Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, September 16, 1843, Image 1

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'VOL. lI.__NO. 3.
N. TV. corner of Wood and fifth Streets.
Trrots..7—Five dollars a year, payable in advance.
•Singifec.vies Two sale at the counter of
tha Office, and by News Boys.
The Weekly Mercury and Manufacturer
lr 'published at the name. "trice, on a double I nAll.llll
sheet, at TWO DOLLARS a nar, in advanc...
AWcorties, SIX CENTS.
ESO 50 Ono month, $5 00
075 Two do., 6 00
00 Three 7 00
150 I Four do., 800
300 Six do., 10 00
4 00 One year, 15 00
One Square. Pao Squares.
Six months, $lB 00 Six menthe,
Otte year, 25 00 One year,
reLarger aavertisefnents in proportion.
Ce'CARDS of four lines Six DQLLAILS a year.
Public Officcs, &c
Cey Post 05ce, Third liotwoen Market and Wood
streets—R. 'NI. Riddle, l'o,:tinmiter.
Caeont House, Wator, Ith d:ior from Wool st.,Pe
tersoa's buildings—Major Julie Willock, Collector.
• Ct'y Treasury, 1)2t.W0 First and Second
streets—.lamas t. 131rtram, Trousurer.
County Treasury, Third street, next door to the
Third Prosbyterian Church—S. It. Johnston, Treas,u
Arayor's.oifice, Fourth, between Market and Wood
stroet3—Alexander Hay, Mayor.
Merchant's Exchange, Fourth near :Market at
Pittsburgh, bz.tw.uln Market and \Vood i , treetA on
rhird and Fourth street...
Merchants' and Mannfacturers' and Pa emer,s'
posit Bank, (form rly Saving . Fund,) Feurth, between
Waal and Market st.ro.cts.
Exchange; Fifth st. near Wood.
//o , ise, Water street, near the
el, comer of PO.llll and St. Clair.
corner of Third and Wood.
, l,corner of Third and Smithfield.
corner of Penn st. and. Canal
, Lib.:Tty :drze.t, near seventh.
•in a .11 :e, Liberty St., opposite
1I tin, Hostse, Pe:in St., nppfriit,.
b 0 waters of Saw Mills.
S_'ttu',, for saw
so Cully t t.t.• tsl its tlitft‘rslltt puts
of the Uuiryd Star=,ka-,211 a; its Ow citi.23 ritti
burzli and. Alit...Ow:iv, cats ht.
.ty.tstai.ion at
' astinti t 3r of will. its thi, a i.tlils.srltootl, at Mr. 11 ittli
ctr.shant'6 ts.l l'eats stretttt at BownLos &
Lop's mills, 'War tilt. tipper Allt.,:;lstaly bri,l e, and
tt.l and 0 t h,.1..
Tlin trinAtl'ioastlsits- st. t
.ta be obtainosl at NV. IV.
hop, cid Liberty twat Satitleit°A,
.wir...re it ii fittitig iy, a-1.1 wfi‘r.... will
kept cttsatita.st!y ua hand,. .lisisly to B. I'. Stlytlt , r,
W. \V. :nays
Evans' Chamomile Pills.
woot, York, wa,
i.t its toltta7.tTiva•-•(.1 Tir• w:.re
olaatleaailirhe, Ltiieitt (lability, •ver, co::ivele?*,cott
wiribarit, pia in the c1y2,4 :r rd sten(iaelt aiw . ivs after
etti•d inyairosl ot . at flit.
StOIVICh, fnfred tonue, cr t a, with frequent vomit
intri, dizziness towartls and restlessoces. Tle . se
hxl radiated utrwards - of a twalicasoath, whoa, on
a. consulting Dr. Win. Evans, 100 Chatham street, ant
• submitting to 1n ev,n• successful and Li.p•c;:abic novae
of treatment, tha patient wa, , o.Pnpiotely 11.nitA wed to
haulthin the short space of on 111:111!ii. and
,2 - rateful for
the incalculable benefit derived, gladly came forward
and voltrateetvd the above statement. Far ?alt . , whole
sale and retail, by R. E—SELL ERS, Agent,
sep 10-y No. 20, Wood street, f e int• Second.
Peasa'a Raarhound Can&y.
r LITTLE has received this day front Ncw York,
afresh supply of the above celebrated cure for
Coughs, Colds and Consumptions; and is ready to sup
ply customers at NOEACSII.I I 2 , Jr retail, at his Medical
Ageni7, 86 Fourth st. nov 12
Better Bargains than ever, at tho Three Big
THE subscriber would respectfully inform his cus
touters and the public , r,encrallv. that not withstati
- lig die unprecedented sales at the Three Big Doors,
during the present season; he has still on hand the lat.-
est and -most varied assortment of elegant CLO
THING that can be bouzht west of the mountains.—
ii The public may rest assured that all articles offered at
his store are maufactured from FRESII GOODS, pur
chased in the Eastern markets this spring and made in
to tnarments by Pitttsburgh workmen.
In consequence of the multiplication of ,ior, shops in
our city, filled with pawn brokers clothes and the musty,
- cast off garments of fornvr sca:ons, from the eastern ci
ties, the public should be cautious to ascertain the char
acter of the establishments in which they are invited to
purchase, before they part with their money. The alai
, • cles offered at set cral of the concerns in this city, are
' '•• 'the mere offals of New York and Philadelphia slop
ps, and sent out here to be palmed off on the Pitts-
It •
public. Purchasers ~ I rmld be ter their guard a
t these impositions, and they may rely on the fact
no establishment that advertises east,' rn made Clo
g, can give as good an article or as advantageous
ins as can be had at thy' Three Hi ff. flours, ,,
he public will please remember that tai the subscri
's garment6are mule in this fit y, by competent work
' en, and not gathered up like time goods now offered by
t t heibitals of passage" from the shreds and patches of
eastern slop shop. It will always be his endeavor to
aintain the reputation that the "Three Big Doors"
ve obtained for furnishing a superior style of CLO
ING in every respect, and at prices below those of
• •other establishment.
He would again return leis thanks to his friends and
- • the public for the unprecedented patronage bestowed
upon his establishment, and believing that they have
found it to their advantage to deal whit him, he would
repeat his.invitation to all those who wish to purchase
• Clothing of every description at the lowest priced° call
`; .m N 0.151, LInEnTY Sr. JOHN M'CLOSKEY.
, ii. , EF'.Observe Metal Plate in the pavement. ap 26.
Look at This.
THE attention of those who have been somewhat
sceptical in reference to the uumeruus cert if.
cures p
üblished in favor of Dr, Suayne's Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry, on account of the persons being
- finknownin this Section of the State, is respectfully di
-' meted to the following certificate, the writer of which
has been a citizen of this borough fo.r several years, and
' .is known as a gentleman of intes;tity and responsibility.
To the Agent, Mr. J. Kiser. I
I have used Dr. Swa2,-ne's Compound Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a Cough, with which I have been severely
afflicted for about four months, and I have no hesitation
in saying that it is the most effective medicine that I
have been able to procure. It composes all uneasiness,
and agrees well with my diet,—and maintainsa regular
-and good appetite. I can since.tely recommend it to all
.others similarly afflicmd. J. MINN I cx., Borough of
March 9, 1810. Chambersburgb.
For sale by WILLIAM T HORN,
No. 53 Market stole
/-4 . p23)
. -
77 , ,w ~...!,-. - "? - 7 .., : r - , , , ,1 " 1 77 - 7-1.4_- .., -, - *:-. 1 .: -: -
,7 , .. ~- • - ',. ~ ' • ~,:- . , :::': .' ~ z ,, :,, , ',,.., :, ~- :-...... -- _ o `4":‘ '.:l;',.;*:': - -463:046 4 "V57 - 7.;::: 4
~c- • ,?..t0'4•4 ' ..,'"PW, '''.'` '-':;'-' t 4 - -. '''. '' .. l . ' ':.: "- r ,. - , z' '' '.. ;, '.-•
~ . t' , •
;-: '4.. - • '' , ' 4- '- i• '''- " 2 "'"!! "" ..4- * : , i , ,s-..,; , .; , -!= , -_-,5...! t-; 7 ' :;c--., - ,-•''. ''',."- A .
n 1
p f
1 . . .
.. • . . - . - , ~. ,
..•, • - ' • •
... . ,
. ir ,...... 1
1 i
' Ail li b- •
{4ll. j ...
t et In
..... _. _.,„
It Woods, Attorney lira Counsellor at Law,
011 ice removed to Bali:m(4l's Office, , ., on Grant street,
nearly opposite the lICW Court House, nextrooms to J.
D. Mahon, first floor. syp 10
Hugh Toner, Attorney at Law,
North East corner of Smithfield and Fourth streets,
I'ittabur;:h. yep 10—y
111 . CANDLEst; C 111•CLURE,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
thiiee in the Diamond, back of the old Court
se i 10 Pittboreh.
Francis IL Shook, Attorney at Law,
Fourth iqrcetiabove Wood,
sop 10—ly Pittsburgh. Pa
Thomas Hamilton, Attorncy at Law,
Fifth, hotmeen Wood and Smithfield
sap 10—y Pitt.hur , h, Pa.
Wm. O'Hara Robinson, Attorney at Law,
Office on the North side of the Diamond, between Mar
ket and Union streets, up stairs sep 10
A. I. Durboraw,Att °racy at Law,
Tenders his professional Rerrice.; to the public.
set) 10 on sth St., above Wood. Pittsburgh.
Eyst,er & Buchanan, Attorneys at Law,
(Nice rrintored front the Dnutiond to " At torney', , . Row,"
shady side of ith, betweeriMarket and Wood sts.,
scp 10 Pittsburgh.
• N. Bnckma.st,er, Attorney at Law,
Ilan removed his office to 13usres t Law• Buildings, .Itli
st., above Smithfield, Pittsburgh. sup 10
George W. Layng, Attorney at Law,
Office in Fourth .sreet, near Smithfield, Pittsburgh
sep 27—y
Made Washington, Attorney at Law,
Office iu Baisewclrsimilding,nrant street, Pittsburgh
nor 5, 1812
John J. Mitchell, Attorney at Law,
Office corner of Smithfield. and Fifth streets, Pittsburgh
mad'. .All busine.ss entrusted to his
cure Will be promptly attenclodio.
fob lti—v
William Elder, Attorney at Law,
011icein Second itreet, socandclonrabove the corner of
iq f 29-11 Smithfield, north side.
Wm. E. Austin, Attorney at Law,
PittsburgllPa. Office in Fourth strcct, oppsite Burhe's
- 'WILLIAM L. 'A I - , :TIN; I - 79., will give his atten
tion to my tudini , hed busine4, and I recommend him
to the patronage of lay friemfi.
s , p 10—y WALTER FORW NRD.
Daniel M. Curry, Attorney at Law,
Office on Fifth street, betwem Wood and Smithfield ,
ap 8 Pittsburgh.
Robert Portcr, Attorney at Law,
Wice on the car.wr. of Uoultli and Smithfield stroet..,,
,4-) i 0 Pitt,l;urgli.
Judson & Flanegia, Attorney 3 at Law,
Smititlirla,u-tr 7th strr.o. Coll -1-tion-: twtd
prat, forsit tw. of old 11 , ttior
th7lat act tuvl
Cr! .nut,lit &lice 1y,...part..41. mar 17—y
ILIIITy S. ZYlagratv, Attlrney at Law,
rvm , 'yeti oilirc 0.1
t fl:).lri. 10
J. D. Crcigh, Attorney at Law,
u•.d Th.rd l'iltshtirs.;ll
L. Harper, Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
c • A ‘III,iS'iNCOUN 1 V , OHIO
Will 1 , 1 , 1111 i /iIV to [IV C./Ill:C(1On Ur •C'Cljrit7, ”1 .
Cnt1.11.7.10d to hi- car,.
th,• (I( I larcisun. Julien-on, 13,11nont, Guern
sey, TtlikiartlNVil3, liuintcs, CO,llOOOll, Carroll, Stork
illll3 Wayne. ItUFEIt TO
Metcalf LOOdliN.)
Da17.,11 4. Firming, ( ri
John Harper,
-D. 7'. Morgan,
my , I.Bl3—tf
Office north side of Fifth street, between Wood and
Smithfield, Pittsburgh. sep 10—tf
Magistrate's Blanks,
For prorcedings in attachment under the late law, for
stile at this office. jy 25
Blank Petitions, Notices, &c.,
To be used in Bankruptcy proceeding 3, printed on good
paper, and in the form; approved by the Court, for sale
at this office. = ' 4
Dr. S. a Holmes,
Office in Second street, next door to Mu'vans. Sr, Co.'s
Glass Warehouw. sep 10—y
Dr. A. W: Patterson,
Office on Smithfield street, third door from the corner of
sixth street. sep 10
EL D. Se/kers, M. D.,
Office and dwelling in Fourth street, near Ferry,
sep 13—y Pittsburgh
Ward &sat , Dentists,
Liberty street, a few doors below St. Clair,
Doctor Daniel McMeal,
Office on Fifth street, between Wood and Smithfield
streets, Pittsburgh. dec 1
No. 43, Wood Street,
Agents for the sale of the r.agle Cotton Factory Yarns
mar 17—y "!.
Will s & Dilworth,
Wholesale Grocers, Produce and Commission Mer
chants, and Dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactured Ar
ticles, No. 29, Wood street. sop 10—y
IV7rolesale and Retail Dealers in
English, French and Domestic Dry Goods,
No. 81, Market street; Pittsburgh.
se 10—v
_ _
& J. IVl'Devitt ,
Wholesale Grocers, ReCtifying Dhaillers, and Dealers
in Produce and Pittsburgh Manufactured Articles,
Ne. `"...)4, Liberty Street, Pittsburgh. sep 10
J. G. & A. GORDON,
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
Water street, Pittsburgh. sep 10—y
Commission and Porwarding Dicrchants,
Nu. 60, Water street,Pitt.4bargh, Pa.
F7,17-r'Trums.—Receiving and shipping, 5 cents per
100 lbs. Commission on purchases and sales, 21 per
cent mar 22—y
Brownsville Juniata Iron Works,
Edward Hushes, Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse,No.is, Wood st., Pittsburgh.
se 10—v
Wholesale Grocers, Commission and Pro-
dace Merchants,
And dealers in Pittsburgh. Manufactures,
mar 17 No. 43, Wood street. Pittsburgh
H. Morrow, Aldcrman,
Coleman & Co.,
Gcncral Agents, Forwarding and Commission
Levee Street, Vicksburg, Miss. They respectfully so
licit couiUrnments. u
- -
J. W. Einrbridge & Co.,
Agents for the sale of Beatty's Powder, Water street,
between Wood and Smithfield. mar 30—y
L. & .1. D. WICK,
Wholesale Grocers & Dealers in Produce,
116 Wood Street, 4 doors above Fifth st.,
may 15 Pitt-burgh, Pa.
TACY LLOYD, Jr., Wholesale and Retail Gnr
cer and Fruiterer, No. 140 Liberty street Pitts
burgh. may 20.
Birmingham & Co.,
March 22
John H. Brant, Wholesale Grocer,
Dealer in Grain, General Forwarding and Cum
111i5d1.0)1 Merchant,
arrisburgh, Pa.
Commission s
W I L s l li , e t!i r t te e t!fal
loses[ commission: e ntfor
. & W. Esher, Day & Get risk, D. Leech &Co
Bala trio re--NV .NV inn &co. IV illson &II err,J . E. Elder
Ila r u r gh---11lich'l Burke, IL Antei, J Huldrnan
Booksellers, Printers and Paper Makers,
No. 37, Market street. sep 10
John Anderson, Smithfield Foundry,
Water :trect, near lommg - ahela House, l'itiburgli
s op 10-y
Tito! As B. YOU Nu
Thos. B. Young do Co.
Furniture Ware Ronny, earner of !Lind itreet and Ex
change alley. Per.ons wishing to purcha..ae funiture•
will find it to their aAvantaze to 2.ivo LIS a rail, being ful
ly sati,tied that Nye can plea<i as to quality awl price.
§ep 10
IL C. TOW NtiEN &.
Wire Workers and Wire Mannfacturers,
No. '23, Market :trent, between 21 and 3a ! areets,
sep 10—y
Exchange Hotel,
Corner Penn and Saint Clair alrec!s, by
p 10 .NlclanDlN & SMITH
Pilkington's Unrivalled 11"cking,
ArAN 1" v Ac-r uit 1:1) aria ~;.1 wh,
VI 11 , T REF. r, 01.` door Iwiow timithui hl.
James Patterson, jr.,
minOiarn, 'war Pitt bursh, Pn., rwinitf:iciwiw of
tobacco, Gtll r , mill aid timbcr
,crir.v,;ll.ll-ien sciviv .I,r roiling &c. ,cp 1
John IVl'Closkey, Tailor and Clothier,
Libert. , troet. I.)..lweea in. , _•et and Vir4in alloy
-el , 10
Webb Closty'sßoot and Shoe Manufactory,
V. 83, l'h x'..11,%.1 - I , l(l, , i:athe 11 S. Bank.
ca,l,-I , in , li.ws In. lae iu th.•
r. a:A 10
William Doherty,
Lill I'l' AND C.ll' MANITACITHEIt, 4ro
113 Lib. rvot. Iwt Marlict .
and si:111. np .
John Cartwright,
CuTLER and Surgical instrument Manufacturer,
corner of 6th and Liberty street A, Pittsburg, Yu.
N. 13,—Always on hand ;u1 extensive assortment of
Surgical and Dental instruments, Banker's, Tailor's,
Hatter's, Hair DreAser's and Tanners Patent Shears,
Saddler's Tools, Truss..., ,C; e. .w 24.
.. . .
.1()IiNsoN & L,
Bookbinacts and Paper Milers,
Continue business at the stand late of 11I'Candles C.
Johnson. Every description or W rh in their li n e nest
ly and promptly expented. may B—y
Oak and Poplar Lumber for Sale.
AFENN' thousand feet of ~easoned Oak and Poplar
Lumina, for sale hy ‘vh,,k , ale. Enquire of James
C. Cumming, Esq. near the Fountain Inn. iv "21..
:tr. Good's Celebrated Female Pills
THESE Pills are strongly recommended to the
notice of ladies as a safe arid efficient reniedyin
removing those complaints peculiar to theirsex, from
want dexereise,orgeneraldebilitYlff the system. They
obviate costiveness, and counteract all Hysterical and
Nervous affections. These Pills have gained the sanc
tion and approbation of the most eminent Physicians in
the United States, and many Mothers. Fur sale
Wholesale turd Rctail,by R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
sep 10 No. '2O, Wood Street, below Sacond.
Notice to Dr. Drandreth's Agents.
rri HE' office in Pittsburgh, winch was esutblished for
the purpose of co!istitoting agents in the west,
having a ccomplished that ooject, is now closed, and
Mr. G. 11. LEE, in the Diamond, Market street, ap.
pointed my agent for the sale of my Pills and Lini
ments. Ail Dr. Brandreth's agents will, therclorc,un
derstand that Dr. 11. will send a travelling agent
throughthe conntry once a year to collect monies for
sales made and re supply agents. The said ti-aveUer
will be provided with power of attorney, duly pro'N'ed
before the Clerk of the city and county of New York,
together with all the necessary vouchers and papers.
Mr J. J. Yoe is my traveling agent now in Pennsyl
vania. B BRANDRETII, M. D.
N. B.—Remember, Mr. G. 11. LEE, in the rear of the
Market is now my only agent in Pittsburgh.
june 14
H.ming„been afflicted fur nearly two years, with a
hard swelling on the cap of my knee, which
produced much pain, and used various applications
recommended by the faculty—all in vain, was cured
completely by the use of one bottle of Dr. Brandreth's
linament, or external remedy.
Witness my hand, JAMES TAYLOR.
Ohio tp.,Allegheny co, Pa. Jan. 10, 1840.
Dr. Bralreth's cxternal remedy or linamen4 sold
at the store of GEORGE H. LEE, Pittsburgh, price
50 cents per bottle. feb 8.
THE subscribers have removed. to Water, between
Wood and Smithfield streets, where L 1 1 .4 will
continue the Wholesale Grocery and Commission busi
ness, and would respectfully solicit the patronage of
their friends. J. W. BURBRIDGE & CO.
dec 3
Dr. Dechtees Pulinerkary Preservative.
FOR coughs, colds, intittenzas, catarrhs, whooping
cough, spitting of blood, pain in the breast, all
diseases of the breast and lungs, and arrest of approach
ing consumption. 'Warranted free from mercury and
other minerals. B. A. FAHNESTOCK & CO.,
jy 12 .Agents for Pittsburgh.
....FRANCIS L. Yut;Nu
nion Cotton Factory
Choap for Cash
Short Reel Yarn.
No. 5 at 15 cti Per lb
6 at 15 do
7 at 15 do
8 at 15 do
9 at 15 do
10 at 15 do
11 at 13 do
12 at 15 do
13 at 16 do
14 at 17 do
15 at 18 do
16 at 19 do
17 at 20 do
18 at 21 do
19 at 22 do
20 at 23 (16
Long Reel Yarn.
500 at 8, cent* per dozen
GOO at 7h do
700 at 6.4 do
800 at 5h do
900 at 5 do
1000 at 5 do
Candlewick at 15 cents per lb
,Coin. Batting, 8 do
Family do., 12,1 do
ICarpet Chain, 20 do
Cotton 'F wine, 20 do
Stocking Yarn and Cover
I let Yarn always on hand.
Cotton Warps made to or
attended to, if left at J & C.
t.!;tv's,or the Po 4 Office: address
. 1.. MOORHEAD & CO.
TC. 7 Ft' - "Order6 pronlptly
r ainter'i,Logan &Kenn
Circulating and Reference Library.
OF religious, historical, political and miscellaneous
works, will be open ever.,' day, Sabbath except
ed, from 7 o'clock A. M., until 9 P. M., in the Ex
change building, corner of St. Clair street and Ex
change alley, where punctual attendance will he given
scp 1(1.
Springs and Axles for Carriages,
At Eastern Prices.
Ir"E ihen= manufacture and keep constant
ly on hand Coach, C and Eliptic Springs ( %Kar
im:lna) Juniata Iron Axles, Silver and Brass plated
Dash Frames, Brass and plated Hub Bands. Stump
Joints, patent Leather, Silver and Brass Lamps,
Titre , fold Step 4, Malleable Iron ; Door Handles and
Hinges, &c., &e. JUNES S. COLEMAN.
scp 10 St. Clair st., near the Aillegheny Bridge.
TraNit , select Iluatx pr,,ci , ied with
Evan's Safe( it Guards (or 1)1 cucnting Explusi On of
• .
Ste alfl Doilcrs
ell for lir. tra,vli3z ~,nrutviity t o
hear in nrit.d that th , ir security &Tends entirely
upon their u n uccouraetirelit of 1.,0itt..3 that have or
TIPly 4 , • .11 the em,niea t pea ing the above anara
t Inl that eery indi, dual nia!sifie, such selec
th, toward: a general introduction of
i:.%eotion admitted hien vyho node.' .tand the
1 1111,er:de, of tit, to he a ,ore presa•nta
ti%e again , t tho-e dr,.7ldful 1:1/11 have cer
taialv, in I. !hat ha vo ;0r..t0l
taken pia their a1t0, , -t d.iiir t1i . 1 1 1,f1 1 1.111 . 0, 11114
1-1 1 liven tll .l l 11.1• e /1: IVZlfly 1..( 1 (.1 1 11 11/.1, a , nar,-
,:if,„; arainz. anal 1•31.1,3 tan at to Inatio irapdry for a
S.detv L;uar,l ta3l, (11 !; .. iVa it than
c .cc, I" as 4:lditional l'Xi/tnI7C
11,0 1.„ % ,• a1 , 1 ):102t you not litt , rofo:r
to ni••ot 1.1,• I'l N.. 1 . 111 tt cor:1 1 -1/111111111; dt`LlVcc
:1 311,y v,,0• in otor,•;,•• • t11:•..t cant apprrciate their
Lindah:t• •:01. aWi . ui -11CrIEICe oC hu
nycl •. They (13 not 41,3:•In: nioro than other boat-;
their arctanniodatio::- in other tespct.ti are equal, and
-uperiurt and is then.. jA 0:11 .
iu,hnr lrrven d ty, tchy util too run any
it i.. cotnploply in your ußll powcr to avoid tho,e dis-
All boat: I-a:alit-a thai. U] in the Litt of A.irivith. and
Departines in aniith,r part adds raper, are :upplied
with the :4;fety Guard.
Litt ~ f Bunts provided via G orard.
J. H. BILLS, mar '2 2
New 4 ork Dyer.
OSEF: MMES. wbuldrespectfully informhis friends
and the public in general, that he dyes Ladies'
dresses, Habits and.Mantelid every description, black;
and warrants them not to smut, and to look equal to new
goods. He dyes fancy colors of all descriptions of silk
and carpet yarn. Also4learisand restores the colors of
gentlemen's clothing., sb'exto resemble new goods.
Mr. IL flatters himAfthathe can please the Public,
as he has done an extensive business in New York for
twenty years. All work done on moderate terms. at his
establishmcntia sth st., between Wood and Smithneld
near the Theatre.
E -- " This is to certify that OSEE MMES . has done
work for us, which has .fully answered our expec
cations, and we consider him a competent dyer.
S. Hemphill, Andrew Purdy,
Wm. Barne:=, W. B. Boies
J. B. Shurtleff, Wm. Porter,
Mond Hell, H. IL.Smith,
13. F. Mann, Henry Javens
David Boies, A. Shocl : :ey, jr.
Joseph French, jr., Joseph Vera,
George Barnes: ap
Naylor & Co.'s Best Refined Cast SteeL
THE undcrsig - ned, agents for the above celebrated
stamp of Steel, will always keep on hand an as
sortment of the same, consistinv in
Bestrefined Cast Steel. squared „flat, round and (le tagom
do do do do axe temper,
Extra do do do for nail cutters.
Beat do Double and Single Shear steel,
English Blister, German. Granite; Wedge and Craw
ley Steel, at wholesale, by the case.,,or in smaller lots
tosuitpurehasers. LYON; SHORB & CO.,
je 24-3 m ,root or Wood streo
A Card
jWILLIAAI M,CAIiTiIY bees leave to
ann.unce to tip. Geiltit_!rnen 41'4Libur0i.
that he is prepared to makr. BOOTS of all
kinds, of the best Leather obtained from Philadelphia,
and over Lusts made by instructions front himself. He
does now fur himself what he hat.; so long dune for the
Pittsburgh Bosses. i. e. alter and fit his lasts to suit the
foot. He has worked at the most fashionable work in
the Eastern cities,came here and instructed several how
to alter and fit, which can he attested by number of
Journeymen in this cite, and now is rewarded by them
with contumely and abuse. Ile hereby challenges any
Bootmaker in Pittsburgh, (Boss of .coure.) to make a
pair or moro of Boots, stock cipial, measure to he ta
ken by each in his own way. Workmanship to decide
the matter.
Fourth st. or the . .‘lonunEalieia House Boot maker,
(as he calls himself,) have a lam chance now to show
tilemselse: , . If they can make a Boot let us see it.
W. McCarthy's Slop and Store ifs en Market street,
next door to Second, and opposite J. Dunlap'A Tin and
Sheet Iron ware Factory. july 11—tf.
To the Gentlemen of Pittsburgh.
jTHE subscriber most respectfully
informs the menden:en of this city and®
vicinity, that he has commenced the BOOT and
SHOE making business in Fourth street, opposite the
Mayor's office. Having been foreman in some of the
must fashionable boot shops in the Eastern cities; and
having furnished himself with the best French and
American calf skins, he hope.; he his attention to busi
ness to merit a share of public patronage. To those
gentlemen who haw kindly patronised him ho returns
his sinecre thanks, and can with contidence appeal
fur the goodness of his wick and knowledge of his
business. P. KERRIGAN.
William Adair, Boot and Shoe Maker,
Litctty st. opposite the head o . f B,nithfleid.
IThe subscriber havinz hotrht out. the®
..3tock of tho late Thomas Rafferty, deceased,hn.s
commenced busine,i , at the old stand of Mr. R.,
and i.; prepared to execute all {l,:-.cripti , ms of work in
hi-; lion, in the be,:t manner, and on the shortest notice.
He 1.10-,-= con:tantly on hard a lartte aF:sortniont of shoe
thglin;.: , of ad do, , crip:loo4, anal of the b.2::,t. quahty. He
_ , ,licit - tit , patronac of the pubiioat.d of the craft.
oo 10-v WM. ADAIR.
David Clark, Ag't.,
AFAsirioNBLE BOOT mAKEit,i,,, rcnio,e,l
to Ne. 31 Mailz. , t stn? t, beti.eetin Second and
'fli n t st ! i r e... i-,.. ell••relic w-tild he happy to ~ c ellii
ohi taz..tonP•r. , and all ath:•!•.: 10-I , r feel 4113p0... , .'d to pa
ti iinii,t hint. Ilc licii-ii notlting liar first rate ,lock, and
en:ploys tit, I: i.t. , ,i . ,, , , , ,1,:trint ai:d as he qi% iii: his con
-t- a ti( r itinal attention to liti:irtes.s. he ti o:ts tha t l ie
will deserve and rev , . lye a bar share of putronage
sep 10
Pittsburgh Inamufacturcs. Cheap for Cash
YATES. intohls rrn..lthet
to a:•:icle of . L•eliesh Cnihtr.ns and
d -ell them chetTer fo r ri l -.11 than
they Can he boo ...lit in dn. eiiy. He will keep eonstant-
I ne
, on lal and nedies to order Ladies' Shoes of all
hinds and colors at vrrc loot pldCe , . of the
Ladies' Lasain d G a it er $1 75
be u,utditc Kidur illoroea . fiGaiters, 1 50
" Calfskin Boots, . •
•• Foxed Half Gaiters, all colors. I 374-
'• is kid and :Throw buskin. 1 181
" Doable Soled Slippers, (Jef l 1 It2i,
tine Kid Spring: and Turns. best. qual.l 00
Springs, hem y, 87. J,
" Slippors, 75
All Shoes made here warranted. _Misses' and Chß
&ars' in the same proportion:
11776."Remendier the place, at the sign of the Red
Box, No. 8, Fifth street. "
LOOll AT Tills!
\'0.316, Tr 'afreet,ouc rioorabare 6Ch,
1::Elai con:tantly on hnnd nll kind= of the hest
Spani.l Cai - zdorcs. Cour
manes, Traburas, Prior ipes.
Also, hall Spani-li ant el,"` •10n cigars.
TObaCrt, of all iho hydndc Carer:dish, 5 ,
luny; Baltimore Pi 11s and 16 , , lump.
11-30, 1::10 t'‘lT tobar,o,
itinuirx---Rappoe, Scotch. Mn. , •flul,a, Ilizh'foaqt,&r.
qie bus nisi). ail other ar , ich , in hi.; line, which he
otTer6, nt th , lowt cash pries 2 ,..
AND 511. je 8-6ra
A/ c (ill 1011 77 .7. ..S• 31Curdy, : 4 \ - 0. 4 Se -
c(.70/ t,
REsrEcTFULLY intl,rms the friend: at the late
thin. anl the public. generally. that he prepa
red to (11l ull crclors for Caline! 11 - ori.t, Of any kind,
with all pom,ible despatch, and v:art anted to be equal
to any in the city.
Every attention will be pidfi to Cortii.zhin:: - COFFINS,
Sc , when requited.
.',c• 16—y
File Manufactory.
TIIE subF‘eriber havingettnarmnced the manufac
ture of Cast Steel Files, from American materials
exclusiyely, merchants or other persons warah:g can Ito
supplied ity him with a better article than tie' forei
and at lower - prices. Intendimt- to use ealy the best
quality of File Steel, manutheimed be the Messrs.
SHO EN BERG E n's, which is now bromc•ht to a perfection
equal to the best English article, manufactured for the
same purpose, the stibseliher ha, foil colilidoiwe that he
will be able, in quality ofartirles and prices, to realiztr
the het hopes of the friends of A:raTiran Ind ma r y.
Corner of O'Hara & Li l wrt
iN 1 5-3
Horatio P. Young, Cabinet Maker,
(Late of the firm of Yonnf , 4. Curdy)
HAS cornmencA the faisinesxia all its branches at
\Voad street, between First and Second
stri., where be will keep cot:stall:33on hand a good tb.-
sortment of well nlade FURNITURE, and hope , F, by
strict attention to bitssilles, to merit. 0 CuLlLintuthre of
the patrol - m..7e of the public.
Every attention 1“ - • paid to furnishing COFFINS,
Sze. A Furniture July 11
t..q Upholsterer and Cabinet Wialcer,
LJ"' n Ti fr st., hetween Wood and Market,
Rospeciially informs his friend , and the public that he
i , prepared to execn.e all orders for zolas, sitisdioards,
bureaus, chairs, tabies, bedsteads, stands, hair and
spring. mattrus-c., curtains, carpets; all sorts of uphol
stering irork, which he will warrant equal tu any made
in the city, and nn reasonable ternis. sep 10
Matthew Jones, Barber and Hair Dresser,
rlus removed. to Fourth street, opposite the . .layor's of
fice, where he n-illbe happy to wait upon permuaent or
transient customers. He solicits a share of public pa
.c.p 10.
Cr..l)e nail]) Iliorning Post
Long, long in many 'a lowly horn
Thy'll fon4Jy,still recall his gloiy,
And yet, fur fifty years to concs,
The cottage hear no other story.
There, many a time, at close of day,
The villazers shall meet, and say,
Mother, to make the moments fly,
Tell us a tale of times gone by,
Whit though his rule, they say, was stern,
We hail his memory with delight
—Tell us of him, good grammamui3.
Tell as of hirt tonight
My children, in this hathict here.
Fn"owed by kings, I iaw his carriage,
How time will fly !it was the year
I first kept house upon my marriage.
I climed our little slope to iet
The great- folks pass, and there was het!
He wore a small cocked-hat that day,
And a plain riding cost of grey.
Near him I trembled, but he said,
"Bohjour, my dear; how do you d 6.0
—He spoke to you, good granmamma'
You say he spoke to you!
Year from thence, hychance. I carnl
One day to Paris. and I found him
Rolling in state to Notre Dame .
With all his splendid court around hira
And how rejoiced the peorle were
To see the hero passing there!
And then, they said. the very skies
Looked smiling on his pogeantries.
He had afTacious look and smile,
And heaven had sent an infant boy,
—What joy for you, good grandmammti!,
Oh! what a tim•: for joy!
When foes marched over polr Champagne,
lie boldly braving thousand dangers. .
Seemed sinew fight inz An sustain
The war apinst the invading strangers.
die evening:, n t this very hour,
I heard a knocking at the door:
I , iponed—Saints ! 'twa.s he again!
A feeble escort all his train.
lie sat here where yon see me sit,
And talked of War with thoughtful air,
—Did he sit there goodograd mamma?
And did he eit just there
I brou4ht norrie mine at his desire,
And our brown loaf I Nvell mmemberi
Ile dried his clothe - 3, and soonthe fire
Inclined his heavy eyes to slumber.
He woke. and saw me tears. and cries,
Still hope, fair hostess; soon beside
The walls of Paris, I, perchance,
May yet avenge the wrongs of France!
He went away ; and ever since
I've kept the cup before him vet.
—You have it yet, good grundmtrumal
Uh have you gut it yet !
Seo. here it is. Soon lost to Hope,
Unto fall the Chief was hurri:d
Ile, once annointed by the Pope,
in a lone /1-..sert isle r..as buried.
Li 0.2: time the \ looked for him, and noati
Would deem he was fur ever :tone;
They said ho sailed beyond the seas,
Strange lands shall hear hi: vietorie3!
But oh - Ml.ow sorrowful Ifelt
When the gad tale s told aright!
—flue} bi6ss you, dear, good grandnutnuu
God hles; pit!, and good night!
. ,
At that very hour, in the room of the Jacobi
rounded be a ( - 107.011 other patriots, remorseless
self,sat a colossal man. his harsh features dilate
wine he had taken, and aspect rude as a Brett"
ant'=. Tie sins a 5 lifted in his hands, and,
voice of thunder, he gave the toast, "May the
the last Ning be burnt to ashes on the funert
made aitittite boil: of:the last priest." It r
terrific DantWl. The words were repeatet
shouts and ciamm-, by the party arround
very moment, it dwarfish mall, with a huge
mouth marked with the baldness of a vindicti
per, and an eye in which ino ipie..t madness air,
red—without steel-sines, a: id in a white wastet
bled with blood, sat iii a cellar, under the very
Carrousel, which afterwards beheld his drain
thcosis, writing a recommendation that Fran)
massacre two hundred thousand men to the .
her strangled fteedum, with is exact calculation of
time verit.tisite for such a nurpose. Merciful idea! It
was the sanguinary Macat. At that very moment two
members of the Assembly were perfecting a plan for
the destruction of themonaiichy, and t4joi. c3tablisltment.
of a dictatorship. The one was, MAimilian Isidore;
Ilobespiecro. 'He, Lirtteir, was to be dictator. At'
that moment. in a little clamber of the Palace, at Ver
sailles, sat a kinely-lookin:g old man. weeping. The
father was weeping over the.4olol64ictingi of his 9hil
dren. and the King over the treason his people. It
was the unfortunate Louis XVI. 'At th4iticimant, in a,
illuminated saloon of the same Peclue‘', : l.Va r *lFitiles
were playing, at ecarte-the one was lcirielcva
youthful. She lost, and the three hundrial,
passed to her fair a 11t:17,071iSt.WhOrntir"rnUred
Ties, but yet took the notes VI-riff-rex] 'hen The-VW
was Marie Antoinette. At the same moment, a beg,,
t.,• - ar lay star-. ing fur lark of bread, in the garden of tbei
Turneries. whlie her wasted chlarressed hcriihran .
ken nivpie, and tried the breast iri vain. At that very
moment, a monk y.iaq ant:roc:kin, tali:sell, 'lent. tote-
tunic the cowl of the 13ellediCtillf6. Amaiden,dretas
in far too Cvprisit a style, was sitting near him;
wine and glasses were on the table—he hatratcover
ed a bbtter profession—and this was Tallesyrand. -
/ 1 1'..15rAF Pri.:.IIILECTION Putt mc.5....—r.N„,-y
-schoolmatfcr itt•Prussia Is a vifla7e Huilaht. Thew*
rural concert?, preserve a taste for music, form alum
ter-attinction to that of the tavern, and prepare the
minds of the people for yeligious inttructkah This
latter hat degenerated among - the protestants into
course of practical moray but the time is not far dis
tant wilco reli,zion Will resume her rights: the being
endowed with immortality will not always rest content
with a terrestrial empire, and the people the mos-tren
dy to appreciate the pleasures of art will also be the.
first t ) comprehend the c^ e evidences of. the Jry
revelation. It is, then, only just 'to rd- 4 t that the
Prussian govfomment ie worthily promising its people
to perform a part in that renovation of roligi.in, whose
approach is already announced to the word by eigns
that c-trutot be tui , taken.— The Empire of the Car.
Frtox HANTI.—Two Or three clays laterliclatices,
received at Philadelphia. state tliat a courier% .44qin'i
ved at Port-au-Prince, from the diimrbeddistritkvitTs
information that the late insinction bad . Seto put
down. and that there was a probability tirat
soon be tranquil.
Twincrlcstiox.—"Fadaer wants you to send him,
twn yards of black broadcloth:he don'tcarc what color
it is, and when he kills his pig he'll pay zon. what st.Ti,