The Country dollar. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1849-1851, July 26, 1850, Image 4

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!AP AM! Ir.V'nxiEiDlotriiGS,
coNViiti No or • •
GRKEN'S CELEfiltn'l'ElkNtithitritt • ,
VO/I, — :, .
.•. • 1 •
Prp , ie. Green's Red and Brmn
, P 11,148 • • ' "
kirr law Complaint, )I)7telia'a; Fintalc. 6ne
e • ", phiinte, Impurit(on rftsle •
Green's Sarsaparilla, 7lth,cind r y
• • cough' Pectoral: • ?'
ror Ciders CtArglis Hoarseness Sorcneei of tlai
Corpumptiol. 10. 4 •
Green's Nerve and Boneld.ninient,
For — Rheittnatiem,'Sprains.'Braircs;•Stiffi;roe el•i4e
, prni.s. Sore Throat, , Contracted,Corde.4se.
11.Ec011211.1.END A77OIVS.
• -1.1.81NG n.nny yenre"!wo have-mitticicied
' good,eireete which have invariably,;(„"
iiterlUcid by ilia ueo of Dr. E. CrecriYY bs
and 'thereinto freely recommend them .10 pith
liG; fly n earn ninl efivledt medicine'
• `.. .Blakely, Chatl
Win.• Huhter,
• Jahn L. Gravl , '-tAter.
r• L t . l :o, A rivn March IG.h 1.848.
Dr S F G reen .....prrirS : 1 ink° great pleue•
inforraing_Pin e,
.of th great ,eflicney of your
wormairrop. Ay daughter being afflicted fora
pitted all tho remedies 1 could hear
o f %%Ahoy/receiving any benefit . ; liwaa.reques
~ge ti l9 , ifir your Wurtn Syrup,and 1 MUII 'any that
bePte taking this Ante of one hn4lo if removed
Mr complaint and motored her to, health..
Riling grateful for Ilto hen'efite' she' . merited 1
toke.tilettaure in thus 'acknowledging tt and to
cominpiiding it in ate pUblic.
, n nusn FR tNKS:
Fbr n directioms. certificates 4c,, see pninplileis
'left with each agent Sot gratuitous distribution.
gonta in Clearfield county.
Diehard S'hatv, Clearfield.
.Bi g i f r 4. co. do
Patton, Cumensville.
Irarrisali747oom cla
Z . 'Barrett, Clearfield Bridge.
27comas McGhee,
hicGhoes Mill.
David, irinport,Cherry TreQ.
P. C. Barrett, Luthersburg.
, Mirk .E'atchin, Girard township.
Levi Frenchville.
lames Itlaillitrray, Burnside township.
As. IlEgirk, Philipsburg, Centre co.
June 4, 1(350.
Lime, Lime.
TuE subee - Ober respectfully Worms tho public
that ho has just burnt a kiln of Limo near the
residence of Maier James Armour. veer Belle•
fonts, where he is prepared to sell at on reason
able' tering to suit times.' The lime is of the ve
ry best qiislity., free from coke or cure, and of
a beautildl t star. IS is •s least equal to
•sny quit has ever boon sold, in this county, as al/
judge' of she erticlo will say ashen they see it.
RED — Lit:,:•::" HOTEL—The subscriber deu
linusrn TAVERN l'.'.ND, Biwa.
,led,on•Alleglieny attest. 13allefonto, %%hero ho is
~ p rovideid, with e f ieryibing
. necessary for the ac.
commodatiuti of Inca end beasi v and erlt Spare no
painir to "bake! 'airvinifortabla 1,11 o• favor him
Willi their' custom.
Bellefonte, June 18. 1850.
iitidentlinod members of tho Board of Schr
iretdors of sheik/rough of Clearfield, hie exarnip..
the School ond'Ellueational Books published by
B. aitirell:Ylr, q. Y., and offered by Alossrs.
,_ i on Barr e agents for the tale of stud Books
‘-`l . -riiid adopt them for uso - in tho schools under the,i
ettanie, viz
•LtaNns" First Lessons In Arithmetic.
•Davie.School:Arithmetic. ,
.Pnrker's:Philosophic Series, to wit :--In•
, troduction to First Lessons—First Les
; , .sons, and ,Compendiurri.
& Eastman's Copy Books and
Volum & Eastman's Book Keeping.
Villards History of the . United States.
do Universal History.
Aorthends.Speakers & Dialogues,. . I
Parhers Saries of School readers.
- ..44 . ei- Ch erabers educational course.
Tlipx .respectfully recommend to par
ents,m AO purchase of am Books to se
lect from tho above list.
. , .
EiLD3 Inwzrt
' • ' D. W. MOORS'
• ... •
Schad Directors.' •
• Tho.ab - O - Fo Matt aro Toesate at the .toio of E. di
W. F. Irwin, Clearfield:anti at Aire E. Irwin's, Cur
wertstrille. where.. good assortments ivrtl be kept
i;onetentty• on taunt. B. T. FULTON. NO.
• June .
111 4
Currreneville. respectfully informs
t i ,'`th'et helms *taken the O:JUVe well
Stuatett on I
Square, ,inainditnalksk
. i 0 04? P°..!*PoW POTa.
etleKi and aNt,ra in an un •
Table, Parlors, . 1
- • teeping
win 14 (09nd at trout equal to any ta $
rid& lbe attcndetrwith politratere and p ca.
rdi(y. tat t) • . •
Egikßi.lllo is ale? exienstre, and viilt b
tA, • 4otettetkleq. • . . •
ykrEt;, in ;la utyd in tka ,r rot ePri
1 ,7 04i 4 / 4 ?ni , ryntr:v.ofeLle
7*.•,,%/3 , 0 , 1 ; delay ~ t . vi
rot corner ul the' Market
"'OlllO the "cuurt•hutteci,
accommodate tree
\liveable wanner.
. • ;
The subsiiribers be.gugn,rig. Om' nth
volume - of their, ./per, cannot but ex 7,
their sa •0 .1. 1191 ) • wi th :the - patron:a , ge.
pheyjkave, r `f ,vcFjor;the : .l4Vit year) qinqe
the enter ent., TheS;azette now con ,
t h• ;six, coluginsof,rceding Matter,
it uc from . (our 'to eight more than the
i%,.` es generally; and
. bping , printed-in
and handsome condensed letter con
es more matter ~ than any two elollar
Journal in the United. Statp. It is ,not
so mach on,, the superior 'quantity of the o
contents, as n' the quality that the sub
scribers pride themselves, A hasty recap
itulation of. points in
,which this joUrnal
excels its s l ßntemporaries will, therefore
not be out of place hero.
From its commencement, the Gazette
has been made up principally of original
contributions in prose and verse,, and not,
as most of the wecklies are, of selections
clipped from the country papers and each
other. The subscribers °Oho Gazette a=l
ways have fresh reading, Therefor©; ,and
this from the very,- best pens the country
Aron's.. Some of our most eminent wri
ters contribute to no other newspaper: a
mong them we may name, the author of
the "Bedott Papers," Mrs. Anp S. Ste.
phens, T. Mackellar, and the author of
"Lights and Shadows of a Country Parson's
life.' A partial list of our original con
tributors is subjoined.
Miss Eliza Leslie; Author di',"Bcdott
Papers;", Mrs.. Ann., S. Stephens ; . Mrs.
E. D. N. Southworth ; Miss; 41 J; Mc-
Intosh, Author-of" Conquest and self:Con
'• Mrs. E. Oakes Smith ; Aire. An
gela Hull; Fanny Forester, no:w ,Mrs.
Judson ; Edith May; T. A. Mackellar;
T. S. Arthur H. Tr. Herbert; En.
na Duval; Author of "Lights and Shad.
ows of a Country Parson's Life;" 'Mrs
Margaret Piggott; Mrs. E. C. McKiv
TgE 13 ,EST 1 1 1 A"N:ELY nUAN
),-. ,T t
heS a turda.v, ,
In addition, a watch is kept on all the
best articles of the English Magazines'
and such as aro desirable secured for us
through an agent, in advance. In this way
wo obtained "Agnes Grey," by the au
thor of "Jane Eyre," Wildtield Hall," &c.
and in this way we have anticipated sto
ries by James, 'Thacker, and others of
the best English writers. In no ease do
wo publish old English stories as original.
In another respect the Gazette differs
from other weekly newspapers. Its fourth
page is edited by Mrs. Joseph C. Neal ;
the result of which is to combine, with a
high toned family and literary journal, a
ladies' paper of the best character. Ev-
erything of importenco to the sex—the la
test books, the latest styles of dress,. the
changes of fashion and customs of society,
new receipts, new charades, etc., aro \reek
ly chronicled. In addition to this, this
department will contain original stories
from the most accomplished female writers
with' hints on female education and man-
tiers. In fine, every thing that shall ren
der the paper, both in its literary charac
ter and excellences of paper and printing
A Saturday Parlor Companion.
This department wo have no doubt will
fill the vacum long complained of, and la
dies in the country have the advantage of
a weekly chit-chat on matters of fashiona
ble life with their own sex in cities.
Elegant and Appropriate Engravings,
representing Battle Scenes, Incidents and
Conspicuous Personages in Revolutionary
History, Sea Scenes and Battles; together
with original Maps and views of important
Places and Events, arc another Ituture.
Our . position as a weekly Gazette will
enable us; to give understandingly, such
rapid but candid and judicious notices of
the literature of the day, as cannot fail to
keep the reader fully enlightened on this
important subject, at once furnishing food
for thought and conversation, and indica-
ting to the student where to turn, instead
of frittering his time in wading
through the Hoed of publicOtiAn which now
emanates frem the Probs.'
No fathily journal is complete without a
well-edited department fOr children. In
this respect the Gazette is ifnapprnacha•
ble.. Mrs. J. C. Neal who has charge of
this department, enjoys a well-earned rep.
utation of being one of the best writers for
children in the United States. Her "Hel.
en Morton's Trial," originally published
in this journal, has been called by the
• (R: I'D B U ItA Ii ;
• ouragilcoltnral l ,ftlenda
de, N'Or to . make tilt) GazOttc; a . Osefyl:vii....
tot by gising frOn‘,,timo to limo stielt4ncti
oes of thO tidvanco of,knowleclg,e. Lind cm
provniontd',rogarding. .their tntrit:its; : ;ad
may.'c'd'rnto . 'be rid;a.yageous: 'fbii
partindntis. under thc•olatrge ofu prditkal
farindr. •
,fiette ,
E •
' One' copy , r)ti, a nnurtt ) • ;00
:Kiur copies;- -
Eight, copi6:, ; . and one to . agelit,• 10 - 00
Thirteen copies, and one tO,:ageht 'lO ;00
Twenty copies, and one to 'age,nf,'2 . o,lo.o
y Sypeib Preiniumy: UnTictlleci3O,ff:er I
' Every nelitv sulperiber ilk , will 'remit,
during•the present volume, Tta . 9 :bolittrs
in Fall for Ono.year, shalt eceive; a
premium a large sized engrA.ving;
for framing tDr the parlor,iehtitled•chil- 1
dren Bathing,Y one of the most heautifti)
pictures ever published. Every Old
scriber 'l%-ho will pay up all arears 'in full,.
and remit in addition for ono year.-in ad
vance, shell redeive the sant° preinium.' .
These engravings are rolled on light role
lers, so us to carry safely through the mail,
at a postage Of Ipt 2i cents.
Addross,,post'.peid at our
N 9.40, South Third street, Philadel
The New York Evening Post is thapld
est Denn paper in the State of 'New .
York, and one of the oldest iii the United
States. Its past history we ventwo to
hope, will 'justify us in soliciting from our
Democratic readers and felloW laborers a
friendly interist in regard to a Journal'
which hay seen some service in' the cause
of Demecracy. ,
It i's not for us perhaps to fitr
the . Evening Post is calcnlated ; to meet
the want to which we have alluded.—
Our readers are, doubtless generally ac
quainted' with its literary mid political
character. lilts aim and influence are
such as Ineet their approval, we trust they
may find it in their way to contribute
somewhat to its circulation.
To those who are unacquainted with
its-plan and character we beg to submit
the folloWing summary
The NTENING POST ,will contain
1. NEWS 'OF THE DAY, which we
shallireport with all the accnraey and fi
delity in our power, including intelligence
from .foreign countries ; political informa
tion; repbrts of elections; and notices of
every occurrence of general interest.
eral importance, reports, Messages, offi
cial communications &c.
3.. DISCUSSIONS of Political Clues
ions.—These we hope to be able to con
duct in a spirit of fairness end courtesy,
not descending to personalities or appeals
to prejudice, yet always without any ba
sis of personal interests, and with com
plete independence. We are Democrats
in principle; we have embraced the Dem
ocratic creed from a strong conviction of
its truth and are associated with the Dem
cratic party because we find it striving
in the main for objects which we cordially
approve. We hold the great doctrines of i
free trade, 'of simplicity in the powers of
government, of equal and sparing legisla
tion, of the propriety of bringing public
affairs as much as possible within the cog
nizance and management of small neigh
borhoods. We are opposed to the exten
sion of slavery, and in favor of its restric
tions in every possible mode ; we aro
enemies of all monopolies and ofall legis
lation which seeks to create jobs for fa
vorites, and to promote the interests of
particular classes. The course of the
Evening Post in regard to these subjects
is well known, and its conductors may
say with an allowable satisfaction, that if
the zealous support of these views for
a long series of years they have nev
er wavered through fear or interest. •
cial Informer, the proprietors have made
arrangements for giving with accuracy
and with the latest revisions of persons of
intelligence in such matters.
5. LITERARY NOTlCES,selections
from the 'literature of the day, extracts
from our, 'best Magazines, popular and
seientific,'6nd a fair proportion of all that
sort of miscellaneous reading which gives
en entertaining character to a newspaper.
With these materials we will endeavor
to make the paper both interesting and
useful to. the reader.
The price of the. NEW YORK WEEK
LY ENEMING POST is, for single
copy payable in advance 81 00
For ELEVEN copies to one eddress 81000
The price of the Semi•Weckly Evening
Post is, for a single copy payable
in advance • 83 00
[Four dollars will be charged
he most admi
died for many
lartment to en
)kly papers--
10 limo when
imparted, and
what paper to
othei. •-
When the subscription is. not
paid in the first six months.]
For TEN copies to one address 820 00
Or for any number between
five. and ten, Two dollars per
, .
''-7----- r l'irl4 . ESTATE ,Ill? ISAIAII BAUR), 4 c'd,
Tka EV/ENING En ' 4 tSte r ti
;, . .. . ,
daily: . '
—,l;p it - 0.4-"criptione ...- LIVERS Of Admatistration hultino ',eel: grt,lo
- . 1 nil ju ,
. " ''''' our custom t o. sp il t ', ll ~,, tell the undersignod on thu ustrio of Isaiah
e' id 1 Po. tote of Burrnide towiphip,Cleuttield county,
, p pperaotin indebted to itoid estate at rquired to
Agents*. to. !ha payment Without delay. and (I :so hosing do
11#10Wii ,by ' tho same will prcsont them duly
7 11 , , d th b o i is m e • -Itroted tor settlement. • i
' ' - JOHN SMlTll,,ofltell tomiship,
- , l ' . tl. AI. 1, msTLy,Cliebt do ,
can r ulO H 113.80. " pd' • • , Administrators. i
A -,:..„,
7 ,,,,,,, . ,
do _
1 .
- .
subserther hot
'Verillit , '" u sich I .
, t,b
. . t•ert low. Coll a'
.A..., .10101 rArl'ON.
'"' •50 '
I'4 '
/3 1 ,
ii. C. 1
hir c onspicuously olio; u wecek foi
Wp'eke",'.culd :,seistlitid us a ruarlte'd
will. bp 'entithli to 411 exchiingo wit
daily for one 'yeti 1 : . .
Nfirtli-lirest :Cornet' oftiliirtl Out jfniotr scree
Bet we,en Spruce and Pine streets,
••' • :
US . . 1
VI...VEEN Yr.,l o extensive snit mimic
runlet' ntaelico.opont. in Ibis city linve,re ,
Ilereil Di.- IC . th . itt mist txpert 'ontl '.l.tccestif 1
practitioner far.ond near. , in tho•trenimoni of 1
diseases of o 'privoto nature. Verauns - afficti
yvitht ulettro nuotrilie . body, throat, or legs. pair
in ilia beiitl o 1• bonCe, weretuiell • Isettniattm. Orli.
wrap, gravel, direaso- oilshig from youililitiiYA•
'ecasee- or impurities' of. limo blood, vi.lierellt the
constitution has beetunn cult:nailed, aro till tool
ed %%WI PUVelled. .., .
. .
110 wilt) placre . lliinself iiiiiler iho cart. of Dr
K., rii,ny religiourly forilide if, lits.b.utior ne II gen•
iletuon, nnil continently roly upon hie rlit,lis a
rliyaiciiin.. •:.
• Yuiltig men .lin ve injures ilieinsel%ii by
a certain praciire iii—ii habil frequeolly
learned Irom evil ethDpatituits or at reload-111e
elrt.ei of era nightly fell, en co %%boa a
sleek, nod 'tiering Milli ;Mod and body.
apply itrintedintely. Nrnhneaw and r ortsilltilow•
al debility, loss IA muscular t. Hergy,'phyrica I le ,
riUula and general prusiratitni, trrunhPuby and ail
tier% one. nllecionr, Ilitligi'Bll..ll, siuggixtm en ,
dm liver, 11111 d every 'formic its any ttvry coitorr•
led ti irlr rite dittortler ol lire procreative iuncliou.
voted, null full vigor reetueetl..
. TOII1 1 11 &
KINKEL/1i 071 Self 'W5'0142.011
This wuk jnei iili•licil is filled pith oF9foi
inforniptiouom ilia wfirmniihe Hp' ditrase• ul 'be
General. we Orgasm It m.blre,rem itself alike It)
be read by all. •
The valuable advice qnd impressive %%Ming
it gives. wilt prevent year(' 01 misery and *Ua,-
ond Have annually Thousands ul
Parents by rending it will learn bow to pre•
vent ilio destruction of theit children.
*,„,°A remittance of fls cents, enclosed in a let
to, addressed to Dlt KINKELIN, N W. corner
ofTIIIHD & UNION streets, Lein cen Spruce
and Pine, PHILADELPHIA . st ill ensure a book.
under envelope. per return of mail.
Persons at a distance may address Dr. K by iet•
too. (post-paid.) ar•.d he cured at home.
warded, by sending a rcinitionco, and put up s 6
Boo:L.l44ler', Netut Agents, Pedlar's, Caorar•
sem and all others 'applied with the above work
at verylue' rules may 17, ',so—ly
.L 11F. subscriber tffers to sell a lot of first rite
2.1 OAK aL.I PINE TIMBER, statuling. stuite
in Morris to on the Philoprhurg road, one
hall mile from the Now Turnpike, less than Iwo
miles from the Mushennun creek. and eight Japes
from the rivur. It ...ill be sold either by the
lump or in Jots —(or rash—arid a reabonahle dole
nilouct.l fur taking the timber ratite grountLl
MOSES l'lloMrso.
Morris April 2. 1550.
Bacon, Clover Seca,
Clourfield April 13.
Mann factor's , .
TILE subscriber respecifully informal! public
that ho has commenced 1110 abu men
[limed business, in all its various bruit. .in the
borough of Clearfield, directly opposite ull Meth
dist Church, t%here
.. ho is prepared toilanufac
. 1
n thi moat durable manner. lie hopeif by strict
etlention to business, to merit and reccrfo a share
of public polronage,
ir.r - COFFINS mode to order on the 41ortest no
tier,. ' J. C CAMITELL,
Clearfield, Juno 18, 1849, I
WANTED,—TWO Journeymen It the atm°
Business, wt.° can have maladymploymcpt
and at fair wages, Nono but good %. rkmen need
apply. J . 17.'50
JUST . received, a lot of llatlia% o ity anti Nine
Plate :4:fovea at the citurtsv litiEtt. ‘'cry
low for Cash or Lunt her.
Curwensviile, June 14. 1850. : s
Oscar B. fil &well
TIIV/Nocummenced the Ti ring businces in
the . borough of Cloacae' would respect),
fully inform the public that ho ill inufacture'
and keep on band a large an general amsurti
mint of • • /
4, 120 4453.3
which ho ttiill toll 09 cheep fijr CASH orapptiv•
t d trade as any other establiefunent in the ~
.1013 IVORK 0(011 Linde done on Ike spriest
notice, in the beet it:umber, end on very renneia•
1)10 terms.
Ile may Le found in the elm) formerly/erupt).
rd by II IS. Boise!, on Market etreti, 't of the
Court kende) •
/ • .4
Clio? field. Mny 1
N mew= a, (.9(D.,9
vITOULD' respectfully 11.1111161P1C 0 fo ..their old
cusiortiers, end. the pub:ir generally,. that
they have plat received end ore now opening at
their old stand a large and 'splendid isabortnit:rit of
CongiBting in part (f
Dry Goods, Groceries, - tlardware, ,
Tinware Queensware Boots
'and Shoes, tints, ~caps, and
*: Bonnets, Drugs, Nails and
Glass, Spanish Sole-leather,
Brass Clocks, confectionary,
etc., etc.,
Together Ivit6 a number of nrtit.lca too num
eroua to mention, eh a Ituit will be sold low
lur Cash or exchanged nit. country produce.
May 22,
Away with your old "fixdliioneil hand-lever
The mitlersigned having obtnined the Agency
from the patentee, for selling the rights of his
vn!unble improvement in - breaks- fur Carr.ages.
Wagons, .Ste.. cnlieJ Grim's Self neiing neterder.
in null for the counties of Clenrfteld• AlTer , oth
Elnrion. Verieugo, Crawford. Erie. Warren Ale•
Keen, Forest nod El It, in' P,i . ,
yell un very rensonehle terms either by editiliy,
lots n o hip or individual fighiv. TI is hi decidedly
the mum Imporiont improvement of the laud tom
in use. It 'weals but tube fay', to be Ilpprovcd.
It needs but to be tri , d to be hell recommen
We Isavo modul to; dintiinte
prim iple upon winch it ado,
Fur infurtualion roneeruing the above patetit
J. & J. (1. RUSSELL,
Cromphe II lle . Clentrield Cu, l'u.
June 131850
iftIOTICE is hereby given that Letters Testanien •
t.,ry lin% u been grunted to the sul»crilter un
the Chilile 41 Joseph Leonard hate of lieceatin
ship, Clearli\ld enmity, dee'd, anti flint all iier.onb
indebted Ott eta are requested to make payment
wphuutdeln. nod thuse having cluntis egantst the
Rama eAli prcent them dilly nuillentiented fur set•
dement. JACOB FLEG L Adrm.
June 8,1850\ ed.
Leiters tesittnrintury uu the flame of Peter
M'Euslly. I oto of nom township, deceased, hay
ing been groilieif;by the Register of Clearfield
County to the suitirriber ; all persons indebted
to said deed will fiease call at the fete residence
of the sold estate tad settle their respective ne
eUUlll7. and nit rewiring havi ng c l a i m , ego " ! said
oatate %%Ili Defil ement .
J, h tIFENALLY Executor.
May 25, 1850.
Bellefontc Foundry.
Tin: subscriber begs ktritre to announce to the
citizens of Clearfield\ courtly, that ho still
continues the FOUNDRY 64/SM.:SS at the old
place. %%hers he is prepare to make tilt kinds ul
Mill and Saw-mill castings, toge. - -
thor with every 'kind of Ma-
chinery Castings, and Wrought
Iron work for Mi115". 4 5- Saw mills
—in the West and mat approqd 01) es, on the
bliurtest notice practicable! unt on favorable
[lasing touted bur sitentien aldext entirely to
Machinery Marti. and during the 1114 year having
added a large number of now and *liable Grist
nod Saw•Miti patterns, he feels jusiiied iu eoying
shot all bills executed by hum will gNe satislac.
An experienced l'atiern-maker al %%apt connet ,
:EA Stith the establishment enable make
any desired pattern on short notice. Nees mod.
erase--and a ltbcral alltnaance made oubills fur
cast!. Orders ore respectfully sulicited,..which
%I'll be promptly executed.
Bellefonte Foundry. Jan. Q 5. 1850
yrrilS institution will ho °perm on Monthly the
thi.d of June next for the on
of pupihr,
mules and Camelot. under the munNetnent of the
Rev. bilf.yx P. ftlEnwts, assisted by Ai m jAmE6
WFIIOLEY, of this pluce.
The eoureo of instruction %vitt lie syster,itie and
thorough It will eintirate,all tho brotieli,s te . etwr.
le toter.b e
strictly attended to. The Trustees, deiirous t4i v .
ing all uu opportunity of obtaining err uselul
nun, been made the terms of instruction as low,,
eon he reasonably erpeeted. viz .
For instruction in Reading, Spelling, Wri
ting. l'orley's Geography and Menial A
rithmetic, per quarter. Q 2 00
Foe the same brunches, with Geography,
Grammer: Ilistury and Arithmetic, 3 00
Ent the snMi. , with Composition, Astronomy,
Rhetoric, Philosophy mid Chi wintry, 4 50
For all tho 'above. With Latin, Greek, French,
Am owe.,
S geed,
Prepident of tho Board of Tiusiece
Attost,.--J Alllll9 WRIALEY..Sec'Y.
. : • fsfriytlft. 1850-3 m.
White ..'!"firi l house
I -
OA W& LE P,\ LA11:11. proprietors of tho ahovo
(Mined well known intern stand, on 11, 0 Erie
Turnpike, set, en miles west Of ,Curweriseille.
re*peetruily announce to their friends, and to the
travelling ptiblie, that they hero made ostensive
arrangement,' for entertaining all tilos° who may
lawn them with a mill. The Rouse is beautiful
ly situated. and Is one of the largest on tho
end is also proyitleci with. tho roost menthe sta
ble room. They are Wel/supplied with market.
ing, and their BAR will bo kept well* I ed.
ypril 2, 1849
A -111 a ink, .l3lfte,itia
•HE subscriber havhig lened the
Axo Factory of L. R. Critter, near Clear
field, reepeettirlly announces to the people o I Clear;
field and coontion.that he is 4 0,e .isf
operation, 11110 ready to idyll!) , ollorders for
Axes, Chissels, Adzes . •
DlarchiOts nod Lumbermen tire .reppeellully in
silted to deol with ho is determined ludo his
work in tie good ityle. and on us reclaim:able .terms
tut they ecti supply. themselves,olsewher?,:
Country produeo,•and even C f '.l.§J.l aeldutu
cod in ereltatiga for Work: " • • `'• "
N. B. Fridays and Saturdays will ;he reserved
lor MENDING, w inch ,cUstomera wit 1 take
notice, 'so that they may not be distinppointed,
tri ' • • !,,
ni rho
'r lump
q•ati order
• Nzty,,!.::..,..;..
New tiA'oods.
"The Clairvoyant and Adii;ntal
The subscriber propbses' to publish in
Roston, Mass.,,a monthly,of 32 largo Bvo.'
pages, with the above title, to be devotZdf
to the inVestigation•of nil those LaWs con.j
corned in the origin, Progression and s
Fine! Destiny. of tho.Humnit Race. ,It
shell aim to be a true EXPosrron of at.
TunE, Physical, Spiritaal, Celestial, Di.
vine! To explore the 'fieldS of science,
comprehended under the term of PATzriOr
zsar, including Pbyso/00, Mineral , , Vegi-: .
table,. Animal! Pliiigoloky,
Mysterici, preventing misery, and promo.'
ting the Happiness of All ! :Phrenology
an Evenly-balanced, Well:governed,'lntol
ligent Mind. . Painnzatillogy,
Reason,. Intuition ! neology, past, pros-'
eut, prospectiv Its columns shall boo
pen to evry Sect, in Relieion, every Par
ty in Politics, and evry Sphere in the con
stitution of the Univerie, for answers to
those Problems which remain 'Yet to be
solved, in respect to tho'causes and cuor •
of Evil,Hereditary‘ Educational, Social,
—the great Question of the Age, as to the
best Form and Order of Society; the De
sign of the Infinite in the Develcip,mc
M.o4,—new methods for Intelleejual
tyre,—the highest • Uses to Which ; Alt
should Aspire, in the 'lndividual, conjugal,
Parental, Fraternal, Filial, Universal Re
of Life; and, wilieb_shall Harmon-. '
ize the Antagonising interests ofAll, in a
State of Attractive Industry, Unity Safi
ciency and Heaven? ; .
717m.—52 per Mail, g. 2., 25 delivered
in the city; payable orfferelpt of the first
umbel (to be )issued as soon as 500
names shall have been received.) Agents
allowed every sixth copy, ' Subscriptions
to be sent to Lsitoy.StiqtpEntsrm,
Boston 211a95.
. .....:-
: ) Ili _ 1
A C .. 111) ift • • + 11 . *;
- / Fulf... It
•:::7 ',.-- - ------------"`..."
{I iltnu•ands of Cara of ~ Conant, 9ypltill. aM
oder Impure .14.ra1,., of the 111a.) , 1--acui if tho very , S"HAL;,
Qt/42V1711" viida tow , us.l oft , : Me ii-ine to tgra Ce.reff
of ouch Dhco.._., be any prosy'' , r Co: p 111 , fi07 , ..q mvlical ;at"
ce in the Mcdfcfne 'ALA h , a hthltud anti conquered sudJii
Dioca,c3-01,n dare 0 UW144.1 .onai:/s 4 id oicA rjw_.
PU .
is sw - A 4 .Ifraine. in every respect; and dine to 'bun.
dent proof, In gran CI4Tr3 effected. that ONE BOTTLE of
it contains more purifyln:f. lieunnF •Irtne. and entlioal
ptsie'r • than thorn Is contained In /our Bonk, of onv par.
acsparilia, Orally othzr tr.edicine that has ever been oll'orml
for enl*. There is undoubted proof in our pamphlets.
that he tho use of this grsr Indien Pura r, they that
a. ;!rn riso yet I.IV I-111C that woro4sfpre and ono.
?Cr) era!) IlieVr %VALK—they that Were SICK. RCKOVII:LOCC - V
sod otherwise dlsjoscd, Mom beau Ileszen and CcaKo.
who hare used 131IANT . I PC11111 , 1114 niter baling utikl •nit
AI.L the rerseixtrißee marl (fiber mcdlcinci MOM
mended to cure blood &scrum, have decided that--
Brant's is the Cheapest,
cause One Bottle of it has mars medical, curative mot.
•Er In It, and. in coup - garnet., cures rtoreltialaem In mush
test cirso, than nm. kentc or any other medic-Ina. -
It: than. ONE Bottle of flame's l'entruca arlll cum
TI3I.F:S morn disease than ono boalauf eareaps
rind, Bast:l'a Pt:atm.:li" would ho as deetp at four dol
lars a bottle, as sarsaparilla at ens dollar. But BRANT:4
1 . 1.7111fU1t is sold far ugly DOI.I.Aft a bottle; and
as n bottle of It /ins cured, and is capable of curing, Four
rims, as much diseapl as one bottle of sarsaparilla. there ,
ford, aareaparilla, lu conitegnanno of Its fr-a, power snt
Ira! medical • tlirary, should ha sold at no morn :it'll
Twenty Fire C,ats por buttlo, to Fe OJ cheap tut the Prial-
PIRO at One Dollar.
Ons Dollar's Worth !
flow much CANCEI—inJW much SIiPifILIII.—bOT , inn
SMUCCLA—wiII One trarth of Brunt's PURIPIEI
rare 7 !toad the following ciatcroent. which is a specs.
, nrn of Its power.
Veil Is the case of a itying man who Ira firm. lie tens
evred of a irereo suss of Serofoln. by only 7rtled &Woo
of Itrant's Purifier, then ever was cored , by the two of
Twelre Ciafians of The test sar.aparilla that Wee ever Med%
81ifs181,81.111A tujirtmt medical porcr to effect Ilse
cure of such Is rtrattintily kopetors ease.
Mr. J. 11. ;Issitirt, of home. Oneida . Y.. bad ;Scrof
ula four years— was confined to his bed the kW year—he
was so Touch .ll , ensed and debilitated aa to ha unable to
raise bin hood to his head. lin bud the but Insdknl as
rice—bad used all of the beat rtirraparilleut to to go.
etfrct—got worse and rune. And wan considered to be I
a flying Mate, and could not lire twenty /our boar* lens , _
when he commenced using ttitANl"ti PilltlFlElt. LI
smelt weir rate,, nearly ay, fron t e a r t o ear _ et A c ts w as es
through Ills windpipe. under his chin, so that ho West
through tho hole—his ear was co eaten around that
could be lifted up out of its piece, It only holding by .
small puree — the use of nne arm woe destroyed by two U
errs --1111 Ulier Leek( the ono, as }ergo as I man's kit
hod nearly faun tbroutth his lido into Ida body. I bar,l
was afflicted wills Throaty such putrid, cold gfenrir e
a.v.wo, an mariontparts of his person. Fur further and f•
-t i)W l 11te most skilful .
g e l an , of itu m o , was rolled to PPP Ilnskm the day b
ho commenced min:: Brants l'arlfter Pact. %V. os
hied hint, nod then told bi n , shut all the wade', t n
world could not Cllle hint—Abet his rare was
Worse than Honeless !
otv henr Mr. If A t-lill•ert etatentent of cup. He add
wife procured one bottle of Ohl V7''S runtrra,
F-:-`•8.16T-Tit AT oorrLP: enabled me toga envy bed
the 0N D bottle etutt.kgi the to get out f at. Avuoll—
,TV n he ,'.:llllblefi um to walk two miles, awl ult.', had
`•itoz Nine L'etrien. st,tritnreltri out of Tirrnty.
yr, owl three bottLel mom. effeetell
feat cwovul too to good hra,"A.
8 co
The Flllolt.rdU me vettitied 1.0t:11)1t
I.r lAN, •Alt. liftmlvN,ol Ire;t Rome 1-let.-L
1 .11N.111111, Drugc6t9, tied ELEI: : 0
rUpeClao le triitlft•e, ut Hew. '
1 , IRWIN, Clearfield
IS AC g IV. V.
sunt,. Curwinsviqe,
S. F. K. IkßzioLu, Lidhersbyrg,
C. R. BAIILEIri‘ Ridge2v4.
D. S._.
DEAR' I;,PrOOkViiie.
k Nov 30, 1849 ly
Door, for
and the like, it
hod ut the sign
st liemedy;the American Oil,
irriiailusw, idler ex erne! or in
r braigor, Rold., burnt, chilli
L c y
.11 ;beg milled. .I'n Ii
il k 'be
Feb. 12, 185
prtIISCINS having
us JLId icc ul ilio P
the "Ilar " nfli, e, or
buildings lately eceupie
June 8, 1850
T HE xuheerihe , r lietng (I
his old Imotivo, rrqurll
accuuhip him In nray t
(1111ly i!nd
May 2, 1850,
$5 BEWAII 1).
Broke jail Ofi S:unday nigni, riley
MCQ,UILLEI II I, aged about 19 years
1011 4blek ei.Olt and pants, and re!),41,-,
woo about five feet and eight tiehtta in Et
Any parent nrrcbting the a ova menuvidiAal,
vidiAal, iiiitt returning„iifa to the county Jo\
cam) tile obbva towaid. . , , ,
June .1 1850,.'
. r.
MSS WWI the •
. will find hi, either fit
ihooffice in .to public*
• Esq. Atexant4.
D. W. fttcc)RJ;.
II porton!
io' enll • '
11, 1 E
L vl7: