Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, March 11, 1848, Image 1

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B. MASSES I Pt7.Vt.miK
SEPH EWEI.Y. ; S PaoratsToas.
jr. jr. MJia$Bn. Editor.
in Centre MUty, in the rear of M.
ser's Store.)
B AMERICAN is published every Satur
t TWO DOLLARS per annum to he
alf yearly in advance. No paper diaeontin
'I Alt arrcsrarea are paid.
luhec.riptiona received for a IfM period than
mm. - All communication or letter on
relating to the office, to insure attention,
E children Wan to cry for Sherman's Lo
nge. : The neiee wss not a.) loud at that
ut it ha kept incresslng ever ince. and nnw
com eo great that the month of the Httle
mi eearee he etopped. Dr. Sherman symp-
ith the Mile suhvrers, and vrry much re
tat anr of them ehnold he disappointed.
na- the vast benefit which haa been confer-
on the community by the introduction of
.IliMe .
entered into srrangwmente for enlarging hi
dory, by meana of which he think he will
to auppty the demand. And the same peina
e will be taken, that then celebrated Lo
pe made aa they hv alwaya been, in or
. thooe who depend upon them, may not be
tnied in their hopes. He knew when he
iced the manufacture of the Worm Luxen
it they woulJ supersede ih ua of every
ermifuge, a the Lnteng ia very pleasant
ate, speedy in iteeffeeta. aa well as certain,
quantitf required to effect a pereel eure,
mall. Then properties, in connexion wiih
that they are sold fr 25 emit per box. thus
them in the reach of the poorest man in
, haa not only raueed them to take the
every other vermifuge ever offered, but al
red them popular to the community.
i to cure Cough a, Gidds, Consumption,
horlnessand difficulty of Breathing, and
ea-ee of the Lunge, with the same facility
on thrir first introduction, and the people
v become pereuaded by actual etp'tienee,
the acceaoiiin of a flight cold, they have
tep to either the Dr's. office, or one of the
and obtain a box of bi Cough !ieigee,
e very convenient to carry in the pocket
ke a few through thdy. Hy pursuing
e a eure i nfipn effected in 24 hour, and
nt shout hie hunn- ea. Sit great ia the ee
the l.nienges. that thouaand of persona
i used them, and become acquainted with
ctf, will never be without them.
more casee of Rheumaliam, Pi i in the
le and Chest, Lumago and Weakness,
applieaiion that ha ever been made. . Aa
ky of the Plaster haa increased, hundred
:ipled raeal have attempted to counter.
I palm it off opnn the eommunitv as the
rtJ Beware f Deception. Q) Remem
e true and genuine Piaster i spread up
paper made etpreaty for the purpose,
ry cas the signature of Dr. Sherman u
no the hack of the PUa'er, and tha whole
Copy Right. None othera are genuine,
when you want a real good Sherman's
a Plaster, call at the office, 106 Naasau
you will not he disappointed,
ter the number. 106 Na-aau at., where
rman'a Locengea are sold. Hi Agents
Hajra, 139 Fult.M afreet, Brooklyn;
Williambur ; and Redding dr. Co.,
and JOHN VOIJNG, Bunbury.
M. A McCAY.Norlbunibeiland.
er llth. IM7. I v.
colds, and all kinds of Inflamed
Snra Cured.
t complete Burn Antidote ever known.
, (and aa if by Msgir) atop paina of the
ate Burns and Scald. For okl 8,ms,
it, Hprain, &c, on man or i
dieation thai can be made. Thims.nds
nd thousands priit ic It ia the must
ter of pain ever discovered. All who
iend it. Every family should bo provi
None can tell how soon some of the
need it.
trve each box of the genuire Ointment
te nt 8. TnraKT written on the outaide
m'rtstelhia ia forgery.
, Liver? Men. Farmers, and all who use
I find thia Ointment the very best thins,
t for Collar Ga'.la. Scratches, Kick, dee.
r animate. Sorely every merciful man
hi animate as free ftom pain aa posar
y's Universal Ointment ia all that )a re
)F IN8ECT8. r or the sting or bite
i Insecla, Tousry's Ointment i unri
ndred have tried it anil found it good
5URBD ! For the Pile. Touaey' IT
men! ia one of the bent Itemrdiea that
ed. All who have tried it foi tha Pile
IRES CURED. For oIJ o'tinate
ia nothing rqual to Touaey'a Oint
trean in Manliua had, for a numlier of
leg that haflled the skill of the doctor,
ntmenl ws recommended by one of
hyeidans, (who knew it great virture.)
rt produced more benefit than tha pa
eived from any and a I pievioua reme
I try it.
NU feCALDS CURED. Thnuaanda
Burna and Wealds, in all parte of the
lieen euri d by Toosejr'e Universal
Jerlificste enough could bo bad to fill
ihia shee.
onials in favor ff Tnusey's Ointment
uises, hae been off-red the propria,
ed in Syrecu wdl certify taita greet
ving tha pain of the moat severs Bruise
hould try it.
HEAD CURED. of cues of
have been cured by Taueay'i Omi
tit seldom faita.
EUM CURED. Of all the remedies
d fur this most disagreeable complaint,
veraal Ointment ia tha moat complete,
tnnwn t" Jail.
veraal Oiptment will elwsvs cure Iba
.'Chapped Hands, ' Score of peraona
S CURED. For tha cure of Bora
a never anything mad equal to Ten
t It ia sure cor rbern. Try it,
lific eompound, warranted not to en,
aratioa of Mercury. f Price St
For further partieolere eoncornlag
table Ointment, Iba pablia aa rafee.
Ut. ta ha bad gratia, of reeprcuM
MerchanU throaboot the United
ELLIOT T0U8ET, Draiat,
JOHN TOUNO, Sawfctfry,
H 4 MOAT, NanhoibarlBml.
:mt. iy eow
Abeolu.e acqoietenea in tha oVidon at the m.jority, tha vital principle of RepuWiee, from whichthere is no appeal bat ta fore, tha Tltal principle and immediate pVrent of depotinJ,
Ry M aimer Jt Eliely.
Banbury, fVortliiunberlana Co. Pa. Saturday, March 11, 1848.
Vol. 8IVo. 25 Whole Wo, 89
A Lserwre from Hra. Browai.
AM Why dtnt you take a Poptr, Brawn t
Why don't yon take a paper, Brown t
I'm eure it i a ahame,
That we can't get the newa from town
Belora it eld and tame !
There' Deacon Jone aero tha way,
Who get one every week,
And he ran beat you atl they y,
When called upon to apeak.
The reaton, ir, I plain you know,
For when he read it through,
Ilia word like milk and honey flow,
And all ha tell i new.
So he i taken by the hand,
For what he can impart ;
While old and young around him stand,
' " And say the Deacon' amart!
Oh ia it not a ahame, I aay.
To hng your purse to tight,
When a mere bit of yellow clay
Would let this matter right?
What good I gold, now ran yon tell,
To any of our kind,
. Unle it keep the body well,
And benefit the mind?
Why don't you take a paper, Brown,
. I'm aure it ia a shame,
That wa can't get the new from town
Before it old and tame!
Now let u quit thi aimple way,
And take a worthy start,
And ere a year our frienda will tay,
"The Brown ar getting mart !"
CoLt'Miiti Guard We have received a let
ter from Captain FatCK.ol the Columbia Guard,
dated January Oth, 1648, from which w learn
that tha "Guards" were then at San Angel, near
the City of Mexico, and enjoyed good health
Lieut. Faica had been promoted to the office of
Captain en tha 12th of November, 1847 ; Mr.
E. E. LkClbbc to the let Lieutenancy, and A-
naat Win to the office of Corporal. The nnm
ber ef the "Guard" had dwindled down to thirty-
five. 1 .... , , ..
Wa ara alio indebted lo Capt. Fbicr for a list
of the "Guard," giving the present muster-roll,
and a detailed account ef those who have fallen
victim of tha war. It doe not, however, ma
eriatly differ from the one we published aome
time since. The only alteration we find ia, that
Samuel Burnt ia still a member of the "Guards,"
nd not transferred to Company A ; that Samuel
Huntingdon, wa left eick at Perot and it now
reported to be in Puebla ; that 7oAi G. Maion
and Richard H. M Kean, were left akk at Pueb
la, and are reported to have gone to Jala pa ; that
Mn H Strattoniitd in tha city of Mexico on
the 26th ef December, and that William H. Swa
neg waa diarharged at the city of Mexico on the
25th of November. Danville Democrat '
HoMicing At Ir.dianapolia, on tha 10th of
February, Kleaiar Lose, an apprentice to H.
St E. Gaaton, coarhmakera, wa killed by Hiram
Gaaton, one of tha firm. The apprentice wa
trying to fit a plate of iron to a carriage, and
not making a good Job ef it, Mr. Gaaton told
him to leave it that ba would do it himself.
The young man refused, and Gaaton laid bold ef
tb iron to take it from him. A ecuffle eneued,
in tb heat of which Gaaton caught np a hammer
and (truck Lua on tha neck. Tha blow wa la
ta! in a few minute. Mr Gaaton waa held to
bail on a charge ol manIaghter. Hi distress at
tha fatal result waa painful to behold. So much
fot flying in a passion.
Cast or HrnaornoBU Wa learned yester
day that a man residing on the extreme northern
boundary ef onr county, died yeaterday or the
day before ef hydrophobia, and that a son of bia
i now exhibiting aymptom of the same terri
ble malady, and expected to share a similar fata
with the father. The ar borribl circumstan
ces, lh mere mention of which make u thud
der. It i feared that wa shall be pained to bear
ef other rasea in tha aurronnding country, a ma
ny rabid dog bav been for the peat two month
prowling all around aa. 'At'. Ledger.
Singula. OocvaaKNca. Cpt Lund, ef
New Or lean, watt lo Mexico about eighteen
month ago, on a trading expedition, and waa
taken prisoner, and lor long time kept in eon.
flnemeot ' Hi family and frienda not hearing
from him and taking it for granted he waa dead,
had bia property all aotd, and the proceed paid
over to bia wife, who waa again married about
ais month ago, to young lawyer of New Or
leana. A few day ainee, Capt. Land, to the
aatoniehmenl of all ha ode, arrived bora eat and
w"a"-w-wwass" '.
iiEi HarRunDM,-lt it aa'ni that
brewer'a dog at Malmsbory,(Eng )ia regeJarly
drtok ais daya Id the week, by licking the drop
pinp from the variov Una, and eely gate ee
ber oa Sunday, when b ie tied jp by bie ma
ter, whe, ia torn, ia frank aatil Monday, when
tha Car ) agala fttatf.
' Wow nasnptafclre Mystery. '
' The remarkable hietory wa ara about tore
"a occurred within our recollection, and near
a eertain locality in New Hampshire, the ex.
citing event will he recognixed and remember
ed. About two mile from a amall town in the
State we have mentioned, the mad croeeea a
hill of considerable eminence, beyond which a
alley of a mile broad, called by the people an
intervale, lay extended. Thia piece of land,
from over tillage, wai wont out, and belonged
to a man who kept a tavern by tha roadaide.
Near the top of the hill, on the aide nearest the
valley, wa a deep pond a strange place, it ia
true, for such a thing to exist, but the nature of
the ground made a permanent lodgment of wa
ter on the hill perfectly natural. Near Ihie
pond there atood a rude tenement, in which
there lived a woman, looked upon in the neigh
borhood with preat diatrnet and euspicion. She
hd a little girl with her, a child of five yeara
of age, whom ahe called her daughter, and who
waa her only companion in the hut in which
he lived. . :
A farmer who resided in the outskirts of the
town, upon opening the door one morning, die
covered thia poor ae irl. barefooted and ragged,
crouched beneath the eavea of the houe, and
eemingly very much terrified. When he que,
tinned, ht-r, the m id ahe had come to tell him
something dreadful, but aha feared her mother
would kilt her for doing eo.
Oh, good air, I think it ia right that t ehould
tell you for it ia something- very bad, but my
mother will kill me il you tell her.
The farmer quieted the child' team, ind then
herd from her the hnrrid relation that her
mother had last night murdered and robbed a
traveller, who had etnpped at herhoiiee. It had
atnrmed dreadfully during the night, and a
strange man ahe eaid bad come to the lonely
hut looking for shelter. lie had gone to aleep.
trctched upon the 'floor before the fire, and
hearing a groan in the night the woke up, and
aaw her mother killing the atranger with a
knife. She ly atill in great terror, and aaw
her mother take money from the man' pocket,
and. hide jt,. dragged the body in a narrow
pace behind the chimney, and cover it with
bruehwnod need for fuel, after which the mise
nbte murderee crept into bed by the child'
aide. The poor girl could not aleep. and at first
peep of morning, sti saw her mother riee again.
dreg- the body from the chimney to the pond, at
the back of the hnnee, tie atone to it, and with
a long pole forced it down into the thick mud
at the bottom. Terrified, pale, almost eoeech-
leea with fear, the little girl fled Irotn her mo-
ther'a habitation, and ran a mile to a farmer'
houee, to relate thee horrid detail.
Or course the alarm waa instantly given, and
terrible excitement flew through the town and
among the neighbor for mile around. An
early hour in tha morning found conatible
and a large crowd amwmbled at the woman'
dwelling. The unhappy wretch ine'tantlv tur-
ned pale, and exhibited every xtgn of guilt
firat rehjeing the officer admission then fa
cing herself between them and the chimney, aa
if anirer to retard investigation, but atill vocife
roualy asserting her innocence. An officer got
behind the chimney, and picked up a large
knife, which together with the floor around,
waa newly clotted with blond; but tha woman
continued insolently to deny her guilt, and ac
cneed her child of lying in revenge, for having
been whipped the night before. Thia rnh a a
aertion inatantly confirmed ber guilt, Cr it i
evident a ehi'd of five yeara old could never
invent aucha etory, and a buret of indignation
again! the mother for her unnatural charge,
told the atrong feeling that waa already awake
ned against her. Tha girl waa atill overcome
with terror, and kept in awe by the mother'
frown o that it required long persuaainn and
promiacaof protection before ahe would tell
where the money waa hidden. At last ahe
pointed to the a pot, and theaum of thirty dollara
waa dug up, tha miserable amount for which a
female demon bad launched human beiog into
eternity. , . ,
Tha iaveatigation waa continued; the wo
man waa placed in custody, and tha pond, abmt
a quarter of a mil wide, waa dragged with
grapling irona ia every direction, yet no body
waa discovered. Tha next day, the search
went on with like auccesa, and at length when
all other ellorte aeemed useleaa, it waa tugged,
ed that tha pond might be drained dry, and by
ihia procrae, the body moat inevitably coma to
light. Thia plan (after noma further aearch, in
which tha pole mentioned by tha child waa
foond, aiainedwith blood, and with aom rem
nant of apparel attached to it,) waa adopted by
tha authorities, and a aluica waa dug lo let tha
water down tha bill aide. The operation occu
pied eome time, and when at length a vent waa
opened, tha iropetuoua rwab of water awept a
way nearly tha whole bank of the poad oa the
hillside, letting off tha flood at aaa bound, W
ktwaal by a hmmm at pitch blank mud, aWad luge,
freak water teniae, net fen, paddock, aele, wa-ler-eaakee,
and all the atraage tetania at tha
pool. Still tna kod did not appear, and after a
thorongh examination of tha black bottom of the
pond, vgne ruap-cirne of eome other kind of
rof oery began to be entertained by the crowd.
The child waa again examined, the pond again
craped, and the intervale over which the
dark sediment and filth of the pond now lay
foot deep, waa carefully inspected In all direc
tion, and atill the dreadful mystery waa not un
The evidence of the child, the pole, the mo
ney, the blood, the woman' atrong appearance
of guilt, all proved that a heartleae and horrid
human butchery bad been perpetrated, and the
fruitless search after the body aeemed but to add
new terror to thn excitement Who wa the
unfortunate rlrangerl Evidently aome travel
ler from a distance, for nobody in the neighbor
hood waa mieerd. Why could not the body be
fmd f Ten lhouend conjecturea flew around,
each of which added to the perplexing mya'ery.
A strange uncertainty forced itself upon the
minds of the people. By all appearances, it ap
peared certain that the murdered man had ne
ver been thrown into the pond at al! ; yet that
the bloody deed had been perpetrated was, from
the evidence, conclusively established. .
Thue the affair continued, enveloped In dark
neas, and all hope was abandoned ofdircovriog
the body. The woman could not be convicted
upon the evidence of the child, and that evi
dence itself could not be substantiated without
finding the body. So while every person was
eatitfied of her guilt, it waa clear nothing but
her own confession would ever bring the mtir
dereaa within the power of the law. She, with
unflinching obstinacy, continued to deny al
knowledge of the murder, and at length she
wa actually released from confinement, no poa
aibility appearing of ever being able to secure
her conviction.
A few month passed on, and tha 'intervale,'
upon which the pond had been emptied, and
which before had almost been worthless, nnw
grew to be a flourishing peace of land, and peo
ple would remark that the draining of the b g
pond had at least proved a good thing to the
Yankee tavern keeper, who owned the land be
low. Now for the development of thia mysterious
tragedy. A quarrel occurred between the he
roine of ihia story and the innkeeper of the in
tervale. In her exoeperation, aha came for
ward aad threw a blag of light upon thia blood-
chilling mystery, which at once openedall eye
with astonishment. A scheme waa laid npen
the cunningly devised wheels of which could
never have been set in motion but by a genuine
bred and born and thoroughly educated, son of
Yankee land. The tavern keeper wanted hi
land improved; he wanted the pond turned on.
lo it, and soon hit upon a plan tn have the j b
done free of expense. He laid awake three
nights, matured hia plan, contracted with the
poor woman for fifty dollars, to put it ia opera
tion, and aha with the assistance of a consum
mately artful child, carried it out. She killed
pig, smeared a knife and pole, taught her
child the etory to tell, and acted out the same
worthy of the best living representative of Jjidy
Macbeth. The tavern keeper had furniahed
the thirty dollara of tha murdered man'a money
but when hia object wan gained, he relueed to
pay the fifty, not cxii;ig a pin whether the wo
mao would expre hia plan or not. Thia led lo
a grand development, and thua our thrilling nar
rative of a New Hampshire Myatery, gentle
reader, turn out to ba no more nor esa than a
super excellent and surpassingly executed Yan-
Ma. Adams' Eably Lasaoita. John Quincy
Adam, in early life, received leasons in moral
and religious dutiea from hia parent, which
were never effaced from hi mind. HI excel
lent mother, in 1778, wrote to him ll.eae word:
"Great learning and auperior abilities, should
you ever posses them, will be of little value
and ot amall eatiination, unless virtue, honor,
integrity, and truth, ere cheriahed by you. Ad
here to the rules and principlea early instilled
in your mind, and remember that you are re.
eponaible to your God. Dear aa you are to me
I would preler that you would find a grave in
the ocean which you have crossed, thin to see
you an immoral, graceless child. In the last
conversation, Mr. Adams expressed hi ai-tun-
iahinentat the insensibi'ity of men holding pub
lic Nation to the great trutha of Chriatianity,
and the indifference with which they viewed
the worship of the high God and tha institution
ol religion. '
Spccbmsion or PnaaiPBirra Tha Union fur
nishes some interesting facta in regard to the
succession of Presidents. Tha constitution has
been ia operation from the 3d of March, 1789,
being a period of fitty-nine yeara; in ike course
of which wa have had eleven Presidents. Of
these, eight have sunk iota tha tomb, and only
ona of Ihem leaves a son behind him. The last
three Presidents survive, vis t Mr, Vsn Bur en,
Mr. Tyler, and tha acting President, Mr. Polk.
These fill ap a period ot eleven yeara, com
mencing with Mr. Vaa Buren, who ascended
tha chair aa tha 4tboi March, 1837. There
have baea eleven Vice PreaidenU,ef whom five
ara atill livinf.
.. A Fciart-t, Lear a no Nabbow Eacari On
of the most extraordinary instancea of preserva
tion nnder elrf umetancea of imminent peril, e.
enrreda few day tines in thi vicinity. On
Friday morning last, at the (ilk factory of the
Northampton Association a building four t.
rie in height, Georg Washington Sullivan, a
yonng man, connected with the' Association,
went out on the roof for the purpose of picking
op a mineral whirh ha had accidentally dropped
there while atanding in the belfry. To aeenr
himeelf fro-n falling, he took off hit shoes. Not
withstsnding this pretention, after ftVeeending
thvroof a few atepa, finding himself slipping, ha
took off one of his storkinrs. bat whilst attempt
ing to take off the other, his motion V-cama so
much sreelerated, that a fearful fall waa una.
voidable. ITe then, with remarkable presence
of mind, rolled himself over upon the roof whilst
he wsa eliding, in nrder to prevent falling npon
the platform, and when he reached the eaves, ba
vins first drawn in and held hia breath, clenched
hia teeth and handa and contracted hit mnsclea.
he leaped to the ground, a distance of 40 or 4.1
feet, and came down on hia feet ! The concna
ainn wai ao great aa temporarily to deprive him
of the power of standing. He wat carried into
the house, placed in bed, and anon after exami
ned by a surgeon, who decided that no bonea
were broken, and no joints dislocated, althoush
there waa reaon to apprehend serious injury to
the muscles about the spine, where there appea
red to be great soreness The young man'a
frienda then wrapped him in aheets wet in cold
water, after the manner dreserihed by the water-cure"
system, which soon produced perspira
tion. A cold bath was afterwards administered.
In the afternoon of the same day, he walked out
without aasistance ; and the next day was run
ning about with his usual hilarity, complaining
of no unpleasant eflVcta from his fall, except a
slight Ismeness in one of hia feet ! A remarka
ble fact, connected with Ihia occurrence, is, tbst
symptoms of serioue diaeaae which he was pre
viously suffering, have since, in a great meaaore
disappeared. It aeems ss if the chsnge of action
whirh was produced in to unusual a manner, baa
been salutary, and that inatead of so frigbtio! an
accident being fatal in it effects, as might b
expected, it hss been the means of restoring him
to health. Northampton Democrat.
: Thi Si'FPoacn Mirderck or IIklkr Jaw.
nr. A letter from Florida, in the Tribune,
contains the following .
"Richard P. Robinson, of Helen Jewett me
mory, I am convinced in my own mind has cho
sen a last resting place here, in county,
V st Florida. A young man bearing hit name
died there not long since. Ho kept a small
drug store, and waa very recluse in hia habits,
studiously avoiding all mention of hia home or
frienda. After bia decease, bia little stock of
medicines was divided among the country peo
ple, aa there waa no claimant for them. I am
satisfied front some letters which were left, that,
poor Robinson had Bought to escape from that
relentless persecutions of sn uncharitable and
unforgiving world, and that, buried here in the
most humble obscurity, he waa atriving to live
down the bitter past, by an even and exemplary
life.' The country people speak kindly of hie
virtues, end warmly cherish hia memory. There
ia a bare possibility of my being mistaken, but
the similitude seems loo striking, both in the
name and varioua incident connected with the
misfortune of Robinson, which are aMuded to
rather guardedly in the le.lere, but with which
I waa familiar."
Tcrhisq in Aoain A very considerable
portion of the opera tivra in the mills in this
place, who turned out a few weeks since, be
cause of the reduction of the wagee, have ainca
returned to work, and moat of tha mills ara ia
full operation, or nearly ao. Many of those who
refuse to work under the reduced wsgee have
left the town, and the places are fi led by othera.
Fall Rier Monitor.
CrRiora CiaccaisTANci Wben tha cholera
waa in England, aixteen yeara ajo, there was not
a single thunder storm dnriiig the whole visita
tion, although it was a bot summer.
BosaraBTB shd Lsuitun When bs signed
the treaty ceiling Louisiana te tba Unitsd Statea,
Napelvon, rubbing bia banda, exclaimed: "There,
I bave given to England a rival that in fifty years
will mastsr ber."
Rev. J. N Msffir, tba eloquent, ia preaching
away in Little Rock, Arkansas.
The tnsa whom I call deserving the name, ia
one whose thoughts snd exert iona are for others
rsthsr than himself' whose high purpose ia
adopted on just principles, and never abandoned
while heaven and earth a fiord meana of acconv
pliahing it. He ia ona who will neither aeek
an indirect sdvantaga by a rpectoue road, nor
take aa evil path to secure a really good par
pose. Sir Waller Seott.)
Tha total loss of reason is lees deplorable than
tha total depravation ol it
Wisdom aad vlrtnt naa
tit rtcb hoiiBjtt- r. mn, n
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RtAt Estati tn CAtiroBini A latter pub
lished in tha New York Express says
"Some of tha new comers have taken from
the Alcalde, (Cotton,) town lots ot 50 vsraa
rquare. on hondred and filly feet, at $13; th
deed being void if there is no house on it with,
in twelve months, and within the year sold them
for $200 or 300. Lota in San Fr, f
50 varas, granted by tha alcalde in 1M4. for
$15, are now worth $100. the huildinctosavn
the lot, being worth $50 or $100 : water lots
of 50 vans, that conld have been rdvainrd of
tba Governor of California, up to July MfV bv
Baking for it and paying $2 or $:) for the stnmp
paper, sold in Joly of this year, for $1200 at
auction. The alcalde of San Franri. nn tk.
bay of Francisco, by oublic sale, Ut J,t. er.M
200 water lota, each 43 feet by 139, frcm 50
to $500 i a few sold less, some even hieher.
Lots near the beach, In Monterey, worth, the
day before Commodore S oat hoisted our Aug in
that town. $500 have since been quartered, snd
the quarter sold at that price. Rsnchos wort'i
in June. 1948. $300 a league of nine mi lor. in
June, 1SI7, sold at that sum the single You
may suppose, in this esse, for those who ere lo
come, there will neither be cheap farms nor
town lota Such is not the cse; places that
sre nnw too far offto think of, will, when the
all powrul ateamer spout in California, be nigh
er a market thin some far.rere now are, who
eend Ua r h-avy, clumsy cart, only ten rr fif
teen leegoe tntown. Places that are now one
thousand or two thousand dollars a lea cue, that
st present nonnedresms of, will ere lone be laid
off in towns, selling their 50 vara house lots at
$100 to $1000 each."
Diamonds. The largest diamond' la rfle
world is in the possession of the Emperr,r of Sra
nl. It is atill uncut, and if :t be a gema
some however are disposed lo doubt, is wmiIk.
according to the rule of the lapidarits, tW en
ormous sum of twenty-eight millions ofaltatj.
It weighs 3 ounces snd 10 grains.
Tha celebrated Pitt diamond, no w one of tha
crown jewels of France, was purchased in In
dia by Mr. Thomas Pitt, an sneesror of the
Chatham family, when Governor of Madras, in
1701. In consequence of aa recusation that he
had obtained it unfairly, Mr, Pitt detailed the
mode in which ha came by it. lie atatea that eminent diamond merchant, came
to him and nfldred for aala a large rough stone,
of about 305 mmgelins, for 200.000 pepadas,
nr about $334,000, bat for which he bid $144,
000. Alter repeated haggtinga at subeiqnent
visits, he bought it for 49.000 pegadas or about
$90,000. Thia diamond ia admitted to approach
very nearly tovneof the first water and weigha
136 carats, or about 109 grains Troy. It was
sold in 1717 to tba Regent Duke of Orleans
for $648000.
Tha diamond which studs tha sceptre of tha
Emperor of Russia is said to have been stolen
by an Irish soldier, front sn Indian id (Jug
gernaut) In Bengal, whose eye it had long b' en
The soldier parted with it for a tnflf, and after
passing through several hands, it waa final 'y
sold to the Empress Catharine, in 1773, for
$432,000 and a patent of nobility.
RcsstAN NoetUTT. An Englit-h entlvman,
dining with a Russian nobleman at M
during Paul's reign, after watching the
of hia ("OiJ snuffbox round the table, waa horri
fied to see it disappear finally into the packet nf
a bettarred and beribbnned individual at tins
oppoite end. However surprised at thi pS'
nomenrm, he yet awaited the breaking np of
the party, in the hope of seeing his box reap,
pear; but observing no symptoms of its return ,
he whiapered the lact to his hot, together will t
his intention of compelling restitution forlhwi'd .
'My dear air, replied hia Amphitryon (who hv I
listened without any aigna of astonishment )
"your loss sfjQ ett ma extremely ; yet I can b f
nn mesas counsel the course you propose, whie, t
may possibly lesd you to S.beria or the knout r
ft our friesd, the epprnpriator o' your properi ,y
(we don't rail it stealing) ia a grandee of gr it
wealth and influence, which he would no' ha -i-late
tn uae against you.' And am I then. re
joined the Englishman, 'to submit quietly to ba
robbed of my hundred guinea box f 'By no
means, my friend,' replied the Russian, Hrat wa
manage these things differently in tt.'j count ry.
All you have to do ia to watch your opsorti ini
ty and appropriate your property again ; or fail,
ing in this, to follow our friend' example, and'
compensate yourself with the snufl box.
third party
SnockrM. It is currently reported, art 4 ge
nerally believed ef tba whole, female era , that
they da not acraplf 0 Irk each otherf dree.
"J' r0i marry, said father to hia daughter,.
' ett will da well i , if yon do not marry, yon wilt
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