Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, November 06, 1841, Image 4

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    II A X K IV O T I i Li I ST.
Tl'owing list shows the cuircttt vnhie of ill
Pennsylvania Bark Tlie ulo-t implicit re
liance may he placed upon it, a ii i-every Wtik
can fu!y cnmpaied with ai d coirectcd Iioiii Biik
nil's Reporter.
Hanks In Plilladclplrlu.
Nam. Locat.o.v. V'"'"1"
I (I I Li II.
Pink of North America
Bank f the Northern Liberties k nf rrniimlvai in . nf l'cnn Township . .
Con.merriol Rank of PctnV .
Formeis' ond Mechanic' Bank
Granl Bank , ,
Kensington Bank . ,
Mui.u!a(turt r' A- Mechanics' Hunk
Me ebonies Bank
Movrtmensing Bank"
I I i'odelphia Dank
S,hulklll tlilllk , ,; J'ank
V i sicin Bank . .
C'oimfry IJniilis.
ii r
Dunk of Filtshurg Pittshuig
limit; i f t heater County
H. i k of D' l iwaro County
D 11, k if (iortnaiitown
ln nk r f l.cwistown
llaiik i f Middlctotvn
P.nk of iniiir;ornrry Co.
B r.k of Nitihmnht'rh.nd
D.ih County Bank
('. liimhi.i 1! ink & JJiiJgo co.
Carlisle Dank
Ili Icsitiwn Dmi'i
E is'on Dai.k
Exchange Bank
Do ili branch cf
Faniii !.' Bank rf Bucks co
Farmers' B'tik if I.apcaslei
Fa'tvcis' Dark nf Reading
J I r i il m t Dank
Luiiriisier Dank
Lebanon Di'Vik
Merchants' & Mnnuf Dank
Minns' k of Pptisville pton Ujiik
'i'ow.mdi Dank
Wist Biorch D :nk
Wvuniiiiff Dank
Office of Brink of rcntra.
Office do do
(iiicc do do
Office do do
Lew istoivn
Nomslovv ii
"Votlhunibcilaiid par
f 'olumlua
Dov Iralown
i;tt-t wf
Hull daysburg
Lauciisli r
Lebnv n
Williamsport par
Wi.keshatro par
Harrisbutg These
Lancaster offices
Reading f dii nut
Elision J issue n.
Ear.k of the Lnied States Philadelphia 18
Oiiicc of Dank of U. 8. Pittsburg 19
Do do do Eiie 19
Do do do Mew Brighton 19
Kemins'on Sav. Ins. A do
Fenn Township Sav. Ins. i
Bank of Chambirshurg Chambersburg
E, l-.k ol Gettysburg Gi ttyil uig
D. nk r f Su.-quelianna Co. Moiitiof
I.rie D:ii k Drin
Fanrr rs'A' Drovera Batik VVayiiwhurg
Fituiklin Dank Wciliintiiuii
lluincdate Djnk Honc.-d.ilo
M.)i i nnlieU Dank of D. Drownsville
Vi.ik Dank Yoik
N. D. The notoa of thpe hanks on which we
cmii quotation, and uhti(ut a da?h ( ) aie nut
purchased hy the Phihidi Ipl.ia hn ker, wiih ti c
txer; ;ion of tl:ieo which havo a letter of fi ftri nee.
rhiladc hia fcav. Ins. I'hiladi lj hia
1'hii.idplphii Loan Co. do
cliuv Ik ill Sav. In. do
M lr u.ll I,ali.r Ddlik fT. W nnn
no tale
elott d
no ra'e
no alc
A I leg! any Dank ff Pa.
. t. . , v .' i"n
D ,il foid
J-5 . i k ol De.irr
Lank of wntara
Dai k ul Viibl,intan
Crt tie Bank
Ci y D .i k
Fji;j cr' U MeihVa' Dank
Fauiicrs' S: Mech'c' Dank
I u u.i rs' cV. Mech'is' Dank
l.a n ony Insiiltito
Jlm.tir.p'Jon Dai.k'ilQ Dai.k
I.uict'cnncii'a Dir.k
Is'i-iihi-rii Dank i f Pa.
Kiw liape V.. Dii.'pc Co.
e(t.LIl.!.'d Union Cnl. Dk
X- i:ih W. -t. rn Dar.k of Pa.
Oiliee ol Schttjlkill Dank
Pa. A:". Y..,nur. Lttnk i J,;,ki Dark
ii Dai k of Periii'a.
Dell, fi.nto
Fayi tie co.
Hunliiigiloii i o mle
J.eniiou no ,ilr I
Warieii faikd
Dundi ft no mlc
New Hope cloned
Mcadtillo cfiMil
Poll Carbon fi.ilid
Cuili-lo fuilid
Mnntiito closi d
Unit titown failed
('ri tirg clui-cd
V. Dank
ilkiilaire Dildgo Co.
W ilki Gluirie no tale
j" AH notrs m 1 1 ( o 1 1 i i j to l e on any Pcnni-yl-an;i
l':..k not gum in the thove lit, 'may heiit
dovMi aa frauds.
SEW JFK sr. V.
I r;i I; nt . rtv DiUi:siiek liiui fuiik
1 in
: par
) t iid if Dunk
Di;:linlCii Co. Pnr.k
t'i mri itcinl Dunk
Df Ividt
Mi clurd
Penh Atnhey
( Dark
FalHl'l' Dank
Moi nt Ilo'dy
Fatiot is' mid Mcdianies' Dk Tiuhwav
ii ni
Fetii.fis' and Mechanics Dk N. Pn'iimick
, u uuioit jjii .t aij.i ioi n i n ltm
I fllik'lll Dai.k Oi 1, J. J, .(.y Cty
II iiu kell Lkcit UlUZ IlS Co ll.'
h. I. d
f.-.o'i il
1 1 eti
i n Mile
J I Li ink
J i.-i y City
Ptl Ii01
Di lit mIo
Mi- r'bton ii
I'ue h!J
'i'ri nton
Jusiy City
M.i I aims D. i k
i'. n.uf.o tur, r'
Ifi t'f.n.pHi.y Dank
Mi mi'nuiii Dk of N. J.
Mill anns' Dai k
h.Cilianico' mid Mnruf. T.k
Mo'iit, (.'anal and Li;g Cw
I'l :t No'l S
Kenmk Din & In Co
Niw II.e JJil DiiJiie Co
New ink
1 1 in
IN. J. Minut-c. ni d Dkg Co
Hot nken
N J Pio'tclte.ii &. Lciui ld t k .lerfey C!y
Oui'KO D i.k
l a ir.-. n Dank
J'e. ile' liank
Pi. melon U.u.k
t'all 111 Dal. king Co
b' Dunk
bta'e pBiik
fclate Dank
Hale) Dank of Mortib
tin lo Dank
fcialtm Mid Philad Mantf Co
t't.tii x Dunk
Tteiili ii Dai king Cu
Vi.ioii Dank
W Dai.k!ng Co.
S. l in
lcw. ik
Dliialu thtow n
'I'm nton
tali in
Ne w tun
Hmkenaae k
p.,f I
2, in !
"pi" j
par l
2 Ml
fii.le.l i
t.1,1. il !
V, ,1, j
Ipu I
faib.l i
Tk of Wilm it Draiulywine; W'i mil (.ton
Dunk ol IH law ait
Dunk of bn ) ma
Wllimi gli h
JJo lianih
Faiirn' Ek of Stale of Del
Do tiamii
, Do hraiicn
' l'o Lianih
Unim B nk
try Undi r S'n
N ilm ngton
(J. oigi tou n
Ni wcai-tle
(Tj t'n kll hanks maikrd thus () there air n
he t coutitii feit or kltemd note ot the vsnons dt
swuinatioi.s, in circulattun.
A N uiipatellclrd remedy f, eommon Colds,
CfHtch. Ahina.Influei.M, Whoopinq Cough,
Bronchitis, i tid all diseaes of the BreaM and Dungs,
lemliiij to eonsoii-ption; cotnpnred of the concen
trated villi e .,f lion hound, Bonnet, Blood Root,
Liverwort ami Tveinl oilier vcgetiiMe suhstaricea. ly J. M. Wissmw, Rochcstir, New
. The innocence and iiniversnllv Admitted pectoral
viitue ol tlie 1 1, ilis from w hich the liaham of
i fiiiliovna ii iiiaoe, me loo gmcially known to ri
ijuih tecoinn in, n ; it h tin irfore only uccrFSV
iv to ol cue that ihi Me.licinc contains ihe wihole
of thcit M d e nut pro) eitie, highly concentrated,
d pity eon. I'lmd with siveial other vece-
t'.l'le ni. !!', h to render it the meet speedy,
in i:it ni !t ce il; in ti niMiy, now in Ui-e, f. r the com.
I IhiiiIk nt nvi n entiolied.
The Ilid-Mim reinovi-s all irrflammation and sore'
n ol t)(- Lung-, Innccii tough viaid phlegm, en
i.l lu g the paiiint to expectorate with case and free
d in, amuoges cough, relieves athmntic and dilfn
eu't iepiruiion, lieida (he injured ports, opens the
po:c, i.t.d ectnposrs the uwiuihed nerves, and gives
. r nu Hi to titn Innlci lungs, snd thus produces
s, icily tnJ la-tinti erne.
lNonTiTi iiE is Tns titsT eniMK iji Mtn,
c are nr.t ainoi g that class r f Editors who for a
t a dol'ais w ill, ('it the of truth ond ho
nes.y) "ciai k up" an srlicle and htiti it into rapid
ale j . eill er nio we will rg to lemiiin silent, ufie r
l avn g tesicil tlie utility of an irr.i rnvenient e r di
et, ve-y m science or ait. Our renders will recollect
wctoM trein wo were unwi II wnh a sore throat and
vioU'i t ei LI some few week mj, Wc vee pur
chased iwohottles of lXSLOW'S BALSAM
OP IIOh'I.'IIOL'Nl), ond Kn siidihn was the cure,
that w i' forgot wo ever had n cold. Thorn who
aie sfllieied, mny t'y it upon our recommendation.
Ltnii'c'i T- lcgrapi. For sale hy
JACOU DL'iliilT, Korthumbtrland.
Also, l y Hrugcibie gene rally ihrouchoul the
country. ffj" '' lce o0 "' per bottle.
August I4lli. 1641. ly.
A V E.N PORTS Improved Patent Threading
Machine and Ilortc Powei. which lluehes
ami cleans at the fame time an invention for
which Farmers have long looked in vain, and which
lenders the above machine perfect and pat further
m.piovi menl. Those w ho have I een waiting for
form thing better than heretofore ofli red for tale,
w ill find this to he the aiticlc. Come sec it and
juilgo (or yonrse ve.
Tlie nitifcrders have pun based the right of the
above Machine and IIore Power, for tlie coun
nnd L'mom and oIho, the privileges of vending
Il cm in any other places lor which the tight has
lint he ( n uevioii!.y sold.
'I he advantages which this Machine has over
all others invented are many and obvious. One
boy and three men con do all the threshing and
cle aning ol 150 bubhcl of w heat in one day ond
this unually takes ktven hands one day and three
the next. For field threfhing it takes the lead of
any thing in this world no grain is scattered or
Such is the superiority of the Horse Power,
lhat three hordes can thrceh as much with it as
four can w ith any other.
The Machines and Horse Power will be sold
logeiher or septralc, to suit urchascrs. Made and
sold in Milton, hv the sulscnhrr.
Milt n, Apiil IT, 1811.
iti: wlviwim no.v.
Huvir.ghad in life, one f Davcnpoil's Pale lit
Threehing end Wimmwii g Machines, snd Icing
n ieaiedly calle d upen for our opinion in rcganl l.)
their value, durability and advanlapci, we make,
lice to flute-, that liny exceed in our opinion, any
'J l.ickh tg Machine we ever lefoie witnessed in
ukc. They will and tie an, I'l lor tnaiket
200 bufhilnef W heal er i!h, and this uiili the
aid of three hards In sides the diiver. Tie Ktiuw
is afsid off from the grain on on iiu line plane, e x
tending about 12 fut from the Machine. Scane
ly grain is lot. W hat ia i f tome in.i oilanie
ml greatly so, is the fact thai nn t'uft rastis from
the Machine to ihe nit.n who feeds it. The Horce
ower bcciiiB to be perfection ittclf three hoes
may woik it w ilh cue and theii faxtest cait need
only be the ordmaiy lough gii. W e miibt
thterfury reonin;ctid ti e Machine to Fanners
they aie nmnufactuiid in Mil'on ly Messr. W eh h
Pomp at U Flick. IHIL1I' HIIOERT.
Chihtqusijue tfl p., Noit'i'd to, Maich CO, 1S41.
IA?.TI'LS.r. Ctl.I-IItI.i (OIXTV,
l'enii.) iv iinlu.
fSlIIE Sl'BSCRIHER jcspcctfully informs the
fZL public, that he ha iciimted liom il.c town of
tatctvisia to L'unvil.'e, and that he has
in lhat place, tht I.urge and Cviiiimtlitut
it k 1 1 iv ii o i s i: ,
C 0ifLi:tc lie Cuxirl'lh-utt.J
I,-- W bich he ha fired up hv the erection
f.7.;A 'f AHDI riONAI. DlTLIUNCiS, and
i!!!.",:"'iv" PAllH". for the llnt.r.
ksii la in , fut cf Ticvtl'ftt villi
He is now prepand to aecuinini dj'eall who may
favor Li nt with a call, and Im would si ate that no
thing in his power ehall be le I'l I ndone, to render his
cu-toniets romfotiible and baj py while undci his
coie. His accommodations are ample, nod his rooms
le.rinhed in inia'eiu s yle. and ihe pioprirtor is de-lumine-il
that hi e.ti! hfhuiriit fhall tUhlain and
keep up with the (jr. wing reputation and impoitanee
of die town in which it is loot. d.
li s Tjmik w i I l e hiipi Ii,. with every luxury of
the si ( on, and w bem and ttioicti-t rurirly tht ran vffird. His Dim will le stored with
uii the be.y) urtirlt Ihul can le furnithtd by our
olitf, and the whole, will be such as to give saiis
l.i.Hon ni eve ty lie.
V ell kmiwiiig iliat an rn'ighiene.l pul l'c will
i.lwiH juoge f. r ihem ehcs. u- fools confident lhat
tl.iy will havor him with their p,tionage.
Di nvi b'. Jan. 30.
i:ia-Ai)ji;bTL(; i.ou mwev.
Di Divjamix N. Cisiiwi.
'I'l'D fuler,-eni bavin, , urchased the light for
vemliiig oi.J using Ihe above valuable mveii.
lion, for No,th,.,U ,ullj County, oile, 10 diM.oHi
of Ihe same lo ,.. ,. who , ,
e'u "m.,"'""1 w no ' operation at the saw
null ol Mr. M La.iy. ne.r Su,a,u,y, , ture u
lie ii.fpeeted by owner, of saw nulls and all otheis
interested. p,. ii'u
M.rch 27. If. SAMl'EL OODIN
1 1 - v
iiMroRT. ;nt
rH1E Undersigned tV pleasure in ubmitting
X to the pub ic the following Reeo'iimendations
of I'ratl s Cast lion Smut Mill and Grain I tiller lo
all dealers In (train ond manufacture of Flour, be-
hevinu. it io be supe rior lo any thing of Ihe kind
ever oil' red to the public. All orders addressed to
Col. J. M'Faddeli, Lewisburg, Union county Penn
sylvania. EDE.NEF.ZER rQl.II'E,
Monti'g Mill, Centre Co., March 30, 1811.
J. M'Fanmsj Sin: 4 cheeilully testify to the
goodne's and d.itability of Prali'a Cast Iron Smut
Mill aid Grain Huller, as being a far superior it ri
elo for the cleaning of smut and all other impurities
that I have ever seen, and I have len engaged in
the manufacture of Flour for a grcm many years,
and have alwavs tried lo have the beat apparatus lor
manufacturing that could be got, ond do say that the
nl ovc machine is the lest apparatus I believe now
in use. Jon MoAit.
Blonnifiburg, Dec. 26, 1840.
Cot. J. M'FadI)?i Sin t In reply toyourfavor,
rece ivrd a few days since, I have only to say, lhat the
fact of my having introduced into each of the four
mills that I am concerned in, one of Ptatl'a Cast
Iron Smut Mills, is the best evidence I esn give you
of ihcir ulihty, Yours truly, Wm. M'
Miltm, March 17, 1841.
J. M-Famis Sin : I do hereby certify without
ony hca lation, that Pratl's Smut Mill and (train
Holler is the most crfrct machine to cleanse grain
of smut m, d oil other imperfection, that I have ever
been, and I believe I have seen all the kinds that arc
now uvd in Pcnnty Ivanio, and I must say that there
is nothing of the kind ever been invented that will
c. me in competition with it. Gi.o, Eckckt.
Cot. J. M-Faiidij! Sin: the past 24
yeaia have been constantly engaged in manufac
turing Hour, nnd during the last 12 years have leen
the owner of a grift and flouring mill, and among
all the contrivance to remove impurities from grain
I am decidedly of the opinion that Pratt's iion ma
chine is superior lo any with which I am acquaint
ed, having used one in my mill about eighteen
months. Fiihihuck Haas.
Yorkshire Milli, Dec, 1810.
I want in my flouring mill as good an apparatus
to prepare grain for flouring, as thref, and I want
no better than Pratt's Cast Iron Smut Mill. It will
leiuove smut entirely no mistake.
M. CtKASOtt.
Sunburt, Deremher 22, 1840.
Con. J. M-Famiis Sim 1 have in my mill one
of Pratt's cool and winught iron spiral Smut Mills
and (train Duller, and am confident that in regard
to siinpliciiy of construction, and durability of mate
tial, it is supeiior to any I am acquainted wiih.
Ilunr MAsxtn.
ftrur Cap Mills. Dec. 22, 1810.
Col. J. M-Fadius Sin : I hae in my flouring
mill one of Pralt's Cast (ton Spiral Smut Mills,
and I tin ek'ciik'dly of the opinion that it is the be.t
machine to prepare grain for flouring that I am ac
quainted with, and as such cheerfully leeomniend it
to all who aie engaged in the manufacture ol flour.
Jacob Lmsenhi.ho.
A nron . burg, March 23, 1841.
Con. J. M-Faiiihk fin : I take pleasure in say
ing that Pi all's Cast Iron Smut Mill is one of the
best improvements for the cleaning of grain of all
kindn, lhat ha yet come unde r my observation, and
that I believe it farsupnior to any tiling of the kind
ever invented. You may use my name in ony way
you think proper. O. P. Di scas.
IVon Mill, Jan. 14, 1841.
This is to certily that I have had Plan's Cast and
wrought iron Smut Machine and Giain Hullrr in
use (or better than 12 months, and find it lo answer
every purpose that it was intended lor. Smut can
lie taken out of wheat I believe eveiy particle of
il can he taken out without breaking the grain of
the wheat. Jon Plamr.
Aarovthw g. Match 2:), 1841.
Cot. M-Famiin Sin : I have been engaged in
manufacturing Supeitine Flour for many years, and
have st this time one e.t Pratt's fmui "ill in each
of my mills, and I do hereby reeouimi l.d tin m osthe
most valuable nnpiovi menl lor cleaning w heat o
fmtit and all olhir iuq uiilicr, that I am acquainted
with. Jamis Hi-max.
Col. M'FAnni Sin: I have bren engaged in
ihe manuioctuiini! ol flour I. r 28 years, and most
chierli lly recommend the above machine, as It-ing
by Or the lift a status lor eleaiibiug giain thai 1
have evir usid or seen. I conbidi r ii an imlisj en
fil le article lur any miil that pielends to do any bu
biness. Jon Fimii.r.
.fyir-e'ic. Milk, Die. 24, 1840.
Col. J. M'Kai.hin Sih : Piatt's Cast lion
Smut Mill was intio.luied into my mill about
years f iree, ai d II elieve it is the best aitie le of lln.1
kind now in use. It will not only remove smut
en'erely, but is a most valuable a paialus lo clean
wheal and lyo of any character, and pre arc il foi
Burning. Dknjamin
l.fwitburg. Dee. 22, 1840.
Col. J. M-Fanum tm: After a caieful and
candid examination and trial of ihe machine, in re
gaid toconstiuction, neatness and debated in exe
cution, economy in price, and power lo set in ope
ration. I am fully convinced and ratified, lhat the
maihiue ubuve alluded to, is second to no oi e in
" J. Mon now,
Miller and Flour Maruif,.clurcr.
Cattuwiisa, Diciiuber 2."), 1840.
Chi.. J. M-Pahdih Sin : Fran's Cast and
W'ii ui;hi Iron Spiral Smut Mill and Grain Huller,
I eou.-ii'er to be the best machine to it mine nout
and other nnpuiilies to which grain is subject, that
I hove used, or wiih which I am acquainted, in re.
gsnl lo dur.i' il ty ol material, simplicity of construc
tion, nearness and dopatih in execution.
Jusipii I'axtos.
N. B. T! e above ma bines are manufactured at
ti e Lewisburt; Foundry, L'i ion county and ul the
Dloom.burg Foundry, Columbia county, Pa.
Le wis! uig, June 19, 1841.
iTlicliacl VaYi r ,V Sv.n
No. 13 jVorrVi W uttr Istrtft. Vhiludt lphiit.
t v r. constantly on hand, a ge neral assort
ment of Cordace. Se ine Tw ines. Ac., viz ;
1 ai U hope, t isbing Ropes, While Ropes, Manil
la Ropes, 'l ow Lines for Canal Boats. Also, a
complete sfsoilment of S, ine Twines, Ac. such a
Hemp Shad and Heiriug Twine, Best Patent Gill
Net Twine, Cotton t-hoil and llening Twine, Shoe
Threads, Ac. Ac. Also, Ded Cords, Plough Lines,
II alters, Tracts, Cotton and Linen Carpel Chains,
Ac. all of which they will dispisc of on reasonable
Philadelphia, Novemhei 7, 140.
" j i m ii i k n i a : xsi ; i . 1 4 & wv.
No. KiO 1-y Market .Street, l'liila.
(IltluW Fifth St.ulhtiiU ,
LWAYS kee p on In.nd a full aril general si
ft runout ot llo-ierV. Lac. Slill Kauri
t-ounlry Meiehanl are refpeclfully requeued to
bivr im in a rsu arm examine lor tttt ni elns.
Philadelphia. November 7, 1840. ly.
No. las Market Street. liii!arl( Ir hia.
tNV lTE the attention of Country Men hauls
to their extensive aftortment of Uiiii.h French
and American Dry Goods, which they oflir for sale
on ihe mot resbortshls terms.
Philadelphia, November 7, 1 640. ly.
Sumber 29 North Third Street, Vhiladclphin
IJUBLIO SALES of Diy Goods, Hardware
and Cutlery, Books, Stationary, Clothing,
Boots, Shoca and Hats, nnd in short almost evety
description of gooda, are held at this atahlihmrnt
every evening. Gooda are also sold nt private aale
during the day at the average auction prices. Store
keepers and traders will find it to their advantage
oy aiienuing the shIih.
U.C. MACKEY, Auctioneer.
Philadelphia, November 7, 1840.
.lac-ob rrlKiiiti'li &, foii.
ESPECTFLLLY informs their friends and
i aeiltlninlniirca (vitlitrnllu lh.1 llif,w .lilt rnru
I .-. . ....
m.uu i.t nre-i hi ine oni bianu, io. nwo .oriu on
alreet, Philadelphia, all kinds of
Which they will sell on the most accommodating
and reasonable terms.
N. B. All eoods fold will he guaranteed, and all
order promptly attended to.
Philadelphia. November 7, 1840. ly.
; rETEir DE w eks,
No. 74 Callovvl.ill Slreet, Philadelphia,
("I'hrct dooTt ubirvt .Sceonr.J
CI HOE Findings always kept on hand, which he
f offers for sale on the lowest terms. Country
Merch mts are. particularly lo call ami judge for
Philadelphia, November 7, 1840. Ir.
Importers and Dealers in Foreitm and
i-omesuc uaiawarc,
No. 174 Noiitu Tnini. Stuki.t, I'
"I TfHERE their fiiends and customers will always
fmd a large ond general assortment of Foreign
nnd Domestic Hatdwarc, which they will si II at the
lowettt ptices.
Philedelphia, November 7, 1840. ly.
No. 2J North Water Street, Phila.
ANUFACTL'RERS ond dealers in Oils of
every description both for burning and
manufacturing purposes, which will be sold much
lower than they can be procured elsewhere, and
warranted in quality to equal any in the city. Any
oil sold by the company not proving as ippri si iited,
may lie returned without any expense to the pur
chaser, and the money will be refunded.
Their stock now in store consists of the following
oil, viz:
30,000 gallons Winter Dleached Speini
elo do Celotlofs Oil, n
do Fail and Sprinc Sperm Oil,
do Winter Ken Lb limit,
do do Piesed Whale Oil,
do Summer do elo do
do Common Whale Oil.
200 Darrels superioi Straits Oil,
300 do Cod Dank Oil,
60 do Neais Foot Oil,
75 Casks Olive Oil,
Tanner's Oils.
iXj This Company has a number of Yessels' in
gaged in the Cod Fishery, and Tanner may rely
upon gelling at all times Oil as pure as imported,'
Philadelphia, Nov. 7, 1840. ly.
fF'UIE special attention of biiycis fioni the south
jL and west, and for the state tratle, is res-pee lful
ly invited to the following asortmeiit of (JOUl)fi,
which the sul scril er will dispose of at sueh prices
as will amply repay his fiiends for calling ond i x
amining hi slock. To CASH purchasers, at the
present lime, extraordinary inducements will be of
fered. 200 pieces heavy variegated Spanish trotrng.
600 pieces Canton malting, assoited 1-4, .4 and
0-4 white, checked and flowered.
1000 hearth rugs, a l eautilul assortment of Wil
ton, Urustels, Tufte-d, Turkey, and Hemp rugs.
200 pieces woolen, wonted, cotton, hemp, in
grain, Venetian and bloik Carpeting. An e legant
variety of ilton, lliiisels, Sco ch and English,
Venetian. Damafk, &c. Ac.
1000 dozen men ond boys caps, eompiising a
gieat variety of Fur, Seal, Ntitiia, Muk.ijI, and
Coney, Hair. Sealeltc and Cloth Caps.
100 dozin Allicaul Mats, atsoitcd size.
100 do Manilla do do do
60 do Shcep-fkiu do do do
U0 bahs French Daskeis, cumprhing every de
scription. tUO pair Venc ian Dliuds, ass'd figuies and colors.
3010 (attiit do do do
1000 nests Cabas or Satchels, ass'd, entboesed
leather, straw and oil cloth.
6010 dozen Combs, assoilid tortoise shell, Bra
zilian do hum, ivory, brass and wood, Ciitiipiising a
large assortment t f eiery variety.
3000 dozen Whips asfoiled wagon, pip, car
riage, sulky, plaliteis, drovers or titling, ol gut, lea
ther and thread, with German tilver, gilt, ivory and
bone mountings.
10(10 dozen painted pnils, Wilson's brir d.
10C0 mats cedar Tubs aid Duikc-ls; also,
Churns, Piggins, Water Cons, Ac.
The above loi-ether wiih an extensive assortment
of fancy goods, Dritluuia and Geiman silvir ware,
feather and Iri.tlo Drushcs, Looking Glasses, Ma
hogany ond Gilt Fi ami s, nf eveiy s.ze and den up
turn, are manufactured, import, .1, and sebctcd ex
pressly lot the Scutheili, wistirn ami Mate trade.
No 18 North 2d street, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, November 7, 1840. ly.
g. vr. & 'if. b7 t aylcp.".
OFFER FOR SALE, at Ihe fioiilh Easl Cor
ner of Ftflh and Murhtt iftmtt, Fhiudtl
pitta Mens' Calf-skiu Boots, stitched wairouted.
do do do pegged do
do do do water pioif, double coles
and double uppers.
do Calf skin do do do nailed
and upper.
do Heavy VVutcr Leather Bool,
do do Ncata do do.
do High quartet Kn es, (.'all-skill.
do do do CiPckers do
do Fine Mon rites warranted
do Kip do do
do Calf do do
do Coarse do do
do do Shoes do
do Fine do do
do Kip do do
do Calf and Seal Skin Pumps.
do List Socks wiih and w about soles.
do Carl et do do do
do Patent W at ranted Water-proof Moccasins.
Ladies' do do do do
Ladies' tanned India Rubber shoe a.
Genllcmcnk' do liver shoes.
Wiih every other desctiption of boots and shoeti.
Furl 'apa of every description.
Travelling Trui ks of eve ry description,
Venetian Travelling Bags.
Patent Gum Elastic Shoe Blacking,
Bonnets of all kinds, Pslm Leaf Hats.
Philadelphia, Nuecmbcr 7, 140. ly.
WltolcNiilc Donlri-M.
In Foreign, Itritith and American Dry Hood,
No. 13 North Tmnn Stkbit, PmtAniLrniA
OOUNTRY Merchants can be aupplied at all
limea witk an extensive assortn ent of the above
Goods, on the most reasonable and satisfactory lernis.
May 29, 1R4 1. ly,
Wholesale and Retail Shoe, Bonnet,
arm ralm Leal Hat Warehouse.
No. 66 North id $trftt,afew Joori above irch,
ALSO Trunks, C.rpet Bags and V alices, of c--ery
desctiption, all of which he ofl'crs for
sale on the most reasonable terms.
Philadelphia, November 7, 1840. ly
- j- Wt w a i rr;
Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturer.
No. 37 AoofA Third ttrrrt, two doori btvw the
Vtty Hotel, Philadelphia.
aTOUNTRY Mrrebni. l .n... ... -i:.:.. l
. - " vs us., n a i v Ki'l ll liru
"4y to examine hia assoitmcut before purchasing
Philadelphia, November 7. IMP, ly
P . fc A . R O V O U D T ' S
China, Glass and Liverpool Warehouse
No 164 North Third ttrrtt, third door below Vbit
ttreet, I'lnlatlrlphia,
T TfHERE they constantly k.epon hand a large
" asfortment of China, Glass and Liverpool
Ware, which they will dispose of on Ihe most rex
Bonnble terms.
Philadelphia, November 7, 1840.
Manufacturer and Importer of Sad
dlery, Hardware, &c.
iVo. 5 South Third ttreet, four doors below Market
KEEP constantly on hand a large and general
assortment Coach Lamp, Carriage Bands,
Axle Arm, Eliplic Springs, Patent Leather. Ac.
Country Merchants and saddlers will be supplied at
all times on the most reasonable terms. '1 bey will
find it to their advantage to call and examine his
assortment before purchasing elsewhere.
Philadelphia. November 7, 1840. ly.
Wl lorosalo Dealers in Foreign British
and American Dry Goods.
Nit. 105 Market ttreet, Philadelphia.
COUNTRY Merchant, and others can be sup
plied nt all times with an extensive assoit
ment of the best nnd most fashionable Goods upon
the most reasonable term.
Philadelphia, November 7, 1840. ly.
J. s. loirZpfi
holcsale Variety and Trimming Store
No. 44, North Fourth near Arch st., 1'hiludclphia
VtniEliE Country Menhnnls and others can he
supplied, at til limes, with a large assortment
of Hosiery, Gloves, Merino. Cotton, and Woolen
Shiits and Drawers, Spool Cotton. Patent Thiead.
Cotton Cords, Buttons, Tapis. Binding. Hook
am! Eye, Pins, Ac. Ami a yonrral vain ty of llfC
ful articles, which he oilers for tale at the lowest
Philadelphia, November 7. 1840. ly.
Brass Clocks,
lor III DoII.ii-n,
il QUA I. f,tr time to any told by Clock '.-
' M 111, t,. . I...
lar for 25, for sale by
March 13. II. B.
Currd by tht Or. Hahlich's Compoi .mi
Stlsotiixm mi Asn Ai'i:niKT Pill.
Mr. William Richaiius, Pnisburgh, Pa., en
liiely cured of the above distressing disease .- His
yintoins were, pain and weight in the It fi side,
loss of appetite, vomiting, acid erud itions, disten
lion of the stomach, sic k headache, fuiretl tongue,
countenance changed lo a citron color. dilhVully ol
breathing. dMuihed reft, attended with a cough,
Bieal debility, with other symtoms indicating greal
deriincement of the functions of The liver. Mr.
Riciiahiis had the adviie of several phytcians, but
received no leluf, until usina Dr. IIahlh h's Med
icine, w hich terminated ill i lit ctu g a peifect cure.
Plincijial Office, 19 Noilh Eighth Street, Phila
delphia. AlfO for sale at the chug tore of
LV 1. 1811. Agent.
the CACti: oFJJTi'ir.iiTT.
Nearly all elafses of dise ase, are caused l y some
obstruction in the system, which prevent the tegu
lar and wholesome operation of ihe animal func
tions. This siate of ihe system, is disease, which
is manifi steal in a varieiy of forms, mote or less
mal guitnl in their character. To restoie the sj Hem
lo a state of he ahh, then, il is only necessary lo re
move the cause of disease, and ihe end is accom
plished. The cause is ols ruction somewhere. Th e
can be removed by purgation, which is the only
means that should be re sorted to. because, suggested
by icason, nnd ly nature. Dr. Hulich's Mret gth
ening and Geiman Aperient Pills, ate allowed by
Ihi thousands who have used Ihem, lo be the test
purgative medicine in existence. Because, ihey
not only remove all obstructions, and purge Ihe fys
tem e fils impurities, but, because, and which is ex
tremely important, strengthen and give proper lone
to ihe stomach, and produce a healthy action of all
the parts. Besides, ihey are so mild ond gentle in
their operation, as to render them at all limes a per
fectly safe and desirable remedy. The afflicted
would do wvll, then, lo purchase a box or two of
this invaluable medicine, and give ii a fair trial, in
stead of destroying their systems with oft-repeated
doses of calomel, and other drugs, so injurious lo
human life and happiness
Flie above niideeine for sale at the Drug store of
May 1. 1841. ,1geul.
i-Tc TT'heaUaI 1TL7 ?
Is a very common affection. Its attacks are very
severe, and characteiized by spasmodic pains, shill
ing from one pat of the head lo the other, fre
quently commencing in the morning, attended with
sickness of the aiomach, nausea, faintings, and
sometimes, vomiting, giddiness, and confusion ol
sight, Ac Ac, This desc-ase is pioduced fioni va
rious causes, perhopa the mosl common, is a de.
rancciiient of the stomach and digestive organs.
FEMALES are mosl subject lo ibis affection, par
Ocularly thofe who lead a sedentary life. Dr. 7r
lick's Compound Strengthening Tunic and rr
iitiin Aptr.ent l'ik, are wairanled to ariest this
troublesome disease : first by cleansing the stomach
and bowels, purifying the blood, and lemoving all
diseased and ciciementuous humors from the liver
and intestines. By Ihe use, first, of a few doses
of the Aperient German Pills, afterwards two or
three doses of the &treitgthming Tonic I' ilk, w hieh
aie used lo sliengthen and invigorate the nervous
sisttn, give tone lo the stomach and organs of
oigestiou, ihus imparting to their subiile fluid its
piibtine vigor, ibis afllieling disease may be entire ly
lemoveil. This is the only mode of treating this
annoying complaint, and has been attended with
success in thousands of cases.
Psmplrls giving general direeliona, may be ob
tained gratia, si No. 19 North Eighth siree i, Phila
M.y 1, IMI. AgnL
THE success which hns attended the use of Dr.
Harlick's Orwrtm Aperient and Compound
ttrengthening Tunic Pills, is truly astonishing. Il
is no vain boast lo say thia medicine has proved by
lie happy flcte in the trtue of i vaiiety of diseases
to which the human framvj it liable, to he vastly su
perior lo the many preparaiions before ihe public.
Many of these preparations are compounded by in
dividual who are positively ignorant of the myste
ries nf ihe human ay stem, and mere pretenders td
medical knowledge. Dr. Hsrlich, however, is cele
brated among the German faculty a a man of the
highest scientific attainment, and equally distin
guished throughout Europe, as a successful medical
practitioner, spent most of the years of a useful life
In the aquisilton of such knowledge as might prove
beneficial to his fellow cicatures. In the pills which
he invented, and which bear his name, the public
ere assured of an article that possesses' more than
ordinary virtues. From the acknowledged talents
of this inventor, nothing less than a good ankle
eemld he expected ; and tho experience of many
years hss afforded demonstration of the virtues of
his medicine. In Geimnny and other parts of Eu
rope, its r putation is established. In this country
into which it has but been recently introduced, it is
rapidly gaining ihe mo-t fubstantial reputation. The
humciou certificates of cuies of ihe most obstinate
diseases effected by the life of Harlich's Pills, w hich
ine proprietor is constantly receiving, ie proof of tho
fact. Day after day he receives new testimonials
of their efficacy, and week after week increoses the
demand for the in. This is not mere assertion ; in
nuineiable certificates are open for the Inspection of
the public, and the doubt of any who arc skeptical,
can le removed by examining litem at ihe ollice of
Ihe proprietor.
We take the liberty, then, of suggesting lo every
'family, that they moke use of Ur. Harlich's Pills.
Let Ihcni keep a supply constantly on hand, to bo
used when occasion demands, and they will receive
the most unequivocal proofs of utility. Mcdicut
Piincijte.l office for the United States, No. 19
North higlnh sttect, Philadelphia.
Western Depot, No. 41, St. Clair street, P;t!.
May 1, 184 1. Jlgcnt
Liver complaint is described lo be of two forms
viz ; Acute nnd Chronic, which trredifTi rent in then
seal and character, and arc produced from ulcers ot
Ihe Liver, which is diseased on the surface or in ihi
centre. In the former, the patient is attacked will
sutlden pain, in the region of the Liver, so sever
lhal even the led ch thes are insupportable ; the pa
licnt cannot bear to turn or lay on his left side fror,
the pressure exerted in that posiiion of the inflame
organs. The latter may go on in such a manne
that the first sy mtoms of Liver Complaint are thos
which mark the occurrence of suppuration. Th
Acute and SSub-acute varietie, almost always com
mence with some chilly feelings succeeded by Ilea
of tho skin, fevered tongue, having a yellowish a
pearance. Ii regular state of tlie bowels, costivenesi
countencanm chaniies lo a pale or citron color, c
yellow like those afflicted with jaundice, difficulty i
breathing, disturbed rest, attended with coup.h, fi
veiish fymt, m. a dry and ( arched fkin, difficult
of lying on the light side, urine scanty and hig
colored, the patient passes many bad nights and :
frtqu, ntlv troubled with Diarrhoea, Tenasmus an
P.les, nausea and vomiting, and has a considerabl
'.hirst. W hen the inflammation off. els the peril,
neal roat of the Liver the pain is much more intern
and the fever higher than when confined to the Li
er. In chronic affections it is uncertain in its le
munition ; the pain is intense, attended occasions
ly with liverish symtoms, a dry and parched ski
irregular bowels, saRow countenance, freqeunt a
tacks of jum dice, ihe tongue is scarcely ever fre
from ye llow fur, the appetite bad, and a Coiruptio
attacks the face ond back, behind the shoulders, A
Da,. Hahlich's Compound Strengthening Toi
ic and Asenent German Pill, will, in a majori'
of eases, produce a perfect cure, and if used at tl
very onset of affliction will in every case arrest tl
disease. This is not meiely theory but fact, whi.
can be substantial! d by the testimonies of varioi
a rsons who have wilms-cl the astonishing efl'cc
of this invaluable medicine. The diet must bt a
limli d to, and the warm bath must n, be neglei
ed win n the patient can have access to it. Fi
and explicit d reclions ore di fined in the medic
pamplet which accompanies the medicine, and ci
I c obtained gratis of any of the regularly appoint,
agents who sell this medicine.
Piincipal Office and Central Depot for the l.a
ted Stiites, is at No. I 9 North Eighth Sued, Phi
dtlphin, where all communications for Agcnci
Advertising and Medicines must be addressed (pi
paid.1 which will meet with immediate attention.
May I, 1811. Agent.
Why Dr HARLICH'S Compound Strcngthe
ing nnd German Aperient Pills i, re used by all cl.
ses of people, in pre fere nee to olher Medicines, I
cause they are prepared from a pure ezlract
herbs, a w hoh some mcilitine, mild in its operaii
and pleasant in its effect the ino-t ce itaiu pieser
of health, a sale ond ell. dual cure of D) epsia
Indigestion, and all stomach complaints, a preser
and puiiliei of the whole system.
Because tl ey sooihelhe nerves of sensibility o
fortify the ne rve s of motion, imparting to their m
subtle fluid its pristine tone, thus giving strcni
and clearness of mind.
Because they never destroy the coats of the i
roach and bowels, as all strong purgatives do.
Because science and experience teach us that
mere purgative alone will cure the disease of
stomach and nerves. Weakness is the prim
cause of a host of d'senses, and, by continually
soiling to Drattie pingaiives, you make the disc
much worse, instead ol letter.
Because Dr. llailith's Med cines aie put up
on Ihe common sense principle, to 'cleanse i
strengthen," which is ihe only course to pursue
effect a cine. Lastly,
Because these Medicines really do cure the i
ea-e lor which they are it commended. Princi
Office for the I'nited Mates, is at No. 19 Ni
Eighth btreet, Philadelphia.
Msyl.lSU. Age
The only sure anil best course lo pursue in
ring elite, ses, of whatever nature Ihry may be,
first, to cleanse and purify the Stomach and Bi
els by gentle aperients; secondly, lo give siieni
and luiie lo those tender organs by the use ofpio
lonks. This mode is slwsvs pursued by regi
physicians, which they well' know to be the o
course to res.ul to, to nU-cl a speedy and permsn
cure. Dr. Harlicm's Compound Strengthen
J omc and Apeiient pills, are a sure mediein.
cflect this grand object. The German Apeii
pills are to cleanse the stomsch and intestines,
ler which the Compound Sut-ntgening Tonic t
are used, to give slre-nglli and lone to those
gaiis which requite tender treatme nt. Neaily n
thirda of the diseases which we daily beh '
aie diseases ef the nervous system, snd by conn
al'y using drastic mineral purgatives (he tulK
will soon find himself a being loo much refi
lo remain long in existence. Full and explicit
reclions both in English and Geiman, accomi
ihis nonce.
The above medicine for sale at the Dru
May 1, 1641. .-illll.Vfc
' A,