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'PA.— et4,14°01044, :flask. W* ll .r.
Mnsfiarteks6tempeestaily informs the pirate tifdt
has removed .MatialMy made coffin warehouse to! the.
Sall 441LreCcatly oceepte4l by Mr. B. G. BerfOrdolireelY
opposite his &Oland, where be is always prepared 10 at
taflitilrom,ptly to any orders in .his Binh and by strict at.
tentless to alt the details of the badness of an Undertaker
hit incnertkpahl le confidence , 144! w ill be prepared
.111 aid. aortas to provide Hearses, Biers, Carriages [and
leery registsite on the most liberal terini.. Calla frost) the
toentry Willbe promptly attended to.
His residince is in the same banding with his ware
' imam, where those who need_hte services may find him
`Otani Mine. . Rsnaaircr
gr,•2l. 1D22,11.N.
atroac rArrox, HMV. 11.1. KOHL WiLLIA2O4 D•
• 12.11.0 HAHRIS, H 22. JLIVID3 N. DAVIS.
' SO 10 ACV. Z. P. SWOT. •
8.02 Vik&D3rßtil r g..§.a
`!f41.23 OP LADING, ciacuLAns, kc, kc.
Together with every description of Letter Press ' , tint
limihenished with neatness and dew eh, and on mode
•riltsteinstr,"atlhe office of the Daily Morning Post.
'oeff -
. . .
eh* Of individuate is very numerous. They are those
who work than unhealthy atmosphere. Printers, work
men, In feather stores; stone cutters, bnkers, white lead
111114._OBICIurers, are all mom or less subject to disease law
cordingl,o thestrnngth of their constitution. The only
method to prevent disease, Is the o ccasional use of a
medicine which abstracts from the circulation all delete
rious humors, and expels them by the bowels. Tonics
in any form are injurious, as they only 21t off the evil
day to make It more fatal. The use of Brandreth's Pills
will insure health, because they take all impure matter
out of the blond; and the body is not weakened 1 hut
strengthened by their operation; fa these valuable Pills
do not force, but they assi=t nature, and ere not opposed,
but hermonize with her.
'Sold at Dr. Brandreth's °thee, No. 93 Woad street,
riti•Murgn. Price 25 cents per box, with full directions.
/I.RK—The only place in Pittsburgh where the
GENUINE Pills can be obtained, is the Doctor's own 11.
Ace No 33 Wood street.
' sep 10
NEW HOTEL. --The subscriber respectailly an.
for.r.s his old -friends and the public that lie has
opined a Temperance Hotel, in fifth Street, near the Ex.-
gimp Bank, and in the house lately occupied by Mat
ithew 'Patrick, and has hoisted ant ron iI gno•The Iron
City Hotel," where he will be very 1'41.v to accommo
date all who may please to call OK him. His table
shalt be provided with the best fare, and every possible
accomitiodation to town and country customers and
few boarders who wish to lodge in their stores or of.
'tees; can be taken, and gentlemen who live oat of town
tan - have their dinners daily.
He has large and good stables, and the best tiny and
Oats, , and a good 'Hostler, and will accommodate travel.
ere and gentlemen who have horses.
Boarders taken by the day, week or year. Charges
more moderate than at any respectable Hotel in the city.
cep 10 JOHN IRONS.
- -
WASHINGTON HALL.—The subscriber has
tl/ opened the late residence of James Adams, Ern.,
deceased, for the reception of visitors and hoarders;
the,house is very pleasantly situated on the bank of the
OW), 2 miles from the city—possessing all the delight
ful -accompaniments of a_ country residence, without
being, too far dtstan for persons doing business -itt the
city. Visitors will be furnished with every delicacy of
the 4eason.
An Omnibus runs regularly every hou
liking' end of the Bridge.
„ • N. B.—No Alcoholic beverages kept.
- seplo WM. C. HERN
OF THE UNION'—The copnrt•
nership existing between James E. K•lhourn and
liavid 3. Morgan is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Thezonditions will be duly noticed, with the siguntures
of both parties annexed, and Barry Ball will be continued
open by the sutmeriber until other arrangements ale per•
Fur sale, on the premises, 150 bbk. choice winter ap
ples, 11 - applied for isnmedimely. JAS. E. K 1 LBOU R ,
rep,_29,7—tf- No 9, Mr. orh,e, and 14. Prom at:
Johnson, Bookbinders and Paper
• entire, S. W. corner of Wood and
Feud') SI rests, are now prepared to es
• ecute all kinds of Bookbinding and Pa.
— per Ruling with neatness and despatch.
" k books ruled and bound to
a 97 ¢ n patterti at Llo oriest notice.
N. B. All work done ne above is warranted. (sep 10
&Leger& Dentist, has returned to
" M.
btu old Mond. No. 107, Smithfield Street,
where be can be consulted any hour during the day,
on - his praestsion. sep 10
MNIOVAL.-.-George Armor, Merchant Tailor,
respectfully announces to his friends and pa
.lrdns, that he has removed his estalittslunciit from his
old stand, - in Third street, to the - corner of Front and
Smithfield, in tite basement story of the !Monongahela
House; where he intends keeping on hand a general as.
sortment of Fashionable Goods, suitable for Gen
'emen's wear.
ife hopes, by eloseamllication, to merit a share of the
Dulness so liberally extended to him at his old stand.
N. B. Having made arrangements in New York and
Philadelphia, with the most Fashionable Tailors, for
the reception of Paris and London Fashions, customers
datay rely on having their Orders executed according to
- - thoirWest style. GEORGE. ARMOR.
VePt 10
"LARD Subscriber_would most respectfully
Jeforar the public in genera t hat he has an article of
Grd pit of it superlor quality, manufactured at the Cincim
mail Oil alanafactory,ity R.W.Lee ¢ co.,which is warran
lettlikle equal to the best Sperm. Oil, both for Light and
Itily,liindry. This Oil is entirely free from any glutinous
maiter.sinoke, or 'unpleasant odor, and it is as clear and
as whtte as spring water. Not a particle of crust is left
on the wick. The light is pure and brß:iant,
and will lasi as long. If not longer, than that from an
equal-qUantity of Sperm. Oil.. The subscriber informs
the public that he has taken a•place nearly opposite the
Post Office, where he will light np several different lamps
eve:, evening. and he would respectfully invite the In •
habitatits of Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and their vicinity, to
=triad lodge for themselves. He feels confident they
wit( beconvinied that the above statement is perfectly
' eerier'. Oot urtwo,BUndredindividuals.wito have tried
thit'oiLthereitas not been a single fault found with it•
The Lard 011iosts one third less than Sperm, He would
reitateltally aulick the early attention of Dealers and Ma.
thilahas to : the above. •
Vita ibitotiring Churches are now Using the Lard 011;
Seemed Presbyterian Church, Pitt.hurgh,
JCew Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Mistime',
Pint Presbyterian Church, Allegheny City,
Associate Reformed Church, do.
- Airthebarreill are branded R. W. LEE 4- Co, Cinein-
AA; ,Oftict.
Pittsburgh, June 2fst, 1642.
Vift...the.undesigned, Captains of the Express Line of
lineketalhetthe Pennsylvania Canal, haire tried and are
Anting-itaintichrof Lard Oil intioduced'here by Matthew
It.-Edsly,and•manufactured by R. W. Lee,t Co.. at the
eleetiMititti.tritiractery; •
We feet voefideatt In asserting that the n'ove. hi *goal
to the beet Hperm,olllthat it is entirely free from smoke
or anynlher glntleat.etmalter whatever; the light Iv per.
feet], pate.clear amtbrilliant,and will last as long. if not
longer from en equal quantity of Sparta. Oil,
We hitveno isestitation in recommending lite our friends
wad- ma those who use Oil."
HENRY YitiJRY, Captain, Packet John Adams.
..fitLHEARAND; Captain, Packet John Hancock,
A.H W. RAtH, 413 do John Matthion,
,1000 4 110,MP80N.,' , dt. ?0 Eittlfhtilsll,
. - _
ino,11,01s: V ON IRTYCItg.I.I3,I EIF.ttIS
lire-"lmillicised Otherba , arhieh exert
4L 4AmOtitOietion.nproOlte heart, give impubwr,Or
611,010titterbil system; the blood : la quickened
onittitaiheett its circulation thrones all thevesielp,
steel 41(4be lap. the Otte eituated internal ty, or the
estilinilitiiic=l"l4 ap ill the teeretiOna or the body, are
drairoliiiit-diehtaid.lherkba gortacquent increa se of
evorimemettir‘oa Atteieheited i%i.tion Of 'the ebaorbeot•
itettkehateht;-of Artintorhtd aCiIOII
Allilliell.tff*A.6l446en Plat,: it rotracte4. obsfrut
41 Xti t retiltatil is purified. , and the body
For Bole lytieleeale, and Re
• -Alone,
'lll - 4.00 ,10114
1 "1.4 , 1 1 1.3 9411 .. I
TN,.p ers oince of firitvisloiks of Mk* 4th section of an
Aet or Assembly, panted -thel7tit 'day of 'Pity last,
14illilled...An act•tOprovhle for' the ordinary expeastut of
the Goverament.4ayment of , the Interest on the State
Debt--receivtog proposals. for .the sale of the' Public
Wanks. and for other purposes," there will be exposed to
public sale, at the;Meretiants' Exchange, ie the city of
Philltdelphia, on Wednesday,tbe 23d day of Novemtier
next; atiOseclock,la.' st...,:the following Stocks, ownedby
the Commonwealth, to wit;
3750 shares of stock in the Bank of Pennsylvania.
5233 do in the Philadelphia Bank.
1703 do in tt e Farmers and:Mechanics` Bank .
900 do in the Columbia Bookend BridgeVorimanyi
2500 do .In the. Union Canat Cornriany.'
1500 do In the PIBROSyIVaTIIO. and Ohio Canal Co
m-500 do In the Chesapeake and-Delaware Canal
1000 do la the:Schuylkill Navigation Company ,
320 do in the Bristol Steam Towboat and Trans.
‘portatkin Company.
Also, at, the State HonSe, in the borough of Harris
burg. oq hionday. the 28th day of November next, at 10
o'clock, a. w..
2905 shares of stock In the Danville and Pottsville
Railroad. Company.
2000 do in the Cumberland Valley Railroad Com
pany. -
2000 do Franklin Railroad Company.
900 do Wrightsville, York and Get ysburg
Railroad Co.
61)0 do Codorus Navigation Co.
995 do Bald Eagle and Spring Creek Nati
gallon Co.
2500 do Monongahela Navigation Co.
9500 do Harrisburg Bridge Co.
2100 do Northumberland Bridge Co.
2160 do Monongahela Bridge Co.
1600 do Allegheny Bridge 'Co.
560 do ; Wilkesbarre Bridge Co.
400 do Lewisburg Bridge Co.
600 do Big Beaver Bridge Co.
600 do Danville Bridge Co.
180 do Nesropeck Bridge Co.
350 do French Creek Bridge Co.
100 do Conemaugh Bridge Co.
60 do Schuylkill antlPoitstown Bridge Co
100 do Loyal Hanna Bridge Co.
92 do Milton Bridge Co.
171 do Robbstown Bridge Co.
200 do Towanda Bridge Co.
1250 do Franklin and Allegheny Bridge CO.
120 do Schuylkill Bridgc,(at Matson's ford)
300 do Willlainspatt Bridge Co.. Washing.
ton con tit y.
Also, stock in the following Turnpike Road Compa
nies, to wit:
2124 shares in the Harrisburg, Carlisle and Chambers.
o Chambersburg and Bedford
Bedford and Stoystown.
Stoystown and Greensburg.
Greensburg and Pittsburgh.
Huntingdon, Cambria and Indiana.
Erie and Waterford.
Perkionten and Reading.
Gap and Newport.
Waynesburg, Greencastle and Men
Morgantown, Churchtown and Blue
Little Conestoga.
Berks and Ban robin
Lancaster, Elizabethiciwn and Mid•
180 do
200 do
580 do
100 . do
250 do
100 do
1240 do
640 dq
400 do
50 do
1600 do
400 do
116 4 10
500 do
i the Alle
300 do
5600 do
328 do
516 do
967 do
322 do
350 do
947 do
680 do
882 do
1010 do
100 do
S2O do
500 do
280 do
SOO do
660 do
672 dG
100 do
717 do
779 do
500 do
100 do
800 do
256 do
980 do
360 do
J 54 do
560 do
329 do
855 do
400 do
280 do
1160 do
200 do
1610 do
204. do
240 do
403 do
200 do
290 do
96 do
360 do
24 do
320 do
123 do
160 do
40 do
96 do
224 do
160 do
80 do
80 do
200 do Snowshoe and Packersville.
4 1 1 do LackaWaxen.
200 dd Butler and Freepo'rt.
64 _ do Sterling and Newfoundland.
96 do Lenox and Harmony.
224 do Pittsburgh Farmers and Mechanics'.
160 do Bedford and Hollidaysburg,.
160 do Luthershurg and Putixatawney.
160 do Birmingham and Elizabethtown.
64 do Bald Eagle and Nittany Valley.
The termsand comPtions of raid sales will be made
known on the days aforesaid, or by an application. nt any
time. to Ibis office. State stock will be received in pay•
went at par, or certificates of credit, Which have been
entered on the hooks of the Auditor - General, In' pursu
ance of a rsolution 'of the General Assembly, passed on
the 7th day of A pill, 1942.
By order of the Governor,
M. C. Eb EY, Agent. '
` sep 2r:l-1113
1 - 113. WILLIAM EVANS'S SOOTHING -slim:m.—
.1V This InfalliLle remedy has preserved hundreds
when thought past recovery, from convulsions. As soon
_as the Syrup is rubbed on the Aumathe - child will rect v.
er. Thisjiyettaration is so innocent, so efficacious, and so
pleasant, that no child will refine to let its sums be rub
bed with it. Whettinfantsare at the age of four months
tho' there Is no appearance of teeth, one bottle o(the
.Syrup should hewed to open the' pores. Parents should
4 ever be withoutthe - syrup In the nursery Wherethere
are young children for if achild wakes In the night with
pain, In the gums, the Syrup immediately gives ease,by
opening the pores, and healing the gums; thereby prevent•
Ing COnTU 3101114 relent.- ke. Far Sala Whalet'ale and
gentility R, S,SELLERS, Agent;
se plO - • No. 2.0. Wood street, below Second,
- .
1 AMES HOWARD 4- CO,, Xaorfacturera of Wall
~ Papar,.Ro. 18, Wood Street, Pittsbsrga, Pa.—
Havealwarson hand an extensive assortment of Satin
.olnsod and ;gain PAPER HANGINGS, Velvet and
:,/mltatlon..Bor,dero, of ; the , latest istyle and handsome
Int if nut, fa Pa Paring III" parlors and chamber,.
They,nrinnfaetitre and have on hand at all times
Printing; Sirt-Ong. I.etter, Wrapping and Tea Paper. Hon•
_net, antiftillers',llcratds=alt Of whist, they oyer formate
on the moats accommodating terms: -and to which IbeY
invite the attentionof merchanto and otherp. - •
• ALSO—Blank !Rooks of ail kinds and the-host.qtallt,,
8009189alts.ficAltuilmego..bitn4 and for sale as above:
! • - 4 4, 4 1 ..! .44814114115a1ia/leSeratne -taken'lnasehanim.
^:1-• -
Easton and Witkesbarre.
Sitsctueltanna and Lehigh.
Milford and Owe,go.
Downlngton, Ephrata and Harris
Centre and Kishaenqulllas.
Susquehanna and York borough.
York and Geltysburg
Npw Holland. •
Spr rtg House, NO
Pet hlebenn.
Cayuga and Susquehanna.
Susquehanna and Waterford.
Susquehanna and Tioga.
Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre.
Pittsburgh and New Alexandria.
New Alexandria and Conemaugh.
Belmont and Easton.
Pittsburgh and Butler.
Philipsburg anti Susquehanna.
Butler and Mercer.
Mercer and Meadville. -
Anderson's Ferry, Waterford And
New Haven.
Pittsburgh and Steubenville.
Ridge Road.
Bethany and Dingman's Choice.
Robbstown and Mount Pleasant.
Mount Pleasant and Somerset.
Somerset and Bedford•
Hanover and Carlisle.
Millerstown and Lewistown.
Bellefonte and Philipsburg.
Philadelphia, Brandywine and
Belmont and Ogliquaga.
Harrisburg and Mitterstown.
Philadelphia and Great Bend.
Lewistown and Huntingdon.
Armstrong and Indiana.
Clifford and W ilkesbae re.
Indiana and Ebensburg.
Washington and Williamsport.
Washington and Pittsburgh.
Lycoming and Potter,
Middletown and Harrisburg:
Bellefonte, Aarunsburg and Young
Buller and Kittanning.
Milesburg and Smethport.
Derrstown and Youngmanstown,
Mount Pie:limit and Pittsburgh
York Haven and Harrisburg tvidge.
Abingdon and Waterford.
Warren and Ridgway.
Lewisburg and Youngmanstown.
Somerset and Conemaugh.
Carbondale and Lackawana.
Somerset and Cumberland.
Lewisburg and Jersey ShOTC
;Ligonier and Johnstown.
Warren and New York Slate Line.
Titusville and Union - Mllls.
Armstrong and Clearfield.
Warren and Franklin.
Sugar Grove and Union.
Brownington. Harrisvilleand Frank
Secretary of the Ocnnmoulth
N 411 4" 1 " 1
440 •
ig er i ghoeig a —bi witraybokocent rout
nits Vim asikolv; • • ' • HWifier Pao
inxsa to , Disa ki t g e in.t h immitessif-those whoge'poniera of
life ire not already austedllk -Where helium mains
eau av id,, gore geareely .let any - coMplaint; or' form of
sickness, that the galenists PILLS' do nut relieve and
-generally cure. Although. theve gmills produce a KNOWN
SITSCT,IIIIII efrieCl IS4OI. to prostrate -the tmody, as with
other medicines, bli.the frame is invigorated-by time me
moval of-the cause of weakness, the morbid, the vitiated
humors from the blood. •
Harmless ht themselves, they merely
To throw out the or:easier of sickness from the hody,
and they require no fa iteration in the diet or clothing.
in fact. the.human . body 'shelter able. to sustain with.
out, injury, the inclemency of the weather, while under
the influence of this infect ionAlestroytrig,uiseakeradica
!lag II edicine than at( ny other time.
The importance of Bratidreth's Pills for seamen and
travelers is, therefore, self evident.
By the timely use rof this Medicine how much anxiety
and sickness, might We not prevent. Cold, Billions al
fections, Typhus, Scarlet and fevers of all kinds, would
be unknown! But ' , where sickness does exist, let no
time be lost, let the; BRAM/BETH'S emus be at once
sent for, that the Remedy may be appled, without fur
ther loss of tiue.—To us RitallidnlELl) --
That Brandreth's Pills have stood a seven years' test ,
in the United States.
That they are a vegetable and innocent mediclnesyet
all powerful for the removal of disease, whether chronic
recent; infectiousor otherw ise.
That they purify the blood, and slay the further pro
gress of disease in the human body.
That, in many cases, where the dreadful ravages of
ulceration had laid - bare ligament and bone, and where,
to all appearance, no human means could save life, have
patients by the use of these pills, been restored to !clod
healtiolie devouring disease having been COmptelety
That each of the genuine has upon it THREE COPYttlairr
That each label has two signatures of Dr. Benjamin
Brandreih upon it.
That there must be upon each box three signatures,
And three signature's, thus:—
•All acute fevers ever require some evacuation to bring
them to a perfect crisis and solut ion, and that even by
stools, which must he promoted by art when nature
does - not do the business itself. On this account, an
ill timed sera uulouSnessabout the weakness of the body
is of had consequenCes; for it is that which seems chiefly
to make evacuations necessary, which nature attempts
after toe humors are tit to he expelled , but is not able to
accomplish for the Most part in these diseases; and I can
affirm, that I have given a purge when the pulse has been
so low that it could hardly be felt, and the debility ex.
ireme, yet both one'-and the ether have been restored by
it." The good effect to be derived front the Brandreth
Pills have lo be experienced to be fully believed. By
their timely use neither the scarlet, the typhus fever or
small pox would evm assume their malignant form.
To appreciate to the full extent ,the incalculable bene
fits of BRA NDRETH'S PILLS, they must be used when
the First Symptoms of Disease present themselves. One
dose then, and thelegood effects will be felt throughout
the attack—TT 113 TANING TIIICItt IN TIME that is the great
secret in the cure of all appearances of disease arising
from had blood, and' ,I presume there are few at the Ares.
ent day, will say anything of those diseases which affect
the body when the blood is pure. Surh diseases I have
yet to see.
Hoping that some who read this may be benefited by so
doing. 1 am respectfully,
the public's servant,
241 Broadway-, New Yorb:
The puhilc wiil please obseve that no Brandreth rills
are genuine unless the box has three labels upon it,
each containing a fac similie signature of my hand
writing thus—B. Brandreth. These labels ars engra•
ved on steel, beautifully designed, and done at an ex
pense of several thousand dollars. Remember! the top
—the side—and the bottom.
Ent red according to act of Cong.ress in the year 1841,
by Bet ponin Brandreth, in the Clerk's Office in the Dis
tjict Court of the Sat them District of New York.
Dr. B. Brandreth's own office, No. 98, Wood Street,
Pittsburgh. Only place in Pittsburgh wliete the genuine
Pills can be obtained. Each Agent who sell; the true
Erandret h Pill, has an engraved certificate of Agency
renewed every twelve months, and has entered into bonds
of 8500 to sell none other Pills than those received from
D.- B. or liisSpcciat General Agent. Mark, the certifi
cate is all engraved except the Doctor's name, which is
in his own hand writing. Observe, on each certificate
there is an exact copy of the three labels on each box E
graved thereon. Purchaser. see lint the engraving of
the labels on the certificate correspond with those on the
The following are Dr. Renjamin Brandreth's Agents
for the sal.; of his Vegetal•le Univtreal Pills, in A Ileghe
ny conty, Pa., who are supplied with the new labelled
Price : - 15 cents with directions.
Principal Office, No. 98, Wood Street, Pittsbur
Allegheny, Mr. ions GLASS.
McKeesport, H. ROWLAND.
oldest ow n, Joint Joarison,
Elizabethtown, C. F. Diem-
PRESSLEY Inwtri, Pleasant 11111.
DAVID, R. Coon—P in nib Township.
WM. 0. HUNTER- Allen's Mill. pep 10
PILES cured by the tse of Dr. Harlich's Compound
Strengthening and German Aperient Pips
Dr. Harlich—Dear Sir—Shortly alter I received the
Agency from you for the sale of your medicine, I
formed an aciraintance wi; h a lady of this place, who
was severely afflicted with the Piles. For eight or ten
years this lady was subject to frequent painful attacks,
and her physician considered her case so complicated,
that he very seldom prescribed medicine for her. Throush
my- persuasion, she commenced using your Pills, and was
perfectly cured. Yours, ke. JAMES R. Kt RBY
October 3. 1840. Chambersbug, Pa.
EPOlrice and General Depot, No. 19. North Eighth
Street, Philadelphia. And by Samuel Frew, corner of
Liberty and Wood streets, Pittsburgh. sep 10
INTERESTING CURE performed byDr.Stoayne's
Compound Syrup of Prunus Virginiana, or Wild Cher
ry. Having madetise of this invaluable Syrup in my family,
which entirely cared my child. The symptoms were
wheezing and choking of phlegm, difficulty of breathing,
attended with coustant cough, spasms, convulsions, 4-c.
oiwhich I bad given upall hopes of Its recovery until I
was advised to make trial of this invaluable medicine.
After seeing the effects it had upon my child, and con
cluding to make the same trial upon myself, which en
tirely relieved me , ofa cough that I was afflicted with, / for
many years- Any person wishing to see me can ca at
lay house in Beach Street, above the Market, Kensington.
J. W mcox.
• We call the attetillon of the public to the numerous
certificates which have been in circulation in our paper
and some otherisof this city, highly recommending Dr.
SurAvrta's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry.—We have
seen the original Certificates, and have no doubt but they
come from truly "grateful hearts, expressive of the benefits
which they haveaeceived frnin Mat valuable compound.
We have acquaintances who have frequently used the
abovh medicine. who can speak with confidence of Its
virtues.—Saturday Chronicle.
Fzut.ow Crrtzens:—With sincerity I would advise
you, one and all, both sick and well, always to have a
bottle of Dr SWAYIti'S Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry
in your house-7h Is invaluable in cases of emergency,
such as Spitting of Blood, Asthma, attacks of violent
Coughing, which is often the cause of spitting of blood,
Violent Nervous Affections, which occasionally come
from fright, and various other causes, producing great
alarm, sudden colds from improper exposure, which
are often let Ten to an alarming extent, forwent - of
/leans being ready at'hand;—and as t have used Dr. I
ilWairmes Compound Syrup of 'Wild Cherry repeatedly
In my 'family, ond always with marked success—l ,ctut
recommend it With confldence,,,as tieing one of the hest
family medicines which has ever been offered , to .the
publie-.—Ssrunday-Carogiefe, -
Sold by WmlThorn, Wholesale_ 4, Retail, only agent
for Pittsburgh. , N 0 7.53 Market , sap,JO
W ,
IfLLI A M ' Akre/kit Tailor.--Respeetrulty
• Info. ma hie friefids and' the pidtlle fn 4erientl
Ihitt heti* commenced badness ut Mik. 11 Market street,
awed door ficik the corner of Piont,where heltofes by
Bidet attention' - to tiuutneer to ertt a &hereof pitons.
.fiL. 11 The instdoitio resultiritreiekid: ihe Pub'
k ithey' depend ji'tittiog their work execitedltteortiks .
o the ' sap
• " - • - • "=-: "
:tiOne,t' . 2 , "stiforta the s.mr - ts
44.00butOtfklit 40tylei01,M4;abe. has artivo
Eeilei*Otttritillittti-sittltaititfitt.insorittient bf
ry °tlthe usmeat: style ,:(let"--f4iine4tott 'there' Will at all -
imittri4nabte ntrotinei the latest faiiiiisit and should
the -Ladies ironer her witka shire ofthetr patronage; she
pledges he'rttelf , to keep every thing of the, most
deseripticni,and'pay strict attention to economy.
It is with confidence' M rs.,T.'ledommends her French
and London made -Corsets; also her splendid assortment
of Embroidery, which is suPerior to anything yet intro
ducedin' this country: it= includes Baby Linen, Connol .
sours; Orientals, Capes a la Cardinal. Demi, ditto. Bei
thus for Evening Costuine, Collars Cuffs, Pocket hand
kerchiefs, hi Orntng and - Night Caps,' tc., wie.ch will be
ready for fort heirApprobaticte on the 9thof October , next.
Mrs. T. Is 'Waiting the arrival of her. Bonnets from
Europe, at No. 2 Ferry street, between Liberty and .
se pt. 29,-dt f,
AGR A W HAMILTON, Attorneys at Lard, have
lII.' removed their Office to the residence of H.S. Ma-t
graw, on Fourth et, two doom:Above Smithfield. sep 10
7CoFr.rN .WA REHOUSE.--No, 79, Fourth
Street, BetweenFrood and Smithfield ate.
*lswo doors from the.corner of Wood street. Con.
smarty on hand an assortment of 100 ready made
COFFINS, of every si*c and description; covered
ones; with Cloth': Mahogany, Cherry, Black
Walnut, Poplar, and Pine COI ns.
.ALSO, Plates neatly engraved; Hearses and Carriages
foritilhed; G.aves procured; and all services rendered
that friends nir*quiie.
A credit given in all cases, either of coffins or carriages,
requested. HENRY BEA RES, Undertaker.
sep 10
175 BBLS. in HITE LIME, n suportor article, for
sale by J. G. df A. GrIRDON,
No. 12 Water street.
VA E I'Y.- Just received front New York, 3000
Temperance' A [manors for 1843; 5000 copies of the
Journal of the American Temperance Union and Youth's
Temperance Advocate for September. Also, 2000 Chris
tian Almanacs, and a good assortment of Loomis's Maga
zine and Pitistniugh, and the Franklin Magazine and Com
mon Almanacs for 1843; by the gross, dozen or single;
- 250 copies of Grant's New Pittsburgh and Allegheny Bu
siness Dirclory and Strangers Guide, for 8; cents. Also,
Cottage, Family, School and Pocket Bibles and Testa.
meets, David's ['satins; Met bodist and Temperance Hymn
Books; the beauties of Harmony, Introduction to Sacred
Music: Mason's Harp with round and patent notes; Christ.
Ilarp.and almost all kinds or Sehnni Books; Gunn's Dm
mestic Medicine; Day Rooks and Ledgers; tVrit i lig, Let
ter, and Wrapping Paper; blue black, and red ink, by the
gross, dozen,or bottle; steel pens, quills, slates, pencils and
wafers; Cyclopedia of History, Western Pilot, and a coil.
siderable variety of Books and Stationery, for sale on ac
cotninodat ing terms for cash or country produce.
ISAAC HARRIS, Agent and Commission Merchant,
sep '2 No. 9, Fifth street.
J. K. MooetteArt. G. C. WARNKa. .1; PAINTER.
UNION COTTON FACTORY, Alleghe y City, at the
end of the upper bridge. The subscribers having
commenced the manufacture of Cotton Yarns, Stocking
Yarn,Co; ton Twine, Candlewick, Carpet Chain, Ratting,
and ate prepared lc fill orders at the shortest notice.
Having selected the, latest and most improved machi
nery, and employed the manager who has attended to the
Hove FACTORY for the last five years, they are manufactu
ring a superior article.
Cotton Warps made to order,
Orders through the Pittsburgh Post Office, or left at the
store of .1 C. Painter 4' Co., Liberty street; or Logan
4- Kennedy, Wcod street; will meet with prompt atten
tion, Address-I.K. MOORHEA D 4- CO.
sep 12-1 y
/I\O PE NI A LES.—There is a large class of Females in
this City who from their continued sitting, to w hich
their occupti ions oblige thein,are affected with costiveness
which gives rise to palpitation at the heart on the least ex•
ertion, sense of heaviness extending over the whole head,
intolerance of light and sound .an inability of fixing the
attention to any mental operat lonr, rumbling in the bow
els, sometimes a sense of sit ffocation , especially after
meals when any exertion is used, as going quickly up
stairs; tempre fickle; these are symptoms which yield at
once to a few doses of the Brandreth Pills The occa.
sional use of this medicine would save a deal of trouble
and years of suffering. One, or two, or even three of
the Braudreth Pills just before dinner, are ofen found
highly beneficial; il.any use them very advantageously . In
this way; I hey aid and assist digestion, restore the bowels
to a proper condition,entiven the spirits, impart clear
ness to the complexion, purify , the Wood, and promote a
general feeling of health and happiness.
Sold at Dr. It-attilrcth's Office. No. 98 Wood strtet,
Pillshurali--Price 25 cent.; per box, with full directions.
M ARK—The only place in : Pittsburgh, where the
GENUINE Pills can be obtained, is the Doctor's own Of
fire, No 98 Wood street. sep 10
STRUM ENTS!— 7% McCarthy, Cutler and Surgical
Instrument Maker, Third street, nearly opposite the
Post Office, Pittsburgh
Physicians, Dentists and Druggists can have their in
struments madeby the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and Scissors always on hand.
also Hatters Shears, a superior article. Orders respect
fully solicited.
N. B. Allarticlen warranted of thebest (many, and
'obbine, done as usual. cep 10
LIVER COMPLAINT.—This disease often ternil
natcsln another of a more serious nature, if pro.
per remedies are not re=torted to In lime. In all forms
of this disease, Dr. Ilarlich's Compound Strengtheninl
and German Aperient Pills, will perform a perfect cure
—first. by cleansing the stomach and bowels, thus remo
ving all diseases from the Liver, by the use of the Ger
man Aperient P;11s, after which the Compound Strength
ening Pills are taken to give strength and tone to those
tender organs which require such treatment only to effect
a permanent cure. There Pills are neatly put up in
-small packages, with full directions. For sale at No. 19
North Eight Street, Philadelphia. Also, for sale 11y Sam
uel Frew corner of Wood and Liberty sts., PiashUrgh Pa.
sep 10
ALLEN KRA 11 ER, Exchange Broker, No, 46, Cor
ner of Wood and Third Streets, Pittsburgh Pa.—
Gold, Silver, and Solvent Rank notes, bought and sold.
Sight cheeks on the Eastern citie", for sale. Drafts,
notes and bills, collected.
Pittsburgh,Pa, Wrn. Bell k Co., John D. Davis, F
Lorenz. J. Fainter 4. Co., Joseph Wood well, James May
Philadelphia, Alexander Bronson it Co., John 11. Brown
k Co. Cincinnati, 0., James M'Ca ndless. , St. Louis,
JIM., J. R. M'Donald. Louisville, W. 11. Pope, Esq.
Preet Bank Ky. sep
REMOVAL.—The undersigned begs leave to inform
the public, t hat he has removed from his old stand,
to the corner of Penn and St: Clair 519, opposite the Ex
change Hotel, where he has titled up a large Piss° Fort•re
WARE Room, and now offers for sale the most splendid
assortment of - PIANOS ever offered in tltt market.
His pianos consist of different patterns, of superior
nose Wood and Mahogany, beautifully finished and cno
dPled., and constructed throughout of the very best ma
terlals,wifich,for durability, and quality of tone, as well
as touch, he warrants to , be superior to any ever seen
As he has en:arged his manufactory, and made arrange.
meals to supply the increasing demand for this Instru•
went, he respectfully requests `those intending to par.
chase to call and examine ItiS as , ortment hetore pureha.
sing elsewhere, as he, is determined to sell LOWYR, (or
cash, than any other estahlishment east or west or the
mountains. F. BLUM E,,
Corner of Penn and St. Clair streets,
sep 10 Opposite the 'Exchange rioter, Pittsburgh:Pa.
Evans's Camomile Pills,
eguTtriciTes.—Letter from the lion. Ablem
lan,Sullivan County; East trennessee, Ot e m bet o Con g r ess.
W♦SHINOTON, July 3d.'1838.
Sir—Since I have been in ibis city I have used some of
your Dyspeptic medicine With infinite benefit and satis
faction, and believe it-to bee most vatuable,reinedi. - One
of my :tonsil tuents, Dr. A.:,.Cartlel, of f.'-anifibell
Tenneesee. wrote tome to send him some, which I did,
and lie has mployed it verY successfilly - in his practice,
Red says It is invaluablei kly. Johnson,yonr- agent at ,
this place," thinks yen would probably - like' a nogent In
Tennessee. If ko, I would *recommend' Dr. A Carden, as
ill proper person 1.2 officiate for the sale of your celebrated
medicine. Should you commission him he Is willing to
act.Rer you. -You can send the medicine by water to the
car ' s or Robert King 4- Sobs, -Knoxville coon ty. Termer:
see, Orzbytavid to Graham 4*, Houston,. 'razewell, East
yeerlessee. I..haveno doubt ;but. if you. had agents in
severafeounties in East 'rennessee, a great dealttf- mai
-1 cine would he sold.- ; .I am going to take aosmisf it-home'
for my own rise. and fla t , of, uty friends: -and should
like to hear.from you, whether you would- like an-agent.
at Bluntvil le. atill Ivan County. :East Tcnnessve; i cam get.
simmer the merchants teXtict for yoteas I livemear, there.
Yours respectfully, , , • ~-.. . „ •
ABRAHAM . iId•CLEW , A N, of Tennessee.* v,
Tactile Idili-Olesafeand Ketail,by--- --- .... --, .._...
,- .1 • , ..'„, ..",. - 11-- ,,, AftrAff .4t.nechitenti)... -,
laep . ll) ' ,-, _
.6*--,Detht/4, tfrit street; iliose !Oak
svga4railW4wet ,--
Pittsburgh, June 18,1839,
Mr. ions. DenNlNG:—.l9eneSir:—Having been present,
yesterday, at theexperinMni which yen were pleased to
make, in the presence of a, number of our business men,
of the safety of 3 our IRON CUES I'S., incase of fire, it
gives me pleasure to say, that so far'as I was capawe Or
judging, the test was fair, and the result exceeded my
expectations.The' •
Chest, was a small one, about 30 Inches Kish, by
about 13 01'20 inches in breadth and depth, and was pla
ced od a block of wood about afoot in thickness, so ,as
to elevate it about that height from the ground; several
books and newspapers were deposited inside of it, in the
manner in which Merchants and others would usually
place them—a large quantity of light pine wood [slabs
from an adjoinin,g Saw 51111,] was then .placed around
and above it, and the fire kindle on the windward side,
sons to drive the flame against I e back part of *beetles*.
The fire was kept up about th e quarters of an hour,
until you hail gone among.th peciators and received
from them their univeisal answer that the test was
sufficient. The chest was then drawn out of the fire,
and cooler!, and opened, and examined. The Contents
were all safe, and the only injury done was to the hick
of one hook which appeared to he a little charred. .Front
what ( witnessed, I think that these chests are ‘l6..ery
ing of confidence,as perhaPs,the best security
to Merchants for their books and papers, which they can:
have without building large, thick, and expensive vaults.
I would consider thew a better-sec wily than many vaults
which I have seen built. Your triend,
tVe concur in the ahova slaternetil, having been pres
sent when the chest was teste. , .
H'. ./11. Cooper, J. If. Shoenherger,
J. Laughlin, J. Painter,
R. Miller, Jr. C L. Armstrong,
Thomas Craig, SG. D. Howard,
Extract of a Letter from Pugh 6- Alyord, dated Cia
ciettatt, 29t lifavih,lB42-
J. Denning, Pittsburgh, Pa: Respected Friend: We
have the sal isfao ion to state as the hest recommendation
we can give of the utility of your iron Safes, I bat we
haw: one of them which was In an exposed situation in
our counting room, at the time of the fire, on the morn•
ing of the 10111 inst. which consumed our Poi k fiout•c to
gether with a large portion of the meat, lard. 4 - c. which
it contained; and that our hot ks a nd papers which were
in the Safe, were entirely unininied, and were taken
from it after the fire; without ever being discolored.
Yours, 4-c. PUGII 4- A L VORD.
Extract of a Letter from Slater 4- Holbrook, dated St.
Louis, Feb. 24th, 1841.
Id R. DENNING, Dear Sir: One of your second size chests
was burned a few days as,), in a teat tier store-- it pre
servedits contents. Respect rutty yours,
LIVER COhl PLAINT cured by the use of Dr. Har
ilch's compound Strengthening and. Aperient Pills.
Mr. Win. Richards, of Pittsburgh, Pa„ entirely cured of
the above distressing disease Ills symptoms were pain
and weight in the left side, less of appetite, vomiting, acid
eructations, a distension of the stomach, sick headache,
furred tongue, countenance changed to a citron color. diffi.
catty of breathing. disturbed rest, attended with a cough,
great debility, with other symptoms indicating great de
rangement of the functions of the liver, Mr. Richard:
had the advice of several physicians, but received no
relief, until using Dr. II arlich's Medicine, which lumina.
fed in effecting a pe , fect cure.
Principal Office, 19 North Eighth Street, Philadelphia.
For sale in Pittsburgh by Samuel Frew, corner of Liter
v and Wood streets. sep 10
Ciacinnati. February 15,1840
Dr. SWAYNE—Dear Fir:— Permit melt) take the utterly
of writing. to you at this time to express my approbation,
and to recommend tot he attention of heads of families
and others your invaluable medicine—the Compound
Syru;i of Prunus Vlrgitliallft, or Wild Cherry Bark. In
my travels of late I liave seen in a great many instances
the wonderful etTe.cts of your medicine in relieving chil
dren of very obstinate complaints, such as Coughing,
W heezing, Choakieg of Phlegm, Asthmatic attacks, 4-c.
4-c. I should not ha Ve written this letter, however, at
present, although I have fe't it my duty to add my testi
loony to it for some time, had it not been for a late in.
stance where the medicine above alluded to was lust ru•
mental in restoring to perfect health an "only child,"
, whose case was almost hopeless, in a family of my ac
quaint:tare. thank [leaven," said the floating, moth.
er,iimy child is saved from the jaws of death! 0 how I
feared the relentless ravager But my child is safe! is
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of
iid Cherry is the most valuable medicine in this or any
other country. I ant certain I 'rave witnessed more than
one hundred canes where it has been attended WWI coo.
plele Sue Psi. •I ant using it myself in an obstinate at.
tar I: of Bronchitis, in which it proved effectual in a ex
ceedtugly snort time, considering the severity of the case.
I ran recomend it in the fullest confidence of its superior
virtues; I. would advise that no family should lie without
it; it is very pleasant and always beneficial—worth
double and often ten times its price. The public are as
mired there is no quackery about it. R. Stedman, D. D.
Formerly Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church,
N. V.
Sold by WM. THORN. who'esale 4• retail, only ;nen(
for Pittsburgh. No. 53, Market street. sep 10
ABOON TO THE 'HUMAN RACE!--- , .Diseover
what will destroy Life. and you are a great man.
"Discover what will prolong Life, and the world . will
call you Impostor."
"There are faculties, bodily and intellectual, within us,
with which certain herbs have affinity, and over which
they Aare power."
Ur. R. Brattilreth's External Remedy, or Liniment,
which, by its extraordinary powers, abstracts Pain or
Soreness; thus Sprains. Stiff Sinews, White Swellings,
Rheumatic Pains ; or Stiffness, Stiffness of the Joints,
Tumors, Unnatural Hardness, Stiff Neck Sore Throat,
Croup. Contractions of the muscles, Scrofulous en
largements, Tender Feet, and every description of In•
jury affecting the Exterior of the Human Frame, are
cured or greatly relieved -by his xeocr•to be 'efficiently
eziolled remedy.
CERTIFICATE.—The following letter front Major Gen.
era! Sandford, as to the qualities of the External Reme
dy, speaks coin mes
Dear Sir—Wi'l you oblige me with another bottle of
your excellent Liniment? It is certainly the best of the
kind I have ever seen. It has cured entirely my eon's
knee, about whiCh I was so uneasy,and 1- have found it
productive of immediate relief in several cases of ester
nal injury in toy family. A few evenings since, my
youngest child was seized with a violent attack ef Croup,
which was entirely removed In twenty minutes, by ruh 7
bin her chest and throat freely with the External Rem.
edy, I think you aught to manufacture this Liniment
for:general use, i maned of confining the use of it, na you
have heretofore done, to your particular acquaintances.
Yearn truly, ; • W. SANDFORD.
OIL. B. ,8RX.141 METH, 241 Broadway, N. Y. ' ••
[Error sale at 241 Broadway, New York, and at his
office ;No. 93 Wood street,Pittetrgh. PRICE-50 cents
per bottle with directions. Smolt)
Harrisburg h, August 241 h, 1842:I
LONGING TO . THE STATE.—Notice li - berely gl
ven lhatie.lmrsuance of the -aeventeenth, eighteenth,
nineteenth and tttent leth Sectimmrof the -Aet orAssembly
passed the 37th day of July, 1842, proposals will he r ee e i
ved at the State'Depart meat until the last day of Naomi
her riestvfor the -stile iuf all and eaelrof the Canals and
Rail Roads belonging to the Conimonwettitt, for - which
thate.Stock,at par ,, mine, will be received tn payment.
Eachthdlilldriel onCompany is required; specifically, to
tdate.the particular line of Canal or Rail Road which
theydesiretO purchase, the amount of their respectlire
bids therefor, the given and surnames of all, concerned - in
themffitr, together whhtheir place or places of residence,
la order that the sane may be laid before the Rest Lees-
The OSlissllAS must be seated up and directed' to
Akers:sty of Co:awn-wealth withan Smiorereanorivon tbc
same: - uProinstruhr ..ferr—trite —pwrokoso- of as -.Public
Works .", ':, t, -'. r . 113 0 1:Mier of 00 So** oll;10 ; ~: ~ .._
,•• -
2.% Secretary of The CernaloaweeAtb
AU.. 'hie Expfraiika
A_ provided with the Safety.
bills printed with a figure of taw
fill you are not deceived by
r.tente stating their boats to be I! ,
Guard, when they are rot el •
The following is a list of Wai l
ty Guard at the Port of Plumber.
first on the list have the itnproyet
apparatas it is impossible for an el
I HA, vi ,
WEST WIND, 511,1
SARAH ANN, 31fti•
Robt Bell,
A. Cordell,
A. H. Hoge,
J. W. Hoyt.
The traveling community an .
before they make a choice of ;trot,
and see whether it would not it
and security to choose a Safety C.
passage an freight, in preferenutt
against explosion—and that Op
that this invention has the top t
fifty steam engine builders—sew
it is to understand the suljert, aoi
interested—besides a number ol" f
lc gent len en and others—all of v.
my office, NO.lO. Water street,v, .
pleasure at all times to eshild to
who will lake the trouble to rail
sep 10 CADIVA
The subscriber offers for tilt,
red rates, the greater part of Itiertt
the cities of Pittsburgh and Alirl.lol
Brick Warehouses. nearly new, e t
situate on Market sireei.letweea
New Yoex, Feb. 9,1842.
J H.
bracin2 a front of about 54 feet by 60
ire, or separately to snit purrlaven,
Also, a select building lot in Alle;.l
breadth, b} upward of 350 fret in •
fronts, one on in Pennsylvania canal
Washington siren/.
Also. taP for adjoining t he above. l
nearlY Wbq t"‘" 6 t o "` \ "‘ 4 " 9 l
gant mansion house vrUk'n I now rar
Also, a lot with two taano7:4il•
ate on the corner of blvie tailcoat -
a moderate ground rent, nium otooki
as a groeery.
sen 10
ILI Lal X ,Slt: 14.:1NT ED —‘l
1‘ cos!, of goods, a quantity otTlut.
A I ninst all kinds of Country MAR '
for cast' or goods at El Alt RlS't•' lye%
FeP 21— , f Count , issinn Wyro.-
ti(IIIN HARI% COMMiBsio', An'
ducc and Smcricau .111anroja.
no. Grier, E-q.,
Aaron Hart,
Jane= C cltran of It'd.
inn. D. Davis,
M'Vay fi Hanna,
Avery. Ogden Cn.
Jno. Woorlhourne, G=q ,Madison.
Farm on which I live, in Mr
Braddocksfictil, coniainiu2 one be
acres; about 70 acres of which iedra
well timbered. Tlirre arc upon it I
nod a barn 63 feet by 34; an aPPI"
Also, about seventy acres of coal•
he equal to that of any upland foe
Terms made known on opoliconon o
in the premises. WILLI/WV
and Pieture Frame. "
Fourth Street Pettsburgh.—Ca .
4.c., for Artists, always 011 hand
promptly framed to order. Re
eat notice.
Particular attention paid totre
ery description.
Persons titling up Steam Beatty
theiradvantage to call.
WBITE LE:P.D.—The suitutt!
to furnish painters. undo! -
chase pure White Lend made of IN
ranted equal, if not superior toot
All older: addressed to Duntaak
4- Co. So.llo Second , street, NO'.
attended to. PC,
Fifth St.. one door from Old SW'
The Subscriber respectfully 01,
Pittsburgh and vicinity that be
tailingShocv of his own manufaries
where he will keep constantly 011 •
trent cart!! kinds of ladies, misses.
and shoes.of the hest quafity.ao
ces to snit the times He will Off
kinds of fancy work—surh vio
slipper, colored gaiters, and MAIO
children's fellsl?rs. silk gaiters, ftf.
will be made at lie shortest Maid.
ner. Ladies will please call and eat
as the subscriber feels confident ttat
any article in his line hey maY
si'p 10
P. S. Don't foreet the place- 01
door from Harris's intelligence
,from Market Street
A3l DIGBY having ta
V business of Many flor
Liberty street and 42 Market street.
thanks to the numerous frien46 sor
firm, for the very liberal support de
tended to him, in eonneeilon with
se lilies to assure them that every
merit t he continuation of the sase . ,„
Petl fully invite their attention lir
Clothing,which he iniendseel lictit A
Oita has been ever offered, bele;
the whole of .the stock of the istems
Able; and Otte !Mends to confine 6
cash business, lie feels confident 00
surpass his stock, either in WW I*
oess of workmanship.
PlMme to take notieet bat ever ° ,
tared in Pittsburgh .
QA6II.IEL MORROW. iflow it o
4. Skeet Iron Were, 11
Weed awl Market Streets.—l# P7O
in ids line at the shortest 001i7:,.
' and others are solicited to call sedS
iltarfaitt which wiilhe sold 1 ,111
11 .1 Hoseilloatitig and stove flosllo.l
aW i
' %
SIM) ^
Witt Wfr
utnrix . ,
tote gime
.. - 7 --- __.....
LA4**A ll45
. 0 ii.
-O V.Vet
, ne nrel I
5 ie.ifieoni
As 1
.o,Teree, ow
I rig, moo'
1 I OxolAth
i wl- MIT.
'l t it IT ilAi"iit
-,-, - IWO
Igi Inelith
. tll le irefr, i )tlY '
Stk . Elpt:t! Alt a
iy FFI C
Int tietweett
;'4th - floor from
(Air - Willoelt, Co
m, Treasurer.
in!- greet. ne
—S. .R. Joh
th between*
it, -multi. near
and W
Vire*klre-AT I
*Of WOOd•
arlenti and
rTitiTd a
:fir -k
Itiettotial• '
• ovum. Pell S
- ATro
n n t et
It roormto
• elm Pen*
!ton 4 Ai
Meet in
tabu rgh;
"tweed VV.!
t Praline.
• N6Ol O l
bitideof Me
:keg to on.
reeks, abov
are. Nu. 8I
d St ca lobo
& CO.
od st. dr
nd, price
tad for so
arey or La
la at maw
lberty en re
Boot. Rad
-.1, next (19.
a ..4s4a Sat)
1 40 - -newest
. ; 10 be dlsiio
ben y a ireel
re and , F
alrwaya be
I MstmmOt it
try sires
MI •
r sr,
~~- =.~~
: ,-~ -