Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, November 11, 1843, Image 4

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    G; IX, A aft Inn: Afatt Accuser a_ 1
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Thl T ifrir
- Ptie;,....ioro. la r !nu ition4. , Pauburvi, Ps.--
aaf.eltwAnack. h a tt d - A.. 44 01W 1 w0*-APl.Acts4..._l4-cif $44-
Claz..l and p!ala PAPER EallifiittilDS., Velvet and
imitatton Borders, of the lafeit style and ban/Soma ,
palif:ra4..for papering balls,patiors and chambers.
VitA.ss. matanfarttire anti ' have on hand at all limes—
2 a I 7A
Z ENTBIPIIZE• Print 4 t - .Writing Leter, WrapringmidTea Paper,Bou•
ner :ibrif Ilbillerre Boards-ail-ail of which they °Ter for sate UNIT',ED S I'ATES
on tire MAL( accommodating term s ; an'l 10 Which the y 1 PORTABLE BOAT LINE
„, ,
tor t h e Tram., portation of Ater chandile and Prudes
i iiVitesi ire art.otion of merchants and others.
elklr3e- , l3lanit Books of ail kinds and the hastquality, Between
Sclool tiaoks, Me. always on hand and dor sale as above PITTSB UR Gir AND PHIL ADE I. 7 111 A AND
Y. IL Razit nd 'Pactiers' Scraps' taken in exchange. lc ITTSB URGE AND BA LTIMO RR.
0v..1L. —The undersigned begsleave to inform z -1-
f I r.vrN r respect Inl lyinform the public that they
Alb 'the public, that lie ins removed from his old stand, 1 • have completed thelr arrangemenisfor the above
to rhe corner of Penn and St. Clatr its., opposite the El Line on a ,
CII3IO Ilutet,where he has fitted up a large Piano FORl.r. INDIVIDUAL AND INDEPENDENT PRINCIPLES,
Wags filiON, and now offers for sale the most splenam I .
Tim pu tom has tong wished for Individual competition
ar,erl 'tient of PLOWS ever offered in thig market'.
, ,In 'lra wspertation on the Public Works, by which atone
His {lanes consist of different patterns, of supe r ior lit can be Creed from unnecessary expenses and reduced
Ro-c Wetiffand Mahogany', heantiftiny.fiekAterf and Tao* t to Its [owes' rates; tl:at wish will "now be realized; the
&qt.! 0 ort construeted thronghout of the very be‘t ma. I
1 Stale of Pennsylvani.t having placed Trucks On tier Roil
ter:a Is, w Itteh, for durability, and *pain v-of tot as well Roads. individums OW11111" Portable floats are enabled
as touch, he warrants to , be superior to any ever seen ito hld for the Carrying Trade and successfully to tim
1 Pete with coninanlen: . .
~ C ; lieba 5 er,!ar4ed his manufactory, and made arrange. ' This line iscohiposed of Twenty new, hour Section
rite: l tt , f. sap,lly the increasing demlnd rot this Instru; Pat . ..ante Boats, ow ned by the Captains who command
meter, Ile respectfully requests those intending to pur. i theni and WPil known as en. crprlsing, InduStrious and
elm's,: to call and. .Ir. atnianhis alFortnient before picrha.
I experienced Boatmen.
sine elsewhere, a... he is determined to Fell cowace, for 1 .
Pile superiority and advantaues of the Portable Dont
cash than any other establishment end or west of the over every other mode of "r,:an..portation, are too well
mountains, • 1 7 ,: rti.um 0, (known ir
Co-ocr or Penn and Si, Cigir 'Streets,
ri• i > d Opnn4lte OE. x6Tiange Hold, Pit t Anil!), Pa.
ri - 33,1:14n!,..criner
N mitt na,:just received fra,i Philadelphia and
.iv York, a at aural and ectettsive nsuart
wont orD.7 uos, dET:Arr n.s, PERFUMERY, and
svitry,attirfit in hl.:llncor Intslnestiovitlelt !leis dors.
mige,t In se;; on the. most reasonable terms for
I!2. 4 lf4irv:*i he can stronger inducenients than any
si.nlia • es:ahlt.limunt in this city to country Physician.
atot Merchants, who wish to supply thstnFelve. with
-fillettr slid Meiliclom Ibis articles hive Pelerted
witßthe utmost ears, and are warranted oft he. hr.( gnat
ity and nulorm stren2th. Orders wit be tilled with ac.
curgev and Metro nee. Famiii a can be supplied whit Fine
anitironcy Soaps of every conceivable vari.iy, and of
the mu=t exquisite perfumes; likewise with Perfumery
and Cosati•tic, of cvr ry de , cripl ion.
The nadersi4ned returns Ms thauks for the bbera I sup:
pot heretofore extended to him,and hopes lip a ronst.u it
o please and accommodate,-a cards prO
eurhig.rtud eellfue only what ii excell.nt and geimine—a
clesesupervblinof the sales and I ransael ion of the 1=141)
igllplecit ion and accuracy, rompoundi med.
cities—rand by Fulu' , 7ry and perseverance, to rater ti In
re tie of public pal runage
1 ----- La jWhat
_make.: your teeth so unusually white?
alotii Linsh's dulcinii to bina t'otber night,
Po inakeryours look so, with a grin, replied loth,
I ve brought you a 'title of Thorns" Tooth Wash,
'.1'.5 the best now in use, so the gentlefolks say,
And since they have tried this, cast allot he IQ away.
Rut' to Provelt the hest; to make the teeth shine,
Liii i ia - gain, my dear Sal, at the. lustre of mine,
'rhea-? ry ti.is great toot h wash,
The Teaberry tooth wash,
And "see if this Tooth Wash or Til :MI 'ef i: not fine.
1 11 iviog,tried Df.:•Thorit's Tea Perry tooth %Visit,'
aad louc.orne ar•pianded with omin:re:lleum of its cortiqn
, siti , lL'l cheerfully say, I consider it one of the safeSt, as
it is droe`ofthn'inoo pleasant Tooth Wri.i.es now in use,
Pi! I ibur^li Sep. 35,1842 DAVID HUNT, (hole;?.
I l'Oice pleasure in stniing, having made Its. , of-Thorn's
Tea [terry Tooth Wash," ti - et It is one of the. best den.
. . triaces In nee. Being in a liquid form, it coini) nrs neat
n-si with convenience, _~ Vt'ilPe It Ceatitcs the enamel
and removes the tartar from the teeth, Ili perfn toe yelds
a fragrit nee peculiarly desirable. J. P. TIBBETTS. M.D.
1 'Del noder.dned have used "Tito - o's Compound Tea
I(terry loath W ash," and have found it to be an ertreitic•
\, ly pleasant-dentifrice, e. zereising a most sainlary innu. V ,
- •
ere ze 04'C( the Teeth and Gums; preserving those hulls.
,ep nsabfe members from premature decay. preventing the
l noctioiolatiun of Tartar, and purif, ing the ['really. Hay.
in:, thoroughly tented lUrvirtues, we Like pleasure in re.
commeMling, it to lite public, believing it to be the be‘t a r•
title of the Itlnd now In use.
i .111 RikarnTSo.lr, JAMES P J.lCl,',
C D,Pandlbl.r. ' WM .APCJIXDI,E.SS, I
' If L.' itpirCZWALT, . • h S JOHNS,
p , Prepared Sod sold, by WILMA M THORN, Apotheca •
i ry arid Cheinlst, Na. 53 Market street,' Pittsburgh; and
at all the principa Drugtista',and Tuttle's lledical A ;Kn.
I t y, Fourth street.
fi. A I N TS-ADmiep
wititostiveness, acidity of the stomach, liardnes,
of food after meals, heartburn, flatulency, live.complaints
,with pain Inthe side and sliculder,jm , dire, bilious corn
fhalnis i drripsy, diabetes, grave], stone, and inflaination
-7- of the longs, are moot perfectly removed and cured by !lie
This article has the astonishing feels in curing all coal.
dlalnts of the stomach and digestive or2ansi Many high.
ly respactande int!tvitluals to New York have been cured,
after trying every oilier remedy in rah', arid have given
in !flew names with permission to Wei to them. It is
pleasantto the fast, and does not to 'tic least interfere'
wil4bllle deity avocation of one tabluil it. qatty faint_
besot the city have become so pleased with I he medicine.
that Vey u.se it as their only fain i!y medicine. By using
it occasionally, it keeps the stomach free from hP ions ilia.
orders, and the liver active, with the secretions of the
hodvlu tbe most perfect activity. It Is composed entire.
ly Of vegetable. The cure will be gradual, hut certain
en I permanent
rzr sale at Turrt.x.'f 86 Fourth st re, t.
cep 6i
Dr. t..eidy?!. Tester A. Itch Ointment.
17r)It'the tArvi °revery variety of 'FETTER, the 11'CH,
hit iliseazes of the Skin, ha, proved Kett more
rdiettrichailltan tatty other prep tratioe for the 63111 C per
pottft'fin use.
- tiliwatilsof five hundred certificates might be procured
and putillatted of its elTicity from School Teachers. Pro.
priblbra of Factories. Parents, Guardians. Child Nurses;
Captainsof vessel% and others, were it not for the deli-
racy in having their Hanna published in connection with
such disogeecable affections.
Ity the use of Dr:Leidy's Teller Ointment in cot ju rut .
lion with his extract of Sarsaparilla or Blood Pills, be
wilt ;uara,ptee to cure any disease. COll2ll l / I JII to the skin,
nowfWer had, or of however long standing, or errand t he
mosey. There are however very few instzl ores but ran
berated by the Ointment alone,
Prigs - 25 rest a 4 Box.
Prepared oily and sold wholesale and retail at Dr Lel.
dy'a Health Buipopum, 191 N. Second it. Philadelphia,
.., by F. 8. FAILVESDOCK 4.• Co. corner of Wood
~4and Sixth streets, Agents far Pittsburg. juiy 12.
t • rintiEsubhcriber. would mr;;celfully inform the cii izens
. .
, .Of PH , turgh, Allegheny and their yid!' itie, that 11 €
has c,:mtnenced manufacturing the article of Lard 01
Itand Cuttales. He intends =kin:: but ot.e quality, which
will equal the best made In the. Union and not surpassed
by the beat winter strained sperm nit either for machineri
it t;dor burning, without its offensive properties, and one
her wishes to Impress distinctly on the publie. mind that
I. It ippoS•aecessary to purchase any new !heeled lamps that
ac gall palmed upon them as being requisite to burn the
lapimil in. Persons wishing a pure and brilliant light
teit3i iihtaiii it by calling at the old stand,3d street, aeart t
oliagte the Post Once:
, •.. nr. c Enet.
[ T.IS st4entioti at Wboe ?rate dealers, enurches and
i' . iiiirespecilli.7ll St 'Sited.
• ''' , ll,C4 ri. I wit, bear the manttracturr
Jan 2; 1313 -t'
i 0 shippers gen ernlly, le) require comment; ,ur
: lice it to eay, that the detention, loes,reparation alid dam
age lo prods. invariably at tendiaz three Transhipments
between l'itt,boreh and l',,tiiarlelphia army the Portable
float wort efri.ettially removed
The Portiii , e Boat plesesees the great advantage too,
i of lieln2 Well rentilated and toot In Sommer; whirli pre.
tan. s F. ear /rain so,ri:+g . and Baron and Tobacco front
Devine, standing as he r!oeA, iielween the otvrers
of goods and the Boatiliell who carry them, and etiaally
. intcrested lit protectin2 the interests of both, will make
too promise,. in the nuldic he wi:l not faithfully perform.
Ile is now prepared to receive and forward Produce
to Philadelphia. Baltimore, New York, and flostou in the
shone,' time, and f to viler into no coin.
tilt:aliou with other I,ines.t.ni always stand ready to early
out the prineiniesnf his Lit e. and contract for freight on
tho very term:,
ierTO rive andonimed.security to owners and shipper.
an open policy (4 . lll , llraitcc ha, been effected.
!‘y which all inei•cliand:z^ sist:mcd by this Line will he
I nsiti ed wit.hc.ut au: additiolial capense to he 4,iv rwr.
Devine will receive all produce conzignctl to him
at Pit ishurgli, pay freight all charges In Steam Boats
and forward the same without delay to Philadelphia,
Billie nrc , Sew York, and Boston any clta ge
for advancing or commirksion.
unrch 10 -1842.
Iteady .17. 1 1ade Coffin Warehouse.
b'ourth St . 2 ',ors from the U t 4. Bank
- . - •
- E 4 I'ECTFULLY informs the puhtie that he
Lir has rem.%7eil 'Ais ready made toff n ware.
.I...use to the huildlni: recently ...Trollied 'uy Mr.
•- R. O. Ilerford, directly opposite his oil RI Ind,
where he is always prepared to att..r.d promptly
any orders In ',Milne, and by strict attr.ntlon
to all the details of the business of au (MR!. taker,
he hopes to merit public confidence, Hu will he ore pa rec.
at ♦LL !Melts to provide Hearses, Mere, C. Ines and
every requisite on the must liberal terms. Calls r,nui the
country a HI he promptly attended to.
. . . .
II re:Fidroce is in the Fame buildine Ivilli his wan
house, where thm , e who need his services nwy rind him
It any time. REFERENCE
w. B. Writ rtt
FAA' liAlkiills,
imp 10
.\I.1! FOR LE.—lyre ondermg ned I. 5:1:e
his 'arm, lying in ft.o.s Township 4i tailes front Ice
City of Pitt,ootruh, rotita•oln. , 114 acres oChntl of +ylo,l,
60 a, c c!cared and undo- foneo, 1 15 lo arm. of
trirad . 2 :cod Orchards of Apple, i few Peach and
Merry i roes—the improvement, am a ,arge frame hen,-
root ai n , »1 10 mums well furnished, calculated for a Ta
cern n. private Dtvelllnf... a frame Parn 2tl hr rill„,none
ba.'enu.n•, and i...iatning, nil other out I.OIIP
far n toneinetil.,-2 _rood Gardens surrottnded wit It
enrca t ir tm,hus and a well of exerlletit water, with a
pomp is at the front door. In relation tot lie Pit:k
rt:ot A re,:lteny market, inero is no Ware now offered for
:':l . e with moruirniurenivnt to those wishing to prirchrorr
near Pittsburgh, the leruts will be made for
further partn.ulargauply to the prom ietor at 10, Cloilii•vg
Store, Liber:y street, comer of Virgin Alley.
N. B. If lint ~ 0141 lwrore the Ist of Oi tol l Xi. it
will he divided into 10 toil 20 acre Lois to suit poi
tiers. F., it TO
Regular Morning racket for Beaver.
i:ist running nod well kit n r
1 • Stra mar
rict.,4,l7ronza CLEVELAND.
Z. 4 11/i/IP riacc, hiu.lrr, will depart daily from Pitt.
hary.lt at 9 o'clot it. A. :tad Coaster at 1 o'clock F. M
For freight or mt,s..2e. allay on hoard, or to
No 60 Wicer •fret.
• -
• • • •
_ .
N. ii.—Tilere..y. , l.ir canal pael.( I to Clevulat n OH,
GrePtivide :HA 'Meadville ; and o
Ohio rannl.enoneeratu. wilt' ' , learner Cleveland at Pea
ver,n iil he in opera! ion leirirdlatrly on °pew:: 0f1,;.v,
''_anon. oinr , G -1(
Carr of Lire?. Complaint of 25 years thindin,E r.
may certify that for twenty five years 1 %, as of
flitted tout pain in my side, which was frequently ,n
severe a; to entirely Incapacitate me frem labor. I hr.ve
been utmet the care and treatment of various pits ,iciatt.
without any p , rmanent lenetit. Hearing of the many
cores (greeted by the Ilepatic Elixir prepared by ll,r.
Start:weal her. I was induced to give it a trial, and :1111
happy to say that it has entirely remove:l
no symptama of it for ruorc than a year past.
Nor] librid,e, JitneBs:Jo, 1841 AVOS %vil IT E.
Titegennitte to Le had at TuTTLE's medical Agent'',
Fourth st rcet.
Denning's Fire r roof Iron Chests.
PITTSBURGH, OCT. 122, 184'2.
.1. Mum/No—On Pri,lay, ilie3olll of last month, about
o'clock at nielit.l lie Planing.Gronvine, and sash I%lan•
tilaelory, owned by Gay, Dilworth 4 Co, with a !area
quantity of ilre , iseit and indressed lumber, wa9 Conan.
mad by fire.
The Iron Safe' which f tion4ht of you some Gntr back
was in the most l'xposed situation doling the fire, and
was entirely red hot—f am pleased to Inform 5 ou it was
opened at tir e close of the ft re,a nd all the books, paper , ,
4 et.Paved;—this le the hest recommendation I can give of
the utility of your safes.
Oct 24—tr TCOMAS St:ol'T
Pittsburgh Lard Oil Manufactory
----... ."''i... ' 4'
. • !.
~ ..Zi:4
.. ,• • ...... r0 ,-,..--- - •
. . ...k...1..... :4. , . A .'
arr ,
5 ' '3
i•• •- : .. . i. n ... -• •, . -
.# ..‘
`tU.MI'ST.?\'T/,Yon hand a suprrior arlicle Lard
Oil, wairanted to lotro at ally ternorr;:ture, and
cpial to‘the best ,violet strained sperm Oil, wi l ortut
11= c quagties, and one 'bird 11.eap, , r. wait
niacin rvd I.y the subscriber 'at the old sand, Thi,tl Ft.,
ncarly opposite the POE( OgiCe• M C. EDGY.
Jan 4.15-13
/1111 E sithscrilser havitu opened a shop No WI, Second
1. street, between Market andWond street , ,Pi•isbur2ll
I n con net tic n with the Factory in Tiirottitc ha nt, respect.
full)• int onus his friends and lie public, that_he trill h i
happy In he favored with eheir orders for any ankles in
his line,
Door Locks and Pasteners,o various d ecriptions. or.
hand and made to order.
Tobacco. Mill and Titnher Screws.
Large Screays,for Iron Wories,and ale raws. for Pressrp,
made at may 1w required,
Carpenters and Builders are requested to call halm
contracting for jolts, and examine his articlesand prices.
Locks repaired and Jobbing eenerully . one in lie !test
tuanner,and on the lowest terms.
may 2-611
H DEViNE Agent,
No 45 Water Pittstt:gli
1110 S, EORBID :I; Agent,
272 Market si reel, Philadelphia.
taco ft .E j CIIA:SC.
75 Bowley's Wharf, Balliniure.
I) - .)WEN 4- lIIBRER f), .A.zents,
Ciurinnai I, Ohio
CULVER woopiturtN,
Madison Ind.
McADAM, 4. Co , hi
27 Old Slip New Yo
_ . .
REV. Ji"Ms M. DAVI:,
isi ikS.LOSEti.
INintre!!riatitirTaw s l,lmfiXtyLErt: Preiiicent
eirtlieTri . ti4Statei of America, do hereby de.
(Aare and make Ituoso'that puklic sales will be held
at the ttniPinrentioned Land Offices.- in the at
MISSOURI, at the.periads hereionfter designated,
to wit: -
AT PLATT:4I3URG, in Chilton ty, the seat
of the land Unice for the Platte Inst. - 43 of Alissou-
I i, conunetwing -on Mooday, the ninth day tif.Oet !-
bet twat, flt the dispoe.al at the public lands within
the tindennenthrterl townships, and fractional town
shifts. to wi::
North of the base line and weal of the fifth princi
pal meridian. and tr,ai of the former ICe,Lern bum
dory of die State.
Township Sixty two, of range thirty four. , 1
'Pownships sixty one and sixty three, of rauga
thirty , five
l'owitstiips sixty two and sixty r)or, of range thirty
T.wo.4ips Etzly one :trt sixty three, oh ranee
s- , en.
1 owo.,,hips ,ixty two and sixty four, of range thir-
Tile w.•Ft half of towtHhip 3;x • y one, of ral
thi.tv nine.
Fr..ctional Township sixty 11so and tn•.vo.:hip sixty
four, of range fore.
Fraolon.,l townships sixty two and sixty three, 01
range fo•ty one.
Fractional townships sixty three and sixty (ow, of
ranze forty two.
.Vordt of the base line and east or the
. filth principai
meridian, and 'rec.( .o.kr_lOrmor western boundary of
t't State.
Townsh . ps ,ixiy oae and y Iwo, of range
twenty se.:en.
Towusisipi sixty, s:xfy one Kiel sixty two, or range
twenty eig ,, t
'rnwitsliin sixty One. nr.:l , .ze twenty nine.
Also at t,ie same plare, coinotimciii i! on Monday,
the thirteenth ihiv r, the disposal
of the public lauds a [thin the limits of the midst-men
ti•me.l townships 71,,d fractional town,lii:ic,
. . .
North (f the bare line and west of the fifih principal
meridian, and meat of the former we•t , rn boundary of
the Stale.
Frul , H ,, olll 1 , iWIIS1)11 A firy, 11:ly one, fi'ty tf rre.
fify five and fifiv art eD, of riti thirty three.
'rowoships ti'ty ttto . fir I.jx, tiny right
and sixty, of rune , hiriy
F,artional .wve•hip fi ty ttne.1,. , ,,'1i ds t fifty , hreo!,
r,actionhi 11:iy 6CVtll tokr tt-
lily ttitte, ornrg,tl,i ty five..
Fr i .“ lirw a l tow n‘hilp: y Coor, fir y n'x, and
SeNen and tow 1;1.4, thir y•ix
five, li , ty Mx, tit , }
at.l fifty tone, of tang.. iy
townships tidy five sixty of r.to4e
thirty ci2.10.
At the Land oilit:e at. 1.1:X1'.\:(;TON, co morn
:og uq M.oday , idy of (h. r Co
the dispo;.l of the ptrild• lin v.ditivi toe 1,1;4, o f
the 1 to
North of the .IYI4 , r , st
Towoship4 thirty s
of range row leen.
To:vn,h;ps ti;irty five and iy -c eo, of range
TO% , t ) fi,e or .a..gp 4; ixtero a;t,t
Townships thirty fire,
ty ei fr, of range tweitity iitie .
th.rty arat,g•• to ve.
Tow 1041.1) .r al:go 1., f.,.,)•••, 4 !...
TuwglshipQ thi.iy eiL;lO. aid thi ?y ..frioge
Tttwttship forty, of gtts thtry oho, thirty two
tt , i tt: three
South Aest (pop ter ..I s. rli . two. tl
one, and the torah cant and rwri. %lost rr , c.l
11114.1erl ot stilton twcw I , llr In !fr ;illy
, '"n 1111 of 11 ivso., I
Snt:111 to Sec'lon ur•Vvll, a tqWvlllll,
tlr• fl•f• ~f ,e1 ) , 0 1,
❑ii:itarc ur u 1”.1 ex{ lc. er! It tun
The sales . mil I
e h el . • i,,,•11 G,t I‘,VO aerkt,
the are SJ n rr
larger; ;iti , l iv. nntn,r e Ilan I in the ;nu,
d ar!wi led, ul; u'ler he ex
pirvi,m) lie
ivt•lt tt, d-; .12.1 d • c W,.{unn•Lui
t .
By , he
11. 131 AL:I.,
Cunha'''. of thc (iencr...l Lana (nTre
Eve.) 1-r , "“ , !ai.11;4 11.2,.r& emp.intl
to any 1;v1
~• tolh,
en,:rne, , i r
th" i. 11.: 01 Ow
1,1. ci I , t) tst:t's,
s/0/, (Ii prachtabb uilr r sr , ing licit 'twice, .It.d th•
r. I p li,r ca .) . app oili l C : f I I •1.0 •Ulll4O 1:C, Itkritt of the
pub lc Sri 9 01 . 1 t itt.4 Ir
(!: e,%, Sll'
twill reite,!.
I . i 0. i It
thc Cie herqi r
Sllll7llENTi. , '! .Vlreqrth!f, Chi", ri,d
IPstrumtnt .11c1,er, Third nea,tv npporire tA e
Post Office, Pio!,bur," h
(SIGN ii1"1111:G01.1 , EN )
rhy‘ielan , z, nad brliggi.i , ran have rho it .n
striimenig niadi , t,y; the suilser.ber of a iiiperior quality
anti at Ea,ieri, price
l'..,teat Sl:va— , and Seinr. alwtrvs nn hand.
also liat:er,Sl.r.irs, a ..airorior article. Orders reepect.
fully solicited.
N. B. A ihrtlcler warranted of Oa 'oebt quitllty.nnd
obbing done a. u>ual sip 10
rN lo ‘i 1, Es.___•l• C ,.. 'ar t! , (la.. of Vemale9 ill
lllia City who from lhrlr cuol limed sitl to which
their ocellpsllonsobhgel hent,a leafletted with costiveness
whirl: gives rise to po'pitali,.s al the he:, rt on the leas. ex •
ortion, sense 01 ileaviim•is extending over the whip held
intolerance of light a 116 41111 1,11 .511 irmeilfiy of fixing t he
al trillion 10 any Inenlal onera',loug; In he how.
somvi I no , asr n=r of slitoe:ohm , ,tecia Hy ;icier
nirals when any exerilim is lised, is ••0111 - , gomisty up
3 f`ti"; ; l '1..,, :irr , V1111110111 , which y Mid ai
mice 10 a fete till; lirandrrili Pitls The occa.
Fional m•e of this medicine would save a deal of trotiliie
and yetis of suffering,. 01,e, or Iwo, or even th re of
the Brandrrili IsJosi helore (limier, :irc Drell 1001111
highly hriletiela I; iimity use them Y cry advatilagrchisly in
I his yv.i; they aid and .issl:l iligesi oii, I moore the howels
to a proper condition * eniivr ti the smri!.., impart clear
ness: to the complex Mo. purify the Mood, aid Promote a
general feeling of health and hamiloms•
Sala at Dr. It nui'act It's thrice. in the Diamond
Pn ,,, ,a•2li_Prire 25 rent per bor. with foil direction,.
!11 .1 11.1( —The only place in ritishnr:h, where the
G trINE Pille can he obtained, is ?lie Doctor's own 01
fire, Mainr,ml. Sep, JO
D R. LEIDY'S SAR:4I7.tnILL• Ri non are appll•
cable in all ca., wiwiner for Purl . , ariarz or Ptiriji
cation. Thry pos=ei, all the h.,aet ed vi ri urn of of her
and are additionally eflic•icion=, conia win; Sarvap
:11'01.1 in their compoili inn. whirls is not ',waked in any
other pills Inexistence. They area:so different. from oth
cr pills is COMposit inn, bein, purity vegetable, nail can
be employed at all times, without any dah.ter, and re
quiring 110 retraint Goin occupation or ugia I CULIF6C of
Notwithstanding Dr, Leidy never pretended tIIA Wand
Pills would cure all ili. , eases, yel it is not saying I no nntrh
oft Ile;11, the innuinernlde cures performed by them
in every vat let v and fw.ll of:di:ease (reriiti , ates of
Whiell In ve been from porrnii. , of denom
illations, c'ergymen, a ral rollers) Iliad the,
seem to be almost tt , iversal In their effect; and iress-r t s
acing Ihern for Wil,:lever sirkne or diqe.ice, may r , ` , l
Hasa red theY will Is'fonnd more trfficaclou,4 than any sill
Cr tilts i
From the known rr pnlat ion of Dr Leidy's Blood ?ills,
deemed necesrmry 19 re . l:llili the public where they
may at all limes procure the !minim., as it Is attempted
to impose other pills called •Blocd Pills' upon the p thlic
on the reputation of Dr. Leidy's, rcrile nnrticutar rind
ask for Dr Leidy's Sarsaparilla Blood pill", and see tlmt
the, name of fir N. B. Leidy Is cunt .tired on two sides
of cacti box,(thcito.u•s:tcititi (it - paper, and olnotig,:quare
.fhape, mrrounded by a vrtlow and black Wm I.
PRICE-25 cents s Cox,
Prepared only, and sold tWantesale and nt Dr
f,eidy's Health Erntiorinin, 191 North Second Ft ,
low Vine, Philadelphia, and Ay B. A. F.9ll.Arf:s7'oC'N
k CO. corner of Wood nd eixth siretti,.lce nta for Pots
burgh July 12-Iy.
The sarno may I e said of Brandreth's External Rem
edy, a , an outward application in all external pains, or
swellin2g, or roreA, it ;really assists the cute. 'When
!wed where the skin is very lender or broken. it should
be mixed with oneor two pints of writer,
JI sure Tes!or Genuine Brandre(h
the box or Pills, Then look at the certificate of agency,
whose engraved date moil lie within the year, which
every militarised agent must posaees; if the three labels
on btu agree with the thrce labels on the reel ifirale,
the Pills are true—if not, they are false.
Principal office, 241 Broadway. New York:
tun• lb,
. .
k Adams° Paten t - - - -- : Lt : ----- TO rrarradli.s.- - Wl4 ...friy l cFenot - Ten litc:
es /Canirbiiitr Mills. I -
that superfluous halcyon have error' your rot eheads and
I _l4.lkE now been before ; upper itp I fly calling at Torrut's, .88 Fourth sr., and
, illii-Publir 3 ;Yea r 4 du- , obtaining.a. beide offlouraed'a . Foltdres,l3uld les, which
rin.l Which time s;:Yera I will remove it atonneiv it Iron( affecting the skin. You
tbdti 4 aol l il litive 641 , 8 " 14 1 ,
can allio`oblaja Otaurand'strulyeelberated Fan iießeautr,
and in daily use, We are n . 111(40'411 at once remove all freckles, pimples, emu
coati& tri efbeiug pu,r;itur t i ; t. 10•3 ., cli'thsteltler v and make your face look perfectly f a ir ;
in saying; they are the beat "' int! LU.tholif who Wisly IL) assist nature by adding more
Coffee Mitts in th e utit.ed ! color fo - I . 6eir cheeks; %bey can obtain seine olGouratid,s
States, any way you .fia it.' t ce.etteatedlitguld Rouge, wnich cannot be rubbed otr even
Several modifications are i by a wet. e . inth, Also may be found a acKid ad s dr l inent el
Madera salt the fancy of; po,r unles y, T:s ec h as cologne,- Bears' Oil, A Imond,rsb,
W inelsor; am! otheratcraps,
wives and the purses 01 . i
husbands' • . Remember, at Tuttle's Medical Agency , 86 4th streetd
Sold by th e 7. r on" or 1107 . en l Drue,gtsts and ot bers can *supplied nt Wholesale and
at the manalhetOry,:_—
! mail terms.
may 26 1842
Malleable Castings made to '
Those genuine articles, of WI sizes, and most Improver'
yarietles,consiamly on hand and fornalr nt vary reduced
price,: by thy marmfacturer. L R. LIVINGSTON.
mar 2. —lf Front bet worn Roland Grant sti.
.1% , 1 ' r E eel re n i , no v v . ed c
d i n r o ° r "l fro N n a i r i k l e re i
rorner of -101, where they keep on hands ihelr omial as
sort tent of WALL PAPERS, for papering parlors, en
tries,chanthers, ke, and also PRINTING, WII ITING
all of which t hey ..Ter for sale oil accominodaling to ern s .
felt 14, 134:3.—dt f
- TO IN VA...117.
r4-flow 'ointment It is that you nommelice wit linut
las, online will' BRANDI:ICI - 11'd Puts. Tile) Itilifily but
sorely remove all impu: it ies from the blood, and no ea -:e
of sickness can atfeet the human frame, that these eele
mated Pins du not relieve att much or medicine caW di).
Coil and coughs are more benPlttled by the Brandreth
Pills than by lozenees and eanales. Very well, per
lian:.as pallet Ives, but worth riot :iun..; eradicator 4 ur
from the ho:naii system. The BnAtioaern
rote. they do not. merely relieve, liter cure didea.i.e , ,
lv!lctlier Chronic nr fereitl, infertlons rtlllerwl,,, mill
certainly Le cur,' by the use of the,e cull ~,iffieteni
Darfur Reti unit Brcndref —lloitnreil Si:i Or, 1..4 In
I,mi a drift of Rorie that flintier cannot at, I ant
induced to nt.the a I'nhlli arknOwledzeitilint of the hcoetil
iffy wee ha , ft,' eft from yntir Invalnal . de pulls. %t r o u t
three veil, !hp. tcluter she was taken ith a pain in tier
ok lof u ' , too ! , ecar,e very much intlaine.l and
-woHea. ,-0 twit we twe tine n l tarmed, and •eni
for lle heilifenddlice the pain and , wofl
Jog tic; t; nil ahirtning ile.; tee, and in three iv, eh ,
f. ern it, rcnin.,,irri,, g It beranne a rii,‘,.1r1.7
Jllecnitld I 1 . 11 re,l at tight;.a , a
(111 r fir 1 1 1 ., 1., :Wended I. er w0h11,4, and .o,r.
rece;ved ito tvl,alrver, l l“ , rain 2rowitutl, r--.
tint the st,re rzor nil 14!' t . bile. 1;o- if it wp.., heat
ed up il. ivont,l it, her death, but he a ppn.irvel to be al it
ions lontv 1, prnreed • and my poor u .1.11 ro.lliiiired
In snervr the ico 4 llerri:llf• torture:. 11 c I:lerelore
other :II a nntantral doc•nr, who acid when he first
-au , II Ihal he mold soon cure the sure. and give her
11.1 Se at nue, 'Pn our foirprlle lie gvr her no ten , 1,
:Iffd aoltnnivledled that it leall,d nll iti4 skill.
Irk of , r havin!iried rhirinz one Woo', year
r vilyc in vain, in
NI v eoar wife% ronsiiintien rapidly
I tiling •n tio years from her foal into,'
..tr,•,;,, z • rwr, ron,' hided i.;.!
we r 1:,le Vili:.delermked
to t r ilfly les , t le2ir turaiive effects. To ray wire . •
COMInt I 11 , . few do=ry ntruded great rel:rf rcitsr
p lin. I,Vitoin nue week, to the 4-lonisdliveol or our
selves every oite who It or w :1 , •• 'tie .w,•lling
and the inflaniiirat ion rtase,:o fiat she let , quito
easy, and %volt.' -Jeep eniniarla'ay i :toe, sir, after tit
works' nke , t'a! tuts ;Oslo In 20 11.rotnti the house :left
attain a Head o the manaisemeet of her (tinily whir II
=hr has tint If•Ille for nearly 11 '11111114,c. In a tttlle ore,
two r15.,l Ice fn nn lite li.ee ennolienCed the
her quite
her krall i, heel's 11:111 it had hr, ts .•1111.itel of
yi rine. I s:!fel yon vr. or.
lust of it OijUSE. c io
re, 1,1
C-. 3 r. , pecTftiLfv,
Ti %MIMI' 4. f"..1:!1 11'1.1
he 5.411: Call
•••.•rill,- 11.; e.lti'd I.n t
wvlio , •of •••• sh 01. :Ind it: , h.,-
1, 1,1 1 oro,
r,,,•,. rol 1111 , r I
I, • I lir I 61! .
0 •,, Tv , i
1 nalnr. • ~i- 11r.. .
!rriqd•plii S. enr!l 11 , ~ r the ro znirin
li a,r ~ ~,:
, il.y.. , —ilirer Be..j,inln P,1,,i , 1., ii and 1;lrer•
13 1ir1,1,- , 1 I:p.:01f.
1 TIN ' V ' i ,. 1 . in r'. , '•',.nli •,vll, •I' 111, 1,•.,1 (*.ran
1 L1 . ..1 , 1 1 . 1 k ~ .II ' et 0 . -:t1,..i, I. Ow, Dorl.,r'4 0,,,, .1 , 1;c,•,
ill ill,' Illatekn',l I,lolid the tl ir kr t I,ntpro. 11 irk,
ti:.•ze,,i l ., Pr:tildrrhi Pills can rif - %•! , be nldained in ;Inv
drii, ,y,r,,.
urr:, it I,vo C'z
' ( ' i ) •• 01 0 0 1 ' J: ,, i171;)pok101 by Dr t!
sa:e af I'l-4011,.e (.'Myer-al ro:A
iu A ileol , n rmitil!
PRO:: mat. AGENT. rottshiir g h
+I.. Joh. G , a ,, —.1::.-2hetiv.
rita” _
C. I'. Ph!--ri7:0001 , ti.
Rnwhir tl—Mliergport.
Prec , h, It ivtn—Pl(o.:oll MU.
Jo!iri Johnston—Sohlestowit.
Roloerl Smith rorirr--Tarcriu
Cf•org. Iv I, .
Dayi.l iossl..h)
Pnah': .\....0.4 , —F.5F!
0 I lunivr AIM
Xo TI 1: 1 . 0 DI:. BRA:ail, El'H'S .10 E.Y7'S.
The Iltilre h %%PA ,•.1:11.11.1.,,i fo r Ihe
purpose or constituting agents in the tvest, having arcdm
;dished that iii.p•ed, is fltitV rd,,,,,,i , a n d Jir G. 11. LEE
in the Nam rid, Market street, appointed tow agent for
the kale el Pill: and Liniments Al: 1/r. ratide!li ,_ruts
will ;Ili rfore.asders'aud,llial Dr,ll„ will :end a travelling
,cent throng!, the country once a year to h a ile d ii pm e y e
l i,r Sill' , made and rib.studply age I.IP. said traveller
will In. pri.vided with a power of attorney, dot. proved
lierore the of the city anti comity or Nyw York,
together with all nec..ssary vouchers and rtn:wrs.
11r..1, J. Yoe, Is my tra agent now i n Penni:pl.
ant: , , 11. Eril.l7' . . MAIL M. hi
N. f, nenient'ter Mr. • 11. I,t r, in rear untie Ttar.
ket is now toy only agent in Pittshurgh.
New York,Jmuc 14 , 11,1:14.3,
0 - " - An individual only wishes to know the right way
to tin time it; and the re are none, were Ii st . r.et a made
littowtt how Lift rffigtit Ire prolonged and fie thrrt re.
covered. w: o world not adopt n,r 111:111. lividrure ft
rr tinned that the right way i: discovered. This is what
those, sit! ring, from sick nes: want to he natkriod ahem. I
For who it so fooltslt as not to enjoy all the heati It his
body is rapaltle II Ito is there that would not live
when bite experience can so much lienelit hiwi-eir and
family? It is a inelatirlinty fact that ti very large pro_
portion of the most I Inciiitwrs or soctett die . lie
wecn Inc ages of thirty and forty. flow many widow, ;
and helplc:s orphans have berm the cowierpiencc of :nail.
kind not i.aving to their own po.ver the means or restor
ing health when lost.
NOW all thr3ci dangers; and can hr prevented
and the lone and certain sickness, and by sa
lure. In !hemline!, with a enrid dose of lira niiret h's PillsThts ,
1 4 a is t, ire II a ode' stood io It, no by thinvianilk
our This medicine. if takr n no as to puree
freely will snicly a ire any rtir.ilde disease. 7 herr is
no form or i:1(1 Of , irl,11f . ,51:1:11 it does not exert a nor.
alive I nt!”, , ,ce upon. Thu , . by their power is resisiiiig
try ell IC measles rnrl Ii 1107 C, worms and
all rontaeniiitsfei,erit There is pot a inedicitie In the
world so aide to purify Ike H , 3 „, cf blood and restore it
to healthy condition, as ilin Biandrelli
The nrandreili Pills are porch/ vezetatiln, and so -
imeiciit that lite Infaill of a north old n'ay's' 1111'111
medicine is required, not only with safely Lint wiili a err.
iiity lii tfrereivine all the benefit medicifo, is ceruhe of
imparting. Females may use I ilfqll k all the crlie:d
periods of their lives. Tine firandii ills will ire.ure
heir itei,lih, and produr e regniarit in a'l the fu actions
)1 hie.
SING SING, i r i ry 21, 1::43
•.1 re.,', lii t'nrlr
V. :. r.ul IJI
mar ZS. 1^.13
. . .
Dr Leidy's'Pellrr ftch Ointment_ Itna proved more
rfTiraciorm than any oincr preparation for Toter,
Dry and %Vale y Pimple, or ru,roles, and dirienFms ui
sk L. enf rally.
It hna been etupluyrd in schools, fact ori rs, aed on or.rd
ves,et.. carryinz pa-sviszers, where elti kiss n. 1.. , s nos•II as
g sown per , ullF, contract disea.es Gr I;se sktn from tuck
contagious nat tie, with the most unexampled sum s:;
certificates and reconsmendatlons have been heretofore
published from them, and numerous others toi b.l berm.
tuned for publication, but for I lie objections moss persons
have, to having (heir itanies monist-Ird in conned ion wit
such disagreeable and Inv 1.:.0me affections
in no sinzle instance has It ever been known 10 fill.
It has been used upon infants and by persons of all
!et.. It is perfectly ,ale, contains no mercury In its
composit ion,•nd mat be used under an circumstances.
Price Twenty-five rents a brittle. Prepared and Ruh!
at fir Leidy's Henn li Emporium. (sign of the Golden Ea
gle and Perpents.l and by B. A. I , A /IN EnTOCK s r CO.
corner of Wood and Sixth streets, Agents for Pittsburg..
f01.,' I 2
Headache Headache!
AP L.' now known to t housands a 5, a most extutoyditta•
ry Tenicdy for this affliction ea well all the incOn
trovertilde fact °Melt' curing DYSPEMA . Will thoet
tVering only ask anion; their friends if t hey have not
known of the positive effects of said Pills. and if they
du riot hear them store warmly peaked (nod deservedly
ton) than any other, then let them net tiny them. - le
there few remarks, all fa iiry or Imagination ix excluded,
and nOillin2 Will he raid of their merits at any time
but what can tie fairly proved by respectable steraters of
War community.
Read the following certificate given by a resperla!dc
citizen or Allogheny cily, and alle.cted by nee orliiejua g .
cs o r the Court of Common Piens or A Ilegheny co.
A LLICG (JEW! Ch it, January 9, 1843
DR. rip.oni2
Deer Sir—l hare for a number of yeers past been af
flicted with a severe and Almost constant Headnelie, a
rising f.oini dcrangementof stomach and bowers and at.
though I have taken nearly every kind of Medicine re
commended for its cure, have never derived any mate:
rial benefit until 1 timed some of your truly valuable .n.
Dyspepticti Pills. I have not taken quite two boxes and
consider myself perfectly relieved from that duaresong
complaint. I have no hesitation in recommending your
Pills as the best medicine I have ever used.
Tours, Respectfully;
I :lin acqua.nted with Mr, Tune-, I have no hesita
tion in certifying that I rottsatter the, statements of Mr,
T. reflivei Mg Dr. Brodie's P lls, as entitled In llle most
perfect awl rio ire root Hence. Hurm DAVIS.
rt.!' 4.11 e, Wh01e531. , and Retail at the Brodnntan PHI
Eva! Pin,hurelt Pa ;ant 'by all authorised a
Ara:. , I hrollulmiti the l`n ion
.t in rr y Liu 9 i:t4,3
1:•.:In's Camomile Pil:s,
mores,—Lever from the Hon. A li'lern
Connie, E.,11 Trr.ne,,ee.‘tewherofConTresl.
WAsniscros : July 2d.
S,e_Sieee I im ye been in this rile I have tiFcAlsinr i of
n• teedi, ine with il/lintlo benefit and .. is
• : ~.":; ;,(• ie to ben M. 10.. remedy. One
Dr. A. Ci Men, of Campbell county,
wrlie to Mr i(l , end Iron some. which 1 did.
.i. , 01 Lr Los III!1; , yrd it Very !•11rr - r , ...rfuNy in hi,: Practice,
.11d it invaluable. Nit'. ohn4ou, your agent al
th;,. think. you would prol.at.;y like an agent in
Te, r If so, I would recotrorroll Dr. A Carden. as
prop..r I a otficial,l for the sale of your ce'tebratect
~ , e Should y"u is Minn: lo
'of'. or , ' , end the medicir,.. by warm to ;Ire
• ;or; 4- Sons. Knoxvtl'e rniinty.Tennes.
I 1 1 , 0,1 In Crabain fluti,too Tazewell, nast
I I,:11'1' no doubt 1.111 if vu' bad asents In
Fev , r.:l,,,lpti, - 4 lu En-t crrnt deal o r ot t .di•
sHd. lin goinl In la kr: .nine of It lonic
ou it I1!1`. acid I II:lt of my friottrfm, and should
It:, to Itrar from you wltritter yon would like an agent
lt Wool itt'livan Courtly. Enst Tennet.s.T; I (Rll G el
of 1110 III“rhaills to aei for you an I ilve near there.
respornu fully.
A fIRAIIAM M'CLCLI.A N. of Tennessee.
For =air 11 Itolcsale and Retail, I,y
SEr.! CRS, A - I,ent,
No. 20. IVood sirr.l„beiow Second
1, I; .%V I [AAA 31 EV NFI•S SOOT II I Nt: RUl'.-:
r T;‘,l remedy I'lls hundred,
I toovzif naa recovery. f 0:1: convolsion , . As coon
1;;.• rloo l € l li 1111111 P 0 11 0 , , 1 11( 1 1111ld Will reef v.
pr. , repara I ion IS 5r I n norr unit so
a• - t ill. I liot eocl.i:.! will refiv, to lei 'ls zurnebe rub
v.'. with 11. o lanls ore :0 the az.. or r•Air
1:.• appearance of ar; I:. one hub Or b ite
o.ed to I; pl,, l lir rpm+ sltonitl
r I r..1 . 11, ,, in lhr c‘ro l , In hi, norxery where there
,••• if a child Lyn kr.-e in ILe nfzlit will
In Ili _um 4. the Svrith g iv. case. by
nad healinz Corn.; t hereby ~ ,revt,:f
riven, kr. For ‘V llolecAlP :111d
R. C. SELLEns, Ateoi,
No. 29. ;Xo,ro below Serond, I
II If)
- ICE' : t , tri 'NT 11rrd by luc n<c of Dr. Har
ed plc”*. altd :11 , 1•1 - iet.!
VV,.,_ PIA ,, M , zII, Pa.. ent hely cured 01
'h•• ••' • V. le-le e•yeeepiee•els wverr pain
e , eel tveel •:e . in e!eeeleeft Vide, Ineeeeoreir :lee, vamainz, arid
de , lreeeemee: ,rtin , nmach. fermi-arta%
rri I,,rez•ere.reeneeee-ere l eeree rob:le-2r e ! Inn dereen
rr , t „Mendell ;a 011 n C 01.17.11,
_real eleteier v. lentil leaver fayruplmml jodiewing 2r,;tt d e .
rnngpmcnt t:f rnlvcilon.; 01 the liver. lir. Richard ,
!, - 1.1 tif. ailv: , c cr .evrr:,l Pl , V.ecialts, hut 'crreived nn
re 'err, tine II eleeen4 Dr. Ileerlocee's Medicineovhicli termina.
t ,, 1 fn ' r c'll”_ a pe-feri rule.
1.,1,1•1,1 tiiiice. I:4 Nail 1:11;;; , 1 Siree;, Philadelphia
['or 4:0, 11. Pin<Lnr h by Sawn. I Frr,v, corner of 1,11.1.
Viorld :71 rt • I•rp 10
itos voN tirnri MLR.—
T ir.se 0. 001;•: , ...ted of IIN6y, whirl, exon
r , fir inn upa., the hurt, give "(or i ol e , ' or
In T.l, arterial system; the blood is quicken e d
I , q,L'i'n'et; in its elreltlnflon throut.h all lie velR. , ,,
, kin, the palls ,•livaled I iternally,or the
-; and as:.il the screticns of tic body are
den ,, n Iron, '!u, blood, c a eons , littent iorrease of
every .ecretion, and a onickenvil :,eilon of i!ie atv,orb er , l
Ind (-x`rilen', or e.i. , ..har;;lnz ve ,, ef.. Any 'florid(' net inn
, i.v 'nay hrve !a!:en Ware is corrected, all ohgtrui •
are r , :nc - resl., IL!. blond ion untied. and the body
;no 'ines at s t!:!.;.! 4:ate. .I'o , 3 ale 'Wholesale and Re
tL! .1 Y 11 I: SF LIARS, Agent,
) Wood el. below Second.
rurrd by the t <e of Dr. flarli , h'g Compound
Sirenviummg and PIUS
fir. Harnett —Dear Sir—Shortly after 1 received the
%.4eury f,om you Inr the sale of your medicine, I
id, med an acqnaintance wilt a lady of this plate. Who
was sr;verely afflicted with the riles. ror eight Or Teri
veal, 110.3 lady was 9111.11 , 6 to frequent painful attacks,
and her phy,deian roashh.red her ease so complicated.
that he very seldom prescribed medicine for her. Throuch
my percuaiinn. she cninnleneert uSirif! your Pills, and tea,
perfectly cored. Yours, kc. JAMES R.KIRBY
Oclnher :1, 1840• Chandtershaz, pa.
07—Office arid General Depot, No. 19. North Eighth
Street. Philadelphia. Aed by Samuel Frew, corner of
Liberty and Wood streets Pittsburgh. sep 10
-11 7 ,1ty trill ye 111.'0, al this pow•
444 4 4
;R: E. 1117 P I? EP S VEGET.II
o br , had at Turrt.c's Medical Agency ; 86 Fourth it.
the only agent In Pittsburgh.
Feb 22.
.170 ~ noner does one of Dr. I, idy' preparations be
route popular, in consequence of it SUCCV,J+ and ef-
C;. than it is counterfeitcd or imitated.
prevriit iinposilion, itr I . ri t has now procured
nnntlded bo:t his for celebrated "fetter and I telt !oit
ment, is II theword;• Dr I.eirty 'rrtler r Oil.
inr , nl,' blown In tie grlaoa , besides roirtaining his Written
si:4 nature rbil a VfnOW Atsirle.
'LINE NU baerlber liaF just tectired lii a ikinHO small, 41 4 ,..,.
IL La tidretli's Garden Seed?, ebncisting la IV, of t v ..
following kluda—all of the last years erOg # sratrefit
. ...
7. enolne:
.. ,
Beara ; ; 4 F.gg Plant, ~earstiip;
Beets, t ndtve,
I Leans, - Rale, .
I,eok, Pumpkin, Bromiti,:•`.•
Wittice, Radish, • Bosarierlei
Al ater Melons Rhubarb, CO-ba4kr
Nusk, " Salnaly, Carrot, —..—
OSturliiim, Cauliflower, Spitriefi,
cinaol, Celerv, Okra,
Tomatoes, Curled Cies', Onion,, ....,
'Turnip, Cucumbnr, Parsley; . e
CO fII , Mustard, (white and brows)
&c. &c. &c.
Together with d variety of POI /tEnweet herbs and geese
CO-Orders for Seeds, Tr , es, kc. from Garden.
ers and others will be received and promptly attclidtiV'
P 13NOWDES,. : ..• v .
No. 124 Liberty. head of Wood at.
Ciaeinaari, Fe6raory . ls,
Dr. Swsvirk—Dear Permit Inc to take the libegq
of writing to you at this time to express my apprchation
and to recommend to the attention of beads of faminelf•
and others yogi,. Invaluable medicine—the Compoym
Syrup of Prunus iritglniana, or Wild Cherry Earkr. Is .
my travels of late I liaie ken In a great many instaneee
the wonderful effects of year medtrane In relieving chq ,
drill of very obstinate complainia, such as Coughlin!
Wheezing, Choaking of Phlegm, AFt hinatic oilacks, ,
kr. I should not have written this letter,- itowevfire*
pre , etit although I have felt It my duty to add fity . led!
loony t,, it for some time, had it not been for a late .10.
stance where the medicine entice alluded to was maartir
mental in restoring to perfect health an "onlychild , "-
ease was almost hopelten, in a family of my se
quainianre. toi thank Ileay.o," said the dnatiti . moth: .
er, ,, 111 child is saved from the jaws of death! 0 bow I
feared the relentless ravager But my child is safe
jan 1:3-13
iteond all doubt Dr. Swayne's Compound syrup .. 0,
tVitd Cherry is the most valuable medicine In !tutor any
other country. lam certain I t ave witnessed more than
one hundred cases where it has been attended witit.com.
it:we surress. I not using it myself in an obstinate at.
tack of Bronchitis,n•hich it proved efrectual In a •c.
ceedinsly sitort time. contAering the severity piths ease
I ran re , umend it tit the fullest confidence °fits ipperior
virtues; I would advise that no family EhOuld be without .
it; it is very pleasant and always henefetal—:worth
double and often ten times it+ mice. The public are 11r
slimd there is tio quackery abut it. R. helms. D. D, ,
rottenly Pastor of the Fir,t Presbyterian
Y. Y.
So!,1 by WM. THORN. wl:o'egale k retail, only agent .p
for riltshur , 2ll. No. 53. M3 , 1;r1 vtreet. sep lU
iItION TIIC II 1:/11 A N R ACE!—.Diecosst .
At. :chat zclll destroy Life. and yen are a treat lama
• Itistt.rer what win prolong Life, and the weld win
cc!! ycu Impostor."
-There are faculties. bodily and intellectual, within no
. with which certain herbs have affinity, and aver leki•A
they hare power."
Dr. l',. Maudreth's External Remedy, et Liniment
which. by its extraordinary powers, abstrails rein of
s; thus Sprains, Snit Sinews, WbUtc-Stsrallhey ;
R !ICI, 11. atic Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness of the Joints
Tumors. l'itnaturni Hardness, Star Neck Sore Throat
Croup, Contractions of the muscles, Scrofulous 'en
• tarzet:ler.t;, Tender reet,and every description of t
jury affecting the Exterior of the Human Pt strie,.e
cored or greatly relieved by his nerer•to be sofficitat '
;carolh4 rsniedy.
CNRTIVI , ATL.-111(' fliliOVVirlf, letter from Major Cen
prat t?:n•tlion!, as to the vtalit les oftlic External Cease
, Srl'a valttntes:
Saw Yoni, Feb. 9,1942.
Dar Sir—Will you oblige me with another bottle r
year ex , ellent Liniment? It le certainly the hest of the
totitl I hay, ever Fern. II has cured entirely my von',
almnt which I wr,a so itttenay,and 1 have found
prothlrtine of iainiNDate retire ityrVeral easel or cufft
nal i,..jery in my family. A few evenings since. Int
yottnt!e , t child wzot.s,tzed with a violent attack arCrotii
whirl, was entirely removed In men/ y tsihNtes, by rah
ht,. her theca and throat freely with the External Re*
PO'. I 1!wil: you ou2lll to ntanufneture this Liniment
for .2 nr•l tiFe, im•icad Cr confining the use or It, as ones
has, :wretofore lone, to your particular acquaintaucal..
Yours truly. . C. W. flANDFdaiir
DR. D Firts.snirrn. 2.41 Broadway, N. Y.
•Po r sate at 241 Urnndway , New 'York. and al Ill.__
In flip Di ottani!, Piltslntir;h. PC ICC-50 ciente
”er withdirectiotm. sip 10
r nOnt:CE OR Afiflß AVATE, DISEASE.-7h
:Joss of individuals is very numerous. They arc Ikere
who work in an unhealthy atmosphere. Printers, work
men in fcaliter stores, stone cutters, bakers, white feat
manufacturer s . are alt more or less subject to disease ae
et/idiot to the strength of their constitution. The ant)
method to prevent disease, is the occapional use ofa
medicine which abstracts from the circulation olldelete
rions humors, and expel/. t hem by the bowels. Tonic
In any form are Injurious, as they only : - .ot off the evi
day to make it more fatal. The use of Brandratles Pm
will insure health, because they take all Impure matter
out of the blood; and the body is not weakened but
stretitthencil by their operation; for these valuable Pills
do not force, but they assist nature, and are not oppcaci
but harmonize with her.
Sold nt Pr. Itrandreth'i Offire, in the Diamond
Plil<hurgn„ Price 25 cents per boa, with full direction,.
MARK—The only place In Plttsl , nrett where the
GENUINE Pil:sran be obtatned,ls the Doctor, own Of
tine in the Diamond. sett 10
Caveat entered 9th June, 184:1—Patent granted to
BeolA and' eih,2oth January, 18413.
The extracts of which Brandreth's Pills are corn
p. , d are obtained by this now patented process.
without Foiling or any application or heat. The
tive principle of the herbs is thus secured the same
as it is in the
The Public should be cautious of medicines tee
cornmendei in advertisments stolen from me, in
which the CONTEMPTIBLE Roarklts steals my lan- -
allege, merely alterin; the name. Time will show '
these wholesale deceivers in their trite Bghr t
AN DRETIPS PILLS are the People's
Medirire, proved by thrt-ands who daily :fervor
Wild them to the afflicted. The BRANDRETH
PILLS are greWil , p very e day more popular, dusk
vi, tues are extendihg their usefulness. The sick of
both sexes are daily deriving benefit from thrm.
Nn case of disease but they can he used with silvan.
tar. Blotches r.r hair' lumps of the skin they speed
ily rare, so with erysipelas, RO with salt rheum, so
vvith indigestion, so is itli roughs and colds, so with
costiveness, so with cancer, so with but parched lips
and canker in the mouth. Let the afflicted use this
medicine, and they will find they require no other.
Sold at 23 cents per b‘ix, with directions.
Observe the new labels each having upon it fwo
sioantres of Dr. Brandreth. So each box of the -
genuine has six signatures—three Benjamin Brand
re ii and three B. Brandreth upon it.
The riahT rhact: io Pittsburgh where the RE A
Brandreth Pills CAN BE OBTAINED, is the Doric!, ,
own Office. Diamond back of the Market Hansa
Mork. the GE:VC/MC BrandrethPills can neve r b e
taii.ed in any DRUG Scups.
The following are the ONLY AGENTS Lipp: l i eu .
eit iv Dr. B Brandreth, for the sale of his I% sl e w.
hie Universal Pills in Allegheny County.
II Lee—Principal Office, Diamond, Pittsburg.
Mr. Joint Glass—Allegheny.
Rohe, t Duncan—Birmingharn.
C. F. Diehl—Elizabethtown.
11. Rowland-,McKtespon. ,
Pressly Irwin—Pleasant Hill.
Jchn Johnsno—Nohlestown.
Chessman do-Spaulding—Stewartstown. .
Asdell & Connell—Clinton.
Robert Smith Porter—Tarentum.
George Power—Fairview.
David R. Coon—Plum Township.
Daniel Neigley--East Liber ty.
Edward Thompson--Wilkisokinrgh.
Win. 0. Hunter—Alton's Mills.