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VOL. 75.
N. W. corner of Wood and Fifth Streets.
Tats.—rive dollars a year, payable in advance.
Sinle copies Two Czxrs—flor sale at the counter of
the Ciffwe, and by ri
The Weakly Mercury and Manufacturer
a pal/Halted at the game office, on a double medium
sheet, at TWO DOLLARS a year, in udralic,:.
One insertion, $0 50 One mouth, . $5 00
Two du., 0 75 I Two do., 6 00
Three do., 2 00 Threedo., 7 00
One weak,. 1 50 I Four do., 2 00
Two do., 3 00 Six do., 10 00
Three do., 4 00 One year, 15 00
One Square. Two Squares.
Six months, $l2 00 Six months, $23 00
One year, 25 00 One year, 35 00
Or Larger advertisements in proportion.
lap CARDS of foar lines Six DOLLARS a year.
Public Offices, &c.
City Post O,Pe, Third Intween Mtrhot and Wuod
'treed—R. .R. 'Wile, Postmaster.
0:Won Haute, 4 4 7a.r. r , 4th dear Crum Woad st.,Pe
tsrson's buildings—William B. Mowry, Collector.
City Treasury, Vi r ootbotwooa First and Second
streets—James A. Bartram, Trca4uror.
Coaity Treasary, Third street, next duor to the
Cx4rch—S. R. Juhaatua, Tr,:asu
Mayor's Office, Fourth,lpnwee n Market and Wood
;treats—Alexander flay, Mayor.
Merehant's Exchange, Fourth near Market st.
Pitts3aiegk, bntw..im Market an.l IVcßid streets un
Third and Fourth streets.
Merchants'andManufacturers' an Farmers' De
pp sit Bank, (form :rly Saving Fun-10 Fourth, between
\Veo3 sal Mark?.t streets.
Exceicinge, Fifth st. near Wood.
Afunongaida House, Water street, /war the
B ridge.
EeelvtnTe Hotel, corner of Penn and St. Clair.
Art.rclawte Hotel, corner of Third and Wood.
A Issriesnllotel,corn2rorf hirdand Smithfield.
[failed States, corner of Penn st. and Canal.
Spread Eagle, Lib'rty street, near
Mrnsion. Ibuse, Lib2rty St., opposite
f rozliars!'s Mansion House, Penti St., opposite
Impartant to Owners of Saw rams.
NYDER.'s unrivalled Self Setters, fur saw mills,
which have been so fully tested indifferent parts
of the United States, as well as in the cities of Phis
burgh and Allegheny, can be seen in operation at a
nombar of mills in this neighborhood, viz: at Mr. Wick
ecsham's mills, on Penn street; at Bowman & Chum
:as mills, near tly: upper AlLigliony bridge, and
at Marrisan's rat+, 0.1 Island, and ethers.—
The alie.ve m tehine can be obtain,•,l at \V. IV.
WAlla-...e's slap, 0:1 Liberty str. , et, near SI:1:01 4 1dd,
where it is finis sr), aid w!lare thu ni i-bine will be
k4it. oa I ' lllls. Apply to B. F. Snyder, or
W. W. Wallace
E vans' Chamomile Pills
411.31LAAV.1 J. CLI:MER, reg limr, at Gfi, .Mutt
stren, New Vorr., was Milzeted with Dy..popsia
i its to te..NI form. Tr: , sy.n.,-:t mus were vi-
Mentb 1 r:b g. .e. 1:1
h:artbrri, pair i t the. chest aid ufways after
c i a hired seo4a..i m of siakinr. at the
sto nt a, forre.l toagg , -, nausea, with frequent vomit
ivilizzires4 trwarls night awl restle isnes4. Thane
o t.l c uowl.rds of a twelvemonth ; when, on
es :salting Dr. WOl. E% ars, 100 Chatham greet, and
nitLia4 his ever gr.7,:r...45ful uad t.re,•able mode
of treator2ot, the pa' Mut was c on,,letely restored t o
h-4.1.th in the short siircs of ooe lorrth, arrlg.rateful for
tit iocslculable berrelit d glaTy came: forward
:tad volt: Iteerad the above statement. For sale, whole,
213.1 a and retail, by It. I:. SELLERS, Agent,
sfp 10-y No. '2O, Wood gra-et, below Second.
P0233'41 3,arhonnl Candy.
rp .S.I7L'L . has received this day front New York,
.1 afresh su,iply of the abuse celebrated cure for
C oa.fias, Colds and Consumptio.is; and is ready to sup
p'y cu ;waters nt wh-iicsale or retail, at his Medical
Agency, 26 Fourth st. nor 12
ttxr Bargains than ever, at the Thre eßig
sutts_itiher would r.i:p2c;ftt:li; iirorm his cu.;
tent !rs au 1 the pu!dir xonei o:at notwithstad
Lila napi:ic :dented sales at the Three Big Doors
d triag the present season; he has still on hand the lar
gest and most varied assonant:it of elegant CLO
THlNGiiiitean be bought west of the mountains.—
The public may rest assured that all articles offer:ti at
his store are maufactured from FRESH GOODS, pur
chased calla Eastern markets this spring and made in
to garments by Pitttsburgh workmen.
In consequence of the multiplication of slop shops in
our city, filled with pawn brokers clothes and the musty,
east off gar.nants of former seasons, from the eastern ci
ties, the public should be cautions to ascertain the char
alter of the establishments in which they are invited to
purchase, before they part with their money. The arti
cles offered at several of the concerns in this city, are
thb mere offals of New York and Philadelphia slop
shopii, and sent out here to be palmed MI on the
burgh public. Purchasers shot 'Abe on their guard a
gainst these impositions, anti they may rely on the fact
that na establishment that advertises eastern made Clo
thing, can give as good an article or as Ivantageous
I .pargalis as can be had at the "Three Big Doors."
The public will please remember that all the subscri
ber's gartnents are ma loin this city, by competent.work
men, and not gathered up like the goods now offered by
Om "birds ofpassage" from the shreds and patches of
eastern slop shops. It will always be his endeavor to
maintain the reputation that the "Three Big Doors"
have obtained for furnishing a superior style of CLO
THING in every respect, aad at prices below those of
any other establishment.
He would again return his thanks to his friends and
the public for the unprecodented patronage bestowed
upon his establishment, and believing that they have
found it to their advantage to deal with him, he would
repeat his invitation to all those who wish to purchase
Clothing-of every description at the lowest price,to call
at No. 151, litocarr Sr. JOHN '3I'CLOSKE Y.
M'Obs,rve Metal Plate in the pavement. ap 26
Look at This.
THE attention of thoso who have been somewh.. ,
sceptical in reference to the numerous certih
caws published in favor of Dr. Swayne's Compouna
Syrup of Wild Cherry, on account of the persons being
unknown in this Section of the State, is respectfully di
nscted to the following certificate, the writer of which
has been a citizen of this borough for several years, and
i &known as a gentleman of integrity and responsibility.
To the Agent, Mr. J. KIRBY.
i have used Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild
Cherry fora Cough, with which I have been severely
afflicted for about four months, and I have no hesitation
in saying that it is the most effective medicine that I
have been able to procure. It composes all uneasiness,
and ri,, ,,, rees well with my diet,—and maintains a regular
nd good appetite. I can since-rely recommend it to all
others similarly afflicred. J. MINN Ica, Borough of
March 9, 1810. Chambersburgh.
For sale by WILLIAM THORN,
No. 53 'Marketstreet.
(bp 23)
Pitb . ..b .. urti)
. 111erninit 1116,t.
B. Woods, Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Office removed to Bakewell's Offices, on Grant street,
nearly opposite the new Court House, next rooms to J.
D. Esq.. first floor. sep 10
Hugh Toner, Attorney at Law,
North F:nit corner of Smithfield and Fourth streets,
Pittburgh.— sep 10—y
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
:e i i tea• D;amorel, back of the old Court House,
stsp 10 l'ittsbergh.
Francis IL Shnnk, Attorney at Law,
Fourth street, above Wood,
sep 10—ly Pittiburgh, Pa
Thomas Hamilton, Att , rn-v at Law
Fifth, between Wood and Smithfield sts.,
sep 10—y Pittsburgh, Pa.
'm. O'Hara Robinson, Attorney at Law,
Office on the North side of the Diamond, between Mar
ket and Union streets, up stairs sap 10
A. L Dusboraw, Attorney at Law,
Tenders his professional services to the public. Office
sep 10 on sth st., above Wood. Pitt shurgh.
Eyster & Buchanan, Attorneys at Law,
Office removed from the Diamond to "Attorney's Row,'
shady side of 4 th, between Market and Wood sts.,
sap 10
N. auckmaster, Attorney at Law,
Has removed hisoffice u, Bearer' Iri Beilding,:, •lt!
st., above Smithfield, Pittsburgh. sepl 0
George W. Layng, Attorney at Law,
o.rice in Fourth street, near Smithfield, Pittiburgli
Sep 27—y
Reade Washington, Attorney at Law,
Office Bakewell's building, Grant street, Pi ttsburg,ll
nov 3, 184
John J. Mitchell, Attorney at Law,
Office corner of Smithfield and Fifth streets, Pittsburg:lh
Le - Collections made. All business entrusted to his
care \yin be promptly attended to.
feb 16—v
Wm. E. Austin, Attorney at Law,
Pittsburgh Pa. Office in Fourth street, opplsite Burkr'i
f7e"Wii.T.tAst E. AUSTIN', Esq., will give his atten
tion to my unfinished business, and I reconm .nd him
to the patronage of mp friends.
Daniel M. Curry, Attorney at Law,
o:fico on Fifth street, between Wood and Smithfield
npt Pittsbi
Robert Porter, Attorney at Law,
Office on tim corner of Fourth mid Smithfield streets,
inp 10 Pit t4hurzli.
Judson & Flanogin, Attornoys at Law,
Smithfield, tw.tar th street. C.... 1, mad, cm 111.1.
crate tenni. l'ensions fornid•nv; old .mllier: unit,
the late tact of Conr,ress ohtaiwd. l'aperi and dr ,w
-for thr patent office proptin - sd. mar 17—v
ll3ary S. Magraw,Attornoy at Law,
11a4 non office to hi, r na Fourth it
t a'tavo
_ _
J. D. Creigh, Attorney at Law.
0.14'0 ( . Irner Smithflrld and Third .tn• , • • <. PI! t , I , L/1%:11
11IV 25—v
L. Harper, Attorney and Conn.sellor at Law,
Will attend promptly to the collection or 4t-enrity
c',“im , :mel all profeisionallmsin”,,, earrm,trd to hi; ca 11'
in tltccnuutics of IhrriAon, .1r41,m,:0n, Belmont, G ot•ro-
Tmtrarawa=, Ilufmes, Co4mmon, Carroll, stark
and Wuynm lt.Ermt To
Drtl:ell ; S r • F e ie:nin 7,
.H, pr,
i t
_ .
I).T. Morgan,
my 27,18 13—tf
R. Morrow, Alderman,
Office north side of Fifth st mei, between ICund and
Smithfield, Pittsburch. seplo—tf
Magistrate's Blanks,
For proiwiline, in attachment under the late law, for
sale at this office. jv 25
Dr. S. U. Holmes,
(Mice in Seennd strict, next door to :11111V:111V
Warrhon. :4'o I 0-v
Dr. A. W. Patterson,
Office on Smithfield street, third door From the corner of
sixth street
Ward & Hunt, Dentists,
Liberty street, a few door., below St. Cl a i r ,
Doctor Daniel McMeal,
Officit on Fifth street, between Wood and Smithfield
streets, Pittsburg-h. der 10—y
No. 43, Wood ,"s7rrtt,
Agonb; for the sale of the E3gle Cotton Factory Yarns
mar 17—v
Williams & Dilworth,
Wholettle Grum-A, Produce and Commis,ion M
chants, and Dealers in Pittsburgh Mleufactured A
tiele4, Nn. 29. Wood street. gcr " — Y r
IT and Retail Dealers in
English, French and Domestic Dry Goods,
No. f.;1 0 Market street,rittAelrgh.
4 k p 1 0 -.,
.1. G. & A. GORDON,
Comiaission and Forwarding Merchants,
Water street, Pittsburgh. se 10-v
_ _ _
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
No. 60, Water fitreet, Pittsburgh, Pu•
I: 7 FTEams.—Receiving and shipping, 5 cents per
100 lbs. Commission on purchases and sales, per
cent mar 22—v
Brownsville Juniata Iron Works,
Edward Hu ghee, Manufacturer of Iron and Nail";
Warehouse, No. '25, Wood st., Pittsburgh
sep 10—y
Wholesale Grocers, Commission and Pro-
duce Merchants,
And dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactures.
mar 17 No. 43, Wood street. Pittsburt
Bookbinders and Paper filers,
Continue business at the stand late Of At'Candless
Johnson. Every description of work in their line next•
ly andpromptly executed. may B—y
Coleman & Co.,
General Agents, Forwarding and Commission
Levee Street, Vicksburg, Miss. They respectfully so
licit consignments. n 22—ti
L. & J. D. WICK,
Wholesale Grocers & Dealers in Produce, Short Rot/ Yarn.
116 Wood Street, 4 doors above Fifth st., • No. 5 at 15 ctsperlb
may 15 Pittsburgh, l'a. 6at 15 do
7 at 15 do
8 at 15 do
9 at 15 do
10 at 15 do
11 at 15 do
12 at 15 Jo
13 u.t. 16 do
14 at 17 do
15 at 18 do
16 at 19 do
17 at 20 do
18 ut 21 du •
19 ut 22 do
20 at 23 do
Orders promptly
f 27 J.
Birmingham & Co.,
March 22.
John B. Brant, Wholesale Grocer,
Dealer in Grain, General Forwarding and CUM
mission Me rcha nt,
liarrisburch, Pa.
11.1. dispose °fall goods sent for Commission
Sales at the lowest clinmission rates.
Phila .—J. &W. Esher, Day &Get rich, D. Leech &Cr,
Baliimore—W .Witin &co. Willaonk. lierr.J. E. Elder
Harrisburgh—Alich'lßurlie,ll.Antes,J M. Holdup:tn.
Booksellers, Printers and Paper Makers
No. 37, Market ctreet. sep 10
Thos. B. Young & Co.
Furmiture Ware Rooms, corner of Hand street and Ex
change atley. Persons wishing, to purchase furniture,
will find it to their advantage to git e us a call, being ful
ly satisfied that we can please as to quality and price.
sep l 0
Wiro Workers and Wire Manufacturers,
No. 23, .Market it L eer, between 2(laad 31 streeti,
t;,. 1 , i1)--y
Exchange Hetcl,
Corner of Penn and Saint Clair streets, by
f.ep 10 McKIBBIN & SMITI
Pilkington's Unrivalled Blacking,
1 : 1 - AN I.7FACTURED and :old wholesale and r.•tuil
11 SIXTH STREET, ono door below Smithfield.
James Patterson, jr.,
Birmingham, near PittAiurgh, Pa., mannt'a rimer u
luck., hinge,: and bmlt.; tohareo, fuller, mill and timber
C W : hnti , en =err-w+ for rolling mills, &e. cep 10—v
John DTCloskey, Tailor and Clothier,
Libertygtreet, between Sixth street and Virgin alley,
South side. sep 10
. .
Webb Closey's Boot and Shoo Manufactory,
No. 83,.1/it st., next door to the C. S. Bank.
Ludiei prunella. kid and > tin .h«•e nt,,de in the ileateAt
ni:unier, and he the iit•zite-t French putterni. !tep 10
William behorty,
148 Li!..•rty rtl , t•r, iwitVel.ll Mark,•t Oa/
and IG-frim.
John Cartwright,
CUTLER and Sur : zical 111-troment Manuracturer,
corner nititli and I.ihert. Pitt.hurg, Pa.
N. 13.--Always on hand all extelod‘l• a ,,, rtm.•nt ur
Surgical and Dental it:oritne:.t.,
Hatter's, Hair Dre-ser'.. alai Tanner'm
Saddler's Teods, Je 21.
Oak and Poplar Lumber for Salo.
VLE%W tho:l, , ruul loot of ~ , ,,,onott 1111 c an d
urnb,r, for s.advb : ,
C. Cummins, • •.21.
Dr.tioo 4 Celebrate" Female Pills.
T 1 1 11E, 4 1: Pill- an- or riCy no - oirnzvo”ll.cl t r thi
1 nwico of a , Lt;' :tI i:1
runlo% tho,t• comphlit,t: r,• n r)
wa n t of t—.Prriso,or:enrra!4l,•l,-ili , ,‘ of the \ That
obciau CO , !iV,rIP ,, . a"I ai l . I: , rir-.l.tnd
tion:l7:d appn•bation ." , r riloSi ,1111 1 1, 111111y+1 , 7•111. in
thf . 1:111tetl and Moth,r4. For g...11e
and Rrtriii.i.y H. E.SEI.I.I:I(S-1:: , •nt.
511, 10 N.. 20, \\'”.,:i
Notice to Dr. Droadreth's Agent:
rrl 11l uffice in ritt.omrol,
.1 the purpo4e of con.titutinz 37..1111 io tile tvi.nt,
ha, acconipli , lied that oojert, is
_Mr. G. 11. 1.I:1.;, th, Diamond, .Nlarket stmet,:ip
pointed toy anent for the .ale oCmy fill. and
tnentA. All I tr. I:rnadreth'i -izont,, will, th,rtfort.,iin
derstrind th•tt Dr. 11. will 'wind a trarellinz agent
throughtbe coointry once in year to collect monie. f., r
sales made and re supply a7.ent , . The lid traveller
will be provident with power of attorney, duly proud
before the Clerk of the city and county or New York,
tozether with 111 the liece ,, ary voncherA find prtperg.
r J ..T. my travelinz iiiront now in l',lmsyl
vania. 1111ANDRETII, NI. D.
~ . .
N. 11.—Retnember, )Ir. (4. H. I,F:E, in the rear the
Market now me only agent in l'itt.:l•tirgh.
junr. 14
Jlaving been afflicted for nearly two year,,, with a
11 hard it elling, on the cap of my knee, whioh
produced much pain, and used various applications
recommended In• the fitculty—Ml in vain, was cured
completely by the the of one bottle of Dr. Br adreth's
ligament, or e:.,ternal n•rned v.
lyillleSS lily il:111d,
Ohio tp., .111..g - licny co. Pa. Jan. 10.1840
Dr. 13randroth's external remedy or linament; sold
at the store of GEORGE 11. LEE, Pittsburgh, price
50 cents per bottle. feb 8.
Dr. Beater's Pulmonary Preservative.
Fort colds, iniluenzag, catarrh,, whoopin 2 .
rough, ,Ipittint; of blood, pain in the brea:4,t, all
diseases of the bremt and hui,y , iindarrez4t olapproach
ingco:comtption. Warranted free from mercury and
other miner:ll4. B. A. FAIINESTOCH S. CO.,
jy 12 Agents for Pittsburgh.
William C. Wall,
Plain and Fancy Portrait and Picture Frame
No. 87, Fourth street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
CANV ASS brusbes,varnish, &c., for artiste, always
on hand. Looking Glasses, &c., promptly flip
med to order. Repairing done at the shortest nut ire.
Particular attention paid to regilding and jobbing II
every description.
Persons fitting stamboats or houses will lind it t(
their advantage to call. sop 10-y
Mannfiictnrer of Tin, Copper and Shoot
Iron Ware
No. 17 Pifth Street, between Wood and Markel,
Keeps constantly on hand a good assortment of wares,
and solicits a share ofpnblic patronage. A Iso, on hand,
the followingarticles: shovels, pokers,tongs, gridirons,
skillets,tettkettles,pots, ovens, cotfee mills, iSz.c. Mer
chants and others are invited to call and examine for
hemselves, ns he is determined to sell cheap forcash nr
approved paper. mar 7—tf
rail Painter, Fourth st., 3d sterjr Burk's Buil
ding:. J. Osborne would solicit a callfrom those who
desire Portraits .Spcimens can be reenslgls r ooms
may 5.
A. G. Ileinhut,
Wholesalr and Retail Grocer and CommiltBl:o7thfer-
No. 140, Liberty st., a few doors above St. Clair,
LrWr'Where families and others can at all times be
fainished with good Goods at moderate prices. n3O
Jou:i D. \Vic x. I Cheap for Cash.--1
DECEMBER 9, 1843.
Circulating and Reference Library.
CIF religious, historical, political and miscellaneous
works, will be open oYery day, Sabbath except
ed, from 7 o'clock A. M., until 9 P. M., in the Ex
change building, corner of St. Clair street and Ex
change alley, where punctual attendance will be eiven
Springs and Axles for Carriages,
At Eastern Prices.
THE subscribers mamifacture and keep constant
ly on ham! Coach, C and Eliptic Springs (war
ranted,) Juniata Iron Axles, Silver and Brass plated
Dash Frames, Brass and plated Hub Bands, Stump
Joints, patent Leather, Silver and Brass Lamps,
Three fold Steps, Malleable Iron, Door Handles and
Hinges, &c., &c. JONES & COLEMAN.
sup 10 St. Clair st., near the Allegheny Bridge.
Cheaper and better than can be had at any other
place west ,f the mottnterins.
Call for Bargains
a. 151, LiLc Hy ntartiv Jacksou Folio:dry.
THE suin=criber wou:d respectfully inform his
friends and the public, that his fall stock of
Goods compri ses a larger and more varied assortment
than has ever been opened at any house in this city,and
from the favorable terms at which his purchases were
made, he i.enabled to sell clothin g ch ca p er t h an i t can
he had in any other establishment in this city. He
would request the public to call and examine his spiel).
did assortment of all the articles of dress, and from
the excellence of the material, the style of workman
ship ;ja i l Ow Very low price at which all his articles are
sold, he feels confident that every one will find it to
their advantage tin purchase at the — Thar Big Door,''
As none but the beat ( - utters and workmen are ein
plnved, orders to maliechnlning will be attended to in a
manner not ,In-passed by a-r% ertlrr•r establishment
the city.
Ift. w.vdtl at..iti rotiiril his thank.: to
the l.uhlir for Co • iiitproccileriti-il patrontiv.
olio!' i•-talili;lirnorit, that th.i v h as ,
found it to thoir a l iititaLii• t.. di.al u itli hits, Itc N
rispeat to ail thus who wish to purclwe
Chithin, ff of ( ~,i - v .1•.,, e 1 iv! I pt ire, to (.411
at No. 151. I,iiii•rty t. .1011 N M'CUISK
rePcni s e r s,• plat, pavrtileflt.
Iron Saks
itt:t,l.l:(..l'ur 1.1.1 inf.,:at I , ,,t,tic that I have
ab.l {seep alc, • it a.: 1 /1 biro
I 5 , 16‘.. pricc. io l urnee of the I71:1-
' and much lower, i. reduce,' about
thirty percent. Ther are kept F ut ,al e a t my .bolt, iu
11 , Nt to the chur c h un
the corol•l tf title till J mu . s
Co., WI Fleminz• In r , t.rard to the (pal
ity of my +ale: I leave f1y..., p..r...in4 who have pur
chte.c.l and will purehase in -life., to atte,t the util
ity of them. 1 .10,i re t,.) , iew , s ciper un my i - cife.;
mi.! truth Ncurrurit me iu informing. the publi c
that all my safes whichhll.e cum biiildinvi burnt
down fur .eyrie Neat: ,ince I commenced pant pre.
sec,. 3all the piper:, hock., Scc., which they contain
...l. I have a earl contniniag a number of certificate.;
of the 4:1111C, which tire in circulation and in my hands
ir.Al die ny,ente.. JOID; DENNiNG.
N. B. few p ~t -i•1 Springs for soda, made by
!ow, & Coleman, um! wilt be sold low. Also, a screw
prf`44, with power to put!h bole; in half inch iron.
sep `2o—tf
Improved Magnesia Safes.
MANI:Y.IC 11:111:1) BY
Fefth Street. behrern and Smithfield
11 1
1E ' , lli:el-Peers pre..eme their respects to their 11U
-11111."111 friends for thoir former liberal patron
age, and would take this method ofmssuring them and
the pvhlir L',ellt rnlh that all future favors will be duly
appree•iitted. 'fin•ir articles have been fully tested, of
which sufficient testimony will be riven to nny inquirer.
The principle, of their locks and ,afes are nut sw
imssed in the Union.
The price also is i onsiderubly lessened, and will be
found aglow, it not lwlow any other responsible house
in the Union.
We would take this oppnrtanity of thanki:.g the va
rious Editors of this city and ("NOW here, who have
spul,e•n so highly of us and our safes.
The public are respectfully invited to examine our
articles berme purchasing elsewhere, feeling - assured
the superiority of our manufactum will be apparent to
all candid spectators.
_ -
N. B. Saf•s ran he olitiiinvil of any size or shape,
or of any principle of lock or construction, of the sub
scribers, wof S. Church, Socund street, Pittsburgh,
Pa. n2o—tf
Beware of a Settled Cough!
TAR. M' LAN ES Sudorific Lung Syrup, being a safe
and eflectiod remedy for Cougs, Catarrhal Fever,
Influenza, Plettrasy, the first of forming stages of Con
sumption, Asthma, Whooping Cough, &c. Some do
zen of certificates of its valuable effects can be pro
duced. one of which is now offered,
This is to certify, that 1 had a very severe Cough all
last winter, and was very much reduced. After trying
medical aid to no purpose, I was advised to procure a
bottle of Dr. 211 Tune's Luog Syrup; it gave me relief
immediately, and in two weeks 1 was able to go out,
and fully believe it to he one of the most valuable med
icines now befine the public, for Cough and breast COM
[TPA fresh supply ofthis valuable Cough medicine
just received at the Drug store of J. KIDD,
oct 7 No. 60, corner of Wood and Fourth sts
Canal Basin,corner Wayne and Liberty streets, Pitts
burgh. Agent United States PortableßoatLine.
Sept 4-3 m.
nion Cotton Factory
Long Reel Yarn.
500 at 1i cents per dozen
600 at 74 do
700 at 6A do
800 at 54 do
900 at 5 do
1000 at 5 do
Candlewick at 15 cents per lb.
Corn. Batting, 8 do
,Family do., 14 do
Carpet Chain, 20 do
Cotton Twine, 20 do
Stocking Yarn and Cover
let Yarn always on hand.
Cotton Warps made to or
attcrdt•d to, if left at J C. C.
c',ly's,ot. the Post Office:add ress
Horatio P. Young, Cabinet Maker,
Lale the irm v . Young 31' Curd
•c u q Q'i t n x7 „m. o i t n .n ß F l! lr it :t I •L n d in S '- ' 1 , 1 ;7): ( 1 1
strs., where he will keep constantly on hand a good as
sortznent. of well rm.& FURNIT[RE, and hopes, by
strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of
the , patronage oft be public.
EYery attention willbepaid to furnishin,,e COFFINS,
&c. A Furniture: Car for hire. July 11
I %Upholitcrer ant Cabinet Maker ,E
Third sr., between Wood and Markel,
Respectfully informs his friends and the public that he
is prepared to execute all orders for sofas, sideboards,
buceaus, chairs, tabb•s, bodsteads, stands, hair and
spring mattrasses, curtains, carpets; all sorts of uphol
stering work, which he will warrant equal to any made
ill the city, and on reasonable termA. sep 10
Matthew Jones. Harbor and Hair Dresser,
Has rcrnoved to Fourth street, opposite the :layer's of
fice, where lie will he happy to wait upon permanent or
transient customer, lie solicits a share of public pa..
sep 10.
The subscriber having returned from the East with
the latest style of Flats, has now on hand and will con
stantly keep a large assortment of his owa Manufac
ture, which for lightness, service, beauty, and cheap
ness, cannot be surpassed, and would respectfully in
vite hi, friends and the public to examine his stock of
Hats and Caps, at the Manufactory, N 0.73. Wood st.
Hat and Cap Manufactory. fla
No. 93 IVood street, 3 doors below Diamond Alley
PHI; subscriber will keep constantly on hand every
1. variety of the most fashionable H ATS and C APS,
wholesale and retail, at reduced prices.
Persons wishingto purchase will find itto theirinte
rest to gi him a call. S. MOORE.
Pittsburgh, aug. 29,1843.
G RINDING AND POLISHING Sad Irons ground and polished. anvils and clay kinds of
grinding done at the Cast Steel File Manufactory, cur
tier of Liberty and O'Hara streets. aug 18
To the Gentlemen of Pittsburgh.
THE subscriber most respectfully
informs the gentlemen of this city anci
vicinity, that he has commenced the BOOT and
SHOE making business in Fourth street, opposite the
Mayor's office. Having been foreman in some of the
most fashionable boot shops in the Eastern cities; and
having furnished himself with the best French and
American calf skins, he hopes by his attention to busi
ness to merit a share of public patronage. To those
gentlemen who have kindly patronised him he returns
his sincere thanks, and can with confidence appeal
for the goodness of his work and knowledge of his
business. I'. KERRIGAN.
may 11.
William Adair, Boot and Shoe Maker,
Liberty Bt. opposite the head of Sraithfield.
IThe subscriber having bought out the®
stock of the late Thomas Rafferty, deceased,has
commenced business at the old stand of Mr. R.,
and is prepared to execute all descriptions of work in
his line, in the best manner, and on the shortest notice.
He keeps constantly on hand a large assortment of shoe
findings of all descriptions, and of the best quality. He
solicits the patronage of the public and of the craft.
sep 10—y WTI. ADAIR.
David Clark, Agot,
to No. 34 Market street, between Second and
Third streets, where he would be happy to see his
old customers, and all others who feel disposed to pa
tronise him. He uses nothing but first rate stock, and
employs the best of workmen; and as he gives his con
stant personal attention to business, he trusts that he
will deserve and receive a fair share of patronage.
sep 10
Peach Treer.
eh THE subscriber has just received from the Nur
•cry of Landreth and Fulton, near Philadelphia,
a lot of the choit•est variety of peach trees, to which he
would call the attention of the public.
Lawny St. head of %%rot.).
No. 9, M.l RX P.T STIT ET,
11 Si .ither n • freshments,vitill he served up
`in;• - 00 , 1 ord,r. Namel): Oyster. raw,fried,stewed,
and on dia.:in....U.lle, A1,0.1N T SHE I. nt the,tand,
or ni a. ion 1: Ow S:ltliCk`iit,y advan
ced for (hell n'On-i/irlat 1101.
FI f: PIO 0 1 . If r. r , .it is determined that this esta!ilish
meat (which i< the ovster depot) shall maintain
r,Tinmiou for ow ;:,,o,f quality of his ALE, LI
QI7ORS, .1(; ' US. unit Fuel' refrushments as travel
riti7l•ll , ni iv require. net 13-6 m.
Arr:NtNDE R M'crimr,
odd a'a r" luung. 4..1TC ns-del, _Va. 43, Se-
Alrert, tetwern 11 - and and Mot kct,
ESP Et: TIT L 1.1" inform, the friend: of the late
1,, firm, and the pahlie zenerally, that he ht
red to fill all onb'rs for Cabinet it irk, of any hind,
with all po:ible d , .Tatch, and warranted to be equal
to any itt the city.
liven' attentii;li will be furniAlitif COFFINS
, whim' nittiruti.
r sabsrcilter having 0, 1111Tle!Wed the 111:,-
- tun , of Cast Steel File:, from American materials
exelusively, ince•lNints ot tabor persons wanting ran be
:upplied Ls hint with a better article than the forvi gn ,
and of lawer prices. Intending to use only the best
quality of File Steel. manufactured by the :Messrs.
Stior Whieh is now brought to a perf•ction
equal to the best English article, manufactured fertile
MUM, pUrpo,e, the subscriber has full confidence that he
will he tile, in quality of articles and prices, to realize
the best hopes of the friends of American Industry.
Corner of WI lard & Liberty sts.
Daguerreotype Miniature Portraits,
Attire corner of Markel and 511 c sts.
T H E subscriber would most respectfully inform the
Ladies and Gentlemen of Pittsben 6 n and
that they have opened rooms at the above men
tioned place, over the store of Messrs Lloyd & Cu,
and are new prepared to take Miniatures by this beau
tiful nrt, in a style heretofore unsurpassed. By the
combination of a quick and powerful apparatus, and an
entirely new mode of operating, they are enabled to
produce pictures of a surprising accuracy arid beauty,
combining entire durability of impression, clear and
distinct expression, perfect delineation, and last, tho'
not least, the color of the face and dress. The color
ing of Photographic Pictures, forms n new era in the
art, as it enables us to combine with accu ncy of nature
the advantages of art. The undersigned do not wish,
nor is it their intention to deceive the public by promi
scs, which they cannot fulfil, for they depend solely on
the character ef their pictures for patronage. Citizens
and strangers, one and all, are invited to call and ex
amine specimens.
B.7—Complete sets of the•improccd potent ap
paratus furnished an the most reasonable terms.—
Plates. Cases, Frames, Chemicals. and everg thing
connected fcith the business, at the lowest cash pri z
Dissolution of Copartnership.
T HE copartnership heretofore existing between
the subscribers, in this city, under the firm of
Lloyd & Co., is this day dissolved by mutual consent;
A G Reinhart having purchased the entire interest of
S. Lloyd, jr. in the concern.
All persons indebted to the lute finn will make pay
ment to A G Reinhart, who will continue the Grocery
Business at the old stand, and who alone is anthorized
to collect thedebts due the concern and receipt for same.
Those also having claims against_ the late firm will
please present them to A G Reinhart for settlement.
Pittshurgh, Nov. 7, 1843. (signed)
S. LLOYD, jr.,
In retiring from the above 8. m of Lloyd & Co., I
would cheerfully recommend to toy former friends and
customers, my lute partner and successm.• Mr A G
Reinhart, who continues the Grocery Business at the
old stand, 140, Liberty street. (signed)
n 29 S. LLOYD, jr.
5 BALES new Hops. in store and for sale by
ri , .e 4.
43 Wood st.
1 0 KEGS Ky. Tu',.acco, in store and fur stile low
to close r.onsig-nrnent , by
43 Wood St
Dir.PaulEznile Theveau
HAs the honor to iufurm the public that during his.
sojourn in Pittthburgh ha will give
From his having made the Spanish lantuagn the
sole of of his study during a residence of two years
in Havana, there is reason to suppose that he has ac
uired a tux.4.l knowledge of their language, the easiest
and most harmonious of all modern languages.
Of his competency to teach French there can he no
doubt, from the fact of his having been a clerk in a
Notary in Paris, where he has studied law. What Mr
Theveau here states he can prove by the Urdu/mance
of the King of France anti by letters from the Minister
of the Nam
Mr "f ta!%eau can be seen every day from I'2 to 1 P M,
at Mr Fichei.ioo's house ? Market street, behind the old
court house.
1.29-1 m
Two New and First Rate Steam Engines.
ISE is :20 horse power, 10 inch cylinder, and 4
let stroke, n ill be sold with or without boilers.
The other engine is 12 horse power, 74 inch cylinder,
3 foot stroke, one boiler about 22 feet long. 30 incite*
in diameten. These engines are made of the best ma
terinds and inn the most substantial manner, and will be
sold on accommodating terms. They (-an be seen at
the ‘rarehouse of the subscriber at any time
nB—tf 11. DEVINE. C. States Line.
p-AVE in store and are recei.
1 125 bags Rio Coffee, part strong and green,
50 ' 11 and G P Teas,
25 boxes Russel & Rubinsn's S's Tobacco,
10 " Bolton's S's "
10 " Thompsiin's "
5 " Robinson's "
10 " 12's "
5 "snperi rpuur d lump .1
100 " frt Malaga Bunch Ruisins,
2000 Luaf Sugar,
` l O tmxm , Nu] and 2 mustard,
50 " Nu 4 chumtlate,
" ground pepper,
10 kez3 " ginger,
5 " •• umpire,
5 lioNe: cocoa,
5 Rice flour,
2000 lbs Oak Tanned Sole Leather,
1000 yards t.w linen,
5 bale= hops,
.111 of which they infer, with a general assortment of
groceries, dye .tuts and Pittsburgh manufactur,
g0,.d., cm liberal term,.. a 17
M. Etiot.e.
Western Real Estate Agency,
Phitd st., next door to the Post O;fice, Pittsburgh, Pa.
t„styAgeney for the purchase and sak of Real Es
ate, Stuck'., negotiating of Loans, and Collections.
They will also attend to the selliug of pig metal for
)wners at a distance.
Letters, post paid, will meet with immediate aucti
on. Terms moderate. The be, , t of teferenees given
a application at the office. d 2
r 1111 E Committee of Councils appointed to exam,
1 in' the city aocounts, will commence their sea
:ion at the Mayor's Ottlice, on Monday evening, De
cember:Ala. at Gi o'clock, at which time Collectors
and others ha: frig arcAtunta with the city will plena°
attend. JOHN SHIPTON,Ch'n.
41-2 w (Gazette copy.)
&c. &c.
T HE undersiped, having associated themselves
fur the transaction of ull business relative to Real
Estate, will henceforth attend to the purchase and sal:
as well as renting of city and country property, collect
ing rents, &c. &c.
The senior member of the firm having had much e
perience, and being extensively known as an agent of
Real Estate, they hope to receive a liberal Shan, .1 .
public patronage. Fur the accommodation oft-e 1 ..
lic, there will be two offices, where business
ceived; at the Real Estate Agency of James Bla'
Penn st., sth Ward, and at the Law office of Jo.
Mitchell, S. W. side of Smithfield, (near 56.)
of which, persons wishing to have instruments
ling, legally and neatly executed, titles
desirous to purchase or dispose of Real
apply. J. J. Mitchell will continue to atter.,!
duties of his prossion, as heretofore.
JOHN J. M1TC111.1......
dec 4-daw6m
DEAR SKlNS,dre:Aed and undressed.
eel and for sale by A. Pi.!