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Pennsylvania: Legislature.
HARRI4I36.RG,, March 22,
The impfervement bill was yesterday returned
totlie Legislature with th(f.signature oftliegoyern,
or, accompanied with the - following Message:
To the Senate and House Represeniatives of thy
Comma mrealth of Peritißylvania
GENTLEMEN:.--Thabill, entitled "An act to elm
tinno the improvement of the state by canals and
rail roads," has been in my possession since the
12th instant, and has received that deliberate con
sideration to which the magnitude and importance
of its provisions entitle it, and which our constitu
ents had a rig,ht. in expect it would receivebefore
it should be approved and become a law.
-In the message transmitted to the two noitses
ofAhe opening of the present - season of the - Legis ,
lature, tho propriety of confining the appropria
tions for objects of internal improvemout for the
current year to the connecting link., oldie main
ronte.from Philadelphia to Pittsburg, with a view
to complete a connected lino of communication
between those two important points, was pressed
upon the attention ot'the legislature, from an hon
est conviction part, that the substantial in
terests, as well as the true policy of the common
wealth, would be best promoted by pursuing that
course: And, at most, in addition to the cOinple.
tion ofthe main line the North and West Branch
divisions of the canal should bo extended into the
coal regions towards which they severally tend in
order that the utility and public advantages of
these several public works might ho 'tested at an
early a period as possible, and that they might soon
be made to contribute, in some measure, to the in
crease of the revenues of the state. The corn
me emeat of any new project of iMprovemiint
le same time deprecated, and considered,
t. now, as being entirely impolitic; as tend
in embarrass and delay the operations of the
government in completing any portion of the pub.
lie works, and manitbstly calculated to produce
An effect which, instead ef infusing confidence
• intothe public mind that some advantages will be
speedily realized by the public, and that the trea
sury will soon receive some return from those im
provements, as en earnest that the sums which
have from time to time been drawn from' it have
not been expended in vain, would tend to dampen
.the ardor with which our citizens were heretofore
animated in favor of, and .to impair their eonti-
Aence•in a. system of improvements, which, ifeon
ducted upon right principles, would not fail to in.
spire both.
But although such were and still continue tribe
the convictions of my own mind, amajority of the
legislature has thought prosper to pursue a. differ
ent course, and to authorise, by the bill now tin
der consideration, the commencement ef two new
routes ofcanal, of no inconsiderable magnitude,
(should they be carried to the extent contemple-,
ted,) and liberal appropriations have been author
ised with a view to those objects.
Inasmuch, however, as this is a question involv
ing no constitutional principle, nor presenting a
case glaring inexpedient, but exhibiting the na
ked question in how far it is expedient at this
time to enter into new cnntrnotp t ertn_vhitt
the commencement of new projects of improve
ment shall be authorised, and the amount of mo
ney necessary to carry them into effect,' about all
which there may well exist an honest difference
of opinion, I feel- myself bound by the respect
which I trust I shdll always entertain for the opi
nions of the legislature, when fairly expressed, to
yield my judgment to theirs, believing, as I do,
that the constitution never contemplated that the
negatiie upon all laws with which .it has armed
the executive, should be interposed in a case cir
eurnetsekeed-iike the present- 7 4rquespan of sheer
. expediency. - - 4 4
The questidh of rho greatest difficulty, Slid
which is calcula to create more embarrassment,
• in the operatio sof the government, in relation to
the system of in ernal improveents, is that rela
ting to a fund or the payment of the interest on
the public debt. The same difficulty would have
existed, however, to a certain extent, if the bill in
question had never been passed: A crisis has been.
produced in the affairs of the commonwealth,
which must be met by those entrusted with the
cOncernsi . of the government, and the direction of
its affairs; and although it has been brought about
by no acts of ours, it will nevertheless be our duty
to meet it honestly, and with firmness, and Jo pro
vide the means, to guard against any injurious ef
fects or consequences, which it might otherwise
be calculated to produce: If justice to the pub
lic creditors, as well as a proper regard Tor the
faith and credit of the commonwealth would have
requited, that an adequate source of revenue fbr
the payment of interest should have been provid
ed, under the circumstances in which we were
placed before the passing of the bill now under
consideration, it can scarcely be necessary to re.
-mind anenliglitenellegislature of the additional
obligation imposed uponthern by the provision of
the bill which gave rise to this cominunication v to
provide an ample interest fund.
___._Withafirn reliance,upon_thointagriipand pat
riotisin of the Members of the legislature of Penn
s), 1. a nis, to WTI onfll iisiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiFifiiiiirs itilitreiil4-
in d;" and Veil ti g - ii ssi i red that - the firitir and - credit of
the state areobjects of their anxious solicitude, I'
have every_ reason to believe, that this legislature
will not consent to separate, until it shall have
provided such ample moans for raising a revenue
as will place the credit of the Commonwealth, for
ever hereafter, on, a basis which cannot be shaken.
Under these considtTiations, and under a firm
conviction, that a contrary course would be pro
ductive of consequences destructive to the best in
toivits of the commonwealth, I have this ddy ap
proved and signed the said bill, entitled, "An eat
to'centiniie the improvement of the state by ca
nals-end rail roads," and directed the Secretary of
the commonwealth to return the same to the
House of Representatives, in which it originated.
llarrisburg, March 21, 1831.
TnuasnAr,-March 24.
The final passage bf the land tax bill was
postponed until the .afternoon, and the Sen.
atlq took up the bill taxing personal proper
ty,\ and after some discussion went into
committee of thd whole for the purpose of
amendment. The committee then made
some explanatory amend ments, which were
agreed fo,by the Senate. Tht • vote was
then taken on the final passage of the bill,
whomit was carried by ii..inajority of one
vote—il7 voting in the affirmative, and 16
10 the negative -- so the bill, has at last pass,
ed the Senate. On motion of Mr. Burden
the Senate then re-considered the vote On:
postponing the land tax bill, and on the queS=
tion, 'Ashen thilbill pass?". It was decided
in the affirnintive by one vote only. The
ly difference in the vote. on this and the
onet,!txing personal prokity, was that, Mr.
Keript, of Delawarc, a Ai At t...rjassinger, Of
• Phifadelphia,- etianged,eidest.M . r.Hassing ,
er votifigtigamst the personal property tat
and against. he land tax.. As
has boei*adely the Senate
in the bill, it only wantsthe sig
nature of the Povernor to I .:4eospan k a law.
Tirritaoxii;March 24.
The House was engaged,post of the fore
noon this day on a bill relative to tie assess
ment of damages on the canals. Mr.-Pe
trikin's substitute giving those who appeal
from the decision orthe. appraisers trial by
jury was . adopted and the bill was ordered
to-be transcribed for a third reading.
The-House then took up the amendments
-rnade . by the Senate to the bill taxing per
sonal property, ar.d concurred in them with
! out debate. The tax bills therefore only
went tho signature of the Governor - be
come laws. . ' ,
-- ROBBERY.—The 'City; Bank of -- New
York was entered between the closing of
the NI-1k on Saturday afternoon and its
opening_ on Monday morning last, by means
of false keys,nnd robbed ofabout $200,000
in bank notes and specie. Among the notes
were' $40,000 oT the Lansingburg Bank,
$20,000 of the 11Iorris Cana and Banking
Company, $2,500 of the Ru and Bank,
Vermont,. $3.000 of_ th ( p e County
Bank, $2,000 of the Newbhygli Bank, $2,.:
000 of the Morris Bank, New Jersey, be
sides a large amount of notes of the different
-Banks in the City 'of New Nork., Two
hundred Spani'Sh Doubloons were also car
rind oil; but no collection notes,. checks, or
other securities held by 'the bank, were ta
ken. The doors of the Bank, and vault
were found dosed and , locked as usual, on
Monday morning. , The Cashier offers $5,-
000 reward for the recovery of the mop:
ney, or a proportianala sum for any part.
caster Examiner.
On Thursday last, by, the. Rev. Charles Woyl,
daughter of Mr. Michael Growl, all of Franklin
On the same day, by the same, Mr. MICHAEL
BITTINGER, of Franklin township, Adams county,
to Miss JULIANA RITTER, of Green townshil
Franklin county.
On Thursday tlie,,L7th inst. by the Rev. Wm.
Patton, Mr. RonsatT MAJOR, of Menallen,, to Miss
MARGARET KERR, daughter of Mr. John Kerr, of
Hamiltonban township.
On Thursday last, by the "Rev." JOTIN
HER BST,* Mr. DAVID Winsi.tit to Mies ELLEN
VANI)YEE, both of Franklin township. /.
[.Erwe consider the marriage coremiany when
performed by this." Rev." just as lawfully binding
as if performed by a ;.tottle of Brandy, or any oth
er inanimate major.]
On Sunday the 20th inst. Mr. CAsrEtt HEyrzra.,
of -Cumberland township, aged about 70 years
:) 3 4 a s .'l- 10 2j f Celti - 3-
; . i'l7 -, i - T 1 1711,911,73 ',',l'' o 4." 4 :s',llllliiiillig '
Tii:lifi: 7 'l -'-—.' 4 1' ' 37 1 r' , l ,T .ii7 l 1 1 11il'
--, ' •'-, 1 '4., , t-'3' ~' z . '
'il„ 'illi ( I A 1 , 1 ,L#1 1 ,,1, l :1;1!1111 '1!
0 I 1 , 1 , 1;1c yi , ll d II 11 II ! 1 11
ilti' I 'llO r . ' lll l i "ol d 11, 3 l i '' [[[l
41 ka l t 11 1' 1 all / - it ' t i ' ' 1,, , , L u '
I , t qt , I , t 1 - It( 1
_ 1
Respectfully informs his friends and' the
public generally,
At his old Stand in the Diamond, next door
to Mr. R. G. Harper's printing office,
Where he lion hand, and will continue
to have,
In the pace, and hopes, by strict attention
to business, to receive - a share of public
kinds of GRAIN 4 LUMBER
line, will be attended to with punctuality.
Gcttyabarg, March 30, 1831. tf-51
LL persons having any demands, of any
y -rw. kind, agaihst the estate of JOHN
FICKES, Esq. late of Huntingdon town
ship, Adams County deceasedOire request
ed to present the.same'to the subscribers for
settlement—and all persOns owing said
estate, are notified to call and pay the same.
Executors of John Eickes deceased.
March 30,1831: 4t-51
Disohition Qf Partnership.
riIHE partnership heretofore existing be
tween the subscribers will be dissolveo
on the Ist day of April next, and as one o
the partners - intend leaving this place, it is
necessary that their business should be dos
ed—Therefore, all persons having claims
against the firm are requested - to present
them for settlement on or before the 15th
day of said Montli,!-- i aml those indebted will
please!come forward and make 'settlement.
ENOS R. wfirrn
'March 30, 183 r: 4t-51
Liberty Riflemen.!—Attention
ivou will parade on the farm of Samuel
Eichelberier, in Liberty township, on
SatiTday the of April next, at.lo o'.
- chock, A. Mr' • By. order of gm let : Lieu. •
_ , JOHN" EYLER, 0...5.
Mimi" 30, 831. 2t=-51
Blank Deeds-4'or sale' his oifiee
800. s
The undois . igned intends commenting in a
few, days, the
In the room At-present-used as the. printing
Office of the Star, in
_Baltimore Street,
five doers north a the. Post office,
Where he sill be aver ready to Manufacture
work in a good, substantial Manner. He
will procure the best of leather, and his
work shall equal, if not surpass, any that can
be donein the county. Being a good work
man himself, and shall employ none but
wlaq,areAorripetent to make first-rate work,
he . isioftlXt of giving satisfaction, both
as to price and work, to allwho may favor
him with their custom.
March 30, 1831. • 4t-51
Old Establishment,
And examine the Cheap Goods ;
And purchase them, if they are as cheap
as any others, consisting as follows:
Dry Goods, Domestics,
- Groceries, Queens-ware,
Hard-ware, Hollow-ware,
44,:oTHOMAS_ unstable Bonnets, Shoes, &c.
. .
N. B. PeatelViiose accounts are of
nger standing than Six Months, are re..
quested to call and settle, as money is wan
. ted—and. if they cannot pay on the spot,
give their notes to save cost. J. C.
March 30, 1631.
- -
. Mar. 401 1 4
The Subscriber respectfully informs the in
habitants of
and vicinity,
that he has taken the Shop, in
West York Strectrhttely-ac• •
cupied by -Mr. Robert,
Taylor. and that
In a neat workmanlike manner, and that he ,
will constantly keep on handeo supply of
ready made work, which he will warrant
to be as good and cheap as can be had in
any other shop in the place. As he is a
complete hand for making LADIES SIIOES,
and just from the city of Baltimore he will
ensure such woak done in the most fashiona
ble and ddrable manner.
March 30, 1881. St-51
The subscriber takes this method to inform
his friends, and the public generally,
In Cash:Town - , county, Pa.,
Where he will execute all orders in his line
of business promptly, and in the most fash
i-onable—thatiner, tbr Cash or Country Fro-
Aluce._.......ll.s_holas-matlearrtuigeznents-toz •
ceive the Quarterly Reports of the -
Philadelphia Fashions. .
Through the aid of Mr. Allen Ward'a
Protractor System of Cutting-Garments,
he will be enabled to please-all who may
favor him with their custom. ,
Cash-Town, March 30,1831 4t-51
T HE Central State Committee have giv
en notice of a State Convention to be
held at Harrisburg, on the 25th of May next,
for the purpose of appointing Delegates to
represent this State in the National Con-
Arention, at Baltimore, on the 26th of Sept.
next—Therefore, we respectfully request
all those opposed to SECRET SOCIETIES, to
meet at their usual placesnf holding Town
ship. Elections, on . Saturday the 30th of
April next, and elect Two DELEGATES,
from each township, to meet at the Cqu,..0.;
house, in the borough of Gettysburg, on
Monday the 2d of May next, to elect T7inne
persons to represent Adams county in the
State Converitionabove mentioned.
March °13,1831. County Committee.
J ou
or IVERY trisciltrimoir
yfflr7. 4;.1771tE Of
. 1"411 eTatR• °
_ . •
For theyekulatiOn of the Market, in Gettysburg.
1 s': SeArr 1. Be. it Ordained by the T . di iin .
- council of the BotrOvgh. or Gettysburg, and
it is hereb y ordained by ihenutherity-Ofthe
tame; That Wednesday arid Saturday ' of
every week be the days for Marketias here
inafter described. That na person or per
shall be admitted to buy any article o
provision, - (groceries , bread and grain only
excepted) tiveeri . the hours of sunset of
the evenings of the days preceding the Mar
ket days, and eight o'clock in the morning
of the said Market days, except in the pub
lic Market- house. And that- all persons
shall be prohibited from - retailing in shops .
or houses within the said Borough, all and
. every. artielp or articles ofiprovision,- _
ceries, all kinds of grain, and breadonly
excepted) without Whig first obtained a
license for that purpose from the Burgess
of the said *Borough for the.. time being,
which license the said Burgess is
authorised to issue,and to make an entry of
such license in a hook kept for the purpoSe.,
And if any. person or persons shall purchase
any articles of provision, except as before'
excepted, contrary to the true intent and
meaning of this act, every person so offend
ing), and being thereof legally convictefi,
shall ' forfeit and pay to the use of the cor
poration, the sum of Two Dollars. And if
any person .or persons shall, after this act
shall be legally in force, sell or expose to
sale any articles of prbvision in shops or
houses-within the Borough, which provis
ions had been bought for the purpose of sale,
contrary to the true intent and meaning of
this net, without - having obtained a license
as aforesaid; such person or persons shall
,and pay to the use of the borough the
_sum of Five Dollars. And all such persons
as Shall have obtained license as aforesaid,
shall bo prohibited, and they are hereby
prohibited and restrained, from purahasing
all and every article of provision as afore
said, within the market hours aforesaid; - a- -
hove the quantity herein limited, to wit: two
dozen of Eggs, four pounds of Butter, one
peck of. Potatoes, one peck of Fruit, twenty
pounds of smoked or dried Beef, Bacon, or
other meat, '(except ' a single piece should
exceed twenty pounds.) `'And ifany person
or persons having obtained such' lieense,
shall purchase any provisions exceeding
the quantity above stated, he, sho er
they, so offending - and being.thcreoflegally
convicted, shall forfeit and pay to the use of
the borough the sum of Five. Dollars, for
every such Offence. And that all persons
are hereby prohibited and restrained from
purchasing within the market hours herein
limited, any greater number than three fresh
slaughtered hogs; and if any- perSon,or per
sons shall purchase any greater quantity of
fresh-slaughtered hogs, againsts the provis
ions of this act, and being thereof legally
convicted, shall forfeit and pay for the use
of the corporation the slim of Ten Dollars.
And it shill be the duty of the High Con 7
stable, Town Clerk, Clerk of the -Market,
and all other officers and good citizens of
said borough; to inform of and prosecute
to conviction all persons so offending against
the provisions of this act; and the „several
officers before whom such conviction shall
be made, shall cause the several fines so in
curred, to be levied agreeably to the charter,
end paid into the hands of the Treasurer.
(And all persons obtaining such licences as
aforesaid shall pay therefor to the Treasur
er for the use of tho borough the sum of
Four Pollars per annum.)
SECT. 2. And be it f ir her ordained,
That if any person shall he' after sell, or
offer for sale, any Butter, which shall be
found not to be of full ,weight, such Butter
shall be forfeited for the use of the borough,
to be sold by the Clerk of the Market, and
the proceeds paid over into the hands of the
Treasurer. ,
SECT. 3. And be -it further ordained,
That if any person shall bring to market for
sale, unwholesome,bad—or—unmarketahle
provisions, he, she, or they, shall, for every
such ,ofience - pay a fine of FiveTTOlTers, to
be recovered for the use of the borough, and
that the said provisions shall be removed by
the Clerk_of the Market,at the expense of the
owner,or person °tiering the same for sale:
SECT. 4. And be it further ordained ! ,
That the Town Clerk be directed to record
in the Town Book, the occupant and number
of all the Stalls in the Market house, and
that he deliver a copy of the 'same to the
Treastirer, and that no butcher or victual
ler he perthitted, from and after the first
day of May next, to Occupy, any stall` or
stalls therein, unless he obtain every year,
or every qnarter, license or written per
mission therefor, to be signed by the Chief
Burgess or Assistant, and countersigned by
the Treasurer, -
which same shall not be
countersigned by the Treiusurer before the
payment in advance, for the term of said
occupation, by the said butcher or victualler,
to the Treasurer, at the rite of Five Dol
lars per affriuni . fer each still he shall eo oc
cupy, nor until the full_ payment of all ar
rearages if any such there be. And if any
'hatcher or victualler shall occupy any of
said stalls, without - having first obtained such
license or
permission signed and counter
signed as afortiteid, he shall forfeit and pay
to the use'of the borough the sum of One
Dollar for each Market day he shall so oc
cupy the same. • ,
SECT. 5. And be it fribtr ordained,
That to secure fairness - in buying and scli- -
ing,.and ,to preserve peace and good oilier
market, that any person using eqy fraud,
force or violened, in the Act of ptirchasiog
any article or articles of proyision, or wlo
shall remove or Attempt to remove the Barrie
- withotit • the consent of the iiwne.r, he, or
she, shall instantly be obliged hy.ihrkclerk
of 'the- Markw, upon the complaint. of the
owner Or nay other person, to restore the
ER. r
same, and shalliiVer payror.flottelt
offenee the sum of One Dollar.'
Sii:cr. 6. And be it Await"
.„_ _
That if any person' Or persons 011aU us am
other fraudulent or distoaesyPeactice r eitlier.
in buying or selling during market hotter,
in the market place, (not herein 13ppeinlly. •
provided for) and - being thereof legally-con
victed, shall forfeit and pay the Suss of One - •
Dollar for everyeedli'offenee. -- , `._
. SECT. 7. And be it further ordained:.
That the Clerk of the IViarketshall keep al ,
ways for the Ilse of the _corporation, exact
Standard weights and measures as at pre •
sent fixed- by . the - laws of Pennsilinnia, - and
that it shall be hiS duty - Once in every three
months, or oftener if he shall be thereto re- '
cluired, to try the weights and Measures - of
finite iiihabitfints orthe said borough, -- whe . ---
buy or sell by weight or measire, and all
and every weight or measure used in the
said borough either for selling'br buyingi
which shall be found either greater or less
than the standard weight or measure, shall
be taken into the custody of the said Clerk,
whose duty it shall bo, under the direction
of the -Burgess or_ either of them,.to duce -
or to increase the same to the true standavl;
and the expense of doing the same - shall be
paid by the personsowningor occupying thik
said;weights or measures, and if any person' s . :
or persons within the said borough shall
knowingly, sell any article by
__weiiht ‘ or
measure under the just standard -so to be
kept, or shall - buy by any weight or measure
above such standard; he, she or they, on
being thereof duly convicted, for every such,
(donee shall forfeit and pay for . the use of
the corporation the- sum of ten doilarsland
shall also forfeit the said weights or ma- -
sures. And if any inhabitant within, the
said borough, using any weights or mea
sures for the purpose of buying or scaling, -
shall refuse, on demand being made in the
day time by the said Clerk of-the Markek,
to produce or deliver the said weighty, or:
measures by which he either buyfrefilielb47:
to the said Clerk, for the purpose of - being ....
tested by the said standard weights and .
measures, and being thereof legally convict.
ed, shall for every such offence forfeit and
pay to the use of the said corporation the
sum of twenty dollar,. And it shall be the
duty of the - Clerk - Of the Market to wen - a -
every market-morning in the Market-house,
where the said standard weights and mea- _
sures shall be kept, in_ the house provided
for keeping the satins, and all ankles offer.
ed for safe (other thin butter s put-up-itL-_
precise quantity) the price of which shall
depend upon. weight or measure, shall, it.
brought to the said house, be by him justly
weighed and measured, and heathen be paid
by the seller for weighing each draft not
exceeding ten pounds, one cent; and if over :
ten and not exceeding twenty pounds, tit°.
cents; and if exceeding twenty and not ex-,
ceeding fifty pounds,.three cents; and if more
than fifty and not exceeding,m*laundred
pounds, four cents; arlieznore than one - MM..'
dred pounds six cents; and for measuring alt
kinds of.articles sold I* the bushel, or less
quantity, he shall receive under half a bush
el, one cent for each measure; ifabove half
a bushel , and not more than one bUshel, twe
cents. ' and two cents for every bushel he
shall have so measured in addition. And
if the said Clerk shall be called upon by any
person or persons buying or selling any ar- ,
tides by weight or measure, to weigh or
measure the same at any other time than on
the morning of the prescribed market days
and within market hours, the seller shall
pay to the said Clerk double the rates above(
mentioned. (And the said Clerk of .the
Market shall be paid out of the -borough
stock, twenty five cents for each Market
day that he shall duly and faithfully attend
the said Market and perform the duties
herein prescribed, besides the fees allowed
byllitiii - dt for Weighing and - measuring.—
And--the-said Clerk "shall be allowed-out.-of- ._
the fines and forfeitures incurred under the
s - of - this - actithe -- furthwyeanvor - '
five dollars per armu ni
tion for testing all weights-and measures, ass
herein prescribed. And it shall be the duty of
the Clerk of the Market to cause the Market
house to be swept clean on the day preceding
each Market day, for which he shall be al
li4ed the sum of five dollars per annum. .
SECT.. 8 And - be it further ordained,
That no butcher's blacks or benches shall be
suffered to remain in the Market-house EX
cept in market hours, unless the same shall -
be so fixed under the stalls of. the Market,
that no filth or uncleanness can be attached
to them And no person shall bring within
the Market-house, at within the lines of the
-posts or foot pavements set round the same;
any carts, drays, cars, or other, 'carriages;
and every person offending in the-prermses,
shall, on information being • made to the " -
Clerk of the Market or on view of the said
Clerk, for bit and pay the sul of two dollars.
And all wheel-barrows @all, as soon as the
burthen . carried on them into the Market
shall be discharged, shall he removed to
some plice . without the said lides of posts and
-foot pavements, under the penalty of one
dollar. And if any person or person shall
bring into And leave within the said Mar
ket-place or the Public squaw, any he.
feet or-other offal ()ratty animal, he or she,
so offending, shall forfeit and pay for each
offence the sum of five-dollars.
Sect. 9. Ancl° be it further ordained,
That no hoc kstsr or seller‘of cakes:, .shall Isk
permitted to occupy any 841, dr sit within
the said linen(' posts and foot pavements piit
round the Market-hooka with intention to
sell during the market hours, under the Pena
afty of one dollar, to be :p forthviith tas
the. Clerk of they Market.'_
Enacted & ordained ln town coonoil,3lar. 7, 1,$;1,
W W M. MTHERPON, Prti l t.:
1 Attest—R. SmITHI Clerk.
Grottyabur , larch 30.