Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, October 02, 1847, Image 4

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    Show sowr Ticket,
A Rtr, Road Sketch- By Solitaire. -On
thf rah'-cars between Albany imd Buffalo, tho
conductor ar frequrntly twinged, dnTinaj'a,
single trip, and aa each rtw one trtwclmTfo,
ho announces himself in office fcy tho exclama
tion -'Show jnnr tickets!'
On a. night trip, recently, a testy M
wse ono iif the passengers, and having exhibited
hi ticket to 1he first confowor, he carcftttly
plnceil il in a well worn pocket-book, buttoned
it tip In tlio brent ptctwt' fll iis xat, tJnl
lod his bat tightly on bia forehefcd, nd
folding hi arms, rewjrnod tihrieelf to the) care erf
Morplirn. fife nasal organ hud scarcely pro j
claimed turn in dream-land, before anotwr con
ductor came along, with 'Show ydm tre'wIeV
The aid ysnke woka with a inort, and having
,hr?cn made conscious of ws was wanted, he
exclaimed .
'I reckon you don't want sein it tli
the time, dew yon!'
'Once will do inn, sir,' say the conductor.
'Well, ytt have eefl it that otfia,' replied
the old pent, 'eoybu kin pass on.' '"
The conductor Insisted noon looking at it,
and thedisiurbod passenger unbuttoned his coat,
unstrapped the old pocket book, handed the
ticket, and the conductor passed by.
'Them fellare ere mighty afeard of frittin'
chisselled,' says he, as, placing his ticket fn bia
vest pocket, he again resigned himself to sleep.
The conductor, thinking he had missed some
of the iitianengers, came bnck again presently,
and asked in nee the tickets.
'What main!' exclaims lue W wan; 'well,
1 m ow, you are the most peek id bother 1're e
vcr feed. Jest lake a jood look now and hev
The conductor paesed on again, and the old
man stuck his ticket in Itia hat-band, and this
lime pot fairly afdecp. The motion of the ear
in a vhort timo lonFenod hi-hat, and it fell off,
which a filepplfM wag In the cara perceiving,
he picked up the conductor' lamp, and an-pma-rtnnp
the old gent shouted in his car 'Show
your tirkrtt."
'Patience, niaey,' aaya the old man, ef here
ain't Biiuiherof these ticket fella re,' and then be
pulled out hia pocket-book, searched it, put il
back, felt in hia veat Docket, but in vain. ''You
have it' aaya he; 'I gin it tew you, I know.
Here he recollected sticking it in bia hat-hand.,
and now coinmenccd a search for hia head piece.
The hat, amid the fchnlfling of the paweneere1'
feet, had been kicked along under ceverai d it
ferent main. After a busy rearch of some mi
uutee, lie thought be perceived it beneath fat
old lady'a scat, r la reaching for it he stroke
her. '
'What Jo you wsnl V ahe inquired enappish
ly, aa even the most amiable old lady would do,"
when awakened out, of a sound alcep. ' '
'I'm nuy reachin for my hat, martnaaya Lo;
'its got under your neat.'
i .'I tell you 'taint, aaya ahe. That's a nice
excuGC to be coming feeling round a body with,
when they are asleep. I'll tell the agent, ace
if 1 don't.
'Why, pood graciouc, marm,' aaya be, 'you
might aleepan aire in the name bildiu' with me
nnJ I'd never dream of techin' you.
'Von inipht'nt dt?am of doing 60,' said she,
but you ain't a hit too pood to, I'll be bound
cotninj wakii g people. rip in the middle of the
night when they are all alone, (there were fifty
in tli? car.) talking about a hat -why don't you
it your hut, it it" there, and. go away; hut I
toll you 'lain, there, now, and that ia enough, I
think always a disturbing people thia way -why
don't you fAe it, I auy V .
'.Thus commanded, the - distressed old gent
reached tinder the ucat at the dark-looking ob
j-jct, w hich he landed was hia hat, and the old
lady'a small pi t dop, which he caught hold of by
the neck, seized him in turn by the fingers, with
a it ti H Xtu-ovgh S .',
Om' ah!' curs the consarned thinp!' exclai
med he ; 'why it'a a live varmint.'
AW,' aaya the old .lody, 'I reckon jou are
satisfied that il aim Hie kind of hat you are kick
ing for, aud you cao go else and
search for your old hat." 1
A jolt of iho cara here nearly threw him into
htr lup, on which ahe gava a alight scream, and
called tor protection.
'Perhaps this ia your hat, air,' said the wag
who waa personating the conductor, at the same
time handing him' hia chapeau, with the ticket
sale in the hut band. With an exclamation of
pleuetire he aeized it.
.'Here, take the conrarned ticket, will you!'
he exclaimed, handing H out promiscuously ;
but everybody u fused.
Won't iiobudy hev it f he inquired.
. 'I vow tew gracious I wont'l carry it anu'her
'.SAuto your tiikeli !' exclaimed the conduc
tor, cuiurin, to winch he added 'We are at
Auburn, gentlemen.'
'Here, take it,' aaya the old yankee, in a high
elate of exritt-uient ; I'd jcat rutlicr be locked
up in your dod -rotted jail bcie than travel by
iMgbt in these wajjma. A nmu's ctarncly
fhowing hi tick U runnio agin croaa dogs, or
what's an allfiicl aipht w una, croaa old wimin!'
Aa he luaptd. from the car hia waggiah tor
mentor after him, 'Show your tickets !'
'Durn your ticket, and Iho bull bilin'on you,'
he shouted litftk, as, making tracks for tha 1m
tel, he diaappeaied in Iho darknesa. Si. Lvvi$
lie veil te.
An unmarried lady on the wintry side of fi '
ty hearing of the tnarriage'tf a very younj
friend, observed, with t deep aigh ;
'Well, is soon ss all the infautt srs dispoacd
of, I suppoM the women will have t chines.'
Tire fnTlowiitj Ki shows rb earrmt nlM at afl
'entiayhrank BWV N.ftoa. Ths moat Implicit re-
tianoo aaay tic p'tocoA vnn t. ' as it In rrry ek
aiWuIlT cnrr.pitreil with ai eorrcctel from liii k-
asi'a Kflfwant.
Htoiak Im Plrttfislclpfit9t''
' - ' Dmw." tit
ma. 1k)ctiow. I'vttatt.
Sank of Notlh Anwriea , ' ,
Bnk of fi N(V.hii f .ihonina ,
Commercial Bun's iff fiw't.' . ,
Farnvera' and Mrtrtianii' Hank
Knini'hni Bn1i ,
Philadelphia liiink .
,! Sctwylkitl flat
SoulhwarV Oank
Woatem Himk .
Kelianca' taant;
Manufartiirerp' A Mivbtiif s B;
Bmk of Pcnn TownKhiji .
rrTj TlanV .
Itmik of Commerce. I.iW Moyamrwing
BaMk f lnnylani . "
Cosintry nanht.
Rank of CVatur County WnrtcbiKtrr par
Itank of Delnwiiiv :ollnly Cherter par
Dank of Ctcrinnntown (lermantow Sar
fitfliofMonlKomrry Co. N.irrwlown par
DoylcMowa ttmk Dnylciilowa par
Raslon Bank Gmmi far
Farmrra' Bank of Bnrkaco. Bristol par
Bwrtiof NnrtfmmlxHlMid Nnrlhumbpiland par
t'olumhia Bmk At Priiffl co.Columlia par
Farmers' Bunk of l.anralei f,ancaf par
f.awartrr Con rrty Bank fiticaior iar
f.nncaalrr Bank I.ancaslor pal
Fnrmeta Bank of Hailing K(-aliui( f:at
OrTire of Bank of Pohn a,
Office lo do
Office do do
UKioo 4t 4o
RarrisVuig These
I.ancasler offices
llesffrng i do not
Caslon J laiue n.
Rank of the United ft(ioff
Minn-B Bank of Pollnville
Bank of Irfwitowi '
Bank nf Miditlotown
CarliHlc Bank
Btthange Bank
I to ' do lriicti of
Hnrrifhurg Bank
liclianon U(ik
Meicbatita' k Mannf Baok
If illiilny nburg
BiHik of Piltgliorg
West Branch II .ilk
Wyoming Bunk
Nortbamplon ttik
Berke ConTrty Bank
Olbce of Bank of U. S.
Do do ' ' its
Itn An do
Bank of ('hamberHhurg
BaHk of (ipllyilnirn
Batik if K-qKhiinii Co.
Khe Bmik
Farmers' & Drovera' Bank
Franklin Bnuk
llomwdalc Bonk
MononfraHoU Bunk of B.
Vork T3nk ' '
leading '
Pittatiurg failed
Vri - do
New Brighton dn
ChambeTHburg i
Ci liyshurg -
Mmrtrrwe I
Erie ' tjalf
N. It. 'I he nnlrt of Hiohb Imnka on which we
omil quotnlimm, and Biihiitilutn a dntdi ( ) are mil
jmrchawd ,y the PliihHl4prii brokers, with I lie
exception of ihiwe which have a letter of reference.
Philadclihia 8av, Inn. PhiladuU,.bia failed
Pbiladclphta Lrtun Co. 1 'do fnited
Schuylkill Sav. Ina. do fuilcd
Kensinslon Sav. In. A do
Penn Township Sv. Ina. do
Manual Labor Bank (T. W; Dyott, prop.) fiiled
fnwanda llnnk
Alleghany Bank of Pa.
Bunk of Btiaver
Bank of Swatttia
Bank of Waaldngton
Centre B-ink
I'ity Bank
Farmers' & Mech'rV Bnnk
Fanucra' &l Merh'cn' Bank
Farmers' & Merh'ca' Bank
Harmony lusiituio
Huntingdon Bank
Juniata Bank
Lumbermen's Bank
Noribern Bank of Pa.
New Hope D-l. Bridge to.
Northumh'd Union Col. Bk.
North Western Bank of Pa.
Office of Schuylkill Bank
Pa. Aar. At Manuf. Bank
Silver Ldke Bank
Union Bank of Penn'a.
no sab;
Fayetlu c.i.
no t-ule
no mIi!
Huiilinndoii no ifule'
I.enisloAn no sale
New Hops
Port Carbon
no aalfl
no sale
Weslinnicland Bank
Wilkeabarre Bridge Co.
Wilkestiarre no sale
fry All nntca purporting to he on any Pennnyl-
vania Bank not given in the above lint, may l aet
Jown aa frauils.
Bank of New Brunswick
Belvidcre Bank
Burlington Co. Bank
Donnnercial Bank
Oumbartaiid Bank
Farmers' Bhtik
Farmers' and MechauioK Rk
Perth Amlioy
Bridget on
Mount Holly
Railway .
N. Hi una wick
Farmcra' and Mechanica'Bk
Farmera'and MerrlianU Bk
Middlctown Pi. 1
Franklin Bank of N.J.
Jersey City failed
Hoboken Bkg A Giaimg Co Hoboken
leraey City Bank
Jersey City
Jersey City
Mechanka' Bank
Manufacturera' Bunk
Morris County Bank
Monmouth Uk of N.J.
Mechanics' Bank
Mechanics' and Manuf. Bk
Morria Canal and Bkg Co
PoatNolea -
no sale
Newark Bkg A Ina Co
New Hope IM Bridge Co
N. J. Mauufac and Bkg Co
N J Proiecion A Lomlvrd bk Jersey City
Orange Bank ' Orange
Palcraoo Bank Patetaon I
Peoples' Bank do
Princeton Bank Princeton
8alom Banking Co . ftalem
Stale Bank Newark
tttate Bauk Eluabeihtown
felate Bank ('amden
State Bank of Morris Morilsiowa
ellate Bank Trenton
Salcro and Philad Manuf Co faicm
8usies Bank Newloil
Trenton Banking Co Trenton
Union Bank Davor
Washington Banking Co. ' llackeuaack
Bk of Wilm A Brandy wine Wilmington
Bauk of Delaware Wilmington
1 Uauk of Smyrna Smyrna
Do Uancb ktilloid
Farmers' Bk of Hlate of Del Dover
Do branch Wilmington
Do - branch Georgetown
Do WatitOi Newcaatka
1'iuuii Bank
dy I'ndei 6's
(V T On all bauka marked
W liouiigtua
thus () there ar ck
ther countortait or slaared oolea ? lbs various da-
noininaUoiiS, in circulasiusi.
Kzmri ispliN ciT0it:' nils, '
' tYom Iht CamHn Dimocrei. '
WRlOHrs fitnrtit Vrf tt Pitta.-Thaae
rljtatA PUla, nnltersally used anJ ai.
mired, have twenm to t coftnidipred almost as "Vie
Mary in fawiliea aa srntat or fuel, tn tVt, the
principle nyxm-wta'ch ftiH mtflieine baa aatalilWifl
im rKjuitnrion"-purgntfan ia now pretty nmwally
ack.nim'Miftxl l:ft etily tiu 'nhe, by which
hmlrii may t p'-Ttefl, orteatorod wWn in)iairr.
Wrmhrs Pill are now a tinivaraM Tutnriti', '
Wanaar't lata Vtarrtatv. Pitta, are at- '
laining crcat rchbritt in New YnittntiA, a wMI aa
other pSitxol the Tniled Rime. The Hi'rmnt of
fitKiitmd rHVaud the iridic by tl i1e of ajwrinna '
ailiclnH mreia with'' general reprotwtion. Pi.
WripMia an iatJi f.itiaahle tnitineM trie, andhaw 1
an trray of cutea by Vie rncflf cine which wirniii
. r. t , . . ... ,
mAliim tn ur um nl him li.Jian Vj.clIJii
7 " ,? "7 ,
- From tht Philadelphia Spirit of the T'-mrt. '
WaisnVa liiniin VmiTitii Pttt.. IVo
pie are pretty v.el1 r-aii fod tw ltif ti! thtcik
met, and do' ether thousand and Xme mineral pre
paration of the tto), ttt biler adapted, a a gvi
erst rule, ti t rl rather than core the p.itien! ; as a
aa.tticr of couc-mj, vee,etSle ssiesliciwc' arc thet.f'are
m great request. There ar miny humbugs bow
evei, among ' the hitler,' md wontd aiKi -e all
lhw who liave the ct regard for their health, to
ny WrihC Indian VefHahle I'M of tht Worth
America) Cvlkge of tkatfti, as they aw be pre
paration of one in'imalely acquainted wiib the
heating art.' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " "'
From the Bo'tun Dn'u Times.
W'amai'a lasiin VaaTt Futa. Of all
iho mVilic adertrvd medicines of the day, We
know of none that we can more anfely recommend
for the "ilia that flesh i heir to.' than ha Pills
are sotd at. the deiot of ihe North' Amnitcaii Cid
li fre of Health, No 19 Trrmnnt street, B.winn,
Sewval inBncea welnow of m here they are d
m famfi'ies with tb highest a iif iclinn ; and no
I inner ago llvin yesleiiky, we h'-ard aw eminent
physiiian of this city wconiacnd them in high
The foil wing Viiifhlv rein-etati1 aloielieepeta
finvs hern duly appointed b nts for the said of
Wriht't Indian Vegetable fin; m ft ommmbrr
I nd county :
Hnnry Maser, Sundory,
K. 9c J.KnofTotan, AiiKuala townslrip. -
bainuel Herb, l.ilile M ihnnoy.
William Peppeh, Jackson.
Bcneill Hotshne, Upper Mabonoy,
John G. Retnf, Upi-er Muhonoy. 1
S'atimel Jotm, SShnmokiriinn n.
Forjyihe, Wil-onfc tJo., Norlhunrberlan4.
E. L; Piper, Walnonhurg.'
(rlanJ A Haynes. McBeniiUe.
Jmea Peed, Pott-arove.
Wm. tl ScMl, Ruphvdle.
Ilarlman Knelle, Klyburr P. I. '
AM'S V Beissel, Turbrnavflle. ' '
Hid. on Sliadet, ITpf-er Mahnnoy.
Rhodt A Farrow, Snydrstown.
J.ilm Kiok, Fanwersville.
KiUa C. t.'ook M irtiu'a Cieik.
J. )e Young Hickvi!le. ' ' ' ',
AtTihBm 8n rcr. ni''hreond.
Samuel Tajlor, 61 ileford. "'
J.ilin H. Vineenl,' Chiheiptaiie.
Wm. Hcinen ft Biiithor, Mttton.
Bawias ov CofSTaarriTs. The putdic are
cautioned atrainat the many' apnrioua medicines,
which in order to d-ceie, are cilled by Haaaea ai
milar to WiiKhl'a Indian Vegetable Pilla. . '
"The s.ifesl 'eotirse i lo poichae of ibe regular
agrnta only, who srr geuUemau that may he re
lied on. '
(rj Oflicoa devo'e.l etclusively to the ale of
WKlUH i 8 l.NUIAni ViiUp I An(K I'lW.!,
of (he North American College of Health. No. 288,
tiremwich Street, New York.;' No. 199 Tremont
Si. eel. Boston; And PRINCIPAL OFFICE. Ao.
Ifi'J Rcr SrasiT, Philadelphia. i
June I2ih, 1817. sly,
No. 80 Market Street, five doors below
Third, South side,
Importers A V'liolci;tlc IsealerR In
TaTA TCHE55, Watch Gla ses and Materials'.
V V Jewelry of all der-ciipii nis, qu iliue and
a'lv'es, c.iniiuiiioa all the articles CowwcU'd
with the Tiade, . .
Ckika. ,
lliXHin 4 fSon'a Briianni.i, Germ in Silver aud Sil-
ver-Pluted Warea. , .
Shelfield and Birmingham PI Hed Fancy Articles.
Rods-era A Son's and V jnU oholm', UtitWry, Ra-
lots. Scissors, Erasers, Desk Kftie's, Ac'.'
Ivory H .nd!edJIble Cutlery, of tlw fim at, medium
and common qualities. . !''
A large assortment vf GolJ Pens. ; 'I
Perifocal SpeclaeUa.
Papier Mat-he and Japanned Traye, various shas
and ju diues, at re lurcd ratea
Gold Waich Caa-e, Dials and Hilver- Ware, of all
descriptions, manufactured to order.
DICKSON A CO, having recently removed
into tlie large and commodious warehouse formerly
occupied by Measta. K. Asbhi bst A Suss, ami
more recently by AsamjusT o Rsibto beg
h ave to inform Watch Dealers, Country Merchants
and others, that they des gu having at all limes a
large s-eotlinrnl ofGoiala, of thsir own importa
tion, which they are determined to sell si the lowest
Cj" Every attention will be paid to ihe Packing
of Goods, and in ihe ci- cutum of Ordera, the quali
ties will be fully guarantied against all
Philadelphia, June 19th, 184. ly
riri rremitim AVriliii? Ink.
No. 87 North Third Street,
WROM Dr. Hare, tha celebrated Pmfe-aor of
Cheioiatry in the University of Penn a. '
PhtUd. Iphia, Oct. II, IM3'
"Dear Sir Having liied your Ink, I will thank
you to aend me another bottle, as I find it lo he
excellent, .1 am yours, truly,
Roar. Hi a a."
From Dr. Locke, of Cincinnati, distil gui.hed
f r hia numerous scienlifio researchea.
Medical College of Ohio, Clr.einna'.i, '
January 17, 1844.
Having used Mr. Hover's Writing Ink, I am
satisfied that it is the but width has ever rome to
my knowledge, and especially it is txr-llrnt for Ihe
use of Steel 1'en, ana wiirnot corrou mem, even
in long usa.
Joas Loess. Prof, of Chemistry,
From s well knon scientific gentleman.
Philadelphia, Feb. 17, 1848.
Mr. Joseph E. Hover Sin A uaaof your.Ce-
mmt. and aome practical tetti ol Its supeiioiuy
has induced ma to recommend it to others aa an
invaluable article lor Chiua, Gtaar, r
Gahincl Wars, ' CnrssLi. Mosri. r
Analvlie Chemist."
For ali at tba Mtnufaclory, Whtdeaila and Re
tail, No. tiT Noam Tbibo Btsist, cppoails
Cherry street, Philadelphi a by
May Sit, 187. )M ly Manufariuret
l OP
fTHlin? Nbrcrlbra; taaa juat r:nret bia Nrv
JL Vpririg Opod.s to which ba Invite h;s fri-.
and (ianlofncri to call and exanina far thanrani o
Hh iink cnn5ta vn rt of ybe fnthiwirift i
Sup'crvor dtitn, of bM eolorf t'aa(mer's of di(?.
' ent psiterna? 9atin4nd'rtthe Veaiinen Oa
, iixx, Ivaa, Oingbama, Check,' Tic.
ins, and aummrr wear of all kinds ' '
and i'ticm 4a, Leghorn and
. , Palm leaf llala; ti robiellai ,
k and Parasols, 25
-eirts ttpwariW ;
a1o, Oioceiie, tneeua-wnti-,
llarjwiie, t'edarftare,
Oit, Points, Fish, Salt. Ac, dec A.C., . .
and in f ict, eety s(K-b' osua.lly kepi jn a coun r -.i.....
.i.:.j 1 ..,n i t .. .. ...
wtllimnilt W ml (Un, BIT, ,.l 1 1
. J - : . r
'Kinfl oi trJ'. .. JHIV BlttiAu
M....I..I,. U
Suoloiry, May 10th, 19t7. nlly
jllore lev Goods !
Tilt' last ariival i' at Putdy's Store, Market
'Htjilare, where will Uo found a hasidsame aa
swrttnent af : "'" ' '
of the and most approved styfea, couaisling of
' Il I. litis, " tsssianera, ' Vestings,
t?wmnier PtutTs, Man, di' (sine, f.iwits,
Ginghams, ""''Calicos,' ' " " Muslins, '
Jeans, Ac, Ac , eVc; slsi, a r'oll assortment of
Gruceriea, alt of ubich will be aidd lower than ever
offered in Vda mwki-t. v '
('all and exfiinine for yourselves. . ,
Sunhiicyv Miiy t h, 1847. tf
fllllkl Nuliscrihera haa th etcluiiva light of
1 vemKnc J. M. THATCHER'S
Hot most Hot - Air C ook Ins;
in ihe rourVtira of Noithamtorlaiid, Culiimida and
Schuylkill and from the encouragement met wiih
already, they expect to do a large businesa. Thia
eoe. is constructed on an eutitely new prit.ciple,
nd on the only prtncflte that c m make both a
good wood and coal Move. The inventor haa over
come all ute difficult es that so frequently belong to
other stovei. lie lias tiy his arrangement, con
stiuclej a broiling (Ty'Oveil III front , where
in bridling-, roasting, frying or baking may be done,
and all ihe smell' (hat arises ihsiefroin must pata
into the cOmbustitle chamber, and is not at all
thrown out into the room JTD Besides this, there
f an oven only two inches leas than the whole arte
of tbn stove, wherein b iking' or roasting may he
done as well as it can le in ihe Conunon brick oven.
Thia oven is1 alvtaya fit for'ue when the stove Is
healed, ar the whole draught' of hot air passes a
round it conntty. ''
'Public Bltenii'Wi ia nnrticutarW called to this
stove. Ii csn he seen at our Htnre and Tin Etah
lishineut in North Danville, at the sign of the Civ
lumhia Tin shop, and at die Founsby of Rohrliach
A Clement iii'Sunhury, where its particular quali
lies Willi fully shown andeip'ained to any person
wishvua lo rx isiine it. , . . " " ."
'f lie sulisoritH-ra continue lo have on band all
kiuds of partni stoves, such aa radiators, rylendera,
fancy and plain, suitable for all who may favor us
wpnacatl; also common sheet and Russia Iron,
which c&n he made in any desirable ahapa j tnge
tUsr with s general aaiortment of tin and japanned
ware, wholesale and retail. Country merchants
aie. invite J to call ami eiamlne our stixk, aa our
work cannot '.e aurpaasetl, and ptioea mnloerate.
N . B. We can aalely recommend thv above men
tioned stove to persons wto wish lo embark in I
good buaineas. Th patentee will sell cither coun'
ty or slate richiN to suit, purc'iaaers, and on tea
s-m ildo let ma." He or bia sgeuts may be found in
Danville, Pa. ... , , J. A J. AKFKK.
The undersigned, having seen in operation the
hot btaat hoi air cooking Move, invented and. pa'
iMited by J. M. Thatcher, certify that ws believe
frnm the manner of its construction and operation
lhal it is tba best one ever offered lo the public. The
arrangement is no complete snd ihe construction an
judicious, that theia is a saving of one half the fuel
and time, in doing "any "fcivYu' amount of a rvice
mer other celebrated stoves. In short we recom
meni it in preferenrs to all other, for the simple
reason thai it embraces every branch of economy
Samuel Garrett, John W Garrett. D.vid t,'hnt
fieiil, V r Kich n, John M tuny, t. 1 bnmpson
Sinitii Tbompaon, J D Habn, John Oakes, Hi siki
h near, l.lna r IJonper, Geo M Kichr, pamel
Hulfinan, Henry H Uiasel, F.Ht'atver, Daniel
Dicisbach, Joiepn Vanknk, Brooks Epley.
Uanville. March IS, 1817. ly
THfcl subacntisr olfers for sale' a ehes Farm
. situate in' Shamrkin township, NorthumbeT'
land cnunly. about eight miles from BunbUrv, ly
inn between ihs Centra 4uionik snd Irish Valley
containing 163 acres and allowances. Bald farm
ta in a good state of cultivation, witb reaeouahty
good buildings .and excellent wf ter near the door
and all kiuda of toil. &c .,,-.
Punbury, Feb. 20, 1847,'
No. 31 North Ttii rd street,
C. MACK Fa Y. AucTtosKKit
WVftNLNO SALES of llardwaie. Cutlery
WA Saddlery, Whips. Boots, Shoes, Uats,
Csps Guna, Tistols, Clothing,
Watrkea and Fancy Goods,
At Mackev'e Auction Store, 31 North Third
Btreet, near the City Hotel,
The attention of Country Mirchanls ia invited.
The Giiods will he a dd in Iota to suit purchasers,
and all Goods offered will be warranted equal to lbs
representations that may ba made of them.
N. B. A large assortment of Goods al Private
Hale. Jan. In. 1147 ly
laotfif T VBRNOTC
:io JNortli '2i it., bet. Arrh At Race sts
1 Ii 1 1 n d c I n h i n .
iF t
RADY A PARKER respectfully inform their
friends and the public that they have taken
boa named house, recently kept by J. 8.
Adams sad are prepared to accommodate cuato
mora in tlva moat sMistantory m saner tad st rea
sonable prices. r . . i ;.' i : . .
'J'heir table will bs eupptiad with tb bawl vari.
ety the markal aflorda their rlora and sleeping
apartmcBta will ba in lbs best oritur. Tba house
haa been thoroughly repaired and furaiahed witb
a vrsar lo the eoiafort of iravellsra and strangers.
Having bad aevorsl yaam sxperianca in tba
business, 1 Ifaey hope ' lo give general aaiisfaction,
and respectfully invite travelleni and : stranrvra to
give them a rail. BRADY & t ARK Eat.
FhilaJetjhis, Janusry 19, 1847. if
No. 0 North 8d (hird ior above
Mariset Strcel,
lALC EVERY EVENING, of a general as.
snrtmnit of Foreisn and Domestic Hardware,
. Table mv Potet Cutlery, Trunks, Lncka,
Latchets, Bi-rlta. tawi, Saddlery, Whips,
Boots, Khnin, ffs a, Caps, Guis,
ricidls, IVirnrn'mss, Clothing
and Fancy Goods. ' '
The atteratian of city and cisuntry eValera id in
vheA. - The Goods are fn b, and will be warrnhled
equal ia the representations titat miy le mrnln of
them. - UA YLIS A BROOKfiR, aK-franr,
' ' No fl North Third st.
IV. B. PwTCiaarra ran bavetherrO.nafapaekrd.
Several invnires of Ujosla b.e uie-n recvivnl to he
ild at ptivaie saW. "
f1ao1a4 yec. lth, l9o. iy " j
MnntifaCvrefs of Premium Odd Fel-
' lows' Itgaiia, ' "
A'o. 194 Market ijfree, PllllADELPll!A,
. First Clothing tore bWw h Ntreet.
THE suWriher tiaving taken th premium at
Franklin fnstilute, at the last exhibition, for
Ilia test Regans, ttwv mv sIm aHewUtai of the
order lo iheir establishment, where they will find a
plendid assortment of P.O. and Encampment Re
galia. Ttley aWo mak Id order for I.oilgea and
Encampments, Regatia, 6ashea, Coifltimes and
Robes, and furnish raery thing reiinisile for ike
Convenience vf new Lodges or Em ampmenra.
. , ' J. W. MVOKila,
Phtla.W.hia, Dee. I, 1 8t. 1 y
Trw jttottsscrs ElttftJtTsal
Small quantities given without I, liarge.
M 114 CkrtmU St.,riljLAlEU'HIA.
TUH new anJ ilernh I article, a its n.ime de
notes, ia profiwed to bs auperior lo any Sha-
ving Cieambi tl United Males or Eun pe. It is
uimuipiss d for beauty, purity aud f'Syrarne, iho'
HOinewhat analanoua to Gu rlnin a Ambroiusl
Ciesm and oilier similar compounds. It fur stir
pasMW thr ill all by tha emol ient pasty conaiKtenry
of its Ulher, which so softens ibe laard as to render
shaving pleasant and easy, it further pnysessea
lbs advantage over Ihe tmporte.I article, in being
freshly p I. no skill being wanting in ita man.
ufacture. E. Kousm-I bsvtng had many years' ex-
perience in Ihe celebrated Liboralory uf Lnugor,
i'ere et Pit--, now Henaud A to., of Puria. .
Be ,i ilea hring the bel, it ia Ihe cheapeat article
for shaving, it la elegantly put np in boIc with
splendid steel engraved labela. ' '
Pnre f 3 per , or 37 j cents lor a single box,
lo ahave one year" It U a'bm Colif at ft M per 16.
or 13 eenta per os., ao thai genilemen ran have
their boies filled at EUGENE HOLSSEL'S,
Wholesale and Retail Perfumery and Mineral Wa
re Eaiablanhmenl, 114 Cbeanul Street,
Deo 19, 1846. PHILADELPHIA.
New Firm.
rjIHE Vndarsigned hereby givea notice, that -he
1 baa associated with - himself, aa partner in
the mercantile business, in hi store adjoining
Weaver'a Tavern, iq Bunliury, John Haas, ami
that the said store will hen-after be conducted un-
r the firm nf Clement A Haaa. The store at
the South Weat roinsi of Market Square will lie
conducted as heretofore, by the sutweriber himself.
to which he respectfully invites bis customers snd
mentis. .
Ha aleo notifies all ihoee indebted lo him, to call
between thia and lbs 1st of January next, and set
tle their accounts. . '
All kinda of produce will be taken on account.
at cash prices.
Hereafter no km get than four months credit
will be given. - IRA T. CLEME.NT. 1
Sunbury, Nov. 14. 184ft tf.
RESPECTFULLY inform the public, that on
the .9th iosl., they entered into parinerbip,
in the mercantile business, at the stors recently
occupied by Ira T, Cb;msnl, adjoining Weaver a
Tavern, in Surihury. They, have lately recti ved
a new atnek ur gooli, wbicu tbey wilj Utapoaa ol
at the lowest prices.
All kinds of product; will l taken in exchange
for gooJe. ' , , ' V
"No longer than four month credit will he given.
Sunhury. Nfiv. 14. 146. if, t . '
, ; . aUfui street,
rT.Ttr RnasaDixrrq-
THE Housa haa undergon thorough repair.
Tba proprietors solicit its former patronage, i'
I arms (I S3 per day.
' ' ' Proprietors.
July 4, lfU. 1?
Keller & Irirernotiffli,
WASuntaToif?i.c. '
TkRA WINGS and Papers for tbe Pa'eni Of.
J Jr fice will ke prepared by them, at their office, ,
opposite the Patetil Ollice, i j
July. 4lh. 1846. ly
RESPECTFULLY informs the cititeua of
Hunbury and vicinitv, that ha baa opened an
oilice at the residence of Henry Maar-er, in Market
street, where he ia nrenared to rxecute all kinds of
irtBTat, Pcaesat, I'tate Worl.ctc, on tlie latc
. ! ... . .
and most approved plans,
flaving bad soma exMrienw and instruction,
under ene of trio most eminent and suceosaful Den
tists in ITiiladi Iphia, he helievea that ha will be
able to give satisfaction lo those who may w ant his
services. .",'. ' ' - - '
Ladrea will be waited en et their placea ef reai
dence. 'Ilia charge wijl be mSdorsW, and Ilia
work warranted, . , ,
Bnnbury,' Mireh t8tb, 1946. "'
"iriaEXTEK'e, M'JiH I OF , POAP, for ei.
Ujr Iracting Greaae, Dry Painta, Vamtab, Tar,
Wax, dec, from ekavhinf of any description. war
ranted got to injure lbs doth or th moat delicate
colors. Tbia liquid haa also tieen uaod ith grral
auceawa in eases ot Burns, Scalds, T'ettrr, Pimplcn
on tba face, Chapfd hands, Bore liai, Khsoma
tisaa. Hard ur aoft Corns, Ac. Pries, J5 eu.
pot bottle, tvot ssls al lha atois of
July it, 1641. i ' If. MAS8BR.
BVIf BtJJkY, r A.
Business attended to in lire Counties of Nor
thtimlerland, tTnlon. LcoTrring and Columbia.
RviRev rwr
P. Ar A Ravurur.
IiOWKR & BlStllV,
Hc-ar.aa A Kwoooa ah, y-l'.'iilad.
Ravnocaa, MFaaati ACo. I
SaEaias.Goou A Co.,
COOPER'S E I ERJAL Oil. A prompt and
la-litig re Mioly l,ir Ji.r rs, fur pains
ami di-chnrge pf matter from the Ears.
' lltindied-i of curia in ca es deernrd ut'erty rvnpe
leshave firmly e talillshed its rtiierioriiy nvtt eve
ry f.irincT Medical discovery. , ,
Thin valuable Acoustic Medicine ia s comrmund
of four different fids, one d which, Ibe active and
principal ineicdtent, ia oU lined from the bark of a
certain speciea of Wivvut, a new and .efTertual
agent in the cure of iJeifrress. , . ,
Per son who had been deaf for 10, t5 and even
10 years, have been permanently cured by using
this oil. In fact, so numerous and so emphatic
b been the testimonials in it favor, that the in
ventor claims for it the ilirjtiiii-tinn of an Infallible
Remedy, in all cases, when the Ear is 'rfeci in
iti foimnti n. ...
: For further particulars, and evidence of ita great
value, si e priule,! shots, in ihe hands of Agents.
For rile in .Suobuiy, by J. W. FKIL1NG.
SeplcmU-r l!)ih. fStC ly "
MMWli l)iUIK H t) ill
In ruling Colds, Coughs, Asthma, Influenza,
W hoopmg-tJiiugh, and all Diseases ot the
Ine.Bt and Iuiirs, leading to Cousump
tain ; composed uf the concentritcd
viriuea of the berbs llorehound,
B nesett, Bloodrout, and
several other vegeta
ble sutwtanees.
rpiIIS invsluable Mediciite is the most speedy
- and cittain remedy rver discovered f r ihe a
bove cotiiila nia, as thousands who have used it
will testify. For Bale, in Sunbory, bv
. J, W. FRIL1NG. "
and in Northumberland, by D. BHAUTIGAM,
and at wTioleaale, In I'lulad. Iphia. by
Horner of Second and Callowhill streets.
Hcptemlivr 19th, 1846. ly'
To Iurctia.eraj ef
VVtf. Ul Pearl' NEW. YORK;
HAVING established a Branch al No. U Cbes
nut at., Philadelptfla, is now opening, and will,'
be cnns'.antly receiving from the New Yorlj, 'Auc
tions, an extensive assortment of ' '
which villi be sold at tbe lowest New York,
al wholesale and Retail. Among hia stock-will ha
foond a good assortment of the fotlowiiig articles:
Jacconets, Plaid, Hair Cord, Lace, 8 1 ripe, Book,
Savies and Tarlatan Muslins, Bishop and Linen. .
Lawns, Fancy Cap Nells, Fney ami Ball Ursamea,
Thread Laee,, Application Do., nek Black . Silk
Trimmjng Lace, It'uU Linens, Linen Cambrics,
Linen Cambric Hdkfs.,ruiiiiin Fringes, C,asbmor
d'Eroa-e, Mouaeline de l.aine, bilk and Cotton
Warp Alpaccas, Qu ien's I 'loth, Gala Plaids,
Fretieb Merinos, Bluck ilks), filove,,Hi k Uie,
Shawls, Ciavaia, Rihlmns, Einbroiderira. Ac, Ac.
Country. Merchants and there visilmg Pbif.idel
phia or Nw York to purchase, are respectfully h'
vited lo call and examine tbe alocks. . i
Nov.,1. .1845. ly . , .J. .
C'ompouutl Syrup or. Tar. &Wo4.
MPtHE unprecedented ocees of this medicine, in
JL tha restoration of health, to those who, in des
pair,' had given up all boiies, haa given it an exat-t
ted reputation a'ove all olbet remedies, furnishing
evidence of its intrinsic value and power, aa, the on,
ly agent which can. he relied upon 'tor the cure of
Pulmonary '' Consumption, Brom-hiltia, t Asthma,
Paid fit Ihe 'id e and Breast, Spitting "of BLiod,'
Whooping Cough, ("roup, dec, ' '
'Aftention ia requested lo the following ASTOV. i
ISHINtt t"l nr., bv I nomsoi a t ompound rup
of farand Wood Napthajt. r .-.,.
' ' ' Philadelphia, May 3d, 144,
MR. THOMSON Dear Sir With grateful
feelings t inform ynM of the sstnniaUing eflects oC
your medicine, tshich has literally raia-d roe from
'a de;itb-td'l ' My disease, Pulmoa.iry Coosump.
lion, bad reduced'me so low that my physician pro.
no.irued my case hopelese! Al thia junction I ho,
gan to u-eyour medxio. and miracul us aa it may
irrni, It haa completely restored me to health, after,
i very thing rise had failed." Respectfully yours,
Charlotte alreel, above Goorgo street.
The undersigned, being personally acquainted
with Washington Mack and hia eufterinije,- bear;
witness W the astonishing elUxts uf Thumsoit'a
Compound Syr op of Tar, and UiS truth of tla
bove slalemeut. ' '
JOS.. WINNER, 318 North Third street,
DAVID VICKEK3, 43 Almond street,
HUGH M GIN LEY, . E. comet Tsmany
and Fourth eneets.
Pretiaied only by 8. P. Tbomsaw, N, E. corner
ef Slhand fipruce streets, Pbt'sile phia.
Agents. H.. B. Masser, Hunbury D. Gross,
,i i ,. . f . If- i . , -
aim jr. Kian"iersiHi, iiarnanurg , jiio, v, isrown,
Potwvide : Goo. EwL Rejding : H jston A Ma.
on, Towanda, Bradford eountv, Pi. (fC bO cents
per bottle, or 1 5 per dotoe,
(D Beware of miiation. '
Phila.lelpb'4, Jurie 28tb. 1845. If
'eorge, JfTWestivcis
JVo. 1 3 Forth Watr &!rtft,rhiiadcipuQ.
ffVAM constantly on band. geuoral ataort
5 I ment of Cordage, Seine Twins, Ac., via :
I aid Ropes. Fialiing atopea. Whits Hopes, Manil
la Kopee, Tow Line for. Canal Boa la. Also,
eomplets sMttutmenl of Srino Twine, Ac, auch aa
Hemp tibad and Herring Twine, Beat Patent Gill
Net Twine, Cotton Shad and Herring Twine, ftbos
Threads, kf. dec- Also, Bad Cords, Plough Lines,
H altera, Trace, Cotton and Linen Carpet Chains,
Ac , alt of which he will dispose of on reasonabls
terms., " ' ' 1 , ' :
Phi!id!pk;a, NorvmUr U, UtS.-rly ,