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"For A Setter Penn State"
liz'da`dished 1940. Successor to. the Penn State Caegian,
established 1904. and the Free Lance. established 1837.
Published daily ezcept Sunday and Monday during the
- r•e„ular College year by the students of The Pennsylvania
College. Entered as second-class matter July S. 1904.
wit the tx•sto_ce at State College, Pa.. under the act of
*arch 3, 1879.
. 04.dezn A.Zrtriser
'4l; News Editor—William E. Fo*ler "41: Feature Editor
—Edward J. K. MeLorie '4l; Assistant 314rnagEng , Editor
- .4layard Bloom '4l; Women's , Managing Editor—Ariti
'1 efferan - '4l; Women's Promotion Manoger--=Edythe
)I;ekel '4l.
Advertising Manager—John H. Thorruis ''4l; Circulation
*Manager—Robert G. Robinson '4l; Senior Secrets—Ruth
"Goldstein "41; Senior Secretary—Leslie H. Lewis '4l,
.Junior Editorial Board—John A. Baer R. He3en.
Gordon '42. Ross B. Lehman '42, Wiliam J. McEmight.•"42.
Alice :M. Murray '42. Pat Nagelberg '42. Stanley J. PolLemp
ooer "42, Jeanne C. Stiles '42.
Junior Business Board—Thomas W. Allison '42. Paul
*Vt. 'Gs - killers; '42, James E. McCaughey '42. Mamraret L. Era-
Cury '42, Virginia Ogden '42, Fay E. Rees "42.
Grad•late 'Counselor
Ertorial and 'Business Office
-318 o , ld Main Bldg.
Dial 711
?t , lnnfring Editor This Issue _
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Tuesday Zdorning. 10, 1940
Higlier Education Moves Tow
Mass Piodutfion
An important .tendency that is reaching into
American education just as it has already reached
into business has been brought temporarily into
the spot light.
The President of the Carnegie Corporation of
New York, Dr. Frederick P. Keppel, in his annual
report has said this:
"There are in the United States far more uni
versities, colleges, and other operating institutions,
°find far more worthy organizations for voluntary
.4uurposes than the nation can possibly afford. -1.12
the year to come many of these are bound to dis
appear, and one 'of the most difficult duties that
'face the foundation is that of so directing its
:grants that its influence will be directed toward.
the survival of the fittest."
There is much more of importance that Dr.
Eleppel said about . the conduct of the foundation
but it is on these points that much future thinking
in regard to education will turn:
That there are now more educational institu
tions than. the nation can afford; and the conclu
11.on that, therefore, efforts must be directed to
ward effecting the survival of the fittest.
This long run tendency seems to be the neces
i4ary result of free competition in industry that
jlovernment has felt it necessary to intercede. It
is the same tendency that in business has brought
mass production, cheap production, and an Ameri
can standard of living that is the highest in the
at which learning is concentrated not
for the few but for the many are not undesirable.
The falling off in the number of colleges and uni
versities that Dr. Keppel forsees does not mean
that fewer Americans are going to be educated.
We have learned the. lesson of industry and bave
long been concentrating our education with most
.satisfactory results. Our 20 or so biggest univer
ities can offer each student better facilities at
less cost than any unendowed small college can
Lope to do.
The change is not painless. It hurts to trade the
ivy tower for the skyscraper, and the class light
lor a radio debate, but we are 'doing it already.
Few are the campuses on which anyone can now
onatch Teddy Roosevelt's proud boast That he
'knew every student at Harvard by his first name.
Vot many of us give more than a passing tear for.
the' loss.
What we lose in personal contact and so-called
zchool spirit we have more than made up. We
'have facilities only dreamed of in Teddy noose
velfs day. Where once only a few students could
meet the leading thinkers of the day, there are
thousands in their place.
The saving grace of all is That through the med
ium of schools, departments, and divisions we
'have learned how to individualize the mass pro
duction system te suit the needs of education.
The College Cracks Down?
It has been suggested that the College,
than fine all of the 500 or so violaters of the , cuit
f;ne rule, should single out only a few and make
examples of them. The Collegian canna under
.;:Land this. It cannot understand why the Col-
Jege, which apparently considers cuts before and
:+fter vacations. 3 ruptunts in its program,
b• 31 . 1:. , L=nf: )i - cin; it ha:s finally given
f Business Manager
Lavrsen,ce S. Driever 'Aid
--C. Thas:ce'll Eck
Downtown Office
119-121 South Frazier..ST
Dial 11372
_ _.:Geo=e .Sehenkein "41
__Stanley J. PoKennpner '42
R. Helen Gordon '42
_To= M.l , Carthy. Stun Stnih
11114:l_; TAUS
Week-end Review
Here we go again rehashing what most of you
know already but just in case you were too en
grossed in your date to look around, well go over
the notes we took this week-end.
-• Haivest Ball. • -Had to, go in the -back door to
the Armory and climb ever a log or something to
get in. There .were porn stalks all around and
most of the costuxne's .smaCked "of hayseed& We
were looking for Helen Cramer but learned that
her date, Kim Grimm, phi sig, dropped a weight
on his foot and couldn't dance. Saw Pat Behney,
kappa, with Bill Charles, KDR; Peggy Colvin and
George Borden, phi gain, (incidentally he gave her
a sweet heart pin); Mary Lou Keith and Jim Ir
win, phi gain, too; Winnie Bischoff, kappa, and
Bill Christman, DTD; Kay Albert, DG, and Bud
Smyser, phi 'sig; Whif•Crossman, alfachio, and Don
Russell, sigma nu; Virginia Smith, chio, and Del
Hughes; Ann Ruth Flory, also chio, and Al Boi
leau, AZ; Johnnie johnion, alfachio, and Shorty
Moore, lambda chi; Anna Mae Rockenstein, TPA,
and Red Rumsey; and Louise Fuoss, alfachio, and
Jay Ellenberger, phi tau. He pinned her Sunday
Can't decide whether or not I liked the idea of
a blackout before the queen was presented but it
was certainly something different. Peggy Sher
man, alfachio, regally arrayed in blue overalls, a
white shirt and a straw hat made a fine farmers'
queen. She came with Dick StebbinS, kappa sig.
The PiKA's, not to be outdone by the boys on
Ag Hill, had their own queen at their pledge dance
Friday night. Patty Patton, chio, was presented
with a little golden cup and named "Dream Girl
of PiKA..-
Wffil The Younger Generation
Beanie Siebert and Bob Jeffreys, beta; Joan
Ilerzer and Bill Clemens, phi kappa sig; Shirley
Hayes and Andy Graham, phi .delt; Janie MinniCh
and Dick Sweigert, SAE; Betty Lou Schaeffer and
Larry Varies, sigma pi; Lois Dosch and Al
corn; Joyce Strope and Dud Rutherford, sigma pi;
Mary Jo Powell and Bob Eckenroth, delta sig;
Jane Murphy and Tommy Wilcox; D. J. Jennings
and Dave Diehl; and Mary Lee Ullom and Sam
Flenner, sigma pi.
Just to prove we're on . the job every minute.
here are - a, few more couples we saw this week
end. Russ SMith back in town to see Becky Rupp,
kappa, and Jack Allen back dating Kay Schott,
theta; Ann Borton, DG. and Bill Mayer, kappa
sig; Jackie Schaeffer, chio. and Jim Balentyne,
beta; and Ginn Kerkhouse, kappa, and Pinky
Humphrey Hibbart, phi tau.
Seamans To Speak
At PRA Meeting
Harry Seamans, general secre
tary of the PSCA, will discuss
"Leadership" before the biweek
ly meeting of the PSCA Freshman
Council at 8:15 p. m. today in
Room 304 Old Main.
Included in the discussion will
be the definition of a good leader,
the qualities desired in A good
leader, and the techniques CT inan
aging groups.
Herbert K. Gmybill '44 and Ger
ald B. Stein '44, members of the
executive committee of the coun
cil, hare announced that items of
business to be discussed include
plans for the Chris : trims dance and
means of helping the Christmas
Carol Sing Committee.
Talk On American Sdiools
Miss Ruth Wanger, regional
vice president of the American
Federation of Teachers, will
speak on "American Schools in
the Present World Crisis" in
Room 10, Liberal Arts, at 8:15 p.
m. today • under the auspices of
the State College Teachers Asso
Kaulfuss Returns ,
Prof. Julius E. Kaulfuss of the
department of civil enginering has
returned from the annual meeting
of the Highway Research Board of
the National Research Council at
Washington, D. C. last week.
"Ypu'II Find Out"
"The Bank Dick"
"The Great 'McGint:y"
Delta Sigma Phi fraternity will
entertain the Delta Gammas at an
informal dinner at 6 p. m. tonight.
' . . . . _. ... .
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and SAVE! _
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So sit down with the paper, right now! You'lt .
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. :
. . .
. - ..,
. _.
' •
Al The Movies
Circulo Espanol, = m eet in g
Grange playroom, 7 p.m-- Every
one welcome.: _ . . •
Students desiring special train
rates for Christmas Sign up at Stu
dent Union before tomorrow noon:
All-College Cabinet, 385::' Old
Main, 9 p. m. -
Tribunal Meeting, 318 Old.plainy:
7 p. m.
'43 Campus party, 46.01(1-Main,
7 p. m.
Forty Forum, 304 Old,4lain, 7
p. m.
PSCA Freshmen men, 304 Old
Main, 8:15 p. •
Alpha Phi .Omega,• 415-: Old'.
Main, 7lp. m. • : _
House of Representatives; 305
Old Main, 5 p. in. "
Candidates for• busineSs staff of
Portfolio, 416 Old Main, 7:30 p. m.
Freshman ice • hisckey,. Arniory,
8:30 p. m. i . 7:
Talk "Ainerica7s School ;in• the .
Present World crisis," 10 Liberal
Arts,. 8:15 p. m. • • -
Installation of . 'officers - agd
members of the 'Christian Associ
ation's Freshman -- Forum, • New
Beaver Room, Old Main, 7 p. m.
Alpha Phi • btriega - , 418 Old
Main, 7 p. m.
Guys and Gals
Try One During
Your "Sandwich
Hour" This