The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, June 01, 1888, Image 12

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    tions:,-- W. N. B. Hawk,— " Is Life worth Liv
ing?" John F. L. Morris, —" Breakers Ahead !"
J. Dorsey Hunter, —" The Nation's Bulwarks."
C. G. Roop, " The Destiny of Labor.'' J.
Weller, —" Alcohol in Politics." A. A. Patter
son, " Are We a Christian Nation ? "
C. G. hoop was elected by the members of
the Y. M. C. A. as a delegate to represent them
at the School of Bible Study conducted by Mr.
Moody at Northfield, Conn. We wish him a
pleasant as well as a profitable time.
When " Pud " was umpiring the game the
other clay one of the Lewisburg boys objected to
one of his decisions and expostulated with Cap
tain Mock, thus : " Why do you let a kid like
that umpire the game? He means all right but
he is too young and inexperienced." Well, that
was a good one on " Pod," but just the same we
would like to have seen the kicker try to box
with that kid. There would have been a surprise
party in store for some one.
—"Buck" Reber was on guard the second night
in camp, and his vigilance was certainly exceeded
by no other sentinel. Once during the evening
Buck heard a noise in the deep grass and coming
quickly to a ''charge bayonets," cried out,"Who
comes there ! Halt I" His thallenge was an
swered by the prolonged moo•o-o of a red heifer,
whereupon the Dutchman, mistaking the sound
for the voice of Geo. Demming, said : "Ad
vance, friend, and give the countersign."
The base ball game, Bucknell University vs.
State College, was very unsatisfactory to State
College, for the simple reason that Bucknell
forfeited the game rather than suffer defeat on the
field. Again they delayed the game throughout.
Bucknelt's team was not composed of University
boys, three of their players being chosen from the
professionals in the city. However we did not
care for this only so the name was the Bucknell
team, but we would much rather have taken the
game on .the field than have had them forfeit it.
The features of the game were Brew's fine centre
field catch and McLeans' support behind the bat.
The batting on both sides was miserable and
errors were numerous. Struck out by Halfpenny
16, by Elenberger 12. Time of game 2y 3 hours.
Attendance 175. Score, Bucknell o, State Col
lege 9. Umpire, Harry McClaran.
—Some things we would like to have explained:
We would like to know why Ben. Demming
preferred to stay at the college rather than to go to
We would like to know why little "D" doesn't
let his moustache grow 'I
We would like to know why the young ladies
were refused permission to visit Camp McAllister?
We would like to know why Alex. Patterson
and Walton Mitchell, when out walking with some
young ladies the othes evening, preferred to walk
up towards the college than to go on down. past
Thompson's ice cream factory ?
We would like to know why "Old Calamity"
Musser didn't pound Halfpenny as he said he
would ?
We would like to know whether the cadets are
not unanimously in favor of purchasing white hel
mets to drill in during commencement week?
We would like to know why the farm house
near our late camp was so popUlar, and why the
fellows felt so happy when they would start from
the farm house for camp ?
\Ve would like to know why some one doesn't
steal that crispy yellow hat of Pewie Carnegie's
and bury it ?
We would like to know why Ruben McGilli
cudy Rose insisted on hitting the Lewisburg
pitcher for a total of one base on missed third
strike ?
We would like to know why A. Forepaugh
Courtright doesn't tumble to himself and come off
the porch and out of the hammock ?
We would like to know why the electric lights
cannot be on. until twelve o'clock now that they
are not needed before eight p, m.?
We would like to know why "Sarah" doesn't
look solemn just for a change, in order that his
face may be rested, likewise his friends.
We would like to know why "Pud" doesn't take
some one of his own' size instead of keeping
Georgie in such a fearful state of mind all the
time ?
We would like to know why Willie Taylor
wanted to kiss every one who passed him the
night he was on guard ?
'B6—Miss Martha Bottorf has been visiting at
the college during the past week.
'BB—G. J. Thomas is acting as reporter to the
Pittsburgh Dispatch, Pittsburgh, Pa.
'9o—C. E. Rhone spent a day recently among
our boys, reviving the associations of last year.
—The writing up of 'B3's class, history in our
last issue should have been credited to Prof.