jjoe, l v270,7
3Iyers' Liquid Cure!
IS a positive -.d nevcr.faiiit:r Remedy
for PILES, whuher Intern.il, Ex-
Age, freji. Ai,c. I'rtni. Age. l'rem.
it; $t&i 31 fi(yj 46 J-jr
17 1 53 3J 2 15 47 3 i'J
18 1 56 33 2 20 48 3C2
19 1 59 34 3 27 4'J 3 77
20 1 60 35 2 33 50 3 94
21 1 63 33 2 40 51 4 13
22 1 66 37 2 47 52 4 32
23 1 69 33 2 54 53 4 61
24 174 39 2 63 54 4 71
25 1 76 40 2 70 53 4 91
26 1 85 41 2 81 5G 5 12
27 1 89 42 2 92 . 57 5 33
23 1 94 43 3 01 53 5 54
23 1 9s 44 3 13 59 5 78
30 2 04 45 3 23 60 6 03
lT Evaavaoor Ksaa tms .iiit: rur.-T a ,
Sar:.ii3tl!!a ffr snle In llie dtle-reM HiatH callr-l S
1 Tefrnen-!'s frrajiarlMa. It l a.lvenwed aa i OKIl.j
I S.M I.KM'tNK.aii l aii lnt. 'i..e T.wieit ih(m..1c, ,
' arstue.er vv ; but was fiM-nterly a wtirtt-r en rai'rii iH.r
I nals anj the like ei tie a.iuiier ihe title nl Iur l.,r i- ,
I purii'iee of gammz crlil hr what he If. Ilea.-r
r has tre;i.!i'i two me.lic! wliiv.;. arwl praetjre.I ir ri tc--.
tear"'!" N-.w the Iru'h w. lie never leMenecl meitiri,,e 4
usr in hi llle ! Sneti tri'itl. xnrlctd m:srrtreafiii.d:..a
! Ieiks bal Io tfic rli.irjeter Kiel erari:y ol lle 1.1 in. I i
The premiums are less than any other company
and the policies afford greater advantages. Mar
ried women and female children can insure the
lives of either a husband or patent free from il.e
claims ot creditors. Tables of half yearly and
quarterly premiums, half credit rates of premium,
short terms, joint lives, survivorships, endow
ments and forms of application are lo be had at
tho Oflice or of the Agent.
Jiutea for insuring $100 oil aiingle Life.
Age. For 1 year. For 7 years. For Life.
20 $0 81 91 1 60
30 0 'J J 1 30 2 04
40 1 29 1 64 2 7'J
50 1 86 2 07 3 54
59 3 48 3 57 6 03
Example : A person aged 30 years next bittb
day by paying the Company 99 cts would secuie
to his family or heirs f 100 should lie die in one
year, or for 9 90 be secures to them $1000, or for
13 00 annually for seven years he secures to them
f IU0O sh.iulj he die inseven y.ars. or for 20 40
paid t early dnrii.g life he secure .$ 1000 to be paid
when he dies the insurer securing his own bonus
by the dilference ill amount of premium from tLose
charges' !'V other utiires. For 49 50 the beiis would
receive 5000 should he die in one Tear.
1K T E R C l"I.LE X , Vre.ide nt .
F. W. RAW LB. S. c'y and T eas.
For further particulars ai plv to
most mic-rely, he h-i t rrever made th.e sr.nenR:ijt. .f i.i.n
sell or ol nie. Vi.t-u will iiteu le:irn ti lie h"tvti at! tru r.
ful in ail 'heir kalm?s ac-l !.i'-rc.iur wi; ilicir 1:-.
men ! He apptle.1 to one R-iel t;...ir to i hirn In it. e
ulartnrin; las oiixture. atutue: lit tai? sums lai w --j .
make, aa aa muureineitt to emoai fc in liie l'iitea. 1 -i
men have been uemiiiii!: an:l leti-ilnu: uie is all p.
trmri", in nnler lo i:i(i-. Ihe j-uMie li h the beller : ;
theohl Ihirtor's S-rwiai t!'a i n-M tt gritm-in. ortgii
HnrtapariUtt. ma-le lrmi tlie lj'l D trior' t frzinal A -Ji.
'i'i.ie S. P. T"Wi:'n;-l K,y 1 hareiw.M il.c trse ..i i
i.ame tir ii a wr:k. I wt'l ive hltn t'i' if ba will
.lure one fcinirle fniitnry r roji"if lhl.. Hi s'aietnrn:.. .
Thompsnn. Skilluian 4t are uo.htrtf but a uwmt jf
tilseliuMlK, slni.!y nta'le M ijereive le j.iiie an-i s
Ihe truth rtowii til reiMr-l .j hi stntrinjr, frrmrulinf t
pottnit. TIim i '1 rauti hi the put ic ! I'mch norve iji
IM.I llr. JAI OIt l'a-n'iil'K Sisiiinlia. brfviii a r -;jk
lul IViett.r. likened, hw ftimttij Coal of Armt. titt I. 2
signal utearrn. llw Cnt fit Anns.
trxnctpid OKct, hXi -Vtuton-streer. V. Y C-y
JAI.OB lllW.SaEJ ..
S-i .--'ik' " :; .ci 'etje w . . ' -
Old Dr. Jacob Towns!.
Agent fir L'nicn ami ailjuining rmnties.
Consulting phvsifian W'h. IIstei1, M. 1).
Lewisburg, l.'ition t.'o.Pa. July 21, 1S43
lernul, 1'iiml or llitedino Nfrofuln, White
Sai'l'iiKfjs, L'leer, uleeraletl Sore inront,
t'aukr r Sure Moiith, Khruunttisni, Cu'.ni
cou Distases, Mercurial Jjficlir.ns t c.
ii's-.i fr SeaUis, U if ti, Cnt, sprains, JJrut
ses, Vf. Vs.
V. e feel jui-l f e.l in proil liming the Fact to
the Wo ld, that of all medicines cer bm"l befote
ihe pubur, mine bae cer been more betiefirtal
toalilittid huminiiy than .Vyera Li pud Cure.
'-Ve know this is fsving a great di al, but it' we
were to write vo!uittcs we could not say too much
in nraise of this
nsAlTi.Ris ronii;.i.iFi: r;ioL..v,iirfi matKin. Cast WtltiT U lir-.'lsi of mnt sr.r'"
the ORtntNAi. tusrovr.Rnn of the
Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
OiJ Dr. T'Wiw.i.i i ri !' Tt eam Ot ::r. : .
H be. a knns n as t'e 1 VTH'M asJ HsC, VERKH
of the a u .v v i s K i,::k;:sal towsils;:
XARSAPARH.LA." V .-' xt. i.e n eoir.m- :,l:t
Iliiltl KSIIUU'IM u.v. hy n:-'i:.. it tJ" let :: k-j .
of iharket. 1 t!"t s!e .rv(.lV I to ! ... :
tiad pr.ivcl it "ii!i.a:- 1 :i ri!.i;. It i:j : r--:i'.t!
Ueca-f if h-.h:-, i.-v ' '!'., 1- ll.ee prM(.i wt . tisi
bivn l.enlet l ' 'U-ia.i', aiiJ s.iveti liu: iiva.1:,
c.j.i. -rJ its r.'.'f '
nF.Ai.ivr; powiiij.
This CRAM ami I M:i . !.!.!., ;-.;. :u: ; r: .
mariitlacturri' "tt :h l.iri;t: "s-aie. a.n! 1 c:: :t- 1 ' : . .
out !h lens n aR'l bre :h ei tlie it.-I. e i -ri:i. y ; j
foue.1 tiira I'.'e "t 'I.".ti.er..ti'm r tr,eritra en.
'..i.L- l T .-...... .. r..r a k ...
'I '11 Ia N'llr"rlber., t Malik j il lor ptlSt p.ltra-: and never ehaime" hut UTllie lwt'r; hreauveil !;
i M I.. .-,... tl.- .,!.!,.. .I,t .,.,. I atritml.f.tpr.ne.p-
a fi
cotititiin; to inn mi fuel ure all kitidi of
Ed Wilson,
X Rerliu;
L. At Taylor.Mililinburg
Mos Snecht. Beavertown Wilt & Eilert, Hartlelon
1 J Dover, Ci nierville
l) milh.Mowrs Valley
UcubKellcOiavy Island
Satul Ilaupt do
Youngman ct Waller.
lry Valley
B.& Summers.Frecburg
W some related ta the Sa:n Jieinto who
wta-krh'sd. in the 'I'l-jsn war by Gen. Sam
Houston j
The eld lady that sat u;i all iiipht, the
first of March, in lhj ct,ld, to r.b-?re 4,:he ;
pring open," Las got prt tty mu.:h over the !
tiff neck ; !
Dr. J. N. etUI'i'M. W:.tert.wn. N. Y.
Hr. R'.rSV ' N, IJ J lleio-y stnet. Eroollra, . J.
Dr. T. M. IH NT. AnlKirn. N. y.
lr. UKO. FKANC1H, Miil.tletowa. Cooak
Hr.liti't. A. liXJi;iiS, B:.th,N. V.
Ir. S. Willi K. Fn iionia. N. Y.
I'r. ;. B. ;.I.KSTINK. Brron. Jf. T.
Ir. J O. MIU'MAN. e avert, ville, N. T.
fr. J. M!NNiit. Henri nr. Rrookira. S. T.
lr. O. r-Iilt'alAN. CurUKnO, N. Y. .
Beware of counterfeits !
There is no Drain's medicines genuine, but
PHE subscribers otTer the prh'ic, at their
J new Brick Foundry, the following new
and valuable Stoves :
Iron Witch Air-Tight Cooking Stoes, with
a Brick Oven.
Lady Washiticton Parlor Stove.
Cast Iron Air-Tight Parlor Stove, for Wood
2 size.
Coal D arner for Parlcra 1 site, 12 inch cyl
Louis Air-Tight Cast Iron Parlor ?tovc 2
Shield Air-Tight I'erlor Stove for Wood 5
Egg Stove the ery best in use for Stores,
Offices, Barrooms and Shops.
The celebrated (ienesee Air Tight Cook. Stove.
The Complete Cook 2 sixes.
Also, all kinds of Wood nnd Coal Stoves
Phiughj Castings. &e. &?.'
Lewisburg, Dec. 12, 1849.
and by Storekeepers generally ly290
JLivet Oil.
" " ' suth bottles as are put up in a square package . p vl odv
Io anil ltual llliu'S. mt n thnuld go by or shape, rnd on o;ie square of the package is a , ,or ery oony
lh; but not in drahr wi:h Kul-rood . Mf,1 on, w1"' ' " P'nted a young s,qiuw,
c .... . nd under where she stands ta a Aote of Hand,
omjianies LMifllinto n ' S- ntiti. I 'J R;,ic!, fu Br,f
r. , . 'Wtlitrehu promise, fur value reeeired, to pay
ill l.lV. l-rs ! hosts ; iatht brarrr lirrrnf lti ( tr, J,....t i
no have a nayma pract-r.and lltoP r : r Midietne taelnry m the City if lirnuldin.
i. mufti or urtHiKlyn, It It April. lf4."
AFRESH supply received at the Lewis
burg Cheap Bookstore :
Puke's Manual of Classical Literature
D.tvies' Analytical Geometry
(.'air's Hheloric, (University edition)
Comstock's Mineralogy
The Complete Farmer, I vol, 62, cts
The New American Gardener, 1 vol, SI
The Book that will Suit You, or a Word
There are two kind
ho have n nayinfr pr;
have a practice of not .n in
I can. furnish the above works, with a
oreat variety of others, at rery low prices.
My :iO f F LYNDA LI.
Window SASH
A lot of SxlO Window Sash, from the
There is one distu- hum rs re prrtty
eertwin noi to die of unj .hat i, "er.htrte
Meal of tl ht-nrr."
Why is a drsH d :gs till ItHt a ..nc in
the highway I Ueraue ir s'pps a twpgin'.
Wan'ed Some thinglcs from the rc-f
of a-deg's !! 7.
(which note is trgnid with pen and red ink) I cher.r.'Jfarjiilnctorv of Sprout & IJtlrrows,
..I. L. IIJILMH I (A ' ..nl onl all .HU nr.. In nr.ln. ri
II I ' 1 1 U . U . I. U . I . 1 J .J J I . I L ,u U 1 VI I 1 1 1 1
Norte rer.uine but euch as have the note on
label signed as above.
For sale bv Thornton & Daker, Lewis,
burg ; Edwd Wilson, New Berlin; H J Crooav,
Selinsgrove ; f t it F C .Mover, Frecborg ; H N
Dackhause, Middieburg ; Wilt it Eiiert, llartle
too : Ames & Mench, Mifiiinburg
All letters and orders must be addrrwarj 10
Wallace A Co. ICSf. ItrosdwaT, New York
short notice.
May, 1349
I G Lawshe
ANEW BU06E7 for sale, cheap. For
further particulars, enquire at this
oflice. Lewisburrr, Nov. 7, 1819
rPHIS new and valuable Medicine, now
used bv the medical profession with
such astonishing efficacy in the cure of
Pulmonnru Coiimnivtion. Scrofula Chronic
Ulieumulism, (lout, gcntral Vvhilttt,
Complaints if tltt Kidneys,
ic. &c. is prepared from the liver of the
COD-rl&II for medicinal use, expressly
for our sales.
Extract from the London Medical Journal.
C. J. TJ.WiLt.iAsa, M. D.. F.R.S., Professor of
Medicine in University College, London, consul
ting physii-ian to the Hospital for Consumption,
Ac, says; ' I have prescribed the OH in above
four hun. lied cases ot tuberculous disease ol the
Lungs, in different stages,which have been under
my care the last two years and a half. In the
large numbci of cases, 206 out of 234, its use was
followed bv muted, unequivocal improvement,
varying in degree in different cases, from a tem
porary retatd.ition of the progress of the diseae
and a initial. ion of distressing symptoms, up to
a more or IcsaAcomplete restoration to apparent
The effect of the Cod Liver Oil in most of
these cases was very remarkable. Even in a few
days the cough was mitigated, the eipcc oration
diminished in quantity and opacity, the night
sweats ceased, the pule became slower, and of
better volume, and ibe appetite, flesh and strength
were gradually improved.
In conclusion I repeat that the pure frpth Oil
from the Liver of Ihe Cod is more beneficial in
the treatment nf Pulmonary Consumption than
any agent, medicine), dietetic or regimenal, that
has yel been employed."
As we have made arrangements lo pro
cure the Cod Liver Oil fresh from head
quarters, it can now be had chemically
pure, by the single bottle or in boxes of
one dnz .n each.
Its woTnlerf;il etTicttcy has in. hired num
erous spiii ions iiiiilalioRS. As its success
depends entirely on its purity, too much
care c.tn not be used in procuring it genu
ine. Kvcry boric having on it our written
sinnture, may be depended on as genuine.
Pamphlets containing an dialysis of the
I'll, with notices of it Irom the Medical
Journals, will be sent to those who address
us free of potace.
Wholesale Inijidists nnd Chemists,
Ij288 100 Konh Third St. Philadelphia
Hundreds, nav thousand bless liie h-ippv houi
when li'st they were made acquainted uilh its
traiisceutiaiit virtues; and our present purpose is
to ir.f rin oiher theu-ands, hnw and where tlmy
may obtain 1'iat relief whicii they perhaps hae
long sought for in vain.
The siipe.ior excellence of this preparation
over all other nie.lioit.e, f..r the speedy and per
manent cure of 7'T, .''. i well known to all who
have tested it. It hs been pruv.d in Ihou-ands
ofintanc.s, anl hus sr.vEit fil: to cure tlie
Biff o'l-tinatc r.i. ei, and we are confident it it"ll
near fiil it used a ptopir length of time acfotd
ing to directions. As a proof ol" our entire confi
dence in its cilicary, we assure all pur. hasers (but
if, af cr a proper tiial, il p ove ineiiectual, the
Muticy paid for it will be rtt timed.
The Liquid Cute is an effectual remedy for
?linguorms, Ui!es, Pimples, tt.trbcrs' llch. Fro-ted
Limbs, Chilblains. -Salt liheutn. Musquito Dites,
stings of poisonous Inserts and Cutaneous diseases
of every description.
It is b ah sife nnd elTecfual for RtttritATis,
... . . --i:..e I
giving iiiimtdi ite an'i peiiitune.i. .. i.e..
Its effects as a real Pain Killer, ate magical.
vvF.il! ri'iiii if ttir- H
should prou.le them-elvcs with this Invaluable
Preparation, the cheipncss of which places it
wilhin the reach ol ail.
Full Directions accompany eac!i Bottle
Pamphlets, containing copies of certificates
from those w ho have tested the Liquid Cure, may
lie had gratia of oar authorized agents
Myers' Liquid Cure is prepared ot.Iy by
JEKOME & CD.21 Spruce St. New York
Agents: C W Sehaflle, Lewi-burg ; J II Kaser,
Miilon lvion:22
7 It rcsh in g 7,1 a ch hies.
NOTES Promissory, Judgment, and
Joint Notw (blank) at this office.
TRY IffiJEW FffiH!
llfOULD inform the public, that they
V have opened a shop on fourth street
lower story of S. W. Wykofls old stand,
opposite Hunter Pjrdoe's shop, whore they
keep on hand or make to order
Fancy and Common Chairs,
Hoston Rocking Chairs also
Bureaus, Tables, icds'.rads.
CsEr of various kinds
tpp A'r- Ajf.-
All work in our line warranted to be well
madi?, and on the most reasonable terms.
House and Sign PAINTING
attended to by the subscribers on the shor
test notice and in tho best style.
Country Produce and Lumber taken in
payment and Cash not refused, but rather
The subscribers intend lo be strict in the
fulfilment of all their promises as regards
work nnd so doiii", hojie to receive a
liberal share ol public patronage.
Lewisburg. Hov. 184S)
compound syrup of Sarsaparilla
JUST ree'd from the old Dr. a large and
fresh supply of his celebrated met lit-i no
from the principal Depot in New York.
Persons wishing lo procure S irsnparill.i
can have either the old or young Dr's, gen
uine and fresh, by caliino on the Agent,
Ltwisburg, June Sfl C V SCilAr'FLU
One and Two Ilor.o.
: U'o invite pitriiciil.tr ntlention to a new
artic;. ttiilrii's mtfllt t.Ut I'LOlllIIS, lor
STuini in Grilill. Farmers by t Lis plouii
can sec.l in us much utain, in ore day,
in three days with cowmen ploughs.
Ci.ott;is any .Turm'nB,
nn.l Kiting the same. HOLLOW V.'Alt!
Kettles and Tots of various si"s Smooth
ing Irons and Siands c.'t Tea Ketl!es to
suit co. kin; stoves.
the most approved patterns now in use, for
wood or coal.
Fancy, Parlor, Wood. Coal Stoves.
Race's Setr-rrtriilitl.ns: Air-UIif
Patlor onj Moves, ' new srticle.)
Threshing Machines and ether articles
of machinery repaired in the best manner
and on the shortest ni'tioe. Castings war
ranted to be of the best mr.'erial, aad at
prices that can not fail to please.
Lewisburg, M.trch 25, 13-18 ly200
Dr. Rosa's Ke:llcirc3.
The subscriber having been nppointed
sole agent fur Dr. Rose's Medicines, fur
Union county, oilers them to tlio public
with great confidence as to their illi -ncv
and certainty nf ejecting cures in all cases
for which they are designed. A sinole leu
only is required to establish ihe fnct.
riHE underHgnetl continues to furnish to order
I on the most reasonable terms. Piano, from
tiie manufactory of Conrad Meyer, Pbilad.,n hose
instruments are too well known to need any pan
egyric, having uniformly received ije commend
ations ot ine most eminent professors ar.d compo
serg of Mut-ic, ami ihe award of the premiums in
New York. Philailrlhta and Boston. For tjualiiics
of tune, touch, and krriiing in tone up lo concert
pitch, Ihey can not be suriased by either Amer
ican or European Pianos.
Instructions eiven on the Piano, as hertof.ire.
Reference may be mada to any of thrive parrnts
or guardians who have pupils committed to his
charge. He may be ren at his residence al Mrs
Maixe'. Market aireel, Lewi-burg, where terms
au.l particulars will be made known.
The most popular and favorite Airs and Music
of iliifcrent kinds received as it is issued from the
ditTi-rent musical establishments in the Citica.
Tiie icv Foundry
IS now carried on as usual, at the upper
end of fvTHrket street, where everv des-!
criprion of CASTINGS is ke'pt on
hand or made to order such as
The Complete, or
Complete Improved
Caolii;;,? Stoves,
for either CoaK or
Wood and all
other kinds of
also PMUOIIM of diirer-
ent kinds Corn Ploughs, Dull Floa-'hs,
nnd the , . .
Scir-Siiarpcaijig Plough,
a new iirtii le, and whirh can not be hrnt
! in Pennslvania. Call and see and iur'.-P
. . J r,
ir yourselves.
lewisburg. Sej t. 22, lS4f
Old Dr. Jacob Townsend's
send's Sarsapnrilla for sate by
IV. Thornton Ac Piker.
"HOB sale by
'.ffM. 1 is -
kinfwfetlr l 'r-'iitMrv. tir: I i;fr'f t!i-rovtTir 1 '..s
j rt. havf aii Vt. :;:.'-; t-.:- f-yr r-i.ti :;j .h i;..t . .-.
tur ol th t d Ur's i - t pan. la. Tm: - rjii'.ii: t ..
J il ! wt'i known IfHlM m rv:.:i::.e rr.u.y rrc .-:
pr ij-rTiif ;t"'( H.rnte vfi;t.fi are urt r u-e
and ihr,--i. wiiifh ii r-r.i- -i ! i ; rfjjar.rt u lor -ft ,
iAiu-rJri-urn'ttf:.i;t ar: i M'i.'. i.;-;h is i(.:i:rjitii ri .!.e
tft'l. S'liH '1 IT. ( Hi-. - I' -rtt ll iir "Vi ....hi,
! U!t lht ' !"!;.- c Mir :.. Ate t :r. inf pfn.a :
li tlit-y rc :. n r-.'f' .rv. ! ' v a c firisrtj, t , i o
1 lo'llnraK" e i;r-. ., I r.-'i,ii.'ii:ilu-. Vreover.
Ifitese !,. "f f-:. !:. i. tt iiit h ri. in r t;mr, nr ; el-hai-iTT-n'.
i'.. r !":. n r ').. . - i v - 'r it mtdtu j
Hirs i,i ;... i. t:. wtiH j' -n it ait iw J'U
A;tV j- ,r. .. r . V h ..t- . va !;.- r : ::il tl vfl '-. I
c-ili-i-f J it'-i'i t, .Lu!i i- Ii-m tnc cti-r)iL- ;ii.f .-. . i
llie rv !L.i:i l.ii:: a: y ' h.; i'-c ; (.. c:tn lhf.i -t: :
n-i(ii or aj it ,'!iv. .-- r-n F.ur n. ;.--. n '.
t'-u.M!i H "S:.r;:i!...A t:.uCTorv'Ki e"
Km ritr.h i n -t lit btu.-.v- kn.'".r. a :t:e
Tii H pn r--rf..irc I t1: it a;! rt;- i:wfi ripcrti-' nr :r
S '..;. in;: ( T".'t art; fry. r .no.e.i. .e cy- '.f.-J n;..i. -
h-i-.f!!,n-- !! I Or l:-:-iJiv::i!'M 1 -.ra0'e J .Hi-. Tr jrtle.! '.
tti.'H fvn'V j inivV "I rrJnrI nriiT in fuiv. in
a; nt c-riiTiittM'1.! It-nil : u.J r!nH il M rni'tfrei! i.;rar i!i
ol I'ruim; a"V ci ii v....j t'i e ri-.I fivM-'iu: pr;-'ni"i. irv
preJ it ttii '.v.iv. u - ii'V :1k' rv.-n ;i.tvt.ii,i avvu' ic 1L0
Cnrc of inniiinrrnMr Iiari
Hnre the r.t-'ii wu w hear enenf iiivi.tns n mvvrj
milt- in t's fa tr riv n,i il, w- inL-ii. :ii.d cinUirm. We fkaA li
doiiiL' wi'Dtlf? ;n ih curr !
C'.WI WPri'tX. YXPRPS'r. r 1 LlVERr
ittPI. V7. atil mi IZtfK I ". -1 77-V.lf. .Ci!( Al
... I. Ptf.Ks: o77i7.'.VA,.v.v. :i L7 7M.V,.
or a t:nrpTits. iViLL'- islotvhi:
and alt arVriNH. nriUi? tm-rt
It iKKtew a n.;trve!.nu eT..rv in ail fnn;'t..int ir-
sins f'tn Jml i-'.oi. ir"if! A'-itliTu if in S'wrtnrk, froa
iri'"Vi ' f f :.;r,t':;. i!t ?rii.tii:tl-n i
Ia!trlt:i:Kit ii Ihr hc.tlU C ! lr.cl an 1
li.it iI.t!iL iivr tltf (!Iy. It h t not its eti..,. in fV- arj
t?tghi ; an 1 prmii'-'tr cx-y t-jij-t-c:nt'iuu m.il "uirvj p
tLu uii'ii. rtiuAii B'.ncturt-f ui the ludi;, ihruoi ami ..y
o'ber ftarL
Hut nt u';!tip; is i'r exeCltnee nnrn marift n.y rsa
CkuowiKtL,"I 'i: n in all kiiij dn! suureswi
It worV w..!..'i -rs in c:i-t's f -.-r-fr Aibut or ITY,
Fail tn f a f tkz Y--nh, t trmtrtfleti. Suy,Wf9ed. o; Pn, y0
mlrn.f.f-, frrftrtf'tirtt t iltt iTtfii-tnit. rrfili. auJ .
mini is tttfcttMi iti curt us a.I ::ic ftinr tif Awnrry .for
Hy rrmoviii ..i.-irin::tt'.i, a 1 rfcu.atin UlC n..rai
vs:'en. it ivrt r.n.e an i airciijtli to lue whole tiWy, uj
Uiua cur all form of
Krrvoiia Oisraea nl Drhllltjr,
an ! thtis prrvnrs (r r iieve a rrri vneiv "I oihar
adlri Sj;nttl irritatii'Hm wifro. .SX. i.tu' &M4M,
mStrwnmg, tUitirf-tic r'tfs. Crtr '.
It ciit-erJ tiie liitnl. ex-itts thtr It. it iw hea!:hv art;ntw
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Acrnts for the atjoe Meiirine C &
Schntllp, Lewisburg ; Jcba IJ Kaer, Mi -Ion
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