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    - t.~ ~;
Theicgi c i iii
000, of which 11800,00
for the Indiana, thitit4
teeing an anouttlinteati'
ble to the ,govern*Mii
the inaktes; Thivitiedi
ectste per frete.---,
PRINTING, , t.''
. .
N. ' w: cornerv o -,, _
Ton proprietottof the 'tota l%
AND li A strvacre luta - +»peo Ami .
and the pa 4 rOnS or I h°6ol4 KNAillic.
and well e h awn aritortm ent or
a1f4.11C1,11131C ' kA
ian•Di 4.l6&:©wilak t
Necemry to a tub Printing
OF - EVERY th.
[Bins of L
Bill fleodf,
Black Cl
Zit 'dubs of
Stage. Steamboat, and C luta
prime er a,
Printed on the shottest milkm an( '
re . We respectfully ask the part .
e he nuhlic in eerteral in Mt:4 m , n , piirsburei, Sep:. 39: Isal Pill
Tl•c G. W. T... T. Satiety of Ihestb
weekly meetini on 1.116,
• v•il , er 3d, at o'clock. in the
, t rim rr Venn str.et. J. R. Wdrox,l,
Trimb!e, and ctilerp, will addwath,
Iv are respectfully invited in aitrnd
81 P. 7 CITA G . ES Foreign and I .
I nct received this day, on es , .
u5.7114".X'5 AUCTION,
No. 110. W ood st met. comprising by
v lei y now to this city, ay4
.inrerw.ni3 to country with, is n
Tile a , corlment in part tomisitrf.'
jo Superfine broad eloihe; C r oo n ! .
Plain and fig'd , assimeres.; I Re& ;.
to Satiiiielc;l
B ow!. ;
o f Blanke's; Palm,
pg Bleached
Brown do I eiFisiar,'n Glovec;
Willi a real va ret v of Other at Ikle r
will!, row inUi'd from day to flay'
nor* 3 R. A.
a ,otii to Beeline business into
%,hn khOW I ilerri.ClVe3 indeldedlohll
Igo nrconni• before the first of Det
daro, an 71, - 011nIS renlairwing unpaidi
(11i a Alderman fDr toPertig
r la4mq az at him will preseet tltir
Inv 3 -3t
)r TR.II LOW —rame to the o
S ..011rfildlip,
t tine rnOnt 11. a light hrindle
1 or 12 tea s old: no ear or An
" The no ,rr IA d ,, ired to come form
nn, , lokd, tier away, or she wit lir f
Is I ;iv. SI I,
Nov 3-3 T•
VVIIE President and Directors oN.
day declared a dividend of tit .
"" capital Stock for the last aiz MaTat
tq)'dereor their legal representative
ha(, Lr,rl int 01 the Field effi , ern
•1 NV et! eSttaf Oft 2151.14
IS ( f
0,1 matron of B. G. lair..t.it nis RI
a c‘ ) avention held ix Nal
Coori Hour,. on Viednesd3y, Nov. 9,
sq of a the Commininned Of&
. tho pn rpose appoialipg
• a ,nt.:o l'0mVP11.11 1 :111 ,10 2 P held la
II .r, 111 , , Ist:.
I) jou r ed • R.TI
I rt ,1-
ExcrLINGE 104 or
FrilE dlnr , or. "r !his Pant hut
/I, , ep per traill
paw) oli—,object 10 the lax Orn
„,I hive 11. 1840.
I 1 111 te-t.
Nov 2
gin E President and Direclars Of
d,y declared a dividend of
prt ft; 5 for the last six arouths,
in; inci
.4.,,, 2
rereived from the Amnia
Sa lalhschoniUniogSoeirlK
a..d t 11,11110,1 s 0 ads Inf loll
ian.a Ma:ar.s,,e in 111 volfi 15'4
14 iiiickaze•- , German and Eneid
a 'll En 7 :lign._Gerirrian. *
tan irarts. 544,0 Chitaiitin, If'.
r,.. k'l, sta7.azine. (4111MWODI
ms A I nar for 11343.
Qnnto• a variety of Tenspers" e
.‘ll/i AO 4r CO "
Nov 2
Ju.l 'crewed a larze lot a.
ill Ike sold at Ile Coatto l62l
tVO. - ..1 ft reel, at 10 teci 4 - k
Nut 2—lf g. A.
r 11111 S MORNING:a HI ecl' irk ,
11- 211 . 1. Aar,tiaa Rooms. l.
In Iry 10 , of Dry Goode just receive'
:• , titierfloe Broad Ciaria..„
"f.'s Bilaket* tied. and 0 14 ;
raaP French Slerinoesywitti a gr'''`
Alio; at 2 o'clock. ltiesea- C
Cowl.. Overcoats. Sc. itt. •
Nov 2
A crcoihv o '
- 71..•= 3 ;ta.2:-,:- + -••• CO.SCI!,
To .ffost t
The eubseriber willcianatence.=
Post Coach het weenthe abOle
Non. 4. 16.12.
I will leave Plitsbarib !Tel
hinksantotva every...FM.6day •
i'lthele% and Careniebae
atietried. It wilt leave- SI • - •
ea! morning , • at 6 ree lock. Int •
Thor Addy trestle*. The
Ceaceml, svbieb arrive in
Satoday evenings, will .t>
thus wants onaeb to pallmen tri
rue undies and bore Min u 4
dem:dialog .ander the cave 05 tle!:
and everveare wlil be tales p it `
time stated.
Nov 1-112"
,14.4 4011 '
Tug sitbserilier-biii.l agi — s — e tga lei o
senor LIGIrr 40. 11 1 l ilNata ,
La rienil,,Prigitee: 1 . 0 0
fag TOratz9 J Ibf
; , ,,jUSTA VP'
" '
anas d illegal act=*=lotalteliotsetow
'WEISIEVer amew pr
property in. which - neither he uor as tbey
have any right whatever; and which
= they can exerclae*titt [bad
that of withholding their einitairrm
priations from the Company ;-= ,- T je appa
ratus of this Company we e pure_ d by ,
and in the name . of the Compan as the
property of the CoMpany,and. nG in trust
for any. The Councils , too be agre, have
at different times made appropriritions to
ward defraying our , expenses as, ttley have
done with every other Fire Coriipany in
the Cliy. But we do not Consider that
this gives them a right to our property, any
more than it does to some of our insurance
Companies who can also set up the same
claim (if claim it is) against us. ! Now, do
we consider ourselves under any special
obligation to them for this act of kindness?
They in common with all other citizens of
Pittsburgh have received the benefi: of
our services.
V.SAIBER 3,1842
_,Tric . affalV o.
ben!' flats in their Glory.
:ht (Hallow Eve) was a glo
the Market House Rangers,
. 5 , kr., of our sister city,
c that great city slept but
e night—the town bell was
i rk uti6 l 2 o'clock: while
iv rade, genteel and shab
,j,,ying their nccturnal rev-
, •
sales had a Grand Candle
o n. They stole a bed cord
to the Allegheny Hook and
(which by some means has
over the liver and is likely
,hich they hauled "round
WI then to Manchester.
played on .he citizens were
outrageous—only such as
n or the top of a house in
d capers of like char
Any took poor —'sstall out
the Diamond up to the dorn
iv love, Nliss
me lady who knocked down
:t a church door on Sunday
jea!ousy; and Mr. -
h a utilul butcher who gut
fp e
c, rry I y then returned and
:veahle titans nut of the
.n 1 put them in the middle
We !rave l i? ard it said that
c)rne ',l every thing
'l' butuhers'
s .iecil , n'n!, but the
• 1 In T Ic etreet, that
k -t II ,1 , -2 IVOUId 100 k
rni a utility i n this,
I u
our he
hirti fi .)ITI the fe-
111 . 4ikt s'J scared as
c.ir o ,..n 1 end
flight "I'm r ii.eJ, Um
t! ~i'IIICI 5:B1,r•
ci and WI.II PII ‘t* :IC . 1
, d id t
p , I i ;I D.l r
ti A p,
I ~Ct_ll, •J
i,l^iinT.l by the CI
Ui l•• 11, c Direc!or
ac r )""
f t!.e Viai!ant to the Colin
t u.l. In cony lance with
~nierel the Nlav-
i , esn,nl if the Engine and
are in:.l that he has not vet
he Councils' or lers, and the
( - Lis , - are in possession of a
em hers
It Lit;ine and Company.
rof i' : e Viailant Fire Cl,m
little surprised to see a r's- ing to be adopted by the (.3i13
rising the I%l av„rto take pos
a 2paratus belonging to the
Corn pan v : On enq nit lag
,1 find that this proceeding
s bised on the ,rriound of a
teethem by lour or five I fil
pail. in it is alleged
kir the [nog part is corn •
re 1 boys, and that the hall
them t.ir car‘l-playing and
p Ar,) ises. admit•
Oe • F.Ad all the right as
to carry the reso-
Y have a6iipted info effect.
scary 14 so hastily? why
if there was another ver
titer? There is generally
ct ry, and the opinions we
log the first are fregnenl
- hearing the latter. Now
waited a nd hesitated u'itil
t m ,re knowingly in this
ight have found that these
d from sinister motives, al
ent from those whinh ap
ace of the petition.
have fonnd that these mot
by recentacts bad rendered
populEe in the Company,
the intention of a majority
oy. at the annual election,
portly come mund, tturn
;ice and elect others moie
re deserving in theirsitead!
id not wait fur any - thing of
eeded 'at once upon the rep =
interested and:designing
a resolution aug
commit a high OW:. •
.....4.V , :,,:- ,
!,.: .n-,^-,;,','"",Z.
We have not unfrequently left mr beds
at midnight, and went through rain and
through storm where our duty as! firemen
called us; and that too, perhaps, v‘ here these
very men who have been so hasty in de
nouncing us, and divesting us cf our tights
were reposing soundly and securely under
their blankets. Our office is a pa . yless one
arid too frt-quently a thankless one. We
beieve that we have generally preformed
our duty at least; we confidently leave
that part of the matter to our citizens.—
That there are some of our members
times more noisy, and not so strielly moral
as they ought to be, we are free ,to admit,
but we pretest against this wholesale de
n turf it ion of the Company for the acts of
a few of its members. The evil is a
cessary and perhaps an unavoidable one.
In all associations of the kind, there will
be some black sheep in the number. No
banking corporation can be found through•
out our whole country. that, but if its
twelve or thirteen directors, there is not
some one scoundrel; and is it strange then
that a Company composed of upwards of
a hundred young men, there are some who
are not what they should be. We believe
that in ce.r morals and beirav or generally,
w e w ill n ot suffer ie a comparison with
any ether Company in the city. We have
expelled those disinterested pharisees who
sent the petition to the Council,, fount our
body. We have elected more %vela:3r per
! s ee s to fill their places. We knew our
tieles, and intend to mantaie them. 1
shat`, perhaps, resume this subject again.
was Fla
1 . ; ~..:Cr, is ti! . IP; a,•a
r t i r c allr I or
x •rt. 4444,4 )4( .
•4. 44 )4: 1./IC; Ul
' .1•" Pre
;) ution sent
N \* SUITLIE7- FON. 1543
N ty% DEPR f - mEKT.
Ittire:tu oirruv,iort, hin;,
Oricitter 21.1.842.
'. (WO . 4 A I,S, coaled and mail received :it
“:tice. 41 toil 3 o'cl.K:k I' 11,, .4• II t.:l ;la . I Ile
21' 1 .Y Nove,'.er a , •A
ya,, , , ; ,1 N. 11 , .Cl‘arlrrAntvli,
11 ie IS$ - ... 4 , y11. N. V. Ph
I). c c: VA.. and the Rah iill.tre.f..ll:ival sizt
1,11, ice!,. al n ri•l il. .i 1110 folintvitt2 aril
or 1,11,11
rt , per , r6titiii:l” , .lo2
••rli e,.• a , N •vy l i:ds and Naval syo:‘,”. or by Ibe
le r dryly, tfilriug the 1:'31,3, for the
rnileil St al,s,
up,~rfi~~.c I'l~~dr
: 4 h. •
, II IlJer he ma eu • ac'd ed of : wheat ernwn
ni the rearLi-1:2 or 1533. perferi iy sweet. tied in all
- of tae wiall , y; and wliea requiri.d titr=blpnrvut
~,; ' , r fa to the R. of
:e,l la a:1 the s 1" lis pre
/l e: 11: a•lit elllll I.e dellvered in
1. +2.111 barrels. wii IF lini iv!. 1:0 ‘I.:11 ear It
::1 od slottolit:t or,tt r, free of itlt ritar2c 11l :lie
1;t 6 , 15; =al.j,et to surh 1:1e-per:i:.: aq lire of of
irl anti no; lon_ ootv direct or au
re.,,echt. tWriect.y t:•`.ll::.l : tC , orr 10
11::1% to tie coot tiaotho...4 Officers of tiro said Navy
The said ship ldsco it he male wholly front sweet.
su Tier tine door, ittanulactuted of the whnt grov. a in the
year 1842 or 134. i; and he fully ?Via-tail quality. and
cwiltiftli 1 , 1 size, 10 the samples Wlllell are. 111 n - V 4 Or 50011
wilt lie, lodged in sa Navy" Yard-, shill he thorwagiti
baked, and kiln dried, well packed, and delivere I free o
charge to the [hided dater in good. sound, well dried.
bright flour barre!s, with the beads well . secured. or in
light barrels, when required; . nil the satd biscuit and the
h tree's !that' he it all respects to the entire satisfaction of
the Chief of the Buseatt of Provisions and Clothing, or of
the c.iitiniandide officer of the said Navy Yarns, and be
soil-et to such inspection as the Chief of said Bureau of
PrOVWI.,P and rl ttttiog may direct, or of he, wise.
•for art I whi.k y shall be made wholly from grain, of
winch al lea , isvoilitird parts he. rye,-hall be copper
died, and Intl fir-1 prnor,arrording In the Unbolt Staten
l'usloin flints, standard, ii shall he delivered ia good,
s mod. Irtight, welt 11..opvd. cvl.ne oak trarrels. wish white
0 ik heads; and vaell barrel, shall, xv hen required, he coop
ered with foot good and sufficient iron hoops, and the
whole he put in good shlpplog mr der, free of all eharges
to the United St ale-; and the windier and harrels sdiall
enhjvet to vaavli insp-clion as the Chief of the Bureau of
Provision? and Clothing may anthorme or direct, and le
in all re-pert-. p..: roctly sat v-fartory to kim, or to the
corn in lind 0 the said Navy Yards.
It is to he undersioid, however, that persons
who !nay off-r are not to have any c:ai , n or privitele to
furnish any .realer gnantity of any article than tuay be
ex oressly ord,red
Contractors not living at the place where il-tiveries are
required. most e-tallish an ag ncy at such place, that no
domy may arise in furni:hin: what may he required; and
when- a CGSII/ a ovir fails promptly in comply with requisi
tions, the Navy A:tem at the place where the articles
ire required to he delivered shall he authorized to pnr
chase such ar tic!es, and the cool rafii r shall be liable for
any exc as of cast over the contract price.
Separate bids most I e made for each article for each
Navy YAM, nod far the Rail ininre pintinn The blank
offers, (which win lie furnished to individuals nn appli
cilia i to the .several Navy Agynts and Commandants, and
at tins offirej have all the blanks carefully filled
op. ant,. •1 Sti 4 scritied as directed in the note on the
face of each form; and the offers anu.t be unquallfied and
Bonds. with two approved sureties, in one third the es
timaled amount of the respective coat rams, will he regal
red,a nd len per cent= in addition will he withheld from
the amoont of each payment to be made, as collateral se
eurity for the due and faithful performance of the re
spective _contracts; which will, on no itemint, be paid
omit the contras ls are complied with in all respects; no•
less snrcially authorized by the Chief of the Bureau of
Provisions and Clothin7. After derfactinglo per cent.,
payment will be made by the United Slates, within thir
ty days after the said articles shall have been inspected
and r - ceived. and hills for the same presented to the Na
vy At!ent, app rued by the commanding officers of the
respective Navy Yards and .Nay l station aforemid,tc.
cordin: to the terms-oldie contrart.
The Department rewerves the right to riject all bitiS
from persons who have heretofore fatted to execute their
Persons offering to supply either of these articles will
he pleased to designate the place or places at which they .
may desire payments to be made to theta.
oet 26,-41121 _
'to be published ia the Idadisonlian. lnieillgencer, slid
Slope. D. C.; Portsmouth Journal and Hill's Patriot, P.i.S.;
Bennington Casette., Iddrning - Post and Daily Times,
Boston, Mass ; Journal of Commerce. Sen,Staadard,UM
itle and Morning Post. N. 'Y.; American Sentinel and
Public, Ledger. Philadelphia. Pa.;,lially. Morning TOM.
Pithihdritil.P 2 4 avid irermidican.Bahlmore. Md ;
maim, itichatorui;'Va .13eacon.,Norfolk. LoetisvOkt
Garretta,Aingingtost Observer.. Manville Advocate. ;Kg.;
,Old - Scbool.Sepailelican. 0144a/tat Republican.
onn. Obla; nunalt. MO N.
; StigilAnna'rht.
4 ,1" . r .17 ;•
su"..- - - 2 114 47 ‘
. _
LOW, Witli-0000-I:tuifitelf:Of Arent
tot - the New Orleans market, just'beloW
the mouth of the - Ohio, on Monday , morn—
ing last. • • -
Not Bead.--Senator Woodbridge of NIL
ehigan. 'He has been very l'ithut now .
I convalearent.
Cul Kearny oftue U. S. Topogrephicel Engin.
eers, has arrived in St. !Alia: His übiect is to
loult at the state of the Inags in the Mississippi.
The 'Grave ard' will no doubt attract his atten
tion particularly.
The beauties who were brought before
the Mayor of Allegheny for attempting to
put a dead piggy on Sergeant's mortar on
Monday night, were discharged; Mr. -S.
not being able to identify them.
Ditto. the Loafers who cut down the
Sign post.
IrrWho put Godfrey's Goat on the
top of his house? This is a question of
much importance.
The details of the proceedings of
the Allegheny Rats,whiCh will be found in
our paper to-day,will no doubt be exceed
ingly interesting t 3 the literary portion of
our readers.
Another Torch light procession.—We
learn tl,at preparations a•e makinE by all
the Fire Companies (except the Vigilant)
for another grand torch light procession to
come off some night soon.
W 1 LLlA_tf k:LDER, Aitorney at Law; (Wee in
Flakewett's Rnildings, tearly opposite ihe New
Court Douse. on Grant street. aro 36-9
SUGA ita; 1101LA55.E.4.40 itl)ds N- 0. Sugar,
40 t,bis Pi.tilallors Molasses,
50 Sugar House do.
Ba,ts R io Coffee
IJ Oct 4.
NIA.—LIIIV Trustees of the
Western University of Pennsylvania announce to the
public that they have established a Law School in con
nection with the University, in which will he Innen
Mil Sicipal, International, and Constitutional Law in all
their manches.
The mode of instruction will he by recitations, lectures
and occasional moot-courts. as in similar Institutions.
The year "will consist of two terms of four and a half
months each.
The first term x% ill commence on the second Monday
of Novemhcr nest.
• . -
The tu it ioti fee is $37,50 per term payable in advarce.
AVsurea LowRIE, Esti-, a ole , nuer of the Pittsburgh
Car, has been chosen Professor. The trustees take great
pleasure in announcing that they have been able to se
cure the services of one so well qualified for ibe station
I,y re ason 01 his legal acquirements, and particularly of
one so highly esteemed as a scholar and a gentleman.
The anuexed recommendation will furnish satisfaction
to all his qiialifir at ions as Professor.
The trusters living been induced to iastitu e this
srliiiol from a view ofilie serious ilisadva olages attending
the studies of law. in the office of praci 'Slog lawyers and
a so the very obvious ad aantages whit PO ishursit pos.
,- -ese, over most colter places in the West for the estali
oMment ofsach an in-titration—llene is a most i o d a siri.
ons o non :it' The student will see around xam
pif. , of iodustry and em,r;_iy, aid Very few le.tiplaiintoS to
iudoleure and Ile Ulay become acquainted
will bu=inns. in all Os firms, Our Courts are Silting
nearly all the yvai• round, aii.l there is perhaps no place
in the IST st hr•r a c ren'er variety Or cases and princi.
plest arise for tliseliss.on.
'l' he Commit re. are <lest t cos that all perS.oll 4 w'Shill: To
tail I ilt . lllF , I VC? 01111 C advantage s of this scltool, should
sn inttostitatele be ratltiroi arid leaviott Iltrir aan‘r= at
I Ile office of Waler 11. Lowrie., Csq , Ott rl.llllll Sireet
or t athlressitoi him by letter, post •paid, so 11131 all Flu
deass 11.1 V COSlllTtellee :11 the Upeoing of the term, or a ,
early ttereallrr as possible,
JOHN r frESF.I.T. I Committee
We lake a otenitnre lii rernaittiending to the fottfi
iteni e of the Walter 11. Low ProreFsor of
lAm, in the v of Penncylvania, a• a
rniteniar emil‘ent kir his cnltorl leg, loarnin2 and ahili
and in every w3y gitatified f - I dal ies of the office
to which lie his been elerieit.
ehi,.f.luslice and
MCG.ION C. p.nuoßs.
iniGiCeS of the
GAS GU S - 1 - 0.1.
: - 'upreme Court.
Judees of the
enintEs SR .t 1 ER. Met rict Court.
BENJ PATTON', JR. Pre=. Quar. Sees:
nrt 14 if
S./11,T —2,00 bds No. I Sall, ju , i received, and for
sa'eby J. W. CC 11 I LIG E CO.,
No 75. Second et reel.
OAEU AI —25 Bare,: Oakum. on Mind and for Pale by
-.1 - ; W. BU R RR! DC 4. co..
ort 1 No 75. r 54 and feet
rd big heet prim in cn.h will he give)
J ES DICKEY 4- Co Agts.
Mechanics Line corner of Liierty and Wayn yrrete
Pdishut gii. oc '42.
Unrivalled Blacking*,
-tif f A\ UF ACI Uti ED and sold wholesale and retail
SIXTH Brener one door below Smithfield.
on 21 —1 y
No 151 Liberty st., one door front the Jackson Foundry.
C I THE Subscriber having prepare-1 at his establishment
the largest and must varied stock of IRE tIDY
MA DE CLOTHING ever offered in the Western coati
try, would respect fully invite the public to give him a
call and examine his Goods and hear his prices before
pureltas -, itu elsewhere. His stork consists in part of
1.500 Coils, assorted sizes and quality; 2000 pair panta
loons; 1800 Vests; a alt a large assortment pf Shirts,
Drawers, Cravats, Stocks, Gloves, Supenders, and every
other article of winter Clothing.
His Cloths were alt selected by hint:Feria the Eastern
Markets, and purchased at the very lowest cash prices,
and consequently he can afford to give his customer.
BETTER BARGAINS than they can get al any other
house in the city. Relieving In the principle of—Protect
ing Home industry" he has therefo e had all his articles
manufactured by Pittsburgh workmen, and he has no
hesitation in saying that they will be found in every res
pect superior to the Eastern martaisclarell articles that
are offered fur sale in the slop shopi that have recently
Anchored among us.
In these times when Haim 'adviser, is occupying so
large a share of public attention, as it always should, the
proprietor of the ..Three Bit Hours ' takes peculiar pride
and pleasure in assuring the Citizens of Pittsburgh that
hit Goods are all wassfactared under his own eye, by the
mechanics of his own town. Ile dots not, like some of
his rivals in trade, have his Clot hes made up in a diAant
city, in another State, nor does he advertise his Stork in
hills printed three or fpur hundred utiles from here. He .
goeu on the principle that the mechanics of Pittsburgh
tan do work as well as any others, and lie does not de.
sire to draw money from their pockets to support distant
workmen; white hp asks them to support him, 'he does ,
not wish .0 inipoverish them by a drain to support far
off mammoth worlPitolln! •
The subscriber would lake, this occasion to return
thanks to his Mitt& end customers for the unprecet*
*Patronage extended to his isti!Sfshuseni, and, to IT.
pest his ,invitation. <tp art titeine whit. wish to *chase
elothing,of every dater iptiod.made In the Wteit grins
sifsoid on 'the mint seeiminodattna Aeries. seven...it
No. i3l f-ibeity strPer4 • p3.114i,104485.EY.
111,3MTAserife Metal riAtt in the
_ . ,
-40, theverim•terlitatsraaniesu
For sa'e by
J. G. 4- A. GORDON
For safe by
J. G• 4. A. GORDON
ANDW 11". FLACK, I Education
. #*, for sale
1 111/ 4f! 1 0,00 ,10 /Os' "DrthiStlik i f t l e . he
eiti"ftti ef;r4•1 6 4 1 1 1 4ot Width
SOSireiAMred sod ittider.fewee4rfrorn4s;te-1,0: acres of
in,*4 41 !; 72 . goockide o rripores.iAre** ac d
tr an
ClKKttrats":7tbeirOprtmfteettta are a large frame house
cetta!ptig 10 rooms- Weltfaroiabeid, calculated for a Ta.-
eorn,e , nrieste_Perelling,wiraute Barg 28 by alotirme
tivem4t.allA steldieg.abedi trut other out. bowler:omit.
,for a tettementt.-2 good Gar " a w e d w ith
eurntot bushel, nada : well of eacelient water, with a
pump in it the front door. In relation GI the Phishargh
and A Itetheny arar4et,3here is no place now oared for
sale with moneindocentent to those wishing to purchase
/tear. Pittsburgh, the terms, will , he made moderate, for
furtise.r particulars - apply to.the proprietor al tiiaCiothing
Store, Liberty anted, corner of -Vireo Alley,-.
N. B. If not sold before ;Ise' 1s of October asst. it
will be divided into 10 and 20 Iscre,lols to snit pucka
SeTS. das 10
THE subse , ihers respectfully cairthe attention of
their friends and the public cenerally,ta t heir pre.
sent assortment of Paper Haspirtge. which - contains a
large and extensive variety of patterns of the fullowiqx
descriptionkwhich upon inspettion will be found to be
of superior quality and finish.
Unglazed Wall Papers., of all desrripttons, fcr pxoerinc
rooms and entries,A 25 rents prr piece.
Glazed Wall Papers, neat and dandsnme patterns, for
paperlngroomaand entries. rat 37 cents. -
.doterican Nall Paper, of inelr own manufacture, for
balls; F end other styles for parlors and
chambers.on fine satin glazed grounds.
Prent-k Wall Papers. Decoration and Fresco patteras, in
plain and rieh rolors,frad sad silver paper.
Velvet cad foritatioa Borders. -
Landscape Papers, In setts, for papering hotels, halls
and dinirieroome, at reduced prices.
Fire BlearetPriata, Statics, Ornernents,
Window Blind Paper, plain and figured, of different co
Western merchants and others are respectfully invited
to call and examine their stock and prices, off which last
a liberal discount will he given for cash.
From long experience in the I usiness, they are able 10
manufacture papers in a superior manner, and as they
are determined to keep up the character their papers
have uniformly sustained, they hope to continue to re
ceive the encouragement hit hertosO liberally extended.
No 99, Market street, between 3d and 9th
Pitt F.-ballet. Rept, 19. 19.12.—da wtf
TT S. MA IL LINE of Splendid Pas.enger Steam Pack
4-1 . els from Cinein nail to St. Louis.
The new, splendid, fast running, 6: light draught steam
Packets West Wind aml Nonpareil, will run as regufar
Packets, crtien Cincinnati to St. Lnnis. Will leave Cin
eimiatiand Si. Louis every Wednesday morning, at 10
Passengers from the Cast and West may rely upon
t heir starting punctually as adverti.ed. rep 10
• sian .11v-chant, Lanieoilie, KY., will :Mend to
sale of Real Came, Dry Groods,C. or4ries. Fit nil , tire, 4-c
rte. regular sales ever y Tuesday, Thursday, and Fri
day mornings, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Cash advances made
on consignments FPO I
Cltir steer,
Laces and Ribbons.
Wide and narrow Deis,
Lace and Muslin cMtar
Infants' frock waists,
Ladie.s_Frencli Kid, Mohair.
Lisle Thread—and Cotton Gloves.
Black Mohair nets for Veils.--very cheap
A large a ssnet merit of S'iraw Ronne - s
Also, a varie•y of jnra w philu and fa my Tuscan braid
of the latest fashirtn, non at exceedingly low rates.
These goods are now selling off at prices to suit the
D RIBBON S'I'URE. Aro. ;;;
Ladies are respectfully invited total' and purchase
spp in--tr
tlOll Vitt 4E t BERRY Tttu CH to ASII—.B New
Invaluable Femedy.—The beauty of t he
Teeth, their indispensable n.e, and the frequency of their
de-ray, has led to mane inventiony (or I helr pi tr.ervation;
yet how to pre sPfve them in a Mate of health an pri.Oirte
beatitii„ to the littera prriott , of r'li•lelit P, waft ertttrely
noknown (mitt the ilit.:ettvore of tile above invaluable
reopart,sion, U fornot a pure tinrntre rom pflae or
etattle tevritients, and is 1:0=i- , "‘P.I delirious
odor. I er4tlient pet tart nr (root the teeth, removes .itol s
Of incipient decay, :Ht Itre,terves the enamel, to
whielt it oives a fiend like erbitettes., and. from it. diAtt.
feet in_ prooert lest, 11 , :, , P5:- . P.S Coe virtue of vi le; ncss
to the breath
AI , an Sufi Scorbutic. the Onto. res. - ,=ha re in itn l rails
redent powers; Scu Ivey t 4 et - ultra/et' front then,. a
hra by art i.nt and retires's i, induced, o hich offers - to the
notice of the ittedici prnrtil loiter indithitat le evidence of
taiir healthful slate. been examined and tt , ett by
several of the lopf-t physicians of hi: city, whn have tin
hesinwion to rerontittending, it as att excellent wash for
the "1 eetit, Gums etc.
A o.onr, the revommendatious to the above are the fol
Having tried Dr. "Thorn's Tea Berry Toni h 3F11,"
and become aequatuced with the ingredients of its coinpo
sit ion,l cheerfully say, I colisidet it one of the safe,t. ac
it is one of the most pleasant Tooth Wits] es nosy io use.
Pit I.:burgh Sop. 15,1342 DAVID MINT, Dem i.t.
I lake pleasure in staling, having made use of:iTtiorti's
Tea Berry Tool %Vasil," tl r.t it is one of the tie..' deli
triflers in use. Being in a liquid form. it combine.. neat
ness with convenience. While it cleanses the enamel
and et moves the tartar from the teeth. it= peen toe tests
a frag.rame peculiarly desirat•te. I P. TIBBETTS. M D.
The undersigned have used ~T ilmit'S Compound Tea
Berry Tooth Wash," and have found it to be an extreme
ty pleasant dentifrice, exercising, a most sa'ntary infln
enre over the Teeth and Gums; preserving those indis
pensable members from premature decay. pteventing the
accumulation of Tartar, and purifying the Breath. Day.
ing, thoroughly tested its virtues. we take pleasnre in re
commending it to the public, belieeing it to be the best ar
ticle of the kind now in use.
_ _
I'll-pared only by WILLI 1M 'nom Apothecary
111111Chenti , t„ Nn. 53 Market slice, Pittsburgh; for sale at
all the principal Druggiste,and Turtle's Medical Agency,
Fonlih Sep
171 A October. 1841
.EALED proposals will be received at this Department,
kJ until 3 o'clock. P.: St, of tne 15th November next,
for furnishiegtha necessary material; and constructing
Depot for the preservation of the Chartsand Instruments
belonging bathe Navy, with its necessary observatories,
granite pier!, ci-e.
The Depot In consist of a central building of fifty feet
square, with wines of twenty five feet in length and
eighteen feet wide—the whole to be built of brit k.
Plans.and specifications will he exhibited at this De
part ment. to persons wishine. to Itl I for the same. The
excavation to be completed the present winter. All the
materials to be furnished of the best qua , ity. and the
work to be done In the best and most workmanlike ma"
net', and to tits entire saitsfaction of the officer super in.
tendine the construct iollof the buildings. Payments to
he made not oftener than mice a month, nod then not!, in,
bills certihcdhy the superintemline Witter, and approved
by the Secretary of the Navy, reserving ten per rent. en
all bills as collateral security, omit the whole shell be
completed to the entire satisfaction Of the Department_
A head for the faithful performance of the contrail;
with two satisfactory securities, obeli heglven for one
third flit estimated amount of the whole cony.
The Sun and Republican, Baltimore; American Seni ire'
and Ledger, Philadelphia; Dalily Maiming Post
burgh; Journal orCommerce. Standard, Fan, Union. nod
Morning Post, New Vork; Morning' Gazette, Buffalo;
Daily There, and Morning Poss. Bosion; Riles Pa:riot.
N. IL:Enquirer, Richmond. and Peacon, Not folk. Va.;
will publish an aboie.
LIBRARY of Religioue,llisiceica",Political,enOklis
gabenenns Works. will be open every day, Ga4hath cx.
'eltWed, "few 7 o'clock, A. M.,nntil R. P. IR., in the Ex
change Building,corner of St ,Clair streeland Exchange
alley. where punctual anendance will beiiiwen by
rep-10 J. 161041‘111..
F'rrrssuitan) Clot. 22, 1842.
Dwrinxcl—an Friday. abe POO of last mantis. about
1 9 eclat* al _ akbt.i be Plaalaugroovinsad,tbub blau,{
oftetory, owned by Gay.:Difirattli Co,,iyitbk a lasale
qiiitatity of &plata Lad aadreased lamber wiaall poky,
Tag Itaa See arbkli Fbeaebtor you sifnie:tim' hack
iris in the inkst iipoged darraf be :firer_
Ainkaasairali red but —tam plitaad to..WairMl oll4 Vl l *
00 *- 21111 4 14 1 . 0 4 . 41 i 40 0 , 1 4 4 9 114 4V!; 14 : 6f* th -149 .t r , 4 1
OFIWL-IW, iattieVaii
Ac 0141 ‘ 4,44.-
- • -- -4.-
Eic;i 7 „.4s4.: jay Armor
iteekette4i - elikrgait4il# l, lt ; I teerie *le the
P or agAtillilie;i : may liepersiiiiwktiktetic that It
knfi.ittee to Ib )ostirjutrivit per* rniesrtd
Sigiit et u r+etrical pxaetiee 01 17
otns boa been for .14) or 40 years.
The experience oftbat lousierlad Ofaciire ilfmorisit he
fact or my having been w.tiact. ,flaCook=ocialeil with
Dr, IC A Waxen, in the practiCe or *saltine. OA, thto h a
period; of five years.) enatam me to,ludle fully of . tile
mer_its of his pills.
So convert eci,soetficlent,attdyetSo sa.e..ald fat*ent
these pills, that for the last 6 my practice for,
ve yrat 2l i n
he eureofehrouiedbeafec of whatever nattm. and those
of females - in poriieular, t have used wore of them than
all other medicines.
- Like every o th er medicine. this must fait in :Mine in
stanc&s, Nit in my h . ainds there has teen less disappoint.-
meet and more eat Willi-tit:in in adminisi rai ju n a ibi s ;
one rrrtiedy than of - nil others; its cood effects sometimes
quite astonishing arr. -
If my parti•nt reqnirr.l a safe aperient medicine either
Itsfo-e nr after parturition, the Wilmn's pills were just
the thing 1 wai4eil. •
it a dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach. cornhin. d
with costiven-ss or inactivity of thetiver eonstitnted the
disease if any patient. the pills Were just the thing I
If i treated a ra.re regnirleg ernmrnaropr.. the
Witeatt's pitta were the tt irg 1 wattled.
If palpitation, headache, flushed coo ntenanee.orot her
difficulties, indicating a disturbance of the circulatory
and secretory systems. annoyed my patleat at tbe
of life,' the Witson's pilla werejast the thing. t married.
Thus, without restrict to the name. a disease rni=h l
happen to wear at the time t have had It under treat
merit, particutar indications or symptons, arising. a ere
al - rays n,e t promptly and most happily met by the
Wilson's pills.
That so great a number of diseases, and somelirnet aP
parent ly,opposite ones, in which I have used these pills.
should be erred more readily by them thanhy any oilier
remed v. may at first seem strange and contradirdory, hut
why it is so is as e/ear to my mind as that a erect many
persons should l4Tome thirsty from us many different
causes, and yet all require that common and greatest of
all blessings, water , to quench their thirst.
In tottelugion, it is dne the. epritaTion of t`te medicine
and the pultilc, to say decidedly and unconditionally. that
Ihe Witmtn's pins ate meanly combination t have ever
met with In my tone rmirse of practice, that mails pos.
eesres anything entatire or specific for 4eli headache :
Yonrs 4-e., . DR. MILD ADAMS
The above Pills designed panicolarly for the sick
naed_Ache. Dympepsio. Constipation of the Bowels &e..
prepared by the proprietor Dr. B. A. Wilson. and fot
sale.wholesaie and retail. at .his dwelling In Penn street,
belove ury. 00
WM. E. AUSTIN, Attnrney at Law. Pilisturreh. Pa
Office in 4th street, opposite Burke's Buntline.
We',qv( E. Ann - in. Ent., will y,iste hisattentinn to my
unfinished business, and I recommend him to ihnpatron
age of my friends. WALTER FORWARD
-en 10-1 y
li v it7 M. STEELE., (successor to H. M'clOskey) rash
ions-qt. Root Maker, f.iberty sL, 2fl door f:om
Vi - 2in A Iley. The subscriber respect fully informs the
public that he has commenced the above business in. the
shop formerly occupied by Mr. Henry lU'Closkey.
and that he is new prepared to attend to all orders in his
line °Nosiness with despatch and on the most reasonable
terms. Prom his Ion: experience in the manufacture of
Fa=ltionable Roots, he feels confident that all articles
from his establishment wilt give satisfaction to his pa
trolls. A shareof public patronage is respect folly solicit
ed. sep ft)
Ng ECU N ICS' Independent Transportation Lint to
Philadelphia and Baltimore. For Transporting.
Alerchandiie to and from Pittsburg/I, via Tide. Water
and Pennsylvania Canals.
The st.ek of ibis Line consists of the first ease Spring
Cars, Metal Roofs. and New Dec; - ed Tide-Water Boats,
commanded by sober and experienced Captains.
Merchants , by this Line are enabled to have their
GJOtiS F-hi9peti a:cheap, and with as touch d.spatth.as
b' any other Line. fine Boat wilt leavedatly from the
foot of Willow nireet Railßoarl, on the Delaware, in Tow
of a Steal. Voat, which is kept expressly for that per
The Proprietors will give their •• hole attention. and
refltectrully invite Western Merchants to give them a
roll. as they will find it much to their advantage.
All goods consi2tied JYillieta Ileilmar. 4- CO. coast
wi=e nr via Delaware and Ra rilan ''anal. will be receiv
ett al liwir warelionsrfoot of street l.ail Road,
P hi lade , p' ia , where , jotots can he pot directly from the
Ve- - sel into the finals without additional handling or ex
front Philad. to liotiday , hurg.
L P urTEßsos, r Proprietors.
From not .1:-.1-s'-orf:11 to Pitishur..h.
ES DICKEY k Co-. Canal Bast., Liberty strert
pui , durreh—.9,tenrs
,sea, Willow street wharf, .1
on the ()Mew:l...at Pitiludelphia,
Josern E. ELDER. Baltimore, gewt
11. L. PAI - rEasort, llotida)shargh,
Jesse PATTERSON. Johnstown.
g:, for to merchants generally tit/au:bow the city,
ep 15--If.
lr T. STEWART, Upholsterer and Paper flange,.
t. • No. 49., Fifth st rim, between Wood and Smithfield
Husk and Straw :degasses always on hand. All
orders executed with neatness and despatch, on OrrOMIDo.
daliDE terms. F , ' D 20— 1 y
300 I T ,er E a vi n p c e e ß L ALC o E ca li i y e TT: :nrsk,
No 1t
1 2 . 5 a 0LTo a de n c i o h ns s' i Te r rn ,
hle variety of the American Temperancee Union Pnbli
canons-for sale At ttarrieg A2ency and COMMintOL
Warehouse Ivo 9, Fifth St. oct
GEORGE W. LAY -410. Attorney at Law, Office
..S4 Fifth street, near the Them re, Pitteourgh.
Dr. A. V. PAT f CRSON, Office on Smithfield street,
near Sixth. sep 10
ler would respectfully inform hit old cumomers
fr lends. thal he has this day associated with Min A. M e.-
I Ilya inc. under the firm of S. Keller it. Co.. and resumed
Iris former itirsiness of dealer in Iron and Nails, at his old
stand, No. 53. Front st, between Wood and Market mg.
A renewal of his old ettFunn, and the patronage of the
public generally, is respectfully requested.
Pittsburgh. ApiilB, 1842. SAMUEL KELLER,
For Sale
of Ground in the town of Beallvillte, Wastragton
co. on the national mat uetween Wrahington h Prowno.
trifle and near the toad leading from PittsOurgh to Mor
gantown, on which is erected a large two story brick
lionse. well finished, a await frame adjacent suitable for
an I flue or nlorr, a brick milk house, smoke house; and '
all ner4 94:Iry bnifdin:n and a welt of good Writer. Also
an acre nut lot with a large carriage hon=e and small
&vetting biome, and a twoacre meadow lot. with a good
;Trill! Of water on it, The above properly will Itexold
ml acrommodarinx terms or exchanged for property in
Pilisbnrnh, and rash paid for the difierrnce. Thin oil.
age ix situated in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods
ut he west,and presents a good opening for a Physician
r Merelrant, or a good Ifechanfa—to a good Physician
an excelterit practice can be given. For terms and par
ticular. apply at . - Immo'
or! 23 intellegence office- •
1110 WN PROPERTY —Wii! s ie.rithanged for a good
1 fur® within 3Q mitesof Pitiaborgts,a Lot of groutal
on mean street, In the sth Ward,eornering on one of the
streets trading to the Allegheny river, on which in erect
ed a kick house with a frame how attached. Wahling,
ke..4slcupied at preAent aa a tavern and hoarding hose,
and-renting at 8200 per annual: entirely free .front an,
incominaanteand title arsexeepiionable. A PM,' It ,
s e l " 1- -Ift
MO? ICE —We have in - store the folloarjoi - uurked or
VS doscharged Pat bares , . which, if riot (bled for, will
he tityposed otaoordirtg, tolaw, in pay eharurs. _
Seed Walliiiigton.6 pottage!, cure Craw fcrd Washing
ton. sburgh.. ~,
J. IN. Scott, I Bott.rirooeXc‘ilicFaddeu.Pitlitt" , Sk-., -
• Vrin J. Green, 4 pai itagekraaaish.:'
. , . • . . .
bro'suartf,2 carilages a f .
. `•' - ' ' '.
.' - "
C. A. TV 4. CO • hell*,
I. tukp
. . . ,
11:14. -, Poitable Boat Ute t . ttal *attn. Liberty ditAllitY
PiUstiurult,Oet.WlS42. ( oP -. r. -. I C ,
. .... ,
- -
le•NiffritgAlillt--TiwAaphrerfary Yeetigfof OW
XS_ Wingiora - Pl. A. ft. ftesewilitu cooiiiiiit iViol
peoAsy'arorjijapgfir*ispeAtAe* lialtilisithfiell street,
-;`'Pot 71:
,rt.ThitenDierita, • .
•,v•••• , • ?lA,
lttift „
- .
- 1 - ET Ineallas read t he _ .
1.1 cured - or a etanipilaitiost o f *tintltbiiii.*ji
da ll by the use of 13randrelb egti.,.....4.-Asihr *PIP
tbeite are berlti In nature ,whiok.tra* idfiii
cause of dheaie, and Srandrelb lliti r s re lise hialt-
Mead find be enrivineed. . Take** tnett_,,_9tyl bhlltilla, .1 .
„ EITR:d 6 / 4 /1121r.dit,irtUREOF. Attr..__
__JE&„,. '7 - -.,.
Di..4k/t/iCE.4l,:ior .6 dlSATTdtiittgd , . ..,._ r ,S. to ,
lorweSsisw. OtTettittinke,Wailiiii•iloit e#arids k
brine dote *whew; Sair‘lhat he wastakeir , irbiteskakt,Atile
about As rootithashkris, '71401'04i his OAatti.lljllloo,
hail., leirside-ind inataili4n* so bad lAatrba.,4l9lat
Melo helfilikidelliSaidltlis take:Siete the Vaedeac,_
eit .o al its_ the city , orAtoitse. That after , bet S
h.l.o.4•wrelciON:kini:" Otis said he 4424
what was the inattet With bier, and 1114;hts
iiotbisil for hint, ttur r ecuild he pret-etibe nail. _ _ •
That itec,tlteretore, was ctihreyed from the.Chehati:ntss.
pilaf to the Sailor's retreat on Staten laiend.' ..Xkusellat
was there ph ytirked with all sorts of atodieinselibiiiipekt•
od orient rotanths. meeting alithe*sitt the .Main :r 6180*.
reading tnkerK.— That, besides his adeetlearstlakt.t_
Le was troubled flinch whit a disease of the taladekhlillik
tunes he would spit a quart of phlegm Int* . htillkial
I t his affection Le. had a bad Diarrham, which had tathis
or less attended hies from I he tossineneentent or itiVagitlit.
amt. That at liElliPS he dreaded crewel worse ttiodl .he
would bare dreadedrhtarh; that he can eoseparethe;fret
tug to nalitifir save that Hof knives peta ittempitihis
bowels.- dales suffering wome than at thieDaiffleet
Reg reat.-onStatets Island, the doctor told him .that
clue. %tremor DO 14BP to him. thathe oust try to sttraktielki
I this time he was suffering the greatest misevyi.
ltis tioneuetre Oillfatter be ebigii not bear thit lisistfOus.
art noon the elbow or aeon the knee. that his 4 111 1, 11 eP le s
most painful , that as the Doctor said be would give MR
no more medicine he determined to procure some of Dr..
ftraiireth's Pips, which he did. from 241. Broallittm
New York; that he commenced with five pilb.lllllX
timev increased the dose to eight. The first weere leep
so much benefited him, that the doctor, not kittens"
what he was Using. said, .now,l3ltaw. yori look Me X'
man again; if con improve in this way, you will vett *
well.' That be f-urd every dose of the Brandrath Pills
relieve him. first they cured him of the pain wbetk at
stool; that they, next cured the diarrhea, sad finally Os
autos In his bones;—That the medieine sieved hi eddl
strength to him every day. Ile told the doctor rellser
day the 1 Ith ihstant, that he tett himself well,, and also.
that he owed his recovery to Waal/relit* rillS., llo l4lr
Providence, hat he had taken the medicine everyday ,
for 19 days; t hitt the doctor told hint ifbe had know* be
had been latitt that medicine, he shostd not base stayed _
another day in the house. Be considers it inMS
make this public statemeni for the benefit oral! sitothectir
afflicted; that they may know where to find a medic**
that will care them. JOHN 1311 A ,4,:
John Shaw Petrie by me duty sworn this,l2ot def
April, 1842, did depose and say Oar the IbrelelPll-1111.114.
meat is Iran. J. D. WElEELER,Coisimisaioderief
The BR. NDRETH PILLS are sold at Dr.; Ritmo
dreili's principal office. 241, BROADWAY. , New
and at hie principal :Are, filci.93 Wood street, Maims's.
the ONLY FL.SCE in Pittidiargh where thelesesiee-eas
he °Male ed. $eP 22-411,2*.
FIATS—W. 4- notterry inform their friendiand
the public that they have commenced mansfiectti
ring Hats, and thr.t they have now ready for SOO. la
their Store, 148 Liberty street, between Market anif.6tii
street, an assortment of the very hest Hats - , whial they
are ansionsto dispose of on the cheapest and mag.nsatim.
able :erms. Their stock eonstst of the 'very best hinds;
viz:—Peaver. Otter. Neat Oa, Casvorsshort Nal pea. lbs.
sin, Far and Silk flats.
W. 4-11. tiolierly are both regular bred flattim *bey
have had extensive experience as icurnetinuan la IND-kat
estaidisliments in the country; their Hats arse
under their own inspection, and they assure the ituittki
that nothing but the very hest artirles on the wog ll*,
conable terms will he offered for ESlif7. PeP'lo
E.MOiRS oft be late Rev. ClibrlerNisbet,o
- of Dickinson Coliege, Cyanide, by Sala
Miller. n.. 12.n0. with n !lonesome POnfa_ it.'
COJIFOR T IX AFFLICTION—A lsertiv of medita
tion.. by James Buchanan. D. D.. fiktil Mirth" *Mk".
hu it. first Anneriari.. from the Rtit Edinburgh editioi!
SPIRITUAL HONEY front NArra AL Dives; or imidN .
itat ion-R,Ond oitservntiwis on the natural 'Miami and,llli!
bits of Been, first int rodored to pbblie notice in 16674k7
Samuel Purely's. A. M.. Loudon 4ed.11? aro. ,
Charles SISTAM.
DECAPOLTS— or the individual obligalion otiEbrin•
tines In Faye Routs from death; 2a Essay by Dqvid 11 !
Ford—A - tort h A meriran. from I he glith London editions
recent pfle , P*Pre bereavements in a minis - teen family:,
SEENOVE—or the Good Aunt awritte
Rad A sini; by Min , Cut/we're Sincilttr.Vl„,lB.oo,,,,,,
crima2e, Life a Rare. Life a Conflict, Lif4fil,:eirtitiktare
a ScediT.niefor etcrnit c,iiy the Vey- T.,'7.44#114";=•
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THE EX 'ENT .BXD EFFlCJlCYof'..ais.llll9.lnic
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Coileze. Ka.-241 edition 18 010.
The Murat Influence, Dancers and Duties, conefetei
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J. H. Meth , D'Autiir,ne, President or tine Theo:dos
School of Geneva, IL, in :3 vols. 12 mo.; 34 American
from the 5.h London edition. LUKE L OOM IS, ,
SPP 22 No - 89.W014,1fttrfo.
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A int rf Bear and Cub Skins," , '
11.000 No. 1 and 2 Muskrat Skies,
A lot cfOtterand Raccoon
All which areotTered at reduced tea fo cub Or up"'
proved rotes. Apply to
A. REELEN, at the AtherleatiFur Co. Att#MliTi .
Oct 13 -3rn Corner or Fmnt'aturretter
To Iron Manufactinset.lL
New end useful improreeurst in ramming oat or to :fit
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Portsmouth. Ohio. J. C. 1111c111ANAWAY. - •
The undersigned hawing used Mr. J. C. Melllamawayllt
Patent Ilun out fire foratmat two years, tatiellse
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and had pot up at Wheeling, both of Whit+ hireeinee
ceeded admirably. These. With ours, are the soil *kW
now in ose'in the United States.
October 10, 1342. • - HANNA k ELLIOOI/:
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JILP ora.d Ruetnea. Manufacturer of Item loMi.,,A ,r oMs
Warellousl, N 0.25. Wood id.. Pittsburgh. trop
LOTS FOR SALE.—Four Lois hi M
=ad i fourth Acres of Laid on
ono. 41, 42.41.53. 54.181, 192 and 184, .I.lsrolcho AO*,
of Lou, on, ilohoe% Hill Also, Lois naa,ll6 wog 28,611aa
Cook's pun of Loot on Big,' sarPoi. IMPS the new Pia*
House For terms apply to Z. W. ERMlNaroti . fie.T.
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Oct. 113 7 .:1841:"
N election for thirteen Dimmers 014 tbhs IhaMlc half
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Bee - e os Mobility the 215 t day ornoaelaioeiri
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Mums° Roar... August 30.13 e.
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