The daily collegian. (University Park, Pa.) 1940-current, November 09, 1940, Image 4

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Alifti To Give Tea Dance
Alpha Epsilon Phi will enter
tain Beta Sigma Rho at a tea dance
M Grange Hall lobby from 3 to 5
p.m. to mo
pertly repaired. Portable and
office machines for sale or rent.
Dial 2342. Harry F. Mann, 127 W.
03eaver avenue. lyr-CRE-ch
Saturday, November 16.
Make reservations at Student Un
ion office 25c per person.
c.ook - ing. facilities. Dial 2426, 218
'E. College. 3tpdll9E
FOE RENT—One single room for
man on second floor at 412, S
Alen. Call 2392.
FOE, RENT—Second floor double
room. 128 Miles :Areet. Phone
2801, -ltpd 119 E
/ •
A:N/ A itA, A bEt os : T.1 , 1 , r - X 1 3 .4"
•• • •
Shows at 1:30, 3:00, G:3O, 8:30
Vancers Best-Seller!,
c .
\ Tt.
O P ( " •
• •
Evenings Only 6.300 8:30
bnsfan yU
J. Paul Selsam, assistant profes
sor of history, will speak on "Our
Responsibility in the World Today"
at the conference dinner in the
Nittany Lion Inn at 6:30 p.m. to
2tpd 11-12 E
Profs Classified Spicy,
Skimmers, Killers-Egad!
"All professors can be divided
into classes." declares the Emory
Wheel, student newspaper of Em
ory University, Atlanta. and lists
the following:
"1. The killer type: He wants
to kill off the lower third of the
class and thinks the best way is by
"2. The spicy type. He has a
lot of cheek and picnty of tongue
to put in it. His lectures kick up
intellectual sparks out of the aca
demic flint.
"3. The skimmer type. The
surfacing in his courses is fine.
But the foundation is weak.
"4. The fatherly type. He is
the unexpected father, always giv
ing pop examinations.
`5. The hard rock type. You
We, The Women—
Today Is THE Day!
Start Running, Men
Today is 'THE day! Not only is
Penn State going to beat Syracuse,
but I am going to beat you. For
today is the day to get out your
track shoes and start running. It's
Sadie Hawkin's Day and I want
you 'for my Li'l Abner.
Today the dating code will suf
fer a nervous breakdown with all
the coeds doing the escorting. In
stead of your sending me a corsage,
your's will arrive in the conven
tional cellophane wrapper. Do you
think radishes, will look all right
with your gray suit? And how
about a dinner and movie date be
fore the Spinster Skip? I'll be
around at six.
Today I am going to prove I
really appreciate all the good times
we have had together. •
.-Tonight you can give me your
shaving kit to carry. And you can
keep me waiting—hut for long,
please. I will try to be as good
natured as you always are about
stuffing your pockets with a com
pact, lipstick, and comb. And I'll
endeavor to wait without tapping
my foot.
You mad• not be tall, dark, and
handsome. or even a medium, light,
and able-to-get-by-in -a- is r-o w d
type. You may not be voted the
"Catch-of-the-Campus" but you
are still my ideal man.
Phi M To Initiate Six
Phi Mu will initiate Julia A.
Adams '42, Elizabeth A. I4ower '42,
Virginia M. Penrod '42, Miriam I.
Shaffer '42, Mildred L. Austry '43,
and Elizabeth H. Taylor '43 at the
Phi Mu house at 7:30 p.m. tomor,
Panhellenic Conference Speakers
Armistice Da y observance,
Schwab Auditorium, 11 a. m.
ASCE 'meeting, 107 Main Engin
eering, 7:30 p.m.
Monthly meeting of Circulo Es
panol at 7 p. m. in Grange play
PSCA finance campaign driVe
workers meet in Hugh Beaver
room at 11 a.m.
Miss Charlotte E. Ray, dean of
women, will lead a round table
discussion on rushing at the Nit-
tang• Lion Inn at 3:15 p.m. today
have to be more than a good mu
sician to hit a high C under this
poker. If he were a movie critic,
he wouldn't even give the United
States flag 43 stars. -
"6. The uh-mar. type. He
doesn't know any punctuation ex
cept "uhs." For vamety he throws
in a "but uh" now and then.
"7. The cocktail type. He whets
your intellectual appetite. He
knows a great deal but doesn't
try to make everybody realize it.
"3. The nomad type. Like the
nomad of the dean t he loves to
wander and what he wanders over
is dry as the desert."
Could Penn State professors be
classified among these aforemen
tioned types? We wonder.
Ten freshman Women
Will Visit Prof. Frizzell
Ten freshman women, five from
Mac Hall and five from Woman's
Building, have been invited to the
home of Prof. John H. Frizzell,
head of the speech department, in
connection with the faculty-stu
aent get-to-gethers. from 7 to 9
p. in. tomorrow.
Attending from Mac Hall are'
Margot D. Blass, Eleanor M. Ston
ers, Elsie M. Longenecker, Ruth A.
Shanei, and Audrey M. Bever,,
while Mary Ann Krall. Mary Lau
bach, Lois Dosch, Jane Murhpey,
and Gloria Duerst will represent
woman's building.
Holds Spaghetti Supper
Twenty-one members and ini
tiates of Eta Kappa Nu, Electrical
Engineering Honorary, were pres
ent at a spaghetti supper held at
PSCA cabin Wednesday night.
Meeting of League of Evangel
ical Students in Room 318 Old
Main at 7:30 p.m.
Record concert in Room 417 Old
Main at 8 p.m.
Soccer game with Army on New
Beaver Field at 1 p.m.
Spinster Skip in White Hall
from 9 to 12 p. m.
Meeting of Fresl - man Elections
Committee in 318 Old Main at 8:30
p. m.
Adrian 0. Morse, assistant to the
president, will discuss "The Fra
ternity's Contribution in the Fu
ture," at the luncheon of Panhel
lenic delegates at the Nittany Lion
Inn at 1 p.m. today.
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9 a.m.—Fraternity cooperation,
Rooms 304 and 305, Old , Main.
9:30 a.m.—Membership limita
10:15 a.m.—Quota system. •
10:30 a.m.—Scholarship.
11 a.m.—City Panhellenic aid to
College Panhellenic.
_11:15 a.m. Panhellenic pro
grams. Mrs. A. K. Anderson.
1 p.m.—Luncheon. Nittany Lion
2:30 p.m. Worth of sorority
3:15 p.m.—Rushing.
6:30 p.m.—Dinner. Nittany Lion
9 p.m.—Spinster Skip.
10 p.m. Social hour in southeast
lounge of Atherton Hall.
9-10:30 a.m.—Breakfast meeting.
Allencres t. .
Former Navy Chaplain
Will Speak In Chapel
Dr. Brenard C. Clausen, pastor
of the First Baptist Church in
Pittsburgh and wel: known speak
er on the campus, will speak on
"Conscription for Christians" at
Chapel service tomorrow.
Dr. Clausen served as Chaplain
in the U. S. Navy on board the
U.S.S. North Carolina from 1917
to 1929. He is a member of Phi
Beta Kappa and Delta Sigma Rho.
Aside from his pastoral work,
Dr. Clausen has written such well
known books as: "The Door That
Has No Key," and "The A.B.C. of
the New Testament."
His pastorates have included
Mount Vernon, New York, Hamil
ton, Syracuse, and now Pittsburgh.
Drop Reported By Pugh
In Center Enrollments
David H. Pugh,: supervisor of
the College undergraduate cen
ters, has just released figures that
show a drop of 27 students from
last 'year's total of 533 students
enrolled at the undergraduate
However, Pugh stated that the
transfer enrollment on the cam
pus had a slight increase of 11 this
year over last year's total of 113.
Following is the total enroll
ment of the various undergrad
uate centers:
Fr. So. P-T._Tot'l
Altoona ....87 64 8 159
Dußois ....81 50 6 137
Hazleton ...66 31 15 112
Schuylkill .69 31 8 108
Totals 303 176 37 516
Zeta To Pledge Two
Zeta Tau Alpha will pledge
Eleanor M. Fitzpatrick '42 and
Dorothy E. Holmes '43 at the home
of Mrs. Howard Niesley, town
alumna, at 4 p.m. tomorrow.
I Catch-of-Campus
Crowning Tonight
In an atmosphere of comic car
toons and backwoods decorations,
the Catch-of-the-Campus will be
crowned at Mortal Board's 'Spin
ster Skip, set for White Hall at 9
p. m. today, to climax Sadie Haw
kins Day.
Tonight the ideal man, W. Lewis
Corbin '4l, Charles M. Peters '4l,
or Robert Robinson '4l, will re
ceive a Mortar Board, and each
coed will be draggin" her own par
ticular Li'l Abner, the one she's
been chasing all week.
Any late racers may still secure
tickets for the dame, for which
the Campus Owls will play, at
Student Union or at the dance for
one dollar per couple.
Sadie Hawkins Day will be com
plete with coed-escorted bachelo'r
boys, vegetable corsages, and• a
movie version of "Li'l Abner" at
one of the local theaters.
Tribunal has lifted freshman
men's customs for the dance, and
WSGA has granted free one
o'clocks to freshman women for
the dance.
Counselor Confab
Features Crafts
Making acorn bra cele ts and
lanyards, playing such camp games
as geography and charades, and
folk dancing will highlight today's
session of the Camp Counselor's
Conference at White Hall begin
ning at 2 p. m. •
Mrs.. M. Donald Esh, mother of
H. Jean Esh '43, and supervisor of
arts and crafts in the Bear Moun
tain slistrict, Will lead the arts and
crafts sessions. Ten cents will, be
charged for making each of these
After playing table and action
games useful for the camp group,
coed counselors will be taught
folk dances by Mildred M. Lucey,
instructor in activities and head
counselor at Camp Onika.
WPA office has set up an em
ployment bUreau for 'prospective
counselors, and any interested co
ed may file an application at the
An exhibit of leather goods,
camp scrapbooks, photographs, and
handcraft projects made by the
counselors in previous summers is
a feature of the convention.
Last night's pro;,ram was de
voted to camp songs and swim
ming games and stunts.
Today's program: •
2-3 p.m.—Arts' and crafts.
3-4 p.m. Games and refresh
4-5 p.m.—Folk dancing.
With Other Women—
Soph Dance Features
Kiss Testing Machine
Sophomores • at Northeastern
boast . of something new for their
annual dance—it's a "Kiss-0-
Graph," an electro-magnetic me
chanical device, guaranteed to test
the amount of heat generated
when osculation occurs.
Temple, like most schools, re
cently concluded its sorority rush
ing. Women debaters at Cornell
discussed advantages of deferring
the rushing until second semes
Panhellenic AsSociation at West
Virginia University organized an
Intersorority Pledge Council, com-
posed of two pledges from each
sorority, to familiarize the group
with Panhellenic work.
Zeta Entertains Officers
Zeta Tau Alpha will entertain
Miss Dorothy Gibbons, national
field secretary, and Miss Doris
'Murray, province president, at a
Coffee hour in Atherton Hall from
2 to 2:30 p.m. tomorrow.