Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, November 06, 1841, Image 3

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Victualing House,
An establishment of this kin J has lately been
opened by Messrs. Wharton & Searls, at the aoulh
weal corner of market Square, where fine Oysters
and every thing else can be had, adapted to the
loco of the moat fastidious EPICURE.
From the Pennsylvania Reporter.
lists of Mcmbm of the Pennsylvania Lrgisla
tnrc 1S-I1.
Dist 1. Philadelphia City. Henry S. Spack
n, Jacob Gratz.-f
II. County of Philadelphia Benjamin Crispin,
Edward A. Pcnniman.f Thomas McCnlley.f-
III. Montgomery, Chester and Delaware NVi
thaniel Brooke, Abraham Drawer, John T Hud
dleson. IV. Buck Samuel A. Smith.
V. Beiks Samuel Figcly.
VI. Lancaster and York John Strohm, Tho
mas E. Cochran, William Wester.
VII. Dauphin and Lebanon Lew Klinej
VIII. Huntingdon, Mifflin, Juniata, Perry and
t'nion Hubert '. Maclay, James Mathers.
IX. Columbia and Schuylkill Samuel F. Ilea J-
X. Lehigh and Northampton John S. Gibbons.
XI. Luzerne, Monroe, Wayne and I'ike Lu
ther Kidder.-)-
XII. Lycoming, Centre, Clinton and Northum
berland itulwrt P. Fleming.
XIII. Bradford and Susquehanna Asa Dim
mock t r;:;
XiV. Franklin, Cumberland and A Jims James
X. McLauah in,-j- William Gorgaa
XV. Bedford and Somerst t George Mulling
XVI. Westmorland John 0. Plunirr.
XVIt. Washington Jjhn Ewing.
XVIII. Fayette and Greene William F. Cop
Inn. XIX. Allegheny and Bulloi Char'.e s C. Sulli
van, George Darsic.
XX. Beaver an.l Mercer William Stewart.
XXI. Craw ford ami F.ric- James W.Farrallv.f
XXII. Jefferson, McKean, 1'olU-r, Tioga, Ve
nango nnd Warren Samuel Hays.
XXIII. Indiana, Arin-tiorig, Clation, Cambria
and Clearfield William Biglir.
New members thus t dcmociats 17, in ro
tnan federal 1G, in italic,
Mr. Farrally was elected by the democrats, and
we have pretty sure information thai bis political
course will be guided by their will. Ho has here
tofore been counted a moderate whig.
Philadelphia City William A. Criddi, E.Joy
Morris, William F. limine, James 11, liters, John
Hush, George Sharswood, C. 11. Trego.
Philadelphia County John Fcltoti, John W.
Evan, Win. Bonsall, John Painter, Joseph I.. Han
rock, John J. McCuhan, A. L. Koumfort, Thomas
M. Scott.
Bucks John Apple, Abel M. Griffiths, Joseph
Chester Emmnr Elton, Wm. A. Cnrrey, Hu
bert Futhey, Hubert Laverty.
Lancaster Christian Kieffer, Joseph McClurc,
I'hilip Yon Keida, Jacob Foreman, Hugh An
Ireii's, 'Benjamin l'ennrll.
York Isaac Garrclson, Adam Ebaugh, Win. S
Cumberland William IJarr, Joseph Culver.
Perry (Jcoiije -Beaver.
Berks Samuel Moore, John Sihcnk, John Pol
.cijicr, John Baehmnn.
Schuylkill Chris-tain . Slranh.
Northampton and Monroe Joseph Kerr, Jef.'ei- j
son K. Heckman, Asa Parker. j
Lehigh Benjamin Fogel, Tcter Has.
Wayne and Pike John II. Brodhetd. j
Northumberland I). B. Montgomery. I
Midlin, Jur.'ata and I.'nion John McCruni,
William Ross, John A. Yanmlzuh. j
Columbia Daniel Snvdcr. 1
Wa-hington Wall ice McWilliams, James Mc
parren, Jesso Martin.
Westmoreland Samoel 11.11, William Johnston.
Armstrong George W. Mjrehand.
Indiana John Cummin.
Jetrerson, McKean auJ Waren Lew is B. Dun
in m.
Fa;ctte Aaron Bughcr, John II. Deford.
Bedford Abiaharn Wcisil. M. Ilolderbaum.
Franklin Peter t.'ouk, Andrew Snivtly.
Montgomery William Bean, Willi jiii B. J I .shit,
'hailes Kugler.
Dauphin Samuel II. Clark, Benjamin Matter,
Lebanon Jidin liruner.
l.twreno llendrick B. Wright, A. Cort right.
Susrpithtnna Calvin Leel.
Uradf.'id William Elwell.
Tioja and Potter D. L. Sherwool.
Huntingdon J.-sse Moure, Th.rnas We.lon.
Beaver Mulheiu T. Kennedy, John Fergunoi..
Mercer Thomas Wilson, Jonts limits.
Allegheny David Becler, John Murray, Win.
v.irn, Isaac L'ghtner,
Butler Samuel M. Line.
Delaware Jjs.'tua J', Lyre.
Somerset and Cambria J, Ihnni.J. Rnyrr.
Lycoming, Clear liuld and Clinton Jas. Gamble,
!eogc If. B irrett.
(irecno Thoui . P. Po l k.
SiamThat'deus Stevens, G. .. Fans.
Ceil' re James Macihanus.
Crawfoid Moirow B. Lowory, J. P. Brawlcy.
Erie Jame C. Puidap, Stephen C. Fee.
Venango and Clarion James R. Suowden.
Dcinoraata in roinau antim isuu, whigs and
deiahsts, in italic.
Democrats. Federal.
Senate, 17 IB
House, tit 34
No ra. Two members in Huntingdon were -led
as working nu u. Woiking nutn are usually
inoerats, and such, il is la r to class them.
From the Vnited States Gazelle.
Mr. Editor t I notice In the United States Gi
cede of the 22J inst. communication signed "A
Subscriber" requesting information on the subject
of Anthracite Pig iron, and whether its Conversion
into Malleable Iron has been effected without extra
expense sufficient to render the manufacture un
After having worked nearly COO tons of the va
rious sorts Anthracite Pig Iron ; smelted in Penn.
sylvatiia and New Jersey, I feel myself fully com
petent to give an opinion on the subject, and would
state that I have converted the above amount of
iron into good sheet iron, rods, &c. Ac. with but
trifling extra expense, if any, when compared with
the ordinary brands of charcoal Pig Iron.
I would not be understood to sty, that Anthra
cite Pig Iron is fully equal in quality to tho very
best brands of charcoal Pig Iron for conversion into
Mclleablo Iron, but, much of the Antlira its Iron
which I have tried, has proved greatly superior in
quality to the ordinary sorts of charcoal Pig Iron,
and was converted into the malleable state at about
the same cost. I find too that its conversion is
generally moie rapid and consequently ailendeil
with rather less consumption of fuel than charcoal
I have reference now to its conversion by the
ordinary process of puddling with Anihracito Coal
as (uel, but by the boiling process (as it is termed
I have with the same kind of fuel in a properly con
structed furnace, converted the poorest No. U An
llirac to Pig Iron into the most superior quality of
Chain Iron, at an exin expense of . a $G per ton
whin coinpsnd with the very be t charcoal Pi
Iron. Willi lolcrenco to tho was e, I find it in tho
best so:ts of Anihracito Iron todi.tlr but little from
charcoal Pij.
I have had no experience in its conversion by
the procfBs ordinarily usad in Pennsylvania by
means of charcoal as fu. I, but I have been infirm
ed by an intil.igenl Iron mister, who has tried the
experiment, that the Anthraeite Pij produced by
tho LcUinh Crane. Lou Co. yielded a first r.ite
quality of Bai Iron by that process.
There is no doubt a great existing a
inong Iron Masters with reg ird to the employment
of Anthraeite Pig iron in their forges, this I t'.h.k
lime will overcome, an.l I would su?.;.-.-t to th -smelters
of Anthracite in Pennsylvania, whether at
a matter of policy it would not bo,a! le f.-r
them to conveit their more inferior sor's of Pu
Iron, into Plate or leli.ied metal, and sell it to the
Fomes in t'.iat State ; this, although it has not y. t
been done cntiiely with Anthracite as fuel, can I j
believe be elt'ecte.l or celainly by a mixture of char
co.d and anthracite. By pursuing this course a
much better article will be produced at no great ex
tra expense, their Furnaces may be more heavily
burdened so ns to produce the u'mo-t quantity ot
Pig Iron possible for refining, and probably at more
profit than running with lighter burdens for grey
iron and its advantages to all puddling
toei.U would be great, as the labor of puddling pig
iron, particularly in hot weather, is cxccssie, the
Plate Iron can more easily be converted in greater
quantities, and with less fuel, and the wages for
conversion would be reduced in proportion.
One of the most intelligent Anlhiacite Furnace
proprietors in Pennsylvania has essurcd me he
shall pursue this c lurse, anJ I have no d.niht will
be productive ol much benefit an I profit both to
hinistVand the forge owners purchasing tho refined
l iillril State Hunk.
The news of the is ium.-iit by this institution,
created, a was to be expected, lerahle ex -ite
in lit in London. Joined to the news cariie.l mil
by the same steamei in relation o M.l.eo the
.i. : im.; ; i ..... .!. i
lliai.yv- ... u... .-..! i., .u
change in our Cahinct. it seems to hive put (be
London mercantile wmld into a term, lit for tw Ive
hours quite as long as any lie as -is a gene
ral sensation there. The Moiniug Herald thus
speaks of the Bank :
The final declaration of (he insolvency of that
mighty institution ought not to be pissed over in
silence. The d. rectors, by the assignment of ..II its
remaining property to trustees for the liquidation of
its debts, h ive consummated its now irretrievable
bankruptcy a bankruptcy more prodigious, it may
. , , ' I. i 4- '
be said, than ever the woil.l witnessed for it is
the banktuptcy i f a uiaguiticint establishment
which started wi h a of thirty-five millions
of dolla s; and so total is (ha wreck, that it in iy be
doubted if a single cent of surplus money will re
in. .in, blur the indispensable payment of debts, for
div.sion among the sbain'.iolders. The famous Mis
sissippi associ ition of Law in France, or the South
Sea Bubble in this country, were not. on their fl
uid riplo-ion, to bit co i.pjrej this giguvic
failure."!'. .V. Gazette.
Kkowlfuhe hi GroMiAFiir. One of the litis
religious newspipers of London, .nij one o( the a-bh-t
.it ul ino-l intii'igeiit journals, ipcks of the
Stjlo of Ciiu i'.n.iii, in Amciica." It is not
ttrine that British writers nro ignorant of (he the
ory of our government, when they cannot le.iu
even the na. nes of the St it- s. It would be dilo
iuIi to find a school l.,.y i i t'.i. cou itry whowoi.l.l
miko such a blunder as I -p. ak of the Ki. g iotn of
Liverpool," but it is no! long since wo read in a
London pnpir tn ai count if a dtst' fno in a
city in the 'Sute of Mobile." .V. Y, OLa.rir,
OJicenfihe LSiLTivioRK Auhiicas, Nov. 1.
I CATTLE. Upwards of 1500 h ad of B.if
! Cattle were offered for sile this morning at the
I drove y mis of which 45() were taken by the hutch
' ers and puckers in the city at?J to ft per 100
f.x common to prime quali ies. About 300 bead
were taken Noith by the o-vnet ami the balance
laid over. Live Hogs are plenty and e quote at
$3 to (3,75 per H O lb.
FLOUR. We are not advised of any trausac
lions in Howard street Flour to-day. Holders are
Bskiug f.), K 7 4 for good staiidaid braiiJj fiuiu stores,
'lliC wjgoit pi ice is unsteady.
l l-JLJ '.lf'T"- J iJ. .!'.' .-; v . ' '
The last sa'ea of City Mills Flottr were at $(?, on
60 days credit without interest. Small Sales of
Susquehanna Flour are making at f fl.
GRAIN. Some few parcels only of Md. Wheats
have been offered in market to day. We continue
to quote fair to prime Md, and Va. Reds at $1,20 t
1 1,30. No Pennsylvania in market. We quote
sales of family Flour Md. white wb-ats at f 1,40 a
We quote Md. white Coin at 61 a 63 cents, and
Md. yellow at 62 a 63 cents. Last sales of Md.
Rye were at 69 a 70 cents. We qnoto M J. Oats
at 43 a 4.1 cents.
WH1SKE V. We quote hhds. nominally at 20
cents. Subs of bids, on Saturday at 21 cents, 4
month; to-day they are olfeied at 20 J eta. Tho
vtogiii price of bids, is unsettled.
PHlI.Ali:i.PItI.V MA UK 1ST,
Bickskll's Rkforteb, Nov. 2, 1811.
FLOUR cV MEAL. The stock of Flour is
uncommonly small, and the reccip's are limits I,
with a fair demand. Sales for export at G 12
per bbl. early in the week later at $6 25, and a
pa'cel of extra quality at a higher price. Sales for
homo Use at $0 25, and good b.ikei'a brands at
$6 60 in lots. The sales show I2J cents advance.
Rye Flour Sales at $3 37 j a $3 CO rer bbl
Coin Meal is higher. Sales in bbls at f i To a 2
81 for Pennsylvania, and $.i for Brandy wine ;
hhda at fit, and ex ra 214 25 each.
GIJAIN. Wheat has advanced in price. Sales
of si-viral lots of fair to pri re quality Pinns)lvi
nia at $1 31 to ft 3G per bushel ; Southern at
$1 29 a 1 33, nnd tome piime in Stoio at 1 3t
Rye no falca, nnd it is wanted at about 67 cents.
Corn largo sales of Pennsylvania at 67 to 61
cents f.r round yellow, and other kinds at 64 to 62;
Sou'bcrn yellow 63, and white 61 cents. Oats
sabs at 43 a 44 cents per bu-he).
At New Berlin, Pa., on Friday evening the 29;h
till., J AMES MERRILL, Esq., in the 60 h year
of bis .i'40.
('oiil Trade.
Amount ol Coal carried on tho Danville and
Poltsville Rail Road to unlniry for shipping, du
nng t!.e. week ending on .N ov, J, 10:12 Toll.
Pi-i lust riport, 17,71)3
Amount of Iron Ore lianspuiied,
JOHN BUUI), w. m.
Semi-tHASM Coil Thakk.
Total amount shipped from Wyoming Valiev, to
June lst, Tons, 7,1 I ti
Son ilkii.l Coal J ii a nr.
To Oct. 21, Tons, 461,092
Li ttlk ScHi'i LKiLL Coal Taani:.
To Oet. 21, Tons, 31,958
Dil.iWAMr. cV Hi ii sox Coal Tnim.
To 0.:l. :, Tons, 151,270
Pl.VK GllOVk Coal 1'haiik.
To Aug. 5, Tons, 13,000
Moist Cahiio.h Rati. Kon.
Amount transported to Oet. 5t, Tons, 74,609
Mi. si. Hill cc t-iHutLkiLL Haykm Rail Road.
Amount lranspor-ed to O. t 2!, Tons 223,183
Mill Ci;i.kk Rail Roaii.
Amount IranspnrtPil to Oct. 21, Tons 43,710
Si urtLKii.i. Vallkt Rail Rom,
Amount traiispurted to Oct. 21, Tons 67,tS6
l.Liiii.ii Coal Tiiaiic.
To Oet. 12, Tons 73,170
To those who loslre llrultli.
B hereby certify, that I wss afilielerl for eight yejrs
with a severe nervous disease, ntten.lej with
constant pain in the bicil, sUle ami stomach, loss
of appetite, no rcl at niyht, st. koess and diziness
in ti e bead, pain in the s'oniach nfier e iting, and
other symptoms which attend ind i;(Mioii, inv bow
..i ........ ..ok ...i ,.i ii....... .!..:
........ n ...... . I.i,ri..s .luri,, I. ,n . ... , i. ..I
Used inuen nie.ln me vtn ell only p-o.iucei! temp.v
r.irv relief. In the year 1S1I0, I was often unuhle
I to lei veiny bouse, and being a pour widow, ilc-
pei dent on niv own labor for a living, was obbged
i to go from bouse to house to obtain it. I at length
gave up nil hopes of recovery, mid tiusl.d to Hun
'lh it created all things," I fortunately was favored
with work in Eighth street, when the family, disco
verina mv miserable situation, iinn.e.lia'elv lecuni.
mended Dr. II A It L I C M'S COMPOUND
,M,''S- hic,., i'"" l"'1,r,d fjr I them,
an 1 continued for obout tbr.e moiths: during the
lime mv strength rupi.lly i, my countenance
and pi lid cheek returned to their former and natu
ral colors. Since I have fully recovered, and at
present enjoy perfect health. I feel il mv duty to
iufoirn the public at latco of the gicat virtues of
Ur. MAKUCIt'iS MEDICINE, that others may
procure it, and be likewise cured. I am wed known
in this citv ; any p. rsou wishing t see me, can c.i.l
at my ce. M ARY H. FOFRsMAN',
Jjck. in street, buk of 141 I'ool.r Line.
EK II 111 street, Philadelphia, where testimonial
n.av tie seen.
1 1 E N P Y YOXTIIE IMER, Sun! urv,
November 0, Mil. A?tnt
F ILL b.' exposed to sdo ly Publ.c Outciy oi
' Vendue, in ilia Borough ol Northu.iiberlaiid,
on Wed. nsiliy ihu 10 li day f Noveiub. r next, at
thH late ol Mrs. MAR I'll A CI I A PM A.N.
dci'.alire and val.m'.ilo t..llec'ion ol llounhold
and K tchei Furniture, suc'i as Led slid hedoinj,
i rd s'eai's, liun ana, l.iU.s, -li .irs, l.i kl g gl .si s,
cn.fis. &c.. Ai., loeiher wuh WAtiON AM)
lit) .SE", cows authors, a two horse cai ri ie
w .s it. i) e a. il enru, ai dtnr.oiia othei uitiel a not
lines n v t) ilium. rie. Dne iil'i ce will he
given an.l terms made ki.o-.iii on ih" d y of si'e I'V
JOHN B. BvJ VD, Adm'r. '
Nort'.i'd.. Nov. f.lh Mil.
'PIIK suhserbir I. as josi ie.t iv.d a new u.. ilex-
leu ive ssor ment of Dry Ciood- and (Jrocines,
wbieh be i Hi is f., sale at Hie piiees.
Nuv.U, Mil. II. U. MASSE II.
Kff7AS lukeu tip sstray. on li.e farm where the
y mb-criters now icside, sod nwis.l by Jo-s-ph
Wallace, in Tuckiboe, Point lowna!iip, Nor
Ihuuil.crUnd county, a BRINDLE S 1'ElHi with
a while luce, about 17 or M mouths o'd. The
owner is requested to com fo. ward, prove property,
pay charges, and take it awav.
Corrected weekly by lltnry Yorhcimcr,
12 J
Oats, .
Potts., . .
Dim hi Applls,
Hvxklrd Flax,
nrvt rtAL vnir.rr srone,
31 Sor'h Four! h it., undo" Merchants Hold,
HERE Country Merchant mn I e supplied
with an extensive varhtv -f chore oi tides
in bi line, up. n the most reosoliil'lc ti rius.
Nov. fi h IS4I ly
o 51, rt'urtti .vtroiKl Nlrcvt,
(conii.n or coomr's ali.kt.)
Where they constantly keep "n hand a genet il
assortment '(
And a grtot variety vf art c'is if a tuptrtnr
. quality, which they oiler to dispose of
up in tho 111 l leasonablu t rm.
COUNTRY MERCHAN TS and others will
find it to their advanligo to call anil examine
their slock before purchasing il ewbcie.
Philadelphia. Nov. 6, 1811. ly
A siL.:i5ii A5smiTMi:.vr
UST arrived (rent the city of Plu'adel hi i, and
fir sale, at the inns! reduced i rices, foi cash,
ot the new utote fomieilv kept by John Bogar, as
follows . Clothing i f nil soils and io, such as
Warm Overco ts, Co..tlres. I'.n.talooiis, Visrs. Ac.
Also, a latij" s-s irtment of Pino t'alf sKin and W.i
te proof li ints, L uiies' L i. e l!o..ts, and rtvari.ty of
other Boots and S .oi s f..r the wint. i, trunriud and
iintrimme I Coin Shoes and Men's, Boys' and Chd's Sho. s, of u l sires.
S.u.burv O t. rOtb 18-11. 'f.
IMatc of ClKirU-s IXUiniin.
"UJOTIt E is hen by piven. th it I. tt rs f
n.i i-lrst'on if ill.- Estate of t'liiirbs Eck
man. late of A u.;iista low n-l ip, ihc'tl., havcl mi
g.anted to tin- su' scril-er I y the Register of Nor
ihiiiuhi Tan I com tv. All p. rs ms having el i ns or
demands ag lilist the said I'ire.lent, are nqileseil ti
rn ike know n the same to the sir scriU-r wrhou! de
lay, and nb thus.- indebted to mid deceased ure ulso
requested to call ai d IiiaKe setllemen'.
J Mi;s ECKMAN, Adrn'r.
Ru h Township, Oct. 30, 141. Gi
,Sutl)UI .V, 0I lIlUllllMTlillHl C'Otlllt) ,
rpiIE subscribi r has ren'ed that large nnd ronve.
- nient Tavein House in Sunbury. lately occu
jiied bv Hiram I'rite, nnd is p epared to accomm.v
date all who will favor htm with their custom, in a
ne jt and comfortable manner.
Sunhurv, Oct. 23d, Mil.
N Election wi I I e held at the Banking II. .use,
oil Mond iv the 15th day of Novem er, l.e
tweeri the hours ol 10 A. M and i P. M., f r the
purpose of choosing thblcen Di'ictors to serve for
the ensuing er. The annual meeting of the
stoekho ih ts will he In hi i n the first Tuesday in
November, at 10 A. M. J. R. PRIES I I. EV,
Oet. 16. 3. Cashier.
Bi I'.Si'EC TI I'kl.V inf rinsbi-r fuel dsan I the
SSaV pill li.' neii.-Mily, lb it -he i-nntiMie to Keep
thai well known Tavem JMalid ill Maik.l slnt-i,
Sunbury, si;!ii of th
H4SL .'B55 MED .ETTJ 21 T,
f.imerly kept by lohn llolton, h r husband; nnd
by i-lnleavoriiig to conduct the eaiiil-lisl un til in a
manlier to liive sa'i-laetion to -all, ho; is 10 tin III u
libeial s i:ii e of public patio'-age,
Mimbury, Oet.iber lih, Mil.
JsjlrsJi. W' 'J!. sJ rU-isJj
T7tOR trial in the Court of t'omm m Pleie i f
j Nonhumberl old County, commencing on ihe
Iti.-l Monday of next, (hiu.g :.e Is .)
t 'ountv of Noithuin'd. vs John Bloom, late Tieas.
Josepti Trego
Peter Filben's adiiis.
Cmui'iti. of Pa.
B d-i r for Badger
Win. A. Lb.vd
Sob. moii Mi ng is
Chnsl. W. Rich H, Is
W illtain Shipniati
Job.-. It. t.'owdeil
Jacoli Diets
Sai ah Eckert
Daniel Diellenbaihrr
J ones Wetzel
Elij ill Crawl .rd
John A. l.'o d
s Martin M. Stock
vs John Fl'be t
vs W e iv. r, I.I i i, it al
v. lluh ! I .s
s J dm Y.'Ung
vs ti oige Ovsli r
vs John D. Condon
vs Augustus RlOS I t (il
vs iV kin btu
vs Pitii.'k II iiup-i'V
ts M. B. I'.ekeit V C O.
I tonni I
vs Christian R..hinn
vs Solum in Dnnki llterger
vs J.s.-e I'.uker
vs W McCy
Ooml'ih l Pa. lor 3 iy re vs John t'rik
lle.nv Frtek s S;e, h. il W.Isoli
John Huoier 's John Mini er
J nob I'h bps vs J in es D elf. nbacber
O h eri R o'.iiis's i x'r s lai iri We ivei
Ricli.ud Yariull vs E ti. Bridt..ra's ad in--.
I.v on, emb rs. e nf Su.i'.h vs II B. II is
An. hew Fi n k
vs John A. Liovd
Thomas Va.iva! ill
B.irilelt f r Piper
Ileiiien ,t Fxltinei
lohn M. Eossel
J..S. i' Ma: i
it A. l. million' admr
vs Henry r i 'ek
vs S iii in I l.'l.i r
V- D v .l llmtinan
v. P. & J. Piirl
rami i:l d. Jordan.
Pro h. ri t irv's OiTn-p, t'roih v.
Sunbury, O. t 2, Mil. S
ii i-: v A II D
ES i.lTered foi ii.forni itiop that v.dl lead tnhs e n
v ei i-mi of any person or pcr-oi s who have lai I
or sti d heresfn r lay stones or other distraction on
the r ills of the Danvillo end P. tisviile Kailroud. An
a t I'fihw bgi.lature has nude this off nee punish
able by imprisonment in ihe PENITENTIARY,
and the Company a'f deuiioined In rusecute of
fend rs to the utmost riunl nf the Isw,
't.'t.lS. -Jl. .S, K. Wt)01, Vijrr,
RESPECTFULLY inform the cilitena of Sun
bury end vicinity, that they have lakin the
Shop 1st, y occupied by Win. Durst, whero they
will carry nn the
in nil its various Ik indies. Ity strict atl nlion and
ira 'tnibb' cb', tliey expitet to meiil a share of
public patronage.
Stndiury. Sept. 4th, M41.
V A verv pitit' rior nn .luv. e..ii t lisd at anv
i . J '
' lime, li v Riiolie.itton In the Kiihri-yilierH. in lots
. - .'
to suit pun Lasers. 'They keep huge, egg, broken,
nnd fine ic.ul, lit fur burning lime.
J. 11. PL'RDY & Co.
Sunbtiry, O t. 23.
sSot or BOCKS,
(nn sals sr
AN'TI'ON'S t I Dictionary; Lemprier's
do.; A'nstvonh's do ; t'ohh's do.; English end
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August 8:s, Mil.
MADEIRA WINE First uuulily Mu.hira
Wine, for sile low by
Sept. 1, Mil. 11. B. MASTER,
ail irle alw.ivs nn band and for side by
r-cpi. I. M4JL 11. B. MASER.
HOLLAND GIN, Of ihe best quality always
on band nnd for stile hy
T.( ) VA ND LE.VtP nl GAR. Alwas in
hand siul for sale by
Sept. I, IS11. II. B.MASSEK.
"NEW "or LEANS-?-1 1 ; a R i 1 0 C's ir"Mo-
LAPSES. t)i the lust ipialily nlwnva on bond
ui d for sate bv
Sept. 1, Mil. 11. . MASSER.
UliUiVN SltiAR. Ol a good ipialiivTtor sale
l..w bv Sept. 1, Mil. II. B. MA'ER.
quality alwavsun liulid utid f.T sale by
fs.- t. 1. MIL II. B. MASTER.
(yOl'i-1 E. Java. Rio mid Lacuna Collee, con
stanllv on band and fur sulc by I, JMI. 11. B. MASSER.
SPERM OIL. Winter and Summir straimd
Sperm Oil, ol the heal quality, always unhand and
fur sale by
Sept 1, M41. H. B, MASSER.
STEEL. Cast and Bli.lci Mei I. lor sale hy
ScpUlStl. H. B. MASSER.
IRMil S.LM'ON.-"oT"tbo best iiualny. con
stantly on hand and lor sale by
sept. 1 . Mil. 11. B. MASSER.
LlQllViKSeOl nil kinds and of the Le.l quail'
ties, ulwavgun hand and for sale by
Sept. I, Mil. H.B.IASSER.
.-PRINti STEEL. Ul vaitoussucs lur Ehptic
s'l rii g, fir s.-Ie by
Se.-i. 1, Mil. II. B. MASSER.
very reduced piien l.y
Sept. I. Mil. II. B. MASSER.
ISLNK BOOKS. Ol "iTrkTrv's. foTTsTe .y""
Sept. I. Mil. II. B. MASSER.
' BLANK DEEDS. Iljoiis, .M,itatte, Ae. for
sa'e I v s. pt. 1. M H- II. B. MAsKR.
Ji""tnr:i:..V IuTAN KS. lor sale by
s. pi. 1. MO. II. B. Ms.ER.
CLO THS, Blue, Black, luvis.hli- Green, ic.,
for si le by
S.-pt. 1. Mil. II. B. M SSER.
t v. e ri:sa nTT'sa l'TiNT'rTsTPTr
sale vi i v low l y
S.,1.1. lull". H. B. MASSER.
-1 Ol sale cheap hv
Se,l. 1, Mil.
BLANKETS Fur sjlc ilntti hv
S.,,-. 1. Mil. II. P. MASSER.
TN BEE M ' 1 1 i. D .V.LS.IN. For sale by
Sept. 1. Mil. H. II MASSER.
CtrrTIrNV'Ali. ANDCU'lToN l.Al'o
Pot sale bv
Sept. I." I fi 1 E IT. B' MASSER.
by 1. Mil. H. B. MAs.spR.
TT) W I N G LI N EsTctTRD'. AN D liOFEsl
For sale bv
Sep.. I. Mil. II. B. MSSrR.
rsorostu asemsem
"si si lv rum mi la ri ri to th. ism.sur or
"e.'i.'ici bu the finale and House nf T'rrr
sfntatif n f'l Gemrul Axtiiuldy met, 'That the
Cousiiiuiinii nl CotniLoimeslih ta Uie',,)led ut
tlie thtrit si en. in ot tlie second article, k,, niu j,
si. ail lead n- follows !
'J th Governor shall hold his nflice iliiring
threu yens, Irom the il.u.l l'ui.l; v ,,f J;n,uaiv,
next I. is rleetion, and s:..,! i.f,) rspnhle
of holding a longer thin a sinl,, (tim of three
i.i.:s, in at y let in of nine years,,"
' , V M. A. I'KABB.
Sjjtuiieruf tin !,f..Usc vf h.tri'intotiits.
ijcur;r of the Se nate.
Siii.iriuvls Oinr t. I d.v ben by cer.
life th it ihe forego
ing i a true opv nf s I''titn.n jr. posing an
sm'.rd iient of M.m Cnnstiii.tioii, whuh was siiteid
to at ihe bt erion el ti e 1 e. !;.i,.tu-e, l y a niv
j.vliy i.f the inen.l c.a el. etc. t t i ivt. li bouse, tlitt
oris r.Sl of which ri ins iis i.h , in l!,i nlfice ; un l
in i oiripbau. e wild ihe t.nili snide of the Comii.
tuliuli of the Co .moiiwcvph, 1 ,,, Innhy cause
the s.iiio lo he pubiisiiiri), a. il;r.led ly the Mid
at In k-.
r-sy -vn
C p IN TES'TIMO.NY whereof. I hen unto ,n my h.n.d and
C J-i il of said i.lliee ut llarrishu.g, line
v.-vvv Tilhday of Jufis, Mil.
V f'c'n' rf ini Ct'Himtuxul.
Jul) :.-;im.j
Buirnuftv, pa
Business atlendud to in the tJotmtie of Not4
thutvl rrland, Union, Lycoming end Columbia.
Kefir In I
Lowrn At Barrow.
Hart, VvMstisins cV Hart, yrhilad.
Rsiwoliis, Mc Fa slash &. Co.
SrKMtso, 'Jooij cV Co.,
REO. TESTS Ihe attention of Ins country fiienda
who are in want, to his very I uge stork nf
Csrpelincs, Oil Cloths, Mattings, Rugs, Bindings,
Stair Ron's, &c, etc., that he has just open, d, at
his warehouses, No. 18 North 2d strert, anil No.
Church Alley, next door to Christ Church, I'hila
iVplns. July 31, 141. 1 jr.
AltD for sde. Eirquiru kt th a ulHce.
A AuiiU'l 21, Mil.
. A
Coinnilsslon tnl rnrwmdiii?
I:ESPECTF1 LEY infomt his lrie.ids snJ thd
t- Mrtchants getnra'ly, that he corrtinins ih'
('ommi'sion and Fotwordiiig Business, at bis ware
hoiiFe, foot of U idovt si. liaih.jad, L'eLwaic ami
Merch ir.ts having gisida lol e sli pped, wiii find
il much to their advantage, as to tune end piicrst
uf freight, 10 sit. .1 their mrrcliruirlise lo the I.!epot
Ci rmr ot Fioul and illovv utirtt Railroad, r tin y
can then be sent either route by the 'Tide atet
Ciinid, oi Soliuy Ikill and L'l ii.n Canals, as ho..t.s
vvdl arrive ilep: rt d nly lor the .luniula nnd
Susqtleh uiiia t.'nnuls by '1 n'e.w iiler in tow of slen'n.
or ,a and L'uion Caiuls fiotn Fuiiincunt
Merchants will jleasi. be p.Tticulnr to fcr.d nil
goods destined for tin r r.tute, to the large Dt pot.
Corner of Fioul and How nlrerl Radioiid, Willi
dinct'olis accumpaitv hia them, which tonic tbry
wish 1 1 cm to be rJnppcd.
CoBise and fine o.ill and Poster at whoici-ulj
piice.t, on the Delaware or Schuylkill.
Philad. Iphiii, Jmr ft, M41. ly.
Cop and I't Im l.i f Hut Srr-e,
No. 10 Soitii 4tH Siiilkt. PHILADELPHIA.
"T THERE an e:itu.siv? ai-nutmeiit nf the ahovn
' ' Bliiiles ute c kept on bund, foi suit
at ti e most rcnsniuibte P'rinu.
May "', Mil.- ly.
1IA.YE, JELlLiCVriVON fiTcosIl.
Yf lifllfsalo UralriH,
1 1 Foreign, ltritih and dmi rier.n Fry Gnndt,
No. 12 North Vntim Si ntkr, FtruiA
Ol'N'TRV Mcrchstits can be supplied at nil
-' rimes w il". on i-xlci-.siw atwortn.eiit nf the abovn
(oods.oii the most n-jsi l.ahlt and satisfactory terms.
Miv 29, M41. Iv.
ATldu J.s, :uiiiiijTV Niiiilli.
Bonnet and I't.lm Lti.f Hat Warehouse,
No. 167 MaIIKKT STllf.FT, A BO VI 4B SrilLLT,
COT,NTLY ierchi.iitj are resiarttfully riquestril
In call stul ixitrnine iheir extensive n'sortnietit,
which they -i!l sell on tl.o most retisonable letins.
M iy St, M41. ly
D. Ivlli KPATU1CK & SO N,
Ao. 21, Korth Third street,
(ittTWItll M A II R V T ASIl rilHSCT STntfTt,)
AYE for sale n larpe ami exeillent asrortment
of itpatn'ih Hides, Putia Kirs, Tanners' Oil,
Vf at the lowest market prices, riil.n for cash, itr
i-xchnt ge f..r Leather, cr ujoti creaht.
Consipnmi nts of leather teceii'.d foi ade, ol
purchased ul the highest maikct prices.
(J 7 Leather stoied t.cC of tharge,
Ar,l 17. M41- 1 y .
'PllE Subscriber, Ai'.enl i l I von Harris, Ht
Manufacturers, for New York, Fhilndelphb',
Baltimore nnd other lart'C cilier., wl.nso Hals ara
highly cotiitn.nd. J I ir e;;od CoLi r.nd durnliUy,
has ot bund a ftr-t rate asset tm"nt uf HA'TS ai d
CATS, iui:d b f. r s .Ies, wh i li will le soi l
v. tv low, f..i eavl oi t pr'ived rred.t, al lite m ted
cheap itore. No. 40, Nmlu ' VlilJ sit, OJ p jsi er
the t.'itv Il.iti I, I'bil i.'elphiu.
til IYER N. 1 At HER. Af tnt.
N. D, Oidci lot Hals i i (he tm'-li. promptly
atleude l lo. 'Tlr 1-tyhei.l tic' in unit it lraisr
given l..r Fur ikins.
I'hiUd.-lphis. A pnl 10, Mil.-.'iy
A T T 1 i N T I OIn'-' j FiTrcI 1A XTS. to.
S. P. iSi s5. K. PRICK,
r-Koni'CK coMMissiiiir i.'ireiMTS
Ao. CO', Market (Vjri above Seventh,
i i ..r saie ai trie w,t market prices, ft
r. ncial aaeorlnent r.f Tu . .,,i,..
Multures,, L'Caori, Spicts, Tobtieeu, e
Cot sTiit Pi.oi.iLS r.-ceived Mid sold on roimnis.
n. .Meichai.tb, liotrl keepers, anil others, n i
d il to tin it Bd,'ai;iai!e lo i and rxamine cm
"leauinse lo i :.ll anil rxamine cm
sloik, In lore pUri hi,u, ilsi where. Mi r. b il ls
withu n tb.u f,,,,.. c Ihvted in having
ttn '!' i tv ill hive them rempt'y urwurded, 1
Ihe l' utt rxwdiiinua bio s.
vnw-N f. rnics, jdiin h. trick.
Feb. R, Mil. Iv.
iusi & ?sC-:-:sPs,
'o. li'i L'hrsntit Slrcet, In-low llli,
"7"EEP e-vr-stantly on hand a pcneral
gtY menl of Hooks and Simionary ; comprisini
muioK.i-ni, mw, jvtruieal, Classical. Mb-ccllun
ous and Sihon! Bonks. Dav Bocks. !l sizes. Lid.
nrs. do.. Family Piblcs, Pocket D.bles, Writing
Papers, rapptiiB Papers. c. Ac. which Ihrv ot
ler ai tlie I., acsi puce lo Country Meuhai.t's Prcs Gentlemen, Teachers, and ail other thst
mav lavor :,em with ibeir eusiom.
Philadelphia, Noiouilicr 7, MX). 1r.
' l c n v 'V i ii . wa it.
ir'tl ANl rA(:' I ';KL mid sold I v the subs, ti
Vkl bcr in Sunhuiy, uf die lu at Tin. and iher
worK wairanUd, which he offers for sv'e at iednc.1
eish prices, now as low at ictail as formerly s.dd by
wh ilfiale. (lood Woterinr Puts, lonneiiy fold si
S7, nnw at 73 cenia; Lirpe Bo. lets, lormeily sol 1
al 75 dud 62, now at C2 and 60 ; Ualton Cfi. e
Pols, foi mrrly s. Id at C. und thro, cju irl al fi(, mi
st i! and cents, and other articles of Tin. Wi me'
in propuniou. Skivh pipe and stoves made and
s. Id i heup (or csb, cVe.
N. B. All arsons indtbud to Ihe suVrtibef.
anJ who wish to save rusts, me reipjestid to es t
and iiisk sitisfacli.m, wuhout delay, ritli. I wills
i ash or by giving their notes.
SiHdu.y, A, nl ft). 1IENHY M.Sf T.R.