Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, November 25, 1842, Image 1

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    ~, : -~•a
vided with ttre Safely Guard hare
rd MI a figure of the aPlultuu....7
not deceived by suisreprer tm ,;;:,
ne t Leir boats to be provided rriit, on ,
Len lige) , are rot r i secured se a l, p ,
o.r tea its-4 of boa's suppli ed vow
he Pot-. of Pitisborgh eitto
r I,sl have the iworpved apparaltivoritt
possitde for un pinmo n ,
: I A. 111 EN TuR.
I 11
.11 P.,
t' k RN,
e sespettTol
- Lea c iilArt . of a hnat. to ra ta;, ' l .
'1 not he to their ,7
, i., chnc. , e a r , aft•ty Guard beat, ":.•
• preference to one tan
h,t I hey will tear ,
the ungotalified appro
r t ifild.-,—rintlernen wham
tce I, and who are enlar§j
r, 11olol.eT i r r erlifica.es hem '•
, of IN bleb -ran bt ••
r where it would 111
,t t •.• I 0 r 110 1, i1 my ifITE(11102
CO rnli.
t' I It. i"="l' 11'E For. Sit
~‘ ,-; sale, n 1 ille• rtllllll
• - .T , r 1,,1 FS , Wr.
- P. , nt A y l•
r . IJo ati% 111 %V. a Is+ 1•011lialR!
•nnt 54 ire i, f-,“ c. p, Fax
rl•ar:; t. 4 Ii; ;I 1 . 1)1( - ;'l`. nl,d 1;1441{42n
le ,1 lot in Al 'f^:hr y city, 64
, , GI t in oiepth. L,rirt V
on; ri vdate rOber
= ' IOD Dli,Ve.).4,
NN t,rlll+ravil
h two In ,nrc hrir FitirP
r. o. K r, ty , 517, 'lt t pril
• Ot•!••i rr 1,1. r rwrtepjf4l MlFr.
111 a. 1 14,0 hp . 4..rikk_.
' • F'rix":a4a-r
, c.. a Irl I ro.h.rP LakeA 1 1 0.11 4 /
ro II I I: 15 , .'S I tvelliffel , l 4 1 4 0 '
c001,.-inn Karr t ctr4r.
!C 'I" C.-7777. s;0 Nerrlasot, Park , '
-1:a i•Kra cf ar es, .i!Fdisli,
C n.. P.rshurffil
~.,.:~n a~ C'~
t. f:•q . 7,ti.,0n
F LI! I ( S A 11. —1 ;riff WI ;
" • .in Wiißin!. prowAtp.
r ' - '' 'n , , 4 t: one IsucthrLag
.' ~ of v. !,1. I: i? evorvii.scal l ot Ti,
-1 Thvr , ale opoo i: llonetnt es . '
' '''' ' :1 . 5 4; an :11,riP orvi,ord of rbuire
. ,
. 1, :.cres of rPr,I. The sett
r‘t 1,1,1:1:,(1 fain, it , the
k • 0%, n 011 it rpi le alien In I; 112W2,0144
C. WALL. Plain and Ark!
Pirinre Frame Jllanufactstree ,
Foribargh. —Catraas Rettfbea
-1.. alts-n• sOa ha red. LEM. G• •
ed to order. fei.airitig doneeltle
rni nni paid to red
i:dicq.• and jobuigif
p FlPft fil Boats or blow 6611
Pie L. itl
F: I.E/ D.—The sutcrtter.s ere r.so pi
'.rui-ii pailli els. at,d olherQWlio W.II!
r Whlir Lead made of the best materials ...
if f.oi snperior4o any °terra 'a l !!
- ~,i.ir-”IK-efi in Dunlap 4- HllgtlMOreld V .
11 ' 1 Second st reet, Pill.l.tirgic. Will hr
DUNL.Ar 4- RV _
6 S' .. one doer froze Old Staid of X-Void
, r ibec respecittilly In:orins Ow 1 0011 •_,
'' and , e4c , ttily that lie has toranawr
or his own martufactore.at the ONO
, ii: keep con-lenity ou band a ?SOIL
Li n. 15 of ladies, mi.FPft‘ and thiitirelf;A.
~f; he b.st quality . which Will telail l".
li:e I itr.es Ile will DUO make
~ I ty work—suet' as while an d -ad isaa"
-orf il ga4l..rs, and basal:tn. laaaa%•l4lll4'd
„ 1,1 , rs FOL. graiterF, 4- e.. itre. i t il : '" .
. de at the shortest riotice,and is it , '"
ei , will please call and clawing irat,dogi
-rfil:pr fa Op confident that beta" ... .. , 'l''
11l his line they may wan t.
J. O • 01 1t.41 14r "
1 n't forret the Once—No-E. 111_til-040;lid
"tiarrng'a I nteligence OiTme. a u ' - I.c.i . S.
Ir. 2Zl r eps . -irl'
__:-..--- ioale
1 • 1.4 ()WRY haVine lake. ti ts Fri ii• On .
, -.'1,1 of Matey k Iloreisretis. es
lie goo'
eei and 42 Market streel• ts, v oe,
. 1, - nn tortoni. frien•lf and elis llNP*-- _. 1.0 11,
I .. - e- very lib n
liberal Puport their l -00 1 : 00 (2
_ ..1
• ..nrn. in connection whit O f " -leliel ,
. •••ure then. that every eserilsoll;-000
r...... 'eclat ion of the sante-
' , vile their attention tO Mi. „ w oe
, ekich be inteeds yelling. itt . ....,..„... - .., - o t
.• en ever o ff ered, helot dt ' slre:' WT._
rAr thealock of the tole POP . 4 . 0
:.. he imends to confine bildNi," ; - ...
..etak, he feels confident es , - , r l.
stock, either in chatte* - ~- , -
~ ..
e ftele 0.11&11
to take notice t hat no-..r..111t NEI'
r ritstur.h.
1:i. !WARSAW, Natter-- s a --;#l ve,
. hew lean ware, ire.l l ft h t oat .. .l lol
NorFet streets ri"V" -- ,
- It the ~eat Wite
a. R- o i 6,10,
are matietied 15/0"4" eXidiatiouip#ll,lll
ArtliCh 'V/ HMO Seta !MOO.
- ^
r 7 7
OL 1.-NO. 66.
at payable in
copie, TWO CENTG—for Balethe
a; Na Art, and by News B„,
femur)' and Manufacturer
, cr Eg LT, at the same office, on a doable
TWO DOLIAT:S a year, la ad_
- l os of Advertising.
~..•4. 0.50 I One month, *LAO
le - 075 1 Two monis,
rre- 6.00
r, 1.00 Three months, 7,00
1.50 k Four months, 8.00
3.00 Six months, 10,00
4.00 One year, 15,00
s.sur.,eLe A.T Pt EASCRt.
\ 7bo Squares
$14.10 Six months, $23,00
2.5.00 One year. 35.00
~,,, s 4 v. rt isemen IS in prorortlon.
•,,, t ou r hues Stx DOLLkRB a year.
[II,IC 0 FF I C ES, &C.
ihme Third between Market and Wood
5 q otF i, Vt'aier..ith door from Wood st. Peter-
John Wittock,Collecior.
%Vood between First and Second
is Ba , tram, Treasurer.
Tzrotax, Third street, next door to the
tar an Church—S. 11. Johnston, Treasurer.
Fourth, between Market and Wood
r . clay, Mayor.
Et , tIaNGZ. Fourth, near Market Ft.
, a , I,rt wr , en Market and Wood streets, on
,yr ~lc, ACTCRERs . AND F•RMICR De
n ~.ainerly Saving Fund.) Fourth, betwten
ut r . ." , 11 street, near Wood.
aCI A ilocse, Water si reel, near the Bridge.
lio rut- corner of Penn and St. Clair.
3 . floret., corner of Third and Wood.
lioTZL.COrner of Third and Stull; Afield.
n-rer- corner of Penn .Peet and Canal.
F.sctrr., Liberty in reel, near Seventh.
s M a .Ftns Horse, Libedy St oppo=ite Wayne
rnsr l A irs - toe lint•SE. Penn St. opposite Canal
NSELLOR AT L A.W.—Offve remo
t,wents offices on Grant st., neatly opposite
Cno rt House, next rooms to John D. Mahon.
floor. got. 10
S. li. E Luorr, M. D.— ()lb - cc remove. I
C street, between Penn and Liberty so,
s 1 , 10
GOODS.—Preston A- Mackey, wli...lcsale and
dca'•— , in Enslish, French, at d Domestic
"1. %In rket .t .Pittstitir:ll sep
NDLESS & M'CLUREi Attorneys and
to Law: Office in the Diamond, leick
ittn.e.Pittsburgh. sep 10
E. Morrow. Alderman; offiec north
between Wood and Smithfield
Fr'p 10
rr. 11r/few. !.e GrPerr R ertif% !fig
11. .'r in Prntinne and Pit sitirt!li
Ye. 224 Liberty Street, Pitt,
Rep 10
k, , rotio/111,,1011 r!:11.1 ,111
Nla,itfacitired Nn. 29
Mp 10
o'll kit t . rt()IIINSRS, or ors .
nort h =lde ^I the Diarnon6. ll etsr , e
ep 10
tz. up stairs
inarvlß v w. Allornoy at La sr: trudcr.
10 I Lit WO,: (01 - 1 ,, "
MarAf2l above U. Lloy.! A. Co'
sep 10
J• N R egis
111:1' & sin,tf:,citt , rs of Copper
.set Iron Wars. No 80. Front st , FM: 4-
HW... Spouting, and Steamboat work p •ornTo ly
seP 10
1"•.1:74 . FRANCIS L. YOUNG
)$. B. YOUNG & CO., Furniture Ware
1-orner of Hand st. Q Exrhante Alley.
,c,ahins., to porch:l.e Furniture. will find it 10
~ntie to :ire ti= a call. nr folly satisfied that
sep 10
p l e a:p a= in quality and price
ON ii.-IMS.—Just rece'sed 160 chute , : ►fut•
Manta, wcll cured and (or sale cheap hy , hr do
1i0.9. Filth rt
- -- -
I BA(; supp'y of Landlet les Fret:h Kn.
Lti:a, and other different varieties 'of Turnip
rrretved and for sate at REDVCIED PRICES al the
nd Seed Store of F. L. SNOWDEN,
O. 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
813 CLOSET'S Boot and Shoe Ma nufacto
rY• So 8:3 Fourth St., next door to the U. States
Prunella, Kid and Satin Shoes made ;n
I , st manner, and by the newest French patterns.
00 MORUS MULTICAULUS. in lots tosuit
purchasers; to be dispeemed of by
0 No. 184 I.oberty street. head of Wood.
iil.ll ROOTS, Flowers and Flower Seeds of ev
ery derwrint ion, eanaalways be had at the Dtug
..! •ture of F. L. SNOWDEN ,
10 134 Liberty street. head of Wood.
illol6 Annual Mammoth Onion Seed. for
I: , e at the Drag and Seed store of
F. 1..- SNOWDEN,
0 DU Liberty street, he'd of Wood.
for seed; Just received by
No. 184, Liberty head of Wood et.
flts Toots, consisting or Hoes. Fancy Spades
Trowels, Edding Tools, Budding
Pruning Shears. etc., psi re
atd for sa2f by P. L. SNOWDEN.
Ilt4 Liberty street, head of Wood.
ICE VenisonMama.--Jost received a malt sore
P'7°l r ")" choire cured Venison Llama, on retail
II !clic for current money.
and Coin. Merchant
111 TE Dutch Clover Seed. Orchard Grass and
Kevinek y Blue Grass, always on hand and for
10 N 0.134 Liberty street, head of Wood.
B TEE k BUCHANAN, Atieraeys at Las. office
"Illos'ed from the Diamond, to -.Attorney'aßow,"
weal Fourth street. between Market and Wood
'en 10
I G I STkATES . BLANICS. for proceedinvi to At.
Urskasst ander the late law, for sale at this Office.
SALE.—Lou on the North East corner of Cool
Lane and High street. Apply to
10 BENJ. DARLINGTON, Market, near 4th at.
LBS. Laadreth's French Sogar Beet deedjuat
received aed for sale at the Dreg and Reed
184 Liberty greet, head of Wood.
toPtrtnership heretofore editing between Wll.-
bf mutual consent. William Dlgby is authorised
T hen:mature of the firm in muting tip the business
hilt firm. WILLIAM RIGBY.
. .
, • .
1 .
. .
. r =
- .'. -:. : - ..1'. - ' -. 1, '..,:-1:
. :- ":1 1 , :_ ~! I , • . .
.r,. .
, .
- . .
. ~ .. •
Da. 'l4 • MERRITT I DENTIST . , Office ia
Add, batsman Ismail as
TOHNSTON STOCKTON.Bookaellera.Priatersand
a Paper laanoraelOrera, No. p 7, Market st, sep y
JOHN ANDESSOS, Smithfield Foundry, Water et_
near the Monongahela Houma% PituLureh• sop 10-1
LEONARD B. JOHNS, Aidermatel, St-Clair street, se
toad door from Liberty. sep 10—ly
DR. S. R. HOLMES, Office is Second street, next door
to Id 'teeny it Celt Glass, Warehouse sep 10-1 y
SDUNR FINDLAY, Attorneys at Law. Fourth at.,
near the Mayor's Mee. Plttsburr4h. sep'lo-ly
THOS. HAMILTON. Attorney at Law. Fifth. between
Wood and Smithfield Mi.. Pittshorr.h. sep 10-1 y
HUGH TONER. Attorrtev at Law. North East corner
at Smithfield and Priori h . sarreis. sap 10-1 Y
motrison nines. • , •• JAYE'S TUELFIIOI. L.
HANNA Er TURNBULL'S Paper Warehouse. No.
104, Wood st., where may he had a eenera I !apply
of writing wrapping. printing, wall paper, Wank books.
school hooks, 4.c. sep 10-1 y
C. TOWNSEND k Wire Markers cad
17 . Nan afachtrers, No. 23 Market street. between
and ad streets. sep 10---1 y
EXCHANGE HOTEL, Corner of Penn and St. Clair
st 'eels. by Ida{ 881 N 4" SMITH.
nep 10-4 y
111 G METAL —77 tons soft Piz Metal fir pate by
J. G • k A. GORD IN.
No. 12 Water street
3,0L85. B %CON HAMS. 16.000 .s. Bacon
00 It Shoulders, for sn'e Ay
J. G. 4- A. GORDON.
N 0.12 Water street
JA S. P ATTERSON. Jr.. BirTintla ,lear Pittsburgh,
a —Pa., Manufacturer of Locks. Hines and Bolts; To
harem, Fuller. Mill and Timber Screws; Bunsen Screws for
Rolling Mills, kc. eep re
JOHN 311CLOSKEY,Taitor and (jollier. Liber.y
51 eet, between Sixth and Virgin alley, south side.
sep 10
W BURBRIDGE d- CO., Wholesale Grocers and
Commission Merchants—Second street, between
Wood anti Smithfield sts.,T-iitsborgh. sep 10— ly
A. GORDON, Commision and Forwarding
M.-renal - A., Water st..Pni.toirtlh. gep 10-1 y
LTA AI casks hams, a good article, received per S
11 R Corsair, and for sale by J. G. - A. GORDON,
set, 10 No. I.2,,Wnier street
QUGAR ¢ MOLASSES.---40 hhtis New Orleans Su
L ear; 'SO tthls N'ess , Orleans Molas.e.4; for sale by
seep 1.0 J. G. dr ~(30 it DON.
SUG A R.-7 MA: prime N. 0. Rd:nr. rereo!ed ner S.
R Maiti r e. and for sale by I 4- A. GORDON.
sep 10 No. 11, Water street
50 BACON CASKS,in order, on Ind and for sale by
rep 10 J. G. 4. A.GORDON, No. 12, 'Valet st
QUGA 2 AND MOLASSES.-131thds and 4b: le N. 0 .
Sugar. 32 hods N.O. Mops. r , reiVeti per Steamboat
lagporler, and for sale by J. G Cr A. GOEIDCS,
ep 10 No. 12. Wager street
P.81.•,3, LARDoll..forgne by
B. A. FA 11 NE:STOCK A.• ro .
ep 10 ror ne t of 6ch nod VVood rti,
1631 PATERS Ca r ß in:; , n t o F n A , n i i t :- . .. ;: 1 / 44. fo r r O ft3to
,oropr of et 11 and Wood s>l.
r).00 Le.ez Prepnred Chalk. for sate by
R. A. F k 11N F.S rocK Co.
corner of Gth and Wood sus
R AND 5101, .ISSES h 1,1? N. 0 . s ugar.
Weis. do. do.. 100 do. Pla t. 1.01. , ,1 11 olp.frs. for
- - • -
1 o ii‘eit in Bankruptcy proceedinc, printed on
and piner,nnti form. approved by 1 Ise Courl,for 'gale
.1 lb , ( Orr of s he 'ilercury and Democrat.. vep 10
WM. HUBBARD, 1. - idies.' ca=hionatile bo.ti and
:hoe Manufacturer. No. 101, Third street, between
%Vocal and Smithfield streetl. Pittsbaroh rep 10
removed his office to the corner or Fourth
greet and Cherry Alley, between Smithfield and Grant
mieets,Pittshur2ll. sep 10
FOR RENT.—Theilwelling and lot containing 4
acres. In Allegheny, near the Beaver Road, lately
arca piedliy Mr. Samuel Church. Apply at the NI ercha ats
and Manufacturers' Bank, to W. H. DE.NNY.
ven 10 Cashier.
a f C = 1 AVIDSANDS , %1 ATCri StC ) Ch i llßEß.7 ,SlCiairstr y ,, pit
bu rgh,
sup 10
Nonni) , of Landrelh's Garden Seeds, always on
hand, and for sale at his agency, the Din: store of
rep 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood
DR. DAVID WARD has his office and residence
on Fourth Street, nearly south of the Court douse,
second dwelling from Roasstreet. He will faithfully attend
all calls pertaining to his profession. Night calls should be
made at the door above the basement. sep
REMOVAL —Matthew Jones, Barter and flair Dress
er. has removed to Fourth sl reel, oppostiet he Ma y-
Ors office, where he will he happy tot . n-ait upon permanent
or transient customers. fie solicits a share of public Pal
' rep 10
'ATM. A. WARD, DENTIST? Penn et. three
door below Irwin street. Hours of business, from
9a. it.. until 5 P. /1.. after which time he will attend
to no one except la elves of actual neevuity. He
would further inform those who may think -proper 4e
employ him, that he expects immediate payment, without
the necessity on his part of sending in bills. sep.lo
OHN WFA RL A ND, Up/is/surer and Cabinet
Al—ker, Third et. between Wood .4. Market streets,
respectful inf-wars his friends and the public that be is
prepared to esecnte all orders for Sofas. Sideboards, Bit
rea us. Chairs. Tables, Bedsteads. Stands. Bair and Spring
blattrasser, Curtains. Carpets, all social of Upholstering
work, which he will warrant equal .o any made in the
city, and on reasonable terms. sep 10
110 w•cit Street, Pittsbargk.—R. A. Bailsman.
Auctioneer and Commttsion Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Goods and blerchandsze,
at his !arse and capacious looms, No. 110. North East
Corner of Wood and Fifth Streets, Pittsborvn,
Regular sales of Dry Goods. Furniture, Groceries and
other articles, on Mcmdays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware, Cutlery. Dry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tuesday. Wednesday. and Thursday evenin:s.
Books. 4-c., every Saturday evening.
Liberal advances guide on enlistments when wanted.
I. G. 4- 4. CORKIN.
No. 12 Water sl I rei
Meows. John D. Davis, Esq., )
i. Bagaley 4 Smith. I
tt Hampton. Smith, 4. co.. I
ti F. Lorenz it Co., I
.. 3. W. Barhridge }.Co.. ( '
u S. Ill'Kee lt Co. i
.. Cape. James IrGargrn. Pittaborgit.
.. C. Thames, Esq. I
" John lirFadden Esq. 1
.. Logan 4 Kennedy.
I. J. K. lioorbead 4 Co.
... Jas. Y. Stuart, Bp
4. !Lobed Catway.neq: ..'• i
ok Capt. Jag. May.l, i
.t , lieVay,Barta. 4it co. .1'
6. Wallas Symms. it • L ` : Wheels'.
.. S.C. Henry. • ; Loshivilk.
Snultb.llagaley 4co • - Phila.
op 1. t.
. PittakurgA and Beaver Packs:.
CMlL l VEratAkinb .
11AS'isonneneed her regular trips, and will run dal
ty Mondays excepted.) Leaves Beaver at 80'
clock A.M., leaves Pittsburgh at 3 o'clock P - . it. con
nects atßeaver with the
Peansylvania and Ohio Line
of-Freight aed Packet Canal boats between leaver, and
Cleveland Ohio, and Greenviile, Pennsylvania. Leaves
Beaver daily at 6 o'clock P. M. This line connects with
two doily lines on the Pennsylvania canal to Philadel.
phia, and with the New York and Ohio line on the Erie
canal, and New York and Ohio line and Ohio canal,al.
so with steam freight and passage boats, brigs and
schooners, nit the Lakes. The proprietors of Ibis well
known line will be prepared on the opening of naviga-
Lion to tran.port merchan•lize to any of the intermedi
ate ports on the Pennsylvania asd. Ohio, and Ohio ea
nal..; to any port on Lake Erie, and the Upper Lakes;to
and front New York City and Philadelphia.
McClure ¢ Dickey, Beaver, Pa..
Cobb Wormer 4. Co., Cleveland, 0.,
Rees 4- Taylor. Warren, 0.,
W. B. BOLES, Master.
RUNS daily (Sundays excepted,) between P4TTS.
:BURGH d• BEAVER. leaving Beaver at 8 A. M.
and Pittsburgh at 2 P. M. provid,d witk Evass's Safe
ty Guard to prevent Eiplosion of Boilers.
This sptendid and fast running Steam Boat has Just
'teen emisple:ed expressly for this trade, sod runs in
onnemion with
eLARKE 4. Co's Pittsburgh and CleValla Lime of
Cleveland, Oki._
Or down the Ohio canal to atasilon, te. and Erie Ex
The Canal Boats of this Line are towed to and from
Pittsburgh direct, and the hosinms conducted on the
Inco:-t prompt sand economical system. Having a connec
tion with the Pennsylvania Canal Lines to Philadel
phia and Baltimore, and Steamboats running town the
Ohio river; also, t lironeh our Agents at Cleveland, with
M. Reed's Steamboats and several Lake Vessels, and
the Troy and Michigan and Buffalo Lake boat lines on
the Erie canal, we a-v prepared fur the transportation
of Freight to and from all points on the canal, the lakes
and the Biv , r, or the Eastern cities, at prices as !ow as
any other line.
Apply to G. M. Hartoo, No. 55 Water at, or a t st e am,
boat Michigan's Landing. Pittsturgh.
Clarke It Co. Beaver.
Hubbard k Weatherhea, Warren.
Wheeler 4- Co. Akron:
Thomas Rickstond 4 Co. Cleveland
R. Wick 4- Co.. Greenville;
W. C. Malen. Sharon,
R. W. Citti,iirigham. New Castle,
Johii Ktrk. Younzslown,
Jahn Campbell Newton Palls;
Campbell k?lifer, Campliellstown;
Bahrock 4- Mcßride, Ravenna;
C. 4- D Rhodes, Franklin:
H. A. Miller 4- Co— Cuyahoga Falls;
Wellsman tfr Whitehead, Mas.illon;
Gordon Wi , liams. 4- Co., Detroit;
K inne, Davis 4- Co.. norralo:
Cowing, Richmond. co., New York
cep 10
ri 1 - 21. Corner of Woodand Frarrf
11.1 Streets, Pircrro-rgh, has on haul a complete as.
sortitterdof Q13 , ,w are =cited to the rity or country
i ta de. Arm_ a clrire wOection of pure whilp and gold
.-and ANDTEA W ARE. in large or small sets,
Or separate we'd,. to soil purchasers.
A cask of 96, 60. or 84 piece sets. superbly painted
and 5111 F.nr.ti,li China Teaware. at very prletes.
Toy Trail - are. plain, and rich painted and gill, flout
1.00 1 . 1 ji5..00 per set
Clithiren'sllits of ewer v de , cription.
‘Vititc China Shavins MuLrs.
Cranile Divine at d Try eervires. in white and with
mertcan Froarry printed in hive and ' , lark.
A lare variety of Stratottoot Iporinz and lire:Oda-I S•ts,
imported to match. complete,
Fite Proof stone baking plates and dishes; from the
Ifirr , 'rzbire Potteries.
Flint and Green Glass, In all their varieties
NW:ndowt3 las.. of errry
Palen , Rocket!, Tnhs and Keeler!.
Slone Pip, Wads. 4-c. 4-c. 4-r.
Alt of which are respectfully offereiLlo the put..
is on the most favoranle terms. Jan 26.1842--ly
rip I. FOX ALDEN Attervey dad Comp senor at
A. • Law. Cfl rs hig profeggional services to the rit
izebs of Pittstoir7.b and hopes for a share of publiepat
.-nna..e. He will execute all kinds cf writing with neat
ness and dismv ch. Cages in hanarnmey „„
reasonable terms.—Ottre in Smithfield street, at the
house of Mr. Thomas O'Neil. to whom he refers.
sep 10 T. J. FOX ALDEN.
DAVID CLARK, flit. •easkiewoble Boot Maker,—
Itos removed to No, 34 Market street, between
Second and Third street=, where he wou'd be happy
to see his old customers. and all others who feel dispos.
ed to patronize him. He uses nothing hut first rate
stock, and employs the hest of workmen; and as he gives
its constant personal attention to husineu.„ he truststhat
he will deserve and receive a fair share of patronage.
seri 10
A flanker respectfully informs his friends and the
public that they can always find the list quality of Ice
Creams, together with al; kinds of confectionary and
(mks. in their season* at his establishment—No. IL
Fifth street, hetweer Wood and Markrt.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice. with
cakm , . or anything in his line. Also families furnished
with Bread. Step 10
JJOHN B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and COMMir
MOP Si i rchant, N 0.105, currier of Wood Ir Fifth sta.
Pittsbsvgk: !Myles been appointed one of the Auction.
' evrsfo, Ihe City of Pitsbursh . tendtrs his services to joie
+hers manufacturers and dealers. who may he disposed
to make trial of this market• He IQ prepared to make
advances on consignments of all saleable commodities.
land trusts to satiety correspondents by quick sales, and
speedy 'and favorable returns.
That the various interests which may he confided to
him, shall be adequately protected, he brings to the aid
I of his own experience in business and acquaintance with
merchandise generally, the services of Mr. SLiatilL
FArtarsroca; heretofore advantageously known, as an
importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent engagement is made:
I. 4 2 .
No.6° 4ff at er street. Pittaborzh
tension Line to Greenville
Mears. M. Tiernan, Presh. of M. 4- M.
..• Bank.
•• Darlington 4- Peebles,
" Robert Galway.
•• James M. C•oper,
" James May,
•• R. M. Riddle, Pittsburgh
• Wm Robinson. Jr. Pres e t 1
of Exchange Bank.
•• Hampton, Smith, 4* Co..
• • John D. Davis,
Samuel Church.
•• J. K. Moorhead.
Jas. W. Brown 4- co.
•• John H. Brown. 4. Co.
Smith d It matey.
Yard's 4; lt 'Nero.
•• John S. Biddle,
• John Datsell,
wa HAM I. CLEM Et, residing at 66 Molt street.
New York, was afflicted with Dyspepsia in its most
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent head.
ache. great debility. (eves, costiveness, cough, heart.
barn. pain In the Chest and stomach always alter eating,
jmpaired appetite, seriatim' of sinking at the mornaeh,
furred Unsgue, nausea, with frequent vomiting'. dimlliews
tower& night and restkmeas. Tame had continued up.
ward of a twelvemonth, when. on consents% Dr. Wm.
Evaaa.looohatbam street; • and submitting to his ewer
aseeeasfai and agreeable mode of treatment, Umr patient
was completely restated to health In the short swim(
onemonth, and grateful Ur the iscalesiable benefit deriv.
ed. gladly came (onward and voloMeered the abovesime
For sale, Wholesaleand Retail by
R. IL SIVLIZat* Ages/.
No.2l),Worid'inceetilialow Second.
D R :, GOODE'S Cale#ratili Fewshr , Pills- 'TWOS
Pills arestronly recommended go the notice of
the ladies as a Safe and efficient -remedy In removing
those compladets peculiar to their sex. from want of ex
ercise, or general Rebility of the SymeM. Thry oblate costiveness, and counteract all Systarical and Nervous
affectionn Thee Pills have gnined the morction and
approbation of. the most eminent Physicians is the Mel
ted States, and many Mothers. Par sale Wbolerale and
Retail, by R. 8 rELLERB. deem.
seep 10 No. 20. Wood Street, below Second.
Wlll. ADAM Blue and Skye Xaksr, LibertY St.,
missal tke head ef Satitifield at.. Pitts's:P.ol.
Tb* isubeeriber twang bought out the stock of the late
Thomas Rafferty, deceased, .bas commenced business
in the old stand of Mr. - R.. and is prepared to exeesie
all descriptions of work in his line, in the best manner
and on the shortest notrce. Be keeps tor stonily on hand
a large assortment ofshoe findipes of all descriptions and
of the best quality. Be solcits the patronage of the pub
lic and oftbe crsft. WM. ADAIR.
sep 10
an Axles far Carriages at Easters Prices.
The subscribers manufacture and keeps constantly on
hand Coach,C and Eliptk Springs (warranted.) Juniata
Iron Arles, Silver and Brass plated Dash Frames, Brass
and plated Bub Bands, Stamp Joints, Parent Leather,
Silver and Brass Lamps. Three fold Steps, Malleable
Iron, Door Handles and Binges. &c . kr.
St. Clatr st.. near n e A 'trete: l Y grid".
D.SELLERS, M. D., office and dwelling in Fourth.
. near Ferry street. sep 13-17
The attention 'ftho-e who have been somewhat seep
tic.al is reference to the numerous certificates published
in favor of Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild . Cher
ry,on account of the persons being unknown in this see
Lion of the Ettate,la respectfully directed to the followirie
certificate, the writer of which has been a citizen of able
borough for several years, and is known as a gentleman
of integrity and responsibility.
To the -egret, Mr. 1. KIRBY.
f have used Dr. Swarne's Comp and Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a cough, with which I have been severely at
flirted for about four months, and 1 have no hesitation
in saying, that it is the most effective medicine that 1 have
been able to procure. It composes all uneasiness. and
agrees well with my diet.—and mantalns a regular and
good appetite. I can freely recommend it to all others
similarly afflicted. .1. Mt SNICK, Borough of Chambersb'e.
March 9. 11140.sep 9_l
For sa'e by WILLIAM THORN No. 53 Market street
ERSONS desirous of procuring Fruit. Shade and
Ornamental Trees, or Shrubbery, from Philadel
phis or New York, are requested to make application as
soon as possible. at the Drat and Seed Store of the sub
scriber, where can be had catalogue., sratuitottgly. of the
most excellent .arielieg. P. L. SNOWDEN,
sep 21 No 1114 Liberty street .head of Wood
For thsTransportation of hlerchandize to and front
Pittsbarsh.litittineare,Philadelphia, New Fert,and Boa
ton. the skorrest
THE Miner{ :Flare, Portadre float Line, is composed of
Boats built in four section.. earl' section capable of
containing seven tons. and snsceptlble of being separate
or detached and transferred from Canal to Rail Road,
thus, as it were, forming a complete train of Cars, or
presentingte novel appearance of a Roar trailing on land
and thereh - allirdtling the igtent "relay' oressioned - by re
shipping at the several feet inns and fermi nal iors of Ca.
nabs and Rail Roads. the expense of transhipment and
be da to age f.. , 00& rustain by I ren tient handling; and
rendering it imposs,tne to separate hos of pony s on the
way—owing to the peculiar ronsirriction of the Boat
having four separate apartments in which goods are sto
red, renders them less liable to d' mage goods by water or
otherwise t han by any other mode of transtimrtal ion.
The system of Tran.port at ion .ns recommended tw the
Canal Commiasioncrs and lately adn,lted by the State.
refers particularly to this class of goats. The Boats of
thin Line are owned by responsible captains that run
them, and is the only Line now in operation free from
monopolies or combination.
Goods consiened to the undersiened agents will he re
ceived free of eommisgion and shipped withont delly at
the lowest rates. Ait cha pees paid and every instruction
promptly attended to. C. A . M'SULTY k Co. *cats.
Canal Sasin.Pittsintrzh.
F. F. POPE. Aeent, 75 Bowly's Wharf, Baltimore.
TWOS BORBRIDGE, ArremPlrila. seplB—tf
- Int .—rat FiA - Cawfielii re-
LT I spectrally acquaints his friends and the public Gen
erally, t hat he has commenced the Marble business at the
corner of Fifth and Liberty sts..w here will be constantly
on hand. tomb stones, mantel pieees, monuments, head
and foot stones, table slabs for cabinet ware, and every
art Icle annerla Mine to the busines.. Re will warrant his
work to he 'veil done, and hie rharens will he moderate .
Be respect fully asks a share of nubile patrona:e. sop 10.
TAMES A. VEAZEY. Ferwerdiug and Commis *ion
at iterate**, Agent for Steamboat -Cleveland and
Pennsylvania and Ohio Line. Havin_ rented the ware
boo,* formerly occupied by Birmingham 4- Co.. No. 60
Water Street, let toren World and Smithfield. is prepared
to receive and forward gtxxls to any port on the Ohio or
Mississippi river on reasonable terms.
Pep 10
CO-PARTNERSHIP.—G. P. Smith 4- W. Hampton,
having associated themselves together under the
firm of Hampton 4- Smith, will continue the wholesale
Dry Goods business in the house recently occupied by
Hampton. Smith 4- Cowhere they will be receiving In a
few days a new stock of Fall and Winter Goods. They
respectfully invite their old friends, and merchants gen.
erally, visiting Pittsburgh. to call and ex:urine their
stock, sept 28—d3m.
). Philacier*
imp 10
8Fift:25, , ,1-842 4
Portable Platform Smiler on wheels, to weigh 2,500 Ile. at
$55 0O
do do do do 2.005 at $45 08
do do do do 1.500 at 35 00
do do do do 1.000 at 30 00
do do do do 500 at 25 00
With raising /ewers an addition of $3 to each scale.
Dormant reales for the we of Warehouses. Flooring
Milts, ke.,the same prices as above.
Aleo, White's Patent Coaster Stale, with D. Young's
improvements. and a variety of other counter scales.
which they will sell for from 8 to $l5,
They also manufacture Steam Engines for Pknitiag
Mills. Saw Mills. Salt Works: ke., double and aintee
geared slide lathes foot and other lathes for wood minting
machines for tenanting chairs, planing machines. door
and sash inaeldnes. Hairs patent horse power, With or
without thrashing machines, a superior article; amulet
saw abatis. machines ihr sawing lath, 'Timber's ma
t:Mem and toots °fall descriptions.also (overtaking black
lug boxes,asuperier mild% governors Air Meats engine.
rusks. taps and dies. =Hee mine. bedstead or joint loots
and machinery for making_the same. cotton tictorj ma
chinery made or repainol; printing press plaiteas Inroad
and iodating pneireitepairdi•
JAMES MAY, Agent. _
sip 111—if Irousc SILAIIIIMIY:
Per pubficking a wow Deity Popin..iitika CU, 4 . Pitts
&stork, to is **titled tie
PlRElESethscribeis having made attaitmeasants to merge
I the American Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mertes
ey into one Journal. have concluded to pliddish a daily
paper with the title of the Thrill Xersites Pest
object °fine nftterr" will be the 4-menden
lion and defence of the political principles that have here
tofore been maintained by the Editors. in their retpective
papers. and their best efforts will still be devoted to the
advancement and success of those doctrines.
Althwagb, in polities, the paper will he thoroughly
democratic'. yet the Editors hope, by giving an honest.
candid history of passing Political events, Foreign
and Domestic Intelligence. and brief notices of all mat
ters and occurrences that come properly within the settees
of a Public Journal, to make their panel sufficiently in
eroding to entitle it to the patronage cf the public, it
respective of party considerations.
In addition to the political and general news that will
be found in the Poirt," the Editors will take
pains to furnish the businftos community with
the latest and must liite.reaing Coaturatelat. lerrasta
names from all parts of the country, and to have prepa
red such aceountsof the Markets and the State of Trade
as will beadvantageous to our Merchants and Easiness
Men In their several callings.
Terns.—The Posy will be potilished on a large imperi
al sheet of line paper, (manufactured especialy for this
Jolorn‘t) at the unusually low rate of FIVE DOLLAItS
per annum,payabte in advance. It will also be sold by
news-boys at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
Adeartisersests will he inserted at the lowest rates
charged by the other daily papers of the city.
-TWENTY active lads are wanted to rell the Post.
who wilt be engaged on the moat liberal terms
Annsi 31, 1842.
100 RIMS. RT. LEAF TOBACCO. in stare and
for sale by J. G. 4- A GORDON.
No. 12. Water street.
BY Morrison k Co. London. for sale only by S. N.
Wickersham, corner of Wood street and Virgin
alley Pittsburgh Pa. and H. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
is sole agent for Western Pennsylvania. sep 10
FARM - FOR SA Le.—The podered2titui offers for sale a
tract of land situated 4 mile; fn... freepoit, In the
direction of Kittanning. Buffalo 'township. Armstrong
conotv.ron►aininf 100 acre!, 65 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of whicn are in meadow— a good square log
dwelling house and cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
orchard of 80 bearing trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient tolhe house.
FOR TERMS apply to the anitseribers realding at the
Sattworks on the Pennsylvania Canal, 1 mile above Free
TO THE WlSE.—it is now well understood how
mu , h di.- rders of the mind depend for their cure
noon a due attention in the body. It ig now understood
how valuable is that medicine whiellwill remove morbid
accnmulatiorus without weakening the bodily power. It is
now understood that there is a reciprocal influence be.
twren the mind and the body. It is now understood that
purging with the Brandreth Pills will remove a melan
choly. and even insanity is cured by perseveringly usins,
them. It is now understood how much dom es tic happi
ness depends upon the healthy condition of the digestive
It is now well known that the Brandrelh Pills have
cared thoumnds of hopeless and helpless persons, even
when the first physicians had pronounced them beyond
all human means of relief. It is now not only well
known that the Brandreth Allison cure. hut it is OW un
derstood how they cure; that it is by their purifying elect
on the blood t het they-restore the body to health.
The ',Moen! trg . inedicine is becoming more and more
manifest, it is recommended daily front family to family.
The Brandrath Pills remove in an almost imperceptible
manner all noxious accumulations and purify and invigo•
rate the hiood.and their good effects are not counterbalan
ced by ;Inv inconveniences; being composed entirely of
vegetables they do not expose those who nse them to
danger; and their effects are as certain as they are sahi
t a rc; Utey arc daily and safely adinini.dersd to infancy.
month, manhood, and old age. and to women in the most.
critical and delicate circumstances. They Igo not disturb
or shock the animal functions, hat restore their order
ansi s.tablish their health.
Soki at Dr. Rrasnrith's Office. N 0.93, Weed street
l'ittststr2h. Prire .15 cents per hos. with fattAireetions
MACK—The only plare in Pittsburgh where t :elm
ine Pith. can be obtained, is the Loetor's own office. No
93 Wood street. sep 10
DR, J. B. TIBBITT"S, Respectfully inform the ea
seas of Pittsburgh and vicinity. that he has return
ed to the city. Be bones to share the confidence of his
1,7f - ; - r - orirot' 6 r gelebi,arro - r.V. — trte 11
he would observe, that the operal ion of Lithotrity, (or
breaking the stone in the bladder and allowing It to paw
of with the urine,) is every where commanding the deep
est Interest. Fle hopes_ to extend the benefit of t his branch
uf his profession to the afflicted. Strictures, Discus , ' of
the Bladder and K idneys.—which occasionally follow,—
will likewise receive attention.
Those from a dislanee wishing further Intkirmation
wilt apply personally or by letter, or if desired can be
accommodated at his dwelling, in a retired part of the ci
ty, on Third, between Ferry and Liberty sts. rep 10
LEl' Invalids read the following account of a Santo
cured of a complication of afflictions in nineteen
days by the use of Brandreib Pills. It distinctly proves
there are herbs in nature which have affinity cure be
cause of disease, and Brandrette's Pillsare made for them
Read and he convinced. Take the medicine andbe-en red
Joint CRAW, of Pembroke, Washi titian toonty, Maine,
being drily sworn, says, that he was taken violently' sick
about six months since. The pains in his head, breast,
hack, left side and instep being so had that he was usea
ble to help himself.and was taken into the Chelsea Hos
pital in the city of Roston. That after being to said
hospital five weeks, Doctor Otis said he did not knOw
what was the mattes with him, and that he could do
nothing for him, nor could he prescribe any medicine.
That he, therefore. was conveyed front the Chelsea Hos.
Toilette the Sailor's retreat on Staten Island. That he
was there pbysicked whit all sorts of medicine for a peri
od of four months, sofferir.g all the time the West heart.
rending misery.— Thai, besides his affection of his boner
he was troubled mach witha disease of the lungs: some.
ttmee he wantd spit a quart ofphlegm in the day; besides
this affection be had a bad Diarrhea, which had more:
or leas attended him Rom the commencement of his sick
ness. That attunes he dreaded estop' worm than he
would have dreaded death; that be can compare the feel
ing to nothing save that of knives passing through his
bowels. AfiersuSerine worse than death at the Sailor's
Retreat, on Staten island, the doctor told him that medi
cine was of no use to him. that he mu-'t try to stir about.
At this lime he was suffering the greatest misery. That
his bones wise so tender he could not hear the least presA.
ore upon the elbow or upon the knee, that his instep was
most painfol.that as the Doctor said he would give him
no more medicine he determined to prOcure some of Dr.,
itrandiettes Pills, which he did. from '4t forendwag
flew York; that he eommencedwith five elfin, mod some
timeatnereamd-the dose to eight- The first week's me
much Ixquefited him, that -the doctor, net knowing
what he was using, saidonow.Elltaw, you look like a
man again; if you improve in this way. you will rpm be
well.' That-he fattcd every dose of the Drandrcth flits
relieve MIN fink they cured bin of the man wiles at
stool; that they nest cared the diarrhea, sad finally the
irons in his boneig-.Tbat the isedieine seemed to add
strength to hum everyday. Betold the doctor neater.
day the I.lth Instant. that he felt hitnerlf well. and also,
that he owed his recovery to firandretbe • Pith ender
?Wilda/cc; that he bad have the medichieferlyday,
fbr lfirlaym that the doctor iota him if herkikil kllolllllll be
had bee. taittingthat medicine, be iihoektnint bars,
another day in rbe beers. fleenrsidersltishiadntl , .to
make ibis public mare-mend few the benefit of all similarty •
'Aided; that they mai tem where to And stectbckee
that will mire them. "JOHN SHAW.
John flbauf beiagbp sae twty swam MU 130tdii. of
April. 1822,41 d &roe andsay that the toregahlig mete.
• meet hrtrie. WlDfirialt.Conintimionerefli b MlK
Tire -04401MIZ7lif PILLS - are told at Dr. aria
• &MAI attache) carite.l4l.ltacarorrair. itew- took;
athia.priaelaatelice. Ita.93Weeitstiest.fitarleellt.
• the o.ltrZTPL4elt la Pittahersh wherethe gastahe tea
baabtahted. - sicip2ll-41e1W -
proved Flay
lairaeletned be
Few Bloch int
between Pia-
. street. two
re (1011. Pitts
mfactore and
Id the follow
uwi, co l m ): posai of
No. 1, Port
~fe Platform
:scams 00 dvieks,
weigh &lOU
pounds at Slio:
~~ , ~
r`^3 G'Z
' 47_ i::Er. , ltpipp asolaera Laererj , a easega- ' •
_ 1 4 04 :aalk a CbSet stage °two-
'We were Itnquently visited bipardee
of (A wes . f r oin.nairsbe Great Platte; they
were a brave . allizttifatisgleting 1 110 14-
Their principal (:hteClLisiusin: was -a. dis
tinguished man, of great lifolatalk and pr
found judgment of crib petilikbts Ma*
remarkable quality was, a cloanankeartraW"
tion and penetration of character enti-Wilifo.
live. I heard a gentleman who knew
well, and spoke his language, sa y, . that 4-
1 bad known him to form judimOns if not
accurate estimates of men, front &halt
hour's acquaintance, and without under+
standing a wurd that wss spoken. But
deep beneath the calm exterior of his char:
acter burned a lava of impetuous passions:
when strongly moved, burst forth with a
fierce and blind violence. , -0 0-
Le-tan had the advantage of a fine encl.
commanding figure; so remarkable, in.,
deed, that once at a dinner on a public; on.
casion at Jefferson's Barracks, his bealtli
was drar.k, with a complimentary ariOvlN
don of the lines:—.
"ft combination mid a form indeed, -
..4‘4 7 here every god did seem to set his seal,,
"To gave the world assurance of a man:* _
'Tbere was a passage in the life of i this
chief which has been so prevented Ely ail
itinerant Indian story-monger, Ithat I 404
not refrain from giving it rightly. In ft
I deep carouse which took place one night.
in the village, in 1822, his brother, a fine
fellow, named Blue eyes; (that color be,-
ing very extraordinary in an Indian) had
the misfortune to bite off a piece of, 1.-e--
tan's nose. So soon as he became fully
sensible of this irreparable injury, to which
as an Indian he was psrhaps even more
sensible than a white win; I-e tan burner%
with a mortal resentment. He told hi*
brother that he would kill him; and re—
tired, got a rifle, and returned. Blue eyes
was found leaning with folded arms against;
a pillar of his lodge, and tilos, with a tie...
roic stoicism which has been rightly attri,
buted as a characteristic of the race; witir•
out a murmur, or a word, or the quiver of
a muscle, submitted to his cruel fate. I-e
-tan deliberately shot him through the
Then was Le-tan seized with a violent
remorse, and exhibited the redeeming traits
of repentence and inconsolable grief, and a .
greatness in the vety constancy of the ab
sorbing sentiment. tie retired from all in
tercourse with his race, abstained wholly
from drink, for which he had a propensity; •
as if under a vow, he went naked for near
two years; he meditated upon sui• ide, and
was probably only prevented by the infra
ence of a white friend; but he sought hon
orable death in desperate encounters with
all enemies he could find, end in this peri
acquired his name or title, from a vale
destructive-attack he made upon a party of'
the I-a-tan tribe. Ile lived a year or ttio
with the Pawnees, acquired perfectly their'
difficult language, and attained a great in
&tepee over them which he never lost. Aft
ter several years of such penance I-e-tan.
revisited the villages of his nation.; and, in --
1830, on the death of La Criniere, hie elder
brother, succeeded him as prineipal;ehief;'
I-e-tan married many of the finest girls of':
his own and the neighboting tribes but
never had children. Latterly,' otie of his
i wavering between love and revenge, a male
child was born with teeth. Vanity nor;
proved the strongest passion; he feigrAil
to believe it his son, and pronounced it a -
'special interposition of the Great Spirit. of
which this extraordinary sign was the
proof. I e-tan was the last chief whoeould
so far resist the ruinous influence orthe
creasing communication of his tribe with
the vilianous—the worse than barbarous
whites of the extreme frontier, as to keep
the young men and( r a tolerable r spetrel;,,
his death proved a signal for liienite and,
'lntemperance was the great fault in 1-e
tan's character—the cause of his greatest,
misfortune and crime; it led to a inelese
death. The circumstances of this tragedy
'are worthy of record, if only that they dew
velope some strong traits of e h e eigtnej
character; they are as follo - .vs; In April;
1837, aceomppanied by errs two youngest
wives, at a trading-bootee near the mou th
of the Pestle, be inttilged in, one of his
moat violent fits of droakenness; and in
this condition, eat a dark and iocleasert
night, drove ;As wives out of doors; two'
men of his tribe who witnessed these eir
cutrustan-us took the utotast advantage of
them, and seduced the women to fly in
the'r company. One of these men had
formerly been dangerously stabbed by I,
e.-tan. Actuated by hatred—calculating
perhaps on the chief's declining power.,
and the strength of their connexion, ohich
was peat; the seducers becoming tired of
outlaying in hunting camps, &e., deter
mined to return to the , village and face it
out. Such cues of elopement are not very
unfreguent; but, after a much longer sb-,
genes, the parties become silently retort--
cited, if necessary, by the arrangement of
friends. But 1.-e tan said thatit was not only
a personal insult and injury. but an ciident.
defiance of his power; and that he would.,
live or die the chief of the Ottoes. flits
enimies had prepsred their friends fog
sistaneo, and I-o-tan armed birnaitithi-the,
Heand (lima
eonooms t yam% ,
men in the shirts of thoi inllalto s lames
trees, where their supporters wen..4ton
eaded. i.e tan .addressed the man'
he had formerly 'minded: Restruit'iiiik I
do not' wish to kiltyow; I kavee'pezliara.•.
injured you enough. Tito fellow
' 4140 4 ftedi%-f. - IterthenAtesiviNkOtit 40;
•lted wh•N at, 10-„W"
Ti 400 C, 'Pei
•-• r
h r,--. ~ x.....