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    friday, April :43;
Between the Lions
Wherein The Alumni Goes To . Bat
But The Prexy Singles To Center
Whether or not the administration will be putting itself out on a very
dangerous limb will be forecast tomorrow when the trustees meet in Harris
burg to decide, among other things, just who will be the new Dean of Phys
ical' Education and Athletics to succeed Hugo Bezdek.
At a standstill over the selection of the new man since December 3, 1936,
it has become apparent that somebody was getting, a bit desperate and that
others were becoming impatient. The alumni, supposedly all-powerful, en
dorsed a person who, first, was a Penn State graduate, and second, was a
power in intercollegiate athletics.
But last week, the Collegian discovered that the man probably to get the
recommendation of the president and
perhaps the appointment of the trus-
Sigma Nu Cag" . ers.
tees met neither Of the requirements
of the alumni. Dr. Carl Schott, the
rumored appointee. has served. for. Capture IM Title
nine years only as Dean of a School
of Physical Education and has had
but little to do with athletics.
The administration wanted an aca
demic man as dean. Dr. Schott may
ho this, although he has done little
in his field. It- seems rather queer
that the administration did not force
an academic person, with a thorough
knowledge of both the physical edu
cation and . athletic pictures here, to
take the position. We refer to Dr.
Ellwood C. Davis, who, as. chairman
of the committee running the School
at present, won the respect of the
conches and others.
It is rumored that Dr. Davis was
offered the position and refused it.
If this is so, he probably did not wel
come the athletic - responsibilities.
But the appointment of Dr. Schott,
supposedly not' an acadeinic man,
mixes the situation up again.
IL Dr. Schott secures the appoint
ment tomorrow, it will only be fair
to give him a chance here. Perhaps
he is a capable handler of intercol
legiate athletic problems. If so, he
.will have to show it to a - critical
group of students and alumni.
Although boxing rightly so has
been shunted, into the background by
spring sports, there still is time to
bring up a last-minute bouquet.
Johnny Sayers, a sophomore, was-an
intricate part of the undefeated Lion
mitmen although he never appeared
before an audience in boxing togs.
Durin g the week, he sparred with
Sammy Donato and kept the welter
weight in shape. On Saturday nights,
he came into his own as trainer and
second to the ring team. He worked
hard, and his quick suggestions and
soothing hands probably won more,
than one fight for Penn State.
When it came time to award the
boxers for their services, Johnny
wasn't named as winner,oL a; major,
"S." Probably, if hi remains - here,
he will be honored when he is a sen
ior. It would be a fine gesture of
the athletic administration to- pay
homage to a great sportsman before
he has left Penn State.
Writing a sports column • brings
accusations that one is a' • sideline
Freshman Ba.seballers Play
At Mercersburg Tomorrow
Seeking to avenge a 13-2 wallop
ing administered last year by ,Mer
cersburg, the Nitteny Cubs will leave
tomorrow morning for the southern
Pennsylvania school. Counting on
three weeks of fair practice days Leo
Houck will present a well-knit team
on the diamond.
Bob Goodrich is slated to take the
mound for the Houckmen in the open
ing game. - Five pitchers besides Good
rich will, accompany the :players' to
Mercersburg.; The;.starting lineup
finds Chuck Plumber as..lehd:off-hit
ter with Sherwin batting in the sacri
fice position. Dean Stover, shortstop,
and Paul Menzie, third basethan, bat
in the clean-up positions.. Chuck
Quailei, left fielder, Mike Cooper, cen
ter fielder, John Relic, right fielder,
Paul, Sieber, catcher, and Goodrich,
pitcher, complete the' lineup.
Coach Houck expects his usual good
season of only one loss and the rest
victories. He is 'noted for whipping
teams into shape on short notice as,
for example, his cubs of last year who
sent a strong team on the field with
Plumbing and Heating
Heating Systems Installed
DIAL 2722
110 E. College Ave. "BOOTS" RIPKA, Prop
EndT Make SURE
Political Grafi V
ote Independen Of Reform
Last Minute Onslaught Tops
Phi Delta Theta, 36-26,
In Hard Battle
' Sigma No won 'the intramural bas
ketball championship by defeating
Phi Delta Theta, 36-26, after a last
minute scoring spree which netted the
winners 13 points to climax a nip
and-tuck contest, Tuesday night.
Coach John D. Lawther officiated:
In making their way to the finals,
Sigma Nu downed Unit 6, Watts Hall,
and Varsity Hall,, while Phi Delta
Theta topped the Comets, Unit 2, and
the .11-R-B Club.
At. the end of the first quarter of
the title tilt the score was knotted at
8-8. In the second period, Sigma Nu
outscored their opponents 9 to 5, and
at half-time the score stood 17-13. Phi
Delta Theta launched a• vicious third
period attack to again tie the count
at 21-21.. But just as the quarter end
ed Denise sank a long shot to put
.Sigma Nu out in front.
Scheuer - High Scorer
In the final frame Phi Delta Theta,
apparently stunned by a sudden bar
rage of Sigma Nu points, was com
pletely routed and the 'game ended
Don Schauer, Phi Delta Theta for
ward, had a brilliant evening at the
basket, registering six goals and three
fouls for a •total of 15 pointS. Denise
with five goals and a foul and Thomas
with five goals were high scorers for
Sigma Nu.
coach, etc: This writer wants it
known that what goes down here is
just one person's opinion, and wish
es to emphasize the point that other
views are welcomed. Any letters
pertaining. to sports_ topies,,sent to
this coluinn will be printed, either . in
full - part. We are only follow
ing the statement made recently by
Leo Houck in answer to suggestions
from "experts" as to who should
make the freshman baseball team.
"Come, up today at four," said
Leo, "and help me pick the team."
—.T. W.
only three hours' practice. This sea
son, with three weeks of pre-game
practice, much is expected of the
Mercersburg Boasts 4 Victories
.Boasting four victories out of five
starts, the lifercersburg nine should
find little trouble in cutting down the
Cub team. Wins over Harvard and
Princeton . freshmen feature their
1937 record. Captain and first base
man of their squad is Joe E; Brown,
Jr.',.-son.of Abe-famous cnciyle:sta . r ? and:
Completing the squad to make the
trip to the Academy includes: Amery
Dunn, Bill Bile, Al Bolder, Milan Bu-
Chan, and Sam Stiver, all pitchers.
Utility men to go are: Martin Valeri,
Sam .DeFranco, Dick Parsons, Joe
Hetra t and Roy Genslerc—T:A.B.
Warm weather am here— .
yow sir. Famous for Ham
burg sandwiches.
Our draught beer always
the right tempeiature.
Nine Resumes
Home Stand
With Colgate
Frank Smith To Pitch
• Against Raiders
Idle since last Saturday, Penn
State's baseball team resumes its
scheduled six-game home stand at
New Beaver field tomorrow afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock, with Colgate's Red
Raiders supplying the opposition. It
will. be the Lions' third home game
and sixth of the season.
Steady rains soaked New Beaver
field Wednesday, forcing postpone
ment of the Dickinson contest until
Wednesday, June 2. .Because of final
examination week, however, Graduate
Manager of Athletics Neil M. Flem
ing said yesterday that the faculty
committees of both schools will be
asked to advance the game into May.
Smith's Arm in Shape
-His arm again primed for pitching
duty, Co-captain Frank Smith is slat
ed to face the Red Raiders in the 13th
meeting of a series that began in
1895. Colgate has been able to win
only three of the 12 games. No
marked changes are 'expected, the po
sition of right field, as usual, depend
ing upon the opposition's pitcher. '
Smith, with two Victories in three
starts this season, may meet a...tartar
in Colgate. The Red Raiders will
come here with practically the same
line-up that althost spragged the high
Nittany Lion machine last year I
at Hamilton, N. Y. The greatest dis
advantage that the Raiders will have
to overcome is the loss of Bob Wright,
brilliant southpaw who held the Lions
to eight safeties in their last meeting.
The infield will again consist of
Mel Vonarx at first base, Windy Wear
at second, Harry Harrison at short
stop, and Johnny Waters at third. Co
captain Mike Kornick will be behind
the bat.
Miehoft Paces Batters
Getting• four hits in ten' times at
bat, shifty Sol Miehoff tops the bat
ting list with an average of .400.
Brake is runner-up, With five hits out
of 13 .attempts for a mark of —385.
Other marks are: Harrison .286;
Adessa .263; Crossin .250: Waters
.200; Vonarx and Benny Simoncelli,
each .107; Wear .150; Kornick .136;
Batter Chittter
, Simoncelli blasted the Red Raiders
single-handedly last year, topping
his eight-hit performance with a dou
ble with the bags loaded to give State
a 7-4 victory ... Incidentally, Colgate
got off on thi right foot last week,
nipping Cornell, 4-3 ... Bedenk takes
his usual daily, workout by serving
them up to his batters in practice ...
Brike exemplifies the perfect Pepper
Martin, head-first, belly slide.--J.A.T.
The ( .
71 DEN
Open Friday and Saturday. Evenings, 8-12
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings
Presented by
Tonight and Tomorrow, 8:30 Tickets 50c
Spring Sports Writers'
Assignments Announced
here are the sports writers who
will sorer the spring sports for the
remainder of the year:
Baseball John Troanovitch
Frosh Baseball____Tommy Boal
Lacrosse (Frosh,
Varsity) Sal Sala
__Herb Cahan
__Bill Joachim
Frosh Track ' Roy Nichols
Golf Bruce Trabue
Spring Pootball____Al Mclntyre
Intramurals Herb Cahan,
John Troanovitch,. Bruce
Trabue, Al Mclntyre
8 Women Placed
On Rifle Team
More Varsity Matches Held This
Year; Baseball Practice
Will Open Monday
Rifle honors were bestowed upon
eight outstanding shooters who ful
filled the requirements of• winning at
!mist one match and completing the
season 'with an average of 90 points.
The honorary varsity, includes: Helen
Adams, Olive Brown, Betty , Evans,
Margie Lloyd, Madge Norton, Maybel
Penley, Budge Saunders and Abie
This year's rifle season has been
more successful than previous recent
seasons, not only in the number of
varsity matches won, but also in the
total number of participation hours.
One hundred and four women signed
up and were active in the sport with !
the grand total of 1275 participation;
Saunders Elected
Eleanor Saunders has been elected
by the W. A. A. board as head rifle
manager for next season. Assisting
her from the junior class will be Hel
en Adams and Miriam 'Skiadal has
been elected the sophomore manager.
Baseball practice ended yesterday
and the annual inter-class competi
tion will, open Monday with - the sen
ior-junior and sophomore-freshman
games. Betty Wirtz will manage the
sophomore team while Camilla Binder
has been appointed freshman mana
Before I hand over the sports type
writer to your
.new,Aomrrica l ator,
hearty thanks are in order to Miss
Haidt, Jean Northrup and the board
who made it possible this year for the
Collegian women's sports writer to
attend board meetings., I only hope
that, in return, the column has been
constructive to the board and to the
actual participation.
Penn State's sportswomen should
be commended for their excellent en
thusiasm, which is comparatively
greater than that in other colleges
where better facilities are available.
Quakers Here
To Meet Lion
Lacrosse Ten
State Out For Third ,
Straight Victory
From Penn
Penn State's lacrosse team will seek
its third successive win at the expense
of the Pennsylvania, squad on New
Beaver'field tomorrow at 1::30 o'clock.
The Lions will line up against.
big Penn combination, most of the
players cooling from the football and
boxing wars. The Quakers' ace goal
tender is captain of the boxing team
and a blocking back on the football
squad while their star attack man,
Alva Nye, plays end on the eleven. In
their defeat. at the hands of a strong
John Hopkins' ten, the Penn men dis
played a rough-and-tumble blocking
and checking machine that makes for
plenty of fast action. The Quakers
defeated the Philadelphia Lacrosse
Club which consists of former college
Last year, the Lions nosed out
!Penn, 5-4, in the closing minutes of
'play, to begin their season. That was
played on • April 25. Tomorrow, des-
I pite the fact that they are playing the
'fourth game of the season, Coach
Thiel's .boys have not as yet reached
itheir top form.
Preachy Julian, All-American la
crosse player from Rutgers, will ref
eree the game. Preachy is considered
the best official in the business by his
colleagues and lacrosse coaches. His
stunts and acts on the field have given
him the title of the "acrobatic offi
The following is the probable line
up to face Penn at the opening whis
tle: Cohen and Coskery, homes . ; Bus
er and Snook, attacks; Captain Con
ley, center; Hoft and Hontz, defenses;
Eisenman and Proksa, points; and
Meyer, goal.—S.S.S.
Lion 11 Plays Teachers
With a month of intensive spring
practice behind them, the Lion foot
ball squad will engage the gridmen of
Bloomsburg State Teachers College in
a 'regulation length practice game at
3:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon cm
New Beaver field. It will be the grid.,
dens' second practice game this spring.
15 Trackmen Run at Penn
Relays Today, Tomorrow
Coach Chiclc Werner's three relay
quartets and three individual entrants
make up the Penn State delegation
which left early this morning to take
part in the 43rd annual Penn Relay
Carnival at Philadelphia today and
The first team which will see action
will be that of Co•captain Howard
Downey, Burt Aikman, Len Hender
son, and Pete Olexy in the distance
inedldy relay. The four will run in
this order. Each man runs a differ
ent distance, Downey a 440: Aikman
the half-mile; Henderson the three
quarter mile; and Olexy the mile.
This is the only event in which State
will take place today.
State will be up against one of the
greatest teams of all time in the In
diana distance entry. The mid-west
team will star two Olympic runners,
Don Lash and Tommy Deckard. Lash
set a world's record for the two-mile
run at Princeton last June,
The same four will make up the
four-mile relay team for Saturday's
event. Here again Indiana is the big
threat. Downey will probably start
off the race, while Olexy will run the
anchor leg.
A favorable break, but one that
will not have much effect on the out-
conic of the races. is the one by which
both of the Lion distance relay teams
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Page Three
drew the pole in their races. The
race is so long that the effect of start
ing from the pole Will he almost neg
' Coach Werner expects the other
Lien varsity entry. the shuttle hurdle
relay team, to provide plenty of op
position for all teams entered. Miller
Frazier, a sophomore, will join with
three veterans, Dave Bauer, Jim Red
mond, and Greg Thompson, to make
up the team of four. This event will
also take place on Saturday.
Bob Clark, Gene Feldman, and Co
captain Mike Brown are the three in
dividual entries. Clark recently set
a new college mark in the pole vault.
Brown holds the college shot-put
mark. Feldman has been improving
rapidly and stands a good chance of
placing in the Carnival hammer throw
Asa result of a fine showing made
in Monday's time trials, the freshman
relay team will also compete. Hutch-
Galer, Yohn, and Kauffman will
carry the baton for the freshmen in
that order.
Kuufrman won the time trials,
nine against the "wind on a
track, in 51.6 seconds. Hutch,
Cider, and Sohn were all under
seconds. This places the freshmen
at least on a par with most of the
first •ear squads in the east.—W.l32.