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    .40014 A v‘g.h.fia,,u m it..ef.„
• . - • Jill VI "8. Beak. Wei Tr
9411 .. Thiderralsr, respectfully Informs the politic I hai b
resetred his ready wade coffin warehouse to the
recently occupied by Mr. R. G. Berfordolirectly
a ,
‘• his old stand, where he is always prepared to at•
ptly to any orders in his line, and by strict at.
• all the details of the business of an Undertaker
alertt peblic confidence , Ile will be prepared
at 45A.1100 RS to provide Hearses. Biers, Carriages and
;WV* regatahe on the most liberal le, ins. Calls from the
WM/4ff will be promptly attended to.
-1/111611 1 residence Is in the same building with his ware
when those who need hit services may rind him
them RES Lai NCics
MN 16 same.
Attain MDDLI,
.01.0.11 INIMTON.
iiktie *seats,
. cap la
L.llBeLl4,- A DDRE- 4 S
,CtilnKl3, BrSIN I:SS Do.,
HAND 111T.1.5,
lit en ita or LADING. RCI; I. ARS, kr, kc.
'ether with every description of Letter Press Ptini
furnished with neat nags and de4natch, and on 'male
tate terms, at the office of Morni,,g Pont.
then of Individuals is very numerous. They are those
Who work in an unhealthy al mosmhere. Printers, wurk•
ONO IR likethor stores, stone cutters, tethers, while lead
Illiallellikatuters. are all more, or less subject to disease ac
wiftidliml to the strength of their-tonstittiiion. The only
on to prevent disease, is the occasional use of a
dialiketairlohieh abstracts from the circulation all delete
alga bewors, and expels them by the bowels. Tonics
ihratiy Ones are injurious, as they only 7.,0 oil' the evil
del to snake it more fatal. The use of Brand re; It's Pills
mill Ware heatth, because they take all lin rui re maser
Sala the blood; and ills body Is not weakened lint
-ittesslibened by their operation, for these valuable pill s
sot force, hut they assist nature, and are nor upp, - .sed.
kaVeraionize with Per.
SRI at Dr. Rrandreth't Office. No. PR Wood street,
Pitt*bureit. Price 25 cents per hot, with full dirt rti in , .
MARK—The only place In r
..11,..111r:.!il Ille
CANCUN F., rills can lie obtat nett, is the Dociot's oo n
ice. N 4.98 Wood street. sep 10
HOTEL.—The subscriler respexLitto.y e.e
.. forms his old friends and the that be Ims
OpeheeATemperance llotel,in Mai Street, near the'Ex•
thine iirtnk, and In the house lately occupied by Mat
t:kW Patrick, and has hoisted ant ron 3. en,..The Iron
City Uoiet." where he will be very hairy to arcommo
tta all who may please to call OK him. His table
in be provided with the hest rare. and every pos-ible
isetztemodittion to town and country customers and
Oa .
n arer
ta d te e wn.io a n d i w e.,, l n ti t
i t c o lnd
mei te i n
who t i h k e e l r
outsto i c e , ° I
n r
, o v Of.
imilrhave their dinners daily. _ __
We has large and good stables, and the best Hay and
Oita, and a good Hostler, and will accommodate travel.
tad gentlemen who have horses.
'Boarders taken by the day, week or year. Charges
VV. aboderate than at any respectable Hotel in the city.
.ftp 10 JOHN IRONS.
WASHINGTON HALL.—'file A L L.—Tile stiliscriber lin,:
opened the late residence of James Adams, Esq.,
*Nemec for the reception of visitors and hoarders;
house is very pleasantly situated on the hank of the
2 wiles from the eity—possessing ail the delight
if aceompantmente of a country residence. without
i do,
Iligabg -goo far dtetan for persons doing businthis in the
Chi'. AriallOrs will be furnished with every delicacy of
il Omnibus runs regularly every hou
ygNeay end of the Bridge.
N. 111.—flo Alcoholic beverages kept
Imep 10
DmsoLurrair OF THE UN I ' —The cop.trt•
nershlp exliting between James E. Kilhourn and
Illavld J. Morgan Is this day dissolved by mutual rnriFent.
The:conditions will be duly noticed, with the si2nninres
of both parties nanexed, and Barry Hell wul lie milli niter'
open by the subleriber until other arrangements are per
Far sale, on the premises, 150 bbla. chniee winter np
'ON, If applied for immediately. JS A.E. I Ltintt N,
asp 29—tr N. 9, Market, and 74. Front of
1100KBINDING.—M'Candless4 .
-&-/ Johnson. Bookbinders and Paper
Ruler', S. W. corner of Wood and
Fount.' streets,are now prepared to ex•
ecute »Winds of Bookbinding and Pa.
per Ruling will: neatness and despatch.
-" irrf.P .•k hooks ruled and bound to
lierfiliel pattern at tht priest online.
111.8. All work done he above is warranted. (sep 10
WM. RIDDLE, Stirgeon_Dextist, hap returned to
his old stand . , No. fan", Smithfield Street,
'When he can be consulted any hour during the day,
hei his profeeplon. Qen 10
.iit ivdov AL . — Gen :e Armor, Merchant Tailor,
respectfully announces to his friends arid
tfOef. that he has removed his estaldkliment from his
litifa eland, in Third street, to the corner of Front and
— Sialthlaid. in the basement story or loi Monongahela
tioisse; where he Intends kerpi.le on hand a uencral as.
wortwent of Fashionable Goods, suitable for Om
Alemen's wear.
He hopes. by close n ira t ion, to merit a share of the
warps so liberally extended to him at his old stand.
VIAL Having made arrangements in New York and
lthlllidelphla, with the most Fashionable Tailors, for
gibe reception of Patin and' London Fashions, CUSlOnler.
Miarrelyon having their orders executed according to
the Utast Site. GEtiRGE ARMOR.
LARD Subscriber would moat respectfully
%than Abe public in genera that be has an art ic'e of
yLMOiI of a superior quoin y, mann faetu red at the Ci nr i
ytalhQil Manufactory,hy R.W.Lee 4- co.,wlach is warrati•
Welt° be equal to the best Sperm. Oil, both for Light and
sillistillowy. This Oil iS entirely free f. oat any glutinous
.anetter,stooke, or unpleasant odor, and it is as clear and
lattishitsi es spring water. Not a particle of crust is left
4111 . the wick. Tile light is pure and hril:lant,
,NIL will lasi as long, if not longer, than that from an
rwrialquaottly of Sperm. Oil. The sitbsctiber Informs
ebepublic , that be has taken a place nearly opposite the
.11410,Niftoirbere he will light up several different Itlllll,
,iiimery everting. and he would respectfully itivhe the In
../11010111 11 Of Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and their vicinity. to
will laud Judge for themselves. lle feels confident the;
WMiliatetanalateal that the above stateinen I • is pc r 1(41 is
.aspect. Oat of two hundred individuals win have trit•J
atis Ott.there has not been a single fault found with it
Lard 011 COMO one third legs than rt. perm. He would
t.felliMlCtfelly solicit the early attention of Deniers sit
,ckhi,lm to the above.
The Coilowlag Churches are now tittinty, the Lard `)ll•
Presbyterian C hurch, Pitt. till rgli,
New Cumberland Presbyterian Church,
Vint Preshyieriao Church, A llo:ztteily City,
AJtioelate Reformed Church, do.
All the barrels are branded It. W. LEE 4- Co., cinch'
lady Obio.
1111je,theandesigned, Captains of the Exprevs Line of
Madmen, en the Pennsylvania Canal, have tried nod a re-
Jma smile* of Lard 011 Introduced here by Mart hew
1114 Sillgyead Imam fact tared by H. W. Lee 4- Co., at the
Ott rectory.
fbnii confident in asserting that itts a' one is eipini
, itaitbia.basit Sperm 011; s t in yt is entirely free from smoke
• or say other eh:ninon er whatever; the light Is per•
Amity pare. dear and brilliant, and will last ac tong, if not
• ininpertbanthen from coequal quantity of Sperm. Oil,
WS Mire no beraitation In recommending it to OUf Wends
WA to these who use 011.
11111.111:1 TICURY, Captain, Packet John Adams.
aW. 81 1 146 011 AND, Captain, Packet John Hancock,
0.41,10 du do John Madison,
t I THOMPSON, a, i u Pittsburgh.
• .48.40
os VON nrrcHELei -
.IrtlikPePtils are , - - atorrosad of he 11..., which exert
ja k , action upon the heart, give itupulve ur
4 04 / 11
wileprik to the arterial system; the it.iood iv quickened
arartaltaltaed Jolt* circulation tlirouzb till the vesr,els,
Or the skin, the Parts vil 'riled intern:ll4,or Ihe
aftrellltilles; and an ail live secret letirt of the body art.
* taw s rm. ,thc btand, there inn emir:Noma lacrease of
orwroevetion, and a quickened action of the alvortieto
led eallisieni,or dincitargin vessels , . Any inn rhid action
witich rimy stave taken MIKE is corrected. ttl, •
lioser..,ato-relaeved,tha bleed teourilicd. anti the holy
iliktkail slate. ?or% ale Wbolecale and Re-
R In SE LLERta, Agent,
4112_.) Wood si..below Second.
' November 16,1842.
IN compliance with the seventeenth section of the act
of congress ••legalizing and making appropriations
"for-such neces•ary objects as have been usually included
••in the general appropriation bills without authority of
•law, and to fix and provide for certain incidental cx
"lenses of the Department, and officers of the Cove,
mit, and for other purposes," approved Aneust 26,
1i142; Sealed Proposals will he received at this Depart•
wilt unlit the thiriy-liost day of Deceinher next, for fur•
for one year or longer ut the option of the Depart•
mem; lie following descripi ions of Rlnoks for the non Or
VON' Offices in the Stales of Pennsylvania and Delaware'
Mauls received, 75 Re
RLV. BLISURL. WILLtAS', D• Mails sent, 6 l ''
the Alto
%\M. C. 11ER N
M. C. EDGY, Agent
Jane 21st, 184-2
PROrthiALS FOR BLANKS muatcau tow, uu5,11.1.1 Div . . 1
ecru - A - MN uraNurrirS ttr. . ' I
ry-Thls vegetable and truly innocent medicine, PURl
sirs TeX BLOOD, and iminediately laity* the further rao-
CRESS Or DI , in the bodies oft huge whose powers of
life are not already exhausted. Where human means
can avail, there scarcely is any complain:lo3r folio of
sickness,thal the BRAM:MIRO PILLS do not relieve and
generally cure. Although these pills trainee a anown
lessiceT,that efrect is not to prostrate the body, as with
other medicines, but the frame Is invigorated by the re•
moval of the cause of weakness, the morbid, the vitiated
humor= front the blood.
Harmless in liter/WWI Yes, they merely
Account of NewsNipers and PautpnletA re
Mails received at Distributing ()tikes. 12 "
All the above on small royal paper, at le-t 22 by 17
inelles, printed on both(riot ruled, with nut less
than 421ines on a pale.
Al at a sent from Dist, ibui ink Otlireg, I'2 Reams.
Fame size paper as above, but folded lelegthw Ise, and
Wllll5O lines on a page•
A reounts Current, fools, hp, two on n sheet 16 Reams.
Maul Itly and Weekly foolscap,
four on 11sheet.
(nolsca p, 1 2 on a t‘hoot,o ii bout
Pint foulscip,l2 on n sheet, with
M:mai ut es• 750 Reams
for Dist rilmi iniz Offices, 9 on a
shi.et, with s•_natnrrs
Post Pistrilmtin Oftice,z, 6 on a ,
sheet, with
The propo,tals will state the price, in one sum, per
ream, for each limit of blanks, for paper, printing, ri.'ing
and packing. They are id tie delivered in such quanti
ties, and at such times. as may be required by the di tr..r•
ent Post Offices, and on the ninon:ill tons. of Postmasters
endorsed by the Post ma her at the place Where the con
tractor may re, ide. None will be considered as deliver
ed. or will be paid tor, except on sorb requisitions.
E wit requkiiion, or qualdity ordered, to be securely
env dole dor packed for I rnusporial ion, 11111 i directed to
L•c Po-, (thee. al the expettse of the cant rector.
- In 111150
The right Is r 4 S4,01:1 irj reject n¢ any bid .vii
I.e roti4lered ex ravaaani, and also TO give II) ;111V 0111'
bidder Ih':! printing air one or more Oates adj.duing t
FIaIC of his residence; and each propo , al 11111-I he liecoili
panierl by stillico.lo 1,1411`111. of the abilityof the proposer
to roinplv twilit the teen, of hie props-al.
The successful bidder will be required In eater into
contract ,IVit It surely, in El rle - t compliance . oil II the pro
vision of the law, to W 111(11 bidders are referred.
Failure lo furnish blanks promptly when ordered. fur
thoseof inferior quality as to paper, printing.
or ruling, or any attempt in evade Ike true inenoin7 of
the coolracl, will be considered sufficient cause for its
Pay met twill be made quarter•yearly, one month after
the expiration of each quarter.
The blanks intr+l he equal to the lust of those now in
use. Specimens may be seen at the various Pon Office..
The quantities mentioned above, are from the timu et;
ti !rates that can be made far one year's consnniptton: but
they may exceed or may fall short of the tin:intuit, re
quired. The lbettart men( does not hind itself to any
sperdic quantity or amount.
Prn• umis" should he so marked, and addrecs.l to the
“Second Assistant Postma.ster General, — Wds , ,inaton,
L. C. n.23—dtd.3l
if - 1017(111S, COLDS ard CO,V. U.vP7'!OV—r he Fea
kJ Fon for the aliove now at hand,. mil all
permit:it %vim are cillijeeted to the iiiiilriniency of the
weather are reopertroity informed that they ran find.
COVERT ' S BSLM OF JACK which is toed I,nown to hare
cured Toot's n' to, who were in tire laiit Ft ur C,71•
sumption. iticanes can lie reduced ul ;Is rioedertu
TAYLOR ' S BALSA .!•T OF LIVER.WOR7 ld Sinther reined%
for Liege Complaints, Coughs and Colds. It come , iiizb
ly recoff mended by all who have used it, and is pleasant
to Lake, and speedy in effecting a cure.
ilokanuemu CANov.--Flit: is a highly valualde
and pleasant medirine; it will ethic! 0 positive :mil rein Sin
cure for Coughs. Colds. Consumptio,,nll4l , a n OrrOri 113 i
cure for the Wiloorisci eorons. This is a vety pl. a.
ant medicine, all are rand of it, and children never leftist
to take to; ha cure is sure and positive. The snhsrrihr
has a ceitifirate of Aizency direct from J. Franc A. SOll
FO t here can be Ito nilstak 1.. All persons tc ho are etre, ied
are invited to tall and tt.,t delay, for the lin cto lake
medicine is at the commencement,
All the above medicines run always lie pro. tired
TUT7'LE'S ,i 1 EDI C.ll, .10E:Ver. RS. Four? ,5 Orr,
l'ElORN':_ - ; TEA 13F,Rli Too rtiAvA'll
LoscAFI 2d, 1:342
D:7 - To Dr. Ttinnr.r.--:kly Dear Si,: I eliveriul&e nn
cordially einho are the pre..rent favOrab'e ourrurl writ v to
turn to you my warmest thanks of grairrinte fur v our urn
equalled and unexeeptionalde lover:roil of your vrr .
jli:rly celebrated Tea Berl Teurli IVa.dr. and I ler I rho
1 am iri drily hound 10 •ray thai I liter derived ;Ire
eel ;11W Billet beneficial elferl !loin ii,ff,...inent And mod,
ale use: and I rail as , tire yr,. t lint I aro exceedingly Moe
Ty 40 have the pie:mire or in 10r..i.1!!. mi, that <I nee 1 , . I)
and cordially speaking, I can In Justice recommend os
fluent IMP to all that portion rf the human
race throughout the globe who are now- timirrealtlt: Ihr
most excruciating porn for the want of a medicine prep.,
rat iou of excel I y the same natore of whit li your rats prepa
red, and w• 110 have for yenta been suffering from the in
jurious, destructive and pernicious effects of worthless
tooth powders and other worthless proper:llion.. 11l
ronclusion permit me to s•ry that I have used ynnr Tooth
Wash Ant for a dhoti period, and vet I feel I Itoroug hto
convinced that it is the best now known, Its i nest ifonble
Virlllee in preserving the toed% f which it kept in n goOrt
and handsome condition, Ic the ereate , t emhellOitnet,l
that adorns the human tuft:U.l[lre ) are not to be excelled
In easing and relieving the ,ittfcrer from tooth ache, and
reMoring tue gums Ina healthy and purified condition, and
giving also n sweetness and fragrancy Ina disagreeable
breath hitherto unknown:
Accept my sit erre wish for your sue ee> frolic
Yoms. l ruly
r 1E Committee on Lectures of the li trt Listitnie.
for the Fourth Cotiriiii.resitectfu'ly announce he
public that they have 'whin arrar.tements to ri.olitnetire
the Lectures on Thursday eveninii, litirettilier 1. The
Lectures of this cour,e will he exclui-'s'i ly Lo , rartt and
The Commiltee o deidroutt of malti.u: the Lee , tire Ttoam
of the Institute a favorite rr,orl of the lover? of 1.0 ,oa
lure and Science, as well an. the fa. , hittnnh'e. I :kvt• and
no exertions in procurina popular ne,l I.ccut.l-.
both at home anti abroad.
In t he course of two a of the I,2rtmelswill
he published, and t irk, Is otivr , l.
.S N. WI.. C. lICEY,
\V. W. IVIIt ON,
Wll. B, St:A FE,
rins , 9. if Curgmirtr...
6. MAIL LINE 1,1 . := 1 .1e11,11.11'.1-0,1i4r1
JJ ete frontl'inumimil In SI.
Par Fria If es Wind arui jr,,!, will run
Pacl.M from t 4. %V ill tenve
cirinalkind y ni 10
Passengt We t niny t , iv upon
t heir starting nolii thi,lly as inp
DR. h41L.1.1 A M EN' NS'S SOOTIII Sit I
This infa:lible remedy has preserved hundreds
when thought aft recovery, I nit convulsions. As soon
as the Syrup is rubbed un the jtiot , , the child will feet V
er. 'Phis preparation is su innocent, Si) efficacious, and so
pleasant, that itochlid will refuse to let its gums be, rub
bed with it. ‘l' heti iulantauc at the age of four months
'lto' there is no appearance of teeth. one bottle of the
Syrup should lie to open the pores. Parents should
never be without the syrup in the nursery where there
are young children, for if a child wakes in the night with
pain In the the Syrup immediately gives rase, by
opening the pores, and healing the gums; thereby prevent
ing Convu sions, Fevers, 4'e. For Sale Wholesale and
Retail by H. G. SELLERS, Agent,
sep 10 No. 211. Woad street, below Second
Clair sr,•r.
Lacer arid Rthi.A.,as
Wide elid narrow per-,•
Lace and Muslin collar r,
.• infants' truck waists,
Ladies, French Kid, Mullah - .
Lisle Thread. and Cotton Moves,
Black Mohair nets for Vellc—vei c cheap
A large assortment of English Straw Bonner.
Also u variety of Straw, plain aod fancy Tuscan braid.
of thr latest fashion, and at exceedingly low rates.
These goods are now selling off at prices to suit the
ladles are respectfully Invited to calland purchase
cep 16--41
To throw out the occasion of sickness front the body,
and they require no alteration in the diet or clothing.
Li fact, the human body 'shelter able to sustain with.
out injury, the inclemency of the weather, while under
the Influence of this infection destroying ,disease erudica
iing )ledieine than at any oilier time. . .
The turporta nre of Brandreth's Pills for sentries and
travelers is, therefore, self evident.
By the timely use of this Medicine how much anxiety
and sickness, might we nut prevent. Cold, Billions of
fectiona, Typhus, SCariet nd fevers of all kinds, would
he nk flown , . But where sickness does eakt, let no
time he lost, let the BR A N ETIPS r ILLS he at once
sent for, that the Remedy may he appled, without fur
t her toss of tin e.--To F.: TtEmP-I,ll3Ettlso
That Brandreth's Pills have stood a seven years' test
In the United Stale.
That they area vegitatile and firoorent medicine, yet
all pONVerfut for the removal of disease, whether chronic
recent; infectious or otherwise.
That they purify the ulood, and stay the further pro•
gress of disease In the human body.
That, In litany cases, where the dreadful ravages of
ulceration had laid hare ligament and hone, and where,
to all appearance, no human means could save life, have
patients by the rise of these pills, been restored to good
health ; the devouring disease having been comilielety
T 3 Reams
that ear, or the genuine ItaF, upon It rune (OPYRIUUr
That earls label has IWO Signat ures of Dr. Benjamin
Brandreill upon it.
That there must be upon each box three :iignatures,
A rid 11111 S
ti 511 acute fevers ever reptire An ne twat-nation to Ming
(limn to a perfect ri kit.; and "totution, and that even by
stools, which must he promoted by art %Oleo nature
does not do the hugineQs itf , elr. On this acmunt, an
ill tinted i.ernrinloit.der.ialiont the weal:nes.. of the body
I' of bad eilikequeticei4; till it is that which seems chiefly
to make et , nettat Irak nece=sary , which nature attempts
after toe !minors arc 11l lo he expelled ,hut is not able to
acromplleli far the moat part In the4e di4enser , , and I rail
affirm, that I have given a poi 2e when the mil., has heel,
to lore that it could hardly he fell, and the dehilit v ex .
Irvine, yet Milli one and the ether have Mimi restored My
it " The !mod effect In lie derived from the Brattilreth
Pills have to he experienced to be fully believed. By
I heir t iniety ter nett her the 4carlet , the Iy plus cever or
4,811 pox would ev,.tr assume their malignant fo,
To a nitre, laic In :lie roll extent ,the incalculable belle
:Us of it it A 7 , 11)111:VI'S PILLS, they must be used when
the I , m:A symptoms ur f)i,nse oreseat t hem - selves. One
dose then, and 1 1 11.1 r Y.ood effects veill he felt throughout
the attar!: r oust; ts use that is the zreal
secret in the cure Of nil appearances of disease nrtimt
from bail Mond, and I presume there are few at the pres
ant day, wili ray an thine, of those diseases which affect
the body when the blood Is pure. curb disett.ert I have
vet in see.
I lomm! i itat some trill) read Ibis may he benefit led by so
dmog. I to
2-11 Broadway, 'Sew York.
uouNTERFI:ms DE 'l'l BLO\V.
The ;Intuit' ill please olt,et ve that no Bratotreilt
are genuine unless the box. has three la be IS 11[11,11 it.
each COll Tut !I na a far stnatie signature of my hand
writing tin,— B. Bra toll et 11. The#c lobe s engra
ved on r.tccl, beautifully det-lgoleti, and done at an ex
pense of scv,•i a i t !IOUS:1111i I:cim.ikaw r! I lie loin
Ent red arr ordi,:: In ar e of Con2reii, io llw r ear }l.ll .
by flet polio h. in lie (Wire in Ilie UN
t/Icl ('Oll , l of like ir:o• tliern Utsirird of New York,
fir If. ii', O,VII °lry e. No. 911, \\ st.e,
(inly pll.lO in 1011 , ilea , .
fill-en ti lir of i iii. Tarn .11;eot s•th,l,ol .
rerieweil ever,. Itvolvm ttionildr. and lias eillrred ill 0 bonit
o( 10 cell 131.11 I• PI ;s 111.111 1 Ils'S.• t.ll.lved Ilum
II IR or Ilk z1..er.:11 (11.1101 1•1 , 11. Mark, Ilse rrrlili
rate rIIgrIIVIA exrepl toe Doctor'. name. whirl, 1 ,
In ill. 11,11 1.11,1 VI . , 011 P.1( . 11 1.-1(111r:0u
rg rf hl,vr S. , r• Ih , l 11-''
1:11,r i- 011 1114 4 - 1111,01 Willi I
f?, 1.0 it•in
101' .1 VI-1,•11" rt.,. I.:II I'ol , ,
!I rout y. , who A, sit pylit•el 1:,t• t•s% lai.1.11(11
ronl , with dip , •rlifm , .
Priut tpal ()titre, No. 9;1, %V.. 0 4 -1 Street, ritt , lmr
Altngheny, 11r inns C
111eKeerport tt()%,V LAND.
Noltlesiown. 10115.0 N.
Stewart. Town. l•nrsstoi Alt a r At . Loma
FICIA ARP THOM 0 , 41%. W Ilk illAbllrol.
ROBrRT rolliTl Tarrntitm
Lll7nhei lit”wn. F.
liil Litters v. Ds sus!. NI tO.R.Y.
PRICSELYV lAvil R, Pleafalll OHL
I) ir. ii.l . ooX—Pllllllil TOWltiillll
‘‘. M. O. HUITL.II. Allen's
I,FS cured by the t oo of Dr. clortieh's Compound
Strentr,thetnititz rind Garman Aperient PilTs
Dr. flarlich—Dear Str—ito.rtly niter I ratcrived the
At:entry from you for the ...ate of your metlirine. I
'Minod on antgeattonnre wi h a lady of this place. who
1 1 1 1 11,..reV1.1ely 11fpleted Wllll 11111 l'lll,. I'M Celia or tell
pnors thni. lodv was Fit , jert to (rennet, painfnl nttorhe,
and burr phy-man her r,e so romplicaird,
than he very seldom innr,on thin! 111,1111,e 1 ,, her. Thrml2 h
my porrnasion. sine commenred usine. your 1.1115. and WaF
perfet iny conunl. Votictit, kn.. 1.\11I:: 4 R. KAREN.'
October .t. Clnanti.or , inntt. Pa.
JoFrrn nRiMMER
Ceneral Depot, No 19. Norili 1:i^_1.111
Street, And by Stimori Frew, eortior of
Liberty anti NN'ooti street !Pp 10
INTEitES;TINC;CUitEperforinEd byDr.Straiine's
Cuuy+onnd=• l o" ,,, l , of Pruov.. Virginian a, or Willi Chcr•
ry. 113% ing wade -e of this invaluable Syrup in toy faintly,
which 'likely eared illy child. The rylltltlolllB Were
Wheezing and choking Ili' phlegm, diffiruln of breathing,
Weaned With e01.15n1111. COll2ll, spa-uto, ennottliontt,
of which I had given unall hope- of ilv recovery until
teat rolvired to make trial of thin lovoloto,to inedicine.
Alter :bteltig the etreets it had upon tily child, and con•
luding t,r, wake lily irial noon 110,.0r, wtiirh ell.
Brett' relit.vetl me nfa runup 111,1 I NV it h tar
msuy )eltr3 Any kris°. we.llittl, It. -L.' me tan Ia at
111) Bc“Lit ; 4 1,e1 ItItIIVI• the M.ii ke
J. WI!
%V.; all the totettli.un ut the public to the nowt:roils
ceriltictite- whien have been tit circulatniti in our paper
31111 SOILIC ulhrrs of Uiid ei , y, highly tecottimetadiug
S‘v ,iyNE'et run of Wild Ellen y .—We have
seen Ibe ort;zitt:t I certifleateg, and have Cr tlon`a but they
come from Truly grateful heartg,expre,iive of lr.e benefit ,
which they have received from 11. at valuable compound.
We have a cquaintan ces who have frequently used the
above medicine. who ran speak will, tonfdei,ee of ite
virtue:-..—:•atur till ! ' Chronicle.
Ftii.l.oNV CIIIZLN , Z: WWI tin Ctqily I n•uul , l
you. one and all, lof it sick and well, :tit% s to havit
bottle of Dr SW•IiNE'S COM ilol.llld Syrup or Wild Cltr rry
in yont• hourw—it is invaluable in cases of emergency,
,urlt an Spiting of Blood, Asthma, attacks of violent
Coughing,. whii II IF often the ctilue of spitting of !dorm.
Violent Nervous Affections, wiiii occasionally conic
from fright, and various other causes, producing great
atartn, sudden colds from Improper exposure. which
are often let run to an alarming extent, for want of
means being ready at hand;—and as I have used Dr.
SWAYNI . 9 Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry repeatedly
in my family, and always with marked success---1 can
recommend it with confidence us being one of the best
family medicines which has ever been uttered to the
publir.—Saturday Chronicle.
Sold by Wm. Thorn, Wholesale fitted, only ;teens
for Pittsburgh. NU.53 Marko Street. sep 10
WILLIAM REED. Merchant Tuilor.—Respectfully
informs hie friends and the public In general
that he has commenced business at No. 11 Market street,
second door from the corner of Front, where he horn by
si•irt attention to b 1 ,11111 1 .513 10 n eta a sharers(' public
N. B. The latest rashlOns rezulorly rerttieed: the pub
ic may depend on baying their work merited arrordina
o the lacestoyle. l`sep 10'
R. Tin A NIIRrTft, M.
the put.lic . , servant.
ropy . llf I he ilitre I- nn .
ARD,Mitite Isthdletth,swiliMilllEßY—M Toa
-11-1 ateca, o tespeetHiltytlO inform the Ladies
of Pittsburgh Sind ith vicinity that she has arrived di.-
reel front London, with a beautiful assortment °Chitlins..
ry of the newest.style. Her connexion there will at all
times enable her to introduce the latest fashion and should
the Ladies.hortor her with a share of their patronage, she
pledges hiirletf to keep every thing of the roost stylish
description r itApay strict attention to economy.
li is with conflibrOce Mrs. T. recommends her French
and Landon made Camels; also 4er splendid assortment
of EinbrOldery, which is Superior to anything yet intro.
doesd in this country: It includes Baby,Linen, COnnOi -
I sears! Orientals, Capesa la Cardinal. em', ditto. Ber.
than (or livening Costume, Culture Cuffs, Pocket Hand
kerchiefs, Morning and Night Caps, 4c., which will be
-ready for their approbation on the 9th of October next.
MN'. T. is walling the arrival of her Bonnets from
Europe, at No. 2 Ferry street, between Liberty and
Fon r listreets.
shpt. 29—cit f.
... . .
ABrlA'lllir°Nftt'neYs at Lam,
. r e moved t heir Cffcetollersidcnec oflg It
fzi aw I nn Fount st, two doors above Smithfield. sep 10
t C OFFIN W A REFIOUSE.—No, 79, Fourth
Street, Beleeeen Wood and Smithfield eta.
Two doors from the corner of Wood sttect. Con.
scantly on hand an assortment of 100 ready made
COFFINS, of every chic and description; covered
ones. with Cloth: Mahotra, ny, Cherry, Black
Walnut, Poplar, and Pine Collins.
A 1,"0, Plates ilea' ly engraved; Hearses and Cal riagrA
fl-1141,M; Graves procured; and all services rendered
that friends may reptile.
A credit given in all cases, either of coffins or carriages,
renncsi , d. HENRY BEA RES, Undertaker.
seP 10
1 0 •1 LIME, a superior snide, for
01 !..ule by J. G. 4- A .cv‘itncrs,
vl* V.- Just received front New York, 30410
Temperance Almanacs for 1343:5000 copie- of the
Journal oft Is America'. Temperance Union and Youth's
•Fe pm antic Advocate for Sept ember. Also, 2000
linattat'a, and a good astmrl went. of Loomis's agn
zt tie and Bit nod t Franklm Nlagazine and Com
mon A humors for 'led 3; I,y deem nr ;
VA) ,:optm of Groot', New fill,ort sod Allot:betty litt•
sotst , Dhriory :toil ct tiger- Goole, fortit `cents. A Izo,
Family, S. Mott and Pocket Bibles and 7'.•"r a.
11)1,-,1 1 :‘. David's I , raltit?; Methodist and Temperance Hymn
Book-; tho beauties of Harmony, Introduction to Sacred
Music: Mason's Harp with rottuil and patent notes;
ft a rp, nd ulnim - tt all kintli of Sr.hnni Books; Gunn's Do.
!,I,,di c i ne ; Day Books :Ind Ledgers; Writing, Let•
ter, and Wrapping Paper; blue black, and red ink, by the
hot iv: sleet pens, (mills, slates, peticibt and
alit , Cyclopedia of flrstory, Western Pilot, and n con.
siderittile variety of Iltinks and Stationary, for sale on ac
commodating tering for ca?it or country prldove.
IS 1 11: II .A GRAS, Agent and Commission Merrtani,
, ,
N. 9, Fifth street
Ji, . Nloonimso. G. K. ,rtst.rt. J. Pa VI ER.
cud of the upper Midge. The etsliserihers having
commenred the mantic:Ware of Cotton Yarns, Stocking
Yard. t '0 ion Twine, Candlewick, Carpet Chain, Batting,
Ac. mid ate prepared Ic till ordews at the hortest notice.
i Ise latest and went improved
nery ~, ad eat ploy td the Ina nagm who has :Mended to the
I Hoer l'xt'lunx for the last live ea , s, they are inanufuelm
ri, , 2 a ay/1,-i.- a r
Colf ott ‘V arp , 'nude If, on! or,
Order-through the Pittslioruti Pmt Office. or left at ihe
,r ore or J C. Painter k. Co.. Liberty street., or Logan
k .IVoud street; will meet wlt h prompt mien
I . Address—J. K. NI 00 1:111: AD¢ CO.
:dm 12-1 Y
f 110 FF. \I A lA:S.—Thew is a mtge. Oast , of Females in
1 this City Wilrl from heir continued ,:ittin.2, to which
their of cup:.lloo...bit_et hem,ale afflicted with costiveness
4X hicb gives ruin to palpitation at the !wart oil the least ex
heaviness extending over the whole head,
intolerance of light and sound .an Inaltitity of fixing the
ailention to any mental operations; rumbling in the how
el.. son,t tines sense of sit fforat ion, especially after
nit arty rxPrl too lv used. as going giticklv up
lemma iii•kle; me., are symptom. which yield at
, loa (1,, I f l ltr ilr't mirm It I'o'4 orrn
tonal 040 of thi. medico , ,ovt• o 11 , al .1i I,ollldi
I,lr -of aoflt•n , 2, I Int., or IWo, or cv I
hrnu of
liraniireili jo, hero,. (honer. fI . of en found
‘ , 1•11, ll' 1.1 i; I. “P 11-I• them r 1
eery ,Ovn , o2ee.-Iy iii
pot op.iae,kl it' , , ,, :{ inn, re-Oore
to;, proper eoefillino.pniiveo
CV Ihr Mond. and pt Potpie p
er . I e:io, luilTine , '
Dr. II (Mr,
, ,hov. dir,rl,o„,.
Nt .% IC IC—'l' l ,, nnlvr I • •t , .l , tir whr , re lily
GENIIN , I .0 , 1 or's , nwn ()f
k i m lurcic \l. is;srut . m 1; •
s Fit •NI .11. - C irr rrd .'"trgt , ,!
I ror,,r .11 , Acr, Thrrd r t h e
I'vbt Quit , ,
CI)MIEN :4111111tS
IN and Call 1,1 V.•
a radel,v thr suliiieribtir of U superior quality
:I Oill' C:. , 11,
TR 'tors' P.llrul Saears arid tr. i6sors 11 1 %N nvs. on Rood
al., Flatter- ~ I tcar,l, a supo.liar article. Order- respe.
A ll.krticle,g warranted of the heal quality. :Ind
11,1:0 Fel, 10
I IVER 1011PI,A INT. This di.ea.e often term,
i n ate,in a are her Pf a ;note serious nature, if pro
p nes.ticn are lint r,loried to In lime. In all frump
th,ea , e, Itr. llatlich's Compound Flreutrihentlez
aea (lent) %Iteriettt Pill , . will perform a perfect core
h% cleft] the ciniameh and bowel., thus remo
vin: all dereane, from the Liver, by the one of the Cr.c
man A perient r:11., after whirlt the Compound S'irengtli•
ening ate taken to give ntrength and toile to those
lender organs which require sash treatment only to effect
permameni mire. These Pill. are ?wally put up in
small parkage., with full directions. For sale at No. 10
North Eight Street, Philadelphia. Also, for sate Ii Sam
uel Free; corcer of Wood and Liberty .1.. P P,lshut eh Va.
.en 10
1.1. EN KRA NI EU, t:zeisan,re Braktr, Cor
.1 net of {Food anti Third Streets, Pat abut. gh Pa.—
Goltl, dllcer, and Solvvot Hank notes, bought and sold.
Sight cheeky on the E.l , lCfli
notes and hills, cullact, d.
Piitsbut F.h.Pa, Wm. Bell k Co., Jol,n D. Davis, F
Lorenz. J. Painter 4 - Co.. Jl.e.epli Wono well, James May
.Al, xamtpr ltrni,on Co., John 11. BMW!'
(• co. CIIICi 1111 0., James M'CnmileA. St. Louis,
.110., J. H. M'Honald. Louisville, W. H. Pope, Esq.
Pres't Bank Kv. seplo
{ 1 j;110S Ai,. i
elt ndersiened I,,l4slekive to iltionit
IL the pnblie, t lint he has removed front uI, old gland,
lo I he torn. r of PCP ri and St. Clair onnoQiie the Cc
ellan2f• w hu.re he ha , lilted no a I.krze I'o.ll
su 0,1 . 4 . and 'Low ,a:11 the mildtsplrudid
ui PLANus ilirCred in this market.
111- plot", con-i , l et' Jifrerent ll:merits, of super'',
lin=e lVond and :tlahortny, beßntiftilly finished and mo
0 , 1,1. and eon-1, noted I hrottpliont of the very Ite , t ma
ter;al , .whicti.lor tHr: - .hilit v. and tin:ll4v of tone, as well
!,4 :ouch, he w ii br superior to any ever seen
ft:, mann r.,, , lurv. and made arrange
in ,iip,dv lhr increa.ing demand for this 11114 fit
tn. nt, hP re,firri fully rentie-is those intendim. , to pur.
chds, fu rfill Amine hls assortment before ptircha.
Sint! 1., as. he is determined to !ell LOWKR, for
conli, than any inner esiablislimeni east or west of the
Co: Her 01 Penn and Ell_ Clair streetg,
plO OpiloAle. the Excloinge Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pa
EValt , 'S Camomile PIPS.
. .
ri(s. —l,e!ter from the lien. A b'h'm
C.,tu.ty,r/ort Tennessee, Memberof Cow/res.=
WA AIIINGTON, July 3.1. 1838.
r I have I,cen in this city I have used some of
your Dyspeptic medicine with infinite benefit and satin
faction, and believe it to hen mast valuable remedy. One
of an :onsiituents. Or. A. Carden, of Campbell county,
Tennessee. wrote to me to send hint some. which I did,
and lie has mployed it very successfully in his practice,
and says It is Invaluable. Mr. Johnson, your agent at
this place,. thinks you would probably like an agent in
Tennessee. If so, 1 would recommend Dr. A Carden', as
a proper person la officiate for the sale of your celebrated
medicine. Should you commission him he is willing to
act for von. You can send the medicine by water to the
care of Robert King k Sons, K noxville county, Tennes.
see, or by land to Graham 4 Houston, Tazewell, East
Tennessee. I have no doubt but If you had agents In
several counties in East Tennessee, a great deal of medi.
cine would be sold. lam going to lake some of It home
for my own tale. and that of my friends, and should
like to hear from you whether you would like an agent
County. East Tennessee; I can get
some of the nierc rants. to act for you as I live near there.
Yours remertfully,
AHR k II A M V.C. of Tennessee,
For sake Wholesale a. , d Retail, l.v
E.SELI_ ERS. A vol.
imp 10 No. 4 20, Wood street,below Second
OLO. P. 11.,SituroN
N 0.12 Water strect.
,n p 3 Korn!
rzl'ltf:ll' %I. IN
F -
IRE PROOF IRON CHESTS , • astarsi by -11 4 (RAPOPPRTRIPP - • - •
- 4 " Eewilini, Bi#4 street, ahoy Ll ld rk• izeorsion OMNI "IMMO. '
strest,Piltsbaret .
Pittsburgh, June 13,1839.
Mr. ions Dr.sNirt“:—Dear !meth present,
yesterday, at the experiment which you were plensed to
make, in the presence of a number of our business. men,
of the safety of your IKON I:II EST. 3, in case of fire, ft
gives me plea-ate to nay, that so far as I IN as capable of
Judging, the tent was lair, and the result exceeded my
The Che-t was a sreAli one, about 30 'itches high, by
about 18 of 20 inches in breadth and &milt, and was 1113•
ced OH a block of wood about a (out lit thickness, so as ,
to elevate it about that height from the grtatlld; several i
books and new apapere were deposited inside of it, in the
manner in which Mel t:1181113 and others would usually
place Item--a large gaunt lty of light pine wood [slabs
from au adjoining Saw M tit,l tt as then placed
and above 0, and the lire ki tutted on the windward aide,
soMI lo drive the (lain" against the hark part of the chest.
The tire was kept up about three quarters of an hour,
until von had g One among, We spectators and received I
frOni them t belt ntilverml answer that the test was h
sufficient. Tim clie4 was then drawn out of the fire,
and cooled, and opened, and examined. The contents'
were nil safe, and the only injury done wan to the hac . it
of one 'rook which appeared to be a little miarred. From
! what I witnessed, I think that these t hest., are descry
Ing of confidence, as affording, perlittp.i.t he hest serurit y
I to Merchants for their hooks and papers, which they ran
! have without building large, thick, and expemtive vaults,
I would consider thmit a better =en trite 1 hair many yawn , .
which 1 have seen Int :It . Your I riemt,
concur in the ahoy , tiatement, having been tires
sent when the nest was le`l , ' •
W. Al. Cooper, .1. 11. Shueuber ger
provided With tne Safety Guard have tfheifill.i -
bills printed with a figure of the apparatus— and Ise,WS
ful you are not deceived by misrepresentation's Of A
gentsstating their boats to be provided with ther'Elahln)
Guard, when they are not a 'secured agalt ale3loololo, ‘,.
The following tea list of boats supplied wittrilusindfs
ty Guard at the Port of Pittsburgh—an except the live
first on the list have the Improved apparatus,wint *Mt.ll
liPPeratile it is impossible for an expiration to ovens,: . i-,
VALLEY FORGE, INDIAN Qurro f ... : „
. • i
;M. A Egu ETTE, . 4)s PREY,
\CICERO, AGNES, • ' 4 ,
Extract of a Letter from Pugh i- illoord, dated Cis:. 1 MUNGO PARK, OHIO, •
r i n3 atr, 29th Nur, h, lii-12. NEPTUNPA, CECILIA. I
J, Drantry, Pittsbur,gh, Pa. 1-21,pm:fed Friend We
j ADELAIDE., J. H . BILLS, ..: _:
have t he sal isiact lon to st at e it , the list recommentiat ion .
we ran give of lite utility of your Iron Safes, that we N
h,, , ,.. one of them which v. as in au exposed situation in
our countit, room, at the time. of the, fire, nit the m orn. ; BRUNETTE,
ing attic lot It lust . which consittnedour Pot k lionve to. 1 STEAM FERRY BOAT,
get her w ill a large portioa of the meal, lard, kr, whir It ! The t raveling community ate respectfully risttiotro' -- , te
it contained; -and that our hocks and panels which were'. before they make a choice of a boat, to reflect a impale. t
in the Safe, were entirety uninjuted, and were taken i and see whether it would not lie to their isderini?jta
from it after the fire; wit 'tout ever being discolored. land security to choose a Safely Guard boat, both Wit
Yours, .c. PUG I!. i.i. AI. VORD i passage ant: freight, in preference to one not so gwellio
-_ against explosion—and that they will hear in Om,
Vora,/ of , Le , ter from Ntotcr 4- 1:otbrook, dated St. that this invention Ilan the unqualified approliniloit et
Louis, Feb. 24th, l';11, Lally steam ett4ine builders—gentlemen who btudulett
Me. Dussusit, Dear Si,: One of your second size chests : it is Is, understand the subject, and w lits are entirely 4.lis
was horned a few days ago, in a leather store--it pre- interested—besides a number of rertitica:es from Scieol.,*
served its contents. Respectfully yours, iis gent len en and others—all of which can be seen . II
srp 10 Si, ATEIt iS. HOLBRGI3E. Imy Mike, So. 10. Water stieet,Where It would giirellia
pleusure at all tittles to exhibit my invention
1 who will lake toe trouble to
L IVE': COMPLAINT cured by the use of Dr. liar- ~,,, -• call.
itch's compound St rengt Itrnini and Aperient Pitts. re p '"
-,----:-4- ,
Mr. Win. ID, bards, of Pittsburgh, Pa„ entirely cured of.
the at.ovutii , trt.R.,olll disea-e Ilia symptoms were pain
The subscriber oilers for sale, at lite pert-en' redii.
and weu:lii in the tuft side, luss of appetite, cOlllo.lllg, arid 1
red rates, the greater part of hts real estate, Situate. ik .
eruelatioos, a distension of the s.10(11:161 , sick head•ache,
Ihe cities of Pittsburgh and Allegheny, vie: Threerioir
furred torvrte, countenance chin nor tt ton citron rotor, dini
brick tVarehouses, nearly new, It. I substantially hull
cull y al hreallting. disturbed rest, attended whit a. cough,
situate on Market st rent . I et wren Second and Ft out. em
great debility, is ith other symptoms indicating great de bracing a trout of about 54 feet by 611 deep. Pcir pole vii
ra,,genteffi .4 to.. r,,,,,1i0n, of the liver. Mr. Richards
hail lie z ,, 1 ,,,,, ci
~,,.,‘,, pity-'clans. Lot ~,,,i , ,,d nn lite, or separately to Fail purchaserv, and upon lung teeeir
•'tef. 11,1 , 1 i 11 , 1112 Dr. 111,1,4 1,
•' :11,11 , lie,i whiv:i leriti llia- ii'.
r. 64 f elt
Also, a select building lot in Allegheny city, t liii
ltd J.. . : , .....;...2 :, 1 ...-f...., rule.
1.1e4d1.11,1rt 110% art! of 350 feet in depth, having tlill
I , ,,,,ripai ,
01i,,, 19 5,,, i 1, 1:,, , , , 1,
r. .., ,,,,,, ,. imi , ,, ,, 10 , 1 ,
,onts, ohs or, the. Pennsylvania canal ;old the Other Mr
For sale in Pit tabucgli hy , amut I 17;, , ,v, curlier iS I.:her
Wat , liirivll e 111 . 0,1. -
I) arid Wood ,:lree,,. veil 10. -
A tail, the tot adjoining the ahoy°. 100 feel in breadth
'Y llearti 350 feet in depth, incholit.o the large it rt..umii
-2., 0; ii,,,,,,,i.,i1 house which I now (recopy and nulltuild
J. I aufhlin, J. Pointer,
R. Miller, Jr. C 1.. Arrnstron,
7'homas Craiz, S. G. D. Howard
h.Tt, Did°.
Dr. Stvct'sx—ile tr ir:- [booty, me to take the liberty
of writing to roil at l tda IMe It, eXitr, n o prt.ledt too. Also, a lot v. Oh two Iwo story brick storelintt*eo.
tol id lid to thr an, ittitti, et l ii • tn t:,
of lamilie` ale on Ihe corner or klar het and Front Street?, Allbjett
u~d ill her. I nor V"'”P"u'llt a t ender:lle ground rent, and now ocialpirti by Pr.
ti lint, 1t .. .rt.:b . .. a. or \V rd Cherry' P•a"k• In tiea .roperv. ALEX. 1111ACKENRIltGt.
mytravel- ol i..te I in a 111
t I efieios •• I ~ , ,t lr u: r. in reDeviie , clot,
"." ' ' , • -t% anted in pitreitucte•lo.
jr•• of vt't y n•-toette ettot••••ttol -fir h C er goods, a qu;nnilr of Flax and Timot hv
i'hrr P
llr'_ln• I.'l".""iC
4 , ""rk' k c. AtilloSt all ktiol, of Con ot ry Produce taken in payntr'ill
,Y.. I •1i.t.1 11.1 rI I, it lister, nowcyta ,at
fur catot o r goods at II AII NIS'S Intelligencc Ofllreand
We-en , .libmll' 1 IG.ve "wy dffl Y to coil trip e '" cep INo. 9. Fifila
moo , i n tl 1 1 , ,ntoe lino , had it led. been or a late ht. --••
...I:toe]• where the tondicine unity , alluded to was loci tu• 1 - 4 allN II A Commixsioa ilerchant„Dealetr
mint at in real ortop to perfect health an -only child," el_ de -r cod American .4fanvfacture4:.Mlfadisfrw,
whose case war- altno,L hopei.•,, in a falsity of tny
totaintance. ••1 Iltank n," said the dual log moth.
•r,•••inv child raved from lie jao aof drat II! 0 how 1
reared the it I. rtle.l;er But rip thud is safe! is
:aft , "
Itevottil all titaCit Dr. Si WaVn•• • S ,101/001,11 Syrup of
!Id Chem i= it •• ulna v.dttal•le titethcine in OF or any
ail r ekllklr V. I ;iO. Ceri,,lrl I IA Ultra-doh more than
.ii„. here It heat attended with cont.
itlec Stir , e-s. I ;Hu using it myself in an obstinate at.
ri,•,111 it prOVell effectual Jr. a PS
5,,0, I 1:1o, , , the seventy of the ca=e.
I ea. rerolltelk, IL in hie confidence orit.] S upe r i or
virtue=; I would ~trio, tl•at uo family should be without
It; it is very pleasant and always beneficial—worth
doulde and often ten times its pi ire. The Public are as
:tared I here is no quackery about it. R. JACKSON, I). n.
Formerly Pastor of the First Pre:oly tertan Church],
N. Y.
Sold by \VII. TIIOIIN. wholesale 4- retail, only neent
ror Pittsburgh. No. 51. !Oat het street. cep 10
A BOON TO TIIE 1111111 A N 12 ACE.'—..Diseaper
-A_ what will destroy Life. and you are a great man.
• Discorer what trill prolottbe Life, and the re•rld will
call you Impostor."
There are faculties, bodily and intellectual, v-ithin us.
with n-h;ch certain kerbs hare affni'y. and orer rhioh
they hare ?wirer."
Dr. B. ltiarirctli's External Remedy, or Liniment,
which, by its extraordinary posser4, abstracts Pain or
Sorene,s; thns Sprains, St (news, While Swellings,
Rheumatic Pains, or Stlll SiitTness of the Joints,
Tumors, Unnatural Hardness, Stiff Neck Sore Throat,
Croup, Contractions of the museles, Scrofitious ere
largementA, 'Fender Erer, and every description of In
jury affecting the Exterior of the Human Frame, are
cured or greatly relieved by bin lierer-to be sr.fficioitly
rife/led realeio.
CERT??I , foiloving letter from Major Gem
era! S.lndlord, an to the qualities of the External Reme•
dc, sped
YOUK, Fell. 9, 1842,
Dear —W i I you ;ge inc with attotl.er bottle of
your ex, ellen! Liniment? It is certainly the hest of the
Lind Iha ve ever seen. It has cured entirely nay son's
knee,:ittutit which I was so itneasy,and I have tumid it
productive sr inuned kite relief ill ,everal cases of etter•
nal injury in my family. fi few evenings Atte!, any
youngest child was seized With a violent attack of Croup,
which wan entirely removed In twenty minutes, by ruh•
hing her ClieSl nd throat freely with the External Rem.
edy. I think you ought to manufacture this Liniment
for general use, instead of confining the use of it, as you
have heretofore done, to your particular acquaintances.
Yours truly, C. %V. SANPUORD.
Da. B. flaAmosteTti.24l Broadway, N. Y.
. .
q - F -For sale at 241 Broadway, New York, and at his
offce,No.9l Wood street,Pittshurgh. PRICE-50 cents
per bottle with directions. seplo
Harrisburg h, August 24th, 1842.
LONGING TO THE STATE.—Nollce is hereby gi
ven that in pursuance of the seventeenth, eighteenth,
nineteenth and twentieth Sections of the Act of Assembly
passed the 27th day of July, 1842, proposals will be recei
ved at the State Department until the last:day of Novem
ber next, for the sale of all and each of the Canals and
Rail Roads belonging to the Commonwealth, for which
Stste,Stock.nt par value, will be received in payment.
Each individual or Company is required, specitically, to
state, the particular line of Canal or Rail Road which
they desireto purchase, the amount of their respective
bids therefor, the given and surnames of all concerned in
the offer, together with their place or places of residence,
in order that the same may be led before the next Legis
a ture.
The propo.al9 c,',lle(la^i directed to the
Secretary of Cnry.milnu ' oljnrYe inrntOn
.*Pryroscle ( or / A• •,,
A. V. P ' RS/ i'v
sep 10 Secretary far the Common se ea/t
Cori' 11,
. ff. Notre
lE. Hoyt .
Jun. Grier, Pittsttnr2h
Aaron hart, r•
Janie 4 C .cl,rrin or tVd.
Jno. D. Davis,
ArVay cP Hanna, •`
Ace! Co.
Jun. Woodhourne.a,q.,lMadloon
TALI; ISLE FARM FOR SALE.-11. silt Fell 1114
V Farm on which I live, In Wilkins township.. mad
Braddocl.slield, contalnin:i ope hundred and sevelleini
acres; about 70 acres of which is cleared, and the halitreit
well timbered. There arc upon it three log dwieltis4a,
nrd a barn 63 feet by 34; an apple orchard of choler frUI , ;
Also, about seventy acres of coal. The soil is helldved't
be equal to that of any upland farm In the township.
Terms made known on application to the sulsectiher-livios
in the premises. WILLIAM WALLACE. (seplth
AvILLIAM C. WALL, Pieria and Fancy Portorsif
and Picture Frame Manufacturer, Xs.. 87
Fourth Strert Pittsburgh.—ennvaPp Brushes: Veihhif
, for A 'lists, always on band. Looking Gime& - 4111
prow pity framed to order. Repairing, done LI the Wort'
est moire.
rarricularattention paid to regliding jobbieg °raj'.
cry tlkscrtw toll.
l, fi
rer,ons tittinz up Steam Boats or houses will, to
theiratlvantalt , to tall. op 10'
INII IT E D.—The suhseril ers are now prepared
in l'urtii , h painters, and otherc who wish to dor•
chase pure White Lead mute of the LIPSI natieSials -*EN
ranted tqual, If not superior to any offered to Ilic
All oid , r , addressed to Dunlap Hteghes,eare of El 11i9;,
k Co . No.llo Sccond street, P it ishu rr.h, will he riTntniotti
attended to. DUNLAP Ir HUGHES.
Fifth St.. one door ft om Old Stead of X. Buckpogocoir;
The Subscriber respectfully {Worms the Metes
Pittsburgh and vicinity that be has commenced We:
tailing Shoes of his own manufacture,at the shove rarre4
where lie will keep constantly on hand a good affen
me n t of all kinds of ladies, misses, and children's boor'
and shoes, of the in•st quality, which will be sold lain+
ces to stilt the times lie will also make to order**
kinds of fat cy work—such as while and black sat
nllopers, colored gaiters, and buskins, ladles, ruirses'a
children's Misters. silk gaiters, kc., 4-c. All of tali
will be made at the shortest notice, and JO the beat niato:
ner. Ladies will please call and examine Ibr theawedifellA
n 9 the suhscriber feels confident that tie can tuft theSk 'l ..
any article in his line they may want.
see 10 J. C.KIMBALIA
P. S. Don't forget the place—No.B, Firth Street—ON
door from flarria's Intelligence Office, and third - Veit
1 from Market Street.— J:D.iitv :i
WILLIVA DIGBY having taken the Whole Air
business of MOIST y Horxwma., carried-on
Liberty street and 42 Market street, begs to return hte
thanks to the numerous friends and customers of 'be' lite
firm for the very liberal support they have Biwa,' .,
tended to him. in connection with Mr. Hopewell, as
wishes to assure them that - every exertion shall he &mt.*a
merit the continuation of the same. lie would mostireM;
pectfully invite their attentibn to his present 'etorJa
Clothing.which he intends !ening at much lower prielle
titan hes been ever offered, being desirous prdi•positgrit
the whole of the stock of the !ate firm as quirkyas. pa'
sibie; and as he i mends to confine himself to sta eat:Maki
cash business, he feels confident no a nabikfimeos can
surpass his stock, either la cheapness, &arability, at neat
new of workmanship.
Please Intake notice t bat everyarticiesoldriel
tured in Pittabrirgh• sep 10
AMUE.L MORROW, ldesumfaentrer of Tin, OP?Per
177 k Skeet !rot Ware, No. 17 Fifth Stria, Darbaktit"
Weed and Market Streets.—ls prepared toil!' idt ardel.l
his tine nt the stowent notke. Country Marrisok,
nt ht. rn are ...lir it er t to and examine bin ansnet ,
, ! rent , . r.i• 4,10
" • 0 •• *)Striitift;
mei , 10
:-. T
.~ ... ~~f