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© B As soon 29the Treasncor shall have
gecoived ten dollars, sue shall pay itover 1
£1 iheboard of Missions, and it sell be the
“li duty ot the Treasurer, to repuit’ 10 Syel)
| annul meeting of the associaton the a
maont of ail monies received and paid.
8. As s704 as ten subscribers shall be, ob-
“tained, the association may proceed (0
% choose thsir Treasurer and Commiit ec,
wh. shali seeve till the day appointed ia
| thc coasiiiution for the annual meedng.
Treasury Department,
The following report and exhibis of the
situ ion of the {unds ofthe conmonwealth,
will convince every candid and uaprejudi-
wed mind, of the faiihful and judicious man-,
aremcnt of the public money by the officer,
who presides over that deparunent.
At an adjourned meeting of a number
of deinocratic republican citizens of Harris
burg, at the house of Melchior Rahm, on
the filth day of Sept. instant, Obed Fahnes-
tock, Esq. was appointed chairman, aud
col. Jagl Baily, was appointed secretary.
The chairman mentioned the object of the
Jacob Bucher, John, Capp, John Zinn,
~ Christian Gieirs, and Jobn 5S. Weistling, a}
committee appointed on the 21st wit. for
the purpose of precuring information and
explanations on the subject of charges made
Jgatpst William Findlay, relative to his of-
ficial acts as treasurer of the common-
wealth, in which it was insinuated that he
had improperly made use of the public mo-
nics in the treasury, made to the meeting
the following report 2
In the performance of the duty imposed
on the commictee by their appointment on
the 21st ult. they duly deliberated upon the
proper course of conduct ‘to be pursued by,
them in order to attain the object of their
appointment The result of their delibera-!
tions was, that the best source
information on the subject of thel inquiry,
must necessarily be in the treas@er him
self; and they consequently adtffessed, to
him a letter on the 22d ult. requesting from
him such explanations as he might think
proper to give in relation to certain netes
endorsed by him which were discounted
in the vanks at Harrisbueg, and which it
+28 inginuat>d by some were discounted
201 the purpose of enabling bins to replace
i the treasury of the commonwealth eer-
sain monies improperly taken therefrom by
tim, It is with much satisfaction that the
committee inform, that on the next day he
transmitted an answer to the letter of the
committer, so fully explanatory of those
correctigeal of office t
fare of opinion that there does
Cash in the treasmiy, (chichly
in notes ary coomed by
the committee) 6,846 38
waar 190.8
07 $6
* Tt has been the practice time imme-
mo:ialy for the weasurer
advance, and (o scitle with the cihcers and
clorks when their sclavies ruspelnely be-
came due, lt appea's (we are informed
by « member of the comuilic) that no part
of this sum had been advanced cither
to Me Findlay or to Mr Wilson, the
monied clerk of the office.— ep.
+ Of which sam (cash in the treasury)
'% 2.410 are in bank at par and specie;
leaving out § 190.807 06 only about $4,323
in notes under par which are principaily
on the banks of York, Carlisle and others
in the adjoining counties. ;
The committee have further, in pursu-
ance of the wishes of the meeting, examimn-
ed the state ot the treasury of the com-
moowealth at the end of every moath
since the last annuel settlement, and procu-
ved from the auditor general, who montha-
ly settle with the treasurer, under
seal 3 and report the tollowing as the result
of that part of their investigation:
On the 30th November, 1816 $276,664 18
do 30th December, 1817 289,613 51
do 31st January 1817 355.962 15
do 28th February, 1817 355,962 44
do 31st Marchy 1817 497,162 98
do -30 April 1817 182,780 98
do 30th June, 1817 161,066 49
do 3 1July, 1817
do 30th August. (31st
being Sunday) 190.807 96
I cermiry that the monthly vepoils
Aum } Of the state treasurcrm which
SEAL. $the foregoing balances are
Amped } exhibited, have been examine
ed and entered in the beoks of the office,
agreeable to law. —Witness my hand and
his 2d day of Sept. 1817
(Signed) GEO. BRYAN, Aud. Gen.
The committee having thus discharged
the duty assigned them, think proper fo
observe that they in the perfor
their duty as a committee considered it due
both to the public and to William Findlay
that the character of the latter
confidence of the former ify him,
rest upon facts,
jectures ; and that upon a 3
of the matters submitted to them,
full investigation
slightest grgund to believe that William
Findlay improperly used the pubis money
for his private use and that the charge a-
narte of clamour against him, as to confirm
the opinioy entertained by the coinmi
of his strict integrity and fidelity as
guardian of the public treasuvy.
At the last meeting these letters were
submitted to your consideration, and have
since been published in the pubic papers.
The commitiee, duly impressed with the
importance of the character their appoint
ment had given them, were determined to
support it by a strict discharge of their
duties ; well aware that the public mind
had been much agitated Ly the charges a-
guingt William Findlay, which, although
not positively and’directly made, were m-
sinuated in a manner designedly calculated
to excite a suspicion that be had improper
ly uaed the public money~ had borvowed
from the banks money to replace it upon
the annual settlement of his account—and
immediately thereafter had taken from the
treasury sums sufficient to discharge the
notes in bank ; and having the following
abjects in view, viz.
i, A desive to satisfy themselves and
the public as to the truth or falschood
of these charges.
3 The best information as to the real
state of the treasury, as to any deficit
of public money, aud also as to the
kind of money in the treasury depart-
The committee agreed to accept the of-
{er made by Willian Findlay, in his letter
to them, in the following words: «If a.
«orveeable to you, the whole situation of the
« treasury department, with all vouchers
« and documents for any length of time
«« past, shall now or at any time you may
« this k proper be submitted to your inves:
tigation 7” and on the first of Dept. inst.
waited in person on Mr. Findlay at the trea.
pry office, who, upon being informed ol
‘heir acceptance of this offer, unhesitating:
i+ submitted to the committee for examina-
iio. all the bank books, papers, documents.
entries and cash, which could show the
real state of the treasury: a statement of
which we submit to the meeting, as follows:
1817, Aug. 30th—Balance in the treasury
of Pennsylvania - }190,807 96
In Bank of Pennsylvania $ 159,976 62
Farmers & Mechanicks Bank 4,619 40
Philadelphia Bank 3,419 .96
Office of Discount & Deposit
in Lancaster
Omce ofMDiscount & Deposit
in Harrisburg
Advances of salaries to offi.
126 35
12,797 89
3,021 38
{least possible tendency to
ainst him of having speculated ir the
hange of no
notes appear to
nearly all
par, aud payable in their paper. |
The report of the committee as adopted’
together withjthe proceedings of their meet.
ing, be signe
tary, and pr
papers ol Harrisburg.
JoxL BAILEY, Sec’y
We wish to put the dem-
ocrats of Pennsylvaniaon
their guard against believ-
falsehoods which will un-
doubtedly be propagated
by the friends of Heister,
within so short a period
pefore the election as to
preclude the posibility of
a reply. This has always
formed a favorite part of
the Aurora tactics! We
must not, therefore, be
surprised if we hear of
more Jane Marie stories,
or something more about
property’---any thing, in
short, that can have the
ecs and clerks?
impose for a moment, up| se 1s.
10 niake such
201,250 98
mance of
and the the reai estate of John
should Centre County, deceased, to wit: a certain
and not on mere cone
not exist the lands of P. Benner,
tes at par for depreciated
be totally unfounded; as ouhers.
the funds of the common-'acres an
wealth are In the banks whose paper is at
labout 140 acres situate in the said Town
d by the chairman and secte-
lished in the democratic news-
ing any of the outrageous]
an ‘equal distribution of
ner in the business.
jon th c:edulity of the ig.
'norent and unsuspeciing
American Cent.
( By Adjournment.) =
PY viriue of sunciy wriss of vendition
exponas to me directed, will bs exposed tw
pubic sales at tlie house of Evan Miles, in
the borough of Bellcfonteyon Monday tho
20th day of Ociober next the ore moity or
undivided half part of Washington lron
Works. situate in BaldEagle Township,
Centre County, with about 1400 acresof
land, to the said Works attached. Sale to
commence at 10 o'clock. Seized & taken
in excciition, and to be sold as the propese
ty of Willian Beatty.
[he onc undivided sixth part of the Ore
Bank called Pennsylvania - Furnace Ore
Bank, and the one undivided third part of
Pussey Furnace, and the lands belonging
to the same. Also ten acres of land ade
joining Thowas Ferguson, and lauds of
Edward B. Pavon, in the said township.
Also an improvement right to 8 tract of
lund situate in the said township of Fergu~
sony comaining 400 acres (be the same
more or less) adjoining lands of Eli Aa
Jams, lands in the possession of Andrew
Hunter and others ; all seized and taken in
execution as the property of William Pate
ton, and to be sold by
Wm. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Sept. 22, 1817. }
All persons are cautioned from purchas
ing a due bill for some where about $609
given by me to John Patterson, either in the
months of June or July of 1815, as 1 have
already paid it, and will not pay it again
unless compelled by Jaw. ?
Bald Zagle, Aug 25,1817,
By order
of the Orphans’ Court of Centre
county. :
ON the premises, on Tusday the 28th
of Ociober next, the following inentioned
and described property, beng pail of
tha realestate that was of Witham Wallace
late of the county ot Dauphin, deceased,
viz + One thud part ot eight thousand
acres of land, contaming Pennsylvania Fur
nace and one Ore Bank, situate in tie
township ot Ferguson, in the county oi
Centres, aforesaid. Terms of sale, out
fitth part of the purchase mopey to be
paid at the time of salc, one filth on]
the first day of April, 1818, next ensuing
and the residue in three equal yearly pay
The above property consists of one third
of a Furnace, nearly new; a stone Dwelling
bouse, Coal House, Swith’s Shop, &c. a-
bout twenty houses for laborers; an ore
bank of excellant quality, and quantity sup-
posed mexhaustihle; about five huadre d
acres of good arable land 150 acres cleared
[6000 acres of wood-land, on Tussey’s
imountain, oak and chesnut timber; 4000
lacres of woodland in the valley, timbe
pine, soil chiefly limesione; Furnace iu
‘complete order and in blast; with a
large supply of stock on hand.
John Anderson, the manager at the
works, will show the premises to any per
soi wishing to view them before the sale.
By the Court, 6th May 1817.
WM. PE [RIKIN Clk: O. C.
Bellefonte Sept. 20th, 1817.
¥or the Difficulty of Hear-
pr. D. GREEN
7 ZN
i AKES this method of letting society
know that he has discovered a new
and easy way of assisting those who are
hord of hearing, quite a new 10y.
Knowing that Providence has permitted
a remedy to grow for every disease he
has made it his study, this number of years
past, to try to find out this remedy. :
At length he flatters himself of being
successful, more so than any man yet
The remedy generally gives helprexs
cept to very old people, who began to
loose their eye-sight about the time that
the hearing becomes weakngd, To all
others it as yet, has seldom failed of re-
storing that great blessing of hearing.
Directions can be scent to the paticnt
by postor otherways, to any place hows
aver distant. At the same time, it may
ve some-what sattisfactory to those dis-
tressed to know that they may pursue
their usual business, and to eat and drink
what tastes best.
‘Phe preparing transmission, kc. of the
remedy, will ‘come to about five dollars.
Que great object is to defuse its bene-
fits as far as possible, therefore, all prin.
ters who will give the above an occasions
al insertion, shall receive ils advantages
for themselves, or relatives in thus assist
ing to place it within the reach of the
Mr, Edicor, :
Many people in letters to’ me, express
a wish to have the principle, of cure
explained to them. This I cheerfully
will do
Principle of cure is to ivigorate the
whole svstem, for :
« Whatever los a tendency to strengths
en the whole nervous system, necessarily
will strengthen any weak part.
. Co Dr Bush's Lectures,
This doctrine we have been taught in
his iecture room~and on this doclimg
my method of care is fonnded. Now as
hard hearing is nothing more than 2a
weakness oi the ears—it of course fol-
lows, that by stredgthening the whole
nervous system ,— his weakness will be
strengthened at the same tine 3 CORSE
quently, hearing returns ’
Further—Perhaps it may not be amiss
to make known, that the remedy is not
to be put into the cars.
rE - ——
| By order of the Orphan’s Court of Centre
1 County.
Will be exposed to public
i AT the house of Evan Miles, in the
borough of Bellefonte, on Monday the 20t:
«day of October next, the following discri-
bed and vailuable property being part ob
Dunlop, late of
‘tract or parcel of land, containing about
| 970 acres, situate in the Township of
Spring, near the said Borough, adjoining
J. Harris, and others;
this tract will be laid off, aud sold in lots to
suit purchasers. A tract of land contain-
ing 329 acres, and allowance, situate in
the said Township, adjoining lands of Jobn
Norris, die heirs of John Harbison, aod
A tract of land containing 255
d allowance, adjoining the last
mentioned tract, lands os Robert Gordon
‘and others. A tract ul land containing
Iship adjoining lands of C Huston, Thomas
‘Burnside, and others, near to logan:
i Branch. Seventy-seven adjoining tacts
of unseated lands, containing each about
414 acres, situate in’ Bald-Eacle Town-
ship, on the South side of the West Branch
of Susquehanna. Also the one raoicly;
or undivided half part of Washington
Iron Works, situate in Bald-Eagic Town-
ship, with about 1400 aeies of land thercio
lattachied” Terms 'of'sale one half of the
{purchase money to be paid when the sale
Ishall be confirmed, and the residue in
{three equal anaual payments. Sale to com
| mence at twelve o'clock, and to continue
from day to day during the week until
‘all is sold. “Attendance will be given by
Charles Huston and John G. Lowry Admi’s
By the Court.
‘Wm. Petrikin Clk. 0. C
September 22,1817.
The Commissioned and Staff officers of
‘the 32d regiment, 2d bngade 10th division
P. M. will meet at the house of Col. Thos.
: M<Pherson, on. Monday the 20th day of
‘October next, with their arms & accoutri-
ments mn order for 3 days training.
By order of the Colonel.
Sept. 20, 1817.
Tan Yard.
The subscriber will rent for any term of :
ars, his Tan Yard, house and two lots of No--not even the least particle of it.
in Old Town, Clearfield opunty- | Putting things info them has Deen the
ruin of thousands.
On ihe contrary, the réader will be
pleased to take notice that my principle
of cure goes quite the contrary way , als
together so-—and thus, by this contrary
way by this new ‘way, (if we may ex-
press ourselves) a cure is pertected=—and
that too, without zny kind of danger to
the ears, and with very little trauble to
the patient.
Reding. Penn. Berks sousty. Ga
duly 37, 1817,
The Yard is now in excellent ordery hav-
ing been about five years in occupancy, and
is well situated for making money; as hides
can be had, delivered at the Yard, at a ve-
reduced price. It the property cannot
rented, the subscriber will take a part.
Those desirous of
viewing the property wiil please apply to
Matthew Ogden, near the premises. For
terms apply to the subscriber in Halfmoon,
Ceiitre county, A