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Iftteresting Yrom North Carolda,
Penitent (Rebels Cialtnin'i' the
President's Pardon.
From North Carolina.
NEW YonE; Dec. '2B..—The following in
tellbrenc,4 from North Carolina ha+ been re
uttivZd by an arrival at this port:
Thel new Oath of allegiance has been ail
ministired to a number of rebel Officers and
euldiens who have recently come into our
lines, by which they ace* the pardon offer
ed-by the President. They bring intelli
gence that a large number who are still in
the rebel army will do likewise
,at their ear
liest opportunity.
The plan of leasirg out the l ,
plantations Eastern North Carolina, .ais
adopted by Hon. David Heaton; Supervising
agent of the Treasury Dopartinent at this'
place, is proving a great success to the De
partment ,as well as of great benefit to Vie
laboring teases of both colors. - • •
in WinMington.
WAsEttrox, Dee, 2.B.—The property of
forty perstMs in this Dist,riet has been confis
cated. Among t:ie latter eases are Gov.
Leteher, orVirginia, and Judge? Campbell,
tutu of the Supreme Court.
The - trains arc e running regularly to the
Army of the Potomac.
Army of the Pototrine.
WASHINGTON', ice. 28.--LAdvices from
the army 'this 'naming, state that all is
quiet there--nothing of note trunzptring.
TUE Boston Traveler publishes a letter
from Beaufort, South Carolina, dated the 2:1-d
inst., which says) Au expedition is about
statting; all in a hurry and uncertainty.
Yo-one knows its destination, but the fact.
- that it-is commanded by Gan. Seymour in
dicates that it is of importan..e, as he is a
dghting Man. The order to-strike tents was
gtven at ti o'clock, and at it) o'clock they
were ,otf..; The expedition is formidable,•
'both in men and nu-boats. Two - Monitors
accompany the That, and some heavy work
is looked for, It is kenerally supposed that
a movtinent is designed upon Savannah,
in connection with an attack upon Charleston.
• On the 22i1 inst., by the Rev. p. Rth, Mt. JOHN
to Mist Situin A. d utzhter of Dr. Thomas Max-
Jackiott Ifitll, - Fraidtliii county.
On th,e 34th bst- at the residence of the bride's
went'. by; the Rev. W. R. If. Deatrich, I. N. S:tzvatr,
M D. of Chamberiburg. C, ?dm Auer. 8., eldest dough.
terbf A. Barr, Esq., of the vicinitY of Waynesboro, this
Ote the same day, in -Chambeisburg. at the "Indian
Qtteen Hotel." by the same, Mr:O4I4IUL HOLSINGER, to
Mies Ass SWEDE% both of Guilford township. this Co,
Ott the 10th inst., by the Bev 8. Young. Mr. JOHN G.
Coast. to Ulm ELIZABErIi 51E61:IMO:VD, both iirFannett
township, this ceutity.
On the 22d inst., by the Rev. S. Toting. 3k. Attn.(
111011.1, to Miss Suss ItOLLEBAUG-11. both of El anklir, co.
On the' 4th in et., by the Rev. Wni. McElroy, Mr. Jons
Mostoowsay, to like ELIZABETH SHEO,PEE, all of the
nelighborhaoo of Fayetteville.
Op thu li th lust., by the Rev. J. F. Campbell, at the
tWeldencli Sr the bride's father, near Wily ['exhort'', Sir.
Geo. W. COULE. toy let REMIT/ S. CLUGSION, all of this
On the 21st Inst., by the mine. -- tit the residence of
.t,cub C. Seoriet, Esq.. Mr. Elision Eaavpeie, to Sties
Mcve S. NtcoDEmos, aI or Qui Bey *ftrictlbin.
At the residence f the -bride's titbit'. in Washington
County, Mil- on the 10th inSt.. by the Lev. J. F. - Rohrer,
Mr. DANIti. GA'avxr., to Slier 111ABIA STBEPPIT., daughter
of 4r. Alpha. Stouffer.
On the Inth inst.. nt the residence of the bride's Path.
the,Rev. Samuel J. !sterol's. WILLIAa 5. 2,TENGEE,
Seq.. to 3lissllti.r.N 51. ItEtti all of Chnnibershurg. -
On the 24th Iraq-by the Rev. S.ll - Henry, Sir D' -"
lets Litteti7. of J.lckson Hall. to Miss SABAH C. Broirra,
Camliter4). Adams county.
On the 24th inst. by the Rev, J. Diekßorr:' Mr. Ilexat
01-livo...istr, of Adams county, to M ins SARAH J. J. 116 tots
of New Ekanklin. Etanklin county,
Near Ittyneshoro'. an tho 13th of December. 'of-Dip
theria, MAUVE, daughter cf olonion and' Mary
11/1:1 Shzaballa Ilarkiugh, ;ed 3 years, 10 months and
zt days.
:fear Whrocsbard, on tho oth Inst., F.LTICA LAVTNA,
daughter of Samuel ; aril Sarah Gondar, ago( 8 years; 5
•monthor and days.
Nair Waynesboro'. on -the 13th nit., MART FJIMA I
41313,1ht0r 'of .lacab and Prn lance Price, aged 6 ye.irs, 11
Month and' :15 d we.
Off tka2lKt LVDTA, wife, of Solomon. Shaun..
Much, aged 57 pearls, 3 Inonthis and ti days. ,
Abe Puf...ativesi The - Only Trnn Puigetives t DIL
would rather have 0120 box or-Dr. Midway's Pills,
UAlLalintlicr pills in the I% orld. ' They :arepills that
cure. *hen yon tdlic . :adose ot these pats, you can di
;Vend upau the expulsion of the dill - Peril hutnors from
Ctienystpu : the Liver,Boaoh,Stomach, Kidneys, Syr.
tore. Skin and Moud nre acted upon, and the bowels,
alter an l operation induced by Dadway's Pills, are'lett as
clean arid htmithy ns the stomach would be alter a dose
of Whale. No straining, wmikness, or wrenchin; pains
pliec'er Jet:tenants, but a thermigh and natural evacu'
ation le the result:"
This its the testimony of one of the dist itigufshed phy
sicians in the world. Never were truer words tittered.—
"Itadway's Pills are pills that cure " The sufferer of
Liver' aomplalut, ny-pepsia, Coastiotion, Dilieu.saeosi
t3te ti&efteat..tatnlice, Dropsy, &c., may rely upon en
absolute cure. ty the use - of one to six tioxei. It is not
nectiriatry to take these pine fer months or .years to tte
'contilish a cure. They should b Ivied Inall CAHC.4 where
enthtitic is requirtol. 2, .
Pultnonary ants ampti - On a Curable Disease.
Cattn.-1 1 ) CONSlSurnyti.—The anderslined
baying been restored to health in^ rew weeks. t y a very
trirapier.ritody. after haring suffered several years n its
• IreVeili Wag affection., and that, dread dieeaee, Corp
anmptlOn,is anxious to tnaae knottru to his fellow•suf
ferere ihanteans of cure.
Toed! who desire it, he wilLsend a copy of the pres•
*Option need (free of charge), with the directions for
*sparing and using the same, which they will And a
a►ee cure for Consumption; Asthma, Bronchitis,Conghs
&c, The only object of the advertiser in sledding
the Preiscription is to benefit the afflicted, and spread in
t.mmatlonWhich he conceives to be invaltuthrs; And be
Dopes every sufferer will try his remedy, as. It will cost
,them 4othing,and may prove a blessing.
Dartfes wishing the preecriptton will please address
lagrf,394m Williamsburg, liings`Co., Nosy York
Mizdarite Porter's awaitre Bats= has tong
fasted the truth that there are drat principles in Medi'
glue aY there le in Science, and this Medicine is com
p o u n ded on principles suited to the manifold nature
TbeenrO of Colds is In keeping open the pontiff
and creating a gentle internal warmth, and this Is cans,
*4 by the toe of Ole Medicine. Its remedial ill:Arnie
lire bilged on its Power to assist the healthy and vigor'
eua cliunlatiewof blood through the lungs, it enliven;
the mit/icier end assists the skin to perform its 'duties o
moiling the heat of the system, and in gently throve
'Mg off the waste substance from the surface of the boil y
It is not a violent remedy, but emollient. warming
earelilng and effective. Bold by all druggist at 13
sulli Ilb eenteper kettle. • - UnlY 22.
The Confessions and Experience of an In-
valid.—Published for The benefit, and as . a warning and
'Who guifer from Xervone Debility, Pri3mature Decay oz
Manhood, etc.. 891 , 0i/rig et the same time • .
fly one who has cured himself after being put tna great
expense and injury through medical humbug and
. 73y enclosing a post-RAM addressed, envelope, singli
copies may Le had of the author.
' May20,6:1 13 Bedt'sd, Kings eau N. T.
ly Iknap Maker.
• WAR. nvtkes bleb prices; Saponifier 'helps ti, rednoe
them. It niak•s Soap for Four cents a pound 1,3- using
your kitchen grease.
CAUTION' As spurious Lyes are offered bel4n re
1 4, 1
fill and only buy the Patented article put up in Inon
cans, all others being Counterfeits.
Philadelphia—No.l2.7 'Walnut Street.
nov2s 3m] Pittsburg—Pitt Street nrubDuquesne Way
great Diuretic. • •
Ileintbolfre Extract Barba. The great Diuretic.
Ilelnibokra Extract Barba.' The great Diuretic.
II elmlaihEe Extract Enchu, The mat Ditire tic
An, p n ,oti ve f i n d Specific Remedy for DisNiset. of the
Binder. Kid nevi. 0 ravel, Organic Weaknesa. Dropsy. and
all diseases of the Urinary Organs. Seo A drertieentent
,n another Column. Cut It .out, and "end fir the ?if edi
eine at once. Beware of Counterfeits. biecl.6-Iml
$25.. $75..
Employment.'—Agents Wanted!—We will
Niy t ram $25 tos7s per month.and ell expellees. to act le,
Agente.or give a commiselon. Pertieritare molt frev.—:"
General Agent, Milno,Ohio, apr1129,63-ly
CHARLES &Mini) &
nor.44rn PrtITADELPIIIA.
Flour is held firm, but not much demand.
Salk of MOO bbls extra family at $7 2561.:
7 50. Rye Floufscarse and worth $6 . 60.
Corn Mearheld - at $6 50. Wheat dull : . sales
30.000 bush. at $1 62@.1 64 for red, Si 75(i;
1 95 for White. =Rye scarce-and commands
$1 40. Cbrn comes forward slowly; sales
3.000 bush. at $1 13 for new and $1 25 for
ola. Oats dull at 86 cts. •
Bkcox llor4
134c0N Sams,
'Mont —Vo^ite
)fpicer. NeW
10100C_K_ET BOOK ForNiY.—c7m.
taing a email onm of mr,ney. which the owty'r elm
hart by applying toJohn Mull. At the 'flank. Nee ?Alt.
WLECTI?ICITY.—Send and izet
_kJ Pamnhlet. gratis. cnntaining cnres rented at
the Klertrical Office. Chantheroirg. Pa Aqre‘s 'W.
B. !mows. Elect, toll Physician, Chautheisburg, Pa.
dec3o It*
t, - -yva, left at the Franklin Tfotel. in el mann-4mm
on rrid-,y, evening. December 25th. 154 ' 1.. a GRAY
BOR' , E. Saddle and Bridle. The owner isirequented to
came forward .prove - prove charge% tn 4 take him
away, - - (dee 3n It).PANTEL !TRO 4 -TT.D. -
Bor.ngutni enarnhembnrg will PAY A TIOUNTY
o rtzon. in a ddition to the royale Gqvetmtnent bounties
to persons de•iring to volunteer under tho rpresent cell.
An appeal iv mode to patriotic citizens , (white or black)
In accent thin liberal carer. and thn, to flit nn the Armies
of the Union. and at the Came time avoid the coming
draft: • By order of the Town ronneil.
deo 304 t (10. SULU AIVEIt. Secretory.
. ouch of Chnmhersbnre desires P. loan of V; non
immediately. in sums to omit lenders. for tho purpose of
poyine' a BOUNTY Tr) VOLUNTEERS 'to - ICM the coot"
=of the itoroneh nadet: the last call. It is - hoped patriotic
citizens win come for nt once and tdite the gm,
intim ForThrther information tall upon' the Beirongh
Secretory. fly order of the Town Connrii.
dee SG-lt (1.0. SEILIIAIif ER. Ser'y.
NOTICE.—The followino- named
persons h i ve flied petitions for ' Licence. in the
Clerk's Office, to he prAsented to the Conrtat the next
term. commencing on Monday, the 26th of October, 1663,
to wit:— .
John 'Miller Motel. Chamh - ersbnrg,'North Ward.
John W. Taylor Hotel " South 'Ward.
Alexander Martin " St. Thomas, ' .
S. S. Mays, " Shimpatorrn,
John Ns - um - ran svliolesale Liquor St. - me, Greencastle,
John W. Castle - at 4 4 .
A. B. Soihert Motel, "
flimeord, -
Sam! Fisher, Hotel, Shade G rove.
der no W. G. MITOFIELL. Clerk.
► - 7 of .undry writ. of renditioni expentir, boned out of
the Court of common Please of Franklin county. Pfl..
and to me directed there 'will be expoited to public Safe,
at the Court Home In the Borough of Chembersbure. nn
Priddy the 1.501 day of January. 166.1, at 1 o'clock, P.
M.. the folimvlngdeseribed Real Estate rie
All that - PSACF OF LAND . situate in Guilford two..
adjoining lands of Jere. Ilarroon on the South. lienry -
Small on the East. Jere. M. George on. the North, John
Tooke.. on the Wert. containing 00 ACRES. more or less.
with Log Iloule, Log Barn and. other improvements
thereon erected Seized and taken in execution
. 411 the
property of W. A. Crenger and Jet. C. George. and a Ili
be gold by me. (dec 30) SABI' h. BRANDT, Sheriff.
• the Post OM
sander Men
Brent Josiah -
,Bendet Geo. A. S.
Bray Rafe .
Mns. Meth
Batdney 1141$8 M.
tsniard John
Bryn° . Richard
enoper Philip
Davis Marry 11
Dornherger Leon
Fleming Mrs. 8.
Forst George
Goelierd Susan
Grove Mrs. Marg
Person; cilling A
thatithey bare bee
• 2;0 WARD ED W.OL.-.
...4toP. PLAS SEED _
12 NE ED PEACITES....?4 , 8 00
... S 11NPARED PFACILEB...:- 1 50
1 50.DmEn APPLES 1 00
110x1 alitertisentenlts.
January 1, 1881.
Preached in
The Presbyterian Church
DEMO= 26,1883.
Single Copies....
Right Conies
Twenty Copies..
dec 30-It'
e at Charnberebur,
attz Elijah
Henninger Frank
lievilly Anna M C
Hunter Mary
Honddeshell Geo.
Kelley John
Kimball John
Krider J of Henry
Kuntz Rebecca
Kline Joseph
Lidig Mary C. "
Laidig Sarah
Lathe John
Martin David
Newnan J. L. B.
Nettman John W
for the above Letttb
al advertised. I,
iti)e ,franktitt ttepositont,i Weetinbet 30, 1863.
ELECTRICITY—Send and get a
PomoMet. gratii, contniffing . cures pet r Tinpd at
the electrical office, Cif ornben,burK P.'. Address, W. XI.
unowN. Electrical Illysiciati. Cliamberebutg, Pa.- -
clec ..tOlt* ; - •
TAKm NO CIO:II—We will give 12 chi p , r solid
or cubic foot for LARLIR WAL,NI.3 r Wittier gbod
tY,:.dellvered at our.51:11I. The I°g must ntraiuie 20
inches or More in ttifillieleV, ftturteen Pet from the stump
in which Case we will Make the whole tree up to 19 inehee
dimueter. We will filln undie CONTRACTS
rirextrit goal ?teen. ;These terms are offered until the
tit of April vest.
des 30.3 in . SIIEPLEIL. CLARK k CO.
. _
A II penomP int ere.ted will tuke notice that the 1' az
cowing account. haveibeen tiled - and wdl - be presented to
the Cou rt of Oleos on .traualoy, the ISth of/un
wary for co:dirt:tat icni:
The account of Felqinand MeEllottly.lCotintit tee of
Mrs Ellen De Arnitte a Lunatic, residing in Fannett
too todatp.
The noel 'account id' George, A. Cook, Committee of
Mary June Walker, or se. Thomas township.
dee 3() tc !K. S. TA Y 1,0 It, Pratte.Y.
. 1
ECIMICLIT---Send 'and get a
Pamphlet. gratis. containing cues terfortned at
the I lectrie4l OfticeClinmherobnrg. Pe. Adarefot„ W.
B. BROWN, Ekrztricil Chankberbou rg . , Pa:
de , 30 11*; -
lioCce la iterci/y given that „Letters of Modals.
trot, , n to itie Es'ateioftiichnlas Flevk. la e Cluilfora
tutruship, litkid, have been grunted to the understmasi,
rositlibg 111 fhid tmem,hlp.
All persons knowitlg, themselves indebted to said Es.
tate will Weise Matte immediate payment; au& those
hari n g clamp; will piesent them properly authenticate('
fur sevloment, to ; SA 113.1i1, FLECK,
FA RAI F 0,1?, SA L E.—The Sub
For:list. offers nt ',dente Stle hi+ Fatlli, Sitthljg, In
cud Tom *tip. Can't. miles east qf Fitnnettsburg. ad.
juiping lands,ut John; Keato, James Kiihirttriek. 3antes
Berk and the Nlouttiton, omitting It '-ACitlitt of tilste
and Free-lone Latisl.J about 90 of which 1,, den - Fell. the ,
bale nee well yet .it h Timber. There is Mt the Farm ti
;mud LOO I)SX.F.f.LINtIIIOI.'SF,. Log tarn Stone Apr ng
Mese and 4ther our, buikings, nu excellent newr fail
ing Spring wutan near
_the home. A good Apple
Orchard anti a variety of other foiiti" resales. PI nts
kc. The Flrm 10 ruder n goid fence owl running ~,,te r
in t.atrly all the Beloe. Airy person *tilting to purchase
will pieut-ie callAlltt kielv the prenti , eF. ;ellen the reruns
will hemulekuuttn by the sub:writer. living on the
Premises. (den - 30 tf) IV it A. MACKEY.
ToN'COUNTT Falit SALE.—TIie Sulowt GAT offer.
at Private Stale. a t'aluable TatACIT IF LAND, situated
one-font th '!af a mile eof of Sl'emalle ilattag. on the r, ad
louling !rota Clanml i seralwarg to More( raloarg. containing
about 1. 0 ;ACRES:-1 oof whirl/ IN !cleared awl ha a
high state 4 f cultir M I tri anal the in note ii well Tim
bered. The improvement• are R taii monied 1.,0G and
W EATII Kltlla 1A lt .10) . 13 %YELLIN a'i , 11015 iH. Tc rant
!louse, Blacksmith.' Shop, Thank wa/RN. Wileo7l She".
Corn Crib aind all necve-ary out-buildings. There ore
two SPRINISS of excellant 'voter, never known t,. fall.
running through the land. Thorn is oleo on the premises
a YOUNG 011CILARD of choke fruit: The property is
derirably located and well adapted tazi 'grazing or het /ling
Cattle.. I:
' Tcrwa made reasConable. and poeselseion given at any
time. l'e:eons 'Melting to view that preanieee ran do .ha
by calling oat the Rabscriber, retillink on the Farm.—
For further pat tient:us whim:re ;,- -
dee 30 3t*O4DDE FIXSI. N.
7 09
ChaTilberOtirg. Doi-ember 1:363.-41ii accordance with
instrnctions received from the War Department,the only
bounty to be paid fir enlisting; in the United Statex
vice for Three yenti, is thatfanthorined by law. which is
fine Hun Weil Dollars, to ba paid at the expiration of Two
Years' Service.'
Until:January 1354. the bounties offered by the
United States Government. ninountingto Four Hundred
and Two On) hollers, will Is• paid for the rr-onlistment
of Veterans, viz: those who are nOir. or have been in
the military service of their countr,t; nine months and
All per Sons desiring to re-enter 11)0 service will apply
to the 'Provost Marshal of the Dtstri-t in which they re
'side, or their Recrhiting Agents. who are nuthdrized to
enlist, and will gibe all Information!in relatibn to the
payment of bounties, kc. t
'The Commsntling General. therefore, calls upon nil
Veterans in the Department. who have so nobly sustained
the reputation of their State, on hard fong - t battle
fields, to enroll themselves at once in the 1401cier, that
rebellion nnl civil:war may reccive ite death blow.
Ity commend of .Major General Pobert.
: 1 / 2 0-1 Assistant X.ljntnnt Genera'.
2 P
..... .. 1 50
.... 1 00
HNRIt r,, FUNK.—Th4lett - editors of
G.Funk. of Waltington . township, ,Franklin county.
kensylvania. mails-ea Debtor.; are herd') notified
that the Acrottn's,of John Punk (of di.) and Dr. Thomas
ltalher, the Afisiluee..‘ of said Henry (1. Funk. untlet,
Deed of Volution , 'assignment. for' the bettat of file
creditors: have been FIN'ALLY adjusted and ecintirrned—
that this is tne LAST account the i•ahl A•rigiteel wilt Rat
tle. and that there is a balance in the hands of said ac
countants for distribution amo,.gol, said creditors, a n d
the Court of Conthion Pleas of the c;,lituty afiresind hare
appointed the undersigned an Auditor to imushal and
apportion the Ini.l moiets amongst; sail oraditors, and
nplie report to the n.xt Court. Haiwill therefore meet
the creditors of Said Henry G. Ftiiik at his Office. in
Chambersburg, on Saturd.ty, the Idth of January, 18'14,
at 9 o'clock, A. 31..it0 beer and teljostltheir several claims.
The said creiliture are hereby ilikrtieultirly urged to
bring or atm{ me', their claims. duly ituthent tested, in
advance itf the day of the audit. atid Orate who du not
present their claims on or before ho said 16th ,I,y of
January, 18“, will be forever det,Wrreil from claiming
or reeeiving any port of tlue'tnnd for distribution, under
the Arts of A*ensbly of this nate;
dor3O. I. H. Mck7AI7I,EY, Auditor.
DMERI.T &;CO.. -
303.Braadte tit ..Vme York. i Cbriter Duane .Street.)
1C0:000 W A TellES, CHAINS.. 1 - 40! . .D PENS AND PEN.
OILS, AIL. Ac , N orth $500,0t 4 '. to 'be :sold at One Dollar
each. without reg Arc. "to yaine, and nnt to be paid Until
you know whet ;von will receive. 1,
100 Dal Iruntinyrrage Watrliesi.. ..... ....suo 00 ea , h.
' 100 (bid Wattlte. i. 1.. ....... .. 00 00 each.
200 Liirliee'lVAtches 115 00 each.
500 Silver Watches cti to 25 00 each
Bno On Neck and Teat Chainoi 12 00 to 15 Otf each
1.009 Chantelaine Guard Chianti 500 to 15 10 each
3.000 Vest and Neck Chains .......4i 4 00 to 12 On each
&MO FolitaireJPl& Gold llroßcheF 4 00 to 8 00 each
4,000 Coral, Istsa. Garnet. hr. 8 00 to 8 00 oach
.ficto anift, Opal', he., Ear Drees— 100 to 8 00 each
5 000 dents' Breast and Seart PinA :t 00 to 8 00 each
4000 Oval Bain! Bracelets 1 00 to 8 00 each
2.000 Owed Pronely& - 1 5 00 to 10 00 each
8400 iforn itS Diamond Pine anti
' 9tinks.-.1 ,i; 2 50 to 6.00 each.
2.000 OM il'attil Keye .!. 250 to 6 00!ench
5.000 Solitaire Sleeve Buttons and
Stride ' ! 200 to $OO each.
2.009 001 d Thimble. ! 400 to 000 each
5.900 htininture Lockets ' 200 to 600 *no,
2400 Siinistnre Lockets. Sissie..l; 400 to 9 00 each
2.500 CloldTootht•ici.s.erosses, Sc. 2 00 to 600 each
:woo Fob and gibbon Slides i. 200 to 500 each
9,090 Chased Gold Chains.
.' ' 2 00 to 5 00 each
4.000 Stone Ser Rings .. 200 to 6 00 each
6,500 nets Ladies' Jewelry—Jet
' and Gold'.,' 500 to 15 00 each
5,000 Sets Ludies'arrireiry, varir'd
styles' ! 00 to 15 00 each.
8,000 Gold Pens, Silver Cast and
Pencil! ' 400 to 800 each.
4,000 Gold Pett s, Gold Coo add
Pencil. ;••• 500 to 10 00 each.
6,000 Gold PSp s, Gold mounted
Holder ' 200 to 000 each.
All the goods In the above that will be sold without
reservation, for ONE DOLLAR; E 'CH. Certificates or
all the various articles are placed In similar envelopes
sealed and ',Pied. 'These envelopes will be sentby man
or delivered at our office, withopt regard to choice. On
receliing a certificate, pop will! see what article it rep-'
resents.and it is optional with !you to send one dollar
end receive the article named, or any other in the Hit
of same value. By this mode we give selections from a
varied stock af flne goods, of the best make and. latest
s t y l e d, and of
! intrinsic worth, at a nominal price, while
all a chance of securing articierof the very highest
Takla. •
In all transactions by 'Mail we charge for forwarding
the Certiflcatti, paying postegejand doing the bust nees.
25 cents each Rue certificatei will be staffer $1: Ele
ven for 0; rhiriSt for $ 5 : Sixty-five for $10; said One
Hundred for $l5.
..... 15 cis
$1 00
.2 00
ta. 8. 811RYOCK
emaining in
. Dec. 29,1883:
IPane Jimmy
Robinson John A..
Scheilley Geo.
Shutter. Rlizaheth
••xtonfret Daniel_
Smith Lydia A. 8.
Spoonbour Stunl T
rinlienberger H.
Snow Maly C.
Turner George
Walkor Dennis F.
IWilard Mrs Ann S
! Watson Richard g
Walter Henry
IWordny Wm.
Wenger H.ll •
Zimmerman J L
• will pleats say
`W. DEAL, P. 11.
We should supply your wants ; Our facilitiet are unsur
passed ; our work of unrivalled excellence; our oromi•
:sea punctually observed. Our central location brings us
near the most remote points. Our goods are new from
the manufacturers, and of the latest and most desirable
styles. The goods must be eold, and the termsunequal
led. All articles ordered are forwarded by return mall.
We guarantee entire satisfaction in every instance,
a n d 1f theresheuld be any person dissatisged with any
article they may receive, they' will immediately return
it, and the price will be refunded.
AO.ENTS.."-We allow those acting - as Agents Ten Cents
on each Certificate ordered, provided their remittanees
amount to One Dollar.
They will collect 25 cents for every Certificate : and,
retaining Z 8 cent., remit to nilfickata for each.
Addr ~. GEO. , DEMERIT &
dec3O4t 808 Broadway, Now York.
ameba abbertioemeitts. ,
TISTRAY.—Come to the resident.
of the subscriber, in (Wilford township, cne
Lost of Clianitierslinrg, a small WHITE and Re • SPU
TED cIOW, about theist of November last The own .•
is hereby notilVvl to come and prove nmpertY. and p. t
charges, or she will he disposed of according to law
E.c. BOYD, Register and Recot•
• der of Franklin Comity, in account with tl r
eolutnonwetilth of Papua),lnsolo:
18w. U 8 :
Dee: 10. geed, of Estate of Christian * Sbupp - -... $l9 6.
16. " " Joe epti Kriner....—. 43 Bt,
20. " Dongal 113 65
14 27. 4. u nolet 11. Andcrouti S 6 41
1863. ,
Jan. 13. " ti Wm. D. Pat t neon
" 13. " " Henry Sites asfi bU
" " Jt.his Bowen 44 %
•" 3t. " " Dsvid Royer 100 t*,
Yeti. 5. " = Semuel itatuebaugh 14u , t Ou
.•ti. "- " 3400 Scott.— ...... 1
May 3 . " " 'Lluatuss 147 25
" 16. " &name' Itadebangh 307 70
•. Edward F. Sacrist.. 42 60.
2 5 5
" 30. " " nab -Mute 21 72
Jrinn 4. " " = Mary Jack.
July 21. " " Juba
18. Isabella Maraud— SO 0,1
Aug. 22. " lAprity Myers .10 80
Oct. '4. " Slums Vi Rapley.. fy:2 11
Catharin ISe.itty... 4,860 76
Janes 'Beatty 3,478 84
June Burns. lod
Isabella Thurapem 62 60
Samuel Gilmore.... 292 86
Susan Kline u 9 66
Elizabeth Boal 233 90
• G eo. Lebruastei 774 73
George and Clara
. 10 .
20 ..
N..y. IS. "
.. 2 7. kV
1862. • - CR.
Dec. 3. Paid Wm. U.. ACDowell, appraising
11,tate of Christian khupp $1 7i
.... 1s , P *ld P. }l - Garrey, appraising Estate
1863.1 Joseph K.clner 3 3 ,
Jau. 15. Paid John 'aim]. appraising Estate
ul Coerce and Clara Wallace 3 41
Pah. 5. Paid A. N. Rankin; appraising-Estate
- of Jane ScOtt 1 7
War 10. Paid ;hate '4lre:saucer 2,135 1.
Aprills. Paid Atchison- Ritchey, appraising . .
Nstste of Thoinfts L.
Mar._ 9. P. 11,1 Orar n ti. DaTtrisk,n, appraising
klmuitin [lowa
May JP. Paid bain , a Id. Armstrong surveying
sad aisiug Eidatour nTy Jack
'• 13. Paid 11 ilium 11 , .11rittun. appraising
it:State ot latLullv Marshal__
June i.Paidtt , teTret s uror
AVg. l'l.. Juba V.lfll.:ltu, tsi)pro.i.sing Er,
. tate ...f situou W. Rupley
Ang.lo. Vaitl Hun. Jus. L. Muck,apprnining
- kortitte ot Nancy( rawford
tate of Sapuel lilimw e
" Patd bt.tte fit e titer 4
Oct. 3 knid ;Inca) I;art•cr. appraising Illstate
of Isabella Thompson
3. Paid Ala A. 113 Along, appraising Es•
tate ol thrall Robs
'• 12. Paid David Piper, appraisiug estate
44 ()serge Lebmalter
" IL Paid H. H. Davisen, appraising
tate of Catharine Beatty . .
" 17. Paid H. B. Davison, applaising, Es
tate of 3ainei Beatty
" 26. Paid Wm. Auld appraising Estate of
Susan Kline •
28. Paid David Piper, appraising Estate
of Jane Burns
" 28. Paid Joepli Win..,,7er, appraising ks
tatg of Henry Myers ,
Nov. 4. Paid A. L. Coyle, appraimag Eatate
of John Derrance.
" 7. Paid Inwid W tmtz, Jr., appraising Ea-
tats of klizthath Dual
", Pahl A. 8. IR:allot', appraising Es
tate of Elizabetb Study
" la. Paid Col• James O. Elder, appraistng
testate of Mary Jane Walker
" 30. Paid John Rime, Esq.,Uppraisiug
tate of troy Enker
D.,. S. Paid State Tren•urei
Commission on C 2,853 12 at S per et.
The undersigned, Auditor apppolnted by the Court of
Common Pleas of Franklin county, h tving examined the
accounts of Edward C. Boyd. Register and Recorder of
Gam county. In relation to the matter of Collateral In
heritance Tax. hereby certifies that the foregoing it a
correct idol lit thereof for the fiscal year coding the
110th 4,1 7- 3 ( 'her, A. 1).,1e3.3. and that there ia slow
Jue Edward C.'ftoyd, from the Commonwealth. I heabove
deo.o) . (1. 0. SEILITANIER. Auditor.
- mence its ireventp-firet egiunie with the new year,
more widely read and more liberally supported, thau
any other journal in the State out of the leading
cities. - It is the largest Union newspaper in Penn
sylvania, and is unrivalled by any other rural jour7
nal in its lavish expenditures for reliable Corres
pondence, Editorial 'and other Contributions. Tele
graphing, and everything Accessary to make a eons
ple General and:Local 7'.ews.tpaper.
Toe Rxrost TOR . egives. a cordial and earnest sup
port to the Administrations of President IdaeoLN
and Governor emir's; to the policy of a vigorous
PrJeccutiou of the War ; to the, Unconditional Re
union of the United States without compromise
tvi..htnurderous Traitors; to the policy that exhausts
every means within the power of the Government
to suppress the Rebellion of. Treason and Sim ery ; , FINAL NOTICE.
to the cause of our brave Soldiers in the field; to persona indebted to the Arm of Stumbiughl Car:
the preservation in unclouded honor, of the su- dale, either on Book Account or Note, are hereby nett
°red mentors of our heroic. martyred dead. had that unless settlement be made on or before the 11th
ray of January, 1864, suit will then be brought on each
THE V.V.POSITORY 13U4itillt5 to Antnittisttation and : e n d every Account or note unpaid. Mr. Carlisle has
the War became it has abiding faith in the imoeess. been dead for more than two years, and in order that the
ful issue of this great struggle, by which mad am-
n nuts ßl nettled o r
m andChe"tatati:Plldeeedentl
u I ant compelled to opt t course.
bitinu and unholy thirst for power have made a Na- - cz.541.1 ' E. S. STU3fBA,I7OII.
tion mourn. It advocates war as the
. surest. the s Survivink partner of Stumbling' &
apeediest,—indeed the only road to lasting and ho- •
notable Peace; the only hops of a preserved Na- VOTICE.—rAII persons knoxving
tionality; and it will appeal steadilyto the pe Tie Ll thqueelrea Inneht‘d ItOrt WEBB Iri"the BdtodA
to sustain the constituted tiuthOritics hi every luta- illplease
goef settle AND '
D ‘ .. a r i r rot?t il f p ur E tte S r ToTiCe ilE a'a my
sure designed tk. give success to our arms and vie- I: expired. My books will _be at the Register's Ottice
tory to the cans% of the Union. .r the present. tdoclo p B. C. BOYD.
THE Rtrostroitv seeks no patronage as a mitter
•f favor. It aims to render the fullest possible re- ;
turn to its patrons. and it amply remunerates them .
for the outlay of its subscription price. To the citi- _
eons of Franklin and adjoining counties it is esPe- T) R. JOHN MONTG-OMERY will
*tally valuable for its complete Local Reports, Cot -
attend promptly to all calls in Lis line. Office up
respondence, Markets, Av., and we feel well A...lend; Rain street, next &air to the Eagle Rotel. and near/3 .
taint the increase of its circulation will be no less Ipposite Lite residence of the ilon.George Chambers.
advantageous to the Union Cause, and to the pro- Chambereburg, Juno 17,1863.
tuotionof a healthy loyal sentiment in this trying W B. BROWN, - .E'lectricia Pltysi
hour of oureountry, than to its publishers ; To such• felon. Office ln Franklin Wm.
as believe the Rgamstroav right in a Faithful but' %room Stnerr;Cliambershurg, Pa.
ever Independent support of the Government, lei The above treats all Chronic Diseases by Paeans o.
can with confidence appeal for sympathy add post- tAINAWItiM and the different modifications of ELEC.
C 114 7;
I Y,as t ll e coveied and taught by Prof..Bolitts.
tive aid in extending our already immense
44 - There are e.ry Are - subseribere to the REPOHI- 1 - 1 -R. S. C. RICHARDS will attend
Tully ?oho not add use NEW. Tettpoit , ibb! Wont • If promptly to all calls in his line. Office OR. Main
ae,l4sij jnovuu . v. 1864. theitiend?
street, next door to Spangler's Drug Store.
to its liar Lp Orrica idonas—From 7 to 8, A.M.; 12 to 2 and 6
of Union and Freedoui make the effort 1 • P.M. June 17,1863.
THE Rgrustroav for 1861 will be especially %min- • •
able to FARMERS. An AgricultundDeparttnent will
be regularly sustained, under the immediate con
trol of the Senior Editor, who devotes much of hi • .
time to Practical Agriculture; to the trial of Agn
cultural Implements- and Machinery; to the stn W
The Wagonmaker shop and Dwelling• owned
provement of Stock, and t o ever y me th o d proposing . by the subscriber , havingbeeo e vacant by the decease
economical progress in the great Industrial Pursuit of the late occupant, it Is now offered for rout, affording
of Southern Pennsylvania. r a valuable location for a good mechanic - .
BUSINESS MEN of all classes , find thelteros-- Anton ' decl6-3t*
- norm the beat Advertising medium in the State
out of the cities. We belieVe that no country jour-1
nal reaches so large a than of intelligent, Progres
sive, thrifty men as does the REPOSITOET, rind it is
Invaluable to Advertisers.
THE REPOSITORY is furnished to subscribers at $2
per annum in advance ;.or $2.60 if not paid within I
the year. AU subscription account/ must be settled
annually. No paper sent out of the State unless paid
for in advance.
THE REPOSITORY is furnished to Soldiers in actual
service at 25 cents for three months ; 50 cents for six
montful, or $/.90 for one year. This is less than the•
cost of the white paper. 41histera of Franklin
county, in charge of congregations, are furnished
the Wilier at $1.25 per annum.
13nb9ctiptioneand Advertisetoentstnay be sent di
rectly to the publishers, or through any reaPaniibl
City. Agener. Address •
M'CLIOtH k STONF•P, Proprietor".
,1 = Ufa! estate f,ales:
FOR BALE: , The' undersigned offer at Private
B.oe, the well known Tavern, situated on the corner of
Marketand" Seem:id Streets, now in the occupancy of
Sheriff Brown. The Hotel is a large colunioniuus two
story brick building. - Tao yard attached is admirably
arranged fur travellers stepping with buggies and
wAltans. Unstable is large and airy, and capable of
accommodating froni 50 to 0 . 3 head of horses. Thu out.
buildings such as Wash !Louie, dining, liouse,loo Rouse.
.4e.„llaaked it the moat desirable Hotel iu the
, Couiity.
Its near location tu the Rail W
Court as , Bank.
audbustuessplaces,rende.s it the most pleas ut end
convenient stopping place in town.
Persons desiring te purchase,can see tbepremiiiesaad
learn the term s tit sale by calling on the undersigned.
Chamb'g, R. K. 'WORLEY.
63 74
, - ADDS KRAL ESTATE.—The undersigned, Exec
t.o,s of James J. Kennedy, late of Guilford towusuip,
deed, will allot at public sale, on the premises, on Sat
urday the 2d day of la nuary,lBtiel, all that VALUABLE
GMT AND NLOUKLNG MILL, situate on the Conoco
choague Creek, aeout half a mile Smiths:lst of Chaps
hersburg. The Mill - is three-storied, part frame and
part brick, has three run of Stone, and has lately been
thoroughly repaired. It is well situated, and hus a large
town and country custom Thero-are attached to same
11 ACREn and lu Pk:HOLIES OF LARD—part of whirli
is excellent Meadow—a one-and a-half-stored,
.. 403 Otr
. 49 90
. 510
Buie to commence et 2 o'clock, P.M., On Buhl day, when
terms will be made known by T.x. ERN, EDY,
tiet223-t ELENNEDY t J
attornego at ,ato.
131,_ nevi/tip—The undersigned have associated them
,4eires In the practice of the Law in the severalcourts of
Prankifn County. °Kim on Market Street, In the room
heretofore occupied by T. B. Kennedy.
T. J. NILL..
135 Ot.
$.2053 1:
Taize . l7,'<33
SON REILLY, Attorney at Law.—Otilee on Mar
tet at.. formoriy occupied by Reilly Sr ib, rp„ directly
TO site the Court 11 , 3 use, Cbambershurg, Pa. All le
nrdness entritsted to him will receive•prompt attenti
Is will practice in adjoining Counties. June lit, 'B3.
torneys at Lau?, Charoberebitrg, Pa.. give their mitt
added attention t) the Practice of their Profession,
John Stewart agent for procuring Bounty Stoner,
Pensions, and arreamgee of Pay
Jar Office in the Town Hall.
10 2‘
941;1 0
G. M. & W. S. S,TENGER, Attor
. nests at Law, Chambersbarg, Pa. Collections
: .romptly, atteaded to. W. S. Stenger, District Attar
. my andagent fon procuring Pension., 'Bounty Moms ,
end Arilmrs of Fay. Mlles is Franklin Buliding, 3d
!oor from tbeceorner. June 17,133.
. EVERETT, Attorney at Law.
- - ; t Otlice tu 'Mrs Bard's dwelling,' directly op
, site the Onurt House, Chambersburg. Pa. Will prnet
f n eeveral Courts of Pranblin And Fnlton -Count
till legal business entrusted to his care will reeeire
urontpt attention. June 17, 1863
8 20
ey at Las's. Chambersburg. Pa. °nice in Mrs. Bard's
;Waft go, directly opposite, Sti e Court House.
inn e 17,1863. •
GO. SEILIIKMER, Attorney.. at
. L. Cliambersburg, Pa. Office—Main Street ?
libove Queen, in the room formerly occupied by S. !With
er, Esq. - ..lune 17,1883.
1 70
SLUICE, Atarneys at Law, have removed to the
roo on Miiin*treet,one door South of Eyster's Store.
Jima 17,.'63.
1 70
S. CLARK, Attorney at Law, hal*
.0 removed Ws Office a few, doom Batt of his former
ocation, on Ilarket4street, (301111141de.) June 17,'63._
8.631 46
627 66
102.61 6 40
11551 12
CALVIN M. DUNCAN, Attorney ad
L a w. Office on Market Street, in Lawyeee Row,
oppoette.the Court Mouse.: - June 17,'t13.
TL. FLETCHER, Attorney at Law,
• Chambereburg, Pe. Officion Eat Marketstreet,
nearly opposite the Court House. June 17, '63.
ALEX. K. M'CLURE, - Attorney at
Law, Chamisuaburg, Pa. Office in .the Franklin
Repository Buildings. JUtO3
T) WATSON ROWE, Attorney at
Law, areincisitle,Pa. feep36, '63
MYERS &BRAND:—RnaI Notice.
—All peesnis owing the firth on Book account or
NOM. are urgently requested to call at the Store and pay
up before the let of January, 1864,as it re impossible for
me to call in person on 600 persons; many of whom
would say call again. One visit from each will snsweg
many of whom have had a credit from 8 months to
years; have neither time nor inclination to forbear long ,
er with those who have abused the credit system. Those
who feel it a duty to call and pay will have my thank's,
and those who don't call may rest assured that suit will
be bruUg4t without respect to persons. A word to tits)
wise is sufficient; Come along lam waiting to 1884; -
Chamb'g r dec24it SA3IIIEL AMERS.
WANTED. --4 Steam Engine of
about twenty tiers° power. Also a Saw Mill
Carriage and gearing. Any person having any .of the
above articles for sale will Sod a purchaser by addressing
this °glee. '(Dpo. 2,4 t.
ANTED—An Apprentice to learn
the TINNING Isnsieees. Nnquire at the ND
rommay Mee. eep 9-tf
WANTED.—A. Good Jourrieyman
CABINET MAKER, Steady employinetit Wen
Enquire at this Mite. ott2l %a-a
tRENTS of Soldiers in the Ser
viCe,orin Hospitals, can tarnish them with :the
ITORY three months for 2.4 cents; Or, ment,he I
50 cents, or one yner fur ELM
TIPAM,FTEL,ETS printed in best style,
i tg E aM e A t i ns t ea s at t4P ofh9e at the VUANAVIK
June 17. '63
iiiixisitiatts. -
Vaal Ostatt *aim.
BLE Plttli.Eitll--The tirsieritigned, 'Ertretdes no
er nn order of tar Orph.ttoe Coast tit Premkiin Clonoty,
to se-11, the Estate of Samuel IV. lisintzeiroart, deed,
will expose to sale, I , y• Pobtic Ont-cry .on the prep:Uses,
rm Tue_day. the sth day ./ „Tonwsry, 180, the following
described Rest Estate :.
A TRACT OF•LAND. situate in OMltird township,
Franklin County. about miles front 'Charnbershurg,
on the Greencastle road. and with the Dwelling Moue
not more then 15% yards f rom th e Franklin Railroad,
adjoining lands of Wm. Ileyser, Peter-Drough, Michas/
Ilarkelrodia, and others. containirg 11a ACRES and a
PRRCRES. About IbilAcres of tiro land are cleared,
neder_good fence and the llnd is in excrlleza
lillible or
der. The Mdmice of the Ismd is set with good timber.
Tbe land is the beet of Limestone and highly productii.;
lth.ving been wellAdilied and Manured The impros,-
meats are a large two storied STONE DWk.LLTht - i.
ROUSE, with good Kitchen and Rack-building—in good
order, part of it new, and the whole in good reps r
Al s o a new MUCK DWELLING 110IISR, about DO
yards from the Manion ilouso—rod size and in facet
lent order. There is ti NAW STONE AND FRANI
RANK BARN, with Wagen-Shed ; Corn-"rib and all nec
essary out buildings The Rant is quite large, coin it•-
dionsand flulshen in excellent order. The Barn is' con
venient to both the Dwelling Houses. There are Imo
Wells of excellent Water near the Rouses end Cistern
toaath house. The Wells are never-falling even iu the
dryest season. There is n small stream of Water rims
through the farm couveitient Mr watering stock. There
is also an ORCHARD on the fortn with Apples, Penehen
and PEARS: -The land is bat roiling enough for pro
-ductive farming. smi is free from rocks on the b - nt ace.
Also—A TRACT OF - 8 AJIIF.B and 124 PERCHES.
neat measure, saunter as het ire, and adjoining the Wm
above described, and divided from it by a nubile toad.
It adjoins lands of C. M. Burnett, Edward Culbeitson
and others. This hind is all cleared, iu exeellent
and a very high state of cultivation.
Also—A Tract °ft.:LATE TIMBER LAND, containing,
25 Acres and 80 Perches, allstate in Hamilton township,
lying West of the ti mocuchesgue Creek, one mile few"
the before described lands ; adjoining lands of Christian
Martin, John Grove and others.
TERMS OF SACK—Ten percent. of the pnrtha•W
money to be paid or socitred when the property tests irk
en oft; one-iv:dr. inclinling the ten per cant, to be paid
on the Ist of April, 13r4, when possession will be giver.:
and the other halt in two equalssonnal payments with
interest. -
We to commence at 1 o'clock, on said day. ;'
dec9-ts Trustee of S. W Ileintzelmen,dec'd.
Or Lancaster .P.e.tniiner and Waynesboro Record.
topy till sale end send bills to this °trice for collectio4.
NALB.---The undersigned. on acoount of advancing
years and consegnent !nobility tosnperintend and man
age the busines, will sell at PrivateS ale her property .
formerly ioniser as " ti ‘NOVER IRON WORKS" am:-
now known as "ELYSIAN MILLS," situated nine miles
South of McConnellslatrg, (the county, seat of Fulton
county, on tho real to Hancock. Md.. ant
distant twelve mites from the latterplace, on the Chesa
peake mid Ohio Griot) and the Baltirmire and Ohio Rail
Road.: The property contains duo Acrols, four hundred ,
of which is mountain Land well timboreq, affording ex
cellent range and pasture tor cattle and ' , beep.
Of the remaining two hundredperes, about one hun
dred is cleared and under fence and in a good state of
cultivation, comprising LIMESTONE, SLATE and BOT
TOM LAND. -The improvements consist' of a three
story Stone and Frame ELOURING. MILL, complete fa
all its arrangements for either Custom or Merchants
work, with four run of stones and two Water-Wheels,
and an UNFAILING SUPPLY OF WATER, situated on
Cove Creek in a fine grain growing region. A SAW
MILL nearly new : a two story Stone -Dwelling Rouse.
with all the necessary iitol convenient attachments and
out-buildings, with a choice variety of fruits and shrub
bery surrounding the whole, and with a never-failing
Well of - water at the door and under roof. A Stone
building containing n :-TORE ROOM and BUSINESS
OFFICE. Two Barns. a carpenter Shop, a Black
smith Shop. Two old fruit-bearing Apple Orchardsand
one young orchard just beginning to beer. There in as
inexhaustible MINE OF IRON ORE oil the premisio-,
offering inducements to capitalists wishingto embark in '
the Iron business.
To any person wishing to nozage in thiii.,flt-tillintsliits
siniss this is a most inviting location -
If the property is not s .I-I by the Ist of o4r,e.
it will be for rent.
For farther inform it ion ettll.on me on tin ornnlnen.Of
Apply in person or by letter. to ~,,,
burg, Fulton county, l's.,
Zlysitin 11111 s, nov 18 tf
. —The subscriber offers at k ~.s ‘.. . . , . q.
situated about% utile from Quincy, cou ‘ . .._ .. ... aa
l4of which is inTISII.IP tt _and thrivio6 i 1,, , „ i n. s . ,
of the Farm is of the bestquatity of LI 31 hz. 1, .. i, LANiI
and aim a high state of cultivntioli, . to: ,uniros,
tnentsaro a largo BRICK 110US1:, u ito w o t...•.. hod
porelleg r it new ARICIi BANK MALIN -.,,, 1,- .• 1 holf.", yid.
Wagon Sited and Corn Crib attUelieiL 4-1 , 10 tO k rule,
tkri iuge House,Brick Wat.h Rouse. Stn. at. I i..d.e,liek t.
Malin, and ail necessary outbuitiling,s, hu goiJd repair
'there le a large Cistern closet° the itarn, th.,ti for Stat. k
and one near the kitchen. There lea Well of excellent
- water la the yard. There is also a variety of choice
Fruit, such as Yeara,PlltinS, Poachl..s end Grapes in the
yard. There isalao a good 0 fICLIARD ofyoungthriving
Fruit on the premises. ° -
Venous wishin gto view the landtun. do ad by. calling
on the subscribe r ,or any information relniecting it can
be obtainedby.callingun Pe*. J - . Paisley, aostaity Trews- -
urer. (snit 9-if..) . -JOHN JIIIDDOW.KII. ,--.
NEAR FAYRTTEVILLE.—The undersigned will
Stia at Private Sale, the fellowiLg described REAL 118
TATE, to wit:
d 11 under good fen ceandtiiiable. with agood Brick Dwell
lag. a never riling well of good water near the door, a
good Darn and Thrashing Floor, a fine Orchard bearing
the beet = _
_ _ •
of= argeVars, 6 la_
rge Leaches With limes-and pools
Bark Mill, Roller, Pump saw, Fulling Stocks, all in excel
lent` order, the whole operating by WATER POWER.
Also it good Berkalied, all unsurpassed in convenience
'and labor saving. •
The above property will be shown to any person on ap
plication to Jacob B. Cook of Fayetteville, or John B.
Cook of Chamb ersbux g. Terms will be reasonable.
Jene17,133-tf ?OPER COOK.
FOR SALE.—The undersigned - will sell at Private
his TANK ERY,known as the Corner Tanneryorith
steam and water-power, Saw Mill, Chopping Billl,Stocke
for breakinghides, &C. The Tannery has 8 leeches 82
vats, 2 limes and water-pool, and is capable of tanning
800 heavy hides a year. There are tco Log Dwelling
Rouses, Barn. S t abl e and other necessary out buildings
connected with the Tannery. and about 60 Acrescleaaed,
with good fruit. 116 will sell any quantity of land with
the Tannery, from 100 to 700 Ac res. Os er 600 Acres are _
Timber,and an ample supply of Chesnut Oak Dark tc"
tun the Tannery fur fifty years. It is situated about
7.miles South-west of, Mercersburg, on Licking Creek,
Terms made easy. Possession will h e given this fall,
necessary. For further particulars address the undee
signed, at 3fercersbnrg. Franklin county, Pa. '
an g 12, 63. ti C. METCAL2,
PUBLIC SALE.—The subscriber,
intending to relznanish business, will offer at Pub
icale, on Priday- theist of Jeauctry,lB64,at I - o'clock
P. 61 , the IN DIAN QUEEN HOTEL, situate on South
Main Street, Chambersburg. The House Is a large Brick
Building, with a Barber Shop, a large Cellar and a good
Cave wahle of hold'ng 10 barrels - of Ale. -There is a
large MUCK STABLE, Sbede,a Aood Iron Beam PLAT
FORM SCALES. Spring. Wash and &Ake Rouse= the
the premises. The yard la well paved, with a well - .of
good Water near the back door. The Lot has a front of
6-I,feet and roue back 266 feet. This prOperty has bees
kept as a Public House for 60 years, and has always had
%fair share of business. and has a good run of custom
at this time. [decl6l . JOHN W. TAILOR.
aubsexiber will sell "at Private — Sale the NULL
F BM on which he now resides, situate in Antrim town
ship;Franklin eonnty, , about six miles from Greyness
tie, on the Caslitown road, adjoining lands of Samuel
Myersand,others,containlngabout FORTY ACRIOS-4a12
cleared land, in good 'order and tinder good fence. There
is it YOUNG ORCHARD of thrifty trees on the place, and.
a Well of excellent water. The improvements comae*
of a two-story LOG DWELLING DOUSE, A EX:.
DANK BARN, torty.two feet long, and well - finial ,
and all other necessary out .buildings. POWIBBI,OO
be given on the let of Aprll, 1884. Terms will be to
known on application to the subscriber residing ow
premises. [(xi 21 'B3-tfl - SAMUEL C.F.1./11DES..
.1 JP - the Orphans' Oonrt of Franklin county, Pa., the
undersigned, Administrator of Peter Yoe, late of Letter
kenny township, dec'd; will offer at Public Sale, on the
premises: on Saturday, the 2d day o e f January, 1864, at
10 o'clock. followingd ascribed Real Beats, l a m
I A TRACT OP TIMRER LAND, situate in Lettarkenny
township, bounded by lands. of Jacob Wingert, Henry
Hoover, Jeremiah Zollinger, and Martin Landis, ton
taining 15 ACRES and 5 PERCHES, neat measure. Th e ,
timber on add tract consists of Rock Oak, Chestnat,
Black Oak and Locust. The terms will be madainown
on day of Sale. by GEORGE YOE, - Adnelt.
By order of Court—Wsr. o.3iiicaZlA, Clerk. Webs]
PRIVATE SALE.—The - undersigned offer%' at
private gels, a LOT OT GROUND da the Tillage of
Thornax havlnr thereon erected a two storied Brickand
Weatherboarded DWELLING ROUSE, containing nine
rooms, a good log Bari and °the: necessary buittlidgn.
The terms willhe mule to *nit patentor*. and Vase,
'ion Oven on theist do of April next. Persons wih
ing to view the, property will please tali on John Mac'
residing on the acme. GEORGE STITEELL, Sr. -
itir•lt the above property is not add hr the let
January ne..nt It will Wen fox teat. idecle4t.l
5 -
~1AGL..i...\:.. , i i