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"Pcir'A'Better Penn State"
.1940. sucgeur.....ta _the Penn SateColWgian•
establithi'fo , o4,..iid the' Free
Published daily except Sunday and Monday during the
o.olMlar College year by the students of The Pennsylvania .
Citrate College. Entered as second-class matter July 5, 1934,
, •
ithet PCM;t 4 O--Ce at State College, Pa., under the act of -
~ .ittlaich "3,-1379.
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Smyser Lawrence S: Driever '4l
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4.logihornore. *A:isistants __Walter Bei-kov, Berbers. Zukauskas
:Wednesday Morning,,December 3,1940
German Strategy Begins.Tothange
The EngHA:Picture
• Germany, apparently, has found its most effec
•twe 'weapon in the war 'with 'England. - in `the
-methodical :raids through •which - it is -devastating
She industrial midlands ,town by town.
.Since those .paralyzing :raids 'began with . the
devastation of Coventry 'we':have noted 'the sure
;:igns of :British weakening. 'Because - England •is
'no longer able to build-new , bottoms 'fast enough .
'her .:ea losses have reached - the critical :stage.
•The'BritiSli censor, has suddenly •become obnox
ious in his flare for blacking out even - the most
ohvioug' facts. The British claims are beginning
:11..svo..sornething 'of - the clear, empty ring 'that
weviously we attributed 'to •Germany in the 'ac
counts of 'the air battle.
As •Britain fails, our own day of reckoning is
drawing nearer. We ,know now what we did not
/know at 'the start of this war, 'that -Britain's war
' What has been :said here !before' is bedoming
Clearer now as 'Britain's situation turns critical:
That, if once we enter this war, we will be sorry
we had entered• sooner.
'We will' be. sorry 'thatwe allowed 'Britain - to , drop
almost . to 'the . ..bottom' before we'nnoved to - pull her
We"will'recbgnize that in waiting we have
'made:our -ownjobiharder.
Silence From Thelßoroagh
What the borough authorities are thinking about
the parking regulations—unless it be ncithing--
-ii; hard to divine 'from 'the •discussion at borough
cour_cii.meeting'•Monday•night. •Nothingwas said.
Nothing - •was -said. Yet the borough itself :has
condemned the ,present,parking -situation because
+it -is impossible 'to :get fire engines through the
-r.txedts:in..the early-morning hours without serious .1
Nothing'•was said. Yet - the'borough continues to
allow !parking on both •sides of a great many
::tredts in violation *of the law.
'Nothing was said. Yet the borough is tolerating
41 :nuisance that could be 'cleared 'up by simply
iy.assing a - - new • statute.
People who •have cars must park'them. Unfor
tunately, cars won't fold up or evaporate 'when
'they are not wanted.. A ;lot of the TOO student 4
owners 'have mo suitable wrkitig spaces - nearby.
- The:same is'true of a lot . Of townspeople. As
milt :they have .left 'their cars in 'the streets over
inight. 'The borough,• recognizing thetiecessity,•has
tolerated the .violations. Now, :however, 'the t!
authorities are seekingto clear up the dangers the
ituatiorr creates.
One of the 'worst aspects of the present safety
'drive ;is that makes possible a• selective crusade ' l '
--:fining'• some '-vibLators't but -not others.
'How' the borough •wotild do 'this, • how it would
expe6t'to• see its'victimipay 'off'quietly while' oth
ersareiinteritionally•passed Over tis something'Col
4egianvdoes'not" understand.
'hlf it '.were use; serioutness of the `Violation
•eitea*dcdfi Persetial like' 6r dislike ;sit the baSislort•the 1
arrests the sittiatientniiiiieb;l6letated were' ien'ot
iforenelfat: 'The`vshOlecilfiniiiiininecessary.
7 1t 'tunnecessary becaUse "on one • Side
Of the narrower•Streets—Which can' be accornplish
eti 'by a borOugh "Ordinance-46dd • , lirimediately
Clear'up 'the situation. 'Fire eqines Would'be t left 1
. with Plenty 6.f room. students and townspeople
could park their cars without inconvenience, "the
cons‘ant throat of fines would be removed from
cions•lientious car-owners, and the borough would
'have. an Oil force:ibl , it might e en catch a
__C. Russell Eck
119.-121 South .Fraz i er. St
Dial 4372
C4mpus '44 party meets in 405 Old-Main, 7 p.m.
- WOmen's rifle club meets in Room 2, White Hall,
Mrs. Harriet Nesbitt ,will,speak at the Wednes
day_ Reading in Robin / 402, Library, '4:ls.p:rn.
PSCA Cn . binel meets in 304 Old.Miin, n Bils - p.m.
' Central' Council 'Meets - at the Lions' Club,
Talk, "Tuberculosis and Its Prevention,"
`Schwab 'Auditorium, 7: P.m.
Druids meet in 418' Old Main, 7:30 p.m. •
Independent Party, '43 meets in 318 Old Main,
7:15 p.m. •
G..L.:Rishell, chief factory engineer of theHy
',grade'Sylvania Radio Tube Corporation will speak
at'the regular meeting. of the Electrical Engineer
ing" Society in Room 110,TE 13uildirig,78 p.m.
•PSCA - Service ' Cbnirtiittee meets in 304 Old
- Main;••8:15;p. m.
PSCA Cabin Retreat 'Committee meets in 304
Old Main, 7:30.p.m.
'Second semester fee -deferment ,blanks are now ,
available 'att - the Bursar's Office. Deadline for ap
'iplication:is January 7. •
•Student Artists' tickets on sale at AA win
•:daw starting 'at 8 *a. -m•
- Tour of .. new astronomical instruments labora
'ctory and leCture-demonstration conducted by -Dr.
:Henry Yeagley in Room 103, Physics Building,
'7"p• - m. Third:in 'Alpha *Nu'lecture series.
'Candidates .for assistant manager of ski meet in
Rec• Hall. 'Cp. in.
WrestlingTractide starts in Rec Hall,-4p.m.
'Facultyitownspeople Artists' Course tickets on
sale at WA window.
Grange - meeting inßoom 405,'01d Main, 7 - p.m.
College'Senate - meets in'Ttbom 121, Liberal Arts, •
• 4 1011 km.
:Liberal Arts Student Council meets in 318 Old
"Main, '7 :pm.
:EDITOR'S NOTE: Cassius, who usually
Writes his "Lean and 'Hungry Look" in this --col
unin every 'Wednesday, has been confined by ill
ness since Thanksgiving. Health .permitting, he
will be back nest Wednesday.
Ralph W. Barnes is the - name..
How :many people have heard or read of that
name, and how many who have, remembered or
even-particularly - noticed it? Very probablyjew
have, - forlhat•name has - appeared .few times, and
then in tiny, - light:dace `by=lines.."
.Ralph W. Barnes was only one of the many for
eign correspondents, who, for the. Past-year or so,
have 'been dashing about Avarqom Europe, in the
places of greatest activity—=and danger. . That's
where . thelbig . stories are.
:He . was'one , bf . the men who have` been and are
working night and •day,. risking - their lives to ob
tain'accurate and • of the war .for
American - readers who, upon reading that news,
slap • down their • papers - in - disguest . and yip, like
-hurt ;puppies, "Why can't they tell us what's
• really •going on in Europe?"
We use the;past tense in speaking of Mr. Barnes,
for he was killed in the crash of a British bomb
ing :4)lne Monday. 'After a 10-year, colorful
career as :foreign correspondent 'for the New York
Herald 'Tribune, 'this American 'reporter went - to
:his death as' much :in the line 'of duty as any sol
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