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    demean et, that total absence of all tendency
...owed mirth, which bespeaks a heart humble jAS.
strength and conscious of the service it owes to
. whom all is glory and honor.
as, peacefully and .tileutly, tin; night again steal
own—closing upon a day on which ten ttn hearts
'been better taught their duty to all living.
Asiatic TALE: Clubwr:l or TOEACCO.—HIS
highness, (Mahomet) peace lie to him, was passimi-,
' is winter over the desert, when he found a small frozen •
t. PITFSBURGII, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER Li viper. He was touched with compassion, and placed
'f it in his sleeve, where,
after while, the heat of his
biedsed - body restored it to lice. :The viper, upon
feelingitself perfectly recovered, poked its bead from'
it"it of the sleeve, and said, " 0 prophet, I am
bout to bite you." "Wherefore?" inquind the pro- ,
phet, "have I done you injury?" "On the contrary,
you have done me good; nevertheless,' I'll bite you."
"Wherefore? give MC a sound reason., and I will be
content:" •'Your people kill my people constantly.
Your people bite my people constantly. The balance
-'between our kindred is C:VA Letween you and me it
fu in my favor; I have done you prod." ; And that
you may not do me harm, I will bite you." Do not
be so ungrateful." "I will; I have sworn by the most.
high God that I will." At that name the prophet no
longer opposed the viper, but bid him bite err in the
name of God. The viper fixed his faults iu the bles
and the prophet, shaking him off, would
not destroy him, but put his lips to the wound, and,
irucking out the venom, spat it on the earth. From
!peso drops, say those Mahommedams wino chew to-
Anbeti, sprang that wondrous weed, which has the
tidlitirsteiss of the serpent's tooth quelled by the saliva
prophet. Therefore it is allowed to chew pig
-414.---Capain Abbott's Narra!i7:.
•I'be Southern Chronicle tells the following good story:
"After the termination of the Seminole campaign
General Jackson visited Washington city, and during
hia stay there having occasion to supply himself with a
aim Cher garment, employed a fashionab!e tailor named
/Ward to make it. Ballard, who was a very pompous
'Nfellow-and very fond of being. recogniz.cd by great
;who bad been his customers, a ft'SV days after he
'fished the unmentionables, seeing the General in
l'ennison's Hotel, in conversation with some
m,-stepped up and spoke to him. The Gene:-
mg him sonic very distinguished individual,very
ly gave him his hand, but not remembering
a whisper inquired his name, for the purpose of
mjn7, him to the company. To which Ballard
1, '1 made your breeches.' The General. do
. by the sound, immediately turned to the coin
introduced him as :Ira for Breeches—a title
• Ballard was afterwards obliged to wear to
tie death.
'T ARISTOCRACI".—If thcra is ailVrilitlg
in , thri social circle, really loathsome. in any
society, it is to hear a poverty stricken arista
lazy to work, and ashamed to beg, talk of
ince was, of rich uncles, aunts, cousins, of the
of his father's mansion, and his mother's "so-
He had better date his origin in a hoz, .itve, and
Abe public, now bared to death with storics of
81ticient eminence, would give hint the credit for
*Opt! energy 111 getting up in tins world.
wing account of the products of a dairy of
;ows, is from a letter of Geonoc EL:sctr,
tt.avus, Trumbull co. Ohio, to the editors of
tor: He. may well ask—" Can this be heat?"
A recollect an instance where the produce
a small number of cows. has averaaed any
this. Few dairies produce one half as
400 lbs. is considered a large product in the
of this state and New EnL,tland. Mr.
rn Reserve is becoinio;;sonewhat no-
Ise, being settled for the most part with
. people, and as we say. 'Yorkers,' most
engaged in the dairy business, I give von
roduct in 1812, from twenty-five cows own
tapd by Ephraim C. Shelby, Esq. of this
Cheese which is over 543 lbs to a cow.
'Pork, from nine hozs.
exclusive of milk, butter and cheese, used
of which no memorandum was kept.—
tour calves; (died off to fat,) three cows,
, and ceased milkinz Nov. let. His cows are
4aturvebreed, and received no other feed than good
latt,ture. Can this be beat?—C,'ltltirater.
4g stump orator in the west, uses the follow
la.nguage:—"lf I'm elected to this of
represent my constituents as the sea rept e
arth, or the night contrasts with the day. I
it human society, clean all its parts, and
together again. I will correct all abuses,
oiit all corruption, and go through the enemies
.v like a rat through a new cheese. My chief
Itions arc that at the public dinner given
Late more• than two men at the table; at
m:lput in three votes for the party; I've
new suit of clothes that will do to wear to
ti I've got the handsomest sister in old
Trit REJECTION OF STEVENS.—No political event
has recently happened in the ranks of our opponents,
!of as much importance as the rejection of Thaddeus
Stevens and the true blue nose delegates from
laltimore American says;—We regret to see i
tho Army and Navy Chronicle that the Na- I Lancaster, by the late federal Convention which
sent finds itself compelled bylaw to withhold; met at Harrisburg, tc nominate Canal Commis
eaTings due the officers and crew of the U. i l sioners. For the first time in his life, Thaddeus Ste
-trampus, on the last returns received from
.vessel, lest between that time and her loss I
was fairly whipped by those he contemptuously
have drawn their pay, and thus a double ; styled "whippable articles." He was driven in disgrace
could be made. The Department has receiv- from an assembly of men with whom he has always
if the most touching character from their heretofore acted—even rejected with contempt, by the
families, and such indeed is the needy con
some of them have already offered their hitherto despised band of Clay Whigs. But yesterday
~4 . 3 40.r:...., ,h at taison s ;r3rii - ti b ring. In he might have stood against them all—now he is denied
lINT been bille-st the pension fund has the poor privilege of a place in their meagre and inani
and moneylenders will make no advance mate councils. This rejection of Stevens and his del
:era of the Nov Im.y° it in contemplation to agates , seals the doom of distinctive antimasonry. It
' arriong themslves for the benefit of the proves that there no longer exists that unyielding firm
.e orphans both of the officers and seame n o f ness and energy in their ranks, which enabled the..
;pus. This is a praisewolthy movement, and rule the Whigs, who were always superior to them in
with delight. But, as the Chronicle prop..
numbers, even here in ennsylvauls with a strong cut b.
i, when we consider the number of persons
s& and the small number of Navy officers As long as the Antimasons of Allegheny were sustain
nder them aid, it becomes clearly - manifest ed by the voice and example of the unbroken Antima
thing else must be done. The editor of that sonic phalanx of Lancaster, Union, Chester, and other
'vests that much might be effected by the strongholds of that faction, they would go on conquer
; of our large seaports "whose special interests .
we ing and tyranizmg over their whig- allies. The -Anti
went down seeking to promote."
sggestion a good one. masons in those counties, in theirturn, were encoura
ged by the news from Allegheny—but now, no sounds
signs of mutual encouragement are heard or seen;
";Ist. That since the passage of the Bank Re-
f of last
not a
rag factory has in Chester they are broken, in Lancaster they are dis_
in Ohio, nor cheated the working classe s out porsed and shattered, and it is only here in Allegheny
Ird earnings.
that distinctive Antimasonry rears its weary head and
tt before that law was passed we had aburst
rashes a last feeble and desperate struevtle But even,
ice a month, at a loss to the people of lion- i - - i --- ir .
it' successful, an event entirely cut of the question,
rtisands ofclollars annually.
before that law was passed there was no what could Antimasonry do in our State Assembly?—
t the currency, and the exchanges on New There will scarcely be ten—perhaps not five—distine-
I from 10 to 20 percent; but since the pas
has become as plenty as paper, exchanges
tire Amimasons, elected as such, in that body. What,
- onto 1 and 2 per cent. and we hear no then, can they gain if successful? Their members must
ling of the want of change or of a regu- succumb to and follow the Clay whigs, and can ac
complish nothing for their peculiar principles. Such
are the inevitable results which Stevens' disgrace
would indicate.
there is more money by hundreds of
dollars in Ohio now, than there was
tidy had twice as many banks.
the price of wheat has been higher since.
Ti=Vino Is .11"trEr. FELD. Li it a principle of
nit out of existence, than it was for the
twe had 2 hanks. the whirs not to pay for any of the festivals got up for
:se facts we make tiles.) deductions." the glorification of their great men? Judgin g from
se swindlers are afraid to carry on their many of the events of the last two years it would seem
fear of the penitentiary. 2nd. That the .
is a
oug t tobe sustained CO. Their jubilee at Taalie & O'Connor's warehouse
7st men. 3rd. That th e fewer banks we still unpaid; the pen:ons who prepared the great
stter for the people. 4th. That their cx- Harrhon East at New LL:bon, ask in vain to be paid
is not raise the price of wheat, although they for the exnense incurred on the occasion, and last, the
it. sth. That the whig cry about low i
no money is all humbt of the basest expense of the -Virgin Heifer Barbecue," at Lexing
"That the practical question to be tried ; ton, Ky., now the subject of a law suit. It was at
"14, whether we shall have whiz swindling this gathering that Mr. Clay was formally brought out
'ood sound specie paying banks.-OUo ; for the Presidency, and it was there that he made his
I beautiful speech in favor of "Virgin 'Heifers." But
the price of the East remains unpaid. "Even the me
chanic," says the Lexington paper, "who made the
frame for Harrison's portrait, carried in the procession
Ott that day has not been paid fur hie labor. Tired of
THE Catuarr.--The Secretary of State
General aro at their post 3. The
is in Boston. Mr. Porter is
* *rings, l'entns),, , trania. 'Mr.
with the Captain.—B. I
l iaitteu -4
Subjece t-
th dedsiUll ct
1)C Dalin ,Itiorning 13aot.
PHILLIPS S 37.i1 TH, EDITOns AND Pllol,lULTolis
DAVID HARTZ, Allegheny.
jA '
S C. mmi
E "•
NV B of d
or r
s, FOSTER, cf Bradford
Some persons have asked why we set down
Gent. Thomas C. Miller, of Cumberland, as a Coon, in
our paper a few days since. We found it so stated in
one of the papers in his neighborhood, and supposed
there could be no mistake about the matter. We knew
that Mr. Miller had been a member of the democrat
ic party, and had received many favors from it, but we
now find him the favorite of a squad of disorganizers
for the purpose of dividing our strength in "old moth
er Cumberland," and we scarcely think we do injustice
to any man tivat will lead himself to such a scheme, by
classing, him with the coons. The persons who have
favored Gen. Miller with a nomination style themsel
ves the 'anti tax-payers," or, they might more appro
priately be called, the repudiators. If we remember
the declaration of their objects correctly, they would
incite the people not to pay the taxes to meet the lia
bilities of the state, and maintain its credit, but as
means of relief, recommend that purely stockjobbing
scheme, the sale cf the Public Works. To be the can
didate ofa party entertaining such principles, is no ve
ry favorable evidence of a man's democracy, and how
ever fair Mr. M's political character may have hereto-
fore been, be cannot expect any countenance from dem
ocrats, while ho is found advocating such dishonest
projects. No party will go further in carrying out the
principles of economy, than the democratic party, but
all efforts to that effect must be regulated by a proper
regard for honesty, justice, and the credit of the com
monwealth. The projects of the anti-tax-payers of
Cumberland have neitherof these requisites to recom
mend them. They would deprive the people of the
state of all the growing advantages of the public works
or selling them to storkjobbers,for a tithe of what their
constructioa cost; they would defraud the domestic
creditors by refusing to provide the means to pay them
what they have honestly earned, and what has long been
due them, and they would forever destroy the credit
of the state, by a repudiation of her honest debts.—
With such projects democrats can have, nothing to do
—they abhor them, and the man who will permit him
self to be used by a faction advocating such doctrines,
has no right to expect the confidence of the democrat
ic party.
Ve do not suppose that the anti-tax-payers of Cum
berland, or any other county where the democrats have
a majority. will ever he a'ile to organize a party, of any
strength• But if such men as Gm. Miller, who has
heretofore enjoyed a etanding with the party, can be
induced to join them, they may succeed in annoying the
party, and, perhaps, in defeating the ticket. It was
fur this purpose they gave hint a nomination, and if the
wing ticket should be elected, the anti-tax-payers will
have accomplished their übject;and Gen. MILLgIt will
have the satisfaction of knowing that he has been u
sed as an instrument to break down the party to which
he professes to belong.
. .
-, - -
, .
•• - - --
~. # • ...
r . k
waiting for his money, a day or two ago he brought
suit against the committee of arrangements, but was
defeated by some legal quibble." It is added, "This
is shameful—he shall be paid, for if the Whigs will
not do it, we will raise the money arrion.z the Demo
crats." Sutth is the feeling of indignation NVili.:ll
awakened against the dishonest course of the leaders
of Clay Whignery in Lexington.
STILL TRYING TO USITE.—The whige and blue no
ses hold a meeting at Elizabeth on Monday next. The
call for the meeting dues not intimate the object of the
gathering, but we presume the leaders think it will be
time enough to let the people know that, when the of
fice-hunters have arranged the conditions on which they
arc to swap away their respective friends. Notwith
standing the antimasons affect to have so much horror
of the principles of secrecy maintained by masons, they
have no objection to resort to the practices of the lodge
when they think it prudent to hoodwink their foilo%ve Cs
as to some of their political schemes.
LEHIGH DEMOCRAT.—We have received several
numbers of a neatly printed and well filled paper, bear
ing the above title. It is published at Allentown, by
MeSSES. HOTTER & WILSON. It is warmly in favor
of the Hon. JAMES Buciuses, for the Presidency,
and don't "think much" of Gov. Porter's administra- he money abstractet Stilbc
tion, but speaks verycomplimentary of our county Bunk, has been found, c Se e" ry, Mass.,
to Abijah Learned, one of
with the robbery.
'The poor antimasous have gut another kicking i
in Adams county from their Whig brethren. In nomi- I
mating the comity ticket they were not permitted to take I
t „_ . .- r-- ' The most popular eating liti
any part, and they threaten to take revenge by oppos- ' time is i 'i'a IiZN). th
at the present - t th e
ing its election. The Compiler says: i
ilitors at- -
moved into a new house lately atal . '
"The Antimasons met with rather cool treatment in !Sheevent w i 1 d fuse r o f G, ; - All ' thi'V
t i a gran n 72./0. t ill
the convention, if we 'are allowed to judge from the '
tended, and since they partook of h:r hespitalit:. ,
symptoms of dissatisfaction manifested by there with
the ticket. The three piped organ of the antimasonie can talk of nothing but Mrs. Dowling and her Guam:,
party himself, immediately after the ticket was an- ' They must have been very hungry.
nounced, proclaimed it from "the house tops and in the • .
valleys," that he would not support a certain part of it.!
~-:-, A medical correspondent of the N. 0. Tropic
He may be right enough in his prejudices, arid they no ! who has bacon a daily richer at the Hospital, says that
doubt spring from just causes: but that concerns us not, ' 1 •
le is convinced that not one fourth of the cases reported
and we merely mentioa the fact as an item of general , •
l as Yellow Fever arc so. According to the last advices
! the disease appears to be greatly on the decline. The
report of the Ist y gives only seven cases of Yellow Fe. Conferees of the Indiana and Armstrong district, have ' -
nominated DOCTOR Lonals, of Clearfield, for Con- vier admitted; dismissed, three; patients
gross. A friend in Blairsville writes us the following fun ! t -
! The store keepers of Gettysburgh have given
letter respecting the nomination:
BtAtissottg, 11th Sent ,
1343. !'m ! hat they will not recein e ' or nay out,
any corm
-Edilors Morning Post:
ation notes after the 15th. Down with the sl inpiaS
GENTLEMEN: It affords me much pleasure to inform ters.
yon of the nomination for Congress in this district, c
p e
composed of the counties of Indiana, Armstrong, But.
irtazinEs.—A correspondent of th St. Augustine
ler and Clearfield, of a man of sterling democratic prim- (Florida) News, writing from Pilatka.says that the or- 1
ciples and unquestioned integrity, Doctor Lorain of ange crop in that vicinity will be very abundant.
Clearfield county. This selection reflects great credit
'on the prudence and wisdom of the conferees. With-
out the least disrespect to the other gentlemen named Henry Sounder, the New York Forger, was brought
before the conferees, I feel well assured that the se- up in Boston cn Thursday for examination. The Post
lection of Dr. Lorain will be well received by the demo- .„.
crony of the District and receive their united „
support; - -•
and that he will be triumphantly elected there remains The charge was read to him, and he waived the
right to hear the evidence against him. He has dis
not the shadow of a doubt.
ery respectfully yours,
closet! to constable Clapp where may he found the re-
naming $t27,000, all in bills of die several banks
DUELLlNG.—Subscription for Mr. If ricston'x which cashed the ferged paper of his employers. For
Family.—The Baton Rogue Gazette requests the ,a-;want of hail in 4135.000, he was re-committed, subject
rious editors in this State to announce that subscrip- to a requisition from the governor if New York. He
1 tion lists will be opened for the relief of the late John i i
sAute a juvenile-looking lad, with crispy-red hair,
Hueston We make this announcement most readily, and will not be 17 years of age till December next.—
and trust that a substantial sum may be contributed by He was born in Germany. His father is an English
the citizens of Louisiana, in behalf of the bereaved man, a n d h a s been some years in practice 00 a physi
widow and children of the deceased. I eian in Nen-York, but net with succcess. lie in the
most solemn and earnest manner exculpates his father
To this the Philadelphia Inquirer adds :—"What
upon du wile is now umber arrest on suspicion of havirm been
a bitter commentary elling is contained in the privy to the forgeries. He says his father i: quite
above! Mr. Hueston, the individual alluded ti, was poor, but would rusher die than be guilty of any dis
the editor „.h„, was recently kill e d i,, a duel, by m r , honesty. The. prisener received a salary ofq i , .203 per
Labranche, of New Orleans, To satisfy a point of annum from Me'llrl'• Austen &''. Co.. bat l ' UtP rlY l'''
honor, he perriled and lost his life. His wife
had fallen Into expensive habits, and incurred setae
thus debts, which he could not pay out of his wages. The
became a widow am! his children orphans; and they are desire to pay these debts. and to put his fathe - r, brother,
now, it would seem, dependant, in some measure, and sister, beyond the reach of avant, he says, were the
mot i V(23 which induced him to resort to forger. 1
the charity if Hoar friend • Would it not have
upon 2 ~...
The New York Herald of Mondav morning has the ,I
been far better, far mere honorable, for their father to
. item ar recover': in the to )-
fallowina account of the ,-.. l - .
have lived to samport and protect them?”
MArtiE.—Tho el. :cam in Moine was held on Mon
day last. We expect to be able in a few days to give
our democratic friend; good new; from that quarter.
the Southern Planter, says, that after a trial of fivo
years, he has satisfied himself that irreparable injury
is done to cunt by costing olifthe suckers, as the produce
of fodder and grain are both greatly diminished.
the Paris Ciecle, a well informed writer,
Illon....Mallefer, who translated the pamphlet of Gen.
Cass into French, has begun a series of friendly essays
on the power and institutions of the American Union
CANOE RACE.—.—A Race is to take place to-day at
Hoboken, New York, between a Canoe, manned by six
Indians, and a squaw of the Chippewa tribe, and a row
boat. The challenge is from the Indians; wager $2OO.
Noah says, that for extraordinary novelty, this race
will surpass everything heretofore presented. It must
be remembered that Indians are with the paddle the
most expert in the manner of propelling their light ves
sels, and to the eye present as agreeable a sight as the
Gondolier of Venice. The men arc to be dressed in
light blue silk shirts and buckskin loggias, and the
squaw, who will form quite an interesting feature, in
tends to spare no pains in the performance of the du
ties of her native toilet. We forgot to mention that the
canoe is built of tin, and is twenty feet in length.
YELLOW FEvEr, is tinw YORK.—h seems that this
dreadful disease was in New York, notwithstanding
a majority of the journals of that city denied the rumor.
The Sunday Times of the 10th, states that the papers
r which stoutlydenied its existence, admit that something
like it appears to exist. The Medical Staff of the
Board of Health are anxious to make it out billions in
termittent with typhoid caste, and there is an unwil
lingness to confess the fact broadly and truly as it real
ly occurred. "There is great praise due to Mr. Timm
er], of Kingston, for early sounding the alarm; great
praise is due the firmness of the Express, in telling the
truth at once, and to Dr. Townsend, for the prompt
ness and skill in his early examination of the facts of
the case. The Vanda carried yellow fever of the gen
uine kind to Rondout, and had the schooner stopped
here at our wharves, here, we should have had yellow
fever. Let us be grateful fur our escape, without any
thanks to the journals who absolutely denied the exist
ence of the epidemic, and, in future, let us be more cau
tious. Several valuable lives have been sacrificed by
the carelessness of some person."
L-ITThe parties t whom the several packages of
money attempted to be stolen by Edward Ing, Jr. be
longed, have been held to bail in the sum of $5OO each
for their appearance before the Baltimore City Court,
at its next term, to answer to the charge of compound
ing- a felorx.
At the adjourned meeting, yesterday, upwards of
i 400 men answered to their names, andso were report
' d
as having gone to work at the argreed price.. A
Tun Cur.nontrs.—The last Arkansas (V an Buren) ' e d . ; u E t x at e i c o u n ti f ,, 'r e om c the piece -Masters •have waited upon
Intelligencer, sacs:—"We are highly gratified to have ' thop
u m ic it i t o ee irn al c i , d mi reporte i d
. that they are
it ia our power. to announce to our readers that peace willing to su ' s
will solicit aid from ail the piece -masters a u s i tttr i s et i r n s t t h r e ik c e i , t v and
and quiet prevail in the Cherokee nation. The wheels
! contribute h to their relief. Forty-three master work
citement -
of government are in regular operation—and as little
n m e en me a n ve thus Th far acceded to the demands of the jonr
excitement exists in the nation at this time, as did at any
was addressed by Mr. Rowan
other period, except in the neighborhood where tbe late ! and CaPt. Strong.
murder g:.
murder was committed. Vann and Hicks are.not dead. i
At the meeting this morning, aboutsoo were pres-
eat, most of the piece makers have joined
the strike
Bushyhead was killed during the election, and three or l ' The m.,etin,
was addressed with great effect by
the murderers are apprehended, ono of whom is awhito Messrs. - W. ' J
Walsh, D. IV. O'Brien, and Thomas,
man, and the police are in search of othe ... lr. : ' kiteyoan.—Bo . ston B. S. Democrat, Sept. 9.
I ,
RIGHT.- - LThe Hartford, (Conn.) Times, in alluding Fromi , Bostoi •t ,
to the improvement in business; gives the following CONTESTEDELECTIONS ) CONGR'•
timely caution:—'Now don't run wild; don't trust to..su'als
much; and ' will
The number of these perplexin*dexuerii
pray don't speculate away the last cent of a portion at least of the time whit 4 l7, J uld be
be, from present appearance4,e: a' nd oionlo 1
money yca possess. and thousands of dollars belongim; by the next Conk to more irnt'ltant to , --tt±t. t i ec i l l I .
:New 'York, rite 5,..at.,1 Har m ! to „ f i b i s c0r. , 7,11 ,, , t
to others."
John Mc Eletoa. en account of the nr, r esi,l, , nic ofiny 1
THE, EFFECTS OF GAMtLitiG.-1 younc• man, in who voted for Fish. In Virginia,Mr. Buts coi..y..ts t
New York, of respectable family, • ~... b.
one f the election of J. VI. Junyo„and Ir. G;,, , ,,a ~; of
w e ''' / 0 Mr. Gilmer. In Lentukr, the rairn of :in. :l'll - 1
the papers of that city, went to a gambling establish- ma ... m. fr ,, tri c i ,,, 7,1,,ii_ ti .i..... i . , c ,,,, e d It M.1.7..1- 1
meat, was fleeced of his money, and, excited by liquor compte, N, Lo objects to the leg-alit' of the S: , :gbyan- ;
and maddened be the defeat, he snatched a pistol, lv- tY.' vote:— B"'• P° '''
It will be rem , roh. re•l dr , th , w' ll •t , St'll' `'''''
ing - in an open drawer, and fired at his opponent. The` - - ' - - • . ''
ball inflicted but a slight flesh wound, made a ea-eat noise about two d , uvr,cro•ic . t .,, -L:e , "";
clut"in the appointed to hold tile elben,,n in 3 r,aiil; aliitit it
v..a1l opposite. Losses invariably attend aambling, it was well l;2,0V:l1 that their:lrakatd sherillw , •reNlH ,,
and crime usually I , llow losses. . They even went so far as to sat, it' wt. e , e , "-'-t - -ur I
• candidate they intended to ccntebt his - - cat, an h ;1
they 1100‘v a whit: lea i , inwre woad nor ailcw ellt•lli"
didates to take their seats. K rn aying In'
c ba•tom , of
the whig party we war=d the in to be ,'? , itasu:; .:s
seat. because we w, to COIL: C; ,,, .3 tb' Y • laLl di'll's'd
the litle in Firo:y 1' , U.:11 i ''. Sur-et:no:1;h. ill , t‘t , Y;
the adjuinier county b , Fi - mlilif,--they bad none . , t . : ,
whim whi in 'ill , h. 2 C0:11.11 0, :IS 1, 1 , 27.1r:1,1'..;! tV,*(.l . ilriS
of the sixt••, , it otiita r,- , . in Sihh)yrilie, th*: , had. n_
judies, sheriff aLd clerk. It is I:Tort•'d that tite1:1•:-
tisan judges permitted many wii•zs who had vetetyr
Sprio-r on the first day. to vote for Timmassou teise
sound and third day,- , , thus gii Le: him a mnjo;aty..
Major L..,•omp t e, i t is ti „d„, t ,),,a. wiii c„n,.,..,yr:
US,IAN OFFER.—We are informed, says the
Lc coming (Pa.) Gazette, that the Emperor of Russia
has tendo.r.i to Amos Addis, Et 4 -1., of this country, the
appointment of Mechani....al Enzineer on the St. Peters
burgh and Mosc,uv Railroad.
PENS.—The steel employed in Great Britain. for
making pond, amounts to ono hundred and twenty-five
tom; annually, which is equivalent to about thr hun
dred millions of pens.
tr-s- SINCLAIR. LS CollCerti,itig S! !-,e St. LEW
Int , it Irett s.—We prstuid that it is the inert
tie./ of Reilly, T. C'.. t.. m, in the Repeal .I.sscitat-
Mut. that thr ceininiitet authorised to treat stith
Homn, the Imelebrat. dish seelpter. Cro a
. t . r.1 . 10
statute of O'Connell, mt plated in the Co
Hail of Ireland. The * and feeling that dictate
the presposcd motion Ad Eccome `- - ` - '"`.' .2 .7 r T rj ', - ,.
tiee , arid would produ the urt:t te,mr - -'ne15r. , ,34 , ..,
to native talent, under ;it - We:lce of a .widen'_ „ - i e ,- -.•
Legislature. --t
of (11.2 11 l 2 ll” .3,pap, : , : . to i mi ., ct ts,:liat tie, .I•Ftsite t
A paragraph has b. milking the
* tour 'l l isotr re e- .
land courts to about ',OOO inc"• T „ /. 2ry, Indli s, -0 0, Jf;
is based in error. Ource in that co -
,_,.. s . cce e..u,. -
...- , q. coo all arms and rarks decnot at P rcscut '-I.
ir,,),.... ,
't I -tad
-r - -• -7 , ' - --rttc• , ,risac's ti
history of the recovery is as folk) wst—O a 1 7 Ti- me n .- - '-'- c't •• •- scrr'''' 4 - -. ''' , ~ .- . 1-- ` ' • • . 0 e..3. f o r I
- • ,••.: tit.. ro vis.- • . ~
day afternoon, a Mrs. Esther Cornelia Ragee, wife of • The ... 4, V!'-': , ! S'. 7 ' '-: - •
‘: Le:s lug I - ' ~, c .0," 0 o.
Henry Ragee, of 82 Canal street, sent f.ir a cokired , foti.s in that part M . Irel.1• 1 ' 1r ,..,,, eis_•o 'va : j .,_ tce eread.
woman named Angeline Osborn, of 81 Mulberry street, I ec•.Tral months; and 11.nc'-' ` i ~ ,3 ,000 , '?. .; ~.., b.. ; w ho
who had washed for her, and told her she will hezf t . bread. Surely the pr. - e ny',,,,5.e.ea..• , ,
to take charge ofa box containing , some valuable,jeweiLleaters in red coa . ts:',: or . the 1 1. '
ry, and that she would be well compensated for her '.,cat bread :Ilse, :!e -s. e ~,a --.•parations ..
trouble. The colored woman, in the morning, rook th e p,
trunk to the residence of Mrs. Hunter, wife of William .
Hunter, cooper, 375 Division street, for whom she had the
also worked, and told her the particulars relative to tun
the possession of the box. Mrs. Hunter said that she sai.
was afraid there was something wrong about die mat- GI , :
ter. Instruments were procured and the box opened,
when, instead of valuable jewelry, it was found to con- On
taro two large rolls of bank notes, and a small qa anti- sth
ty of specie. Mrs. Hunter remembering- the recent in t
account of the successful forgeries of young Saunders, of ...,
suspected that this might be the lost money, and int- The adjutant was a Scot
mediately took measures to aemmint Messrs. Austen an Englishman, who ha(
and Wilderming, of the discovery. They repaired to lent character. It is CUt
the house, where the money was counted, and amount- drilling, of this same ad;
ed to $21,000, which was sealed up in a box, and died.
placed as a special deposits in the vaults of the Mer
chants' Bank, to be divided among the several banks in
connexion with that recovered in Boston, in proportion . THE RUSS"
The Washitorton corrfo•• ,
to their loss. Officers of police were sent for, and Sun write , :
h '
is „ara to .-,
Henry Ragee and his wife were sent for, and Henry
ding as to who is the Ruian...• l ‘ o( l . li in s t t o L
. is e s - ,. . z - ar
Ragee and his wife were arrested and committed fen
though I believe that BPD. D
further examination. He is suspected of being an ac-
Some time ago .M. BoditbaPl : a lea to th
U esl.l;ir.:y.. , ',
complice or accessory with Saunders in the commis
to return. hom - e oil a visitwhich wa3 g l ihis rettm 4a.
sion of the forgeries, although as yet there is no evi- uo
ons, hiiCout.
donee against him, The colored woman is also de
to his (NM, For some anci`P laitted 'ter the nos . little*
tamed as a witness. The reward of $5OOO for the rip- Zabrelo appointed to filihis place
slii ideferrrd . his arri% al tic.'
prehension of the rogue Saunders, and the recovery of
t - . m .l e;
thus he
__Tin, M. B.
the money, will consequently be divided between officer
unable to , -e; ' in theme:
Clapp. of Boston, and Mrs. Hunt, and the colored two_ , 11 - jui ant ,' (i ' h ,,, i3tit . ,,,, , ,
man Osborn.
arrives just as Budi - , co
Ragee and his wife are from one of rho West India
,-. an,et:',
Islands, and have recently been boarding with Mrs. troubles. a s-I few -- I ; unt -, sl ; ,r,,er. t , g
Jo:moues Lally, and her two daughters, at E' Canal
ed tlour months fo ' ; the C
street, over the store of Wm. Woledge. Mrs. L. re
four monnhs for hint." youths 0 „
moved in May last from 18 Maiden lane, where they
al , kw
also boarded, as did young Saunders up to that period.
d i l , auna, as
It w main without sdare or reas there that Ragee and his wife became acquain- . l t
ted with Saundms,whe has since visited them at their t ''''''
boarding-house in Canal street. Ragee is a yonnz
man, about 21 years of at-e, and his wife somewhat ,
younger. She is spoken of as a very pretty and accom
plished woman, arid Ragee himself as much ofa gen- '
tleman in deportment, manners and education. His
business we could not ascertain last evening, but it is
supposed he was engaged in some broke r ' s offi ce i n
Wall street,
"Twenty-fem. thousand d.tilars el the nmnry Obtain
ed from the bitiih6 of this rite by young Saunders, the
recent clerk of Austell, Wilmarl & Co., timmzli
forged checks, was recovered in this city . yesterday,
which, with the sum of $2OOO, taken front him at Bos
ton, makes the full amount, within $6500, which was
drawn front the several banks in the following sects:—
Merchants' Bank 5,000 Phcenix Bankls.ooo
City Bank 5,000 Seventh Ward B'k 3.000
Union Bank 3,000 Bank of America 2,500
Manhattan Bank 1,000 Bank of Cormuree 2,500
Bank of State 500 Bank of New Yark 5,000
t) , F;tl., tho ',:round of ill(-
voting. aii,l
lectioa law,: nfthe state ; arid if h j 6 to
htlt hie 'will Tilt: , ilia 11 , .-rciabuF
they i"t-cr:u.'ain at this determination. a.s it is
1,1 this if d..f,..iat,c1."
We Lave a few returns frc:ra a ,1". 4 ) frual tho office
tire Beltrti?,?..,ton 6tnte B
tOWnsalmer, tvf.4.-7 1.11
orn, tiv• vol, fur Gore: in lta
1313. 1312.
441060 t
. 5 .ita? l'4 •--
• 06.
Pownal, 161
Woodford, 41
5" 591
Nine town_; in FranklinZve Mattoc.
for Governor, 1292 vote:-; ;(dern.) 1037;
lition 143.
The Congressional delojitill probably- stair
I—Solomon Foote, IN
2—Jacob CoHamer, 1k f
3—Geo. P. Marsh, It : -
4—Paul Dillingliain,jito.
In the last Congress, tin* and two Dem* .
Mattocks (Whig) is doubted Guvernor. •ti
Legislature Trill also be \ heretofore.
LA rzic.—The Boston' :te Democrat" of'tt
urday afternoon -ices retniipn 1 . 13 towns, in a-Ih
the vote at:lnds, Kellor.r. (i 11,259, Mattocks, (0
15,381, Willia ms , (Ab.) nivel-in; 2112. IW
tuck's majority thus far cd. There is probie
no election by the people:
An extra from th Wook ATe, dat J on The-
:ly (2VCTIIIIf7, St:itCS ttIV. :Is Of Willd;7.Clll,
Colattv.r. t
i e AVllisaidate for Conzrosin
that. 600 majorirxilis opponent, and
the full comity will not tiolv him Oyer lt- )
maority.TL -trh-t i.: made If
)r go cam tv, i irh i telc democratic, gtvi
'GU majority a,:ai:.st- 1.14 s in 184'2. Thore.4
therefore some hope that :Erma- is defeated in tr:
Marsh and Footiv, are prubal , :v elect!
iu Burlinirtnn and BrattViisitict:, and the
Watchman. Prt tlmt there is pleb:it;
no choice in the fourth Llt. We hacc still hop
hov,ever. that Dillint hattn . ncrat, is chosen in tit
The be:ee Cor
t1v172. , c:dt..3 then it rtift : In 121 tov.m:,
!t -, •Nv . ht_: , „ and 1 tio[-
tir'''''r• e• thontoccet , :}.i4 yea: have {".,
the whi:: 59, abolitionii—t7 , l cC th,==e•
have male no choice. jth._ , S ti: derno - 4 . . ,
have Wined one.. in Grninif3 county. hiT
each in rrattklin and C,ltata cotintiei.
port of
p 2elcd bg Sidle ancltffEchell, 9,
130a1 stref;,—,
I_ ccording to Coppci . ..)lark ;)t the IV° fr.
i -- ------ --- .
*Daily Beaver Pac;i 3
Oella, Bowman, Cit
Charicston, Nell, L'hbeth.
Alpine. Cockburn, C§,
North Queen, 111cLa Whedin
'Daily Beaver Tacki s ,
Ohi i Mail. Ward, cn,
Herald, Dawson, Should.
Mmisachusetts, 'Citik. dm
Alpine. Cockburn, liizabeth.
Oella, Bowman, Biwnsville.
c r
North Queen,. Mc . ri, Whee -
All boats marked thus )in the abAi
ded with EvaLs' Safety dto prelkon
of steam boilers.
K r. .1"c o ma:l
139:577 113 3;3:7 21:
I D i
D o . "' D '
G el . 77la Poek et
51 9
I II 12 Si I
c' 2 ,l r ,er
D o .„ t
Du 4n'isr ch,
Do -ems .4.,
59 0 11 D o ) „,'uB -it
.1 ) - 4.oro.9sins. do.
( '` l ''"...l " 4 . 11 0 , ° /t,..adio; - .._.
d 0-
illih k_ ..4./so 0.1%1 , Iv flno Gilt do., plain tux' dot writ,.
Ito-' ..„„ . 0,1 Writing Desks, ', . - ._-,
Do. l , Dressing Cases,
Do N4„,,,Work Bozos of every description,
Fine Shavim '
....,,./7, ses ,
Do do 87`.,•.: , ,, r , es ,
Shell Card Cases, ---
Ivory do
Velvi. t do ~
Do Pocket Books,
Music Boacs,
Clloss Board:, .
Men, from 75 ',...k..0 Ls to $.25
Walking Canes, ,fie
\\ - a!_ , :r[ktr l
t;aray,aler, \
They v:eyc intend , : it is
)e-e, the seat of the ' .irl :...)f
1 to the custem-heuee itead.
'antri f the Fifth Fulti?-ra. —
at Birr, the a djutanbf the
~ 2 a portion of the vitnent
r the soldiers stepti out
1 ~hot billead.
.. -.
5 do 6r a ou t n . , :! , pe L p .er ,
36 cans ground mus,
jkegs do allspice,
do d o
every thing gym':
12 cans do do-, to tether
in the grocery line, all or which Is ofrei n
at extremely low
prices, fur
ang- 9
43, Ilrood street ' - 1
ToßAcco._lo boxes Burton's 5 b lump tobacco?
0:5 do Russell & Robinsons do :. . .
5 do Hare's
do -s., ii
.: , sorted sizes and brands f :'-: i .
-,.P .....4
just received and for sal do ae
43, Wood streets,_
John Cartwright,
UTLER and Surgical Instrument Manufacturer,
corne r of Gth and Liberty streets, Pittsburg', Pa.
N. 8. — ..-11 wa ys on hand an extensive assortment of
Surgical and Dental instruments, Banker's, Tailor's,
Hatter's, Hair Dresser's and Tanners Patent Shears,
Saddler's Tools, Trusses, Sz - e.
IN consequence 'f
nees Luc; •
postponed for::
yen of the fir -•
, ; I:11 his father's residence in Ca
nal tov, - ..c.j:. Veiatne,o county, on Sunday the 3.1 inst.
Wa tr.L.:' . .l a considerable distance, on the old
read to Pittsburgh. Information where he
may bs fund. ‘vill be received with lasting gratitudeby
l.haged father who has come Pittsburgh in quest of
him, which:ave. be left either a. thin office, or at the of
fce ofjohn J. Mitchell, corner cfSznithlield and Fifth
[o: l .acr rapers please copy.]
AT: zatice.
MISS 51 1 MXN the Ori;innl aad P. , Pul ar La -
Mr «-I-MAN, Ventlin.il ,l3 t , and SIG
s:-.1,1; Admittance '25 cent;
Dohs open atn ocluedi.; to com
c:ll_d:cn L'lil
giZcbulon Illazey's Corso -
)lar7:c.t st r ect., Pit tsburs-h.
p-at: a; icidov
Tortei.ie Shell T,,,.-S
l. ocket do.
Fine Hair and Tooth Brushes,
Wax Dolls, all sizes,
A larre assortment of Willniand Straw Trams
velliwz Baskets,
Fancy Work Baskets,
Silk Bap and Purses,
Bead do do
Silk Watch Guamlse , &C.
Gold and Sibati Pencils,
Do do Thimbles,
DJ 131-cast Pins,
Do Finger Rings,
Do Larrinrs,
Do Bracelets and Lockets,
With a rood assortment of Hair Pins,
P t .
,Tap: Tap:-.;, Hooks oil," Eves, N,.. E;.
Su:TCIICICTS, hiit.„.lfr•T‘trcusstoa
Caps, Pochet Book:. ,VACCS7 SCi3"
COl5, Gcrrna,stlyer Table
ata litaSpoons ,
A hrje a,.sortinent of ov. - description.
Thy above articles Ina.; ilad in connection with
t.-ery arth-le iu tLe sari LS thpurtment. Call and ex
amine [Le stock—qey will be sold at reduced prices
for cash sep 1271 w
Dye Stuffs Just Deceived.
Vitriol, Can - mood, Alum, sod a general stock oe
Drn Woon . - t, in storo, and for sale at the Drug Store
Cm-nor 4-di and Wood. sta.
TacLane's American Worm Specific.
T HIS 97 is to cellit‘y. Chu-with Mcl..\ :NE'S \VoRN
Sr t5.ciit54tra1i14,44,41,,,,e.d upwanis of 600• ,
-.--4 Worm Spocific nowin -
was; it is_. 4 - - ,
L ,
t. 4
rn4. :: :: a .L
6.... T . iILT,DO :7 • i 4
Fur :ale at , ^ruz ..-;...., 4 ,'• '—ki 22;
sept. I'2. c." - • iON I ' rt.
"-"----- ' " ° o tlsts, Nl4
------ -
rilcLar..e'S Llmerl4-....;4,
rillitS 1, to ccrtity that tici- , ,i'n,
_nasst•.l univar , l3 k,f 30 v,•orrns r, , , c ,
5i'.....1'. 170711 4 to 5 it:cher , 1 , 71::•• 1:1 rr,-/ n . „, k
,otnedozca of cn•tianatcs 0f..n... a ., , ,,,,,i•„•,, , c- -__Nb.‘
•Inz , utect
beproduccd. „, t,
i.t. z ,„„
Poland, Ohio, Oct. 4.,1.1-1.247, ~ _ . , • sw. ~..,.
For sale at the Drug Sturc-"k:' 30.. C. rillIL), :
'Sept 1.2 Conner dth. awl lirooki If;
For Salo Low for Casi.
(\ do/en all ,iites. Window Sashan\Vh,plir
3Oki Glass, 'Carpet chain, Ctuntv,
sizes of Patent Bucllets.,Tubi, Chara.4-1;0 ,
• 6 15,
etc - and liuLdlet, rs
-Lacings and Twine, and 14u1s-4 e.
Carpets, Flannels, Liudi.
hers. Flax, Toff
:s 1
1_;,:11..:e Tr.lp
4 . 2. 4 yi