Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, November 24, 1842, Image 1

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    L ERS TAKE NOTICE--T)4l ,„
'tied with the Safety Guard, h are te ,;" , a
w it It a figure of the apparatstkwee
tint deceived by miarepresuawNie
their hoots to be provided obit it *
n they are rot secured aeallvenw
wine is a list of boats supplied t wiun F ie l
he ppr_ of eitisburgh—all except tii e
list have the improved appara tlnntiti
impossible for an explosion to at t a r.
:•• Lyo Ns, CADDO,
N D.
it ow INA,
CEcl Li A.
, thz commutth y are reefirclbillo%
,thil;e a CltOlfP of a boat, to regru%
'brr .1 1, 'oald not he to their
clloose a Safety Guard boat, lidif"
in preference tootle note°
snug—and that they will bear he
ion bas the unqualified annrobstioa
nnele builders—gentlemen whose
r,thinn the sal je'cl, and who are enliiely
1..0,1,5 a number of cell ifieales (tom
, n and of which can tenet
r ,trPft, where it wont.) g - nre
f 3.11i1.il my invention to
. tr the trouble l o call.
-ab-criticr offers for sale, at the . premit
'eater part of his real esitoe,
finshtirigh and Allegheny, viz; 'three .
r hno-e5, nrarly new, a isulistantially
het si reel .1 et ween Second and Fiat. •
• nut of ahout 54 feet by 64) deep. Fora*
ratety to suit purchasers, and upon loop
elect Imildlnfz hot In A Ile! Ilen9 chy, 64 fief
ward of : . ;50 lent in depth, laying If
1, I t:r , Pen ns.y Iva ia canal avdl6e culler
'nr!f I
.•• r. al r , V, . 100 tett ‘' l
v;• cr, Im. der IEII ti1k..••.2 Ilse 144"1 . 4 ""
11 , 1 w CoCCIIII and 011
Int IN it 1, two two 141 pry brick ,iortbOW.S.
1• 4 Market aid Front sireelP.
jr,11.111/1 ruo rare or rrr pied by 14,
1,, ALEX. unAcKerainc
31 1 artilVd tO OUT
_ (I'la-tit,. of Flax ard Tin - 01h'
r at R In , eltiretirr (Abel' 1
' CO" , Warri•ow.e, .NO. 9. Fiti,
A r; T 0 ,, Jiterc k Dealtr it
r cr ..4lc of act are*, Jklaiiitiri.
I,ran . of
r-rt 170. r.
'comae, F.sq . Madison
I LE FARM FUR SALE.—I will .101'
r• wh,(.11 I live, in Witkier tow:ship, at
rantaintr7 one hundmine
t 711 acres of t' if IS cleared."ui %Oa
!. There are upon it three tat 4 "." 1 ,
fret l•r 34; an apple orchard or rholet .
• v ) acres of coal. The soil 15 WE"
i• I 01 any upland farm in the ;em
r k own on application to the subscliberli
r. WALL. Plain and Fay/ 7 '
Pita re Frame illans•facturer ,
e• • •
pro bur gh. —CanvaFs Brushes.
aiwans on hand. Looking Glue"
•i:d to order. Repairing done:
mention paid to reOding and jobbiskler'
pp Strom Boats or houses will find "
to call. let
11.—The sucrit.erst,re DOW Pfeil
•ni>h painters, and others who wisb
N • tie [rad made of the best mit erists
ifu6t superior to any offered talbt
• , ' . "reszed to Dunlap 4 Hughes.e3re°ls
Ili Second street, Pitt.burgh, will her
e door from Old Mead of X.
r , 11 , er resiwctially informs the ladits,
and vicinity that he has eonntaestei
and of his own manufacture. •
at the Ohne
Li keep constantly on bead a rad •
t ntis of ladies. misses, and clailtl re l 'l •
',it quality. stitch Will be iota •
he times He will also make to Ode r
y work—scieh as white and kb2,..
.n red gaiters, and husklns.ll4lll,ll7,,
!-Aes. slk gaiters, 4-c„ All
tle at r
the i shortest notice. and to thew s
tciil please call and exatatne
• iber ftids confident that he eaa "` -
in 0 31 1 his
4•.=ine they may avast. iikar.
4 1 . 4 . t forcer the place-140.
ad t ia r a
Harris's Intelligence Mice.
Sire Pt.
DIGOY having taken tbe
, mess orDionst 4- HOPEWILIn ratr
19 7otq
treetand 42 Market street. ter 0.00
ii;e numerous friends and tlie rw " -- ... 00' 41
very liberal support the, frik. r . ,ll
im, in connection with Mr- el_ n r — beeld
.;,isure them that every elerifetiMvolt
r .inlinuation of the Mae- Ile '7,00 01
invite their attention • to
a. Filch be intends selling at areill
keen ever offered, belay. dahr-11..._•...kt
0f the stock of the %O
I 's ait
he intends in (tontine 'MOO ed
esa, he feels, coaddra
c Flock, either in chearldr, - • .
• T kroanshio. 0-000
to take noticethat event Are'
MORROW; olltdowi_ t
17 s 0 itte 0-
• keet fres Wtre. 70 O 0
Xarket striets.—Pint - o — i
st the sbertest--0 00oth.,:
re AM solicited toeslitlPll rettlie , "!
whiCh obit 11410M01,—,.
. ties and-stomilL4‘llol4
. ..-ti:-ti , 702. -,
V-t , w,r..- il
. --- \lO ,65.
piiiLLlPs & W. H. SMITH,
0,-0,1,1R8 a year, paythle In
TWO , cENT' 2-- for -title at the
;or Ace. and by !sws Boys.
erenry and Rantafacturer
, zeK Ly, at the same office, on a dJulife
Two 11 ,- )LL.kIZS a year, in ad.
„,tairs• • - FIX CE.NTS
z.. •
T_ : ,„,-. _
cot Advertising.
- 5... -
~,L 07 TW EIN r. LINES Clii LESS:
r 0.50 I line month, V - ,IX)
, 0,7 - , Two monis, 6.00
I jig Three mow he,
.1. 7.00
4 ,
i.;(1 I Fou r months, 11,01)
3 111 ) F"I X months, 10.00
. 4,,,, 1 Oltr year, 15,00
✓;-s..I,6EABLY. AT Pt 15:•FURE.
E Two Squaret •
months, $21,00
23 . 0 ii I, One year. 35,00
s. tilents 111 qt ornrOon.
t.rts SIT flotLys.. a venr.
ill , IC OFF C ES, &C.
heiwoen Market and Wood
, r A .1,..4,i, tic,or from ‘Fool et. refer
.r \ ItIOCk. COlieCtOr.
1.t.; n ren Fir-t a❑J Second
•f A r,-,t. till. "I'lra.nrt.r.
RI. Tiord strerl, neat door to the
in , ,n.von,T,enForer.
„ eiwten Market and 11oud
Enna 11. near Ma-ket
P. A N S
Market. and ll'ood et reels, on
AND F A R myps' nu.
Fourth, uetwo en
near Wood.
War Plreet near line Bridge.
.• rE , „, corner Of Penn rlllO S. C.PHr.
Corof r ofTl,ird nhd IN hod .
I.l.„COrner hi Third and
rorner of and ( - anal.
!tree!. near
h;loch.Oo WriVnr
Fl nano.ole Canal
V‘iSELIOE'.. AT L e rt•lno
offineg on Gant ci nen' I y onno,OTC
wtze. I,c Xt rOOO5 to J6lO.
.1.1. I). '!Fee remorvi
,freer, between Pe,n and Liberty S's'.
_ r. ry A- and
••- Ewfish, FI, t,•11. at d
,t4rl .1".11-:',Iir:11 cf . ! , 10
the D:llutowt. Lark
t .. ron p•e nno b
. F
'a'i•rn W,,0.1 and F,,itidiv!tl
e, If)
t'.) !;
224 Liberf o
7 S.'reet, Pitts
s.e..ll 10
i)i!\ OT.
t.. 1, w 1,,.
1 ,111 . .,m, d 1
r!ItH 1 ROBilisON. ‘,l La
-• • trarlil,l,lc ,Ite e•••
["Rir..)R.l%i. A y al
•••• _. ,n :rrt'rc,• 10 1114 ir111,..-. 10,1••• ror
-• , ,1 scree'?, a6lre U !Joy'.
,;) 10
: •
. .
B. you s o
t it: „1
I'm I,lllre IA It
0... - 1 1
1.7 e /a ,;11, “V 1,1 ;•eve
ON Li cr...•vca 16Uri,. c.•
‘Vt:'l Cared art.l ler
\I• II
-. I, A_ VIOStN DS, IV ATC II & t,: LOC It
; .... =-0 31A Ii . 1 .:B., No. 7, St. Clair street, l'it;.i.-
A B At;
. t . ._ ‘ Fl i:.p'y of La od•ri
; , 's I'•-
r• o Ro• 1,1 . 11 . 1 R / 2 : Iv.ITCTIFS. Ct. OCR'S. BR F.ISTPINS
J, ,-,. :t. .t whet tii:f , r , tit vat 1,-t les of ';'1,, , ,,,, P I.\"G Eit RISC S, C 11.11-VS. SF. 3'S, 170.11E5, A.c.
'-''',' v• , i inti lor Sale at ItyDr(ISD PRICES :.I ILe `,-'• I'l
Y. :' , .rd F.. ~rt: of F. L. SNOWI.I'.:,
I N , . 1..1.4 Liberty strett. Itta,l of IVoe,l
( IA ES EY.S aliti Nl,iout.Ltto•
Fit nett doer to t 110 U. Sit !rt. ,
ttl.t Crit”ella. Kid and Satin t4lioes made in
am by the newest Grenrh pAtlct
‘1 , )111.7S MI•f,TICAI,7I.I",z. lots
• utcl;ager-; to I e fnv
F.I. F•Nw.vne.v ,
No 134 1,1;0t•{, Tf`Pi. brad o f V011.)11.
11' nikd ['lower Sut.4lg. of ev
inn, be Lad ..1 lor Drug
1:11 Liherty Teel. 11..3d of %%rood.
1.11 , ..1 , 1:nols Annual rtttantittottt Orton t-ectl, for
stttz at the Drug and r..z.eetl F s;o . L rr of
184 Liberty street, bead of XV 00d.
for wvd; just received I.y
No. 184, Liberty bead of Wood so
g n o a r d
r oes T ,
O F rl l7 y Et S . P I :;;I:I r e4
"t"': Pruning Shear?. ere.. psi re-
1'44 Liberty street. bead or ‘Vood.
ilairi,--JIM received a siliati tuip-
YOl v^ " , r'lol , e cured Venison Hams, un retail
lot ; for current money.
ISAAC H Atent,
and Com. Merchant
91T6 notch Clover C.,ei I. 0 rrharli Groat= and
Kentucky Blue Grass, always on bond and for
No. 134 Liberty street, head of Wood.
ER 4• AN. Alkorneys at Law. office
t 'ftveci from the Elmwood. to ••Attorney's&ow,"
taleof Fourth street., between Slarbet and Wood
• G ISTRATES'IMANKS„ for proceeden:s in At.
' 444 . 14 .t ander the late law, Car sale at this Office
I SALE.—LoIa on the North East corner ° of Coal
Lane and street. Apply to
11.1 BENJ. DARLINGTON, Market. near 4th st.
4 LBS. Laudretit's French Sugar Beet eted,just
received and for sate at the Drug and Teed
184 Liberty F t tee!. head of Wood
t4 itartnersiaip heretofore exlstioo between Will,
.46 3 , mutual consent. Witham Dishy is authorised
th e ,
..zoature of the firm in settling up the-bovia
DE. E. HERMIT, DENTIST, 0 in Smith.
field, between Second and Titird
imp 10
JJOHNSTON¢STOCKTON, Bookman/ , infers sind
paper Ma nu faciorprp, No. 37. Starke n. pep 10-1 y
TWIN ANDERkiN, Stroll - dield Foundry, Water st..
near the Dtlonotidabela Roane, Pinat ureb. • Beet 10-1 y
ILDONAft D S. JOHNS, Alderman, St.Ctel street, se
bond door from Liberty. set? 10—ly
DR. S. R. HOLURS, Office in Second streeli, next door
- to Muivany Co's Glass Warehouse isep 10-1 y
SIIDNK 4. FINDLAY. Attorneys at Law
near the Mayor's Office, Pliishnuh.
THOS. tf ANllLT o N:Attnrnev at Law. Fi
Wand and Smith ield fir..Pittshorti.
Hun uTo JER. A ttn.nPir at Lam. North r .:l=l turner
acSsuitlifieid and Fourth strrellt. Grp 10—ly
Trtnl , l7 . snl. ir...,ir% JASTKOTrRIBUIL.
IIANNA & TIJIZNPULL'S Paper Warrilionse, No.
If 14. Wood sr., where may he had a eerferal supply
of xvri.inT ‘vrappio.z. printing, wall paper, blank hooks.
5010011.00 k., ItC, &e. iLrp 10-1 y
RC. TIM' S3EN 4- CO.. Wire Work era and
. -Van ufacturers, :Nlo. 23 Market street. be , wePn 2d
and 34 streets. sep 10-1 y
• IXCH ANG E HOTEL. Corner of Penn nod St. Clair
p 0-1 y
j, 1G METAL —77 lons son Pi 2 lot for so , e by
No. 12 IVater =firer
00i) I.BS. B :CON II A NIS'. 16.000 Bacon
Shoulders, for sa'y by
J. G. 4- A. G OR DON:,
No 12 tV titer .beet
lr \ TTEIISON, Ir.. R,min:loon, T•ear rolgiar.2b,
fart,' r.! , r Locks 13in.ec and To•
rotier. AI 01 and Timber Screws; [louses Screw for
ro:on2 Ikt 1 - . 10—f v
JOIIN Nud 1.11 , ee.y
pt eet , betweetiSlith an° Virgia alley, Se,utll
\\* nu mu; r)( - ; E co., %N .
?Ole rll
1111 , _ S.rnnd sl reut bet t% pen
svp 1(i- I y
3 %V:"tier
lia rood I tlele. ree , ive.l t.-r S
Cors:llr, and for sale by J. f 4. A. (10RJ10a:,
srp 10 No. 12, a+er street
g , 41()1. lOuls New Orleans Su
ear; Nev Oilcans "Alofri. , e , ; le lw
5 eP IU J . G . k ‘. r}ON.
Sl.sr: a 11,-7 I). P,r nr, rere•vPil ill, S.
ft Maine. and for sale by J.G.4 - A. GO it. DON.
ter 10 12, Wnler SI feel
tit RAI - ON CAS'<S.in o•fter.oo hand and for
tfiVLI sep 10 .G. - A. con DON. No. 1 2. Water st
'I; AP. A NI) 1101, A F.SZ tici 41. I+ N. ().
s u • !n r. 3? •s; rer,•lced per Pertrul ,, nat
I lopoilrr, :111J for ,ale I , y G 4- A. cortrg.N.
yen 10 NO 12. Wafer .rerg
I; 13 I. =. LAf. 1) 011.. 1.. r v
tjl C. A. 111 , 717, ,, T (-n
for of r of 7I it a;A lVood eds.
P I . ER Get fo:infosv o fo o Plant for wile
IA" by 13.1. F Aft N E , TOCK
(1 ro r oor of F.lb and lVood
L1;:' f'rupn-vd p. 7 ,1 r
IL F RN ii.rz 1'4): g 4 - Cr)
-eV 3_ll
.;,.."1 - 4.; \lt ;NO tht,l- N. O.
do., 100 do. cot
1. G. k A.c(otpwc.
N. 12 ll'ait•r
in B.lnkruillry prorertllna, priro,d
t'le Corm , ' 3Vl ,,, ved by I lie Countyusn'e
I Nlrrcury and Den-otrat. i
iitIBBA11.1), h0.,1 anti
7 7 I Fi/Or tlnf:xt it rf, Tl.ird he! wren
\\".wd Wield st rccts, I'iltzlwro,ll sep 1U
1.~ , . C.':t..
1.„ ; ATIR N EY Al' LAW.
flCll.•rryl;ev , I,tween Shitiart , ard4"-Fourit ,
" RCP 10
FOR R.E.CT•—'l'l,i,..eih,e and lot cohiahune 4
\ .leeheity, I r:sr 111 P PMaVef
•r• 1 • V 'k! r. v at'. he I: t, nts.
t) Cashier.
A:\ it ET !f.'s it° r.N sticns.- A fo,
A ~ 1 .0v V , ll ' , C., Nell a`wrlys
for frAlc nger.c2., 1)1o:4 ....IP 61
Fro 10 154 =lred. Lend of S\ or
pito 1).1 V 1 D W Alt 1) 1.1! esI,ICI:Cv
01. P.aunii tilreet, ivarlr soli• II 01 - 11w rntir. !louse
gl2 fr,,9tn 41. s arret. Ilr 1.N . 111 Lritht,il l :l:,l lid
all calls Ilei la ioin2 to lib= proles-ion. Night calf sboo!,1
se , ,, 11l
~ade le• door above the I,a,rloPol.
ckIOVAI. —7O tilt hew ivory., Ttart.er 1),-
_ll.ll+ Pr, too , t• in caved to Fourthso re. 0,110,1 ehe'l ay
ors .1111 Ce, here he will Ito happy to sail upon o ortootten
or trat.sieot ens' uniers. Ilr solidi.; a shale of t oittitc
cep 10
VA7 :%1. A. \V All I), DENTIST, Penn st.
door I.e'ow Inc 1.1 street, n.bil I'S of business, from
9f. t 1 ut;t:i 5 P. NI after r hick iirne be will attend
to no see except in eases of neo necessity. He
would fort her inform those who niay think proper to
employ hint, I hat he elocris immediate payment. wit hout
the necessity on his part °Mending in bills. cep 10
JOHN AVFARL tND, Upholsterer and Cabinet
_ll-ker. Third st. beeves* Mood 4 Market streets,
respectful inf-trins his friends and the Oldie that he is
prepared to execute all orders for Sofas, Sideboards. •
reu ur, Chu rs, Tattles, Bedsteads, StandS, llair and Spring
Mattrasses, Curtains, Carpets. all sorts of Upholstering
wort:, which he will warrant equal .o any made In the
city, and on reasonable terms. rep 10
110 re Ord Street, Pitts bar", h.—R. A. Hausman..
A n et iblllteer and Commi.sion Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and cell all kinds of Goals .and Merehandize,
at it is large anti ea paeious 100105. Not 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Ftfth Streets, Piltsbursh.
Hegulai sales of Dry Girds, Furnitstre. Croeerlesand
other articles, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware. Cutlery, Dry Goods, and o?ancy articles, on
Tuesday. Wednesday, and Tharsilay etrenings.
Books. 4'c.. every Saturday evening.
Liberal advances made on Consignments when wanted.
Messrs. John D. Dant.. Esq..
4 , Beesley dr Smith.
Hampton. Ernial. 4 co.
44 F. Lorenz Sr Co.,
o J. W. Burbridge,t co..
S. M*Lee co.
44 Capt. Jaynes M'Gargill,
C. Ihmsen,
• Joon 2d'Fadden Esq.
yrLyon 4 , 4 Kennedy.
J. K. Moorhead 4 Co.
Jas. P.f•tuart.,E.N.
Rebell Calway,Eini;
04( 1 4 40 , 9 / 42 F.
MeVay..Manna, ft CO.
13.0 , Oen/Y.-
N. • Seitilapailer 4 t.Cfr
Fortva din 7
rmr,r, oifi , 11 a .‘.l Wnn l Fa:
Pittsburg* and Beaver Packet.
Htesaittiat •
""•-••=_.--- --L.' , " CEVELAND
.L.'HEMPHILL. Arat:ter ,
AS commenced her regular trips, and will ram dal.
ly (Sundays exceoted.) Leaves Beaver at 30'
clock A. M., leaves Pittsburgh at 3 o'clock P. M. cou•
fleets at Beaver oith the
Pennsylvania and Ohio Line
of Freight and Packet Canal boats between cleaver, and
Cleveland Ohio, aid Creenvi,le, Pennsylvania. Leaves :
Beaver daily at 6 o'clock P. M. This line connects with
iwo ti lily lines on the Pennsyivania canal to Platadel.
and wilt the New York and Ohio tine on the Erie
canal, and new York and Ohio line and Ohio canal, al.
so with ste::tri freight and passage boats, brigs and
schooners, n n the La kes. The - proprietors of 'this well
known line will he prepared on .the opening of naviga.
lion to transport inercitanatze to any of the iniermeji
ate ports on the Pennsylvania and Ohio, and Ohio ea•
naif.; to any port on Lake Erie, and the Upper Lakes; io
and from New York City and Philadelphia.
McClure 4. Dickey, Beaver, Pa.,
Gibil Wormer tr Co., Cleveland, 0.,
Bees 4- Taylor. Warren, 0.,
Fourth M.,
sep 10-11
h, bei wren
Itmp 10—Iv
W. B. BOIES. Master.
RUNS daily (Snnth. s exrrp:ed.) he: weer
BURGH k REAVE.R. Brayer at R A. AL
and Piti•=l.llrzh at 2 P. M. provid,d tci , h Evatter's Safe
ty Guard to prevent Esplosion of Boilers.
Fl'etttlid aod fa-t rutrairit Strain Boot has Just
, w , tr euruple , ed expressly for this trade, and runs In
onneri ion with
CLARKE 4- Co's Pittsburgh and Cleveland Line of
Cleveland. Ohio.
Or down the Ohio ranal io Dlas.ilon, k.e. and Erie Ex
TI e Canal Boats of this Line are towed to and from
PittstAirt , li d itert, and the Ini,ine7s conducted t.n the
mo-t prompt and t-ronomical syei m. Having a ennnee
non v, globe Penns)lvart . a Canal Liars to Philadei•
pl.in and Baltimore, and Steamt.oats running down the
Ohio river; also, throu2h oar Agents at Cleveland, with
_:. Reed's Sican,linais and see era! lake and
the T roy and NI ictii-.:an and ButTato Lake host lines on
Erie canal, we a prepared cur the transvot ration
o r Fr.. i 2 lll to a t.ii piiiiiis on Ihr rani% t, I hi• lakes
and the Eiv r, or ti,e Ed-ici n cit les, at prices as !ow as
:11.N 011,rr
Apnly in 0. IlartoN.No. 55 Water 51, or at Steam
boat Michlan' , . Lat".l"2.
Clarke fr Co. 'leaver.
.11trilt.ar I „S- if eat hertee, Warren.
Wheeler k Co A kron:
Thomas Ricitrao.4 4. co. Cleveland
J. R. irk; k Cn_ Creenv
%V. 51,41 on,
R. v. c Cnsile
J,.trn Newton 'Falk;
('ororthril roW•ell.siown;
11;,..,-nr): ~Icßnote, Raverma;
C..(• Irod.e.r. •
11, A. •r 4'0.. l'uraho:n Fall-.;
We!l,matt kitchen& r.;
Girth"; V; rt, k
C”wing, Richmond. lVillrami Co., New York
cep 10
lii(iErv-x.. 121. Corner of Woodard Frrrot
SO-ref sht.r. , 4. 14no on ty.4,441:. rr , tr , Plele ns•
Ctilr,ll , W;tre SIIPPiI In the rirs fyr rro,rytry
,Vco. se'vflipn r,r pure n •,nrl
,11.1 NG A :s4 . P. \W..% 11 44 lame or small solo,
nr 9ersata:e werr , to =nil piirchasrTS,
or nr ftJ pre,: n. s, ' strperldv painted
and gilt tonsii4l,l2ltina rto, how prireA.
Tov wore. p , :ilTl, r.inti•d arid 2111, flow
.00 t“ ,i 5-00 per
Crntilteril.b...., a, 4 TI•J ..'!'rry ire,. in ivdtte rind
P."”ll",'')':fican nerlll,li priniP4l 01 big.. :1111i 1 . 1 3ek.
A Va orSiranilinal Dining and Ptreakfa.t Sets,
to malch. complete,
Fiie Proof stoop 11;11011g plates and dishes, froth the
Der , v‘hire Polleries
Flint nod Greer, Gl:is.% In all their varieties.
iiidow Claes, of evert .I7P.
Pith,. Purl. rt.t, Tubs nod Keeler!.
Slone ripe tlrrals. r. kr.
All of whiril ore rrspert fully offered to tie pith.
lie on the motel favorable terms. Jan r 26. 1£142-1y
FOX ALDEN .Ittorney and Counsellor at
Z , 19 of ritl,tmr:ii Anti
tuna-e. tin rciil e.Y.Crli'^;lll kinds r. f writinz with neat
and di5p:VCll. Ca.:es in itankroptry attended In on
rrasonal•le it-rros.—ollice fn Nmii hfi. Id street, at the
licriisc of 111 r. 110111,13 O'Neil, to wino!, he refers.
sep 10 FOX ALDEN
D kVID CT.ARK. ..lg'r. e'as onable Root „Wel
e ker, en
11A4 removedremovedto No, $ 4 Market .ireei. litere
‘zeronfl and Third iiireeisi, where be wou A he IioPPY
in se.e his old rnstoinerF.ailiT all others olio feel di.pos.
ed to r ,:tir , mize him. lie nothing hill first rate
=tort:. rin , l e,tIrIIIVF I he hest of workmen; and as he give+
eon-taiii personal allenlion to hit:rifles., he irusi-tiont
he will desei ye and aceice a (AI" share of patronage.
A II ont; or re peel folly in forenc hic friends and the
nnl.tic that They ran always 'lnd the best qualitN of Ire
Creams. tarot her with at: Linda of confeclionat y and
fritita. in t heir aencnn. es , n..ii-iimebt—too. 11.
F,oh,ir v rt, het were 11 not nett Ntark. I.
N. B.—Pa' ties sit pplied on the ;010r1 eat notice, K ith
rake=. or any thing in Ink tine. Mao families furnistwd
with l'lrrad. 10
JOIIN B. GUTBBIE, AUG{ i.ltieVr :1111i COMIllia •
F:1011 Nit. trl. so, :% - co Ithi.corner of Wood 4 FiPh ate.
FitlshGryk: Hav I. 2 14,,napputztird 13.1 e of the A”ciloil-
Prr,:o. lite t':',:,' of Pi , -. l, orzlt. lencitrejlts serv:ccs to Jo.r
hers, mapplarturers and dealers. who may he dkmasecl
in make trial of this marl.et- ;le 1- prepared to tithe
Advances on consizuments of rill Fnlral,le commodities.
and trusts to saii-ty c o rrrspondents 11 quick sales, and
speedy 'and 1-aswatde tell 'ris.
Thal the vartpus intermits which may he confided to
him, -hall he adequately protected, Ire firings to the aid
of his own experience in business and acquaintance with
merchandize generally, the services of Mr. Si.ilrEL
F•turesroca; lu-retarore advanta2eonsly known, as an
importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a pe. ['mama t riiteitient is made.
Messrs. M. Tiernan, Preer. of M. 4- NI
ir Bank.
Darlington 4- Peebles.
" Ruben Galway.
" James M. Cooper,
James. May.
••R. M. Riddle, } Pittsburgh
m R ti so n • in. pail
of Exchange Bank.
Hampton,Smith, 4- Co..
John D. Davie,
Samuel Church,
" .1. K. Moorhead.
Jas. W. Brown 4- Co.
o John H. Blown, 4- co
.. smith 4- II it . .iley,
• Yardiv 4- ts,vers,
o John S. Middle,
• John Dalreil,
NAM J. CLEM ER. residing at 66 Mott street.
New York. was afflicted with Dyspep.la in its moat
emanated form. The symptoms were violent head-
ache, great debility. fever, costiveness, cough. heart.
horn. pain In the chest and stomach atirays after mein.,
impaired appetite, sensation of sinking st rhea:smelt.
famed tongue, nausea, with frequent scomitings,disainess
towards nightitud restieness, These had continued np.
ward of a-twelvemonth, whem. on toweltieg Dr. Wat.
1000hatham street, and salueitting his ever
Mccessfol sad agreeable mode of treatment the patient
wad 'completely resfored In health in the-short apace of
one ingni 11, and grateful lot the utellealahte benefit deriv:
ed. Omit y came forward and noinnteered the aboeestate
For reto, Wholesokaied Setoff hy
_ • illgfatangoltros:l
} Pittsburgh
P. 124.
1 s 41 2 .
A !It ES A. VEAZ Arent,
N 0.60. Water street,
irnsion Line in Greenville
DR. GoODEPS eeleirtitai kraals PAM. These
Pips arc strotigtr-rteotnumuded to the notice of
the ladies gs a safe and efficient remedy in rewoving
those compialais peculiar to their - sex, from' want of ex
erchr, or general debility of the glisten. They obviate
costiveness, and counteract all Hysterical anti Nervous
affections; These Pills have gained the sanction and
annrohation of the most eminent' Physicians is the Uni
ted Slates, and many Mothers. For sale Wholesale and
Retail, by R. E. SELLERS, Agent.
sep 10 No. 20. Wood Street; below Second.
M. ADAM, Boot alli Shoe .Maker, Libeetp St„,
opposite the head of Smith f ield st., Pittsburgh.—
The suhsTriheritiving bought out the stock of the late
Thomas Rafferty, deceased, has commenced business
in the old stand of Mr. IL, and is prepared to execute
all descriptions of work in his line, in the best manner
and on the shortest notice. Be keeps Co. gently on hand
a tare assortment ofshoe findinsm oral! descriptions and
of he best quality. Re sc.::Ats the patronaae of the nub•
tic and of the craft. WM. ADAIR.
sep 10
and Axles for Carriages at Eastern Prices.
The subscribers mannforture and keeps constantly on
hand Coach. r• and Eliptic Sprlnes (warranted,) Juniata
Iron Axles, Silver and Brass plated Dash Frames, Brass
and plated Flub Bands, Stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver and Brass Lamm. Three raid Fteps., Malleable
Iron, Poor flandles and Binges. &r kr.
Jr/NF:? roI.EMAN.
Ft. riair at.. near ti.rt
iP.SELLERS. M. D., °Mee, and dweliina in Fourth,
• near Perry street. sep 13—ly
The attention - .ft hwe who have been somewhat seep.
tical in reference to the numerous certificates published
in favor of Or. F:wayne's GOmpound Syrup of Wild Clter
ry, on account of the persons being unknown in this see
riOl`. of t he Suite, is respect fully directed to 1110 follow lea
rertificale,the writer of which has been a citizen of this
borough forsevertl years, and ie known as a gentleman
of Integrity and responsibility.
To the ..94rent, Mr. J. KIRBY.
I have used Dr. Sws vne's Comp and Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a [OllOl, w ith which t have been severely a
flirted for about four mouths, nod I have no In.ritation
In saying that it halite most effective medicine that 1 have
been able to procure. ft composes all uneasiness. and
agree: e , l with my diet,—a ad mat - it:ling a regular and
, 'nod appet its. T car freely recommend it to all others
similarly 7411141 M. J. Mixtrics, rut ough of Chamhersh's.
March 9.1 , 40. sen c 23
l'or.a'c by %VI LMAM THORN No. 51 Market stunt.
IDERF-ONiz degirnus of proro don Fruit. St ode and
Ornamental Trrst.F, Or Shrotrtre rt., floor Florindel
pt is or New York, r4regoezted In notke applirot ion na
soon as possible, at the Drill nod Seed Store of the cub
twriltcr. where can I,e had ratalogne.., fratuilou9tv. of the
most excellent .arlei ire. F. L. SNOWDEN,
nep 21 No 134 Litter, y rent. head of n
For the Tra*sportalion of .hlerchardise to and from
Pitt,bvr?h.Baltimore. Philadelphia, .Veso Fork,and Eos
tem. Ti' ong4 in the sh.ertest time.
11.9 Port:l'4e Boat Line, in composed of
_B_ non is hu 411 iu 6.111. ". cl tct., , , PAC II RAM iO,l ca pulite 01
ro•,taittinc ,olts, rind iitt-ci . plifi;e of Lieinil separate
or tii , tat i•,! nitrt Iran< ft, icd from t anal to Road,
1 (,11e, rF. fnrnling a cilinp!eit. I rain of Cr;.;l or
pr,,e,,,,02 Il l e ~,,'e! app..,raflre .11a r.0:11 caring on !and
the 21 rat I , y re
91 , ipnn,a RI 111 e ervrrll j. el inn= nud lern,i natim s of Ca•
tia's and the ripen-e of Irrinsiiitiment and
I fregarnt Liniilinc; and
it , bi n in Q.. i .,inte Tole of an+n a; on the
I Irr I in.:
f•V - !ii." I,rai a ra .s“ritclion the Bait
liaciirr four separate aparfMeN'S in which are sto
fell, renders !Lem IhS's to d ttta•ze water Or
of her is ise I Imo I,v :toy ot her made of I rrinsiutrtalion
The system of Trati-potisi ion. as mconintended Ity the
ruid t t COoltilipsiortr rs anti lately atio,ded he the Stale,
refers pa t ictila r.y to this tI,,S of floats, The Rows of
this Lire ate ottmed by telepotmditte captains that run
hem, and is the only Line now in operation free front
monopolies or combination.
Comb: conFiznei to the undersilnerl nentc will be re
....10rd free of commis-ion and F1'011;1 , 1 Without (irony at
the lowest rates. Ali Om reps pain aoa every uo ion
promptly attended to. C. A. itI • NULTY 4 . Co. Avg.
Canal BRA". Pitlshu rah
1 AR RI,FI M k Cawfield re
Is pert full vnequnints hi- - friends and I he pultlic 2en.
Cr:Illy, 'lvo he has enmillenred ; he Marble ltotsioef.s nt the
eorner of Fifth and Liner: y Os...where wilt be con.lantly
col hand. ttnnit stones, ronolel pieces. stwoottoents, head
rind foot stones. table =lane for rnldnet ware, and every
notch, to the Ito:Meas. He Ivill warrant his
wnc t, deer, and his cllartten will Ire moderate
He respect roily:lsl. , : it eor ouldic pal rnn,rge. seri 10-
JAMES A. VEAZEY. For+•^ardirr and COMM! S . $lOll
,ftferchar f. A_'•nt for SI ea:nboat Cleceland and
Pen net Jva;11:1 and fr.,in Line Havin'.l rented she w:rr•
horse fnrn:rrh• nrrnpl.,l I.v A- Ca.. Ic. r
Water Si reef, el Vl' ern Wand and Smithfield. In prepared
in receive and forward 7 . , ed. in :Inv port On the 01) , ..9
rivcr on reasonal , :eleinis.
srp 10
CI O. P-IRTN ER SIIIP.-6. . Smith $.• W. Hampton,
a&anciated 1 11pAt.PVerS 1111 PI hl - 7 inter the
Fri of fin Ti pion 4- Smith, wilt Continue the whole,ole
first C 011.1:1 t he hostge recently necti pied by
Hampton. Smith 4- Ca where they will he -ereiving in it
few Aaira nee , stork of and intet ey
refpet trolly invite their old fri s t , nd-i, and merch , nip epn.
erntly, visiting Pittsburgh, to call and examine their
stork,sett! .28—d3m.
Portage Platform Scales on wheels, to weigh 2,500 tl.s, at
do do do 2,005 at 645 00
d 0 do do do 1-500 at 35 00
does;: do do do 1,000 at 30 00
do • do do do 500 at 25 00
With raising levers an addition of $3 to each scale.
Dormant scales for the we of Warehouses, Flooring
Mills. ii.e...the same priers as ahove.
Also, White's. Patent Counter Scale, with 0. Young's
improvements. and a variety of other counter wales,
which they will sell for from 8 to 515,
They also manufacture Steam Engines for Flooring
Mills. Saw Mills. g - alt Works. 4-e., donblg slid glade
I geared slide latkes,inot and other lathes for wood turning
machines for tenanting chairs, platting maehinea, door
and malt machines. Bali's patent hors...power, with oE
without thrashing tnachines, a superior article; circular
saw shafts, machines for sawing lath, Mimes ma
chines and,tools strati descriptions. also for making black
ink hares,a goerior article; governorefor stfain
z.tacks. la ps and dLea, coffee aunts, bodsieid or laiothoti
and inarhinery for matins the emote., cattail faciory ma
cliincry made or repaired; printing pressidattens Intnest,
and priptiorocesisorepaired• - - -
JAP4ItiS MAY, -agent.
ice . - , -,- it0t0 41 41.4040t1r
I peplo
._ k~.,:
?proved flay
infaetti Fell be
oir Mathint
Far -ykatidisliiity , a , at e. Dai/y Pape , . is as City of Pitt*
'milk. le : be
- • -
/PRE SOlmribers having etude arrangements to mew
the American Mannar. tu Ter a od•PitreMorgh Mercu
ry Into one Journal, have concluded 'MS priblish a daily
paper with the title of the Drill lifititiwg Post.
The leadinr, object of the "rear" will bt I lied ssentina
titan and dcfeact . of the sulfite:o principles that have licte
tofore been maintained by the Editors, in their respect ive
papers. and their besteffucts win still he devoted to the
advaacement.and success of throe doer rives.
Although, in politics, the paper will be thoroughly
democratic, yet the Editors hope:hi:P..oin! an honest,
candid history of passing political event:. Fondest
and Domestic intelligence. and brief notices or nit mat
ters and occnrreuces that route properly within the lionkere
of a Public Journal, to make their paper sufficient.) , in
elevate: to entitle it to the patronage of the public, Sr
respective of party considerations.
In addition to the political and general news that will
he found in lite ••.AJortine Pust," the Fditors will take
pains to fur ni , ll the business.. column nil v with
the latest and most Itittri..tins Coxesamkt. lirrettd-
CENCK from all part.. of the country, and to have prepa•
red cud: rscrounto of the Nlarkets and the State of Trade
as will be ativantaceous to our Merchants and Business
Men in their several canines.
Terms —The Port wilt I.e published en a farce Imperi
al sheet of line paper, (qualinfacturetl especially for this
Jourril) at •he m.0.-Ala:Ty low tale of FIVE DOLLARS
per antnm.payahle in a...Ty:litre. It will also he sold by
news boys at the low rare of Tt.VO CENTS a copy.
Rdvertisements will he Inserted at the looms' rates
charted by the other daily papers of the city.
TVC ENTY active lads are wattled to sell the Post,
who will be engaged on the most liberal terms
August 31, 1842.
/00 MIDS. KY I.EAF TOBACCO. in More and
for sale Ly J. C. 4- A CORDON,
No- 12, Water street.
By 4. c a . London, for sale only by S. N.
Wickersham, corner of Wood • street a nd Virgin
alley rittsburzli Pa. and H. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
is sole agent for Western renits,lvania. sep 10
FA ft 11 FOR 1, 111 .-1'1;e undeisigne.lorr.,:= for .ate
tract of land situated 4 mile; freepnt t, In the
direction of Kittanning. Butra!o 'towit.hip. Armstrong
county, containing 100 arreg, 65 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of whlcrt are in meadow-- a good Equare
dwelling holt:, and cahia tarn erected thereon—an apple
Diehard of $0 hen, inn trees—and a spring of excellent
water r naveo into to Ihe
FOR TERMS apply to the sahacrihera residing at the
7 . 7 1 aq worlis on tote re n-y Ivania Canal, I in.le above Free
TO THE WISE --11 , a weti tinderstood low
•toi .rilers of l mina ii.mend fur their cure
non a due atimo ion in the body. It is tow understood
how va , unlde is that medicine Whirli wiII remove morbid
trentiollat ions without weakeninc. the bodily power. It is
rlOtc under-lood that there is a reciprocal influence he.
I ween the toittil and the body. It is now understood that
purzimi with the Brandreth Pills will remove a melan
choly, arid even insanity is cured by persr_iverimlly using
'limn. It is now understood how much domestic hariPi
ncss depends upon the healthy condition of the digestive
It is now well known that the Brandreth Pills have
cured thon,ands of Impele,rs and helpless persons, even
when the fires physicians had pronounced them beyond
alt human means or relief. It is now not only well
known that the Rrandreth Pilk so cure, but It is also un-
flerFtoon howl hey cure; that it k 1w their purifying effect
on the blood I lint they rentnre the hotly to health.
The veneer-I - the Medicine is her-online more and more
rifest, it i. rerommen !ed daily from family to family.
The Rrandreth Pills remove in an almost imperceptible
manner all nosh - tn. , accumulations and purify and 111 VITM.
rata the biood.n nd their 2ood etrects are not counterbalan
ced by slur inconvenienses; tieing. composed entirely or
veeerables they do not expose those who use them to
d0n70,; and their ofroe , s are as certain as they are slin
g,. rr; they arc daily and safely admini-tor,d to Infancy.
yontli. manhood. and old nee. and to women in the mo=t
critical and delicate circumstances. They do not distort,
or shock the antioal Cuomions, but restore their order
and r. roldizh their health.
Sold at Dr. Braxdreitt's Office, No. 91, Wood street.
P rrtai r2lt. Price 25 rents per hn't. with directions
M An li--The anti place in Pit ishotre.ll wimre Ile .7'nll
- Pill= ran be obtained. tilt! T. 'clot's own office, So.
93 Wood si reel. sep 10
IF)R, J. B. T I BRITT'S, Ile-.2ectfully inform the citi
zen. of Pitschorgh a nff vicinity. that he bac return
renewal of a portion of their patronage. In t0nne.i.,..,;
;in would ntr.erve, that the operation of Litho! city, for
Int! t 0011 e 111 lire bladder and allowing 11.10
.tfrvilh the urine.) is every where commanding the deep.
eti interest. Ile honey. to extend 111011 , 1 unit oft hi , ' 'mooch
Jul. Dr , 6•9ciOn in ii.e afflicted. Stricture., Disease s of
the Bladder and IX' idney.,—w hich occasionally follow,—
w ill Itkewice receive attention.
from a di...ohne wi.hing further information
ill apply per.onally or by letter, or if de , ired ran
accommodated at his dwelling, inn ' , tired part of the ci
ty, on Third. helween Ferry and I,il,erty ate. .en ICI
1311 AN Di: E I 11 PILLS.
LET Invalids read ti e failowins, account of a S a ito,
rurrd of a C1,1111,1:(,111011 or affliciionn in n'neteen
cleys hy the ti , .. o • Bra °tire; li rill.. It distinctly proves
here are herbs in ...owe which I.ave affinity cure be
cause of disease. and Brand reties Piltsare made for them
Read end hr: emit., need. Take the wed Ti,P :indite cured
DIA 17 1: lid t.B. .8.W.73 AFFECTION OF THE LrING A
Jona Shia - . of reitioroke. Wasitio,:ion county, Maine,
bolo= d,tty sworn, says, that he was taken v Mlent ly sick
about six months sinre. The pains in his head. breast,
Lark, left side and , nstep b-itte so bad that i;e was nna.
hie to help himself. and was taken into the Chris's tins
oital in the city of itoston. That after being in mid
hospital five weeks, Doctor Otis . ..said he did not know
what was the matter with him, and that he could do
I not hitt= for him. our conld he prescribe env medicine.
That he, therefore, was conveyed front thethelsea llos.
pita' tot he Sailor's retreat tin Staten Island. That he
PVllSlltere physicked with all sorts of medicine fora pert.
cbd ()flour months, suffering all the lime the most heart.
rending nti.ery.— That, besides his affection of his bones
he was troubled touch with a disease of the lungs: some.
limes It. would spit a quart of plilesm in the day; besides
this affection he had a bad Diarrbrea, which had more
or less attended him from the commencement of his sick.
ness. l'hat at Boles lie dreaded a stool worse than he
would have dreaded deal It; that he et a compare the fret-
iwz . to nothing save that of knives pewine through his 1
bowels. AP er sufferitse worse than death at the Sailor's
Retie:ll.°n Staten Island, the doctor told him that medi- i
eine watt of no nse to him that he inn-t try to stir about. i
At this lime he was sufferingthe ?vastest misery. That i
his bones wire so tender he could not bfef the least press-
li ve u pon the elbow or upon the knee, that his-instep has
most painful. that as the Doctor said h e wood : toe him I
no more medicine Undetermined to procure some of Dr.,, ,
Rr.lndrClieF Pills. which he did. from 241 Broadway 1
New York; that he commenced with five pills, and some- I
times increased the dose to eight. The first week's use
-o much benefited him, that the doctor, not knowinp, 1
what he was aline. said, tnow„ Shaw. von look like a
loran again; if von imorove In this war. yon will soon he i
welt.' That he Cm rd every dose of the Brandreth rills
1 relieve him, fiestlhey cored him of the pain witch at 1
tool; that they next cared the dim rhcea, sad finally the.'
plies in his hones;—That the medicine ref oweJo,
!Ytrenettsto him every day. fie told the doctor y !
e t
day the lath instant, that he fell himself well. pifd..
that he owed his reeorery to 11.andretha 'TIM a
Providettoe, that he had taken the medicinelevmray;
for 19 days; that the doctor told hint if be had know; be
lhad been taking that metihine. be 'holt id not have clayed
another day In rite house- He consideri it is his dots to
make t hia public statement for the benefit of all! !simile
afflicted; that they may kilowatt/era to find a medicine.
i that win earn theta. . -..: JOHN - KIAIN,
John Fhaw heinshy melisly Meth th 15120 day of
! April..lll43, Aid depose aii! nay drill this fares. idate ! ,•.,
!went is true._ J. 6 WHEELEit.ensniniivioner or ti..eaß, i
. I The. itit.iArtnkrit"priLe lire ofd at - hr. !Brsti- i
!I.Yetlv , s atinctpa i. a.irita. 241 i 41R(4pfrrityr.. New Tort:,
I P4at:*atintohlitairiee.ls,•*l lisf9os(reit•OtuitiaiN4. •
ilthatOrziritio.l.44o4oo kisrftedo 4o 4 4c . ;elf*.
4 ,,,
:,:etiodlrd',„:•:,-;-;2.-/t-.4,1:,...--.:;:,,,,•::•..-.t.--,:i. • ,„i:r:.''
,ctw . een Pin
FI reel. I ‘,.• •
nrartnre and
d the fore w.
caLies(w ho
composed o
No. 1, ror
e Platform
elgla 3aUti
uuda.at 3tis:
PittOt r t . W-0 - ( 1 8N T'4'r
THIS LitlrSgetlinf Pe
The Giver Mexico. . ; , , . „.., -.- - _.7 -,,,: t
Matters in relation to New SP** li l'" . - :
ruis ,
its gorgeous capital, ore every dayi
in interest; so we have drawn out's n . •
pericil'note-book again, and the ril' tioilekie • .
venientey staying away yestercia i Wt''
found time to scratch up the folinwitit ..,
' - -,
The most impressive cotion that MAW
a new traveller while progressing. throeltir
the large cities °Mexico, is theinoriiiiistk;' -
thirst of gold that does - atilt, tricriatifC ''-'.
tk *
must haze characterised the etriefilt .
priesthood of the country. Whilesf 04_ . .
mass of the population are in aatmilliire7 l :: -. •
et 1 y verging on starvation, thi chUiebtne - -
and palaces
,are gorged with wealtk On 4 -•
treasure. The tyranny of the 01. -• tter ,--
ors i 3 also still alive, and the - ' ll'ai
graded state to which the pen
. 1 4'
have been !educed; and in wh . , . A
per portion of even the Mezil •• r
selves exist, is truly pitiable.
Much has been written al. - -o •. • ,
climate of Mexico, and li:tle is :- 3 0 _
of it that wonld not:resome the op . ': , nest
of repetition. Yet the traveller heneatk
those sunny skies' can scarcely re#reep Ai
dispotition to record his emotiontrif onerk. l •
a pen comes between his fingers; and, in-_
deed, it would be difficult for pier) ;Irk;
most poei.c., fancy to be too warm
. ancl;
glowing upon the subject. Fire : place**.
and stoves are no common things', in dui-,
city of Mexico, and houses are buil. With.
nut thought of such a provision as a Ahirtiii:. •
ney. Cooking is done out of d'Pors, iii . , -
the streets and yards, and a daily special",
cle in the public squares, is beggars and . •
others with small furnaces, preparing the
scanty fare for use. This fact shOws eart
phroicaly the nature of the climate. -:
The great cipital is situated in a broad
and beautiful plain, encompased by gigatiii r
tic mountains, to the summits of which thi
eve is cntitinual) , roving; the hold jcontrast ,
of nature's witp.endous work, with the4ories
and stenles below lin sistitoy furring won't
der and admiration upon the mind. - Ben!.
gardiag the city itself . ..the tray-Iler will wit at , ;_`
ways form favoraWe impressions wing MA
beholding it, and, in fact, those who hasein
dulged in excitement over warm t!,e(iciii)- ."
lions of the country, are very apt .to tie -
stricken with the chillness of disappoitAment.
Nor is even a sojourn of some weeks antis
dent to change this frame of enterprise. lii'
It lingers upon you, and is likely to remain.'"
your strongest bent of feeling wi en you'
leave. It is certainly true that there 311,' -
many building.—mostly pubic, however—l
churches, convents, monasteries and ga
forth, of great and striking proportions,
which never fail to arrest the observation ;
of the stranger; but it is mgr., tram- theit....
antiquated style of structure than anything ; ,
like real arclkitectural elegance.
These buildings are mostly old, urii,.'illi...
ready remarkable for .venerable appearance . *
thou. 4 -h they are all likely to stand as long,':,
again and longer, for tiftir durability would'
seem reaily to defy the progress . of timi.
The old Spanish mode of building prevails,-
of cour-e, throughout the city, .giving rich'.
novelty, at any rate, is the eye alba Ameri. - ""
ran visiter, and making the scene 'quaint;
and picturesque. Tee houses are at sit:0; 1 ,
lar in construction„ being of stone, and- , ••
in contradiction wrrn rire-7-vc.-44.... Ts" ,
of the city whichwe have just mentioned,-
a nd its effect is ma erialiv to mar the p'erits;,.; -
Lire of ele travel er. The general appear,
lance of every thing in the way of architec:
tare is massive, and but little of grandeur is
to be found, save in the interior el the
churches and palaces. while the real ele;• - •
fiance is to he seen no -where. it_ heavy . --
and F ombre effect is produced by the ancient'
style of structure. In the houses the flotit'S .
are of tile or common brick, and the strange
will not fail to observe immediately the ab
sence ii,'.fite plans.
The streets are but roughly paved, and
none of them are at all over c'eanly. They`
are not planned with side walks and gotterv -
as ours are, but sloped downwards Irmo .
each side to the centre, where there is geir;-
erally a covered drain. By far the greater'
portion of the thoroughfares ere neglected ! f
and our pen shrinks from description of the' .
filth and wretchedness to be found in gamin''' .
of them.
Mexico lies in the heati of the moon==
~_.___ •,.
taint', high in the torrd region, seven *mull --
sand four hundred and forty - feet above the
:sea; and here, in a vast valley, overtopped
by the huge Cordtieras of the South, sits;
the capital of New Spain. It is a great
city, and one whose destinies, be'th eta.
and to come. are• now more than erefen?!
gaging the attention of enrrouncti.tg sat
dons. Strange and semi-barbarous as has
been the history of-the country through its
cat er r until this time, the next ten OffiV:,
,teen years promise even a more evee.44,' -
record. Fiercer days than those of tht[i
Spanish invader seem likely to ,gloom Om,
the land, and a deadlier fight than NOV
Mo;,tezu 4ia's people may yet be 00 1 . - 04.,. , - ,4 : ,.
the new Castilians and their newer neti.
- , - ..
The population of the city is noir
ed one hundred and seventy It:Masan*
ieast, it was so estimated a hen_Somita Alma ,
was garrisoned in his palace with umny,
troops around him, yet-to see the swentase
di human twins that tatrinst sifigsttf ,
throng the street!; naval
arises.that _the number must be g 440.11%,..
Many composing these crowds. turrittWr-s
-t are not residetes in the Sys
!abhor the eoUntl jr,, all di:teefis46
homes nowhere...
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