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    JUNE 27. 1843
Washington Banner. "—We are glad to
Isa're that the Washingtonians are sincessfully
axerting.themseves in increasing the subscrip
tion list of this inai.t. excellent Temperance paper.
It has given entire satisfaction to the friends of
6s . cause since its first appearance, and we sin
send/ trust that it may be made a source of
profit Li the talented and enterprising editor.
Ateturncti.—Vi'm. Bell, ommeroing w hom, infor
mation was solicited through our paper some
tpeeksrago, has, we are informed, ri.turned home to
'llllttekingiim county, Ohio. He has become com
pletely insane. How he found his way home is
not known, as he wandered alone and without pro
teeters. During his absence his wife died.
- Robberies.—Several robberies have oc.
_ caned in and about the city, within a few
days past. Mr. Childs, corner of 2nd st.
end Cherry Alley, was robbed of a few
pies; a dish of strawberries, and a few oth er
sr at tiolas of the same nature. Mr. Peter
Sheppard was also lobbed of several arti•
ales of clothing. Mr. Carliss, who keeps
1 bakery on the bank of the river, was rob
bed of about 200 dollars on Sunday, while
at church. The robbers entered the house
by the back window. This is rather an
aggravated case. Mr. Carliss, had laid up
120 dollars for rent money and tr. remain.
.der was for the payment of some smaller
debts—all of which has been swept away
sand left him in embarrassment. We are
told that persons are suspected of having
committed the robbery.
Mr. Searle.—We were called upon yes_
terday by this gentlemanos ho guessed tha t
we would not object to him looking at our
paper, as he did not wish to carry it away.
- Certainly; who could refuse! We think
'Vaster acted very strangely in his remarks
to Mr. S. when requested to give hi n a
copy of the Age. 01 course Mr. S. does
not mean to make a practice of reading the
papers without paying fur them lie will
so doubt ask for his bill some fine day,and
iasb it at sight.
Remedy for the hifluenza.—The Influ
enza, which is now an almost universal
epidemic, is exciting the inventors of pit.
.ent medicines to increased exertions in
. thepuffing line, but owing to :he genera!
.distrust entertained for the generality of
such drugs, people fear taking them. The
following, however, from a dis'inguished
physician in New York. Dr. Nelson, we
think may be relied on:
"The ()Elkct of the present communica
tion ill to recommend a single remedy,
cheap and of easy access to the pour, arid
-tecaution them against an injurious one in
"this disease, namely, bleeding, , ither g' n
erat or by leeches. In all those cases in
which the first class of symptoms prevail,
let the patient smell frequently at a corn ,
mon 'salts bottle,' or a vial of sprits of
hartshorn or arum inia; they are all the
lame; and by putting the vial to the mo oh,
to draw a few deep inspirations of the
-volatile matter into the lungs. Let this
process be repeated two or three times in
an hour, and it will give more speedy and
greater relief, in all slight cases of the
filet class, than any other remedy, and i
will be sufficient for a cure. It will also
by essentiallyuseful in the severe cases;
sod in those of the class of prostration,
a few drops of the ammonia, or hartehorn,
ought to be taken internally. A neat way
of, doing so is to take an old fashioned'
called lac ammoniaci. However,
it is as a local remedy, to act on the dia.-
ordered surface, that its use is advised.—
The principle will be recogonized by 1.11
physicians versed in molecular organization
and those who are deficient in that know
ledge, may do in this instance as they do in
all..others—act upon the faith they im
European .gency—We underbtand
that. R. Keenan, Esq, European Agent,
has arrived at New York, and will be in
this city in a few days.
iTtre.-00 Sunday evening, a fire was dis
covered, in some part of the old Water
Works, supposed to have caught from
sparks from the chimney. It was extin—
guished without doing any injury. No
alarm was raised.
T4ll. Conikstional, or an Exposition cf the Doc.
tines orituricular Confession, as taught in the
Standards of the Romish Church. By Rcv. J, F.
Oln,Pasitor of the First Ger. Ref. Church, Phila.
The above work bas been sent to us
fftin the Methodist Book Store, wbe , e, it is for
sale. Mr Berg strenuously advocates the viows he
site• forth, and the book will be eagerly ruid by
these who agree with him in opinion.
Land Sales.
We inv'te the attention of those who are think
ing about a settlement in the West, or who wish
to invest money in western land, to the asks ad
vertised in We paper. The lands offered are
generally situated in healthy and prosperous re
giiina. and offer great inducements to settlers
Char paper, to-morrow. will contain advertisements
af landa in other Sate?.
The Owensboro' Gazette (Kentucky)
atipbs . tisat it woollen factory is just going
intp.operation in that place.
About 30,000 old Lutheran subjects of
Prussia, from the borders of the Baltic, are
shortly to come over and settle in this
LOCUSLe • are plenty about Richmond
Baltitainre and New York. They have sot
appeared in any part of the weat,
. A Ger Man girl named Harmon fell over.
board from the S. B. Little Ben, a
few days since below Cincinnati, and
was drowned. The Cincinnati papers
tried to make a bit of romance out of the
affair by stating that she leaped over in
consequence of the rejection, by her pa
rents, of her lover. But the truth soon
spoiled all.
1/R. DANIEL Arc/WEAL, Office on Fifth street
between Wood and Smithfield streets, Pittsburgh.
dee. 11}-Iy.
MINE stockholders of the Pittsburgh and Allegheny
1 Bridge Company are hereby notified that the mina •
al election for one President, ten Managers, one Treas
tirer. and a clerk to conduct the business of the Compa
ny for the ensuing year, will be held ou Monday tlie 3d
of July next, at the hour of 3 o'clock P. M., nt the
roomsbelonging to said Company,north end of the Hand
Street Bridge, JOHN TASSEL,
June 17—te. President.
THE undersigned, agents for the above celebrated
stamp of Steel, will always keep on hand an as
sortment of the same, consisting In
Best Refined Cast Sirs', squated, fiat,round and Octagon
do do do do axe temper,
Extra do do do for nail cutlers,
Beat do Double and Single Shear Sire,
English Blister, German. Granite. Wedge and Crawley
Steel, at wholesale, by the case, or In smaller lots to suit
purchasers, LYON, SHORB 4- CO,
June 24--d3rmt wfini • Font of IN'ood
VIIIOR ACCO.-2 Hlul Kentucky leaf Tobacco, jttst re
ceived and for sale by J %V.IURBRIPGE CO,
June 19. fraier sl. between Wood d• Swith'd.
JEzAT Er., Prof of Penmanship, ha. re-opened its
.Writing lustiutte for the SPHSOII, at hi: former roam
corner of Wood and Third at., where, I.lrge classes are
now fot min!. Ali F..": room is titled up In superior style
for the reception of his pupils, who will meet daily,
Ladies' Chan. will be waited upon at 2 o'clock, r M.
Gentlemen's Cla.ts L.
In alt cases, n neat and fashionable .tyle of Penman
ship in warranted to the alit wive pupil.
Terms of mullion fur 12 lessons, $3,00
20 5,00
Ladies can receive le sons at their residei.ce,:f de3i
;Kr rE. will exrrute, on the shnrie, notice, all kind
of Fancy and 0 rnamenta Pon ma the moat neat
and fa..hiortable manner.
The ptitvic arc re•r!•ectriittv invilrd In at 111. In.
athute and examine Mr E rtpecirnens ”r
and method ol teaching. J ne 19.-2 w.
5 SACKS )100 Fewl)to,, Article) on con , on
rnent, and for 'ale by
11.11I.1tAN, JENNINGS j ( 0
No. 99 !Food street,
7 111 E R NS- are rect.,' nz enito,o
supplies of seasariatOe Dry (1.,,,b4 tvli icl. they is in
COW intl.! to 11 IS 1 , 09 e of at vas prire , .With the addil ion
of ran iatze, for casA, par money , only.
Every inerrhant ritakiri2 porrliasei in Ihr rile mirk
money, is reitneetfolly iuvitrJ to call anti ex - Iloile oar
goods, and the elia ores are hen to one A 2.1, 'IA. hut, 11, ,
ltv will not rolit.iiter kis little and la' or lust
Ilanintt ss .1. 11 from a ronvirti Jrn that ii
ma-t he to the ad•onia T p tile pa - chaser wr trust
may roreive a fair t nu! ,aad he jad-,:rd arrunlif,;!n•
June 16—dl
FURNITURE WARE .11.001145.
.it t he old stand of YOC.VG -11cC CR Xo. 4 .
Second, beftecen nand and Mard a strees.
RESPECTFULLY informs the frirndi t 1l he lat.
and the roti.he ,niv• ta 'iv. that he 1. prepared id
rill all orders inrc.ai.d: of any kind. wiiti a!!
oviiiide despatch, and tsairal trd to he equal to any in
/the rily,
- Every at ?rotten Will he paid to rarpi-t, c r OFFI
;4.r. when requirid. Jane In. 1! ;3
r: A W BER R I E,'• and CRE 151 at Was!,l“,gt,” 11",1
.7 (late I , Pidence of James AlialllP,
June 17.
%TA It 11 St iII:NT, Drhti•Li Lita•ri y ...t . •
V re', dnory taqoa, rt ClL.ir oor fi I
CONVENIENT and well nutshell two story Uno.,
:IL with kiirit,n oil the around floor, and a vottl _ardi
attached. situate on Larork, near Federal SI reef, A Ile•
;teeny city. Enquire of
j t••• 2 1 , ft WM . E AN.
titi 'BEAMS 'Cap . ' writing Paper. ruled,
lir 10 giuss Bodorm Boards, on ron:Tanineni, and for
salt , by 17A11,MAN, JENNINGS rr).,
June 6. 43 Womi
The Wire in Pi't•i'dirgli whirh was established (or the
purpose of const kitting agents in the went, having scram
plished that &Jett, is now and Mr. G. H. LEE
in the Diam tnd, Nlarket street, appointed sly agent for
the sale of Pills and Liniments -111 Dr. Bra ndelltit agents
will t herforedintlers'and,that Dr. It. will i end a travelling
agent through the country once a year to e,iffe e i, moneys
for sales made and re-supply agrets. The traveller
will he provided with a power of attorney, duty proved
before the Clerk of the city and county of New York
together with all necessary vouchers and papers,
M r.'J, J. Yoe, Is my travelling agent how in Pennsvl.
N. R, Remember Mr. G• It, Ler, in rear of the Mar.
kel is now my only agent in Pittsburgh.
New York,Jone 14Th, 1043,
frr An individual only wishes to know ;be right way
to pursue it; and there are none, were it score r made
known how Lux tolgtit be prolonged and ileAtru re•
covered. w: o would not adopt the plan. Evidence
required that the right way is discovered. Till. la what
tho , e suffering from sickness want to he gaiisfied about.
For who is so foolish as not to enjoy all the health his
body is capable of? Of Ito is there that would not live
when his expnripnee can so much benefit hiniself and
family? It is a melancholy fact that a very large pro
portion of the otos! ti , efi I meinhers of society' die be
tween tire ages of litriy and fort-y. flow many widows
and helpless orphans have been the consequence of :nan.
kind not having In their own power the means of restor.
lug health when lost.
Now all these dangers and difficulties can he prevented
arid the long and certain sickness, and lie aRSiSi Na
lute. In the outset, with a good dose of Brantireth's
This Is a fact, will understood to be so by thousands of
our cilizens This medicine. If taken so as to purge
freely. will surely rare any cur;bie disease. There is
no form or kind M . sickness that it does not exert a cur
alive influence upon. Thus, by their power ht resisting
putrefaction, they cure measles small pox, worms and
all contageous fevers. There 19 not a medicine In the
world so able to purify the iria=sof blood rind restore it
to healthy condition, as the Braudreili
The Brandreth Pills are purely vegetable, and so in
nocent that the infant of a ntot.th old may nse them If
medicine iv required, not only with safety but will' a cur.
tainty of receiving all the benefit medicine is callable of
imparting. Females may use them in all the critical
periods of their lives. The Brand:l.th Fills will insure
their health, and produce regularity in a'l the functions
of life.
The same may I .e said of Arandreth's External Rem
edy, amen outward application In all external pains, or
swellings, or sores, it greatly assists the cure. When
used where the skin is very tender or broken. it should
he mixed with one or two pints of water,
A sure Tester (7enaine Brandrea Pills,—Examino
the box of Pills, Then look at the certificate of agency,
whose engraved date must be within the year, which,
every authorised agent must f10.93C29; if the three labels
on the box agree with the ;bre.. labels on the certificate,
the Pills are true—if not, they arc fake.
Principal office, 24t Proadway, New York:
June 16.
FLOUR. --40 We Family Flour, Just received and (or
gale by J. W. 111JRBRIDCE 4. Co.,
June 22. Water st. between Woodand Smitli'd.
MANY are now puttering with theabove coraptairne,
and can be cared speedlly thy IPortoetrs Baleen
of Anneseed, which given,p n to an.
To be had only at TUTTLE'S. ourtb street.
Jane 22.
TBE sufiscrlber tnost respectfully informs the gentle
men of thl! city and vicinity that he has commenced
the BOOT and SHOE making business in Fourth street,
opposite the Mayors office. Having been foreman In
some of the most fashionable Boot Shops in the Eastern
cities; and having furnished himself with the best French
and American Calf Skins. he hopes by his attention to
business to merit a share of rm bile patronage Tu those
gentlemen who have kindly patronized him he returns
his sincere thanks and can with confidence appeal for the
goodness of his work and knowledge c r his business.
may 11. P. KERRIGAN.
This is to certify that the subscriber has been for some
lime afflicted with the Rheumatism very severely, from
which he could get no relief, until, being advised to pro.
cure some of Dr. Pitch's INDIAN VEGETABLE
ELIXIR, whiett he accordingly did, and from which
after a few doses, he was entirely relieved.
Columbia, April 6, 1752. SA PEARSE:
Near Rice Creek Springs,/
,Ricnlaod Districi,S. C, April 30, 1838.
certify, that my son, Thomas Mitchel, Jr., aged 15
yors, has been vroubled for eight years last past with
the Rhedmatism, and for the last three years has been
unalle to help himself: his pain was very severe., so that
lie could not be moved without great agony; his limbs
were onralized and drawn up, and lie presented an ob.
jert hopeless to nil who knew him. T resorted to several
Physicians fur relief for him, without effect. Having
heard of Dr. A. Pitch's Indian Vegetable Elixir, I pro.
rured the. same for m V son. On taking it he was much
relieved, and by continuing it to the fourth hottle, has
entirely removed the pain, his flesh is restored and he is
now enjoying good health. I would, in a rase of Rheu
matism, earnestly recommend it to those who are ;lifer.
tee with this excrnci_ting pain. THOS. MITCHELL.
%V being neighbors arm acquaintances of Mr Thomas
Mitchell, and having often "teen the. situation of his son,
fully cm-robot ate the above case, and. as we believe has
been cured by the Indian Vegetable Elixir.
The above, with a very Mr,r.re assortment or Other
valuable nirdi r ineg, h a v e j0.,1 been received and are for
sale by the quantity or sitiqlc brittle. at TUTTLE'S, SG
Fourth so.
OVii the :2131h day , a son of the sob_
N.-Ist - Ober ranted J.INIEo KELLY, lien aaonl 9 years
4.. r 11 7 ,e, lell his lie was seen n fey nay! , alter in
the has a fair complexion and fair hair
and is rather heavily built On the 30th of the same
month. hi: trot her. ahoy then aced nlinut ten yea rs, alao
'vent away !lin came in MON ARDKELLY: he has
red hair and .lark eye•. ft fa proiintile that hot Ti the boys
may dent their true names and an/olive re hers. Any In.
formation rolicerntliz them wilt Iteva eitillv received by
I heir affl tried pa ret,O. JOIIN KELLY,
e 9 Prospect street,
Farms lo Lease.
E untletsizticd will lease Iwo Faith, Sill1:11,1 in
East loner tewlitthip, wtl It I lie necrAeary tette nen te,
3lid front 71, to 100 acres r l nared on each. Also, ()tie
fan,. ~, . 01.(1 in ‘Ve,t (leer loss oship 111c , zheny county
with (toot 0 to 73 acres ciao d. n above do red ed
prop, In rea,nt !Otte co•td lc r. JUI t .
nnh~ tram tl,, nits of tsl nr:h. and within two tnitelt
of the rrnICA Canal. and o It! he 11,5,11 or rea,uoaltle
tern, , 1 , •5 from 1 to diree le;trw,lo pn,;d lewitils.
worts' Allrd Self Setters forFnwinlll. which
en fully le-t,,1 In thtirrent pßris of
rtliJe t t a• %%ell a+ :n the rulesof P,l l -hurc!! and
\ !teghen, tie peen In or, railon at a non, , ,er of
\ I r kttrtil
Wilk Ott VOW! St,;nt R.lttVll , lll mitt n, a ,
its 61,r1 r111:14
thee'- itttl.l I he,- T 1..• alive n., n,rd mar hit t•
raft In Inured ni W . W. IVa , fare', ,11.tp rtn rrlt ni
near 11111`ttl, Itttlitrft It to rllllll2 up and whet, the
marlline 14 thl Ir roes , nu 1:v kepi on ploy 10 it
F'. Snyder or W W. IA . :ill:1re. era o 5
Attorney and Cow - or/tor at Law,
rorec,.o” or security .
, if C.tinto., any ' Ali. Ile';11te, rrnuustl,l to It,
ciirr.lll Ihi. rnt ur , r . of narr.,ol, .I , 4ertoa. Brlmont
Garr. i, ca. 1101,11 I. Cr g h 0 ( ... , 1 Carroll.
Stork it'd If r.
Crlet to: V
I). /.• 'I ,1,1
rtl I shor t ,
John /I..trier.
E.llll ET 1107' El,.
()it'd. , well knnwn and c••••••••cot f•••••• lom••••, %boat( d
illy n••rtli cod of lhe oldlllrgh tie brittle, 1111•• r ma 1••••
Heads nod ll,r 11111,1 if, 111:11he e ha. r very I in COlL
"flier fur the rccepl ion and ellleltaiornvi.l of
il•nt 7.llirgts a nd 1.,111M11 . 1111.11:IrderA Hi. Charzes unit
111 , 41 C Tale ;111.1 rhino; be sr tiled to make ff•o.
Flo riots comfortable inn keep up the former reputal or.
of lii. boom..
Goccl .4,0,110 z for any nulthcr of how:.
unt Emmet.
rip E pat rap% of Wea.apt roreai and all %% ho meek
plea.ure in ihr pare air of ?he enantry, are hat/In - Ird
!hat the Maur! Earpei iToii r i 9 now open lor vl,ltorr
A rartlaze will leave the klt. Etnthet Hotel every d.,y
at half part 2, anti half pas: 3 o'clock. Sitedav• exettp
may 31 —ll,i,‘ lin .
o 'll It(I7CF:4 (;),11nd l'Ppper,
ausl) 1,, Choc flaw. from Phoenix Factory, halt.,
Just lacmved and for male by
11A11.51AN, JENNINGS 4. CO.
43 Wow! sirem
half of a very valuator and productive property
JL for sale '0 a cool partner oil von, low and accom.
inodating terms. The property Is in New Castle, on the
Pennsylvania and Ohio canal, ir. 'Beaver and Mercer
counties, and consists of a Saw-Mili, willt Iwo ,:aws
that cut about 3000 feet per ;It y and rents for 650 dol.
lam A four story brick Flour Mill with four ruin of
Bares, 4- can manufacture about 116 Ills good dour per
day. The Flour and SAW otitis have all new works and
machinery and in first rate order, The mill rents for
1500 dollars per annum. A Rolling Nail Factory
and Elooniery for making Charcoal blooms, all of which
'is wor'ked`iy water power formed by Shenango and
Nnshannoc.k creeks. The Rolling Mill is drove by steam
—22 inches cylinder and 51 feet stroke. The Rolling
Mill Is large and convenient and has a Sheet 111111, Bar
Iron mill, Hammers and small Guide and sloop mill
Furnace, suflicient fur doing n large business. Boats
pries up and down the rare from the Works to the Canal
nod save expenses or all Irnying,tmuling coal There
arc 11 dwelling houses and a number of shops and sta
biles on the premises. and sales at New Castle for all the
iron, nails he. manufactured and demand inereasing.—
The Engine and most of the machinery and most of the
improvements have run about six months only. The
Iron Works will rent for ghoul 5000 dollars. The pro_
perty cost, two years ag0,.42,000,and since that time 31,
000 dollars have been laid out In Improvements. To a
good partner who can pay 15,000 dollars down and the
balance in a year, a good bargain of one Italia the above
will be given,
Apply at ISAAC; II A RIMS` General Agency and In
teliieence office, 9 Fifth street. June 6.
I. W. Burbridge di, Co•
AGENTS for the sale of Lteattv's Powder. Water st
between Wood and Smithfield.
March 30, 1843.
SFR ELVES TOC IC 4- co , Snece,mrs to J. R .Guth•
• rie, at the old stand corner of Sih and Wood sts
having contplied with the requisitions of the new Auc•
lion Law, , re prepared to make advances on Consign•
menls and to sell on favorable terms. They hope by
continuing to make ready sales and prompt returns, to
receive a fair portion of business.
In retiring from the Auction business. I take 4re.i
pleasure in recommending to time public Messrs. Samue
Fahntslock 4- Co.. who have complied with the require
ments of tbe new Auction Law and will do business a
my oid stand. J. B. GUTHRIE.
sprit 31843.
DANIEL 31. CURRY, Attorney at Law. Of
dee on Sib st between litrot.d seat Beeithfietti. itn H
I 5 WIWI Green St. Ja:o Coffee, just received. and'
No. 43, Wood a
I/ %VIE; D, HAY,
Pittsburgh , A pril Ist 1843
- ---
3LOCKBmade esprenly far pewter tnarightiss, but
ery suitable for Pork Rouses, es the materials o
which they are emworaeted will not rust from the action
of the salt, will be gold low for cosh.
mug 2-liw JAS. PATTERSON.
DRI PF-ACIIES.-50 bushels Dry Peaches , Jost re—
celved 4- for sale by II A I LNI ENN I NGS k Co.
may 11. 43 IV ooJ si met.
Corner of Penn 4• St. Clair sts. Pittsb'gli.
TUB E Proprietors of this elegant and commodious es
tabitehment, beg leave to announce to their friends
and t!e public, that their price for Board, from this date,
Is reduced to ONE DOLLAR PER DAY.
From the locality of this house, being situated mid.
way between the Canal and Steamboat landings, as d on
the great thoroughfare to Allegheny city, the proprie.
tors trust, that with continued exertions on their part.
they will be enabled to afford eve , v attention and (aril
sty required for the comfort a,nd convenience of their
guests, and hope to merit a continuance of the patron
age that hoe hitherto hero so liberally extended to them.
The principal Stage and Packet offices, a e connected
with the Hotel, and for the better arconrmodatlon of
their guests, an Omnibus will at all times be In reads.
ness to Convey them to and from the House.
ap 25-3 m. MeKIBRIN .1. SMITH.
t om .
It lET S'l'o E.
No. 108, Mark rl Street, Liberty.
THE vii'.,rll,vr n , reris:triscmiorners and
the public !zi`,Wrally. that he has just returned from
the east With a large and • rr::ser assortment of goods
In Iris line to which he invires Nlereha ors and others who
tvlsh lo purchase wlrerei:.li or retail, very low for cash.
The fol'owir2 comprise: part of hi, ith a ver y
large assrvrinent of fancy zmols and toys'.
200 pn.k. En:lish, f7rrmau ❑nd A mericatt plu
100 lion.al.l 1,4 nredre•;
11)1)0 r < rolicw;
:25 11, APvL int!
7f) IL. !met skm , thread:
1(141 11, 1 1 .00,11 rrolnn thrrad;
p , rrii..:(o, rap.;
till and 1 3 , 1ilig 1 .11110nP;
[rO•■ 1.(1110r19,
1 2il g10!..54 Shur larr
100 )OZ. rnufl:•
,1, z. In, toki, -hell, luck and nntralo combs;
131; doe, fine Ivory cornl.s;
200 dos.. drt ,, inz cOnlbs;
35 11 enz, court,.;
f; erns. tooth hru.lie.;
10 dux a, , sorted hair and clothes hru.hes;
ri , t
,ros. n, hoe Rilvcr , l hook. and eyes;
.2tt .2,oss cntorront hooks and eye.;
511 dor. n.xocted scissors;
31140 z xpectarlnF;
54) ?foto neftorlroi trhn 1, bone;
/!or. au•ortctl •fizc:f stair.;
4(1 2 S I prlls:
,1,054 W.,o,kvar,rs tr1ei , 1311 . 4 pen holders;
%V rth ; , c-ortmr.nt of all kinds of variety roods,
";,, t.wo , :nti4, chaff' a.r radles, market and other
t• Y. would in particular Invite the
att. !o , nrl ,'f the latliPS t , l his fine ;old large assort mem. of
S.L , ll and PH rftc. rend's. Grn:',ams re'ehrated six
curd -pool cotton, the nest nut fele nride; persons pur.
gun ret nn, it if not as represented. A inn, ihr be s t
roomer dralledeved needle.. wh irlt have hero purchased
..Ine/oally for retail, and tine .1 rucriran flat and round
head tdo., flr' , Y ) C . Yr.
r.v . KErs,
The Ah.,er. ;eaves every
Thar:4l3v 31 111 o'clock 3. in
I '4 'r, Copula, Ma.ter. Lave. every Friday at
is 3. 111
The N:tiflrzonierv, Bennett, Mister, leaves every sat.
:It 10 trl.rrk a. In.
The rur%,.,,nn, %facer, leaves every Sun
Jay:, lii 11 . r kn . m.
Jo-N if INGHAM & CO.
P.,1 k K,
rir 41•ra tn will call al
al Ihi n4i nf, he mar. bear or
Thal vt IJI be of interest Illogic or boil, of them.
jut,. 7.
MT isec Ra
1.5 jitAt received (Tom .A - ,10 York nod Phaadelphia
a larce and griirral mamrin:ent of vaatal , ir
Family .11r.fiereei and h.‘ is now ready In gitrply thug
gists and Uriaotry Ntrrririii'.. at the ra , tern wholesale
riirtc.loa It f ra-h--ninortz which
ale viz. I n.liart Vrl!rtablo Ilene''
N.•rvri and Roue L11111)1,11, Halm of china. Linn',
Trriii , marre Hlll ry r )1,1r1,1:o'n fl,t t i, of i'"lninitikt. Vow
of Volvalurs Tottir Slizthre;
h's Sat - n:1112,11a. Liniment (for Piles;)
Spolln ,,, Ur-Rd., lin RrmrJi, Crtollrv's l'etier Ointment,
East India Hair Dye. Essence of l'yre. Barrie:la Oil,
OVl,l , lrre! ' n Liniment. flartholomew's Pink Ex pertorant,
Hats:, in of Live r woll Seudd, is Eye Water,
roveri's 13.11111 of Life linniphrey's Pile Ointment,
Pou&r.s Lion's ph,tera, lirandreth's Pills (gen
ninr;) WI son', Dyspeptic Pills, Fahnortock's,
Ecans . , h,en, hi ibbert's and various other PI LLS I , I
Also, Falinestork's Vermiluge.Depurative Sy nip, Opt).
deldoc, Cough Lozenge., Pneumatic or Cough Balsam.
etc., etr. A good and general assortment of A 1.1, Ihr
valuable Patent 3feelieines always on hand, and for sale
wholesale and retail.
Don't forget 86 Fourth street
June 12.
QTF, M 11011,Eft EXPLOSIONS.—The Board ap
K. pointed by the. Se, retnry of the Navy ~ 10 make ex.
perlinental trial, of slieh invention, and plans, designed
to prevent the ex plasdon of steam 'Joliet , and collapsing
at, they may deem worthy of examination," re
quest that limie persons who have apparatus 10 present
for trial, will forward them lo the Navy Yard, at Wash.
Inflon, without delay, as the board will be prepared tc
proceed with the experimental trials by the 15th Inst,
The Instruments sent must he on a practical scale, and he
ready to he attache(' to their boilers; that which has been
prepared for the experiments is twenty feel lung, three
feet in diameter, and has two twelve loch flues passing
throikelt it.
Navy Yard,WashinutonJutte $ If 1iti110.1.311
Now is the time of year for persons attacked with
Omaha, Coulds. Rheumatism, Gout, i•c, .•c. —To those
afflicted, a speedy cure can he effected by using
which Is allowed by all who have used it to he the beet
remedy ever offered for Coughs and Colds, and
an outward remedy, with the
an Inward application, in a eertais and positive cure for
the Rheumatism. Gout, Contracted Cords and Limbs,
one need suffer from thrse diseases if they wilt one
abcve medicines
The aenuine to he had only at
TrI"F LE'S hltutcm. AGENCY.
'Druzgihts and Country merchants will he eupplied a
NEW YORK prire.. 36 Fourth Street.
The office in Pittsburgh, which was established for
the purpose of constituting agernis in the west, having
accomplished chat object, is now closed, and Mr. D. H.
LEE, in the Diamond, Market street, appoittied my
agent for the sale of my Pills and Liniments. All Dr,
Brandreth's agenas will, therefore, understand that Dr,
B. willsend a travelling agent through the country once
a year to collect moneys for sales made and re supply
agents. The said traveler will be 'proilded with
power of 'attorney.dniy proved before the Clerk of the
city and county of New York,togel her with all the ne
cessary vouchers and papers.
Mr.l. J. Yoe is sny traveling agent now in Penn
.gilettalas O. BRA NDRETD, M. D.
N B , —Remember Mr, C, H. LEE, In the rear of the
Market is now my only agent In Pittsburgh.
Jane It
Bank of Pitt-share h. par
Merril. 4- Man. bk. par
Exchange bank, par
Bk, of Germantown. ••
Easton lank,
Lancaster hank, die 1
Bank of Chester Co. par
Farmers'bk Bucks Co. i•
Doylestown bk do
Bk of N America Phil. "
Rk of Northern Liberties,"
Commercial bk. of Pa. "
For. 4. Mechanics bk "i
Kensingion Irk.
Philadelphia bk.
Schuylkill bk.
Southwark bk.
Western bk.
Rk. of Pennsylvania. "
Bk of Penn T. par
Man. 4- Mechanics bk. par
Mechanics bk. par
Moyamensing bk.
Girard ba.ilr, 151
U. States bank. 48,
Lumbermens', Warren, --
Frank. bk Washington, par
Miners bk of Poi tsvile, 4
Bk of Montgomery Co. par
Mon. hk Brownsville,
Erie Bank, 5
ltarrisburgh bank, 41
Far. bk Lancaster, 11
Ilk of Middleiown, 41
ilk. of Chambersburgh, 4 1
Carlisle hank, 4
Bk of Northumberland, par
Columbia bk 4• Bridge co. 8
Rk Susquehanna Co- 40
Rkof Delaware Co. par
Lebanon bk. 4
Cel tysburgh bk. 4
York bank, 4
Far. ti• Drovers bk. of
Wayneshil reit. 4
•' •• Currency notes. 4
flonesda To, 2
Wvnmin,• hank, 10
Pittsh'elt State 4crip 2a3
Country do do 4
Rerkß o bank, 70
Lewistown, 2
Alountulel.uht bk
Far. k Mech. lilt of Steu.
benville. 11
Rclntnut hlt of St. Claim
vi!le, 1I
Marietta bk. Demand
notes. 1-;
do Currency notes, 1}
Columbiana I.k New Lis
hon Demand,
do Post notes. It
Cincinnati specie pay-
log kooks, 1
Mech. 4- Traders bk of
Cincinnati. 3
Clinton I.k of Columbus.
Demand nOtep,
Circleville, (D. Law more
Zanesville bk.
3d Iry of the building occupied by R. A .
Bausrnanccen Auction store.keretofore known
as “Sesmit It's Long Room,' corner - of Wood and 51h
streets inquire or R. Morrow. sth st. Jan 23.
T (rs ALE.—Four Lois In 'Manchester. Onr
and a ("mirth Arres of Land nn Holmes' Hill. Lot,
rm.. V. 42.52. 53. 54.181, 182 and 184, In Cook's plan
of 1.. t., on Hill A kin, Lola no. 26 and 27. in
Cook's plan of Lots on High strre;, near the new Court
duet. For terms apply to Z. VV. RE%IINGTON
step 111
4XD ho=session given on the Ist of April next; a
brick house on the hank of the Allegheny river
two stories high. 4 comfortable rooms, besides cellar and
kitchen. It in very pleasantly rilluutedjuat out side the
rity tine, with a full view of tiredly of Allegheny, and
wilhin 20 minutes' walk or the heart of the city—rent
vrry low. AMES BLAKELY,
mar 11 House Agent, sth Ward
ril l ONE brick dwelling house, enitlaininz a lar?n
hall, two parlours, 4 looms upstairs, with (In
'shed garret. dining room and kitchen, with ear
riage house. Scr. This house is pleasantly located with
raid in• front and rear, on tt•e ranal hank, rumor of
inferno street. leading to upper bridge, now In the or.
runanre . f Mr Mertorg. rent to suit the times-Enquire
of Dr 2__________ Whittaker, Allegheny City. mar 8,
For Rent.
A CONVENIENT three Rtory brick dwellinz house
situate on Ross street near Fourth• Rent $12.5.
ape 10, Apply to JAMES MAY.
sfi MIT' 5 vears oh! copper distilled Monongahela
N.Yllye Whi,key on consignment, and for .a'e by
Wei er bet wren Wont! and Stnit •
The canal packet ERIE. J. M. Shaw master, will run
at regul r triweekly oar km between the at.° te named
boat!, 'ram, Brayer on Miinda vs, Wed nesdays, Frida
Morning, leaves Warren on Tuimdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays; connecting with the Stage Lines to Cleveland
direct. For freight or nasitage apply on hoard or to
BM 11 INC; If CV( & CO., Pittsbuzgli.
J. S. DICKEY, Beaver.
may 10.
The old stand of Mali hew Patrick,
(Lately occupied by John franc)
1111 HE rutcbrriber wishes to inform the citizens orpiffit
i burgh, and the travelling public, that he has leased
the above well known stand. (situstrd on Fifth street,
between Market hnd Wood.) where he will he happy to
accommodate all his old friends, anti as many new ones
as will he pleased to acknowledge hint as t:ieir host.—
lii: terms will he moderate, suited to Ihe times. His
table will he supplied with the best that the Market af
fords. His liar will he furnished with the choicest of
liquors, hot h domestic and foreign. His stables are spa
eious and commodious, conducted by experienced and
attentive ostlers.
would Inform the citizen. that he In prepared
to accommodate a !lumber of Weekly, Monthly or Year.
ly boarders at reduced prices.
Single Meal, 25 caws. Lodging, 121 cts
flow d per Week, 82.50.
may 8-3 m . MICH. PORTSER
lion of finis and Cape on hand. andfor WI!, whole.
sale and retail. at prieee to stilt the times, at the old stand
of Douglas Mooro, 73 Wood street. mss 5.
800 000 of BacoLl . ,
W. J t AK aI e fII ZO N ,
may 30-1 m . 4th st.. near Liberty
- •
J UST rercivPll, 5000 Freeman's hest Fife tiek, wh ich
wIU hereafter he kept magically on hand and sold
low for rash, I.y EIRMINGHA 4.•
may 27' No. 60 Water St.
9 Calf Skins, remised on consignmenl,and
for sale hi, J W BURBII E Cu.
June 3, Water st, be tween Wood and Smithfield
Care of Liver Complaint of 25 years standing.
This, may certify that forltwenty five years I was af
flicted with pain in my side, which was frequently so
severe as to entirely incapacitate me from labor, I have
been under the rate and treatment of various physician:
without any permanent benefit. Hearing of the many
cures effected by the Hepatic Elixir prepared by Dr.
Starkwealber.l. was induced tevgive it a ilia', and am
happy to say that it hasenrirely removed. if have f e l t
leo ortnPsova* of it for WTI them a year part.
ATerthbr false, illne 30, 1341. AMOS MD urn,
Thegenuint to be had at TUTTLE'S Medical . Izeney,
86 Fourthstreet.
excasivan LIST
viAmilt,lll(llanek sic L!
11'nost,r. If
klassiii,,n, do
Sandusky. do
ficauga, do
Norwalk. do
Xenia, do
Dayton, do
Scioto, 35
Post (total,. 14
Chillicothe, If
Fran. hk Columbus, If
La,.emter, 30
Hamilton, 30
Granville, 73
Com. bk. Lake Erie, 25
Far. bk:of Canton, 98
Urbana 60
State bk. - Branches
State &rip, 27
All lanky,
Mate bk 4- Branches 50
Shawoeetow•n, 65
Bank of Virginia,
do Valley,
Far. bk. of Virginia,
Exchange bank,
N. West. hank
Mer. kktec. do,
Baltimore Banks,
Country Banks
All Banks, par
All Banks, par and 1
Citzßh tar. par
Country hanks,
(safety fund.) a 1
Red Back, J to 1
,Boston Ranh!, psr
Country .; 3
Orleanq Rnnka , ;mud, l
,Banks, 13
Ranks. Sal
Good Rankg,
All Banks
Bk. of Bt. Clair, 10
Do. do.J h Fl.Soilth 3
Good bank%. Btolo
Engler!) Exchange.
Philadelphia. i
INew York: 4
Retimore, 4
Rogton. 3
,Western nlChallfZe.
lrineln nal I, par
Louisville. oar
Cleveland. 3 di!
AYheelln' • par
GOLD , FIF.VF.R, par
- - .
/Intl AT large and commodious warehouse No. 61 Litt.
erty street, in the occupancy oft he enbseriher, 20 fest
front, running through to Virgin :.tle.y B,i feet, subs - tan ?
tinily built, %Oh the unexpired ;Juan& lease of Etti yenta.
The above house IN in one of the hest busing. ?lards in
the city for a Grocery, Clothing Store ar Foundry
Warehouse, anti hill be sold very Tow and poseeeektu
given immediately, rintrire of 11.. Al, DAWSON.
no I he preiliftel.
June 7. •
r i NUtt. S %1.E.-1-01s the Norto Fa3i corner of 11.".-4
1. Lyme and Dig!' street. Apply to
Sep 1U ue.N.I. DARLINGTON, Market, neat 4ths
3100311 C AND OS 1,
N. W. Corner of Wood 4- Fifth' Sta.
Tits proprielms of the Monti's° Post and
•Pfto Msset,se-resmit respectfully Inform thelv
and the paironsof those papers, that they have a Nie .
and well chosen assortment at
.11412 . 1 Eit
4.E172) 0=71t3Wei\TM3111,4333
Necessary to a Job rrlnting Other, and i hat they are pre
pared to ex,
Books, Bills of Lading, Clermont,
Pamphlets, Bill Bends, I Cards,
Handbills, Blank Cheeks, Bat Tips•
ti Units of Blanks,
Stage, Steamboat, gild Canal Boat Bills, miti appro.
priate Cuts,
Printed on the shortest notice and most reasons►le terms .
We respectfully ask the patronage of Our Wends and
lie public, in ge neral in this branch of our business.
Pittsburgh, Sep:. 39, 1842. PHILLIPS 4- SMITH,
- -
E would invite the attention of nor friends and
the public generally to our annrtment of Goods.
which we have just received from the East, alto( which
we are determined to sell at a small advance ov cost.
Customers may rely on having cheap. nand, well made
and handsome articles; warranted to fit, which is a very
desirable combination.
Persons who visit this establishment can depend on
finding an entirely neiv assortment of spring and summer
goods; we do not say one thing and mean another; when
we sae our assortment Is large, fashionable, handsome
and cheap, w' mean that it is so, and cannot be sae.
Passed In this or any other city.
maY 31— tr,
N OTICE to Steam Boat Owners —The subscriber, In
conteonence of the (Millen v of the titres. has redn•
Cod the price of hio - Sofeto Guard Jar the preeention of
the explosion of steam boilers.to $l5O pen boot .
It lo hoped that all hoar owners will avail themscivro
of these reasonable terms. not only on account of the
perfect safely they afford, hot also in point of economy.
Bolters with the apparatus :lunched will wear abort
Wire AR lona as those not provided with thorn.
Merrill-3m C. EVANR
/1. removed his office to No 63 firth afreel. be
weonWood and Smithfield sta.:neat dnor to Alderman
Morrow. *Pr 7.
4448011. n OR 1,(4)0 . on Mortgage on nint estate. The
, property among the hest freeholds in the
city. and the advertiser Is wilting to give a handsome
premlam for the above slim. For further partite/4r, ap
p' v at the office of the Morning Post.
June 9 --(lsva.
L. & J. D. WICK,
NV holean le Grocery & Denier, in Prndltee.
US Wood Sirget. 4 doorg above MOIL
may 15.
I 543:
Standart, Ingraham & CO.
CLIVIEL A No. 0/110.
A GENTS for Mercho ntsTransportation Company
Composed of the Merchants Line. Erie OSAMU.
Washington Line.
Hunter, Palmer 4 CO's. Line of Strum Roars a"? yew
seta nn the Lakes.
Cli.veland Line Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal.
Proprietors of the Merchants Line Ohio Canal.
rt erER TO
WitElp. 4 . ENIMOTITO. N 0.9, CoenCes Slip, N.Y
R. lIIIXTER s r Co. Albany.
OTT, CrrArr, Roston,
PALNELR k CO. tin Er2lo. •
. T. Wtt.cisms 4• Dow, Cleveland.
bolt Jona M. Armies., . do.
.1. S. DICRICY, !leaver.
RiamiNotioi co.; Pittsburgh
np 1 1843-Iv.
• k‘.
V . ,.
ST.ICY LLOYD, Jr., Wholesale and Retail Grocer
and Fruiterer, No 140 Liberty street, ritisburek.
may 20.
rpflE subscriber has just received from the Nursery
of Landreth and Fulton near Philadelphia, a lot of
the choicest varieties of Peach Trees, to which he would
call the attcution of the !whist: F. L. SNOWDEN,
to ap 8 No 184, Liberty at head of W.
Office, corner of Smithfield' and Third Streets,
Prrrsatmon, PENNA.
mny 25, 1843-Iy.*
lc) LoTs,guitable for building. most eligibly dueled,
*JP and within two !ninnies walk of the Steam Ferry
Roo Landinz. will be sold at prieew in snit the
The terms of payment will lw made easy, either for rash
or sm.!! rainier Its can be made available. Apply to the
subscriber ill Birmlngham, or Mr. P. Peterson, No. 4,
Ferry street, Pittsburgh. JAS. PATTERSON, JR.
June 1.
ft opt lar Morning Packet
The Nat r unning and well known
"-; Steamer
SHARP .I{ICNTITILL, MFISIFT, will depart daily from nu"
nuro. et 9 o'clock, A. M„ and Feaver at 1 o'clock P.M.
For freight or'pass.ice, apply on hoard, or to
No 60 Water greet.
N. IL—The ranai parl.rt to Cleveland - Ohl°
Greenville and Meadville Pa ; and 1M ;mignon on the
Ohio Ca nal, connectinc with sieamer Cleveland at Elea
ver,witi lie in operation Immediately op opening orate
mar !6 -tf.
frIHE subscriber basins' received from Philadetphineind
New York, with a tic neral end extensive assort,
every article in his line of business, which he is deter.
mined to sell on the most reasonable terms for eash.—.
He 'relieves he can offer stronger inducements than any
simile.' establishment In this city to country Physicians
and Merchants, who •wish to supply themselves w ilk
Drug. and Medicines, His articles have been selected
with the utmost care, and are warranted of the best gust
ily and Uniform strength. Orders will be filled with ac.
curacy and elegance. Paulin a can be supplied with rine
and panty Soaps of every conceivable variety, and of
the most exquisite perfumes; likewise with Perfumery
and Cosmetics of Mit ry descrip' ion.
The undersigned returns his thanks for the iiberatettp.
port heretofore extended to him, 004 hopes by a "natal , '
disposition to please and accommodate—a care In pro—
curing and selling only what 1: excellent and genoine—a
close supervision of the sales and transaction of the Isiah..
lishment—precaution and accuracy In rompoundi med.
Mines—and by industry and perseverance, to meri alit
crease of public pntronays
may 23. WILLA A6l TH N.
Birmingham Oa,
end Cleveland Line. •
March 24.'43.
210 noz. Corn Brooths,
4, 20 , k .. firti3teP, Tr ePived and fur Pale Iti
I W. BUR Rill IME 4 co.
IVeler st, between Water 4- Smith'd.