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    - a, ( .
Vlearfleld, Pa. Wednesday, Fn 28, 1853.
- To Correspondents. We bave on our table
three or four communications, which we hare
been unable to examino. They will bo atten
ded to next week.
" A. L. K. xour rhymes miscalled poetry,
eapnot appear iu our paper. . We suggest that
you attend a certain "Institute" we wot 'of,
and, enter the "Preparatory Department"
where they study "Spelling and Defining,
Reading and Writing," thennterthe "Higher
Department," and take lessons in . "Orthogra
phy, Reading and Penmanship!" ' Perhaps
after this course, you may be able to writs an
article fit to appear in print.' : '
1 J. K. Your article is entirely too personal.
In addition to that, the subjects are unworthy
f notice. ; ' " ' "
4. 3. i4o Market M. xour name was
stricken off our list, because your paper was
returned by the Post Vaster, marked "re
fused." '
- Boggs" no name, no sense, and no read-
ing it.' Better attend to your own aflairs, and
set a good example to your meddlesome neigh
bors. ' - -, -
O. H. Philip.burg. Tour "2" have been
received through Gen. Hill.
A. & J . P. We acknowledge receipt of $1.
The bill was good.
B. O. P. Letter enclosing $5 received, and
acconnt squared. Can't publish your "Pencil
Notes" -loo absurd did'nt think you were
so weak in the upper story.
Wasted: A boy to learn the printing bu
siness, at this office One from the country,
about tihrteen or fourteen years of age, would
be preferred. A smart, attirs lad willing to
qo wnai no s toia, wno aon't imagine be's a
gentleman,", because ! he may happen to have
nine or ten hairs on his upper lip, will find a
good situation. "
ADuntisrKATioN Ihtkioues. Washington is
foil of rumors concerning the intrigues of the
administration in reference to the organization
of the House of Representatives. Its stipen
daries and wire-pullers are busy night and day
endeavoring by intrigue, combination, corrup
tion and bribery, to secure the organization of
the House of Representatives.
HorsEBOLD Words for December retains
all the interest which has heretofore given
that most excellent periodical its world-wide
eelebrity. It is emphatically one of the best
re-prints of British Magazines, and all who de- !
light in this species of literature should em
brace the earliest opportunity of securing a
copy. Dix & Edwards, 10 Park Place, N. T.
Price f 3 per annum ; f 3.50 with the Jovmal.
Traoxc Post OrriCB. We call the attention
f our readers to the Letter of F. M. Bill,
Tq., ia another column, from the Ilollidava-
burg Standard, in relation to his removal from
tha Post Office. It is a rich developement.and
those who know this "second Daniel come te
Judgment," will not be at all surprised at his
withholding support" from any one whom he
supposed opposed to the Catholics. It's a fam
ily fracas bowover let them fight it out.'
'. rcRcn ASS or Cvba. A letter from London
to fhc N. T. Courier and Enqirer, informs the
public that the purchase of Cuba by the Uni
ted States is possible if the latterwill give two
hundred million, of dollars, one half to be ap-
l" ,UD " ivreigu ucui vi
Spain, and the other half to the liquidation ot
the home debt. One hundred millions of dol-
Ian is about one fifth of the face value of the
forefgn debt of Spain, which stated in full is
JCICO.000,000, but the faith of Spain is of such
nature that the bond holder, would gladly
accspt one hundred millions of dollars from
the United States as full payment.
' Thk CiscisxATt CosvtsTios. The Bolters
from the National Council in Philadelphia, it
will be remembered, called a Convention to
meet in Cincinnati, which accordingly assem-
a iui iTeaaesaay. under our head of
news by the last mail,' will be found that
we have yet received of its proceedings, which
are Veingwaited with general anxiety. We
think the National Council which meets next
February, might form a truly national plat-
i ifi in iiBTiur mi.r. is " i.m i hhii liiiii ii nwn wi mm i
" ' " . : . . ' I
of the Slavery question, no which we could all
unite. Unless something of this kind i. done
ft will be impossible for the American Party
to elect tho President.
associatiost. The advertisement of
the. "Cosmopolitan Art Association," In an
other column will be found worthy of atten
tion. The object of this Association i. to en
courage the Fine Arts, and disseminate whole
some literature. For this purpose they have
established a Gallery of paintings and station
ary, by the moat distinguished Artist, of
America acd Europe, which are annually dis
tributed amoag the subscriber., who, in addi
tion to their chanee in the distribution, receive
monthly one of tho $3 magazine., which alone
la the full vain of the subscription. We com.
icesd it to our readora with the utmost confi
dence, and have no doubt they will be well
aati.fled with the investment of t3, which
they can send to R. J. Wauaoi, who i. au
thorised to reeeivee .ubeerfptfens.
Tag News. The most important feature of
the week's news is the eflort made by France
ana England to bring Sweden into active al-
nance wita ihem.V lien, i Canrobert; is in
Stockholm, charged with this mission,' and:
Sweden is required either to assent or refuse.
From the Crimea there is absolutely toothing
to report. The armies are engaged in buil-
ding hnts for winter, with occasional milita- engaged in the .war $250,000,000 of which
ty promenades and exchange of long shots was to England alone. Think of that ye tax
with the Cossack piquets. Several rumors of paying citizens of Penna. We have a debt of
battles near Simpherpol have turned out to be
Letters Irom Sevastopol say mat itus-
sian projectiles from the nortlTsIde reach al
most every part of the city, and that a desul
tory fire is kept up on both sides. The Allies
say that the Russians, although keeping jip a
continual fire, are making preparations for a
retreat. A despatch from Vienna says that a
message had been received at the Turkish Em
bassy stating that the bombardment of Nico
laieff co nmenced on the 20th of October, and
continued during the whole of the following
day. The result is not known. It was added
that the emperor Alexander had been induced
to leave the place before the bombardment be
gan but the Duke Constantine conld not be
prevailed upon to quit the townl Unfriendly
relations are arising between' Great Britain
ane SpainI Firstly in reference to the case of
a Mr. Boylan, a British resident at Santiago,
who was expelled from Cuba in April last, not
withstanding the agreement of Spain to sub
mit his grievances to the arbitration of Mr.
Mure, the British Consul at New Orleans. Se
condly with reference to the appointment of
Don Domingo Modstich as Governor of Fer
nando Po. Britain demands indemnity for
Boylan's losses, and says that as Don Mod
stich is an old slaver, his appointment is insul
ting to the British feelings and must be can
celled. ; - -'
The excitement respecting a war with tho
United States has quite subsided, and the
journals, ashamed of the panic they created
try to excuse It, and let themselves down
quietly by attributing what they call the hos
tile attitude of the American Government to
an election ruse on the part of the President
and his Cabinet, although it is notorious that
the exeitement was begun, fostered, and kept
alive by the London Times. Anxietv is now
manifested to learn how the news of the ex
citement, and the comments of the Times
will be received in America. Intelligent Eng
lishman of all ranks express themselves pain
ed and humiliated by the whole affair. The
Secretaryship oif the Colonies is still vacant.
There is no other political news.
SiaGi lae DrvsLOPBMEST. A correspondent
of the Cin. Gazelle writes from Pittsburg, that
when the case of Pasimore Williamson wasar-
gued, last summer, at Bedford, on tho motion
to bring Williamson out on a writ of kaieas cor-
pvs, tnroo of the J udges Messrs. Lowrie.
Woodward and Knox were in favor of grant- I
Ing the writ, and two, Black and Lewis oppo- j
sed to it. When the Court re-umhw in
Philadelphia, Judge Kane and his friend, had
an interview with , our Judges, and coramuni-
cated to them the fact, that the President had
ordered the Unitad State, Marshal, in casethe
Court should direct the writ to issue, to re
move Williamson from Moyaraensing to a U.
State, receiving ship, and defend him there,
with United States marines and soldiers against
any force tho State might send to take him.
The question presented to our Judges was,
whether it was prudent to risk threatened col
lision? They, it seems, had not the nerve to
stand up for State Rights. Judge Lowrie and
Woodward changed their opinions, ani the
writ f habeas corpus was not issued.
ouia anything oe more contemptible I If
u . i
this statement is true. :he pusillanimous con- I
duct of these Judges (!) merits and will receive
the contempt of every citizen of the State,
who has any regard for the honor and sover
eignty of the Commonwealth. :
Correspondenco of tho Journal.
. ' Philadelphia, Nov. 24, 1855.
Has our Jesuitical P. M. opened an lnquis-
torial office beneath the sign of the "Post Of
fice," in your town, and are all suspected let-
trs now detained for examination? For there
j, a , crew loose somewhere, as I search in vain
in your columns for a "stray leaf" from our
g00dly village Nothing daunted, however, I
try once more to nuzzlo thir di,,rimi-.ii.,.
and see if they can stop this; perhaps they
w a - -m um aw uj
are not to blame, but we know they do worse
things than this. "XufT-std."
Old Winter has'at last found as but. Ice
and snow both made their appearance this past
week; though in limited quantity, yet enough
to warn u. of the close of our lovely Autumn.
nrevions with snch nnr.
moonlight evenings
that even an inhabitant of bricks and mortar'
could feel romantic ; but the trees are all
stripped and bare, the wind oee,ioi, ,..
f, ... A J
ties aronnd the corners of tho streets with the
same sharp air that we can remember was the
forerunner of winter last year the note of
preparation is therefore heard on all sides
, . . .
- -w oonv vi inn iiiuuaaDUS OI 1 OOr in OUT
city it is to be hoped that it may not be severe.
The amount of stirring news at this season
. , ,
f C l 'W" WUb E&'
ana tne tightness of the money market. Of the
former there seems to lie but little probability I
" . . ... - ' I
or evon possibility, but the latter ia a rmai I
Itivo certainty. Money is now commanding
pretty good rates of Interest, but of course
there is to tho lender a proportionate risk, and
the note-shaver has to be a pretty shrewd indi-
ridnal or whil o-tMn fh. i.
Tiaual, or whilo getting the interest, he may
loe the principal. Stock, have been very lowt
A panic in the market two weeks since cau.i
ed a sudden decline, and many of our good R.
R. stock, fell in four day. at least from 10 to
20 per cent.' ' A better feeling now prevail..
and another week will probably .how things
on a inoro settled basis. , The extraordinary
financial operation, of the Bank of Franco a.
detailed in the foreign paper., ha. caused a
fear hero that a constant drain of specie mar
take place long as the present war fn Eu-
J rope lasts, and that American Securities will
be sent home for sale yet there is little prob-
j ability of this taking place; though, le3'ond
I uonot cold commands a srood erica in FP
now, and they require it there. Talking of
money reminds me of an item in last news :
I the Rothchilds have already raised over $500 -
000,000 and loaned them to the governments
only one-fifth of what England has already
spent tor this war. and we rmnnhin nf nnr
es. Rather let us be thankful that we breathe
the air from. the Alleghenies, than bow to the
sceptre ' which Victoria wields. Still' let ns
stand by the Keystone State and not sigh for
a government more replete with royalty than
our own. There is one merchant in our City,
who-thinks it is about time that wesho'd have
titles in this country, and that wealth should
command the same respect here that it docs in
Europe. Poor fellow, how much better it
would be if ho were to transport himself and
his money to priest-ridden monarchial Europe,
than to burden the soil he treads upon, or taint
the air he breathes here this is a fact, and he
in earnest and sincere.
. A few words about trade, Business is fast
falling off and the quiet that usually follows a
storm is spreading over us. On Market St.,
the jobbers are dull and the same maybe
said of all other places except where flour and
grain are concerned both of which meet with
an active sale, both for home consumption and
export. Prices still keep up, flour sells free
ly at $9.00 and wheat may be quoted at the av
erage price of $2.00 though $2.25 has been
obtained for some lots this past week.
There is some prospect that the credit of the
city will soon be restored again, as the long-waited-for
bill, to raise $1,000,000, has passed
the Common Council at last, and is now before
the other branch cf the city government for its
sanction. It is to be hoped that this vexed and
vexing question wih soon be settled. -
Quite a large number of our leading ITotel
keepers have been bound over during this
week to answer at court for selling liquors on
Sunday among-them we notice the Girard
House, Jones Hotel, and others of the fash
ionable kind. Our Mayor is detarruir.rf in en
force tho law whilo it exists, and ho is iu the
station to do so. No one knows the value of
such a law. h,.t thn. ....
wuv ii tu its j'juviicai
working. ,
"Sam" seems to be quiet since his recent
victories, and will not probaoly be heard of
mucn more till about the latter end of Febru
ary, when he calculates upon "talking some."
Yonrs, &c, , . OLIVER.
BE ALE PAEE05ED. Gov. Poi.t.Of ' ha.
pardoned Dr. Beaie, who was convicted of
Rape on the testimony of Miss Mudge, last
fall. The Governor's reasons for extending the
executive clemency are strong, though for
onrself we very much doubt the propriety olSlewat" Whon I found that my occupancy
the act. The Dardon att ti,
which it wa, granted, which are a. follow. :-
He received communications from one
huu(irei and forty dentists and twenty three
o - .. kv.iuuvuj n i is milt- i
ters transpiring under the influence offthrr ;
unsaie .ma unrenauie ; irom a number of oth.
er physicians named, and that they
mm innocent ; from a large number of the bar,
and citizens of various States, including the
names ot Uovernors, Attorneys General, &c.
that they believe he was cvnvicted on insuffi
cient testimony ; from a number of clerv-
mcu, tiiat they be.ieve him innocent; from the
mayor oi riiuaaeipnia, and Dfty members of
tar riiiiadelphia City Councils; from mem
bers of the Legislature, Judges of the Su
preme Court, editors of Philadelphia newspa
pers, and Ave thousand othsr citizens of Penn-
svlrania and New York. vith fiv r y. r..-
on the trial, all aski
enumerating all these facts, the Governor
says :
And whereas the board of Inspectors of the
said Philadelphia County Prison. nnr.,.nro
' O ---- - - - - j ... .AUUl
by their communication on file in the office of
of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, have
unanimously recommended the pardon of the
said Dr. Stephen T. Beale, because, in their
opinion, the end contemplated by the la- in
the moral reform of the prisoner'has been at
tainedbecause full, and ample satisfaction
has been rendered to public seutiment by the
imprisonment he has already undersone be
cause his health is
undoubtedly breaking I
down under the sufferings of body and mind
which he has already endured, and because
mo uesuuue conuition or his aged parents,
and bereaved and sorrowing wife and children
imperatively demand the support and pre
sence of their son, husband and father.
And whereas, after a full and careful exam
ination of the facts and evidence in the case,
aided by the scientific discussions to which it
has given riso, (without any intention to re
flect upon the prosecutrix, who no doubt tes
tified to what she believed did occur nor to
impugn the integrity of the learned jude
ed that the defendant Dr. Stephen T. Beala. is
B?' of the crime whereof he stands
rf6l'i and W11S conTicted upon evideuce
""iLV16 10 lt charaer, and insufficient in
1 ao, therefore, in consideration of the pre-
mjses pardon the said Dr. Stephen T. Beale.
,a Cn,I?e T hereof ha is convicted as afore-
said, and he is fully pardoned accordingly.
Opr Position I feel no unkindnesa-.
h?s,Vlitv to the foreigner whatsoever. I am
" eVr?""nKf bIe9ainS
v wuuui miviua. x. win ten nim. 'came
d them with ns. If you have been Sfe
object of oppression in a foreign land. rmr
here Rnd 00 free li in mother land you have
RIlfTp rtA Trrkm warn n .3 . I
- V i ... ' ttUU ouure our pien-
iy. our law. win protect you ; our laws will
give you freedom such as you cannot enjoy
elsewhere in the world beside. . But we reserve
to ourselves the right to govern our country,
(Shouts of applause and cheering.) Leave
that, trk iv m W rknll 11 1 ty . ,
"I" a11 ueneB
our free institutions afford. That is the great
hoon we offer. What other country in the
wunu uuoia iuu gamer ione. Jan one of 1
you go to a foreign land, and become invest-
nu,u vim pour political privileges conceded
to tne people ot it f No; not one
foreigner, therefore, come here, and take ev
ery thing but the rieht to zovern us. knl
l"""-"-; a must taite care tnat we do not
IV i . . "... . V
pecome alien, in our own 'land. Thi. liberty
is ours. Our blood and that of om fathers h
been .hod fcr it. It i. our. by our right and
our hub ; auu mis land we intend to govern,
am wo wm govern." Mr, llritttndtn's Speech
in Ph'la&tlphia,
From the Democratic Standard.
. Ttrojjb Post Officr. O..TravgkDenr
air iu your, issue oi October -31, yiu briefly
notice my removal .from ; the office of :; Post j
Master, ana express-' a desire to know the
grounds or my aeposal. For your satisfaction
A 1 . . a. U 1 .
na w ' imspuuiic. in general, L deem it '
I l!roPor t0 make a statement of facts, u
LbiL9' ?f ill," L"?-.wi,,il!' sSr-
iy wiuing, to aoiaa tneir s ana your verdict,: -
i r I - . 1 . - i . . . I
On the 2d day of July last, I received a
Vlll iriuirij
ter from D. W. Moore, f Agent in Mail hp,art."
ment, Washington City.) relative to certain
charge against me. lie iu formed me that I
was "accused of belonging to the K. JTs, and
nsing the official station which 1 hell, to the
prejudice of tTiose who come under thecen
sure of that -intolerant party;" and further
that "these charges were made by respectable
men, and that, unless satisfied of their falsity.
i tJl - . ... .
ne wouia oe consiramea to-withhold any fur
ther support.'? To this I replied "I have ev
er been a consistent National Democrat, ani
as such, was supported by the bjjt Democrats
of the county; when I applied for the office.
And as to my having any connection with - the
K.N's, or any other party that would, pro
scribe a man for religion or place of, birth,, I
pronounce it a wilful and malicious lie, and
such I can now,' or at any time prove it to be.
Having explained my position officially, I have
only a word to add as a private citizen. If
good and true Democrats are to be harassed
and turned out of office at the request of Whig
catholics, who seek to fatten at the hands of
an administration they have ever opposed, is it
to be wondered at, should such an administra
tion be held in contempt t 1 speak thus plain
that you may know that I care neither tor the
frowns or favors of an administration that can
listen to such a charge, either against myself
or. any of my fellow democrats. . As to who
your authors are, I know not, nor do I care
I brand him as an unmitigated liar."
To this I received a response dated Jnlv 8th.
Says Mr. Moore, "your letter of the 3d, pleas
ed nievery much. 1 snowed it to Judge Camp
bell, and he was as much pleased as I was, and
expressed himself in the most friendly terms
lowaias you.- Ana so. sir, trie matter rested
until some of my friends (?) of this place sent
oil a petition for my removal, which was an
swered by the appointment of JohnB. Stewart,
to take my place. As to the grounds of rav
removal, I am perfectly ignorant. Upon the
reception of my deposal, I immediately ad
dressed a note of inquiry to the department,
as to the cause, but up to this time, have
been treated with silent contempt. .Now, sir,
allow me to say, that I am not conscious of
any official delinquency.- 1 have ever dischar
ged my duties with promptness and integrity ;
and, I am happy to siy, to the'entire satisfac
tion of the community ut large. Why, then,
am I removed I know not. - As I stated to
Mr. Jkoore, I now state, I have not, and nev
e rl ,2 7 connection with any party organi
'cd for political purposes but the Xitional De
mocratic party, and (o this I am willing to be
qualified any day.
About the time I received the letters from
the department. Mr. D. A. Magehan, of the
"Iron Democrat," called upon me' and inform
ed me that John B. Stewnrt (the present in
cumbent of the office) was going all through
the county circulating that I was a K. N., and
that he was trying his utmost to get nie turn
out of office. He further requested me to
publish a denial of the charse. &c. which I
did through the columns of the Democrat, as
perhaps you may have seea. Mr. Magehan,
at that time expressed any thing but a favora
ble opinion of (as he called him) this John B.
! lne rost lHce was going to result an an un-
TZt Zl' J fT J
consent to my doing so. There was only o
exception at that time, and that was John B.
& i.ivi iiir w .is it puur uiau auu
wanted something to tnccnUlo in
Mr. Stewart, you say, "will doubtless make
an attentive offieir, as you hear him highly
spoken of." The Iron Democrat vouches for
his "honesty and capability," and thinks that
nonocaa honestly object to his appointment."
As for you, my dear friend, I am indeed sorry
that you have no more reliaMe method of ob
taining truthful information on this subject.
At all events, sir, the appointment is the
most unpopular on that could have been
made. For myself, I care not ; but, sir. I re
gret the effect that it will have on the Demo
cratic party. -
. I am, sir, as ever, yours in the bonds of
Jcffbrsoman Democracy,
Tyroe City, Nov. 0th, 1855.-
OaCANiziTios , of Congress r-Congrcss
meets on Monday wee!c, and more than ordi
nary interest attaches to its organziation. The
Albany Journal says a circular has been sent
to Ihe American members as apian for or
ganising the nouse of Rcpresentalives in the
31th Congress on the following basis:
To call a meeting of members of the Amer
ican Order who support the resolutions adopt
ed by the American Council at Philadelnhia.
12th June, 185-5.
a ins meeting snail prescnoe obedience to
these resolutions as
the test of elizibilitv to
any office or appointment within the power of
the House of Representatives.
If a sufficient numler of National Americans
cannot oe assembled to eflect an organiza'ion
upon tne above basis, a conference shall be in-
vited with all members favorable to an organ-
lsauon upon the basis of maintaining existing
laws upon the' subject of Slavery as a foial&ni.
conclusive settlement of that subject.
"that this conference shall refuse
to sun-
port any nominee for any office within the ap
pointment of the nouse, who will not take
and subscribe the followins declaration of
principle and action
1. That he will obey and enfoice when called
on so to do, all laws enacted by tho Federal
and State Governments, as paramount to any
other authority within their respective aud
appropriate jurisdictions.
2. That he will abide by and maintain the
existing laws upon the snbject of Slavery, as a
final and conclusive settlement of that subiect.
iu spinii auu in sunsiance. ...
3. That he will abstain from and discourage
the agitation of the slavery question.
4. That he will confer no subordinate ap
pointment upon any one who will not make
aud subscribe the foregoing declaration.
11. that the organization thus effected shall
bo regarded as a patriotic truce, for the pur
. . . : i i . . ; . .
p"o v pretcnuug legisiauve anarcny, tor car
rymg on the Government in accordance with
the forms of the Constitution, and for the
maintenance of the public peace and dignity
against sectional agitation. '
III That every member who unites in this
. e s a; r
pin 01 orgauizaiion snau De iree to resume his
political relation, and maintain his political
opinions as heretofore ; nor shall he be bound
to any alliance beyond the act of putting the
House of Representatives into legislative ac-
IV. That a committee bo appointed to re
port a ticket in conformity with the princi
ples of this plan of organization, presenting
the names of suitable nominees for the various
offices within the appointment of the House of
Representatives. . .
1 3 The President. Message will not be for
warded In advance a heretofore, to distant
At -,be JT,.eti?S Mb Awericanajn Treq-
ion, on.rriaar vwiiDg,; to rejoice over.-thcir
recent victories the following letter was r--
cejveu irom xtmiaottore Stockton: j.
? - , rPiscsTO, Nov. 14, 1855.''
Gentlemen I am informed by your letter bf 1
yesieraay, inai a meeting is to be held at
. i . f . - : -
xiivuu, vu i iia.i;, iiieio.u mac. com mem- i
TraV? OI ",e principle l the American par
iy . ou a M "tnat 11 18 wel1 known thai
you jiave for several years approved those
principles, tnerelore you are earnestly invi-
leatoDe present, and to address your fellow
cuizens on inai occasion." I thank veu for
tue - invitation, .although previous engage
"-l"1--" "' iem my ueing present.
- u., uK, iiuweTer, 10 let tne occa
sion pass without expressinsr mv entire on
currence in the patriotic, principles of the A-
uieriuan party, wnicu have had for so many
j vi nj- ueau ana ueart.
He then recapitulates tho "American prin
uiiH ujjuu iu care taaen oy our
forefathers to preserve our institutions against
oieign lunuence, &e., ana concludes as fol
lows :
The crafty engineers of Dolitical anecnl
tion, see no danger, and never will see any,
niutu uoes not uneaten to arrest their profita
ble control of parties. The doctrine that " A
mericans alone shall rule America," designed
to restore the government, as it was in th
days of Washington, to the hands of Ameri
cans aione, is stigmatized by the organized
"-"" i puimcians wno wield tne machinery
for manufacturing the incumbents of office.
"uiu mji- me i: resiiency aownwaras, as a
pestilent heresy, and those who hold to this
ancient Amencun doctrine, are denounced as
traitors. 1 lie progress of events is rapidly
bringing the country to the condition when
but two parties will contend with each other
the one the American party, the other the
Foreign party. The American party will seek
me rrstoratiou oi the government to Ameri
can control, such as it was when it came fresh
irom tne American people, fho Foreign iar.
ty will seek to propitiate the foreign element.
yuuucr iu us insoient aniDition ana aspiring
prouominance, conicna lor the continuance
and extension ef its privileges, cringe with
servility to its dictates, and offer new bribes
tor its lnenpship. The simplo fact .that the
next election of a President of the United
states may turn upon the assertion of the re
nunciatioa by the American people of the
aoctnne mat "Americans alone should rule
America,' should be sufficient to astonish and
alarm us. If the doetrine be renounced, it
will be ewing to the overpowering force of the
foreign element in our population. The migh-
ij power or mat element lias been guaged by
the astute politicians who are allied tc it. They
nare measurea its length and breadth, its
heighth and depth, and they- are ' willing to
siawe ineir aestimes on its omnipotence. It
was tha praetorian guards, composed of foreign
mercenaries, who put up for sale the imperial
purple at Kome, and it is the foreign mission
aries among ns who now offer to the politicians
who bold the reigns of party sway, the next
Presidency, aj the price of favors to be con-
lerreu on them, and privileges perpetuated
hereafter. There is no country, there never
has been any country, where such an issue, if
squarely, tariy, ana distinctly -presented to
tne people, couia te decided any other than
one way, and that in favor of the "country
born." Will the people of the' United States
repudiate a sentiment ol this sort 1 They will
do no such thing. Already they have arisen
spontaneously and rushed to the standard in
scribed with the words "Americans shall rule
America." It is vain for politicians to attempt
to arrest the progress of tho American party
by efforts te compel it to adopt portions of the
creeds which distinguish other parties. It
will not thus be induced to endanger the cause
in which it is engaged. The safety of the ieo
pie is the supreme law, and while that safety
is endangered, every thing else is of subordi
nate interest. "Place none but Americans on
guard." was the order, of Washington at a
crisis of imminent danger. r
With assurances of high regard, I am your
friend and obedient servant, .
Wuzk Rooues Fall Oct, &c Read the
following, extracted from . a long editorial .of
the Easton -frgwt, one of the organs of the so
called Democracy of old Northampton :
We must acknowledge our surprise and re
gret at the attempts, originating principally
with the office-holders of the general govern
ment, to bring the name of Gen. Pierce be
fore the Cincinnati National Convention for
re-noraination. It can hive no effect except
to divert the attention of the people and the
expression of public opinion from seeking for
fit and available candidates, and can result in
nothing. No National Convention would be,
in our opinion, so insane as to nfcir.inate him.
ana no aeieai would bo so utter und inglori
ous, as that which his name would bring.
. The course and policy of his Administration
has almost lost Pennsylvania to the Democra
ay. . .
cy already, and his nomination would give it
the finishing blow. No man at all conversant
with the tone of public opinion in our State
would entertain a particle of hope with him as
our standard bearer. A general and deep seat-
ed conviction of his wan: of nerve, his want of
nonesty, ana his want of ability pervades our
waoie people, and no amount of effort could
efface it. We hear it constantly and daily cx-
pressed by ail classes of people m this region
an Rre informed that the same outspoken
sentiments are heard all over the State. The
blunders which marked the first year of his
Administration, instead of being' redeemed,
have only been aggravated. The people have
with pain seen the small manoeuvres of the
Township politician emanating from the Pre
sidential chair. They have mourned over the
evidence that dignity and statesmanship are
ignored in little intrigues to build up cliques
for re-nomination, and are compelled to ad
mit that the only prominent feature of his ad
ministration consists in tho pusillanimous
dodging of every embarrassing question, and
a persistent shutting of his eyes to every per
plexing duty. The weakness of his regime has
evoked gross violations of the law and the
Constitution from the fanatic Know Nothing
Legialatnre of Massachusetts and the Nullifi
es of Missouri, and when the eyes of all the
conservative men of the nation were eagerly
turned to Washington for a demonstration
which should at ono effort vindicate and de
fend the Constitution against abolitionism and
disunion, the President, calm and smirking,
seemed to be tho only man in the land who
had never heard the startling intelligence: -
His official organ to the editing of which, it
is well understood, his liesure hours are de
voted, and for which he aloue is responsible,
excluding everything that'does not square with
his see-nothing, do-nothing tactics, publish
ing whole columns for the sake of saying no
thing, and occupying both sides of every dan
gerous question with a nimble agility that
would earn applause for a Ravel, is a consis
tent and fitting exponent of his policy. -
C3"A squaw in Central Michigan had a pa
poose on her arm that was exceedingly white
for a member of its race, which fact induced a
gentleman to ask if it wa. a half-breed ; where
upon shoj replied "No, no, not . a drop of
white blood about It half , logon amT half i
missionary.' "t
; f '
Pfwfy rain, bad Hoys, and empty pocket.
Wantsd another girl to do hoM,.work B
notice. ' ;
Passable the new bridge. It will soon bm
tirply finished. X '
Elected Bash ford the Republican candidate tar
Qoyerner in Missouri.
Coming Christmas, and the railroad. We axe
bound to have it at last. -
Dull our exchanges. They are aa barraa ef
news as a bull-frog is of bristles '
. :' E mpty our coal-box. I'ts your turn now Char.
ley, so 'fork over' and get a load.- ' -via.
FitztsJ ovt the exeitement growinr out cf tie
talk of a war with Eozland Vive labambncr
Improvement. A new plank walk ban
before the MethoUi.t Church. It wa.much d.k1I
Sat the roads, and the individual it ... .
the swallow tail with brass buttons. Ila'a 'aomw
pumpkins.'. :' t .
Commence! in earnest the wire working foi-
the Presidency ia 1353. We jto fa for a free fla
and no icouziaz.
Worls u-eU-tbf, -juC law" in this nsiVhbar.
hood. If it works as well every where else, we
dont think it will bo easily repealed. .
Editorial Convention. A. CoDTention af
Nebraska editors has been called to meet at Ilnnt.'
ingdon.on Wednesday tho 19, of December.
CWthe sickly season. Our Phviioiani ar
eomparaUroly idle, and we mean no diarespect to
them, when we wish that they may long remain so.
Scarce local iiems. Every person appear to bo
attending to Lis own business, and if so, we tare
arrived at "a eonsomation devout! v nV. i
j vv .. .VU .4,
Crowded onr advertising columns. Wo 1
been compelled to omit several this week, ia order
to give our readers tho usual quantity of reading
matter. ..
Don at last thost boots, and that load of rroea
wood wo got a short time aineo. Who has a load
of good dry wood to girt iu in exchange for sub
JVwj.n.-Wm. II Bloom hai juit ocenod a
neat and fancy Drug Store in Curweuiville. Qo it
Dr., we ll back you, as long as you dont a-ivo Lt
much at a dose.
Tailed o.The Clearfield ladies talk of intro
ducing the "Hoop fashion.' We hope the Eurgeaa.
and Council will immediately proceed to widen
the board walks.
Thanlsgiving. We regret to say, to the dis
grace of our town, that Thanksgiving Day was en
tirely disregarded. . Stores wore open, and buti-
ness transacted as usual.
Fresh Oysters X Tommy Robins'. . He has just
opened a new saloon, where those who are fond of
bivalves can regale on them at their ease. Tommy
ia the most onterpraing man in town. . ..
Tru4 Americanimt. A- cumber of Jlew Tork
ladies have pledged themselves to employ only
American fabrics in their dreas and furniture.
to the exclusion of foreign production.
Suffertil tho turkies on Thanksgiving Iay.
Our Devil came d ogged near, busting a -su.-en.
der, the Sr.. collapsed a flue, and wo'had orfpl
dreams from an overloaded tumjack.'
Pleasant to travel over the Turnpike (') between
this and C'urwecsville. It'a in a splendid eondi-
tion! We hav'nt heard of more than aix vehic!
ticking fast in the mod during fhe past week!
Acquitted. Judge Stewart, who baa-been oa
trial in New York, for bribery and corruption.
The Jury, however, recommended him to resign
his office, aa fcead been guilty of -irregnlaritioeV
Quarterly M.;tis The Melhoiist Friends
have been holding a Quarterly Meeting at Car-
wensville, for the past few dayi. P. E. Poisd.
was preient and preached oa Sabbath. Wo loam
that it wm an interesting meeting.
Tennessee. The Senate of TercrMeohav pas
sed resolutions demanding Congress to extend tho
time of naturalization, - and expressing the sense
of tho Asit-mbly that no Roman Catholio ought t
hold office under tho General Government.
Should I active tho members of the Ordor
throughout the county. Sow is the time to work.
Leave no effort untried, honorably to incrsaso our
uumbcr. Kemomber that we will aoon enter up
on a Presidential campaign, and "in timo of peace
prepare for war." '
For so! tho '-Raftsman's Journal"' andr.everT
thing belonging to it. , We'll sell on easy terms, as
we must attcud oxalnsivcly to our professional bu
siness. ' But we are bound to see the paper kept
up and sustained, and if wo eant sell to a good,
man, we can keep it.
Probable that we have baen humbugged with,
the publication of a curtain advertisement. We
have written for information and should it turn
out ae we suspect, we'll give tho gentlemen tho
benefit af a larger, space in our columns. It'a
something that wont be done more than onco.
Commendible the conduct of those citszen whe
hauled trees, set them out. and otherwise beautK
tied our Graveyard yesterday. Thej deserve the
greatest credit for their disinterested labor of
love, and. they have made quite an alteration in
the appearauoe of that, so lately, barren and car
lacted apot..
.Than is to Mr J. J. S. Radebangh, for a dolf.
cious roast of venison.' IF she had seen us regaling
on it on Monday, wo think she would have come
to the conclusion that we appreciated her present.
It's gone where the good things go, and there',
plenty of room for more. Who'le bo tho next t
call forth our thanks? .
American victory in Virginia, At a special
election held for State Senator. 'in the benitorial
District composed of Hardy, Morgan and II amp-
shire counties, Mr. Ark strong, the American can
didate, was elected by 262 majority over his oppo
nent, though Mr. Wisk had 67 majority in the
same counties for Governor, ,
Net Idea. Barnnm says he Intends to oreet a
Lyceum Hotel in Xew York, embracing within it.
walls a Lecture and Concert Hall, a Library anct
Reading Room,. Resturact, rooms for instruction
in music, and adult evening schools, and a largo
aaloon for the social enjoyment of families and
friends, and all this without the use or prosenoe of
intoxicating drinks.
Aeta days." This seems to be all the rage at
present. The Louisville Times thus takes it off:
"Yon present a man a small account, ho will pay
yea in a few days; pretty girls expect to marry in
a few days; nigger hoys whistle few days; brass
band, blow out a few days; hi,h follows sing a
few days; and we expect to give our reader, sesae
interesting local news in a few days ". And we
hope some of our abaeribers wilt pay their "
eripMon in a few das