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    mends of Austria. A- council was held
the, Turkish
_government resolved not to
Surrender 'the' Hungarihri - reftigees to ei
ther the Russian or Austrian, GovernMent.
'PR, this decision being communicated to
tie, Sultan, he declared in the most impres 7
Sive and determined manner that the refu
gees should not be given tip,' Jet the conse
quences be what they might, •
The 'London Son says:—"We trust
that Lorrt Palmerston Will tl \ et his duty as
the• Sultan has ' done . his;. that linssia atal
Austria will be given to understilnit that
war with'illitiloVtfor
sJe.i cause tneav
war with •England. We are,rcjoiced to
find that - Kossuth anditis• companions Lau
furnished with passports front the English
ambassador, .und we trust that every as
sistance will be render .d by England to
support: 0;o: independence of his cowl: ry
AlgaMst ,, tbe attacks of Russia. and vassal
Austria,"„ ;! . ."
fn order. to.rcpair the,losses sustainedliy I
the Russian troops in 4unoury, from 0 0 11.!
era and thp sword, the E7mperoi ;has or- I
tiered a fresh levy of recruits.
It seems. probable that Ole Pope will
yield to the firmness of the' rench gov
ernment, the liberal toncessions demand
ed for the administration of Alio Papal
The. Kiforma, of Lucca, of the 10th,
states that the Holy Father intends taking
up his residence at Benevento.
he Risorgimento and other Turin pa
pers state That .Qttribaldi. has been allowed
to go to Nice to sec his relations, but was
to return to Genoa' withia,24 hours.
There is nothing of interest from Paris.
The President of the Republic', on the
15th inst. distributed in the ch-anorrie of
the Louvre, the prizes to the exhibitors
deemed worthy of encouragement ihr the
articles which they-I4d,displitycd at the
late exhibition of national industry.
The route'taken by M. Led ru Rollin, on
the 10th of June, is not known. Ile first
went to the house of Mme. tleorge Kind,
at La Chatre, then to London, where he
arrived on the 11th ofJulv.
It is pleasing to bo able to record the ex
tensive improvement going on in the trade
and industry of Paris and pat contra-seoup
in . the departments. The tranquility ee
have enjoyed for the last few months has
revived and given a considerable impulse
to new branchesofindustry, which had not
hitherto participated in the advantages of
returning confidence.
On Tuesday, despatches were,receivefl
from Rome, announcing that the Pope was
ready to accede to the desire expressed in
the President's letter to M. Edgar Nov;
but that, if thci French Government urged;
their demands with the least appearance of;
force or coercion, lie would again draw;
The President has issued a decree au
thorizing the bishop to hold their councils.
Tho Partipretre loudly declared that they
never required such authorization ; and
that they should hnve met in spite or any
temporal law forbidding their meeting.
The President of the Republic has or
dered the release of 225 of the ingurgents
of June, 1848.
The newa from Spain, Holland and the
Continent generally is very uninteresting.
Wo.have nothing from Switzerland.
In Ireland the potato rot has again made
its appearance.
An emcute on a small scale had taken
place at Coppoquin, county Waterford.—
A polite barrack was attacked end one of
the storming party killed. 44 pikes were
left on the battle field.
The queen was expected to return from
Scotland about the 27th.
The ship Minerva has been blown up,
on her voyage from Sydney to Portland
Bay, with 200 barrels of gunpowder on
board; she took fire on the 26th of March,
and was immediately deserted by her crew;
and about fifteen minutes later the explo
sion took place, and the decks were blown
aloft in a mass upwards of 500 feet high.
The crew reached Port Philip, after n
week's sailing,on a rough sea.
The Mississippi United States' stea
gate arrived at Leghorn on the 11th, with
265 passengers, among whom was Com
modore Morgan, commanding the spurt&
ron of the Mediterranean.
Losi of Gildersleeve's party of Califor
-9zians.—ln accounts from the Plains, the
disappearance of a portion of a New York
party, under Giblersleeire, the celebrated
pedestrian, has been *seVerril limes refer
red to. A letter received - in: this, city, dh.
te a l August 16th, frotri 7 Santa 'Says:
"Capt. Marcy who - accompanied . this
large company from Fort Smith, Ark:;, to
this place, started to the States to-day b 3 .1,
a new route: There was a companY; (16
wagons with oxen and 49 or 60 ttidn,)
froth N. York, under CaPts. Gildersleeve
and. Reeves, who lelf the States with us
but could not keep up. They, hail bid
hick;their oxen having died 'and 'Nome of
their wagons left on the 'road. They then
got out of provisitmS and'gotScaite - re'd.— .
Some 'were 250 end . others 150 iniles'be-'
hind us. •T*O . of their company NV eat 'on
ahead of the rest to OVertake' us, and ba've
get 'lost, and never'' baw l: beet - 1 of
since, as two of the party informed us who
went ,tiyhead ;to get provisions 'for the rest."
AN IRISH Itcnuirc.—A' }a'd' froni the
"Green Isle," whose occupation was that
r\ 74aekin,f ; ,* boots, fire-places and stove'
bearing upon his arm a pot of black:
f di' .. ,'- with brushes, and other implemcnts'of
ctfide, addressed a: deniien Of 'this city,
who'was etanding at his door: iles your
inor'any stoves So polish this morning?
~‘ 1i,,,/ t' l 4 s.e boy for thai business 7"h per
.., l' ''' 'ddre.ssed; not being of a i cOlirteous
'' er g gruffly ansWered; "GO Abhift Your
4 1;
...t.- ' ? „ . .
off, to' - 4s , Z . ss- ' Pat moved ti. few' steps off, to
,`Wr" , kl i r.? t f.,e restch of a kick, cirid replied
I.:4;ri' wink' "Your honor would
, -, N , ,tr.f ~ SW fora litil62))/is/!ingyoui
X . - , ,qtb;ivo hag." •
• ';.s . '..
. ,
. 14 :
__ .
' ( ..t: '''', , ''. ''''.- •
~ -- -
X 4"' •
Crossing the Alps in a Moon.
M. Arban, a French aeronaut, ascend
ed in his baloon from the Chatau des Flo
urs, (the Vauxhall of Marseilles) at half
past six in the evening of the 2d instant,
and alighted 'at the village of Pion Forted
neailTurii4 the following inornieig, at !o
past two, litiying aectimpl led line distanOe!
ab01it..4041 T A lit The'
particulartt of this rep .: are, 4e4ted liyl
[M., 'Akan himself,' ohe "iofthOlMak-seille4,
papers, as ibllows :--"I ascended from,
the Chateau des Flours on Sunday ere-
I •
iiing,i.tne 4u, instant, at: halppasysis4: At
eight I was, over the wood -of Este vet,
where I tiscertaimd that I was at the
heiglifor 4060 Meters. The temperature
of the air was cold, but dry ; my centi
grade thermometer marked four degrees
'below zero. The wind was southwest,
and sent inc over N ice. Fur nearly two
hdurs Uwas surrounded by very dense
cloudisi; !my cloak no longer sullies d to
keep me warm ;.1 suffered touch I'ront cold
feet. I, lievertlaless, determined to pro.
coed traverse the Alps, from which
I knew Bwas not far distann 111 y provis. Dreadful Death by Hydrophobia. ,
ioni'of ballast was enoughdb raise toe . The Sheffield 'Piffles, an English paper,
hove the higheStpcitka. } The cold Oulu- relates the particulars of one of the must
,ally ituireased; the wind' became, steady, Bha lout deaths from this horrible disea,,t
and the moon lighted mu like the 50u,.,.-;th u th n conic to our knowledge.. It (je
ll wits'at the TOOI 01' 1110 A ; the •snows, mier ,•,j at Car rga te , nye, .ld. It
cascades ; rivers, all were sparkling; the riii , ll .
„.„, d na on t h e j
ui • „„, taut,;t
ravine's and rocks produced masses 01 dog boll.lging to a pur.soll natot:c.l
darkness, kvllich served as shadoWs to thep ( p re d, ,.. .o,k A 4 -
gigantic picture. The wind now interrup- rinidale, William Bedford, and olonien
red the regularity of my course. I was Hartley, and it was shortly afterwardh
occasionally obliged to ascend,' in ord er !covered that the dog was marl, and it was
, to pass over the peaks. I reuthed the ;accordingly destroyed. Bedford died ra
summit o f t h e Alp ;i t c i c vo n 0 - c1.0;•1;; and ring inad.ibtuit a nirniight ago;, uod now
and aslthe horizon hcconic clear, and A rrundalo has (lied in agonies that 'cannot
course regular, began to thia It 01 supping. h e descril A Y. 1i upptli,red en the inquost
I was now at an Ph wittiest of MA) meters.. held upiat the body of the tinfortunati arm,
It %vas indespensabl , y neeess , ar.y Con nw to that o n m., H d av ,• ease d, a I to Was
pursue my journey', amid reneh Piedmont. la laborer, and only 1 vi ars of ,ige,
Chaos only was under me, and to alight ~ ,p riAling - ti-zittion in the atot, the lin
in regions runs impossiblo. Alter gear of which was u at [ls ppriod
supper, I throw my empty 'bottle into the , furred tot At tea lime on that day lie s?ial
snow Irineath me, where, possibly, sona: h e huu ,„ 4 haw s4 ,„,,,Th ug I ;, r hi, ~r y n ,
adventurous traveller will onf• that find it, 'c ou ld a , a r c el ) 1 )0;11 ' it , On Ili• day' after
and be led to conclude that another befell . deceas e d' s iii di r cr,.nt to rson
him had explored the same desert regions. e,l Itiyun, re:idlng in \l'alu truth-
At half past one in the morning I was o- a l arr i,• r , w I to ,i„, h i d h t ., a d cou ld
vcr Mount Miss°, which I knew, having the I ites of mad dogs, who gave her rod
explored it in my first journey to Piedmont. poWder to be taken in water and 4 1ner.—
There the Durance ,and the Po take their Deceased took the powder, Ind on Tiles
source. 1 reconnoitred the position, and day ()kca l came t o slit lino. On Wed.
discovered the magnilliceut plains of the i nesday morning deceits, d re a.y later than
mountain. Before this ccrttenty a singtt- , u su al i n eolo i ng duaii un d when
lag optical delusion, occasioned by the he -Odle down he complained of weakrie:s
shining of the tnoon 111)011 LIIC 8110 W, was and said that he was worse. 11is mother
like to make modhink myself over the 0- ! s av e hi m s o w n coilhe for breakfasti Ilc
pen sea. But as the southwest mind had sat down to take it, but he (could not drink
not ceased to blow, I was comineed ; it; he was convulsed at the` sight of it.—
this fact, as well as by others 1 had no- On the mother presenting it to' him hei
fleet], that I could not be over the sea.— started back as if some one had stalden-
The stars confirmed iii accumey tir toy lv Struck him. Ile rested a litte until the
compass, and the a pp, arance o f Mount afternoon, when he wished . to be washed.
thanesatistledme that 1 must be approach. 7 Ills mother washed him on his arms and
ing Turin. Mount Blanc to my led, On a bad : o r his w, ic k. Ile shuddered an d
level with the top or 11 hieli 1 was, I eing fir tre:tnld d as she did thiq, and on her put
above the clouds, resembled an immense ! (Mg water on his breast and the fl•ont of
block of crystal sparkling with a thousand !his nark he became dreadfully convulsed.
tires. At a quarter to three, Mount Viso, !she wiped bim dry, and lie then said she
Which was behind 'in;‘, proved to nit' that hid not washed his fare. On applying
Was in the rieighberbood of Turin. 1 the water there he sprang up from tholohair
iktorMined to alight, Which I (lid without and leaped a considerable hight from the
any difficulty, having ballast enough to !floor. In this time lie could, scarcely
go much further. I alighted near a large l speak. Ilis mother dressed him, and, ap
tarmyard, where I ‘%assurrounded bY;ter-; raring calmer, lie went out fur a short
oral watch dogs, from whose caresses I 1 tine'. lie came back sobbing
very much.
was protected by my cloak. Their bark- Ills mother then fetched Mr. Sattter
ing awakened the peasants, who were from Wakefield, who went and saw him
more surprised than frightened at seeing the same'night. Mr. Stutter said that it
me. They admitted me to their house; was'lltemost frightfill sight he had ever
informed inc that it was hall past two, and i witifetised in his professional experience.
that I was in the village of Pion Fort, The miTortunate man haVing died at two
near Stubini, six kilometres from Turin.: o'clock in the afternoon, in the most fright.
I passed the remainder of the night in the Did agony. Towards the last, it took five
farmhouse, and in'the morning the peas, men to hold him down in bed, who per:
ants accompanied inc to the mayor, whOj formed the sad task with great ditlietilty . i .
delivered me a certificate, attesting my ar- And what added' to the grief of his sur
rival, &c. After paeking up lily halt), rounding friends was the fact, that at in- 1
and car, I sat uut,for Turin, w here I arri- Hr‘:ils he wag pert . , efly rational in his con
ved at nine in the in truing. I immediate- rersation, and to onoof these lucid inter-1
ly sat down to write to the director of the va t s he s a id to -his mother—" Mother, I
Chateau des Flours, in order to relieve the am (lying, come and kiss mor," and (hen,
anxiety of my wife, friends, and the Mar-' added suddenly, "No, no; lon't ; l may
seilles public, who might he interested bite yon." Ile requestcAl that ilin his ra..l
about me. I then repaired to M. Bois lei rings he should bite his Mother, he hoped
Comte, the French ambassador, who go y• they would knock lila head °lithe next
me a passport. I could hardly believe moment. For some time Iwtiin• his death
that the evening' before I was at the Chat- he barked and gnashed his teeth just like a
eau des Flours, at Marseilles, 110 leagues a dog. Ills death has created the greatest
off." excitement in the mind of,Hartley, the
Ectent, Popubtiam, Debt. and Resoier
ces of Russia.—Should Russia continue,
under its present system of governnicnt AsomEn licsammAN Clsn.—The Phil
and remain entire, it must exercise a con- adelphia Pcmisrgramiait publisheS7tbe
trolling influence over the of the lowing case : "11'o have just been inform
' continent ; for its i , inmense population can ed that there is another (alse now in pro
furnish armies of °ye rW ltchuing magnitude ' greys of investigation helitro a Court of
obedient to the will of one (nail. There . ; Inquiry in this city that Mill nut only rival
is no drawback on the pua:er of Russia— the notorious I linclunan case, but reflect
that is, immense public debt.' great disgrace in the end on the prosccu-
It is stated that, according to th.- alma- ting party, inasmuch as all their charges
Tie published fur dip year 1848, in, arc to be prompted and sustained by reli-
I St. Petersburgh, Hunpeirn Russia, giuus prejudices, as well as the other mu
prises a surface of 90,117 square miles, : tives common in such cases, viz : avarice
with a population of 6.1,092,000 souls; and pride. It appears that a gentleman
the kingdom of Poland, on extent of 2, l (Warden Creasim, Esq.,) recently return
'3t2o square miles, with 4,950 1 ,000 ;AM,- cd from It residence in thaeast, atJerustili
itants; and the Grand Dutehey of Fin ily, and there became convinced that Judaism
6,844 miles, with 1,547,703 inhabitants, was the true ism, •nnd consequently be-
According to the WA cenSti4 St Peters. came a Jew. He was appointed our con
burgh possessed a population cif 448,000. sal there, but did nut act us such, ,as by
In 1846 1677 poods of gold, (the good of'. some 'foul play his commission. papors
40th,) or$17;172;400, 1:pood of platina s .! were detained from him by(those he co-,
and 1,190 i)OOds of silver, or• $701,600 trusted to receive them from, government
Were extracted from :tile mines of the em., to send to hire. On his return, the ths
pirc.' — The public debt :irrestimated at 315,0 grace•Ofiltis change of faith was so keenly'
084,200 roubles, Amble is 80. thlt, that, together with .the desi re;• •proba-
Ohirqs---or $253,957,730. Bills :.of ered((:bly, of handling iris. property , freely,
It' 6 ; 6 in 'circulation to the amount Of 22(4'. prompted‘Alie prosecuting party to institate;
1107A89'ailVe? roubles=-=or $1.80,934,071, a charge of lunacy, and he, being,a warm
nnd'afislgniifs' of:the" cippi re. to that 'of 117,1 devotee to „religion, is not top, ; ' ell duah
122,220' sillleksubici3; or $93,597;776;;' fled to maintain his gawp(' it,gaiast
Making tbeWhole'dcbt Ittissia 1848,1wh0 have wealth and, influenec,tn
$526,799,5W • •'" ijudgment , in their favor. He was totem.
ACedidinVo this statenient, the income cd in the lunatic, asylum by his., friends,
r, : o r n'tN• rrimes is: inadequate to in the same, disgraceful manne r , that
the ; payingrlt of the:ennual interat 'of the; Hinchman was, end we hope the perpetra.,
ptibli6 .- debt' t per pent; ; ;and •'wn. doubt ; tarsrof the!outrago; will be as;heaxlly pun.
r vltathef tbc" otiinF resetircea! of the .ere l ishcdi; As these , are, for" pol!..oty'tl4lf kept
arc ,there 'that Eilifficient I 'to: defrtiji , more secret, from , view, ;we car bezq, now
than The Ordincni.t4pOnfies: of goverrippnip eater more Sully into ,the ra, tint,
turd maintain ihe'nUrlicrodatroops wlid We may,TrobitW, ; Irkro i4Xtg. .43r I,IR
• - ......
- ..•-•-;•1,,-"•.'..,•,:,,:,..$%-•49,,....e..V.177, -.'"-r-,":'1,41.-",--••••:-INpu•S,+1...,...• -:,..4,.........,, ~....,,,
always kept in service. It is.trUelhai the
food supplied to the soldiers is of the r 'cear.
sest and cheapest quality ;but, notyithstan.
ding this, the cost of
. ; , i mpplying so large
a body of mene
must be n4rmous.
... Front the tinin
_of Peter the Great,
they . lOssinni pci.:4le have been grad.,
privrressinci lii civilization; and yeti
the majority of them are little better than
stitnid ria us-4ut the timo is approach
iO,; , it 13'11401, when they will be able to
appreciate the blissings ,of liberty and e
mancipate themselves from their state of
holiday. ,Aud r .when that p,eriod shall
. have arrived, we 'shall see the m04 4 .1)044
or of that despotism overthrown, and the
empire diVided into different states govern
ed upon free n ihd just prilleiples, each'
meting art, science and literature: We
have the utmost confidence in the progress
of wind: and hence predi'dt t hat the colos
sal power of Russia will be dissolved when
the oppresscd - people shall acquire a
knowlcdre of ihpir.,oo:,;.
survivor of the three persons bitten as a
bove stated.
itiinstitution of the United States, an A irr
erican citizen is guaranteed his civil and
religious liberties; and we trust that those
who ariS dark-minded enough to deprive a
Man o;').hese, from such motives, may
meet the just indignation of the American
Breuelt r Of Promise.
I%nt the New Londott - Chrtit4iele
TON.—TIIIS case, wee an action lbr
breach of promised of marriage, occupied
the' Court ion Friday . .and Satiirday, and
resulted in it verdict for the
The parties belonging to Stonington,
and are very respectable. The promise al.
lcdgcd, and proved beyond 'ldly doubt,
was made in 1846, and the defendant,
who was master of a. whaling
:ship, left
the State soon.after, • rentailUng about six
nualths. Auer his return, an interview•
took place ;b tween hint and the pluintitf,
;which terminated by a refusal tin his part
to. comply with the 'engagement ; thou g h
he could•rgiYe no platisibb:' excuse ,for his
conduct, and thbugh thore was nu reason
able Iloth to be found with her.
A letter written by the delondare
Miss Clark, NV/160 he WiLS:.:11),S01)( ou thti
voyage . , was read 'in court, and allOrded
some amusement by the fervor of feeding
;expressed for lift, being like all other o
lpisdes of that sort,. rather to warm for the
pohsal ofthird • persons , and whieb
eer,•tainlv would not allude to itio;;e ; partie
ular for any consideration. 'Clic feelings
Loss of a Preta-h •Ship, muddle British
of a highly rospectable (to say ,
Barque Porn--,We Are informed 'by
nothing of the,' cruelty vo the do fondant . ,
Captain \l'lnte,'• of the brig Althretta,•fronl
himself, millicientl4, - punished in another ..
elascri Foxes,'that on his passage hb
form,) axe too sacred to tempt as for a , ~
xprinenred a terrible hurricane, which
moment to idle with them iallns way.
I toll from the 17th to the 20th of Sep
-Ihe damages wore laid $. 5000, and as- . • •
tember. 'On the night of the-2,oth, in let.
the jury gave S2OOO. ;r: Th e J,tylge. howev
,Ho dg. 20 min., lon. 7)71 dg. 50 min., he
re thought them tooltigh, 0101 upon being
with the British barque Flora, Capt
sent out again, jury returned %vim a .
Ashby, 0 a sinking condition ; he lay by
.yerdict of 61500, Ns Inch was ordered be -
during that night, and on the next day
Captain Ashby and his crew abandoned
News from the Emigrants.
I . llrir vessel, and succeed in reaching the
brig in a whaleboat._ Tho Flora was a
:qrs. Noah Norton of Adrian, Mich„ rt , w vessel, of 725 tons burthen, belong
writos from the top of the norkyMottn- ing to Hull, England ; she Failed from
tains, at the Pacilie Springs, head ot l weet I,ierpoocon thg . ftoth of July, with a car-
W a t e r,.l u ly 29, Isl 9. ' . railroad'iron, salt (1101 coal, bounded
There has he , n a terrible de. to ch ar i s t on , S. C. She had 11 feeti-of
stroetion n 1 lire, aninvils and carriages - water in hey hold when Captitin At loft her
the way. Thero are now more than a an d went down on the 31st.
thousand dead torso's, osx( n and mules that, Captain Ashby reports that on the mot'.
,n rd between this South Pass ruing of the 20th he passed within a mile of
and Fort Laramie; and about as many a Freiv.h ship, Of about 500 tons burthen,
wagons that have been, some hrokon up, painted dark, with a small white streak,
Suille burned, and some left in gond order her m ai n and rnizen masts gone., and in a
by the way. The destruction of animals sinking' condition ; her colors were flying
liras boon mostly in clinsr'lnencc oh drink at the yard arm, and her crew were in
lug at the salaratusor alkali poison springs, the fore-rigging. Captain Ashby's yes
over-drivits, and want of proper c•are.— scl being also in a sinking condition, he
For the last nnles the great part of could not render the French ship any as
the water is strong alkali, and if cur ani-, sistance, and there is little doubt she went
awls drink it to excess when dry they clown with Ml hands on board.—N.
di e immediately. But there is a sure rem- Heraid
tidy it' applied seasonably. That is, to
give them fat meat, grease or lard. This
we have done and it has saved our noble
We hove had no trouble with the Indi-
Tins—they do not come near its. They
are afraid of the Cholera 'and our guns.
We let each othe Mora:and Eiiii'mutually
glad when we have passed. Weiget all
the fresh meat We Witnt—bnffillowild
sheep, goats and antelopgs!„ 'We ai 4 e tltis
day, August t , in OregMi; twenty miles
west of IV Rocky Mountains.
Little Rock Democrrit mikes the follow
ing statement concerning the outrages in
Marion county, ref(!rred to by us a feu
days since: "A feed has for:-.some time
since existed between several families in
Marion county which resulted, a few days
since, in the murder, by an'armed party,
of an old man named King and his two
sons. A warrant was issued furythe ar
rest of the inOrderers, .but their
: friends
(.4 0
muster, such force that the IvUoktpus.
se of ttl!.e9jotY, vas not.sufficiently,644g,
to lako - tham. 'lnformation of these`
was comMunicated to GOV.. Roane,
authoriied Gcn. "A. Woodii,4
Marion county, to call ou_t. the mtlitlaal
the arrest of these murderers canrot.!
effected by the'civil authorities."
THE Exemwrios TO TEE SALT LAKE. ' NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 7. .
—The National betqligcncer lb ar n s ffr om ! The steamer Alabama has arrived at
letters very recently received that tho
L Now Orleans, having sailed from ; 'ha : ,-
ros on the '2 tit ult.. She reports the loss
i ploring party, under command Of Captain
1 StanSbdr of the ToPographidal En ,, i_ of the -leltr. John .%. Sitter, Irian Warren,
y,, c „ 1.,
i, ,,oond 1,, ( alitOrnia, in the straits of
neers, now cu foul(' for the Great Salt
Lake 'in Upper CalCornia, entered I'r,. :11agc11; , n on the '_roll June, having run on
a rook during, a severe snow storm and
moat's South Pass in the Rocky Mount-
ainS on the sth of August. The p trty ?tale. Capt. and crew were carried_ into
wdre all in good health and fine spirits, ( - !111111 ". u ,
having accomplished two-thirds of the On the 10th of August U. S. propeller
journey toward their d,:stined 11(.1d (I I I:X . Edith, from San Francisco for San Diego
went ashore at point Drakhan-,--snppOsed 1
ploration. They pursue the ordinary Or
wii(,,,„ i i„., to be a total loss.
gull route as llir as Fort Hall,• •
leavo . it, and, turning short to the south, A French brig parted her cables in Ma
, zatlan harbor, in September lust, end was
enter the valley of the Gre at Salt Lulu
and its tributaries. lost, together with 30 passengers.
.Lieut. Beale, bearer of despatches from
. ~
Incalo?4, and renic(ll AWericu..—flh, tho United States laid arrived at San Fran
cisco, and proceeded immediately to the
New Orleans papers having Idler intelli
boad-quarters of Gen. Smith.
gene° from )(wawa, Guatemala, Nicara- .
gnu., and . Honduras. In Yucatan, it ap- '!'humus Butler. King had been seriously
pears that reports aro still in 'circulation, ill with the billions fever, but was consid
eyed out of danger. Gen.. Riley was sick.
thatEngland . hasoffered to put an end to
Bic war, of races in tliat Peninsulit,On con _ at •Monterey, but at last accounts wastim
dition that the port oftlacalar and ini juriS= proving. •:. • . . , .
diction be ceded to the British. The pro .: 'The convention for' forming the consti
ject does not sewn to be very phlatable to tution met at Monterey on the 31st Aug.
the .Yucittecos, who prefer the exiStlp'g 'lt is said tette composed of men of intent
war, rather than pat;t, with their territory. Bence and integrity.
It is rumored that the intiii'vention,r nuaiiit of Eng- ITlio steamer Empire . City, left Chagres
land wi4 be rejected by the GoVe
on the 28th: ultimo, for-New York.. ,•The.
of Yc,404., , ' . . . steamship Panama arrived ,at Panama, • on
the 22d ult., bringing.half a million.
...From Guatemala': We learn rthat Gcns, dollars
in gold dust, and 150 passengers. :.!, ' ,- •
Qu7,nun and Carrera are still . logger:
• .A: Very. lute letter from San, Francisco
heads. Such, were the distbrbancers iti
says that the constitution: will be formed,
. .distraCtO country that the Charges,
and Legislaturp (sleeted by Ist;NOV-..,.. r:11
de'af4tirs orate United Statesand Belgium
; ~..); . . ;Ir I:' '! ; ;"' ' \ ' ~............. ; • • „ •
we're,abeukte - ,1e0e.., .
~ ,
,Nicpragua. is, raVagctl Icy' ,civil 'Waii, l'he Arrival :of .the • Falcon-7470,00i . la, Raid
though it was thought'thaf the existingii 3 OV , 0118t—latelliging :Naval intelligence, ice,
eminent would be enabled to 'maintain ft.,: . P‘ NEW.OnLEA.Na, Oct 0.• ,
self i • i ~i , ,i i„, ; , i, ' ..
' !' ' i I t i - The ateinnahirVakon; Capt.; Hartatjw.
••••.• •• . ••• , ,in vrif,,,f ~. •: ..'il • ' , l - -e ~ j,.1 1; - I.q!‘
~ ~
,':zr^^ec~.,~.,,~ s+ ~~.:.,,.~..~-nevf4• ».~icx!'+r„h^'~~~~~---ter
Courier of Wednesday says:—
Events in Canada are rapidly hurry- ,
ing to a crisis. The Governor and his
Ministry have decided on removing the
seat of government from Montreal to To.
ratite: - The reason, the manner, end
ellbct•of tfiis movempiit will with
tremendiolis force, net only against the
present provincial Governtnent but a ffaitiet
the Imperial' Go'vernment which: supports
it. It is unquestionably alt act s of resent
: mew against the people of 'Montreal for
their treatment of Lord Elgin; and it will
linfliet serious injury upon nearly every
class of the inhabitants of Montreal; who
have shaped their business and made all
their arrangements with directJ.reforence
to that city being the capital of the Prov
ince. It stri kesono /cover, a severe blow
at the 'Government party. The whole
diflieultv has arisen out of the attempt of
Lord Elgin to carry en the Government
in accordance with the supposed wishes of
a majority of the people. The• French
control, and in filet compose the majority;
;Ind th-y have accordingly Ibrmed and do
now torte the government party in the
Provinee. kat Lower Canada is the sec•
lion. , where they Teside. Their whole
strength and all their interest lie there.—,
In remeving the capitol, therelbre, from
LoWer Canada, Lord Elgin inflicts seri
ous injury upon his own party. They
are in the principal sullbrers by the
Frmii 'he Penneyk'oninli
From linvana—The French Difficult v—The
U. S. Sloop Gertnantowu—Sailing of the
Spanish Squadron—increase of the Stand
ing Army.
We are in the receipt of advices from
Havana to the 27th ult. We learn that
the reception of the news of the difficulty
existing between our government and the
French Minister, had created quite a sen
sation in Havana. The most extravagant
rumors and speculations were detailed in
all the public placs.
The United Status sloop-of-war, Ger
mantion, arrived at Havana on the 26th
The Spanish squadron sailed from na
-1 vault, about the middle of last 'month, to
protect the southern coaA of Cuba.
'rho standing army in Cuba is to be
increased. Six thousand troops are daily
expected to arrive from Spain.
' The improvements ctli.cted Ly Melson,
in extracting the sacharine matter from the
War cane, has caused !midi excitement
among the planters in Cuba.
mai of the Steamer Alabama from Chug
:,',.ges--Loss of the IL S. Propeller Edith, &c,
arrived .at thici.,.,Kil ye hy - 'medial,
having made the patsagd in l o.:Aiiria d
18,he n rs. , .The P:Rifigil :070,4)00 iti gold
dust, a itirernail,%ariet iill'pasgengens fbr
Nekv. York. -'‘v , ••,... . ~ ~,,,', !
The Isthmus was healtey and travelling
easy. the roads having 'greatly improyed.
The Falcon brings. dates_ from Paw. 'Fran
cisco to Sepr.l.St3
Gen, P. V. giiiith had:gone:On an ex
pediCion to thquomitains of the -Sierra
Col. Fremont was., at 'Monterey. The
ship Milnor,, from New,,Yorh, had arrived
at San Francisco, having made • the pass
age in 120 days. , •
Corrected Weekly from lie Phi:udelphia Papers
. „.
Phi!it(Pp. blvs
P• ; ;
St/sq. County, ,
Lewistown, no *ale
Carlisle, .
liollidaysLurg, i
Erie, 10
Waynesburg, ,
Washington, lal
Harrisburg, -1
Honesbale, 1
Browesville, lal I
Williamsport, 1 /
All solvent L'lc's par
Relief Notes,: —
Towanda Ref. no'
New York City.
Chelsea bank, 80 1
Clinh'm, • 50'
Lailivette, 2
Washington, 70'
Other solv. jgir
New York State. ‘
Allegheny c'fi.
America, Hutlido, 30
C4nntnerce, (10,
Atlas bank,. 30
Canal, Albany, 25
Bruckport, 25
James. flan k 4
Northern . E.x., 1
Lodi, 20a25'
Lyons, 15
State b.Saitgertiet,i,'l,
REMAINING in the Post ,Office a
Clearfield, Pa., for the quUrter endt
ng :30th September, 1849.
A rdery Susannah Ogden Leonard
i Any I)aguerean Artist 2 Read Jane Miss
Butler Win (1. Southard John
Cox James Shyrtess Jesse
Lynch Simon ThoMpson Wt . esq.
Alarks Levi Wainwright Thos.
Younkin Ch4rlcs
Wm. RADEmAron, F. 31
October 1, 1849:
Fur Decentlx.r 'Arm 1P49.
Geo. Thompson Farmer Brady
R C Taylor Potter do
John Fenton, jr. Farmer Goshen
Muitth6W Tate do , . do ,
Thomas Mills Coaamaker ' Borough
Ihigh Leavy Mason do
David Hoover Farmer Law rence
J 13 Stewart Lumberman' Beccaria
Joshua Comstock Farmer do
Aseph Ellis do Bell
Wm Hoover do Bradford
John W Kylar ' do 4, do
Joseph Potter do Morris
Wm F Johnston do Penn
Thomas Kirk Millwright do
in°. Mehaffy Lumberman Burnside
Joseph Brae N Fa rine r do
A B Waller Merchant
Jon. Ilartsborne Farmer
Thos. Rosa Surveyor
John J Bloom Fa r'nv.r C) do
Fran,;is Grogsaint do Covington
Wm Wells Miller Boggs
D McCullough Farmer Jordan
For Decenzher Tani 1849.
F Hollopeter Farmer Brady
David Horn, jr. Tailor do
R Att hairy
Lumberman Bell
Jacob Walters Farmer do
1 high Gallaher Lumberman ; Burnside
R Alossop Cordwainer, Borough
' David Litz Bliteksinikh . do
John Lt4ere Farmer .i . "''' ',Bradford
Win Graham, jr. do c, d
John Kline, Jr.: : ,d
, Dennis Crosyell` , do ' ,fleratur
David Gettrkart 'do,. " do .
Jacob Runk ' do
TIIOI I IEIB Dixon '• ild
Wm Albert " dO 'do
Thos. M'Cracken Lurnber'inan f li'l•gusoti
John P lloyt Merchant''do
IVin Mitchell , Farmer Lawren&...
John Long Carpenter', : ..,'t ' do
Mar,tin Nichols
,rarmer " .
Wm Mapes . 'do . I ,`' .
A - E; do' ; " • • do
James Irwin do'''' ) ' do
Sum'l G Davis',` ) ,(f43" Tlecettria
Ab'irtq,.Ketiggy -'• , do
JEtclzOn Klizetpd Laborer •
Adani HOT dO
J o 4 l ' l .P'r alc '
Jas. Caldwell 'do'
Wm Alektuiddi . ...
AOar,ti iSdaeltiran - 00
1 19t)ert:
Sanibel' Mile 4
Robert Thompson do
Alph9us W Ao •
Thomas KYlai .
Few pia o. 111-B,lk.Aur 4,l3lip4Aressoa Cut
,e3lO eI.A I IO hY r t' B/PLIT & Co.
J.• ' ''
A .1, irdo Ciastimerea . - !
' paid for sale
the olieup'aotdWil
:ion 84/4111PA
,'; 'At 1117T/i3
illanls ? , ..payuga, .1 , . 1 : . 1
( lipgl4l.4uptspiai.. - :.: 5O
lttai:a l ygus e 9 ,., 1 :30' ,
Clinton eopnty, 15
i• ifo, Osweg9, 10
runpers i ,Senecu, 30
f Tainill4:4, bank, 15
Mechlin. Buffalo, 45.
Nierehanis' Bk.
. 40
[Villiers', at el:i;de, 10
PhwirpN,, Buffalo, 35
Statf44lsland,. ' 50
Sinte h:BnIralo,15a80
St. LalVrene6, 75
Union, Buffalo, 30
U. S., Buffalo, ao
Watervliet, 15
Other sole. Wks ' • 1
IN: Bidge'en: 85
l'urdleyville, 15
Plainfield, , •
11.)ther solvent, par
, Solvie.nt Cincinnati li
.. 5
Coinnier., Scioto, 10
do. Lake Erie,7s
Stind sky,
Farmers', Canton, 75
Granville Society,
baneaster, .15
CTrbanna B'iiig co 7 . Ps'.
Other solv_ent, 'l4
Under Fives, 2}
• do
• AVotidword
' Girard
,` Fox
"!, MoiriS