The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, May 01, 1899, Image 8

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    words a few times to fix them in my mind. What! Can't I re
member ? And as I struggled in vain to recall them, I experi
enced a sinking feeling worse than if the abyss of hades had
opened my feet and I had fallen in. But the words suddenly
returned to memory. In nervous haste I sprang out of bed.
Turning on the light I snatched the nearest pad, which happened
to be my calender, and on the leaf for Friday, the i6th, I wrote
the hallowed words.
The next I remember, it was bright daylight, and the chapel
bell was ringing. I managed to dress in time for the first recita
tion, but strange as it seems, I did not think of my dream, until
I got into my laboratory work. Pretty soon I saw Brooks com
ing toward me. Then recollection came like a flash, but so sud
denly that nothing was clear. I strove to remember, I clutched
after the idea as it faded from memory, like a sinking man grasps
after a spar Which is slowly but surely floating out of reach.
" Come out of it! " Brooks exclaimed, coining up to my table.
" Finished that story ? "
I explained to him how I had tried, and told him that I had now
a wonderful, really original idea to • work on, adding that the
Stiletto could well afford to wait a day or two for the story.
Brooks looked at me in a startled way.
" What is it ? " he demanded excitedly.
" Come to my room at twelve," I replied.
" Please tell me, do tell me," he pleaded as eager as a hungry
miner who had just uncovered a pay streak.
" I cannot now," I mumbled.
He went away, but at twelve I found him waiting at my door.
I went straight for the calendar. Heavens! Friday, the i6th, was
gone. Fairly trembling with the haste of despair, I fumbled
through the drawers, searched on the floor, in my book case,
everywhere. Every instant Brooks was getting more nervous.
"Por heaven's sake, Maurice, tell me," he exclaimed, piteously,
" I can't wait another minute."
" Help me hunt," I replied. " It's on a calendar leaf."
We went through everything again. After a few moments
hunting, I heard the rattle of paper.
" Great Prexy! " he yelled, black in the face, as he threw down
my night shirt.
" That's it," I cried, as I discerned the big figure i 6.